A Climate Engineering Introduction To Media And The Uninformed


Global geoengineering / solar radiation management programs are not just proposals, but have long since been a catastrophic reality. All available facts and data confirm this conclusion. Bringing the critical issue of global climate engineering to light and to a halt is the great imperative of our time. In order to have any reasonable chance of succeeding in this all important battle, all of us are needed to join the fight. Each of us can gain ground every single day in this effort by spreading and sharing credible introductory information with individuals, organizations, and media, that would care if they only knew of the issue and had a dose of solid data to go on. The introduction article below was drafted for the use of the public relations firm which is helping us with media exposure for the Geoengineering Watch Legal Team. This letter can be used by anyone to help with the effort to start "spot fires" of awareness everywhere possible. The more such an introduction to geoengineering is forwarded groups, organizations, media, and individuals (that, again, would care if they knew of the issue), the sooner we will reach a critical mass of awareness. If we all combine our efforts in this battle, we can yet make a profound difference even at this late hour.
Dane Wigington

An Introduction To Geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management

As world leaders rally governments and populations to move forward with a global response to climate change, a covert but ongoing effort has long since been underway to attempt managing the greenhouse gas buildup by the attempt to manage incoming solar radiation. "Solar radiation managment" (SRM) is primarily carried out by the jet aircraft spraying of light scattering aerosols into the atmosphere. In addition to "solar radiation management" (SRM), the intentional manipulation of global weather patterns are also a part of the programs known as “geoengineering.” 

Geoengineering is the science term applied to processes of climate intervention for the primary stated purpose of temporarily slowing a runaway greenhouse scenario on Planet Earth. Though the official narrative regarding programs of "solar radiation management" is that they are just "proposals", all available evidence overwhelmingly confirms SRM programs have been fully deployed for nearly seven decades. These programs are further fueling a phenomenon known as "global dimming".

Colorado Springs, CO

Solar radiation management over Colorado Springs, Colorado (1/3/16). Photo credit: Julie Helmer

Solar radiation management

From Wikipedia

Solar radiation management[1] (SRM) projects (proposed and theoretical) are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming.[2] Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfate aerosols. Their principal advantages as an approach to climate engineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, their potential low financial cost, and the reversibility of their direct climatic effects. Solar radiation management projects could, for example, be used as a temporary response while levels of greenhouse gases can be brought under control by greenhouse gas remediation techniques. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and thus do not address problems such as ocean acidification caused by excess carbon dioxide (CO2). By comparison, other climate engineering techniques based on greenhouse gas remediation, such as ocean iron fertilization, need to sequester the anthropogenic carbon excess before any reversal of global warming would occur.

More background on SRM from Wikipedia

Climate engineering projects have been proposed in order to reduce global warming. The effect of rising greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere on global climate is a warming effect on the planet. By modifying the albedo of the Earth's surface, or by preventing sunlight reaching the Earth by using a solar shade, this warming effect can be canceled out — although the cancelation is imperfect, with regional discrepancies remaining.[3]

Headlines like the one below allude to the magnitude of what is unfolding, but the reality of the ongoing climate engineering programs are still not acknowledged.

Climate Change Panel Warns Geoengineering May Be Humanities Last Hope

“Society has reached a point where the severity of the potential risks from climate change appears to outweigh the potential risks from the moral hazard of research.”

More and more science studies are recognizing SRM consequences that have in fact long since been occurring.

"The risks of experimentation on such technology could actually worsen the problem and lead to massive experimentation that may aggravate climate change even more and cause irreparable damage to the environment".


Though there are numerous "proposed" forms of climate engineering methods, the primary method (that has long since been deployed) is "stratospheric aerosol geoengineering" . This is shown in the image above, the jet aircraft spraying reflective aerosols into the atmosphere.

All available evidence (including 750 page senate documentspresidential reports, and climate engineering patents) indicate global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs were first deployed at a significant scale in the mid 1940's. The first focus of these programs appears to have been concentrated over the poles. The temperature graph below reflects the initial cooling effects (from the mid 1940's to the mid 1970's) of the atmospheric aerosol spraying. The environmental consequences of these programs and the rapid buildup of greenhouse gasses soon overwhelmed the short term cooling effect of the atmospheric aerosol spraying.


The downturn and leveling off of global temperatures from 1945 to the mid 1970s perplexed the climate science community which were unaware of the ongoing covert geoengineering.

The known consequences of the ongoing climate engineering programs are many, and growing rapidly. In spite of evident and verifiable decimation being inflicted on the biosphere and the web of life by climate engineering, recent publications still deny this reality. In some publications geoengineering is still referred to as the "world's last hope". After some 70 years of climate engineering/solar radiation management all available data makes clear that global geoengineering programs are making an already dire climate scenario far worse overall and contaminating the entire planet in the process. In the apparent attempt to hide this unfolding reality from the public for as long as possible, a federal "gag order" has recently been placed on all National Weather Service and NOAA employees

What is being done to expose global climate engineering?

A tireless effort to organize solid legal action for the purpose of exposing and halting global geoengineering programs has progressed behind the scenes. The toxic heavy metal fallout from the ongoing aerosol operations has been confirmed with dozens of lab tests from the U. S. and other locations around the globe. Environmental protection agencies have not disclosed this verifiable contamination which has catastrophic implications for the environment and human health. A legal filing is being prepared to expose this fact and thus the secret and illegal global climate engineering programs that have been carried out for decades without public knowledge or consent. A team of attorneys are working together with the largest and most visited independent informational website on the subject in the world, GeoengineeringWatch.org.

We have a common responsibility to investigate the issue of climate engineering and the threat it poses to the planet.

The level of deception and denial regarding the obvious and verifiable ongoing global geoengineering assault is truly beyond comprehension. If this issue continues to be ignored by the media and the masses, it will be at an unimaginable cost to the biosphere and ourselves. Of all the challenges and threats currently faced by the human race, mathematically speaking, the critical effort to fully expose and halt climate engineering/weather warfare must rationally be considered the top priority.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

85 Responses to A Climate Engineering Introduction To Media And The Uninformed

  1. Jessica Green says:

    My family is on board and know exactly what's happening thanks to this website. My 6yr old is very informed and it's been a total gamechanger in our lives the way we think and strategies when bad weather extreme hits especially when they're seeding we always can tell. Along with the eliminating of our trees the thruway is almost no trees at all in upstate NY!!! Everyone's house is now exposed to drivers on thruway it's just the worst, our deer and fox where I live are trollying together because this wad forced on them I've never seen less squirls and etc it's depressing each day just gets worse and worse.

  2. Dawn says:

    Why isn't this broadcasted on the national news, media ect? How can we tell enough people in a short period of time? No one I know that I've told wants this to continue, how can we help?

  3. Teresa says:

    Yesterday we had this huge dark cloud come thru the black hills of South dakota. It was 40 degrees and when it passed us it brought the temperature down at least 30 degrees. It turned the trees white with frost as it passed. I have never seen or felt anything so cold. What caused this?


  4. Mary Dougherty says:

    Thank you for this information. Bless you so much! I know it's true. I've been watching chem trails daily for 30 years & live in NY

  5. Kirk Neal says:

    1/5/2020   I reside approx 1.7m from the Atlantic coastline in New Jersey. I am an "outdoorsman" spending considerable time "looking up" (apparently no does this anymore). We are very close to one of the largest full-spectrum military complexes in the world that houses full-spectrum military capability composed of 3 bases now combined as a "Joint Base" (Air Force, Army, Navy). This base is also a major warehouse for nukes, munitions and God knows what other implements of destruction. 

    Nightly I see a barrage of large aircraft (45 or more nightly) fly out of this base by sneaking out under cover of darkness, flying a mile or so over the ocean to reduce their visual & sonic signature. Nefarious with intent that you dont see them. 

    Our 2019 Summer was virtually cloudless, temperature & humidity in the 90+ range for perhaps 2 months. Weather changes were extremely dramatic with severe daily temperature fluctuations I have never prior seen in my 63y on this planet. Straight-line wind storms (over 75mph) that come out of nowhere that I have not once ever seen before here. Amazingly much of our cloud cover also does NOT appear on weather report radars.  Why is that?

    Fast forward to 1/2020…It would be accurate to state I have NOT seen a blue sky (or a clear night sky) for more than 2-3h at a time in approx 3 months. 2-3 weeks at a time with virtually zero clear sky is the new norm. What is now extremely ominous is that the cloud cover we get is identical day after day after day & night. It is relatively thin dark grey "blanket"…never a variation, never the normal mix of cloud types. I call it our "toxic blanket". Our weather is either 100%  the toxic blanket or clear sky without a cloud in sight that within 1-3h magically changes due to the dozens of jet aircraft I CONSTANTLY see aresol spraying above. 

    Have any of you seen a truly "black cloud" all by itself? I see them daily. They are produced by specific aircraft spraying while other aircraft produce what would appear more normal whitish clouds. 

    Lets be straight about this…these are not clouds, they are chemical/heavy-metal laden colloidally-suspended in our atmoshere. Again…these are NOT clouds so lets not call them clouds yes?

    Our Atlantic sunrises are now bizarre. Almost gone are the majentas, goldens & reds…now we get what can only be described as an ominous, unnatural grey & that bizarre black. Again, never before in my life have I witnessed this. It saddens me to my core… I'm very, very pissed off, you should be too.  

    Very nefarious is the explosion of bizarre health issues/illness here now.  Respiratory maladies are everywhere in people who NEVER prior experience them. People are reporting more & more extremes in mental states, ie: depression. What do strontium, barium, aluminum, sulphides, etc…do to the human body? Cancers, irreversible brain damage and sub-clinical to clinical depressed-state behavioral illnesses. Fact not conspiracy theory  

    Lastly is the very evident catastrophic damage to plants & trees. My 30 by 40' vege garden 2 years running has experienced savage & bizarre problems I've yet to see in over 40y of gardening such as unexplained stunted growth, failure to mature/flower and pollinate. I see death in trees never seen before. There are fewer & fewer bees, birds, etc  

    We are being slowly poisoned by the United States gov't/military industrial complexes. Globally speaking an all-species genocide of a magnitude never before seen by mankind. 

    In the words of a very wise Hopi Indian elder (to which I agree)…"Mother Earth will survive…humans will not". Our Earth will adapt & self-repair as she has done countless times over its 4 billion year existence having suffered extinction-level events many times. 

    In less than 150 years we humans have relentlessly annilated, destroyed, killed & poisoned countless living species, almost all of our potable drinking water, our oceans (where most of our precious oxygen is derived)… This list of devastation is endless, worsening daily.

    People….we will NOT survive much longer. YOUR children/grandchildren especially will DEFINITELY be in peril to not survive. Our species will cease to exist but not before the societal effects reduce us to savages at each others throats endeavoring to survive in a world where the laws & rules that have kept us civil will completely break down. 

    What will YOU do today to end this ?  Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution? Are you willing to reduce your consumption or is that new (made from plastics) outdoor patio set you want to buy more important? 

    What steps beyond complaining will you take each and everyday?  If not for yourself…for your children?  Whatever it is…DO IT NOW  

    I make no apology for my harsh words. I now devote my life to speaking and acting boldly…even if it costs my life in the process, nothing less will do. Let us create communities singular in purpose. 

    Blessings to all,


    • Mi66gt says:

      Who's paying for all this spraying? It's not cheap and there should be paper trail to who's responsible.


    • Logan Run says:

      I could not agree w you more! I'm in Florida and it's insane daily what you see in our sky's. Our animals are dying at an alarming rate! We also have the lovely aerial sprays of pesticides too! And now gmo mosquitos !

      his are we to survive?

  6. Michael says:



      I live in Los Angeles and I have taken rain samples in for results.

    Aluminum 105 mg/L, Barium 104 mg/L, Strontium 99.9 mg/L

    I'm not sure how bad this is.  But I am collecting more rain now.

    I'll post those findings in about 30 days.




    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Michael, the readings from your test actually reveal extremely high levels of the elements you tested for (all recognized climate engineering components). Can you possibly forward a copy of you lab test to admin@geoengineeringwatch.org? Thank you for your help with sounding the alarm.

  7. Ray Lee-Riley says:

    Where I live many of the private-house residents are concreting over their front and rear gardens, to the exclusion of what is left of the local trees and wildlife. What has this to do with Geo-Engineering, someone might ask: the sterile ways of thinking exactly shows the serious (perhaps critical) lack of education and separation by the public from what some distance themselves from "the Natural World." How many engineers and other professionals have included or are able or enabled to incorporate their thinking with Ecology and Conservation? Until this is  understood the impact  which is incorporated in design and enactment will not be alleviated. Climate change means habitat change and ecosystems shifting or destroyed. Crops and food sources decline, and new technologies are installed or considered which only exacerbate the Problems; even though initially seem to positively answer.  The inclusion of natural sciences should be a part of engineering education. Thanks for your Time!

  8. Gag orders, eh?  Shove this up your gag orders:

    Excerpted from: Qui facit per alium facit per se – Wikipedia

    "Qui facit per alium facit per se is a Latin legal term that means, "He who acts through another does the act himself." It is a fundamental legal maxim of the law of agency.[1] It is a maxim often stated in discussing the liability of employer for the act of employee in terms of vicarious liability."[2]

    According to this maxim, if in the nature of things, the master is obliged to perform the duties by employing servants, he is responsible for their act in the same way that he is responsible for his own acts.[3]

    The maxim is a shortened form of the fuller 18th-century formulation: qui facit per alium, est perinde ac si facit per se ipsum: "whoever acts through another acts as if he were doing it himself."

    Indirectly, the principle is in action or present in the duty that has been represented by the agent so the duty performed will be seen as the performance of the agent himself. Whatever a principal can do for himself, can be done through an agent. The exception to this maxim would be acts of personal nature." [End quote]

    Complete text: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qui_facit_per_alium_facit_per_se

  9. Mary Pishney says:

    The globalist planned assault on humanity and the environ ment makes the crimes of Hitler seem small.  People seem to laugh in the face of skies laced with chemicals like so many lemmings racing to the cliffs of destruction.  When the National Weather Bureau people are under a gag order, the police state national and global is nothing short of rule by police states…

  10. Alan house says:

    Hi we get this all the time in cornwall uk where I live far as I'm concerned this is a crime against humanity and should be treated as such. We seem to get it 3 or 4 times a week at least.i tell people to look up and watch and to learn the difference between con/chemical trails a lot of people just won't orient want to believe makes me so abgry

  11. i just listened to the call that was made to the TOTAL "bureaucracy" of the Netherlands ..SIGH so typical of ALL governments MOSTLY denial is what they are always going to do…it is SO perverse well they NEVER answer questions that are asked instead go into "that is your belief, not mine" this is what most ALL professional LIARS do…or they revert back to perv "science" (in other words PAID OFF) theory of garbage ..it is TOO prevalent NOT TO SEE IT…so insane that these creeps actually "think" that they are getting away with this..because sadly TOO many feel overwhelmed & powerless to do anything about it..so MOST go into denial of it..i have been talking publicly about this for years & mostly others say i am "crazy" or they say "what can we do ; it is TOO overwhelming" ; to that i say well ..there were many that did nothing except step into the "gas showers" too..i feel strongly that we must share THE TRUTH as much as possible..Blessings 4 ALL that try to wake others up to what is going on here on our Beautiful Earth…<3 <3 <3 <3 KEEP Speaking out…

  12. Bo says:

    Heck I get a ticket because my motor was burning oil through the tail pipe…I paid the ticket and fixed the problem with the motor..I have no problem with that….my fault, I should not pollute….NOW how is it ok for "certain planes" to be flying around up there what used to be our blue skies and who dim the sun with whatever is coming out

  13. Marc says:

    To understand what geoengineering is all about not only requires at least some small measure of intellect, but it requires a recognition that this understanding must be based on a portfolio of evidence streams, not just the "science" alone. Somewhere in this portfolio must be common sense, an ability to intuit and to interpret forces at play within society, to collate evidence from a long list of sources including  non-mainstream scientific reports from a range of field sciences, personal observations, bloodwork and/or hair analysis for heavy metals, statistical patterns of disease within the health care industry, lectures and published reports by climate scientists and biologists, political analysis, military science, and so on. It is an intimidating task to stay on the cutting edge of what TRUTH is. Also factor in to the equation, that many of us are working people with jobs and families and a need for recreation and thus a limited amount of time to devote to this huge task. We do what we can to stay informed. There is literally SO much "information" at our fingertips and in our culture that it is no wonder we find degrees of understanding that span the entire spectrum from "dumb-ass" to "enlightened", and everything in between. This must be a daily undertaking, like meditation. It is incumbent upon we who visit this site to at least do what we possibly can to stay up to date and to do what we can to enlarge awareness of the issue at hand. It is a moral responsibility of the highest kind. What those who would oppose us often do not seem to get, is that we have embarked upon this sacred task FOR THEIR BENEFIT AS WELL. But alas, many do not, and cannot, see it that way. Life is complicated, Distractions and problems abound everywhere we turn. I remain forever in awe of the man, Dane Wigington, to whom so many of us look to for reliable data and spiritual reinforcement when our moods falter and our hopes disintegrate. That he has chosen this path of service to planet and to life is, as he admits, something he never wanted at first. But I am grateful beyond words that he did. A true Warrior on behalf of our Mother, our Earth. May we all learn from this and understand the profundity of his example, as we all do what we can to undo the madness and the blindness all around us.

  14. penny says:

    Apparently not everyone in CA is taking the forced vaccination mandate lying down.  http://www.naturalnews.com/050306_SB_277_mandatory_vaccination_homeschooling.html

    Unfortunately, as always, this means that the wealthy will be able to save their kids, while the children of the poor are sacrificed (because you need a stay-at-home parent in order to homeschool, generally).  The article completely ignores that point.

  15. Experts: Multiple types of radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout – “I’d be running like hell” – “We are getting higher & higher levels…it’s accumulating” – “Poisons spreading through entire San Fernando Valley” home to 2 million – “Thousands getting sick… major, major disaster”
    Richard Mathews, candidate for California State Senate who studied Physics & Astronomy at CALTECH — “People are really concerned about this, people are seriously getting sick… Thousands of people are getting sick from this — and it really is a major, major disaster… We don’t really have good numbers on how much radon there is… The radon is heavier than air, with the natural gas, most of it is methane which is lighter than air. So the methane floats away and spreads around the whole world… But all the contaminants that are in with the methane are heavier than the air and that includes… benzene and toluene, hydrogen sulfide — all of those are heavier than air — they tend to stay close to the ground and move downhill. This is happening in the hills above the San Fernando Valley [home to nearly 2 million people] and so the poisons are all moving down into the San Fernando Valley and spreading through the entire San Fernando Valley… As the radon and other substances flow around, they are accumulating. They are not easily blown out of the valley, and we are getting higher and higher levels… The lead is going to be around for decades, and the lead creates a problem both from lead poisoning affecting the nervous system, and the fact the initial lead that you get is radioactive. This will be a continuing problem… It could spread through the entire San Fernando Valley… The damage that the radon does stays in your body… and shows up as cancer a decade after, maybe even 80 years later. So we really need to follow through.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan, I have been wondering.  To be fair, I don't watch much news, but it does seem like this is not being discussed.  I mentioned the fresh faced young man with whom I recently had a conversation about this-he was very concerned and trying to tell others this will kill.  Could kill us all he said.  What I do know is that methane is leaking around this country like crazy everywhere.  No one seems to care.  Is there something particularly different about this one?  Do all these chemicals go with every methane leak?  Is there something particular about this one?  The "kid" said it could be stopped, that there is a way to stop it and he didn't understand why no one was doing that.  I tried to find out what he meant exactly, he tried to say, but I didn't understand what he was saying.  Have you heard of this, a technique to stop it?  I think he was referring to a way to cap it sort of.

  16. Wayne says:

    Coachella Valley just gets more and more crazy every day, the jets flew continuously, the horizon turned pink the valley cloaked in a white fog.

    I was taking pictures of the sky when a passerby inquired as to what I was doing, I stated that I was taking pictures of the Geo Engineering taking place, he abruptly stated I’m a retired pilot and there just contrails…I attempted to explain to him that I had factual proof of Aluminum in rain water and he just walked away in total denial.

    So I ask the question what is wrong with our citizens, especially a retired pilot to be so blind?

    • Marc says:

      My cousin has been a pilot for 40 years. I had an opportunity to see him about a year ago and laid the whole geoengineering thing on him and asked him what his observations consisted of. Of course……..just "contrails".  Gave him Dane's video, and set his ass straight about the contrail vs. "chemtrail"  phony controversy. Next time I heard from him he was stoned and drunk on his ass with a sister of mine and their significant others and they had called me from a cabin on a lake in Minnesota to ridicule me about my delusions regarding geoengineering. They found it all quite hilarious. But I was not laughing along with them.

        I recently invited an old friend over with whom I had never discussed geongineering. We talked for hours that day but towards the end of her stay I gave her Dane's video and implored her to visit this website. Well, guess what? Today I received a 5000 word "essay" by email from her spelling out in extraordinary detail why this cannot possibly be going on and essentially that I'm obviously a "conspiracy theorist" and quite full of shit. It's ok. She is brand new to the idea that this is real. But I must say, I have yet to encounter a "DENIAL" of such intricacy. Unfortunately for her, her rationalizations, while sounding "smart" on the face of it, display a profound deficiency in an understanding of the full scope of the EVIDENCE. I may follow up with her at some point, but it is clear that not only did she NOT watch Dane's video, she obviously did NOT visit this website and try to do some homework on the issue. Instead she fired back "from the hip" so to speak, and echoed alot of the same old tired bullshit we are all familiar with about vapor trails, dew points, conspiracies, etc. etc. The vehemence with which she made her case I find interesting, though. But hello? It's way too late in the game to be content with being amused by the fact that her denials are "interesting". She is just one individual among possibly billions who haven't "got it" yet. She may never "get it". I actually don't give a shit whether or not she ever gets it. How many are out there for whom their denials of this phenomenon are wrapped so tight they squeak? I will not waste my time on trying to convince someone who comes to the table with an impenetrable conviction based on lies, disinformation, and refusal to look at the data.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      @Wayne…it is mind-blowing that so many remain closed and callous about such a grave issue. Especially those who have logged many hours in the air over the last decade.
      Earlier this week I was @ an insurance continuing ed class. The instructor had a lengthy career flying both Air Force & Commercial. I asked him if he thought it would be a complete night-mare trying to fly now with "everything going on up in the skies". He acknowledged it and said, "oh, you mean all the drone activity? You know I insure a lot of those drones up there"!
      There are a myriad of universities across the nation that are rife w/R&D industrial parks. We have 2 Big Ten schools – Michigan State (Ag school) &  U of Michigan (Technology & Med). They make a very good living off of this technology and that seems to be all that matter these days! 

    • James says:

      Wayne ,,,,
      Its  called " Mind Control" …….. 
      Most   of the people  I speak with are under  a  complete  Zombie like Human Dead Brain Syndrome  called " Darpa  and  MK  Ultra .
      The  poison  we have  been exposed to,    the   last   15  years   in the good old  USA      is killing  all of  Us .
      The  Spraying  Here in Amador  County  this winter goes on ,and  on ,  and on ,  and on .     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
      When  will it Stop  ??????????
      It  will Stop when we  Wake up and Put an End to this Madness.
      I’m done already .
      My People  Perish for lack of Knowledge  """""""""
      Killer Dana

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wayne, Hello.  With the first good explanation of jet engines these days, which I researched to bits and pieces, I thought that would be the slam dunk that would convince everyone.  But no.  So many people go to the first disinformation site possible, and cite them.  But one can easily Wiki jet engines, or, you can go to the source.  Which says there are about 3 planes left in the world that can make old fashioned contrails, which by now, those old planes have been retired for 35? years.  It seems that the US has one, in storage, unused.  The two others in other countries, who knows why.

      I find myself watching planes that do not leave chemtrails, they seem such an oddity these days that they kind of fascinate me.  It's such a pleasure to see a normal plane!  So, others must occasionally see a normal plane too.  You'd think this would provide contrast!

      This just now made me think of when my best friend had her surgery, in '81, a month before my own for sorta similar problems.  She had a huge amount of devoted friends and for good reason, she was an exceptional woman.  A bunch of us, maybe 7 or more were there with her when the doc explained she had ovarian cancer, too far along and only months to live.  We all heard this.  She did not!  Shortly after, less than a couple of months, was her birthday.  Maybe 50 people showed up and many brought plants for her garden, ones that would bloom or produce immediately.  I purposely planted things that would take at least a year. And none of us told her what the doctor had said that we all heard but she did not.  She lived 5 more years!  She did do chemo, enough times that I knew my way around that unit by heart.  She became fearless.  She also got to see her first grandchild born and spend three years with him, the light of her life.  Point is, maybe not hearing the truth is a self preservation thing.  Maybe these folks think that as long as they don't believe it, it isn't real.  Again, jumping off the high dive for the first time comes to mind.

  17. Greenhouse gas levels and temperatures keep rising / Jan. 14, 2016
    At the Paris Agreement, nations pledged to cut emissions and avoid dangerous temperature rises. Yet, the rise in greenhouse gas levels and temperatures appears to be accelerating. Record growth of carbon dioxide levels at Mauna Loa … Annual mean carbon dioxide level measured at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, grew by 3.17 ppm (parts per million) in 2015, a higher growth rate than in any year since the record started in 1959.

    Methane levels rising even faster than CO2 levels, especially over Arctic Ocean…These high readings illustrate the danger that, as warmer water reaches the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean, it will increasingly destabilize sediments that can contain huge amounts of methane in the form of free gas and hydrates. Images associated with these high readings show the presence of high methane levels over the Arctic Ocean, indicating that these high peaks originate from the Arctic ocean and that sediments at the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean are destabilizing. The danger is that these peaks will be followed up by even stronger abrupt releases from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean, as water temperatures keep rising.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      You know what they say Susan, one big burp from the Arctic and we are all toast.  Fried.

      Thanks for the info on the Big Island.  My best friend lives there and so I learned the term vog.  Said recently it was getting to her a bit, throat felt rough, affected voice.  She lives in Volcano, a small art community at the entrance to Volcano National Park, high up the "mountain".  She feels it is a small price to pay for living in Paradise.  Paradise my ass.  Even when I was there in early '72, I was totally freaked out by the amount of military.  Which also doesn't bother my friend though she is somewhat politically active, protesting nukes and back when, Bush.  It also doesn't seem to bother her that all use lava tubes for sewers!  They really do.  So with rains, especially in the last 5-10 years, big flare ups of e coli and even MRSA in the waters she likes to swim.  Yikes.  No wonder Pele is upset!

  18. Kathy says:

    I took pics of an AWAC plane today here in Washington state over a large city that was spraying all black lines from 4 nozzles at such a low altitude, I nearly could see the pilots. The black lines were visible for miles. I have watched the skies daily for several yrs now and I have NEVER seen one this low spraying BLACK. This was a VERY heavy spray day for all to see as it was a clearer sky this early A.M. I believe they are spraying ahead of the incoming rain we are to have for the next 2 days. Dane I would love to know what your thoughts are on this AWAC aircraft leaving very visible black lines for miles at very low altitude.I have seen black lines at high altitude but this was so unusual. Barium perhaps?

    • Dennie says:

      For God's sake, WHY are we being sprayed with unnamable BLACK SH*T?  WHAT IS IT?  WHY aren't we being told, why is NO ONE saying, and worse, WHY IS NO ONE ASKING???

    • Donna says:

      Hi Kathy, I saw the low thick black trails here in AZ on Dec. 20, mostly in the direction of Phoenix, but have also seen them high mixed in with white trails. Maybe carbon? 

  19. Marc says:

    If you're in the mood for a total slack-jawed freak out, google "Mother Jones/Freedom kids" and I promise you that you will absolutely NOT F**KING BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SEEING. If this is what American politics has come to, then please, my Nordic Alien friends, pick me up and get me the f**k outa here.

  20. Melody Meachum says:

    @David former Navy…good information & way to go on being fearless about speaking out on Geoengineering!

    I do exactly as you do, use opportunities on the spot. I shared w/2 people today. Bonus points because one of them actually started the weather conversation and we could see the sky and spray planes in process. Told him to watch what happens to those lines…they will haze out the whole sky and the cold/snow process will begin again.

    Am I complaining? Why yes I am! As so many report, it's truly an event when we're given a break from battleship gray skies. Here in SW MI literally no sun for weeks. Today a short break, but not for long. And then the cocktail mix begins again. Everyone has half a voice and coughs….constantly. Did someone leave a comment here a few weeks back (something like) "there's a new kid in town and his name is Chem Cough! So sad but true! My grandbabies don't have normal sounding voices anymore!!!!

    The variation in our manufactured winters comes from when "they" decide to start and stop it! High elevation spray until we live in fogged out conditions, followed by the cold, followed shortly by manufactured snow. I guess this year it was time for "real" (cough, gag, cough) winter weather to begin in January rather than October like last year. Pellet snow mixed with occassional flakes which then becomes mushy and greasy to drive on. Surreal!

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, my heart breaks every minute for the damage that has already been done, and cannot be undone. To every living thing.

  21. RedFox says:

    Bible tells mankind would be "without natural affection" in the last days, this is part of it, humanities total indifference to mother earth. :'(

  22. Princeton Study Says U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy
    January 13, 2016
    A groundbreaking study from Princeton University is causing a lot of controversy, but its findings are undeniable. The university study explain that U.S. democracy is pure fiction. That is, the researchers explain, it simply does not exist. The scholars behind the study asked the question: “Who really rules?”  Researchers Martin Gilens along with Benjamin I. Page concluded that over the past few decades in particular, the U.S. political system has gradually changed in a way that has warped the Democratic Republic into a nearly pure oligarchy, where the elite 1% rule with almost total influence and control over the government and even police state apparatus. The researchers drew data from over 1,800 different policy initiatives dating from 1981 to 2002. They concluded that wealthy, well-connected families are the ones who steer the direction of nearly everything politically in the United States.  “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy,” they explain, “while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

    • Nicole says:

      That is all spot on Susan. And all those elites are interested in doing is covering their tracks. They are busy setting fires, sending the radiation back up into the sky, and sending military in from Russia and elsewhere to shoot any animal on sight out in our wilderness before we realize they all have two heads from the ongoing nuclear disaster:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I was shocked a couple? of months ago when on Fareed Zakaria's show, CNN, Sunday at 10 AM our time, to learn that we rank 20th in the world for freedom.  19 other countries more free than we are.  I like how this article you posted gives a time frame for things getting worse.  Fits with my own memories perfectly.  It so irks me to hear our politics say how the rest of the world needs democracy.  Our democracy?  You gotta be kidding, what democracy?  We now live in one huge military state that exists to protect and profit the 1%, not us.  As I posted before, I actually watched the State of the Union address and laughed and laughed.  I don't mean snidely, I mean guffaws, gut busting laughter!  It was pure comedy!  It occurred to me that I was maybe losing my mind!  It just seemed wrong, yet the laughs kept coming.

  23. Andrew from scotland says:

    Here is Malcolm Light's latest guesstimate for the 50Gt methane eruption:


  24. CL says:

    Rosalind Peterson admits the vast scope and dangers of the spray programs in a presentation to the united nations: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3V-BGlNrxMI

    have people seen this?

    • BaneB says:

      Yes.  This UN presentation was one of my first introductions to the topic at hand.  A couple of years ago she came to my small community at my invitation and gave a very well organized presentation to about 40 citizens.  A small audience to be sure.  However, the subject matter is now much more known in this area.  Our new radio station refers to This subject from time to time.  People are slowly, painfully slow, waking up.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Rosalind Peterson is a powerhouse! Another excellent respectable person and credible researcher. Her website's are agriculturedefensecoalition.org and californiaskywatch.com.

    • Dennie says:

      Rosalind Peterson, of Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA, was Keynote speaker at the U.N. on this topic quite a few years ago, as a matter of fact.  But WHO was paying attention– ??

    • Rachel Robson says:

      As I recall, Rosalind was my first source of info.  She does an excellent job of everything right down to being pleasant, as opposed to ranting.  A lot of her info is difficult to work through at her site, and boy does she have everything.  I've asked questions of her but never heard back.  Will say she is on top of navy everything and that's how I first knew about that in a timely way.  I advise everyone to visit her site regularly in order to stay up to speed with what the Navy is doing, which is a lot!  Found out about it there, way way before here.  And in a time frame such that I could oppose it, not that that helped!

  25. carol freiberg says:

    All great comments and outstanding people that are aware of this filthy scam. Sometimes I wish I were still unaware the the truth but that is not the case. We all need to realize that once we spread our concerns to others the seed has been planted and eventually will grow. How can you wake up go outside and watch them spray the sun into oblivion,EVERY DAY, and not notice this pattern? Answer is, you can't. Eventually people do their homework and realize the conspiracy dude was right. Proud to be part of this effort to save what's left of this planet.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      I was at a Starbucks with GeoEngineering Flyers last weekend. I left several on the main seating/Wifi table for people to look at. I went outside to sit with my coffee and other flyers. I began to give several flyers to a gentleman sitting near by, when I began to discuss GeoEngineering, he said yes Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, I have been seeing this in Georgia. The customer openly accepted the flyers saying he will do in-depth research on the subject and spread the word! I said thank you sir, you made my day a good one!. Another customer while I was handing him flyers, said the word climate modification, I said your right, also telling him to refer to this subject as GeoEngineering, Solar Radiation Management/Stratospheric Aerosol GeoEngineering. I informed him about using the word Chemtrails, as this will lead people to an example of a Conspiracy Theory with internet searches. 


    • David former Navy Mate — Good work! I salute you! With your background, like Dane, you are exactly the kind of well-qualified person experientially versed in the technology who can make others understand. I have found two facts that also help sway people. One is that the USA has been taken over by the Globalist Corporate Regime which is owned by the 1% (see the Princeton study verifying this) – and this elite controlling our country no longer cares about the American people. Two is the tragic despicable horrible way our veterans are being treated these days – many 1000's are being deprived of benefits. Promises broken and benefits cut back.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Carol, me too!

      David, Wow, how gratifying huh?  One person I've made aware, when she emails me stuff, she won't say the words-such as geoengineering or weather modification.  Instead she'll say something like "you know what".  I am beginning!?! to think that a lot of people are actually afraid this will go on some kind of record they don't want to be on.  In other words, afraid of our government.  Gee, I wonder why.

      Susan, The VA has sucked in terms of veteran care since my father was in WW2.  It has done a rotten job of taking care of veterans as long as I can remember which is almost as long as you and I have been alive.  Why?  All this big talk from politicians about how brave our guys are, how uch we honor them, respect them.  Uh.  No.  Not so much!  They are, the VA and government, the first always to deny stuff like damage to soldiers in Viet Nam because of Agent Orange, or say Gulf War Syndrome.  Deny deny deny, until way way too late they say yes.  So listen up kids, Don't enlist!  The government does not have your back!  Which is probably why so many go back again and again for the brotherhood aspect, for the feeling of being understood and backed up.  And gee, with Viet Nam, folks were ruthless, saying baby killers and such.  There was a draft!!  A lot of those soldiers never recovered.

  26. Bloomberg: Don't expect an ice age for 100,000 years.
    Eric Roston Jan. 13, 2016   [excerpt]:
    … Regardless of the human impact as of the 18th century, when might the next ice age come, given that we've put 40 percent more CO2 in the air since then? Not for a long time, the scientists concluded, based on a newly discovered relationship between CO2 and orbital changes. Without human interference, earth might teeter on the edge of an ice age for thousands of years to come. The new paper shows that if CO2 levels wind up where they're projected, earth will probably skip an entire glacial cycle. Human activity "will make the initiation of the next ice age impossible" over expected time frames, the authors wrote. Given that the onset of a new ice age might have posed significant challenges to modernity, bully for us that it's not coming any time soon. On the other hand, we still have that other problem.


  27. Radman says:


    I truly want to thank you for staying on top of world event and issues that need to be recognized in connection to Geo Engineering.  I always appreciate your information and your diligent research to make sure we are ahead of the curve to be aware and teach and train others.  

    I use this site as a presentation in my college classrooms.  Thank you very much for your extensive work  


    • Earth Angel says:

      God Bless you Radman, Its good to know that at least some college students will be graduating with more than a head full of mush and 'puddin'! Congrats on exposing them to some real truths. Hope more professors like you jump on the bandwagon. So many students are woefully unprepared for what's ahead upon graduation..Thumbs up man!

  28. Richard Bernier says:

    An old friend of mine told me this week that he knows a guy who works in Trois-Rivieres , a mid-sized town about 140 km northeast of Montreal ,who confirmed to him that he has been fixing and modifying all kinds of Canadian planes so as to allow them to do aerial  spraying for about the last ten years. Truth will always come out.


    • Nicole says:

      What we need is an inspection of all the sites these planes are known to fly from. Same way our military inspects operations in other countries to make sure they are not producing weapons of mass destruction. All it will take is opening up just one of these jets and inspecting what's in the stripped out interior and the jig is up. 

  29. Here where I live it has become so pathetic, I mean that every time and I truly mean EVERY TIME I step outside I can hear a huge spray tanker go overhead of my property. Now don't get me wrong, I really know the difference in sound from a commercial airliner plane and a tanker plane. Nonetheless, my point is this: how can anyone NOT see the truth when planes spray us all the time? On the cell phone application "FlightRadar 24" you can't even see them appear on the radar because the tanker plane's transponder's are turned off. The weather is so strange ever since 2014 and the sky is truly not what is used to be, yet people still ignore. Pathetic!! Also, I truly think that "chemtrails" are used not only for geoengineering, no, in fact, I'm absolutely sure that there are many uses for them. I won't get into details but, I have a bad feeling about them, there is so many speculations out there about uses of "chemtrails" that it's hard not to think otherwise. 


    Last thing, Dane, do you use detox products daily in order to survive this blowout or you do something else? It would be nice of you to share with the world what you do to protect yourself against "chemtrails" so we, the normal people could get our hands as soon as possible on products like you use so we could become stronger soldiers in this fight! Thanks Dane!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, yes, there are many layers to the aerosols spraying as I have always stated. This being said, if we stick to the science terms, we gain credibility and wake people up to the issue. If we can wake them up, they will find their way deeper into the rabbit hole. Yes again, I do consistently adhere to a number of practices to guard my health as much as possible during this arduous battle (workouts, clean water, supplements, etc). I will do a piece on this as soon as I can.

    • Dave says:


      I can't believe it's not already too late.  If this has been going on for as long as it has then what happens when it's stopped all of sudden.  The slingshot effect would be devastating to us all.  The temperature would rise too fast and too high to sustain life.  It's a no win situation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, when geoengineering is stopped, “double catastrophe scenario” is triggered. No matter how bad the climate backlash is from stopping, this is the only way forward, and the only chance we may yet have. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/double-catastrophe-scenario-document-paints-bleak-picture/

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      I dont know how heathy you eat right now but it is imperative that we all eat for optimal health in order to combat the toxic build up bombardment we are all under. My family changed our eating habits 6 years ago and its so worth it. Dropping processed foods, GMO' products to strict "organic" ( at least it is minus pesticides for the most part-grow yourself or buy local) Grass fed beef, plant base diet of 70% or above daily, juicing will cleanse and get nutrients into your blood stream fast and will give incredible results as well as detox. Despite all the chemical fall out in our soil and water….it is still the only choice we have to obtain any health at all. Supplements like Chlorella, spirllina, vita c excellent detox! Cilantro is huge for metal removing properties (I juice cilantro and chase it as I dont care for it but I will do anything to elliminate metal build-up. Coconut oil in your daily diet can reverse Alzheimers and has amazing benefits. Oil of Oregano is incredible for immune,anti-biotic and detox. I rub it on my sinuses each night with Castor oil for the carrier. I also rub it on my glands especially after heavy spray days and take it internally. American herb and spice brand is top quality, do not buy cheap. Exercise is huge for clearing the brain….Just research and research! This is the best thing we have ever done. We rarely get brain fog and if we do on heavy days I know how to combat . The raw Family website, The juice lady Cheri Calbrom and so many other sites will be a good start.



    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Kathy, good info on nutrition and supplements.

      Jonathan, if you go back through previous posts you will find further info – bit of a trawl, so I look forward to Dane's upcoming post he mentioned. 

      Humans are one of the few (2 or 3) mammals that have lost/do not have the ability to produce their own Vit C.  Optimum Vit C is vital for optimum immune system, and requirement will vary depending on your health, toxic overload, exercise, etc.

      The easiest and best way to measure your requirement is to use the "Bowel Tolerance Test".  Basically, increase you Vit C intake daily until you have loose stools…this is your  body getting rid of excess to requirement, so just reduce intake a bit.  

      Only use quality Vit C – ensure your supplement includes both water soluble and oil soluble types (Vit C is a generic term for several molecular structures, such as Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Ascorbate, Magnesium Ascorbate).

      By combining various vitamins, minerals, phytobiologicals, etc, in the right quantities you can achieve great synergistic benefits.

      Hope this helps.

  30. Ron lech says:

    The elite states this might be are last hope , them playing God and profitting from this evil watching the earth be torn apart totally sick in there plans I remember blue sky's in the fourthys maybe a beautiful cloud once in a while and storms well you knew when they where approaching and now a complete horror movie which were are all participating in daily pray is needed and a lot 


  31. Andrew from scotland says:

    Some beautiful photos of recent auroras, light pillars, lenticular clouds etc.   No need to tell readers why they are on the increase!


    • stephan says:

       Andrew – here in Winnipeg Canada I've seen those "light pillars" several times in the past week – very eerie – they go on and off like a flash light – mostly green with a bit of red.

    • Jenny says:

      Stephan, the important thing is did you ever see those "light pillars" in the past?  I never even heard of them before.  I looked at the FB photos  (thank you, Andrew) and a few of them showed obvious (to us, anyway) heavy geoengineering, esp the ones of "sundogs".  I see those myself sometimes on days when the sky is just filled with geoengineering crap.  Also, I'd never heard of "lenticular clouds" until fairly recently, but now I keep reading this phrase/seeing photos.  Are light pillars and lenticular clouds caused by geoengineering/HAARP, or is it just a coincidence that I'd never heard of them years ago?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Jenny, light pillars were extremely rare, but not now with so many sprayed particles present in the air.  

      Lenticular clouds, including the saucer shaped/untidy stack of plate type, have also increased considerably. They are caused by rising warm air – which is why they were/are much sought after by glider pilots.  

      Another form of lenticular cloud often follows the contour of the top of hills surrounding a wide valley (glen in my part of the world!) – basically the air in the valley warms up and climbs up the hillside until it is held in place as a kind of temperature inversion.

      HAARP/NEXRAD/DOPLAR/DUAL POLARISATION etc technology is definitely used to disperse the sprayed particles.  This is often seen as the 'cirrus' / ridged / herring bone cloud formation, particularly if only one radar system is used.  If multiple radars are used (at 90 degrees for two, 60 degrees for 3 and so on) the dispersion is quicker and less obvious. There are many, many other uses for this radar technology, and not just to form, move and keep clouds in the air!  They also have mini powerful emitters on cell phone towers, industrial wind turbines etc, all mixing in to enhance and hide the visible effect.

  32. horsegirl says:

    Dane, thank you eternally for your life's unwanted dedication which is the work to expose geoscatology.  Like it should need exposure!  This behemoth, this elephant in the room that tarnishes all of heaven right in all our faces to gross us out if only the human race paid attention.  Keep going, and may you be drenched in prayers for you and your family.

    And thanks forever to all the commentors here who bring so much understanding, empathy and wisdom to us in your eloquently written comments.  This morning, however, after an evening spent reading comments, I have to point out the even bigger elephant hiding behind the elephant in the room which is geoscatology.  Out of all the tribes of the earth, we all have good and evil both.  There is no difference among us all in that respect.  Except one tribe has a whole lot published about its unique relationship to the divine.  Whose tribe members have been among the most wonderful beloved people with whom I've ever had to do.  Including Jesus and my husband.  One of the most intelligent women I have ever met – one who had some kind of think tank work and security what's-it she could never disclose to me – had some harsh words for certain minority factions of her own tribe.  She was exceedingly well informed about the putrescent world banking fraud.  She did not blink in saying her tribe were top of the food chain who ran the system.  The bosses of bosses.  She hated the fringe tribal factions who became allies of the Nazis with flashing, furious words I won't quote.  She was proud of her heritage in general, such as when her forebears sewed jewels into the hems of their clothing to hike out of Europe during the unconventional warfare fraud commonly known as WWII.  She knew the tribe like the back of her hand, and swore the middle eastern colonial outpost was founded by fugitive Nazi leaders who borrowed her tribal name as a front.  Said they weren't even of her tribe.  And so help me, listen up, those of you who write ill of God:  the Pederasty That Be has had its evils well published about for anyone to read.  This rogue middle eastern colonial outpost supported by it's golem (look up that word please) and its divided loyalties will be the banana peel on which Babylon slips and falls into smoking oblivion.  No, this little cabal will see an end.  But first the pathogen will devour its host Babylon and tarnish the earth, a job almost complete.  There's no fixing that stinking mess called Babylon, nor should there be.  Let me emphasize:  I am not talking a race thing.  I am vehemently anti-colonial.  Even the English and French, for example, are indigenous people.  But the major colonial empires by the English speakers are the widgets now animating the world banking system of robbery, deceit, war and destruction.  Consider which nations comprise the G7.  And know that the core entity is run by the members of a cabal situated in a middle eastern colonial outpost.  

    When I looked into becoming a Mexican citizen, I learned that no matter what, a holder of any dual passport could never be, for example, the harbormaster of a port.  No non-Mexican-born person would ever be permitted into the deeper bowels of statecraft.  I looked at other nations and found they demanded the same.  There was only one powerful nation which made an exception to this rule, allowing holders of foreign passports into the deepest bowels of deep state.  Passport holders who now own the banking system, the defense department, the mass media, Hollywood, big pharma, and absolutely every other business that matters.  Guess who.  There is no need for a foreign power to overthrow the US.  It is already firmly and thoroughly under middle eastern foreign governance.  Maybe we should start petitioning our true government – a middle eastern colonial outpost – about geoscatology – 


    • BaneB says:

      Geoscatology!  Wonderful term!  It is definitely a pant-load..uh I mean plane load:-). Regarding your reference to Babylon, the ancient empire and city, the Tribe was in exile there.  History states it was the Persians (Iran) that allowed that tribe to return back to the homeland from exile.  You know the history.  Today, in this modern era, two major historical events happened.  The dastardly dropping of two atomic bombs on two civilian cities in Japan (E=Mc2, Einstein), and the rebirth of ancient Israel after a 2,000 year "hiatus", in 1948. The modern Babylon has been subsumed, and turned into the "hammer to the whole earth."  Our nation is the global cop.  And one that is increasing rogue.  Yes, Babylon, has been captured.  9-11 was THE watershed event that put a stake through the heart of the republic.  Your drift is well understood.  It is too bad so many conversations in dire need of discussion are drowned in the din of politically correct propaganda.  

    • Michel B says:

      Thank you horsegirl for broaching this subject in the diplomatic way you did. I know that to say things too directly at this stage in history gains little sympathy or understanding and is actually squashed under the boot of political correctness. Political correctness is a branch of tyranny.

      Even on this site some subjects are still too sensitive to be brought out into the light of day. Though of course the mission of this site is to shine a light on our current problems. But, if these current problems are built on a platform of formative history, why not talk about that history?!

      These are difficult times, but I don't think there has ever been a time when things weren't difficult. Human history is replete with power play and war mongering. It is part of our nature, a tool of evolution that we have not left behind. This 'leaving behind' of that nature has to be a conscious act on the part of individuals only and will never be some lucky accident of history or human psychological development.

  33. pharmer says:

    Dane has thoroughly exposed how weather 'control' (warfare) began many decades ago following the second world war, probably better than anyone else I've yet read.  The current phenomena of 'chemtrails' apparently began in the late 1990's (1997?) though, after Edward Teller used a Hughes Aircraft patent as a basis for a white paper, in which he recommended the insane plan be implemented.  I'm assuming it was the Hughes Aircraft patent he based his recommendation on, since it accurately describes what they are doing.  The evil entity sprays and dumps many other toxic aerosol substances in our atmosphere too, as has been thoroughly explained and documented at this website, but the so-called 'chemtrails' (toxic aerosols) which began in the late 1990's seem to be primarily based on the Hughes patent and Teller's white paper.  I live in Portland, Oregon, which is close to McMinnville, where Evergreen Air (Air America) used to be based – they also had a facility outside of Tucson, AZ.  There is a  'secret' (we can see them taking off and landing) airbase south of Estacada, which is about 30 miles south of Portland, so that may be where it all began (it may have began elsewhere too)?   I couldn't find my way into the secret airbase by land, and the airspace above it is controlled, so it's inaccessible to the public.  I think they have an associated underground base there, which is linked to other underground bases via tube shuttles.  Richard Sauder has written several books on underground and underwater bases, and that was just using known documentation, so the secret rabbit hole likely goes much deeper.  I'm just going by personal observations and have no insider knowledge.  While the purpose of geoengineering and weather warfare are many,  .  They have been systematically attacking food sources, and it appears the food distribution system is about to collapse this year.  The best way to fight back, besides educating yourself and others, is by not using the evil entities fake money, and not buying its toxic products.  We should all become self-sufficient 'pharmers' (food is medicine and medicine is food) and stop being wage slaves. Then the pyramid of pyramids which is the NWO will collapse.  However, fighting back using guns, as is happening in eastern Oregon, is a HUGE mistake, and exactly what the evil entity wants us to do.  This is another link which helps explain the origins of the geoengineering/weather-warfare operations:  


    • Marc says:

      Right on, Pharmer. And though I haven't been following the drama in Oregon real closely, my intuition is that the whole charade is a false flag and the "renegades" are covert agents of the Cabal/ US government. The reason I feel this to be true is that the whole spectacle doesn't have the feel of "legitimacy". And the huge extent to which every single little thing that allegedly happens to these guys is immediately broadcast over FB, MSM, etc. creating tsunamis of pity and loathing and condescension toward these fellows for having the misguided kahunas to challenge the federal government. The ONLY SENTIMENT I PERSONALLY HAVE ENCOUNTERED IS ONE OF DISGUST AND ANNOYANCE FOR THESE GUYS, THOROUGHLY REINFORCING THE MEME-IDEA THAT IT'S UTTERLY STUPID TO CHALLENGE THE GOVERNMENT, AND MAKING ANYONE WHO DARES CHALLENGE OUR GOVERNMENT ON PRINCIPLE LOOK LIKE COMPLETE BUFFOONS. Do y'all understand where I'm coming from? Don't you see the massive psy-op at play here????

    • pharmer: "…fighting back using guns, as is happening in eastern Oregon, is a HUGE mistake, and exactly what the evil entity wants us to do." 

      Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)
      In July 2010, it was reported by Wired that the single V-MADS system deployed to Afghanistan had been recalled without ever having been used. Active Denial Technology is a breakthrough non-lethal technology that uses millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy to stop, deter and turn back an advancing adversary from relatively long range. … Approximately $40 million has been spent on this technology over the past ten years. … Active Denial Technology uses a transmitter to send a narrow beam of 95-GHz millimeter waves towards an identified subject. Traveling at the speed of light, the energy reaches the subject and penetrates less than 1/64 of an inch into the skin, quickly heating up the skin's surface. The 95-GHz energy penetrates 1/64 inch into the skin and produces an intense burning sensation that stops when the transmitter is switched off or when the individual moves out of the beam. Within seconds, an individual feels an intense heating sensation that stops when the transmitter is shut off or when the individual moves out of the beam. According to reports, a 2-second burst from the system can heat the skin to a temperature of 130° F. At 50 °C, the pain reflex makes people pull away automatically in less than a second. Someone would have to stay in the beam for 250 seconds before it burnt the skin.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for this post, pharmer, about Edward Teller and the origin of chemtrails. It is full of undisputable facts and will be excellent to introduce the uneducated to the topic. Everyone should become familiar also about the lies told about the use of Depleted Uranium weapons to both our military service people AND the people of the world. The ba$ta*&s at the penta(gram)gon who did this must be hunted down like the RATS they are. I say round them up and drop them at the lethal waste sites they have created with only a small supply of food and water- and NO protective suits or gear- just as they have done to their OWN soldiers and innocent others alike.

  34. Paul. SW.England. UK. says:

    The freaks behind the geongineering will be exposed. This article let’s them know it. Thanks Dane.

  35. Dane — This is excellent. A primer. I posted it on my blog. Had to learn to hyper-link … argh.  :o)
    Also I succeeded in convincing an old friend here. What really turned him – and I believe this is the core issue – I explained to him that there is no more USA. That all we have now is the Global Corporatist Regime (Craig B. Hulet’s term) that no longer serves the American people and exists only for the corporations owned by the 1% – who don't even live here. I explained to him that both political parties and the entire media are owned by the corporations. He was close to these conclusions on his own. But hearing me make it a declaration backed by many facts, he understood how his own government could poison him and his children from the sky above us on our taxpayer dollars. He left thanking me, saying he was glad there are people like me in this world. I was thinking maybe, but mainly THANKS to Dane Wigington.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, we are all essential in this fight. All are needed, none can be spared from the front lines. My deepest gratitude to you and all other activists that have commited themselves to this critical battle.

  36. Dancingspirit says:

    Today, as I look up to the great, beautiful blue skies in SW Colorado, I see the planes spraying chemicals once again. I live approximately one hour or more from the many ski slopes. Last season they had a terrible ski season with very little snow, warmer temps and, I'm sure, huge financial losses. This year, our temps have been between 0 and freezing for months with much nucleated snow. (There is also regular geoengineering, etc. throughout the year). So…the precious earth and all living creatures are being sabatoged with harmful chemicals so all of the ski slopes may make much money and the skiers will be happy. This is heartbreaking……….It is time to address the geoengineering issue in the Four Corners area. Thank you, Dane for your persistence and courage, as well as thanks to all of the people who are involved in this pressing issue.


    • staceyi says:

      same here in vermont——the animals, plants, trees are stressed and so am i—-sending out loving vibes seems to help everything—as well as sharing this info to expose and end this craziness

  37. Retro Rob says:

    We need this in a PDF with footnotes instead of links to other pages. That way we can download, print it out and disperse  widely.

  38. Steve Johnson says:

    Hi Dane, Thanks for all you have done and do! I've been pointing noses to the sky since 1998 to observe this phenom. here in So humboldt Co. I take photos evrey day that's clear and post them to my F.B. page. The earliest photo I have of a bow tie trail was taken before I knew what they were in 1993. It was taken in Sedona Az. Anyway, I am at your disposal for anything you might need. Just let me know and again thank you very much

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Steve Johnson, Hello and thank you for corroborating a relative's barking about chemtrails starting around 1990-1993.  She was in Oregon.  Has been a strident voice since then, telling any and everyone and I didn't pay attention.  She has many many political opinions, all sorts of opinions and so do I, some of her's I didn't really grasp-or see.  But that time period of the beginning of whatever this is seems to be what you say.  I've been aware and learning for about 6 years now.  It took seeing so many dying trees to hook me.  I so regret not paying attention sooner.  But, what could have been done?

      We were told that if started, weather modification would be impossible to stop without catastrophic repercussions.  From Earth.  Then we learn that not only has this been going on for a good long while, but so far back as to basically be my lifetime, perhaps simply at first but more and more incredible destruction in experimentation, then more perhaps to offset that, then in for a penny in for a pound and done.  They are not going to stop because we object.  And everyone keeps saying we are the most powerful empire on earth.  The weather going nuts is also full of radiation and chemicals, as are our oceans and lands.  I mean…..

      Meantime, Dane and all here, including me, research and turn up as well as time frame the most horrible abuses, one after another until it feels as if the whole weight of the world will crush us.  Now?  Now?  Any minute now for years while it all just amps up and gets worse.

      When I watched the State of the Union last night, it struck me as sheer comedy.  I laughed and laughed.  It seemed hysterically idiotic.  How Obama kept a straight face is a wonder and in fact, at moments he didn't.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve and Rachel, just for the record, though there have been various points in time when the climate engineering was ramped up to ever higher levels, the programs of aersol spraying have been going on since the mid to late 1940s as numerous documents have comfirmed.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes, Dane, I know–now!  That is part, if not the greater part, of my point.  I was born in 1947, so when I said basically my whole life time, I was serious.  And feeling a bit depressed. Given all the history, I do not see a way out.  I really want to see a way out.  A light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  I mean that is one heck of a lot of whiplash!  I've posted some time ago about the jet stream and how we didn't even know it existed until we were bombing Japan.  The Japanese knew.  So I guess it came as a bit of a shock, then a hello-howdy!  A "windfall" of sorts.  Opening mental doors.  How many people knew all that time and said nothing?  I don't care for the terms of asleep and waking up someone.  I prefer aware or not aware because so many people I know work so hard, nearly every hour there is, I would not insult them this way.  I never intended to devote 6 years of my life to this.  It is worth it of course, and the education is priceless, but I don't have that much longer to live.  I probably won't get to see the upshot of our efforts.  And so what, but for not doing stuff needing doing, my life's work, for instance, leaving the upshot of those efforts for my family, not done.  I guess that is okay, but the murder trial failed and I can't help but think if I'd paid more attention to that….I know my family thinks that also.  But the real issue for me, me who has devoted my whole life to helping others, lies in making others aware for what purpose?  There is no upside but to say "I was right".  Not the first time I've felt this, not the first person to feel this.  But the more we learn, the worse it gets.  How is it that we know for a fact that if geoengineering was stopped, there would be this massive whiplash effect, one we might not be able to survive?  Who first floated that and is it believable?  At least I know how to handle depression.  Many do not.  Since so many are clueless, they have no need to say this is right.  I feel keenly aware of the responsibility of making others aware now.  Toward what end?  Yes, of course the end of geoengineering, hopefully wars to boot, and a military gone wrong, way wrong, gone.  Short term.  Long term, more than grim.  And again, that is a hard sell.

      Based on some stuff I did a few years ago, people on my block want to start a book club, read and discuss, and thanks to me, we've begun with Brothers Vonnegut, which so far is very good.  But, I'm dreading conversations about it.  The whole subject.  I'll snap out of this, I always do.  But right now a bit upset over all I should have done, like dealing with broken teeth as just one example, because this takes up my whole attention.  Some in our small club have depression issues.  I'll have to play cheerleader.  Arrrg! 

  39. Greg Price says:

    Yesterday I called my Republican Senator's office to tell him to review the paperwork that is presently at the RNC to Impeach Obama, it will be there today and  the 14th.  The Aide asked if there was anything else and I said I want the geoengineering stopped. The aid said he would also note that. I told him my name and he said I already know. I can only assume that all the Skyder Alert emails that I send then is getting under their skin.

    Death by 1000 scratches..I hope.


    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

      I try to make it a point to inform at least one new person daily, about GeoEngineering! Today while at work, I gave two colored GeoEngineering informational flyers to a UPS employee. I also gave flyers to USPS mailman, an AT & T worker, a Heavy Industrial Equipment Mechanic and a Trane (A/C & Heating) employee. I figured these would be a good people to give flyers to, since they are outside most of the day during their work shifts. I also spoke to a long time friend yesterday about the government (NSA) and other agencies/companies monitoring good ordinary citizens telephone calls, text messages, e-mails etc. My friend told me his brother is employeed with a DOD government mapping agency, GPS locations routes etc. The job requires not only his brother (the employee) having a thorough background check, but all family members, including my friend as well. I think this is a little extreme. The Government  places a Federal GAG Order on all Department Of Commerce, NOAA & NWS employees notdiscuss/disclose Climate Modification/GeoEngineering prgrams and methods, but they want to know our every behavior, conversation and whereabouts (GPS everyones addresses). This is not government for the people, it is government for the government and against the people (citizens).

    • Mike Sabo says:

      Well done David!  I'm going to print out a ton of those colored flyers and pass them out to people when I get the opportunity as well.  I recently just got a Geoengineering Bumper Sticker and put it on my car which says, " Geoengineering, Poisoning in Plane Sight."  I drive a lot so this is a great way to help spread the word and at least get people thinking (Or at least plant a seed). 

      I actually went to an Anonymous March for their November 5th March and I just used the time and opportunity to hand out flyers and speak to people.  Personally, I didn't the March in that city was very productive and I was glad I did what I did instead and used the time to speak out and inform people about Geoengineering.  Out of the 15 people I talked to, only 2 did not take a flyer about Geoengineering.  It was near Akron University in Ohio and I found that most people were very receptive and it was quite a surprise to have so many young people around my age (I'm 26) take flyers. 

      I always have a folder stocked with flyers and pass them out to people when I can or even drop some in a public place where you can leave information.  Activism comes in many forms and it can be a daily thing, like you are doing David.  Keep up the good work man!

  40. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 95th email to my contact list, titled " 'Nuff Said".

    1.  The Royal Bank of Scotland, the 20th largest bank in the world, is telling clients that 2016 is going to be a “cataclysmic year” and that they should “sell everything”. 


    2.  Just last week I mentioned a record methane spike of 2745ppb on 2 Jan…Well, we now have a spike at 2963ppb on 8th Jan.   

    Our climate is destabilising at a faster rate than previous mass extinctions.   

    'Nuff said.

    3.  "Love The One You're With"  Stephen Stills.

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