Climate Engineering, Final Fatal Folly Of The Human Race


Dane Wigington

Planet Earth, and all that live on it, are in the throws of unimaginable and immediate upheavals.  Even at this late hour, with the walls closing in from every side, the vast majority are completely oblivious to the tidal wave that is towering above our heads. Earth's climate and life support systems are unraveling at unimaginable speed as we free fall into the 6th great mass extinction on our planet.  In spite of all this verifiably and undeniably occurring, for the vast majority the immediate threat of a lifeless planet is not even on the radar as the graph below clearly indicates. 


The total moral depravity, deception and betrayal by mainstream media  has now ensured that the population as a whole has no idea how close the current reality is to completely and permanently disintegrating. 

Our planet is dying, this is a statistical and mathematical fact. The life that Earth has supported for untold millions of years will soon perish if there is not an immediate and total change of direction for the human race.


Some 200 species of Earth's plants, animals, and insects are going extinct every single day.

In the last 40 years over half of Earth's wildlife had been killed off while the human population has doubled in the same period. How long can such a trend possibly continue?


Well over 200,000 people are added to the planet each and every day.

As anthropogenic activity began to overburden and heat the biosphere (since the onset of the industrial revolution),  some 70+ years ago those in power made the fateful decision to attempt the engineering of Earth's climate system in the self-serving and suicidal effort to keep "business as usual" and to use the weather as a weapon of war. Aside from the inarguable destruction of weather warfare, the ever expanding global geoengineering/solar radiation management/ocean fertilization programs have now manifested into the greatest and most immediate threat to life on Earth short of nuclear cataclysm. Recent studies confirm that  geoengineering and ocean fertilization CAN'T WORK. After 70+ years of climate engineering and weather warfare, the planet now appears to be descending into a runaway greenhouse event, an "abrupt climate shift" that could lead to "Venus Syndrome".


2015 was the warmest year since record keeping began, breaking the record just set in 2014. 2016 will break the record again and is already on path to do so. January 2016 was the warmest month ever recorded on our planet, February 2016 completely shattered that record again. Global Geoengineering is not mitigating global warming, it is helping to fuel it overall. Short term (toxic) cool-downs can be achieved at the cost of an even worse overall warming. The "global warming slowdown" narrative was a carefully crafted and well funded lie to help the geoengineers sell their programs of destruction as successful, a complete fallacy.

How fast is the far North warming? At an astounding and completely unprecedented pace.


We are in uncharted territory as the Arctic meltdown spirals out of control spawning numerous climate feedback loops.

The Northern Hemisphere is warming at an even faster pace than the Southern Hemisphere. This is astounding considering the constant record heat that is occurring in locations like Australia.


The deployment of global climate engineering was deployed at a significant scale just after WWll. Though there was an initial cooling effect as is clearly visible on the graph above, the rapid buildup of greenhouse gasses like Co2 and methane, and the countless negative consequences of solar radiation management built up rapidly. These factors soon overwhelmed the initial cooling effect of climate engineering and the planetary warming continued upward in the mid 70s, this trend is now accelerating. As previously mentioned, the ever more massive geoengineering assault is now only making an already horrific climate scenario far worse overall in addition to contaminating the entire surface of the planet. Geoengineering is also a form of biological warfare.

In the completely misguided and unimaginably destructive attempt to temporarily and toxically cool some regions of the US, the climate engineers are heavily spraying (aerosolizing) massive flows of moisture that are pouring into the country from the west and the south. The brighter the reflection of the cloud cover on the combination satellite radar map below, the more aerosolized it is. The more moisture the geoengineers have to work with, the more spraying they carry out. The goal of solar radiation management is to broadcast out the available moisture into the most expansive cloud canopy possible. The planetary decimation from the ongoing climate intervention grows by the day, the creation of record drought in some regions, record deluge in others, and lethal ozone layer destruction, are only a few of the endless list of known consequences. 


The atmospheric aerosol saturation tends to create an amorphous featureless cloud canopy when viewed from the ground below the flow of "storms" and atmospheric moisture currents. 

The electrically conductive heavy metal aerosols that are saturated into the incoming moisture flows can then be scattered into a much wider region with the use of ground based radio frequency transmissions. The image below was taken on 3-9-2016 as the moisture streams in over the Pacific Northwest from the record warm Pacific Ocean. The transmitter location is northeast of Portland Oregon. The radio frequency transmissions are utilized to scatter the available moisture into vast regions of mostly rainless overcast skies as show in many locations on the previous map.


The process of manipulating atmosphere moisture (for creating SRM  cloud canopy over the largest possible regions) is wreaking havoc on the climate and ecosystems.

What is the effect of using the flow of moisture from the west for a form of "evaporative cooler" ? As already mentioned, the climate engineers can temporarily and toxically cool some regions at the cost of a worsened warming overall. If the NOAA "forecast" map below does not alarm you, it should. Each shade of color represents a 2-4 degree variance of temperature, above or below "normal", depending on the color hue. Record shattering warmth will continue in much of the country  ( adding to what is already the warmest US winter on record ) as the West gets the toxic cool-down complete with constant chemical ice nucleation of the incoming moisture flow.


Extreme and unprecedented imbalances like those shown in the map above are telltale signs of a climate system that is completely unraveling. Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the biosphere and climate system, global geoengineering is mathematically the most destructive of all.

The Total Betrayal Of The Climate Science Community

Mainstream media is not the only group that has completely betrayed humanity, the climate science community has done the same. Though a constant parade of false headlines from well funded sources has convinced many that the climate change threat is being exaggerated, the exact opposite is true. What we face is far more grave and immediate than any of the "worst case predictions" from completely controlled organizations like the IPCC (the largest scientific panel ever created in human history). The most severe betrayal is now coming from "science organizations" like "AMEG" (the Arctic Methane Emergency Group). Though AMEG's assessment of the threat from thawing and releasing methane deposits is valid, AMEG's call for global geoengineering are nothing short of criminal tyranny

Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) -Blog of AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, discussing the situation in the Arctic and the action necessary to avoid catastrophic warming, including the need for geoengineering to be accepted as an indispensable part of a comprehensive plan of action to cool the Arctic and to bring the atmosphere and oceans back to their pre-industrial state.

In regard to AMEG's call for emergency geoengineering to be immediately deployed (as if it has not already been going on for 70 years with catastrophic consequences), there are only two possibilities, either they are criminally ignorant of the very subject of which they claim to be experts, or they are lying. In either case, their calls for the commencement of climate engineering is criminal and should be publicly confronted. Taking the time to locate public email contacts for AMEG members, mainstream media and meteorological personnel, is essential. These contacts should then be circulated to others so that a constraint stream of communications calling for their accountability can be unleashed by the public. Such communications must be articulate and peaceful. This being said, the communications can and should point out that the public is rapidly waking up to the climate engineering crimes and will certainly soon hold legally and morally accountable ALL THOSE that directly or indirectly participated in these crimes. This includes all the journalists, scientists, and meteorologists that helped to hide the ongoing geoengineering assault by deceiving the public about the issue. There can be NO LEGITIMATE DISCUSSION about the state of the climate without first and foremost addressing the ongoing global climate engineering insanity. As the climate system continues to implode, the power structure will be more dangerous than ever before. Will WWlll be their final option as populations awaken to their crimes? There is much work to be done in this critical fight for the greater good, all of us must make our voices heard while we yet have time to do so.

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  1. Lee Eyerman says:

    Yesterday,Ohio had their presidential primaries.Beautiful day,not a chemtrail in the sky.Actually 20 hours of no spraying.I can't remember the last time we had a normal sky here in Southern Ohio.I guess with the country watching the sprayers took a day off.Other then us crazy people they probably didn't want to bring attention to a checkerboard sky.I wish we had a primary here every day.You know what?The sky is still beautiful like when we were kids.It was nice if only for a few hours.

  2. Geolander says:

    Great article Dane plus comments from all over to help me understand better and explain to others.

    Just thinking of all of those huge billboards and the actions of Rhode Island… This is all flipping quickly from science to criminality… Thank you RI, MA can’t be too far behind…

  3. Ana says:

    The predictions to our planet are getting worst by the day or by the year (  ).I don´t understand why AMEG is asking for more of the same (geoengineering) ?or they are thinking that this is not enough and the solution is to put much more of the same in the Artic ?How clever this people are afterall?what they are truely thinking ?.I don´t believe that they are not  informed  about geoengineering.If they think that giving more drugs to a drug addict is the solution then it´s natural that the solution for the planet for them at a short term is geoengineering (hope some of them (the youngest) they still have time to worry about their careers and live to enjoy their pensions).Seems like people is still waiting for the promesses of the politicians about the economic growth , more jobs ,the end of the crisis,peace in the world  and the natural right to pensions etc. in a world that can´t produce at the latest levels ,that is  being poisoned/polluted and dying,destroyed; a planet monstrously  exploited and "raped and killed" by selfish beings that reproduce like rats in a finite world …we are the real "alliens" from the old movie "Allien" and we want to go to planet Mars(thank God we can´t go there so easaly) to also spread there all our "humanity"…

    Tanks for your exceptional work Dane. i´m still with you in this battle where the most of the world chose to remain blind …like those Ameg scientists,unfortunatly.

    Consider this timeline:

    * Late 2007: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announcesthat the planet will see a one degree Celsius temperature increase due to climate change by 2100.

    * Late 2008: The Hadley Centre for Meteorological Research predicts a 2C increase by 2100.


    * Mid-2009: The U.N. Environment Programme predicts a 3.5C increase by 2100. Such an increase would remove habitat for human beings on this planet, as nearly all the plankton in the oceans would be destroyed, and associated temperature swings would kill off many land plants. Humans have never lived on a planet at 3.5C above baseline.

    * October 2009: The Hadley Centre for Meteorological Research releases an updated prediction, suggesting a 4C temperature increase by 2060.


    * November 2009: The Global Carbon Project, which monitors the global carbon cycle, and the Copenhagen Diagnosis, a climate science report, predict 6C and 7C temperature increases, respectively, by 2100.

    * December 2010: The U.N. Environment Programme predicts up to a 5C increase by 2050.


    * 2012: The conservative International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook report for that year states that we are on track to reach a 2C increase by 2017.

    * November 2013: The International Energy Agency predicts a 3.5C increase by 2035.


    A briefing provided to the failed U.N. Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen in 2009 provided this summary: “The long-term sea level that corresponds to current CO2 concentration is about 23 meters above today’s levels, and the temperatures will be 6 degrees C or more higher. These estimates are based on real long-term climate records, not on models.”

    On December 3rd, a study by 18 eminent scientists, including the former head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, James Hansen, showed that the long-held, internationally agreed upon target to limit rises in global average temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius was in error and far above the 1C threshold that would need to be maintained in order to avoid the effects of catastrophic climate change.

    And keep in mind that the various major assessments of future global temperatures seldom assume the worst about possible self-reinforcing climate feedback loops like the methane one.




  4. a simple horseman says:

    Good evening my fellow planet/home dwellers. A few days ago I wrote about "the lead horse". Tonight I must write about an observation I see in all of us here in the comment column and our potential influence on those that we meet and furnish with our valuable information. Here's my observation… People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Or even take an honest look into the future in a realistic way. Those who fail to remember the past are bound to repeat it. (All good points to make on a second meeting). Folks, "we" have sooooo many pieces of "ammunition" it's down right laughable. HOW!… we fire it makes ALL the difference in the world. Remember what I wrote, "a lead horse is one that is followed by trust and confidence… "and care". Hope and confidence is contagious, go ahead, take advantage of it, especially if you are honest and look out for our "Mother". I often get asked, "what will our world look like 'after' shit hits the fan and truth prevails". There is only one answer to that question… and it is this… "what do you want it to be?". Ultimately, that is the boiled down fact of what the out come "would be"…. Then my friends, there are those that see what's coming and will react with knowledge and wisdom… and genuine care for others. We have a lot of shit to clean up, we need folks that will care and act in confidence and wisdom. "I" will protect every single one of them and serve them well… They're easy to spot by the way(Grin!)……

  5. Marc says:

    Do you mean to tell me that leading "climate scientists," with all of their supposed erudition, all of their alleged understanding of climate and associated environmental issues, would openly proclaim their IDIOCY to the world by coming out of the climate closet to call for something as poisonous to all life as SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT??? And how unbearably fucked up and impossibly arrogant is it to characterize this practice as "management?" As if we dumb-ass humans could somehow wish ourselves into being super heroes, like Superman, and acquire miraculous planet-saving powers. Management? Go f**k yourselves, all of you jack-off geoengineers and diabolical geek-f**ks who sit at the controls of the HAARP arrays. May ALL OF YOU go swiftly straight to hell for the crimes of unbridled arrogance and misapplied pseudo-science. And yes, I call it pseudo-science when even the supposedly top climate science minds in the world are peeking over their horn-rimmed glasses, tea and milk-toast to call for emergency geoengineering, forget the FACT that geoengineering has been proven, BY THE GEOENGINEERS THEMSELVES, to NOT WORK!!!!! Uh, hello??!! These geniuses have been "managing solar radiation" (Holy Mother, help them) for how f**king long now? How many millions of tons of deadly aerosols have been launched into our atmosphere AND STILL THE PLANET WARMS???!!! Really?? And these so-called brilliant climate scientists, Wadhams, Beckwith and all the rest, can't (or won't) connect two dots proving that poisoning our world with aerosols and ocean fertilization ain't gonna save their sorry asses??? This is an outrage. 

  6. Dennie says:

    Where there is no justice there is no love; where there is no love there is no justice.

    You CANNOT have the one without the other.

    Today on NPR's Science Friday show, the host was talking to some kind of scientist about ice in Antarctica and sea level rise.  There were all kinds of fantastic ideas involving technological "solutions" to sea level rise, frozen sea water vs. Antarctic ice, which is fresh, and as usual they "tickled" all the "problematic" contingencies.  These PSYCHOPATHS are such risk-takers they'd rather bet the farm whole-hog on their insane Rube Goldbergesque ideas about how to "fix" the planet than simply STOP DOING what they've BEEN DOING on Earth for the past 70 years–as if no one's noticed.  Sad truth is, almost no one really has.

  7. Dave says:

    I got a part time job moving cars around at a west Mich auto auction and work with alot  of retirees like myself. Waiting in line to get the cars washed at about 8am I'm once again witnessing the deluge of SRM/SAG activity,  getting aggravated that among the dozens of people nobody   knows what's going on above thier heads. I see the guy in back of me on his I phone and I get out of my car walk to his car,tell him to look up at the sky and tell him to type in this site and get informed. Didn't see him the rest of the day so I'll have to see what happened. Waiting for the auction to start I walked outside with a couple of guys to point out what's going on, and the young fellow began listening to Danes Facebook presentation and looking up at the streaks beginning to put it together, hopefully he will be a spreader of the truth.  Know it will never happen.

  8. While it is difficult to observe what the Navy is doing to the sky on a grey day in WA, this morning March 11, 2016, I was able to take two photos of ‘ripples’ in the clouds and intentionally enhance adjust them to show that they are radio frequency-RF/microwaving the Peninsula even on grey days!   here:

  9. Tamara says:

    The hottest topic in agriculture is aluminum toxicity and soils and aluminum resistant GMO plants. Not one mentions why the soils are so aluminum toxic. Here's a link frm Australia's Dept of Ag. Some info on how to combat this.

    Scary world we live in. 

    • Dennie says:

      Tamara:  I don't see the link here, can you try again?  I'm wondering why we here in CA and the rest of the U.S. are not hearing about aluminum toxicity– a lot of the farmers are very smart, educated people with multiple degrees; have they noticed aluminum toxicity here?  If not, why not?  If so, what are they saying, where are they saying it and with whom are they having these conversations?  Because it impacts US, the "useless eaters..:"

      To: "Dr." Henry Kissinger:  Please do us all a favor and take a reeeeallly loooong walk off a very short pier… after all, charity starts at home, you must understand that the most effective leadership is by EXAMPLE, and the world would be rid of The Biggest USELESS EATER of all this way.  Like Gandhi said, START WITH YOURSELF.

    • Tamara says:

      Dennie, oops I'll try again.…/e…

      Google Aluminum toxicity in soils and Aluminum resistant seeds. Many global sources working on this. Maybe all this is so Monsanto can have the final say producing the only seeds that will grow. 

      Pure evil.

  10. Bush Family Links to Nazi Germany: “A Famous American Family” Made its Fortune from the Nazis
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky /Global Research, March 06, 2016
    Multibillionaire steel magnate Fritz Thyssen-the man whose steel combine was the cold heart of the Nazi war machine … George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. …  … the Bush family helped raise the money for Thyssen to give Hitler his start in the 1920s, but giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is treason. The Bush bank helped the Thyssens make the Nazi steel that killed Allied solders. As bad as financing the Nazi war machine may seem, aiding and abetting the Holocaust was worse. Thyssen’s coal mines used Jewish slaves as if they were disposable chemicals.
    … Prescott Bush was by no means unique, though his financial connections with the Third Reich were perhaps more intimate than most. Henry Ford was an avowed admirer of Hitler, and together GM and Ford played the predominant role in producing the military trucks that carried German troops across Europe. After the war, both auto companies demanded and received reparations for damage to their German plants caused by allied bombing. (Bill Venn, A presidential visit to Auschwitz, The Holocaust and the Bush family fortune,,  5 June 2003)
    … The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law. Furthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that Bush and his associates, who included E. Roland Harriman, younger brother of American icon W. Averell Harriman, and George Herbert Walker, President Bush’s maternal great-grandfather, continued their dealings with the German industrial tycoon for nearly a year after the U.S. entered the war.
    While Prescott Bush’s “company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, George W. Bush’s grandfather was never prosecuted for his business dealings with  Nazi Germany.
    … Up until Pearl Harbor (December 1941), Wall Street was trading with the enemy. In the wake of Pearl Harbor, Standard Oil continued to sell oil to Nazi Germany through the intermediation of so-called “neutral countries” including Venezuela and Argentina.

    • Larry S. says:

      From what I have read Ken Lay former Enron boss came up with a weather derivative scam . Are we seeing weather manipulation for profit ? I think so . Evidently war profiteering is not enough for these scum bags . Record rain and tornados are killing people and destroying property , which is in my view on purpose and brought on by weather manipulation .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, yes, this is a part of he equation, but only a part. There are much bigger and much more dire factors to consider.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      As painful as it is, this is what we are up against. Two Donald Trump's..Two Hitler's..Two Bush's.. 1% wins again..

    SUBPART A — Standards for the Control of Residual Radioactive Materials from Inactive Uranium Processing Sites (§§ 192.00 – 192.04)
    SUBPART B — Standards for Cleanup of Land and Buildings Contaminated with Residual Radioactive Materials from Inactive Uranium Processing Sites (§§ 192.10 – 192.12)
    SUBPART C — Implementation (§§ 192.20 – 192.23)
    SUBPART D — Standards for Management of Uranium Byproduct Materials Pursuant to Section 84 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as Amended (§§ 192.30 – 192.34)
    SUBPART E — Standards for Management of Thorium Byproduct Materials Pursuant to Section 84 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as Amended (§§ 192.40 – 192.43)
    Appendix I to Part 192 – Listed Constituents
    Complete title:
    Excerpted from: Coal waste – SourceWatch
    ["Coal ash contains large quantities of toxic metals, including 44 tons of mercury, 4601 tons of arsenic, 970 tons of beryllium, 496 tons of cadmium, 6275 tons of chromium, 6533 tons of nickel, and 1305 tons of selenium.[4] In 2006, coal plants in the United States produced almost 72 million tons of fly ash, up 50 percent since 1993.[6] "]
    Scientific American finds coal ash is more radioactive than nuclear waste
    ["Although nuclear power retains the stigma of producing dangerous radiation, "waste produced by coal plants is actually more radioactive than that generated by their nuclear counterparts" in addition to known problems such as polluting the air and causing acid rain. Coal contains small amounts of uranium and thorium, which are concentrated "up to 10 times" in coal ash, a waste product of burning coal. Coal ash can leech radioactivity into the surrounding groundwater and soil, depending on where it is disposed. Robert Finkelman, a former US Geological Survey (USGS) researcher, said that people living around coal plants will increase the amount of radiation they are exposed to by 5% every year. Finkelman thinks that radiation is "more of an occupational hazard than a general environmental hazard… The miners are surrounded by rocks and sloshing through ground water that is exuding radon." This is an additional reason some people support alternative forms of energy.[16] "]
    Note: You really need to review all the data on this web page to understand the magnitudes of the waste disposal problem. >
    Also see: Coal Issues – SourceWatch
    All roads to freedom are bloody with justice…
    Paul Vonharnish 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Coal Fly Ash..This has to be what the bastards are spraying over us. After being sprayed at low altitude in May 2012 and experiencing immediate unbelievable damage to trees and vegetation; and sickness in various forms to both myself and some of our animals, I have continued to observe a radiation type damage to various vegetation REOCCURRING every growing season in the SAME PLACES on my property since the initial incident took place. Prior to this happening I cannot recall EVER observing anything similar to it at all; despite living a very outdoor lifestyle for the past 23 yrs. and spending about a decade of that time happily hiking and exploring the woods in the area with my 3 dogs. I began to suspect what they had dumped over us contained radiation after seeing the discolored and deformed leaves return each year. The illegal disposal of coal fly ash seems a plausible explanation for this.

    • Dennie says:

      Tonight on the California Report, a special program on KQED fm, one segment was about tap water testing for a chemical called 1,2,3 Trichloropropane (1,2,3 TCP).  It's been found in 29 wells in Fresno and 100 water systems across.  It was sold to farmers as a soil fumigant to kill an "overabundance" of nematodes. Turns out it is actually a hazardous waste byproduct of chemical manufacturing, and is basically "garbage," the exact word used to describe it's actual qualities by the scientists who knew about it.  Shell and Dow produced it and it was included in soil fumigants until the 1980s though it wasn't listed on their product labels; a Dow Chemical scientist admitted it served NO purpose in killing nematodes, and selling it to farmers was simply a pretext for essentially disposing of toxic waste.  Reporter Sasha Khoka took in a sample of the drinking water from her home in Fresno, CA for testing at a lab.  It showed 2.2 ppt of 1,2,3 Trichloropropane (1,2,3 TCP), which is 3 times higher than the state goal for safety and puts her at a 3-in-one million risk for developing cancer.  It was discovered to be a genotoxic (DNA reactive) carcinogen. 

      There are currently no safety standards for 1,2,3 TCP either by the state of California or the EPA.  The tap water test that Khoka took was in response to a consumer confidence report found in her water bill that reported the presence of the chemical, as well as the recent discovery of catastrophic levels of lead in drinking water in Flint, MI.  Twenty-five years after this chemical was found to be a carcinogen many Californians don't even know if it's in their drinking water though the state hopes to set an enforceable standard by spring of next year.  It is a Number One priority at this point.

    • Dennis says:

      This facility located in Middletown Ohio is the main dispersal location for a great majority of the coal and steel production fly ash, they are nearly the same material. They(Sunoco) ship this stuff in to the processing plant in Middletown from all over the country. I have been posting this here and elsewhere since the theory was postulated that coal fly ash was a probable base material for geoengineering.
      I know that the outgoing rail line is a single spur and I have offered to block the tracks just like they did to Port Chicago, CA to stop the war machine back in the 70's-90's. That was a military installation and they had lots and lots of celebrities who would block the trains carrying armaments.
      WE can and should do the same here. I will lead, but I know I would just be shut down and sent to jail all by myself and this would not even make the news.
      What if 25 people did this? Could the media ignore it? I doubt it. What if 200 people stood with me and said "find another way to poison us" cause we shut this one down.
      I extend the offer again. WHO will stand with me.
      This facility processes the material, and except for small amounts used for road subsurface I can't find where they are using the millions of tons of this crap they produce each year, unless we consider it is being used for geoengineering.
      The rail spurs go north to Wright Patterson AFB and south to Oakridge TN. Seems very obvious this is at least ONE of the supply depots, if in fact coal fly ash is being sprayed.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Way to go Paul!  This is even worse than I thought.  You may recall that Dr. Herndon, geophysicist, did a double blind peer reviewed test of air crap where he lives in San Diego and another up the coast a ways and he said what he found was the "finger print" of coal fly ash.  His article is in a sidebar here on the left last I saw.  I immediately got it as I immediately got the magnitudes of waste disposal from your info.  It makes perfect sense from what I call a bean counter's point of view.  He who balances the accounts.  Burying this stuff is a serious issue and apparently more so than nuclear waste.  What to do, what to do.  So someone thought: I know!  We will sell it to the government as a weather modification thing and spread it all over, imitating a volcano, cooling the earth, we'll say.  And done.  Not at all unlike Mad Cow disease.  Same thing with waste disposal.  What to do with sheep brains?  Dry them, color them green and feed to cattle as protein.  As if cows need protein!  So yes, among other things, they are dropping coal fly ash on us and it sure looks like it today-I swear I can see it in the black clouds.  As abysmal as this is, it does give us a foot in the door.  While the loophole is that they can spray/experiment for agriculture, for research, for national defense, they cannot use the skies over our heads to dump toxic waste!  That would be the foot in the door of this loophole.  Thank you once again Paul for the pertinent info!

      @Earth Angel, see above, your answer here above and Dr. Herndon's report on this site, in sidebar, and not that old.  A couple of years?  And I'd love to see some pictures of your suspected radiation affected plants.  Please?

      @Dennie, gee I've gotten a lot out of your posts lately.  The one below about Trichloropropane is of particular interest to me-in general-but specifically in regard to my daughter's home in Lodi in the San Joaqin Valley.  An area Erin B. mentioned.  Daughter grows foods.  She is debating about that this year given all recent info, including the info from Erin Brockovitch and that chemical added to chlorine that extra strips lead from pipes, but Fresno is closer to Berkeley, whose water is considered good except I've never believed it.  But, while my family and I use other drinking water, this is what they brush their teeth with, bathe with, wash clothes with.  Including my clothes.  I've been wanting her water tested and now I know one more thing to look for.  I have had a very irritating rash for almost a year now and it is working my last nerve.  Also, so many here think our water is good because our reports say so!  Idiots all!  They no doubt think we also have a functional EPA.  Yeah, right!  Not!  Thank you Dennie!


  12. Marc says:

    Bravo, Dane, for this current article. Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive overviews of the width and breadth of the predicament we find ourselves in. I don't know anyone who could read this article and shrug it off unless they are just plain stupid or hopelessly bullheaded. This is the meat and potatoes of the whole deal and if the info contained therein is truly and deeply comprehended, nothing short of a paradigm shift would occur in one's consciousness. The uncontrollable obsession that the power- mongers currently have to mangle and abuse the biosphere cannot possibly last much longer. Think about it. This planet is but a finite, round ball of rock and goo orbiting at tremendous speed through infinite space. There are very real "borders" to the extent of the earth. As in FINITE. How can the PTB, and now many mainstream climate scientists, possibly rationalize geoengineering on the scale allegedly necessary to allegedly make a difference? What, sacrifice five or six billion humans or more, and most of the animal kingdom to save……..what? Save the resulting poisoned planet for who? Who benefits? Who are the future gloriously lucky inheritors of the saving grace of miraculous geoengineering? The INTENT embedded in the very heart of whoever drives the geoengineering machine is unimaginably blind, stupid, self-centered and reckless. 

  13. Nyira says:

    Yesterday and today in MA you can actually smell whatever is used in the chemical ice nucleation process…   I always smell a specific odor when they are trying to make it cold…  it went from 60 degrees to 40 in only a couple of hours.  What chemicals are used in this process??  Another thing is that it seems that "SRM" and "Global Dimming" is primarily just a cover to make it seem like they are doing something "good" as I continuously see them spraying on cloudy days and at night.  Also with all of the drought occurring in places such as California & South Africa right now, why aren't "they" being heroes and making rain for these areas??  The answer is that nothing "they" do is to help mankind…   from our food to vaccinations to chemotherapy to weather modification programs…  everything is about profit, power, and control.  Everything makes me sick now…  reading about the poor children suffering from microcephaly that is found now to be caused from a monsanto pesticide put in the drinking water and NOT from the Zika virus…  everything is based on lies…

    • Dennie says:

      Report from Physicians in the Crop-sprayed villages regarding Dengue-Zika, microcephaly and mass-spraying with chemical poisons (.pdf):

      The chatter in the commentary on the articles I've read discussing Zika vs. pyriproxyfen looks to be mainly pro-and anti-Monsanto warfare.  You get trolls going on about there being no such thing as "revolving doors" between Monsanto and government agencies (how DO these trolls refute the mountains of Proof Positive about this very system?), and the "very mild" effects of pyriproxyfen, which is an anti-growth hormone disrupter in insects– why wouldn't it affect fetuses of humans?  Then you get the people BUSTING the Monsanto shills. 

      More on the larvicide pyriproxyfen:

      The really interesting part is that the physicians bring out the fact that the country where the microcephaly is "epidemic" is being sprayed with toxic chemicals– anyone else here see an angle there with regard to the spray jets and geoengineering?  Do we actually have a much bigger case to get ALL spraying by aircraft of ANY and ALL toxins stopped? 

  14. Dawnski says:

    The forecast for The Piedmont NC. . .81*  Currently at 3am 64*. . .feels warmer in my house. Muggy room woke me up.

    • Dawnski says:

      Spring plants are blooming . . .bees are surely going to be confused. Its technically still winter despite the public's celebration of warmer weather. Disturbing how naïve the masses are.

  15. Jeff says:

    Spraying over Atlanta has been relentless over the past two days. I watched multiple times throughout the day as the planes spewed trail after trail. Watching the lines in the sky with gaps in between and laughing to myself saying, "oh my gosh! I guess the jet engines are failing and shut down!!". Wow! I guess we will hear of of a crash landing on the news! Oh wait! It's a miracle! The "contrail" has miraculously reformed! No conditions have changed, but miraculously, the jet engine refired TWICE! All is well now and thank god for the miracle!! LOL!!

    Pardon the sarcasm in this dire time and after such an incredible presentation from Dane that is always well received by my group in Atlanta, but my fuse is shortening with undeniable reason these days!! I know that Earth Angel is north of us here, and I know that she feels the same, I think. 

    Sorry to to vent here tonight as I respect and value everyone on this site,  but sometimes, you have to out your frustrations with like minded people that you know will understand.

    Thanks to all of you who care and are doing all you can in the fight. Most importantly, thanks to you Dane for all of your efforts and superb information to help us all in the battle of truth.  


    • Sean Slavin says:

      Vent away Jeff. We all have the same feeling at times. We would cease being human if we were not enraged by what is occurring.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I know several concerned others and we might strengthen our base for contacting local legislators. I have been in contact with Gov. Nathan Deal, Rep. Doug Collins, Congressman Tom Graves office, State Rep. Kevin Tanner, & Dawson Co.Sheriff Billy Carlisle over this issue. I just e-mailed Kevin Tanner the info. here on Dane's site about the Rhode Island anti- geoengineering Bill currently on the table, asking him to take the evidence and info. I have provided him and take the lead on introducing the same here in the State of Ga. I could sure use some back up help as NONE of the others approached have even given me the courtesy of a reply. I could sure use some back up on this! With enough pressure they can NOT IGNORE US anymore. Please try and make contact with me, and I'll do the same.

    • Jeanne says:

      Jeff, I'm in North Gwinnett & have been watching the spraying go on for some time now but am getting more & more irked by the apathetic attitude anyone I speak to about this has.  Have emailed my rep but it's clear he's not even on board with there being anything other than "contrails" behind planes.  Says he goes with what NASA & all of the other gov. agencies state.  Well, I can SEE with my own EYES … & I have a functioning MEMORY.  All of these streaks across our sky … this crissing & crossing … this vapor that dissipates out to cover up the blue sky or the sun … I think I can recall if this has always been there.  It's like some mind game they play with you!  Please let me know if there is a group I can work with in the Atlanta area to bring attention to this.  I'm disgusted & have a neighborhood full of children who are clueless about what's being done above their heads as they play.



  16. Greg says:

    ….a good couple of days during and around my work schedule; I reached 6 different folks and got them on board.  They are going to share the info as well.  Whether it is too late or not, onward we march towards critical mass.

  17. Kevin Love says:

    Today in SoCal the "talc-like" spraying created such an ugly haze and I can only imagine how hot we will be this summer if our winter feels like summer.  Interesting things are happening in the media regarding the weather this past week:  the NASCAR race on Sunday in Vegas was a near sandstorm with very low visibility at times.  The commentators were perplexed and had never seen "crazy weather" like that before….their words.   The last two storms here have yielded ground shaking thunder that sounded more like bombs blasting.  I have never heard thunder this loud in my 47 years here in SoCal.  I have never seen lightning in March…usually rare lightning occurs in the Monsoon season in summertime.  Something is definitely gone haywire with the atmosphere,  as I read a similar story in another posting.  Today, regarding the storms in Texas, the buffoon at the weather channel commented how "extremely low the low pressure system was," that he had never seen it this low before and the jet stream was unusual to him.  This was his explanation for the severe weather in the Southern states today.  Goes to show you that we are in for some greater surprises as long as HAARP continues it's atrocities.  I wonder how long till the critical mass is reached with weather manipulation and if that actually will make a difference.  The heat is only going to increase every year unless a miracle happens but I do pray for that 'miracle'!  Lord heal our land!

  18. Dane, what do these people breath? Where do they live, sleep, eat, work etc? Do they use detoxifiers? Can we detox too? How? Expensive or not? Seriously, won't the elite be as sick as us or are they all imune? I don't vaccinate myself nor my family so I'm probably less inclined of being sick fom chemtrails. I'm not saying I'm not affected, just saying that my immune system might have more chances. Anyways, please answer the question as to whether or not the power structure is safe or not? They don't care or what?

    • Veritas says:

          Yes they detox. Try Chlorella, Silica, b-12, b6, milk thistle for liver help, and other vitamins and supplements to help, look up "Aluminum and Heavy metal detox, and Dr. Russel Blaylock on youtube" and air purifiers of the Hepa and Super Hepa type they filter particulate, though gases not so much u need charcoal for that.

           You have to understand these people are Insane, Genocidal, Psycopaths but they want to live to see their dream of a race of chemically castrated cattle as their slaves, they are not suicidal they are Omnicidal ( Kill Everything they don't like). The main instigators I have found by reasearch are the "Rothschild's" former family name Bauer ( they have more than 600 Trillion dollars its been estimated., Warburg's, Goldman-sachs, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Gyorgy Schwartz a.k.a. George Soros, the Monsanto family who got their start as slavers in Lousiana, and so many others.

         This is about Absolute POWER, nothing else, these people very possibly offer the blood and lives of the innocent up to literall Devils and other dark beings. They also drink blood and use it and the organs of their murdered, and aborted baby stem cells for extending their own life. Why do people like George Soros ( Gyorgy Shcwartz is his real name ) live to be older than 80 and usually to thier 90's or beyond? Organ Transplants, intraveinous chelation, AIR AND WATER PURIFICATION, technology not available to the masses, and knowing how to avoid the poisons because your in on it are some reasons. To understand this you need to read the Talmud, Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, and Lev Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky's works, The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan, Oded Yinon, etc. This is all about creating a slave race of humans to serve and be enslaved body, mind, and soul,and creating a " Utopia " for the " elite " to rule over us and abuse us indefinetely. They want a world of their own wherein they can use high technology to be the rulers through cloning, genetics, robotics, etc.

         The worst part is as insane as this sounds this is just the simple truth and probably the tip of the iceberg. These people will gladly burn the world to Cinders so long as they can be kings of the Ashes. May God help us All. Also watch a documentary on youtube called "with Open Gates" explaining why all european countrys are being destroyed and by whom, as they are doing in America, Why has Angela Merkel " real name Kasner " recieved the first Coudenhove- Kalergi award and for what? .

      "On a lighter note these monsters seem to be overreaching and exposing themselves whereas before they acted solely through proxies. The Truth Is Ineviteble.

  19. Carol says:

    Just look at today's weather!    Snow in Mexico! Historic flooding in the US South!  Record heat in the US north east !   Everything is totally out of control and almost no one sees it.   Just go home, eat pizza , watch television and let the walls fall down around you. 

  20. michael says:

    thanks again dane for being such a force for the exposing of this global insanity , im still trying to keep everyone i know informed on these issues , i just often feel that isn't enough and i wish i could do more things that would be effective to have some kind of influence over these converging catastrophes…

  21. Fukushima's ground zero: Where radiation even 'kills' robots
    10 Mar 2016 / Reuters
    Officials said that the Fukushima nuclear site is very dangerous for humans and even robots have failed in reaching inside.
    The robots sent in to find highly radioactive fuel at Fukushima's nuclear reactors have "died"; a subterranean "ice wall" around the crippled plant meant to stop groundwater from becoming contaminated has yet to be finished. And authorities still don't know how to dispose of highly radioactive water stored in an ever mounting number of tanks around the site. …
    This part of the plant is so dangerous to humans, Tepco has been developing robots, which can swim under water and negotiate obstacles in damaged tunnels and piping to search for the melted fuel rods. But as soon as they get close to the reactors, the radiation destroys their wiring and renders them useless, causing long delays, Masuda said. Each robot has to be custom-built for each building."It takes two years to develop a single-function robot," Masuda said.

    • Dennie says:

      Ah, THAT should be the Greatest Warning Signal to the idiotic sheeple that "even" technofixes won't kill Their Favorite MONSTER, ionizing radiation.  What did our dense little children get out of Mary Shelley's book?  WEIRD walking styles and HAIR-DOs!!!  THAT was what all the little kiddes saw as the Take-Away of that great allegory warning us about our sick "creations,"  and nothing at all about the stooopid idiot "creators" of sick inventions.  I cannot tolerate those who haven't already been FEELING into these monstrous psychopaths and still insist there's actually some "good" in them because in reality that is saying that it's "okay" for them to continue here, so, fine– if you're not against this kind of "science," then you're for it and need to go wherever these dazzlingly brilliant scientific minds actually take you– hope you like it there, GOOD LUCK!

    • Susan, thank you for the synopsis of the ongoing,and possibly never-ending, multi-meltdown crisis that is Fukushima. Combine a radioactive Pacific Ocean with a geo-engineered Pacific atmosphere, and God only knows what humungous, demented hybrid hell is being unleashed. Today is 5 years on from that fateful day in Japan. Living creatures and plants in the ocean are suffering catastrophic declines. Dennie, I empathize with your grief and frustration. I have one small hedge that seems to sometimes help in relieving the angst of it all…music.

    • Dennie says:

      Steve:  I am a 35+ year card-carrying member of the American Federation of Musicians.  This website does multiple things:

      1. reports what is going on with regard to SAG/SRM geoengineering and the money system and infinite economic growth paradigm that keeps it all going; 

      2. a meeting place for people similarly inclined to want to know the truth and share what's happening in their part of the world, and is

      3. a place where we can gather to share information AS WELL AS FEELINGS; Now I am not all "doom and gloom," but even really great music is not going to be much of a distraction when there is no water and no food and no comfort, even though

      4. I am perfectly capable of actually, literally FIDDLING, while "Rome" burns.  When we arrive at that point, however, I don't know anyone who's going to make a pension contribution.  I think we'll be there soon, maybe this summer, if not already, if the above reports are any indication.

  22. Donna Potter says:

    Dane, I still can't comprehend how in the world these people think this will not affect them and their famiies.  So deceived if they think they will be last man standing.  The poluted air we have to breath is the same air they breathe. 

    • Dennie says:

      Donna and everyone else who's still stuck on First Base, spending more than two or three sessions wondering how the arch-criminals who're responsible for poisoning the planet think it won't affect their families: 

      OF COURSE IT DOES!  BUT:  They DON'T actually think!


      They can't think because they CHOOSE NOT TO FEEL.  Their thought process is NOT informed by their feelings.  It is backwards.  Their "thoughts" DICTATE TO whatever might be left of their feelings.

      That's where their consciousness is stuck and it's a waste of time to get stuck, like them, on what they do or do not "think" about polluting everything. 

      The BEST use of what little's left of your time?  We have GOT TO GET GOING persuading the ones who DO have the capacity left with which to seriously consider the consequences of their insane actions to STOP, CEASE and DESIST the spraying.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The Number one issue for the Voters in the 2016 Election, should be the condition of the Earth 100%. I have only received .08 (8 hundredths) of an inch of rainfall, in the past 3-4 weeks. Today I noticed areas of the ground soil being cracked, like what can be seen in Desert Regions. Even the daily minimum relative humidity has been in the 20-30% range. High temperatures are in the low to mid 80's, Low temperatures in the low 60's. These temperatutes are two months early, usually occurring in May. Intense UV Radiation can be felt, even though the Sun is not directly ovethead, as it is in the Summer. UV levels are being underreported, by local meteorologists.

    • Donna — There is only one answer to this bewildering question which I have asked myself so many times: These people are truly insane. They are obsessed with their own power to the extent that any possibility for integrity and good judgment is totally beyond them. They are psychopaths leading the world to inevitable collapse. Here is a test for Psychopathy:

    • Larry Charles says:

      They and their families will be safe.  Research:  DUMBS.  We are not invited.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, on the current course, “they” will not be safe for long, even underground. We must all pull together at this late hour to press the climate engineering issue to the full light of day.

  23. Alan says:

    This is one of the most moving things I have ever read.  It was written in 1995.     AMERICA'S TREES ARE DYING – Die Off  The lessons from this article are manifold but, in the end, it's really just reinforcing everything that Dane's been saying for so long.    
    There are also summaries of other articles following the main one.  One of those summaries is about how the Saguaro cactus die-off around Tucson is probably a result of too much UV-B exposure.  The Saguaros growing in the shade are unaffected.  

  24. Dylan says:

    What is truly remarkable is that Peter Wadhams himself, the Professor that blew the whistle on the Murders on the Polar Expresss, and founding member of the AMEG group, is an advocate of geoengineering to mitigate global warming. He has even co-authored a paper on the subject of adding a layer of white granules or reflecting sheet on the Greenland ice. It is difficult to believe that he is unaware of the ice nucleation program carried out under operation Icebridge. It is difficult to believe that any of the dead scientists were unaware of the ice nucleating aspect of this operation, nor its potential to distort measurements. This maybe the real reason for their deaths and the threat hanging over Wadham’s life.

  25. Bill says:

    The viewing gallery in the Court of Public Opinion is rapidly approaching, "Standing Room Only" & still there is plenty of room in the lobby for 10's of thousands more concerned citizens of planet Earth to join their peers, as the perpetrators of Geoengineering (and their faithful supporters) are "On Trial" for their crimes against planet Earth & all the inhabitants thereof.

    Just because you can't get a seat that allows a "Front Row" viewpoint – it is of paramount importance that you "Take a Moment" to support your peer group, as this rapidly unfolding "Trial" requires the influence of everyone who genuinely "Dares-2-Care" enough to make a personal appearance & make "Voice" their opinion.

    The ongoing "Trial by Terror" perpetrated by the Geoengineers against all humanity – requires a verdict of "Guilty" by the Court of Public Opinion, followed by a judgment of, "Cease & Desist IMMEDIATELY" & fines in the amount of BILLIONS – to be equally distributed to every man women & child who has had their health compromised by the effects of Geoengineering.

    The "Collective Voice" of all those who are aware of the Crimes of ALL those who are implicated & associated with Geoengineering  & who also agree with the above "Verdict" – desperately "NEEDS TO BE HEARD" in the Court of Public Opinion.

    The only question that should be asked of those who are not aware of " WutZ  Really Going ON" is: "Have you noticed a Change in the Weather?" Then gently "Point them in the Direction" of Dane Wigington's amazing Resource, so they may become "Educated Consumers" instead of "Couch Potatoes"

    A Penny, doubled every day – becomes a MILLION DOLLARS in less than 30 days. Now apply that same principle to increasing the level of "Awareness" that is required to achieve the "Verdict & Sentence" we all so desperately need to hear from the Judge in the "Court of Public Opinion"

    May GOD Bless us all – as we seek "TRUE JUSTICE" and properly become the "Good Stewards" of the ONLY planet we get to LIVE ON.

  26. Marc says:

    Check out the ludicrous article from Reuters posted on HuffingtonPost this morning: "U.S. and Canada agree on methane emissions cut ahead of Trudeau's visit". Complete with photo of Obama and Trudeau shaking hands. This article is so fraught with smokescreens and detours from reality as to be laughable, if it weren't so gruesomely troubling. A veritable river of obfuscation. We are now seeing a regular diet of such articles on mainstream news venues. Disgusting.

    • SD says:

      Watching a TV news report today about LA County Public Works cloud seeding .  They are ground based emitter devices which evidently just heat up and release the silver iodide molecules to the atmosphere to serve as condensation nuclei.  Clearly visible in the sky over the reporter's head were – you guessed it – chemtrails.

  27. frank reps says:

    Most of us { even the so called  " bright ones " } lack the capacity to absorb the magnitude of the destruction being visited on the entire world… a handful of Elites, working as agents for HONEST TO GOD ; "EVIL PRINCIPALITIES". The idea that entities who hate God's wonderful creation and creatures would actually act to end the works of the  "First Cause ", is too simplistic , and silly for the sophisticated non believers.  What is happening to us and our world ,is being done by the  agents of the fallen angels.  The man { still in the Vatican }  Pope Benedict; has addressed this subject in great detail in his past writings.  All believers in the  " First Cause " should look at this.  While they are looking….they should also chip in with some support needed by Dane Wigington  so he can continue his work.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Frank. I have been lured by the idea that evil spiritual entities might be at the helm of all of this, but I think mankind in all of his absurdities provides what is required. The basic motivating forces behind our consciousness are dominated by the primitive parts of our brain: territoriality, aggression, greed, lust for power, etc.

      Then introduce that great flaw amongst a certain portion of our population, 'Psychopathy', and we have the perfect recipe for a struggle between the bulk of us, 'Empaths', and the wily machinations of those not restricted by any inner moral compass.

      Like the Devil in literature, they mix truth with lies and it does not matter to them, except to keep playing the game, for all is a game to them. There is no real outcome to them except to keep playing the game. They will never reach satisfaction even if they play out their wildest fantasies. That is why destruction is an inevitable part of the process. It is a means to feeling of power, which of course can never be fully satiated.

  28. Marc says:

    Let's consider Guy McPherson for a moment. He's definitely carved out an interesting niche in the available "market" for those who are sincerely concerned about climate change/warming etc. Guy has figured out something that makes his message somehow more digestible. And that "something" is the whole "live a life of excellence" theme as we all careen down the slope to annihilation. Even though Guy absolutely will not acknowledge "geoengineering", he does make open references to aerosols in the atmosphere as a result of industrial civilization's activities, unquote. You and I both know this dude absolutely KNOWS geoengineering (SRM/SAG) is and has been underway for decades. Yet he won't openly acknowledge this because it doesn't enhance his "message" of living life to the fullest until the inevitable END. Interesting, eh? His message requires utter resignation based on an understanding of runaway climate feedback loops and other undeniable data that warming will absolutely destroy human habitat and thus, our species and countless others in turn. But, as grim as the data is, must we resign ourselves to near-term extinction? If 90% of all people on Earth refuse to "resign" themselves to this prognosis, would anything be functionally different? As Dane's current article makes excruciatingly clear, the grand "snowjob" of the American public is appalling. I witness this every day as people twitter and chatter through their daily lives as if it is all SOOOOO f**king important. But it is NOT IMPORTANT!!! It is all bullshit, and almost everybody has been systematically herded into one pathetic camp of belief (delusion) or another. But getting back to Guy, seems to me the only way he can "sell" his message of certain doom is for his audience to make the leap to acceptance. Then one's personal alarm meter must be turned off, and one is then encouraged to figure out how one can live nobly, with love, and with so-called "excellence" right up to the end. Not an awful message, I'll grant him that much. But, again, the part that bugs the shit out of me is his glossing over the INTENTIONAL AEROSOLIZATION (and of course, no mention of massive ionospheric heating by HAARP)  of our atmosphere as if it's just an inescapable by-product of the modern world's industrialization. This is unconscionable. He should be ashamed of himself for this colossal misrepresentation of the facts. I am aware of an event video wherein Dane confronts Guy on this point and Guy's denial (of geoengineering) as I recall, remains intact. Unbelievable. Again, Guy's "message" is seductive in a weird sort of way, but He needs to be called "on the carpet" for not demanding that governments cease weather modification immediately. Why, why why……..can TPTB not take their f**king hands off Mother Earth's biosphere and let "nature" take it's own course, WITHOUT AEROSOLS AND WITHOUT THEIR WEATHER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION???

    • Dennie says:

      Hey Marc:  I agree Big Time!  I've also noticed every last thing you've said above about Guy McPherson and his message of "We're all dead from this, we're all going to die, sooo… might as well live a noble life of excellence!!!"  Well, please Mr. Brilliant, HOW DO YOU REMAIN NOBLE AND DIGNIFIED when it's over 100 degrees, there's no plant life producing our food and NO WATER to drink, because you didn't stand up AGAINST the insanity and now THAT is the place where you and the rest of us ignoble peons are headed!!!

      This kind of "thinking" looked sooo twisted and so extremely heartless and arrogant that I wrote in to Carolyn Baker's website (subtitled "Speaking Truth to Power–" HA– NOT!) to comment on her program where she interviewed McPherson spouting his mission statement about how to deal with runaway global warming and near term extinction, which is to treat everyone around you unlike you ever did before, while living a presumably noble life of unimaginably self-less happiness– just MORE leg-less Utopian NONSENSE!!… while everything around you withers and dies in the heat, the drought and the scorching of Earth… how "noble" and "happy" are you going to feel when you have NO WATER to drink, Mr. Nobility, hmmm??? Please edify us all, because we have NO idea.

      You'd have to smash yourself over the head with a rolling pin or a large iron skillet multiple times on a daily basis to be so dull.  I got a real earful from "Dr." Baker about what Guy was saying and what he wasn't– all emanating from a very high-up-in-the-sky-ivory-tower-superior-positioned (and nearly completely empty) head, with NO input from the HEART, but then again, that's not possible when you don't have an actual heart to begin with. 

    • Marc says:

      Dennie, indeed, how does one live a life of excellence when roving, starving, raping thugs begin to infiltrate neighborhoods killing anything that comes between them and food? 

    • Charles says:

      Guy calls geoengineering 'Global dimming'  and  discusses it and how it will cause additional heating if it stops.
      He  claims that  the Global warming will create unbearable conditions for living on Earth, but nobody really knows, And like the Geoengineers doing this Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Guy also ignores the poisons sprayed overhead, and the immediate weather changes and droughts and storms daused by the weather control attempts by this spraying.  We know the immediate effects of this spraying, thats for sure….

  29. Roger Gibbons says:

    John F Kennedy …..said its not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for YOUR country.

    Keep opening the eye's of the blind it's up to you what you do for your country ….because your country will not do for you.

    Be that beckon of light that will remove the blinding lies of this world.

    Give back all you can …its your COUNTRY not just theirs.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, the moneyed corporate/military interests HIJACKED the country, pulling the wool over the eyes of the little sheeple producing it, even as they fled to the suburbs in droves, to live happy lives with happy (translated: dysfunctional/addicted/abusive) families, all too happy getting up at 4:30 a.m., driving in to work for The Man, making HIM richer and richer, happy and content to settle on the promise of a chicken in every pot and two cars in every single-family garage, then driving all those shiny little cars around on cheap oil, sucking down the resources, just like their Lords and Masters, whom they most wished to emulate. 

      The numbers shown above here are as good as reading your own death certificate.  I hope and pray that there will be a way to survive between the ones and zeros of Cartesian tyrrany…

  30. Roma says:

    From Nelson, NZ:  I have been aware of the geoengineering for four years and look at the sky every day.  I would look at the colours in the aerosolised clouds as they drifted near the sun, nearly every day sometimes.  Lately I'm not seeing this colour, occasionally very faintly, but mostly not at all.  Has something changed in the mix?  Also, I am now seeing different aerosol cloud formation from before, thin clouds like a pencil line, one below the other, maybe six or more, like ruled lines in a notebook, has anyone else noticed these changes?  Also I saw a square shaped cloud which looked similar to the one Dane showed recently on a weathermap .Nelson (and other cities in NZ) has just had the hottest February on record.

    • Greg says:

      Roma, There have been changes in the spray patterns here in southwest Colorado in the last 2 days.  I'm seeing a faster dispersion material and they spray smaller areas like 2 mile by 2 mile blocks that look like cirrus clouds after they quickly spread.  They seem to be getting more stealth and work sometimes in the dark, early morning hours.  When they microwave the particles,the wavy patterns form and spread out.  I'm guessing there are morphs in the system and techniques due to their intentions at that moment.  Best wishes for the work you are doing in NZ.  

  31. Claire says:

    Hi Dane, thank you so much for all your dedicated work. Here in Europe, they are spraying as well a lot. Iit is a pity that the French and others cannot always read it your very well documented site. I would like to know how to obtain a DVD about the 911 stuff you are talking about higher up in the message stream. 

    Thank you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Claire, the attached link to 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth will answer your question.

  32. Veritas says:

     Greetings to all those who speak the truth in these darkest of days. I awoke to this murder of the world in 2010 when I lived on the Gulf Coast in Florida. Watching the Air force and private contractors dump chemicals on land and over the ocean and destroying the ecosystem for their paychecks and orders was eye opening to say the least. I watched in horror every day and night as the C-130 Hercules dumped Corexit on everything along with the Chemtrail recipes of the Month and saw whales and dolphins wash up dead and birds fall from the skies, as the emerald green water turned rust colored from the chemicals and an entire ecosystem was destroyed for profit.

    I moved back to Tennessee in 2011 and now its much the same here sadly. Cognitive Dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome seem to be the order of the day for most of my fellow American's back then as much as now, people are getting sick and no matter how many poisonous flu shots or pills their doctors give them they are sicker than ever. I know at least half a dozen people with cancer of some sort 4 of which have been diagnosed since the Whitewashing of the skies up here, almost every day since last year around August or so.

    It is truly bewildering to know that the same people who murdered Jesus ( Eashoa in Aramaic, his language ) 2000 years ago and brag about it in their Talmud, The same people who murdered 2.7 million Armenian Christians alongside the Ottoman Turks, the same people who slaughtered more than 70 million Christians in Russia with the Bolshevik movement, the same people as the Rothschilds, George Soros, Goldman – Sachs, Monsanto, Etc. are now trying to GENOCIDE the ENTIRE PLANET except for themselves. They believe they are self styled "gods", but they are nothing but gluttonous demons.  We have all been lied to from the moment we were born, we have had a War waged on us with no declaration by the Traitorous Puppets in power for the Banking Cartels and quite literally the Anti – Christs. Whether you are religious or not matters little in their eyes all they see is " Cattle " to be used and slaughtered for profit or on a whim. I have watched their proxies destroy the Gulf of Mexico and now I bear witnes to the skies of S.E. TN being turned into a white toxic chemtrail vapor dome. Steel your mind, body, and spirit so you may help your world, your people, and yourself. Knowledge is the key to unlocking this fetid cage of slavery, genocide, madness, and usury we are in.

    I have been sick on and off for the past 6 or 7 months as well as my family and friends, so I assume they have been escalating their Depopulation agenda as the Internet is awakening people by the droves everyday. Keep detoxing everyone, as this is a war of attrition and ideals and as time runs out we must stay strong and spread knowledge and truth, light and love. If we yield now and bend a knee in silence we will forever have lost our last chance at saving this beautiful world the Creator gave us stewardship over and everything we have or ever will have loved. Each of us is a candle in the darkness illuminating the path for others to see, if enough flames are added together we may become a roaring fire to shine truth on this ever dimming world of ours.

    P.S. You are a true patriot and hero Mr. Wigington, you inspire us all by never succumbing to this evil and madness as you fight for all the world and her inhabitants, as you give voice to those with none, you have made a bigger difference than you will ever know. Failure is not an option in this most noble of endeavors, may fortune smile on us all.

  33. a simple horseman says:

    "The Matrix"…. Hmmm…

    My friends and fellow caretakers of our "home". Tonight I am full of sorrow. All day I have listened to the growler jets flying just above the "clouds". It has been a strange day with the weather. I am certain those growlers are laying out material that has no place in "our" biosphere. We had rain today, every time it rains here on the north Okanogan it is a blessing. (Wish it wasn't full of 'geoengineering").

    "The Matrix", please, allow me to elaborate on the 'matrix' of a herd of horses allowed to be free. The parallels between them and the way we should be as a human species is something to take note of… our "native americans"(were already living it when the horse was introduced to them), they figured it out, why can't "we"? So here we go… What is a "lead horse"? In the real world a lead horse is NOT a stallion. No Sir!, a lead horse is someone that knows where the best grazing is during all times of the year. A lead horse knows where the best shelter is when hard weather is coming. A lead horse does NOT fight to be lead horse. A lead horse is someone that others 'want' to be around, feel comfortable with and follow. A lead horse is "protected" by great stallions, warriors. Though it is the front line centurions that follow the "flow of life" that are ultimately responsible for the actual safety of the herd. My friends, a lead horse is usually an old Mare that has lived to gain wisdom and learned to care for all her members of the herd in her caring, giving and bountiful ways. Never is there a battle for "herd leader". The title is only gained by sustaining life and caring for others. It's a high position to hold, it's a great responsibility, One that falls on ALL of our shoulders in the state of things as they are this day in age……

    Solutions, sustenance and care for others will see us through these grave days ahead. Be the leader worth following, feed the people what you know, find better pastures through resolve and truth. I promise, you "will" be followed…………..


    'a' simple horseman

    • ron says:

      @ A Simple Horseman: Your analogy is beautiful and spot on!

      Contrast your horses and brave stallions with the spineless riff-raff we have in D.C.

      And Dane and you other regulars–especially Susan Ferguson–keep up the good fight as we face the Absurd(Camus). I go way back to mid 60s(75 now) and can really feel EVERYONE'S frustration…very familiar dark human Machiavellian stuff at play now.

    • BaneB says:

      What a treat to wake up early this morning to read your post about the Lead Horse.  It is 4:30 a.m. and raining cats and dogs here in central Mendocino County.  Indeed it is feast or famine concerning weather and precip.  This area is definitely saturated.  El Niño:  the forecast during the fall season of 2015 was that the Southern California area would experience the brunt and Northern California less so.  The opposite has occurred.  Paying close attention to the 1pacificredwood UTube meteorologist who resides in L.A., the obvious about why the flip flop is leaving that region high and dry is the microwave heaters used by the weather warriors are manufacturing high pressure under (south) the incoming lows.  This has the ability to lift/push the incoming jet stream and Pacific moisture flow north.  L.A. has had about 13 inches of rain this season.  The average is 20 inches.  It's getting late into their rainy season.  Compare that to my ridge top which is close to 60 inches.  The average up here is 40 inches.  Another observation regarding the satellite images he presents is how much cloud cover is over the U.S.  And how many lows are out in the Pacific.  The east coast is really being hammered from Mexico up into that region.  

    • a simple horseman — This is an inspired beautiful wisdom metaphor. Only a world deluded, gone mad, sedated and drowning in a miasma of amnesia would prefer to stare at toxic screens, consume poison food, breath contaminated air, and live an empty 'entertained' existence — only such a disconnected spiritually impoverished world could be so blind as to not even see the "old Mare that has lived to gain wisdom and learned to care for all her members of the herd in her caring, giving and bountiful ways."

  34. [This is very interesting to me because I believe oil is being stored for what is coming. The so-called 'glut' created by the Saudis at the quiet behest of the United States is a covert way to stock up for our very dim future, maybe even for their underground bases — much like the Svalbard Gloabal seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.]
    "Of the 1 billion barrels reportedly produced but not consumed, roughly 420 million are being stored on land in member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Another 75 million barrels are thought to be stored at sea or in transit by tanker somewhere from the oil fields to the refineries. That leaves 550 million "missing barrels" unaccounted for, apparently produced but not consumed and not visible in the inventory statistics…"
    So, in other words, OVER HALF of the supposed glut that the IEA has reported is unaccounted for. Not 5 or 10 percent, but greater than a whopping 50 percent. Does anyone believe that half of the glut is just missing?
    In the article John explains that it could be in hidden or unaccountable locations. But that doesn’t seem credible. It is hard to believe that HALF of the entire world’s excess supply cannot be justified with the data? At $40 oil, that is some $22 billion in oil that is squirreled away somewhere that millions of people simply don’t know where it is?
    Yet does anyone care to even question such non-sense? No, of course not, just like every other government statistic that is taken at face value and traded on by headline-driven algorithms. There used to be a time when Wall Street did real research, but that appears to be gone now. Either demand has been understated by the IEA, or supply has been vastly overstated…any rational person would conclude the same.

    Pictures: “Doomsday” Seed Vault Safeguards Our Food Supply

    • Nyira says:

      Great info Susan!  Regarding the "doomsday" seed vault…  the comments on that article portray these seed savers as heroes but nobody seems to realize that the same "heroes" funding the vault are those (MONSANTO) who are currently manipulating and destroying the very foundation of our existence (global food supply).  I think we should start leaving comments on articles like this and others to make those aware of the "elephant in the room".  

    • Dennie says:

      The WAR PIGS wanna have enough petrochemical stuff to continue to run all their fancy-assed war machinery, to use in order to bully the rest of the nations into handing over their natural resources, so that the PIGS can keep on with the game of bully-steal-use-bully-steal-use; it's a losing proposition, really.  I wonder just how much longer it will take before THEY figure that out.  I'm not brilliant and I just did.  Duh.  Somethin' tells me you can't run machines that move five times faster than the speed of sound on solar energy– 

  35. jeff says:

    I think this "Chemytrail flu"you ae talking about Geg is very real. I have had it twice this year,and my children in two different states,and friends form all over the country also. The first time I had it I was treating it like a cold,then I thought maybe it was related to the heavy spay days,just before I got it. So I started treating it as heavy metal toxicity,and began using Chlorella,and Bee Propolis. My sickness improved quickly. I am still very sensitive to the spay,even taking these things daily. In the last few years I have had an almost contant runny nose,its like my body trying to extract the toxins.

    In a totally different direction,I am seeing a dots that connect with the governments prepping bunkers,and a decimated planet being created by geoengineering. Maybe this is there safe haven/center for control,after they start the wars,and kill the planet.

    Thanks Dane,I hope your efforts allow us all to wake soon to a paradigm shift. As a protestors sign,that I saw said "The beginning is near".

    • Killer Dana says:

      We all need to be doing this Daily. Vit C, large dose,
      Glutathione, large dose and NAC + a good probiotic or two.
      Whey Isolate Protein. Shake With Coconut Milk, Coconuts fight Parasites.
      Hope this helps.

    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      Dana: I take NAC daily, as well as acetyl l-carnatine. I eat coriander (cilantro) and silica-rich foods (I was picking horsetail last autumn). Lately, I have been grinding up silica gel (non-coloured) and drinking it with water). It's not ideal, but it's SiO2 and it's basically free.

  36. fred says:

    "While California's 2016 El Niño season has been drier than expected, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is working to get extra moisture from recent storms through a process called "cloud seeding. ""

    Below is a link to a video to explain cloud seeding from the BBC:  (on Youtube)

    It all sounds so benign, doesn't it? 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Fred, the localized small scale weather modification programs that the media is now covering are only an intentional destraction from the massive climate engineering programs. A “red herring”.

  37. Dan G. says:

    Hi Dane 

    is is there going to be a Patriots for 9/11 event happening in Redding this weekend? 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dan, there is a free public viewing of the most compelling 911 Achitects and Engineers for truth documentary. Free commercial DVDs will be given out to those that attend, the climate engineering issue will also be covered in the Q and A afterward. 2pm, Saturday the 12th, Redding library.

  38. levi says:

    I'm watching NBC Nightly news I always do to see the brainwashing in action and what's in the slop troth for the mindless pigs,and the sponsor is some sleeping pill.That's it everyone make sure you sleep good everything is a ok.and the weather channel won't stop with jelly fish pill commercials to help your memory,what a perfect solution for the dead zones in the ocean that are filled with jellyfish.These weather channel clowns answering dumb twitter questions makes me sick we'll have another winter these warm ups in the plains and east coast are normal this time of year.We don't have enough data on el Nino so we don't know why this one behaved so odd.I have seen them say you should have seen what was on the radar during break as they see heavy nucleation fire hose off Ca storm to hit the plains during the first caucus.Oh and they wonderfully explain arousal saturated skies and reddish pink sunsets oh and "sun dogs" one of their favorite for a cute little ice crystals in the sky lie.They take us for fools and unfortunately most gladly take the bait.We truly are getting dumber by the day.
    of of

  39. TnGeoWatch says:

    Best day ever. Opened up three peoples eyes. Right now they are watching videos on this web site and just grasping reality. Phenomenal article. 

    Sending it to  every local tv weather man I can. 


    I see see a dent being made!!


    spread the word!!!

  40. Edward Palys says:

    We can voice our concerns all we want, but the general public will not hear the truth. The establishment has a fierce grip on the media and our education (indoctrination). When we have college students unable to identify Biden's face but snap instantly when they see Kardasian's, we know where our education system stands. When we have the majority of people in the world convinced that "climate change" is due to CO2 emissions and accept carbon taxes to minimize the damage for our future, we can only weep. When I see these constant sprayings all over the world, I can only assume that this whole thing is perpetrated by the United Nations. I cannot imagine what the cost of this spraying is in North America alone. It must run in the billions annually.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, yes, you are correct that carbon credits are a sham, but it is important to remember and consider that Co2 is in fact a part of a very complex climate problem, as is methane. This being said, my focus will remain on exposing and halting climate engineering.

  41. Duff Thompson says:

    The trees of Toronto are dying. They have cut down thousands of them in the park systems of the city, ostensibly to control invasive insects, but I think maybe they are trying to hold off for as long as possible the fact that the biosphere is collapsing. Most people have not noticed them chop down and buzz-up the trees. I think they don't want all the obvious dying trees standing out. Soon they can not hide it.

    I try to talk to people. I see nature types hiking in their Tillly hats and I tell them about climate engineering. I point out the trails and the dying trees. They start to yawn and tend to want to get away from me. I send emails  with links to friends and family and hear nothing back. I write messages in chalk on the bike path.  Same thing with 9/11. Ten years now trying to wake people up. Not many people can handle this stuff. 


    • Hey Duff! Good for you, trying to awaken the sleepwalking, but oh so well-dressed Torontonians. I was living there when I first became aware of the multiplication of trails over the city, way back in 1999. I tried to hand out many home-made flyers (with photos) from 2001 to 2003, when I moved away…all to very little avail, I am sad to say. They didn’t want to know then, either. The apathetic blindness and sheep-like passivity of the TO types has not changed much, it would seem…what a pity.. Hey, but keep at it, brother!
      If those frogs wind up getting boiled, at least it won’t be on YOUR conscience..

  42. SD says:

    The skies over SoCal showing widespread "talcum powder" effects Wed. Spraying activity more covert, on/off operation as aircraft make their passes.  I believe that nano talc may actually be one component being used by the Geoengineers.  Extreme whiteness the key. March AFB in Riverside county their home base.

    A local big shot TV weatherdude may be getting close to "crossing over".  His long time denial of Geoengineering in our skies just doesn't cut it.  He struggles to 'splain how our weather goes from blizzard to 80F and back to blizzard every week. And he wears $800.00 suits and drives a $150,000 Porsche WHILE GETTING EVERYTHING WRONG!

    • BaneB says:

      He better stay gagged lest a Nick Wiltgen Porsche computer hijacking takes place.  He should stay away from cement walls and parking garages…lest he be suicided.

  43. Judy Gilmore says:

    I live in Houston, TX. 

    Dane, when you pointed out that "the brighter the reflection of the cloud cover on the combination satellite radar map below, the more aerosolized it is", I could relate.  It made perfect sense that Texas fell within that zone.  In the prior few days, the spraying began in earnest and I told my sister "they" were planning some weather event.  We have property 95 miles NW of Houston in Somerville, TX, and massive spraying was going on there too. 

    We have been heavily sprayed over the past 3-4 years (when I began to notice) and it's beginning to show.  My vegetable garden has failed to produce satisfactorily for the last three years.  During hot periods, my plants stop growing entirely.  My young lemon tree started dying this year. Numerous Oak trees on our property in Somerville, TX have died. 

    And just since this past October 31, 2015, a new term has been added to our weather reporting:  "positive lightning".  I had never heard that term before, but when I heard it, I certainly knew what they were talking about!  That very day I had been in my car when a brilliant flash and crack of thunder, unlike anything I've ever heard, occurred nearby.  It scared me so badly I jumped and screamed.  I didn't know what happened, but I was terrified by the light and noise.  My car windows were up!  I thought something had exploded near me.  I have lived in Houston all my life (60+ years) and I've never heard thunder make noise like that.  Then, last night, Tuesday, March 8, 2016, it happened again.  Another one of these brilliant flashes and "cracks" blasted outside my home in southwest Houston.  Again, I found it terrifying, as did all my pets.  The unnatural noise generated by this blast remained in the air as it traveled across the sky.  I found it truly disturbing and ominous.  There was no doubt in my mind that this escalation in the behavior of lightning in our area has everything to do with geo-engineering.

    What I find most stunning is that these souls continue to forge ahead with this program without the least hesitation even though they are certainly aware that resistance is growing every day toward this deleterious practice.  It makes me wonder if they are racing toward a goal to tip the scales, causing a cascade of other events that will serve their purposes (before we fully wake up and have a chance to  hinder their progress). 

    We are waking up.  Thank you for your service Dane.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for speaking out and continuing to speak out.  My eyes have been opened.  Our numbers are growing.

    • Jenny says:

      Don't people (besides "us" who are all too aware of geoengineering) think it's odd that the weathermen have come out with lots of new types of "clouds", new weather terms, etc. over recent years?   Things they have to explain to the public because no one ever saw them until relatively recently?

  44. Lea says:

    It may help to encourage folks to say for two days running I've read articles about the state of Rhode Island Officials ate calling for an investigation about the geoengineering and will approach for ceasing the spaying over their heads.

    In MI, they're busy trying to sue the Governor about the Flint water issue. For that, the Governor hired 2 attorneys, at $249,000. each, to defend his position. But we can't get that far, cuz he's too chicken to approach the F gov. I think he's pocketing plenty for letting them fly like nobody's business.  Those huge X's over the top of my home is more now than ever. But, we know the drill. One state begins, and more will follow. We just need to keep pressure on them all. assured; these candidates for office will never get there. Elections will not take place this year. The new governance has already been selected.  First the funds, then Disclosure… Then the new governance. And we will get our planet back.

  45. Janice says:

    Dane, I have been reading your blog for over a year and what you report just breaks my heart for our planet and our humanity. It is overwhelming to think that no amount of disclosure or presentation of the facts seems to be noticed by our government or world citizens. The consequences of climate engineering as you report for the benefit of us all, seem overwhelming. 

    Personally, what really make me panic are the questions of how climate engineering affects my health and the health of my family.

    How much bombardment of electromagnetic radio frequency transmissions from HAARP can my brain tolerate before I develop dementia, brain tumors or autism?

    How much radioactivity from nuclear waste, or uranium from Fukushima and nuclear power plants, can my body take before the effects of radioactive poisoning affect me or kill me?  What are the progressive symptoms of radioactive poisoning I should look out for? 

    What does    “Sulfates and nanoparticles currently favored for SRM include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, black carbon, and specially engineered discs composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and barium titanate.” (, January 25, 2016)

    do to my health and that of my family?  What are the symptoms of too much of these sulfates, aluminum and barium?  How much is too much before I get sick?

    Lead poisoning the water supply of Flint, Michigan got everyone’s attention, finally.  A University of VA professor had to connect the science of lead poisoning to the health of the citizens of Flint, to make it personal.  How much lead is in the water in my town?

    Maybe destruction of our planet is not personal enough.  Planet extinction is too big a concept to wrap our heads around.  But sick kids?…..maybe we can tackle that problem.

    Just saying…

  46. Tom ONeill says:

    In the 80s here in Philadelphia. Massive spraying going on all day. Jesus  help us in this situation and in so many others. Can we change bible prophesy?  We have to at least bring people back to the bible to see what the NWO is and not take the Mark of the Beast which so many have already taken 

    • BaneB says:

      A very good question, assuming the Binle is predictive.  Given the state of the human failure to govern itself responsibly, and the lack of stewardship of our inheritance, there must be something about our psychology that a wise observation at ant point on the forward March of history would see as an almost certain future entrapment for the human race of beings.  Label me mad but one physical effort that could annul the final judgements would be to return Ishtar (Statue of "Liberty") to France or to any place but here in the U.S. (Mystery Babylon).  She is a premier symbol of the fall of a nation that has disseminated so much that is wrong with the global paradigm.  The epicenter of this late date is here  in the land of make believe.  Geoengineering is but one toxic dissemination among so many horrific assaults upon life.  This is not to suggest that "she" stands alone in the rush to hedgemonic suicide.  Other nations take hold to compete.  It's just that Mystery Babylon is the best at it.

  47. Earth Angel says:

    Heavy spraying over north Ga. today. Disgusting. I had the bitter dry metallic taste in my mouth. Have noticed my lips are chapped much more than normal recently too. The sun felt very hot and temps. reached the low 70's. Much more like May temps. than early March. Despite quite a lot of rain have noticed the horses hooves remain quite dry, and all have several horizontal ridges across the entire hoof similar to founder rings (but guess what none have foundered, certainly not all 5 at the same time) Oddly I have similar ridges in some of my fingernails. My farrier commented on seeing this occurring on some other horses, and had the same small ridges on her fingernails too. Makes you wonder what have we all been exposed to? Radiation of some kind? Could toxic substances inhaled/ingested from coal fly ash cause this?

    • BaneB says:

      Well, at the risk of being labelled a hypochondriac, let me share my experience.  Granted my age has to be considered.  Waking up from sleep in the middle of the night is not unusual.  What is different is the condition of my eyes, nose, and throat.  Opening the eye lids is difficult because the lids feel like sand is under them and this scratches the eyeball.  It's very uncomfortable.  My nose is also dry but my sinuses are      bothering me most of the time.  And my throat is like sand paper when I wake up.  These conditions are new to me.   Finally, you have caused me to look at my nails.  I am in shock because not one fingernail is smooth but full of parallel ridges.  This is something new, also.  They use to be smooth.  I don't obscess over my body conditions but something is changed, and in a relatively short period of time.

  48. The sobering “hopeless” scenario…
    Newsroom Climate change
    Damien Glenn

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Susan, good to see this again…well, sort of!

    • Charles says:

      Your youtube, as interesting as it is, is fiction……
      This, below, however, is the real deal, Dr James Hansen vs tea party Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) who thinks that winning the debate, and gaining a few votes for the Hopium platform, will perhaps stop the Earth from warming and dying….
      Climate Scientist Schools Climate Change Denying Senator

  49. Kevin Love says:

    Don't give up anyone!!! Sometimes I feel like Noah…calling everyone to wake up and get on the boat for safety but they just mock, scoff and deny their own eyes!  But the truth will not come back void when the evidence is provided.  Dane has done his part so we have to be the messengers.  Where I work I have told everyone (over 90 employees) and most get it and many discuss the calamity daily.  Though many are indifferent to this plight, the ones with children are most concerned and on board to help take action.  We are making progress. Keep up the fight and Pray!

  50. Kathy says:

    The highlight of my life is when I can pick up on a person who might even be remotely receptive to this Geoengineering fight and today was one of them! I hope she is reading my comment. I thank the Lord per every single person here on this site all thanks to Dane for the relentless battle he has fought to date. A simple conversation over business today with someone we never met who was already aware but needs this site for her facts and data absolutely made me feel alive again.I gave her this site for which she was glad. As native from Alaska she also confirmed exactly whats happening in Alaska with the melting going on. One teeny tiny spec of light in the darkness gives you energy to take another step forward.

  51. russ says:

    Lawrence—–I live in Middleburgh NY(Schoharie County) I see the things you are talking about, it has been awful (non -stop spraying). We have to keep plugging away trying to wake people up. I feel terrible about my kids and grandkids having not known anything but this. Thanks Dane.

  52. Steve Kemp says:

    The `powers that be` have already amassed numbers of those unable to think for themselves but here`s a point of fact..

    People have the ability to change, and see the truth no matter what has been said before. Look at it this way.. It`s all that we have to do..

    Over just 30 days.. just talk to one person each day who is willing to talk to just one more..

    If that one person was just one cent in your pocket on day 1..

    By day 30, that one cent.. based on just ONE person duplicating the message with ONE other each time.. Want to know how much you`d have, how much people power we can all bring to this movement by each finding just ONE who has their eyes open??

    $5,368,709.12….. The enemy would choose dollars, personally, I choose people..

    Ultimately, we make the rules that we live by.. It`s time for a change of management…

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Steve, you are absolutely right.Every day I show at least one person the spraying above us.Most people cannot fathom that our own people would spray us and I try to explain that this is a world wide plan.These people responsible look at us as an overpopulated ant hill they want to trim.One thing that will eventually bring this crime in the open is call your TV weathermen,play dumb and make them explain about the trails in the sky.Many weathermen are finally coming clean reporting chemtrails as a government project or quitting their jobs because the weather can no longer be predicted.Write them letters and make them admit this wasn't going on 20 years ago.Remember the new term – filtered sunshine.What the hell is that? Oh,I guess it means a sunny day ruined by spray plumes.

  53. horsegirl says:

    Perhaps is was Susan F. who posted a link about the pink clouds associated with aluminized fiberglass presenting in a lady's lung tissue.  I don't have the link handy but it brings this morning's conversation with my Nam veteran husband to mind:  these are NOT clouds.  They are weapons.  Airborne weapons that would be termed "anti-personnel weapons."  Down here at the Mexican border we've seen the things hang in the air all day, never moving an inch despite 80 mph winds.  We've witnessed this all over.  Unlike clouds, they don't just proceed freely in space.  What welds them in place are technologies such as GWEN towers.

    Which leads to a point about an aspect by which we can "fight back" with the truth.  These ground-based towers are an integral part of this war against humanity.  There are means to debilitate this effort short of anti-aircraft weapons.Minus the towers the particulates indeed would be subject to wind currents etc.  We do have the option of forming action groups to confront sheriff's offices, city councils and others about those towers.  We can initiate ground-based actions -to end this assault.  

    Dane, how about it?  Get a few hundred people here and there to demand of local sheriffs that something be done about the towers?  If nothing more, it affords an opportunity to explain the science to local authorities.

    • BaneB says:

      Horse girl, I am slowly concluding that the combination of GWEN, NEXRAD, and the way over amped cell towers are parts of a machine.  Each piece functions seperately for a purpose or jointly.  The nano-metalic spraying is the medium.  It is an organ playing the theme from Phantom of the Opera.  The orchestrators sit at their consoles, satellite connected, and all their global sensors, and microwave heaters,  and punch out the keys to move clouds and weather systems for macabe purposes.  

      Regarding your project concept, I just need some place to send the pics.

  54. Ashleigh says:

    this toxic cool down is horrible, it feels so dirty. and more toxic rain is on the way for the bay area. it makes my heart so sad to always pull my son away from the wet trees or flowers to know how toxic it is. we need to fight for mother earth. Thank you so much Dane for all you do, i admire you so much. you are such good energy~


  55. judy lauer says:

    Dane  Please tell us– the picture of the cloul canopy taken at 11:56 am–Is some of the west coast and ALL of the east coast–especially D.C. and Virginia  New York etc. all colored  in the very far left of the color bar  completely clear of aerosol clouds ? Please remark in some way.

    Thank you

    Judy Lauer

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Judy, the aerosols are everywhere, though the saturations vary. Even with “clear” skies, we are still exposed, with what is already migrating through the air column.

  56. Rodster says:

    Dane, this is a story that should be linked on Dr. Paul Craig Roberts website. He occasionally will post Guest articles.

  57. Kat says:

    at this point, the only suggestion I have other than asking that everyone share this information is for everyone to consider asking for "full disclosure" – There are weekly meditations/prayers for full disclosure so not only will this agenda be uncovered on a massive scale but also everything else that has been kept from us. We have a right to know. If you know about the science behind meditation and what it accomplishes then you know there is validity in this. We must try all positive tools at our disposal to get this information to the masses on a larger scale. MEDITATE.  Thanks! We're all in this together. We are responsible.

  58. Steve Parsons says:

    We Are 'Out Of Time' People … Stand Up And Take Action !

  59. Warren says:


    what can be done to protect ourselves ? I tell people and they just do not believe. It seems pointless to speak, and prudent to prepare. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Warren, no matter how futile it can seem at times to share credible information with others, it still matters.  Rapidly unfolding conditions will soon force a mass wake up, we must all keep giving people the parts to the puzzel they will need to form a clear picture once they are forced to face reality.

  60. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    I continue to be absolutely stunned by your reports, Dane. I shudder to think where our awareness would be in the United States without your team's persistent efforts. The skies over the Hudson and Mohawk river valleys here in New York are being blanketed heavily with white aerosol sprays at least 3 times every week–and local media say nothing even when the spraying is clearly visible in their camera footage. This afternoon (Wed., 3/9/16), under a constant aerosol barrage ruining mostly clear skies, temps reached over 80 degrees (necessitating A/C inside many vehicles) and a foul, metallic taste in the mouth resulted from exposure to such abnormally warm air. Yet, basically everyone in the area lives and consumes as if everything is normal. The TV news churns out more fluff with lead stories like, 'Oh, look how many people are taking in the sun at the park.' I may as well give up discussing these issues with any more locals (even friends and family) because no one seems to care how dire our environmental situation truly is. Days like today make the immediate future look very bleak. 

    • Steve Kemp says:

      Never ever give up, for each one that won`t listen talk to one more. This is all it takes to bring awareness and change.

  61. Sean Slavin says:

    This whole situation reminds me of the movie "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" where Steve Martin and John Candy are driving the wrong way down the freeway. A car pulls up along side of them screaming at them that they're "going the wrong way". John Candy replies "how do they know which way we're going"?

    On a separate note my wife and I watched the movie "Only You" with Marissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. The movie is from 1994 and there are some scenes of the Italian country side and the sky is magnificent. A big beautiful clear sky filled with huge cumulous clouds. It actually caught me off guard as it had been a long time since I'd seen that kind of sky. The beauty of it caught me by surprise and brought tears to my eyes. I didn't expect the emotional response it gave me and I lay awake for awhile afterwards realizing just how much has been taken from us and from our children who don't know what real clouds even look like.

    The greatest artist in the world could not create that kind of beauty and splendor no matter how long or hard he/ she tried. I really miss that sky. More than just clean air has been stolen from us. We've been deprived of part of God's creation as well.

    • Marc says:

      Sean Slavin, your observations echo mine so well. Yes, the magnitude of what's been taken from us covers multiple dimensions of human existence. I am old enough to remember skies that once were so magnificent as to render me speechless with overwhelming joy and awe. Only rarely, almost never, do I see anything even dimly reminiscent of such skies. These kinds of skies were our birthright. We took them for granted. Or someone did. So much so that programs to modify and mangle the weather AND the general atmosphere apparently never considered the "spiritual" consequences of doing so. As if the whole goddamn planet is just material stuff awaiting manipulation by our hands. Such one dimensional materialism the world has never seen. 

    • Sean, your comment almost brought ME to tears just reading it. For my whole life, I too have been awestruck by the celestial beauty of a blue sky, with towering brilliant white cumulus castles in the air. Amazing indeed! That this ineffable beauty could be stolen from us by some demented souls, with whom we unfortunately have to share this planet, is an outrage on a cosmic scale. Plus, they inflict the killer-toxicity of this mega-sky-crime upon all life-forms on the Earth. If anything cries out for supernatural retribution, this present situation does, IMHO. I live out on the east coast of Canada. We still get SOME good-sky days out here, thank God.

    • BaneB says:

      Not only is the situation one of thievery, this is also a terrorist act.  Where IS DHS?  Good luck there!  A plein air (did I spell that correctly) landscape painter would have to ignore all the jet induced trails, dinge, grunge, and morphed freaks.  Not to mention dimmed sunlight and dying flora.  

    • BaneB says:

      Marc – yes, looks like the orchestrating terrorists forgot to consider the psychological ramifications of their alledged altruism.  But, I did use the term terrorists.  Terrorism would include the psyops.  We are under assault, both mentally and physically.

  62. Greg says:

    Again, thanks Dane for your impeccable and constant coverage of the assault on us all.   Have you checked out Juan Mattus' article on the "chemtrail flu"?  Geo-engineering gunk would be a better title.

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