Massive Highly Toxic Algae Bloom Fuels Total Marine Ecosystem Collapse


Dane Wigington

Our oceans are dying by the day, especially along the North American West Coast. Official agencies pretend not to understand what is unfolding in our seas, this is a lie. It is the assigned task of agency "experts" and mainstream media to downplay the most dire issues in order to keep the public calm or confused. I know many agency employees and with few exceptions, this is the case. Though many independent news sources want to place the blame for the dying seas on a single source or cause, there are in fact a great many factors involved, all of them related to human activity.  One example of the countless species dying are seals which have been littering West Coast beaches.
Fukushima is one problem, but only one. The US Navy war games along the West Coast using live depleted uranium ammunition is another factor. There is of course pollution, overfishing, etc, but what are the most likely core causes? The oceans are warming at an unprecedented pace, this is due to the rapidly worsening anthropogenic greenhouse effect which has been significantly worsened by 65+ years of climate engineering. Geoengineering has destroyed the ozone layer which allows lethal levels of UV radiation through to Earth's surface. The excessive UV is decimating plankton populations and fueling the thermal buildup of heat on our planet. Climate engineering has also radically disrupted wind patterns which in turn affects ocean currents. This has contributed to extreme pockets of ocean heat due to a lack of ocean circulation and mixing. "Red tides" and the death they bring to the seas will continue to increase. Since at least 2007 the climate engineers have aggressively tried to suppress the the development of el nino events, this has greatly contributed to the ocean heat build up (and the consequences of the heat) that we are now seeing
red tide
The die-off of sea stars along the North American West Coast has also been horrific. Much of the Eastern Pacific ocean is superheating, a very dire fact that most of the population is still completely unaware of thanks to the mainstream media machine of mass distraction.
starfish die-off
A mass invasion and die-off of red tuna crabs is still occurring along the beaches of Southern California and Northern Baja. No matter how prolific and widespread the carnage becomes along our shores, for many it seems all the death is only an amusement. 
dead tuna crabs
vellela die-off
Another form of geoengineering, "ocean fertilization", is also contributing to the ever expanding dead zones around the globe. Overheated seas are dead seas, the current heat buildup on planet Earth is equal to 400,000 Hiroshima bombs per day. Rapidly rising levels of greenhouse gases and heat will intensify algae blooms and marine die-offs. We are in free fall toward what is known as "Canfield Ocean", if the oceans die, we die. Effectively and credibly exposing climate engineering MUST be our top priority if we are to salvage anything of our once thriving planet's life support systems, make your voice heard. With every day that passes, the front line data on the marine die-off is becoming more dire. The massive algae bloom unfolding on the North American West Coast is completely unprecedented.

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  1. Kate says:

    this is from fukushima, they are not reporting the true reason.  1/3 of sea life has been killed.  The sea is 'turning to blood'.

  2. Getting the truth out to the public depends on us… fighting the government through the courts is not effective in the present climate.  Open a Google account, Twitter, Facebook.

  3. Kathleen Robbins says:

    Hi Dane

    i am bewildered by your statement that conservation groups turn a deaf ear. Aren't we all after the same goals? Perhaps it is time we like-minded   Individuals form our own PAC. Your research is rock solid and should not be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. The military/industrial complex is powerful but we have a large number of supporters who could. Make a significant difference in congress. We need to identify our congressional advocates and convince the others of this finding, that our atmosphere is being manipulated by warfare tactics and it is time to stop the complex.

    • Marie Bèlanger says:

      I agree Kathleen, its time to get off of the political fingertip pointing and get something done! This isn't a political party issue, its a human issue.

  4. Alexander High says:

    Not all people out there are in denial I'm happy to say. I've been on line talking to people about the Geo engineering website and have just been thanked for pointing it out to some of them who've taken the time to look for themselves and that's a good thing.

     There are people out there who know something is wrong and they just need  a hand in being pointed in the right direction. Talking to people isn't fruitless so don't be downhearted by those idiots who are full of their own wisdom and dismiss the truth without even looking at the evidence available, they're the ones who'll kick themselves when they find out how foolish they've been. I'm concerned with getting the message across to those who want to know the truth and telling people does pay off.

    Keep talking.

    All the best 



  5. Phil Morrison says:

    The latest in rubber regulations:

  6. Carol says:

    Another Band-Aid on a huge cancer!  The focus must start with our skies. MUCH TOO LITTLE AND MUCH TOO LATE!
    From today's news quote: 
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. regulators on Friday will propose a 24 percent cut in carbon emissions for heavy-duty trucks by 2027 from expected 2018 emission levels, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters."

  7. Alexander High says:


    I don't believe anyone is about to give up, if we did we give up on our very existence and we won't do that. People are saddened and angry at the whole picture and it's naturally upsetting. Ahead is a mammoth task of getting people to wake up and the madness stopped and it's not going to be easy.

    Throughout history madmen have done some terrible and evil things to humanity and humanity have always fought back and prevailed in the end and so will we, we have to. We have to keep going and we have to win and I believe we will.

    What's the saying, the only way for bad men to succeed is for good men to do nothing or something along those lines. Evil people always think they are superior and invincible. This evil they are doing is going to backfire in their faces and when that happens god help them because no one else will.

    Keep telling those that will listen and the word will spread that will bring us closer to stopping those morons from destroying our world.

    Dane, thank you for everything you do on behalf of humanity. We need more men like you.

    God bless you all.



  8. Laura Hefner says:

    Namaste Dane , your work is so important & courageous !!  One action I take every day is to inform @ least one person of these criminally catastrophic actions Monsanto , Our govt , & corporate America has been & continues to do .  About half of those I have talked with are not in denial . . .  I Have to take some type of action for this feels like a really horrible nightmare only it isn't & my heart aches more each day . 

    Sincerely , 


  9. Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

    wake up you idiots…..

  10. Foxmenj says:

    No one is wanting to pay attention to this.  Deeply saddened here also, as I tirelessly try to expose this and wake em up.  People too interested in drinking their beers(made with toxic waters) to pay attention, or whose who in hollywood, or better yet who won last night's game.  Very irritating and they sure know how to wear down the saints.

  11. Alexander High says:

    The only way to stop this is the total defeat and destruction of the current power structures. They want us dead but they should be the ones to go not us. 

    This is our home and they are destroying it, we have the moral right to get back at them for what they are doing. They have lost their legitimacy to govern in the USA UK and Europe They do not own this world it belongs to all of us and we must fight for it, we have no other choice. The goal is to get the word out to as many as will listen and hope that people will find the courage to stand against them.


    • Laura Hefner says:

      I'm on board with taking action to take back our planet , our lives & we / I   just remain positive that one or more of us pick up the reigns & lead all living beings back to peace , love , nature & nurture . Dane has made profound progress & your response is also very important !! 


    • Earth Angel says:

      Amen Alex!  Well said sir.

  12. Marc says:

    My sense, from reading many hundreds of comments here, is of an increasing hopelessness pervading the thinking of many who come here. The gigantism of the military/corporate structure, intimidating as it is, must now be endured alongside exponentially increasing manifestations of the Faustian bargain that the assholes at the top of the "food chain" have made, and have been making for generations. The heart wrenching die-offs, the equally heart wrenching panoramas of once beautiful skies obliterated by some shithead's idea of a "fix" for global warming a.k.a. geoengineering. The respiratory illnesses, cancers, alzheimer's and autism all on the rise exponentially, likely a direct result of the incredibly heartless and diabolical ramping up of geoengineering over the last few decades. We are, every one of us, right in the crosshairs of these sub-human monsters who have somehow managed to co-opt the highest technology ever to emerge from the mind of man, and use it for the most insidious of agendas. My mind reels and my heart breaks for the wasting and damage being done on every front, our children's futures, our irrecoverable loss of species of every imaginable kind, destruction of our spectacular forests, the loss of MY OWN HOPE for a future that values sustainability, redistribution of wealth, and the utter elimination of whatever the f**k the "New World Order" is supposed to mean.

    I share in the sense of hopelessness, believe me. I have to consciously fight it off every day, because if I indulge too much in it's seductive quality, I might as well throw in the towel, stop coming to this site, stop giving a shit about geoengineering and just go drink beer and fiddle my unconscious life away. But……I can't do it. I just can't. The stakes are too high, and the onus is on those of us who are awake to this atrocity. Why? Because the vast majority of the morons who populate this country and this world won't or can't wake up to the magnitude of what's being done until the apocalypse really kicks into high gear. And even then, countless millions will never understand what brought us all to this point. Such is the obfuscation perpetrated by the assholes at the top. A glorious plan? Really? To save us all from global warming?

    Dane said in the last few days: It's always darkest just before dawn. He also said in response to someone's comment: "NEVER GIVE UP!" When I hear someone say these words, someone who has given everything for 12 or more years to stay in this fight, someone who has "seen it all", I absolutely know that to wimp out on this one, to give in to despair, is to essentially bow to the Illuminati geoengineers. But, like the great Spartan Leonidas in the movie "300", he bowed to his conqueror, Xerxes, but suddenly rose up, fought back and ultimately died in glory and honor. As a metaphor, it may not be the best, but I find it an inspiration as we face almost impossible odds.

    • Laura Hefner says:

      Wow ,  I am 100% in awe & agreement w your comments Marc , word for word , Thankyou 

    • Catherine says:

      I couldn't agree with you more Marc.   And I appreciate your anger.   I think we have been too PC to show our anger to our friends and family that won't even look at the evidence.   And even after seeing the evidence, they want more before they will accept our call to action.   I've come to believe that it's just plain laziness, that they want us to carry the load and do all the fixing.   That really pisses me off, since I have been sick with chronic pain, trying everything to find out why after living a very healthy lifestyle, most of my life.   I finally called my husband a coward last night, accusing him of not wanting to see, not wanting to take action, just wanting everyone else to fix this problem.   This morning he was peeking at an article from this website, and still wanting kudos for just looking.   I've decided it's too late to be nice about this subject, for you wouldn't not get angry at your kids for avoidance behavior harmful to themselves and others either.   We have to make others understand that it's their responsibility too, no more putting up with this passivity.   I haven't seen pure sunlight in a couple of years and everyday that I see the planes, streeks and hazy shit in the sky, I curse those creeps up there destroying our beautiful, gorgeous, planet.   Keeping it bottled up is bad for our cause.  I have a business with a lot of access to the public and try to talk to people about it in a very careful manner, just to get them to look at this website, but I have to say, it's incredibly disheartening when all the excuses begin to fly.   Sometimes I just want to scream bloody murder!

    • Melissa says:

      good article bro! I like the term Illuminati Geoengineers.

  13. Bruise says:

    The trees are all dead in my county, its messed up. I think we only have  1 year until the collapse affects food on the shelves, the idiot masses will still blame you though. The idiot slobbering masses will be angry when you tell them their apathy destroyed the world, the idiot slobbering masses will try to take what you have saved so prepare for the worst and get away from the cities. They are already trying to spin this as "your" fault because you are poor and you need things to live, doggonnit  the "job providers"  have NO responsibility in creating systems which satisfy both our needs and are ecologically sound, harmonious at the same time. No "the job providers" are a sacrosanct superior human who exist only to satisfy your voracious needs, selflessly righteous and above imperfection, your needs not their greed destroyed the world so they deserve to be in underground sanctuaries safe from the slobbering smelly masses, of course paid for by the slobbering smelly masses.  I believe we must protect the "job providers" who had to dump millions of gallons of radioactive sludge into the ocean because there was just no other way to satisfy our collective voracious need for energy and they couldn't make you drink it for your health, they got you to drink flouride though there was just no other way then to just dump it, doggonit they needed that 20,000 sq ft mansion in Aspen and Chamonix. The "job providers" had to hijack our government and charge us out the ying yang to live so they could live like kings, the "job providers" so graciously got together and calculated how much a home should cost…in years, 30-40, its not demand that sets the price for a home its your youth and vigour. "the job providers" so graciously gave us 2 years to live in retirement give or take 5 years, take. I only want revenge now, revenge on these so called "job providers" and their families who destroyed our world and relieved themselves of all morality in the process. Who are trying to blame us while maintaining a "normalcy bias" in order to make the last few adjustments to their underground worlds. Who have duped our military into betraying its sacred oath. O God grant us revenge. O God from these humble lips I pray GOD avenge this dying world.

    • Laura Hefner says:

      profoundly put , Truth , Thankyou 

    • Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when we realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few very powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.
      – U.S. President James Garfield –
      (Assassinated July 12, 1818)
      Invest in the "stock" markets. Die in the bloody streets…
      Capitalism is not that difficult to understand…

    • Marc says:

      Right on the money, my brother, right on. Thanks

  14. Joyce says:

    This unreal,  it is criminal what is going on.  I pass this info on trying to make as many people aware. Thanks Dane for all the hard work you do.

    • Ray Ceniceros says:

      I just got back from Ely, NV and I was hoping to see the clear skies Ely is known for and we saw spraying and the sky looked like Los Angeles, CA on a smoggy day. Also, we noticed in the Wheeler peak area numerous dead and dying trees. Here, in nearby Lake Mead we were informed not to swim in the green algae areas because of the toxic algae. Also, we were told if you are pregnant or have a weak immunity system not to drink our tap water.

  15. Anna says:

    There was also a large deep ocean fish that came up dead on a beach sometime last week. People were just marveling at what it was. Perhaps sea floor methane bursts are involved, as well? Deep creatures coming up suggest a huge problem. Amazing that all anyone cares about is the sociopolitical.

    What can we do to rehabilitate the oceans once the madness is halted?? Replant the sea floor? I am sure there are ways. Nature is an endlessly inventive genius.

    (Also, realized the Texas thing makes a lot more sense when I heard they tried to requisition gold from the Fed. Texas is a bit strange though, from the angle of the power structure. Of course, I suppose it's not monolithic or internally consistent.)


  16. Christine says:

    Hello Dane,

    what is your opinion on the fastest working options we have, in order to stop or even reverse it?? what can everyone do in order to start action NOW??

    Thank you,



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christine, the planet we have known is no more, not we must try to save what is left. We MUST reach critical mass of awareness, there is no other way forward, no silver bullet. We are working on all fronts including the legal arena, but we desperately need everyone in the field to help with sounding the alarm. Check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of

  17. vickey says:

    I just returned from visiting a couple islands in the Caribbean; mingling with natives, not in fancy resorts, by the way.  In 3.5 weeks I did not see any spraying going on but the region is suffering the effects of geoengineering with a severe drought while the beaches have red algae seaweed washing on the sandy shore.  I heard one wealthy island is removing it quickly to not lose tourism money.  From the plane, the dead red seaweed is clearly visible floating on the surface all over the ocean.  It gave me an eerie feeling to recognize I am but one observer of the annihilation of an innocent planet – at the same time I felt remorse for being in a plane.  No doubt, our days are numbered.

    • Lakotah says:

      Vickey, Your post confirms my previous post today. Like Dane say's, our oceans are heating up, currents are changing and marine life is and will continue to die off while other's will propagate and create what you witnessed in the Caribbean. My personal opinion is, it's too late to reverse the damage that's been done by progress, madness  and trial and error remedies like what we are witnessing. Like you said "No doubt, our days are numbered" whether it be months or a few years.  

  18. MATT says:

    The US open is at chambers bay this year. They are definately working hard to spray the crap out of all the golfers. Sky is completely hazed out in Tacoma.

  19. Denise says:

    It seems like everytime I see pictures of dead seals, they look like they were cooked on the outside.

  20. Kathleen Robbins says:

    Dane, I can't help but feel that it is time to combine the mighty efforts of all the conservation groups to build our most powerful PAC possible: Sierra Club, World Wildlife Federation,NRDC, America Farmland Trust, the Ocean Conservancy, National Parks Foundation, Defenders of Wildlife, Bee,American Rivers, just to name a few. Surely combined we can awaken many people to the immediacy of a United front. Time is of the essence before we free fall into a dead zone, a dead planet. We are the caretakers and we must do something together now!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathleen, I have tried diligently to communicate with all the groups you have mentioned, and more. The “environmental” groups are the toughest of all to reach, they are all concerned about their non profit status, this is total hypocrisy on their part. Still, we must all keep trying to promt them into finding their courage.

  21. REAPER says:

    Looks like evil is winning the battle since humanity refuses to tell the truth. This site rocks the truth out to the many that want to know the truth keep up the good fight their will be a cleansing to follow and the evil people that are doing these things surely will burn in HELL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

  22. FitBabe says:

    i live in jersey and everyday our skies are horrendous; either dark and cloudy or white washed over.  the air quality is awful i've had a sinus thing going on for like 3 weeks now and headaches on and off for days.

    there is no doubt in my mind that it is 100% related to the geo-engineering.  i believe "they" are trying to make us sick so that we slowly die but die we will.  SOOOO many people i know have cancer that it's staggering and of course scary.

    i feel like i am living in a post apocolyptic world where an apocolypse hasn't even occurred yet.  Soon i feel i will need to wear a mask the air is getting so bad.  everyday there is a white powdery substance on my car no matter what time of the year it is.  i wonder if it's from whatever concoction they are putting in the atmosphere.

    all i know is i am VERY AFRAID for our future and my son's future.  i know as a soul i signed up for this but while i'm living in it i keep asking myself why would i incarnate into such a dying world; unless i'm supposed to help save it but i feel that for all i do its still futile like the powers of darkness are just that pronounced 🙁

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello FitBabe, your efforta ARE NOT futile, you may perhaps be the final grain of sand that tilts the scale in the right direction. Check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of geoengineeringwatch .org, but will give more direction on how to help. NEVER GIVE UP.

  23. Mary Willits says:

    Dane, I have a question. When more people awaken, what is the plan to stop this? What will we do? Dont get me wrong, I am fighting tooth and nail from in my little town. I am the town clown, standin g on the corner on heavy spray days, pointing at the sky. Or I go to the newspaper office and drag the editor out to look at the desecration. I make signs with poster board and put them out on the corner. Although yesterday, my landlady called me and told me to remove my sign, which was on the sidewalk. No one responds or acknowledges that there is trouble above us.

    Back to the point, what are we going to do? We have alot of people now….cant we rise and do something right now? It seems to me we are on the brink of too late. I really hate to admit I feel that way, but what I see carried on, and getting worse up here in my little part of the world every single day, is leaving me feeling futile. I am beginning to hate people, and the jets as they spray, I cant begin to define the emotions that run through me. Except pure hatred, I know that one.

    Anyway, back to the subject. I am hoping you will see this. I know how valuable your time is tho and if I dont get an answer, I understand thoroughly. Thank you so much Dane for all you are doing. Your work is incredible, and valued by all of us. Take care! Mary

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mary, when we fully expose climate engineering to the public, when it is completely out in the open, the wheels will turn in this battle and the fur will fly. This does not mean our challenges are over by any measure. Populations around the globe will take to the streets to stop the climate engineering insanity once they are forced to face it, wait and see. Once the families of those involved with the programs understand what is happening, the paradigm will overturn. Reaching a higher level of awareness has already brought in attorneys that have now realized they are also going down with the ship, as awareness grows, so does the size of our army and the list of our allies in this fight.

  24. talawanda78 says:

    With all of the hard work you've done, Dane…and with all the shocking evidence this is just absolutely horrific, and extremely frightening.

    That said, I just want to remind people that 'while they were still asleep', and cheering the 2008 election results, the very 'first' thing Obama did was to give his Permission, (blessing) for the Military to Geo-engineer this planet. There's no fingerpointing about it; however, Al Gore was the 'pusher for this agenda'…and now you hear what the Pope is saying in Todays Headlines on Yahoo – "Pope urges revolution to save Earth, fix 'perverse' economy"  He is a Jesuit, and the Jesuit military runs this nation. They all Created the LIES to begin with, and this earth has never been in such horrible shape. THIS IS ABOUT their reason for the DePopulation Agenda…there's NO DOUBT. And Dr. Rima has the 'forced vaccine' scenario. But when the news about the population shows India and China alone, with over a billion people in a small area…this is what it's about.

    This situation that has gone completely out of control needs an end, and we need as many as we can gather to help stop it.

    Blessings to you and yours, Dane…and Thank You, for all that you do.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Talawanda, yes, the train is indeed off the rails. Just for the record, climate engineering has been going on at a significant level since the late 1940’s, though the programs have indeed been ramped up to every larger levels under Obama. Presidents are puppets, nothing more.

    • Bob says:

      The Vatican is the largest, longest running corporation in the world, bar none.  None are even close.  Think about it, they have been able to accumulate wealth and power beyond any other corporate entity.  A Corporation. An interesting amateur video called Ring of Power, Empire of the City, brings up for discussion many historical facts and connects them, if you can sit through it.  It touches greatly on the Vatican, and in some interesting ways.  They have been involved in everything globally oriented for around 2000 years!  They have to be the real ones controlling the banks because for 2000 years they have, by far, been the largest depositors.  Think about it, when banks began in earnest, who were their biggest clients?  I wonder what the Vatican's stock portfolio would look like if you included the thousands of front and shell corporations. The real controllers stay out of the media, for the most part, and let their puppets be the fall guys.  No questions asked, it was Obama, or Bush, or Gore, or Gates, or Soros.  Deception.


      They are in control of our laws.  The legal system is based on Roman Canon Law.  " For he who would be deceived, let him".  All deception.  No one would think the Vatican, the Church, would be involved in the matters of banking, law, military, etc…they are holy and would not deceive us.  Hrmmm, I have my doubts.  They are corporate.  And corporate personality is psychopathic and fascist.  Not good for the many.  One of the original meanings of the word "religion", is "to bind".  One could argue it is to bind us, to control us, to keep us tightly in constraint, not free. 

  25. Bob says:

    I really think these old maxims,  that scary as it is to believe, do justify the powers that be's,  actions.

    'Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.'


    'He who does not forbid what he can forbid, is viewed as assenting'

    Since commercial law in actuality, is the jurisdiction of everything now, I really do believe, this is the way climate engineering is viewed.

    It's like, "haha, we have been explaining what's going on, the information is out there, you witness it with your own eyes, we even admit to it as being man-made ( even though the  'men', are actually we very  few psycopaths at the top, but he-he you think we are referring to you ).  It's not our fault you're too dumb or apathetic.  Thanks for consenting, we will continue."

    We also need to truly understand how our legal system really works and the words and terms, and what they truly mean.  We have been deceived for a very long time.  Most of us are none the wiser, and they are more then ok with that.

  26. Lakotah says:

    Dane, yes I can imagine there are huge areas of coastal waters along the California coast that get extremely warm just like the heat waves that hit California. They are here for a few days then they are gone. Just long enough to kill off marine life. This is very alarming as the ocean temperature will not decrease once it's warmed up. In my un-educated opinion I'm gonna say within 5 to 10 years the ocean will be too warm for a huge majority of the marine life. Especially for the reason that the ozone is in really bad condition and they are not spraying over the ocean to reflect the intense sun light away from it, like they are over populated areas. I sure wouldn't put too much faith in what they are showing on the NOAA site. Being a government agency and all.

  27. Jim Tobin says:

    I wonder if the Bilderberg meeting had these issues on the agenda. Most likely a report on how well their plan is working. Why is all this happening on such a global scale, who is ultimately responsible for all this geo engineering and ultimately to what end? Most people in my area of Nor. Cal. still don't make the connection between chemtrails and climate. All one can do is keep sticking it in their faces I guess. Thanks Dane for never giving up.


  28. “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

    John Adams

    • Foxmenj says:

      First WE were never a DEMONCRACY, but a REPUBLIC, please get that straight.  We have been taken over from the inside out.   Soon these clowns will pay and ALL travesties against humanity will be revealed; Humanity will have lots to ponder through then.

    • Hello Foxmanj: True. And John Adams knew where the Republic was headed well before the final nail was placed.
      Most Americans have no clue that the "Constitution" was manipulated for 13 years before it was bastardized into effect in 1789.

  29. NOAA Definition of "Take":

    Defined under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) as "to harass, hunt, capture, or kill, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture, or kill any marine mammal" (16 U.S.C. 1362) and further defined by regulation (50 CFR 216.3) as "to harass, hunt, capture, collect, or kill, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture, collect, or kill any marine mammal. This includes, without limitation, any of the following:

    the collection of dead animals, or parts thereof

    the restraint or detention of a marine mammal, no matter how temporary

    tagging a marine mammal

    the negligent or intentional operation of an aircraft or vessel

    the doing of any other negligent or intentional act which results in disturbing or molesting a marine mammal

    feeding or attempting to feed a marine mammal in the wild"

    Defined under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as "to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct."

  30. Dane, the Natural Solutions Foundation supports your work, your conclusions and your tireless work.  I have a question: I have learned from your work that the geoeingineers are at a loss to know how to stop what they have begun.  If the world wide movement against geoeningeering is successful, will the result of halting this insance program be a rapid tailspin of the environment into total world wide catastrophe or do you believe that the planetary biological, meteorological and ecological environment has enough spring in its system to rebound, although deeply wounded?

    Thanks for the tireless work, Dane and team.

    Yours in health and freedom,

    Dr. Rima

    Rima E Laibow, MD

    Medical Director

    Natural Solutions Foundation


    Dr Rima Truth Reports Radio M-F 5-7 PM Eastern


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dr. Rima, we feel the same gratidude toward you for all your work toward the common good. About your question, there will indeed by horrific climate rebound when geoegineering is halted, but this is the ONLY way forward if we are to have any chance of preserving life on Earth.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Hello Dr Rima. I share the same concerns you are expressing here. The power of nature is to heal itself. Unfortunately, even if all the spraying stops today, our world has too much man-made "pollution" to allow nature to do its natural work. Just take a look at air traffic on websites such as "flightradar24" and you'll see what I mean. It boggles my mind what all these aircraft are doing to our atmosphere every minute of every day. I think our natural earth would have problems with overpopulation, but to add all this pollution to the population, will be too much for any correction to happen naturally. 

  31. Earth Angel says:

    The pictures along with the scale of the massive die offs are truly shocking and heartwrenching. I don't know how this horiffic damage can be reversed but I agree with Dane we must keep trying to do everything we can and may God help us. Thank you to everyone who is giving their all to this most important effort.

  32. Janifer says:

    Things are escalating…soon there will be food famine….life on earth is not receiving it's beneficial and needed life support anymore. I am finding bugs and critters trying to come inside or looking in my patio slider window panting for help…..the air is not fit to breathe, the foods not good to eat…soon we will have food shortages…pestilence…our oceans are turning red with algae that's killing birds and other wildlife…sea creatures and land animals dying…trees and plants dying at a rabid pace…so praying that others will wake up. We so need those in power to wake up…the news media to report accurate news…our Government to  come clean with us… There is so much more going to evolve from this….I'm just an ordinary family loving person….and I see calamity coming now in so many ways…..all life on this planet is crying desperately for help……I'm crying for help…..and I'm feeling disheartened …..Thank you for trying…and all your efforts….but I feel it may be too late..

    • Josh Soares says:

      Lets continue to do what we can. I hear your cries this saddens me too, my son is 8 months old. They just wanna make everyone suffer!

    • Narda Brooks says:

      Wow, Janifer…..well written, I too feel the heartbreak you express with your words….I'm going to copy and paste this to my own fb page with your 'name' there on it so no-one thinks I wrote it. It's beautiful..tragically.

  33. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, thank you for another good summary of what is happening. The unprecedented algae bloom that is occurring along the Pacific seaboard from California to Alaska got a lot of mainstream attention, but I didn't see any explanations other than, "We're looking into it." 

    This is clearly a multi-faceted issue, and geoengineering and warming need to be better understood by the public. We are literally being cooked… to our demise. Oceans, plants… us. 

  34. Last.Sucker says:

    If these pictures don't anger you or make you sad nothing will.

    Simply disgusting people sit back and hide or pretend nothing is wrong.

    i love going to the Oregon coast every summer and seal watch.

    Dane thanks again for showing the reality that we live.

    There is no running away this is the world we are living in today.

    Makes me sick to my stomach looking at the dead pups.


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