Less Wind, Rain and Sun, Welcome to Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

The science relating to the effects of an atmosphere saturated with particulates is clear and disturbing: less rain, wind, and sun. Numerous environmental engineering studies have found that the levels of rain, wind, and sun around the world today are likely far less than they should have been and would have been without chemical aerosols decimating our atmosphere. Such studies discuss these problems that can occur with atmospheric aerosols, however most articles, like the one cited below, ignore the “elephant in the room” that geoengineering is by far the largest single source of atmospheric aerosols. A recent report from NOAA even admits to the fact that they just don't know where all these particles are coming from.


Particulates in the air prevent "condensation nuclei" (small particles 1/100th the size of a cloud droplet) from combining and eventually falling as precipitation or rain. Instead, the normal process of cloud formation does not occur and the atmospheric moisture is scattered far and wide into a rainless "artificial" aerosol cloud, leading to significantly diminished and dissipated global rainfall overall (though isolated deluges are also increasing in frequency).  The visual effect of this process often transforms the sky into a completely featureless canopy of lingering and expanding particle trails dispersed by aerosol spraying from jets. Depending on the degree of spraying intensity, the sky may also appear to be a mix of natural and artificial clouds that can be seen as an "over-story" of white, "cob web", wispy, and/or silvery sky above natural clouds. The particle trails or "trailing" can often be seen in these "partly cloudy" conditions creating a layered appearance to the sky.  Though wind can, of course, still blow under this sky laden with aerosols, available science makes clear that the wind and sun are less than otherwise would have been if the atmosphere was not completely saturated with particulates (there, of course, will always be exceptions regarding wind and rain depending on the conditions and the goals of the climate engineering in a particular circumstance).

The stated goal of numerous geoengineering patents is to saturate the atmosphere with aerosols (extremely tiny nanometer sized particles). SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management) are the acronyms for the now constant aircraft spraying and dispersion so clearly visible in our skies to anyone that bothers to look up regularly. Though most are finally beginning to wonder what is wrong with the weather, very, very few have taken the time to investigate. The corporate sponsored media and its complacent politicalized weather forecasters are all too proficient at explaining away the now completely altered skies above us, the radically fluctuating temperatures, the almost never "clear" skies, and the rest of a long list of anomalous weather events increasing by the day. Skies that are often covered with stripes from horizon to horizon, with x's and other grid configurations considered to be "normal". It is important to remember that there are no absolutes in this equation. Though aerosols in the atmosphere have specific general effects, as pressure is built up in the climate system ferocious storms will also develop to release that pressure.

Any that bother to truly investigate the dire issue of geoengineering will find there is much going on in our skies that could be considered anything but normal.  In the meantime, most will unknowingly be suffering from the insidious effects of the aerosol spraying, which is silently diminishing the natural balance of nature with devastating consequences.  Welcome to Geoengineering. Though the Stanford study below of course does not admit to climate engineering as a source of atmospheric aerosols, the point of their effect is still made.





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Aerosol pollution slows down winds and reduces rainfall <—-link to article

The winds that blow near the surface of the Earth have two beneficial effects: They provide a renewable source of clean energy and they evaporate water, helping rain clouds to build up. But aerosolized particles created from vehicle exhaust and other contaminants can accumulate in the atmosphere and reduce the speed of winds closer to the Earth's surface, which results in less wind power available for wind-turbine electricity and also in reduced precipitation, according to a study by Stanford and NASA researchers.

"These aerosol particles are having an effect worldwide on the wind speeds over land; there's a slowing down of the wind, feeding back to the rainfall too," says civil and environmental engineering Associate Professor Mark Z. Jacobson, co-author of the study with the late Yoram J. Kaufman from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, who died in May 2006. "We're finding a reduction of rain, and that can lead to droughts and reduction of water supply."

Jacobson and Kaufman's study, based on NASA satellite data of aerosol accumulation, measurements of wind speeds over the South Coast Basin in California and in China, and computer model simulations over California as a whole and the South Coast Basin, was published online Dec. 27 in Geophysical Research Letters. The researchers used both the model and data to study the effects of aerosol particles on wind speed and rainfall.

Slower winds, less rain

Aerosol particles floating in the atmosphere absorb or scatter solar radiation, and prevent it from getting to the ground. This cools the Earth's surface and reduces daytime vertical convection that mixes the slower winds found near the ground with the faster winds at higher altitudes. The overall effect is a reduction in the speed of near-surface winds, which Jacobson has calculated to be up to 8 percent slower in California.

Clean and renewable, wind power made up 1.5 percent of the Golden State's energy portfolio in 2005, according to the California Energy Commission. But slower gusts may reduce wind's economic competitiveness compared to other energy sources, such as fossil fuels.

"The more pollution, the greater the reduction of wind speed," Jacobson says. Aerosol particles may be responsible for the slowing down of winds worldwide. Wind supplies about 1 percent of global electric power, according to Jacobson. Slow winds may hinder development of wind power in China, where it's a needed alternative to dirty coal-fired plants. Aerosols' reduction of the wind also may explain the reduction in the Asian seasonal monsoon and "disappearing winds" in China, observations found in other studies. Moreover, slack air currents may hurt energy efficiency in Europe, where countries like Denmark and Germany have made major wind-power investments.

Slower winds evaporate less water from oceans, rivers and lakes. Furthermore, the cooling of the ground provoked by the aerosol particles reduces the evaporation of soil water.

What's more, the accumulation of aerosol particles in the atmosphere makes clouds last longer without releasing rain. Here's why: Atmospheric water forms deposits on naturally occurring particles, like dust, to form clouds. But if there is pollution in the atmosphere, the water has to deposit on more particles. Spread thin, the water forms smaller droplets. Smaller droplets in turn take longer to coalesce and form raindrops. In fact, rain may not ever happen, because if the clouds last longer they can end up moving to drier air zones and evaporating.

Increasing California's water woes

"In California, [the wind reduction] may imply a 2 to 5 percent reduction in water supply, which translates into 0.5 to 1.25 million acre feet less a year" Jacobson says. (An acre foot is the volume of water needed to cover one acre of surface area to a depth of one foot.) This contributes to water scarcity in the state, which with its growing population will require an additional 4 to 6 million acre feet of water supply by 2010, according to the Association of California Water Agencies.

In fact, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently called for new dams in Northern California and near Fresno to store more water from Sierra snowmelt—an initiative that environmentalists have vehemently criticized. Jacobson says the elimination of aerosol pollution would offset some of the need for additional dams by increasing rainwater supply.

"The aerosol pollution in California could be causing an annual loss of water supply equivalent to the storage in the planned upper San Joaquin River dam, with a capacity of 1.3 million acre feet," Jacobson says.

Jacobson advocates replacing existing motor vehicles with cleaner ones, such as renewable-energy powered battery-electric and hydrogen-fueled vehicles, and substituting contaminating power plants with networked wind farms. These actions would reduce particle emissions practically to zero, he says. The second-best option would be adding particle traps to existing vehicles and other sources of pollution.

"If we want to solve the global warming problem, we have to replace most of the existing energetic infrastructure with wind and other renewable-based energy," says Jacobson, whose next step will be to study the effect of greenhouse gases on winds.

Jacobson's research was supported by grants from NASA and the California Energy Commission and involved the use of NASA's high-end computing center at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif.

Maria José Viñas is a science-writing intern with Stanford News Service.

22 Responses to Less Wind, Rain and Sun, Welcome to Geoengineering

  1. Alan Cameron says:

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  3. Jane says:


    Don’t waste your time trying to convince people. Instead Google this down.

    Alan Watt Geoengineering You Tube


    Alan Watt Chemtrails You Tube

    Listen to what he has to say.

    This will certainly tell U why not to try to convince your girlfriend.
    I have learned that in a very hard way.

    People sometimes just want to ignore or are scared of reality.
    But that is OK

    That is their perogative.

    I like your comment about the Big Fat Paycheck though

    They’ll need it to bury their family at the Funeral.

    Very True

    In the meanwhile relax and keep researching. Better off to know yourself what is going on then to preach to the Lombotamized people that can’t grasp what is going on.

    She might Wake Up some day and maybe not.

    Might as well do something instead of trying to convince the Denier’s

    Wasted Time and Wasted Breath

    Good luck Marc

  4. iceman6 says:

    Marc its NATO. As for your girlfriend, the words positive and NEGATIVE pose as words in this fake duality matrix to enforce the fake on us. This world is war more science fiction and stranger than we like to believe it is. Look into the archons and their DNA manipulation of human beings. Your girlfriend I am sorry to say is just a program, her soul is a program, her spirit is long detached from her. I am sorry to inform you but this is the truth of the matter. Our loved ones have become programs for the matrix and the same thing that she is denying is helping to control her mind. Yes geoengineering is human mind engineering as well. It has turned the world’s population into unquestioning positive negative robots.

  5. Freedom Ranger says:

    Dump her Marc. YOU NEED SUPPORT. This battle is so emotionally draining the last thing you need is that special someone doubting you when you need to recharge. Love keeps you in the fight. This person does not love you because this is the most important thing in your lives. It is time to UPGRADE, this is the strongest statement you can make. This will make her think about geoengineering.

  6. Becky says:

    airplanes, jets, and trains no longer need a person to pilot them.

  7. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Sorry mark, TreesAreLife is right don’t dump her, yet.
    I get frustrated when it comes to deniers, please forgive me. Keep up the good fight.

  8. Dave Christy says:

    Interesting comments as Marc stated , I also want to know who these morons are that make these flights, where they live, who signs their pay checks, where these flights originate from, are they loading in hangers or out on the tarmac ? Important statements and questions need to be put to them. Without pilots there are no flights. We only have success when the workers of the cullers turn against them. Will our military turn on the American Public ? These pilots are.

  9. TreesAreLife says:

    Marc don’t dump her! It took me a while to accept the truth about Chemtrails and GeoEngineering its not any easy thing to process on top of all else that is happening in the world. Give her time she has heard you and acknowledged you, just lovely nudge her from time to time. My friends and family make fun of me when I bring up the subject, that’s ok because I know we are right and its going to take time and I’m in it for the fight! I even told my daughter to bring it up in Environmental Science High School Class when they study climate change. I told her to be careful and be sure to use the world “Alleged” allot. If you confront people head on they will push back, and when the truth finally does come out in enerest people will turn to you for guidance. God Speed!

  10. sherry taylor says:

    looks like another ice age or dark ages after it is coming.
    It is hard to swallow that those with the money and power to do this are so gullibility taken in by fear.
    And because of that they are poisoning their own people.
    If we don’t help ourselves collectively as a people now..then when?
    This will have to come from the ordinary people who will have to deal with the deception..even though it is “negative” in order to create real positive energy.

  11. Cory says:

    The biggest mystery to me is that if this is Solar Radiation Management, why do they spray on cloudy days and at night?? Isn’t that a waste of this costly operation to spray on days where there is already cloud cover that reduces solar radiation? How can others not notice this? How can THEY continue to enforce emission reduction and shut down coal plants for that reason and go on to dump toxins into the atmosphere at an alarming rate??

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    To Marc:

    I’m sorry to say, it seems your girlfriend is insulting your intelligence and not validating your feelings. This does not bode well for any relationship.

    At the very least, to “humor” you, she could look at some of the documented evidence such as government documents and patents.

    Certainly, with friends who do have other good and desirable qualities, this is difficult territory to navigate.

  13. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Did I say really say the fossil fuel cartel will do anything to “marginalize” the Solar and Wind alternatives? MY BAD. They want Wind, Solar and any other viable alternative DESTROYED, and they’ll just as soon destroy life on Earth to accomplish it!

    And I should mention how blatant the ozone layer destruction is here in Alaska. I’m developing cataracts, and cannot even see well outside now WITH sunglasses. Of course, our sunglasses are inadequate protection at these UV levels 🙁

  14. Bella_Fantasia says:

    While we can bemoan the loss of wind for wind power, what about how the loss of Sunshine affects all life on Earth? To pretend airbourne particulates are mostly from power plant emissions and car exhaust, and they do come from these, in general is a pretense.

    Let’s get real, PLEASE.

    Aside from the loss of intensely blue sky in Alaska and the now pale silver or bland white skies, there is also a thick, deep yellow/brown haze on the horizon in every direction. I’ve only seen it in the last three years or so. Although we have pollution from cars and from some coal power plants, we never used to have the thick yellow/brown haze.

    Does anyone doubt the fossil fuel cartel will do anything to marginalize Solar and Wind alternative power?

  15. andrew says:

    I am totally against geoengineering and send out my weekly email.

    Now we have this Stanford report which suggests an 8% reduction in wind in some areas. Certainly I have noticed our wind patterns change here – probably due to spraying and HAARP.

    All of this makes wind power even more futile and expensive – particularly here in the UK.

    Our current wind policy is harmful to humans, other life forms and the environment and produces very little intermittent and variable electricity.

    If anyone would like a copy of my current objection to wind turbines which includes my experiences of living next to a wind farm, or to be put on my geoengineering information email list, please email me at andrewvivers@hotmail.com

  16. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Mark, dump her and move on. You don’t want to waste anymore positive energy on this denier. Sorry for being blunt, but that’s what I would do.

  17. Marc says:

    Yes, folks. A CONSPIRACY!!!! To think of the vast array of human beings complicit in this geoengineering crap: miners who extract aluminum ore, chemists who have spent lifetimes in the lab creating nano-technology, truckers who transport tanker loads of finished, flight-ready SAG chemicals, contractors who retro-fit commercials jets for this agenda, top-secret military and black budget personnel who sit at computers in their control centers mapping out weather modification strategies and disseminating marching orders to the thousands of top-secret branches of the central tree, wall street brokers who stand to make millions on behalf of themselves and their clients in the geoengineering business by betting on the risk of catastrophic weather events….etc, etc, etc.
    The vastness of the interconnectedness between tendrils of the “military/industrial/governmental complex is terrifying. I confess I hold out little hope of effecting any change to this nightmare any time soon. Darkness gathers around our planet….and our species.

  18. Marc says:

    Let me give you all an example of what we’re up against: my own girlfriend and I left the house to go somewhere and right above my car, plain as day, a jet was SAG spraying and laying out an immense trail of white. I said to her: “Look, they’re at it again!” She said “What?” I said “They’re spraying their poisons right over us!” And you know what she said? She said “Oh…I don’t buy into any of that stuff, you’re just into your conspiracies”.
    Now, you see, we’ve talked about this several times but she won’t have any of it and she refuses to investigate this website or any others. To say that this is putting a strain on our relationship is putting it mildly.
    She proclaims to be all about being positive and spreading good in this world and she prefers to do it her way. Which actually is fine. But to consciously refuse to even investigate an issue of this magnitude, to at least learn some of the real facts involved, is , quite frankly, beyond my comprehension.
    And so it goes for probably millions of ignoramuses out there who, for an infinity of “reasons”, are not on board with this fight. UNBELIEVABLE!
    My own city has been under a blitzkrieg of spraying for the past several days or more….relentless crisscrossing of the sky with long blasts of aerosols from early morning until nightfall. Really? What army has been mobilized to actually carry out this filthy, disgusting agenda? Who are these asswipes that gleefully and obediently carry out their boss’s orders? Working for a paycheck? Gee, I hope your paycheck is fat, because you’re gonna need some extra cash to pay for you and your families’ own funerals from breathing all the poisons you just sprayed over your own hometown for the last year.

  19. JR says:

    The last U.S. Senate Bill for weather modification was #1807, with opposite number on House of Rep. floor, look it up. This was from several years back because they may change number and modify write up a little different every few years supposedly because it’s not voted on. The very first I was introduced to several years back was #517 introduced by Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas and a couple of others in cahoots. They act all stupid as if nothings happening right now with modification works as we all know to well quite the opposite! We vote these people into their seats! See you soon enough…

  20. Pat says:

    I’m with you Sr Gladys! Full disclosure and an explanation why on certain days there are up to 20 high altitude jets flying back in forth in a grid pattern! I’ve seen them make 90 degree and 180 degree turns, normal passenger jets don’t make turns like that at high altitude! Funny thing the next day they are gone no jets no contrails? Where did all the passengers go?

  21. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:


  22. Michel B. says:

    Well, we can see that the above explained problems are actually a deliberately employed science, given all the data on SRM/SAG Geoengineering.

    The-Powers-That-Be are using it against targets abroad as well as against its own people in its own land, the USA. This clearly demonstrates allegiance to no one except their own cohorts, who ironically will be suffering with the rest of us. We can generally deduce some of the benefits that this most destructive program has for those who wield it: namely domination and control.

    If the water that exists at any time in the atmosphere as water vapour was condensed into liquid it would equal approximately 3100 cubic miles. That’s FRESH water. This can be seen as an unlimited water supply. It is turned over every few hours in the evaporation process from land and sea.

    Max Whisson’s Water Windmill is a solution to tapping this vast renewable resource.

    His proposal of the ‘Water Highway’ is similarly a way to see seawater as an inexhaustible source of fresh water via a passively powered (solar and wind power) water desalination system that once established could reestablish and continue to water whole regions, especially those aligned with the coast.

    But, first we have to cease the Geoengineering programs. They are clearly not benefitting most of us. Then we have to ‘decarbon’ our modern lives. This is also possible now. Then carbon sequestering, followed by the expansion of all renewable technologies. Then we might have a chance.

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