Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 29, 2021, #303


Dane Wigington

The science community is finally admitting that the state of the biosphere is far more dire than previously disclosed and that any recovery would take “millions of years”. What core factor in the equation is still being completely denied? One only has to look to our skies for the answer. Climate engineering operations continue to be ramped up as the CV-19 scenario expands. All the while the constant flow of disinformation and propaganda being pushed on populations is growing worse by the day. Far too many are still trying to convince themselves that if they do everything they are told to do by "official sources", their lives will “go back to normal”. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The geoengineers have consistently concentrated on cooling down the eastern half of North America (the most populated portion of the US) for nearly a decade. Doing so maintains the population's confusion and division regarding the true severity of planetary heating. The NASA "departure from normal high temperature" map below reveals the average rate of planetary warming from April 2012 through April 2021. The most anomalously "less warm" terrestrial region in the entire world for the last 9 years in a row is clearly the eastern half of North America. This is not the result of Nature, it is climate engineering.

The NOAA "forecast" map below (scheduled weather) is truly shocking. The map reflects "departure from normal high temperatures" that are "predicted" (being engineered). The weather makers are forcing the climate system far past the breaking point, frying the US West in the ongoing attempt to artificially cool other parts of the country. Climate engineering operations continue to create freeze / fry extremes.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Expo Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

31 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 29, 2021, #303

  1. Raymond says:

    Stopped raining here for almost 24 hours straight and the forecast showed only 35% or less possibilities for rain all week.

    Guess what?… It has been raining all morning long and it is only in the 60's. And the clouds just keep getting darker and darker! Forecast flipped one hour ago and now calls for a 90% chance of rain today and for the next three days.

    Simply a perfect example of what you have been preaching about for years now Dane. VPD or Vapor Pressure Deficit!

    Plain old common sense should be telling the masses… "What if someone has somehow received approval or authorization from their government, to start a solar engineering program that's being discussed about on the internet by academia and the US military right now?… What if the whiplash weather events, heatwaves and drought in the West, flooding rains and freaky cool temps in the South, sweltering temps in the Siberian Arctic regions and other anomalous floods and droughts, are happening exactly as the experts have warned might happen, if we do finally begin solar engineering of our skies?

    Common sense alone should be telling the human race that if what they are saying is true. Then the 100 plus degree heatwave in the northwest and California especially. Where they're seeing the worst drought in over 12,000 years. And the massive rain with freaky cool temps in Texas "in JUNE"… could all very well be the negative results of just such a geoengineering project. 

    Should make absolute sense to anyone, that if the weather patterns are somehow being manipulated to help mitigate the effects of climate change or global warming. Then, if it's cooler and raining in places it shouldn't be. It only stands to reason, that it will make other places hotter and drier… where it also shouldn't be.

    Climate change should mean that every location on the planet would be experiencing a rollercoaster of abnormally wet and cold periods, followed by dry and hot periods. Not extremes of opposites in the same locations, for years and years on end… as the advocates for solar engineering have warned.

    Global warming should mean that as the entire planet (definition of GLOBAL) slowly, or even rapidly warms up. The result would most certainly be, much more water vapor being trapped in the atmosphere by the build up of greenhouse gases… and it "should be raining more and more" EVERYWHERE on the planet! Including polar or arctic regions, as they warm up from weaker jet stream degradation.

    But those scenarios are not what's happening and what is happening, is almost identical to what the so called geoengineering experts are telling us, would, may, might, could happen… if we become desperate enough to try a human intervention of the world's "out of control"  heating cycle.

    AKA… Geoengineering!

    As I've stated before. The human race appears to be losing intelligence and going into a devolution phase. Where it is becoming more closely related to the reasoning abilities of Neanderthals. 

    However, if they were ever to see climate engineering planes spraying their toxic muck in the sky. They would still have enough common sense to get as far away from the aerosol fallout as possible. Then find where the planes land and sneak in under the cover of night. Where they would then… smash those planes into a heap of scrap metal with their clubs and rocks!

    We just look up and say: "Cool. Isn't that just the neatest thing you ever saw? That plane is making circles and checkerboard patterns, with it's contrails. WOW!… I gotta' take photos and video of this with my cellphone,"


  2. penny waters says:

    what can i say about the weather – not real – makes for strange plant growth but i think what i hate the most is th red blotches that appear on fruit, especially lemons, and a wooly that i left out to dry

    big red blotches – makes the lemons go off what's it doing to our lungs?

    what a time to live through

    take care 

  3. KillingUsSoftly says:

    Spraying last night, numerous zapped clouds, it's all so disgusting not just because of the act itself but the total lack of awareness of it all. This morning I saw soemthing I havent seen before, a low flying jet under the milky white "cloud" cover that drifted in after the clearer skies of dawn. I looked up of course and saw the craft. It didnt look like anything was dispersed until afterwards, when a trail appeared under the existing fake cloud cover. The craft was long gone but visible on the horizon and it was perhaps 2 minutes later when I could see some sort of opaque dispersion left behind. No markings on the plane, a low flying jet airliner with 4 turbo jet engines, depositing 1 thick trail under the canopy. 

  4. Double O Kay says:

    A family I know who are farmers and well-connected contacted me today with a warning that there are soon to be severe shortages of produce and meat in our country. We all know this is not an accident. This is part of what is she shared. With minor editing…..


    "The “hack” is fake. Fruits, vegetables and anything with a short shelf life from west coast is having transportation problems. Most have a max of 30 days before produce starts to rot, they are seeing maximum of 90 days before their products can be shipped across country or exported. Large corporations are being made to reduce inventory and increase prices. Farmers are not being paid to destroy crops but existing contracts with companies are leaving farmers to destroy rotten crops.There are only 3 major processing plants for meats in the USA. One has supposedly been “hacked”. Rumors are that these processing plants are limiting the amount of meats that are processed and possibly may close down because of some “problems”. _____ has talked to cattle ranchers and this what they are telling everyone. They have plenty of cattle to take to market but companies not buying."

  5. Cousin Pete says:

    Hello Dane:  As usual, another great episode. I always feel pumped and uplifted after listening to your broadcasts.  You are in my regular prayers.  

  6. Robert Latta says:

    The military has been very busy spraying their filth over my neighborhood this week. Face it, our military and our govt. is trying to sicken us, dumb us down, and kill us. We need a real Insurrection.

    • Dennie says:

      And that Insurrection, unilke the one we saw on January 6, should come from within the major portion of the military, against the Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical complex– Not gonna happen as the flyboys and GI "Joes" suck at the teat of Mammon, who feeds their desperation.  Refer to the quote of Henry Kissinger on the subject as stated in this broadcast.  

  7. Raymond says:

    Just exactly how over 300 million people are unable to question the Frankenstien climate whiplashes in this country and accept that Nature is simply going through "a phase" right now. Absolutely blows my mind and makes me think that the bulk of the human race is basically having a mental breakdown. Where they slowly retreat into a state of mind that shuts down their cognitive skills entirely and become totally isolated, from any sense of reality and ability to reason for themselves. Becoming the equivalent of a severely traumatized mental patient that falls into a vegetative state and puts up a neurological wall to the outside world. Completely unresponsive to stimulation, from those of us who are still in the here and now. Those of us that still have intuition and gut feelings about our surroundings and the unnatural environment, we are being forced to accept… by those in the power structure elites.

    110 degrees in Redding and 78 degrees in Dallas, isn't something that Nature would normally do in the month of June. But of course, it wouldn't bake California and send Texas into a deep freeze, in the middle of February either. I know that. You and Dane knows that. But that doesn't even raise a single ounce of suspicion, with more than 300 million other people in this country? (other than the Q'anon idiots in this world, who have created their own version of reality)

    None of this follows the "Natural Order" of the laws of evolution and even the laws of physics or psychology. Nor does it follow the constricts and constraints of any fact based realities that are fundamental to our very existence.

    It's so obvious that humans have acquired the ability to manipulate, or even control climate patterns… even to that of a five year old child, who hasn't yet had their mind flushed of natural genetically produced intelligence… and replaced with academia created artificial servitude intelligence.

    However, the masters of this new unnatural world know this as well and that's why they have added climate control plane trails, into the skies of Disney classics and preschool learning videos. In order to start molding their minds as soon as possible and keep them from questioning future Frankenstien weather events. 

    We have shattered all rainfall records for the month of May and it has also been cooler than any other year, since temperatures have officially been recorded in this part of Texas. Today alone my rain gage shows over EIGHT inches of rain and I have three foot deep rivers, flowing down both sides of my property. There is a one acre, five foot deep lake in my back yard and only a six foot wall of sandbags, is keeping it from flooding my home right now! AND I live on one of the highest hills in this county!

    The high water crossing gage on the farm road about 1/4 mile away, goes up to eight feet and it disappeared entirely below the raging current of runoff water… for the first time ever in this town!

    Yet you won't find any of this being reported in the mainstream media news outlets. Because the very same people who help to run the climate control empire. Control everything that happens in this town and no one is exempt, from being guinea pigs in their weather experiments. No one!

    I have no idea why they are diverting Gulf of Mexico atmospheric rivers and forcing them to release their flow here. Unless it has to do with the science of altering jet stream patterns and creating the high pressure dome of super heated air that's now forming over the northwest and Canada right now. We are only cooler because of the never ending rain and I learned from meteorology classes, at a very young age that rain is the natural air conditioning of the planet. It is a very dynamic part of Earth's cooling process and without it, the majority of the planet slowly transforms into an arid desert.

    Dane and the other residents of California are experiencing this for themselves first hand and over the last 13 years or so, it has transformed their once pristine and majestic forests, into a scorched landscape of burnt spires that are like ghosts of trees now. Ever since climate engineering operations turned off their rain faucets and turned the heating thermostat up from Earth to the Venus setting.

    Northern California was always known for having a natural type of air conditioning system. With cool ocean breezes and heat mitigating rain showers that formed as easterly air currents, flowed over the mountain range peaks and interacted with pacific air currents. Now all of those natural climate cycles have been replaced with artificially created high pressure ridges and domes. Diversion of atmospheric rivers to areas of the atmosphere that release their flow, hundreds of miles further north and over a thousand miles further east.

    Nature and climate change, or even global warming are not the driving factors behind such incredible detours from the norm. Only deliberate and planned climate engineering operations could possibly achieve such nefarious results in only a decade or so of time. Just like the never ending coronavirus variants that appear overnight. Only natural processes that occur over hundreds of years, could possibly transform California's environment and create mutated variants of a virus.

    I am so tired of climate change being blamed for Everything! The reality is that an elite group of humans have become addicted to technologies that gives them God-like powers, and they have found a way to control nature and their fellow humans with it… and will do ANYTHING to keep their new found toys.

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond

      oh, oh, what's happening – water, scary stuff – keep safe – others too

      hope the water is receding now

      hear so little about others lives around the world – they talk about a global world but that is just a con so they can keep moving trade and people around to make as much money as pos 

      i have very little faith in the 'people in charge' actually knowing what is going on – amongst people or in the environment

      biggest problem with moneyed people is they are not looked after by their mums or see their dads on a regular basis

      that leads to emotional detachment from humans – first family and then the rest of the world – so no real link into us humans with feelings!

      and there are too many of us – and we are so greedy – and clumsy 

      methinks the earth we live on does not have the carrying capacity any more to have us parasitically living off it cos we do not maintain or sustain it

      and i think zombies are already here – little thought apart from bodily reactions – cannot they see – no they cannot

      think – it is our time – we are everywhere – we are in so many places that the men are fighting each other for space or money

      as i have said before – science is based on placing boundaries and measuring – but nature has no boundaries – so already there is  obviously unforeseen variability

      like the area of a circle – mathematicians cannot measure it exactly and use pi – so there's always a bit missing – bah humbug

      but so much science, especially physics is based on the measurement of circles

      and don't get me started on ecologists – the new saviours – more bah humbug

      the only way to understand nature is to live in it – and even then we are following

      chinese philosophers know that – they call it the dao

      henry james thoraeu knew it – by living in it

      i have seen things here, amongst nature, that i do not talk to many others about cos most peoples understanding of nature is flat – like themselves

      you, raymond are a breath of fresh air, as are the people who contribute to this place and the most great mate, dane

      i love it when you rant – your knowledge is astounding – not just a foot soldier – all hail to you my friend across the pond

      regards penny

    • Carol says:

      Well said

  8. Brent Papon says:

    We re talkin weeks….

    Take care of you and yours


  9. Naioma Emanuel says:

    I am really concerned here in North Las Vegas. I see the planes crisscrossing and leaving Trails behind them but this is different. The clouds dissipate faster and this probably has something to do with a change in Chemicals being sprayed. My guess it is nefarious to make us catch something new other than Sars or it is for the Injected to make them sick? I trust them as far as I could pick up an airplane and throw it. It just made me sick when they started this today! It has been nice for a few days but now we have to wonder what is going on!

  10. Gandhi 2nd says:

    Dane thank you for carrying the torch for mother earth. Your broadcasts are always informative and inspirational. I especially liked your comment on humans having to forgo our materialistic and technological addictions. We as a species need to band together as one. Not rich,nor poor. Not black or white. No. We must protect the Earth in all its beauty. A great sacrifice to many in the first world? Perhaps. It sure beats the alternative! A new way of life? Yes. This is our only solution.Whenever I propose this change most people wonder how can we go "backwards" and I say our current course is not working it is failing miserably. There eventually could be a happy medium between technology and our survival but it will require completely different and far less materialistic attitudes.It is possible. Do we really need marketing, advertising,packaging, oil and fossil fuel dependence, nuclear energy, television, resource domination, military control,etc.. These are constructs we have been indoctrinated with and now brainwashed into believing. People must wake up, sacrifice,change and resist the current way of life or we will surely all meet our demise prematurely.


    • Robin Christensen says:

      Gandhi 2nd, Thank You for also carrying the torch & spreading the spot fires of awareness.  Well stated!  I have always been bothered by marketing paraphernalia such as t-shirts for each foot race participant or water bottles, nap sacks etc..

      However, since a picture is worth a thousand words, wearing the talk while you walk (or run) has sparked interest and dialogue with passers by (have Dane's photo fact sheet on hand).  I have a t-shirt that has 'stratospheric aerosol geoengineering' written on the top.  in the middle is an image of crisscrossing aerosol trails, one line just sprayed & the other widening.  Below is written- 'Not Contrails!!!'  Better yet if you can reuse a shirt and do your own art work or have an image printed on it.

      One can go to any shirt shop or as I did- found this shirt, as mentioned above, in the internet.  My next shirt will include 'The Dimming' (image)  perhaps I'll include the graphic map from NASA shown on this week's GAN on the back of the t-shirt.

      Multiply the torch carriers!!



  11. Kelly says:

    We got hit with 3 rounds of chemically nucleated hail yesterday in Colorado. The hail ranged from dime to half dollar size, then torrential rain.

    We do not consent, and we stand with Dane and everyone at Geoengineering Watch.

    Peace and Blue Skies,

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Kelly, here in Santa Fe NM we were hit with hail at least 5 times in one day with heavy rains last week.  It practically destroyed my new flowers.  I never saw hail like that before!

  12. Carol says:

    Dane,  Thank you for taking the time this Memorial day weekend to keep us informed  of important Worldly news.   During this past week, I witnessed the births of the 17 year cicada, some have survived, others breaking through their cocoon 's were deformed, others burned to a crisp from sun exposure, or died to the temperature change. We recently had a day that reached 88 degress, in which people complained it was Hot, but  didn't feel Hot to me,  that evening , a bad storm rolled in, gusty winds, the temp dropped to 40 degress, and has been chilly and damp ever since.  From my recent post regarding the leaves falling, they are now turning orange and yellow (kinda like fall time ). Now, when the spraying is being deployed in our skies, the white lines are visible for up to 8-10 min, then fading to a slightly less white line,  Spraying is being done during cloudy days and during the night..

    We as humans have a choice to speak up, to come together, but some choose to be silent, we become weak when separated from our pack. Just like wolves, when they come together, they are strong.  We need to be strong, If everyone around the globe were to unplug the  Tv, and  escape from the dirty laundy,  no more fear, and tv ratings would drop. And Listen to Dane's weekly broadcast for the Worldly news.  🙂

    Hope everyone has a great Memorial day weekend.


    • Paul Davis says:

      Carol, same here in MA ..A few days ago we had temps in the high 80s, and then 2 days ago it rained and the temps plunged 40 degrees, now we are in the mid 40s, cold and clammy & rainy.  I am also hearing more jet aircraft, closer to ground level but obscured by the complete gray cloud cover, like a blanket… Everyone thinks this is normal…  

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Andy…..I tried to put this article on facebook, but a warning appears that by spreading "fake info" my account may be altered.   Nice huh?   Hopefully more people will read it here.  Thanks for submitting it.  Laura

    • Raymond says:


      That info on new CDC testing guidelines is extremely alarming, but not surprising at all to me personally.

      Let me explain- My brother and four of his fellow coworkers in Fort Worth, where they performed duties as Water Treatment Plant Operators. Died in 2009 of a mysterious illness after six to nine weeks of agonizing symptoms and the CDC was called in to run tests.

      They (the CDC) eventually supervised their treatment 24/7, until their passing just days or weeks later. And their official report claimed that they had all died from complications of a Herpes lung infection.

      Me and his primary care physician could not accept those results and we both suspected that it was actually Legionnaires disease. With their infections coming from the cooling towers that only those five were exposed to, during their water sample testing rounds.

      So a sample of his blood that the doctor kept refrigerated, was sent off for testing and the results came back positive for SARS Covid-2. Then it was reported to the CDC by the lab and his doctor.

      Well the CDC had a federal judge dismiss the labs findings and had the results changed to "Inconclusive- possible sample contamination".

      So the blood samples of the four others who also died from a "Herpes Viral Infection", were sent for testing and they too tested positive for SARS Covid-2 and once again the CDC had them struck down, with "Inconclusive" being the official results.

      The CDC said that in their tests, all of their blood samples were below the stated Ct Value Threshold, for that specific period of time. But would most certainly have been reported as positive, if they had been performed in 2019 or 2020… according to what his primary care doctor told me recently.

      Virtually no one dies of a Herpes lung infection, when they are being treated by a hospital and supervised by a team of CDC doctors and scientists. Unless they are over 75 and already have serious underlying health issues. My brother was only 52 and in perfect health, prior to getting sick… virtually overnight.

      The CDC even sent their own pathologist to the county morgue, to do the autopsies of all five from the water department. And their death certificates all say that they died from Hemohragic Stroke and Septic Emboli… as the result of an extreme Herpes Lung Infection!

      Needless to say, that's why my comments here over the last 15 months have consistently persecuted the CDC, for covering up the official numbers in this pandemic. Because that's exactly what the Federal Government (Federal Judge striking down Brother's test results) has instructed the CDC to do now and back in 2009.

  13. Anonymous says:

    US and UK incorporated are bankrupt as of March 2020 and re-audit of February 2021. Days of endless money-printing now depends on fooling the public with letters promising welfare checks that never arrive and complaints are referred to the IRS, another bankrupt entity, who will gladly audit your taxes.

  14. Frances says:

    I read on a blog that a few days ago Brisbane, Qld., was subject to chemtrails for up to 4 hr.    Also on the northern Downs, clouds coming in from the south west looked like they had been zapped, microwaved, some sort of interference as they don't look like normal clouds.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Child Trafficking in the U.S.

    Child trafficking occurs in all 50 U.S. states
    Trafficking need not involve international borders. Trafficking can — and frequently does — occur within a single country. According the U.S. Department of State 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, 77 percent of trafficking victims are exploited within their country of residence.
    National Human Trafficking Hotline statistics show a 25 percent jump in human trafficking cases from 2017 to 2018. This includes sex and labor trafficking. Of the more than 23,500 runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 2018, 1 in 7 were likely victims of child sex trafficking.
    Most trafficking victims in the United States are U.S. citizens
    Many people assume the majority of trafficking victims in the U.S. are undocumented immigrants. In reality, most domestic trafficking victims are U.S. citizens.


    About NCMEC / National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    In 1984, John and Revé Walsh and other child advocates founded the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as a private, non-profit organization to serve as the national clearinghouse and resource center for information about missing and exploited children.
    Unfortunately, since many children are never reported missing, there is no reliable way to determine the total number of children who are actually missing in the U.S.
    When a child is reported missing to law enforcement, federal law requires that child be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, also known as NCIC.
    According to the FBI, in 2020 there were 365,348 NCIC entries for missing children. In 2019, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 421,394.
    This number represents reports of missing children. That means if a child runs away multiple times in a year, each instance would be entered into NCIC separately and counted in the yearly total. Likewise, if an entry is withdrawn and amended or updated, that would also be reflected in the total.
    During the last 36 years, NCMEC’s national toll-free hotline, 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678), has received more than 5 million calls. NCMEC has circulated billions of photos of missing children, assisted law enforcement in the recovery of more than 348,000 missing children and facilitated training for more than 379,000 law enforcement, criminal/juvenile justice and healthcare professionals. NCMEC’s Team HOPE volunteers have provided resources and emotional support to more than 77,000 families of missing and exploited children.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Children paying the price of 'absolute chaos' at border

    A U.S. combat veteran who has a heart for children who are victims of human trafficking is gravely concerned about the current situation along the U.S.-Mexico border – and he's blaming the border policies of the Biden administration.
    With America's southern border in crisis, cartels and predators are exploiting children for incomprehensible reasons. According to a recent report by The Texan, at least two counties in the Lone Star State have declared states of disaster out of concerns for human trafficking and the inability of the federal government to prevent the victimization of children.
    Craig "Sawman" Sawyer is the founder of Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR) and a Texas native. He agrees with the disdain over human trafficking, human smuggling, and other violence on the southern border. In that regard, he tells One News Now, "[President] Biden's border policies are an absolute disaster."
    The V4CR founder describes the situation as "absolute chaos [and] mayhem at the southern border." And in the midst of the chaos, he tells One News Now, children are being exploited and harmed "at a rate never before seen."
    "[Children] are being utilized as a free ticket to get across the border, [and in some circumstances, it means] anyone from any country can pay the cartel to place a child into the hands of anyone pretending to be a family unit – and [that's their ticket to] come into the United States, unhindered," he explains.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks — 3 Resources You Can Use to Inform Your School or Employer
    Under federal law, employers and universities cannot legally mandate COVID vaccines because they are unlicensed Emergency Use Authorization products which are, by definition, experimental.
    With more than 100 U.S. colleges mandating COVID vaccines for in-person attendance and schools enforcing mask mandates, it’s critical people understand their rights.
    The bottom line is this: mandating products authorized for Emergency Use Authorization status (EUA) violates federal law as detailed in the following legal notifications.
    All COVID vaccines, COVID PCR and antigen tests, and masks are merely EUA-authorized, not approved or licensed, by the federal government. Long-term safety and efficacy have not been proven.
    EUA products are by definition experimental, which requires people be given the right to refuse them. Under the Nuremberg Code, the foundation of ethical medicine, no one may be coerced to participate in a medical experiment. Consent of the individual is “absolutely essential.”
    Earlier this year, Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president and general counsel, and attorney Greg Glaser stated that federal law prohibits employers from mandating EUA COVID vaccines (or EUA COVID-19 tests or masks).

    • Robert St John says:

      Thank you Susan for your contributions to this site,  I always look forward to reading them, very informative. Take care.

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Science & Tech
    Amazon Mocked For Providing Employees Dystopian ‘Mindful Pods’ To Take Mental Breaks In
    The ‘spiritual kiosk’ is literally a plot point from a renowned dystopian movie
    Amazon has come under fire once again for the way it treats its employees after the company began encouraging them to get inside coffin sized pods in order to ‘recharge’ their ‘mental and emotional’ batteries.
    The company calls them ‘zen booths’ or ‘Amazen’ in a video that it posted to Twitter and subsequently deleted just hours later after it was relentlessly mocked and criticised.

    • Lynn says:

      Susan, posting this to let you know how much I appreciate all the information you gather for us. Amazon recently bought out MGM, including the rights to their all films. The company has truly morphed into a monster of epic size, but if you think outside the box – Amazon's acquisition is just proof Hollywood's reign is over and yet another sign of the coming collapse. 

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    American Governors Sign Laws To Ban Vaccine Passports & Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination
    May 27, 2021
    Governors from many American states are now framing a legal structure and are signing laws to ban Vaccine Passports and mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. Governors from Wyoming, South Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas have issued executive orders to prohibit Covid-19 Vaccine Passports, while North Dakota, South Carolina, Arkansas and Utah have passed bills into law to prohibit Vaccine Passport.

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