Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 30, 2016


The all out anthropogenic assault against planet Earth continues to decimate the entire web of life. From the ongoing climate engineering insanity to the completely out of control military "exercises" that are killing countless life forms in what is yet left of our once thriving oceans, collapse will come soon on the current course. Global temperatures are skyrocketing and shattering all former records. Deadly heat and record drought in India are wreaking havoc on the population and it is only April, the hottest months of the year are yet to come. Climate engineering is nothing less than weather warfare, and it is playing a massive part in the unfolding climate chaos (though there are countless other contributing anthropogenic factors). Why is such a large percentage of the population so willing to completely ignore the insanity? Because they are in one way or another invested in the very companies helping to create it. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

True solace can only exist in facing reality head-on. It can only exist in fully embracing one's responsibility to the whole, to our children, and to the greater good. We must all stand together and make our voices heard, we can yet alter the outcome of what is unfolding.
Dane Wigington

Below are some photos from the booth at the Northern California Earth Day event in Redding, California. My most sincere gratitude to the extremely dedicated activists that helped with this effort.


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  1. Rj says:

    Ya. Everything is being uv burned on the crowns of trees here in n Wisconsin. Being 59, and growing up in same town in n Wisconsin woods. I have seen great hardwood forests raped and now all dying. All my black cherry trees have died or the couple left are sick. All giant oak trees have few leaves, small leaves and haven't produced a good acorn crop in years. This spring when the leaves came out it scared the crap out of me as to the progression from last year. It has now made me very angry to see this vast decline without acknowledgment from local and state department of natural resources. I call, text them about 40 to 50 planes flying on same course. I ask what they are spraying. I tell them 50% of trees are dead or not far from. I have told them they are covering up the spraying and the adverse effects it is having on the forests. I have told them that I would not be buying anymore fish and game permits. That I would hunt my properties without them. They do not exist in our family. 

    So I suggest all of you call your local Dnr, forestry departments, and your state air quality offices and complain with your knowledge of the science behind the dying of the planet. Bug them as I do.

    Thanks Dane.  

  2. Pedro says:

    Dear Friends, this thing of the eradication of all Life of the Planet, it's not a new reality. 5 centuries ago all the equatorial People were enslaved for the pleasure of the European countries, that (due to slave work) had become Empires. History it's repeating itself. And now the eugenic scientists, the finance pirates, the sociopaths, the psychopaths, are only one. The ultimate goal; the total killing of Love and Humanity, and the achieving of the perfect heartless soldier – without Soul, and the elaboration of the"new order" – the perpetuation of nazism ( evil ). . .This way have began ( in the more recent times ) with the inquisition.. and the deliberate poisoning of Humans began many decades ago, with the use of lead in everything, from toys for the kids to car fuel. But they have failed that time. And now these guys are not kidding ( vaccines, chemtrails, the destruction of the Ozone layer, etc.. the list goes on and on ) . They want to control every aspect of Life in the Planet. They are their own projection of what they see about themselves.. they see themselves as they were God. .When this kind of "persons"( without moral conscience and intellectual honesty ) take power ( total power), we – the People, and all living creatures – have a problem. Now they have insane pathologic vanity allied to insane greed and insane power, all put together. And they have the authority of science to do so, they were taught in school that science is the right thing. .Humanity is a failed experience, and the survivors will have to rebuild all! The true Masters are – since ever – the Animals and the Forests. The Ancient Humans knew about that. Our History is a Magnificent Tale of, at least, 300.000 years. ..We will be needing some extra luck, this time. And prepare. Good luck to all.

  3. Jeff Pitre says:

    Well Dane….they took out Fort Mcmurray Alberta Canada with a grain assault….the heart of the oil sands is 90% burnt to the ground….80000 people evacuated from city…total choas…. they've ask for military assistance, but no reply from the military…they're to busy spraying and disrupting  the hydrological  cycle….I'm trying my best to get this out to everybody I can..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Jeff Pitre, I've been following this in shock.  Makes me think of reasons why our military has been going to seemingly great effort to patrol everything and lock it all down tight, as if in anticipation of something like this, here.  Be it a major fire, beyond major, or floods or whatever hell is yet to come.  Even in equipping police with military style everything, as if expecting scenarios like this, but no doubt with more people.  I mean TPTB know what they've done and at least have game planned some worst case scenarios.  Too bad no one was told that aluminum used in geoengineering greatly ups the fire ante.  Sick trees to begin with from sky crap, huge build up of aluminum, and bingo, a fire too hot to handle, fire tornadoes, hell on earth, 80,000 evacuated and fast, one road many were on, fire got on–terrifying and much panic.  This is our future it would seem.

      But, please, tell me more about the heart of the oil sands being 90% burnt to the ground.  I really don't know what that means.  What exactly was off the ground?  Does this fire and its heat burn up the oil, cap it like a sarcophagus or what?  And is there a reason given for their military not helping out?  WTH?

    • stephan says:

      @ Rachel – here's a little info not of the fire but a Dene Tribe website close by

    • Alexander High says:


      I live in England and I can only imagine what those people are feeling. I believe that this is no natural occurrence and that it was caused by the madmen who are attacking the entire population of this planet. It is sheer evil and I feel so helpless that we can't physically stop those lunatics from doing this. 

      This morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining, then they started their spraying and now we are looking at the milky white sky and still they continue to spray.

      Our weather forecast was for a hot sunny clear day, well it isn't so clear now thanks to the madmen.

      Just keep spreading the word and get people to look up, some are listening and they in turn spread the word. I wish there was more we could do to put a halt to this lunacy.

      All the best




    • Lamargo Petersen says:

      The work camps are being evacuated today, running for their lives.

  4. LS says:

    Since when does Alberta have fire storms in May? They are running for their lives as I write this with the largest evacuation ever ordered, ongoing. Imagine how dry and dead everything has to be for this to occur!!!  People, pay attention. Any day it could be your neighborhood, your forest. Think of this as war.

  5. Marc says:

    Had occasion to be in southern Arizona for the last few weeks. On my first three days in Tucson I was not surprised to see the tripesocks from hell defecating aerosols from one end of the Tucson valley to the other. Then suddenly…………..nothing. Same atmospheric conditions, same everything. But NOT ONE SINGLE SKY LINE. In fact, for the remainder of my time there, I saw virtually no overt spraying for over a week, unless of course, it was done in the dead of night and had dispersed by daylight. I mentioned this anomaly to someone there and he just looked at me speechlessly. Why? Because he is clueless in every possible way and could summon no response. 

      During my stay I unexpectedly encountered a friend who is a career pilot for Delta airlines. This chance encounter occurred in a jovial courtyard setting with live music and lots of people treating themselves to alcoholic beverages, myself included. Soon as I saw him and we exchanged howdies, I cut straight to the chase and asked if he would please share his observations about what the fuck is going on in our skies. He feigned ignorance and puzzlement at my question. I clarified by asking him what his opinion is of the massive SRM programs underway, i.e. aerosol trails being sprayed by the military and other entities. Again he feigned ignorance and professed to not know what I was talking about. However he DID offer an explanation of what "contrails" are and how they can persist for hours at absurd altitudes. I found his explanation laughably stupid and countered with a few left jabs of my own. He then made sure I knew he had a degree in Atmospheric Sciences from somewhere and he proceeded to share some anecdotal story about the "ice-fog" phenomenon in Anchorage, Alaska due to auto exhaust and industry during frigid temps. I countered again by asking what that had to do with the sprayed particulate persistence in temperatures of 40-60 below at 35,000 ft.? On and on we went around and around. When I mentioned that proof exists that commercial jets have been retrofitted with spray nozzles in the immediate vicinity of the engine cowling, he commented that jet fuel is almost entirely kerosene and some contrails are evidence of water in the fuel turning into crystals at extreme altitude etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. I detoured somewhat by reminding him that if indeed fully-fueled jets hit the World Trade Center towers, virtually ALL the kerosene-based fuel disappeared within seconds upon impact. He agreed. So, Mr. Delta pilot, how the hell can office furnishings burn hotter than the 2800 degrees or so required to melt high-grade steel? I wish I'd had a cellphone camera handy to snap the look of bewilderment he gave me. He did say that is worth looking into or something like that. We parted still friends I'm happy to say. 

      But what is important here, (and there is much I've omitted from our conversation) is the degree to which this pilot of twenty years clings tenaciously to his comfortable interpretation of what he is seeing at altitude. Either that or he was royally bullshitting me. But I did not detect this. He is actually a great guy. I like him a lot. I would wager that the intensity of my arguments might very well cause him to think twice when he flies up yonder next time. We can only hope.

    • Jodi cool says:

      Three weeks ago, April 8th, in spite of 2 prior days of massive air assault, it rained here in San Luis Obispo for all of about maybe 3-4 hours, on and off-TOPS.  I happened to be driving behind a big construction truck and noticed its tires were leaving tracks on the road in the rain.   At first I thought this truck was dumping soap on the road and that was why the tracks were there. 

      When I got to town I noticed that all the puddles had this white clumpy crap floating in them.  I saw this crap all over the roads, in puddles and curbside.  I went to several parts of town during the "downpour", and noticed it everywhere.  (My passenger suggested that it was detergent in the gas causing the tracks and gunk in the puddles). At one point I was in a parking lot parked next to a down spout and it was creating a little river while heading down the parking lot.  Again, this crap was floating in it.  We went to Costco and the parking lot was full of this crap and everyone was walking through it like it was normal.  When I took my passenger back home on a 13 mile country road, the last mile of which is dirt, there it was – crap all over the plants, in mud puddles, on the dirt road and all over his tile roof.  By then the rain had stopped and everything was drying in the 75 degree weather.  We decided to rinse off his fruit trees, oak trees and garden beds around his house as best as we could.  Wasn't good enough though.

      The following Wednesday a friend of mine met me at the beach. This used to be the most beautiful beach on the central coast, but now there is hardly any life at all there.  No starfish, nothing in the tide pools, no mussels on the rocks, no otters, no pelicans and hardly any birds at all.  As we were leaving, we noticed what appeared to be a CORMORANT, (little blackish colored bird) with only his head out of the water.  He was struggling to stay afloat, and then we noticed THE WHITE CRAP in the ocean floating all around him.  He couldn't get his wings out of the water and we watched, helplessly, as this little bird drowned………I AM REALLY EFFEN TIRED OF THIS INSANITY.

    • Jodi cool says:



    • Donna says:

      Hi Marc, I watch the sky in Sun City, AZ everyday, and there were no lingering trails for "almost" 6 days. We had some rain on the 30th, and I didn't hear any jets up in the clouds. I too,was wondering what was up. They started in again NW of us around 5 last night. It's supposed to be 102 today, can't wait for what's to come.

      I hope your friend investigates further. If he didn't know anything, he does now, seed planted!

  6. Thunderhead says:

    Likewise, sunny days are gone here in Connecticut. Trees are dying everywhere with many already on the ground and many though still standing, covered with lichens and molds. Their days are numbered as well. The woods and wetlands here are beginning to look like a war zone. I am beginning to think a land-grab is under way for desirable shoreline towns on the northeast coast, similar to the geoengineered amping up of hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Or, could this be a way to balkanize the country by driving out those in the northeast by miserable weather a nd killing the trees and wildlife? The question is, who will be the new habitants if everyone flees? In the meantime, the 911/geoengineering perps are taking kids from parents who espouse "fringe theories".

  7. Dave says:

    To all, please check out whats going on in Fort Mcmurry Canada, home of the tar sands. Seems like a preview of events to come. Reminds me of Dane mentioning that the aluminum acts as a accelerent for fires,how sad!

    • Diane Friday says:

      Hi Dave. I just looked it up. Of course, it's not making headlines on Yahoo! News or any other MSM outlet. So sad. So tragic. And with the temps and winds, and yes, aluminum and who knows what else acting as accelerants… The many houses of cards seem to be falling fast, but will those responsible be held accountable — and I don't mean just for this latest tragedy? Lately, I've been wishing we could all cry for help, but to whom? 

  8. LS says:

    Hello everyone,  I am reporting from the northern Sierra at altitude 6500feet. We have been walking, skiing, hiking these mountains for years and now we are constantly hearing the roar of jets and planes overhead out in the wilderness even when no spraying is visible. My dog and I had to run out of the woods today as we were being pounded with something that was burning my throat. My young dog looked like he had been worked and gave up our walk without resistance. All animals know. A greenhouse is a must now because the chemical precipitation is ruining the plants. I don't want to learn to adapt to this new world. This sucks.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi LS:  I feel the same way you do– I don't want to "learn" to adapt to this "new" world because there's no way anyone really cad adapt to The Agenda of, what– total destruction?  How on Earth does anyone or anything adapt to massive chemical, ionizing and electromagnetic radiation poisoning?  Answer:  You don't.  You either sicken or you die, or both.

  9. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Be careful your children can be taken away if you don't comply with those in power want you to comply.

  10. U.T. says:

    Puerto Rico Bonds issued by US Default.

    Time to wake'y up Every One!!!!!!'nn

    When I was young and I used to watch TV, I was so amazed how everything was on that TV set.

    After growing up,and then going to school I wanted to commit suicide.

    Not a wonder from what theyyyyyy are teaching Youuuuu!

    Live in this world of Lies and Deception.

  11. mike says:


    Well i guess sunny days are a thing of the past here in southern Ontario. They now have one of those machines that spread the clouds out in a wavey formation, kinda like the sand at the bottom of the ocean but in the sky. I have noticed that they spray and then hit the spray with a frequency and it speards out very quickly. I am surprised no one notices this but then again maybe not. I noticed they don't spray during microwaving the sky. Anyway, have a great day everybody.  

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi Mike am from Burlington and view the east,west,north of Burlington up high. Your right its going on every day here now even this morning there is evidence of last night spraying the clouds are small thin curly. The dark redish clouds in the morning are getting higher and higher every year, and they are brownish /redish not clouds at all but residue left from the day before or late night spraying. I have sent info to every department of Government here with no response, hope your doing the same. They just dont want to Do anything about it.

      Heads up.

  12. Dawnski says:

    Xerces Society and

    Two answers my son put down for crafty free response question on his AP Environmental Science final exam which gets graded by the state of NC Board of Education. . .

    Atta Boy!

    • Dawnski says:

      Freak torrential rain/hail storm just blew through town like a runaway locomotive. . good biz for insurance adjusters. 

    • stephan says:

      Dawnski – you're son is lucky to have a mother like you. "Atta Girl''.

  13. Dennie says:

    Here's a snapshot of the tangled mess of Talmudic Tentacles:  Everywhere you look, there is Gyorgi Schwartz, er, GEORGE Soros.  Thanks, Susan!

  14. Thunderhead says:

    And while the planet is being poisoned by the weather warfare in the form of geoengineering while the media is all about backslapping each other on what a great job they're doing. Check out some of the faces while they are being unexpectantly roasted. Priceless!

    • Jenny says:

      Whoa!  Obama did not like that bit about the drones!

    • Jim Reed says:

      To Susan Ferguson, et al,


      The Chem trails are more  refined..I to notice it.

      Now, I suggest to you in Washington State, secure a Civil Rights

      layer against the US Navy..Those nasty pilots will not listen..

      what has been in prints is enough for a lawyer to file a lawsuit.

      One can tell the truth in Our country, media or ?

      When the lies are ..printed..a no , no legally.


      Of course the Navy is arrogant now.  and the REAL reason

      your area is used for practice:

      The Russians have counter US radar jamming.  So, the Navy is on to find a way to stop the Russians. Well, no way.

      But the Arrogance of the Navy is so rampant.

  15. Bella_Fantasia says:

    In January 23, 2015 the Doomsday Clock was moved two minutes closer to Midnight.  It now stands at Three Minutes to Midnight.

    According to Obama, The World is "Safer" sitting on Top Of the Bomb.

    An Unfinished Life–the saddest song I know, yet it connects me to my deepest emotions and spurs me on. . . .

  16. Ben Elterman says:


    On past updates you have told us about supplements that you found to be beneficial. I wonder if you would consider sharing a little about the dietary habits that you have found to be of benefit. While diets are ultimately a personal choice, there may be some things there that could help others that are trying to prepare for the challenges ahead.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ben, so sorry that I keep getting delayed on the long intended health post, I will get at this as soon as I can, thanks so much for your patience. 

  17. Rachel Robson says:

    Gee, thank you Anonymous!  Very kind.  I am getting better from what I think was a humdinger of a virus, which family had before me.  Since I have autoimmune diseases, I tend to catch EVERYTHING.  On the other hand, my over active auto immune stuff can kick ass.  This one hijacked my brain to an alarming degree.  I could not find my money.  Put things in weird places and I never do that.  Slept for days and nights.  Not 100%, but then, never am.  Main thing is I have my brains back again!  They have been missing for awhile now!  Whenever this happens, brains suddenly working, I have huge urge to do everything fast, now, before I lose them again!

    So many have used the term NWO so many different ways.  Sometimes I think we are giving these guys too much credit.  More and more it reveals itself to me in my research just how stupid these guys are.  Does not seem sophisticated to me.  After all, 9/11 was not so sophisticated was it?  I mean it worked, but so transparent.  And crude.

    Good grief, a crow just barked at me because the birdbath is empty!  Guess I have to go and put remaining 3 hens to bed.  And fill bird bath.

  18. Lori Bee says:


  19. Phil says:

    Very strange weather here on the east coast today.  Cloud cover and rain this morning with chilly temperatures.  The skies started clearing to blue and then the heavy aerosol spray clouds started to move in.  The weather became warm and humid.  The skies then cleared again to blue with real clouds for about an hour with a nice breeze and lower humidity, and then the heavy aerosol spraying started again.  It is now very humid again with thunderstorms and heavy rain.  This is NOT normal!

    • Nancy Lee says:

      Phil, I live in Maryland and yesterday was exactly as you describe. Then, around 6:00, a strange huge cloud moved in along with 60 mph winds and quarter-size hail. This after almost a week of crappy chemical hazy grey skies. I'm sure the strawberry season (as well as other crops) will be ruined or greatly damaged.

  20. Rod says:


    Following my a few minutes message y want to tell you that this year we had a very long dry seasson that lasted from mid December to mid Februaty with no rain at all. The land was scorched and we lost much of our produce. But after february rain is pouring in an unusual way and clouds do not let you see the blue sky during rainy days. During cloudless days sky is, I would say, is normal. Perhaps no scarce number of days we see a little haze and sky is blue-whitish. 

    I have not tried to use my handlight during nights but sure I will an let you know if I see the bright particulates that some of you mention.

    I live in a small village, 5000 feet over the sea level, near (8 miles away) the City of Ibague, Department of Tolima, Colombia.



    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      You have my condolences, Rod.  The US has been deeply entrenched in Colombia for a while, more than in other South American countries. 

      We lived in northern Peru from 2006 to 2009.  During that time Peru signed a "free trade" agreement that had strings to NATO attached.  Shortly after that the HAARP facility was built there. 

      Having lived over thirty years in Alaska, I thought we had the bluest sky in the world, until we lived in northern Peru.  It's such a crime for both South America and Alaska (everywhere) to have the blue skies ruined.  Not to mention the winds, fires, floods, droughts and toxic poisons.

      If this doesn't post, I'll try again.

      from Google: Trails over 1536 Iglasias San Lucas in Colan, where we lived.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      The other link didn't post.  I'll try again here:

  21. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    March and April had multiple days with High Temperatures reaching the Low 90's, even in Northeast Florida. Low temperatures in the 60's were also well above normal, for March and April. Today, May 2nd the average High Temperature should be 82 & the Low Temperature should be 62. The past three days, High Temperatures have ranged from 87 to 92 and the Low Temperatures have ranged from 69 to 75. No one ever discusses the above average Low Temperatures, which are being raised by SAG/SRM, which blocks or prevents nighttime Radiational Cooling. On this evenings Local News, Massive fish die off due to Oxygen Loss, from a rapid increase in temperatures. I am glad the news at least covered that little story! I think we should all test our precipitation/rainfall/snowfall for particulates. I see SAG/SRM being conducted at 25,000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) above the Mid & Low cloud layers, which is scattering and/or diminishing the water vapor, in the potential rain producing clouds. Last Friday April 22nd, we received 1.17 inches of rainfall, more rain was forecasted for this past weekend, but with SAG/SRM  being administered it was diminished!

  22. barbara larkin says:

    i have commented several times in response to greenpeace  posts on their face book page  even a phonecall i had from them, and just as you say dane they never  ever aknowledge  or  give any opinion  ,they only refer to climate change, when you look at the amount of sponsership they recieve  they are essentially gagged , will any who work for them take  courage , realise we must take responsibility ,humanity must  act  together , there will not be another oportunity . we create what we think, we can all   change this  current  direction  as a  collective conciousness  combined with physical action .

  23. Mary Hollowell says:

    My websites have been shut down for about a week, now.  Think peaceful thoughts for sustenance. – not easy to do in the current climate.  And always the truth, of course

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Mary, Why are your sites down?  A normal problem or?

      I'm with you on the peaceful thoughts for sustenance.  And in general truth, but truth in reality is relative.  I spent 5 years studying truth.  I mean serious study.  The conclusion I came to is that it is indeed relative.  It is more a matter of consent among a population.  So, eyes on the prize?  A goal?  As Andrew would say: on, on!

  24. Wes says:

    Just this last February I went to Nicaragua for three weeks. My first stop, Little Corn Island, 50 miles offshore in the Atlantic. When we flew in to Big Corn island I could see the trees did not look healthy. When I got to little corn I asked some locals about the dying trees. They said it was from the salt water spray. Right, salt water had never been around the "island' before. Everywhere you go there some manufactured reasons those trees are not looking healthy. It poured rain a few times. One night it poured down rain for about an hour. Five minutes after it stopped I shined my light into the air, what did I see? A snow storm of particulates. Looked exactly like it has looked the last 8 months here in Nebraska. This is fifty miles into the Atlantic ocean where you'd think the air was pure, not so! The island has also lost 20 yards of beach in the last five years. In some places during storms the locals told me the waves are lapping up to the hotel entrances.

    Next stop. The once mighty Rio San Juan. I say once mighty because it was down at least a foot from the drought that is gripping the whole country.  All along the river the jungle did not look healthy. Camped out in the jungle one night. We go kayman hunting with a guide(just to capture and let go, not to eat). Put the head lamp on and wow, couldn't hardly see from all the particulates, a blizzard of particulates.

    Next stop the Pacific side of the country. Talked to a Canadian who has been coming to sport fish from the shore for the last fifteen years.  In the Mangrove river and also fishing the beach. The guy fishes for five to eight hours a day and stays for four or five months at a time. Hadn't caught a thing for a couple of weeks. He was freaked out about that. Blamed it on EL Nino. Once again checked the air at night with the light. Once again saw the ubiquitous snow storm of particulates. The guy who fishes was also telling me the beaches are disappearing and he saw water eighteen inches deep running down the main road during a storm. 

    Throughout the whole country vast tracks of fried citrus orchards, dead dried up trees with dried up fruit still hanging. Starving cattle out on what was once pasture I guess but now dirt and scraggly dried dead grass.

    Everyone talked about how hot is was. I saw the geoengineering sky stripers. Not like here but the sky was a constant mess.

    The flight attendant on the way to Houston couldn't even talk because she was drowning in her phlegm.

    We have no more blue skies. No more clear skies, they just don't exist anymore folks.  The worlds atmosphere is shrouded in this filth. It sure looks like coal fly ash. It sure does feel like were down to only some years, if that.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wes, how sad, how true.  First hand reports are interesting always, but so sad.  Here in Berkeley it has been shockingly cold, then two days of heat and back to cold with a promise of rain?!!?  That would probably break a record.  Yesterday we had some very blue looking sky.  And with this last rain, it actually smelled good.  Today, the usual sky striping quickly, really quickly morphing into chemtrails and white out. I was shocked by how many green leaves on the ground from my precious plum.  We have had a lot of wind but that should not do it.  However, they are just burdened with aphids.  Years of no aphids and they are back with a vengeance.  Dang.  Sticky icky aphids.  If only there were more birds and bugs to eat them.

  25. Matt Hatfield says:

    Dane, Just reached out to all 4 Nashville TV Networks with documented proof of the on going aerosol assault right here in my home town. I got one response from the GM/VP of channel 2 WKRN Steve Watt, he asked why would they seem to target our area more than other areas. No other TV station responded. See my latest production for anyone to use " HOMICIDE SKIES"  to educate others ,

    God Bless

    Matt Hatfield

    White House Tennessee

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      You got a response?  

      Chattanooga TV personalities are still total silence.  

    • DrDignity says:

      Matt, The page is no longer available.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks TNGEOWATCH, almost missed Matt's comment of one response saying why our area but not others.  A response counts Matt.  Are you following up with that guy?  Show him an around the world view as in Dane's posting.  That is priceless.  The guy did bite, reel him in!

    • Ben Elterman says:


      The link didn't work for me but I did a search by title and found it. Great job putting that together, thanks for posting!

    • Donna says:

      Great video Matt. You're link didn't work so I guuugled HOMICIDE SKIES. Got me there.  

      On another note, here's a response I got back from Arizona's one and only–SenatorJohnMcCain: Thank you for contacting me regarding your thoughts about condensation trails, commonly referred to as "contrails." I appreciate knowing your views on this issue.   
           To date, no such legislation has been introduced addressing contrails.  However, the Air Force has released a statement saying that they have not been involved in the releasing or spraying of harmful chemicals via aircraft.  The Air Force is focused on observing and forecasting the weather so the information can be used to support military operation, and not to conduct weather modification experiments or programs.  The Air Force has not expressed plans to do so in the future.  Please be assured that I will keep your views about this issue in mind moving forward. 

    • stephan says:

      Matt – you're video is out now – wow are those ugly skies down there – be well brother.

  26. horsegirl says:

    I am over the moon to even be able to post today.  Have saved up some items.  The last of which his the mirage we used to see on the road ahead.  I'm pushing sixty but I imagine most people born by the 70's should remember how while driving a huge mirage played off the road surface ahead.  Forty years ago the mirage was so striking it appeared you were going to drive through deep water.  It cold even be dangerous.  And how long has the mirage been gone?  We can see a very faint one ahead on sunny days in Arizona but nothing like before.  This is a strong index of how much less light is reaching the earth due to hideous particulate fields obscuring everything and robbing us of oxygen.

    • Jenny says:

      Funny, I saw the mirage just a few days ago, while driving.  I saw it a few times within a few minutes.  It struck me as well that hadn't seen it in a while.

  27. horsegirl says:

    Hey, it stuck!

    We periodically travel on Interstate 10 in southwestern New Mexico and have sen something of much concern.  Namely that – at least with westbound traffic – about 90% of the trucks haul freight containers that have been repainted, all with the same poor quality white.  You can see their logos such as Knight, CFE etc. faintly through the bad paint job.  What is being hauled in them?  Eastbound traffic seems to be about 50% paint-overs.  And most concerning of all is that we see next to no trains going through Lordsburg, NM anymore.  Used to be we never failed to see a 200 car train en route somewhere.  Now maybe a coal train, or cars stopped, but never the amount of traffic.  Only one strange unmarked kind of car going off on a spur line, with narrow vertical open slats.  We have of course wondered if they are CILF cars.  Last trip about 99% of the eastbound trucks were paint-overs.

  28. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all.  I've been sick, no surprise there, but more sick than usual.  So when sick, I watch TV and read Sunday's paper or some of it. And somehow I ended up on Animal Planet, something I've rarely watched.  It was fascinating-about Chernobyl now.  Two doctors?, scientists? recently went there to see how the radiation was affecting that vast area.  Gee, it must have been gorgeous once.  They'd heard various reports of animals gone weird.  These two people, a man and a woman who seemed in charge, were very good looking, especially the young woman.  At times they were in regular clothes, the rest in various suits, white, various masks and always with multiple radiation detectors.

    First they visited an old couple who moved back in their home a few years ago, growing their own food and as they were old, it was a hard life but their home and memories.  Turns out at least 150 people have moved back into the Exclusion Area.  They took readings everywhere they went.  It is a huge, huge area.  They'd heard rumors that wolves had become unusually aggressive.  They set up night monitoring equipment to try and catch this behavior.  They did find one wolf on camera at night baring his teeth, said that was unusual but I'm not so sure of that.

    They spent time in the Red Forest which is called that because the bulk of what blew landed there turning the trees red.  Oddly, there was life in the forest and one got the impression that once this place was a bit of heaven.  Most of the trees were standing, but dead and most still had their leaves on.  The branches on the ground were hard, very very hard. So there was no normal process of rotting, decomposing to nourish what remains.  There were voles.  Some were damaged by radiation and had sores and small brains.  But some were quite healthy and normal sized, not stunted.  This was seemingly the result of something they were eating that seemed to convey protection.  This whole forest is so radioactive they could only spend short periods of times in it.  So they had to take breaks, but would just step out of the forest, where it was still radioactive but not nearly as high.  While in the forest at one point her counter went so high it went off line.  She'd found a piece of metal apparently covering something else ridiculously high, and had to report it, as no one seemed to know what it was.  The leaves that were on the forest floor were stiff, brittle, and still the same color they once were when Chernobyl blew.  And these leaves were very very radioactive.  She realized that if there was a big fire, all this radiation, released, would be nearly on par with Chernobyl blowing.

    Then, they studied the reports of monster fish in the coolant pools by the degrading sarcophagus requiring a new one being built.  These ponds full of radioactivity to the max turned out to be full of life!  Lots of fish of all sorts as well as gigantic catfish, mutant, but thriving.  Camera's under water, coolant water, showed plants and many kinds of fish and indeed the gigantic catfish from which they took a DNA sample had changed from normal to mutant.  Like a catfish with a very long tail.  All thriving.

    There were horses running through the area but they are having reproductive problems and numbers dwindling.  There were huge, healthy looking boars, but they said any game could not be eaten, way way too contaminated. 

    The takeaway was as if radioactivity and nuclear plants blowing were not the end of the world.  ?  Many creatures seemed to have adapted somehow while others did not.  For instance, some birds did not make it.  But others did and were healthy and normal!  Spiders still there, but wove crazy, disorganized webs, not the norm.  So now they are studying why some things adapted and why some didn't, thinking this gives clues for our future.  Struck me as an advertisement for a future radioactive world, as if saying, we could live with this. 

    I just can't get over the fish!  So, this says to me that Fukushima is not responsible for all the sea life dead.  That does not mean the creatures are safe to eat, or that each kind's future is safe.  It does mean that there are things, not fully understood yet,  we can eat to lessen the effects.  But all the deaths in our oceans are down to our navy and other villains.  Such as geoengineers.  As well as the heat of the oceans and lack of oxygen.  Pesticides, etc.  And over fishing as with shark fins.  And, I suspect, we can expect, mutant fish!

    • Veritas says:

       Correct, the sea life die offs are because of Corexit poisoning in the Gulf and anywhere the Gulf Stream connects alongside other chemicals and radiation. This along with aerosol murder and naval incompetence with radioactive depleted uranium, are also major factors . I saw with my own eyes the dead whales and dolphins and shrimp with no eyes in 2010 months after the " Accidental spill ", funny how The monsters made Billions off the Macondo Well explosion. There were fully armed Wackenhut Security and other security services guarding the beaches of Grand Isle and restricting Air space to keep people from documenting and reporting on the whole thing. Why need guards with full auto M4 carbine's guarding the beaches to prevent photographers and scientists from helping? Why refuse all foreign aid and more benign technology to fix the spill and use such a highly toxic substance made by a branch of B.P.?

         The Corexit is 52x more deadly when mixed with oil like they did on purpose. Funny how B.P.s subsidiary Nalco manufacturers Corexit for them yet its illegal to use in Europe,the Middle East, and other countries. These same vermin always seem to cause the problem then sell masses their "solution" which is normally even worse. Vaccines come to mind recently along with TalmudVision commercials for pills (medicine a.k.a. Poison ) that have side effects like DEATH or internal bleeding for a mere sinus medication, hahaaha good lord times are ridiculous.

          Here is a link to a air purifier I use and it has helped my lung and sinus problems from the Toxic Murder Mist they seem so fond of spraying on us…..

    • Rachel Robson — I'm sending you waves of healing love and light! Get well, please take care of yourself! As Dane would say, we need you in this fight!  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I always worry when you say you're sick, Rachel. We hope you improve very soon : )

      Here's another excellent air purifier, one that removes dust, some chemicals and bacteria.  Of course, not everything, but I find it helpful.  The filter needs cleaning with a hepa vacuum, which might be a drawback.  It is reasonable and very quiet, IMO.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Veritas, and yes!  I did learn all about Corexit back when.  In fact, thinking about this reminds me a bit of what the navy is up to.  BP is UK, right?  I think that things are obviously allowed in this country that so many others will Not accept because, in part, there is a feeling that Anything goes in America.  Our own government has made that extremely clear.  And virtually none of our nature groups faces or tells the truth or can do anything about it, the EPA being a joke.  All know, so all goes.  What really bites for me, is that BP has buildings here in Berkeley and is paying to build for the University.  Happenstance?  I think not!  Huge buildings going up all over and the most imposing ones, BP.  What the hell are they doing in Berkeley?  Close to their backers?  The Tech industry plus government/university complex?  As you might guess, they are doing a poor job of it too.  About as well as the oil well rig that blew.  Or Corexit.  In fact, one truck I saw today actually said: "cheap lumber"!  I could spit tacks like a nail gun!  What if they are doing this on purpose, so that no one complains as the navy comes There?  Planning to wreck their world all along.  Part of the plan it seems to destroy all our coasts.  Why?  So we'd say, what the hell, may as well drill.  What if it is just a bit like 9/11?  The whole world now takes us all for fools.  Perhaps true?

    • Dennie says:

      I've found the documentaries about the post-Chernobyl world to be horrifyingly fascinating.  There are quite a few of these, some involving what's going on in the reactor building itself, and even down to the "elephant" of melted core beneath the reactor.  It is literally a vision of HELL, I almost cannot look, and yet, I cannot look away.  The heartless, soul-less, ill-willed "people" who created this mess feel nothing when they view it.  Hell means nothing to them because when you don't feel anything you actually believe that you don't suffer.

      Strangely, yes, people have moved back.  Yes, there were forest fires in the affected area there in recent past years that released massive amounts of radioactivity into the atmosphere.  The fires were a subject of Dane's blog entries, I believe.  Russia was getting the drought treatment and the forests burned. 

      Where are all the A$$holes who had a hand in designing and building this crap?  Safely in their chateaux in Switzerland?

  29. debra says:

    Dane, I have sent rain samples to Basic and McCampbell. Reporting limits are twice as high at the later. Is their no standard and who sets them? Is Basic still reputable, and if not, can you recommend a lab? Have managed to wake a lot of people up in the last year. The other day in Home Depot, a solar display was up with vendor trying to sell. When asked if I was interested, I said I would be but Geoengineering is causing them to work well below capacity.We talked for awhile and they were very interested, and concerned. They were given flyers, and each a copy of look up! One by one. Sadly no agency in Ca. Thank you Dane!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Debra, the labs set their own MDLs, (reporting limits). Though we have had some questions about “Basic Lab” in recent years, the reports seem to again be accurate, please keep my posted of results. Thank you so much for your help with sounding the alarm.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Good job talking to solar people like that.  Get the word out fast.

      The temps are rising fast and the ice is melting quick now in early May.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi debra, May I ask what you meant by no agency in Ca.?  Years ago I gathered some rain samples but could find no lab here!  Here of all places!  In Berkeley or anywhere near.  So, I'm told they can be mailed.  Can someone tell me how to do this and where is Basic labs?  I feel I could get more people on board if I did lab work on rain here.  I am curious too what all you looked for, and did you ask for particulars?  Also, how much money these days?  I am very poor and do not have flyers or DVDs.  I suppose I could download some as I have discs, and is that legal?  My last attempt at discs failed, not sure if computer's fault or ours.  Most people I know are as resistant as it gets.  Some fain some concern, but as if to humor me.  And of course they would not understand what the lab work means.  I do try and try.  No one has ears.  All have fears.  Sorry if I sound stupid about testing, just gave up before when I could not figure out what to do.  We are told we are to have rain again!  That will be a first, and I'd like to catch it.  Thanks to whomever can answer my questions.

  30. Sara says:

    It snowed in Manchester, UK few days ago. People collected snow balls and experimented with fire, they don't melt.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Sara, My nephew, when in Kansas a few years ago, gathered up a big ball of snow and brought it inside.  It did not melt.  He tried setting it on fire.  Did not work.  Then, he got a torch and it did melt some into a smaller orange glob!  Recently-ish, when my daughter and grandsons were up in Sierra snow I asked them to experiment with it.  They did not!  Dang!

  31. DrDignity says:

    Thank you, Dane for your fierce, tireless devotion to protecting the environment for every species.  I am in New York now caring for a sick loved one.  In Manhattan were the familiar X's & U-shapes, the work of the geoengineers overhead.  There nobody looked up as I pointed to the sky.  Now I'm in the Adirondacks & the clear skies soon get filled with chemtrails, turn grey & block the sun.  While staying a few days in Syracuse, the same thing occurred whenever the skies are blue: the planes draw tic-tac-toe lines everywhere.  Even at the Syracuse University campus, nobody I saw ever looked up. Thanks to everyone here for your posts which I look forward to everyday. DrDignity

    • Rachel Robson says:

      DrDignity, Hello, and ditto about Dane's indefatigable efforts.  Amazing.

      Have you noticed the night stuff?  Here in Berkeley, CA, nights used to be often reddish, the city lights reflecting off the fog, which more or less is no more.  Now, when I look out at night, it is a confusion to me.  Before we occasionally saw a few stars and still.  But in the main, I see what looks like very dark grey, almost black clouds against slightly lighter grey clouds, not fog.  The night sky is no longer dark blue.  The night sky scares me more than the daily mess.  It sorta creeps up, I look out my window and cannot tell what is what.  I'm getting used to it, but it really threw me at first.  Anyone noticing this?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well, the night sky freaked me out again last night because it was white! Exactly like the white out in the daytime, but at night and late at night at that!  I mean it was even bright, but of course minus a light, the sun.  But for all the world looked white, with a wee bit of brown here and there near bottom of whatever.   Not grey, not fog, white all over.  Just when I get used to something like what I'd described at night before, something even more confusing.

  32. BB says:

    Just to make it clear. Yes my back and side are sore. Yes I smoke and some will say when coughing it's because of smoking. Granted I will agree with that, although it doesn't explain the people that I have talked to that have the same symptoms and do not smoke. Apparently this stuff that they are spraying in real bad for your bones and respiratory system. 

    Man made pollution can and will disrupt your sleeping patterns also, which I am experiencing.

    And no I am not getting drugs to try to help me sleep. I took them little pink houses from a prescription numerous times and felt like a bag of Sht the next day.

    They want to get them carbon credits bad  so they can collect more money from companies that discharge pollutants. It's all a Big Game.

    I don't like the game though. I am not a voluntary participant in it. Only greedy Psychotic people engage themselves in such destruction.

    What kind of BS excuse will the skeptical people on this subject come up with when there are hardly any trees left. 

    They will probably say: Oh well that's just a Natural Thing that happens. Really it is because of their Fear to unwillingly accept the Truth because they are scared.

    Have no Fear though, Death is Near.

  33. BB says:

    Rachel those trees that you said that were being Mega logged in Shasta are being cut down, so people don't notice that they are all dying. The company's still makes money on them selling the lumber. If the trees were left there then people would start to get suspicious about seeing the all the trees that are either dead or dying. They say it is the beetle. Beetles apparently only attack trees that are either dead or dying and not healthy trees.

    Our Environment agencies most likely are given orders to follow in order to confuse or distract people from the real truth. 

    If you take the time to watch as many videos about trees dying from geoengineering or Chemtrails you will find your answer to WTF question, that you had mentioned. 

    There is one video where a guy is standing talking to people and he mentions exactly what you are taking about.

    I like the one on you tube: It is called:

    Trees dying everywhere from geoengineering Were Next

    Ain't that the Truth!

    When I go outside for a smoke at 1:15 in the morning because I can't sleep because my back and side are so sore, and I can see two of the sprayers at the same time there is something not right. 

    I think my side and back are sore because of coughing out this stuff that they spray.

    I know others that are having similar symptoms. I did really enjoy Dane's speech this time. Boy he sure knows how to slam those criminals  behind this crime. 

    We are all very fortunate to have a rebel like him.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      BB, Hi, Uh, Of course I've seen all the films and photos, heard Dane talk about it, have known about these beetles and geoengineering for a long time, actually knew more about various beetles, and not only  these trees, but, say, my beloved pinions in Nevada, they say some bug did them in, or, say, sudden oak disease too; knew of all this for decades now, and finally I became aware of geoengineering, belatedly, in 2011 after seeing hundreds of miles, while traveling, of dead and dying lodge pole pines and freaked out..  So, of course that is what I expected.  Of course I asked daughter, who goes to this one area on Shasta often-ish.   She said no, not that, and she's 42, aware and native.  And she has 20/15 eyesight.  She excels at tracking.  So I have a tendency to believe her when she says not that.  Which is why I asked.  Especially given Dane and Shasta.  Also, I grow lots of things and have a lifetime of experience.  The aphids are currently doing in my plum tree.  Aphids will always go for a sick plant, always.  The exact same plant can be next to one the aphids have gone for, looking all healthy and juicy, yet the aphids will continue going for the sick plant even as they get deep, even as another is right next to it, looking ripe for the taking but no, the sick plant.  Which I then often leave as a decoy until inches deep in aphids, then bag and throw away, while thanking that plant for sacrificing itself for the others.  And I do know a few things about trees.  In 1968 up in northern Ca., visiting someone, they took us on a tour of the area-behind the rows of healthy big trees lining roads to a hell of logging.  We then visited Pacific Lumber Company as my man at that time was getting into building log houses in Colorado where we lived on top of the Rockies, guess this visit was a write off to pay for the trip.  The horror!  Miles and miles of lumber, stacked and piled So high, like some ginormous graveyard.  Some years later in my life, many people I knew moved to Redding to log as it seemed anyone willing could and make major bucks.  I, of course did not approve and was glad it was stopped and well remember the fighting over it.  In 1969, I spent some time outside of Weed, Ca. up there on a writers' commune-it was 110 degrees of heat.  In the early '70's I was living with Shoshone people in north eastern Nevada when the mob moved into Las Vegas, and then the BLM began chain dragging the pinions, just leaving them lying, roots up in air, then seeding for grass for cattle.  One of the very few demonstrations I took part in by laying my body in front of the gigantic tractors pulling these huge, huge chains in order to stop them.  The Shoshone depend heavily on pinions and one has to know them, they grow in families like most plants in nature and produce at a certain age.  Maybe more than 10 years ago I read how the pinions were dying, broke my heart, I so love them and their nuts.  And I developed a theory.  Most plants prefer to live in communities.  Like say Redwoods.  Who literally hold each other up.  Wreck havoc on these communities and you get sick plants, lonesome plants without their families for support and defense.  When some bits of floor boards in my apt. here became rotted, my landlord replaced them and then showed me the difference in grain-this old house built in 1909 from redwood.  They'd replaced old growth trees with quick growth for lumber and one could see the enormous difference in the grain between the two.  The new stuff with a much larger grain, not so tight and fine.  So, these new woods, vast, had a broad structure in grain which I suspected would make them vulnerable to disease.  And apparently I was right.  But only after hundreds of miles of dead and dying lodge pole pines did I finally become personally aware of geoengineering.  Altogether, a perfect storm of disaster.

      I will say that I also have a theory that daughter does not see certain things owing to her exceptional eyesight.  I think she selectively screens out too much info.  And when seeing this very familiar area to her, she was overwhelmed with shock.  Also, a great deal of stuff going on in her life.  So, though she said they all looked healthy, I had my doubts.  But I also know that Obama is allowing protected areas to be mined and used in various ways, so thought of that too.  And I thought about the massive building going on here, the whole Bay Area, but here in Berkeley it really really stands out as the University meets and joins the city with huge buildings including BP–and I actually saw a truck yesterday that said: Cheap Lumber, and for one of these buildings!!  So, there Are variables, and if you live near there and can testify, I accept that.  Other wise, to exclude variables, I am asking.  

      By the way, given your symptoms, you may well have pleurisy, get checked out!

  34. Ed Bee says:

    I asked my friend who doesn't believe weather modification is really happening where he gets his news information. He says Fox News covers everything he needs to know, and it is fair and balanced just like they proclaim. Then I read a local newspaper headline stating that the economy is "robust". After that I see another headline about a bright future for graduating students. And it has been unusually cold for months. With all the disinformation out there it is easy to see why the public remains deceived.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Ed.  Not only disinformation but also total lack of information!  Has anyone else noticed the apparently total blackout about what is going on in Bagdad?!

  35. Bella_Fantasia says:

    With a population slightly over 740,000, Alaska suddenly has a budget deficit of $4 Billion since oil prices crashed.  Legislators are screaming, We're broke!"  They're going for the $50 Billion in our sovereign wealth fund, for now, until oil prices rebound.  Of course, I've been saying Oil is Over for the last decade, so I'm a heretic.

    It's entirely a shame the Alaska economy wasn't diversified, at least over the last two decades.  As it stands now, we have a ridiculously sounding "three legged stool" economy.  One leg is Big Oil, next Federal and State spending and the Military and the last in the private economy with tourism, fishing and mining.  Guess which leg isn't collapsing?

    One would at think preserving the environment would be a good idea for tourism at least, but officials and many citizens "hate" the "overbearing, over regulating" (tremendously hollowed out) EPA.

    When Dahr Jamail wrote about marine mammal "takes" allowed by the Navy's War games in the Gulf of Alaska last summer, I forwarded the article to the Alaska Dispatch Editor, begging him to reprint it.  Crickets.  I was told people just don't "believe" Jamail.  Then there were articles about the "mysterious" unusual mortality event of whale deaths in the Gulf. 

    They're looking forward to ice free shipping lanes in the Arctic.  Even I know cargo shipping is collapsing.  Not to mention that methane sinks ships and causes planes to drop from the sky.

    I'm mostly surrounded by IDIOTS.  And a few very wonderful, sensible people. 

    So, as a triple heretic and probably "terrorist" by virtue of being anti-military, anti-oil and an environmental and animal activist, I'm pleased and humbled to find such tremendous support here.  I'm trying my damndest to morally live up to my responsibility and stand up for Life in the Biosphere.  Some of us know we're on the brink of social, environmental and economic collapse.  What we do with the rest of our time really, really matters.

    Love is not so much an emotion, but a Life Force in the Universe.  There would be no life on Earth without the Sun, hence the hubris of "managing" the Sun is absurd. With Love and the basics of Sun, Water and Air Life on Earth possible. The assault by the power structure becomes more ferocious by the day, and more obvious.

    May we all live to fight another day.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Hey Bella, Don't forget about the tens of thousands of Common Murre's that "mysteriously" starved to death and dropped from the sky all over Alaska. I read that over forty thousand of them were found dead on Lake Illiamna in February. These are sea birds and from my investigation they have never been seen on Lake Illiamna, ever. Don't forget that when WE march on D.C. to stop this madness I will pay for your trip and we will stand together! Never, Ever Give Up!  

    • Nyira says:

      I am deeply moved by this as well as many other responses.  It is here that I can connect with people.  Despite having "looked up" two years ago, I have only be able to convince two people that geoengineering is the greatest threat to all life.  Nothing else matters at this point and all of the efforts of environmental groups and activists are futile if they fail to address geoengineering.  Sometimes I feel powerful that I am one of the aware ones…  other times I feel completely helpless.  I will continue to stand up for LIFE…   Thank you Dane for all of your work.

    • R says:

      Bella F, You said it beautifully. My thoughts exactly.

      We here in Washington state haven't been seeing as many grids in the sky as usual, but still have a milky white sky.

      Dane, Thank you a million times over!    R.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Nyira, Thank you.  It can never be wrong to stand up for Life!  Our feelings wax and wane.  It's human.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ R, thank you so much. 

      A friend in MA described one jet spraying and one following without a trail–perhaps spraying a transparent catalyst!??

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, thank the Creator that you are there and post such informative stuff so very articulately about the truth in Alaska.  I'm afraid to ask, what is the 50 Billion in sovereign wealth funds?  This scares me. 

  36. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Please rant on, Dane.  You are more diplomatic than most, yet are not avoiding harsh reality  Your ability to connect the dots globally and your taking the broadest perspective–that of someone seeing the world akin to someone floating in space–is the only way our global insanity can be viewed or understood.  Without that vision, we get lost arguing the details.


  37. Tom Keith says:

    Good show as always Dane! Just to let people know there are moles out there trying to spread disinformation.  As the saying goes, the Devils will mix truth with lies. For instance David Icke says global warming is a hoax, and at the same time time berating our government for the lies it tells. I can't believe Sophia Smallstorm be careful out there .


  38. One crore = 157,000 in US numerical system (I think…) – so around 8 and 1/2 million people…
    NEW DELHI, May 2, 2016
    ‘54 cr. farmers in the grip of drought’
    Rural populations across 13 States hit by multiple crisis, with food and fodder getting scarce
    Over 54 crore farmers and rural populations across 13 States are in the grip of drought, and it is a multi-dimensional crisis. This fact was highlighted at a national consultation on drought here on Sunday. Yogendra Yadav, convener of Jai Kisan Andolan, told journalists that owing to the drought, people were battling for drinking water, food had become scarce, domestic cattle were dying a nomadic death and farms had turned fallow.
    “Good rains [in the coming monsoon] may end the water crisis, yet food shortage will continue until the new crop comes in; the government needs to ensure food security,” Mr. Yadav said.
    Bundelkhand was the worst affected. “Dal [pulses] has become a luxury for the ordinary people in Bundelkhand,” he said, appealing to the youth to help the people of the affected villages during their summer vacation.

  39. Ken B says:

    I don't know if any of you use any of the flight tracking software "flightradar24", "flightaware", etc. While there are obviously many military flights doing the spraying, it appears that at least an equal number of commercial airlines are also spraying. My question is – why haven't we been able to catch pictures or videos of the material being loaded into commercial flight cargo holds? Maybe this has been covered here already and I missed it….are the compounds being added to jet fuel? They must be for the commercial craft right? Would it be the same compounds? Anyone?

    • San Miguel Co., CO says:

      Ken B.,

      You betcha the commercial airlines are ALL taking part in the aerosol spraying.  I check those apps daily and sure enough on heavy spray days every airline you have ever heard of is spraying.  I asked someone I know who works at a small regional airport if they have ever noticed strange nozzles that look like they are for spraying…  the answer was "Yes.  What is that about?".  After explaining what they are for this person looked like a deer in the headlights and dismissed it as false…As far as video and info on the additives and canisters or whatever I too wish an order follower would step up to the plate.

    • Robert West says:

      Ken B…Thanks for listing "flighttrader24". I have been using "Plane Finder" to track flights but it doesn't  seem to be as good now as it was a year ago. Periodically, it would show two planes flying the same route on the screen with one plane over laid on top of the other. It looked like two planes flying together; same route, same altitude and same speed. I would zoom the screen to separate the planes to see if I had Two planes or a ghosting issue. However, I discovered one plane had a 24 minute delay time and the other only a 1 minute delay. Why the large delay time? I will use "flightrader24" now and compare results.

      By the way, my house is situated in the major north-south flight lane in central Oregon. I can see all flights from Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, etc. that go to Calif., Arizona, Nevada. Almost all airlines spray aerosols and may new airline startups have appeared in the last few years. I'm sure that aerosol contracts are very lucrative. I see all chemtrails out my front and back  windows as they fly by my house. Sometimes they spray from two planes side by side. For awhile, I had a log of airlines that sprayed. I'm sure Dane has all and any information that he needs on this, so I stopped documenting the airlines and i'm satisfied knowing that almost  every airline is spraying. Someone, please correct me if I am wrong on any of my statements. We need to remain accurate.

  40. On the Olympic Peninsula this morning around 6:30 am they began leaving many of those wispy gossamer trails across the sky that “disappear” into a very fine milky mist-haze that most people, who are not used to observing might think were ‘natural’. So that by 9am the untrained would not have thought the sky that unusual. There was even one classic line that went all the way across the sky, but that appeared to vanish very quickly – no, not a contrail. My instinct tells me that they have again refined their technology, the dispersion rates, and that the particulates & fibers now are so nano-sized fine small that it will be harder to convince those already in denial that anything heinous deadly to their well-being is occurring. Slow death. Here in the EW electronic warfare zone, it often seems that the planes themselves are invisible, stealth cloaked in that ‘chaff’ – for I very rarely see any actual planes. Of course I can hear the Growlers, but never on Sundays. I’m convinced that the size of the toxic poisons has been reduced, making them harder to detect and simultaneously more easily absorbed into our lungs, tissue and brain. Anyone else see and feel this?

    • bill says:

      I too have noticed shorter trails, knowing they are NOT contrails as there is a milky-ness to the sky and they last longer than contrails.This is going to make our case more difficult, if indeed they have a newer way of disbursement. 

      As alarming are the radiation rates, now at very high levels.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bill, the blatant aerosol trails will again be seen, it just depends on conditions. Yes, the climate engineers are more covert under some scenarios, but in an overall context there is no way to hide the climate engineering attrocities.

    • R says:

      I'm on Manhattan.

    • ron says:

      Susan F.:  Based on my own growing research, I'm afraid to say I think that is exactly what they are doing-even smaller than nano-sized particles.  They have been experimenting with "femto-sized" particles send out  in microsecond bursts for different "invisible" experiments.Much of their work remains opaque and highly classified–even though we can look straight at a lot of it.

       By now it should be totally obvious that we are the top-of-the-food=chain "rats". Psychopaths in charge–we need to see that horrible fact. And this multi-leveled "Project Cloverleaf" is criss-crossed with opaque black ops from various countries.  The CIA/military US industrial complex, of course, takes the lead.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, hi! and "Never on Sundays"-with the growlers?  What are they, church going folks??  I'm sure one day off a week is some relief for you, but Never on Sundays?  Gee.  I've seen the gossamer ones, trails, that turn into wispy and white out.  Last Sunday here, the sky did seem truly blue and all over-as one weather guy here says: severe clear.  But I've also seen what at first appears to be a blue sky until you recognize the layer of white over it and that it is a different shade of blue, off blue maybe, a tad violet.  And sometimes it appears as if a screen to me, and sometimes I do see a plane emerge from what looked to be blue, but as I just described, as if screened and then in fact see a plane emerge-which threw me at first, thinking from where?  In multiple ways I see new techniques.  But also, the classic sky hacking.  Obvious spray trails morphing into all sorts of things, and classic hacking.  So, lucky you?  I jest of course.  I think they think all here are "blind" and they are right about that.  However, this stuff they call mizzle.  Never used to mizzle.  Used to drizzle.  They said we were to get more rain, maybe today.  This morning for about 30 minutes or less, mizzle.  I find that stuff very suspicious.  I planned to do yard stuff today and probably will if my legs start working-did too much yesterday, "walking"/crutching.  Did not want to go out in mizzle and sure enough not a drop of moisture anywhere.  So, what Was it?  I'm not at all sure that this is what you are talking about, just what I observe here.  Today, all is white with lumps as if the bottoms of some cloud shapes.  Yet the sun shows up on the ground.  and there is the feeling of rain coming.

      Now, if it rains here in May, well, WOW.  Not that plants would mind, just unbelievable, especially given well, history, and all the rain we've had.  And it is chilly.  All I can figure after being droughted out for 4 years plus, and in real heat, is that real estate prices here have jumped–gee, I almost said sky high!-well, obscenely high, lots of new buildings and businesses, mighty influx of tech peoples, plus the University involved in all this, I figure it is to their benefit this year to let us have rain, cool weather, and endless spring.  But, at what price?  What a price!  Still, I bet India would settle for it, And some chilliness too!

  41. Roger Gibbons says:

    To all …another good way to enlighten more people who can push this issue is your medical community. I have been sending out emails to major hospitals medical departments and the person who are In charge of those departments.

    They are the ones who are and will be treating more and more of us ….so lets make sure we keep them informed of what type of material being sprayed.

    Dont for get to cc the politicans at the same time so they know your sending that info the medical community.

  42. CP says:

    Great broadcast as usual.  I wanted to point something out that I find very interesting.  I was watching my teenage sons play a video game on their PS4 this afternoon, when my oldest pointed out chemtrails crisscrossing the skies!  Kind of sick, in this case, how art is imitating life.  And for those gamers out there, the game was GTA5, so you can verify it yourself.

    • Jenny says:

      I know I've commented on this subject here before, once or twice: the presence of geoengineered skies in anime.  Granted, an artist might just be copying the real skies they see, but I have seen some animes that keep returning to views of the sky at the beginning and end of each scene, and I honestly get the feeling they are trying to get viewers to see geoengineered skies as normal (which the vast majority probably already do anyway).  A large portion of anime viewers are young people and I get the feeling that anime is used for values transmission as well.

      One anime, Snow White with the Red Hair, apparently takes place in a time before human flight (or another world altogether) yet the skies appear definitely geoengineered to me.   Kuroko no Basket takes place in modern-day Japan yet the skies look similar.  Dane, if you ever get a few minutes to check these animes out online, I'd be very curious to hear your feedback.  Whether it seems to you (as to me) that "they" are trying to make these unnatural skies seem normal and even pretty to viewers (though they make me sick).  Also, I know I mentioned this once before a long time ago, but in the anime "Lovely Complex" there was one scene where one character looks up and a plane is leaving a white line in the sky.  The character comments, "What a pretty contrail".  (And all it was was a plain white line.)  To me, that was blatant propaganda.  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Skyrim has gorgeous snow on fir trees, night skies bright with the Milky Way and the Aurora, and Bright Sunshine with crisp shadows.  Absolutely like the world used to look.

      Japanese Anime from the 90's is exquisite as well.

      I will never forget what the Sun looked like when I was in kindergarten, 1955.  We have no Sun these days : (

  43. Adsm Coleman says:

    Look up. It's Hazy. Another day of gloom.

    You can see them when they spray US but hear no sonic boom.

    Every day they spray US takes US closer to our doom.

    Yet they continue to ignore it, this elephant in the room.


    Evil, Inc. w DICK Cheney,  AKA Darth Vader.

    Politicorruption, Criminalinton, you just can't help but hate her.

    The warnings WE keep giving about this threat could not be greater

    It will soon be impossible to ignore the elephant IN THE ELEVATOR!


    While people watch the drama, Pro-Pagan-DUH's 2016 SElection,

    These basturds keep right on spraying US, carefree of detection.

    WE The People don't have time to wait for EPA protection.

    What WE need is critical mass to start a Revolution.


    What's at stake here is life itself for everything breathing air.

    That includes the families of these traitors spraying up there.

    Our water, air, environment is toxic beyond compare.

    Yet they fly on, not looking back, makes me wonder if they care.


    They spray all day and WE can see them, they even spray at night,

    Which is why your weatherman can seldom get his forecasts right.

    For those in the know on the dirty side, you need to see the light,

    Come over to the good side and bring some colleagues to the fight.


    There will come a day of reckoning hopefully before it gets too late

    When you will answer to We The People who WILL decide your fate.

    You took an oath you keep for life against all enemies of The State.

    "Just following orders" is a coward's excuse for "enemy at the gate."


    Just keep flying sorties, without thinking while you spray…

    What the F— am I doing up here spraying poison every day?

    Can this be right? How can I DO THIS? THIS is NOT OKAY!

    Can mass murder be justified BY MY SOUL for those who pay?


    I can NOT continue doing this job, it's as evil as can be.

    I am sure some other pilot will come up here just like me,

    Until he recognizes the crime like I did for all the world to see,

    That what he is doing is as plain and simple a crime against humanity


    Turn off the valves, turn the jet around, fly back to your base.

    Before you disembark see if you can discreetly trash the place.

    Tell the whale manure who debriefs you you are done with this disgrace

    Your Guardian Angel could not keep up and with the poison in her face

    To stay with you would be wrong for her no matter what your pace.

    -Adam Coleman (feel free to post anywhere)






    • Rachel Robson says:

      Clever Adsm,  Did you ever imagine you'd be writing poetry?  Keep it up!

  44. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, your message explaining why people need to "shed the denial" was perfectly stated, and very helpful. People within our movement that refuse to acknowledge 'all' causes of warming, or the very fact that the Earth is massively warming at all, is what wears me down the most. In order to be taken seriously, we have to be educated, and take the time required to research, understand what's happening and causal, pay attention to unfolding events happening in real-time, and speak the truth. The scientists that deny climate engineering are no worse than anti-climate engineering activists that deny other causes of warming. Thank you for speaking to that so strongly. (GW Global Alert, @min. 20, in case anyone missed it).

  45. Devon says:

    That is exactly it. People watching TV. Stuffing their face with chips and beer. I love beer, don't get me wrong. 

    Although when you are not in touch with what is happening this can be a serious problem.

    Dane's video points that out so very precise and clear without and Doubt.

    The people that do know about this here and educating themselves are in a small fraction of the population.  When the rest of the Fraction of Zombies wake up, it will mostly be way too late because they won't be able to get off the couch from being in a Zombie state of mind from their sports or TV talk shows and all the garbage they feed you on the Idiot Box.

    They are streaming very cold weather today from Canada onto all the Unsuspecting Ignorant people in the USA that are "not paying" attention.

    I am very sorry to say that, but it is true. Then when "You" in the USA have Violent weather, most just say… Huh pretty bad weather here today.

    I wonder why? Holy Fck!!!'n Brilliant Answer.

    I really don't think that most can grasp the magnitude of this.

    Lots and Lots and Lots of Real Dummies that are in a little box that won't and do not except the fact that this is a Slaughter. 

    They may as well be Farm Animals on the way to the Slaughter House.

    I really hate saying that , but I am so Fed up with people that Just Don't Get It.

    It is very annoying to those of us that Know. 

    Anyways excuse me for being so Pissed Off.

    I don't like it anymore then you do.


  46. Rick L. says:

    Along with a steady flow of chemicals from above, I've noticed this spring a huge spurt of growth with all the plants in our yard. Everything even looks greener. We've lived here ( Livermore Lab area of California) for 40+ years and I''ve never seen such a change. I'm wondering if it's a result of the increase of CO2 levels or have they added another ingredient to the Geo-Engineering project?  

  47. Veronica Roach says:

    Problem really is that all the current truth getting thrown out now is making people feel completely overwhelmed, THAT is the reason they can't encompass it all into their reality – the baby is screaming, they have no money to pay that bill until next week, they wonder how they will ever get out of debt, it is easier to just watch tv and stuff their faces with chips & beer – yes the truth is too ghastly to comprehend…how could the government do what it appears it is doing can we accept into our psyche the idea of things being so much worse than we can handle..that babies born this year may have nothing to look forward to in 30 years..that the world's oceans may be really dead n 20 years, that it will be so much hotter in summer in 20 years…if we could really take this all in, we would have a riot, a real revelution, and maybe that is what we need before we cando anything about it.  I am scared of the future, I am scared of what the government may be actually doing, what the top 0.01 % may be really up to in their secret 'clubs' – what is wrong with people – but there ARE way too many of us on this planet, we are killing our own gorgeous blue planhet and we don't know what to do !

  48. Veritas says:

        The past three days in TN have consisted of a white sky with such chemical saturation you cannot see the sun during daytime or the moon and stars at night. The planes are flying non stop, this is Treason and Crimes against Humanity alongside Ecocide and yet they go free. I would humbly suggest that these people who are doing this for depopulation or a paycheck, off themselves first to show their commitment and true philanthropist nature. There are also black military choppers ( Hughes 500's? ) flying  a few dozen feet over the tree lines and neighborhood's doing what I guess are "urban suppression" ( murder ) drills.

        Its shocking how much things have changed in this country, its like the Weimar Republic, or Bolshevik Commie Russia all over again. Not to mention what these vermin are doing to Sweden, France, and Germany as well. Live everyday for your loved ones, for a better world, for knowledge, for truth, for freedom and we will be victorious. My only question is how much of the planet will still be livable after we have taken it back from the hands of these monsters. These Bankers would rather kill us all including the Earth than part with one cent of their ill gotten gains or one inch of their stolen land. But thats Talmudic teachings 101, kill, enslave, and destroy whatever you want because your special in your own mind.



    • virginia says:

      Veritas:  Your last sentence says it all.  And each one of our 'presidential candidates' – no matter on which side of the aisle they park their carcasses – fawn, cave into, obey those Jewish-Freemasonry cabals that are running the show.  Now, it is all done quite in the open, for they are so engrained into our government and the governments of the world (save Russia and China,Iran and Syria) that they are above anything we can do to stop them and they know it.

      I fear for what our future will be under the next 'president' – none of whom has ever mentioned geoengineering, extreme radiation from Fukushima, global warming, mandated vaccines, death of our oceans, et cetera.  What are they afraid of?

      Thank you, Veritas – truth.


    • Well said Veritas.  You commented: "Its shocking how much things have changed in this country, its like the Weimar Republic, or Bolshevik Commie Russia all over again."

      It's just like the Weimar Republic, because it's the same group of insurance "underwriters" and mafia families running the world's international trade and debt services…

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, Veritas, Talmud adherents indeed who have remained hidden behind the curtain like the rats they are. The Khazarian Rothschild money changers/issuers choking all with their usury. Dane says follow the money. Well, that goes back to the Rothschilds et al who have directed the bloodiest several centuries of mankind in the pursuit of money and thus power. It's a pity the order followers and military cannot yet see that the money printers have no power really whatsoever. It's all a ruse, one that has worked well until now. Unless they have some really good escape clauses, their house of cards (fiat notes) is going to squash them flat.

  49. Devon says:

    People might have to make greenhouses to try to avoid all the soil contamination from the SRM project that is raining down on everything. You can make one cheap with heavy duty vapor barrier that has a good UV rating so it doesn't rot out in the Sun. It can be purchased in most hardware stores. If the greenhouse gets too hot you could put an A/C unit into the Greenhouse and save the water that comes out of the unit to water the crop. Although it could be fairly expensive for the hydro though. Another alternative is to have Solar Panels and batteries which might be expensive at first might be OK in the long run.

    You could sell your produce grown for a better price within a group of friends that want a safer produce then most grocery marts sell that are GMO.

    I believe that this SRM is going to worsen as time forges on.

    More and more will feel the effects of it as they see the scale of die off that is increasing.

    This is a Non-Fictional situation that is in the works.

    Make solutions. Every little bit helps, whatever you do.

  50. TNGeowatch says:

    Well the melt is on in the Arctic.

    Very hot and muggy weather yesterday in Tennessee. 

    Did not feel like April. 

    Air quality is crap!

    Small massive downpour laden thunderstorms surrounded by completely featureless milky haze. 

    Where a little blue peaked out yesterday You can see massive jets dumping huge sprays. 

    Can hear jets even if you can't see them. 

    Ugh to say the least. 

  51. Hazel Thompson says:

    For anyone on this forum from the UK. 

    Join the May Day SOS march, (Save Our Skies) through London UK.  Meeting up in Hyde Park, speakers corner, at 12 midday.   It is to serve notice on David Cameron, Prime Minister, the Head of the BBC and Head of the Metropolitan Police on route to Downing Street.  Please be there.

    Thanks Dane for your continued effort waking people up, great respect to you.





    • Hazel Thompson says:

      Just a note to add to the comment above, it is the 2nd of May.

    • Dennie says:

      Hazel:  Will you and others upload vids to YouTube of the London march tomorrow?  Would be great to see some of them here, too.

      Veritas:  Skies are ugly and nasty-textured air is chewable anymore here in the San Francisco bay area– ugh!  Looks like "they" are just going to keep ramping up the spraying, this is worse than any nightmare I could have imagined.

      Veronica:  I have the exact same fears as you.  It's almost impossible to imagine what the future's going to look like, it's so massively ugly. 


  52. Barbara Culpepper says:

    I think_most people aren't going to wake up until they are eating stray cats and meat from the local animal control "shelter". The sky is falling and these people don't realize that nothing below it will escape the fallout. The earth is becoming depleted and poisoned. The vegetation and animals are becoming weak, sick, and unable to thrive. Most politicians and many of the wealthy are becoming more selfish_let's all contribute to their "greater good". Many of the people on planet Earth are too young to remember blue skies with fluffy white clouds, cool, refreshing breezes, clean rain_in season_and what real fruits and vegetables taste like. Most of them abandoned their "religion" years ago. There was a time when autism and paralysis were seldom heard of. There was a time when a man could speak his mind without fear of attack. I miss the soap box on the court house lawn speeches. I would appeal to Mother Earth, if not for the fact that she has been raped, pillaged, plundered, and poisoned to the point that she may be taking her last breath. Then again, there's Father Sun. We can cover his face, but he is always watching_and waiting. Man is smaller than a quark in the Universe! Harmful men will find themselves in the lower realm_Hell. Good men and women are not going to sit idly by and let evil triumph_TRiUMPh. I hope that word is a good omen to us. Men haven't really had to exercise their masculinity for decades. The male ego of having to own bigger houses and expensive cars than the next guy will not compare to the fight or flight instinct that is built into man's genetic code. The rich and the powerful have just been part of the ego game that the real men have been playing. That game will come to an end and then the real men will be playing by their own rules. Man will prove_once again_that the family is the most important unit on this planet and will protect it with his life. "Spay and neuter your pet" will be history, as will high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Vaccines will no longer be recommended when man's immune system is destroyed. War will end. Hunger will win. Man will make himself busy trying to clean up Mother Earth and_as in pagan days of long ago_praying to Father Sun to give life. A real man runs this website. Other real men visit it. What happened to "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."? See what we get when we let the government rock the cradle? Yes, black lives matter, white lives matter… ALL LIFE MATTERS! Stray cats matter, abused dogs matter, unborn babies matter! Natural, healthy fruits and veggies matter! No one can say any of it matters and not be concerned that the sky is falling. Yes, I like Mr. Wigington's ranting! There's only one public bathroom at the corner store. The sign states "Men/Women". Nothing wrong with a public hand-washing area and private ceiling-to-floor stalls w/locks. But, again, that's just mass-distraction. I'm more concerned about the sky falling than I am the toilet flushing! People are watching their children play in the park in most parts of this country. People are digging their dead children's bodies out from beneath the rubble in other countries_and some of those children aren't dead!

      The sky is falling on so much death and destruction. Could it be like the curtain is coming down? It seems like it. We really need to "clear the air"_in more ways than one. I am so honored to be able to read what Dane Wigington has to share. Thank goodness! The comments on this site have convinced me that there are humans who are non- GMO and that there is still intelligent, concerned life on this planet!

    • Blue Sue says:


    • Christina says:

      We need to bring this to trumps awareness, he is the only one who can speak out on this issue. We need to post flyers of info in grocery stores at recreational parks and pools. We need to attend cancer walks and pass out flyers, Ms walks and spread awareness. Then we can awaken the public. I would rather purchase 150 copies of flyers and spread awareness. We will be heard this is a crime to steal our blue sky's lets spread this info the right way. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christina, Trump absolutely knows, I have first hand knowledge of this from a retired USAF general whom I communicate with regularly. This general had Trumps top campaign people in his own home for a meetig specifically about the ongoing geoengineering insanity, I supplied extensive materials from for this meeting (Carsons top campaig people were also in attendence). Will Trump ever say a word about this issue? I would not bet on it. All this being said, yes, your suggestion of the needed awareness raising efforts is exactly on target, thank you for making your voice heard Christina.

  53. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane and all of you wonderful beings who visit here – I posted this a while back and felt as much heartache and heartbreak that this insanity is causing I'd send it again for anyone that missed it. A special dedication to Susan Ferguson.

    • Wayne says:

      We have so many other issues  far more important than saving a “Man Made” lake.

  54. Dennie says:

    Here is the link to Aerosol Society's web page:

    This is a British creation.  They are reporting that aerosols are stifling wind, squelches rain (can't imagine anyone there'd like that):  They're calling it "summer air pollution" but it looks just like the usual "white haze" we see everywhere the jets are spraying.

    And– ZOUNDS!!!– they found that particulate pollution impacts footballers' performance, for God's sake:  That there, alone, if the public actually found out about this, would be more than enough reason to get their damned programs stopped-

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hello Dennie …thanks for web site ….I emailed alot of geoengineering  to their email contact ….maybe they will read some.

  55. gene maynard says:

    Dane this is what I just posted on my blog as a prelude to Chuck Norris's article which I posted under it.

    It is already clear that 2016 is going to be the warmest year on record and we know this even though it is still April. The scientists at NOAA have said not only was March the hottest March on record, it was also the hottest month period on record breaking the previous record which was February. March was the eleventh consecutive month of new record temperatures. This is the longest streak of records since NOAA record keeping began in 1880. This means we have now had some 370 consecutive months of record setting global temperatures. Many scientist believe the earth is literally in melt down, a phenomenon called “runaway global warming” where factors are tipped and begin to feed upon themselves. If this is the case man cannot stop what he has initiated, the fundamental support systems of earth are being destroyed. The pattern of setting heating records month after month will continue unabated until equilibrium is achieved which could take years. No one knows when that will be but for sure no one will be here to see that day of leveling off. God said He would cut this short but He did not say that millions/billions would not first die. If one can be saved it is worth it. If in the end my grandchildren look at me and say, “you did what you could”, instead of asking, “why didn’t you say something”? well, I can live with that.


     The aerosoled metals that are being daily sprayed are said to mitigate global warming but that defies common sense. Metals can deflect some heat but they themselves tend to heat up and take a long time to cool. We also breathe these metals with every breath; the same metals that heat the atmosphere also heat the human body as well and also make us living antennae.

    It is not rational to deny the mountain of credible data and peer reviewed studies that prove global warming is real, that it is manmade, and geoengineering is by far the overriding causal factor.

    God said “if you seek to save your life you will lose it”; because of this I haven’t been real vocal on the issues closing in on the human race preferring to try and get people to see their need for God. But we must do both.  There is a fine line between faith and seeking to save your life. We must recognize the difference if we want God's protection on us and our families. God said we are in the time of Noah when the people ignored the destruction that was about to befall them in lieu of living their lives with their heads in the proverbial sand. God wants us to call on Him and believe the gospel but most seem to be oblivious to the imminent destruction and see no need to turn to God.


    I have been doing a series of writings entitled, All That’s in this World is a Fraud; what I have come to realize is no one really cares if it’s all a fraud. They want me to be quite and even if it is all a fraud to allow them to live out their little piece of the fraud in peace. Surely God was right when He compared this day to the days of Noah and the cognitive dissonance that plagued those of that day.

    Many of you know and appreciate the actor Chuck Norris. I am including his thoughts expressed in an article he wrote for Geoengineering Here is his article just as he wrote it. This is the go to sight if you want to learn more on this critical matter.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gene, yes, global geoengineering is the single greatest threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm, but it is imperative to consider and remember that the human race has been unimaginably poor stewards of planet Earth. The damage is immense and on countless fronts. Many anthropogenic forms of damage are adding to the overall warming, to many to go into here. This being said, I will continue to keep my focus on exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity.

  56. Ed Gill says:

    They can't see that are BRAINWASHED, by our Bolshevik Communist Government. Life doesn't matter to these evil Scum.

  57. Chemtrails on the TV news
    Agwn / Apr 30, 2016
    Chemtrails on the news


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thanks for this video, Susan.

      While I find it discouraging and infuriating to go back and have to explain CONtrails, artificial clouds, the extensive history and the uselessness of SRM in cooling the Planet, I suppose it's a start.  I'll post a comment under the video, and I really hope others here will do so. 

  58. Anthony Enright says:

    Welcome to The New World Order It is said by them that the world is too populated and the way to correct that would be mass genocide via Disease,Famine and extreme weather conditions We need to Step up the awareness before the Media changes the reasons for these events.

  59. John arndt says:

    Here is a question for you Dane {and anyone else in the know].
    I have been looking into Binary Options financial trading platforms.
    My question is since the paybacks from these robot trading platforms can be very significant , I would imagine that the corporations you have listed would be a large part of their program.
    Since people are unaware of where their returns are generated from they are most likely fueling the insanity without even knowing it.
    Push Money and Drexel Code are two of the most popular venues out there.
    What are your thoughts on this Dane or anyone else.
    Bless all who contribute to this site.

  60. Roger Gibbons says:

    Am wondering if they are spraying only populated areas and not open space …example if their goal is to cool the earth  then they should be spraying the large open area's has well.

    Is their evidence that they are spraying open area's ……like large unpopulated area's in Canada or just spraying populated area's?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Roger, the entire planet is being sprayed. Even if a country like Iran does not allow it over their airspace, the fallout is still present. Some of the most consistently covered regions are the poles, there is no place to hide.

    • Dan says:

      There is the AMA site with the road reports at least in Alberta.  They have installed cameras along the major highways.  Checked yesterday and they have a couple cameras near the boarder with the territories.  Areas are pretty remote but still showing signs of geoengineering.  From the top to the bottom and everything in between.

    • Free Energy technologies says:

      We should be madder than what we are.

    • Roger Gibbons — If you train your eye a bit, over time you can easily learn to see and recognize the spraying going on all over the planet. Look for milky-grey mildly transparent arrays, odd un-natural geometric shapes, right angles, and orderly 'clumped rows' of radio frequency rf/microwaved 'washboard' ripples. And I have often seen them spraying out over the Pacific Ocean that eventually makes its way east over my Olympic Peninsula.   EOSDIS Worldview here:

  61. Seemorerocks: Chronicling the melt of Arctic Ice in Greenland
    Harold Hensel continues to chronicle the disappearance of ice in the Arctic. Someone, at least is doing this work for the Greater Good.
    Thank you Harold! April 30, 2016
    Towards the summer ice melt in the Arctic
    This view is on the right side of Greenland. The Ice is flowing into the Greenland Sea. This is the same location for each consecutive image. The purpose is to show the dynamics of the ice flow out of the Arctic Ocean. We may be witnessing the prelude to a nearly ice free Arctic Ocean this summer.
    An ice free Arctic Ocean is dangerous. The heat that will be absorbed from the sun, along with heat arriving from the Gulf Stream and rivers, may be enough to thaw out methane hydrates on the Arctic Ocean floor. It may also unplug cracks that are stopping geologic or mantel methane from coming up.
    This event may turn out to be one of the most significant events in human history. A lot depends on the weather in the Arctic this summer. Why am I sharing this? Because we are all in this together and I want other people to be aware of what is happening.
    It looks like the big chunk on the left moved about 20 miles in one day.
    NASA WORLDVIEW images here:

  62. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, tiny bit of rain being dropped on the catchment area of south east Queensland. Basically between Tewantin to the north and Murwillumbah to the south. Not even as far west as Toowoomba, as of this morning.

    A "Possible storm" is predicted for tomorrow evening. I bet right now any money that it doesn't even come close to eventuating. I don't know why they even bother predicting storms. They are less frequent than the rain and that is saying something as it barely rains. They might as well say "Possible alien invasion" for all the sense they make.

    The drizzle that is falling now I don't consider rain. It is nothing like the rain we used to get. We used to get marvelous storms with crackling lightning and big drenches of rain with big drops. It would really soak in. Not like this piss weak excuse for rain that barely wets the soils or washes the dust away from roofs. Although the black on the roof is most likely a mixture of Geoengineering fallout acting as a big petri dish for the black and green mould proliferating up there.

  63. Elena says:

    "Vaxxed" was showing here in the OC and I managed to get a ticket even though most shows were sold out yesterday. It was an amazing film; Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree were there in person answering questions. They said it was not DeNiro who caved but his business partner, and that he was upset that it was not shown at Tribeca. In Wakefield's opinion, what the root problem is with the MMR vaccine/ autism problem is that some people's systems are not good at eliminating toxins fast enough, and they put so many toxins in the MMR plus it is all three in one. What came out in the film was that Wakefield originally recommended that parents do the vaccines one at a time, and then Merck et al promptly stopped making the single vaccines so that only the trio, the MMR, was available. They wanted to "save the program" so badly, at the expense of children's  health, that they deliberately stopped making the separate vaccines. What gets me too is how crazy the recommended age is for having the vaccines, so young, what was it, between 12 and 18 months. If parents wait until their child is at least three years old there is less risk. However, there is so much crap being put into vaccines now that none of them is safe, really, don't recall if Wakefield said this or an audience member but I think he agreed, that was the consensus. It was a large room, their biggest screen so sometimes you couldn't hear the comments or questions very well. One woman I spoke with waiting in line for popcorn said that just one hour after her daughter was born they tried to get her to agree to the hepatitis C vaccine. What the hell? the woman said no, what for?, I don't have hepatitis C! They came back again and tried to make her agree but she wouldn't. she said that is was just assumed that you would want the vaccines for your baby. Scary to think that your chances in life could be determined by how strong minded your mom is! I agree that no vaccine is safe.  I saw that online movie "Shade" recommended by a post and it had a part about the Guardisil vaccine. According to this, they put aluminum in the vaccine which shreds the immune system when injected into a muscle. Many of the girls who were given this vaccine fell apart and were dead or seriously ill within two years. They developed autoimmune problems like Lupus or had heart attacks and strokes, even though many were only 13 or 14.  I hadn't been completely convinced of the depopulation agenda until I learned this. What better way to depopulate then to destroy the future mothers?  Dr. Wakefield et all are truly stellar individuals and afterwards some of us met and exchanged info to do something about it. There was a lawyer and a couple of doctors willing to get involved. The lawyer thought we needed to plan and strategize and study the situation, statutes, etc. which we do. She knows people and is connected and has ideas about how to go about it. I just need to get past my last lawsuit to be less bogged down and free up more of my time. My wonderful animal companion Panther crossed over a few days ago; he was diabetic, old and weak, but after so my difficulty, all I really wanted to do was take care of him. I still feel him there. He was the most patient, kind, loving and forgiving creature I have ever known; the best cooking companion ever; All my wrong doses he forgave, all my flaws, everything; he just had that unconditional love and I am glad I didn't put him down a few months ago when things went crazy. I dug deeper to find some strength within to cope, and just decided to try harder. If I hadn't done that I never would have learned what I needed to learn, his love changed me…

    • Catherine D says:

      Elena, so sorry for your loss of your dear friend Panther. A part of him will always remain with you though. Stay strong.

  64. SortingHat says:




  65. re: top 100 – I see some new defense contractors listed

  66. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, what a great broadcast.  I, for one, do not mind you ranting at all.  Especially since you are dead on target.  I am grateful that you mentioned fear.  I think a multitude of fears are preventing my ability to get this across to people I know and especially those I care about and even respect.  They are by no means asleep, but, not aware, or only partially aware.  In for a penny but not for a pound.  Fear is a powerful tool, both that imposed by another, and that which resides for whatever reasons in one's own head.  It is a better explanation than blind!  Kinda more like hysterical blindness.  A traumatic emotional blindness.  It IS traumatic.  It would be so much easier if there was only one thing, one issue.  But, that is not reality, nothing is ever one thing.  Web of life and all that.  Same goes with unraveling that web.  And, I think that has a lot to do with the fear in that it is not one thing or even a few things, it is everything and then some.  You can't just stick your toe in these waters, literally or figuratively.  It is a full on dive into physical and mental poisons, lies and deceits of the most depressing sort, a drowning pool of seemingly infinite hubris, greed and evil.  And, like it or not, we are all complicit one way or another.

    Thank you too for the stats of sealife destroyed by our own navy.  How proud they must be?  "Look!  I shot a whale!"–like some game on a device.  The numbers are staggering.  What if they know all are toast and so do not feel like they are destroying something that could and should exist?  What if Fukushima is way worse than we thought?  How would we know?  This plan of theirs was snuck through in 2013.  So, they knew when?  I've been harping on this for years with no replies.  And now here we are and only part way through their time plan for these assaults.  Which extend to Hawaii.  What will be left at the end?  Just their own waste matter?

    Small wonder why Sierra Club and the other Earth lovers-so professed- so holier than thou, are no help, talk about fear!  Their entire raison d'tre is nearly gone!

    Dane, a week ago my daughter was up in the National Forest on Shasta at a place a friend used to spend much time in.  She said it is all in ruins.  Big trees just lying helter skelter on the ground, one here, one there in a random way, the rest gone, none looking sick to her eye.  And across the way just a bit, mega logging going on.  WTF?!  I thought we did away with large scale logging some long time ago.  Not to mention all the fires last year and tree deaths, incinerated.  Daughter was shocked.  Do you know what is going on with that?

    Thank you as always.

    • Dawnski says:

      Right on TARGET. Living in the Lake Norman region of NC, the political circus is distracting the masses with bills akin to pissing in the geoengineered wind. Boycot NC. Boycot Target. . .While giving his bee conservation presentation to 3rd graders yesterday on Arbor Day, my son and I observed today's chem cloudy chem misty toxic mess being created. Billy Wilson, LKN Wildlife Commission president, planter of the Butterfly Highway pollinator garden at the school, you stood right next to my son when the photo was snapped, as my son said NEONICOTINOIDS to the children in lieu of "cheese". Planting seeds of CHANGE. Billy, I hope you came here today with the same fishing lure I put out to local nature photographer Cotton Ketchie. Conservation garden planting "is like cooking in the kitchen while the house is burning down." Help educate the public about the causes of the decline in bees, trees, endangered species and the like and help change the world like Dane & my son. Times a ticking ~~~

  67. “Automated Journalism”, Robots in the Newsroom: The Future of Corporate Media  / By Timothy Alexander Guzman
    Global Research, April 30, 2016 / Silent Crow 29 April 2016
    The Main-Stream Media (MSM) or corporate media has recently began making moves to replace humans with robots or “automated journalism” to produce its news stories. Not to say that the corporate media journalists who currently work under the propaganda machine are independent and are committed to the truth. However, more than ever, corporate media conglomerates are slowly replacing those same traditional journalists with robots that can produce twice the amount of stories at a faster rate to beat out their competition is just one of the reasons for the change.  But there is a bigger picture to this new advanced technology. …
    “Why do we need you, if the basic idea is to get computers to do more of the work?”  Micklethwait asked in the memo, obviously addressing an unspoken concern among his staff.
    One irony of automation is that it is only as good as humans make it. That applies to both the main types of automated journalism. In the first, the computer will generate the story or headline by itself. But it needs humans to tell it what to look for, where to look for it and to guarantee its independence and transparency to our readers. In the second sort, the computer spots a trend, delivers a portion of a story to you and in essence asks the question: Do you want to add or subtract something to this and then publish it? And it will only count as Bloomberg journalism if you sign off on it.
    … the CPI in 2005 which has been hijacked by the CIA-connected Ford Foundation, George Soros’s ‘Open Society Foundation’ and other corporate foundations who are major contributors for the nonprofit organization. The corporate media will be a competitive market for journalists especially if they are competing against robots that do not require a salary, a retirement plan or healthcare benefits. It is not a hard choice for those who manage or own corporate media especially when it comes to their profits and political agendas.

    • Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute  / By Discover The Networks
      Organizations that, in recent years, have received direct funding and assistance from George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI) include the following. The upper portion of this page is devoted to organizations that are funded directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI). The lower portion of the page focuses on organizations which do not receive direct funding from Soros and OSI, but which receive money from one or more groups that do get direct OSI funding.
      [Do look at this very long shocking list…]

  68. Breaking: Baghdad State of Emergency, Green Zone Stormed
    By Felicity Arbuthnot / Global Research, April 30, 2016
    Supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr have stormed Baghdad’s highly fortified, US established Green Zone, also home to the US Embassy, uninvited, the biggest in the world. All staff of the Japanese, French, British, Australian, Jordanian, Emirates and Saudi Arabia Embassies have moved in to into the American Embassy, it is being reported. Entrances have been reported sealed and tight security imposed to protect the Iraq Central Bank and other government banks, says an unconfirmed report. …
    … The hated US imposed and fortified Zone – which was simply central Baghdad for all to wander under Saddam Hussein has finally been breached after thirteen years. Where another period of chaos will end, who knows, but meanwhile diplomats cower in the US Embassy, as factions Iraqis patience finally runs out over the tragedy and disaster that is the US and UK’s illegally imposed “New Iraq.” … it seems it’s time has arrived.
    As for the outcome, updates follow. As we have wondered before in these columns, Embassy roof time for the residents and guests of the US Ambassador – again? Vietnam’s spectre hovers?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Oh good grief, what fresh, rather re-fried, hell is this?  Japan?  Australia? and more and more-all crowded together and cowering?  Well there's a new form of United Nations!  Under siege.  This can't turn out well.  About time though.  

    • Edward Palys says:

      We must remember the reason for those wars in the Middle East and that is MONEY to the elites such as George Soros. These guys make billions from wars. The picture should become more clear as one uses own's logic that 9/11 was well organized to justify these wars and resultant spread of "democracy" to the area. Looks like democracy has been a big failure there, just as it is failing here.

    • Padraigin Eagle says:

      'Tis the green screen in the green zone, lame stream media sewn, the usual Tribal stunt, Global Research is a CIA/Mossad/MI6 store front, and Saddam never died, the game of thrones, the game of lies, well it be seen by Eagle Eyes, geoengineered, snow in May across Ireland skies, just another moment in humanity's demise, yet never fear, as Being never dies.

  69. Let's Stop Pretending Nuclear Power Is Commercially Viable
    Zero Hedge / April 30, 2016
    … David Cameron’s government in the UK backs this exceedingly expensive project and the French government controls both EDF and Areva, the nuclear manufacturer that developed the nuclear system to be used at Hinkley Point. (Two other plants in Finland and China using this technology are still under construction, behind schedule and over budget.) … France views its nuclear ambitions as a matter of national prestige … These British nuclear units will cost roughly £18 billion ($27 billion). EDF has already sold a 35 percent share to the Chinese state nuclear company. However EDF still has to find more outside investors … its books and show all of the project’s debt on its own balance sheet. … finish the French nukes still under construction and refurbish its own domestic fleet of aging nuclear power stations. All this will take place during what amounts to a financial crisis within the European electricity markets.
    So the French government just announced a $4.5 billion capital raising for EDF (the government will buy the lion’s share of the newly issued stock). But from the look of the numbers that share offering constitutes a modest fraction of what is required by a firm that will have to compete more and more in a competitive electricity market. … ingenious means to rearrange assets in order to shore up its overly indebted balance sheet.
    …The real point of this story is that nuclear power is not commercially viable but has become a state-sponsored technology. There is nothing wrong with state supported technology. But we could save a lot of time and money by not pretending that it is something else.

  70. levi says:

    Thank you for continuing to be a source of sanity and rationale every week Dane.Real hard hitting data like you can find on your site and broadcast can't be heard or found anywhere else.That seal pup who looked like a bag of bones is very upsetting these creatures evolved supremely to live in their environment and they can do nothing to protect themselves from the "dominant" species which is hell bent on mass we planted flowers around the city for community service now how important are the flowers when the climate is collapsing and the next generation of human beings is along for the ride.planting flowers and not batting an eyelash at the atrocities in the sky above your head and with the climate system as a whole is not a reasonable way to spend this critical time.It is comparable to insisting on doing the dishes while the house is burning down around you.

    • Earth Angel says:

      That poor little animal looks like a Shar-pei seal pup. It is heartbreaking to think of the animal abuses taking place because of military exercises. I know there are other underlying causes of the destruction of their habitat but the speed and scope of military destruction is truly mind blowing.

  71. Mike says:

    Is there any way that individuals or GeoWatch groups can intercede and confront known geo-criminals under Section 21 of the U.N. World Charter for Nature(CFN)? This is the mandate by which the direct action activist Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society confronts poachers, illegal whalers, and other filth. Seems to me that GeoWatch folks can organize and adopt some of these same full frontal assault (legal) tactics if the specifics of laws such as the U.N. CFN can serve as our impetus. If you are or know any good environmental lawyers, please inquire and pursue. Pray for our planet, blessings! 

  72. jason says:

    Ah the never-ending battle between emotion and reason, between irrational primal fear and rational enlightened logic. Looking around and talking with the average person, i'm sad to report that from my perspective it appears rationality is badly losing the battle.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Peoples' rationality is going out the window. The youth of today are indoctrinated with lies that are controlled by the government. I pointed out some chemtrails to my grand daughter who is attending university on an achievement scholarship and she laughed it off as contrails. I asked her to explain what contrails are and she gave me a lecture similar to what I got from Environment Canada that they are water vapor that dissipates, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. When I pointed out to her how does water vapor dissipate at those heights where the temperatures are 40-60 BELOW zero, she thought for a while and just walked away. Here's an example of a very bright young lady totally indoctrinated with today's baloney.

  73. Greg O. says:

    Thanks again Dane for your relentless pursuit of the truth in these clandestine times.  Another day of chemical ice nucleated storms in southwest Colorado.  They have been ongoing for two weeks.  It has been well above freezing, up to 41 degrees and it still snows, as it is doing now.  Chemical ice nucleation, CIN is a sin.  It is CINFUL!!!  Truth and Justice must prevail.  Onward we march in this perverse battle.  

    • virginia says:

      Greg….here is something else for you (and all of us) to worry about: This past week's highest radiation count has gone to Colorado Springs at something like 1300 times normal acceptable levels.

      Check out for the latest rad counts. It will make you sick just to read what our country and the world has become thanks to the radiation from Fukushima, Hanford, Indian Point and other nuke sites. Aerosols and radiation….some combination…and we wonder why everyone is becoming less healthy? 

    • virginia says:

      Correction: Colorado Springs registers 290.8 times the acceptable level of radiation – not 1300.  Sorry.  Acceptable rads are from 5-20.


  74. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 111th email to my contact list, titled 'Weather Lore'.

    1.  Teuchat Storms.  Last week's Teuchat Storms were later than usual.(Teuchat is Scots for peewit or lapwing.  Teuchat Storms describes those sunny days in mid March when cold northerly winds bring continuous snow flurries/blizzards, and usually coincides with the arrival of teuchats to their Scottish nesting grounds).

    This year's late storms are a disaster:

    a.  The northerly winds have speeded up the southward flow of Arctic sea ice, down the east coast of Greenland – up to 20 miles per day.  Whilst this may happen most years, with the current situation in the Arctic it is particularly bad. North Greenland is 450 miles from the North Pole, and on 6th May we will have 45 days until the Summer Solstice. 6th May is also important in Malcolm  Light's ' Planetary Omnicide between 2016 and 2031' table, and marks the start of the middle third of the year.

    b.  All that cold Arctic air that has been driven over UK has been replaced in the Arctic by warm air which has helped create another massive Arctic heat wave, particularly over Greenland.  The resultant ice melt has flowed out into the northern Atlantic and added to the already enormous "Cold Blob" to the south of Greenland and west of UK.

    This Cold Blob is the cold fresh water ice melt from Greenland that is sitting on top of the denser salt water, and it is affecting the Gulf Stream and even the Jet Stream.

    Then, on Thursday, we had the start of 24hrs of heavy wet snow (classic result of geoengineering) and the now not so rare, "Thundersnow".  

    Geoengineered snow using endothermic reactions will cause temperature inversions, which are a key cause of Thundersnow.

    Interestingly, although our weather reporters stated that this snow was coming from the west, I saw the wind change from westerly to easterly and back again several times.  The wind direction changes happened within 15 mins – the 'weather makers' obviously wanted to get maximum effect for their efforts over our 'thin' UK island.

    Thursday night, some cattle died in the field opposite us, and no doubt many lambs. The swallows started to arrive on schedule last week – I hope not too many of them have died.

    Do not be fooled by these small localised cold spells, they are nothing compared to the overall global warming, killer heat waves and drought in Australia, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Philippines, Vietnam, North Korea, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Central Africa, Nigeria, Cambodia, Madagascar, Pakistan, Venezuela, Libya, Haiti, New Guinea, Chad, Mali, Thailand, Central America, Southern and Eastern Asia, to name a few.

    2.  West is Best.  There is an old saying in the UK that ends '…wind from the East is not fit for man nor beast, wind from the west is best'.

    This is becoming less and less accurate, and westerlies are bringing cloud and storms.  This is primarily caused by the Cold Blob and the intensive atmospheric spraying over the Atlantic.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Andrew,  I always read your posts and I always learn something new. Your grasp seems far and wide and sophisticated.  Are there other Scots who are aware of geoengineering?  Do you "share" with others there?

      Here in Berkeley, it has been cold, which seems so weird.  And we've had a lot of wind, which I used to long for, for decades as I grew up with winds and love love wind, though it is hard on plants.  So the winds we've had last year and this, seem remarkable.  And just recently, much as you described in that they seem to change direction all the time, sometimes on a dime.  Even some roaring winds which my daughter, born and raised here, had never heard.  It seems as if they are not stating how cold it is!  The total reverse of usual reporting of under reporting heat, over reporting highs?!  Weird.  And we've had rain and more to come in May they say, and that's not happened in my memory here.  It does make it harder to grasp how deadly hot it is in so very much of the world.  And it does confuse the critters who seem to go by calendar and not weather.

      Do you think the cows that died near you died of the nucleated heavy snow? as in, were their skins burned, had they shed their winter coat? Did they have access to shelter, and non frozen water?

      Are your sea levels rising?  Thanks for sharing all you do!  And on to your next, and preparing my recently emotional self for emotional Celtic song!

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Andrew.  The US has a presence in all the hot and drought stricken countries, in fact, we're at war in over 135 countries.  It's shameful.,_a_secret_war_in_13

      Here is today's northern jet stream, if it can still be called that:

      All the Alaska weather comes up the US west coast of California and swirls left making lows in the arctic seas.  Fronts that give the impression of coming from Siberia going east are actually westbound lows coming back around. It shows up clearly on MSM lame weather graphics, but hardly anyone is asking any questions.  It's harder to see here, but try the satellite photo loop show on slow and step.

      Today's Thermal image:

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      My apologies, Emotional Celt!  The jet stream pattern had been the same for months, but looking closer I see they've changed it up today.  Siberia to the mid-Pacific up to southeast Alaska (called the Panhandle) and down the Coast of California.  My bad.

      Either way the warm air is shot up to Alaska.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Rachel, Bella, Mark,

      Thanks for your posts.  I know my emails get forwarded widely, so they may reach 600ish in-boxes.  Plus I post here and elsewhere, so probably quite a large readership.

      The field opposite is historically used for calving, and whilst there are always some deaths, last thursday was unusual, so, yes I think the prime cause was the geoengineered endothermic heavy wet snow.

      We have a wonderful ancient oak wood on the hill above us (truly mystical and takes your imagination back 1,000s of years). Many branches broken off by the weight of snow.  Usually, these large branches only risk breaking off in summer when in full leaf and with very strong winds. 

      "On On."

  75. Andrew from scotland says:

    3.  Here is another West is Best:  Watch some of the others as well, particularly Only Boys Allowed: ,

    Calon Lan Yn Llawn Daioni, and don't forget the Hymns and Arias…!

    "Damn, those Welsh can sing.  So emotional, spiritual, mystical, hardy and, well…..Celtic".   

    Despite 100 years of Punitive Campaigns and the invasion of UK, the Roman Legions could not achieve a decisive victory.  Many battles were won by both sides and the Romans never conquered the Celtic Nations of Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  The Pax Romana was the result of treachery and a treaty.

    The Druidic Celts always fought for truth and freedom, their famous battle cry: "Truth against the world".

    Julius Caesar and many other military commanders must have said: "Damn, those Celts can fight.  They never give up and never accept defeat".

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Andrew, Well, I listened to these songs and more and I can't quit crying.  Yes they can sing!  And what they sing-wow.  I must have some Welsh blood in me.  Love the language too.  And the pictures I saw.  I am concerned about the loss of languages, usually thinking Native American, but Welsh too-so odd, so tricky-so beautiful.  Thanks Andrew for a good cry and a hardy heart.  "Truth against the world indeed."

    • Mark from OZ -MN native says:

      Many thanks for what you do Andrew! And, 'aye' ye be right. The 'Scot's can sing!

      "May you never lose your temper
      If you get in a bar room fight
      May you never lose your woman overnight
      May you never lay your head down
      Without a hand to hold
      May you never make your bed out in the cold."

      John Martyn-RIP

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