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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 18, 2017


Dane Wigington

All over the world shrinking economies are taking their toll on civilizations that can only function in a paradigm of perpetual expansion. The law of the jungle is becoming increasingly overt as the US backed Saudi Arabian military slaughters more innocent civilians in Yemen. The US secretary of defense recommends deploying ground troops to Syria. Has the US already used deadly Depleted Uranium weapons there? On the biosphere front, ever more extreme weather whiplash is becoming the norm. Oklahoma hits 100 degrees in the dead of winter while the polar ice on both ends of the world reaches record low levels. As the great unraveling of civilization progresses, will a splintering of various power centers begin to unfold? Or are such hostilities between the most powerful nations all part of a grand facade at the deepest levels? For many decades all major global powers have been collaborating and colluding on climate engineering programs, statements in historical US Senate documents prove this fact. Will developing events soon forever overturn our former reality? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Is the power structure solely to blame for converging catastrophes that are now manifesting around us on every front? Or do countless societies and citizens also deserve to bear much of the burden for the scenarios we now face? How much time do we have? What will each of us do with that time?

This week's GeoengineeringWatch.org outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A geoengineeringwatch.org booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


119 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 18, 2017

  1. Ruth B says:

    I have been following news and blogs pertaining to Fukushima since the reactors melted down. The governments immediately turned off their radiation monitors and the lying began about the severity but there was and still are activists with blogs and scientists willing to provide data to let you know that Fukushima was likely an extinction level event. Radiation accumulates eventually killing life. The pacific ocean is dying from the Fukushima radiation and ongoing radioactive waste being dumped into it. I bring this up because there are some excellent sites with how to remove or reduce heavy metals and radiation from your body like certain clays in water, zeolite in water, charcoal in water and other ways to daily flush the body. Check out enenews.com that was a thriving site until about a year ago but there is a section with thousands of posts on best ways to mitigate effects of radiation and heavy metal poisoning. I have a radiation monitor and I daily check netc.com for daily gama radiation readings in the US from government and some private monitoring stations and it is horrifying to see readings of 300 to 400 gamma CPM's in various places throughout the US. Normal background gamma CPM ranges from 10 to 50. Where I live it is now averaging 190 CPM. The netc site is a $20 annual subscription. Another free site that measures Beta radiation is radiationnetwork.com where hundreds of people have plugged their monitors into a software program and this site shows the data and normal Beta is 10 to 20 and we have had much higher in most of the US since Fukushima.  I have thought that since Fukushima that the geoengineering has been more intense and that they have added a lot more aluminum to the point it is visible.

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    January 21-23, 2017 was one of the largest tornado outbreaks ever of any Winter month. The EF3 tornado on January 22, was on the ground for 1 hour and 12 minutes and ripped a 71 mile path of destruction, through 5 Georgia counties. Chicago, Illinois set a record High temperature of 70 degrees this week, breaking the previous High of 65 degrees set in 1981. This is only the fourth time 70 degrees has been reached during February, since record keeping began. The U.S. has been pounded with numerous storms this Winter, as many as three per week. From the West coast to the East coast, the Climate Engineers are cooking up their havoc stew.

    • windy says:

      Didn't they flood out the midwest one year and farmers went bankrupt? I thought Soros and others were buying up the farmland.

    • BaneB says:

      David….:  Just for the record a funnel cloud was observed and photographed over the Oroville Dam.  That was on the 22nd of February.  Witnesses stated the sky turned black.  There is a NEXRAD style golfball microwave facility in the area.  This weather oddity was reported by news outlets.

  3. Chico says:

    Beautiful and inspiring presentation, Dane.  I try to document the important things I learn, and you are contributing to that process.  I am very grateful for your efforts.

    • BaneB says:

      It's interesting how the weather terrorists play their warfare tactics.  For several years the jets were everywhere over Mendocino spraying the drought producing gauze and preventing rain.  Relatively speaking there are way fewer jets since the beginning of our rainy season from mid-October.  And it is rainy or is cloudy like it might rain, nearly all the time.  My thought is the terrorists have flipped their tactics.  They WANT rain.  LOTS of it.  If this keeps up California will have a different kind of drought….washed out reservoirs with no ability  to supply agriculture or the south state.  How man people reside in Los Angeles?  It has been literally pouring for the past 17 hours, almost nonstop.  I do go outside and I can hear jets above if they are around, inside the house.  None, no jets, no jet engines, as if the order went out several weeks ago to 'stand down.'  "They want rain." "Ooookay……. "

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Sonoma county 2012 and 2013  and before then even there was so much debris in the sky during cloudy days I even remember it sprinkling from a trail left by a plane, it can sparge from those man formed clouds left by plains if it's humid and cold and the trail is low and thick I witnessed it two times in my life we can also experience it rain from these trails and see it evaporate before they hit the ground in most cases and also making these vertical swirls and it look like a big mess very ugly and the air feels dry during this "spraying " that is happening.

  4. Gary D says:

    The proposal for a million wind turbine pumps on the Arctic Ocean to shuffle surface warm water below to cool the arctic is a pie in the sky white elephant. First, incoming warm Atlantic waters are increasingly present in the subsurface; not the surface. This water is warmed and sourced from the Gulf Stream and sinks because of its density, salty properties. The currents within the ocean then infiltrate the entire extent. Second, cold water is present on the surface because of large runoff from watersheds in Canada, Alaska and Russia plus Greenland ice meltwater. Third, the proposed 'solution' transporting fictional warm water to the sea floor sediments would actually backfire; warming the subsurface which would disturb the methane hydrates, potentially releasing enormous quantities of methane which molecule for molecule is 150 X, more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over the near term. Fourth, 25% of the ocean is shallow ie; 50 m or less, there is relatively no warm water to transport anywhere.This mainly happens along the Russian coast. If you want to place wind turbines there; good luck with that. Fifth, increasing powerful storms brought on by thermal anomalies in the arctic atmosphere where 30 degrees swings above averages are becoming the norm, would positively destroy surface structures. Sixth; massive ice movements would do them in also. Lastly, there would be a plethora of ecological, cultural and engineering issues to address which don't make any sense in the given context.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      And "Seventh", "they" control the wind!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Gary D:  The gods of science are completely mad!  From where do their fertile imaginations draw these madcap concepts? Oh yeah…..from Hell.    Another example of screwing up what they have destroyed, making tons of money while the brain dead sing their praises.  It occurred to me many years ago, whilst actually young and stupid, that I had been born into an insane asylum.  Nothing has changed except the obvious.

  5. Adam Coleman says:

    Too few ppl in this world can look in the mirror and say that the reflection looking back Is a man or woman of integrity. Dane Wigington, is one who can and sadly, for humanity, he has needed to do what he does to tell the world the truth by forfeiting his retirement for this cause. Does anyone else do that?

  6. Ruth B says:

    Heads up everybody. Just read an article about the man made avian flu that is sweeping China and elsewhere. China is currently killing chickens to stop it and are saying this is a man made.  https://www.rt.com/news/377824-china-bird-flu-humans/

    I was planning to stock up on organic chicken today that I buy from Costco and usually can a batch or two but am thinking that I should stop eating chicken for the time being and switch to only beef or fish. The other concern is that Bill Gates is saying that we will have a pandemic this year that will kill 30 million people and he stands willing and ready to vaccinate the world and make a fortune while (my theory) likely kill even more with the vaccine. We are living through very dark times and must stay ever vigilant against these forces of evil that want to eradicate humans and replace up with robots and clones. They have been cloning for several decades and we are now disposable. If I could leave family I would head to South America as TPTB are not actively trying to eradicate them in mass down there yet. I would still have to deal with the manufactured earth problems but not the massive geoengineering and vaccination poisons. The Bush family bought 900,000 acres in Paraguay.  I cannot leave my family and they minimize the dangers to humanity and the planet.

  7. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Thank you Andrew for this really good link (below) to what the climate scientists are saying.  I think many of us send copies of this website, or info from it, to our email lists, or even to govt people.  I may try to reply, as they have asked, to that link…

    I also know, and sorry to say this but it is true, that those who speak too loudly about things the power structure does not want to hear, can be targeted or even killed outright.  It happens all too often.  And yet, matters are now so dire that I think many are willing to become more vocal and noticed.  It is up to each individual as to how far they are willing to go….may the Higher Powers grant protection to each one of us as we perhaps become more noticeably active….Blessings always

    February 19, 2017 at 7:07 am


    • Dennie says:

      This is a fabulous article.  It should definitely go to our elected representatives as well as our clergy.  If those of us in the church do not stand up for God's creation, who will?  If not now, WHEN?  Maybe when "God" comes down here again "some day," (whenever the that is, who knows??) and sprinkles us all with Magic Fairy Dust..??

      The Bible desperately needs an update; humans have NO right to domineer the planet, and women, children, animals, plants, minerals and water were NOT put here for the narcissistic, selfish pleasure of the dominant males on this planet– So to YOU of "that" ilk:  GROW UP OR GET OFF THE PLANET.  YOU'VE ALREADY SCREWED IT NEARLY TO DEATH, NOW LEEEAVE!!!!!  Maybe then the rest of us will finally know true peace.

    • Chad says:

      Manmade snow in Idaho. 9 pm started on wed 2-22-2017

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Blu Sue and ALL, I would like to send my copy of "Cadillac Desert" by the late Marc Reisner to someone that will actually read it and promise to pass it on to someone else here on GW. Contact Dane for my email address.

    • Ruth B says:

      It was finding both The Long Emergency and The Cadillac Desert while perusing books at Barnes & Noble in 2000 that awakened me to the dangers to the world as I knew it from oli depletion and the length TPTB would likely go to go to war to steal remaining energy. I have shared these books with family and friends and it helped awaken some but not all. Some people just cannot allow themselves to look at evil full on. In the beginning of my awakening, I took baby steps in opening my mind to the truly scary degredation of the planet and our societies as it is so depressing. My daughter is very sensitive to painful things and doesn't even want to look at the homeless because it makes her so sad. There are a lot of people like her and there are others who fight for the wrong causes or against small evils because they feel the need to help others but they cannot see the forest for the trees. I am still hopeful that humanity survives but doubt that I and those I love will survive this so do what I can to talk to people about what I see, prepare somewhat, and pray. My daughter is upset because I taught my 4 yr old grand daughter to recognize the chem trails and now she points them out all the time.


  9. Peter B. says:

    Flood Warning: "ALL RESIDENTS OF INTERIOR NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SHOULD PREPARE FOR FLOODING."  All the water coming out of Lake Oroville is now threatening the Sacramento River as the Feather River has swollen to historic levels..  I-5 at Williams could could shut down the I-5 corridor with this next atmospheric river" coming this way.  I was talking to a neighbor about geoengineering and he said there is no way they can manipulate weather. People have no idea…

  10. Craig Smith says:

    Dane..Coincidence…the timing of this California monsoon and the Dam controversy leading up to this "catastrophic" natural God made weather event or not?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Craig, in regard to the global climate system, nothing can be considered “natural” at this point. This does not mean that we can conclusively blame a particulare event on climate engineering, but it does mean we can say with absolute certainty that the entire climate system has been completely disrupted and derailed by global geoengineering.

  11. MS P says:

    Dane, Thank you for a great news report. So much to think about. No time to waste.  

     A couple mentions, People really  need to wake up to the cash-less society idea. For they will be literally  cash less, or on rations. . Then starving. With no money, & no way out. CAMP FEMA here we come!

    Your mention of the AZ scientists & their  10 million;  wind powered  turbines plan to save the Arctic. That too just does not add up!

    . In valleys of Southern CA. The sensitive fruit tree crops  (Avocados & Citrus, crops) have  many wind turbines. All over these farms. They are turned on, to keep the air moving, &  ground from freezing,in frost events. To save the crops. These wind turbines prevent the ground from freezing. These crop valleys sound like 1000 + helicopters, all night long. When you hear that sound. It means that the food is in danger, of crop loss.  So these 10 million wind powered  turbines suggested  for the Arctic? I'd guess there is a different plan behind what they want this for?. Or they really do want all the Arctic  ice to melt?  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MS P, about the “proposal” for cooling the Arctic, it involved 10 million wind powered water pumps.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      T'other stupid thing about this idea (apart from sending the warmer surface water deeper) is that they intend to bring salt water to the surface…the freezing temp of salt water is lower than fresh water on the surface, so they will have to ice nucleate even more intensively. 

      Minimum one water pump every sq km of Arctic Ocean!!!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Take off the shallower areas in the arctic, and we probably get about 10 pumps every sq km.   This is nearly as stupid as the idea of covering the arctic ocean with white polystyrene balls/ping pong balls! 

  12. Dave says:

    My righteous anger detonated yesterday during the first part of Danes weekly update when he said there has been no response to his information given to Calvary Church about geoengineering as many here were hoping and praying that finally some Christian leadership would happen. Still simmering, I imagined a modern day Jesus Christ    coming back today (as we believe all things were made through him and for him) and as back in his day of driving out the money changers from the temple of God, so too today, he would visit the churches and rip up the 501c3 contracts, and the compromised believers be chastised for abandoning their commandment to care for his creation. Furthermore, I can see him ripping out the equipment at the weather channel, and overturning the planes, that distribute the posion killing people and his creation, going to the halls of power at all levels and throwing out all people that willingly deceive people for their own greed, position, and security, going to the wolves in sheeps clothing(scientists, environmental organizations,military leaders  who know the truth), pointing up to the smeared sky and shaming them into repentance. I've had it with a church that didn't even respond to a appeal to a national treasure (Dane Wiggingtons passion for his fellow man and the creation). I will be sending an e-mail, as I hope all fellow posters will to Calvary Church in as christian a manner as the spirit leads reminding them just who it is they proclaim to serve, and what they (we) are required to do as stewards of Gods creation.  

  13. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Susan, I read your post twice… Because every word is well thought out and true. The weather onslaught on California has begun, and this entire country has been betrayed by these neolibs, with no end in site. Too little to late for the next generation, and their not even willing to listen to the warnings that Dane, you and others have given. I see that we are at the doorstep of war and you will never see it on the news.

    There is so much deception going on, that I don't see much of a future for the next generations….Geoengineering is just ONE of the threats. Just one. Sorry, I wish I could get more people to stand up, but after ten years of crying out, with very little results, it's frustrating to say the least. I'm tired, I'm sad, I'm sick and tired! The End.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, you left out the NEOCONS in that rant, my friend.  As if the insanity of the Righteous Right is somehow not to blame– WTF????

    • LS says:

      Joe, we are with you, holding you up, knowing that the energy of lying, distraction, deception and fear is threatening to our higher selves and to our physical bodies. We should feel repulsed in the face of what our fellow humans have done and continue to do. You are alive and aware. Please see me being supported by this online family here as I have a date tomorrow to confront my spiritual leader about turning our backs on our Sustainer planet. Thanks to Dane and all here who give me courage to continue to acknowledge and speak the truth of what is right in front of my eyes. I was born for these times.

  14. lorenzo says:

    I will traveling to Hawaii next Wed 2/22 for a 10 day birding tour of Oahu, Kauai,and the big island. Does anyone have any knowledge of the severity of the Solar Radiation Management program in Hawaii? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lorenzo, there are already major impacts to Hawaii from the ongoing SRM insanity. There are also numerous activist groups there fighting to expose the issue.


    • Dennie says:


      Unfiltered NASA satellite images CLEARLY show the insanity of the programs to be PLANET-WIDE. 

      Amazing to me that some people still somehow think there's a "safe" area, at this very late date, where none of the spraying programs would "get" them and everything's somehow still pristine– YES, we're ALL screwed!!!!

    • MS P says:

      Please share your birding reports here with us. I too am birding. Much is so way  off the normal migratory rails, & much is missing. In regards to our  local birds. You can be a witness in HA. to such.

      In S CA I am seeing neo tropic birds in CA. & birds not normally seen here. Such as the state bird of Oklahoma. Nesting in CA. I have photos of such events.

      Have fun & good luck on your bird count, & sightings.

      Use E bird to help your rare sighting  study. Most likely you know this already.

      FYI the first of my sighting of a Northbound  Monarch Butterfly migration  in Ventura County was FEB 13.  Are they flying back up this way, this early in the year? If so (?); we sure do  have an  very extreme summer coming our way. I am tracking their migration. Last year a freak storm on Butterfly Mountain,  (Rain & snow event) had killed so many. Leaving Mexico so early in 2017? They do know something is up.

      Even CA F&W is interested in the Monarchs, & where they are spotted, @ this time. I saw a post about it, on a birding site.

    • An Observer says:

      Try looking out the window when you are flying over the pacific.  Note how thick the aerosols are. Also note how you don't see a plane spraying over the islands, but instead see the trails blow in from the ocean. It's especially evident when, at sunset, you can see how many trails there are on the horizon line.

    • mark says:

      its alive and well here on Oahu as well as the neighbor islands, Kauai is the worst?    look up Stacey Sills you tube

  15. Joseph L. says:

    GREAT SHOW.  No matter how dire the world situation  gets people need to WAKE UP and get out of their comfort zone.  Today and yesterday temperatures are ridiculous warm going up to maybe 65-70 degrees in NYC area.  I gave out about 10 of your flyers yesterday .

    KNOCKING ON THE DEVILS DOOR OUR DEADLY NUCLEAR LEGACY–    This is   a great movie that everyone should see — It came out in 2011 . 



    Indian Point nuclear which is 30 miles from NYC will close in 2020-2021 but  a deal was struck to bail out upstate nuclear in N.Y.  They also just opened up a high pressure Frack pipeline next to Indian Point Nuclear — called AIM.



  16. Tenderflower says:

    Over the last few days the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has had a 'warming spell', hitting the mid 50's, which used to be unheard of in February. All of the chemsnow is shrinking, though it persists incredibly in spite of the high temperatures. People here are just thrilled to have a 'break' from winter, not even realizing that this is anything but normal.

    • Myrna Zimmer says:

      Yes, relatives and friends in Wisconsin are doing the same…so happy for warm winter weather.  They have a rude awakening coming! They have no clue! BTW whenever I share Danes site, it's blocked. Another site pops up called Koenig.

  17. barbzi says:

    "Unto much is given much is required" Dane, you've been richly blessed with many talents. Thank you for all your time and efforts for the greater good of the earth and it's inhabitants. I look forward to your weekly updates and enjoy reading all the posts from around the globe. May you and your family be blessed beyond measure for all your extraordinary efforts to expose the wrongs and reach the misinformed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  18. Bryan says:


    I stumbled across a book in my kindle library, one I hadn't read in a long time. It's called "Immoderate Greatness" by William Ophuls and deals with what causes complex societies to fail. I mention it because it touches upon themes consistent in your own work and deftly outlines the peril we all face, how we got here and how humans have dealt with similar scenarios in the past (spolier alert: not well).

    It's short, to the point, and brightly illuminating.

    Here is the Amazon summary:

    *Immoderate Greatness* explains how a civilization’s very magnitude conspires against it to cause downfall. Civilizations are hard-wired for self-destruction. They travel an arc from initial success to terminal decay and ultimate collapse due to intrinsic, inescapable biophysical limits combined with an inexorable trend toward moral decay and practical failure. Because our own civilization is global, its collapse will also be global, as well as uniquely devastating owing to the immensity of its population, complexity, and consumption. To avoid the common fate of all past civilizations will require a radical change in our ethos—to wit, the deliberate renunciation of greatness—lest we precipitate a dark age in which the arts and adornments of civilization are partially or completely lost.

    • BaneB says:

      Bryan:  Put another way, civilization in its current form (Mesopotamian) was dead on arrival.  A zombie.  And another book, addressing the modern day global problem and it's ultimate outcome stated "…and the last shall not be remembered."

  19. Freedom is not free says:

    Dane, If it were up to me you would be our President Of the People of the United States of America! So True and Good is what we need! So You!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I support smaller government FYI and what I have to say is many honorable individuals are choosing not to run for government office and instead make the country great not as an elected official, but an activist or something along those lines that's what I noticed anyway peace.

  20. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, my friend I haven't met yet, once again your saturday broadcast leaves me speechless and full of words. Words, information, "facts" that I will pass on to as many as I can in my small world. Each and every person I talk with I make it quite clear that it is up to us as an individual to make a difference. You have seen me write here, "Live like you want things to be", and I do, with conviction. My focus in my energies spent is always "for the good of the many". All of us here know damn good and well that Dane is the definition of my statement. There are soooo many parallels in nature that will bring to your soul what it needs to keep on carrying on. I promise. What are 'you' "carrying, on"?

  21. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES: The Elites Won’t Save Us
    Feb 12, 2017
    The four-decade-long assault on our democratic institutions by corporations has left them weak and largely dysfunctional. These institutions, which surrendered their efficacy and credibility to serve corporate interests, should have been our firewall. Instead, they are tottering under the onslaught.  Labor unions are a spent force. The press is corporatized and distrusted. Universities have been purged of dissidents and independent scholars who criticize neoliberalism and decry the decay of democratic institutions and political parties. Public broadcasting and the arts have been defunded and left on life support. The courts have been stacked with judges whose legal careers were spent serving corporate power, a trend in appointments that continued under Barack Obama. Money has replaced the vote… And the Democratic Party, rather than sever its ties to Wall Street and corporations, is naively waiting in the wings to profit from a Trump debacle. The loss of credibility by democratic institutions has thrust the country into an existential as well as economic crisis.  The courts, universities and press are no longer trusted by tens of millions of Americans who correctly see them as organs of the corporate elites. These institutions are traditionally the mechanisms by which a society is able to unmask the lies of the powerful, critique ruling ideologies and promote justice. Because Americans have been bitterly betrayed by their institutions, the Trump regime can attack the press as the “opposition party,” threaten to cut off university funding, taunt a federal jurist as a “so-called judge” and denounce a court order as “outrageous.”  The decay of democratic institutions is the prerequisite for the rise of authoritarian or fascist regimes. … Fascist and authoritarian regimes are ruled by multiple centers of power that are often in competition with each other and openly antagonistic.  … We are in the twilight stages of the rolling corporate coup d’état begun four decades ago. We do not have much left to work with. We cannot trust our elites. We cannot trust our institutions. We must mobilize to carry out repeated and sustained mass actions. Waiting for the establishment to decapitate Trump and restore democracy would be collective suicide.

    • MAP says:

      My humble opinion on topic presented by Chris Hedges is that the "assault' he mentions began a few decades before "4 decades ago". It is more likely this assault began with creation of U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913-1914. The slippery slope from that point forward would begin The Great Unraveling. When money can be printed out of thin air with all caution abandoned, any thing and everything can and will be "funded" that Power Structure desires.

    • Dennie says:

      Does ANYONE really believe that the "elites" would save us?  Because it should be massively clear to anyone with half a brain and an attention span of at least five minutes left, after all the spraying, that "their" idea of "salvation" is TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!!!!

  22. Mary Hollowell says:

    emergency shutdown procedure mentioned on p. 368 of Senate document … if only.  Watching closely & staying alert in Georgia. Thanks.

  23. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, how do these "linticular" clouds really form? Are they a natural phenonmena?  Our local news team commented on " how beautiful" they were.  The weather gal also commented on how the weather might be "fooling mother nature" as people have seen trees starting to bud (in February!) due the weird warm days recently.  Of course last night it snowed again here in South Central Alaska. 



  24. Seeing Clearly says:

    This is what I was messaged (Original Post Read "If a cell phone is not safe for me what makes me think it's any different with vaccines?" This was on a video about the dangers of radiation from phone mainly in young children.

    Wow what kind of a freak are you? You want your children to die from curable diseases just because you were too uneducated to let them get the cure? You want them to infect vaccinated kids (vaccination means you can't initially get the disease but another person can spread it to you) You're basically a child murderer. People like you should be thrown in jail. Your children should be vaccinated right away or home schooled for the safety of other more important children.

    And this is what someone replied to him 

    Elaborate as to why this is misleading, especially to those of us who've unfortunately had (a) child(ren) who've suffered physical and mental disabilities after vaccinations. There is nothing safe from pumping multiple viruses/bacteria in the guise of a vaccination into infants whose immune systems are not able to handle or deal with them as an adult's immune system. 

    Can you tell the difference between the two commentaries? Doesn't the pro-vaccine or more better said anti-safe vaccine sound unprofessional ,rude and lacks humbling to me it seems like the person has some form of pride in what he was saying. The difference in the attitude for lack of a better term is really visible.

  25. Anna says:

    Thank you Andrew for letting us know what is happening in Scotland!

    As my husband and I are traveling in our RV around our west coast, such as in Oregon (Bend), Nevada (Reno and Lake Mead), and now Arizona (Scottsdale), including all the miles in between, we are shocked daily, hour by hour, by the "enormous" amount of spraying going on in just these skies alone. We've even witnessed this shocking process by the light of a full moon over the Lake Mead area!

    We left the gloomy grey skies of Montana during the past winter months in search of "traditional" blue skies in the above cities mentioned, only to be disappointed one city after another! As we drive, we watch the doomsday planes overhead destroying every blue sky we encounter in the morning, which then becomes unnaturally cloudy and rain laden by afternoon. These are high desert areas that only get this kind of precipitation during the monsoon season!

    Now we are supposedly in "sunny" Scottsdale, AZ, experiencing heavy monsoon rains that usually don't start until mid-July, not February! This city now resembles Seattle! And I lived here for 12 years watching past desert weather closely.

    This dark gloomy, unnatural weather modification pattern now stretching across our once familiar, beautiful sunny skies is very frightening-for all life forms on this planet! While my husband and I keep preparing for our survival/ off the grid existence, with very real fears about the loss of our democracy and nuclear war breaking out at any time with martial law then being permanently imposed,  perhaps the current intensity of chem spraying will make all of our plans irrelevant, anyway! I don't doubt massive starvation getting worse over the next six months.

    Not a pretty picture-anywhere- for anyone who sees what is "really" going on. Perhaps this is the real reason why most of our human population wants to keep their heads buried. It is too painful to fully realize our days are so numbered. 

    Wishing you the best, just the same!!


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Anna, the situation is very 'fluid' and nobody knows how this is going to play out – including those who think they are in control. It will likely be brutal, be it a "Nuclear Winter", a "Methane Summer" or a "Whatever" ending (but remember, it gets cold at night in the desert). Glad you two have each other. x

  26. Freedom is not free says:

    I dont write often anymore here but Icome here most everyday to hear DANE'S voice of love for all mankind. Forgive me, but My heart is faint with the most sadness and grief from the climate poisoning assault of planet death, yet I want to keep fighting this INSANITY we find ourselves living in! What will it take for people to WAKE THE F UP? I spend every minute of time on this geoengineering sickness! Thank you to Dane especially and all of you who keep fighting this ugly battle. R.


    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I know exactly how you feel. Just imagine how painful this would be if we did nothing. Never Give Up!!!

  27. Jamie says:

    I am concerned that so many of the people in Southern California do not see the reality of what is happening here daily. We no longer have any of the famous California weather here! None Nadal! Is everyone blind? I no longer call this state I live in California. Other than the palm trees the weather is exactly like living in the midwest where I was born and subsequently left as soon as I could at 21! No blue skies here everyday is dark and grey. I found that they vary the spraying daily but by 10 am the sky is covered in white particulates. I point this out to others daily. They tell me it's winter and so normal. Umm no its not normal in Southern California I respond, they look at me blankly. The people need to detox I think the particulates are affecting their minds along with the GMO Food, fluoridated water and prescription medications, especially statins. I know that the plants that grow our food are in serious trouble, I see so many dead trees and plants. I do see the palms surviving so far, they have always been tough. I am happy about that as we may have to eat them, seriously. I decided yesterday to cut up a palm frond. Today I'm going to cook it. Wish me luck. Also I was sorry to read the post here about the Sea of Cortez, I had hoped that area would be spared, I was thinking of moving there as I find Southern California weather very sad. Dane what should we do here in California  next? I have told everyone I know and many I just met. I have written letters and emailed letters. I am very concerned that famine and darkness are coming. I have children and am very concerned for their future!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jamie, thank you for your report, and for standing strong in this all important battle. In regard to your question, the attached link will give more direction. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

  28. BaneB says:

    This post of mine is going to come across as a crackpot with a vivid imagination, or hypochondria in its near terminal form.  The following is a description of a physical sensation has happened to me three times over the past few months. Twice my little mini terrier was lying down next to me.  The third time, today, she was lying down by my legs.   I am watching my dog as she was head down and relaxed.  Then she is very alert, ears up, eyes gleaming with intensity.  She senses something.  I closely observe her.  At the moment of me having a weird physical sense of a brain/body decompression she instantly barks and quickly goes to the window that is two feet away.  She barks for a few minutes.  She sensed something.  Twice before, the correlation of my sensation and her jumping up and barking has happened.  This has piqued my curiosity.  Today was proof that the two, dog reaction and this sensation are not coincidencal except in the truest Jungian definition. And she reacted a nano-second in advance of of my odd sensation.  Has anyone else experienced this sensation.  It is similar to a model train transformer being quickly powered up and then downward within one second of time.  My best guess is she heard a high frequency that was instantaneous AND she heard it coming.  Or she is picking up on a frequency within me.  But she went to the window.  I do have high pitched squeaks, trills, and chirps, and a whine in my head from time to time.  Anyone care to hazard a guess?  Me, or microwave transmissions?  

    • marc says:

      BaneB, No, you are not coming across as a crackpot! I now have not the slightest doubt that we are being subjected to intentional frequency manipulation on a scale that most cannot possibly comprehend. Many are complaining of newly emerging symptoms of something akin to "tinnitus". Myself included. But it's even worse than that. At irregular intervals throughout any given day suddenly and without warning an extremely intense high-pitched tone will blast through my head predominating quite specifically in one ear  (hemisphere) or the other. This tone lasts for about 2-3 seconds and then is gone. But let me tell you, it stops me in my tracks every time. There is no one who will convince me this is just some internal biological thing happening due to aging. This is imposed upon us from without (outside the body). Is it evidence of sinister intent? Am I "losing it?" My personal theory about this goes waaaaay beyond what I can share here. But to put it simply, Yes, this is by intent, and it is part of a gigantic agenda that most would laugh off as absurd. Gee, just like geoengineering.

    • MS P says:

      I find this odd to read. Not unbelievable. Dogs are very keen. I can only wonder, if your Terrier is feeling the same was & reacting to that feeling, or is in response to your feeling? Or maybe  both?

      Perhaps those smart meters are  much worse, than what we know. I feel instantly better when I shut the electric  power box off.  I usually do it in the garage for convenience. Even when I am not running anything on power.  For some reason I notice a  great difference. My animals also react in the same manner. They seem less stressed if the power is off @ the main box.

       Peace & calm is instant, after I click off the main switch. I have also noticed this with black outs. The weird (unnoticed until the power is out)   stress feeling is instantly gone. Give it a try.


    • Diane Friday says:


      I'm not sure exactly what this physical sensation you've experienced feels like, but I assure you, you are NOT a crackpot and you are not imaging things. You and I and countless others now have the squeaks, trills, chirps, whines, and what I call the hearing test tones and loud hish in our heads almost all the time. We can extrapolate that this is caused by the toxic metal nanoparticulates that now inhabit our bodies vibrating to and being excited by the constant rf/microwave/HAARP frequencies to which we're exposed virtually non-stop. I can only guess that your odd sensation is a new, somewhat more pronounced reaction to the same. And your precious little dog probably hears something, perhaps hears and smells something, before or at the same moment you do. The heightened sense of smell and hearing that dogs have is what makes them such wonderful service dogs for people with seizures and other neurological disorders. Not to mention their incredible empathetic properties and the way they bond with their humans. 

      We have cats. They too can be incredibly empathic, and can sense and hear and smell things that we cannot. The wise women (not witches) of yore kept cats as familiars for a reason. Lately, our older cat has exhibited some of the same behavior as your dog: he'll sometimes stare at the ESE-facing windows as if transfixed by something. This past week, he's been cautiously sniffing around the front door, which isn't used as our entrance and therefore never opened, but it's a very old building and quite drafty. As he's sniffing, he'll keep looking up at the window. Interestingly, he is scared to death of thunder, and the ESE-facing door and window are the same ones he'll stare at in abject fear whenever there's a storm with thunder and lightning. Also interesting is that's the direction that most of the spray planes come from when it's a "normal" bombing run. Lately, however, they're spraying from all directions, and spray from all directions every night, without exception. Even when it's overcast and/or raining or snowing, I can hear them going at it above the "clouds". 

      Our younger cat has taken to spending a lot of time under the bed or behind the couch, as though he's trying to hide from something. I think that's exactly what he's doing, and would tell us so if he could talk. Both cats have been more clingy than usual as well. How I wish they could talk so they could let us know what they're hearing or smelling, or just sensing. More importantly, how I wish we could protect them, and all the innocent creatures that are being summarily wiped out by these cowardly, sadistic psychopaths who've decided to declare themselves gods. In my opinion, cowards are the lowest forms of life the universe has ever spit out, yet they've declared US the "useless eaters". Call us what you will – every last sniveling one of you monitoring this site. There are no cowards here. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, No my friend I haven't met yet, you are not a crack pot. Thanks for the chuckle though. My own dog(heeler) has taken to sleeping by the window In my bunk room. It is low enough for him to see out of. This is highly unusual for him. He has a comfy bed only 3 feet away that is his "safe zone" yet he seems to be keeping an eye out for something. "Coincidentally"(no such thing as coincidence), my two Mustangs stand at that side of the cabin watching in the same direction. S,SW towards the microwave towers on Tunk Mtn. The Mustangs have been spending an abnormal amount of time keeping a close eye on the horizon. This has only been going on for about a month or so. The watchful eye increase has also coincided with an up turn of the ringing in my ears. Sometimes the ringing is quite loud. Back ground noise seems to sometimes muffle this but not always. I like living in silence and am not afraid to be within my own thoughts but this ringing is starting to wear on me. The sudden odd sensations you have experienced(I've experienced them also) may be the changing of the microwave frequencies from level to another. I would imagine there would be a "pulse" that is emitted and then stabilized, just a guess though. When I was a younger man I lived outside of Portland OR. I had a black Grate Dane that was always a perfect gentleman. 4 hours before Mt Helens blew up he was trying to wake me up and would not quit when told to go back to bed. Needles to say, I awoke that morning to volcanic ash falling from the sky and then I knew why my perfect gentleman of a dog would not let me alone that night. Folks, let critters be critters and they will tell you much. "We" just need to "listen". Hope that helps.

      "Anthropomorphism", I am totally against it for it serves nothing but fear and insecurity….

    • horsegirl says:

      Bane B, no, you're not either wrong or alone.  Maybe we all need to add the name Cassandra to our own.  Because they specialize in snooping people, prodding, frightening and so on.  FWIW Ernest Hemingway's family has proven that such technology was used to hassle him, ultimately leading to his suicide.  That was decades ago.  I am tempted here to write a litany of such experiences, born and raised in a hotbed of mind control and CIA fringe antics such as I was in Livingston, Montana, where CUT took over the town (E C Prophet who heard voices of the 'ascended masters,' called her minions "home", fleeced her followers and got them underground for a nuclear attack by Russia that never happened… almost went Waco).  A huge mind control operation.  But suffice it to say you are right on, and also our animals.  I agree with A Simple Horseman – we need to listen carefully to our friends.  They've gotten a bum rap by the materialist goons of team industrialization.  Not only do they have all our emotions, they still know what to do about things.  I for one really appreciate hearing about your dog, and hope more people will write about those observations.  Yours truly, pings, rings, hishes, whoops, pressure deafness and all…

    • MAP says:

      No Sir. No crackpots here on this website. We all are doing best to make naked-truth observations. I experience sudden, intense sensations occasionally. First time I noticed one of these was around year 2000. With all of Radio-Frequency and microwaves being blasted upon us, it is surprising we are all still standing. I also have near-constant ringing in my ears. I believe it contributes to issues in obtaining good sleep. Lastly, besides the ringing there is sometimes a high-pitch sound usually that occurs in just one ear. Lasts for 2 or 3 seconds.

      The first time I experienced the sudden sensation back in 2000, a friend was with me and he was taken aback, so to speak.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc/MS P/Diane Friday/'a' simple horseman/MAP:

      Thank you for your responses to my post.  And the good advice, personal experiences, and helpful commentary.  You lift my spirit.  An additional bit of information:  My cabin has no wiring.  There is no power except for a small 1,000 watt Honda used on occasion for music and movies, and while on, to charge this spyware.  Remote and very quiet but for the jets and assorted small aircraft.  Not to belabor the subject but the term that best describes my experiences is PULSE.  It's a quick up and down feeling and a odd sensation and "sound."  And it's quick but not subtle.  As for the odd whine in my head, it at full bore this early morning hour.  The rains are coming down in buckets.  A considered guess is the Oroville situation has the microwave facilities operating at full throttle.   It's difficult to say if the weather controllers want to save the dam or knock it down.  Indeed, the weather meddler's might hav lost control of the situation, perhaps overrun by the whiplash they have created.  And I propose a name change from Pineapple Express to the Fukushima Express.

    • BaneB says:

      Horsegirl:  Thank you for your response.

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yes, i am am getting all sorts of strange sensations/ hearing strange sounds these days. I have developed the persistent "Tinnitus" although i personally think it is radio frequency hearing or something. I think it is all of the EMF "cell phone" towers/smart meters ect ect. I also have a cat, and have had similar experiences where he is laying next to me and i will watch his ears, and they will move precisely the same instant i am hearing or perceiving these sounds/sensations. It is all around us whatever it is, I have lived in two different states and four different cities and traveled all up and down both states on the west coast, and it is strange, i find that the sound/sensations are very similar in the different locations, but at the same time they will be different and the intensity will be different, Some towns i could never live because the noise sensations are perceived to powerfully to me.

      This is kind of scary, but i thought i would share. There were instances on a few cold winter nights in Albany Oregon were i thought i would literally die from what felt like very powerful "death energy", hard to explain, but half way between sleep and awake in the middle of the night, it felt like my life "light switch" could be flipped off, but i must not have been the only one because all night and all next day i heard ambulance and police sirens constantly. I bet many people did die on those nights. I am in my early thirties and consider myself very healthy, I am to young to pass away in the middle of the night, I really do believe that all this EMF or whatever it is, is very powerful and can not only damage, but also kill.

    • BaneB says:

      Ben Barzman:  Interesting post, and food for thought, though my retort to you some might demand be given a scifi label.  Everyone with a cell phone is tracked by the GPS.  I think it can be deactivated.  But, given the predatory nature of this spyware technology that tracks human beings, would it not be in the interest of certain psychopathic control freaks literally to triangulate a personal location of a target and simply cut off their personal "frequency."  Maybe a heart or brain frequency identified via the phone itself.  Flip of the switch and it's lights out.  By the way I read somewhere the Census Bureau is seeking a GPS fix on those they home visit in person.  Recalcitrance is not a virtue:-))

  29. Mario says:

    Excellent broadcast, Dane.  Thank you for energy and passion each week — it is an inspiration every Saturday morning. 

    I got up late today.  I was watching the storms in California until 4 am.  Last night was odd.  They moisture that was saturating SoCal started to creep up northward.  I simply sat in amazement, wondering what "their" thought process is.  What are the goals and the motives?  I'm mean I understand that they are making headlines.  And I understand that they are masking the runaway warming scenario we are now in.  And I understand that they have been on an all out blitzkrieg to cover as many mountains as possible and fill as many reservoirs as possible, which in turn creates a nice ancillary headlines that the drought is over.  But with the Oroville Dam situation being "precarious" to put it mildly, what is the underlying thought process by which they are absolutely going all out on California this winter???  Watching the radar last night and I noticed that as the day and night wore on, the transmitter near Oroville began to heavily seperate the eastern edge of the moisture field coming from the south.  The northeastern wedge of the coverage zone of this transmitter was wide open.  Like a door.  There was still precipitation hitting the Oroville area, but the giant "L" shaped gap on the northeastern edge pushed and concentrated moisture everywhere but that northeastern wedge surrounding Oroville.  Which is why it came down in buckets at my place in Loomis (I am south and east of Oroville).  When they want to they can create gaps in the radial energy that forces the precipitation elsewhere in higher concentrations.  It was fascinating to watch.  Again, I have no idea what the motive or agenda is here.  I think it will be a while before I postulate.  I do know that the Oroville Dam situation is one that unimaginably huge in the short term in California.  If that dam fails, we will lose whole towns forever.  The valley will be forever altered.  Millions would be displaced.  The sheer enormity of it is something we cannot begin to fathom. 

    But have no fear . . . FEMA has just moved into Travis AFB and they are setting up shop.  Given the observable damage, the frantic pace of work, FEMA showing up, and Jerry Brown pulling the locals off the project in favor of unionized workers . . . The situation looks dark and ominous.  We'll have to wait and see.  If I were a betting man, I would say that the dam won't survive winter.  I hope to god I'm wrong.  I am hoping to eat my words on that one.

    Love those around you with the very depth of your soul, everyday.  I personally think we need to begin thinking about survival and contingency plans for our lives.  Because things are changing quick.  Peace and love to you all.  Thanks, Dane.

    • MS P says:

       Mario, your mention of FEMA setting up camp. Is really bad news! They usually show up after  a disaster has struck.

      Not only was there mention to repair the  DAM overflow. Warned as a danger 12 years ago.  There has been a local  issue, with wanting to widen the road. The road that all the people were stuck on, for hours. While trying to evacuate.  To the tune of $330 million in cost. For the road.  The road is still the same, & so is the Dam overflow. With a band aid on top.

      Perhaps the disaster will be downgraded. Just like the 1-17-94  Northridge earthquake was. The readings of the  quake magnitude were much higher at first. They said 7. +. Then the number was lowered. Here is the deal. If a quake is 7.0 or higher. FEMA/ GOV pays ALL the damage  bills.  If lower than 7.0 magnitude; FEMA gives the property owners repair  loans. Which include interest rates. 

      CA is broke. They (CA GOV)  hates the current Federal GOV Administration. We the people of CA; might be in for a very rough ride. In the name of getting  some Federal funding. For many disasters, over the next 4 years.  It's starting to look like this is very possible. As corrupt as the water systems is. It was built upon corruption, & greed. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Mario, Again let me write, "I really appreciate what you do". You ask great questions and offer good observations. Thank you.

      You and so many here would make superior hound dogs. Hmph, if only it were as easy as treeing those SOB's in the power structure like a hound dog would an animal and let "justice"(what ever that is,?) prevail. Unfortunately, that is one parallel in nature that will be hard to obtain. I think we call it "mass awareness"… but I keep reaching…

  30. Carol from Michigan says:

     Average temperature for my area in February is 32°. Today it was 67° and for the foreseeable future it will continue to be well above average. This is not good!

    • MS P says:

      The White Crowned Sparrows have already moved on & so have the Cedar Waxwings. Last year they were here till April.

      The Sycamore has new green leaves, the Mulberry tree is still dormant. Which also produces food. 

      My Daffodils have bloomed & are already done. Last year they bloomed in  early June.

      I think we are in for a very hot summer. All this rain, falling trees, will create lots of stuff to burn, in brush fires. I can only hope to be wrong. Just adding it up. 


  31. marc says:

    Dane, if I'm not mistaken you seem to have consciously avoided the Oroville issue, which of course also implies the immense rain phenomena occurring over many regions of California. I'm sure you had your reasons, but as a psy-op (and a weather warfare maneuver) it is a monstrous development and could potentially cause a number of catastrophes of biblical proportions. Just interested in hearing what you have to say about this.

       Also, Dane, fantastic show of great emotional power. I am not as strong as you. There are few who could commit the time and energy to our cause that you do without breaking down, bailing, or just saying: f**k it. Your radio shows are becoming increasingly heart-wrenching, if that were even possible. We all sense it, feel it, know it and dread it. Yet we welcome it. Why? Because your voice serves to push us on when many of us are foot-dragging and even falling down. Many, many thousands of people depend upon this website and upon you for inspiration, education, conversation and illumination. I don't think there's even one among us who, at this late, late hour, doesn't now fully understand that in a very short period of time it really could be curtains for all of humanity, and for virtually ALL species with whom we share this miraculous planet. The challenge I and thousands upon thousands now face is to resist the temptation to curl up into a fetal position and wait for the end. But instead, find a way to not go down without a fight. Because, as you say, even if, even if we all soon go extinct, at least we knew during the final months or years that we were doing the absolute right thing. Not just in a practical sense but in a spiritual sense as well. And because I know the truth of reincarnation, I know our collective efforts here and now will reverberate energetically throughout eternity. Of this I am certain.

  32. Randall says:

    I have to say society is more to blame than any government

    people are so compartmented in their lives, ignorant as to act.

    i am short now with people I have been talking with over the years

    who are outdoorsman, They know, but do not care.   I 

    a Jehovah witness friend I have knows all about the evil crap in the world  

    I said to him that all organized religion has failed

    in its duty to keep people up on life sciences and environment  

    he said climate isn't an issue since God will fix it soon! 

    I just said that doesn't make sense in a world that 

    is supposed to help each other out in all ways.

    I said unless the church started getting more involved

    with climate and the seriousness of the science of possible  extinction , we could not take direction from any organized religion  

    it's sad when others know and are awake to things stay silent  

    I have a large Geoengineering watch org sighn  at the end of my 

    driveway placed when it was apparent trees were self destructing here. 

    it would be nice if these people made their voices heard as to not label

    us who act and explain, that we are not the lone tin foil hat person in the town  

    i am short and have little time for them these days  

    Oh ya, the Wisconsin DNR air quality stated wisconsins

    air has improved in all pollutants . Of 

    course hearing this just freaks me out and anger 

    rushes in. I think they should be sued in a class action suit, 

    more worse!!!!  Jail time for this lie  


    • MS P says:

      I try my best to be kind to people.

      I do find myself getting short, or better yet, just ending the conversation. When people try to convince me, that geoengineering does not exist, the economy is growing, & doing well, vaccines are the best thing ever for mankind, GMOs are going to save the world from hunger, Round-Up goes away after 3 days & all is healthy on that farm, 

      I'd rather change the subject. Unfortunately life is just too short to spend time with people who are so duped = to being sheeple.

      Then I go off, really longing to have a  actual intelligent conversation, someplace else. Or just go to my studio, & do some art.  Or going hiking & take photos of nature's beauty. Where I can still find it.  It's good to have an escape outlet at times. Stay strong, & lets all band together to help save Planet Earth.♥


  33. Blam says:

    4 straight 80 degree days in the middle of winter, colorado rockies. Yesterday we had blue skies really blue, now they are back at it heavy so I expect a cool down to come soon

  34. MAP says:

    Thank you, Dane. Wow. Today's presentation was a  masterpiece. I encourage everyone who follows this website to listen to this presentation multiple times.

  35. James says:

    Heavy non-stop spraying east plains and southern mountain ranges in Colorado again and again today.  Sucking up the moisture off the snow capped peaks and moving it SE to flood or tornado Americans again and again.  See chem-bows and moon chem-bows all the time now.  Never a sapphire blue sky in CO like we used to have.  

    I'm constantly asking clients what they know about geoengineering and solar radiation management and then show them the stratus lineralis airplanalis clouds all over CO skies from the office window.  Many ponder I could be crazy, others are aware.  I've noticed over the years those who cannot see our toxic skies also can not see the corruption of the US Deep State and the level of control they have on us.

    God Bless America!  That may be our only hope now! 

    • Blue Sue says:

      James, great call on your "cloud" classification for the fake variety: "stratus lineralis airplanais"!  I remember seeing those stunning sapphire blue skies over the rockies in (1977) Colorado.  We used to have that same deep blue sky here in Alaska (up to about until 2000). I have noticed the same: "those who cannot see our toxic skies also can not see the corruption of the US Deep State and the level of control they have on us."

  36. francis m reps says:

    Now is the time for intelligent , concerned Americans and others to assist Dane Wigington's efforts to make more people…politicians…industry leaders,,,churchmen ,,and any other human beings who revere life on earth by informing groups { of any stripe } they are associated with  about htis unfolding Global Catastrophy.  I would not hurt if the readers of this website also made an effort to assist financially in any way they can afford.  Time is dhort for all of us.  It is really way past time for readers to spend a bit to enable Dane's message to be trumpeted to the world.  He cannot do this all by himself. 

  37. jake s. says:

    thanks dane. I wish you were wrong about everything, but the weather in washington state is exactly as you have been describing for 2 years now.

  38. Edmund S. O'Neill, USCG/Retired says:

    I have sent a link your current video's to President Trump and again to the Vice President. I warned them about the current dangers we face.  I have asked both to contact you. If they don't act now, I will keep sending, Thank you for all that you do.



    • Edmund S. O'Neill says:

      I think everyone who knows about the toxic Geoengineering contact the President and other about this issue. 

      Please do so.

      It is the only way thing will be stopped, even though it is probably too late.

  39. Jim Schultz says:

    I am often served up the question: Why would they knowingly poison themselves? They breath the same air.

    So is it far fetched for those in power and know what they are doing to have an antidote of sorts? Little purple capsule or the like?

    • Dennie says:

      These people Just. Do. NOT. Care.  That's how they deal with the air we breathe.  They DENY what they might be feeling.  Most people can't even tell anything's wrong at all.  They call it "allergies" or "colds" when the spraying's really heavy.  .

  40. WILLIAM says:


  41. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    PS  Somehow we always knew that after the catastrophic drought here in Calif, they would flood us with more water than we have seen in years!  Anything to keep us off balance and somewhat alarmed or weakened.  May our perseverance and manifestation abilities amaze even us!!

    • MS P says:

      We have not seen anything  just yet. Wait till all the  Sierra snow melts. 

      Wake Of The Flood.

      (Wake -verb; emerge or cause to emerge from a state of sleep; stop sleeping.)

  42. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Thank you Andrew for the reminders….Somehow I keep buying cans of chicken, veg, wild rice soup …thinking they could be eaten as a sort of cold stew if necessary.  Seems time to be thinking of just basics…water, some food, warm blankets or sleeping bags, renewing love/gratitude/kindness in the heart to hasten the new dimensional frequencies (always a hopeful dreamer!).  Blessings of strength, perseverance, protection to all…may the Golden Light see us through.

    (Lots of flooding, power loss, mudslides here in So California as the rain and wind keep it quite dramatic).  Constant prayers.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      "…renewing love/gratitude/kindness in the heart…" beautiful words Linda. You bring to mind the prayer ACTS acronym. x

  43. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    It is truly Sad that after all these years of effort, We are still working on moving others to take an interest in the Only Planet We have. The Only Ozone, & Trees & Plant Life, Oceans/Plankton, Lakes, Rivers, & Streams.  Pollunators, Soil to Grow Our Food, And Breathable Air. But even to have ignorance about all af these crucial needs for survival, How can any Logical mind not see the daily spraying right above their heads & not question the reason why?  To be brought to one's attention, that has been in the Dark  it should be taken in with Shock & Horror & the need to know more about this Climate Engineering, And a Thank You for bringing this to my attention. I Feel like such a Fool!  Instead, We have to push for a scrap of effort to acknowledge. I am so Proud of those that take the time to Look & See. Without Begging!      Has anyone seen the square waves in the Ocean?  On YouTube: by Sonofmabarker 1:09  titled, Square Waves.   A Wee Bit of HAARP?  Scary!            In Yemen Jan. 17,2017  It was reported that there are  7 million without food. So I doubt they could feed the animals, more likely have eaten them. None of them know where there next meal will come from. But, we are well fed in N. America. Atleast those that can afford to eat.  Rob the Poor to Feed the Rich!     

  44. Yar Swerc says:

    Mister Wigington,

       Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking my mind so clearly. Not since H. D. Thoreau have I felt so connected to another mind. And you are a contemporary! How wonderfully refreshing to feel so much less alone………

  45. L says:

    I think a very important part of this battle lays in a mature address of exactly who sits behind the entire global banking system. For whilst there are very dangerous known faces of this shadowy government, there are even more families whose names we never hear and yet, who influence and manipulate the world stage, including its leaders without ever being seen. Part of the minefield is the entire legal protection system they have created and woven around themselves that now includes issues such as so-called political correctness, the far too free use of the word "racism" (and other "isms") to control everyone with, world war propaganda and many other issues on which people are not allowed to speak openly or from the heart about. We live in a dreadful, post Orwellian world in which people don't even say what they truly feel in their own homes these days, let alone out in public, and they cannot see the illusion that the financial system is. It's extremely frustrating and a very dangerous situation for us all to be stuck in.   

  46. Sherri says:

    For many years in California they have been droughting us out and now they are drowning us out – these evil beings believe they have the right to choose who lives and dies, that they have the right to destroy all life on the planet and feel they are above God and HIS LAWS and will never be held accountable.  One day they shall take their last breaths and be held accountable for all the evil deeds they have done and we can only hope and pray God shows no mercy to them or as much as they have shown  all his creations and good works.  In the end of days it is written about when good is seen as bad  and evil is seen as good and woe to those who live in those times.  I believe these evil entities are doing the enemies work and are being greatly rewarded for it while they are here by him.  They have sold their souls to him for power and money while they are here…they are not God's beloved children but have given themselves over to the enemy and are doing their best to rise up in power preparing for the final battle that is fast approaching.  Good (God) vs Evil (the devil) – Armageddon is upon us but most are blinded to it or active participants in it doing their best to make it happen.  For anyone to deny the evil that is occurring at an alarming rate is either  a complete fool or a liar.  This is all happening for a reason and you are either on the side of good or evil, we have free will and we have free choice…for those who are here willing to fight the evil we have clearly made our choice on who we have chosen to follow.  May our Heaven Father and Lord Jesus provide us all with everything we need to fight and win this battle for HIm and His Glory..we must be Warriors for the Lord and Fight for what is right and good.  I applaud all my fellow warriors who are the true warriors and willing to stand up against evil!

  47. Edward Palys says:

    There is another sure-fire proof of weather manipulation with the latest events at the Oroville dam. The massive storms that hit central California were dumping over 11 inches of rain, but the Oroville basin got a total of 0.6 inches! Major catastrophe was averted because the true intent of a catastrophe was discovered and publicized by alt media. That is how well these "scientists" can control the weather. There are weather maps available for all to see the movement of the storms with blank "hole" right over the Oroville lake basin. 

  48. Concerned One says:

    Thank you for all the amazing information. I will continue to share this site and believe that if people don't start doing the right things to correct destruction, poverty and bad laws made in the name of Corporate Greed, then this planet will be doomed. 

  49. Travis from Pennsylvania says:

    Thank you Dane for the outstanding time and effort you invest in spreading the truth. 

  50. A true test for Trump is if he can stop the CIA geoengineering operations. This will be a real sign we are winning.

  51. Tara says:

    Trying to connect the dots here as none of this makes any sense, but considering the ultra- secrecy surrounding these climate engineering programs, the money funding them, their global nature and the relentless of them,  not forgetting the health implications of them, it's hard not to deduce that they are trying to depopulate the entire planet of all forms of life (including us) and kill off any possible chance of providing sustenance .  It's the classic NWO end game in plain sight – destruction of the old to bring in the new.

  52. Seeing Clearly says:

    Knowing how we treat the planet and all life in it what makes us think we can go to heaven and not do the same? We must end this heartless cancer calling light darkness and darkness light we need good change not the tolerance and acceptance of wrongdoing (while being intolerant and rejecting of right doing calling us names like conspiracy theorist,  or ableist etc ) as many try to push for we need to get in line with God we need to see clearly we need to be able to distinguish between reality and deception from right and wrong we can't make love with cancer and expect a good outcome. Will we be token over by the cancer or will we take over the cancer and eradicate it because you can't work with cancer you can only fight it or help it . We are becoming an ever more increasingly divided world and that is not good something is wrong somewhere. We didn't have the climate engineering controversy before climate engineering existed we didn't have the global warming controversy before global warming existed we didn't have the should we cure autism controversy before it existed, It's all these things we brought upon ourselves that are dividing us and making us loose our sense or reality now we don't even know what good and what's bad what's right and what's wrong what is the truth from what is the lie and this has to change we need higher levels of education and or discussion about the details and claims of things that are dividing us because apparently some people don't even believe in global warming or other issues and are totally divided and no I don't embrace and accommodate this division as just some type of diversity that needs to be left alone we should not be afraid to challenge and be challenged about what we believe if there is anything wrong with what I am saying I would like to know don't be afraid to speak .

  53. C.J. says:

    Slowly but Surely. The Perpetrators' are Killing Everything.

  54. Lawrence Beck says:

    Dane, I'd like to see one of your programs dedicated entirely to the topic of the chelation of heavy metals from our bodies.  Interviewing those experienced in this area might help to benefit those who live in heavily sprayed areas.

    I moved to the Sea of Cortez from So West Arizona in March of last year.  I brought along my $650 radiation meter and immediately took measurements of dry seaweed along the shoreline.  Levels were 52 CPM (Counts Per Minute).  

    Those levels went up to 75 CPM by early December and yesterday's measurements hit 116 CPM.  

    The Sea of Cortez is sheltered from the Pacific by the Baja peninsula.  I was freediving 4-5X weekly here, from March through November, and there were always fish to be seen.  There has been nothing since early December.   Friends are bringing food to local fishermen as they're not catching any fish.  An American I met at a New Year's Eve party said he's been fishing these waters for 23 years and has never seen anything like this.

    Everyone has noticed and commented on the high levels of atmospheric spraying that has been happening through December and January.  Radiation measurements in a friend's organic garden yielded numbers from 72-92CPM, alarmingly high given the fact that they live several miles inland and we've had little rain since Hurricane Newton in September.  I'm beginning to wonder if radionuclides are now an increasing part of atmospheric spraying?  

    It would be interesting to hear if anyone else who contributes to this blog has a meter and has noticed increasing levels of radioactivity in areas far from the west coast (and subject to Fukushima rads) or any nuclear reactors.  This is something that should be closely monitored and logged.  Information on how to chelate heavy metals from our bodies would probably help us all to keep on with the fight.

    • Joe Sullivan says:

      Hi Lawrence

      interesting response. My family Doctor refuses. to test me for Heavy Metals. He won't check the box, so I fired him.

      I do and want to have a baseline. I been hearing for years now how the Sea of Cortez is dying.

      I have learned through extensive reading here – drink Fiji water which is high in Silica. Helps remove Aluminum.



    • Christine says:

      Regarding best chelation chemical: EDTA.. Please check the great talk by Ty Bollinger at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMspXcdw5ew&feature=em-subs_digest

      The only thing one needs to say, while using EDTA, one needs to replace the flushed out bad metals with the right ones, a.s.a.p. Those would be Mg, Ca, Zn, I, Cu, etc.

    • horsegirl says:

      Lawrence, hi – I don't know where you are, but we lived in San Carlos, Sonora from July 2011-April 2012, and noted heavy spraying campaigns punctuated by gorgeous blue sky weather possibly coordinated wtth comings/goings of illustrious resident Carlos Slim.  What we ALWAYS observed was what we called "the daily dose" which thickened up over nearly all Mexican towns beginning around 3 pm until sundown.  This happend without seeing aircraft, but as someone who first traveled to Mexico at age four, I can assure one and all that the "daily dose" was not a natural mist.  Our hypothesis is that particulate was released, then teleported/placed by all those red/white trident-shaped alleged cellphone towers (all encircled with razorwire).  We observed that at any populated beach on that inner coast of the Sea of Cortez, there was ALWAYS a pall of some kind of particulate.  That held true for absolutely any sized population base, usually dense in direct proportion with numbers.  Back then we still saw thunderheads, but always shaved off on top due to ionospheric issues.  Plus particulate material that seemed to shepherd those natural thunderheads (remember, world, clouds used to be so bright  white they made you squint).  Easy to spot the heretical new sky filth.  What I'm saying is that geoengineered filth has been massing up on that coast for decades.  We were in Alamos in 2011, where I had opportunity to ask an elderly mostly illiterate farmer what the most dramatic changes were he had witnessed across the years.  I expected him to lambast tourists/gringos.  To my surprise, he said the sky (in Spanish – I'm fluent).  I asked him what he meant.  Don Baldo said everything – the clouds, the seasons, and above all the crazy heat.  I asked him when he first observed the changes.  He said about 25 years, which would have meant it began on Reagan's watch (star wars).  My parents camped in Mexico with their jeep and trailer every winter for years, and when I looked at their photos of northwestern Sonora during the late 80's., sure enough there was nanoparticulate grunge mixed in with the genuine clouds.  I wouldn't be surprised if the skyarrhea is not a significant component in this radioactive brew.

    • horsegirl says:

      One important detail more:  elderly Don Baldo told me that the planes were leaving clouds behind.  He couldn't have been more clear about citing that as the cause of celestial change.

    • Lawrence Beck says:


      Would love to hear more from you about your time in San Carlos.  SC has been home since March.  On six separate occasions last summer I tried to find a single place in the northern hemisphere that was hotter, when factoring in the heat index (humidity and air temp).  SC had them all beat… including Rajasthan, India.   On a day that hit 154˚ in India. SC had a heat index of 168˚.

  55. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 153rd email, titled 'Nighttime Imagery'.

    1.  Using the 'Nighttime Imagery' we can now watch the sea ice breaking away and moving south down the north east coast of Greenland – at about 2 miles per day:  https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/?p=arctic&l=VIIRS_SNPP_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,VIIRS_SNPP_DayNightBand_ENCC,Reference_Labels(hidden),Reference_Features(hidden),Coastlines&t=2017-02-15&z=3&v=-517088.8373991437,-1551673.6642965549,2104351.1626008563,-255289.66429655487 

    Maybe also peruse: https://www.facebook.com/NOAANESDIS/?fref=nf 

    2.  20 million people may starve in the next 6 months – that is about: 4 times Scotland population; or one third UK population; or nearly Australia population; or half California population.  Looks like the Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford, Brent Scowcroft and George Bush "1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide" is taking effect:


    3.  That's it for this week – climate catastrophe events, arctic methane and CO2 peaks, and mass die offs (birds, bats, fish, cattle, antelope, sheep, monkeys etc…and maybe soon humans) are happening so fast it is difficult to keep up.

    The deceit, denial and bickering amongst climate scientists and other informed people has gone up a level this past week and makes one wonder about their motives and egos.

    4.  Notes to Self (week 7 of 104): How would I cope/how prepared am I if the UK electricity grid goes down, becomes intermittent or rationed for 3 days, weeks, months, or years?

    • Dale Emde says:

      Dane, have you attempted to contact Trump ib any fashion to warn him of what is happening?  He has appointed someone to head the EPA. Surely they must not know what is happening and if not, barrage them with your info. Please answer me and tell me and all others what you think. Dale

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dale, The top Trump campaign people were fully briefed on the climate engineering issue over a year ago. I know this with certainty from a retired USAF Major General that I am in regular communication with. GeoengineeringWatch.org supplies the materials and information for the meeting. As of yet there has been no encouraging response from the administration.

    • kathleen says:

      Thank you, Andrew, for your consistently informative posts. I particularly appreciate your more recent Notes to Self section, and would love it if, say, come week 10, you could review weeks 1-9 as well. They are of crucial importance to all of us, and worth an occasional repeat for those who are new or too busy to re-find your previous posts.

      As for this week's Notes, I had an opportunity to experience a blackout (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/blackout/california/timeline.html) and had a battery-operated portable TV (which "ate" 5-AA batteries every 2.5 hours and NOT recommended!) from which I got
      plenty of dis- and actual information, plus my landline phone worked and I was able to share what I was hearing /watching with others.

      So, while I don't suggest a tv, I do suggest the following:
      1. Battery-operated and/or hand-cranked radios, plural, plus earbuds (more than one pair–they all eventually fail or break).
      2. Battery or shakeable or solar flashlights, headlamps, booklights, and lanterns.
      3. Battery portable fans and/or heaters.
      4. Washtub, washboard, and clothesline.
      5. Camping/composting toilet.
      6. A "practice" day and/or night, once/month.

      There are countless other items one may need, but knowledge of basic skills will be of prime importance, along with some preparation (e.g., plenty of matches or fire-starters and dry combustibles for heating water) and barter items (e.g., coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, tobacco, alcohol), to name just three of dozens of areas everyone needs to be aware of and familiar with in ANY emergency. 

      Take advantage of used bookstores and the www for manuals and instructional videos re wild edibles, essential oils, "stealth" crops, seed storage and sprouting, uses for vinegar, composting, etc.
      Hats, caps, gloves, hand-warmers, leggings, socks and layerable clothes are essential if it gets cold, as are blankets and wraps. A misting spray bottle and hand fan are equally important if it's hot.

      I've left out the crucial two: water and food (assuming air is still breathable), about which there are countless books and resources to explore. I'll say this: if you rely on canned food, you better have more than one can opener! And if you don't have a clean source of water, you better learn how to distill and/or otherwise filter/disinfect. Should you be ill and currently taking prescribed pharmaceuticals, please start informing yourself of the healing properties of foods–they work in >90% of cases, are cheaper, and have no side-effects requiring yet another drug that has side-effects requiring yet another drug, ad infinitum.

      But I must echo Dane's heartfelt plea: PLEASE make every effort to inform others of the multitude of travesties geoengineering is doing to each of us, our planet and all its life-giving bounties. Surely we are destined to garner our inner selves' greater purpose for having been born in such "interesting" times, and to take steps, whatever we can, to stop the horrors that await if we do nothing. And if we do nothing, we are actually helping our and the planet's demise, a tactic only twisted sorts could ever endorse. It's late, very late, but not too late to do the right thing. One small act can be like those butterfly wings, making important waves worldwide. Be that butterfly! 

      Start with just two simple measures: 1. Stop drinking faux- and sugar-laden carbonated soft drinks and your brain won't melt, so that 2. You'll be lucid enough to tell your friends and strangers why they need to come listen to geoengineeringwatch.org. If you're already there, go to local farmers' markets for your fruit, veggies, etc. If you can, grow some of your own food (everyone can sprout a tiny jar's worth). Buy used clothing (I can tell you how to dress like a fashion model from thrift stores). Reuse everything you possibly can (glass lasts for ages, paper can be burned or buried). Learn to recycle–worms (aka vermiculture), compost (even human waste ultimately recycles). Stop shopping as a hobby! Donate things you no longer use to a local homeless shelter or leave a box labeled "Free" atop your weekly trash bin. Practice living with fewer material goods and find the enjoyment and wonders of feeling richer for the simplicity. That sort of joy is infectious in all the good ways here and now, and perhaps more beneficial if we're tallied for kindness as an entrance fee to a better place when our souls leave this realm. Do Unto Others…

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Kathleen, will do. x

    • MS P says:

      Kathleen I fully agree with you. Create a list of the top 100 survival skills & learn them well.  Also take a look about now. What would you take, to save yourself? 

      Remember to go light.  If you need to go!

      A history lesson really hard to think of. Was WWII. When the people tried to get out suddenly, in a frozen winter in what was  once Germany. (The borders changed after WWII)

      Those who packed their horse buggy's; that were way too heavy, did not make it across the  frozen Visalia river. If too heavy; the buggy broke thought the ice. Horse buggy, people & possessions had perished in the frozen waters. In trying to escape.  The people were trying to escape. As the Nazi army was coming from the west, & the Russian army was coming from the east. The book the Cruelest Night will tell this story. More to it than what I just said….

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