Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 22, 2021, #302


Dane Wigington

So many in the ranks of the human race are sleepwalking toward the edge of the abyss. Much like the image of a man standing on a beach seemingly oblivious to the approaching tsunami that was nearly upon him. The foundations of industrialized militarized society are completely connected to and dependent on the climate and life support systems of the planet, both are spiraling toward total collapse. The global controllers are acutely aware of what is unfolding, what actions are they taking to preserve their power? Can the masses be awakened in time to turn the tide? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

36 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 22, 2021, #302

  1. Paul Davis says:

    May 29 2021- Boston:

    Temps in the 80s this week. Rain this weekend, down in the 40s.  Cold, clammy, does not feel natural….During the hot days, you can see the strands of polymer on the bushes…glistening in the morning with reflected sunlight; if one was not aware of the polymers from the aerial spraying, one would think that they were spider webs…and from non-existent spiders…..  keep up the good works Dane, I keep spreading the word via Twitter….always referencing the website, The Dimming and the weekly podcast;   excellent feedback from the Twitter universe; hopefully I am driving people to the website and film…  Paul

  2. Matthew/Boston says:

    One of the worst day ever here in the greater Boston area (Tuesday). Trail after trail after trail after trail late afternoon and into nightfall. All trails heading southwest to northeast. Two at a time being laid. So much coverage, new trails are obscured behind a dirty canopy. I’m sicker than almost any other time. Itchy eyes. Warm, scratchy throat. Breaking voice. Slightly itchy nasal passages. Fatigue and lethargy. When it’s really bad, like now, slight torso trembling and numbness in my mouth. And my first mild headache from the poison above. I’m angry at my federal politicians.

    My cat is sick today from the spraying, as well. He sleeps excessively and looks ill when he raises his head. (I believe he tries to tell me he’s sick with his body language.)

    Two neighbors I haven’t spoken to before. I asked a fellow coming in if he knew what that was (I pointed to fresh trails.) He replied, “Contrails, from jets?” I replied, “No. It’s aluminum from geoengineering.” He responded, “Huh.” and kept walking.

    A woman leaving with her dog. I asked he if she knew what it was. “Is it from jets?” “No. It’s aluminum from geoengineering. It saturates everything.” She just walked away. (Have you noticed how lacking in social skills Americans are now? This woman was so thoughtless, I was embarrassed.) I asked if she would like to know about a web site. She responded, “What, the jets?” (There were no jets in sight, fwiw.) I replied, “No, the trails.” She said nothing and walked away.

    Is this all real? If I knew nothing about geoengineering and someone mentioned it, I’d start asking questions. I’d want to know what it was, why are they doing it, have they always done this, how does it affect us, and is there a good web site that I can check out? This idiot woman just walked away.

    I have been feeding and providing water for two pairs of wild finches out back. I haven’t seen them in about two weeks. I hope they just moved on and are still with us. A few bees landing on my porch seemed ill/disoriented. A large ant I tossed out ran for the shade and avoided the sun.

    Weather here in Boston has been strange. Very chilly nights regardless of the daytime temperature. A burning sensation on my bare forearm after 6:00 PM.

    I watch the first few minutes of both local and national news to see how close they may getting getting to my arm with a syringe full of poison. First story across the board. One year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. People marching and people kneeling. Insane. They don’t even see or know of their demise from above.

  3. Lynn says:

    I don't fully understand the science behind chemical ice nucleation, but I get the feeling the weather manipulators have either tweaked the process to be utilized in the warmer months, or it is truly so freaking hot, that the ice they are generating is either melting and turning into rain, or just evaporating. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Late this afternoon a brief shower here in western NC made the temperature drop 12 degrees in 20 minutes time (85 down to 73). It was not a heavy downpour, just a good shower, only about 15 minutes of rain.

    The cooler weather we had a couple weeks ago was more like Blackberry Winter on steroids. It lasted longer than usual, and quite cool air, so I'm sure they manipulated the Jet Stream. But, you could still feel the heat when the sun broke through the clouds or chemical hazed skies. Honestly, you could feel this tremendous heat at times all through winter and spring. I don't know how more people don't see and feel what is going on.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lynn, thank you for sharing the information from your region. In regard to chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding, you are correct, in the warmer months precipitation does not reach the ground in frozen form. This being said, the process still produces a cool / cold dense layer of air that descends to the surface levels. Short term toxici cool-down at the cost of further fueling the overall planetary climate collapse scenario.

  4. gary says:

    my VA wants to jab me with poison …i will never get ANY JAB 

  5. Bell says:

    Hi Dennie.

    When I see utter corruption at the highest level – endless lies for self gratification, it makes my heart sink – the gloating winners who treasure power and privilege above all else. all I can assume is, just plain corruption wall to wall. whats the point of caring. What amuses me is the body language – I chuckle as I sometimes get it before the spiel.  Then confirmation.  Can prayers help turn the tide, does good surpass evil?

    EG:   Even if enough pple care to vote in a certain ballot – with eyes wide open (and thats a big if)  what is the Real result.  Now days – sleepiness has replaced accurate examination.  tech has overtaken too many and the water is draining out the obvious holes. Nothing is water tight anymore.

    Were we all blind to this or has the world gone down the road to an emptiness of care and genuine commitment for the better good of all.

    Time will tell.

    Along with Dane's commitment and your positive push for the good to prosper, you and your comments are appreciated.

  6. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- keep up the. great work and promoting connecting the dots.

    An update from Boston-… they are now offering in-service home vaccinations for those not able to get one otherwise. Sounds very benevolent doesn't?…. another way to ease themselves into home invasion, the new normal or normalcy as ppl start to get use to this new service…

    Also- very interesting how rapidly things are going back to the old normal..  ppl racing back to it….

  7. Mike UK says:

    Dane, I’ve just listened to your latest update, and yes, I know it’s all true – but it is nonetheless shocking to hear it all voiced so graphically! But I agree that it’s what we all need to hear.

    Of course the people who really need to hear this are the ones who are either in denial or just plain ignorant of our plight. I fear it may be too late to save us.

    But as you say if we can at least salvage something of Earth’s life support systems we might have some kind of future – maybe not a particularly pleasant one though…

    Here in the UK we’ve just experienced the coldest and driest April on record and now were having the wettest (and coolest) May on record. Weather whiplash? Now all most people can think about is flying off on holiday and generally going on the consumer orgy that has been denied them for so long.

    They just don’t get that the ‘party’ is well and truly over – but as you so often say – they will soon.

    I wish you and your family well. I believe your courage and integrity will keep you safe. The truth is a powerful weapon. Thank you.

  8. Lawrence Mansy says:

    Dane, speaking of having your "eyes wide shut"; this is nothing new.

    I can remember  watching LIVE TV back in the 1950's of nuclear tests coming from the Nevada and Utah deserts in the early morning  hours when no one gave it a second thought.  It wasn't until President Lyndon B. Johnson that the nuclear test-ban treaty was signed into law that anyone gave a "rat's ass".  The attitude was "so what it's only a bomb".  What harm could a bomb do?  We are only exploding one bomb at a time?  Yeah,, but it's a nuclear bomb, stupid!"



  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, What an extraordinary broadcast this week. I liked your comment about folks stating they need a prozac pill after listening. Myself, I have written that my brain hurts afterwords and often it does. Often it is the reason it takes me a few days to write a contribution here. Listening to each broadcast twice and soaking it all in is quite a task for such a simple man as I(grin). We must be getting very close to the proverbial drain in the tub. "Things" are literally happening faster and faster by the day. Not the week or month as it once was not so long ago.

    I am sad to report that I missed this last weeks farmers market. The week previous, May 14 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my lower right lung a little bit bigger than a golf ball. They drained 1.4 liters of fluid out of me. The medical industrial system hit the "tumor, tumor, tumor" alarm quickly and loudly. I hit a new low in my cheery demeanor. Fortunately the first step was to visit a Pulmonologist who by the way and lucky for me was educated in Pakistan. When the idiotic doctors in my region "finally" furnished her with all the pictures and data she requested, she discovered and and figured out that I have an abscess "not a tumor". My symptoms do not add up to a tumor. The good Lord found me an angel that lives outside of the box. Tomorrow, Monday, I am traveling 120 miles south and checking into a hospital. I will meet the Pulmonologist on Tuesday morning and will have some surgery done soon after that. Pretty scary for some one that hasn't seen a "doctor" in 29 years(I'm 61). So, needless to say, I'm going to be sitting on the side lines of raising awareness for a while. Now don't go feeling bad for me folks. The horseman has been knocked down before and came back even stronger. Side note: I am being featured in this next months Farmers Market news letter. I got to do the write up myself, pretty cool. I'll post a copy when I get the final draft from the manager.

    Love and strength to ALL my friends I have met and not met, yet.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Our prayers are with you dear horseman for a swift and complete recovery. You are a strong voice of reason in waking folks up to the reality of climate engineering and have accomplished much for our cause. May your guardian angels be at your shoulder and return you back home safe and sound. We look forward to hearing from you for an update as soon as you are able to. Blessings to you always from your friend(s) across the country you haven't met yet!  : )

    • Nori B. says:

      I will keep this short, as I tried writing once and it did not go through.

      I am in the Methow Valley of WA, and was just this Thurs planning on going to the farmers market to meet you, Simple Horseman!  We WILL meet soon, my friend, and how encouraging you found a logical, intelligent, sane doctor; what a relief.  You will heal quickly:)

    • Raymond says:

      'a' simple horseman,

      I know we're the same age and possibly from the same grit of the Earth. That being said, I know you will bounce back from your abscess health issue and I will be thinking about you. Because, by the time you recover and return to posting contributions here. I will be too busy with making arrangements for my self imposed exile, from this piece of terra firma that's recently become the real life equivalent of the Twilight Zone.

      Back in April it started warming into the mid 90s and I thought we'd see our first 100 degree day before Easter. But the cooling rains came and gradually got heavier and more consistent. We have now had 6 weeks straight of flooding and received a whole year's worth of rain in that period! Temps for the most part have been in the 50s, 60s and 70s, which is 20 to 30 degrees below normal.

      No surprise though as it looks like the whole country and world actually, is experiencing the same kind of anomalous cooling or weather whiplash through April and May.

      This place is so green and lush right now. With more animals and insects than I've seen in over ten years. Fireflies used to show up in the hundreds every Spring and Summer. But I haven't seen even one in over five years, until last night. I sat and watched five dance around me like heavenly Angels and it brought tears to my eyes.

      I am really going to miss my little sanctuary on the hill, with the best view of the surrounding countryside and far off city lights, of any other property in this county. I turned this land into a little slice of heaven, when I planted over 100 pine and ornamental trees, several dozen rose bushes, honeysuckles and flowering vines. But over 75% of everything I planted has died in the last five to ten years, from sparatic long term extreme droughts, aluminum toxified soil and our new UV-C exposure that never was before climate engineering.

      It's like my once pristine and tranquil sanctuary here, has become a perfect example of what the entire planet is experiencing. At the hands of these insane conquerors of nature, who have managed to spray and pollute this once beautiful sapphire blue world into a spinning ball of rock and water… that's now engulfed by a milky and murky gray vapor of toxic poisons. In just the last 50 years, of which is only a millisecond in time. Compared to the entire era of the human existence on Earth.

      They have told us for generations that modern technologies have made the world a better and more resourceful home for humanity. But I refuse to wear the same reality altering goggles that the grazing sheeple of this world have surgically infused to their faces.

      I have a photo of Earth taken by Astronauts aboard the Apollo 16 mission (external HD camera on the outside of the space ship) from April of 1972 and it is displayed side by side, with a photo taken by a Chinese satellite last year in April as well. And it's like they are two completely different planets, from different parts of the universe!

      The Apollo image shows deep, deep blue oceans and atmospheric halo, with bright white puffy clouds floating around in non geometric patterns. The continents are splashed with huge swaths of majestic greens and deep browns. With massive sprawling white polar caps and floating ice that fills the northernmost and southernmost bodies of water.

      But the 2020 satellite image has only light shades of very faded blues and very small patches of dull, faded greens and tan colors. No deep greens or browns and no white puffy clouds. Instead, the planet is totally engulfed in a hazy gray vapor with feather-like artificial clouds that are forming squares and display geometric right angles. Wavy concentric ridge patterns and thousands of lines produced by climate engineering planes. Virtually no polar ice caps in comparison and only miniscule areas of floating ice that's close to the poles. If you look real close, you can also see plumes of smoke from thousands of raging wildfires that are not on the high definition Apollo photo.

      The '72 image shows a deep green covered California, all the way down to the southern tip. Where the desert region turns mostly tan and brown. Majestic snow capped mountain ranges and beautiful blue lakes and river tributary systems and white puffy clouds that mostly run along the Pacific shoreline.

      The 2020 image (from the same time of year-April) shows numerous plumes of wildfire smoke. Very few small patches of light green and only tiny speckled areas of blue that shows how the lakes and rivers have all but dried up. Virtually non existent mountain snow caps and the southern desert colors have now appeared to spread out, over about 85% of the entire state. A complete barren wasteland in comparison to the Apollo image taken nearly 50 years earlier. No clouds anywhere either… but plenty of climate engineering plane trails over the land and bordering ocean.

      Like I said. Two completely different worlds and the first snapshot represents Sanity. While the second, fully embodies the Insanity of Geoengineering.

  10. Dana Andrusik says:

    Read Moby Dick.  Melville knew what so called "conquering nature" would lead to in 1850.

  11. Peter Myyry says:

    Hello Dane:  Thanks again for another great episode.  I always feel pumped and motivated after watching your weekly updates.  You are in my regular prayers.  Keep up the great work!  

  12. Chris says:

    Thanks, Dane, for continuing the awakening of the public.

    We're in dire trouble.

  13. Raymond says:

    Will it ever stop raining here in Texas?! Sorry Dane, I really wish that I could send you some of this precipitation we don't need right now.

    Some people's reply to my spiel on UV-C dangers, after I show them the readings on my UV meter… usually ends up being something like this:  "OK Raymond. Let's just say for once, that you are right about a catastrophic rise in UV-C and everyone is putting themselves in possible mortal danger, by going outside in full sunlight.

    Wouldn't humanity adapt and evolve with those who understand the risk, after witnessing millions die from too much exposure? Wouldn't we alter our daily lives and suddenly become a truly nocturnal species? Working outside and running essential errands only at night? Adding protective barriers to all structures like businesses, schools and homes… so that people could still utilize daylight time to work in offices, teach in schools and feel safer in their homes? While governments, militaries and billionaires like Gates, Musk and Bezos find a workable solution to the ozone problem?

    What in the Hell makes you so certain that humanity is just going to roll over and die?! Without putting up a concerted effort by the greatest minds, inventors and problem solvers, towards the ultimate goal of our survival and continued existence of the human race? Please, feel free Raymond to elaborate and explain, just exactly why you think that we simply don't stand a chance.

    Like Dane, I don't enjoy being the harbinger of bad news. But if what we say isn't enough to shock people back to their senses. And everyone insists on staying true to their coarse, of not doing the research for themselves and driving with a blindfold on… down the road of denial. Then what other possible outcome can we expect?

    Governments, militaries and people like Gates, Bezos and Musk are already completely aware of the collapsing ozone threat. Yet they continue to distract populations from the bitter truth at all costs. They continue spraying our skies with climate engineering operations non stop (which is the leading causal factor of ozone depletion to begin with). And now they are even going into Space Tourism, where they are launching more and more rockets into space! Rockets that are blasting giant holes through the ozone layer and destroying what's left of our only protection from deadly UV rays! 

    Here is a perfect example of the Great Ozone Lie from, of all the phony environmental agencies of them all… the EPA: 

    Ozone Layer Protection | US EPA   "But through domestic and international action, the ozone layer is healing and should fully recover by about 2065."

    Which is ironic, because the World Meteorological Association just released a peer reviewed report last week, claiming that they used an army of research planes over a three year period, to determine that the ozone layer is the thinnest it's been ever and is continuing to be depleted at an alarming rate.

    And if that isn't a big enough pill to try and swallow. Try this on for size.

    UV radiation is basically the least of our worries, when it comes to exactly what the ozone layer protects us from, in regards to the lethality of space surrounding our planet and the sun itself. Reverting to a nocturnal species is futile, because we are now being exposed to higher and higher levels of Gamma, X-Ray and Cosmic radiation too. Only being out at night simply reduces UV exposure, but those other forms of radiation that come from the sun as well, are all even more dangerous and are now beginning to bombard us 24/7. They pass right through protective barriers, deep underground and under water. Plus they will soon destroy every power grid in the world and cause nuclear power plants to go Critical, with out of control fusion and fission reactor overloads!

    Very few illustrations can be found online anymore, showing all of the bands of solar radiation that are absorbed by the ozone layer. Including Infrared and Radio waves. Not mentioned here in my post. 

    The perfect visual for everyone to get the picture that I'm painting here, is this:    'Say we are all placed inside of a giant microwave oven, with a super thick lead dome over us to divert the deadly microwaves away from us. But a large torch is slowly melting it's way through that lead shield and the microwave oven is turned on and set to high. While a massive UV-C light is aimed right through the window of that oven.'

    Turning the UV-C light off for 12 hours at a time every day, isn't going to make a bit of difference in the final outcome!

    And even if the ozone layer does heal by 2065. That's still 30 years or so, too late… and it will do nothing to stop the runaway Venus Syndrome that is already happening on Earth right now. By 2035 this planet will be too hot to sustain any life at all, except maybe heat and radiation tolerant micro organisms deep in the oceans, subterranean caves and upper atmosphere.


    We are no longer facing a proverbial Doomsday Clock, with only two seconds to go before the stroke of midnight. It has now become an Omnicide Clock, with just two milliseconds to go before total extinction.

  14. Stan Sylvester says:

    Micah 3:11

    "The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money, yet will they lean upon the Lord and say, Is not the Lord in the middle of us? no evil shall come upon us."

    Nothing new under the sun. Today's bribed religious "leaders" tout the government narrative as their 501c3 mandates them to. They'll tell you Jesus would want you to take the jab. No evil will come upon you! Small wonder when a great man like Dane Wigington asked for their support, they looked the other way. 

  15. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I watched this film, "Dimming" and for 17 years I've been telling people about this serious problem.  And people say one phrase, "what can we do about it"

    Quite frankly, their right, I wrote to our leaders, I told anyone and everyone I possibly could.  And only one thing has happened,  NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!  We're doomed !!! 

    Because just like our Government here at home this too has been hi-jacked by the people who really control everyone and everything. I don't think our Government does this willingly,  the shadow government who really control us all, run this and everything else in the world our the ones deploying these programs around the world.  Because it's them who are the true Government. That's why it can't be stopped,  or even acknowledged!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Enjoying normal weather for a fourth week in the Pacific Northwest. Temps range from 30 to 85 degrees. We had rain today. As you point out, normal or cooler weather is occurring in Australia and India. Why?  We are supposed to be baking.  It was discovered that  poison that causes a worsening of COVID disease as well as chemicals used in geoengineering to poison our skies were found guess where?  The discovery was made on a large container ship that was stuck in the Suez canal.

    • Dennie says:

      "It was discovered that  poison that causes a worsening of COVID disease as well as chemicals used in geoengineering to poison our skies were found guess where?  The discovery was made on a large container ship that was stuck in the Suez canal."  

      Please reference your source.  I'd like to hear more about this.

  17. Penny King says:


    Extinction by 2027

    by Malcolm Light

    The greatest threat to humanity on Earth is the escalating Arctic atmospheric methane buildup, caused by the destabilization of subsea methane hydrates. This subsea Arctic methane hydrate destabilization will go out of control in 2024 and lead to a catastrophic heatwave by 2026. 

  18. Amy says:

    I posted The Dimming documentary to my FB page but I soon found that it was blocked by "independent fact checkers" as "disinformation"! I hate FB and can't post links to the Nextdoor site either. Frustrating as Hell, to say the least!  I loved your documentary. It is a great piece of work that covers everything neccesary to inform people about the state of this Planet Looney Bin . 

    • Zivile says:

      dasthe same thing happens to me too … I have posted this multiple times on Twitter, only on Twitter it is different, you will not notice that your account posts are simply invisible…

    • Rick Louie says:

      i got kicked off of faceshmuck. keep up the rebellion against censorship even when they kick us out of their stupid unsustainable idiocracy. humanity and future generations deserve better, even from us slacker punks who get kicked out of society for not beLIEving the LIEs.

    • Joseph says:

      Things that are censored means to me that the Thought Police do not want the truth to come out. Why would platforms censor stuff and not let people see what is out there.?  This is were  brainwashing in  my opinion is happening.   They do not want to allow things that are true to be known to the masses.

  19. Fernando Rosas says:


    Apocalipsis 11:18


    Daniel 2:44

    One angel was able to kill 185.000 soldiers in one night


    If not, Bad News!

  20. john michael vanOs says:

    GREAT GOOD WORK Dane Thank YOU Shared Everywhere.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Employers May Be Held Liable for ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ if They Mandate COVID Vaccines
    New OSHA guidance holds employers liable for adverse reactions if they require employees be vaccinated for COVID as a condition of employment, which could negatively impact the employer’s safety rating.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      I saw that news also, Susan. It was good seeing one piece of good news in this ongoing nightmare!

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is great news!!  I'll bet very shortly NO corporations/ businesses will be forcing others to take the jab as long as THEY can be sued for BIG MONEY liability settlements. They'll be dropping the policies like a HOT POTATO!  The same should hold true for airlines requiring passengers to take the jab before flying on their planes. I maintain the PEOPLE could have changed these policies by REFUSING TO FLY on their airlines- after a week or 10 days with ZERO ticket sales and empty grounded planes sitting in hangers and on tarmac's everywhere- you BET they'd drop that policy REQUIRING proof of injection.. Yesterday!  Yes, the sheeple have had the power all the time- they just have to WAKE UP and be smarter than what they are dealing with.

  22. Carol says:

    Dane, .Thanks for another informative broadcast,

    This morning there were alot of planes ( 8 ) double lines, spraying heavily,

    By mid day it was like a haze,  smelled chalk again,  thunderstorms are getting ready to roll in.  Also the leaves on the trees are falling off, not mature yet, very strange.  Anybody know what is causing this to happen?

    • Raymond says:


      It's probably Ultraviolet Radiation in the UV-C wavelength band mostly, that's causing so much damage to trees and wildlife everywhere. That radiation from the sun never made it to the surface of the planet, until our Stratospheric ozone became so depleted.

      Now it is bathing everyone who spends time outside in direct sunlight and is literally cooking the flora and fauna all around us, like a giant microwave oven.

      Just imagine how much harm it's doing to your body, on a bright hot sunny day especially. I guarantee the deadly effects will eventually start killing millions of humans, animals and insects in only 24 to 36 months from now. At the rate it is climbing, virtually all humans living on the surface of the planet will be dead and gone by 2035.

      Sounds unrealistic I know, but we are talking about an invisible threat that no one is being alerted to, by any official health related agency in America. Because, if they issued public safety warnings and exposed the honest to God truth about how dangerous sunlight has really become everywhere on this planet. Including, beneath the surface of the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and ice sheets. There would be mass panic and lawlessness on an apocalyptic scale!

    • Sue Beaty says:

      For the first time ever, all the maple helicopters did that here. Tiny baby ones. I went along the interstate in my hometown to get to town quicker. Every single pine tree on both sides is dying. Same with the main road to town. They dont care. They know whats coming, and as long as they can get themselves prepared, thats all that counts. To heck with us peons.  So they spray….funny tho, im in midwest, and for some reason, we arent getting many these days. Let alone CHALK. You can thank bill g for that one….another brilliant idea from the one who owns the world. I must say im enjoying the natural blue. If only for a time. All we can do is keep making ppl aware. Some chose not to believe. Funny,when i point it out right in their faces…..idk.

    • Dennie says:

      In spite of the psychopathic liars who've managed to bully everyone into doing their bidding and are now grilling the planet, literally, in their mad, misguided attempts to leave it behind, actually (think of all the holes shot in the ozone layer every time some corporation or corporate Overlord decides to put yet another satellite into orbit…),  I think ppl here are betting wrong.  Most people were raised by mothers who wanted them to grow up good.  I think that's where most ppl's hearts lie.  As for stopping the destruction that's already started, it will take a lot of Will on the part of at least a few to tip the scales back toward healing, which is going to be a very long recovery.  It really looks nip and tuck, and at times, hopeless.  When you've lost hope, you've lost everything.  I've been coming here for many years and I see a lot of abject hopelessness here now.  Specifically, Just how is that supposed to help to heal the mess we're all in?

    • Seven Dragons says:

      aluminium ?

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