Climate Engineering Desperation, Decimation, And Destruction, What Will It Take To Wake The Masses?


Dane Wigington

Some 70 years ago our government made the decision to commit the human race and all life on Earth to a lethal global climate engineering experiment. The power brokers did this without our knowledge or consent while being fully aware that the consequences of this experiment could never be undone. Governments all over the world have long since been a part of the global climate engineering cabal, extensive historical documents prove this fact.  Of the countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the climate and the biosphere, the geoengineering/solar radiation management assault is mathematically the most devastating. Every life form on the planet has been completely betrayed by those behind the weather warfare atrocities, and betrayed by the science and media circles who are actively and aggressively helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering omnicide. 


Aerosol saturated skies from the ongoing global climate engineering operations, Redding, California. Photo credit:

The US West is experiencing record shattering heat, this is just the beginning.


Burning hillsides in Azusa, California from erupting wildfires and record heat. Photo credit: Nick Ut/AP

Astoundingly, only a few days before the scorching heat took hold in the US West, snow was falling in multiple states. The geoengineers are aggressively utilizing chemical ice nucleation methods (whenever and wherever there is enough atmospheric moisture) to temporarily (and toxically) lower the temperatures. In addition to the total contamination of the precipitation, the short term chemical cool-downs are also all too often extremely destructive. One primary agenda of the ongoing climate engineering assault is to continue fueling the confusion and division of populations in regard to the true state of the climate and the true extent of damage to it. The weather radar image below was taken on June 16th, clearly showing snow falling near regions of the West that experienced record shattering heat only days after. 


Radar images now often reveal frozen precipitation occurring with surrounding air and ground temperatures that are far too warm to support natural ice nucleation processes.

The atmospheric spraying of highly toxic metal and chemical particles is not only worsening the climate catastrophe and overall heating of the planet, it is also causing epic drought all over the globe (with record deluges occurring in other locations). With the water levels in Nevada's Lake Mead now at record shattering lows and dropping further by the day, the Las Vegas spigot is about to run dry.


The dry season is just beginning with Lake Mead already at record low levels and long term forecasts (scheduled weather) for rapidly deepening drought.

Las Vegas has recently spent nearly a billion dollars on a water project designed to drain the last drops of water from Lake Mead.


A steel cap on top of an intake riser holds back what is left of the water in Lake Mead. This final  attempt to tap the last of the remaining water storage is a true sign of desperation. How long will the human race continue to believe the delusion that technology will somehow always correct or cover up the countless and ongoing crimes against Nature? Photo credit: John Locher

Many citizens of first world countries have so far largely chosen to ignore the unfolding global climate cataclysm as if they are somehow immune to the accelerating biosphere collapse. Such arrogant denial will very soon be shattered on every front. Those who control the climate, control the flow of water, and thus the populations that depend on it. The masses in less fortunate countries have long since been reaping the full impact of the climate engineering assault.


A farmer in India takes a drink while standing on a now parched lake bed. Photo credit: Manish Swarup

The people of India (who are also suffering from record shattering high temperatures and record drought) are an example of what is unfolding all over the world. Due to the atmospheric saturation of electrically conductive particles from climate engineering, increased lightning strikes are also taking a heavy toll on populations. Nearly 100 people have just been killed by countless lighting strikes in India.


Amritsar, India. Photo credit: Munish Byala

If the human race and life on Earth are to have any chance of surviving the short term horizon, there must be an immediate and complete course correction. Industrialized/militarized society has decimated the planet, climate engineering is the epitome of this willful destruction. May, 2016, was the 13th month in a row of record shattering global temperatures, how long does anyone think we can continue on such a trend and still have any chance of avoiding total omnicide? Record high Arctic temperatures and the disintegration of Arctic ice is also accelerating at blinding speed. What is the response of our government? To place illegal gag orders on the majority of weather/climate scientists and to fire other frontline scientists. What we collectively face is nothing less than an existential threat. The single greatest leap forward we could make in this battle for survival is to expose and halt the climate engineering global assault. This battle can only be won if we are all committed to the effort, make your voice heard.

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  1. Jan says:

    The monsoons are being blocked by a permanant high pressure setting up shop over where, of all non-coincidental places? Baja California, where Isla Guadalupe transmitter is located off the coast! This clokcward rotating high pressure will keep monsoon moisture to the south in mexico, and pull dry air from great basin over the rest of the southwest! ALL FRIGGIN SUMMER LONG UNLESS WE CAN SHUT THAT DAMN TRANSMITTER DOWN!

  2. Judson Singer says:

    Please remember that we are NOT helpless. It's time to stand our ground. It's been quite a while since chemtrail aircraft have appeared in our local skies. We're very vigilant in our community and ready to kick ass and name names of positively identified aircraft using Flightradar24's web site. It also has apps for iOS and Android devices. It's time to take the offensive and stay on it. Airlines regularly scan the Internet, especially social media sites, in order to get intel on their competitors as well as monitor their own online reputations. Data posted on the Internet, if absolutely true, can have a VERY LONG life. This can be good or devastating to a company. And… we still are not precluded from taking legal action against those who harm us. Know what I mean? Hope this helps.
    Find Flightradar24 at

    Use the plus and minus sign on the right side of the window to zoom in and out. Use the mouse to drag up and down, left and right. Click on any yellow aircraft and the aircraft details show up on the left side of the window. Flightradar24 also has iOS and Android apps for your device. Use any camera with a "timestamp" feature to document the time and date of the photo. Take several photos to show that the aerosol spreads in the way characteristic of chemtrails then post the results. Keep doing this every time new chemtrails pop up. See if these aircraft eventually stop because of the constant damaging publicity. Hope this helps… 🙂

  3. Yolanda says:

    I'm in England.  The scene is very different here, we do not feel as if global warming is real because we no longer have summer or blue skies.  I'm 47, when I was a young child the summers were definite, the summer nights were bright until late.  When I had my first child I ensured I would not be pregnant during the hottest months.  Now the weather is the same all year round, the skies are a white out.  You catch a glimpse of clear brilliant blue skies early morning but by 7:30-8am they have been eliminated.    We cannot tell it is summer. We have the heating on still.  Also the weather has been crazy – if we do get a random hot day, we have snow the same time! Which is crazy.  We have had so much rain too.  We don't see the sun anymore.  I see the plane over head, within no time the sky is a white out.  I do not know what else they do, but it is as if they have machines billowing out white smog which without wind, absorbs the sky and expands out of nowhere.    I have watched now for three years.  My government has a document called HC221 which mentions all about dimming and global warming and geo engineering – that they was to carry it out for 100 years to a cost of billions.  I noticed the skies becoming unusual in the 1990's.  Our children do not know what summers used to be like.  I need sunshine.  I feel sluggish with dark days every day.  As a child, clouds would gather and it would rain and the sky clear.  We don't have that anymore.   We had strong storms recently, with heavy rain – nothing cleared. We had smog skies still.  I want this to stop. I remember summer, I would sit school exams in summer, the sun would be bright and dazzling and the skies clear blue. The sky was never a complete white out, if there were clouds, they did not look like white smog.  I want my skies back.  Please carry on alerting people.  Our oak tries have died off in our local parks.  I have taken many photos. It is all very sad. 

    • Darren says:

      Hi Yolanda, 
      I’m in the uk too. It's scary when someone else sees this shit too. I garden using permaculture practices and I can tell you there are signs of lack of direct sun, too much rain, sudden temp swings and mould everywhere. The trees look terrible (this year the cherries are really sick). It's countrywide. I was In Bodmin a couple of weeks ago (July) with the log fire on (not too warm in the cottage). Two days later it was 30c. When I arrived home all my society finches had just dropped dead in their aviary. I assume sudden temp swings and deluge. Madness. Thanks Dane. I really appreciate everything you do, but really because it relieves my dissonance.

    • Mary Kingsley says:

      Well said and know that you are not alone in your observations. Take heart because we are here for a relatively short period of time, and cultivating and expanding awareness is what the cosmic game-plan is all about. Even though it may seem hopeless here when we move on, those who have remained aware understand what this cultivated nightmare is all about. It's basically a war against love. Love is the fundamental energy of creation – what holds everything together. It's been programmed out of us especially since the sixties. Look at how many have been taken out who tried to get this message through. 

  4. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    The community I told you, is global.. Millions know about it.

  5. Veritas says:

        Heavy spraying in TN, there has been an increase in low flying planes as well and grey toxic "clouds". No rain in weeks everything is drying up. Trees and grass are brown and burned from the electromagnetic waves and chemical soup they are bombarding all life with. My heart was racing on and off last night and my lymph glands are swollen, which as I am otherwise healthy is the barium and who knows what else destroying my body. They are successfully culling the population as many people I know are dying or are already dead from extremely fast developing cancers and heart attacks. They dumped Corexit on me in Florida making me deathly sick and now this BS, these wretched psychopaths and their shills are determined to destroy the last bit of life and beauty in this world in their quest for absolute control, as they try to play God. Stay Strong in the face of this Evil and we will yet prevail. Remember to Always speak out against Evil and fight for what is Noble and Just, even if they destroy our bodies our souls must be resolute against this darkness.

    Below is a link to the new GMO bill to make it possible to poison us further and expedite or departure from this mortal coil.


    • Pedro says:


      Believe it or not, in my country, "medics" are starting to attribute the cause for esophagus cancer to very hot drinks…  this is not true!

    • JR says:

      No doubt, same thing in my area S.W., New Mexico as I've, we've posted. Rain clouds being obliterated from SAG/SRM spraying. Weeds dying off in some areas but not others just like roundup or other weed killer when sprayed with chemicals.

  6. Steven says:

    I noticed something weird about all of the Oak Trees on my land here in Norcal. All of the Mistletoe has died. It seems that it went over night. My trees were loaded with it and now it's all black and crisp. Dead. I know that mistletoe is a fungus to a tree so they might like it gone. But a very strong indicator that something just isn't right. There are only 22.8 million visitors that have been to this sight and I am guessing that a lot of them are repeat Point is, we all need to be more vigilant in our exposure of all of this. That number needs to be at just over 7 billion. We have a long way to go. Keep up the good work D.W. as will I. Everyone, get some Mistletoe and kiss your loved one this Christmas, before that too is gone forever. Truth in Trinity.

    • JR says:

      Hey Steven, Bane B, CJ, and rest. No difference in post as I posted a couple of days, being demolished here in Southwest, N.M. The super winds came at a switch with all the spraying. Power In the Lord. Yes we here would be considered terrorists under the Patriot Act -Bush-Cheney because we want a cleaner and safer Earth and truly air our complaints on SAG/SRM. We know to much. Looked at dvd "Conspiracy Theory" when the u s a supposedly landed man on the Moon. I'd seen it before but it was an eye opener again, more lies after lies fed to us, with astronauts being oft when they spoke out against program risking their lives. What a farce. To much money and people involved in losing their jobs in the Military Industrial Complex?! Talk about the Fleecing of America, what a bunch of Losers….. 

    • beatriz says:

      Trees Die-Off in NYC and NJ

      So sad to report the decimating condition of trees all across the board in species in NYC and NY. As Dane says: people will be forced to wake up soon. I was not expecting the death of trees to take place so rapidly. It seems I can notice the tree deterioration by day. I just came from walking in Central Park. My heart is so heavy, my sadness so profound. Maples, Linden, Oaks, Elms, Tulip Trees, Birches, Honey Locusts, Cherry, Dogwoods, Ornamental Pear Trees, Ashes, Hornbeams, Pine and Firs, as I can identify. All diseased and dying in different stages but in such an obvious way to whoever cares to look at them. Is happening all across the city, old trees and newly planted all affected. The tops thinning out, leaves shrivelling, trunks leaning over, barks falling off as well as in branches, branches that look absolutely black like burnt, fungus all over. It was so shocking to see the beautiful white birches, with their trunks covered completely by what it looked like black greasy stains. The trunk of some trees and their branches are completely bared of their bark, loosing their precious skins.

      What seems remarkable to me is how Life wants to keep in giving….

      Most of these dying trees bloomed like never before, and in some of them you can see young fresh greens sprouting  close to the roots.

      It broke my heart to see so many people frolicking in the park and nobody noticing the pain of these trees. I couldn't help, but touching them, letting them know that I as a human being cared and felt for them.

      I am preparing a letter to City, State and Park Officials and the Central Park Conservancy is the least I can do. Is not the heat (NYC Has been cool and fairly wet for the past 2 yrs) As we know here, and i thank all of you and Dane in particular, is the crime of Geoengineering and the incineration of the UV Rays caused by it. I am so sorry that people will soon have such an awful awakening, the death of trees is proceeding at lightening speed.

  7. CJ says:

    I notice the same as Bane. Hardly any fruit flies, hardly any mosquitoes, less of everything including bees. Also as Bane mentioned about the Dew. When all this spray blocks the heat in at night it doesn't allow the heat and pollution to go out in space at night time so there is no big difference in temperature to get Dew. I also lost many friends in the past of Cancer. One had throat cancer years ago. That was before I knew all of this. It is quite obvious that all this is intentional.

  8. Dennie says:

    We've got bats and other animals dying from viruses and cancers. We hear the Tasmanian Devil is being decimated by tumors that attack the nose– how awful would that be?  We've heard over the years of nasty viruses and bacteria found in areas where chem spraying's occurred.  We know that the Idiots-In-Charge of these ops are using microbes in their atmospheric experiments and give no thought to the fact that the crap they see fit to put in their formulas just falls on us all.

    A former room mate died about ten years ago, under age 65, of cancer of the throat.  He'd never smoked.  He was a competitive bicycle racer and had taken human growth hormone and other supplements in large quantities.  He reported that he felt fine, was laughing at a social event, then noticed pain and bumps right after. 

    I know at least three people in Berkeley, CA who've been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  The upstairs tenant from my teaching studio has a neighbor who was recently diagnosed with bone cancer.  Our section leader in Marin Symphony was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  That's caused by strontium 90.  My private student who is a physician at Kaiser said she's getting burned out telling patients that they have cancer… Well, if we actually do want to cure cancer, why don't we all insist on stopping the poisoning of our planet???

    I wish someone would grab the nuclear bastards by the neck and shake some sense into their over-sized, empty, arrogant heads– "clean," "non-polluting" nuclear energy–? InDEED!!!!

  9. Grant Jones says:

    Oh boy. Cocktail in hand with both parents alive, Dad 92 an Mom 90. Dad on his way out.  He as a biology teacher at the high school where he was Captain of all the teams with state titles. So I explain this evidence from here an he said, "I'm too old to worry about it."  No Dad, you taught me to be inquisitve about the Earth and here is where we are.  Even so late in life there was some interest, an pride to try to carry on for this Earth.  I don't know of any purpose that is worthy of our efforts as is what we share and try to relate here. Thanks to all. G


    • Dennie says:

      This is such a typical response from That Generation, especially if you're white (no I am not trying to offend, it's just true, I've heard it far too often, but that's who's around me mostly).  My mother would say, "When I'm gone that will be YOUR problem."  Meaning all the environmental messes their wonderful Money Masters and in turn, their lapdog Military toadies created, for a more convenient and comfy lifestyle.

      So let me see if I understand this.  You have a military that comes up with all sorts of inventions that always involve extracting resources from the planet, then they sell all us peons on the ideas and next, everyone "has to" have it, too.  We've got nuclear power from "peaceful" atoms, as if splitting atoms is somehow a "peaceful" process, and all the attendant "unintentional side effects" from these messes that can't be cleaned up, and our parents think it's actually OKAY to shove those messes onto their own children??  How feckin' HEARTLESS is THAT?  Never mind, we need to stop crying over the spilled milk, roll up our collective sleeves and get back to work educating as to why we need to go poison-less on Earth, then clean it up here.  Your Mother doesn't live here any more, remember??

  10. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The off the charts incoming Solar/UV Radiation is now so intense, plants and trees at our landscape nursery are getting bleached/sunburned. Several coworkers have said to me, I have never seen anything happen like this. These plants and trees are rated for growing in Full Sun 6 to 8 hours or more of sunshine daily. This past week High temperatures have reached nearly 100 degrees, with Heat Indices as high as 110 degrees. June is the month Northeast Florida begins to receive convective diurnal rainshowers and thunderstorms. In the first 24 days of June we have only received 3 occurrences, one of the days of rainshowers and thunderstorms was from Tropical Storm Colin. Rainfall amounts are well below normal and with the extreme above average temperatures, plants and trees are experiencing very harsh circumstances!

    • BaneB says:

      You can predict your Florida weather by observing the meteorological data/satellite imagery at 1pacificredwood.  Usually he does a quick update of how these monsoonal rains are being manipulated over the Gulf.  For instance, in my region of Northern California, there is a strong high pressure in place.  There is no threat of a moisture field approaching.  Therefore, over the past five days there have been no terrorist jets spraying their chemtrail brew.  There are a few very high flying jets leaving no visible trails.  The sound of jet engines is practically non-existent during a stable artificially maintained high pressure.  This guy shows you how the weather warriors move the low pressure systems on their computer programs like pieces on a chess board.  Just as with the eastern Pacific, the Florida region, especially east into the Gulf, is a major weather producing region.  And receives special attention to be or not to be.  Frankly, I am in awe of the criminal sociopathic minds that have quietly set up their weather control apparati.  They did it quietly, under the radar but in full view of the public gullibility.  Look up from the ground.  Look down via the satellite imagery.

  11. Wes says:


    Eastern Nebraska update, 

    The throat cancer, esophagus cancer yes. It seems like it's running rampant. Along with the brain cancers and brain tumors. I lost a friend of mine to brain cancer a couple of years ago, he was 47yrs.

    Walked out of work the other day and noticed something was falling from the tree across the street. My first instant thought was Maple squirters. Then I thought it's way too late for those.  I walked over and got closer it was leaves falling off a huge Hackberry tree. It looked like fall. A few inches of fallen leaves gathered in the curb.

    Here it is mid to late June. I'm out picking raspberries, strawberries, apricots,…… shorts, no shirt and flip flops at 8:30pm and I'm not getting bit by any mosquitos. One or two but that's not right. I remember having to go in and get pants and long sleeves on to work in the garden on a summer evening.

    I ran into two dead bats on my walk around my yard. They were a couple of days apart.

    The garder snakes are way down this year. I remember in the past picking up a compost tarp and having 50 or 60 gathered of all sizes. Now I've ran into a half a dozen or so this year.

    No fruit flys in my kitchen.

    I've had rain water sitting in buckets for a couple of months and no mosquito larva are forming.

    I also noticed last year that I can leave my butter sitting out indefinitely on the counter and it doesn't develop any off flavor. Along wth everything else dying I'm thinking there must be the microbes and funguses in the air are also dead.

    So many people go into sneezing and coughing attacks.

    I wonder if Crayola Crayon changed the formula for sky blue. I do know of a couple of different colors they could add. Milky Blue, that's the new norm for the sky as of late, for the last couple of months. Another color could be Oak Yellow. That's the new color of the Pin Oaks. They are hideous looking. It's looking at living death. And another color. Dull Ashen Green, that's the color of the leaves on many trees.

    As someone mentioned, if a person didn't know. You look at a grove of trees off in the distance, it looks green and growing. Upon closer inspection you can see all the way through. You can see the sunlight hitting the forest floor. You can see through the Creek timber. It's not healthy.

    It seems like so many of the old people are getting alzheimers. 

    Another young heart attack, that's also happening a lot it seems. She was forty seven and  seemed in decent health.

    Nothing feels right, the temperature, suns intensity, humidity, it just feels out of whack. For the most part the dew is gone. You used to get soaked walking around the grass until 11:00am or so.


  12. BaneB says:

    Is there an epidemic throat cancer?  I know of six individuals with this.  

  13. Wes says:

    I think I've seen him mentioned on here before. I wonder how many of you have watched this video. This was put out in 2005 and he was posting pictures on the web since 1999. If you go to 16 minutes into the documentary he lists all of the agencies who were investigating his web site, unreal. All of these organizations are going to be investigating his web site because it's a "hoax". He puts so much of it together. Much of the different factions. Plasma, biological, weather modification,…He already had six years of research in 2005. What a burden to carry around for so long. In many ways I'm glad I haven't known it that long. Just think though, we were all in the dark, just like all the people that now we can't understand how they can't see it. We were them, at least I was. I became aware after watching "What in the world are they spraying" Some four or five years ago. I would highly recommend this documentary.

    • BaneB says:

      WES:  Awsome, a term I seldom use.  I did as you suggested and went to the 16 minute segment into the video.  The entire Military-Industrial Complex was represented.  We can be sure this Geoengineering site is also heavily monitored.  The BIG lie is the culture, the destruction, the astounding exponential growth in their "insect" technogy, and their role playing as "gods."  At this juncture in our era nothing these wicked institutions and the individuals making up those institutions can be trusted, period.  My own Congressional Representative, Jared Huffman, is a part of this deceit.  Thank you, thank you, for this link to abject evil on a scale difficult to comprehend it is so vast and pernicious.

    • Marc says:

      Wes, thanks for the awesome link to this Clifford Carnicom video. Hadn't found this one yet. Superb. Highly recommended. 

    • Rose of Sharon says:

      Thank you for sharing those articles. Certainly we're living in dangerous times. So, we only have ourselves to help us, and exchanging information is a good way to help each other, and maybe we can save our planet.

    • Rose of Sharon says:

      The Clifford Carnicom video is really enlightening. Thanks! 

  14. mihaela says:

    What a horror! I am just coming off a flight from Bucharest to Vienna. Round trip. I have taken photos of the failed crops all along the way. Austria, Hungary and Romanian crops are all destroyed. I was 3 days in Bucharest in a haze of gray, 36 C. Everyone I saw had either "bronchitis" or "sinus infections". In the west of Romania, a Tornado ripped out roofs, there was hale the size of eggs, and rivers caused by short bouts of rain washing off villages. I flew amongst strings of led gray  and weird high altitude "fog", also led gray in color. It is commonly passed as "smog" caused by pollution. It is actually induced, sky pollution, and quite visibly that. I find it incredible that the commercial pilots are risking their lives flying through these tornados without a mucks…God help us all!

    • JR says:

      Thanks, here in the Southwest, N.M. our thunderhead clouds decimated with SAG/SRM and looking like mushroomed as an Atomic Bomb Blast up there. HAARP AND CHEMICALS, WHAT ELSE? It really appears they (the perpetrators) as other people post are in a hurry to put something bigger into motion, they are not holding back. More people are opening up eyes and aware of something just not right. Again Much Thanks…

    • BaneB says:

      JR:  your clouds are being sprayed.  AND they are being zapped, imploded, microwaved into oblivion. Your thunderheads and tropical moisture came up from Central America and formed a 'C' shape with the bulge halfway into Arizona.  The weather warriors have been hitting these clouds repeatedly with powerful microwave energy.  It is obvious what is occurring.  My point is the destruction of your incoming thunderstorms is two-fold…..aerosols and phased array radar, the former to depress the cloud tops and prevent rising convection while dissolving the cloud, the latter to heat the core/vortex to create a discending flow of air downward to implode the cell center.  Seek out your NEXRAD locations.  They are not the full machine but certainly a part of the monstrosity.

  15. Free Energy Technologies says:

    We are being assaulted in a spectrum of ways we have the weather controlling we have the skyrocketing autism we have the government trying to take away our freedom we have laws so we use less of everything less water less energy less mobility and less freedom and what comes to take its place is more hunger more slavery behavior more discrimination more lables more poverty more death if our government cared about global warming then why aren't they researching in steam engines that are powered by water by splitting the H and O atoms and burning them for fuel of magnetic free energy genorators all this is comparable to buying food in packages and never throwing away the mess thats what we are doing we are facing more and more problems and fixing none because it is not our pleasures nor our will to go through the painful process of fixing problems for example autism not many people interested in the cure for that illness believe me I feel alone in that case we tend to want to blame others for problems instead of fixing them that is why we are in such separate times I approve this message peace.

  16. Zero Hedge on Brexit, June 24, 2016:
    …the ‎psychological damage overnight is simply jarring, and the long-term implications of the first domino in a potential "unwind" of globalization / shift to populism / protectionism / nationalism (see every nationalist right party calling for referendums throughout their respective countries in the EU) plays-out against a trading world lulled to sleep by the siren-song of "free carry," low vol and leverage.  As stated last week, when people, goods and money are unable to move freely, it's a global growth negative, period. … The market carnage is staggering with regards to the violence seen in such a short period of time, as the stress and convexity of the move is exacerbated by the inability and unwillingness of market-makers to provide liquidity. There are few bodies capable of catching the falling knife right now, which has been the exact "unintended consequences" of post-crisis regulation that banks and brokers have warned about. … It's "game over" for anybody out there who was short duration.  ‎CTA's / systematic trend strategies / managed futures funds / Crude and FX carry traders–all of whom exist on leverage–here comes "Mr Margin" calling on your risk longs.  Obviously the "long cyclical beta" equities trade, which has been the basis of the recovery off the February lows, is about to come unglued when the US opens.  Bank options dealer desks who by definition are "short volatility," as well as many clients who've made a living shorting vol in the post-GFC era as well–there are going to be some "lights out" stories making the rounds on huge losses…very scary stuff.  … Now, we watch for "market stabilizing forces"–central banks, FX and pension rebalancers, corporates hedgers etc–to "do work." IT'S TIME TO BE AWARE OF UPSIDE "GAP RISK" NOW AS THESE PLAYERS ARE FORCED INTO ACTION. …

    • Dennie says:

      The epithets "populism," "protectionism" and "nationalism" are co-opted terms concocted by economists and military "leaders" working in service to The Powers That Should Never Have been, to be used, not unlike Zeus' thunderbolts, to throw at all the little people who dare to notice when their leaders' policy wonks decide they can send their goons in and just roll across the "open" borders to steal whatever resources other countries have that they want. 

      When we all get in line with our rulers and agree that the planet's all Just One Big Happy Family, pesky borders aren't any longer necessary so go ahead, make my day, trade as "freely" as you want– "Mi casa es tu casa."  England for one didn't think so.

    • Dennie says:

      Listening to reports on the BBC news today, the Brexit is indicative of a popular backlash against Globalism and all the people who are being hurt by it.  There has been talk over the years of other countries wishing to "opt out" and I can't help but wonder if we are not indeed seeing the beginning of the unraveling of Globalism a.k.a. the "New World Order," by the Will of the people, though maybe moving in a state of denial.  It is the opening of the sixth seal.  For your further inspiration here is a link to images of a painting titled "The Opening of the Sixth Seal" by artist Francis Danby, from Christies:

  17. The Diablo Canyon deal marks the death of nuclear power in the U.S. — or does it? / June, 24, 2016
    Pacific Gas & Electric and a group of environmental organizations and labor unions announced a plan to permanently shutter the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant… remarkable is the recognition by PG&E, which generates 20% of its electrical output from Diablo Canyon, that nuclear power no longer can compete economically with wind, solar and hydroelectric generation. … But don’t expect the nuclear industry to go quietly. Nuclear advocates argue that the factors leading to Diablo Canyon’s shutdown are unique to California, where stringent coastal regulations affect the plant and solar and wind power represent strong competition. This week, in fact, the State Lands Commission will be voting on whether to extend leases for Diablo Canyon’s water intake and discharge structures, which expire in 2018 and 2019. Until the agreement, the vote by the commission, which is chaired by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, was viewed as a possible obstacle to the plant’s continued operation.
    Nuclear promoters say the technology’s role as a non-emitter of greenhouse gases makes it a crucial part of the portfolio in other parts of the country. “The desire to reduce greenhouse gases to lower levels,” says Revis James, vice president for policy development at the Nuclear Energy Institute, offers the potential for “more nuclear, not less.”

    • nobodiesfool says:

      I would say that the immanent rise in sea levels is the clincher for this one, and of course the water flow must continue unless the whole damned building, and all irradiated parts, are moved.

    • Dennie says:

      Thank you, Arnie Gundersen.

  18. Dawn says:

    Saw on the news today that for the first time (go figure) a cruise ship is going to sail the Northwest Passage. Said something about all the ice that has prevented this for years up until now! Unbelievable!

  19. Dennie says:

    "World financial markets dived as nearly complete results showed a 51.7/48.3 percent split for leaving. Sterling suffered its biggest one-day fall of more than 9 percent against the dollar, hitting its lowest level in three decades on market fears the decision will hit investment in the world's 5th largest economy. The vote will initiate at least two years of messy divorce proceedings with the EU, raise questions over London's role as a global financial capital and put huge pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, though he pledged during the campaign to stay on whatever the result. The euro slumped around 3.5 percent against the dollar on concerns a ‘Brexit’ vote will do wider economic and political damage to what will become a 27-member union. Investors poured into safe haven assets including gold, and the yen surged. There was no immediate comment from the Bank of England. In an early mark of international concern, Japan's top currency diplomat Masatsugu Asakawa said he would consult with Finance Minister Taro Aso on how to respond to the market moves, describing the foreign exchange moves as very rough. Yet there was euphoria among Britain's eurosceptic forces, claiming a victory they styled as a protest against British political leaders, big business and foreign leaders including Barack Obama who had urged Britain to stay in the bloc. "Dare to dream that the dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom," said Nigel Farage, leader of the eurosceptic UK Independence Party. "If the predictions are right, this will be a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people…Let June 23 go down in our history as our independence day." He called the EU a "doomed project". [source article on the “Brexit,” a done deal, on Reuters: If I read this correctly, the exit of Britain from the E.U. is a ding in American hegemony, and all the implications thereof– what does this mean for the future in terms of U.S. military "might?" Will that stranglehold grip loosen because of this move?  Wonder how long the situation will last and what'll happen next– will more countries follow suit? What would THAT do in regard to American hegemony?  Here's Al Martin's take on Isolationism vs. New World Orderism:

  20. Marc says:

    Here is an interesting angle to part of the game from Whitley Streiber's website Unknowncountry:
    Note my response to Whitley's article in the brief comment section.

    • Greg Overton says:

      Marc, very well written reply!  Thank-you for your posts.  Greg O.

    • SD says:

      The usual brilliant response by Marc in the included link  Thanks for your eloquence.

      And Dennie, as for Brexit – I say good for them.  I hope the rest of Europe comes to their senses before it's too late. The EU/NATO/US Military talk a lot about diversity but their real goals are homogeneity and SUBSERVIENCE.

    • JR says:

      Alright Marc, I'll keep your kids in my prayers. Thanks…..

  21. POW IN THE USA says:

    Today has been a huge blow to my whole being, I had heard about the trees in the Sierras but to see these pictures numbed me, I also read about the sea star fish die off, from BC all the way down to Mexico, this was in the regular news today, then there is the Great Barrier Reef gone white and lifeless. I remember the day I learned about geoengineering, it was 4 years ago, my son, who was 22 years old posted a picture on facebook of a sunset, which I thought was beautiful. He titled it, "chemtrails". i asked him what he meant, he said, "google it"! I began to research and the more I read, the more depressed I became, every day since then I look at the sky. I asked my son how he felt about this, how he knew about this, he said he always wondered why so many planes flew over our home, we live in the country on acerage in Northern California, far from any major airports. He did his own research at the age of 20 but didn't tell me, I asked him if he was depressed, he said he was depressed for about a year until he realized the fate of life on earth, he said, you have to live life to the fullest! he told me not to be depressed, to accept it, to spread the word of the new world order. As I looked at him, eye to eye, I saw a fearless truth in him. Today I now know what he means, he is prepared, so now I will prepare too! All we can do at this point is to continue to inform and prepare for a emergency, while still enjoying what is left of our fading normal world!

    • Edward Palys says:

      THAT, my friend, is exactly how I feel also. I spread the word on these chemtrails to my family and friends and they either laugh at me or don't want to hear me. The younger kids try to convince me that what we see are contrails and explain that they are water vapors from aircraft. When I ask them why it takes HOURS for those water vapors dissipate at such altitudes their faces become stunned and they drop the subject. Most people are too dumb to even grasp what is happening.

    • Kathy B says:

      POW IN THE USA….Thank-you for sharing that and AMEN. I needed to hear this. Same here nearly to a T. My 13 yr old ( at the time) also became informed and he woke me up and on it goes to my family and friends. I played adult soccer for awhile at the time and  after learning of this horrific experiment upon the human race I ended up quitting many outdoor activities due to heavy spray days making it hard to breathe and hearing ignorant talk on the field. Now I just work-out alone, run on days I have energy, do everything in my power to be at optimal health and continue fighting this battle in every way I can.

      DANE, thank-you so much for those flyers!!  I have given out so many. I drive thru the bank and hear people say how crazy the weather is. I hand em a flyer and tell them this is happening period. Gov docs are available for proof. Do your research and it will answer all your questions.  I have passed around the DVD to many as well. Per every person that even remotely grasps that this could be happening, makes my day completely. It is my ministry to awaken those that have ears to hear and encourage them as we are responsible to seek and tell the truth!

    • m b says:

      Thank you. Your writing about how devastating this is emotionally,  helped me to feel less alone! Here in Los Angeles, I just cry watching such needed & loved rainclouds destroyed instantly. It has brought us all together as one on this beautiful planet. How I wish it would all just stop! 

  22. BREXIT: UK journalist and former Brussels correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in 2000 and 2007: DECLASSIFIED American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. … US intelligence secretly funded the European Movement, paying over half its budget. Some of Europe’s founding fathers were on the US payroll…. The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. Lest we forget, the French had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the federalist signing table in the early 1950s. Eisenhower threatened to cut off Marshall aid unless Paris agreed to kiss and make up with Berlin. France’s Jean Monnet, the EU’s mastermind, was viewed as an American agent – as indeed, he was. Monnet served as Roosevelt’s fixer in Europe during the war and orchestrated the failed US effort to stop de Gaulle taking power. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA. … Washington’s main tool for shaping the European agenda was the American Committee for a United Europe, created in 1948. The chairman was Donovan, ostensibly a private lawyer by then. The vice-chairman was Allen Dulles, the CIA director in the Fifties. The board included Walter Bedell Smith, the CIA’s first director, and a roster of ex-OSS figures and officials who moved in and out of the CIA. … The US role was handled as a covert operation. ACUE’s funding came from the Ford and Rockefeller foundations as well as business groups with close ties to the US government. The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE in the late Fifties. The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable.

  23. Linda says:

    The heart weeps constantly and there are just no words.  We can think positively forever, but at some point our bodies may just opt out.  

    I receive so many warnings about civilization collapse during last 6 months of 2016….I hope our prayers can be heard and that we are suddenly inspired to change things by our manifestations alone.  We are close to 100% crystalline bodies, and that is when real manifestation kicks in.  Lord & Angels, guide us in the most effective course.  Amen.

  24. Sean says:

    Thanks again for all you do Dane. The problem here leading to lack of awakening is the incremental nature of the damage. Yes arctic sea ice may mostly go this year (although there is a lot of division about this over at the arctic sea ice forum as june has so far yielded arctic conditions that have favoured ice retention). Even though when it does actually go, the disappearance of the ice will have happened in the geological blink of an eye, to the average person this has probably seemed rather gradual. We're been hearing about it being in trouble for a long time now and the average layman has probably already adujusted to the idea of an ice free arctic.

    The problem is the same with the dying trees. I first noticed major issues here in Vancouver back in the summer of 2009 when trees started turning fall colors (though predominantly brown) in July. From observing what was going on I would no have imagined the biosphere would still be functional at all by this time 7 years later. While the damage has certainly gotten worse and the number of dead trees has grown, the speed of the die off is far too incremental for anyone to seemingly get too concerned. If examined closely most trees appear to be in rather poor condition, but for the most part when observing a dense area of trees it would still appear as a sea of green and perhaps this is just an effect of the layering rather than an indicator that any of the forest is actually healthy.

    Anyways my lament here is that the speed at which the damage and change would have to actually occur to get people to wake up would likely unfortunately result in imminent extinction anyways. As it is now, even though for most of us we notice alarmingly fast change, the old and tired "frog in a pot of boiling water cliche" still unfortunately applies here to the general population and I feel they may not be jolted to awareness until it is far too late.

    We almost NEED the ice to melt out entirely this year in order to have the awareness necessary to reach critical mass. It seems though that either due to geoengineers or otherwise, the ice has managed a rather fortunate june in terms of ice retention as though temps are generally slightly above freezing over the pack, it has mainly been cloudy thus preventing solar insolation from doing its more efficient ice melting work. By August those areas north of greenland and the canadian arctic achipelago will already be rapidly dropping in temperate and the sun will be quite low in the sky. 
    Am I off base here?

    • Grant Jones says:

      Sean, You are not off base at all. We humans think on a timeline of a lifetime, with little grasp of actual life on earth.  We see it occurring but are less than able to grasp the implications or what we must do to preserve humanity. In all honesty I do not think we will be able to prevent this mass extinction from including humanity. That said, there remains a human hope that we are able to do something to change this course. That "hope" is admirable and worthwhile. I believe it is worthy of our effort.  That's why we are all here. G.

  25. Louise says:

    As a child growing up in the eastern United States, during the 1950s,  I watched the sky frequently enough to notice occasional  jets flying over my house and leaving long white trails which disappeared after a few minutes.   I remember asking someone much older than I, why the plane was leaving a trail behind it  and he  answered, " That is a military plane and you can tell because it is flying so high in the sky.  It is leaving  a condensation trail because the air is so  cold at that altitude. " On another note,   it took me months trying to figure out how to reach the information provided on this site because I am not educated to know the technical lingo.  "Can weather be manufactured? " was the only question I could think of and google brought me to a  Maine college professor 's article about the history behind "Manufactured Weather." Thankfully,  there was a link to this site and excellent information provided by Dane.   So  "engineering weather " never occurred to me.   And so there may be a disconnect with many of us who have never heard   the correct terminology which would enable us to reach this site.  Furthermore,  alot of citizens on the East Coast,  understand only a jigsaw puzzle piece of the sky , due to mountains,  trees,  tall buildings and a much more populated area by which we have to " watch out for the other guy " or else we might get run over.   Too many distractions on the ground cause a blurred view of the sky.  And finally,  there is no mention of this information in the major news rooms and so  people go on with their lives completely oblivious to the atrocities being done to them and the rest of the planet.  Since early 2015,   I have been informing people about geoengineering  and bringing them to your very helpful  site.  Many, many thanks go to Dane,   for his tireless efforts and all who contribute their  thoughts  and observations.  

  26. Ingrid Lawrence says:

    This is being deliberately done to CA. The military industrial complex has been doing this to all countries before they go in to attack. Iran, Iraq, Libia, Africa , Ukraine….. order followers…. who is giving the orders ? Who is commanding the geoengineering? Why are they destroying the planet? Who is doing This? Who wants millions of people dead?

  27. Pedro says:

    Hello Friends. "The Rothschild Empire – The True Leaders of The Planet Earth"  – – – see video PLEASE. …but ( and it seems that Mr Putin too ) I disagree, the True F Leader of The Planet Earth is – O2 – !! This guys want to impose a global suicidal act for all, because they are only monstrous and cowards. But rich. Rich but can't breathe CO2 or live with extreme radiation… It is again the delirious project of the perfect ""human"" race and dis- order… Good Luck to Us All.

  28. Rodster says:

    I say it will take a “LOT” to wake up the masses, if not impossible before it is too late. As an example a comment was posted on Our Finet World blog and the author Gail Tverberg brought up “Global Dimming”. So I replied to her comment that there have been programs since the late 40’s that have address that issue such as SRM, Weather and Climate Modification and Geoengineering. I linked to the US Govt documents on Danes website. Unfortunately it’s Guy McPherson’s groupies who look to him to explain global dimming.

    My comment was totally ignored but several comments were added in response to Gail Tverberg’s on global dimming such as:

    “Excellent to see you posting information on global dimming! I believe that not a lot of people have learned about what this does or how it interacts with the global economy; Judging by the colors on that map I’d say we’re in a global depression outside of China.

    I think that the theory of global dimming has not been added or subtracted to many predictions for how the climate will change in the not too distant future. I tend to favor the more extreme situations where a dying global economy heats the planet up much faster than current guesses. Most people think that less fossil fuels burned today equals a cleaner more stable environment today when in fact that probably isn’t true and can’t be accurately determined. Ironically it might be the exact opposite.”

  29. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.
    the economy lesson is a very good one.
    Good Luck to Us All.

  30. Jack says:

    I am a Vietnam veteran, I watched C 130's spray agent orange over us, so I know first hand what chemical spraying looks like. In 1997 I started to see airliners headed for Los Angeles with a long trail behind them and I started to tell my family and friends that something was not right. So then I was called a nut and other words. So I began to ignore what I saw. Then several years ago as it became obvious with the crossing in all directions I began to research. That's when I found and Mr Dane Wigington. I have. extreme respect for this man. His continued fight for our earth is amazing! I, like a lot of people are dealing with, as you try to spread the word run into everything to a conspiracy nut to people that believe what is going on and say, well what can we do about it! Well I as a grandfather and getting old and a little tired I'm not ready to give up. so after going through about 50 people, I was at my apartment complex looking up and taking pictures on the trails when the maintenance man ask what I was doing so I explained to him what was going on. So I gave him Dane's website and now he is giving me advice and has several friends interested. So it came to me if I can get just one person out of 50 and then that person does the same that's how we succeed. So I am now moving forward, you just have to realize you just need to reach a few people for change to happen. Please how can you listen to Dane week after week reach out to us with his radio show and his continuous fight for our kids and grandkids and not support him. Please do not let yourself be discouraged. Get out and start you own movement. Best regards to everyone. Jack

    • JR says:

      Alright Jack, that's basically what I do man. In 1977 when I moved back to SW, New Mexico I saw trails like I'd never seen in L. A. My old man told me they were normal vapor trails, I listened to him and he was wrong. From 1977 into around 2002 I never paid much attention, then my friend now passed on opened up the curse of those rotten worms. In 2001 I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma, maybe from all those years working out in Construction. By God's Grace I'm here and holding as the rest here taking on this Demon and it followers. Peace….

  31. This pbs polar bear video was published July 25, 2012 Out of an Ice Age emerged one of our most majestic creatures — the polar bear. Intelligent, adaptable and fierce, the polar bear learned how to survive in a place that offers few comforts to any creature. But now that very environment is in flux. And so is the polar bear’s fate. The Arctic is changing. As temperatures slowly rise and the ice recedes, the shore is getting further away. Food sources that the polar bear have come to rely on are becoming less plentiful. In this changing climate, the polar bear is already showing signs of distress. While polar bears struggle, opportunistic grizzlies fare well, as they benefit from the melting Arctic’s effects on its ecosystem. While the grizzly moves into newly opened territories, the polar bear can only wait for the freezing of its one-time kingdom. If the changing world proclaims the grizzly the new king of the Arctic, what will become of the polar bear?

  32. LS says:

    People don't want to know what is really going on, what is falling from the sky, what is making everyone so sick, tired, angry and needy beyond help. Everyone is also ignoring the state of the (dead) forest and are not ready to run from fire. Thanks for the video link, Susan. That says it all!

  33. Wanda Allen says:

    As a landscaper/gardener I am constantly trying to show my clients how the radical changes in the temperatures and weather are affecting the plants and trees to say nothing of the wildlife, birds and pollinators. This year has been a roller coaster and the plants have suffered horribly .

    Although I never stop informing I have to agree, so many just don't get it and think we can always just go buy another one. I spend a great deal of time just trying to figure out ways to protect the plants as best I can with the radical changes. 

    • Tag says:

      I want to hear.  I love gardening and count on it to feed me all year long.  This year it has been unbelievable.  I have had to replant things several times as they get up to about 2 inches of growth and the next day looks like they have been hit with a blow torch.  So many of my plants that have survived have just stopped growing.  Everything has come up so spotty, with bare spaces in the rows sometimes 2 or 3 feet before the next plant.  Is there ANYTHING iI can do? 

    • LS says:

      We gardened outdoors at high altitude for years. The new reality is that our garden has to be protected from fallout and excessive UV. Your plants will die if they get chemically induced precip on them. My son built a hoop house last summer and we have been pretty successful since.  We have to use fans to keep the temps down but it is the only food we actually WANT to eat. Good luck and thanks to everyone here.

  34. matt sarlo says:

    It breaks my heart when I think of the world's children and how their future has been robbed from them.

  35. Patti Walter says:

    Dear Dane, I want to thank you for bringing to light this abhorrent act of climate engineering. I believe in what you are doing by helping others to realize this nightmare. Tri-Cities, WA used to be an amazing place to live, but it is nowhere near the same since they started spraying our skies more so in 2014. Today, 6/2016, is a living nightmare. They are spraying so heavily we no longer can see the Blue Mountains or across the Columbia River because of the white haze from the fallout. We are breathing it in and it is causing health issues for many and the trees are dying. I take photos and videos quite often and this past weekend I took a picture of what I call the cabal sky stamp, the asterisk. I am on board to keep making others aware of what is truly going on. I thank you, thank you, thank you for getting a legal team together to stop this insane act against all living things. God Bless You for the greatest good you are doing for humanity and all life on earth. Sincerely, Patti Walter

  36. Richard says:

    Yesterday, 6-22-2016 there was what appeared to be a tractor-looking type trail from the sprayers over Redding, CA.

    Very unnerving looking, as if the monsters above were experimenting with some new chemical concoction/pattern on us. I was working in our yard at the time, but hurried indoors when I noticed the new pattern. I took a photo of it, but was unable to figure out how to upload it with this post.

    God bless you all & continue to spread the word & information.

  37. L says:

    Just what do we do when people seem literally incapable of taking on board any of the information you give them- when you can spend half an hour explaining about geo-engineering, showing the progression of spraying in real time outside the office window, showing them the website and all they can say is "yes, the planes are a nuisance over at Marham too because they make so much noise!" Then they go back to discussing the latest theme park opening!

    Just what do you do when somebody says they heard recently about blackbirds falling out of the sky and all it was was because they fly so close together, that they sometimes bump into each other and hurt themselves: a scientist talked about it!

    In all honesty- and I realise it isn't politically correct to say such things- but the calibre of the general population seems to be at an all time low and I am certain has plummeted in the last two decades, due in part no doubt to the amount of EMFs they are subjected to, the toxins in the environment and of course, the relentless social programming and engineering on all fronts.

    Meanwhile I watch in horror at the unfolding calamity as daily (here in the UK), there is relentless spraying and HAARP activity, rains are causing floods, we had daffodils and daisies in January, long before the snowdrops (which was frankly chilling) and many people (myself included) have frequent headaches, unhealthy coughs and general malaise. Nobody thinks this is weird or asks questions beyond what the forecast is because they are going away for the weekend or want to go shopping. All they ever worry about is if they are going to get rained on or if there has been a server disruption for their computer or what is happening with the football or on Facebook.

    And meanwhile, Nature cries out in pain and I despair for her pain, for this atrocity being inflicted upon her by the mindless parasitic behaviour of humanity and of which I never wanted to be a part. It's a nightmare beyond what I could have ever imagined.

    • Marc says:

      L, SPOT ON, MY FRIEND. My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter all live in London. I have tried on several occasions to discuss the gravity of our situation with my daughter but the last time apparently was the straw that broke the camel's back. She flat out REFUSES to discuss it anymore. Does anyone have any idea how hurt I am over this? She is my flesh and blood and she rejects entirely this gigantic aspect of my focus in this life. She says it is too painful, that she just cannot bear the truth of it. She prefers to live as if all is well and the future is long. I love them all so dearly but I am afraid that, as I said in a previous post, soon the smiles will be wiped off the faces of those who couldn't be bothered with the truth. It is all so very painful to realize the magnitude of what is coming for us all…….

    • John Arndt says:

      Deal for Planet Earth with Gordon Duff
      Stonehenge in Georgia U.S.A.
      Should help your questions here. is another to check out.
      There is hope, in prayer and action.
      Love to all, John

    • Earth Angel says:

      I so echo your feelings in the last paragraph L. Very well said. So very sad, all of it.. : (

    • John Anndt — Gordon Duff is not a credible source. He has publicly admitted to fabricating stories. He is paid to entertain and entrain. Certainly this particular info is sensationalist ridiculous lurid. There are more credible people like Timothy Good, John Mack (who was murdered), Richard Dolan – but not Duff. Success goes to some people's head and makes them say delusional things to keep their fan-base. Nothing more. I have been at this for 30 years. This field is submerged in lies and deception, much of which is government distraction propaganda to obfuscate the truth. This is the excellent reason why Mr. Wigington has correctly chosen to keep the topic of 'little green men' off GW. And I agree with him. It's a bottomless pit of deceit leading no where, except to Fear Inc. – and very little known fact.

  38. Free Energy Technologies says:

    A short summary: We live in a spoiled society that lives for its own individual pleasures and desires and its useless at being a productive hard working logical and morally working society they need to be told what to do and how to live by a higher power because I think its that they are literally too lazy to think for themselves so someone has to chose for them let me explain myself better people prefer to think in the most simple way like for example up down black white most people suffer from mental laziness they refuse to think in complexity they leave out the smaller factors to reduce there complexity of there thinking when I and I assume that this is a problem everywhere go to the doctor they give me pain killers symptom correcting medications but that don't fix the problem or make the problem far worse like hiding the problem saved me much and then you end up in the hospital because masking pain and symptoms don't fix anything we feel pain for a reason pain is a way of knowing something is wrong that was an example so be careful lying is bad lying to yourself is even worse remember if we all where committed to doing the right thing there would be no need for a government so be careful what type of higher power you submit yourself too don't obey corrupted orders Peace. 

  39. Alarm over fire danger as California tree die-off hits 66 million
    By Kurtis Alexander / June 22, 2016
    The US Forest Service provided these photos of dead trees in the Sierra National Forest.
    The California drought is carving an unprecedented path of ruin through Sierra forests, killing trees by the millions and setting the stage for a potentially devastating wildfire season that’s already burning homes and closing freeways in the southern half of the state. Using aerial surveys that revealed stark bands of browning trees amid once-healthy green forests, the U.S. Forest Service estimated Wednesday that at least 26 million trees died between October and May, bringing the total statewide die-off to 66 million trees since 2010. The vast stands of lifeless timber from the High Sierra to Mount Shasta are largely the result of severe water loss amid a fifth year of drought, amplified by rising temperatures and infestations of bark beetles that feast on the weakened trees. The carnage is not expected to let up soon.

    • TNGeoWatch says:

      This is sad. 

    • TNGeoWatch — Honestly those heartbreaking photographs of the dying forests completely freaked me out yesterday. I was depressed, in shock, numb. CA is becoming a tinder-box. I wonder if they are counting on massive uncontrollable fires to contribute to their fantasy land theories on cooling the planet? Like a manmade volcano that spews particulate dust-plasma in the air and becomes cloud cover. The sight of those once majestic beautiful trees – the life blood of our planet and connecting link with the cosmos – now dying in pain is unbearable. Sad indeed.

    • izzy says:

      And in addition to the damage from drought and high-altitude spraying, here in the Mendocino coastal range we have the largest commercial timber holder, Mendocino Redwood Company, intentionally killing vast swaths of tan oak with poison, which are then left standing dead to add to the fuel load. Many, many thousands of acres. The forests are now a tinder box. There was a measure on the recent ballot to make the practice illegal – with sanctions – that passed with a substantial margin, but the damage has already been done. I’ve personally lived through a couple of forest fires and evacuations. It’s a humbling experience.

    • Scott says:

      The assessment by the Forest Service is misleading the masses to believe that the mass tree die off is due only to drought and bark beetle infestation. 
      I live in the mountains of nor cal and the die off is monumental without question… However, I am also observing die off on trees and shrubs where water is abundant due to irrigation ditches or natural wet areas. Drought tolerant manzanita  near water showing the same black spot fungus as those with no water… wild azaleas (acid loving) showing stress…. 
      Our forest can not handle the rise in ph that the constant onslaught of aluminum particulate has created…. The massive tree die off is not being caused by drought but by the continual build up of toxic ph raising nano particulate from the ongoing geoengineering programs… 

    • Earth Angel says:

      The devil's scorched earth policy clearly is being brought to fruition. The video and article are informative, yet still- NO MENTION by anyone addressing geoengineering as being a distinct possibility of the root cause of the problem. C'mon guys.. get with the program!!

    • Dennie says:

      Excerpt from the article:

      The Forest Service has been conducting tree mortality counts by air, with increasing accuracy, since the 1970s. The latest count reflects the results of eight flights in May over 760,000 acres in Fresno, Kern, Madera, Mariposa, Tuolumne and Tulare counties — areas where the die-off epidemic is greatest.

      Jeffrey Moore, an aerial survey program manager for the Forest Service who piloted the recent flights, described the browning of large swaths of pine in higher elevations and the drying out of oaks in lower reaches.

      “It’s definitely not a normal situation,” he said.

      Experts say the fallout is likely to continue, as many additional trees are struggling and won’t get enough moisture in coming months or years to recover. Already, about 1.6 percent of the state’s nearly 4 billion trees have died.

      “If drought persists or we’ve taken a shift overall to a drier California, we’re going to see nature take its course, and we’re going to see a loss of the forests as we know it,” said Greg Asner, an ecologist at Stanford University who studies the water content of trees.

      Asner and others have speculated that hardier and more drought-tolerant shrubs and grasses could replace much of the state’s woodlands.

      “It doesn’t always mean doom and gloom,” he said. “It just means major shifts in where species can be found.”

      Translated:  "Cheer up, folks– we'll simply have a massive high-altitude desert where there used to be thriving forests– be of good cheer!"

      I especially like the explanation that "hardier and more drought-tolerant shrubs and grasses" could replace much of the state's  woodlands." Like losing the forests is really nothing– why fight "climate change," especially when so many shareholders stand to gain so much from the sale of all of the New Improved Species that they probably already have waiting in the wings?

    • TNGeoWatch says:

      Down south here in TN and SC. Every plant looks weepy and tired. Not dry or overheated. They look Sad. Uncomfortable. Very fatigued.  The plants and animals are tired. We've failed them. I'm tired too. 
      In telling everyone I can and I'm the  freak?? 
      I'm afraid we are about to collectively reap what we have sowed
      Jesus save us all!

    • ron hall says:

      Susan Ferguson: Some of us have learned somehow or other to live with this crushing sadness, which reaches a level of an Orwellian kind of smothering in a man-made matrix. 60 million dead trees waiting to vanish in fire!!

      And MARC, I can relate to a broken, heaving heart when a loved one simply cannot handle the reality of how we exist now. Dreadful!  Yet, a tiny minority of us persist.  We simply need to know the truth; despite the endless amount of sheeple who surround us.

  40. The Globalization of War: America's "Long War" Against Humanity
    Michel Chossudovsky [excerpts]:
    In a 2004 war scenario under the code name TIRANNT (Theatre Iran Near Term), the plan included the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons: "The plan includes a large-scale air assault in Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons…more than 450 major strategic targets…many are hardened or are deep underground…hence the nuclear option…Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing, but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."

    Electromagnetic Weapons could be used to destabilize Iran…Within the same family of weapons, environmental modifications techniques (ENMOD) (weather warfare) developed under the HAARP program could also be applied. These weapons are fully operational. In this context, the [1996] U.S. Air Force document AF 2025 explicitly acknowledged the military application of weather modification technologies:  "Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally. … The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, improve communications through the ionospheric modification (the use of ionospheric mirrors), and the production of artificial weather are all part of an integrated set of technologies…"
    Electromagnetic radiation enabling "remote health impairment" might also be envisaged in the war theater. In turn, new uses of biological weapons by the U.S. military might also be envisaged as suggested by the PNAC, Project for the New American Century: "Advanced forms of biological warfare that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."


    • Earth Angel says:

      And they have the nerve to call OTHERS terrorists..Clearly the pot calling the kettle black. WE KNOW who TRULY ARE the MOST SHAMEFUL and diabolical terrorists. THEY know who they are too. 😮

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Why else have a $700 Billion budget if there ain't no bogeyman? War games from reality to distractions..I know how to fool a dog, seems fooling humans is easier.  At least my dog loves me.

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