Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 1, 2022, #373


Dane Wigington

After passing the peak of hurricane season with almost complete silence, the tables have turned with Hurricane Ian. Are the increasingly anomalous and destructive weather events just random acts of Nature? Or is there much more to the story? US mainstream media is giving almost no coverage of the sabotage on the European gas supply pipelines. Just an oversight? Tens of thousands of empty passenger jets are flying in our skies, why? The world is completely unprepared for what is already unfolding. How bad will it get? How long till impact? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

What could be more frustrating than trying to wake family and friends up who still believe skies like this are completely normal?
Münster, Germany, September 7th, 2022. Photo credit: Felix Groohn
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55 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 1, 2022, #373

  1. Lance says:

    The lies being told to attempt to cover-up what is really going on are all part of a "great deception", one so great that even the "elect" of God "might be fooled"!

  2. Lance says:

    Woke up this morning to reports that a major bridge between Russia and Crimea experienced an "explosion".  According to the reports and videos one section of the bridge collapsed into the water and a train of tank cars carrying oil/fuel caught fire on a rail line next to the bridge.  This comes after certain news media outlets broadcast calls for pre-emptive military strikes be carried out on Russia.  BBC news report is highly supportive of the attack on the bridge linking Russia to Crimea as are many western news sources, especially MSN!  The perpetual war insanity continues to escalate!    

  3. Lance says:

    What is smart dust and how is it used? (

    Couldn't be what's really causing a lot of "problems", now, could it?  What's in those aerosols?  Could it be….?

  4. Lance says:

    Gray whales continue to wash up dead and emaciated, but causes remain elusive  – LA TIMES today!

    Something has altered the food web – the web of life!


  5. brent says:

    The Firefox browser will bring up this site on the hurry.

    The google thing was makin me nuts.

    Firefox or Duck duck go.

    Fuck google

  6. Lance says:

    Since geoengineering the weather is a weapon, one of many weapons, all of you should take into account the associated activities of a global war that are happening and have been happening for some time now.  In fact, the nations of the world have been and are now in a state of perpetual war.  Now, imagine coming up with the means to attain immortality so that you could live forever in a world where perpetual war is a way of life!  A former military man described war saying, "War is Hell"!  This is precisely what it is!  If this is the world you want to live in you are truly insane!       

  7. Lance says:

    And again this morning all kinds of aerosol ops going on over the NW portion of the state of Washington.  Very dense particulate "dust cloud" moving E over British Columbia also visilbe  Even a "pandora fog" line visible out on the ocean W of the state on NT infrared satellite images.  While this could be for SRM its also possible these aerosol ops are related to military activities, which in case you hadn't noticed, are ongoing and increasing.  Major military facilities located in the Puget Sound area.

  8. Ziggy says:

    I don't know about you Dane and everyone else here. But I'm not sure that I can take much more of this insanity and the absurdity of the LIES!

    They are now spraying so much in our skies that you can't even see the stars at night any more. Probably a hundred flights every 24 hours and it's getting to where I can't even get a solid breath in my lungs. I feel like I have asthma, plus my eardrums are about to explode from the loudest ringing to date.

    The forecast said it would only be 88 yesterday and it hit 98. The overnight low is supposed to drop to 62, but it has a long way to go if that's really going to happen. Because it is still 78 degrees at 6:30 AM and the current conditions (according to accuweather) says it is 65 with only 36% humidity. Not so. The humidity is at 69% and they show that it dropped to only 28% in the daytime. Not so again. It reached 98 and the humidity only dropped by 5%, to a smoldering 64%. Which means that the wet bulb effect (THI) made it feel like it was 127 degrees! We are nearly half way through October and the heat is just as bad as it was during the summer heatwave. I looked at the Redding, CA ten day forecast and it matches almost exactly with the forecast here. And because they LIE so much about our REAL weather conditions. It will likely go over 100 degrees for several days in a row! The normal, average daytime temperatures in this area for the month of October should only be 63 degrees. So, if you do the math. We are experiencing nearly 40 degrees above normal and you won't find any of this in the news. Because just like all of the weather forecasters, I guarantee that the same gag order has been placed on all of the news outlets.

    They truly do not want the world to know exactly how hot the planet is getting, and in such an extraordinarily rapid manner too. The mid west and upper east coast populations are going to be flirting with frost warnings. While we here and everyone in California are going to be literally BAKING! If anyone tells me one more time that this is simply the new norm with climate change, and that we should accept these conditions as being NATURAL. I'm going to tie them to a chair and force them to watch "The Dimming"! And if they still don't appear to be shocked. I will play "Planet of the Humans". Then, just for good measure. I will throw in a showing of "Soylent Green".

    Just kidding of course. But what is it seriously going to take, to get the masses to wake up to the reality that our planet is in it's last gasps? Begging us to save her… and ourselves.

    All of my neighbors who don't have weather stations, look at the forecast and current conditions on TV and the internet, and simply say: "Strange. It definitely feels hotter and more humid than what they are reporting. Oh well. It must just be a simple computer forecast modeling glitch. They'll get it right the next time." They don't even bother to check with their neighbors who have weather stations, and they will never realize how much they are downplaying or skewing the numbers. Especially everyone living in the upper to middle east coast areas, who think that we are looney tunes. Because they are programmed to think that it is always super dry and hot out west. Just look at all of the westerns on TV and at the movies. It's always super hot and extremely parched. So what the hell are they all complaining about?

    Well, I don't live out west and I know for a fact that our drought and heat here, is not NATURAL! It is Man Made! 33 days without rain (since our 2 day 1,000 year flood, and 73 days without rain prior) and still no rain in the forecast. October is usually our second wettest month too. If this is what we have to look forward to, in the coming years? Things look pretty darn bleak. 

  9. Ziggy says:

    Reading through these comments I see that we all share a common view of this world, and we're are all effected by the senseless acts (or lack there of) by people who simply don't care enough, to help us bring our world back from the brink of catastrophe. As many here have pointed out. Most of the world believes that science, technology and big money will provide the miracles we need to continue as a species. And they all refuse to panic as the climate change researchers keep telling them that we still have about a hundred years left, before our situation becomes dire enough to begin worrying about our future.

    I am so tired of hearing and reading these words by those who are told not to tell the truth. Could, may, might and would. And they never use the word should. Because that would imply that we need to take serious action.

    There is no sense of urgency because they are taught that, you would smell smoke first, if there is a fire. The sirens would wake you, if there is an approaching storm. The rain would come in torrents, before there is a flood. And the snow would form drifts, before it becomes a blizzard.

    If everyone would just use their God given senses, for once in their lives. They would see that the sky is no longer blue. They would no longer smell the trees that are dying from the top down. They would realize that the ringing in their ears, is anything but natural. And they would know that the sun has never felt this hot on their skin, before now.

    They would know that something is seriously wrong and that Nature is not the culprit, but rather the victim. They would know that somewhere along the way, they have been lied to… and the balance of life on this planet, cannot wait another hundred years. Before humans take responsibility for their actions. 

    I just hope and pray that they would wake the hell up, and sooner than later! Because all of humanity SHOULD stop listening to the so called experts, and start thinking for themselves.

  10. Lance says:

    Massive aerosol spraying going on over most of Washington state and up into British Columbia.  Look at NT Microphysics images visible right now!  Time is 4:43 PST.  Had aerosols over the Santa Clara area earlier too!  Observed several aircraft at high altitude doing the dirty work.

  11. Lance says:

    When you really start to dig into what geoengineering is really all about its of paramount importance to understand the mindset, the psyche, driving what's really going on.  Collective humanity "think" they can resolve all their "problems" through the development and application of advanced sciences and technologies.  Collective humanity are unaware that their way of thinking is the source of all their "problems" in the first place.  Thus collective humanities "problems" will continue to increase, as they are, and exponentially so until they're overrun by them!       

  12. Jonathan says:

    I try to contribute to the group when I think I will have things that will be productive and possibly encouraging to others or when I have things that I can do that will benefit the cause of the group (for example, it took years of outreach with the local radio station to get them to __finally__ agree to start hosting the Saturday GAN broadcasts here in North Carolina), and things that will be useful to know in our quest to share information and inform others. This is one of those examples:

    Last night, I was at an Interfaith meeting hosted by a local Episcopal church. It's a series of meetings with all kinds of professionals, social workers, a college singer who is studying social work as her major, a retired physician, ministers, interested lay people and so forth- various people who have been or are still Community leaders in different capacities in this part of my state. The goal of this forum of meetings being held weekly is to share "God's dream of unity and peace in our community."

    The topic last night dealt with the topic of food insecurities and various outreach ministries and government programs in our area to help fund school lunches soup kitchens and other things to address hunger locally with a purpose of helping to coordinate more outreach food-focused ministries in this community.  

    One lady was talking about the Farmville community garden. It is a community organic garden comprising about half a city block. It is run by volunteers with the produce being used in various food assistance programs, Meals on Wheels, local church food ministries and soup kitchens, etc.

    What got my attention was that she was talking about the type of farming that is done there and it being organic, which is the kind of gardening that I do. Earlier in the evening as we were going around the table introducing ourselves, one of the lay persons who was there introduced himself as a local author who had just written a book on climate change. I heard the term "climate change" elsewhere during the evening and more conversations about gardening and so forth. So I quietly slipped out went back to the truck and got a stack of the two-sided Flyers, many of which had the promo Q Code Dimming cards stapled to them.

    I waited patiently for the next hour or so, hoping for a brief opportunity to make the point that a good environment is necessary to be able to grow good food, and I was hoping to then pass out the Flyers to everybody after a brief introduction about my involvement with Geo Watch.

    This opportunity never came, and so a couple minutes before they stopped the meeting promptly at 8:30, I finally looked at the lady to my right and handed the stack to her and said, take one and pass it around. Not knowing what it was about, she did and a room of probably about 21-22 people got copies. I told her that I didn't have an opportunity to explain why I was passing the information out.

    You never know when you plant seeds which ones might Sprout and grow and produce good fruit. Hopefully last night will prove to be productive and I'll be allowed to participate next week. :+)

  13. Lance says:

    Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion megacity NEOM will host winter games in desert (

    Remains to be seen if this will happen given all the other things happening.

  14. Lance says:

    Aerosol ops out over the Pacific off the W coast out from San Francisco and off N CA and S OR.  Can be seen on the NT Microphysics image loop as thin dark lines which over time spread out to cover a large area as they drift toward the coast.  Sprayed out ahead of an approaching mass of tropospheric "clouds" moving NNE.  Something "in" them perhaps? 

  15. Ziggy says:

    Disturbance in the Atlantic now has 80 percent chance of development (

    Two days ago they said that Invest 92L only had a 3% chance of developing into a major storm. What Happened? Hurricane manipulation by the use of Geoengineering?

    Is that why they didn't spray trails here in our sky for eleven days straight? Because they desperately needed those planes to manipulate Ian and work on disturbances, coming off of the west African coast?

    NOAA has a reputation to uphold and if they said there would be a certain number of storms that impact the US, during this hurricane season. By God, they will make it happen come hell or high water.

    Oh wait. That already happened in Florida. So what's next? Apocalypse and record death toll in the coming weeks?

  16. brent papon says:

    the problem with most americants is that they think methane is ME thane.

    I wasn't sure , but now I am.

    That's whats gonna get us.

    It is in fact like 'a layer of glass.'

    In addition to everything else, it's trapping the industrial pollution at ground.

    I know because I don't drive.

    It smells like hell and good luck getting any 02


  17. Lance says:

    Took a short walk this morning.  Have bad knees so I take short walks.  Am always observing things around me.  Some crows were out in an open field looking for food.  A couple of small black headed chickadees were doing the same only feet away from as I sat on a bench.  A couple of tree squirrels near a tree not far away were doing the same.  Isn't it amazing that not one of them plants anything in order to survive?  They're hunters and gatherers.  In the garden of God, as it existed long ago, the first humans did the same thing.  Then came the "Fall of Man", a spiritual corruption of the psyche of mankind.  As a result the first man and woman were forced out of the garden of God.  It is from this point onward that they, and their offspring, were forced to "till the ground" in order to survive.  Nothngs changed with respect to the corrupt psyche of human beings, with the exception of a relatively small number of those whom God chose to receive the free gift of spiritual salvation.  This is God's work, not man's!        

  18. Ziggy says:

    Since they started spraying here again, we are now under a heat advisory and an air quality alert. A cold front was supposed to cool us off this weekend, but now a high pressure ridge suddenly formed out of nowhere and it is going to get even HOTTER!

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. Welcome to the same geoengineering hell that California has been subjected too, for nearly 20 years now. I see where the (mid to upper) east coast is going to see winter like temps in the coming days and I guess that's why they purposely created this high pressure ridge. To stall out their cold front and keep the jet stream from dipping any further south… keeping the most populated area cooler and for even a longer period of time. We originally had an 80% chance of rain too and that has now dropped to only 3%. This drought here will NEVER End! And I'm sure you have said that a thousand times now Dane.

    • virginia says:

      Ziggy:  Would you mind telling us what is the state from which you report?  Or did I miss that info in one of your prior comments?  Thanks.

  19. penny waters says:

    i had a shock passing time watching tv

    and i saw cornwall being blown up – great stretches of granite – step upon step thousands high being blown with explosives so people can fill up wire cages in gardens to hold back soil

    granite – our cities were lined with granite cobbles – removed from the earth many years ago by hand by men – there were no big machines then – just men sweating and dying to do the biddings of moneyed people

    and then…….

    30 years ago the overlords decided to clean out the docks of london and tart it up (money was made) – they removed mile upon mile upon mile of granite cobbles – i saved very few cos i saw their worth – are in the garden, the rest……..

    were dumped in huge holes in the ground……anywhere they could find a hole

    and now they are removing more granite to play with

    i don't think we deserve to stay

    all my life from the time i left home i have bought second hand things – clothes, furniture, pottery, glasses

    everything i have has been used by someone else (apart from my underclothes and a fancy set of knives forks and spoons that i treated myself with

    and i still have them – never buy new clothes now, in fact don't buy much – maybe a little food

    how much crust is there left for us to stand on

    humans are vile – apart from you – all of you – we live in a world of greedy lost nasties and numpties

    you keep me going dane, family and friends, i cannot thank you enough for being my soul mates in these dark days

    sincere love



    • Paul Davis says:

      Penny- yes things can get very discouraging….  However,  you can help to change the future to a different way…  No doubt we are going through some great difficulties…   Once one accepts that reality and that one can make a great difference to the survivors of the future, one can get to work….    You are aware of what is happening, so you can prepare, you can get ready for what is coming… No easy way around this…  this is a time of purification… the Earth will purify away things that are causing problems… things not in balance or things not able to survive will not survive….. so one must prepare for hard times unfolding…..    that's the reality….   so work hard to bring forward things that must survive… It is up to you!       You have been sent to this world to be in it for these times….Mission…. Calling.. 

  20. Rick L. says:

    Our latest nasty storm here in Alameda County California has left some very unusual whitish debris behind. As most of our back yard is clear of weeds due to us spraying a pre-emergence down twice a year for years now. This year most of the pre-emergence would not penetrate the whitish debris left behind by this storm as it had puddled in areas. Also some of this stuff has collected in a few spots in our swimming pool. I find it curious because the chem spraying has stopped temporarily and they have found another way to disperse their poison by putting into cloud systems.Hmmmmm? I have to add I have never seen this stuff before now.

  21. Robin says:

    Indeed, each Global Alert News episode ties in the human psyche- intro/conclusion into fitting all the puzzle pieces together of each broadcast.  Yes, changing the way we think, believe, and behave is key to saving any of what's left of this miraculous planet- mother earth.  Thank you Dane for your masterful way to clearly present reality as the world turns.

    Just want to share one example of how thinking, believing, behaving led to a miracle in which a son helped heal his father.  I can't remember their names, but the concept taught in this example is the plasticity of the mind.

    The father, a reputable professor living in South America, had a severe stroke and was almost completely incapacitated.  The son realized that since his father was in a condition like that of a helpless infant, he could treat him as such.  The son nurtured his father with daily activities that infants do.   Gradually, these activities (step by step exercises that challenged) enabled his father to rewire his neural circuits to a point where he recovered from the stroke and regained his former brilliant self! 

  22. Ziggy says:

    Scientists Got Candid About Earth's True Carrying Capacity (

    Carrying Capacity is… Just how many people Earth can reasonably accommodate before we exhaust its resources.

    "Human population growth is a contentious issue in discussions about natural resources and climate change."

    "The current projection maintains that the human population will hit 8 billion by November of 2022. Lower mortality rates across much of the world factor into this rise in numbers, especially since life expectancy reached 72.8 years in 2019, according to the U.N. report. The global projection for the 2050s is expected to see an increase in life expectancy to 77.2. (When climate change led Venus Syndrome wipes out all of humanity by 2035. Life expectancy is non existent.) Fertility rates are also a contributing factor, and this has led scientists to a staggering projection of 10.4 billion people by the 2080s (via the United Nations)."… (Dream On.)

    "Carrying capacity is often defined as the number of members in a population that the environment can sustain."

    The last sentence really sums it up for all of us to better understand the situation that we are facing right now. If the wealthy people in powerful positions feel that 8 billion humans is not an acceptable number. When it comes to completely exhausting all of Earth's resources. They might feel that it is their responsibility to begin reducing those numbers. In order to save some resources for themselves.

    Never mind that the so called experts still believe that there will be over 10 billion humans on Earth by 2080 or even 2100. That idea is simply meant to give humanity false hope and reassure all of the sheeple, that we can adapt and improvise. In order to slow climate change and save the planet with technology.

    Sorry. Not gonna happen.

  23. Ziggy says:

    And I thought that Bill Gates had me completely dumbfounded!

    My cousin bought me a really good UV meter that measures all three wavelengths and twelve days ago (two days before they stopped spraying the sky here for the last ten days) the readings were really quite high and dangerous. But with the passing of each day, that they have not sprayed, the readings have been getting dramatically lower. Today they are at the lowest levels I have seen to date. (I originally got the meter 3 years ago.)

    Very puzzling to me, because you would think that with the aerosols turning into artificial clouds. That same cloud cover should block some of the UV rays. Right?

    Then why is it the exact opposite? Could they actually be spraying with the intention of INCREASING the UV danger? Why is it hotter too, on the days and nights that they spray? Nights I understand, because those fake clouds act like a blanket and trap heat on the surface of the planet. But the heat, humidity and UV rays are more pronounced when they spray, as compared to say the ten days now, that they have not sprayed here at all. (eleven now- no spraying today either) – (which is very, very strange)

    Maybe they are using this area to experiment and see what happens to the land, people and animals… When they stop spraying entirely?

    But no matter. I am now under the impression that they are geoengineering the planet, to make things drastically worse for all living things… and that isn't good. Because all of the experts (idiots) like David Keith argue the fact that it should be done to reduce solar radiation.

    While in reality it appears to be doing exactly the opposite.

    Could they purposely be destroying crops worldwide with increased UV-C, more severe droughts and floods, and the spreading of deadly pathogens? Is all of this really just being done with a hidden agenda in mind? Like Genocide?

    As Dane constantly points out. We live on a planet with finite resources and what if the wealthiest people on Earth, are trying to hoard what is left? By originally planning to kill us off (wasteful humans in their mind) in mass numbers? But ended up with more severe consequences, like mass extinctions of all life and inadvertently bringing about the Venus Syndrome?!

    What if they only intended to kill off around 5-6 billion humans and simply went too far? Ultimately causing the coming extinction of all life on Earth and a runaway positive feedback loop, resulting in a non reversible Venus Syndrome scenario?

    Could our world ending legacy be written in stone, by the wealthiest and chronically insane minority? Simply because they were trying to keep the remaining resources to themselves?

  24. Larry DeMarco says:

    FAKE  NEWS, distractions, phony fact checkers, and censorship. Where can you get an hour each week of uncensored truth? Right hear. Dane provides us each week a look around the world at truth. He does this from his heart and soul and from a very well developed mind. He doesn't force his views and knowledge, or try to spoon feed us, but simply points us in the direction of truth, while respecting our God-given  abilities of our own  intellect, free will and reason. Thanks Dane for continuing to help us face the oncoming trafic.

    What do we do with the products of Dane's selfless and tireless work? 

    I have quoted before Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a dissident theologian during the Hitler regime,  "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

    I add: If you do not believe in God (or the Creator, or the Great Mystery or whatever you choose to call the absolute inbodyment of absolute truth, beauty, love and goodness), you will not be home free because God believes in you!

    Thanks again, Dane and all who support you

  25. Andy Shaw says:

    Hello Dane, I just want to give a report from Northern Michigan on October 3rd. Yesterday,  we had a trail free blue sky day. Today they started spraying at 9:00 am with the largest number of jets spraying that I've ever seen in Northern Michigan. Relentless, jet after jet all day. We're doing construction outside and we're all tasting an odd metal taste in the back of our throats. Sure wonder why we got such an assault today. What are they trying to do?

  26. Lance says:

    Even if all the aerosol operations were to cease right now there is nothing that mankind can do that will undo the environmental and biological damage that has been done, which continues to be done, and is accelerating.  Many believe they can escape the end by transforming themselves, that they can create their own future, using their sciences and technologies.  They will realize, one day, that all their "works" are in vain! 

  27. Donebeingpoisoned says:

    Colorado and AZ spray hardcore. Everyone test your rain and soon to be snow! You will see! NASA in Boulder runs the shows with others. Flagstaff AZ and Lake Havasu do it bad as well. Time for many to see we are being poisoned in all states with modified weather. It's ruining all the forest trees which is what the gov wants. Time to stand and shout from the roof tops the poison that's being done on us. I educate many by pointing them to the sky on crazy days atoms come in and out in dropping heavy metals/fungi/mold. Childrens hospital is noticing after the rains kids are coming in with respiratory issues. Time for many to see this is affecting the children. It's wrong! God didn't say be quiet. Im educating left and right. 

  28. Lance says:

    "The emergence of AR3112 already fully formed and unstable could herald two weeks of high solar activity as the sunspot group transits the solar disk, facing Earth the whole time." — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids



  29. brent papon says:

    The reason it is called  a surfactant is cuz it breaks up surface tension.

    As Dane says it's soap.

    But your dish soap ain't the same. 

    But this stuff is sodium laurel sulfate.

    If you have ever dealt with it.

    You know.

    You don't want  to breathe it in.

    It's in most shampoo.


  30. Ziggy says:

    Hello everyone and thank you Dane for giving all of us a voice here at The Watch. I so miss those days when Nature awed me with it's wonders and splendor, as Geoff Hanham so eloquently reminds us of those days gone by. I always care for and appreciate the wildlife that surrounds my existence, and to see it dwindle to virtually nothing in just a blink of an eye. Is so utterly shocking and disparaging. (and of course heartbreaking too)

    They haven't sprayed one single (visible) trail in the skies here for ten days (and nights) now and I haven't seen the sky this blue in probably 25 years. My severe allergies have amazingly cleared up for the first time in I don't know how long. And it has cooled down to normal temperatures without the passing of a cold front.

    When they spray it stays stifling hot, both day and night. Just like the heat dome express in California. Where it has been only small respites between the train ride of heat waves. The entire Pacific NW (of the continent, not just the US) is experiencing unprecedented heat waves one after the other, and it will probably go from 92 degrees to 36 degrees overnight there.

    I shine a powerful light into the sky every night and ten days ago it looked like a bright laser beam that went up into infinity. Every night it has gotten shorter and shorter, until tonight. Where the beam only goes about 12 feet up and doesn't look like a white laser beam any more. Basically NORMAL again.

    I know that this euphoria will soon be smashed with a barrage of jets, crisscrossing the sky while spraying their puke that rains down on us and turns our utopia into a sewage pit from hell. But I am trying so hard to just enjoy this while I can.

    And Darrell, forgive me when I said no hurricane has stalled before like Ian. (My comments posted on "Controlling Hurricane Ian?). Please understand that I was only referring to hurricanes that struck Florida.    I know full well about Harvey (and Katrina). The two most heavily modified storms in recent history. Purposely morphed into an ocean of water that dumped everything on land. My Uncle's ranch in Texas was also flooded by a week long onslaught of record setting rainfall.

    If Bill Gates has his way and turns the Gulf of Mexico into a cauldron of boiling sea water. Then the entire gulf coast will be scoured clean by Hurricanes that will be more like category seven and eight! And just maybe, that's really his secret goal for creating such insane (sea water) regurgitating contraptions to begin with. Everyone should remember that he now owns the most farmland in the world and he has also been buying fresh water rights, to control crop production and drinking water resources… that will ultimately make him the equivalent of a planetary Overlord! Once he gains full control of all the food and water needed to keep humanity alive. He gets to play God and decides who lives and who dies. 

    It is absolutely no secret, that he has always viewed himself as a God. And now he wants to make his insane dream come true for real. He wants to be the most powerful human in the universe. But the problem with that is, that he will only reign supreme over a dead planet, as he hides away in his six billion dollar bunker. Waiting for him and his family's end to come as well.

    (pure speculation, but) Rumor has it that he and Musk are secretly building a spaceship that will carry a hundred "chosen" people to a new world. And he will probably take David Keith and Ken Caldeira with him, to show future generations how to engineer the climate on that planet as well. The insanity never ends and Heaven help our entire Milky Way Galaxy. Because Gates will then become a real life Darth Vader.

    Watch. Tomorrow they will pass a law making it a felony to bash Gates. Just as they have done for Fauci. Dane, I sincerely hope that the heat waves will finally give way to some badly needed (natural) Mountain snowfall at least. To keep the water flowing on your nature preserve, through next year's summer pressure cooker. We can all, only hope and pray.

  31. Dawnski says:

    Maybe the family in North Port and Sarasota won't think I am such a black sheep nut job after all? 

  32. craig jackson says:

    Hello Dane, 

        I work at a golf course in Columbus Ohio and we had a frost delay for an hour last week with the temp being 43deg.  Seems funny to me,  first time I've seen this in 17yrs working golf courses. I'll keep preaching brother. Thank you for all you do, Craig

  33. Gene Adaway says:

    In addition to the hundreds of nuclear reactors; there are a thousand spent fuel pools, open with no containment.

  34. Lance says:

    A couple of days ago there were aerosols being spewed by many aircraft out over the Pacific Ocean west of central CA.  All the "stuff" spewed out spread out covering a quite large area that drifted to the SE.  As I was coming back from Morgan Hill, CA to the RV park where we're staying I noticed some odd circular aerosol trails in the airspace to the south.  They very much looked like the kind of aerosol trails put out by military aircraft to disrupt or block radar energy.  The materials used in these aerosols include aluminum, carbon fibers, and other types of nanoparticles.  Modern military ships release the same types of nanoparticles in what is called "Pandora Fog" to disrupt and block radar energy as they conduct operations.  Using aerosols containing these types of nanoparticles by military aircraft has been going on since the Gulf War back in 1990-91.  Military forces have been and continue to use this "stuff" despite the fact these nanoparticles are highly toxic to all forms of life on earth.  Madness!

  35. Jonathan says:

    I went to a local park in Eastern North Carolina a few days ago. There is a very large pond within the park that attracts much wildlife. I was shocked to see that the water level was about 5 ft low. A large Creek runs through this park. It was down to a trickle, if that. A few days ago I was walking through the yard and saw something white in the grass. I went and investigated and found a mass of white, dry, very sticky fibers that were not a spider web. In fact those fibers were much stronger than any spider web I have ever seen. Hmmm…

    I have been regularly sending links from this website to local meteorologists. Apparently they have gotten together and had a conversation. They are now all blocking me. So the people who need to know the truth and disseminate the truth don't want to hear it. They have completely sold themselves out for personal profit to the matrix.

    It's up to us.

    I am leaving flyers and cards all over the place on a regular basis hoping that it helps us to reach that critical mass of awareness.

  36. Geoff Hanham says:

    Meanwhile in the UK 'Liz' Truss (the new prime minister) has fe-instigated fracking and raised the 'acceptable' earthquake threshold by an order of magnitude, licensed wholesale lithium extraction, and now it seems that most of the English Pennines may be mined and obliterated in the way your once so beautiful Appalachians are being destroyed…

    Leaves have been hanging on trees – brown yet unfallen as early as mid July; and now in late September, hawthorn trees hang heavy with discolored metallic – looking leaves instead of their normal autumnal glory…

    And always the haze; sometimes light often heavy,  leaden, and at night are the stars no longer seen…

    What I would give to be back to that time  so long ago when my beloved wife and I stood so still together in that night under a glory of stars whilst a  rescued hawk-moth – the size of a young sparrow – danced  circles upon my open hand, wonderful antennae quivering seeking amidst its world of pheromones; was sudden still, looking at us, turned and  flew up high to the stars and strait as an arrow seeking home…

    Geoff Hanham


    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful and very special memory Geoff. Lovely imagery of your interaction with that little creature. I too long for those days of a once healthy and thriving ecosystem.

    • penny waters says:

      dear geoff

      tis scary to be alive in this little country full of corruption

      bouncy truss is an anathema – an idiot in stockings

      i was in the womens movement in 70's – this is not where it was supposed to go – women copying the worst of men!

      we have no-one here in public life who is trustworthy – i recently went to a lib dem meeting and was shocked at the level of ignorance regarding  not only the green environment but also the fear i have regarding the hordes of young men trying to come to this island to suck the life blood 

      mostly young men with no family attachment!!!! most criminality in any society is caused by young men between the ages of 14 and 25yrs – i have written before we need to understand men and women for real and not how we would like them to be

      and i wish women would cover it up – tis not for show – tis a precious thing

      your memories of your time with your partner wife touched my heart – i too feel the closeness of nature and i have to say you are very lucky to have felt such companionship in this cursed life

      i cannot believe your good lady is far from your side

      as i am sure that other creatures know us, each individual human gives off an energetic show of intent – and it shows to them – the fragile ones

      remind me of the dane chuckle when he engaged with the bull frogs

      so do not grieve my friend for the joy you have in your heart

      much love to you from another olden

      may your love sustain you sir

  37. Ziggy says:

    Could Bill Gates Have Stopped Hurricane Ian? His Patented Machine Aims To Control Storms (

    The two main applications describe floating devices that, by pulling warm water from the ocean's surface and directing it down to the depths through a long tube, could weaken hurricanes.

    First, the ocean's lowest layers would serve as a significant heat sink. This process involves pushing warm ocean surface water downward to depart into the chilly ocean depths in a continual cycle.

    Second, in an alternative design to the primary conduit, a secondary conduit might be utilized to transport cold water to the surface, mixing it with surface water to help chill the warm surface water regions.

    Hey Bill. Are you seriously that ignorant? 

    First of all. Why would you send warmer water to the depths of our oceans? Methane is already being released from the ocean's floor, as frozen deposits thaw out more and more each day. Just like the Siberian permafrost deposits exploding into the atmosphere from the land tundra craters left behind.

    And, let me try to get this right. You also want to bring the cold water from the depths, to the surface?

    My God Man! You are going to heat the oceans ten times faster and usher in the Venus Syndrome (Virtually Overnight!) And as a side effect of warmer oceans. There will be much more unstable weather patterns "around the globe" with mega droughts gripping even more land mass areas. Not to mention all of the marine life that will be killed off, with (even more) heavily saturated methane and less oxygen in the sea water.

    And don't forget that more methane means LESS BUOYANCY. So, let's just sink every ship in the process while we are at it. All in the name of controlling hurricanes.

    To be honest. None of this makes any sense at all, because Gates knows that the geoengineering cabal (he helps to support) already has the capability to manipulate hurricanes. So, the only conclusion that I can come up with… is that he has patented his machines. To help bring about everything that I mentioned in order to accomplish his goal of  eugenics.

    More droughts and floods to destroy lives and crops. No more shipping food to third world countries, which lets them starve to death. More severe heat waves too, that will kill another billion or so wasteful humans. Etc, etc, etc.

    I can't believe that he would use his machines to simply take credit for hurricane manipulations. In order to further hide the truth about geoengineering manipulations. Such insanity would not justify the means.

    Can any one else out there, make any sense at all of such lunacy? Because I am completely dumbfounded. Remember, he has already patented his invention. So, his machines WILL be utilized somewhere. And the only logical place for hurricane suppression, effecting the United States. Would be the Gulf of Mexico.

    Texas is already going through yet another drought and if his machines turn the gulf into a giant hot tub. Then the ensuing mega, mega drought and pressure cooker heat waves, will make what's happening out west and in California. Look like a casual walk in the park. 

    If it were me. I would invent machines that froth the surface of the ocean to produce a natural "white" sea foam, during the daylight hours. Because that white foam would reflect the sun's heat and keep the surface cooler. Plus I would find a way to infuse a biological organism (harmless to marine life) into that foam, that ingests carbon and transforms methane into another molecular gas oxide that dissipates in the atmosphere, within a matter of days. 

    Hey, I can dream too Bill. I just don't want to harm the planet any further though. Like your list of ridiculous ideas that only serve to speed up our extinction.

    By the way. Wouldn't his (first application) machines simply sink from loss of buoyancy, as the methane being released builds up in the water? Meaning that only his machines that bring cold water to the surface would continue to operate. And just exactly how would you service those machines? Because even submarines need buoyance to operate properly and get back to the surface. 

    Clearly he did not think this through. Or, as I have surmised. Maybe he did, actually.   

    • Earth Angel says:

      I have often wondered if BG could be the antichrist. The media paint him as such a brilliant philanthropist yet his 'charitable' programs and 'inventions' have brought misery and death to untold numbers of people (and likely the rest of animals and nature in the process). And still he continues to be promoted as some sort of genius. I never did get that. The guy has always creeped me out just looking at him. The absolute height of idiocy is glorifying something that is ushering in all of our demise. Very sad times indeed. We must all try and project healing and peace for planet Earth while doing everything in our power to stop the insane programs being executed now. Love to all here.

    • Earth Angel says:

      It just occurs to me- isn't BG also the holder of a creepy patent; #060606?!  Does that qualify as his number?.. the number of a man?! More musings…

  38. Luke Bieniek says:

    Thank you for your tireless voice, multifaceted efforts & highly circumspect concerns, passionately delivered in another superb presentation. 🦭🗿🦉🥲😵‍💫😳🥺🐸🐝🦋🐢🦘 We can do this.

  39. Al T says:

    Chem trails are back in sonoma ca

    • Dennie says:

      They've been spraying heavily all over the Bay Area.  I'm in Marin County.  Air's so full of crap you can chew it!!

    • Ross says:

      Lines are back in Sacramento Valley.  The skies were deep blue for a couple months and without lines.  Why did they stop for two months ?

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