Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 5, 2019, #217


Dane Wigington

Wild weather whiplash events are finally being acknowledged by mainstream sources. Will the ever increasing "corporate media mass distraction" continue to divert public attention from the wider horizon? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Waking populations to all the converging challenges that are closing in is essential, reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to thank Maciej Kocialkowski for coming to Redding, California, all the way from Florida, to meet with other activists and to set up a informational booth at the Redding Library (10/2/19).

Larry Burns, Kathy Burns and Maciej Kocialkowski worked together to raise awareness of global geoengineering operations at the Hood River City Hall, Hood River, Oregon (10/4/19). 

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Center, Sacramento, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

40 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 5, 2019, #217

  1. jodie b says:

    The HUGE temp changes within a 24 hour period are happening in the Denver area too. Last Thursday it was 80 degrees by morning it was 17 degrees and snowing hard. It killed the LAST OF MY ORCHARDS TREES which had fruit on it ready to be picked. Whatever was in that snow made all the leaves turn black and crunchy by the next day Saturday. THEY ARE REMOVING ANY ABILITY FOR US TO GROW FOOD. Just ask Danny on you tube "Deep south homestead", or Tj (also on you tube Bear Independent or PJF on Viking Preparedness…THEY ARE ALL SAYING THE SAME THINGS. I PERSONALLY KNOW TJ FROM BEAR INDEPENDENT AND HE SAYS THERE IS A FOOD SHORTAGE IN THE CENTER OF THE COUNTRY WHERE MOST FOOD IS GROWN.  All I can say is if you are not storing food for your family for years to come,you must be wearing earplugs , blindfolded and suffering from dimentia already. Please get yourselves ready folks or you will be one of the 6 billion dead statistics Dane just spoke of.

    Its here and it will stay here.

  2. Joseph says:


    Alais Clay – We Will March

    Alot of great environmental stuff in this video song


  3. Shepard says:

    The following article may be of interest:

    Northern California hit by mega power cuts over wildfire fears

    With weather forecasts predicting high winds, the move is intended to prevent the risk of fallen power lines igniting more wildfires.

    • Dale K says:

      Saddleridge Fire burning in Sylmar, Granada Hills, Porter Ranch; 1 dead, dozens of homes damaged with mandatory evacuations issued
      Eyewitness News 7
      By Veronica Miracle, John Gregory, Alex Cheney, Jade Hernandez and staff
      Oct 11, 2019

      One person died in connection to an aggressive brush fire that broke out in Sylmar late Thursday night, leaving over 4,700 acres scorched and prompting mandatory evacuation orders for 25,000 homes as flames ripped through residential areas.

      Officials held a press conference on the Saddleridge Fire Friday morning, in which they reported a man died of cardiac arrest as a result of the wind-driven blaze. A firefighter suffered a "minor" eye injury and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. At least 45 homes were destroyed in the whipping inferno, with the greatest area of impact on homes lost in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles fire officials said.

  4. Andy says:

    Why is it that so many links to maps showing the areas to be affected by the upcoming PG&E California power cut-off are blocked by 451 government restriction errors? 

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: Regarding the PG&E California power cut off, have a look at their spraying operations on this image of the targeted area from NASA Worldview, date Oct.8, 2019.

      CBS: Millions of people in California could be without electricity for days. PG&E started shutting off power overnight in more than half of California's 58 counties in what the company is calling an "unprecedented wildfire danger." Roughly 800,000 customers are expected to be impacted.

    • Dale K says:

      Get a load of this: 

      PG&E gas employees wined and dined just before mass power outages
      J.D. Morris | SF Chronicle
      Oct. 10, 2019

      As their colleagues prepared for an unprecedented forced power outage to millions of people across California, executives from the natural gas side of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. thought they had something more important to do: wining and dining on the company dime, The Chronicle has learned.

      PG&E confirmed that 10 to 12 employees on the gas side of the business were mingling with 50 to 60 of their top customers at a winery in Sonoma County on Monday and Tuesday. It was in the run-up to PG&E’s unprecedented power shut-offs for hundreds of thousands of customers this week, a highly controversial act that could cost the California economy $2.6 billion by some estimates and even put people in harm’s way.

  5. Duane Martin says:

    Another eloquent summarization of the week's destruction going on around the world by humanity, Dane.

      "Man and nature must work hand in hand.  The throwing out of balance of the resources of nature throws out of balance also the lives of men." -Franklin D. Roosevelt 

    "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case, he is justly accountable to them for the injury."  – John Stuart Mill

  6. Gary Cristani says:

    Today the planes move in and spray and tomorrow it will be cold just like clockwork.Tthe scheduled weather in Reno NV. for tomorrow.

    • Dale K says:

      Meanwhile, over in the Far East, Tokyo residents should brace themselves to withstand the impact of Super Typhoon Hagibis, which is sporting wind gusts up to 195mph and is projected to make landfall on October 12.

      Typhoon Hagibis: Monster storm STRONGEST on Earth – Violent 195mph wind gusts
      Amalie Henden | Express UK
      Oct 9, 2019

      Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton said on Monday Hurricane Dorian, which caused extensive damage to the Bahamas last month, was the strongest storm on Earth so far, considered in terms of pressure.

      Hurricane Dorian had a pressure of 910 millibars but Super Typhoon Hagibis is now thought to have exceeded that pressure.

      Hagibis has drawn the attention of experts from around the world for its rapid intensification and according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the central pressure of the typhoon fell by 77 hectopascals to 915 by 6pm on Monday over the previous 24 hours.

      The pressure was forecast to fall further to 905 hectopascals by Wednesday evening, according to the agency.

    • Alan says:

      Hi, Dale K:

      Might want to take a look at the history of 2015 hurricane Patricia.  At the time, it was said to be the strongest hurricane ever recorded.  In fact, it was so strong, it reportedly broke the equipment they were using to measure its ferocity.  As it rapidly approached the Mexican coast it suddenly, and I mean suddenly, came apart and meekly meandered across the mainland as your run of the mill tropical depression, i.e., a little rainstorm.   How in the world could that have happened?  All I'm saying is that, since nature is no longer driving the weather bus, nothing would surprise me in the case of the Japanese typhoon.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Gary Cristani:  "They" have been spraying like there's no more tomorrow here in the S.F. Bay Area– big long white streaks all the hello-ver the sky yesterday though somewhat less today.  After all that spraying yesterday we got gusty wind and it really cooled off.  Welcome to the annual Fall season Weather Modification Games!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Wait a minute– I thought I heard that the big hurricane that went through the Bahamas had winds gusting to 200 m.p.h..  Did I hear wrong or was that just more lies from Trump & Co.?

    • Brenda Bonini says:

      That is the same in Michigan and when i bring this up to friends the number one answer is.. "thats Michigan"…so sick of that answer..lets just ignore all the lines and smears in the sky..people are ignorant..if they want to be. Im tired of being called "crazy" too..

    • Dale K says:

      FWIW: Here is the Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecast for Super Typhoon (STY) Hagabis.

      TAU 24 = 24 hours, TAU 72 = 72 hours

      WDPN31 PGTW 101500


  7. BaneB says:

    Pacific Gas & Electric has issued notice of power shutdowns for large areas of Northern California.  Indeed, the National Weather Service has a map posted for most of the north state.  This is due to very high winds beginning tonight.  The reason is to prevent wild fires in case of live power lines breaking.  They say to be prepared for outages of 3 to 5 days in some areas because some lines have to be slowly rejuiced. The last time this occurred Paradise, California burned up….same conditions, same warnings.  There is a chance of rain for the north state starting next Tuesday or Wednesday.  I noticed a spinning low out in the eastern Pacific.  Of course the weather terrorists can quash this if it so suits their agenda.   Also, here in central Mendocino County the jets are back after a long hiatus (they usually spray out off the coast nowadays) spraying the moisture-robbing aerosols.  Is this to set up a low moisture/high fire danger scenario to add to the high winds?  I hate to be so damned cynical.  

  8. Joseph says:

    Mass arrests as Extinction Rebellion takes protests global

    Monday, October 07, 2019 

    Activist group Extinction Rebellion kicked off two weeks of peaceful protests on Monday, with protesters gluing their hands to roads and chaining themselves to cars.

  9. Dennie says:

    Here's what I found in my inbox today, here's how some people are trying to help, SEECPAC, for one:  

    Scientific Integrity Act:  "A new study from New York University has determined that the United States has reached “a crisis point” in its relationship with science and politics.

    The Trump administration has undermined research and injected politics into science at an unprecedented level.

    The Environmental Protection Agency has prohibited scientists from speaking at a climate change conference, the Interior Department censored concerns about a border wall’s effects on wildlife, and Trump’s acting chief of staff put pressure on government officials to back up the President's misguided claims that Hurricane Dorian would affect Alabama.

    Government officials have resigned in protest after the administration attempted to edit reports and testimony about climate change and the White House has invited climate change deniers to events and panels and disbanded independent scientific review boards.

    The new report calls for stronger laws against financial conflicts, the suppression of science, and new standards that would enshrine scientific independence in our laws and guidelines.

    And this is not just about pushing back against Donald Trump – past presidents have attempted to use science for the benefit of their own political agenda or party, too. Science and facts should always be prioritized no matter who is in office.

    However, the Trump administration's egregious violation of scientific norms is of particular concern, and Congress must take action to ensure the integrity of federal scientific data.

    SEEC co-chair Rep. Paul Tonko has introduced legislation to develop scientific integrity standards. The Scientific Integrity Act would establish policies for federal agencies that fund, conduct, or oversee scientific research."

    And this, re the "Patriot" Act:  

    Section 215 allows the government to collect an astonishing amount of our personal information, without ever needing a warrant or suspicion of a crime. When Edward Snowden blew the whistle on government abuses of privacy, the most egregious and damning news was that Section 215 of the Patriot Act was being used to spy on essentially all U.S. residents by collecting call records known as ‘metadata’.2

    While virtually all of us have been impacted by and spied on under Section 215, we know that we’re not all being surveilled equally—the government spies on communities of color and immigrants more than others.

    One small example of its effect is the FBI's recent designation of "Black Identity Extremists" as domestic terrorists which has allowed the Trump administration to justify spying on Black Lives Matter activists.3 Simultaneously, people who communicate with family and friends overseas are particularly exposed4, which only exacerbates the very real fear that immigrants and Muslim communities experience in this country.

    This shouldn’t be a hard decision. The Patriot Act has been unpopular across the U.S. for years now5, and letting Section 215 automatically end would be one tiny, positive step towards common sense and standing down on our senseless forever wars.

    Right now, it’s hard to say how this vote will go, which means contacting Congress can make all the difference.

    Make that difference. Let Congress know now: It’s time to let Section 215 of the Patriot Act finally dissolve into history.

    Thank you for all you do,

    Ishraq, Sijal, Lau, and the MPower Change team

  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    In fast-thawing Siberia, radical climate change is warping the earth beneath the feet of millions
    Anchorage Daily News / Anton Troianovski, Chris Mooney
    ON THE ZYRYANKA RIVER, Russia – Andrey Danilov eased his motorboat onto the gravel riverbank, where the bones of a woolly mammoth lay scattered on the beach. A putrid odor filled the air – the stench of ancient plants and animals decomposing after millennia entombed in a frozen purgatory.
    "It smells like dead bodies," Danilov said.
    The skeletal remains were left behind by mammoth hunters hoping to strike it rich by pulling prehistoric ivory tusks from a vast underground layer of ice and frozen dirt called permafrost. It has been rapidly thawing as Siberia has warmed up faster than almost anywhere else on Earth.  Scientists say the planet's warming must not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) – but Siberia's temperatures have already spiked far beyond that.
    A Washington Post analysis found that the region near the town of Zyryanka, in an enormous wedge of eastern Siberia called Yakutia, has warmed by more than 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) since preindustrial times – roughly triple the global average.
    The permafrost that once sustained farming – and upon which villages and cities are built – is in the midst of a great thaw, blanketing the region with swamps, lakes and odd bubbles of earth that render the land virtually useless.
    … Siberians who grew up learning to read nature’s subtlest signals are being driven to migrate by a climate they no longer understand.
    This migration from the countryside to cities and towns – also driven by factors such as low investment and spotty Internet – represents one of the most significant and little-noticed movements to date of climate refugees. The city of Yakutsk has seen its population surge 20% to more than 300,000 in the past decade.
    And then there's that rotting smell.
    As the permafrost thaws, animals and plants frozen for thousands of years begin to decompose and send a steady flow of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere – accelerating climate change.
    "The permafrost is thawing so fast," said Anna Liljedahl, an associate professor at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. "We scientists can't keep up anymore."
    … In the summer, huge blazes tore through Siberian boreal forests, unleashing yet more carbon into the atmosphere. Some scientists fear worsening northern fires are amplifying the permafrost damage. Meanwhile, six time zones away (but still in Siberia) on the Yamal Peninsula, monstrous craters have opened up in the tundra. Scientists suspect they represent sudden explosions of methane gas freed by thawing permafrost.
    … Over the past 50 years, temperatures in most of Yakutia have risen at double or even triple the global average rate, according to work by Yakutsk-based scientists Fedorov and Alexey Gorokhov. The town of Zyryanka has warmed by just over 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) from 1966 to 2016, according to their analysis.
    The Post's analysis, which uses a data set from Berkeley Earth, looks further back. It shows that Zyryanka and the roughly 2,000-square-mile area surrounding it has warmed by more than 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) when the past five years are compared with the mid- to late 1800s.
    Some regions of Siberia bordering on the Arctic Ocean are warming even faster, The Post's analysis shows.
    Desyatkin, at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk, found that the changes are even more dramatic underground. From 2005 to 2014, his team found, the number of days with below-freezing temperatures three feet below the surface fell from around 230 days a year to 190.
    That is significant because enormous wedges of ice lie under Yakutia.
    … ancient plant and animal remains trapped inside the Yedoma are exposed to nonfreezing temperatures – or even the open air. That, in turn, activates microbes, which break down the remains and unleash carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, especially from the thawing plant material.
    Scientists estimate that the Earth's Yedoma regions contain between 327 billion and 466 billion tons of carbon. Were it all released into the atmosphere, that would amount to more than half of all human-caused emissions from greenhouse gases and deforestation between 1750 and 2011.


    • penny waters says:

      i can hardly believe what i am reading …..

                                         ….but at the same time why am i not surprised?

      scary is an inadequate word

  11. Donna-Arizona says:

    "The Climate Crisis May Wipe Out 6 Billion People". I heard that's been the plan for a while, it's even written in stone! The Georgia Guidestones in eight languages. Those at the top only want 500 million useless eaters to do their dirty work, you know, to grow their food, be their sex slaves, body parts, etc. 

    9II went off like a hitch, and no one's been prosecuted. Not George or his younger brother Marvin who guarded those towers in the weeks prior, and I question if there were any planes, especially when the only shots of the planes come from main stream media. CGI? And you can bet that those who orchestrated that day are working on another. Pathogens in clouds? Good way to get rid of 6 billion and blame it on the climate. I wonder if Ken Caldeira knows Bill Gates, Bill's always worrying about a "Pandemic!"

    Anyway, Sun, there was a light band of moisture coming in from the west just south of my home here in Arizona, and after 2 weeks of NO planes, NO aerosols, the spraying returned. There was already some spraying before I brought out the camera. The long trails dry us up and the short trails cool us down, and you pilots will not get a "Free Pass" when it comes time for prosecution.

    From 720am to 840am 10-6-19

    Southwest Air WN5396 LAX to New Orleans 37,000 ft Long Trail

    Southwest Air WN4099 Houston to Orange County 40,000 ft Short Trail

    Southwest Air WN3789 Houston to LAX 36,000 ft Long Trail 

    Southwest Air WN5312 LAX to Atlanta 39,000 ft Short Trail

    Southwest Air WN4990 San Jose to Austin 37,000 ft Long Trail 

    Qantas QFA7 Sidney to Dallas 41,000 ft Short Trail

    Aeromexico AM695 Vancouver to Mexico City 37,000 ft Long Trail 

    Delta Air DL284 LAX to Atlanta 39,000 ft Short Trail

    Southwest Air WN5688 New Orleans to LAX 38,000 ft Long Trail

    Delta Air DL731 San Diego to Atlanta 35,000 ft Long Trail

    Delta Air DL617 Tampa to LAX  36,000 ft Long Trail

    Southwest Air WN4926 Austin to San Jose 36,000 ft Long Trail 

    American Eagle AA6020 San Antonio to LAX 36,000 ft Long Trail

    Alaska Air AS351 Austin to San Jose 36,000 ft Long Trail

    Delta Air DL2737 Orlando to LAX 38,000 ft Long Trail

    I suspect Mon will be much of the same as there is that light band of moisture there again.

  12. penny waters says:

    'they print money out of nothing – and they intermarry'

    'synarchy – a secret ruling body'

    i like anthropology – to me it explains the behaviour of humans as animalistic – run by our species animal behaviour

    i have always got so upset by human behaviour that i have had to find a way of calming the mind (and so – the emotions) so that i have spent my life trying to understand people from lots of different angles

    and looking at people from different angles makes me stop blaming them as idiots and expecting better from them

    how can humans stop themselves from immoral behaviour that seems not so to them, but immoral to me?

    there is a new organisation called 'the brain institute', formed by two main groups – neuroscientists and philosophers – to study consciousness

    how conscious am i, how conscious are we?

    how can a person be conscious of the destruction of our planet if that person never looks up at the sky, never feels rain or wind – except as a nuisance

    i am a very judgemental person, especially now, at my age, i seemed to have woken up to the lack of honesty in others and can feel how deep they feel – and many do not feel deeply – so do not see the skies and wouldn't know truth if it came up and smacked 'em around the back of the head

    environmentalists seem to be the worst – or is it just because tis fashionable to be an 'environmentalist'

    i sat in a green party meeting quite recently in the hope that there was an inkling of the real dangers facing us – nope!!!

    there was a visiter talking biodynamics and about bees and how the bee keepers cut the queen bees wings so they can't fly away and swarm somewhere else – and as he pointed out – controlling any creature like that will take away its vitality as a species 

    i was shocked and gasped at the cruelty, even before he spoke about the species vitality, but noticed i was the only one – as did he!

    so few humans with sensitivity to other creatures – although the hornet that stung my ear and made my face and neck blow up – is not my favourite creature at present

    humans are in the main (haha – said i was judgemental) – dumb and thick – especially the synarchy – who intermarry and who replicate their lack of decent morality – cultural understanding and behaviour

    same with the eu – autocracy – not available to ordinary feelings – with their sharp suits and high handed attitudes

    boris may be a toff and a bit loose handed but i believe he has courage in the face of slippery geezers – who say one thing and do another – especially behind closed doors

    and here's another laugh –  a young woman comes from the moneyed class, travels across the atlantic a number of times to be used by a rich dirty old man, who obviously is so emotionally inadequate that he cannot form a normal relationship with a woman, she is also a playboy bunny, went to private school too – now she is hollering about how she was used!!! seemed to have been paid well!!!

    yes, started when she was in her late teens – but didn't she look out into the world and see that the human world is a dangerous place with all sorts of looneys about – look after yourself – that's what my parents taught me – cos no-one else will

    they may intermarry but they have no clue about how life should be spent – interacting with others co-operatively – but then who do?

    we do not live in villages or recognisable tribes or even families any more – that's why i like anthropology – explains to me why we struggle these days – just too many of us disconnected except by ego and money

    wish someone would tell young women to cover themselves and keep their knees together – to bring another human being into the world is a responsibility i am glad i have never had

    will the autocrats become aware of the dangers to the air we breath

    fruit is going mouldy before ripening – what is going on – the natural world is failing around me – am trying my best to get it out there but people here are so confused – our country has become nonsensical – no-one seems to see the repitition of the eu is like ww2 – with france and germany playing out the same old 'take over' tactics – only this time economically this time

     know now why francis of assisi became a recluse and had friends who were other creatures – can learn from other creatures

    but you, you human creatures who are awake – i learn from you constantly – your generosity, knowledge and kindness keep me going

    thank you all from the bottom of my heart, cos i know you are out there feeling the pain as i do

    • Joy Williams says:

      Well said. 


    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Penny, how I TOTALLY relate to you!!! We would be good friends, if we lived near each other (I live in north Mississippi, USA). Your words about the beloved St. Francis of Assisi warmed my heart. How I love animals, and it's because of their sweet innocence. They were born to love, as humans were, but became badly corrupted. I love the quote about animals from Henry Beston:  "

      “We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature, and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion.

      “We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.

      “They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.”

      I often ask myself that since war, hatred, and competition have been shown not to work, why can we not try the opposite — love and concern for each other and every living creature, as well as our precious environment?? What a world it could have been!! Mother Nature will breathe a sigh of relief after the last human has expired. I think we're near the same age, Penny – I'm 70-1/2 and miss the world I grew up in. I too never had children and is a decision I will never regret. Thank you for your excellent posts, Penny.  You are a beautiful human being!!

  13. PatInSF says:

    Another abnormal hot Sunday day here in the Bay Area today the UV rays are extreme and sizzle your skin and eyes quickly. High fire danger and geo winds as well. I noticed the NWS has terms for its geo cool down sequence.

    "A weak embedded trough will move onshore overnight and into tomorrow morning. By the late morning, onshore flow should return helping to cool temperatures slightly along the coast."

    Straight out of the GeoEngineering playbook they create an artificial low off the coast and it slowly drifts ashore so people do not notice the usual aircraft spraying. Very tricky. 



    • Dennie says:

      Yup– and the air was full of toxic crap that shot my BP sky high and made my muscles stiff and achy– we're getting so much aluminum dumped on us and it's knocking out the serum magnesium in our bodies.  It was roasting hot in Sonoma County yesterday when I went up to the Green Center to hear the symphony play.  Very unpleasant.  Hills and all, baking like in an oven.  No wonder the place went up in flames two years ago.  Could happen on Mt. Tam, there've been some terrible large fires on the mountain but fire suppression has been the policy for so long, I just hope there are crews up there and volunteers clearing all the decades of duff…

    • Dale K says:

      The chem-crap is being sprayed overhead with a vengeance today, my tomato leaves are burning up even though their root systems are being given pretty of water and, all the while, PG&E warns Bay Area residents to be prepared for power outages this week.

      Here’s a list of Bay Area cities that may be impacted by PG&E power shutoffs
      KRON | Oct 7, 2019

      Several cities in the Bay Area are likely to be impacted by PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs this week, including parts of Napa, Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Because of windy, dry weather conditions, a Fire Weather Watch is in effect starting Wednesday at 5 a.m. in the North Bay mountains and valleys, the East Bay hills and the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Fire Weather Watch is in place until Thursday at 5 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.


    • Dennie says:

      Yes, AND today you could watch the chem streaks travel from EAST to WEST– proof positive that we have an on-shore flow, meaning the winds are reversing and now blowing from east to west, further drying the area.  NPR news via KQED-fm early this morning announced that PG&E will do pre-emptive power-downs this week in Orinda, Moraga and parts of Oakland, CA, starting Wednesday at noon until 6 p.m. Thursday– Let the Fall Weather Games begin!!!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have stuff in my freezer and plan on freezing ice blocks in half-gallon and quart paper milk cartons to keep things cool when the power-downs hit here, thawing and cooking frozen poultry and meats (mainly for Italian sauces, yum!) this weekend before the hot dry stuff gets blown over Marin County, CA and we have to power-down.  LET'S ALL GET READY for SPAGHETTI!!

  14. annelia williams says:

    be careful out there,for years now in the bellevue sun valley area,which i am sure all other placex,oct is the month those weird fake spider webs start showing up just in time for flu season,symptoms such ad sore throat and other flu like symptoms,again just in time for the flu shot push,and other flu medications,you csn find some videos on this after click on "patents" at the top of Danes page here,scoll down oast all "patents"  which this is an eye opener,anyway you can find a few videos on these fake spuder webs,in the sundoen part of the day,if you walk toward the sun with a backdrop of hills,shield the sun from your eyes you can see these webs by the millions dropping down and the shaft that goes with it.I have .suspisions of then carrying pathogens,…

    • Earth Angel says:

      Perhaps this was another one of the ideas they 'spun up' at Livermore Labs along with hiding pathogens in a cloud. We should contact Ken Caldeira and ask him. I'll bet he would know.

  15. Dennie says:

    When I'm feeling particularly hopeless and my world, outer and inner, is topsy-turvy, I sometimes visit the Weekly Frequency page at Aquarium  While I feel like an "out" Nancy Reagan for passing on the link to her site, I actually think that what astrologer Ralfee Finn has to say about the Trump administration's systematic dismantling of our government is really rather apropos:  "One of the first acts of Mr. Trump’s administration was to dismantle the State Department, through Tillerson, by letting go of a great many career experts. At the time it may not have registered that Trump and one of his Hungry Ghosts were stripping the State Department of its expertise; in hindsight, one can only assume they were making sure that no one would notice what they were up to. Then Trump and his Gang attacked the Justice Department and the FBI, undermining the gravitas and efficacy of those institutions by firing or maligning experts who had the experience to detect what might be going on and put the pieces together. Those who did persevere were targeted and their reputations besmirched. Once you clear the field of almost everyone who can raise a red flag and question what’s going on, you’re free to do what you like undetected and without interference. But fortunately for the country, there were and still are enough people who believe in the principles of the Constitution to question these blatant abuses of power."  [source article:]  Pretty amazing stuff, from "just" an astrologer, eh?

  16. Maciek Kocialkowski says:

    I would like thank Dane Wigington, Lori Bridgeford, and Kathy and Larry Burns for assistance I have received with setting up these events as well as with accomodations while I am traveling.

    Also big gratitude to all local activists and advocates, who really made me feel like at home, while away from it. You guys rock! It was a team effort.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for setting an example for other activists man. Appreciate you and all the others more than you know. Onward and upward!

  17. 18 years of Chicago Mercantile manipulations, police actions against sovereign nations, fascist State diplomacy, and trillions spent murdering civilian populations, we still have this little Ooops to willfully ignore: >

    CNBC 9/11 coverage as it happened live – YouTube

    Listen to Ron Insana mention the apparent "explosion" of the World Trade Center. >

    Mr. Insana did such a wonderful job covering up his singular moment of truth, he subsequently received the Pulitzer prise in journalism…


    Today in Iraq: > This is the status of human rights and civil freedoms the United States has supported since the “liberation” of Iraq. >

    Death toll in Iraq nears 100 amid violent crackdown on nationwide anti-government protests

    5 Oct, 2019 12:17


    How are things going on Yemen?  Afghanistan?  Libya?  Look it up…

    • Star Messenger says:

      Gee, I thought all we had to do to bring about "world peace" was to stop the Chem Trails, Global Warming, the "War On Terror", the never-ending impeachment of Trump, AOC and her "Gang of Four", etc.  But now I know it is going to be a lot more difficult than at first thought.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

  18. sandra pilar gil says:

    Dane I want to thank you for everything you do for our greater good your an amazing human being. I shall spread the word to people and explain to them to just look up at the skies and the answer is there. Peace to you & your family

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    As ice shrinks to year’s low, a powerful fleet of tankers sail Arctic route to Asia
    The Barents Observer / Oct.3, 2019
    Almost half of the icebreaking carriers serving the Yamal LNG this week traverse the most difficult part of Russia’s Northern Sea.  
    At least six top ice class Arc7 tankers were the last days of September and early October sailing on the eastern part of the Northern Sea Route.
    It is the most complicated part of the Arctic shipping route. Normally, ice lies thick in the area until late July and the waters again start to freeze in early October.
    Judging from information from the Northern Sea Route Administration, the «Vladimir Vize» and «Georgy Ushakov» were on their way to or from ports in Korea, while the «Nikolay Urvantsev», «Fedor Litke», «Vladimir Rusanov» and «Vladimir Voronin» had course to and from China.
    That constitutes almost half of the current fleet of icebreaking tankers serving the Yamal LNG project. A total of 13 carriers have been built for the project and the remaining two will start shuttling to the remote Russian Arctic coast in the course of the year.
    Destination Asia
    The carriers are built for the Yamal LNG, the project operated by Russian natural gas company Novatek, and all shuttle to the terminal of Sabetta.  Never before have so many of them been in the eastern part of the Northern Sea Route.

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  ‘Operation Gladio, The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia’ by Paul L. Williams (Prometheus Books, 2018) is the well documented scholarly research into the decades of operations between the CIA, organized crime, and the Vatican that would result in “conflicts, wars, rebellions, financial upheavals, and an epidemic that would forever alter the flow of world history.”
    In what follows, I have used direct quotations from the book:

    Documenting the history of this unholy alliance, the author begins in the 1940s with the creation of the Vatican Bank — and the brainchild of an American colonel who sold the idea of trafficking opiates to fund secret military operations run by the CIA. Air America, which transported opiates and cocaine during and after the Vietnam Conflict, was one known result. 30% of American service men in Vietnam became heroin addicts due to the opium flowing into Saigon.

    The target buyers for heroin in the USA were the blacks in Harlem and Washington DC.  By 1971 there were more than 500,000 heroin addicts in the United States, producing a cash flow of $12 billion. When the war in Saigon ended, the CIA moved their operations to Afghanistan. Beginning in 1979 and for the next decade, the CIA poured more than $3 billion into Afghanistan. Increasing expenditures demanded an exponential increase in poppy production.

    Banks were set up by the CIA (BCCI the Bank of Credit & Commerce International, others in the Cayman Islands & the Bahamas). Shell companies were created by the Vatican to funnel, move and launder the obscenely large amounts of money. The Vatican is said to retain 15% of all the billions of dollars they launder. The prestigious accounting firm Price Waterhouse provided phony audits. Price Waterhouse certifies the balance sheets of the Vatican.

    All of these transactions were facilitated by the Sicilian Mafia. … The CIA found Sicily not only a strategic location for military bases (Sicily's Sigonella naval base is known to have Mafia ties), but also because of the island’s pivotal importance for the narcotics industry. By 1970, the Mafia had established hundreds of laboratories within Sicily for the refinement of heroin. The Sicilian mob worked with the Nixon administration to launch the so-called war on drugs — which was designed to eradicate the competition.

    The Plague of Pedophilia:  US bishops received complaints that approximately 6,000 priests had sexually abused children. With 3,000 lawsuits pending, 525 priests were behind bars. The cost was to exceed $3 billion and forced many Catholic institutions to fall into bankruptcy. The Pope John Paul II condoned the practice of pedophilia (he thought the priests were the victims) — and refused to help dioceses financially all over the world. The Vatican is a sovereign state that cannot be subjected to any ruling by any foreign court. It remains an institution with over $50 billion in securities, gold reserves that exceed those of some industrialized nations, real estate holdings that equal the total area of many countries, and opulent palaces containing the world’s greatest art treasures.

    As the private bankers for the CIA, the Rockerfeller brothers allegedly played a strategic role in the laundering of the CIA’s money through the Vatican Bank and other parochial banks in Italy. Throughout the 1950s, the Rockerfeller Foundation provided funding for MK-Ultra, a code name given to a program of experiments intended to identify and develop drugs (LSD & others) and procedures to be used in interrogations in order to weaken the individual and force confessions through mind control.

    Gladio II has produced the war on terror, the mad scramble for control of Central Asia, false-flag attacks against Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, and the rise of the Mujahideen and the Mexican cartels. Most Americans are still unaware that the Federal Reserve is privately owned by the banking families: Morgan, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Warburg and Kuhn-Loeb make up a classic cartel. These elite families work together to manipulate the US and world economy. They print money out of nothing — and they intermarry.

    Gladio began as a covert operation to thwart the spread of communism and evolved into an effort to advance the economic hegemony of an Anglo-American money cartel (now known as the 1%). It no longer sought to make the world safe for democracy, but rather to subject humankind to the designs of a synarchy (a secret ruling body).

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