Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 25, 2023, #433


Dane Wigington

"World's largest tropical wetland becomes an inferno" with 2387 fires in the first half of November alone, the global burning continues unabated. "Ozone hole largest on record over past 3 years", exactly as Geoengineering Watch has stated on the record over and over while the "climate science" community has formerly denied this rapidly worsening existential threat. If or when a functional collapse of the ozone layer occurs, terrestrial life on Earth will end. Record heat waves and devastating drought followed by flash flooding and flash cool downs, all is being further fueled by climate intervention operations. Has misused technology already determined the fate of the human race? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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52 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 25, 2023, #433

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    A popular TV personality meteorologist out of Wichita Falls, Texas posted a video recently explaining how Moon Halos form, and he included a short video of one that appeared during the full moon on the 27th.

    He was right when saying that it is moonlight refracting and reflecting off of ice crystals, when cirrus clouds are present. But in the video you can clearly see they are cirrus clouds made from climate engineering aerosol trails. And they have the distinct rows of ridges from being microwaved. So, it was more of a chemically created moon halo that appears way more than they used to, and real moon halos are still a very rare sight.

    He also said that high cirrus clouds are associated with rain. What? Did I hear him correctly? Because anyone who knows anything at all about meteorology, knows that high cirrus clouds are ALWAYS associated with fair weather, and virtually NEVER produce rain. Except in the upper most layer of the Troposphere, and even that is mostly from ice crystals melting. Which always evaporates thousands of feet above the ground.

    He simply proved my suspicions that most meteorologists on the local TV channels, internet, cable and radio… are not educated at all in the meteorological sciences. 

    They merely read from a script provided by Raytheon.

  2. Pedro Moreno says:

    Anybody seen that before?. This is an israeli military jet over the Gaza strip.

  3. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I just read another report saying that after the heavy snow produced by the atmospheric rivers scheduled to impact the Pacific NW, in the coming weeks. Unseasonably warm air will arrive with rain at even the higher elevations, and the mountain snow is expected to melt rapidly. Leading to severe flooding. Just in time for your Christmas holidays Dane.

    The climate engineering insanity never ends. Orchestrated winter monsoons for the west and east coast? Is this going to be the new norm?

  4. Virginia says:

    Something occurred today that may be a marker that the world is in for a change for the better.  We can hope.


  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    It's Back!

    The dreaded atmospheric river train of rain and snow for the Pacific NW is returning right on schedule, for yet another record setting winter of climate engineered rain followed by chemical ice nucleation insanity.

    While we continue to stay warm and dry here in this Lone Star Hell.

    "A series of storms will come ashore in the Northwest late this week," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Heather Zehr. "Additional storms will carry on even into next week."

    From late this week through at least the middle of next week, impacts from the storm train at the coast and for lower elevations inland will include travel delays and flooding from downpours, as several inches of rain will fall. Damaging winds are also possible as gusts could reach 50 mph. Farther inland over the mountains, heavy snow can snarl travel at pass level then can suddenly melt and lead to flooding and avalanches, due to fluctuating temperatures.

    Whatever happened to the El Nino predictions of the Pacific NW seeing drier and warmer conditions, while the Gulf Coast states were expected to be colder and wetter?

    Did somebody not read the script correctly?

  6. Virginia says:


    Your post addressed to me as of Nov. 28th, (along with one to Crystal and Penny) has touched me deeply and I thank you so very much for your sensitivity and beautiful way of expressing your love for nature and all of its marvels.  Your post is a testimony of a life well-lived as nature intended for all of us.  Perhaps it is your Lakota heritage that gives you the impetus to not only enjoy the fruits ot nature, but never to harm or change the conditions from which they came.  You are justified in stating you feel that you and Dane are kindred spirits.  I believe are.  But, then, perhaps we are all of that feeling with Dane, in one manner or the other. 

    There is a documentary, available on line, of which I am sure you are aware.  It is called "Lakota Nation vs United States."  Was produced by the "Black Hills Movement" in an effort to regain their rightful lands and heritage which were illegally taken from them by broken promises and broken treaties by the U.S.  I have not yet seen it, but intend to if it is still available.  I have long sympathized with the Lakota Nation and other Indian Nations who have fought for generations to regain what indigenous people deserve – their land, honor and heritage. It is time.  It is not too late.

    Thank you, Eden, for a thoughtful and beautiful read.  You have my deep respect, sir.  

    Best wishes,



  7. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The last seven times there was rain in the forecast, and the weathermen talked about it for at least three days steady, it suddenly vanished from the forecast… the day before it was predicted. They didn't even mention it either, as if they never did forecast any rain to begin with. Same thing happened yesterday, as an all day rain event was scheduled to happen today. But suddenly no mention of rain at all for today, and now it is forecast at only 20% for tomorrow at 3:00 AM. What do you want to bet that if we get any precipitation at all, it will simply be the same old light mist or heavy fog. But no rain and their forecasting is the worst I have ever seen! Not just here, but in over one hundred locations around the U.S. According to several articles I read recently, and the people are really getting sick and tired of ZERO FORECASTING ACCURACY! 

    Yet, they can predict right down to the minute when the chemical ice nucleation frozen dry ice starts falling from the sky. You know, that stuff they are calling Lake Effect Snow and Flash Winter Precipitation.

    There is one phenomenon that No One is reporting on, and it is quite alarming. The sun is so powerful now that the evaporation effect is absolutely incredible. 

    I have been experimenting with a ceramic plate that I fill with water to the same level each time, and over the last twelve months this has been the results. Only on sunny days and protected from the breeze or wind, that plate of water evaporated in seven to ten days on average, when I first started the experiment.

    Now, it only takes 36 to 48 hours on average! Ranch and farm stock ponds would take several months to dry up, but now it only takes just a few weeks!

    Why isn't anyone reporting on this in the media? Because we are very humid here and it still evaporates extremely fast now. That's really very alarming when you think about how that might apply to why the Amazon basin water tributaries and reservoirs are drying up so fast.

    Plus, just how much faster is the sun dehydrating all life forms now? I know that I have had to double my water intake over the last twelve months, just to stave off dehydration. I am always thirsty now too, and I rarely faced that issue before.

    Could this all be from the spraying of incredible amounts of desiccants by climate engineering planes? Because I don't think it's just the sun doing this.

    • virginia says:

      Hello, Eden,

      Here I go butting in, but, if you are 'thirsty all the time" – a wonderfully soothing drink that I have used successfully, is merely putting organic mint leaves (I grow my own, even in sunny window) in boiling water.  Simmer for about 30 seconds, cover pan and let cool enough to sip. Add honey (unless a diabetic) and enjoy.  Your thirst will diminish or disappear.  I'll bet Penny has another remedy for you.  Wait for it.

      By the way, Eden, you are of Lakota heritage and should avail yourself of all of their wonderful natural remedies.  They, as wise as they are, know that nature in all of its wonder provides us with plant life that cures and relieves.  And you have already stated you do not subscribe to the modern pharma crap that is forced on the uninitiated.  So, I hope you give the mint drink a try.  Good luck.  

  8. Robert says:

    So let's imagine that all our efforts to end geoengineering comes to fruition, now what, have we damaged the planet beyond repair? And then we still have to take into account that we are a carbon based society, oil is our life blood at this point. 

    Eight billion consumers on a dying planet all reliant on oil, where do we go from here? I guess that question will answer itself in time, like all the other great civilizations that have vanished before us.

  9. WATCHER says:

    Hello Dane and Faithful aware Patrons here on this site. Well ! it was a nice Thanksgiving day in the Northeast. I think the spray pilots must have had the day off. There was no sign of spraying. All day long and the skies were blue mostly all day. Then before the sunset was taking place black ominous clouds began to assemble into a huge mass yet the surrounding blue sky was still available to frame the huge mass of black. So many strange cloud formations, that I cannot remember in all of my 73 years. The day after Thanksgiving here was the Spray Business as usual. I still strive to point out the Geoengineering to folks when we can witness them together. Mostly I receive the same comments "Oh! they are just exhaust and condensation”. Yet at times a normal passenger jet is occupying the same sky, with only a short following contrail. Then they say Oh! it's just at a different altitude. Well! how can they explain that when the passenger plane is landing, it is occupying descending altitude from a higher one. I recently showed a 10 year old neighbor, a very bright young lad, some of the long weblike contrails and layer clouds developing from them.  I told Him "wait  within a few hours and the blue skies will disappear". After explaining them as they were explained to me, he was a receptive witness. He thanked me and I told him "tell your friends". Quite possibly we are pursuing the wrong age group among ourselves to gather strength. Since the future at hand will hopefully be occupied by these younger ones, maybe this is our last hope. That is if we do not kill them off before they can find their voice, strength and influence. For now all we can do is spread the word, about pollution on so many levels in our environs and our bodies. We hope and pray for a sane, safe and just world; a world without evil doers of malignant intentions, with too much power in their hands.

    GOD HELP US to wake up and smell the brimstone.


    • Robert says:

      Hello Watcher

      I thought the same thing, no noticeable trails in the sky here in eastern Oregon. You have to wonder how the fly boys and their supply chain can celebrate their good fortune when they ultimately are killing their loved ones (if they are capable of love) and themselves. On a good note,today I woke up to good news that war criminal Henry Kissinger is gone. I shouldn't be overjoyed with his passing, but I am. 

  10. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    If the Fermi Paradox has never been solved, and the Great Filter assumption within the context of that paradox is still such a huge mystery to all of the science community. How is that even possible?

    When nearly all of Einstein's theories have been proven and quantum physics computing was never once challenged to solve the question, for just exactly what is the Great Filter that humanity faces. No one has even dared to ask AI to solve that puzzle.

    Why? Because geoengineering is most likely to be the answer.

    And to finally expose that elusive answer to all of Earth's scientists and the general public. Would also expose the fact that Geoengineering is currently pushing humanity right up against that Great Filter "Brick Wall".

    The most important question in regards to what is the most definitive road block to humanity, can only be answered by inserting Geoengineering into that equation. And in doing so. The domino effect would topple the one-percent who hold all of the power over us. When the world finally wakes up and realizes that that answer alone, will lead to our salvation.

    When eight billion people discover that the U.S. Military Industrial Complex is the driving force behind the Great Filter. The tide will turn and a new world will emerge. Nature will heal and technology will be limited to adaptations that never lead down a path towards the Great Filter… ever again.

    The people of Earth deserve the chance to debate this issue with their governments, and force them to do the right thing, By ending all cooperation with the Geoengineering Matrix Operations. And exile any other government that uses or even funds the U.S. controlled geoengineering empire.

    Refusing to use the U.S. Dollar as the primary currency and confiscating all of the nuclear weapons stored on their sovereign grounds is a good start towards avoiding a collision with what I now unequivocally believe to be the Great Filter.

  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Just after I wrote the piece here on the "Great Filter" I chose to watch another space themed movie from my watch list, of about 75 other similar themed movies. This movie began with a scientist researching "black matter" calling in to a radio talk show, and having a discussion with the host about none other than "The Great Filter".

    What are the odds that out of thousands of science fiction movies out there, I somehow chose the only one that focused on the great filter? 

    I don't believe it was simply a random coincidence and that God is in some way pointing Dane and myself in the specific direction of this thought process. Especially if you consider the number of random choices that led us to this exact moment in time, where this subject became a focal point of discussion.

    As someone who's interest in the hobby of astronomy has always peaked my sense of adventure. I really do know a good deal about the great filter. Which has its origins in the well known theory known as the "Fermi Paradox".

    In 1950, the physicist and Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi famously asked his colleagues: “Where are they?” Fermi had been reflecting upon the vastness of the cosmos, and “they” in his question referred to extraterrestrials. With an almost unfathomable number of stars and planets in the universe, it seemed obvious that intelligent civilizations capable of developing radio astronomy and interstellar travel should speckle the distant stars. Yet, in Fermi’s day, no evidence of such civilizations existed — something that still holds true today.

    The Fermi Paradox is the term used to describe the lack of evidence for extraterrestrial life in the face of a universe that should be, by the numbers, bursting with it. But we see no signs of alien technology, and our radio telescopes don’t pick up voices from other worlds.

    Many a hypotheses have been proposed to resolve the Fermi Paradox, but all of these remain unproven. And in the 1990s, another possible explanation for our apparent aloneness in the universe was formulated by Robin Hanson — a postulate that has become known as the Great Filter.

    There are most certainly logical barriers or hurdles that every intelligent species must overcome in order to become a space faring race, striving to communicate with other intelligent civilizations out there in the universe.

    But the theory is that one of them is too great for any race to advance beyond, and that in particular has become known as the hypothetical great filter.

    What if that filter is and always will be, using technology to master their world's weather? Consider this discussion among the most well known astronomers, including the most enigmatic of all Doctor Carl Sagan.

    "Perhaps abiogenesis (life arising from lifelessness) is wildly uncommon. Perhaps the extreme rarity of this event is in fact the Great Filter. Alternatively, perhaps it’s common for life to spontaneously arise, but the overwhelming majority of life never progresses beyond simple single-cell organisms. Maybe the universe is teeming with bacteria — but bacteria don’t build starships.

    Alternatively, the Great Filter might be a consequence of technology itself. Perhaps advanced civilizations usually eradicate themselves via some sort of technology run amok, such as malevolent artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, or a doomsday machine."

    Or, maybe it all boils down to who holds the most power, capable of implementing weather control technologies with their uncontested power. In order to increase their power and control over the masses, rather than using that technology to help their civilization advance to the next level of evolution, towards becoming a self sustaining race of space faring explorers.

    Just maybe, God pointed Dane in this direction and by inadvertently solving the question put forward by the Fermi Paradox. Humans can finally acknowledge what the Great Filter is exactly, and if he can build a great enough mass of critical awareness to this obstacle. Humanity might just be able to force those in power to relinquish their control over the weather. Allowing nature to recover. Alternative energy resources approved by the masses, and fossil fuels banned forever. The entitled 1% stripped of their power and control, and the 5% barred from ever holding a government office position, or influencing those in office.

    The Great "Geoengineering" Filter finally recognized by all of humanity, and never again being used to gain power and wealth.

    I believe that God has brought us to this discussion of the great filter, in this most critical time of our fight in the survival of the human race. Giving all of us another avenue of persuasion in convincing the world to wake up, to the one obstacle that all of academic science knows exists.

    Which means that by using the great filter as the focus of our debate, we should be able to bring nearly every scientist around the world on board with or logic and reasoning behind ending geoengineering. Whether they are bought and paid for by the government. Signed non disclosure agreements, or just too afraid to expose the truth. This challenge to overcome the great filter will unite them, because it is something they have been trying to solve for decades now.

    And knowing the answer to the equation, gives them the clout needed to convince governments around the world, to vote on stopping the U.S. Military Cult of Conflict from using geoengineering technologies, to advance their wealth gaining agendas of the one-percent. Once and for all.

  12. Inspire says:

    As always, thank you Dane for all that you do and thank you to everyone that posts here as well.  I always make sure that I check this website every week and there are times that I send a post.  But lately I have just been reading everyone's posts rather than speaking my own mind as I do not want to repeat myself over and over again.  But I just have to speak up this time as I am totally frustrated. I wonder why some towns and states are sprayed much more than others. It seems like they have something against North Carolina as they spray here constantly.  We do not have the deep true blue sky that we had here many years ago.  Our trees are noted for turning orange, burgundy, yellow and red during the spring and fall and this year they went from green to light brown and then falling off.  In fact, our black olive tree went from having green walnuts on the tree, falling off green and staying that way for quite awhile on the grass to turning brown on the tree and on the ground.  From having tons of squirrels running up and down our tree and running back and forth across the street and up another tree to having just one squirrel that came here this year 🙁  From having a planetarium of stars every night to actually seeing just one star, finally, last night.  I have said this before and I will say it again, I have passed out and mailed out booklets, flyers, cards and even some DVDs for years trying to alert others but I feel like there is nothing we can do to STOP this madness ourselves.  I also purchased a box of clasped envelopes to mail the brochures to family and friends out of state and I'm so glad they are now aware as well.  One of my cousins called the radio station where he lives and the reply he received was "do you want to get me fired" … yes, that was the reply.  There was no way it was going to be announced over the radio station in my cousins out of state town. Thank you all for reading my post.  It helps to have kindred spirits like you. "Those who are destroying the earth will have to answer to the LORD, the Creator of all the earth!!! "

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Inspire:   Good to hear from you.  We feel your pain.  We know your frustrations. I think we have all been there and done that.  But, we are a stubborn lot and will keep on fighting this battle in our own ways, no matter how small or how useless we feel.  When one is up against the Dept. of Defense, Raytheon and the like, we must be happy to gain any benefits from the energy we expend.  You have done more than your duty and we thank you. Be proud of your efforts.



    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Thank you Inspire,

      Here on Earth, God's work must truly be our own.  And you are doing a wonderful job of it.  Bless you, Crystal

  13. john vollhoffer says:

    Nov 24 – The world's largest iceberg is on the move for the first time in more than three decades, scientists said on Friday.

    At almost 4,000 square km (1,500 square miles), the Antarctic iceberg called A23a is roughly three times the size of New York City.

    Since calving off West Antarctica's Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in 1986, the iceberg — which once hosted a Soviet research station — has largely been stranded after its base became stuck on the floor of the Weddell Sea.

    Not anymore. Recent satellite images reveal that the berg, weighing nearly a trillion metric tonnes, is now drifting quickly past the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, aided by strong winds and currents.

    It's rare to see an iceberg of this size on the move, said British Antarctic Survey glaciologist Oliver Marsh, so scientists will be watching its trajectory closely.

    As it gains steam, the colossal berg will likely be launched into the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. This will funnel it toward the Southern Ocean on a path known as "iceberg alley" where others of its kind can be found bobbing in dark waters.

    Why the berg is making a run for it now remains to be seen.

    "Over time it's probably just thinned slightly and got that little bit of extra buoyancy that's allowed it to lift off the ocean floor and get pushed by ocean currents," said Marsh. A23a is also among the world's oldest icebergs.

    It's possible A23a could again become grounded at South Georgia island. That would pose a problem for Antarctica's wildlife. Millions of seals, penguins, and seabirds breed on the island and forage in the surrounding waters. Behemoth A23a could cut off such access.

    In 2020, another giant iceberg, A68, stirred fears that it would collide with South Georgia, crushing marine life on the sea floor and cutting off food access. Such a catastrophe was ultimately averted when the iceberg broke up into smaller chunks — a possible end game for A23a as well.

    But "an iceberg of this scale has the potential to survive for quite a long time in the Southern Ocean, even though it's much warmer, and it could make its way farther north up toward South Africa where it can disrupt shipping," said Marsh.


    (This story has been refiled to fix a typo to change to 'A23a' from 'A63a', in paragraph 10)


    If you ever needed proof the planet is warming at an unprecedented rate, this should alarm you greatly.

  14. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    In the light of a full moon I sat and watched as a whole fleet of planes turned on and turned off their aerosol spraying. Filling in the gaps of clear sky between the clouds they had earlier produced. Yet every time I point out this exact same pattern of climate engineering to others, they would say something like:  "Dude, you have way too much time on your hands. You need to stop obsessing over these stupid conspiracy theories and watch Tik Tok, or even YouTube videos that clearly debunks things like chemtrails and ridiculous geoengineering lies".

    And all of this coming from friends that I grew up with from childhood, who chose to live in the big city jungle of matrix mayhem. Hive minded social behavior that focuses on partying every waking moment they are not working.

    Granted, we are all in our fifties and sixties now. But you might think they would have wised up by now and care more about the planet than which big screen TV they want to buy for their den.

    Even when I turn their reasoning around on them in regards to the plane trails being totally acceptable and normal to their mindset. Claiming that the planes only leave condensate trails, where the atmosphere has more water vapor and under other favorable conditions for them to appear.

    That's when I say: "OK, if that were true. Then why do they only leave trails where there are no clouds present? When the clouds are the most significant source of water vapor to begin with, and the open areas between them should contain much drier air."

    They always come back with explanations like: "Look, we are talking about different planes that use different types of jet engines, and each one leaves condensation trails under different varying conditions."

    So, when I hand them the binoculars and let them see for themselves that every plane in the sky is exactly the same. Flying for one particular commercial passenger airline service. Or, they are the exact same military cargo/tanker planes that use exactly the same jet engines. Plus, they can easily see the trails being turned on and turned off with the binoculars. Not slowly forming or wisping into nothingness, like the feathered ends of cirrus clouds, for which you would expect condensation trails to become visible in the first place.

    The evidence for geoengineering is so obvious that even a five year old child, who was playing in the yard and looked up to see the planes and their trails. Turned to his grandpa and said: "Why are those planes not acting normal?" Those white smoke lines behind them are all broken. Not like those over there above mommy's house."

    That happened while I was talking to my friend working on his car, and he told his grandson that the sky was layered with dry and wet spots above us. While the sky over there where the trails are more solid, is loaded with moisture everywhere.

    Just like my friends who saw the evidence firsthand with my binoculars. They explain climate engineering away as pure nonsense and refuse to believe that what they are seeing, is exactly what you would expect to see with geoengineering of the planet's climate systems.

    They all know that I am right of course and on occasion even admit that what they are witnessing could be some sort of weather manipulation experiment. But add that… if that were the case. Who am I to say that it is some type of nefarious action being taken by our government, in order to completely bend the weather to their will. What if they are doing all of this in secret to protect us from out of control global warming. Because the public might not understand, or choose to spend their tax dollars on something else, if it were known that billions are being spent on an "experiment" that may or may not have any significant beneficial results.

    If they want to experiment with restricting the amount of heat the sun is capable of producing, and cool the planet as much as humanly possible. Who are we to say STOP?

    I respond with: "If that's what you honestly think and how you feel about everything I have been trying to convey to you. By using decades long research from professionals in their field, who are confident of their scientific results. Not pushing theories or conjecture. Then why do they spray aerosol trails, that are supposedly used to dim the sun's heating effects, on the coldest days of the year and not the hottest? Or, spray those same trails to fill the entire sky throughout the night, holding in the heat that was generated by the sun in the daylight hours?

    They always answer with the same generic responses. "It's a freaking experiment! Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they get it wrong."

    And I usually answer their absurdity with:  "So, you are OK with them playing God? Experimenting with our lives at the same time by spraying elements toxic to all life on Earth, like aluminum, barium, strontium, plastic polymers, and graphene into the same air column that we breathe daily? Dimming the sun to cool the planet at what cost? Millions of lives lost every year to the health complications arising from inhaling such a toxic soup of deadly ingredients? Wouldn't our tax dollars be spent more wisely on researching alternative energy sources, and eliminating fossil fuels entirely? Why would any of you be OK with anything that simply encourages the fossil fuel empire to continue unabated, and pump even more planet heating emissions into the atmosphere?

    Wake up people! Experimenting with a band aid instead of giving critical care to a dying planet, is simply inviting the extinction of the human race to become our fate. Your inactions and denial of the facts are going to kill the world that I love, and the people that I love. 

    And those people are YOU. The very same ones that I am tirelessly trying to save, by getting you to accept the truth behind the secret veil of agendas associated with those who carry out geoengineering operations… killing us quicker than the sun alone, ever could.

    They usually go completely silent at this point and have this "deer in the headlights" look that ends with rolling their eyes up at me, and walking away without even replying to the "soul pouring out my heart" comments. Like mental patients who just had a frontal lobotomy and reverting right back to mindless sheeple, returning to the matrix hive they never stray too far from.

    I'm sure that everyone here shares that same frustration, and take solace in those who eventually show a glimmer of awakening. Only a few of my lifelong friends are open to seeing the bigger picture. But the social media hive mind is such a strong force, and it constantly tries to reel them back into the peer pressure fold, of contradicting everything I say with disinformation shared by the masses.

    But if we hold strong and never give up on trying. Just maybe our voices will become an unavoidable logic that turns the tide. By stealing just one sheep at a time from the herd, and giving them greener grass to feed their minds on with the knowledge that exposes geoengineering, for exactly how it is snubbing out our existence.

    Dane has never missed a single broadcast to date, and that gives me every reason to follow his lead. And to pour his soul and life essence into the making of "The Dimming" and "Into the Wild" series, the tireless hours of monitoring this website, not to mention the countless interviews with science professionals and idiots alike (morons like David Keith for one). Proves to me that his commitment at stopping geoengineering goes well beyond the expectations of any normal person. His life has become his body of work in trying to save the planet, and we should never let our guards down either. Until we have accomplished that one goal TOGETHER.

    There is no rest for the weary and we have miles to go before we sleep. To finally sleep, knowing that we will wake up to a world that is alive and thriving, never again to be threatened by humanity's fall from grace. By letting the one percent play God in the first place.

    • Virginia says:


      Thank you for your well written piece and especially your laudatory appreciation of one Dane Wigington.  I speak for myself and I am sure for all who frequent this site that it is long overdue in such eloquent terms such as those you have given us.  I'd like to add that he is also a good man, a generous and sensitive man, the likes of which we seldom see in the world of today.  Stand up, Dane, and take your well-deserved applause.  You sure as hell earned it.

      Thank you, Eden, for the uplifting post.


    • penny waters says:

      i have been to university twice and found more brains than on the high street

      the high street people can look at the shops where they buy goods made from petrochemicals, or get pills from the doctor (the chemicals they use, left after extraction of petrol from oil)

      so not too much going on out there in human brain land

      have always found that, all my life 

      that most people look down or in front – they don't look up

      nature and god are the same but people worship human replacements, what ever religion, such idolatry!

      do not waste your precious energy – save it for the few who have open eyes, open minds and open hearts – you can find them along the way – few and far between

      although never a great fan of humans – my eyes were never closed to the stupidity of humans – after all i was born in the aftermath of the 2nd "world war" – should have been called the 2nd "human world war"

      i say again 

      nature creates and destroys and within its creation are the seeds of its destruction

      we are at that point now it seems

      who will save us? 

      are we really that precious?

      i think not but

      wish it were not so



    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Eden, you asked me where I got the quote from General Ashy— sorry I didn't respond, I was a 'little under the weather'.  I took the quote from a book, Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, by Rosalie Bertell (page 82).

      I was a member of the Hanford Education Action League (HEAL) and one of the great HEAL events was a conference featuring Dr. Bertell and Dr. Alice Stewart.  Dr. Stewart did ground-breaking research on the effects of ionizing radiation.  Dr. Bertell also wrote the book, No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth, which is a 400 page world nuclear history lesson.  Both of them did excellent research, and they were not psychopaths.  Bertell says in her Planet Earth book,  "…the emergency action we must take is to terminate the military."

      Well, imagine that!  Whadaya mean? No more war. no more violence?  How will we ever survive!

      At the end of the conference a little crowd had gathered around them.  Both of them were very tiny ladies.  In the register of scientists we have giants.  I remember their last words, "Should we have tea now?"  "Yes, let's."  I watched them walk off together chatting, and I wished I could be a mouse in the corner to hear the conversation at tea.  My giants are in heaven now. 


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      Dane feels like some one I have known my entire life. Kindred spirits that hold Nature in very high regard, and respect it as much as any other sentient being. The trees are just as much alive to me (like Dane feels) as any pet I have ever cared for in my life. Every single aspect of life in nature is my holy realm. I can feel the presence of a higher being and spiritual connection to all the splendor of nature, when I become absorbed in its bosom. My parents said that I was always at my happiest as a baby, when we went camping or fishing. And I still try to spend as much time as possible under the peaceful canopy of the trees. I have gone on over 300 canoe trips in my lifetime and spent as long as a month at a time, on many of those journeys. I never played indoors as a child, unless the weather was horrific.

      I literally feel the pain and suffering that climate engineering is torturing nature with, and I mourn for "everything" that dies under its subjugation. I don't party, drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs (even pain killers). I try to be as much of a "natural" member of my species and have been on numerous spiritual journeys with all of my beloved Native American family. My Godfather was from the much lesser known Lakhóta Nation (the true spelling) and his wisdom still energizes my spirit. Especially when I am surrounded by a beautiful and thriving forest, with abundant wildlife. The way I remember this Earth (as a healthy living entity) before geoengineering was being ramped up by the Cult of Conflict in my teens. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Penny Waters,

      In regards to your comments: "do not waste your precious energy – save it for the few who have open eyes, open minds and open hearts – you can find them along the way – few and far between"

      I always enjoy reading your comments and this time in particular, you provide me with very good advice. Which I will follow now, as I really dislike traveling to the "Big City Jungle" anyway.

      My friends from my past are not the same kids, teenagers or adults that I knew and cherished. They have zero respect for me now, and see me as some type of a Leper or vagrant. Because I choose of my own free will, to live way out in the boondocks, and forego all of the "cult like" amenities that heavily populated "hate filled" urban decadence jungles harbor.

      I promise to never waste my time on those who choose the hive mind, over the wisdom of the journeyers. Or, try to fill your heart with petty emotions that can only be defined in an urban dictionary. And I will especially keep my distance from those who think that accomplishing as many Tik Tok trends as possible, in a single day. Is how you should be judged by all of your friends and peers.

      You know, like leaning out over a cliff ledge or, sneaking up on a two-thousand pound elk, just to take a selfie. Daring nature to take their lives, just for the thrill of showing everyone "How they are able to conquer nature", just to get more likes and followers.

      Anyone would clearly be wasting their time on trying to convince those fools to respect nature and stop climate engineering's destruction of nature. 

      That's the kind of world we live in today, and it is all so alien or even senseless to me. I just want "MY World" back and return to wholesome family values again. My golden years have turned into my utterly frustrated years.

      It's like geoengineering is the bully on the schoolyard playground and everyone turns a blind eye, or doesn't want to get involved with something that they believe could make them become the bullied. Even when they know that if they work together in numbers. The bullying would be stopped and peace returns as normalcy ensues once again. They're not incapable, they just don't care.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Crystal in Oregon,

      Thank you. I just ordered "Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War" and " No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth" from Amazon. 

      I wish I could have attended the conference featuring Dr. Bertell and Dr. Alice Stewart. I probably would have been a real nuisance with asking them a ton of questions, while requesting that they autograph their books for me.

      I certainly would have praised Dr. Bertell for saying "…the emergency action we must take is to terminate the military." That would be the wisest thing humanity could ever do at this critical hour of an impending Omnicide, by the (Military) Cult of Conflict.

  15. John T Orr says:

    Sprayed like bugs over Tucson today but the NWS said the high clouds may hold the heat overnight, 40 this morning 70 for the high, uck

  16. Virginia says:

    Dear Susan,

    It is so gratifying to know that you are well and still contributing so very much to this site.  As always, your posts are not only timely and pertinent, but they give us the opportunity to read what we ordinarily might miss.  I have learned so much from them.

    Thank you again, dear friend, and continue to be well and grace us with your efforts and knowledge.



    • V. Susan Ferguson says:


      Thank you for your kind words. I'm not exactly well, but still persuing truth in a world gone mad.

      Blessing to you, dear Lady.


  17. Stan Sylvester says:

    Running out of family, friends, [hopefully not former!] and coworkers to share info regarding the ongoing collapse of the earth life support systems? Running out of local politicians and/or organizations to email info to?

    How about a letter to the editor of a local newspaper? Many small towns have their own privately owned newspapers. They are not part of the corporate owned media.

    When we moved to TN 8 years ago, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see my letters posted in a local newspaper. All of my submitted letters? Of course not. Try, try again!

    Upon further local success, I decided to take out an email  newspaper subscription  to  a college town about an hour away. I found success there also. 

    Years have gone by and I've yet to be censored. 2 weeks ago I shook up the area where we live  with a letter challenging the Israel – Hamas official narrative. Even if your attempt ends up in the editor's trash can, you know at least one person has read it. A seed has been planted.

    There are personal benefits. Clear communication is an achieved skill. In addition, this must be done  with a limit of words allowed by the newspaper. 

    Isaiah 6:8

    "Also I heard a voice of the Lord saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, here I am, send me."

    Who will write for the Lord? Is a published letter to the editor in your future?

  18. Gary Morrow says:

    I do not think that the trigger filter that Dane spoke of lies in the future. I feel that the trigger filter is human psychopathy. Between one and four percent of the general population are psychopaths. But some estimates of psychopathy at the highest levels of government and business go as high as forty percent. The reason that psychopaths tend to rise to the top is not just because they are intelligent, as some undoubtedly are. But the Intelligence that they have is of a cold, calculating and soulless kind. The main reason most psychopaths rise to the top is that they are willing to do what normal humans would not do such as killing, stealing, cheating and lying to a pathological degree. These people (if they can so be called) have no empathy, have a compulsive need to be in control and have an insatiable greed. What is the essence of evil as described by all of the world's great religions? A lack of empathy. Of course these types of people have been around all throughout history. But since the invention of nuclear weapons and other advanced technology in the Twentieth Century, the psychopathic leaders of the world have had in their control the power to destroy human civilization and perhaps all life on Earth. Dane has often pointed out that controllers can not do what they do without our consent. Perhaps we have allowed the controllers to become just too powerful. The time to act may have already passed, but those of us who are awake should do everything in our power to prevent the destruction of this beautiful planet to our last dying breath. 

    • Virginia says:

      Amen, Gary.  Thank you.

    • Keri says:

      God bless you, and God bless our beautiful Earth.

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Yes, I think you are on target.  And the technologies they control now— yikes!  Keep on fighting for every fish, bird, worm, elephant, lizard and housefly.

      Gary, your #430 post cracked me up, where you said TV ads were brain washing and got a stern lecture from the principal on the free enterprise system.  Thanks for the laugh.  As for Duck and Cover– I was six years old for the drill, and we had to get our coats (they were on hooks in the room), and we filed out to the hall where we were suppose to sit on the floor with our backs to the wall.  I recall standing there wondering why we couldn't just wear our coats.  Then I saw our teacher, she was nice and I loved her.  She was helping another mixed-up kid get his coat off, so I sat.  Why we had our coats on our heads was a mystery to me.  Yeah, it was retarded.

  19. john michael vanOs says:


  20. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I can literally sum up this week's broadcast in three sentences of four words each. Or, just twelve words in total. 

    Civilization great filter ahead. Assume the fetal position. Say your final prayers.

    There is one human "trigger filter" in particular that no one dares talk about. Even archeology professors avoid bringing this subject up with their students. Because it conjures up such fierce debates, and every single time they find evidence of this great filter at archaeological dig sites. They bury it all over again and forbid anyone from disclosing what they found. They prefer to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

    When the electric grids around the world shut down permanently, and they will, you can count on it. After just three weeks it will become every person for themselves. (proven fact in starvation studies and survival experiments). The neighbor down the street will be forced to put aside any morals and ethics, because his desperation to feed his precious little five year old twins, will make him do things that are truly unthinkable.

    He will risk his life just to get the little food and water that you have left. Even if that means killing you to feed his family. Then when that runs out and there are no farm animals, wild animals, crops or garden food to be found. Pollution has killed all of the fish and every single store has been looted empty. Foraging for wild fruits and vegetable is no longer an option, and he never stocked up on emergency rations.

    His fellow humans become his final optioned food source, in his starving and irrational survive or die state of mind. That's right, I am talking cannibalism and it has wiped out more cultures through time, than anyone dares to imagine. 

    That great filter alone supersedes tribal hunter gatherer civilizations, and it would likely even consume a highly technical civilization like ours as well.

    We are talking about billions of people left abruptly in the dark and food supplies rapidly dwindling around the world. That filter will play its cards out and our entire civilization will cease to exist, in less than  twelve months if the power cannot be restored in ninety days or less.

    Even then however, it will likely be too late as the nuclear power plants will have already gone into full meltdown, and plagues of every strain will be sweeping across the planet.

    I truly wonder on how many worlds that great trigger filter alone has wiped out entire intelligent species, and left behind only lower life forms to struggle with their own survival.

    That could possibly explain why at least a billion intelligent civilizations are no longer out there in the universe any more. Because that filter initiated the self extermination filter, even if a previous apocalyptic event was somehow survivable.

    As an amateur astronomer, we discuss this hypothesis within our community of back yard star gazers, while the professional scientific establishments avoids that debate, for fear of exposing the dark side of humanity.

    But that could also be why the government stockpiles billions of rounds of ammunition. And why law enforcement agencies staged zombie drills about ten years ago.

    We call it a "Trigger Filter" because it would only take something as normal as a massive solar flare "on steroids" to trigger a domino effect, leading to the rise of cannibalism. Such an event would completely cripple our modern society. But would've barely even been an obstacle to any society, prior to the industrial revolution. So hard to believe that we are way more vulnerable with sophisticated technology. But that's what happens when you become totally reliant on it for everything. And when you use it to control Nature.

    The one thing that could save us, and we hinder nature from protecting us from any great filter on the various paths of our destiny or fate. Intelligence comes with a price evidently. Because there should be more of it out there in the universe, and we can't seem to find it.

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Excellent Eden !   A slant on Our "advanced" civilization that escaped me and I wonder how many millions.

    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Eden,

      Your creatively written piece on our destiny is not very comforting, to say the least.  Interesting.  Possible?  Maybe.  But when you condemn us to "take the fetal position and say our final prayers" your implication is that we totally give up, accept whatever is thrown at us by whatever force is in control and admit total defeat in a war designed to kill nature, the world, and all in it.  That, to me, personally, is unacceptable if we are to survive – and we can if we all join hands rather than wipe them clean of any responsibility in our pursuits to right so many wrongs; however, I will not ever willingly "take a fetal position and say my final prayers" – there is too much work to be done and it cannot be done in a fetal position but in a courageous, strong standing for what is not only just, but imperative. If I misinterpreted your writings, I apologize.  

      Best wishes, V.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:


      Taking the fetal position and saying your final prayers is merely a harsh reality check, when scientists claim that no intelligent civilization is able to survive the Great Filter. The one barrier to the continued existence of a species that implies no other race of extraterrestrials has ever been able to overcome. And the scientific community applies those same principals and end results, to the entire human race.

      My interpretation of humanity coming up against the Great Filter (which Dane talks about in detail this week) is that we are all expected to just curl up, speak to God one last time… and accept our fate. According to those looking for signals from other intelligent species, but have yet to find any. So, they assume that same fate awaits us, and we are helpless to change that outcome.

      Thusly, that was my way of criticizing their lack of faith in the human race. By emphasizing what they expect us to do, when confronted with trying to overcome the Great Filter. 

      You did indeed inadvertently misinterpret my comments and no apology is needed. Because by your reply, we now all know exactly how passionate you are about "Never Saying Never", when confronted about giving up hope.

      In no way, form or fashion, do I see our destiny as being predetermined by a scientific theory that's been around since the cold war. Anyone here who knows me, and reads my comments from week to week, fully understands that I will never give up on trying to wake the masses, to the genocidal agendas of geoengineering. And the consequences of that technology that could easily take us down the path to the Great Filter.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Virginia and all,

      Now, the cannibalism warnings are grim I admit. But unfortunately that ugly side of humanity has surfaced many times in the past, and they won't be the last.

      I bring up that taboo subject because I was hoping to alert everyone here to that last ditch form of desperation to survive. When all the food is gone and there are at least one million to a billion humans left on the planet.

      It will become a reality at that stage and you or I might have to fight through the unthinkable. Which is something that no ordinary person is prepared for dealing with, or has the skills to survive such a nightmare.

      That was some of the thinking behind those doomsday seed vault bunkers, placed in strategic locations around the world many years ago. In hopes of helping those few who do survive the various nightmare scenarios, after the apocalypse. 

      I just got one question though. How do you get into those vaults? Do you need a key or a password code? Is the 1% the only people who can access them? And, are those seeds organic Heirloom or, non GMO?

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      If those seeds in the doomsday seed vault bunkers are GMO. The human race is definitely flirting with extinction.

    • Virginia says:

      Crystal in Oregon:  Your post gave me many smiles and memories, for I was one of the teachers who made pupils 'take cover, head down,etc."  We were told that would protect the children from any 'fallout.'  The coat over your head was further protection (coats were heavier than, hopefully). We may have been better at teaching the three R's, but sure as heck knew nothing about atomic bombs. Thanks for the memories.

      Best wishes. (Keep the coats, who knows, may come in handy).

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Eden, for your reply (Nov. 27th).  Thankfully, we, here, all have one agenda, no matter how we interpret it, and that is to win this vital battle for our existence and that of our planet and all on it.  Personally, I do not subscribe to the fear mongering based on the 'scientific' persuasions of those who will benefit from our cowering and submissiveness.  (i.e. Covid?) Will life be harder for all of us in this mad world?  Yes. Evident. To what extent?   And, therein lies the question.   Some of us will be around to find out, some will not.  The path has already been laid out for us, without our consent; it is now up to us (and valiant fighters like Dane) to be sure it does not lead to the end of the road. So, we see, we think, we make efforts to overcome, we predict but foremost we must always be positive, encouraging for the new generations that are caught up in this web of evil and violence.  They must be shown what a beautiful world it could be, yet still be alert and active and educated in the ways, not of a 'new one world order' – but in a new world of reverence for all life, for freedom to live as we are meant to live as good people, in peace and happiness.  Fairy tale?  Not in my book, as old and worn as it is. 

      I realize I am preaching to the choir; forgive me for over-stepping. My appreciation for all of you who follow this site is boundless.  And, thank you, Eden.  Much respect for your work and contributions.

      Hope and prayers.



  21. Weather Hawk says:

    Its funny that Canada is being crippled by taxes and restrictions. When the nation produces less than 2% of the worlds GHG.

  22. Weather Hawk says:

    Here in Atlantic Canada the warm Gulf Stream is making the temps at 0C degrees, swing up by 10-15 C when there is a south wind and a storm system that is feeding off that part of the ocean. Only lasting a day and then back to 0C. Atmospheric rivers from Haiti to Green/Iceland!

  23. Jonathan says:

    In the yard there is an elegant shrub that has beautiful and very fragrant blossoms this time of year. It attracts lots of bumblebees and honey bees. Lately been reasonably warm during the middle of the day. Quite cold late in the afternoon, some of the bees stay out too late and get too cold to fly back to their homes. One of the puppies found a bumblebee by the shrub this afternoon, and older be apparently judging by its somewhat tattered wings. It was too cold to be able to get those wings to lift it up so it could fly home. I picked the precious little soul up with my bare hands and cut it in my hands and breathed on it to start warming it up. I then brought into the house, holding it with one hand letting it warm up further, while with the other hand, I made a sugar water solution. I broke the tip of a toothpick off and use that kind of like a medicine. Dropper to offer it drop after drop of sugar water. Once it realized what I was offering it, it stuck its tongue out and lapped up all that it could consume. I take it back outside the sunshine and continued warming it up until it was able to move its muscles enough to get the wings beating fast enough for lift off. A couple weeks ago I saw the very same bumblebee and had to warm it up again. As things progress in a certain direction, to the best of everyone's ability, please remember to be kind and gentle to the little ones, to all plants and animals, as well as to people. We are going into some challenges, the likes of which most of us can scarcely imagine.

    Life is not begin at birth, nor does it end at death.

    There's a silver thread connecting all life in the intricate web. There is an interconnectedness of all life, and there is another state, another dimension beyond the physical.

    About a year ago, a patient of mine, who's a clinical psychologist in town, told me a story. When her son was very young, she said that one day he started talking about a woman that he apparently knew quite well. She could not figure out who this lady was. She threw out a name of someone she thought might be the person to whom he was referring. His reply was, "No, your mommy in heaven. I knew her what I was in your belly."

    There to life then meets the eye. I hope that this will be helpful for people to consider in the coming weeks and months.

    I was visiting some family out of town a couple days ago. At one point I stopped at a gas station. The back windows of the truck I had partly opened so that my German Shepherd could peek out and see what was going on around her. While I was filling up the tank, A man commented on her and was interested knowing more about her. We talked a bit, and I introduced him to her. I already had one of the 20 page chewing booklets out, which I was going to put in the handle of the gasoline pump. Once I was done, for the benefit of whomever we'd next use that pump. That pump. Instead, I gave that to him and told him a little bit about it, without saying enough to risk overwhelming him. Him. I put another booklet in the gasoline pump handle before I drove off.

    It is helpful to be aware of the many opportunities surrounding us to reach out with information.

    I sent links from the website to couple people I know This week. One of them is new to this information, I sent him a few links. One knows about the programs already. I sent him a link to the materials page so he can see again the educational materials available. I encouraged him to become engaged and sharing information at every opportunity. He's very sensitive to life including nature. I reminded him that many people, as well as all plants and all animals, have no voice but ours with which to speak up about these programs that are influencing them.

    Most of the creeks ponds, rivers, lakes, etc. are not inches low, they are feet low. When Dane talks about these sprayed particulates being desiccants, he's not kidding. Some of you may be familiar with the plant commonly known as running cedar. A lot of people traditionally in North Carolina would use this around the holidays as garlands and for other ornamental uses around their homes. It is a beautiful plant. I was visiting my parents over Thanksgiving, and I mentioned this plant. I remember as a child going out in the edge of the woods to harvest some of it each year about this time of year. I was informed that it no longer grows in the woods around my parents home. It is too bone dry. Needless to say, the spraying programs are ramping up in lockstep with the downward spiral of the web of life. We may yet be able to make a difference. We will never know if we do not try.

    Be encouraged, and look the storm in the eye.

    • Jonathan says:

      I'm sorry for the typos. I don't use a desktop computer at home, and the buttons on my phone are really too small to type with, so I use voice to text, which leads to inevitable typos. Typos. I guess with me, you have to read between the words, haha!

    • Virginia says:

      Jonathan, I so admire your sensitivity shown in  your love for nature's gifts to us.  Thank you for sharing the precious moments in saving the bumble bee, for example.  Not but a few people in this chaotic world would even think of such dedicated efforts and would rather stomp on it and move on.  So, thanks,again.  Oh, just to satisfy my curiosity,   Jonathan,  how on earth did you recognize that the second bumble bee you rescued was the same little  bee that you had previously saved?  Was it injured in some form?  Or just your medical training?

      Also, thanks for giving us so many ideas on how to distribute Geoengineering pamphlets, cards. etc.  I just received a  wonderful collection of them and your ideas help.  They are not only beautifully designed but have substance that gets to the point and catches one's attention.  Great job, Dane. Impressive.

      And, finally, also appreciated, Jonathan, is the fact that you not only show what needs to be done in our own small ways, but gives us hope and lifts our spirits unlike some creative scenarios that are inclined to give people the what-the-hell-is-the-use syndrome that discourages them rather than encourages.  Important not to cause fear, but hope and dedication…there is always a way and we must not allow ourselves to be cowed – but educated, as Dane states, 'in a creditable' fashion.

      Thank you from the little bee and me.

      Blessings to all.

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Big Food Propaganda ‘Designed to Produce Wealth But Not Health’

    As early as the 1970s, the late Adelle Davis blamed processed foods for the “appalling amount of sickness in America.” Americans’ diets have only deteriorated since then, as the food industry promotes more and more processed foods over real, whole food.
    Story at a glance:
        •    The late Adelle Davis, who passed away in 1974, is known as the most famous nutritionist in the early to mid-20th century and was my first nutrition mentor.
        •    Time has proven her correct about many of the foundational nutrition basics; she was far ahead of her time on many issues.
        •    Davis promoted a whole-food diet and warned that refined and processed foods were the cause of most chronic health problems.
        •    Davis basically seeded the modern health food movement, the whole food movement in particular. That was her key advice. Just eat real, whole foods, nothing processed or refined.
        •    As food processing has become more intense and our food more artificial, chronic disease rates have skyrocketed and now even affect children.

    Today, the obesity rate is at 41.9% and another 30.7% are overweight; 11.3% across age groups have Type 2 diabetes, and 45% of Americans have at least one chronic disease.

    … eliminating traditional whole foods in favor of more processed foods has been shown to promote obesity, cardiovascular diseases, Type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and all-cause mortality.

    Overall, processed foods may kill more people prematurely than cigarette smoking.

    Processed food is also a major contributor to cancer. A 2018 study published in The BMJ, which included 104,980 participants followed for an average of five years, found that each 10% increase in ultra-processed food intake raised the cancer rate by 12%.

    This works out to nine additional cancer cases per 10,000 people per year. The risk of breast cancer, specifically, went up by 11% for every 10% increase in ultra-processed food.

    … Today, ultra-processed foods make up 57.9% of the average American’s diet, and what characterizes them are:
        •    Ingredients that are not traditionally used in cooking.
        •    Unnaturally high amounts of processed sugar, salt and seed oils.
        •    Artificial flavors, colors, chemical sweeteners and other additives that imitate sensorial qualities of unprocessed or minimally processed foods (examples include additives that create textures and pleasing mouth-feel).
        •    Preservatives and chemicals that impart an unnaturally long shelf-life.
        •    Genetically engineered ingredients, which in addition to carrying potential health risks also tend to be heavily contaminated with toxic herbicides.

    • Bitter and Angry at Human Stupidity says:

      I agree with all you write. But once you are eating healthy and you still feel sick, you have to wonder. And the answer is – by-product electricity (dirty electricity, cell phone radiation, tower radiation, smart meters – which will amp the dirty electricity on the lines, etc) also are culpable. These sources cause illnesses – and exacerbate many conditions – like Lyme, MS, rheumatoid – and are causal in generating a diabetic condition in the body (no surprise that diabetes is exploding with the cell tower count). And of course – cancer. For example, living under a power line will make some people sick quickly – probably anyone sick eventually.

      Have tinnitus? You probably are by some kind of dirty power source – it is external and you are simply hearing the 'lines' or whatever – squealing. But you – the one with tinnitus – are blamed – it is 'your' poor health.

      You know that sound the microwave makes when turned on? Now I get to hear that sound every time I am in a room full of cell phones – I get to listen with my microwave hearing to everyone nuking each other with their mini microwave cell phones! I can literally HEAR when my neighbor upstairs is using the phone – I know when they wake, work and sleep – by the microwave sounds (and the cluster headaches) from overpowered phones – that will kill you and me eventually.

      Personally, I'd rather go fast than continue to endure this slow cook death induced by cellular radiation.


    • Bitter and Angry at Human Stupidity says:

      No surprise CHD left these factors off their article – been trying to train them for 2+ years and I give up. Bunch of elitists with HUA syndrome.

      Not Kennedy – he gets it. I mean the people who actually work there.

  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Microplastic Pollution and Human Health

    Each year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean. Microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic less than five millimeters in length, constitute only about 3 percent of this pollution, but they have the potential to have large impacts on human health.

    Their small size, ranging from microscopic to about the size of a pencil eraser or ant, allows them to be ingested by creatures as small as plankton, and move up the food chain, inevitably reaching humans.

    While the health effects of microplastics are largely unknown, plastics are known to have endocrine disrupting effects, which means they alter the way hormones normally function in the body. Microplastics present a potential two-fold risk, because they are not only composed of harmful chemicals, but they accumulate additional persistent organic pollutants as they float in our oceans. As they are becoming increasingly prevalent in the food chain, scientists and health professionals have focused more attention on the potential health risks for humans.


  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Barium Poisoning
    Clinical description

    Ingestion of certain forms of barium (e.g., barium carbonate or barium fluoride) in toxic amounts can lead to gastrointestinal signs and symptoms (e.g., vomiting, abdominal pain, and watery diarrhea). Within 1–4 hours of ingestion, profound hypokalemia and generalized muscle weakness can develop which may progress to paralysis of the limbs and respiratory muscles. Severe hypokalemia induced by barium toxicity can cause ventricular dysrhythmias (1-7).

    Barium sulfate is not absorbed when taken by mouth and therefore is commonly used as a contrast agent for radiographic procedures.
    Laboratory criteria for diagnosis
        •    Biologic: An elevated urinary barium concentration. A urinary barium concentration greater than the 95th percentile for the general population is an unusual level of exposure for a person with no known occupational exposure to barium (CDC).
    – OR-
        •    Environmental: Detection of barium compounds in environmental samples. (8-11)
    Case classification
        •    Suspected: A case in which a potentially exposed person is being evaluated by health-care workers or public health officials for poisoning by a particular chemical agent, but no specific credible threat exists.
        •    Probable: A clinically compatible case in which a high index of suspicion (credible threat or patient history regarding location and time) exists for barium exposure, or an epidemiologic link exists between this case and a laboratory-confirmed case.
        •    Confirmed: A clinically compatible case in which laboratory tests have confirmed exposure.

    The case can be confirmed if laboratory testing was not performed because either a predominant amount of clinical and nonspecific laboratory evidence of a particular chemical was present or the etiology of the agent is known with 100% certainty.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Lithium Crash Deepens With Battery Metal Now Down 78% From Peak
    Zero Hedge
    Thursday, Nov 23, 2023

    The price of battery-grade lithium carbonate has crashed in the last 12 months. This downward pressure is attributed to oversupplied markets in Asia, primarily because the global adoption rate of electric vehicles has notably slowed amid high interest rates.

    Since November 2022, the average price of battery-grade lithium carbonate in China plunged from $84,500 per metric ton to $18,630, or about a 78% decline.

    According to forecasts from industry consultancy Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the global lithium market won't rebalance and return to a deficit until 2028.

    General Motors, Honda, LG Energy Solution, and other auto and battery manufacturers have dialed back EV expansion plans in recent months, mainly because rising interest rates are curbing demand. This has created a global supply glut for the battery metal.

    Bloomberg NEF's Allan Ray Restauro said, "With lithium supply growing more next year, we are likely going to see prices falling further, adding, "On the demand side, some regional differences on EV sales have been dragging sentiment down around the industry."
    The world's second-largest lithium producer, Chilean miner SQM, recently blamed the plunge in lithium prices on excess inventory, especially in Asia.

    Plunging prices come as the 'green' energy bubble is melting down, with the world's largest offshore wind farm developer, Orsted A/S, abandoning US projects, and solar stocks crashing on sliding demand.

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