Climate Engineering Cover-Up: Ship Tracks And Jet Spraying


Dane Wigington

NASA tells us that the shockingly visible and very extensive "tracks" (or trails) being witnessed on satellite imagery over oceans (like the ones shown below) are ALL the result of pollution being produced by ships, which is in turn creating "clouds".

Scientists are interested in ship tracks because they want to understand how human emissions influence clouds and, ultimately, Earth’s climate. (NASA)

Ship tracks have shown that clouds that form around man-made aerosols are brighter than other clouds. Man-made aerosols are smaller than natural particles, so the clouds that form around man-made aerosols are made up of smaller cloud droplets. A cloud made of many smaller droplets reflects more light than a cloud made of few larger droplets, since the surface of each droplet reflects light. The brighter clouds that result from man-made aerosols reflect more of the Sun’s light back into space, decreasing the amount of light that reaches the Earth’s surface. This interaction of man-made aerosols with clouds has cooled the Earth, offsetting global warming, though scientists are still not sure by how much. More accurate predictions of future warming depend on understanding how much cooling the brighter clouds provide… (NASA)

Is it rational to fully accept the "ship tracks" explanation from NASA as the ONLY source of the trails we so clearly see in the following images? NASA, of course, does not in any way acknowledge the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management jet aircraft dispersions. We must consider and remember that any method of delivering toxic particles into the atmosphere (ship despersions or jet aircraft despersions) are forms of climate engineering / intervention which are inflicting immense damage to the overall life support systems of the planet. 1b

In the startling photograph above, nearly the entire Eastern Pacific is covered with a blanket of atmospheric haze and what NASA exclusively labels as "ship tracks".

In reality, NASA is nothing more than a military industrial complex contractor for the power structure, deceiving the public has always been a major part of this agency's mission. Let's consider NASA's official position on geoengineering (or "chemtrails"), NASA, NOAA, NWS, and the USAF tell us the relentless bombardment of atmospheric particulate spraying in our skies is all just "contrails". Is this explanation in any way credible? If the design characteristics of the modern high bypass turbofan jet engine are taken into account, NASA's official "just contrails" narrative can be seen for what it is, total deception. Below is a satellite animation loop that clearly reveals numerous extremely long trails (some well over 500 miles in length) covering much of the Eastern Pacific off of the west coast of North America. 

NASA tells us these are ALL just "ship tracks" from ship engine combustion exhaust created by standard commercial shipping vessels, but is this official explanation reasonable in all cases? First, with the extreme volume of shipping traffic operating in the Eastern Pacific, why would only a select percentage of ships leave such long and blatantly visible "tracks"? 1d

"Ship tracks" off of the North American west coast. (NASA)

Next, why would shipping companies (that are extremely cost conscious of the staggering amount of fuel their ships consume) allow their vessels to meander over the oceans in sometimes haphazard patterns and directions? Some of the largest ships can burn nearly 400 tons of fuel per day, their primary objective is to take the shortest possible routes for obvious economic reasons. Why would a commercial ship plot a course along some of the "ship track" trajectories we see on satellite images? (Wind movement / drift of "tracks" cannot account for many of the observed trail directional anomalies). 1c

"Ship Tracks" over the Northern Pacific Ocean. (NASA)

The image below reflects marine shipping lane traffic. 1p

The objective of shipping vessel traffic is to get from port to port by the shortest most direct route possible as the graphic above clearly reflects.

The clustering and grid pattern like formations (of what we are officially told is just naturally occurring "ship tracks" due to combustion engine exhaust) should cause any objective and analytical  individual to take pause regarding the official narrative on this phenomenon. When we can say with certainty that top military commanders have long since considered the disintegrating climate system to be the top national security threat, and when we know that "marine cloud brightening" is a primary form of "proposed" climate engineering, it is reasonable to conclude this form of planetary geoengineering is exactly what we are witnessing. But, the remaining question is still this, are all the "trails / tracks" we are seeing over the oceans exclusively from ships as NASA would have us believe? Or are many of the long uniform "trails / tracks actually aircraft dispersions just as we see over land? 1e

"Ship Tracks" off of Europe's Atlantic coast. (NASA) 1h

"Ship Tracks" over the Northern Pacific Ocean. (NASA) 1g

 "Ship Tracks" over the Northern Pacific Ocean. (NASA) 1i

Ship Tracks off the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (NASA)

Let's again consider that many of the "ship tracks" we see on radar remain fairly uniform in width for distances of 500 to 600 miles and even more. When we take into account the mathematics of this equation, the "ship tracks" narrative becomes questionable at best in numerous cases. Many of the largest container ships are now traveling at speeds as low as 12 knots in order to reduce fuel consumption. At this speed, some of the longest "tracks" we see in satellite images could take 2 to 3 days to lay out. Are we to believe that such long and uniform "tracks" would remain in tact for up to several days? Especially if the source of the atmospheric particle dispersion occurred at sea level from the smoke stack of a slow moving ship? Geoengineering particulate dispersions from jet aircraft can spread out and cover the skyline in time frames of an hour or less. Why would we believe the "ship tracks" hold a uniform shape for so long over distances of up to 500 or 600 miles or more? Below is a shocking photo of what NASA would have us believe is just "condensation trails" from normal air traffic. Would any rational person accept such a blatant and glaring official lie? 1n

Populations around the globe have so far, unfortunately, accepted the "commercial air traffic condensation trail" official lie that is fed to them by agencies and the vast majority of government sponsored academia. 1m

The jet aircraft particulate dispersion trails in the photo above are similar in size and length to what NASA says are just "ship tracks" over the oceans. 1l

Let's consider the satellite image of the south eastern US shown above, the jet dispersed particulate trails over land clearly match those over te oceans. Since these are, of course, jet sprayed particulate trails over the continental US (and not "ship tracks"), are we seeing jet aircraft sprayed dispersions over the oceans in this image? If the latter is true, why are there no "ship tracks" on this day along the whole of the US east coast? We must all thoroughly examine all available facts before coming to conclusions.

Global dimming is an undisputed ongoing scenario on our planet and is a direct result of atmospheric particulate loading (the exact goal of climate engineering / solar radiation management). Low altitude jet aircraft particulate dispersions / spraying can be clearly seen over the oceans from shoreline locations on days with the conducive conditions for such observations. Marine cloud brightening is one of many known objectives of the climate engineering criminal cabal (as is ocean fertilization). The over the ocean operations are likely being carried out with both jet aircraft and sea surface vessels (all such operations are, of course, highly toxic and of grave concern). There is a mountain of data to confirm that global climate engineering has long since been a lethal reality. This data includes patents, government documents, inarguable film footage of jet aircraft spraying, and countless photographs of ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying operations. There is also the on the record dire climate disintegration concerns of military leaders which are well known (and have long since been publicized). Why wouldn't any rational person conclude the obvious? Climate engineering has long since been fully deployed all over the world. The climate scientist community (and corporate media) betrayal of the truth (for a paycheck and a pension) is a primary reason that the "condensation trail" lie persists and thus the public largely remains oblivious to the ongoing climate engineering operations. Illegal federal gag orders on all NWS and NOAA employees is another major factor in the ongoing climate engineering cover-up. The ardent denial of geoengineering by some climate scientists can only be considered extremely fanatical and alarming. What are they being threatened with? What is the bottom line with the climate science communities conclusions about climate engineering (when asked to state their opinion ON THE RECORD)? A recent survey of nearly 1500 scientists by the "Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering" (LASG) was very revealing. Not one of this massive number of academicians was willing to deny climate engineering on the record, not one. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is mathematically the most destructive form of anthropogenic activity yet inflicted on our once thriving planet. Every single awake and aware individual is desperately needed in the critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering, reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward.

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  1. Aryan Blindboy says:

    wonder who the pilots are who fly these chem-trail routes…? what do they get paid…? and how are they all able to keep from confessing the purpose of their flights for over two decades?  Hmmm – maybe no pilots are required – maybe the aircraft flying these chem-trail routes are drones remotely controlled from a Military Industrial Corporation somewhere near a HAARP Array. Just sayin' : They who control the weather/ionosphere/water, control life.

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    When I was deployed in the Navy on the U.S.S. Ranger CV-61 Aircraft Carrier, there were no Ship Tracks left behind, nor did I see any left behind from any other vessels. Ships do not travel across, back and forth over each other's routes. When there are pollutants discharged from vessels, they will not linger for hundreds of miles or multiple days.

  3. Hawkeye says:

    Greetings to all. I came in to comment on the tab above titled "The Coming Collapse" that Dane has provided for our information and education. If you haven't already read through it then you must do it asap!

    I want to say I have been coming here since 2011 or so and I never bothered to read anything other then these weekly posts Dane puts up. Boy was I missing out! Dane I want to commend you for all you do and to tell you that 'coming collapse' literature was fabulous fantastic info and put together extremely brilliantly well!!!

    It has put all into straight line perspective like never before and I highly recommend to all our friends in here to read it! I only wish I could think of better words to describe how incredibly fascinating and spot on the entire post was!!!!!!

    Excellent job!

    Thank you much Dane! You are an amazing person and your tenacity is priceless!

    Best, Hawkeye

  4. Frank says:

    If these squiggles are causing NASA sleepless nights I can't believe the farmers and vineyard owners of California didn't notice that big black square on the WorldView system, the blatantly square blocking pattern that caused a horrendous drought for …years! Dane showed it to us. I say again I can't believe that the agriculture organizations in Ca did not see those crazy patterns and get on the national horn. It was their asses that were frying and they went down in flames you could say, considering the later outrageous wild fires. It is a world of absolute insanity.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Hi, Frank –

      Do you, or Dane (if you see this) happen to remember the article title or date of posting about those areas of drought over the California vineyards, that you are talking about?  I don't recall seeing it, I've tried searching for it on here, and can't find it.

      Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Frank says:

      Just click the tab "Engineered Droughts" at the top of any page and you will see what I was talking about at the top of the page. I think there's another WorldView image somewhere else showing it as a square pattern off the California coast, but the idea is the same.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Hi, Frank –

      Thank you for the help on where to look.

      Have a great weekend!

    • LS says:

      Frank…. so true. My family has a vineyard in the California foothills and none of the grapes ripened last year… two different varieties. They have been members of the growers association for years and still are just waking up to the MANipulations of the weather that is affecting their crops. Also all their fruit trees look like they are on their last leg. No fruit,  dead outer branches, all limbs hanging sadly, not reaching to the sky as they used to. The folks are only waking up because there is no more denying what is in front of their eyes. We are in the time that Dane warned us would come. They are elderly and are having a really hard time with the stunning reality that is facing us.

    • Frank says:

      Thank you, LS – I think you touch the heart of the problem. We, here, who see the satellite images and the radar animations think that everyone is in touch with such information, especially those whose lives depend on the weather, but the truth is that these people still look to the sky and see its simple old truths… and do not do not even imagine the enormous devil-work that is going on above them until it is too late. Farmers are the first to be hurt by weather mod and should be the first to ring the alarm!

    • Hello SilentSister: Quoting Mr. Keith from the link you provided:

      “But geoengineering cannot eliminate the underlying risk that comes from humanity’s rapid (in geological time) transfer of carbon from underground reservoirs to the atmosphere. It’s hard to overstate the importance of geoengineering’s ability to reduce risk for current generations as there are no other methods that can reduce these risks significantly in the next half century.”

      He’s right. It took Nature a long time to separate dead matter from living material and bury it well out of reach. Only mankind would be STUPID enough to dredge DEAD filth from deep in the Earth, and spread it all over the surface… Ya know? Living stuff topside – dead stuff gets buried??? No wonder cowards, political hacks, and liars are at the top of the food chain… It’s all upside down…

      Most persons are so scientifically illiterate; they can’t get their heads around the concept of DIRECT THERMAL HEATING. As in: “Calories”. As in: The direct thermal consequences of an insanely inefficient and overloaded electrical grid. The direct thermal consequences of lofting thousands of jet aircraft 24/7. The direct thermal consequences of military entertainment devices. The direct thermal consequences of replacing living forests with miles of dead concrete and plastics.

      I could go on, because the STUPID list is VERY long.

  5. Seeing Clearly says:

    Just the idea of messing with the weather intentionally or not is very disturbing.

    The earth doesn't need us to control or infringe with its weather and possibly its life support systems as well.

    People are supposed to equal life, not death we shouldn't be cancer to the world we should be life, its our bad behavior and choices that is the cancer and we must change that.

    • Dennie says:

      I just logged on for the first time today and noticed how much the "ship tracks" (translated:  CHEM TRAILS) resemble Morgellon's fibers or the patterns of blood vessels created by cancer cells as they cluster to become tumors.  S.A.I., S.A.G., S.R.M. and everything related to it for whatever reason is indeed a cancer on the Earth.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "People are supposed to equal life, not death, we shouldn't be cancer to the world we should be life, its our bad behavior and choices that is the cancer and we must change that".

      Seeing clearly, Those are the most profound words I've read in quite some time. Thank you for offering them. I will put them to good use.


    Excerpted from: Civilian control of the military – Wikipedia

    “Civilian control of the military is a doctrine in military and political science that places ultimate responsibility for a country’s strategic decision-making in the hands of the civilian political leadership, rather than professional military officers. The reverse situation, where professional military officers control national politics, is called a military dictatorship. A lack of control over the military may result in a state within a state. One author, paraphrasing Samuel P. Huntington’s writings in The Soldier and the State, has summarized the civilian control ideal as “the proper subordination of a competent, professional military to the ends of policy as determined by civilian authority”.[1]”

    Please READ complete text:

  7. Dan says:

    Does NASA really expect us to believe this bullshit. Did we all just fall off the turnip truck. This last weekend we had 3 clear days of sunshine without one damn streak across the sky. I cannot recall the last time this happened. I guess all the airports in this region took the holiday off.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME NASA. F—ing LIARS. I hope they all go straight to hell

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To my friends I haven't met yet, this is a video that was recommended by Michael Ruppert in one of his speeches on you tube. I am glad that I still have the attention span to envelope such new ways of thinking. Not much new to my minds ponderings, but it sure is good to "hear" it in just formation.

    • ron hall says:

      a simple horseman: "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael Ruppert was one of those seminal works by a truther/warrior.  And thanks for your efforts–it will have effects.                  Here is a very short home-grown video by a woman who is obviously one of us.

  9. Dog says:

    The "Shit Tracks"…

    ALSO – (Not entirely) off topic analysis today, but in fact Crucial to this whole issue:

    Trump Paris Accord Withdrawal

    Naomi Klein @ The Intercept:

    Now that it seems virtually certain that Donald Trump will (HAS) withdraw(N) the United States from the Paris climate accord, and the climate movement is quite rightly mobilizing in the face of this latest dystopian lurch, it’s time to get real about something: Pretty much everything that is weak, disappointing, and inadequate about that deal is the result of U.S. lobbying since 2009.

    The fact that the agreement only commits governments to keeping warming below an increase of 2 degrees, rather than a much safer firm target of 1.5 degrees, was lobbied for and won by the United States.

    The fact that the agreement left it to individual nations to determine how much they were willing to do to reach that temperature target, allowing them to come to Paris with commitments that collectively put us on a disastrous course toward more than 3 degrees of warming, was lobbied for and won by the United States.

    The fact that the agreement treats even these inadequate commitments as non-binding, which means governments apparently do not have anything to fear if they ignore their commitments, is something else that was lobbied for and won by the United States.

    The fact that the agreement specifically prohibits poor countries from seeking damages for the costs of climate disasters was lobbied for and won by the United States.

    The fact that it is an “agreement” or an “accord” and not a treaty — the very thing that makes it possible for Trump to stage his action-movie slow-mo walk away, world in flames behind him — was lobbied for and won by the United States.

    I could go on. And on. Often the U.S. had help in this backroom bullying from such illustrious petro-states as Saudi Arabia. When aggressively lobbying to weaken the Paris accord, U.S. negotiators usually argued that anything stronger would be blocked by the Republican-controlled House and Senate. And that was probably true. But some of the weakening — particularly those measures focused on equity between rich and poor nations — was pursued mainly out of habit, because looking after U.S. corporate interests is what the United States does in international negotiations.

    Whatever the reasons, the end result was an agreement that has a decent temperature target, and an excruciatingly weak and half-assed plan for reaching it. Which is why, when it was first unveiled, James Hansen, arguably the climate scientist most respected in the world, called the agreement “a fraud really, a fake,” because “there is no action, just promises.”

    But weak is not the same as useless. The power of the Paris Agreement was always in what social movements resolved to do with it. Having a clear commitment to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius, while pursuing “efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 C,” means there is no room left in the global carbon budget to develop new fossil fuel reserves.

    That simple fact, even without legal enforcement behind it, has been a potent tool in the hands of movements against new oil pipelines, fracking fields, and coal mines, as well as in the hands of some very brave young people taking the U.S. government to court for failing to protect their right to a safe future. And in many countries, including the U.S. until quite recently, the fact that governments at least paid lip service to that temperature target left them vulnerable to that kind of moral and popular pressure. As author and co-founder Bill McKibben said on the day the Paris deal was unveiled, world leaders set a “1.5 C goal — and we’re damn well going to hold them to it.”

    In many countries, that strategy continues regardless of Trump. A few weeks ago, for instance, a delegation from low-lying Pacific Island nations traveled to the Alberta tar sands to demand that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stop expanding production of that carbon-intensive fuel source, arguing that his failure to do so violates the spirit of the fine words and pledges he had made in Paris.

    And this was always the task for the global climate justice movement when it came to Paris: to try to hold governments to the strong spirit, rather than the weak letter, of the agreement. The trouble is that as soon as Trump moved into the White House, it was perfectly clear that Washington was no longer susceptible to that kind of pressure. Which makes some of the histrionics in the face of the news that Trump seems to be officially withdrawing a bit baffling. However the Paris Agreement decision went, we all already knew that significant U.S. backsliding on climate was in the cards under Trump. We knew it as soon as he appointed Rex Tillerson to head the State Department and Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. We had it confirmed when he signed his Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline executive orders in his first week on the job.

    For months we have been hearing about the supposed power struggles between those who wanted to stay in the agreement (Ivanka, Tillerson) and those who favored leaving (Pruitt, chief strategist Steve Bannon, Trump himself). But the very fact that Tillerson could have been the voice of the “stay” camp should have exposed the absurdity of this whole charade.

    It was oil companies like the one Tillerson worked at for 41 years whose relentless lobbying helped ensure that the commitments made in Paris lack any meaningful enforcement mechanisms. That’s why one month after the agreement was negotiated, Exxon Mobil, with Tillerson still at the helm, came out with a report stating that “we expect oil, natural gas, and coal to continue to meet about 80 percent of global demand” between now and 2040. It was a bald expression of hubris by the purveyors of business as usual. Exxon knows full well that if we want a decent chance of keeping warming below 1.5-2 degrees, the stated goal of the Paris Agreement, the global economy needs to be virtually fossil-free by mid-century. But Exxon could offer those assurances to its investors — and claim it supported the agreement — because it knew that the Paris accord had no binding force.

    It’s the same reason why the Tillerson faction of the Trump administration thought it could reconcile staying in Paris while simultaneously dismantling the centerpiece of the United States’ commitment under the agreement, the Clean Power Plan. Tillerson, better than almost anyone on the planet, knows how legally weak the agreement is. As CEO of Exxon, he helped make sure of that.

    So as we try to make sense of this latest drama, make no mistake: The Trump administration was never divided between those who wanted to shred the Paris Agreement and those who wanted to respect it. It was divided between those who wanted to shred it and those who wanted to stay in it but completely ignore it. The difference is one of optics; the same amount of carbon gets spewed either way.

    Some say that’s not the point — that the real risk in the U.S. withdrawing is that it will encourage everyone else to lower their ambition, and soon everyone will be breaking up with Paris. Perhaps, but not necessarily. Just as Trump’s health care disaster is encouraging states to consider single payer more seriously than they have in decades, Trump’s climate arson is so far only fuelling climate ambition in states like California and New York. Rather than throwing in the towel, coalitions like New York Renews, which is pushing hard for the state to transition entirely to renewable energy by 2050, are getting stronger and bolder by the day.

    Outside the U.S., the signs aren't bad either. The transition to renewable energy is already proceeding so rapidly in Germany and China, and prices are dropping so sharply, that forces far larger than Trump are propelling the shift now. Of course it’s still possible that Trump’s withdrawal will provoke global backsliding. But it’s also possible that the opposite will happen — that other countries, under pressure from their populations who are enraged by Trump’s actions on pretty much every level, will become more ambitious if the U.S. officially goes rogue. They might even decide to toughen the agreement without U.S. negotiators slowing them down at every turn.

    And there is another call that is increasingly being heard from social movements around the world — for economic sanctions in the face of Trump’s climate vandalism. Because here’s a crazy idea: Whether or not it’s written into the Paris Agreement, when you unilaterally decide to burn the world, there should be a price to pay. And that should be true whether you are the United States government, or Exxon Mobil — or some Frankenstein merger of the two.

    A year ago, the suggestion that the U.S. should face tangible punishment for putting the rest of the rest of humanity at risk was laughed off in establishment circles: Surely no one would put their trade relationships in danger for anything so frivolous as a liveable planet. But just this week, Martin Wolf, writing in the Financial Times, declared, “If the U.S. withdrew from the Paris accord, the rest of the world must consider sanctions.”

    We’re likely a long way from major U.S. trading partners taking that kind of a step, but governments are not the only ones that can impose economic penalties for lethal and immoral behavior.  Movements can do so directly, in the form of boycotts and divestment campaigns targeting governments and corporations, on the South African model. And not just fossil fuel corporations, but Trump’s branded empire as well. Moral suasion doesn’t work on Trump. Economic pressure just might.

    It’s time for some people’s sanctions.


    People who have been paying close attention to the  Paris accords, such as Ms. Klein, have recognized their inherent flaws – it's also important to remember that this withdrawal will not be as simple as they are saying, per international statutes, but the implications are clear –

    The Tillerson Administration rolls on – note that Exxon signs on to a "rebuttal" of a policy that they will yet directly benefit from – knowing that the Paris Accords have no real enforcement mechanism, just as they had lobbied for –  

    The point here is, even without any Geoengineering programs at all, these "people" are making decisions and policies that are so obviously detrimental to the health of our planet and its inhabitants – WHY?? (Enter your opinion / information / here _____________)

    There are some obvious alarming indicators that some of us Tin Foil Hat Wearers are speculating, and I'm not ashamed of that…once again, I PRAY that I/We are WRONG –


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dog, yes, the planet is descending into full blown meltdown. Unfortunately the blatant hypocrisy from most of the “environmental” community is profound. Total denial of the climate engineering issue from all of them. Such denial is every bit as blatant the denial coming from those who refuse to recognize the runaway warming of our planet.

    • Dennie says:

      I was listening to NPR this morning.  Ironically, much of Big Business came out against Trump's lump-headed decision to go back to the days of the dinosaurs.  The list of who spoke out reads like a Who's Who of Big Business:

      – Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase

      – Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart

      – Brad Smith, President and chief law officer, Microsoft Corp.

      – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

      – Indra Nooyi, CEO, Pepsico

      Also weighing in: Nike, eBay and the North Face.  Check it out:

      The EU, China and the state of California remain committed to lowering emissions as set forth in the accord, along with many mayors of cities across the United States. 

      To Trump and his Dinosaur buddies:  Sorry, folks, but you've had your day in the sun.  Now The Game is OVER, and YOU LOST.

    • Tanya says:

      A controlled 'engineered' societal/environmental collapse. Contrived, manipulated, and within this conspiracy, a hatred for all life. It seems to me that as the conditions grow worse, and become more visibly apparent, so does the denial thicken. I've also noticed that when a person or group of people are in denial on one subject they're often in denial in many other areas too.

      I was a chaperone for my daughters 5th grade school trip to Boston Massachusetts yesterday. They are studying the Revolutionary War. As we walked the Freedom Trail, I was blown away by the amount of tree death and decay. I mentioned it to another parent and his response was, "they are just Pines". I wanted to cry.

      Most of what we "learned" or were told on the tour was the glorification of war. Propaganda and the marketing of "patriotism". For 10 minutes they had the students pretend to load muskets and shoot across the field. 

      We continued on to the Science Museum. We watched a movie called extreme weather. It discussed the melting of the glaciers, tornados and the forest fires in California and it seems to me that they're laying the foundation for the public to accept geoengineering. The film was paid for by Microsoft, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

      I've noticed that if I even drop hints (planting seeds), around any subject that may appear to be controversial or uncomfortable, people physically move away from me very quickly. As though my thoughts we're contagious. I wish they were. The other parent that I spoke with about the tree death didn't come near me for the rest of the day. I've spent ten years trying to figure out how to discuss unpleasant things with people. And the feedback that I get is that I am negative.

       I don't know if the course that we are on can be changed. I know it's important to keep trying. I also feel strongly that if this course can't be changed, it's important that people know the truth. (Those that want to know the truth). And although the powers that be (soon to be were) have zero respect for free will, they deceptively, and through 'legal' means have circumvented our right to choose. Somewhere along the line consent became implied consent. And consenting or not consenting is still a position of slavery. 

      In the practice of hypnotism there is a technique called a "double bind". It is the illusion of choice, but no real choice given. A simple example might be asking a small child before bedtime if they want to go to bed straight away, or read a atory first. The child is delighted that they get to decide. But either way going to bed was imminent. 

      When  I trained in Hypnotherapy in 2002, I was instructed to never use a double bind on an adult who is not in hypnosis. Reason being, adults would see through it. Now I see double binds being used on the public almost constantly. The two parties Democrat and Republican are a great example. People who would vote independent or green often feel that they're wasting their vote. An illusion of choice, where no real choice is given. 


      As all things here become polarized (Its either this way or that) its even more important to be very aware of what we agree to, and how THEY NEED your agreement. Watch out and be aware of anyone who is trying to sway you or get your agreement. 

      Last thought, in Boston yesterday, i wore a tank top and a wool sweater. It was a partly sunny day (no visable spray day) and with the sun out, felt like 80, and when a cloud covered the Sun it felt like a 20 degree drop. All day long, hot and cold, sweater on, sweater off.  I feel a strong need to leave the area and possibly even the United States in order to maintain my ability to think clearly. When you boil it all down, all the controversies, it is about power and control (solar plexus) in the micro (self) and the macro (collective species). Whether its about vaccines, gmos, taxation without representation, or how we treat the Mother ship it all comes down to do you choose for yourself? This may be the human struggle all along. 

      This site keeps me going. reading all of your comments helps me tremendously, especially when I want to give up. 

    • BaneB says:

      Tanya:  I am to some extent joking.  But maybe the tact could be "gee is it not wonderful to see all the pine trees dying? Who needs them anyway!"

  10. barbzi says:

    From democracy to corporatocracy


    • kathleen says:

      Thanks so much Barbzi for this important link. I'd seen the movie twice before but the third time, boy, it got me re-riled up. While its aim is "smart" meters, the tactics exposed apply to most everything we are subjected to in this Orwellian age, all of which are designed to make us sick, weak, demented, disabled, and out of our own control.

      Around the 48:00 mark is a devastating graphic of how poisoned we are being, from our "modern" devices. Given that, I urge everyone to do some research on plants that can help us ward off, to some degree, the numerous assaults on our bodies and well-being. I lost my best friend to brain cancer — she was glued to her phone from back in the earliest days of those devices, and also ate tons of junk food and animal flesh, but she was the most kind, generous and funny person I've ever known. And she was stubborn like a mule, refusing to acknowledge potential damage from things like cell phones, GMOs, and, had she lived long enough, "smart" meters.

      Frankly, I think it's time to acknowledge our young kids are smarter than we were at their age, and start exposing them to the horrors we face and that THEY can reverse. Gawd knows the patriarchy in power have zero intention of helping anyone but themselves.

  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet, My gracious but it was a good day at the farmers market today. The market was hoppin(for Tonasket). Twice as many folks as the previous 3 weeks. Here is a sample of folks that came by my booth today. Two orchardist's. One small time and one big time. Good conversations with them both. I gave them a few things to think about regarding their bottom lines. The small time orchardist mentioned, when I asked about their bees, that there were mostly ground hive bees and not many "honey bees". I asked about how the yield has been with their peaches. The orchardist said, "so far so good"(with a slight shrug of the shoulders). There's a "seed" I am going to water. The orchardist is very well regarded in this small community. Two other visitors were a couple "elder" boys from the Latter day saints. The horseman had a pile of fun with those two boys(I always do). I asked them where their bicycles were. (grin), they said they had a car. Guess you get to have one when your an "elder". I hit on quite a few topics connecting their beliefs and what they see happening in the skies above them. They kept looking up and to the left. This is a sign of one thinking or telling the truth. ("Honesty begets honesty"). I had those boys attention for about 5 or 6 minutes. It was only fitting that I had two of my previous customers standing at the booth at the time. They're "religious" too, (7th Day). What fitting witnesses. They are good friends too and are "on board" with all we know here on this site. Both of those boys said they would come back and see me. It's a small town, and they know it. Time will tell. I gave them a lot to think about. Things a young man their age needs to be told the truth about. "Seeds take time to grow". Another person that walked by my booth(gave me a nod as he walked by), I picked up a flyer and walked over to another booth where he had just purchased some market produce and handed him a flyer and introduced myself. Turns out he is a biologist for the US Forest Service. He keeps track of "range land". I briefly explained that I am the son of a prominent forester and moved on to bigger things. He listened to me for about 5 minutes. I hope I will cross paths with him again. I got a good feeling from this gent. "Sharp uniform", good eye contact, good voice. Today I had a few repeat visitors too. Like I wrote, I hope for this mission to be a compounding experience. It's a small town, reputation is everything, I've laid it all on the line. As I write this, and as I wrote before, I am feeling better and "happier" than I have felt in a very long time. When one realizes they are staring "game over" right in the face, "nothing else matters".

    Saturday is parade day. It's going to be fun and I know that I will plant seeds as I pass through the folks that came to watch. By the way, "" will be on the large banner of sponsors in front of the band stage in our local beer garden street dance all day and into the evening, Saturday. (Dane, I'll send you a picture). And no, I will not be at the street dance. I'll be right here having a beer after the parade and chores are done, thinking about all those folks and their CIA tracking devices in the midst of "civilization". Maybe one of them will "google" this web site and learn something. "It could happen"(smile)…..

    Lastly, it has dome me world of good reading all of the call outs for "BS" on "ship tracks". Good thinking my friends I haven't met yet!

  12. BoomerFred says:

    Thank you Mr. Venerable Dane, somehow patiently, flawlessly educating us well enough to make so much sense of the idiotic behavior and transparent double-talk to motivate us into taking Right action.

    Truth to tell, I was moved into some today, though I'm here to be advised about what my idea, if taken where I envisioned it could go is one of those ''only fools would entertain". In brief, I listened to three conservative radio hosts get very creative in their lockstep view that 'anyone who still buys the warming excessively' story can be nothing but a 'deluded nincompoop' and also a pre-determined mush-headed lefty'. Then an organization name came up and zoom I found myself sending a hasty, but I think polite post to the Heritage Foundation alerting them to 'missing the elephant in the room' and suggesting  I think it's time to have  this travesty out in the open. As in arranging for a 'gentleman's debate between Dane and Rush, Sean and Larry, all heard on KVTA  today.

    Which then leaves a question in my (often impulsive)g mind whether these high end talk show hosts are also 'gagged' when it comes to telling it like it is on the military-industrial complex !?!

    That's it for now. Thanks for your reading time, and in advance for any help with this 'thing I've waded into'.  Namo Amituofo



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “BoomerFred”, thank you for your support in this battle, and for your efforts to point out “the elephant in the room” to the MSM talking heads. None of the idioligically driven seem willing to engage in a live, on air, equal time debate with me on the issues at hand, but thanks for trying. See the link below for the most recent individuals to propose such a debate, only to hide in the shadows when I immediately accepted the challenge (Ed Griffin, Lord Monckton, and Tim Ball).


      An example of an on air debate that did go forward is below,



  13. Randy says:

    This should help spread the word to the youth:

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Randy, you're right! I've sent this video to both my kids 3 or 4 times now. I like a melody more, but this kid has some serious lyrics(words).

      Random thought here: Who ya gonna trust? Some one that puts a gun in your face or some one that offers you garden space so you you may eat too? "Back to basics"… "IF" we act soon enough, otherwise, ???

  14. Something Wylde says:

    Looking up at the sky was the best thing and the worst thing I ever did. How can anyone, any group, any organization, any nation deny what is happening in and to our atmosphere everywhere. Thank you for this and every article you post.  I spent five minutes researching "ship trails".  

    I understand that according to, volume 21, issue 6, 1967, pages 1417-1425, in reference to ship trails, that …" The phenomenon is easily identified, but is rare because it requires the air to be very clean…"

    My question to researchers.  Is the air very clean today ..  more clean than it was in the past ?

    Along with printing flyers, setting up booths, and building websites, please tell us what we can do everyday that will get the attention of those who are still not interested in quality of life, and possibly not interested in life  at  all. 

    Thank you Dane.



  15. barbzi says:

    From democracy to corporatocity



  16. mike says:

    Tons of chaff fibers are falling on New York today. If you look down the street into the sun you can see it.

    • beatriz says:

      hi Mike, confirming your observation!!!! yes lots of chaff fell yesterday in NYC. i was out walking from 10 am to 2 pm and immediately started seeing lots of white feathery stuff falling from high above. i could see if falling at eye level.. i have seen that stuff other times but only a few at one time, not at the levels of yesterday. thanks for noticing and reporting here. i didn't know what it was, after reading your report did some research on the web, and found lots of info. it seems it is used for military purposes for hiding aircraft from radars. so an experiment must have been going on. one of so many!!!! it seemed to me, nobody else was noticing or looking up.

      Three or four days ago while walking along the Hudson River Park, i noticed another anomaly. We always have lots of helicopters flying. But his time the helicopters were flying very low, they were military ones and each one had like a big spear or needle on the front. I did some research and found the "spears" are used for refueling on mid air. They looked very ominous to say the least.

      I have noticed that one of the effects the spraying has on me was making me very sleepy, feeling like needed to take a nap all the time. now is the contrary i cannot fall asleep. the only thing that helps is getting up from bed and doing qi gong for an hour. is anybody feeling this?

      Mike, have you noticed how the trees all over the city are dying? They are either covered by fungi, the bark falling down off the trunk and branches, the trunks exhibiting what looks like big bites or mauling, the trunks withering and loosing their volume, the trees bending over, the branches either breaking off or also bending down, branches loosing leaves etc… when trees die, some are replaced, but these young ones also start showing the signs of dying. however, i lhave to say i am amazed and awed by the resilient qualities of nature, how our mother resists to be killed. trees that i thought were dead, have put out many green leaves and flowered too. have observed many sprouting profusely from the roots, and from the trunks under the dead branches. everytime i walk on the parks and public spaces I leaave the GE flyers with the hope people will read them and get informed. very disheartened when i see people are not looking up and noticing.

      The Hudson River Park was once blessed with many birds, marine, migrants, native. it was such a delight. the same with butterflies and dragonflies. now there are only some sparrows and robins. (still so grateful for them). there a few bees and a few lady bugs. what will take people to notice????

      Deepest thanks to Dane and all of you dear people on this site. the awareness and love for nature and humanity that i can feel from each one of you here, is the immense force that can propel the needed change.

  17. Randall rj says:

    It goes to show how ignorant people have become. As Dane states they are doubling down on the lies and spraying. I never believed it would be so in your face so I have been doubling down and telling all the kids and youth that they are dead, never to live long, their parents are stupid and hiding the truth from them because of fear, and ignorance. It's sad to tell young people stark reality but if the government can lie about the death they cause, I can spit truth. The young think I am crazy and have been bitched at by parents from stores to gas stations but I will not hold back any more. The young have to be scared, shook, for them to investigate. They take it better than their parents. 

    Have you told your kid he is dead soon? 

    Have you told your kids why the lakes are fairly dead

    have you told your kids the truth About EXTINTION  going on now! 

    You kids should investigate how your parents are lying to you about climate change. 

    Does you kids know they are being poisoned? 

    If said plenty of shockers and have got mean insults but give them info and walk away saying go read the truth if you love your kids  

    harsh, but I can hold back no more  

    I keep my comments to kids I believe are old enough to handle it as I look back to when I was there age and starting learning truths about viet nam and such  

    kids are our only hope I believe, they can change their parents minds quicker than we can  

    tell a kid he's dead soon, it's harsh but must be done  

    if this offends anyone, think of them finding out to late, which they WILL as things progress anyway, get them into the fight, it's their lives that will be in the greatest struggle of this planet  

    • BaneB says:

      Randal rj:  I have wrestled with the issue of telling kids the god awful truth.  It's difficult.  You are correct, it is an imperitive if these young people are going to have any future. That is to say these youths have the greater reason for pitching a fit about the Geoengineering of the planet, and other major existential threats.  Most parents are shielding their kids?  And most parents are ignorant of some realities that they should face as a family.  Thanks fo telling it like it is.

  18. Michel B says:

    Ship Contrails Theory = Desperate Straw Clutching

  19. matt sarlo says:

    I guess NASA scientists are cowards like the majority in academia and the medical industry. Is there anyone around Loveland Colorado that would like to meet for coffe and try to work together on spreading awareness?

  20. penny waters says:

    thank you dane for this amazing report on the idiots who think that they are clever and who think that they run things cos as we know nature runs things – and that includes us

    i had a bit of an hysterical moment there – reading their reasons for things is so ludicrous i couldn't stop from choking with laughter

    the reasons they give – but then they are often reporting to people who have no idea about nature and about how nature behaves

    are the people who drive the ships and fly the airoplanes drunk – cos their trails sure look like it – just thinking about it again makes me want to laugh- who do they think they are kidding??

    and i do get that many of you who are a part of this site believe that much of what is given out is a manipulation for the unawake people but i am fairly sure that the people who are running all this are actually awake themselves – wow, ego!!!

    i have attended university twice in my life – as a mature student – bizarre

    on my geography degree (had already been a professional gardener for 10yrs) i realised that most people who were teaching had NO IDEA about the geographical world – yes they had read the books and had been teaching all their lives but their fingernails had no dirt under them!!! example – went on a field trip where the tool of choice to dig up clay soil was A PICK AXE!! did the teacher work on a building site!!!!

    20yrs later i undertook a herbal medicine degree – seemed appropriate – gardener – herbalist?

    and not one person on the course – there were hundreds of people – not one person knew anything about plants – trendy course!!!

    had one teacher who told us (as part of the 1st year exam) we had to dry and mount a flowering plant under glass to hang as an exhibit

    the plant he gave us was – wait for it – a plant that was unable to be bought in this country and that was five foot tall when flowering in august (we had to dry it, mount it, and hand it in by march) hahahaha

    unfortunately, after i pointed it out, from then on i received only pass marks for my work 

    nasty mean pharmacist!!!

    that is what i mean about people who are part of the 'system', the 'establishment'!!

    they don't seem to be the sharpest tool in the box, tuppence short of a shilling, sandwich short of a picnic hahaha

    you've made me laugh dane- cannot believe the madness

    sometimes it makes me cry but sometimes i have to laugh – a maniacal laugh – cannot believe humans

    knocked out by your ability to pull it all together dane – what would we do without you

    when i was very small (we had a tv when i was 3 – poor people from london – large community – always got stuff – dad mended everything other richer people threw away) i remered seeing how the authorities had put service men behind a fence whilst they blew up an atom bomb – aaaaaaaahhhhhh – there's the poeple who run things

    not only do they not know what they are doing – they don't seem to care either

    ships trails hahahahaha – sorry can't help it – feel kinda mad 

    but thank you dane for your sanity in the mad human world we live in 

    love to all you awake people around this little spinning piece of matter in space


  21. gmac says:

    Hi All,
    Calgary weather is just like yesterday; partly cloudy, mainly sunny, a sun/cloud mix. Over night expect high cloud.

    From the highest in me to the highest in all of you.

    Thank you. Graham

  22. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, thank you for mentioning on Global Alert News this past Sat., that the film Take Back Your Power will be shown at the Redding Library June 3rd at 330pm. Power companies are putting these Smart Meters on peoples homes without their knowledge or consent. Both of us got really sick after a couple of days of getting the meters on our house. I am not sure we would have figured out what was making us sick, if we had not got the solar system. Immediately I started researching, does solar make you sick? That is how I found out it was the meters. If we were 80 years old and didn't get solar, who knows, we might not be here today. The gentleman that helped us with our Smart Meter removal is fighting our power co. APS, to get all of their Smart Meters removed. He has also done a video where he is connected to an EKG monitor while resting near an Elster brand "smart" meter of the type used by APS here in Arizona. EKG Proof That "Smart" Meters Affect the Human Heart

  23. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Executive Order 13139 – Wikipedia

    Executive Order 13139— entitled Improving Health Protection of Military Personnel Participating in Particular Military Operations — as an executive order (EO) issued by U.S. President Bill Clinton on 30 September 1999.

    It outlines the conditions under which Investigational New Drug (IND) and off-label pharmaceuticals can be administered to U.S. service members. An “off-label" indication is a use of a drug in a manner (or for a condition) other than that for which they were originally licensed.

    EO13139 provides the US Secretary of Defense guidance regarding the provision of IND products or products unapproved for their intended use as antidotes to chemical, biological, or radiological weapons; stipulates that the U.S. government will administer products approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only for their intended use; provides the circumstances and controls under which IND products may be used.

    It also stipulates that to administer an IND product, informed consent must be obtained from individual service members. However, the President of the United States may waive informed consent (at the request of the Secretary of Defense and only the Secretary of Defense) if: 

    1. Informed consent is not feasible 

    2. Informed consent is contrary to the best interests of the service member 

    3. Obtaining informed consent is not in the best interests of national security.


    Executive Order 13139 boils down to a license to experiment on military personnel without prior knowledge or consent. Join the military: Become a hamster in a lab experiment…

    Complete text:


    Perhaps NASA should contact the EPA. Maybe do lunch and launch some chemical cocktails together…

    Air Pollutants | Air and Radiation | US EPA 

    EPA = Fraud, collusion, industrial espionage, treason,  aiding and abetting known enemies the American people…


    If you want to stop the poisoning of your planet, you need to physically arrest those who sanction it… Include the current clown with the rackoon tail haircut. Include all cabinet members, The Secretary of Defense, the entire US congress and senate, and most of the federal judicery. ALL are NWO dupes on a VERY expensive stage…


    Options: Be sure to pay your taxes and insurance premiums on time… Wait for death… Be patient…

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Sorry about the dead links above. The EPA likes to shuffle their deck of 51 cards. This ploy (and others) keeps the ignorant busy searching Facebook for scientific studies… How about THIS:

      Poor Air Quality Expected for New England on May 17-18, 2017 | U.S. EPA News Releases | US EPA

      Get rid of ozone. In fact, get rid of the ozone layer. Call in the rocketry experts at NASA… Call your congressperson. It's an emergency. Don't breathe if you live in New England.

    • Blam says:

      if we were a nation of laws, sadly, we are not. We are a banana republic, you will get no legal satisfaction.

  24. Alien says:

    As someone who takes pride in noting the single bright spot in a blackened smog filled 2×2 closet, at the very least they are not attributing this to weather balloons. I mean if we track all ship movements perhaps maybe this could have some relevance? 

  25. Christine Sycylo says:

    I'm in complete agreement! Trump does not care! The evidence is there, our military says it's a threat! He's too ignorant and the senators who don't support this Paris Accord, I hope will be voted out!

  26. Dennie says:


    "Ship tracks" makes every bit as much sense as an "accidentally" human-created "protective bubble" around Earth.  What a freakin' L-O-A-D of bull's geschickta 

    WHO thinks up this crap?  The excuses get more lame with every passing day.  A$$HOLES are betting you know NOTHING about actual ship traffic, as one look at the Baltic Dry Index should tell a lot of the real story– Do they really believe we are that dumb???

    "Ship tracks"…. Seriously???  How the Sam HILL do the emissions from "ships" get so freakin' high up in the atmosphere that you can now see them on satellite image?  And do "ships" really move in such weirdly repetitive patterns, back and forth, in rows??? I live in a harbor city and I have NEVER ONCE witnessed the kind of zigging and zagging by ships that would be required to make the kinds of crazy patterns that are clearly evident here on satellite image– oh, duhhhhhhh-  I just have to laugh out loud because THIS LAME EXCUSE IS WORLD CLASS and  IT ABSOLUTELY TAKES THE CAKE!!!! 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:   This is how gullible these purveyors of disinformation think we are.  And granted, why would they not?  Most people have not a clue about these "sci-fi" realities.  And now that a few more are defrocked of their innocence, the cognizant disconnect is ruled by trust in science and the mainstream schmooze that the gods of science are protecting us from UV radiation.  Therefore why hell do we need to worry about having no ozone protection.  Is there any wonder the fake cirrus clouds look so damned weird?  The entire earth is being heavily zapped.  So why are the trees dying?   Next we are treated to "ship tracks" which we know to be aerosol trails put in place by jet aircraft.  I notice some of these gargantuan morphed trails are almost as wide as half of California.  Which says to me how would one down under it recognize such a monstrosity as a aerosol trail and not as a sky covering "cloud?"  Two public disseminations.  Methinks it's a form of public relations damage control.  Word is getting out that lunatics have taken over the earth.

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, yeah, the word has gotten out about the Lunatics-In-Charge. 

      Ship tracks– huh.

      If the idiot public actually believes we do not have a disintegrating ozone layer, they just need to take a look around at all the cars that have had their paint destroyed by the UV radiation.  If they're curious at all what that is.  I have two cars that have had their clear coat sizzled off, like so many cars out there, and now the ultraviolet's working on disintegrating the paint.  The cost of which is rather unbelievable– UGH!

  27. horsegirl says:

    "I can't talk politics."  Some beg out of issues they believe they can not change.  By which they duck geoengineering.  Next time someone regurgitates that cliche I'm going to ask them if folks in Iran call it politics when their family gatherings are hit with drones.  When children are born deformed from illegal nuclear war.  "Politics" is the treacherous sheath of a sword that cuts in all directions.   Those tardiest in feeling its impact will feel its eventual hit the worst.  Assuredly no "civilization" has been more elaborately rigged for collapse.  Could it happen to a more appropriate people?  This colony disgusts me for its nonchalant craven selfishness.  Praying into the narcissistic abyss of Facebook.  The putrescent pseudopsychology brainwash of Oprah.  Assumed entitlement to casual daily gluttony.  The refusal to see the price the rest of the people on earth pay to pump out bread and circus.  One thing I'll say for the entertainer-in-chief: he's perfect for his job.  Such an apropos clown mask shields the villainous face of the demon banking cartel, cowering in their DUMBs beneath their wild west hideout.  The Appointee is the perfect reflection of national apathy towards what really matters.

    • Dennie says:

      "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." — KJV Proverbs 16:18

      "Men are raised on high in order that they may fall more heavily."  — Claudian's Rufian

      "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." — English version, see above

      "So the last shall be first, and the first last…" Matthew 20:16, KJV, Jesus of Nazareth


    • Blue Sue says:

      You said it horsegirl! — and well!

    • MAP says:

      Spot on, horsegirl. The selfishness and narcissism that I see around these parts is off the charts, so to speak. Even those who agree with global warming theory don't do one thing to reduce their rapacious consumption. Cognitive Dissonance is Rampant. People are about to face difficulties that they deserve. Sad to say. 

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello horsegirl: "Assumed entitlement to casual daily gluttony.  The refusal to see the price the rest of the people on earth pay to pump out bread and circus." VERY well said!!!

      Gluttony is a many splendored thing. It's gotten us where we are today…  

  28. Earth Angel says:

    Hey- I thought the Baltic Dry index was at practically nil. At least it was awhile ago, haven't checked it lately but judging by the true state of the world economy I'm not thinking its back to booming or anything like that. Not shipping many dry goods around the world and many ships parked and not doing anything. So WHAT ships are supposedly leaving all these 'trails'? Hmmm, must be mostly Military Industrial warships sailing around the world polluting BOTH the air and the seas. We KNOW jets are leaving MASSIVE trails of pollution across the skies everywhere because we can SEE THEM with our OWN EYES. Yeah, that's right. I think nasa's full of **it. Let's not forget they brought us the movie of themselves landing on the moon back in the 60's- another great hollywood style production for the (m)asses.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, ships can FLY these days, we know.

      I NEVER understood The Point of "getting to the moon before the Russians do."  Frankly I believe that was another L-O-A-D of a story, and they were really working together jointly to figure out just how to get off of Earth once it no longer supports life– just take a look at the international space station– what ARE they all doing up there?  Where does the money come from, what is the point?  Go live in an alternate Universe?? HOWWW???  At WHAT COST, and to WHOM?

  29. Tag says:

    Off topic but want to share.   I have had a horrible cough for over a year,  I have spent many nights sitting in a chair and every morning coughing for hours.  My voice some days is so weak it was hard to carry on a conversation.  I have tried many things to no avail.  I ran across a product called Resprin and decided to try it.  After a week my cough is gone.  I will be taking this forever, or at least until the poison quits raining down on me.  It is all herbal and assist in removing phlegm, supports inflammatory response and the body's natural detoxification process.  (I'm not a sales person or spoke person for this company and I have nothing to gain)  Please, if your health is suffering from the effects of geo-engineering at least check it out.

    • Kathleen says:

      Thanks for the tip. Of note, they have a free trial sample (even no shipping). I've already ordered the sample. Again, thanks!

  30. Luv2Fly says:

    As We have seen in the past half the US is above normal and half below, 6-10 day NOAA Issued weather 5/31/17

    • Blue Sue says:

      Here in Alaska where I live, we've been close to 20 degrees below normal for most of the past month. Today, we finally woke to a clear blue sky, and the panorama of gorgeous mountains that surround our Matanuska Valley were spectacular all whitecapped against the stunning blue — but of course by noon the damn jets were already streaking the sky with their poison — makes me so damn angry!

  31. BaneB says:

    NASA is one of a slew of federal agencies that routinely lie.  The ship captains and crews must be drunk to be meandering about rather than a straight run to ports of destination.  NASA is putting into place the cover story because these images apparently are creating public curiosity.  My Congressional Rep, environmental lawyer, Jared Huffman will fall for the BS.  He accepts the contrail con.  What picques my curiosity is the animation.  The image shows atmospheric rotation in a clockwise motion.  What on earth is the reversed "comma" with the tail, the mass of white at the center of the massive aerosol trails.  It can't be a low because they spin counterclockwise.  High pressure rotates clockwise.  Am I seeing this correctly? Are these huge aerosol trails feeding the center blob?  If the blob is artificially created, we are in even bigger trouble than I had dared to yet accept.  Why so many aerosol trails….this is a supposedly high pressure so it's not like there is a moisture field in need of destruction per the usual tact.  What is this….an experiment?  Help!

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, Jared is Just. NOT. thaaaat stooopid.  He's playing dumb, tha's all.  SHAME ON HIM!!!!!!!  We need to KEEP UP THE BLITZ on our elected representation to LET THEM KNOW that WE KNOW that THEY KNOW.

  32. renate says:

    The Geoengineering Act of 2017 – Ozone Depleted 76% & Independent Lab Results of Rainwater, Scary!

  33. Dennis Godfrey says:

    I live 50 miles due West of Chicago. I have not seen a single chemtrail in the last 4 days.Today is June 31. Picture perfect weather. Usually they are heavy to the West of me and over me. Do chemtrail pilots take vacations all at same time or is this a change of policy.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Dennis –

      I live 15-20 miles West of Chicago and can confirm the same thing that you are seeing.  The first day of no spraying, I was extremely happy to see normal, puffy clouds and a deep, blue sky.  On the second day, I considered us very lucky.  By the third day, as well as yesterday (the fourth day), I became confused as to why there has been no spraying, although there has been a good amount of wind each of those days.  It is rare to get one day of no spraying here, but to get two in a row, let alone three or four?  It's got the same probability of a unicorn managing a four-leaf-clover farm.  I spend a lot of time outside and am frequently looking up.  The skies have remained deep blue with not a single line of spraying.

      I was flipping through TV channels yesterday afternoon and the Weather Channel showed a live look at the Nashville skyline and they also had puffy clouds and blue skies with no visible lines.

      I'm hoping and praying the program is being shut down, but I'm extremely skeptical.  Looking out the window right now, I can see the sun coming up and from East to West, there is not a cloud or a line in the sky.

      Anyway, I hope all is well with you, Dennis, and everyone who comes to this site.  I also hope my report and information helps Dane.  This is my first time commenting, but I have been coming to this site almost daily for a year or two now.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Dennis, I doubt they are taking vacations, you just don't have any moisture to suck up. Looking at NOAA GOES EAST this morning, you should be clear until at least 10am. Of course "they" can change things up at any moment. 

    • Gretchen says:

      I noticed this phenomenon last year when the Donald was a mere candidate- every time he was in town campaigning, there was no spraying (I was paying attention.)

      Our so-called "representatives" are in their home gerrymandered districts this week- that's why the spraying has subsided. In case someone should approach the traitors about climate engineering, they can look up, see actual blue sky and fluffy white clouds, act stupid and spew the official disinformation vomit they're paid to say.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Today was the 5th day in a row of no spraying in my area West of Chicago.

      I also have to say, Gretchen, that you made a very interesting observation, but a ith that in mind, even last year in the Chicagoland area, I don't remember there being more than two consecutive days (rare) of no spraying, let alone five, at the moment.  I'll report what I see here tomorrow.  I'm hoping for a 6th day.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      After five consecutive days of NO spraying over the Chicagoland area, they started spraying again, today, on the day that I had hoped would be day number six of nothing.  It wasn't that heavy, and barely noticeable, but the planes that were doing it appeared to be at one heck of a high altitude.  They started during the early-to-mid-afternoon and left a very thin, whispy layer of white haze.

      I'm not sure if you will see this reply/message, Dennis, but if you do, we're they spraying out by you, too, today?  At the beginning of this thread you mentioned you were about 50 miles West of the city, which is over twice the distance that I am.

  34. WILLIAM says:


  35. Greg Price says:

    What a bunch of FAKE NEWS wholes. They (NASA) need to be dealt with

  36. Barb Eaton says:

    If anyone believes those are all "ship tracks" then I have the Brooklyn Bridge for sale!!   They are grasping at straws as to how to explain away the maps we learned to read (thanks Dane!)  What a bunch of bull.

    When we go to our camp on the coast of Maine they spray us all weekend so much so that we can't even keep count of the planes and all their "trails" X's, tic tac toe lines, and wispy haarp clouds.  I hate to tell them that there are NO ships in our cove or channel or anywhere near us!!  Plus we can SEE the friggin planes leaving the trails so they can't fool us!!  Unless a ship can fly it's chemical spray as usual.

    • MAP says:

      Damn Straight, Barb.

      Our Corporate Fascist Governments around the world do their level best to disseminate endless, mindless BS. 

    • Steve says:

      Perhaps that's why they're called "Air Ships" when referring to the larger giant jumbo jets?  Then of course, NASA's lie would be "true", if they're referring to [air] ship trails. The PTB really must believe the peasants out here in neverland are genuinely inoculated with the latest vaccine that prevents rational reasoning.

    • kathleen says:

      No lie, Barb! Now we each have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell!  

      Dane, I'm continually amazed at your sleuthing and so VERY grateful for it.

      Friends, please start/continue researching herbs and plants that can help to detox.from this assault or otherwise assist us in maintaining health. Some to investigate include way more than these, but it's a start:

      activated charcoal, arugula, blue-green algae, blueberries, chlorella, cilantro, daikon radishes, dandelion greens, echinacea, endive, fermented foods, fungi (that's mushrooms), goji berries, grapes (eat the seeds), and those barely touch all the healing foods/substances/flowers from A-G

      Don't forget, sometimes it takes up to 10x to get used to a new taste. Baby steps are STEPS!

    • joe Strauss says:

      Dane, etc and…


      I have friend Merchant Marine Cargo Officer, long cargo ship.

      He is 67 now and If I tell him NASA ship tracks  I will be

      the last laugh a for 10 years or more.


      At 72 for me , I have seen NASA at it's extreme stupid information…


      Dane..What is with those Geoengineering people ?

      And good success as you are finally on to them for the

      most good for us all ,who want to know…    Joe

    • Gretchen says:

      We have been lied to our whole lives about pretty much everything, the desperation of the psychopaths that control everything to maintain the deception by withholding truth is business as usual for them.

      The pyramid of power is made up of many smaller pyramids, all the players on top of these pyramids are Nazis, Zionists, and Satan worshipers. They infiltrate every profession, every institution, every level of "government," their dirty little "secrets" are kept hidden because the depraved nature of their activities would disgust most civilized human beings. As the veil of lies is lifted the secrets are exposed…



    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Gretchen.

      Yes, they are all from the masonic pseudo-family.

  37. Dawnski says:

    Space Ships would be more believable. . . NASA never ceases to amaze me. So many brainiac's and so little common sense.

    • Concerned says:

      They are also suffering brain fog from what they are doing. It is a dangerous predicament. 

  38. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Yesterday, 30 of May, I saw in my region, for the 2nd time in my life, a big plane flying near the upper limit of the Troposphere, leaving 4 chemical / aerosol trails in the air.. but the plane had only 2 engines.

    After the passage, 20m more or less, I started to sneeze and I stayed with my nose full of transparent mucus, and these together are the typical symptoms of acute allergy. Those lines didn't stayed in the air more than one minute, after the plane passed. These trails weren't like the long and thick lines that stay in the sky without disappear, to form clouds after a while.

    Remember Dr Dietrich Klinghardt?, in his opinion, besides all the heavy metals and chemicals which are known in the aerosols, he claims that fluoride is being sprayed over US also!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Pedro, I have experienced the same thing here in north central Washington. Tanker flying low and before ya know it, sneezing and a strange feel to the air. It feels "heavy". I'm not sure if it's psychosomatic or not, but I feel "granules" falling on my arms or face.

      How long will I last in a land I love so much, my home on a hill.

      There are no "safe places" on earth, anymore. We are boxed in. It's time to act like a critter that has been backed into a corner. That does not entail anything violent. No, no, just the opposite. A cornered critter wants only to be free of it's oppressor. Free to resume the life it had before being "backed into a corner". I've been around lots of "critters" in my life time. I've seen lots of them get cornered. I've learned how they "escape" the confines without a fight. Parallels in Nature.

      Mass awareness is the one and only thing that will get us out of this mess we have been given. What's in your wallet?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Simple Horseman.

      In my wallet I've some coins of honest work, only.

      You're very lucky, because of the contact with Nature and its "little sons and daughters", that you had through all your life.

      You're right, mass awareness will set us FREE.

      I believe that Humanity is not only Anthropoid.

      Violence is a normal thing, when tempered with Justice ( real Justice ). cowardice and socio-psychopath behavior, not.

      Some wild Animals, when cornered, fight beyond death with great Courage, you knew?, but usually, yes, they stay happy when they manage to escape from their "oppressors".

      The word – Wild -, for me, is very important, because means ( in the way a see the World ), Freedom.

      This is a Spiritual war, we are paying the price of not being in connection with the Sacred Force of Nature, that drives Life forward.

      This Force is Love and Empathy for All "critters", that inhabit this World ( other Human from distant places, included ).

      Thank you for the reply.


    • Dennie says:

      The granules are there, all the time.  I'm one of the rare people who can actually feel them, taste them and smell them.  We've been getting the salty metallic stuff of late.  I HATE the humid crap, and I really hate the cold, burning stuff.  There was one last week that felt like it had little sprinkles in it that "popped" in your mouth, like carbonated granules, that feel hot, prickly and painful. 

      This afternoon was the first day in a very long long while here in the North Bay that the particulate levels were so low it was almost like "old times," before the spraying ramped up like to the currently insane levels of massive saturation.  Then late this afternoon we had Big Wind again, blowing in the particulates… "they're baaaaack….."

  39. barbzi says:

    Laughing gas is seeping out of the Arctic thanks to climate change

    Nitrous oxide, known to most as laughing gas, occurs naturally in peatland permafrost, a type of frozen ground that covers about a quarter of the Arctic. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas with 300 times the warming power of carbon dioxide.


    • nobodiesfool says:

      Well thanks, Barbzi. That explains Nasa. They all went into hysterical paroxysms of laughter and invented this absurd tale. All in an afternoon's fun.

  40. stephan says:

     More lies about vaccines from Truth Stream Media

  41. Kit says:

    Thank you Dane for your always enlightening (and probably exhausting!) work. I appreciate it.

  42. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Great Barrier Reef Cannot Be Saved!
    the Independent,  28 May, 2017
    The Great Barrier Reef – a canary in the coal mine for global warming – can no longer be saved in its present form partly because of the “extraordinary rapidity” of climate change, experts have conceded.  Instead, action should be taken to maintain the World Heritage Site's 'ecological function' as its ecological health declines, they reportedly recommended. Like coral across the world, the reef has been severely damaged by the warming of the oceans with up to 95 per cent of areas surveyed in 2016 found to have been bleached.

  43. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This is an excellent informative intelligent report from you, Dane.
    Thank you, as always. Here on the Olympic Peninsula WA, the Navy is spraying the fungi-based nanoparticles of Lithium, aluminum, barium, etc. over us almost daily. The inevitable "milky haze" is produced by gossamer feathering that has amazing dispersion rates — and the appearance of these now transparent nanoparticle sprays make it even more difficult for the ‘uneducated eye’ to recognize. We are being systematically poisoned, sedated, and our immune systems destroyed. Slow Death. Here we also receive daily doses of extreme radio-frequency & microwave as the Navy Growlers continue their practice over the entire Peninsula in this declared electronic warfare zone. Meanwhile…

    The USS Nimitz headed out for Deployment
    WIKI: The Nimitz-class supercarriers are a class of ten nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service with the United States Navy. An embarked carrier air wing consisting of up to around 90 aircraft is normally deployed on board. In addition to their aircraft, the vessels carry short-range defensive weaponry for anti-aircraft warfare and missile defense. The unit cost is about $8.5 billion in FY 12 dollars US$8.86 billion (2016) inflation adjusted.
    BREMERTON WA — The USS Nimitz will depart Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton on Thursday on its first deployment since 2013. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is expected to be in the western Pacific for six months with visits to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, though plans could change in response to world events… The Nimitz will lead Carrier Strike Group 11, which includes guided-missile destroyers USS Shoup and USS Kidd from Naval Station Everett, guided-missile destroyers USS Howard and USS Pinckney and guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton from San Diego, and a conglomeration of aircraft squadrons that comprise Carrier Air Wing 11, including Naval Air Station Whidbey Island-based Gray Wolves of Electronic Attack Squadron 142.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Yaaay, more "ship tracks" from the worlds biggest polluter.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I wish everybody would drop out of the military around the world. I guess its just a pipe dream. Just think if NOBODY around the world had a military we'd just have to have PEACE.. NO WAR; KNOW PEACE!!

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