Who Is Helping The Geoengineers To Sell Geoengineering?


Dane Wigington

What is the primary STATED goal of stratosopheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management programs? To cool the planet. If our goal is to expose and halt climate engineering, we need to recognize headlines that are manufactured to help the geoengineers sell their stock and trade. If an article or website claims the planet is cooling, without a word about climate engineering, alarm bells should go off. A recently circulated article titled "Paris Stunned As Scientists Debunk Climate Change Hysteria" is a case in point.

Exactly who are these scientists? Who are they working for? What industries are the most heavily invested in manipulating public opinion on the climate issue? These same industries stand to lose the most if the public truly understood the truth. In regard to the above mentioned article, let's answer these questions starting with all of the fossil fuel industry paid "experts" featured in the article linked above. (click individual names for extensive details and verification of facts). 

Dr. Robert Carter, former chief of the School of Earth Sciences at James Cook University. (Part of think tanks funded from sources like Exxon Mobil and The Koch brothers)

Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and geoscientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. (Soon has received over $1,200,000 from sources like Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, and the American Petroleum Institute)

Dr. Fred Singer,  founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. (Singer  has known ties to Koch Industries, Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Shell, the American Gas Industry, etc)

Dr. Patrick Moore,  former Greenpeace co-founder. (Left Greenpeace for financial gain and has since been a spokesman for the energy industry)

Dr. Christopher Essex, associated chair in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario. (Connected to the "Heartland Institute" which has ties to the fossil fuel industry)

Lord Christopher Monckton (Monckton has such a shady and incredible record it is hard to find a starting point to cover it)

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. (Inhofe has very direct and verifiable funding/donations from the fossil fuel industry.

All of the individuals listed above are very directly funded by and benefiting from the very military/industrial complex that is behind the climate engineering programs. None of these people have in any way, shape or form admitted to the ongoing geoengineering. Why would they? They are indirectly a part of it. In fact, some of fossil fuel paid lobbyists named above have aggressively denied the climate engineering atrocities.

John Coleman (co-founder of The Weather Channel) is also unfortunately cited (by many who claim to be fighting geoengineering) as "proof" that there is no global warming. First, Coleman's training and degree is in journalism, not meteorology. Next, Coleman has made it his mission to completely deny and "debunk" the geoengineering reality. Why would anyone claiming to be in the fight to expose and stop climate engineering use Coleman as a a source? Propagating disinformation from paid propagandists like those above is extremely harmful to the anti-geoengineering effort.


Jet sprayed aerosols are saturating Earth's atmosphere

What about about a few of the claims made in the article mentioned (and linked) at the top of this post?

"There has been a pause in global warming."  All available front line data completely refutes this.

"The oceans are not acidifying", also completely false. Oceans are acidifying to dangerous levels.

"IPCC modeling is not complete therefore the models are invalid." This is true, but in the opposite direction of what many would like to believe. IPCC modeling contains no consideration for the damage done from the ongoing geoengineering programs, the massive methane releases going on around the globe, or the shredded ozone layer (primarily caused by solar radiation management programs).  All of these factors contribute greatly to the warming of the planet. The reality of the IPCC models are this, the ongoing global meltdown is far worse and more rapid than the IPCC models indicate. But what about the 30,000 scientists that signed a petition saying global warming isn't so? Again, with a real investigation of the facts, this petition is easily proven to be propaganda.


As global temperatures continue to soar, record forest fires are scorching the planet.

So What Was The Real Outcome From Paris? 

As expected, and as has been the case with so many previous climate conferences (like the Copenhagen and Cancun conferences), the Paris talks were a grand facade. The climate engineering elephant in the room was scarcely mentioned, and even then, only as a possible proposal. There was absolutely no open admission of the ongoing geoengineering insanity let alone any attempt to legalize these covert programs of mass destruction. How about the many claims of new carbon tax laws to be implemented? The reality of the Paris "agreement" is this, it DID NOT INCLUDE ANY MANDATORY SCHEME OR ANY COMPLIANCE ENFORCEMENT MECHANISM WHATSOEVER. The Paris conference has been labeled "a fraud" by the most recognized climate scientist in the world. So what is the basis on which the Paris agreement will be enforced? "Domestic will", the agreement is based on voluntary compliance


The Paris Climate Conference was a complete travesty designed for mass distraction

Some victories were claimed at the Paris conference, primarily by those who are part of the fossil fuel/military/industrial/geoengineering complex. In fact, a group of highly paid disinformation propagandists (some of them were the very individuals named above) engaged in frantic celebrations after they helped to ensure the failure of the Paris talks. The Paris gathering did nothing to legitimately address our disintegrating climate or to admit to the ongoing criminal climate engineering.


From left to right: Marc Morano, Tom Harris, Craig Rucker, Christopher Monckton, Bob Carter, Christopher Essex, Fred Singer, Willie Soon, Patrick Moore.

How can toeing the line for big oil and the geoengineers help in the battle to expose and halt geoengineering? The answer is, it can't. It is imperative to actually investigate current front line data and to understand the primary agendas behind the climate engineering insanity. Again, one of the major objectives is to mask the true degree of damage already done to the climate system (while inflicting even more damage to the climate in the process). How do we avoid helping the geoengineers to sell their programs behind the scenes to leaders and countries around the globe as being a success? By recognizing their disinformation strategies and not buying into them. The "global cooling" false narrative is exactly what the power structure and the climate engineers want the public to accept (completely engineered "winter storms" have fueled much of the confusion). This causes the desired divide between the public and the climate science communities. It also paints the picture behind the scenes that climate engineering is working (at least in regard to public opinion) when it is actually tearing the planet's life support systems apart. Are there disaster capitalists making money from global warming? Of course, just as is the case in all wars. But that does not mean wars and global warming are not real. The planet is in meltdown and geoengineering is helping to fuel the overall fire. Recent global studies confirm the warming of the planet is worse than previously feared as high temperature records continue to be shattered around the globe. 2014 was a the hottest year ever recorded, 2015 will break that record, and 2016 will very likely break the record again. The equation we face is extremely non-linear, recent studies confirm the rate of warming is rapidly accelerating. I would not want (and have never asked) anyone to believe anything other than verifiable data. The multi-award winning non political documentary  "Chasing Ice" is a must watch for any that are willing to believe their own eyes. Anyone that sincerely cares about the truth and effectively fighting the climate engineering insanity must take the time to examine this kind of front line film footage. Headlines need to be investigated as well as the people behind the headlines. We need to consider who would want us to believe what, and why. "Group think" must be exchanged for independent insight and honest objective investigation. Credible perspectives and conclusions are essential if we are to prevail in the all important battle to stop geoengineering. The ongoing criminal climate engineering is a major contributing factor to the accelerating global meltdown (in addition to contaminating the entire planet). Geoengineering has already done cataclysmic and irreparable harm to the biosphere and all life. The greater the percentage of the public truly understands these facts, the better our odds are of exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity.   DW

81 Responses to Who Is Helping The Geoengineers To Sell Geoengineering?

  1. JR says:

    Here in the Southwest, New Mexico. The last couple of days our clouds being sprayed heavily in all directions and diminished to 0. Beautiful clouds with nice cover of God's creation destroyed over and over. For a good 13 years I have witnessed the evil in mans heart doing SAG/SRM and HAARP experiments. There were no jets flying over area for a few days, very evident. Over what area were they flying, and now their back as usual? These evil Bastards have not a clue of who they are working for. Hell will be waiting in fire and brimstone the word says for those lusting in doing evil works. What Stupidity and Ignorance destroying the Earth we live in by simple people.

  2. COLT says:

    SHOCKER – Weather Channel is mentioning how bad climate change has been in 2015 with warming blowing away previous projections.

  3. Dane @13:00 with Polish subtitles! YAY!
    Przesłuchanie w sprawie Geoinżynierii i Chemtrails, lipiec 2014
    And from SpaceWeather.com totally weird clouds. Wonder how they made these things?
    * Nacreous Clouds…the most incredible cloud formation (Nacreous Clouds) at the same time an excited text came through from my boss, Chad Blakley, who having lived here for many years has seen this only once or twice and explained to a newbie like me to the Arctic how rare these formations really are.
    * Beautiful Polar Stratosphereric Clouds over Tromsø City. Here the sun is gone for now…

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Thank you Susan for posting polish translation of Shasta County Board Meeting. Now I can have something credible to pass on to my country fellows, that they can actually understand.

  4. Michel B says:

    As Dr Lim said, there are a confluence of events, some seemingly contradictory, but with enough hindsight, they are not contradictory. Take two particular shiny metals, aluminium and silver, and look at their particular histories and their current place in the world.

    Silver is greatly oppressed in its natural value and as the most useful and scarce precious metal in the world it is being pushed down in value so cheaply that the ordinary man can purchase physical silver in significant amounts, while aluminium, which is easy to produce in relatively large amounts, is gaining traction due to its role in certain global programs.

    JP Morgan, purveyor of the ghost of the ghost of money, apparently decides the value of silver twice a day, keeping it vastly undervalued until silver mines must currently be asking how they can keep operating, but also have hoarded over 350 million ounces of physical silver themselves. JP must be anticipating a currency devaluation and are hedging their bets to a commodity that preserves real monetary value.

    And aluminium is to play a pivotal role in the history of this world via its use in weather modification. This is a financial, scientific and toxicological reasoning that suits a larger framework of world destiny as decided by those who believe they are inheritors of this destiny. The reasoning is madness, but only to us, its victims and final witnesses.

  5. Jenny says:

    My husband was watching some weather report on TV and called me into the room stating that the meteorologist was explaining how and why "strange-looking clouds" form.  It was a long tortured explanation and the only photo I saw did not look like a natural cloud to me.  I told my husband "he's lying".  I suppose it's also possible that the meteorologists are taught lies from the start nowadays, when they are in school.

    • Alan says:

      Our most popular local television station here in San Diego hired a professional comedian to do the weather.  That is not a joke.  He's a comedian.  Oh, but he claims to have a degree in meteorology from an obscure southern college.  Curiously, another one of our clueless local TV weather readers (a female) claims to have a degree in meteorology from the same obscure southern college as the comedian. When I say, "What a joke!", I really mean it.

  6. Dennie Mehocich says:

    HA HA– "Much Ado About Nothing!"  So, after pulling yet another False Flag attack to shut the sheep the f*ck up and NOT say anything smacking of reality, The Powers That Most Definitely Shouldn't Be had a big meet-up over in Gay Paree and whilst there they all unanimously decided that The Answer to "climate change" is to stay firmly rooted in DENIAL.  They have just outed themselves officially as choosing to remain in a clear state of Denial.  Denial is going to rule, as far as "they" are concerned, but there's just one small problem with that decision, and it is this:  You can hide the truth but there is no altering the truth.  Facts remain facts, and it WILL become pretty obvious what's really going on, pretty soon.

    • Melanie says:

      Dennie, you have an invitation from me on Linked In. 2 of us in the bay area were able to get the billboard signs up in Rohnert Park and Dixon, let me know if you are interested in helping.

  7. TnGeoWatch says:


    Just like Dane said! Our biosphere is collapsing! Get prepared!

    • francis Mangels says:

      If the biosphere collapses, the only thing to get ready for is the Second Coming.  Alternative: we are extinct due to stupidity.

  8. Journalist: “Nobody even talks about Fukushima anymore… there’s almost no more fish… the ocean is dying, it’s terrifying” — Gov’t warns public to expect alarming increase in deaths on West Coast — “Fish… are just too hard to find” — “Chaos below the surface” — Official: “We are preparing for worst” (VIDEO)

    Fukushima breaking news; U.C.L.A. CANCER CENTER SAYS California ADVANCED THYROID CANCER spikes /Dec 14, 2015
    U.C.L.A. CANCER CENTER SAYS California ADVANCED THYROID CANCER spikes 12/14/2015 “prompting research into possible links to farming or radiation.” “prompting her to consider possible environmental factors.” “Harari said she was just beginning a second study that would examine potential links to farming, pesticides or radiation” “A new University of California, Los Angeles study has found that in parts of California the rate of thyroid cancer patients with an advanced stage of the disease is well above the national average, prompting research into possible links to farming or radiation.”

    • My friend in NZ has told me that there are no Red Snapper in the Bay of Islands. This is the first real sign that NZ is vulnerable. I have asked him to call the authorities and seriously investigate this. Like all native Kiwis, he loves to fish (unlike me) – and has many fishermen friends who are all saying the same thing. This is the time of year the Snapper breed in the Bay of Islands. My friend is also into ornithology, and of course this will effect the birds who feed off the fish. I asked him if the gulls would get more aggressive. There is no sign that the NZ birds have been effected yet. No change in the bird counts.

    • David says:

      Speaking about using the Ocean as a Dump for anything and everything, I was one of the two military personnel (Aerographers Mate) Navy term for Weatherman/Meteorologist, that Dane mentioned at the 11 minute mark, in December 12, 2015 Weekly Global Alert News. The Navy dumps trash off the Fantail (rear) of the ships, within 25 Nautical Miles from land, while out to Sea. I felt that I was littering, felt somewhat guilty about it. Classified documents were burned, the trash should have been burned as well, not heaved over the side.

  9. Frank says:

    We had a rare occurrence here in SE Tennessee yesterday. We had a front move through that produced rain in the morning. What was weird was when the front moved through the back edge of the front produced clear skies and a nice sunny afternoon. There were no signs of any spraying which is a rare occurrence and most times when a front moves through we have days of unsettled weather and heavy cloud cover. The afternoon was what bothered me the most as I sat in my car in a parking lot. The sun was directly hitting my arm as I had a short sleeve shirt and within minutes my arm was burning to the point I had to cover my arm up. This is December and I know from many years that direct sunlight at this time of year should be at it's minimum. I know that the ozone depletion is a serious concern. Without the power structure constantly spraying and covering our skies the sun exposure is immediately noticed. We all are in a grave situation as we all know they have gone way to far and destroyed our planet to even have a sunny clear day in December. If climate engineering were to be all stopped, the planet would survive but would we. As extreme as the whiplash of our climate would happen if stopped, I whole heartily am convinced that by stopping this insane climate engineering is our only savior. These insane SOB's have not only destroyed our health and the future of all life on our once beautiful planet. They can't ever explain the truth to what madness is happening. We all need to stay the course daily and inform as many people especially our military of this weather warfare. I thank Dane and all of you who diligently provide the truth to others.  

    • TnGeoWatch says:

      Friend. I live in SE TN.  Did you also notice the fact that the high was forecasted on Sunday and early Monday for near normal temps on Monday. It was 65 and sunny by noon, pushing 70 by 4pm! Under reported temps, excessive UV. The door is off the hinges!!! Blown away and people are noticing. 
      Ive handed front and back color Geoengineering flyers out today to 4 people as soon as they say this weather is Abnormal!
      Next Monday-Thursday. Highs in the upper 60's likely 70. Christmas Eve will be near 70! December has been scorching. If this was June/July our temps would be 110-115. 
      This scam can't be covered up much longer. 
      Everyone the Dam may not be breaking but the entire biosphere is. Right in front of us in real time. 
      Better prepare while we still can!

    • CL says:

      You are so right. I'm in southwestern Tennessee. Yesterday may have been the most beautiful and yet most disturbing sunset I have ever experienced. The sky was completely clear with pink to the northeast, a blazing yellow to the southwest, and blue inbetween. Not a rich blue, but blue without any clouds. At first it was beautiful, but then I realized I had not seen such a clear sky in over a year. That realization really hit hard. 
      You are completely correct about the UV levels. I have taken to wearing UV protective clothing. This summer I measured the temperature difference between sun and shade at well over 50 degrees. 
      How are your trees doing? 

    • Frank says:

      I totally agree with you both about our temperatures. The under reporting of all data is at record levels. We here in SE Tennessee and many other areas have excess rain levels that are not reported correctly. My ground is so wet with rain events lasting days if not weeks. This is another fall where I can't mulch my leaves as the ground is to wet and my tractor gets stuck. My rain totals in my area measured are 30 inches higher than local reporting agencies. We have another rain event coming for next week as models show a week long deluge with constant cloud cover and temps in the 70's. That is the only way they can cool certain areas where others fry like California. I think most attention is being applied in the Arctic as the power structure is in panic mode over brake up of ice. The Methane problem will only get worst as reports of leakage is covered up. The smell here in certain days is bad as the odor of sulfur or worst case Hydrogen Sulfite. My trees are in sad shape. I lost 80 percent of my fruit trees in the last 8 years. The pines are taking a very hard hit as most are in last stages as over abundance of cones and needles litter the ground. I have given up on my garden and most in my area have done so also as crop output is down very much. Many people I talk to notice these problems we all are having and I mention Climate engineering and many agree. 

  10. Tony says:

    This group is going to be held accountable for their crimes. I took a peak at The Weather Channel and was shocked as Jim Cantor struggled to try to figure out what was what as you could see the scaler square right over Denver.  If you research the Denver International Airport, it is clearly an escape to their own private tunnel systems. As he was telling about all the flight cancellations he was shocked to see 2 planes on radar headed for the airport. Hey Jim, either you stand up and tell people the truth, or you will be remembered as a deceiver by our almighty creator. I am so tired of the lies, from the President on down. Our military needs to follow their oath and defend against enemies foreign and domestic. 

  11. Marc says:

    Dane, very sobering and extremely disturbing overview of the circus that just ended in Paris. OMG! With the likes of these fellows and their obscenely rich corporate underwriters gleefully making a mockery of the Paris conference, the takeaway for me is to "stay the course" and just keep doing what we're all doing to spread awareness of the corporate and military crimes being perpetrated against all of creation.

    • David says:

      Headlines from The Weather Channel (TWC) & Local News Stations Meteorologist's. Winter Storm Echo "The Snow Maker" and Cold Air Arriving by Christmas, this is a False Narrative, because we all know December (Winter) and Christmas, should be associated with Cold Temperatures or Colder than, what the Eastern half of the U.S. has been experiencing the past two months. The Jet Stream has been forced down into North Central Baja California/Mexico, looks like it is below the 30 North Latitude Line. I know after living in San Diego, CA 32.46 N Latitude for 4 years, that the current Jet Stream pattern is south of there. I cannot recall the Jet Stream being that far South in the 4 years I took Weather Observations & Forecasts when I was in the Navy! 

  12. Gman says:

    I am beyond disgusted with the charade that the majority continues to buy into. I finally saw an almost blue sky day for the first time in weeks maybe longer. One day. 
    Dane, and everyone else who refuse to keep quiet about what is so evident and clear. I'm just astounded how so many cannot see the truth. Mind control is obviously very well rooted. 
    Keep the faith everyone. We must assist in a major consciousness shift. There is no other option. 

  13. Greg Price says:

    impeach and recall elections for all

    • Nnikki says:

      Yes, Greg, this is absolutely what should be done. Plus allow Noone into office that hasn't proven to be trustworthy (if this is even possible anymore). The entire US population should be raising holy hell after the exposure of the US funding & creation of ISIS. This is Treason!! As well, of course, as the all out murdering of our planet which is So obvious to anyone who can think a reasonable thought anymore. We must continue to speak up & be heard in any way possible, loud enough to awaken the sheeple. Eventually they will follow…. 

  14. chris says:

    Does anyone have any idea how to STOP the ABSOLUTE OBVIOUS Geoengineering/chemtrails??? This entire issue is totally ridiculous, because of its obvious physical presence.

    • Larry says:

      A huge class action law suite exposing the hidden agenda. Bring ALL of these criminal scientists that are on the take and the #uckers that are paying them to lie. Follow the money and also expose the HAARP OZONE DESTROYER once and for all . SUPREME COURT OR??? Now!!!

  15. Marc says:

    Dane wrote, "Some victories were claimed at the Paris conference, primarily by those who are part of the fossil-fuel/military/industrial/geoengineering complex. What fossil fuel industry moron, with his head up his Ouroboros ass thinks that the continuing assassination of all life forms on Earth is somehow ok and is not cause for alarm?  Victories? Really? What corporate psycho-pansies think inundation of coastal regions and chaotic and violent mass migrations to be a win-win situation? Victories in Paris? Victory over who? All friends and lovers of life and health and beautiful clouds and ethnic diversity and moral integrity and a habitable future? What the f**k do these asswipes from hell think constitutes a victory? That their massive geoengineering schemes escaped condemnation and calls for eradication in Paris? Victory, for geoengineering? So the grandchildren of these same idiots can have a one in two chance of growing up autistic in a world of gloom and poison? Oh boy, wow, these guys really got their shit together, didn't they? They really showed those tree-hugging planet lovers in Paris what they're made of. 

  16. MISSY says:

    Wow, heavy stuff. Found another happy thing today, a groundbreaking desicion against Montesanto

  17. Colt says:

    Anyone notice the thousands of records (heat) in the East and Northeast? Buffalo 71 degrees on 12/14?

  18. Robo Sapien says:

    Why couldn't this whole conference have been teleconferenced, it just seems like such hypocrisy. These people always do their eco friendly conferences in such absurd luxury. I love how all the "eco-friendly" delegates all flew there in private jets, with their staffs. I am sure had hot tubs galore.  The cabonfootprint of the conference was that of a small nation for an entire year. I love hypocrisy of the eco friendly celebrities, how they have to fly on their personal jets to 6 different conferences a week instead of just teleconferencing.The whole thing could have been done with video conferencing and not consumed the billions of gallons of fuel getting this useless conference achieved.

  19. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane – hello all – I just want to wish everyone a joyful Yule in these "interesting times" we are living in – This short video is dedicated to everyone of you – Betcha "Snowflake Bentley" is rollin in his grave these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptLmA263hlk

    • Marc says:

      Stephan, thank you so very much. Sublime video. Makes me shudder to think what chaos we would see under Bentley's microscope now, what with psychopathic snow being created by the mad scientists whose hearts are dead.

  20. Dane — Great informative & important post. Years ago when I first learned about these kind of sicko despicable jerks who get paid to lie and disinform, I wondered what they were like. My intuition still is that they were the creeps no one ever liked, and so they love having power over those they felt rejected by. A lifetime of adolescent revenge. Today again contemplating the personality profile of paid professional liars, who are sort of industrial corporate trolls that cover up facts and cause unending suffering to innocent folks who accept their expertise, I searched a similar mind set in ‘personality profile from internet trolls’ and got:
    Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists
    Trolls will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.  /Sep 18, 2014
    …evidence that linked trolling with the "Dark Tetrad" of personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism.  … "… the associations between sadism and GAIT (Global Assessment of Internet Trolling) scores were so strong that it might be said that online trolls are prototypical everyday sadists. …Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others…”

    • Marc says:

      Wow, Susan! Incredibly disturbing observations…..this rings very true. 

    • Larry says:

      A huge class action lawsuit exposing the hidden agenda. Bring ALL of these criminal scientists that are on the take and the #uckers that are paying them to lie. Follow the money and also expose the HAARP OZONE DESTROYER once and for all . SUPREME COURT OR??? Now!!!

    • Larry says:

      Well said Susan!! Now it's time to stop these lunatics if possible. Our only hope is attorneys that will not be bought by the criminals deep pockets. We need millionaire  believers on our side to fund the assault. But who ? I can only think wealthy movie actors with tons of money may be able to be swayed but how does one get thru? Emails with key word content are ALL DIVERTED to data bases so that WILL NOT work. Maybe snail mail will work. We got to try something fast or is OVER!!!

  21. david K says:

    god where do you start.Thank you to the person who put the Dr. Steven Greer link up.How the secret government works.I was in awe for 4 hours.I recommend everyone to watch it.The corporate media has a strangle hold on so much of the news generated worldwide they never give up on telling the lies,they are part of the cabal.The brainwashing that is occurring on television is quite destructive to human consciousness or the lack thereof.Everyone needs to speak out.I send out scathing e-mails all the time,to the president,to congressman and women.Everyone should.Stand up and tell them you are tired of their BS and your not buying into it anymore.when it reaches critical mass maybe somethings going to change. 

  22. Julie Williams says:

    Christopher Monckton has been a regular on the Alex Jones show. I have wondered why Alex Jones makes so few references to this obvious GeoEngineering program. After Jones had Dane on his show I waited for more continuous coverage but it did not come. It makes me wonder if AJ has been pressured by forces- not to continue exposing climate manipulation ?

    • D J says:

      I believe that Alex Jones is  (CIA Plant) to confuse the large crowd, thsnks why there was no more followup to Danes show. Just an opinon, don't know for sure.

    • geolander says:

      Noticed the same thing, after Dane was on infowars, alex said he was going to get him on more, didn't happen. instead you have this monkton guy on, what a joker i thought. at least some of alex's guests put geoengineering front and center but alex will change the subject. when pressured, alex always says the same thing over and over and closes down the subject — that these government programs have been going on for years and even being funded by bill gates and its easy to find documentation. this week alex did admit to looking deeper into geoengineering and from all the evidence, says it looks like it is intended to destroy the planet. sounds like he is somewhat distracted, maybe by someone who insists he does not use the word geoengineering

    • Larry says:

      Alex Jones ONLY cares about causing fear and panic to sell his products. He is paid off too I'm now sure. If he cared he would be talking more about Geoengineering. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Michael C. Ruppert of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, a N.Y. Times Best Seller and one of the original four founders of the (as-by-now coopted) 9-11 Truth movement, often said that the best dis-information is 98% ice cream and 2% bullsh*t.  So you get quite a bit of the truth from Jones and ilk, then you get the bullshit.  You have to develop a nose to suss this kind of insanity out, but it gets easier with time and experience.  Sorry, this is what we get from a guy who started in business the same year in the same town as Stratfor, an Israeli-run Intel biz.  Jones and Stratfor even have the same mission Statement:  https://truthernews.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/alex-jones-exposed-as-stratfor-double-agent/  Mike Ruppert is on record saying that he would have NOTHING to do with Jones.  I believe all evidence points to the great probability that Jones is a CIA/Mossad asset, at least.

    • geolander says:

      update to my post just above.

      Alex Jones was all over geoengineering on the most recent sunday show (youtube search "alex jones dec 20 2015"), sure not  afaraid to use the word geoengineering after the 16 minute mark of the 2 hour broadcast

      the fuel apparently to enrage alex was a recent smithsonian article entitled "Airplane Contrails May Be Creating Accidental Geoengineering" with a NOAA spokesperson admitting to possible unintentional geoengineering. alex loves these types of admissions that he can wave around. 

      Anyways, the broadcast is amazing because alex is punctuating the insanity of covering up all of the geoengineering with "riddles" and "alien tech" and "terraforming" and seems to know things he can't discuss but probably should be discussing by now.

      For me I would love to get both Dane and Alex (even include George Noory) for one big discussion to once and for all dig into NOAA, NASA, + big media official word on this subject, focus on those three, pull out their official lines on fuel additives, programs, contrail persistence, engine modernization, relationships to air traffic (where i live we actually shut down a large airport for lack of traffic), etc etc

      let's get this all detailed and documented and put in an interactive learning format once and for all! Like Dane says if we don't act now, we won't have anything to live for (or something like that.).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Geolander, if we are to truly gain traction in this battle, we must have credibility. Unfortunately Jones and Noory are constantly blowing the “global cooling” horn as the planet decents into total meltdown (with climate engineering making it worse overall). I will continue to hope that Alex and George actually investigate front line data so that the foundations of their conclusions rest on solid ground. A case in point is attached. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/12/24/records-smashed-on-east-coasts-warmest-christmas-eve/

  23. Wake Up World! says:

    These UN conferences have two sides to the coin. There is the side that appears to care about people and the environment, and all of the paperwork to itemize what needs to be done to save the planet. That side of the coin is the only one that they want us to notice. The flip side of the coin is the way that we are going to get there, the real way. And that way is by stripping all of us of whatever rights or freedoms we once had, kicking people off their private property and absorbing it into rewilding programs in the name of conservancy, land and resource grabs – dirty deals done dirt cheap in the back rooms of these sleazy facilities that no one is allowed to see.
    I'm glad to see some of these green groups starting to get the picture that they are being sent to chase their tails while the whole world is being bought and sold right under their feet. They are starting to see this now. Some of them are actually wiping their glittered faces clean and realizing they've been participating in the UN freak show, which isn't saving the planet or us. I guess that's a start.
    But we've been saying this for at least three decades.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The "success" of this conference was the first step in promoting a true one-world government. The real cabal behind this idea was/is the same one that revolutionized Tsarist Russia through Lenin then Stalin in particular. The resulting communist regimes since then are nothing but puppets towards this goal of a NWO. The problem is that the cabal is much too strong to be defeated, even if many wake up and see the truth. That's why so many former whistle blowers have converted to "behave" and support that NWO. 

  24. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Thank you Dane again for keeping the informed up to date. I just want to make sure I understand it all well. So the article cited in the beginning, one that would help "sell" geoengineering, claims (via numerous "experts") that in simple terms there is no global warming as we all know is not true. Since primary purpose of geoengineering is to cool the planet down, how do we need it, if the planet is not warming? Well, so this is their mantra, or official story, I hope everybody is with me so far. Now, I want to be really careful now, because I think this is the moment, many (including myself) do get confused. So until now, this equation does not make any sense, does it? Let's throw the geoengineering into the mix now. Officially not even admitted (only very carefully as a proposal), geoengineering is going on full scale and those global warming deniers as well as politicians who listen to them, know this. So part that is being unsaid here by AGW deniers  to politicians is this: Look, we have means to pollute all we want, and still keep the planet cool using geoengineering, is that correct, in a nutshell? Is this the two step process they use to get the scheme going?

  25. Michel B says:

    That picture of the delegates standing with the polar bear costume says it all. A chorus line of choristers, a line up of liars, a facade made of fools. That type of ingenious marketing ploy will work with the idiot mentality pervading environmental movement groups. It's light and frivolous and 'positive'.
    Here in Australia, Senator Richardson was on TV the other day saying he has read through the proceedings of the Paris Climate Conference and he cannot see what it was about or what it achieved. Oh Lordy, an honest politician (somewhat)!
    To us, who are unraveling the bigger picture, the Paris Climate Conference is disappointing but we expected that. It never intended to solve any problems, instead it was an opportunity for back door deals, the chance to make money and keep the wheels grinding on.
    How could the Paris Climate Conference achieve any solutions to real problems? It cannot because it is organised by the very same people that organise the weather modification programs. We are expecting the criminals to bring justice to this!
    The first scientist mentioned is Dr Robert Carter of James Cook University. That is situated in my home state of Queensland, to the far north. Australia is seen as a place of natural beauty, but it reeks with much devastation since European settlement. Being separated from other continents for so long, it had developed ecosystems that were very fragile and prone to destruction once foreign animals and plants were introduced, let alone Man's activities. The last two hundred years are a poor history in my mind. Now we have SRM nailing the last into the coffin lid.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Michel B, Its off topic but I had a Queensland Blue Heeler (the only purebred dog I've ever owned) and he was the fastest, smartest, toughest, bravest, loyal, loving and beautiful dog! In other words he was awesome and a really cool pal to have. You guys really know how to produce a great dog down under! I'll always have fond memories of those days and I really miss having him. I've had some other good dogs, but he's a real standout!  ; ) Just sayin'.

  26. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Excellent explanation and advice, Dane! Thank you!

  27. Wanda Allen says:

    Thanks once more Dane for spelling it out ,and being sensible and actually investigating beyond the headlines. People are in such a hurry these days they barely read the actual stories never mind find out if what is stated has any merit. The denial is rampant.

  28. Gary says:

    Im in Fiji Islands and we are being spray daily and heavy. Fiji was sided with China and is taking a hit. Its not climate warming but climate warfare. It was used in Vietnam to flood the supply trails. I suppect that China and Russia use. If you go to www passage weather Pacific view you can watch the storms coming out of Russia always same place headed to Alaska they almost get to mainland before dissolving  HAARP?  Haarp blows holes in a ball of high pressure. Not good for us, high uv b? Lot of burning skin by sun or grey goo. News today Fiji paper, price of veges going up at markets because of very low growth, farmers can not fight a drought. Have big golf ball microwave in Honolulu harbor watched it bust up seven hurricanes in a row headed at them, shooting practice. Saw the smallest hurricane ever, headed Hawaii stopped turned 180 in track and headed back. Philippines taking a bash with large number hurricanes in a row, to kill the rice crop?  Weather warfare and were it.  As Dr Kissinger said  no water, no food, no people. G.

    • Tim Reeder says:

      Oh yes genocide is a layer of this onion!

    • Edward Palys says:

      And people wonder why California has an ongoing drought, while neighboring states have record rains and floods. How about that last hurricane called Patricia, which was supposedly the BIGGEST ever recorded…..until it hit land and stopped dead in its tracks, only to become nothing more than a tropical depression? 

  29. Margriet O'Regan says:

    'Pause' in global warming  ??!!

    This apparent 'hiatus' in global warming was explained to me recently due to the fact that the temperature of  'year one' of this plateau was so high it made all the following also-very-high years take on a graphically flat appearance as once this initial high was reached, our now ravaged Planet tragically continued to experience similar high temperatures every year subsequent to that first great spike …

    Persons who point to this apparent-only pause don't look at the whole graph which does, of course, chart an ever increasing upward trend in temperature for our Earth….

    As this 'pause' is constantly bandied about by deniers it came as a very great relief to see that it is really the opposite – temperature-wise poor old ravaged Earth is now sitting on top of a 'high planes PLATEAU'  with not one whiff of real cooling anywhere in sight  :<

  30. WILLIAM says:


    • Hi William — The elite 'safe zone' is said to be vast undergrounds all over the planet including Russia & China; also hundreds of acres in the South Island of New Zealand; and Paraguay for the Bush dynasty and Merkel. From 2006: The land grab project of U.S. President George W. Bush in Chaco, Paraguay, has generated considerable discomfort both politically and environmentally. The news circulating the continent about plans to buy 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the Triple Frontier (Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay) is the talk of the town in these countries. … the land is reportedly located in Paso de Patria, near Bolivian gas reserves and the Guarani indigenous water region, within the Triple Border. Alto Paraguay Gov. Erasmo Rodriguez Acosta revealed he heard that part of the land purchase consists of an ecological reserve (Fundacion Patria), with which Bush is affiliated.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Well, okay, say what you will, but listen: 

      "They" can run, but THEY CAN'T HIDE. 

      WHERE are these delusional mthrfckrz going to grow any food? 

      Underground?  REEALLY?  With WHAT KIND of actual water?  With all that burrowing the rodents are doing, they should be running into some of their underground nuclear blast sites pretty soon– THEIR "right place," if you were to ask me.  A Perfect Hell for THEM.

      And just what kind of NUTRITIONAL VALUE would this artificially-grown-everything have, LONG TERM? 



      REAL fresh air; not the kind with metal filings in every single breath.

      And when ALL of your stored food supplies run out, and you've eaten everything you can, HOW THE F!#K are you going to GROW anything in any quantity worth saving your sorry ass's tribe (okay, English majors:  When a word ends in "s," and you need to show a possessive, do you need to use another one?– I'm forgetting my grammar, blame it on all the chem sprays, sheesh!)?

  31. Vivien bunnell says:

    Hi Dane, I live here on the big island of Hawaii and I am shocked at people out here that they believe this mess in the sky is from the volcano. Yes, I agree there is a certain amount of vog but there is no denying they bombard the skies nightly with their aerosols. 

    We are dependent on trade winds to survive out here, without them there is no rain! Why would they target Hawaii when it's so important for a lot of reasons…military, tourists, money… What is a person to do when your own family and friends think your nuts talking about this issue!

    I'm at a loss what to do! Please give me any suggestions that could help my community! Thank you for all you do! Be safe and walk with the light!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Vivien, check the attached link for input on how to help sound the alarm, thank you for standing with is in this all inportant battle. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

  32. Marie says:

    They fear us because we are smarter than they want us to be. Never give up! Follow your heart. We WILL PREVAIL.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Marie they are criminally insane, and they fear absolutely nothing. They are intentionally killing everything on the planet. 

  33. Ron lech says:

    God will punish all those involved in destroying his creations ( that is a fact) so all you involved I say wake up speak up your souls are on the line and your family members your phony fiat money and all the rest are already being stolen or eliminated daily your watch is melting in your hands 

  34. DAVID DARBY says:

    Nice write up, and we got what we most of us figured, NOTHING, done but empty promises and of course an expense paid vacation in Paris for the politician. You know the best thing to do is create an app to replace politicians and democratize it with weekly votes via a smartphone or laptop by the public which is who is paying the bill anyhow. Wasted time, money and life of all sorts as those who play with playmates in the bubble filled jacuzzi in Paris drinking the top of the line champagne of the day. Nothing will change until its over already.

  35. mark says:

    I believe the mind controlling use of "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" which is broad cast on FM frequency is a major problem.  Thinking of TV "news"  talk radio and "white noise" generators in your office space. This is a very effective weapon of war from what I can determine. I believe congress is in the process of writing  laws to censor the internet for our safety at this very time. I constantly run into people who have firm opinions and do no research. They just watch Fox news to get the "Truth".  You may not be able to post this. my  apologies.

  36. Also I would like to add that part of the discussion was on smart power grid (wi-fi poisoning) which is another assault on our health. Europe doesn't allow the Wi-Fi transmission of information/power and insists on cable connections so why is America going along with it. They want to ram this down our throats despite the fact that people in this country and scientist agree this is harming our health and is nothing but control over what the citizens do while falsely claiming it's for the planet. These sociopathic globalist need to leave the planet to it's own devices or we are all doomed.

  37. Dena Holman says:

    I have been advised not to sign any petitions against geoengineering, but I don't want anyone one, especially not the planet, to be sprayed with nano aluminum and lithium… So my question is, how do we oppose it if we are not engage in the simple act of signing a petition?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dena, who would advise you not to sign an anti-geoengineering petition? “To thine own self be true”, if you are motivated to give your support to such a petition, that is the right action to take.

    • Rita says:

      Sign the petition Dena!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Dena,  I sign every petition I come across against geoengineering, without fear, trepidation or timidity. If it helps, I would advise you to sign ALL of them.

    • Dan Cieri says:

      Hi Dena…I agree wholeheartedly with Dane. If you are new at venturing into taking a stand against all this insanity,  you will find that there will be basically three kinds of people who will tell you not to do things like signing petitions: 1) those who are involved with the spraying programs, and don't want anyone to be involved in trying to stop these programs; 2) those who don't believe this is happening and believe you to be wasting your time; and/or 3: those who are just plain afraid of getting their names associated with anything considered by fools to be 'conspiracy'. Spoke with my Mom today, in her 80s, who admitted recently she and my Dad thought I had gone off the deep end by getting so involved with activism, and who now admits I was right all along. She mentioned the people she goes to church with and how most of them (elderly) know what is going on but refuse to even talk about it. A very stark and scary truth about all this is that we're in a lot of trouble if the spraying doesn't stop, maybe even if it does stop with all the damage these SOBs have already caused. There are tremendous numbers of people coming on board with this fight, we are gaining traction, but it is those who are hesitant to do anything who do the most damage to the cause if they know what is going on. I am proud to be out in the open fighting this…each of adding our names doesn't put us in any more a precarious situation than if we keep our mouths shut. Adding one more voice to this fight to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions by now, is a drop in the bucket. You will find people judge you if you take on this challenge. They will say things behind your back. They will label you with the ubiquitous and juvenile 'conspiracy theorist' label. They will think you're nuts. But many of them will also figure it out in time. You will feel vindication at times, though that is not a goal of ours. There are many things you can do rather than/in addition to signing a petition. You took the first step in finding this site, Dane, and his writings. Learn as much as you can, and be strong. It gets worse initially the more you learn. Write blogs about all this. And most of all, read about keeping healthy in all this. Learn about chelating metals, salts and other harmful things out of the body. There are lots of website for that. If you need some, write to us all here again and elsewhere. You will come across some lousy sites, this one is as legit as you'll find. There are many remarkable people involved in this place…people with strength, empathy, intelligence, give hope, provide guidance…if you come across those who argue with you about this issue, do NOT bother to engage them. Find those of us who will give you good answers, will teach you if you seek truth, will provide you the tools to keep your head up, pride and passion alive…you've come to the best place you possibly could have. Write back…we're all thrilled you're here. We need and needed you. 🙂

    • Cheddar says:

      How do I find more petitions? I have only signed one.  

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Cheddar, I'm not sure how to find them now. All I can say is that over the past two years I have signed at least three of them. I believe they were all posted in the comment section here on GeoWatch. Maybe someone else knows, anyone?

  38. Kat L. says:

    The bottom line is our country has been hijacked by group of gangsters.  We need to fire their asses and clean house and get this country back on the right track! we're an "effing" laughing stock! Meanwhile Putin has banned GMO's and is on it's way to being the world supplier of organic foods and we're still on square one over here! This whole thing with poisoning one's citizens is going to end when the whole lot responsible for this Nazi agenda is fired!

  39. Cori Gunnells says:

    Well said. Thank you for spelling it out so clearly. 

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