New, Lionel Nation Addresses Climate Engineering Head-On


Dane Wigington

Lionel Nation is an extremely important voice that has fully joined the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Lionel Nation, has always shown great courage in addressing and exposing the most dire issues on the horizon. In regard to the most critical issue of the global geoengineering assault, Lionel has yet again made his voice heard in the all important effort to expand awareness. wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Lionel for conducting this new interview (previous interview here) in the effort to update his listeners on the rapidly increasing devastation that is directly related to climate engineering operations.

Skies all over the globe are being systematically blotted out by the massive geoengineering / solar radiation management operations.

Geoengineered skies. Photo credit: Hanna Willimann

The fight to fully expose and halt climate engineering will take all of us. Sharing credible data from a credible source is key in the effort to wake others to what is going on in our skies. All need to make their voices heard in this epic battle for the greater good.

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  1. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Great to see you back on Lionel Nation Dane.  Thank You Lionel.

  2. Timothy Lyle says:

    Dane, I am trying to put together a group to hit the "streets" to inform the public regarding the evils of geoengineering in the Kansas City area. Enough is enough. The entire state of Kansas looks like LA everyday! It doesn't matter if you are in the city or in the country. I actually saw the sun vanish yesterday with no cloud cover other than the "white sky".

    I need volunteers. Please reply if you want to get involved. We have got to take action!


  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    This is a difficult interview to watch, as the interviewer is completely overwhelmed by the brilliance of Mr. Cohen's historical experience and education.  For those who have succumbed to mainstream balderdash and anti-Putin mania, I highly recommend you pay close attention to the commentary.

    Debunking the Putin Panic with Stephen F. Cohen

    July 24, 2018

    Footnote: The ongoing investigations of Russian tampering with the 2016 "selections" are being propagandized into public hatred for Vladimir Putin and the Russian State in general.  These media manipulations are funded by the same institutions that continue to fund other strategic agendas such as geoengineering.

    Any verifiable "tampering" with our electoral process can be traced to a myriad of mafia organizations both within the United States and greater Europe.

    Hacking Democracy HBO Documentary – YouTube

    Mafia connections to subversive elements within NATO allied countries (such as Israel, Turkey, Cyprus Italy, the Ukraine and former Baltic States) now define the actual protagonists and saboteurs of American democracy.  Please do your research.

  4. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Though this article contains some historical bias and inaccuracy, the balance of the article plainly outlines the role of Israeli covert operations within several economic and geopolitical arenas.  The methods of international operations that Israel signifies are against any notion of morality in foreign affairs, and are criminal in every respect.  The Israeli "government" is a sick dog that will require international sanctions and massive boycotts to rid the world of this egregious infection of terminal rabies. 

    Two private intelligence companies hack political enemies in Africa, Europe, the Mideast, and the United States, for a price.

    By Richard Silverstein

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Wildfires & smoke increasing in British Columbia and northern Canada, Aug.9, 2018.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    With a somewhat quirky personality, Lionel Nation really 'gets' how this subject is often perceived by the uninformed.  There is brilliance, warmth and humor in his overall manner, which I admire.  He touches on what I'd call the 'blender' effect when so many just go off on tangential questions and observations that ricochet off the heart of the discussion.  It is the reason why I write about rather than speak about geoengineering.  I easily fall prey to disrupters and, unlike Dane who is outstanding at spoken explanations, I fall apart.

    I hope soon enough my verbal explanations can be honed, but in the history of my verbal engagements, when the situation suddenly becomes dire enough, my inhibitions override my cautious intellect and my censor and I've spoken truth to power that awed the witnesses.  Curiously, later I had no recollection of what I had said!  Others had to tell me.

    (When this happened in work environments, it's remarkable I was not fired.) 

    Our brains are still our best weapon to counter the coverup and lies.  It's amazing how well they work.  We need to trust our own perceptions to guide us.

  7. Sandy Patrus says:

    I started watching Lionel Nation this past winter when I got off of Facebook and perused YouTube to find out what was going on since I  no longer watched the news.  Glad he has come aboard.  There are so many independent truth seekers out there that they are constantly trying to shut down because they do not want the truth to be told.  I feel like they are constantly trying to censor me sometimes and I am just a little fish in the ocean.

  8. David says:

    Hello, Dane,

    it's terrible to see nature suffering. I'm getting angrier every day at our government and everyone involved in this madness. Because also in Germany and especially in our region it no longer rains and everything burns out and dries out. It has only rained 22mm per square meter since April. The trees are beginning to lose their foliage and die, rivers and streams have already dried up completely in some areas.  Thousands of dead fish are lying in the last puddles of mud. It's frightening. The local authorities call for water saving, in many regions it is no longer allowed to water with tap water. Nuclear power plants are being shut down in France, Belgium and Germany because the rivers are getting too warm at almost 28 to 30 degrees Celsius and all fish are also dying, which is already happening. Many farmers have lost entire harvests in some cases and our government feels compelled to set up a billion-dollar fund for aid. What's happening here is war on life, it's unbearable. Every time I hear about huge forest fires like in California, I get incredibly angry at this insane geoengineering project of crazy control freaks. Although they spray a little less than usual, the radar anomalies can now be seen daily and all over Europe. The high pressure area here dissolves all clouds and distracts them over Scandinavia. Heavy thunderstorms were predicted for yesterday and today, also for my village. Not a drop fell to the ground. I have also witnessed chemical cooling on my way to work several times. I'm commuting 100km to work by car. During these trips I observed temperature drops of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius at an afternoon maximum temperature of 34 degrees Celsius at a distance of 500m with the window open. Suddenly there was a very strong local hailstorm in an area of only 15 square kilometres. Many stopped on the highway under bridges and I too was afraid the windshield could burst. After a few meters suddenly sun again and more than 30 degrees Celsius.  A large rain cloud was framed and bound by strips of particles and discharged as a heavy storm while it remained dry and extremely warm all around. The news reported a "local cold front"
    in a sea of warm air?! The "cold front" was a small bruise in the middle of the "red" color on What a lie! This has definitely been caused artificially, with flooding and damage to roofs and cars by hurricane-like winds and unusually strong hailstorms in the target area. It was so surreal and unnatural. Another time I saw such an action a few weeks ago above my neighboring town 4km from my village. Here and all around blue sky with a few clouds of sheep, 2km away a hailstorm with huge amounts of water in a short time. It took only 5 to 10 minutes and the "thundercloud" had completely disappeared and the streets there were under water for a few minutes. I am also aware of what is happening in China, where there are currently extreme floods. Somehow I get the feeling that NATO had first tried to disturb the World Cup with these weather weapons. Apparently, however, Russia has suitable defensive measures in place and severe storms have repeatedly occurred during this time in the Western Balkans and the Russian media have attributed this weather chaos directly to the use of NATO weather weapons and have also issued a warning if this does not stop, the serious consequences will follow. It seems almost as if one wants to hit Russia with the drought, but instead, it probably hits us. Be that as it may. I talk to people about this every day, show them documents and EU reports as well as patents and then ask them: Why are there UN agreements banning it? Why would someone file patents on something like this when it's just conspiracy theories? What do we spend millions on research into nanoparticles in the troposphere?

    If all this doesn't exist, what's the point? Why is it forbidden to enter the HAARP facilities in our area? Officially these are radio telescopes, but they are also the centres of radar anomalies. People who listen to me, look at the documents instead of mocking me often don't say much after my lectures and look thoughtfully to anxiously. I think more and more people are beginning to realize that they are being cheated and lied to. Because what I can see and feel is a thousand times more real than the media want to tell us. Nobody who can count to three believes them anymore anyway. Since the white helmets can also come to Germany to apply for asylum because of political persecution, but this is denied to Snowden, Assange or Puigdemont, it should be clear in what kind of constitutional state we live. The trial of the NSU, which is probably less known in the US, revealed that secret services and Gladio structures can still operate with impunity for murder and terror and remain unpunished. It's just scandalous what morally decayed creatures we let ourselves be controlled by. It's getting more and more unbearable every day. Therefore, dear Dane, I wish you and the whole movement the strength to keep this up until the last doubters awaken. Yours, like the work of your supporters, is essential for the future of all of us and our children. I will not cease to support this project either. Because here too there is a community that shares a lot of information on the topic and apparently France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden in particular are involved in these geoengineering projects. Because everyone who calls for enlightenment, even parliamentarians, are either ignored or discredited by lies and false reports if there is too much interest and effort. Maybe you've heard of Werner Altnickel. He is attacked very strongly and his posts on YouTube are deleted or besieged by trolls. His websites are disturbed by DDOS attacks etc. He is one of the greats in the fight against geoengineering here in german-speaking countries.

    With kind regards,


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello David:  Thank you for your descriptive report on "weather" conditions within your region.  My own belief is that there are multiple players involved in war-gaming specific conditions above certain countries.  The extreme levels of weather disturbance are a compound (confounded) result of these diverse activities.

      You stated: "The trial of the NSU, which is probably less known in the US, revealed that secret services and Gladio structures can still operate with impunity for murder and terror and remain unpunished. It's just scandalous what morally decayed creatures we let ourselves be controlled by. It's getting more and more unbearable every day."

      Yes. Thank you for mentioning the Gladio agenda.  Remnant factions of Gladio operations are still active and dangerous…

      For readers who have the moral courage to avail themselves of the malignant intentions of the United Nations versus the true intentions of the Tripartite Pact agencies, compare the two declarations in regard to stated objectives.

      Excerpted from: History of the United Nations – Wikipedia


      The Governments signatory hereto,

      Having subscribed to a common program of purposes and principles embodied in the Joint Declaration of the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of Great Britain dated August 14, 1941, known as the Atlantic Charter,

      Being convinced that complete victory over their enemies is essential to defend life, liberty, independence and religious freedom, and to preserve human rights and justice in their own lands as well as in other lands, and that they are now engaged in a common struggle against savage and brutal forces seeking to subjugate the world,


      (1) Each Government pledges itself to employ its full resources, military or economic, against those members of the Tripartite Pact and its adherents with which such government is at war.

      (2) Each Government pledges itself to cooperate with the Governments signatory hereto and not to make a separate armistice or peace with the enemies.

      The foregoing declaration may be adhered to by other nations which are, or which may be, rendering material assistance and contributions in the struggle for victory over Hitlerism.[8] [End quote]

      Please observe complete text:

      Japanese version of the Tripartite Pact, 27 September 1940.

      "The Governments of Japan, Germany, and Italy consider it as the condition precedent of any lasting peace that all nations in the world be given each its own proper place, have decided to stand by and co-operate with one another in their efforts in Greater East Asia and the regions of Europe respectively wherein it is their prime purpose to establish and maintain a new order of things, calculated to promote the mutual prosperity and welfare of the peoples concerned. It is, furthermore, the desire of the three Governments to extend cooperation to nations in other spheres of the world that are inclined to direct their efforts along lines similar to their own for the purpose of realizing their ultimate object, world peace.  Accordingly, the Governments of Japan, Germany and Italy have agreed as follows: [1]

      ARTICLE 1. Japan recognizes and respects the leadership of Germany and Italy in the establishment of a new order in Europe.

      ARTICLE 2. Germany and Italy recognize and respect the leadership of Japan in the establishment of a new order in Greater East Asia.

      ARTICLE 3. Japan, Germany, and Italy agree to cooperate in their efforts on aforesaid lines. They further undertake to assist one another with all political, economic and military means if one of the Contracting Powers is attacked by a Power at present not involved in the European War or in the Japanese-Chinese conflict.

      ARTICLE 4. With a view to implementing the present pact, joint technical commissions, to be appointed by the respective Governments of Japan, Germany and Italy, will meet without delay.

      ARTICLE 5. Japan, Germany and Italy affirm that the above agreement affects in no way the political status existing at present between each of the three Contracting Powers and Soviet Russia.

      ARTICLE 6. The present pact shall become valid immediately upon signature and shall remain in force ten years from the date on which it becomes effective. In due time, before the expiration of said term, the High Contracting Parties shall, at the request of any one of them, enter into negotiations for its renewal.

      In faith whereof, the undersigned duly authorized by their respective governments have signed this pact and have affixed hereto their signatures.

      Done in triplicate at Berlin, the 27th day of September, 1940, in the 19th year of the fascist era, corresponding to the 27th day of the ninth month of the 15th year of Showa (the reign of Emperor Hirohito). [End quote]

      Complete text:

      For the bleached and sanitized version of the Joseph Stalin story see: >

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, David. Excellent comment and courage.


    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Thank You David for letting us know what you are dealing with. Very Disturbing!

  9. Mankind; in his constant lust for what is not his own, has turned the sacred Eternity into a land of toys and countless diversions.

    The Land of Toys (Italian: Paese dei balocchi) is a fictional location in the Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883). It is also known as "Funland" or "Playtime Land." It is disguised as a haven of freedom and anarchy for boys and occasionally girls. To its unsuspecting visitors, it appears to be a fantastic place where boys and girls can do whatever they want with no consequences or law. However, its real use is to de-evolve children for the slave trade.

    Thank you Earth Angel.  Mankind will receive no redemption until the realities of cause and effect are discerned…  

  10. Alan says:

    Last night our local TV weather clown actually said something very important.  I'm sure he didn't KNOW it was important when he said it, but that's beside the point.  He basically said this – 

    Last year, out of all the worldwide hurricane modeling/prediction centers that produce the "spaghetti tracks" (forecast hurricane paths) we see on TV, there was only one entity that correctly predicted the highly atypical paths of both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  It just so happens that the same entity is now predicting that Hurricane John will pirouette, boomerang, U-turn, and hit San Diego. 

    Oh, I almost forgot.  The prescient entity that has twice proven it can predict a hurricane's exact path is – The U.S. Navy.  Imagine that!  


  11. Paul Vonharnish says:

    "When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes.

    Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."

    – Napoleon Bonaparte –


    (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821)

    Tick, tick, tick, time is running out…      

    Did Trump Break the Law by Ordering Sessions to End the Mueller Probe?

    By Marjorie Cohn, Truthout

    Published August 6, 2018


    Ya; nothing' going on between American and Russian mafia interests at all.  No collusion; no intelligence sharing or industrial espionage.  No tampering with electronic voting machinery in foreign countries > and at home.  No manipulation of "policy" decisions in the Ukraine.  No return of certain favors to certain NATO alliance partnerships.  Nothing; zero; none: Absolutely no ulterior motivations — zilch, zip, nada! Nothing at all…     

    New Trial Testimony Offers Insight into Paul Manafort Ties To Russia | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC – YouTube

    Published August 7, 2018


    Critical mass will require critical thinking, or there will be no resolutions to the actual problems at hand.  Geoengineering is the result, NOT the cause.

    Public laziness and indifference to 90+ years of criminal actions within the Federal Reserve system, has lead us into a game of blind mans bluff.  If social, legal, and systemic issues remain unaddressed, critical mass will lead to mass suicide via civil revolt.  Civil revolt will be immediately followed by nuclear cataclysm.  I don't know how I could make this any more clear…

  12. Joseph L says:

    I hope that alot of new people come on board after listening to this interview w Lionel. I heard you on the Gary Null show today. I was glad that you were finally on his show and I hope alot more people go to this site and help us spread the info w verifable info.

  13. Lana Lorenzen says:

    Greetings from St. George, UT: On July 28th, the day of Dane's broadcast, the temperature was 135° F (57.2° C) in the shade. I had a disheartening experience recently in my dentist's office. On the wall in the room I occupied, was a large photograph of the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. The park, located north of Moab, Utah, is world-renown and contains more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, including the spectacular Delicate Arch. The photographer captured the beauty of the Arch but also photographed four very visible aerosol trails in the sky behind the Arch. The entire area of St. George, which is located in Washington County, used to have the bluest, most pristine skies and the clearest view of red and yellow sandstone bluffs this side of Arizona. The air was crystal clear and clean. Now all we have are constant white skies; air, laden with heavy metal particulates; triple-digit temperatures; and unrelenting drought.

    Dane sounded pretty tired in his July 28th broadcast and a bit discouraged. He's right, of course: He can't do it alone. I'm in the process of putting together a blog that will discuss the effects of geoengineering on desert environments. I'm most familiar with the desert environments of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. I will also write lesser pieces on the condition of deserts in other countries. I was born and raised in Maine and lived for many years in northern California but I don't get to those areas anymore. New England and the Eastern Seaboard as well as California and the Pacific Northwest have their own particular environments that deserve in-depth reporting by those who live in these regions. I figure, to get the word out, even a one- or two-page info blog is better than none. I hope others will join me. I'll keep everyone posted.  

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    What we know Wednesday about the Carr Fire
    Redding Record Searchlight / Aug. 8, 2018
    Shasta County residents are being urged Wednesday to limit their outdoor activities due to unhealthy air quality conditions from wildfire smoke.
    Current particulate matter readings in the Redding area are in the unhealthy to very unhealthy range, while air quality readings in the Anderson are at unhealthy levels, according to the Shasta County Air Quality Management District.
    "All members of the public, especially those with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly, pregnant women, and children should remain alert, and if necessary, reduce or avoid all outdoor exertion when wildfire smoke is present," a news release says. "Everyone else should limit prolonged exertion in areas of noticeable smoke accumulation."
    The district urges residents should limit their exercise and outdoor activities, remain indoors with the windows and doors closed and turn on an air conditioner with a re-circulation setting.
    Original story:
    The Carr Fire grew to 173,522 acres overnight as its containment remained unchanged at 47 percent, officials with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said Wednesday morning.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Battling 18 blazes, California may face worst fire season
    [AP]:  … Some 14,000 firefighters from as far away as Florida and even New Zealand are struggling to curb 18 fires in the midst of a sweltering summer that has seen wind-whipped flames carve their way through national forest land and rural areas, threaten urban areas and incinerate neighborhoods.
    “For whatever reason, fires are burning much more intensely, much more quickly than they were before,” said Mark A. Hartwig, president of the California Fire Chiefs Association.
    … California’s firefighting costs have more than tripled from $242 million in the 2013 fiscal year to $773 million in the 2018 fiscal year that ended June 30, according to Cal Fire.
    “We’re in uncharted territory,” Gov. Jerry Brown warned last week. “Since civilization emerged 10,000 years ago, we haven’t had this kind of heat condition, and it’s going to continue getting worse. That’s the way it is.”,-California-may-face-worst-fire-season

    • Dale K says:

      Has anyone learned of the apparent cause (besides tinder dry forests due to our geoengineered climate) of the Mendocino Complex i.e., Ranch and River Fires?

      14,000 Fight Devastating California Fires, 2 Arsonists Charged As Death Toll Rises
      Zero Hedge
      Aug 9, 2018

      Holy Fire
      A blaze in the Cleveland National Forest has prompted evacuations in Orange County. A suspect has been arrested for arson in connection with the fire.
      Acreage: 9,614 acres
      Damage:12 structures destroyed
      Fire began:1:20 p.m. Aug. 6, 2018

      Cranston Fire
      This fire in Riverside County is prompting highway closures and evacuations. A man has been arrested for arson in connection with the fire.
      Acreage:13,139 acres
      Fire began:11:57 a.m. July 25, 2018

    • Dale K says:

      While this small fire in West Marin in Point Reyes Station has been fully contained, the fact that it occurred on dry vegetation close to a reservoir (Nicasio) makes me wonder if it was deliberately set by an arsonist to try to replicate one of the major California wildfires.

      Marin County Fire
      Aug 9, 2018

      Good news: the #BridgeFire is 100% contained! Cause of fire is still unknown. We expect the investigation to take some time. 

      Update: Pont Reyes Petaluma Road is now open at both intersections (Platform Bridge Road and Shoreline Hwy).

      UPDATE: #BridgeFire estimated at 45 acres. 

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Hothouse Earth’: Planet will become ‘uninhabitable’ if climate tipping point reached, study finds
    The Stockholm Resilience Centre warns of a "hothouse" world
    RT / 7 August, 2018
    The world is perilously close to moving into irreversible “hothouse” conditions with global average temperatures climbing as much as 4-5 Celsius — even if emissions reduction targets are met, according to a new study.  A group of scientists from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the University of Copenhagen, the Australian National University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research said that there were certain “tipping points” that could lead to abrupt changes one after the other.  Thawing of permafrost, the loss of methane hydrates from the ocean floor, loss of Arctic summer sea ice, the shrinking of the Antarctic sea ice and polar ice sheets and weaker land and ocean carbon sinks are among the processes that could combine to produce irreversible change, they said.  “These tipping elements can potentially act like a row of dominoes. Once one is pushed over, it pushes Earth toward another,” said Johan Rockström, who co-authored the report which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Rockström said it may be “very difficult or impossible” to stop the whole row of dominoes from tumbling over once it begins. “Places on Earth will become uninhabitable if ‘Hothouse Earth’ becomes the reality,” he said.  …
    The research comes as Europe experiences record summer temperatures, climbing above 40 degrees in some places, leading to droughts and sparking dangerous wildfires.  Phil Williamson, climate researcher at the University of East Anglia, said that given recent weather events, the report was not an exaggeration.
     “In the context of the summer of 2018, this is definitely not a case of crying wolf, raising a false alarm: the wolves are now in sight,” he said.


    • Dennie says:

      “These tipping elements can potentially act like a row of dominoes. Once one is pushed over, it pushes Earth toward another,” said Johan Rockström, who co-authored the report which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Rockström said it may be “very difficult or impossible” to stop the whole row of dominoes from tumbling over once it begins. ““Places on Earth will become uninhabitable if ‘Hothouse Earth’ becomes the reality,” he said.  … Phil Williamson, climate researcher at the University of East Anglia, said that given recent weather events, the report was not an exaggeration.  “In the context of the summer of 2018, this is definitely not a case of crying wolf, raising a false alarm: the wolves are now in sight,” he said.


      The WOLVES that have been here all along are now eating us alive.  

  17. Sören Häberle says:


    I'm following your alerts for 3 months now. Very profound. Thank you for your work. Here in South-Germany (Baden-Württemberg) the same holy sh… with these spraying planes and cool-downs. Someone said: If you don't use your eyes for seeing, you will have to use them for crying. (I hope my translation into english "fits").

    Best whishes Sören H.

  18. ross says:

    Alex Jones website Infowars has been shut down by youtube pinterest disquis and so on.  The powers that be want complete control of the news.  It is happening now and hope they do not silence this website.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Ross.  Paul Craig Roberts has written a stern, passionate warning to truth tellers everywhere:

      "Alex is just the beginning. He is outspoken and at times over the top. But he puts into the limelight issues that the ruling powers want kept in the shadows. This, and only this, is the reason that the ruling elite are attempting to shut him down. The hate speech charge is a fabricated joke.

      "What Apple, Facebook, and the rest of the American Gestapo mean is that the Truth Is Hate Speech. This is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984.

      "The deception of the American people by censuring truth-tellers is now the official policy of Apple, Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

      "The print and TV media have already fired all the real journalists, such as Robert Perry, Chris Hedges, and Sy Hersh. Now that Alex Jones is being driven off the Internet, the elite’s determination to control all explanations will spread over the Internet until every truth-teller is shut down. It is just a matter of time."

      Apple, Google Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Subvert the US Constitution, Free Speech and American Liberty, by Paul Craig Robert, August 7, 2018, Paulcraigroberts.Org

  19. Gary Morrow says:

    Heavy spraying here in western SC today. This summer I have seen trails at lower altitudes, clearly visible under altocumulus clouds which have a maximum height of 20000 feet.

  20. Sean Cregg says:

    Thank you Lionel and Dane! It is critical that Independent News devote more time to this issue both in frequency and in the amount of time given in a broadcast segment. Every president who permitted this to continue will carry the burden of its devastating consequences and forever will it be their legacy.  Is it within the presidents power to, 1. Declassify all the climate engineering programs. 2. Issue an executive order to stop all climate engineering. If it is possible for the president to declassify these programs it would likely open the flood gates to fully expose to the public what is and has been occurring.  However, the president needs the right advisors, and perhaps that may just need to be one. Then pressure from the educated public to take action.  Is there someone who can author an executive order that we can then promote and push for signing?

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Cat.-1 typhoon Shanshan affecting Japan, headed for Tokai Nuclear Power Station currently under decommissioning and in close proximity to the radioactive volcano and wasteland of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which will be impacted if Shanshan stays it current route.

      As of Wednesday midday, EDT, the center of Typhoon Shanshan is located about 180 miles southeast of Tokyo, Japan. Shanshan is tracking toward the north-northwest at 12 mph, having top-sustained winds of 80 mph.

      Shanshan is forecast to veer northward over the next 6 to 12 hours before reaching Tokyo Bay, then to veer northeastward off northeastern Honshu while weakening on Thursday, local time. As such, the nearest approach to the city of Tokyo should be 50 to 75 miles to the east. 

      By Meteorologist Rob Richards

      Keep your doors and windows closed and kick your outdoor shoes off at the door. avoid going out in the rain. Find out how much ionizing, DNA-altering gamma radiation is in your air (US,) which our so-called "government" and "agencies" pretend is "normal," by raising the "official" "safe" or background levels of exposure as our level of exposure increases.

      EPA's RadNet has over 130 fixed radiation air monitors in 50 states and runs 24/7 collecting near-real-time measurements of gamma radiation. RadNet's homepage claims,"…monitoring results reveal the normal background levels of environmental radiation."

      Add all the numbers in each row to find Total CPM. Normal background gamma radiation is 5-20 Counts Per Minute (CPM) 

      60 CPM = 1 Becquerel, 300 CPM= 5 Becquerels and is the mandatory evacuation level under US "government" standards and laws. We have no protection or notification. 

      Ask a fireman- what happens when you combine wildfires with gamma radiation? In fact, if you live in OH in any county except: Brown, Butler, Clark, Clermont, Hamilton, Highland, Preble, or Warren, I have personally forwarded geoengineering information  to nearly all fire departments in your county; fan that flaming arrow of awareness for me please! 

  21. ross says:

    I have been watching this site for several years now and just started posting.  The sky here in sacramento ca is so smokey that on ocassion when there is a break in smoke that i see the geo engineering aerosal lines above the smoke.  The powers that be are bombarding us with toxic crap.

  22. Pete says:

    I look forward to watching this tonight. We need more and more like this speaking out and they too need to make it their top if not only priority.

    I have had a tough week or so, well year or so, dealing with so much ignorance but of late, there has some successes but so much hate and nonsense coming my way from many people I know who refuse to wake up or investigate.

    But my resolve remains, it will only make me stronger and even more determined, and all I see going on in this world increasingly so and the devastation, it is my duty as it should be for everyone who is awake and yet to awake. But hey, for all the hate, I am only human so can affect me for a little while but the fact they are biting more and more tells me they are becoming aware and somewhere in that conditioned mind of theirs they know. I will persevere and find every angle I can, I need them to do the same as me – never give up,  never give in – we must triumph over this insanity…

    A new tactic I tried too, some strangers I was passing whist heavy op going on above yesterday morning here in Southampton UK, I said, what do you make of that up there, they looked puzzled, few said, oh that's  just water vapor, then I said, don't you think that should dissipate and seems strange so many jets in same area, think it worked, few I gave flyers to and then moved on, but a few made quick exit…

    Congrats on reaching over 31 mil – looks like more are paying attention….

  23. Abigail says:

    Sincere gratitude to Dane Wigington and Lionel Nation for speaking and SPREADING THE TRUTH.  ABRUPT CLIMATE COLLAPSE!  Even an Elementary child can understand those words. Sharing with Russ Tanner. Please PRESS ON! Prayers are with you, Dane and all those who will NOT be intimidated by our government, to TELL THE TRUTH! We truly NEED your expertise in this area. PRESS ON, PLEASE! 

  24. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Censorship and the circular nature of lies

    There are many different levels of censorship, and each level of censorship moves the individual closer and closer to the termination of life itself. When human sentience is not allowed to express its individual essence, a sort of protracted entropy sets in. It can be described as a slow progression of self-annihilation and despair, which ultimately cancels the existence of the individual altogether. This would be classified as the first and primary step in social repression. It is self-censorship due to the resolves of primary survival.

    The second level of censorship is an extension of the first level, and may affect the personal relationship of two individuals, or perhaps a communal group in close familial relationship. In this case; interactions are bounded by what is perceived of as mutually appealing or emotionally comfortable. When someone says "let's not go there", it's just a more pleasant way of saying let's shut the fuck up. Both (or all) parties will allow this shutting the fuck up, so that the relationship (or relationships) can continue within their otherwise undisturbed and helpful modas. If for some reason, an individual decides to continue into conflict, they are censored by attrition and ultimately forfeit the benefit of mutual support. In the case of familial relationships, an obstinate person typically loses the support of the entire family.

    The third quadrant of censorship is induced censorship within the common workplace. Unlike our first two sympathetic models, the notion of self-censorship for mutual benefit has entered into a more dangerous phase. It has become an artless cancelation of the personal Self via some compulsory strata of authority. In the functional workplace model, censorship has now morphed toward "groupthink" for mutual gain.

    Persons enjoying this utility may be allowed minor insurrections after working hours, but things can go wrong in a New York minute. "Let's not go there" is now reduced to don't go there or you're fired. The functional workplace is an exercise aimed at improving the production of goods and services at the escalating cost of personal expression. Foolish persons can soon find themselves living under bridges (or worse) and they are now cut off from access to goods and services because they are now broke or broken. If the individual has already screwed themselves out of family, lovers, and communal friends, they will probably not survive very long.

    The fourth quadrant of the circle is comprised of institutionalized censorship, which is the most dangerous transit of all. Institutionalized censorships and subsequent false dichotomies comprise the most egregious strata of social repression. It is essentially groupthink on steroids, and is logically perverse. Instead of personal self-expression, we enjoy the aggregate force of nuclear powered economic deceit. The media is often an employable faction toward these ends. > The industrial media is an assemblage of institutionalized Pinocchio's.

    The myths of cohesive Nations are often too covert and too ugly to look at. They are caricatures that have been edited into draconian farce via the economic policies of Nations. In this; the final quadrant, we've been instructed to adhere to the existentialist philosophes of international economic compliance at any cost. Persons employed therein are as indifferent to reality as a fencepost in winter. If some country declines some arbitrary "truth" as dictated via economy, its civilian populations are precipitously reduced to smoldering curios. No institutionalized agency truly "cares", because any true expression of independence and statehood has now waxed into a remote and lifeless digital formula.

    I putt around on "activist" web sites every day. The proverbial question is: "Why don't people wake up and do something?" Answer: Because they are terrified of the consequences of the collective lie…

    The collective lie:  We are all in celebration of this wonderful God given "life".  The evidence of truth?  Observe the empirical results.  The Earth has been made a slaughterhouse.

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is brilliant Paul! Thank you for another of your valuable insights into what is happening around us. Namaste!

  25. Wim van Dalen says:

    I am from the Netherlands and sometimes I speak to someone about chemtrails or so.However there are very few people interested in it,because of the complexities, the denials on tv from weatherman/woman and the fact that most people are more happy to "enjoy".

    When I listen or read your info on your site,my personal opinion is , that there is a lot of info and when ypu want to know it it asks a lot of study time and my point is also "I have/want to study a lot about several things,so time is spare".

    Perhaps it should be appropriate to focus more on certain headlines and refer then to more depth in the website.

    What triggered me the most in above discussion is: Today the number of neurollnesses ilike Alzheimer or Parkinson is growing astronomical by the allumina particles.

    So place headlines with: Why are there such a lot of people suffering on Alzheimer(or Parkinson)?

    And then direct them to a video of at most 10 minutes.

    Or another subject: Why is it becoming warmer and warmer and still less and less rain is falling,(while that always has been more and more)

    I think you can get more exposure and perhaps you will als be banned by the Facebooks,the youtubes.

    You will be peopled by the scientist,the mainstream media or whatever.

    I I have a lot of appreciation about what you do…It is Don Quichotte against the statusquo.

    And perhaps you should place articles on They never can ban you because it is based on a blockchain.and decentralized..



  26. Maria Peccorini says:

    Yes, Lionel is Helping, but for GOODNESS SAKES,  Start spreading the word throughout as best as you can. This INFORMATION CANNOT Continue to just be on Alternate NEWS!  PLEASE, Get the word out!!!!

  27. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I watched this a few days ago when it was first published on Lionel's channel. You two are a good pair. Lionel asks great questions and you have great answers no matter how many questions were presented. Personally, I like Lionel. He's just the right size to ride one of my Mustangs and smart enough to not end up on the ground. I hang out with some pretty discerning company(grin). Lionel and I are worlds apart, but I'll wager this, "if we each walked a mile in each others shoes, we'd have some good conversations.

    Dane, I am very glad for "ALL" that you posted this video. And on that note I want to stress to ALL the importance of precise speech and or terminology. Dane is the Master folks. It's up to us to emulate that in our own individual capacities. One of the greatest compliments I ever received was, "I sound like Dane". (Grin), well of coarse I do! And so should you folks. "Informed, credible and unyielding". Make it so…

  28. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    Truly awesome work, Dane, your weekly doses of facts and info amid the total silence of local and national media outlets. (I've basically given up on contacting local "meteorologists"; they keep pretending that these horribly polluted skies and all this severe weather are perfectly natural–it seems the "paycheck" really does buy their cowardice.) I pray for your NorCal community in dealing with those wretched fires, Dane. Here in upstate New York, just north of the capital Albany, our small lakes are starting to get dangerous algae blooms (media always blame it on local farm and development "runoff," though I suspect the constant aerosol sprays of heavy metals play a role, too). Plus, as someone who's worked outdoors for 17 seasons without any serious health consequences, this season my skin has broken out with ugly sun blisters on a regular basis. It's troubling, like I'm literally being microwaved. I think these geoengineering tyrants are systematically destroying Earth's protective ozone layer really fast now. This is devolving into such a nightmare, all because NO ONE holding political power in Washington, D.C. has the courage to stand up and demand an immediate halt to these environmental crimes. We so desperately need that kind of help.      

    • E.v. says:

      My cousin is a successful meteorologist. He was a storm chaser for decades and he loved it, making a good living from selling his footage and photos. Now he is a weather man for a big tv channel. I have tried to talk to him about this. He ignores me and has actually blocked me on all social media now. So Orwelien. 

    • Hawkeye says:

      Lawrence upstate NY has the blue green algae too!!?? Here in SWFL it is the worst ever seen and everything is dying! Same here as you said, the blame has been on runoff and fresh water lake releases into salt water river and Gulf of Mexico. I suspected the obvious as well being in the toxic mix causes and upon searching for clues I discovered this algae is in so many other lakes all over the globe which was a big clue.

      The lake is neon green and that contaminated water is allowed to be released into the river which empties into the Gulf. Now prior to this massive algae outbreak there was and has been red tide for most days since about Nov. 2017. Now with the summer heat the red tide has become out of control and the worst ever seen for marine life deaths and for length of time off our west coast. The algae is said to be fresh water growth only but it is in the salt water Gulf, the salt water canals in backyards, and in the salt water river. The salt waterways are more rusty brown with thick pancake like chunks of gross blistery looking algae. The canals in backyards, the entire 75 mile long river, and the lake are all thick neon green beyond belief. The seawalls have such a thick coating of algae it looks like carpeting. 

      What I am watching over the past month is massive marine life death that brings tears to your eyes to witness. It is worse every day so far. Massive amounts of dead fish floating every where, dead and dying manatees and porpoises and sea turtles. All the sea grass beds dead. Nothing can withstand this, we even had a dead whale shark wash ashore mysteriously as they are not common to our waters here in FL. 

      I feel like this is it collapsing big time now. All the waters are dying, several states and abroad too are burning up from insane fires and all is dying…… 

      My local news today reports these facts as Dane reiterates ever Saturday, the "could be's" and the "if's" climate warming news with – 'Earth at risk of becoming hothouse IF tipping point reached". Pictured is a halo sun in a Geo silver blue sky haze. Talks about how we COULD be at the point of no return IF this tipping point is reached and no end in sight so get used to the new norm blah blah… Aug 7, 2018. 

      They can't fix our waters now but no one has realized it yet. 

      Thanks to everyone giving details from their locations!! Really helps to know from real people on the ground. Keep up the good work all of you!!! Thank you Dane and stay safe.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Hawkeye!  What vivid horrible descriptions!  Near the end of your second paragraph my lips started curling.  Sickening, beyond horrible. I'm guessing nothing can be done?  But since last November?!!!!

      Here in Berkeley we have whited out skies but in this case, said to be smoke from the fires and poor air quality as result of.  Again coming from the north west and against our prevailing west to east winds, and very irritating.  But what irritates me more is how very often we have whited out skies minus fires and all of you know what I mean.  Lately we've had more 'blue' than usual for here in many, many years.  Quite often we are whited out, yet not a peep from anyone.  Suddenly, the blind can see!  And I am not impressed!

      Then, from the woman who usually answers the phone where I call my brother in law in a 'home' in South Dakota and with whom I discus weather, she says SD has gotten 20 inches of rain so far this year!!  She says standing water was in the fields and everywhere!  Not only is this unusual, it actually pisses me off, as California burns, as the world burns.  Gee but we could use but a fraction of that, can only dream of such numbers never seen here in my memory.   And yes, collapse seems here.  And it also seems some are more openly wondering what is going on.  It is SO convenient to mention 'climate change', which of course, but for I hate that term.  I prefer global warming.  Besides my usual explanation for that which is that it is too much like mother nature in 'the change of life', menopause, it also sounds like something that can be changed, implies changeable.  It isn't.  And what can be altered is never mentioned, no one it seems has the courage to address this.  But, I do notice in the photographs above, Mr. Cheadle, a politician!  That is new!  Newish.  Dare I feel encouraged?

      Please keep telling us about Florida!  I don't know the place but you make it vivid!  I do read what you post.  It matters.

  29. Frank says:

    This guy is a friend – and it is the only time I ever saw anybody in front of a microphone being so completely receptive to the truth – as the results of climate engineering are literally burning the world up.

    What is going to happen when the politicians, the military, the professors, the engineers, the scientists, your neighbors, your family have to hang their heads in shame as the truth comes out? THIS IS UNTHINKABLE!!!

  30. C Mishevski says:

    Geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer, poisoning our airs, waters and soils, disrupting the hydrological cycle and completely contaminating the entire web of life. The entire climate system has been damaged beyond repair by these programs (SRM, SAI). Semantics matter, geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management are science terms that lead to science data.

    Solar Radiation Management, a primary method of geoengineering, injects nano particulate aerosols into the stratosphere to mitigate a runaway greenhouse scenario. SRM aims to block planetary sunlight by increasing the reflectivity of the atmosphere.                              Welsbach seeding patents primarily list aluminum.

    Aluminum, which is being found in rain and soil tests all over the globe, does not exist in free form in nature without binding to something else (Aluminum Oxide). It must be refined and dispersed. 

    The fallout from these highly reactive particulates generate unprecedented global firestorms, and must be considered biological warfare. Massive feedback loops have been activated which cannot be shut off, fueling a runaway greenhouse scenario.                                              This is not speculation but a verifiable fact.

    Major news media are not reporting this public health threat.             They must be held accountable for their denial and disinformation.   Know the building block data.                                                                Plant seeds of awareness.                                                                    Pass on credible data from a credible source

    If not now, when?

    "We have a common responsibility to investigate climate engineering and its threat to the planet." -DW

    "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

    "The truth is still the truth, in a minority of one."

    Illinois based if interested.

  31. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico folks & the Peace that surpasses all understanding be with you. Over the weekend in the Silver City, New Mexico area, a good 2 hours drive west of Las Cruces, N.M. the rain clouds there were being demolished as the local area, El Paso, Texas included. I've been watching a good viewing by Noam Chomsky called "The Requiem for the American Dream". Simply put it tells us that the 1 per %s are the lowlifes worldwide running the worlds economy and everything included on it Howard Zinn (a favorite) was also what some of us would call our Heroes, they are not bullshi….. like the puppet government that has represented us for the longest time in this country. Again pardon me for saying, lowlifes-deceivers, sell outs! Unfortunately the majority in this country it seems are so gullible in believing we live in a democratic society. How wrong have we been guided and steered for the longest of time. This country can not survive at the rate it's been going. For hundreds of years since the Constitution was, the framers of it were nothing more than people who like to oppress humankind. We hear things as what this dvd says & we refuse to believe what Chomsky is telling us. Keep the Faith and Hope. We will not give in to the Evil one and its followers. In all reality the battle has already been won….We have an Overcomer!

  32. marta says:

    great discussion thanks! sharing.

  33. Arthur Radtke says:

    Thanks Dane for the Lionel nation interview. Great to have another spokesperson who is awakened and doing his part to wake up the masses. Dane you never fail to amaze me with your very understandable information. God Speed.

  34. Finestplanet88 says:

    Thank you, this was a great interview I will publish it over on Twitter. My God in Heaven is there anything more important than this. I grieve to say not. It seems hopeless. But even more hopeless if it continues. What are these Governments around the World, I ask you? They are being controlled by money and blackmailed by their own sins of ruin. Is there anything else more important than the life and breath of humanity? I say not. Know Your God Yahweh. We will all see him soon, the fallen ones time is short. God Bless you Dane and thank you Lionel

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Finestplanet88, I have difficulty with your statement: "Is there anything else more important than the life and breath of humanity? I say not". Quite frankly, I personally believe that is the kind of thought that got us into this predicament we are all in. Look, when we die and meet the keeper of the gates of heaven, either we will have questions that need to be answered or we will have to answer some questions. I live by the former. Maybe I don't want to pass through the gates, maybe I want to stay right here and have another go around. It'd sure be nice to have something left to have another go around 'on'.

  35. ross says:

    Great discussion Dane, Lionel Nation to help spread the word about climate engineering is also a great addition to help expose it.

  36. ross says:

    Great discussion Dane, another Voice Lionel Nation to help spread the word.

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    California fire smoke – Aug.6, 2018 on NASA Worldview:

  38. sharon s says:

    I saw a very educated professor with more degrees than you can shake a stick at, who is also a person who studies forests do a study on Mt. Shasta and it was found there was more aluminum in the snow on that mountain than natural mud!  Shasta water is totally unsafe and that 30 hand picked trout out of streams in that area were found with empty digestive systems. They are starving. Bad things are moving quickly now, aren't they?   

  39. brian schaffner says:

    My wife and I live in Fort Mcmurray… we seen the destruction of wild fires first hand. We have listened to your broadcast 4 years and I tell everyone that we’ll listen about the fight … please keep up your hard work…. I’m 55 years old can remember what the normal sky looked like…

  40. ilse says:

    If their iPad background looked like that, people would pay attention.(Maybe?)

  41. Rhonda says:

    This is great news! To show our gratitude to Lionel Nation , let’s join together to support his program and his sponsors..  Congratulations Dane! A WIN for our voice! Thank you!

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