Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 20, 2019, #206


Dane Wigington

The global climate engineering operations continue unabated. Geoengineering Watch examines satellite imagery from all over the planet every day, no natural weather formations can be seen. An increasingly desperate power structure is doing all it can to initiate global conflict, the last option of a dying empire on a dying planet. If our collective efforts can fully awaken the masses before those in power are prepared for that to occur, we could yet alter the equation for the better. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As those around us join the effort to sound the alarm, the circle of awareness is expanded. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photo below was set up at the Charlotte County Administration Building (7/16/19) in Port Charlotte, Florida.

This week's outreach booth is at the Marin Center / Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

48 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 20, 2019, #206

  1. Andy says:

    A ‘heat-burst’…??

    Rare or not, I don’t think I have ever heard of such a phenomena. What natural conditions could cause a thunderstorm to ‘collapse’…?

  2. Stuart says:

    THEY created a "freak hailstorm" which caused the Tour de France to be shut down for cleanup.

    Tanker Pilot –  Hey, let's make it snow on top the Col d' iseran today. That'll cause a lot of disruption and publicity and fool gullible people.

    Co pilot – ahhh, roger that.


  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I've been following Tulsi Gabbard's campaign since day one, and have became a contributor.  I respect her consistent anti-war message, and now her campaign has done what needs to happen to Google and all the rest.  Take a look at this biased Times article, and check out her web site. > 

    Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Sues Google for $50 Million – The New York Times

    As Dane and other activists know, Google has coordinated it's "services" with NSA (the National Security Agency) and the corporate controlled CIA.  These establishments have been subverting America's electoral system for decades and executive members are blatantly committing treason… None of this will go away unless citizens take effective action.

  4. Andy says:

    STILL no mention whatsoever of the geoengineering element in the equation – that element which is one of if not THE primary causative factor in these rapidly escalating wildfires.

  5. penny waters says:

    what can i say from a country so hot everyone's gone to the seaside?? what bright sparks they are – or maybe will be hahahaha

    from a country where we can't run trains cos the metal rails are buckling

    where buses and cars catch fire. where the tar melts on the roads

    where overhead power lines break from their clamps 

    had one close to here – line came down and set a bare field on fire!!!

    once i heard from the network about the fire i ran around my neighbours to tell them – to look out for smoulderings

    and so family next door went to their sons to eat their salad

    and asked me to ring them if the fire got worse?????

    hahahahaha madness – ever feel that people really do not have a clue?

    stuck on a world where humans – what can i say? – where humans got us into this state and humans are worse that idiots

    boris – oh dear the grubby buffoon with balls

    lets hope the voters do a churchill on him after we leave the eu!! that's all he is really good for

    churchill wanted to become prime minister again when i was young and the people didn't vote him in

    i remember his face – how angry he was – wow meglamaniac 

    and yes the environmental people – the young, the naive, running around blaming

    am so lucky to have trees in the garden – how long will they last?

    thunderstorms were promised – much thunder – yellow skies – occasional small downpours but so hot just evaporates

    how i long for the drizzle – days of drizzle

    seems we (as a planet) are heading towards the constellations of leo and virgo – wow combination – earth and fire

    love to you all in this madness

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      How I long for the drizzle…. so right you are. Here in the PNW, I long for morning dew. Where's the dew that once nourished the fragile life in this and many other regions?

    • Keeping At It says:

      Here in the west Puget sound region we had some "cold rain" last night and then some light rain starting this mid morning. (Not much).  I once felt alive working out in the driz, however, I now am staying out of it because it does not feel good anymore. And it really is not driz.

  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL,

    My friends, I want to give a shout out to my friend and neighbor for covering my booth today at the farmers market. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to work today in order to keep my word. I have several friends that visit the booth that would have done the same. Anyway, I know my friend is to bashful to write in here and share after facing the "front lines", alone. I am soooo proud of my friend. As we sow, so shall we reap. "Carry on"….

    Love and strength to ALL

  7. David says:

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share my little story since no one else in my life will listen to me speak on this topic.

    I recently returned to my home in Orlando, FL from Colorado. On the plane ride home, I sat watching out the window the entire trip. From our departure, I witnessed what seemed to be artificial clouds that are made to look like the ones we all remember (fluffy, separate formations). To be honest, I'm at a point of not even knowing if any natural clouds exist. They don't seem to.

    Upon getting closer to the east coast, the "clouds" began to simply become fast-moving particulates. You could clearly see the difference in their makeup; it appeared to be smoke that was flying past the window. To my horror (not surprise unfortunately), there was a point at which the entirety of my view through the window became WHITE. No more ground, no more tiny cities, no more "clouds"…just pure white. After a while, it slightly dissipated. Florida, my home, came into view. I saw the Everglades, which are now 95% toxic algae. I saw the beach, which has now receded so far, you can easily envision the ocean swallowing whole my childhood home. My parents have lived in the same house for most of my life. I now see clearly that it will be an Atlantis. Every body of water was either brown or an unnatural green. The ocean looked sick. The same, new normal of sadness returned to the whole of my being. Welcome home.

    Sometimes I genuinely believe that this existence is hell. I am not a religious person but I cannot imagine a more delicious suffering than watching everything you love slowly die while no one around you sees it. Perhaps I am insane. Does it matter? Thank you to all of you for being here.

    • sea says:

      David I live in Ca and I am 64 yo….my heart breaks likes yours does.

      Your last paragraph says it all " Sometimes I genuinely believe that this existence is hell. I am not a religious person but I cannot imagine a more delicious suffering than watching everything you love slowly die while no one around you sees it."


      And no you are not insane-THEY are.

      Hang in there, for the earth if nothing else, it has given us more than life. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      David, thank you for your contribution. Much appreciated.

      In regards to your last paragraph. I wrote a friend just last night and stated, "for me, waking up was a relief, I'm not crazy after all". David, my friend I have not met yet, you are 'not insane. Not even close. Dane often uses the euphemism of "would you like to be facing the bus that's about to hit you or have your back to it". I always say "would you rather get shot in the front facing your foe or shot in the back by a coward? I spend 1/7th of my week facing my enemy and teaching all that will listen. I stick out like a sore thumb at the market. Been that way for 3 years now. "I won't lay down and I won't go away".

      Lastly, when faced with adversity and/or death in the life that surrounds you in reality, we can choose to have it make us weaker or make us stronger. The choice is ours alone in each moment of time. The worse things become, the stronger I strive to be. We must be careful what we tell ourselves. Find the strengths that are hidden in all situations. Live well… "die well"… with honor.

      Love and strength to ALL

    • penny waters says:

      buddha said that life is about suffering 

      that is the only thing that i turn to when i feel the way you do

      not to have anyone close that understands is very painful 

      only my mum and dad would understand – and they are long gone – thank the lord

      in one way having people around you who do not understand is better – otherwise we'd all be rioting – would we not?

      know that some people know – and we feel with you the pain of knowing

      meet death in the face, do not waver, keep a cool head, you know the truth

      when people realise it is going to be hell

      keep yourself safe my friend – being alive as a human is madness 

      much love to you in your pain that we share with you

    • Tina says:

      I agree.. I feel like noone else looks up??? I am in redding California and fake clouds and a white sky are the new normal!!!


  8. Matt Sarlo says:

    They have underreported the temperature here in Loveland, Colorado several times this summer. One day it was a 102 and the reported high was 95. Evidently it can't ever be a hundred degrees or more here, even if it is in reality. Some people listen to me but most look at me like I am nuts. We truly live in an asylum.

    • penny waters says:

      believe 'they' measure 5ft from the ground in the shade!!!

      so – what to believe???

  9. Gary Morrow says:

    Paris hit an all time record high temperature of 108 today.

  10. Andy says:

    Europe cooking. Again.

    Still no mention of that *elusive* contributing factor…

  11. Andy says:

    Not the extremes being experienced in continental Europe, still getting rather uncomfortable though.

  12. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Environmental collapse isn't enough… Food availability is the bottom line.  "Waking up is hard to do"

    DHAKA/MUMBAI (Reuters) – Onion prices in Bangladesh have doubled over the past two weeks after floods ravaged the crop and as imports from top supplier India became expensive after New Delhi withdrew incentives for overseas sales, industry officials told Reuters.

  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Our Ruling Elites Have No Idea How Much We Want to See Them All in Prison Jumpsuits / Charles Hugh Smith / July 22, 2019

    Even the most distracted, fragmented tribe of the peasantry eventually notices that they're not in the top 1%, or the top 0.1%. …

    … propose a novel crisis unlike any in the past, a Moral Crisis in which the people challenge the power of the nation's corrupt Ruling Elites: not just elected officials, but the technocrats of the Deep State, the vested interests pillaging the nation, the New Overlords of Big Tech, the financier New Nobility, the Corporate Media and the self-serving state/corporate technocrat Nomenklatura who do the dirty work of the Ruling Elites. 

    Divide-and-Conquer has been the absurdly easy strategy of the Ruling Elites to fragment and disempower the citizenry. It's child's play for the Ruling Elites to ceaselessly promote a baker's dozen of divisive issues via the corporate media, and then watch the resulting conflicts split the citizenry into fragmented camps which subdivide further with every new toxic injection. The one issue that could unite the fragmented citizenry is moral revulsion: As the Epstein case promises to reveal, there is literally no limit on the excesses and exploitations of the privileged few in America, no limit on what our Ruling Elites can do with absolute impunity. The Nobility of the feudal era had some reciprocal obligation to its serfs; our New Nobility has no obligation to anyone but themselves.

    It is painfully obvious that there are two sets of laws in America: bankers can rip off billions and never serve time, and members of the Protected Class who sexually exploit children get a wrist-slap, if that. Here's the sad reality: everybody in the Ruling Elites looked the other way: all the self-described "patriots" in the Intelligence services, all the technocrats in the Departments of Justice, State, etc., the Pentagon, and on and on.

    Everybody with any power knows the whole class of Ruling Elites is completely corrupt, by definition: to secure power in the U.S., you have to sell your soul to the Devil, one way or the other. Like all Ruling Elites, America's Elites are absolutely confident in their power: this is hubris taken to new heights. That the citizenry could finally have enough of their corrupt, self-serving Overlords does not seem in the realm of possibility to the Protected Few. There's always a way to lawyer-up and plea-bargain for a wrist-slap, a way to bend another "patriot" (barf), a way to offer a bribe cloaked as a plum position in a philanthro-capitalist NGO (non-governmental organization), and so on. The possibility that moral outrage could spark a revolt seems improbable in such a distracted culture, but consider the chart below: even the most distracted, fragmented tribe of the peasantry eventually notices that they're not in the top 1%, or the top 0.1%, and that the Ruling Elites have overseen an unprecedented concentration of wealth and power into the hands of the few at the expense of the many:

    Our Ruling Elites have no idea how many of us already want to see them all in prison jumpsuits, and they also have no idea how fast the moral revulsion with their corrupt "leadership" might spread. Scanning the distracted, consumerist rabble from the great heights of their wealth and power, they reckon the capacity for moral outrage is limited, leaving them safe from any domestic crusade. They also trust that the citizenry can be further fragmented, further distracted, and so they will continue to be invulnerable. Or worst case scenario, a few especially venal villains will need to be sacrificed, and then all will return to the bliss of Neofeudal exploitation. But they may have misread the American citizenry, just as they've misread history.

    • Joseph says:

      Susan great info that you bring to this site.

    • penny waters says:

      hey kind lady

      have i said this before?

      my explanation for society (apart from the schumacher knowledge) is that society is like a pyramid

      here in the u.k. the queen is at the top

      and i am down the bottom – amongst the many

      the thing about being at the bottom is that when you look up tis really easy to see all the assholes above


      maybe cos they've got others above and below and around about – maybe that is what keeps their attention – around and around and up and down

      hahahaha tis crazy to be a conscious human!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Here's what Abraham Lincoln had to say about it:  "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

      And now here's what John Adams, a Founding Father (didn't we have any founding mothers, besides Dolly Madison???) had to say about it, even earlier than Honest Abe:  “I do not say that democracy has been more pernicious on the whole, and in the long run, than monarchy or aristocracy. Democracy has never been and never can be so durable as aristocracy or monarchy; but while it lasts, it is more bloody than either. … Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.  It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history. Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty. When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.”

      Where I stand, I'd say a whole lotta people just aren't paying attention cuz they're too busy treading water economically and the rest are having too much "fun" to notice the fact that most people are not in the upper 10% of earners, like they are.  Where I live we have whole families enjoying month-long European vacations and three-week cruises to Alaska every summer, while living in + $1m homes and driving music students to weekly lessons in brand-new cars (oh, and the kids never practice– they understand on some level that they don't want to turn out to be me, economically speaking….).  I should be thankful cuz they're paying my bills, but still, I cannot earn enough money, what with all their summertime frolicking in fancy far-away places, bought with all their financial freedom, in order to show the bank that I'd be eligible for an auto loan, even for a used car…. 

      Good luck, Uhmerukuh!!!!

  14. Duane & Mary Frances Martin says:

    Dane – another week of the "methodical madness" that only you are courageous enough to report.  It reminds us  that there were once others who were attempting the same 50 years ago.  "It became necessary to destroy the town to save it" – AP correspondent Peter Arnett quoting a US major on the decision to bomb and shell Ben Tre on February 7, 1968 after Viet Cong forces overran the city on the Mekong Delta.  We must/have to "share credible data" wherever we can and not become the evil that is attempting to envelope us.  We are attempting to contact everyone we can who are conducting health seminars/ or who have health sites on the internet encouraging them to introduce "geo engineering destruction' into their message.  If they are asking us to "join them in their pursuit" then we ask them for the same. We all continue "to hope": My wife came across this poem that she had written down called "Unring the Bell" by Leonard Cohen –   It goes something like this:

    Ring the bells that still can ring 

    Forget your perfect offering

    There is a crack in everything

    That is how the light gets in

    Thank you Dane for your personal story, it does give us hope.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, in fact some refer to it as “Bezos’ blog”!  Well, it gets creepier… The unwitting fools who send off the material in their vacuum canister will not only be giving these researchers an inexpensive free way to count the effectiveness (dispersion success?) of the metal oxides (you know that tiny gray-dust) we find everywhere, covering our electronics, screens, tables, clothing, etc. inside our homes — they will also be able to identify our individual DNA through head & body hairs and dead-cells that accumulate in these bags. Then they can identify your DNA with your mailing address, connect it with with your front door GPS, and add another mountain of insane information on us to their data base. Why do they want this? Bezos was born out of DARPA…

    How the dust in your home may affect your health – The Washington Post

    Along with environmental scientist Mark Taylor at Macquarie University [Sydney Australia] and other international partners, I’m conducting a research project on the indoor exposome.

    Instead of dumping their vacuum canister into the trash, citizen-scientists put it into a sealable bag and send it off to our lab for analysis.

    This project, called 360 Dust Analysis, is one of a number of recent efforts that are starting to crack the code on indoor dust.
    About one-third of household dust is created inside your home. The components differ depending on the construction and age of your home, the climate and the cleaning and smoking habits of occupants, so there’s no standard formula for dust.

  16. Joseph says:

    Hello Dane and company . I have been listening to you now for almost 10 years. You bring so much to the  table on what is really going on. .  I  continue to hand out flyers the best that I can on Geoengineering.  I still use the Look Up flyer along w the Glossy Flyers. At times I wonder what has happened to people from the past who have posted in here.

       Things would be so much better if all these alternative media and environmental groups were on board w Geoengineering.  I am tired of the half truths from all these groups.  Commondreams threw me off now several times and it appears I am now permanently banned because I posted your website and also info about the safety of vaccines.

    Looking forward to your new ground breaking movie.


  17. Robert G says:

    Hi V. Susan, I went directly to the link and then read several of the comments. So many commenters theorize different outcomes for different regions and countries, but it's hard for me to square any kind of future for any country in the face of what we are going to experience environmentally and climatewise. The last few days here (it's winter) have been like early summer – tanktops and bermuda shorts and all. After it rained the temperature dropped a bit and it's a little cooler (a more reassuring 12°C this morning, comfortable a sweater), but to tell you the truth I'm terrified what it will be like when summer begins in December, and what the world will turn into during the Northern Hemisphere's next summer. When things get unlivable, or the economy cracks, I believe war will become inevitable – since the psychopaths will want to cover their tracks.

  18. Kimberlee Wilson says:

    Thank you Dane for your relentless work and for sharing your personal story at the end. I truly appreciate and am thankful that you are here at this time. 

  19. Bella_Fantasia says:

    'The New US Pentagon chief–Vested Interest in War and Conflict'  Editorial, July 19, 2019, Strategic-Culture.Org

    Mark Esper, for 7 years a senior lobbyist for Raytheon, is the swampiest of creatures.  He will not recuse himself for any 'conflict of interest', which is brazen corruption. Will anyone in government call it out?  This is probably worse than having a general in charge.  And we have a specific resentment for Raytheon, at least I do.



  20. Stuart says:

    Increase in seismic activity past few days northern Baja, AZ and NV deserts.  Some monsoon rain forecast for those areas middle of next week. Source of subtropical flow is also GOM, just like hurricane Barry.

    Sitting under shade tree here in Orange County, CA an hour ago.  Watched as jet aircraft banked and flew into "artificial cloud" overhead. No "vapor trail" until he entered the cloud suspension, then discharge noted for several seconds, flew out and away. No discharge after .


    • Stuart says:

      Earthquake Weather Update –

      Awoke this morning in Orange County, CA to heavy cloud cover and some light rain.  Arrived overnight. Unusual to see monsoon conditions flow into coastal areas like this.

      M4.2 earthquake reported this morning near 29  Palms, CA.  This is in direct line with approaching monsoon clouds and moisture  which moved into this area. Have to believe quake was triggered by Geoengineering ops.

      Last Friday a M2.2 quake was reported near Reading, PA.  The quake was very SHALLOW DEPTH and felt by many residents.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms there today.


  21. Gary M Marino says:

    HAH! People are chasing and running from shadows: Humans have been changing the environment to our liking, since we got here. "Geo-Engineering" is just a New term for the same old shit. Behold! What's Old is New, Again! 🤣

  22. Ryan says:

    Thank you everyone here for your contributions and thank you Dane for your hard work. You are setting the standard for all of us and inspire me to increase my efforts each day. 

    I want to do more than I currently am. We need a social hub to connect everyone interested in planning, organizing and carrying out a march or rally. A better way for everyone here to engage with one another. There is so much strength in unity.

  23. penny waters says:

    forgot to say with love – brave dane and family

    one has to fight on all fronts

    that's what makes life full – the engagement

    so happy you are all safe

  24. penny waters says:

    i am repeatedly horrified by the politicians here in the 'united kingdom' and have been since i became able to look in a discerning way at the media – we had a tv when i was 3yrs – 1952 – and was also taught to read by my dad at the same time (had little money but connected to many relatives who passed things on)

    have rarely voted cos no-one who have offered themselves has had any idea of what human society is all about (i am so arrogant hahahaha) – although now i go and spoil my paper with – 'none of the above' – to show my disgust – someone has to look at it when they count the votes!!

    find it so strange that humans covert gold – should only be used medically e.g. for dentistry – soft enough but tough enough to help realign jaws and teeth

    when the real gold is the energy that fills us and vibrates into matter

    there is no light energy in many peoples eyes 

    why has our government taken on iran? why are we being used by others? why do others make bullets for us to fire? and why do we do it? are our political people and civil service so damn stupid – or is it the warmongers pockets?

    is it part and parcel of the 'ordinary people are so stupid – we know how to look after them'

    when i go out i see so many people these days with, basically, racing cars – driving down streets that aren't race tracks 

    we seem to be so lost in our attempts to be happy!

    we run faster to go nowhere – the world is round – you can't go anywhere without ending up back where you came from

    i suppose the aggression that people exhibit makes them think they are going forward – to where?

    i have mentioned recently about the limestone caves that used to hold the oil now filled with acidic water slowly breaking down the limestone

    one bomb too many in the gulf – sink hole or destruction of the crust?

    how can we keep rocking this little earth with our explosions

    our air is spoiled because we have no trees, our soil is spoiled – we have sucked the minutae out and left the gross – and that's apart from monsanta – the deadly – now sold to china i believe

    people seem to be controlled by their next to lowest 'chakra' – the reproductive one

    why aren't they using the 6th and 7th chakra – the path that takes one to engaging with the outside of ourselves – our place in the universe and what we are supposed to be doing

    dennie said – pink and pearls is women hahaha (love ya mate)

    but even with no pink and pearls many men have no control in the way they come at me (and i'm nearly 70 hahaha – nuts) and their women and other women don't like me cos i own my opinions

    strange how the 'weather' becomes nothing 

    overcast and nothing – for days, weeks and now months – nothing – no change

    is it the quiet before the storm?

    environmental health man rang me and i explained that i was attempting to mend my septic tank (polluted by neighbour) with herbs – i use little water – so it is a long process

    he told me to use lots of water to flush it through!!!!!

    i told him i wouldn't waste water!!!!!

    numpties – or should it be numbties – as in numb – their minds and hearts are not engaged – just going through the motions – numbed by their own inability to really do anything to make a change when the human world is held in the grip of beaurocrats and trade

    do they just give up?

    ones work has to about loving what you do and then it's not work

    love to you all on this quiet sunday – the day of rest

    • lorenzo says:

      Hello Penny,I am a few years older than you and I recently for the first time was on holiday and spent 3 weeks in the United Kingdom with Elder Trek. I loved it! I toured and hiked through Ireland,Wales, Scotland, and northern England, then toured on my own through London and Oxford. I am from New York. As bad as things are around the world and I agree with you, its even worse in America, living under the Trump dictatorship. I know you may be getting Boris Johnson as a PM but he can't be as bad as Trump [I hope for your sake] I have been a follower of these site for many years and admire Dane Wigington for all he has done  One thing about London while much of your food is healthier than here in America, your water is far worse, with more toxins, including your bottled water.  I tested it everywhere I went

    • Dennie says:

      @penny waters:  Greetings from Northern California, where the air is just as bad as nearly Anywhere Else….

      When the resources run low, our "leaders" resort to desperate, despotic behavior.  Here's what was in our bulletin yesterday in the July 21, 2019 Episcopal church service:

      You tyrant, why do you boast of wickedness against the godly all day long?

      You plot ruin; your tongue is like a sharpened razor, O worker of deception.

      You love evil more than good and lying more than speaking the truth.

      You love all words that hurt, O you deceitful tongue.

      Oh, that God would demolish you utterly, topple you, and snatch  you from your dwelling, and root you out of the land of the living!

      The righteous shall see and tremble, and they shall laugh at him, saying, 

      "This is the one who did not take God for a refuge, but trusted in great wealth and relied upon wickedness."

      But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

      I will give you thanks for what you have done and declare the goodness of your Name in the presence of the godly.

      ~ from Psalm 52

      …all we could think of was Donald Trump…..

  25. Jeanette says:

    We need to really…teach people to use less, make less pollution, but most importantly, not waste, reuse water. Again and again and again until it evaporates into the air. That being said…if people are taught to farm, even root a cabbage core and put it in a disposable container with soil grow it that way. Get trees, keep the trees alive even if they die leave there for wild life, SHADE and if excruciatingly needed, fire wood. And last but not least, SHADE, SHADE, SHADE cannot be overstated either buy tarp, tree, plant, posts with chicken wire and stones -anything to deflect heat. We need a shell the size of the earth to cover concrete, asphalt, stone, sand even bare dirt collects solar mass. Those people in the Middle East can survive and in their own land. And just like everybody around the globe learn to plant, learn to save and store water. Even at refugee camps and at the sometimes turned on water supply, which is running out…water is spilled on the ground do they grow food plants there or put a capture system in. No. We need to see with our eyes and use our heads like tomorrow was our last day.

  26. Hello Dane.  Your sharing of personal history represents one of the most precious gifts of human relationship.  People need to share their personal histories – for real.  The meeting is about how we got to this moment… I wrote a poem about this. >

    The Infinite Echo

    We meet them in our dreams

    And sometimes in our lives

    They speak to grace and wisdom

    As they pass that realm of age 

    And the power of the bond is glimpsed

    If only for a fleeting moment

    When truth echoes something deeper

    That lives in the place of peace

    PV 3/07/03

  27. Connie Hall says:

    Unity4J was restored, thanks to Julian's supporters. They can't silence us all. #FreeAssange #NoUSExtradition

  28. BlueSue says:

    As always, your report covers so many dire truths hidden or denied by the media.  Here in Alaska, we've had the warmest summer I've experienced in 50 years. Of course, they spray us almost daily. Our trees are so stressed and pitiful looking.  My yard is littered with fallen leaves bug-eaten and brown, mostly from the cottonwood trees.  The old spruce have already succumbed.  The birch are looking so wilted, and in a few weeks, (like every August now) will all have parched brown leaves, resulting from the aerosols sprayed here.  Gone are their lovely golden yellow leaves that used to occur (in September) with the changing seasons.  It's very hard to carry the burden each day, knowing what we do about the state of our environment and the insane and destructive evils so pervasive in this suffering world.  May truth and goodness and peace prevail as we all stay connected and centered in the highest light of love. 

    Dane, with profound gratitude I salute you. I am in awe of your ceaseless efforts and Herculean will to face the most dire of challenges. Your passionate and inspiring recount of that 2008 firefighting battle with your dozer on the mountain ridge brought tears to my eyes.  Your fierce moral resolve to power on in spite of the seeming futility (miraculously?) won the day — as you described so eloquently.  In deed we must, as you exemplify, always stay true to that moral compass. You are a rare man who walks his talk — with great courage and fortitude.  Thank you for being such a stellar role-model for us all.  God bless. 

  29. Earth Angel says:

    Dane, Thank you for sharing the story of defending your home forest ridge from the fire a decade ago. Nothing short of miraculous. So inspiring for us all to do our very best despite the odds, the danger, the fears; to persevere through the situation at hand perchance to be given some divine intervention. You brought tears to my eyes. Your courage is an inspiration. Your love and dedication to preserve life on this beautiful planet, a moral compass for us all. My deepest respect and gratitude for all you do. As I believe VSF stated previously, You are our north star!  God bless you!

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is a "revolving door" how-it-works report and perhaps indicates what we can expect in our future. War as a means of personal self-aggrandizement for the elite.

    New US Pentagon Chief “a senior lobbyist for Raytheon” Vested Interest in War & Conflict — Strategic Culture
    Mark Esper is expected to be confirmed in coming days as the new US Secretary of Defense. His appointment is awaiting final Congressional approval after customary hearings this week before senators. The 55-year-old nominee put forward by President Trump was previously a decorated Lieutenant Colonel and has served in government office during the GW Bush administration.
    But what stands out as his most conspicuous past occupation is working for seven years as a senior lobbyist for Raytheon, the US’ third biggest military manufacturing company. The firm specializes in missile-defense systems, including the Patriot, Iron Dome and the Aegis Ashore system (the latter in partnership with Lockheed Martin).
    As Defense Secretary, Esper will be the most senior civilian executive member of the US government, next to the president, on overseeing military policy, including decisions about declaring war and deployment of American armed forces around the globe. His military counterpart at the Pentagon is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, currently held by Marine General Joseph Dunford who is expected to be replaced soon by General Mark Milley (also in the process of senate hearings).
    Esper’s confirmation hearings this week were pretty much a rubber-stamp procedure, receiving lame questioning from senators about his credentials and viewpoints. The only exception was Senator Elizabeth Warren, who slammed the potential “conflict of interest” due to his past lobbying service for Raytheon. She said it “smacks of corruption”. Other than her solitary objection, Esper was treated with kid gloves by other senators and his appointment is expected to be whistled through by next week. During hearings, the former lobbyist even pointedly refused to recuse himself of any matters involving Raytheon if he becomes the defense boss.
    As Rolling Stone magazine quipped on Esper’s nomination, “it is as swampy as you’d expect”.
    “President Trump’s Cabinet is already rife with corruption, stocked full of former lobbyists and other private industry power players who don’t seem to mind leveraging their government positions to enrich themselves personally. Esper should fit right in,” wrote Rolling Stone.
    The linkage between officials in US government, the Pentagon and private manufacturers is a notorious example of “revolving door”. It is not unusual, or even remarkable, that individuals go from one sector to another and vice versa. That crony relationship is fundamental to the functioning of the “military-industrial complex” which dominates the entire American economy and the fiscal budget ($730 billion annually – half the total discretionary public spend by federal government).
    Nevertheless, Esper is a particularly brazen embodiment of the revolving-door’s seamless connection.
    Raytheon is a $25 billion company whose business is all about selling missile-defense systems. Its products have been deployed in dozens of countries, including in the Middle East, as well as Japan, Romania and, as of next year, Poland. It is in Raytheon’s vital vested interest to capitalize on alleged security threats from Iran, Russia, China and North Korea in order to sell “defense” systems to nations that then perceive a “threat” and need to be “protected”.
    It is a certainty that Esper shares the same worldview, not just for engrained ideological reasons, but also because of his own personal motives for self-aggrandizement as a former employee of Raytheon and quite possibly as a future board member when he retires from the Pentagon. The issue is not just merely about corruption and ethics, huge that those concerns are. It is also about how US foreign policy and military decisions are formulated and executed, including decisions on matters of conflict and ultimately war. The insidiousness is almost farcical, if the implications weren’t so disturbing, worthy of satire from the genre of Dr Strangelove or Catch 22.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Consequences of war many of us may not be aware of … "Millions of people would stream towards Europe, even as the EU and the rest of the world would be facing an economic catastrophe."

    A US Led Naval Coalition In The Persian Gulf Will Raise The Threat Of War
    by Seyed Mohammad Marandi / July 17, 2019 / Moon of Alabama
    While Bolton and Pompeo push the region towards maximum tension and Trump makes despicable threats to obliterate Iran, the US military has announced its intention to create and lead an anti-Iranian naval coalition in the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, by Trump's own admission, the United States is engaged in economic war against Iranians, as its armed forces have aggressively violated Iranian airspace and territorial waters, resulting in the humiliating downing of its most sophisticated drone by an Iranian surface to air missile.
    A few naval ships from far off nations will not change the balance of power, but they will increase confusion and the chances for major regional conflict. Iranians will also view such an entity as an extension of a belligerent American naval presence.
    Since the illegal and tragic US occupation of Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been constructing a vast network of underground missile defense facilities alongside the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Gulf of Oman in anticipation of possible US attacks. Iran and its powerful allies have also developed formidable asymmetrical capabilities across the region. It has both the will and means to decisively engage with a belligerent power.
    In order to prevent any appetite for all-out war, Iran will respond to a limited military strike with a massive and disproportionate counterstrike targeting both the aggressor and its enablers. Regional regimes such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia that facilitate aggression in any way or form should expect the swift destruction of their oil assets and critical infrastructure.  On the other hand, all-out war would mean the obliteration of all oil and gas installations as well as ships on both sides of the Strait of Hormuz. Under such circumstances, the closure of the Strait would be the least of Bolton's problems.
    The Emirati and Saudi regimes would most probably swiftly collapse. Millions of indentured servants would overrun Abu Dhabi and Dubai while Yemeni forces and their regional allies would overwhelm Saudi Arabia as western occupation forces would be expelled from the region. Millions of people would stream towards Europe, even as the EU and the rest of the world would be facing an economic catastrophe.


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