Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 16, 2019, #184


Dane Wigington

The Earth changes that are unfolding, and the speed at which they are unfolding, are unprecedented in the history of our planet. As the former equilibrium of the biosphere is lost, chain reactions and feedback loops are accelerating. Even now there are many who deny the hand of man in all that is occurring. Even now there are so many who deny that governments and militaries are trying to play God with the weather and climate. Willful blindness and denial still rule the day in spite of the fact that climate engineering operations can constantly be seen in skies all over the world. Winter weather whiplash is the card the climate engineers are playing all over the globe. If there is a silver lining to the ever worsening destructive weather, it is the fact that people are finally beginning to wake up to the geoengineering issue because of it. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Can we expose and halt climate engineering in time to make a difference? We cannot know unless we try, every day counts in this effort. Reaching a critical mass of public awareness is key, sharing credible data from a credible source is an effective way to wake others. It is our combined efforts that can yet make a difference.
DW digital billboard (with three alternating images) was just put up on US Hwy 231 and Redland Rd. in Elmore County, Alabama (2/12/19). Our most sincere gratitude to Michael Jancaterino for spearheading this effort. To view our other billboards, see the attached link:

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photos below was set up at the Historical Train Depot farmers market in Punta Gorda, Florida (2/9/19). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

The video below covers the anomalous recent snow in parts of  Northern California.

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  1. Ashley says:

    I am so surprised to see a picture of myself and husband and son at the Santa Barbara Gem Faire! We really enjoyed talking to Fred who was running the booth he's a wonderful man. We picked up a lot of flyers to pass out. Thank you to Dane and Fred. 

  2. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Trying mightily, as I have been, to expose 5G, the interference has been both suspicious and frustrating.  Computers freezing, losing internet access, comments disappearing or being removed, even the page upon which I'm writing disappearing. . . . .

    It's beginning to appear that my hunch that the US is lagging behind China with this technology may be accurate.  Besides, I'm posting articles that show very clearly that many serious people are extremely concerned for humanity, the flora and fauna with regard to 5G.

    See what the Tweeter in Chief has to say:

    • BlueSue says:

      Bella, this link you share here says it all — well a lot anyway — concerning 5G's horrific effects, the blatant stupidity of the megalomanic mouthpiece for our shadow government's "Tweeter in Chief", and how desperately important is the need to keep informing the un- and misinformed public.  Like you, I have been talking about 5G to everyone I know that is willing to look up from their smart phone for two seconds and give a listen.  

  3. Joseph L says:

    Just for the record– I had posted that I was back on commondreams. Well that did not last long.  I posted a link to your website and today I was thrown off for the 3rd time. I am sick and tired of all the half truths on all these so called progressive websites,  Dane this website is a great resource and I can only thing that everyone is afraid of the truth so they censor the truth.

    I also continue to hand out info on the street and elsewhere on geoengineering.

    • Gary Cristani says:

      Most people who are asleep suffer from emotional brainwashing.They would rather believe lies that make them feel good than truths which may make them feel bad without investigating whats true or not.

  4. Melody Meachum says:

    Willful denial will exist until earth catastrophes consume such vast amounts of our planet that there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. THEN, these deniers…a whole composite of officials, acquaintances, family & friends will be terrified. THEN they will be all eyes, all ears, wanting to know the truth! THEN they will be terrified…

    Where is the intersection of black ops, the military-industrial complex that actively decimate the planet for pure reason of money, power & control & that of weather whip-lash, which is truly not in their control??

    Peace be with you Dane & thank you!


  5. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I've mentioned civil suits and actions of "strict liability" in past posts, even though I believe criminal (felony) charges are more appropriate to liabilities against geoengineering operatives and chemical suppliers.  This video defines strict liability as related to Tort Law, and has the added feature of intellectual irony in places…

    Torts: Strict Liability – YouTube

    Published on October 3, 2018

  6. Andy says:

    More temperature records broken.

    As I walk the dog I encounter folks who are joyful of this early "spring" weather, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is entirely unnatural. Just four days ago the MSM were *forecasting* snow, now we have temperatures over 10°C above average.

    I am slowly losing my eyesight due to chronic glaucoma, but I can still plainly see that the skies are a sickly pale imitation of the blue I remember from decades past. People are so immersed in their smartphones, staring down, that they fail to look up and see the veil of poison cloaking them. To them this early "spring" is a positive, something to celebrate, rather than an indicator of things terribly wrong.

    At every opportunity I encounter people, in the parks, the community hall, the trains, the shops, the street, I implore them to use their rationale their reason their common sense and use a bit of CRITICAL THINKING to understand the dire situation which all face. It perplexes me that so many folks stubbornly deny the glaringly obvious – *normalcy buad* in effect I guess?

    Thank you to all fellow travellers on this most important of missions, you help to keep my sanity in these dark days 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Andy, hello,

      We appreciate your report from the UK.  When I see video or news from there, the skies often seem even whiter than they are in parts of the US.  I'm sorry to hear about your losing your sight, which must be hard enough to handle without seeing the mucky, manipulated skies of today. 

      For the last couple of years I've bought older picture books from the second hand stores to remind myself of the way it was.  It helps to burn those clear blue sky memories (and blue oceans and deep green forests and fields) in my mind.  It might help you too.

      You have my best wishes,


  7. Tony Trefzger says:

    One day soon this poor old earth is gonna echo that old Roberto Duran bit: "No mas." 

  8. Sandy Patrus says:

    It is so hard to talk to people about anything if they can't even comprehend that the geoengineering is going on.  These people who are not awake yet are very, very hard to get through to and it is very frustrating.  I have a sister who argues with me about everything and she does not have a clue as to what is really going on, yet thinks I have completely lost my mind.  On this sight we talk mainly about the assault being perpetrated on us from above with the spraying.  We can't get into all the crimes against humanity they have committed against us, but we do touch on a lot of them.  If this planet does not wake up soon it is going to be too late.  The only way you are going to get the truth is to go to reputable sights and do the research.  You will never get the truth from mainstream media, they are owned by the cabal who keep us all in thet dark.  Everything we were taught was a lie, and it is hard enough for the people who are awake to accept this, how are those who are asleep ever going to grasp the truth when it is finally revealed.  I want this stigma that has been put upon us to be erased.  We are not crazy, we are enlightened and have evolved to a higher level of consciousness, and when the disclosure comes we will be ready.

    • Robert says:

      You express my sentiments exactly, Sandy. Us in the know have evolved and answer to a higher calling. So know who you are, hold fast, and bravo to you and all the enlightened ones here.

  9. vincent c mastro says:

    I see how the media keeps the sheeple in the dark and it infuriates me . Today the ny times Was defending itself from the enemy of the people comment , In truth they really are ( most of the media ) our environmental enemy . I have yet to see any coverage of the issue at hand and they are using the current Circus to further discredit any truth whatsoever . I asked a person this morning " just for a moment what if the media was really the enemy of the people " And they referred to a twitter post that was asking for votes – credibility between tramp and the new York times . If you hear a lie enough you start to believe it , The truth on the other hand is easy to figure out – the media WILL discredit itself eventually , soon enough is my concern .  

  10. IdahoAnnie says:

    Greetings from SW Idaho,

    Before becoming aware of the ongoing covert global geoengineering atrocities, I always wondered why I’d get an almost violent allergic reaction during a snow storm.  It didn’t make any sense – there were no trees budding out and making pollen; no crop dusting or farm dust to breathe. I finally convinced myself I was just a freak of nature. 

    No one has to draw me a picture anymore, because my nose knows what’s happening in the sky above. The Weather Modification Mafia has been obnoxiously pounding us with ice nucleating chemicals for the past few days.  I guess they’re trying to make up for little to no snow in January.  Yesterday evening, within a 45 minute window of time, three planes flew at an eerily low altitude and directly over my home. Initially, since I live in the flight path of the Boise airport, I thought it was only commercial flights coming in for a landing.  However, within a half hour, my eyes started to burn; I started sneezing; became flush in the face; then a crushing pain at my temples.  

    Folks, there is nowhere to run and no place to hide.  I’m beyond angry.  I don’t even know how to describe what I feel anymore, except my soul is very tired and my spirit is nearly broken.  Dane, I don’t know how you do it.  You and your family are included in my prayers every morning.  Thank you for all you do and all that you’ve sacrificed for this battle that you didn’t ask for.  Let’s all carry the torch and light the way for others.  The following poem is what keeps me in the fight:

    Don’t Quit!

    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, when the funds are low, and the debts are high, and you want to smile, but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must – but don’t you quit.  Success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt, and you never can tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems afar, so stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, it’s when things go wrong, that you mustn’t quit.

    Love, light and strength to you all!

    • Steve on The Rock says:

      Great, strengthening, encouraging comment, Annie! May God bless you and protect you from all the evil in this present world. Keep shouting the truth from the rooftops! The time is drawing near for Revelation to unfold before our eyes, I pray. And I am certain there will be NO SAG on the New Earth!

  11. Joseph L says:

    Weather whiplash  in NYC long island region– snowing right now and 28 degrees — later freezing rain and  sleet and tomorrow temperatures expected to be 56 degrees. This seems to be the new normal.

    Geoengineering playing a huge part in all of this . I could see huge amounts of lines in the sky the day before.

    We are all paying for this in one way or another w our health and the cost.

  12. Stuart says:

    I don't think we have seen 70F here in southern CA all winter?  Has to be a record.

    Some recent evidence of Weather Engineering –

    Lots of "rainbows" pics on TV, newspaper and Social Media.  Last Fri I was sitting in front yard watching aircraft spray operations and could see lots of colorful spectra in clouds in between the trails. Either the Carrier Liquid or the Aerosols themselves refracting sunlight.

    Jetstream moving across North America at record velocity at 30K foot elevation.  Passenger jets clocked at 800 mph the other day with tailwind in west to east travel.

    A shallow  M4.0 earthquake reported in Utah early this morning.  A check of NWS satellite water vapor loop shows once again center of low pressure over that area of Utah.  More Earthquake Weather as cold air mass drops down from Alberta Canada.


  13. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Bravo Michael Jancaterino in Alabama. That is an amazing Billboard. Maciej, Thank You for your ongoing efforts to expose this Madness.       Amazon 11.2 Billion, pays zero in taxes. Owns Whole Foods Market, they then increase costs in their stores. My oh my!  Who wants to support them now? 5G Infrastructure intensive to the small cells? These are brilliant engineers he says? I have another term for them & it's not a laudation.  Stay out of the way of technological developments. Why Regulate it?  100"s of billions of micro chips. They want every corner of the planet un-touched by 5G. We want the big bucks. And that's damn important! To hell with any harm it may cause every living cell on the planet. They don't need to test it. We're not done, we want more! What other hell could they possibly come up with? There's more?       How are the Doctor's administrating these toxic vaccines not seeing the connection to the shot they gave to a non sick patient, to a sick patient afterwards?  Yet they keep jabbing non sick individuals with a fix all to a healthy life.    Zombie Deer! Yes indeed, CWD I once saw a young deer running & shaking it's head, scratching it's face. It was awful to watch. People are acting mad too. How can these toxic ingredients being sprayed on every living organism & not affect all?   Man or Beast. It is Biological Warfare. What else could it be titled that would fit as well?      The weather reports are brutal to listen to. Got to laugh at the reports that state; a mix of sun & clouds, but, mostly on the cloudy side! Pardon? Isn't that Cloudy? We went from 0C (32F) on average, or as low as -10C(14F) a couple of weeks ago to -40C (-40F) they have kept us around that mark with the days allowing some sunshine heating up by 20 degrees Celsius.  And the days with no sunshine at all, with no movement on the temperature gauge. It just stays there, un-moving. Then they allow the sky to clear at night which then brings down the temperature further.  They use the term bone chilling cold here too. A deep freeze covering all of Alberta. Freezing Cold all the way to the U.S. border.  Yes indeed, Weather Whiplash! I've heard you use this term for years Dane.  They are such copycats. How about this special air quality statement; Stagnant winter weather conditions & fog over the entire Edmonton area with a less than stellar air for past 4 days(when reported).  Poor visibility in Central Alberta.  How many suffered from this biological attack? During the winter in Alberta we now have to fear stagnant air!  Pull the other leg! Mother nature can be a real bitch, can't it?  Amazing how the cold frigid temperatures don't reveal the beautiful Blue Sky it once did. Cold & Stunning to look at. You can't have clouds at these temperatures. Period!  Yet we are under a canopy most days, then the sky miraculously clears at night & there's the Stars. By the early morning…Pink lines & swaths everywhere. From the East to the West. Then Black, which then spreads out everywhere to a gray canopy. Ground hog day over & over.  If it wasn't so sick, it would be laughable!   

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Gail in Yellowhead County, Alberta–Hello!

      Your comments always inspire me because of your ability to express the appropriate righteous outrage and indignation, while your thoughtful emotional openness and caring kindness are always on display.  Faced with all the evil and sadness we see, that's like balancing on a mile-high tightrope.

      My moods tend to push me toward the extremes, so I should strive for emotional integration.  Still, cynicism often takes the day.  But then your description of a suffering deer breaks my heart all over again.  The egregious suffering of innocents motivates me, and so many of us, to carry on. Has there ever been such challenge in the history of the world?

      Your description of the ravens warmed my heart. I'm sure you know they are the stars of many creation stories. Raven brought light to the World.  We will be needing them.

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Geoengineering the Arctic: What is the goal of Ice911?
    Our goal is to slow climate change by protecting arctic ice with eco-friendly materials that reflect away the sun’s heat. NASA has confirmed that our “bright ice” materials dramatically reduce the rate of melting in field tests. When ice lasts longer, the Arctic stays cooler than otherwise, and so does the planet. We think of our approach as emergency first aid, buying the world time to carry out long-term solutions to keep our planet habitable.
    Our reflective sand is actually just hollow silica microspheres, essentially very small spheres that float when put in water or melt ponds. Microspheres are used in composite materials, medical technology, biotech, paints and coatings, cosmetics and personal care, automotive, aerospace, and others. They are even applied by the pharmaceutical industry to encapsulate drugs for targeted delivery.  Hollow microspheres are typically used as additives to composite materials to lower their density, and have been used and deployed in the environment for decades–they may even be in your drywall.

    Because our goal within a few years is to protect 15,000 to 100,000 square kilometers of ice, Ice911 has pioneered several methods for spreading the sand without putting humans on sea ice. In April 2017, we successfully tested our first automated deployment and covered approximately 17,500 square meters of Arctic ice. In 2018, we covered 15,000 square meters of ice with the same automated method. At scale, we would employ a VLCC ship – [very large crude oil carrier]. See more on our At Scale page.

    Silica microspheres are typically produced by a process in which a raw material feed (silica sand) is introduced at the top of a heating chamber by a vibratory funnel. The particles are then transported to a flame by a carrier gas (which further disperses the particles) The particles fall through the flame front where fusion occurs. As they fall, they cool and separate from the gas mixture by a cyclone. In the case of the microspheres employed by Ice911, the raw material is soda-lime glass.


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Susan:  Yikes!  Ice 911 sounds like a product from Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle".  The story doesn't end well… Here's what the CDC has to say about micro fine silica dust: >


      "Millions of U.S. workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica in a variety of industries and occupations, including construction, sandblasting, and mining. Silicosis, an irreversible but preventable disease, is the illness most closely associated with occupational exposure to the material, which also is known as silica dust. Occupational exposures to respirable crystalline silica are associated with the development of silicosis, lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, and airways diseases. These exposures may also be related to the development of autoimmune disorders, chronic renal disease, and other adverse health effects."

      Ghouls like Leslie Field need to be put into insane asylums.  I'm sure native populations have no legal representation to protect their hunting lands and loved ones…

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is a very disturbing report. I cannot find out who is funding this insanity. They say it is privately funded through donations. Lesile Field (female), now affiliated with Berkeley University Engineering, has worked for Chevron and Hewlett Packard, and was educated at MIT.  "…experiment with the preservation of Arctic sea ice by covering it with a layer of reflective silica 'microbubbles'." Does American Elements produce these reflective silica microbubbles? More insanity… Where is the reverence for Nature?

    Arctic Geoengineering experiment is dangerous, lacks community consent
     Arctic Indigenous organizer says that when it comes to the geoengineering project Ice 911, local community members have little to no knowledge of the experiments taking place on their lands. Community members say they have not consented, and have concerns about the experiment’s impacts on a local ecology already reeling from the impacts of multiple extraction projects on delicate ecosystems.
    The Ice 911 project is an attempt to experiment with the preservation of Arctic sea ice by covering it with a layer of reflective silica “microbubbles”. The project’s leader, Leslie Field, suggests that this technique could be used on a massive scale to slow the melting of Arctic Ice, preventing sea level rise. At that scale, the project would be spreading tonnes of glass bubbles in the arctic ocean, and could change global weather patterns in unpredictable ways. (For more information, read our briefing on Ice 911.)
    Adrienne Titus is an Inupiaq community organizer with Native Movement in Fairbanks, where she advocates for social and environmental justice and supports the practice of traditional knowledge. She is originally from Unalakleet on the Norton Sound, and supports the work of  many Arctic communities, including Utqiagvik (sometimes called Barrow), where the Ice 911 project is conducting its research.
    For northern communities, climate change is a daily, dangerous reality. “There’s erosion on the coast and the permafrost is melting,” said Titus. “We just had somebody about a hundred miles north of Unalakleet fall through the ice a couple of days ago – that’s unheard of for this time of year… there were two hunters that were killed in Barrow bringing back their whales.”
    Rather than a solution to rapid climate change, Titus  says that geoengineering experiments like Ice 911 are just another risk factor for communities in the Arctic.  In a fragile ecology, many things could go wrong with the introduction of millions of tiny glass “microspheres.” The Ice 911 project’s website states: “In 2017, we deployed our material solution on 17,500 square meters (over three football fields) of ice, and in 2018, we deployed 15,000 square meters of material with successful results.” It is not clear what “success” means for Ice911, but it doesn’t seem to include environmental impacts.
    Titus questions the impact on the food web. “What happens when this stuff gets in the water, and what effect will it have on the krill and all the other microorganisms that are in the top surface of the ocean? Then the fish that eat them, and all of the other sea mammals and animals that rely on this ecosystem, this area, this water?”
    “How safe is it for the migrating birds that are coming in and all of the rest of the connected parts of the world that rely on this ecosystem?”
    …“What happens in the Arctic affects the whole world – we’ve seen that first hand.”
    The Indigenous Environmental Network, of which Titus’ organization is a member, is a founder of the Hands Off Mother Earth (HOME) manifesto, which has been signed by 185 organizations around the world in opposition to geongineering and related open-air experiments.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, V. Susan, for this worrisome Ice 911 report.  It seems to me that swaths of  tiny glass microspheres would heat up in the sun and melt the ice, unless they're filled with ice nucleating chemicals. They did say these microspheres can be filled up to deliver medicines. Or, why not just make them out of blinding bright aluminum?

      It's sad enough that tiny fish eat the plastic mircobeads and that some fish even prefer the plastic beads over their usual prey.  The beads block their digestive tracts and thereby cause starvation.

      I'm sick to death over these 'brilliant' ideas, and how these geniuses just go ahead and try them out.  It's pure hubris.


  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Consider this story from the Times of Israel [posted by Brendon O'Connell]. Significant deals between Iran, Israel & Russia are being made now. While here in the USA, we are being indoctrinated to fear Iran as a serious nuclear threat — and made to believe that Israel wants a war with Iran. This report makes it clear that Israel is making economic & trade agreements with both Iran and Moscow. So to what purposeful good are the millions of our taxpayer dollars that have been given to Israel for so many years?  We can 'bet the farm' that everything reported by the monopoly media mainstream news is nothing more than manipulative demonic propaganda designed to keep us clueless Americans in fear, Fear Inc. and funding the monstrous Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Raytheon corporate-miltary agenda. Russia, Iran and Israel, along with their new partner China, must think that we Americans are little more that brainwashed gullible fools. Never underestimate Putin.

    Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone
    The Times of Israel

    After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’
    Israel is set to sign a free-trade agreement with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union in the near future, according to officials in Moscow and Jerusalem.
    Incidentally, Iran is also in advanced talks about creating a free trade zone with the union, known as EAEU. However, each country would sign its own free-trade agreement (FTA) with the union, which would mean that Jerusalem would not be able to trade freely with Tehran, or other states signing similar agreements. …
    “The agreement is very important for Iran… because it opens the gates to a big market for our country, and also opens the Iranian market to Russia and northern countries,” he said.
    Asked what significance, if any, Iran’s joining the EAEU free trade zone would have for Israel, the ministry spokesperson referred this reporter to the Prime Minister’s Office. The PMO did not respond to a query by the time of publication.
    “The State of Israel supports increasing the economic pressure on Iran so that it will change its behavior,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel, speaking on condition of anonymity and declining to elaborate.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Israel received $38,000,000,000 from the US Federal Government, payable over a ten year period.  Yet Israel is planning to launch a lunar lander this month.  Seems to me space exploration is a luxury.  If Israel can afford a lander to be placed on the Moon, they really do not need $38,000,000,000 from the US taxpayers.  I want our $38,000,000,000 returned to the US to benefit our crumbling infrastructure.

  17. Ron Marr says:

    Is government a human lobster trap? an elected legislator writes legislation and the governor signs it into law…without the concern of the people and what they would prefer for themselves and their children….In Rhode Island the governor…before she was elected by the funds of Bloomberg and Emanuel…was in position to successfully destroy workers pensions for Wall Street…now as governor she has signed legislation in 2017…that will implement 5G throughout the state of  Rhode Island….Is it the Fluoride in the water…the geoengineering…the GMO's…maybe the vaccines…or perhaps the long endless wars and murder and slaughter of humanity…that allows us to watch them put in place laws that will destroy humanity and all life. You can check out your state HERE. Intel is frontline 5G and has gun terrets set up to shot zombies…because they understand the damage that 5G will bring once implemented upon life and the possible rage of humanity…this was stated by an inside source. We can no longer continue to pretend we are a nation of leaders…lol…that someone will decide for us what's good and what's bad….Dane had mentioned the likes of leaders like Mr. Wheeler, former head of the FCC, is an example of the insanity of the alphabet corporations that we look to for leadership in all aspects of our survival….Because, we participate in the fake reality, they are able through hypnosis, turn our experience into an Insane Assylum.

  18. John Jay says:

    It was occurring to me, there must be a lot of aluminum nano particulates in our drinking water. Is there someway to remove this aluminum from the water? Distilling? Reverse osmosis? Is there some simple way to test for the aluminum content in our drinking water?


  19. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I've posted links to this company (and others) before, but new readers should take a long look at the list of "clients" on this page. >

    Worldwide Success

     "The proven success of Weather Modification, Inc., in atmospheric and weather operations is evident by our lengthy and impressive client listing speaks for itself. Our reputation for successful cloud seeding and meteorological services leads our veteran pilots, experienced meteorologists and radar engineers around the world. Our valued clients include private and public insurance companies, water resource management organizations, as well as federal and state government research organizations."

     Complete text:

    You may not be able to file suit on State agencies for damage to farm lands or loss of livestock, but that doesn't let the operatives off the hook… Below is one reason Alzheimer's, Autism, and public dementia is off the charts (see atmospheric release of metallic compounds on Dane,s patents page) also why you often feel sick from contaminated produce.  Nice feature choking to death when you go outside for a breath of fresh air…


    Cloud Seeding, water resource management, increase precipitation – Weather Modification, Inc.


    Enlist our team of cloud seeding experts. 

    "Whether you are looking for a small operation or a full program, Weather Modification, Inc. can ensure your cloud seeding project runs smoothly. From Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved aircraft installations, configured for aerial cloud seeding and cloud physics, to ground-based seeding equipment and training, Weather Modification, Inc., has the equipment, experience and knowledge you need."

    Complete text:

    • BaneB says:

      Paul:  Yes, you have posted this.  And it’s good to see it posted again.  We need to be reminded of just who and what enterprises are in the business of destroying our planet and our weather systems.  There are no free lunches.  Cause and reaction.  This company takes in the profits while socializing onto us their environmental calamities.  They should be put out of business because they are an existential threat to life on earth.

  20. Jim says:

    When we reach the tipping point, what will an environmental collapse look like? At current rates of geoengineering, can anyone determine a probable timeline?

  21. Jeff says:

    So glad to see a billboard put up in Alabama. You do not understand how much this state is sprayed. It's been everyday now for 3 years. They also have made it rain almost 4 months in a row. Nov 2018 to Feb 2019 has been the wettest ever!!!  You can see them spraying and seeding the clouds for flash floods. Its all being done on purpose. These are not normal storm/rain clouds. The clouds are always rippled and wavy here, a tell tell sign they are being microwaved. The sky is never blue and you never see the sun. It's always cloudy and rainy. Yea that's normal for the south??? Its been cloudy 80% of the time the past few months. By the way, there is no more winter. They spray to create a fake winter. These bastards have truly ruined the weather and the climate.

  22. Dennie says:

    I can't help but marvel at the price of a gallon of gasoline in the photos above: $1.99.  When was the last time we saw prices like that in California??? Here it's $3.55 for 91 octane at Chevron in Berkeley, CA.  And 20 cents a gallon more in tony Marin County, CA

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  I noticed that, too.  $1.99!  California has something like $.80 per gallon tax on gasoline.  Such a tax in Alabama would cause a run on yellow vests.  Funny, how costly is gasoline here in the Bay Area with several refineries located just across the Bay.

  23. juli says:

    greetings dane. i've been searching for hours re: a quote from a nasa scientist stating to the military and government,,," that if you think your DUMBS will keep you safe, think again. who will maintain the nuc sites, ect " when you find the chance could you e-mail me it. i would like to post it on here…my son has woken up!!!! Thank You xo

  24. Troy S says:

    Hello All,

    I want to share these lyrics from Marvin Gaye. Now here is an artist that recognized what was going on in the early '70's and spoke up about in an song. They still play this song on most R&B stations, sadly, people are only tuned to the music and not the lyrics.


    Whoa, ah, mercy mercy me
    Oh things ain't what they used to be, no no
    Where did all the blue skies go?
    Poison is the wind that blows from the north and south and east

    Whoa mercy, mercy me,
    Oh things ain't what they used to be, no no
    Oil wasted on the oceans and upon our seas, fish full of mercury

    Ah, oh mercy, mercy me
    Ah things ain't what they used to be, no no
    Radiation under ground and in the sky
    Animals and birds who live nearby are dying

    Oh mercy, mercy me
    Oh things ain't what they used to be
    What about this overcrowded land
    How much more abuse from man can she stand?

    Oh, no no, na, na na, na
    My sweet Lord, na, na, na
    My Lord, my sweet Lord

    Songwriters: Marvin Gaye / Marvin P Gaye

  25. I know I'm pretty damn boring, but here's a link to Pennsylvania's – Chapter 16. Weather Modification definitions page. >

    I particularly like this section: >  3 P.S. § 1115

    § 1115. Acts not authorized

    "(a) Nothing contained in this act shall authorize any person to carry out a cloud seeding operation from Pennsylvania to seed in another state where such cloud seeding is prohibited.

    (b) Nothing contained in this act shall be construed to authorize the suppression of lightning."


    Erm… Lightning?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Not boring at all, Paul.

      It is great that someone collates and presents the info. Keep it up.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Paul … You are never boring!  The law should be protecting us. Your posts are an inspiration and potential fuel for those who may be in doubt. I have a friend who has spent the last five years studying legal matters and judicial corruption, case histories, etc. – and he has benefited from your posts and I'm sure there are many others. We know the system has made the language of law, "legalese" as obscure and impenetrable as possible to exclude us and for their own profit. So never under estimate the value of your posts. I feel fortunate that you contribute, as I'm sure Dane and others do also.

    • Dennie says:

      Lightning experiments were certainly conducted in California sometime earlier this decade.  I got that information personally direct from Rosalind Peterson, one of the first people to speak up on the dangers of geoengineering, the keynote speaker at the U.N. summit on the climate in 2007:  If chemtrail deniers still don't cop to the reality of S.A.I./S.A.G./S.R.M. after seeing this and after having Air Force 2025 (a link to that is on this website), along with the Congressional report on federal activities in weather modification, they will have outed themselves as peddlers of unreality.

    • Drea says:

      I think what that means is to not hinder the covert military grade EMF attacks (dew weapons) onto activists subjected by any entity with the funds or technology who oppose our written or verbal expression…. Maybe they don't want their conductivity diminished. 

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    As far as I know, it's still Winter is Ukraine, isn't it?  Well, there are WILDFIRES IN THE CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE!  My mind is blown over that.  This is the stuff of nightmares. . . . . .

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      My condolences to eve roissy and those suffering in Australia:  This is climate "control" and it must be exposed.  Below is an older internet post (2010) but the image and time stamp data speak for themselves:

      "Nearly five weeks after this investigation began the Australian Government BOM has issued this caption to the national weather radar system.  Acknowledging an unknown source is interfering with their system:

      Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology: If you notice any circular patterns or straight lines originating from the center of the radar location, this is due to occasional interference to the radar data. The Bureau is currently investigating ways to reduce these interferences. [Total bullshit]

      Please refer to this page for radar locations and atmospheric images:

      This is why it's bullshit:  Clients? Queensland Environmental Protection Agency | Weather Modification, Inc. 

      Objective: Support for 2008 Feasibility Study for the Augmentation of Rain & Air Chemistry Monitoring.

      Duration: 2008

      Products and Services Provided: Instrumented Aircraft & Crew for Cloud Seeding 

      Complete text:


      These programs did not end in 2008…

  27. eve roissy says:

    Notice that the term 'deployment' is being used re the roll out of 5G – and that THAT is a MILITARY TERM!!

    • Dennie says:

      EVERYTHING is militarized and has gone exponentially in that direction since the Civil War.  Look at the educational system:  Generals, Lt. Colonels, Captains and the idiots doing all the hard work in the trenches, the privates, doing the actual work with the students… Look at the medical system– same damned thing.  So is the hierarchy in the churches.  Kids ALWAYS follow the lead of their parents, on Earth as it is in so-called "heaven…." In all this time we have had a so-called "God" leading from the top down and you had jolly well better know, and STAY, in "your" place, OR ELSE–!!!!!  

  28. Jeanette S says:

    sunday, 2/17 san ramon, ca  I just got back from wfoods in san ramon. we on the other side of the hill in san Leandro had a mostly sunny afternoon but not so out there on the other side of the hill in pleasanton/s ramon area it snowed/hailed. I got out of the car and ice/slush was on the landscape beds. On closer inspection it was uniform flat half an m&m size ice pellets about 1/4" they were all different modes from clear ice, some with white middles, some were opague, frozen slush balls. In some places it was like rain came down after and made the pellets in a two inches thick like counter top with the pellets as an aggregate. truly they need to be brought under control. what if i decided to sit in the car and wait it out. It could coat the car, make windows and doors inoperable, seal vents and around the sides and piled up from the ground. I would run out of air quickly. just like the poor cattle that suffocate when the rain water runs down the sides of their heads and curves under their jaw before dripping off and it coats and coats until any opening is shut off. Nuts, people, nuts, an endangerment to us all. what the hell are they doing at the helm? what if people are around when the fools make basketball sized ones? Nuts, they need to be rounded up now. has hail/snow been like this for a while or is this another new toy the idiots dreamed up?

  29. The fascist "policies" that control most of today's world need to be addressed by understanding how corporatism has corrupted the processes of civil Law.  Protesting in the streets will not bring any recognizable order without marshal law and military intervention. Understanding the inherent avarice and collusion of geoengineering scams (David Kieth) – weather control programs (NOAA) – and the co-morbid political agendas of State actors is key…

    State of Delaware – CHAPTER 68 – FORMERLY SENATE BILL NO. 197

    Approved March 1, 1985  Complete text:

    From the Colorado Water Conservation website: 

    "The CWCB administers Colorado’s Weather Modification (WM) Program, which issues WM permits, monitors WM activities and keeps the public informed about the state’s WM activities. Colorado has conducted weather modification operations and research since the 1950s, and a program to permit weather modification has existed since 1972. After the significant drought starting in early 2000, many new WM permits have been developed. Colorado is a strategic state with the headwaters of eight major river basins, and downstream states are reliant on the snowpack and stream flow generated in Colorado.

    New rules are in effect as of July 1, 2012. The rules are listed under Additional Information."

    Colorado Weather Modification Rules and Regulations

    Effective June 30, 2012

    Excerpted from: Idaho – State Draft Weather Modification FAQ



    Frequently Asked Questions

    August 31, 2009


    "What is weather modification?

    The term weather modification (also referred to as cloud seeding) has been used to describe:

    • Fog suppression (airports)

    • Hail suppression (reduce crop and property damage)

    • Rainfall enhancement (water supply augmentation)

    • Snowpack enhancement (snowpack augmentation)*


    *The focus of the ESPA Plan Pilot Weather Modification program is enhancing winter snowpack through cloud seeding.


    What is the history of weather modification?

    Winter cloud-seeding experiments and operational projects designed to increase seasonal snow-pack storage and subsequent run-off have been conducted in the Western United States since the early 1950s. Cloud-seeding in the West has become commonplace, due to technological advances in the last 20 years. California leads all other states in the number of projects, but cloud-seeding programs also exist in WY, NV, AZ, UT, CO and ID.


    How does cloud seeding work?

    In ‘cold cloud’ seeding the introduction of an ice-forming nucleating agent, e.g., silver iodide, into the appropriate cloud regions causes super cooled liquid water droplets to freeze. Once these droplets freeze, the initial ice grow into snowflakes, falling to the surface as snow if surface temperatures are below or near freezing, or as raindrops at warmer surface temperatures (source North American Weather Consultants NAWC, Inc)." 

    Complete text:


    Excerpted from: [Texas] Agriculture Code, Title 9, Weather and Climate




    Section 301.301. Immunity of State.

    The state and its officers and employees are immune from liability for all weather modification and control activities conducted by private persons or groups.


    Section 301.302. Private Legal Relationships.

    (a) This chapter does not affect private legal relationships, except that an operation conducted under the license and permit requirements of this chapter is not an ultra hazardous activity that makes the participants subject to liability without fault.

    (b) The fact that a person holds a license or permit under this chapter or that the person has complied with this chapter or the rules issued under this chapter is not admissible as evidence in any legal proceeding brought against the person."


    Please refer to all Administrational "Codes" regarding known weather modification by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation:

    "Ultra hazardous" activities?  Erm… Perhaps you mean "normalized" activities of poisoning the entire planet for a paycheck…

  30. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for yet another spot on broadcast. I'd like to touch on 2 things here. First, your choice of thumbnails each week just baffles me as to what I am seeing. I'll guess that they are screen captures. I sometimes don't understand the color scale in them. Always, they depict something that is nothing even close to normal. Second is the effect of how chemically nucleated atmosphere settles dense cold air into valleys an basins. I've been tracking the temp difference between my cabin and the valley floor only 300 feet below me. Very often in winter the valley is 10 to 15 degrees F below the cabin temp at mid day. 10 and more years ago the valley was the same temp or a bit warmer at mid day. It's always colder in the mornings due to night cooling and the air flow down hill as a result. You mentioned how we are living in an "orchestrated Truman show". After a few years of listening to such comments, I decided to look up what the Truman show 'is'. I honestly had no idea. That's how far removed my life is from the MSM. I only watched a few clips on you tube but I got the idea. "And you're right!"

    I want to thank Michael Jancaterino for organizing the bill board in Alabama. Looks pretty hard to miss or ignore. Good job! And Maciej Kocialkowski, it is always good to see you on this page. It looks like you have a new banner or 2? Kathy Burns, my friend, I'm looking forward to seeing GW banners on the sides of Seattle area buses, cool stuff! Last weeks Global Alert News posting almost looked naked without pics from the Gem Faire. I am super happy to see someone attending and manning the booth this weekend. Frank Richards? Happy 74th, sir. I can't stress enough as to how important it is for 'all' of us to support Gem Faire and their efforts in this fight we face by attending and manning the booth at each location they are at. I'm looking forward to the Puyallup Gem Faire, over 300 miles from me, at the end of March.

    All during my sled dogs years I would take a weeks vacation in the 3rd week of February and go run the dogs in the mountains. 9 years out of ten the weather was awesome, sunny and cold. This year, February has been a frozen stormy hell. I'm all worn out from plowing snow, to shoveling snow, to sitting on my ass waiting for it to quit snowing, to only 2 days all month of temporary sun. Sometimes it is overwhelming to watch how the weather engineers pull the wool over the eyes of the public with the cooperation of the MSM. You couldn't convince anyone around here of global warming. So I just keep talking about how the snow is engineered and the characteristics of it vs how it used to be. 1600 dairy cows froze to death in south central WA. Upper Skagit Valley has land slide warnings after the recent heavy snows now melting in the Pugeot Sound region. All of the geography in eastern Skagit Valley is STEEP! The foot hills rise up out of the valley 3500 to 4000 ft. Which is a lot! The Skagit river is the 3rd largest river on the west coast that flows into the Pacific ocean. Only the Fraser and the Columbia are bigger. It's a huge water shed area that extends up into Canada. Watch for it to be in the news this spring.

    There is actually some measurable water in the snow we have received here this winter. Like I wrote before. The chemical ice nucleation agents have been changed over my region. I have icicles this year like I never seen here. I'm sure that the UV radiation, even through the cloud layer has something to do with that. After looking at the weather schedule for the coming few weeks, we here will 'not' be getting any weather whiplash any time soon. I miss the days here when it would get to 34 to 38 degrees during the day and down to 10 to 15 at night. In the mornings I could walk on top of the snow without punching through. It made for nice walks through the woods.

    Love and strength to ALL my friends I haven't met, yet.

    • Kyle Clausius says:

      I know exactly what you are talking about I live in the greater Seattle area and that recent snow storm was far from normal and from I can see was not natural. So many trees damaged 80% of the bushes and trees in my own yard damaged. I moved my trees I had for restoration purposes inside my garage so the wet heavy unnatural snow did not harm them over 100 of them to be exact. I won’t give up on restoration projects in this area. As for the human cattle like people around here they are hollow and only in the pursuit of self pleasure but I will not give up on telling the truth about geoengineering and saving our biosphere. 

    • BaneB says:

      ‘horseman’:  I had a chuckle.  Yes I am worn out too from shoveling snow, stomping out trails, and teetering on top of a 4 foot thick glacier.  The house is totally buried in snow on the back from the ground up to the peak.  This coming Friday will be two weeks that I have been marooned.  It’s okay though.  I rather enjoy it.  And was prepared.  After all, winters up on this mountain can rough and isolating.  There is no way out of here except on snowshoes.  And with no need to go anywhere, what is the rush?  My big concern is my bird seed is all gone. But no way can I haul in 40 pounds sacks in this stuff.  There was another bit of snow overnight.  Forecast is a break for the next two days, then six days of rain (maybe snow up here).  Lots of damaged trees.  I have the necessities:  coffee, half and half, eggs, orange juice, bourbon.  

  31. Andrew from scotland says:

    So funny, the way ahead! New-Green-Deal-Car.png

  32. Leah Altmann says:


    I got a copy of 'The Case for Geoengineering' by David Keith.  It seems to me as though it's all environmental policy theory, and no real science.  I did not finish the book yet but it does not look worthwhile.  I'm not really authorized to say, with only a B.A. in L.A.S., but I had excellent science teachers.  

    It's basically conjecture, and the real goal seems to be his career and what the people among whom he is a social climber will think of him. (But I guess we all do that on some level, it's only human – just it should not cost the whole ecosphere for him to get his personal needs for validation.)  It's apologetics, the kind of thing that is looked up in secondary sources on environmental policy and then patched together as an essay to satisfy the public's inquiries.  It's what we called in secondary school a 'b-s essay'.  One makes a point and brings a few points that one collected somewhere in some other books, and then pads it with a lot of … what we used to call 'b-s'.. pardon the filthy term, but it was lingo in my hometown.  it's not about science.  It's like the advertising on a bottle of diet soda, which was designed to get the populace to buy a product loaded with deadly chemical content.  

    He is so 'PC' with all his talk about the beauty of taking a nature walk, and how he longs to be in nature, with his derision of and suspicion of those philosophies that aim to conserve natural areas so that we'll still have clean air and water.  He thinks we could just do away with nature if we'd invent some artificial generator of air and water, and then, where would be his nature walk? If the rationale is merely preservation and production of necessary substances for humans to intake to stay alive, he fears, what would then guarantee the preservation of wild places   He doesn't realize that he enjoys the nature walk specifically because the air is clean (that's all subconscious), and also because he's not dehydrated due to the fact that even in the city he's been able to drink clean water all his life … due to the fact that the natural sources of water are preserved somewhere.  We can't make this artificially if there are no pristine places to go back to.  We don't know enough about physical human needs to manufacture what healthy, chemical-particulate free natural places give us, with no wild places to fall back on should the technology fail. It's not just air and water.  There are necessary factors for human survival that we do not even know yet about, yet he only wants his nature walk.

    He doesn't understand that the physical IS essential and is very real and that EVERYONE's clean, particulate-free air and water are more significant than his nature walk,  or the gasoline to arrive to the hiking site, which was purchased from his salary earned by promoting geoengineering.  He scorns the survival of all other individuals but touts the importance of his personal nature walk.  A real man would give up his nature walk so other people would not get sick and die.  

    This type of intellectual scorn and PC 'environmentalism' is so foul.  It is against the true concern for the environment.  And he HAS to have his nature walk to soothe away the guilt he feels but won't admit to, for promoting such a dirty option.  Those who really love the environment would be willing to stay inside amidst machines and no fresh air, 24/7, if it would only save the the ecosphere they love.

    I'd hoped he'd have some scientific background, and not just a collection of speculations and philosophical iterations, that would prove how geoengineering can help those in poorer countries, who Gates claims to want to help in his blurb. I'm mighty suspicious of Gates's stated philanthropic motives due to his support of the 'new vaccines' as a guarantor of population decrease.  He maybe feels there's no suffering, no more hunger, war, or poverty in the Third World after they get vaccinated, because there is oblivion – due to the fact that they die from illness initiated or aggravated by the vaccine, and have only oblivion or the sweet dreams of the afterworld of their souls.

    This is Gates's deadly way of preventing Third World suffering from poverty, hunger, and/or war.  They just die before these things can happen or get worse.

    So, Keith also claims that geoengineering is for the sake particularly of the economically disadvanted countries, although he admits it will cause drought.  Droughts in Bolivia and Africa are deadly.  Residents there can die from lack of water before they have time to experience the sufferings of poverty.  Thus they are spared those sufferings.  This geoengineering is starting to read like a horror movie.  Dracula may not be nearly as scary as Dr. Keith.

    Keith is a policy advocate, but not an advocate for people.  He got a very good award at M.I.T. for the best doctorate in experimental physics, but he then did not want to pursue physics.  From what he wrote, it seems to me he thought it was too theoretical and not really in the vanguard of how to help people now. 

    Well, he may not know this about himself, but this drive to help people now seems to be playing out as a drive for money and power using the persona of being one who wants to help people now.  It's not just empty, but disastrously counterproductive.  If he'd only look more carefully at physics, and begin to understand the processes that make SRM, microwave heaters, and ionospheric injection so dangerous, then he'd perhaps be able to help people.  He's looking for attention for what he does, to get validated by authorities who hold termporal power and can give him money to work with, not to find real solutions that actually help people and life, but only those that can be statistically measurable and thus can be touted as helpful, in misleading reports.  It's a pity, a waste of a mind.  I hope he grows up and finds out what his work has really wrought, and does an about-face to try and use his academic background more humanely.

    This recording of Andrew Wheeler is too frightening for words.  In  all the literature describing Hell, I could not imagine such a thing.  Goethe could not have.  Wheeler is not insane – that's too much of a compliment.  He's a minion of the Other Side… of a worse manifestation of that than starred in the dramas of Faust and 'The Picture of Dorian Grey'.   

    The not-nice angel has truly permeated his thought and value system through and through, and if Ex-President O chose him for office, it begins to tell me why I had and have such an inexplicably creepy and macabre feeling about ex-President O.  It's not about race.  I have a lot of excellent friends who are black.  That's definitely not it!

    His verbal expressions are so PC… but what is behind it all is worse than Machiavellian.  I can't imagine it.  It's a foreign value system.  I never ran into anyone who had this kind of value system, thankfully.  I can only challenge beliefs of people I am in contact with if I can provide a better solution.  There has to be one.  I'm looking. 

    I think the Ice Age Now theory is valid and very helpful.  The snows in California seem not to have been a manifestation of that.  I think the microwave radiation images and the talk on how warm the temperature was during the snow and how cold the snow was to the touch, due to its unusual chemical makeup, are sufficient proof to show that this is not an instance. However, it's harder to survive the impact of the four or five long-term cycles that are coming due and point to the likelihood of a sudden ice age very soon if the biosphere is soused with toxic life-terminating chemical nano-particulates. 

    I need to let my grey mattter percolate with this theme 24/7 and search for creative ideas as to how to effectively halt and about-face public policy, in general, not just for the U.S., on this.  Something has to catch everyone's attention and in one instant make it unforgettably clear that the whole world has to about-face on geoengineering, and, indeed, on nuclear for peace or war. 

    We have to get busy mitigating Fukushima output's effects and finding prevention for similar events at the other 400-some facilities… or, try to imaging living forever in a spaceship, which is totally unrealistic, especially for 7.5 billion people. 

    It's quite a difficult project for even trained people to stay so long on the ISS, even with support and help and communication from Earth.  No one would be there to communicate from earth to an outer space vessel, if infrastructure on earth were disabled by CME, hostile facility infiltration and deliberate disabling, or by the general debility of human operators due to the brain fog caused by 5G, smart meters, increasing outer space radiation, or neurological illness induced by nano-particulates. 

    The picture for life on earth looks so grim that I feel almost every minute as though I'm up against a brick wall and there is no going forward, that time will stop altogether for me and my mind will explode from the sheer insolubility of this combination of toxic and socially invasive factors.  Anyone who looks at it seriously will feel the same way. It's clear Dane's not exaggerating on any topic he's raising, and the notice is sorely needed and way overdue, as although he's been speaking on this here since 2000, I only just found this site in December and many other still did not.

    We've got to break down the challenges into parts that realistically can be tackled, yet tackle effectively those parts in rapid succession with intense mindfulness, resting regularly but briefly in order not to make mistakes, but never stopping.  Anyone old enough to read and understand the material on this site has to, for the sake of those who are not yet old enough.  We've got to try.


    • BaneB says:

      Leah:  Great post!!  Absolutely in agreement with everything you stated. Your psychological profile of Dr. Keith….I hope he reads it and takes a good look into the incriminating mirror that stares back at his self-deceptions.

  33. Michelle Lock says:

    You're right, Dane, most have no integrity anymore.  The last thing we have is our honor.  "God will not be mocked, a man reaps what he sows."  Thank you again for all you do!

  34. Paul Vonharnish says:

    This in response to V. Susan Ferguson's excellent post at the bottom of the page. > Matthew Hoh is telling it like it is.

    The days of black funded CIA sponsored "changes" in countries such as Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, the Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the Crimea, Syria, and now Venezuela, need to be ended, now…

    I'm very impressed by Tulsi Gabbard, and also know that she'll be assailed by the corporate controlled press.  Her campaign path has already been (unsuccessfully) distressed by the usual suspects of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby.  Never-the-less, I believe she is the finest presidential candidate to come forward in over 50 years.

    Warmongers in their ivory towers – YouTube  Published February 12, 2019

    [Quote] "We must stand up. Stand up against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage, new places for people to die. Wasting trillions of our taxpayer dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, and undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class."

  35. Joseph L says:


    SOTT Earth Changes Summary – January 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

    No natural weather.

    Dane i am back on commondreams and someone on there posted the above site and said this is from geoengineering.

    Also I am you and your family stay well as this crazy weather can take a toll on one's health.

    • BlueSue says:

      Never visited SOTT (Sign of The Times) vids before, and frankly this one seemed a bit heavily slanted toward propagating the disinformation of a "cooling planet" with all of those frozen snow scenes in Europe, Asia, and N. America.  A news link on their home site led me to learning of a horrific and monumental "environmental massacre" of cows, sheep, horses, and native wildlife in NW Queensland, Australia.  The images of multitudes of dead cattle lying on the flood ravaged landscape was absolutely gut wrenching. No doubt geoengineering is responsible for this most recent episode of ecocide. 

    • Frances says:

      In the last recent cyclone, parts of North Queensland experienced 2 metres of rainfall, not 2 metres of flooding.  Sadly upwards of 500,000 cattle drowned or starved due to lack of fodder.  The towns, cities, properties will take a decade to recover.  Just today, I watched the sky with the telltale signs of wave-like bombardment  (sorry, don't have the vocab.) and the weird parallel clouds of strange colours as the sun set over the Western Downs. We have not consented to this manipulation.

  36. Denise Judy says:

    Can anyone give an educated guess on how much longer "they" will be able to manufacture such cold and snowy weather here in WI?  The upper Midwest has been getting slammed for so long.  It's getting expensive and exhausting!

  37. Henry "Rick" Meier says:

    I asked Dr. Peter Sharpe, the biologist that heads up the Bald Eagle Reintroduction and Restoration Program on the Channel Islands off the coast of S.California if I could post a link to your website on his Live Nest Cam page chat board, and he refused – practically referring to you as a kook, and that you believe that con-trails are chem-trails and that the Government is spraying chemicals in the atmosphere. 

  38. Rodster says:

    I was unsuccessful posting the Tasmania pic in the previous article where it showed two extreme weather events within a week. I'll try again!

  39. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 257th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 23 months. Methane Firestorm / School Strike / Mazz'

    Our 2 year Extinction Finale starts when Climate Chaos becomes undeniable. 

    When will they initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic) – probably within 35 months, unless something extraordinary happens.

    Malcolm Light continues to write about the imminent likelihood of a methane firestorm. This is possible, particularly if: 

    you believe geological charts that show methane is released in a series of massive bursts as successive layers of trapped methane is exposed…historically, methane does not flow out of the ground/sea floor in a nice steady manner;

    you have read the reports from Siberia that detail the explosions and fires in the sky that cause the methane craters;

    you have thought about the biblical old testament writings that say that they/we do not want to again see the fires in the sky or hear the terrible thunder;

    you have seen a fuel air bomb explode (and the resultant destruction and vapourisation);

    you have done/seen the party trick of lighting your own fart.

    The timing of the next catastrophic methane release is unpredictable, and the timing of the deliberate nuclear volcanic winter depends on that release. They will get it wrong and to rely on the nuclear volcanic option, which itself is an extinction level event, in criminal. 

    On 15 Feb, about 10,000 UK school children/students went on strike to call for radical climate action. Theresa May criticised the pupils who walked out of class and said that their action has "…increased teachers' workloads and wasted lesson time". Unf-ingbelievable, what exactly is she doing as radical climate action? 

    What will the children/students do when they realise they do not have 12, 10 or even 5 years left – unless something extraordinary happens?

    Let's hope the children and students join forces with Extinction Rebellion for their 15 April activities, and cause that extraordinary to happen. 

    US/UK/France backed terrorists in Syria have started to use chemical artillery/mortar rounds against the Syrian Army in Idlib.

    The Mazz series of 5 min videos are worth listening to (starting episode 1): 

    Here's another equally important Mazz…Hope you had a romantic valentine!:  

    • Tanya says:

      Hello Andrew,

      To many of us here, the climate collapse is undeniable now. I often wonder what it would take to 'wake the masses'…after 30 years of trying to wake others (I thought if only people knew what was happening to them, what was being stolen from them, they would care), I have found that most people simply don't want to know. I am not prepared for what is coming, and I doubt that one can even really prepare for what will unfold. Perhaps over the next 2 years the entire human population will succumb to brain damage.

  40. Rasili O'Connor says:

    THIS is happening in Australia…NOW.
    Gut-wrenching, heart-wrenching photographs. And more so to read
    'We have death and devastation at every turn': the flood massacre of Queensland cattle
    The scale of devastation here and throughout the north-west is impossible to put into words. There are estimates of hundreds of thousands of domestic livestock having been lost so far during this disaster and it is impossible to put into numbers the impact on the region’s native wildlife."

    "Almost overnight we have transitioned from relative drought years to a flood disaster zone. No amount of preparation could have readied our herd for the relentless driving rain and near gale-force winds they had to endure."

    • Dana says:

      Not just the sad loss of so many cattle, sheep but also native fauna in North Queensland.  Also, the loss of millions of fish in the Murray Darling River system just recently.

  41. Brian N Tanimoto says:

    Using many sources, I pieced together this very brief summary of the Syrian conflict. 

    In late 2010, the US (CIA) orchestrated the Arab Spring protests in the Middle East countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and Syria. The aim was to stir up civil unrest, destabilize the economies and governments, and ultimately, force regime change in these countries, which were already suffering under a 'once-in-a-thousand-year' drought created by US weather warfare operations.

    The US was particularly interested in forcing out Syrian President Assad because the US had supported a proposed Qatar-Saudi gas pipeline that would run through Iraq and Syria, but Assad said 'No'.

    In 2013, after a series of chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, which the US blamed on the Assad forces, President Obama threatened to launch airstrikes on Syria. However, Russian President Putin, an Assad ally, brokered an agreement in which Syria would give up all of its chemical weapons, which it did. Putin's intervention, however, infuriated Obama.

    In 2014, when the Arab Spring protests failed to unseat President Assad, the CIA recruited, armed and paid mercenaries to form ISIS. Together with other smaller terrorist groups, ISIS proceeded to fight against the Syrian government.

    At the same time, the CIA started a massive effort to create the terrorist threat cover story. It put out terrorism propaganda in the mainstream media (remember Jihadi John?) and orchestrated numerous false flag attacks in the US and Europe (San Bernardino, Paris, and so on) which it blamed on ISIS.

    Then, in complete disregard for international law, the US built two airbases and at least eight military outposts within Syria's borders, manned them with 2000+ personnel and proceeded to attack Syria from within its own borders. It bombed Syrian infrastructure such as electric power plants, water reservoirs, bridges, and military installations, killing many Syrian civilian and military personnel. It also used the bases to provide ISIS with direct air support, special forces support, and logistics support.

    In 2015, Syrian President Assad urgently requested help from Russia President Putin. Russian responded with a major military buildup in Syria, which was entirely lawful. Russia is an ally of Syria. The US most certainly is not.

    Over the next few months, Russian forces decimated ISIS and turned the conflict in favor of Syrian government forces, much to the chagrin of the US. Today, ISIS has been reduced to a few small pockets, which won't last long. 

    The US or Israel were also responsible for orchestrating several false flag chemical weapon attacks on the Syrian people. Two of the latest occurred on April 4, 2017 and April 7, 2018, almost exactly a year apart (just a coincidence) which the US blamed on the Syrian government, despite a complete lack of evidence. Before a UN investigation could be started, President Trump promptly launched cruise missile attacks on a Syrian airbase in the first instance, killing seven Syrians, and alleged chemical weapon facilities in the second.

    At this point, Syria was on the verge of victory over ISIS and the US. It had no reason to carry out a chemical weapon attack on innocent civilians. Syria also claimed it had disposed of all chemical weapons four years earlier. 

    In one estimate, the Syrian conflict has claimed the lives of over 300,000 Syrians and displaced millions more so far. It's clear to me that the Middle East refugee crisis is completely Uncle Sam's handiwork. It's an abominable crime against humanity.

    Syrian President Assad has the overwhelming support of Syrians. They know what the US has done to them.

    The hypocrisy of the US government, claiming it was in Syria to 'fight ISIS and protect the American people,' is so blatant, it would be hilarious if it wasn't so serious. When Trump declared that he planned to pull US personnel out of Syria since they had defeated ISIS, I laughed so hard I had milk coming out my nose. 

    Of course, the US military-industrial complex propaganda machine has worked it's magic on the majority of the American populace. They either don't know or don't care what's going on. But, I do.

    For much of its recent history, the US was like the cowardly schoolyard bully, stealing the lunch money from smaller kids. Only now, these kids have a big ass Russian bear backing them up.

    • Dennie says:

      That's a great summation of the reality of what's happening in the Middle East.  If anyone doesn't think so then they have only to stick their nose in a copy of Zbigniew Brzezinski's 1996 book titled "The Grand Chessboard," take a good look at the map that grandly delusional lizard-brained warrior proposed and how it's playing out today.  The Grandly Delusional Idea is to take control of all the planet's resources by military and other might, including all the oil and water, by destabilizing and Balkanizing the Middle East and the former Soviet Satellite republics such as Crimea, Chechnya, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan, surrounding China and stealing the water "rights" to the Himalayas.  Yeah.  Right.. Sure..

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Good job Brian. Thank You for posting.

  42. For those who may be seeking legal actions against geoengineering operatives and companies in Washington State:

    43.37.160  <<  43.37.170 >>   43.37.180

    RCW 43.37.170

    Records and reports—Open to public examination.

    (1) Every licensee shall keep and maintain a record of all operations conducted by him or her pursuant to his or her license and each permit, showing the method employed, the type of equipment used, materials and amounts thereof used, the times and places of operation of the equipment, the name and post office address of each individual participating or assisting in the operation other than the licensee, and such other general information as may be required by the department and shall report the same to the department at the time and in the manner required.

    (2) The department shall require written reports in such manner as it provides but not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, covering each operation for which a permit is issued. Further, the department shall require written reports from such organizations as are exempted from license, permit, and liability requirements as provided in RCW 43.37.090.

    (3) The reports and records in the custody of the department shall be open for public examination.


    I posted links to several State "regulatory" rulings on Dane's previous February 15th page.  Please pay attention to "regulatory" stipulations as related to your particular jurisdictions.  Most U.S. States have similar methods of legalized graft and collusion with the dark side…

  43. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Tom Wheeler; along with all members of the FCC, the EPA, FDA, NSA, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have developed advanced zombie deer disease…


    New article regarding The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health, published this morning by Robert F. Kennedy Jr's organization, Children's Health Defense (formerly World Mercury Project


    Also see: The D.C. Corruption Club – Patriots for Truth

    Published October 15, 2018

  44. jeanette S says:

    I just watched an interview of guy Mcpherson with canadian preppers and he says/admits to the end of times and through all this he keeps saying oh, there's no fighting it, come to terms, to fade from life just sit and accept it, enjoy life as much as possible that you have left. that was april 2018. It is called a [  ], guy. get a little [  ]. it is an interesting interview he says that the signs that it will be "soon" are when the grain collapses. I just can't believe that some people say that…I guess it never occurs to him that that is why we are where we are at…the WIMPS. I found fb pages that are sniffle sections for those convinced that they are going to die and there is nothing that they can do and want to I guess (mentally) prepare, not much to do if you are going to die, accept that…why trouble yourself. I am so sorry I could not help but laugh. so many people say that "Nothing to fear but fear itself" fdr and "if you are afraid that you are going to die, you probably will" unkn that is actually statistically true, uncannily.

    (not really meaning to be mean) btw. You all have the priviledge of knowing captain kirk here, I do not believe in the no-win scenario. I am probably not prepared enough to have the most optimal hedge but that is because I spend alot of time spreading knowledge all kinds. because if the world turns brown except for my little bubble it will not last for long. being neighborly always pays off. best insurance policy in most situations/people. I have a hard time accepting that gp does not say stop driving cars, doesn't have the  to mention geoeng., cover the ground with shade, put away stores, grow something, feed an animal so that they have a better chance, don't vaccinate anything, don't buy conventional soaps, cook at home, learn survival skills. If you bother to do that an ironic thing happens you appreciate life that much more the life of everything and how hard it must be for the rest of life out in the open environment. 

    and speaking of that I try to help the animals all I can. I saw what i thought might be white nose I put a sprig of rosemary in the bird bath they get into, feed birds, throw bees wax at flowers that I hope assimilate it and give pollen back to the bees. but what I really wanted to say if I were in an area that had the wasting/zombie diseased deer, you might want to look into maybe putting out like epsom salts, watering with a mix, try a small spot…WHY…with the aluminum, nano aluminum making holes in the blood brain barrier for humans it also does most likely to all else too. It makes holes that allow in formerly unabsorbed by b/b barrier the likes of glyphosate which chelates zinc and magnesium and guess what they do …make up most/all living things immuno system. without it what happens? …how glyphosate works is it lowers weeds immune systems by nullifying zinc and magnesium and they die from PATHOGENS, not chems. CAN THIS WASTING DISEASE BE FROM WHOLESALE NANO ALUM. GLYPHOSATE USE OR OTHER CHEMS? It sures seems to have crept up from out of nowhere rapidly. Is this the deer equivalent to our public health crises? from the very same exposures and from not just the above mentioned…everything gets into water and wind and it spreads. remember they are just animals and don't know and can't protect themselves. glyphosate is everywhere just like the nano aluminum. grow sunflowers they are suggesting this for the bees too. check out ways to help our fellow species. 

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Hi Jeanette, I have some of the healthiest deer near me than I have seen in awhile.  They looked very skinny and unhealthy to me over a year ago, so I purchased a trough online and have been feeding them daily with organic apples and carrots and I love watching them from my bedroom window.  I have lots of pictures too of these majestic animals.  The other day after they ate, three of them were laying under the trees just hanging out for hours.  They are healthier than I am at the moment.  For the second time in a month I am sick again.  Never did I have any respiratory problems until 3 years ago.  I don't know how much longer I can take it.

    • arcadia11 says:

      thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      I live in a designated urban-wildland interface area.  My then-next-door neighbor started feeding the "poor" deer here in 1993.  A few months later she reported looking out her front window at 5 a.m. one morning in October and seeing "the biggest cat she'd ever seen, about 80 pounds," sitting in my front yard, near the spot where the deer come and go from her feeding place…. She got sooooooooo freaked out by the appearance of the MOUNTAIN LION that she called Fish & Game.  They told her not to feed the deer.  DUH.

  45. David Bach says:

    Hello everybody.
    I'm commenting once again from Thuringia in Germany. In the last weeks the "weather" was totally crazy again. But it fits to the observations Dane had impressively filmed here in front of his house. This strange winter lately is surreal. As I wrote a few weeks ago, the strongest snowfall started here on the very day the Biathlon Championship started. Coincidence? In this time, until 2 days ago, when they sprayed the snowfall so violently that the throat scratched and the nose ran, there were various winter sports events in the Thuringian low mountain range near Oberhof.  It encouraged the investors to plan new ski slopes, ski lifts and hotels for the next season. What a bunch of fools. But far more foolish are those who believe this fraud of the mainstream media, who have now begun to proclaim a wave of influenza that causes a scratching throat and a strange feeling of weakness so that already 70 deaths have been lamented in Germany. This will be the last winter in our region. Because as Dane showed in his last contribution, the cooler temperatures are  always following the snowfall, not the like the natural opposite way. Before that it is much too warm for that. It was not as extreme here as it was at Dane's home because it was 4 degrees Celsius (39.2F) when the snowfall began but after that the temperatures dropped too during the day to -0.5 (31.1F) and at night down to -3  degrees celsius (26.6F). I pointed this out to as many of my fellow men as possible. And it also led to exactly the same weather caprioles as at Dane's place. I work in Bamberg, which lies on the Main, a larger river. Due to the milder climate in recent years it has practically never snowed there. This year it snowed there almost as much as here, although it lies at a lower altitude than the mountains around. Some snow on the ground even stayed there until now. Yesterday and today it was very warm during the day and frosty at night because the sky is clear. As clear as it hasn't been for a long time. They fly, but it seems as if the air is too dry. From the long aerosol strips no closed haze bell wants to develop. I don't know if it's intentional or not. Today almost all very long aircraft strips have disappeared very quickly. It is also very bright and my solar plant has almost produced the maximum power. This is unusual at this time of year, as are the temperatures.  Here it was almost 10 degrees Celsius (50F) today. The plants and animals are completely confused. The birds in the garden mate as if it were the end of March. The weather forecast shows dry and sunny weather with further rising temperatures for the next 2 weeks. I think it is so far again that due to the lack of humid air nothing can be cooled anymore. The weather snaps now in the opposite direction. It is much too warm for this time and this area. In Bamberg it was already 15 degrees (59F) warm today.  And the trend in the weather forecast assumes further rising temperatures. In Bamberg there is also much more spraying than there is at my place. You can see that on the trees there and in the forest. Most trees are in a worse condition than here. But also with us it gets worse and worse. The UV-B radiation has become extreme and it is uncomfortably to go outside without sunglasses. Spring starts in mid-February?  Even in Kaliningrad (Russian enclave in Eastern Europe) it is over 8 degrees celsius (46.4F) warm at daytime.  My friends there said it is extreme for this season. So not only here.
    The extended artificial winter over North America seems to take its toll. The rest of the world is literally on fire. There are also many active radar stations. More and more are added every year. What they are doing to the jetstream is very obvious when observed on the rain radar images and the Jetstream forecast models. At the same time, it is up to 3.2 degrees (5.76F) warmer than normal in Antarctica and the Arctic on the Climate Reanalyzer's Global Prediction Map. That means nothing good. Because it is suddenly so warm now, bees, hornets and other insects are coming out of their hiding places, but there is nothing to eat yet because nothing is blooming yet. Now it is also difficult for the birds to find anything. That is why I feed kilograms of sunflower seeds, peanuts and other seeds. But it looks really bad for the insects. So today I quickly built another hornet nesting box so that they could at least find good breeding conditions. But how do I feed them? I can put up sugar water for the bees.  In a place that reflects a lot of UV light and hope they will find it. But, like last year, everything goes way too fast. Just now it was still "winter" and 48 hours later the weather changes as if it were end of March or middle of April. Even the storks are already there, but our pond is still frozen and there are no frogs or other amphibians to eat. They have to eat mice. Like last year, the weather gets too dry too quickly for the amphibians to migrate. The meadows are still wet from the thawed snow, but they don't have much time.

    This is all very disturbing. Most people are happy about the suddenly great weather, when you can do your rounds on the artificial snow. The whole thing is completely crazy and I have to admit that it all costs me a lot of nerves, because I have been seeing it for years what so many deny. They don't want to see because they can't turn off the dumbing machine. Or they watch Netflix and so on. I haven't done that for over a decade now since I know that everything Hollywood does is to keep us down, to blunt and distract our minds. The media exists to lie to us. It's unbearable. Also all these wars and the regime change madness in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, South America, Africa and Asia for decades. We, the western societies, have fallen completely off any good morals. We are a bunch of murderers and robbers, criminals and liars. Orwell and Huxley were right. You can knead the brains so far that good becomes evil and evil appears to be good as long as you control the heads of people.
    When on September 27, 1995 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco Zbigniew Brzeziński and the money elites swore to make people stupid in order to realize their diabolical plan for the future, nobody but the initiates had a clue what power entertainment is. A year later, the commercial Internet was launched.Since then it has been controlled by big money and tears our societies apart through identity-building projects such as gender mainstreaming, mass migration, separation of left and right and so on. Also here in Europe it is censored now almost like in China. Beautiful new world. Therefore I sincerely hope that we will manage to wake up the rest before there is no more tomorrow. I also have to thank Dane for his inspiration and perseverance. I thank you as always for your urgent words week after week, for all the interesting links of the people who leave their comments here and thus increase our clout through the pure irrefutable facts. Please keep up the good work! And by the way, nice to see Bucky is still with you an your family! The story of his survival was heartbreaking and brought tears to my eyes. Indeed, Bucky is a living symbol of hope and the will to survive. I wish him and all of you who fight for our all survival the strength and will he has shown.

    Greetings, David     

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      What a great post David. I have seen the same tearing apart of the natural migration of Animals, Birds, Insects & Bees into Spring. Their food no longer awaits their arrival. It no longer balances as it has for centuries of life. Now frozen, Burned to the ground, flooded, or a Barren landscape.   So much starvation to all that have counted on the once balanced planet we all live on.  It is hard to see the Truth. And very painful to watch with eyes wide open.  I refuse to close them, for anyone.  Thank You for telling us whats going on in Germany.

  46. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Time for Peace in Afghanistan and an End to the Lies
    by Matthew Hoh / February 15, 2019

    It has been more than nine years since I resigned in protest over the escalation of the Afghan War from my position as a Political Officer with the US State Department in Afghanistan. It had been my third time to war, along with several years of working in positions effecting war policy in Washington, DC with the Department of Defense (DOD) and the State Department. My resignation in 2009 was not taken lightly by my superiors …

    Sacrifice does not confer sanctity

    When President Obama entered office in 2009 less than 30,000 US troops were in Afghanistan. Within a year and a half that number would reach 100,000 US military personnel along with 30,000 NATO soldiers from Europe and over 100,000 private contractors. Since 2001, more than 2400 US service members have been killed in Afghanistan, nearly 1800 of them since 2009. European armies have had more than 1100 soldiers killed and more than 1700 contractors have been killed while performing jobs that in previous wars would have been done by US soldiers.

    Tens of thousands have been physically wounded while hundreds of thousands suffer from traumatic brain injuries, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), moral injury, depression, substance abuse and other “hidden” wounds of war.  These hidden wounds have very real consequences: the US Department of Veterans Affairs reports young men and women who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq (a great many of them have served multiple deployments to both wars) have suicide rates six times higher than their civilian peers, while infantry units, those that have performed the most killing and dying, have been seen to have suicide rates fourteen times higher than young civilian men their own age.

    In real numbers that means, since 2001, likely more than 9,000 US veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq have been lost to suicide after returning home.

    The numbers of Afghans who have been killed are truly unknown. The United Nations reporting on civilian casualties, which only began in 2009, reports tens of thousands killed, with nearly each year since 2009 showing an increase in civilian dead and wounded; a monstrous and grievous accomplishment of annual record upon record. UNAMA itself cautions its numbers should be understood to be a minimum or base level due to UNAMA’s methodology. Assessments of the total dead in Afghanistan over the last seventeen years put total dead at more than 100,000 civilians, although most who are familiar with war, including myself, are quick to say that is a conservative or low-end estimate. For example, Jonathan Steele has estimated more than 20,000 Afghans died as a result of the US bombings in the first four months of US military action following 9/11.

    … it is those who have not experienced the pain and the destruction of the war who demand more blood and more sacrifice, turn on Fox News or open the Washington Post and this will be apparent. What makes such an argument even more mean and craven is these deaths, ones that need not be lost in vain as it is typically phrased,are forever tied and bound by the lies of the war, making these deaths eternally ignoble and worthless, the dead never to be heroes, despite the exaggerations of eulogies, bordering often on hagiography, but only to be future-less victims of the greed and egos that advance and maintain the war.

    Even a losing war makes money
    The total financial costs to the US in direct spending on the war in Afghanistan are approaching one trillion dollars. Peak spending of the war reached more than $100 billion a year and currently runs between $40 and $50 billion a year. Total costs of all the wars the US has been sending its young men and women to kill and be killed in since 2001 are said to be $6 trillion, and this is just for the wars, that $6 trillion figure does not include the regular or usual costs of running the military, which is now over $600 billion a year, or the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on veterans, the intelligence agencies, nuclear weapons, the State Department or Homeland Security. This staggering amount may perhaps best be understood by knowing that in interest and debt payments alone the US has spent more than $700 billion on the wars in 17 years (regarding overall national security spending this year the US will spend hundreds of billions of dollars, as it does each year, on debt payments due to past spending on wars, the military, intelligence, veterans, etc).

    … The Pentagon is not confined to that five sided building alongside Interstate 395, but rather stretches for miles along the Potomac River … in office building after office building, are tens and tens of thousands of men and women working for war.  Likewise in the suburbs, particularly west along Interstate 66 or north along the Baltimore-Washington Highway, hundreds of buildings exist to serve the war machine. It’s not just the defense industry or the contracting firms, but also the banks, hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, high rise condominiums and near-million dollar McMansions that have risen to serve and support the Pentagon and its wars.
    Within these buildings are hundreds of thousands of men and women, the majority not wearing a uniform but working for a contracting firm or defense corporation, who often make salaries in the high five or six figures.

    women [in Afghanistan] have committed mass numbers of suicides, including through self-immolation, in areas controlled by the Afghan government due to laws put in place by the government, including laws allowing men to legally rape their wives, and by a society were nearly 90% of Afghan women experience domestic violence.


    Those we have put and kept in power in Afghanistan constitute a brutal kleptocracy
    … people who have benefited from the wars since 2001 have been the corrupt leaders we have put and kept in power in places like Afghanistan. Every Afghan election has been thoroughly fraudulent and riddled with vote rigging and ballot theft on a mass scale. The last presidential election in 2014 was so crooked that an extra-constitutional position of co-president was created to prevent a civil war erupting amongst the Afghan constituencies that support the government, while in the most recent parliamentary elections, more than three months ago now, the “irregularities” were so blatant results still have not been released.


    Meanwhile the Afghan government and military have been the key figures in the Afghan drug trade, not just the Taliban. Indeed much of the fighting over the last many years in places like Helmand Province can be attributed to a battle for control over the vast tracts of poppy fields. The drug trade is not confined to low or local levels of the military and the police, but has extended and continues to extend to the most senior men in government, and this has been evident throughout the duration of our occupation of Afghanistan.

    When I was in Afghanistan the biggest drug baron in southern Afghanistan was President Karzai’s brother Ahmed Wali Karzai (AWK), the biggest in eastern Afghanistan was the governor of Nangahar Province, Gul Agha Sherzai, in the north various warlords the US worked with ran the drug trade including the Governor of Balkh Province Atta Mohammad Noor, and in Kabul, Mohammed Qasim “Marshall” Fahim, for whom the Afghan military officers training academy is now named and who was the Afghan Vice President, was famous for using Afghan military aircraft to transport drugs out of Afghanistan. Sherzai, now the Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs, and Noor still control their drug fiefdoms, while AWK and Fahim are dead but have been replaced by drug syndicates within the Afghan government. The detailing of the criminality and gangsterism of the Afghan Government is endless

    Full article here:


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