Climate Engineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington


Dane Wigington

For over 7 decades global climate engineering programs have been expanding in scope and scale. For over 7 decades the decimation these programs have inflicted on planet Earth has been accumulating. The biosphere on which all life depends has already been pushed past the breaking point on countless fronts. Though there are a great many forms of anthropogenic activity contributing to the ongoing destruction of Earth's climate and life support systems, climate engineering/geoengineering/weather warfare is mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we face (short of nuclear cataclysm). Exposing and halting the ongoing global climate engineering assault must be made our top priority if we are to have any chance of salvaging what still remains of Earth's life support systems. The live PowerPoint presentation below addresses the true severity of the threat we face from covert climate modification programs. My deepest gratitude to former CIA officer Kevin Shipp for emceeing the Northern California event at which this presentation was given.

Other speakers at this recent Northern California event included former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, VAXXED director Dr. Andrew Wakefield, VAXXED documentary producer Del Bigtree, and VAXXED producer Polly Tommey.


From climate engineering to forced vaccinations, the walls are closing in. All of us are needed in the critical effort to sound the alarm.

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  1. Mike says:

    The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper did an article today titled”State Report: Tree deaths on the rise in N.M.  Total crock of crap. The same people this a-hole Tom Formby works for are the ones responsible for killing the trees. You’re a paid liar Tom. You’re a gag order victim. Really dude beetles are killing 120,000 acres of trees? And drought and climate change totally caused by the government he gets his pathetic paycheck from. I can’t stand people like Tom who suck the tit of the government and lie for them for basically peanuts. Weak humans with no morals or class. Same with the bird brained pilots of those geoengineering aircraft. Morons. 

  2. Despina Arzouman says:

    Where should we all meet and start physically showing up 'somewhere'?


    • Jahsun Handy says:

      Yes, I am in Sonora California and would show up to a monthly protest in Sacramento, or any other reasonable idea. Anyone else want to do this? Where are you from Despina? Any ideas? Anyone else?

  3. linzee says:

    One of the most Beautiful Poets / Songs in this world. :  The Last Resort

    by Mr. Don Henley.  The Lyrics say it all…So does this man Witington.

    We are in Deep Trouble here.  The Sky IS Crying !

  4. Knownlongtime says:

    Hi all, hope everyone had a nice holiday.  Flew NY to FL for family reunion and to get away from spraying in NY…but they are spraying today in Boca.  I am waiting to hear back from a third lawyer I have contacted about starting class action lawsuit.  Hoping soon. God Bless

  5. Elena says:

    Paul Barbara, am aware of the info you referenced, but there is other evidence in the other direction too involved to discuss here, that is why I said am not sure where he is, but I do think he is alive and I agree it is good to think that way, focus on the positive. The fact remains that it is still necessary to thank him; I highly recommend it. The only thing new to me is that you know Murray personally and think he is a good guy. I was aware of his blog, and his actions re the leaks; I get a good feeling from him, but the world is a mess. People can be gotten too, they are susceptible of duress, etc. But no-one would be happier than me if this was not so in this case. Cheers!

  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone! Let's continue to spread word's of awareness, hopefully these sins will be fully exposed soon. 

  7. Ken says:

    They are clever. Still, a ground worker would need to perform some necessary connections in order for the cargo container of material to be hooked up to the spraying system. But that's not hard to imagine. Thanks for the info.

  8. Ken says:

    I agree that many are involved, but I'm a bit of a techno-geek and ask technical questions to understand the HOW. I've flown many times and usually prefer a window seat. I watch the planes get fueled and have never noticed anything that looks like a plane being loaded with spraying material, liquid or otherwise. That's why I'm asking. I've seen the pics of the spray nozzles on commercial planes, so I understand that they're getting re-stocked somehow….. but just how? We need more whistle blowers, but they are scarce. The threat of death or to their person or career keeps them quiet.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, available data indicates that materials can be loaded into commercial aircraft in standard cargo containers that appear benign to the casual observer. Commercial carriers could not carry large payloads so there would not be huge efforts needed to carry out this loading.

  9. Joe Ceonnia says:

    One more comment on this Christmas Eve and that is to historians true historians are correct again America and the Americans only have the illusion of choice and that is proving once again why the selections that Trump has been making to surround himself which seems to me to be some not so straight political people. It's a shame because I almost fell for Trump and his speeches of caring for the other guy.. I know we should give him a chance but he's surrounding himself with men with Crooked pasts.. Not so straight and decent moral backgrounds. I know people can change but very seldom do zebras change their stripes. I hope he doesn't allow this Spraying to continue, we can write to him, and remind him of what platform's he ran on, so people get your labtops & pens out because I think now is the time to start inundating President elect Trump with reminders. God Bless this Country, She will need it. And God Bless and Keep Safe All That Have Concerns About this Nation and All Nations being Sprayed.

  10. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Weather update outside Philadelphia Northwest it's 48 degrees raining and I can hear the aircraft overhead seeding the clouds the other day I should say Friday morning at the crack of dawn I counted 27 aircraft spraying the sky's,  today Christmas Eve Saturday it's raining and again I can hear the aircraft overhead seeding the clouds as the rain gets heavier it's simply disgusting and I thought they would take off for Christmas but it doesn't seem as if they care, its likely today they have any Souls or I should say sociopaths have no thought of others so holidays of any sort means absolutely nothing to these people but for me I wish everybody a Merry Christmas a Happy Hanukkah a Prosperous New Year to all of the geoengineering watch. Org Folks and thank you Dane for having a place for all concerned to having a place to air their concerns. Dane have a Merry Christmas & have a Prosperous New Year you deserve a lot of ctedit for putting this site together for folks like us who can air their concerns… I know I wrote that before, but I think its worth mentioning again & again & again……

  11. Seeing Clearly says:

    2 things that make me mad about our country #1 we don't own our medical records and we have no say what goes in there and what doesn't. Different people have different opposing beliefs about controversial illnesses like ADD and Autism and believe is a misleading diagnosis or a false category for example Michel Savage but because we don't own our medical records they can put anything they want against our will #2 Drafting I do not support drafting against our will different people have different beliefs  when it comes to war for example I don't want to be forced to fight in a war that I do not support we know there are many wars that happen because of false flags that shouldn't be happening and we should have the right to protest and refuse the war  these are two issues we need to combat so Americans can be a better place for ourselves and our loved ones.

    • Dennie says:

      Stoopid rapacious military f*ckers are like a bunch of rabid termites– they've eaten everything on the planet, having run through all the resources in this country, now sucking down all the natural resources in everyone else's country while claiming we're there for the purposes of "democracy.." translated:  OUR "freedom" to take YOUR resources."  So now the military wanna forcibly take YOUR KIDS and stuff 'em in canons– it's the sixties ALL OVER AGAIN except this time the sheeple have NO CLUE what's really happening and actually seem to LOVE it!!!: "SEND ME TO WAR, I WANNA GET BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS in a BLAZE of GLORY– JUST LIKE IN THE MOOOOVIES! YIPEEEE!!"

    • Engineer Joe says:

      Dennie, I don't blame the military per se. The banking gangsters are behind misuse of the military. The military needs to be used to protect America, our borders, our land, and it needs to get the hell out of foreign adventures. None of their wars are for our freedom. That's an insult to my intelligence. They lie under the cover of fighting for our freedom and spreading democracy, both are lies. It's about coveting resources. I get tired of hearing democracy too, which is the worst form of government possible. We are a constitutional republic. They spread the disinformation that we are a democracy. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner! We should shut down all foreign military bases and bring all soldiers home to protect OUR nation

    • Blam says:

      Dennie, the only people who have the courage to stop this madness are military people. I feel your frustration as to why cant they see. You are angry because we should be stopping this but we are not. The people who are going to stop this assault are not civilians, I fear it is going to be nothing short of real revolution, not the 60's fake kind, but a real one, where real soldiers are involved.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Who has the guns dictates the rules.

      Art of War, Sun Tzu.

      But the puppeteers have chosen very well their ( money ) disciples. This is an OLD problem, not new.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Hello everyone, please watch this short film so you can see the corruption behind diagnostic criteria ( Remember to fear what needs no be feared not what your told to fear have courage so you can continue fighting on despite the fear of what's being done to us. 

  12. Steve Thomson says:

    Thank you Dane for mounting this excellent live presentation, and for posting it here. You are very human and real, I think that even those who don’t have a clue yet may sense your honesty, wisdom and commitment. It will make a very good motivational weapon to wake up some of my erstwhile sleeping relations and friends, I hope!
    I am forwarding the link to all of them, and praying that some at least will be moved to look up, wake up, find out, and then, speak out themselves.
    With your kind permission, I will also plug my
    semi-humorous Christmas music vid, “Santa Battles Chemtrails”
    Stay strong and keep smiling through that mutated sky, Dane, and all my brothers and sisters here at this invaluable truth-speaking fortress in a crazy nano-particled world.
    “We shall overcome, if we faint not”!
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all!

  13. Seeing Clearly says:

    Why I am against SB18 (

  14. Susan Ferguson says:

    A Flood of Warm Water the Size of 30 Amazon Rivers is Melting One of East Antarctica’s Largest Glaciers / robertscribbler 

    If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that few of Antarctica’s submerged coastal glaciers are safe from the warming ocean. Places that we once thought wouldn’t be vulnerable to melt for decades or centuries are now starting to feel the heat of rising water temperatures.  The heat comes in the form of great floods of warmer than normal waters running beneath the ocean surface and then eating away at the undersides of ice shelves and sea fronting glaciers. These floods are provided by the warmth forced into the world ocean by rising global greenhouse gas concentrations. And such invasions are happening around Antarctica’s perimeter with increasing frequency. But perhaps the most disturbing such event now ongoing is the present warm water flood running in from the Southern Ocean toward East Antarctica’s Totten Glacier.  Totten is a truly gigantic glacier. By itself representing an ice mass equal to that contained in all of West Antarctica’s many glaciers.  If large sections of Totten and the associated Aurora Basin were to melt, seas could rise by 12 feet or more. During recent years, researchers identified a great canyon running between 2,000 and 3,600 feet below sea level and stretching six miles wide as a weak point for Totten — whose glaciers sit in an enormous, below sea level rift within East Antarctica. … Presently, because the ice shelf floats, this melt is not adding to global sea level rise. But the shelf acts like a cork that’s stopping the rest of Totten from flowing into the ocean. And when the ice shelf weakens enough, it will rift and break apart — leaving the massive glaciers behind it exposed to the inrush of warm waters and removing the last major barrier preventing them from bursting out.

    • Rj says:

      Well I believe if the air currents have changed then I guess ocean currents will follow. The new vid was very informative. Thanks, also would love a call in spot on your show!!!!

    • LS says:

      Susan,   There are no words that are sufficient to say about that article.

      Channel 2 News in Reno just had a weather map that showed every ski area from north to south in the Sierra being targeted for snow with a bullseye over each one showing the exact depths they would receive.  I have never seen that before. The air is toxic with a soup of chemicals. The planes have been over the clouds all day and the cloud seeding machines and drones are at it heavily, too. Air assault. This is Hell on Earth!  Enjoy the Holy-days. (Holidays). If you can. 

    • Dennie says:

      Stooopid SHEEP don't know about this and they wouldn't give a sh!t if they did actually hear the news.  They. Just. Do. Not. Care.

  15. Elena says:

    I was once told of a little known spiritual law by a great student of a very great spiritual teacher; it was one she came to learn "by accident" although as they say there are no accidents, and it is this: if a person does a massive service to a people, a city or country, and if people of that city, country or group fail thank that person for the service, that group will incur tremendous negative karma. (There is such a thing as group karma). I want to make a request, for people to send a card or letter to Julian Assange c/o the Ecuadorian Embassy in London thanking him for his great service to the United States. I'm not convinced he is still there, although I have the feeling that he is alive. They have such advanced voice replication technology that the recent phone conversations with Hannity, and Christine Assange might not have been him; they say the technology is such that the person's own mother could be fooled. But given the spiritual law it is important for people representing the United States to thank Julian for what he has done. It is not necessary for every single person in the US to thank him, only that a proportion thanks him. It would be appropriate to send the letters to the Embassy in London because that is his last known address; they are then responsible for forwarding the mail to him. If they do not, then the negative karma would pass to them, the people representing the US having fulfilled their duty. Or if the Embassy does forward the mail, but the people keeping Julian fail to deliver it to him, the negative karma passes to them. We here in the states do not need any more negative karma; we've caused enough carnage the world over and now the CIA has likely taken over Wikileaks. I feel also that we have escaped some very harsh things recently only by the skin of our teeth. But thanks to Julian and the former staff of Wikileaks we now have a president-elect for the first time in a long time who is not a CIA installed puppet, and we know how corrupt and evil the media and many of the people in DC are. Please give thanks to Assange and help our once great nation lift itself from the pit. Here is the address: Julian Assange, c/o The Ecuadorian Embassy, Flat 3B, 3 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge, London, SWIX OLS, United Kingdom. The address can also be found in Wikipedia under Embassy of Ecuador, London. Thank you so very much in advance for doing this; I'm collecting signatures for a card of my own. I need the truth, so badly; I don't even feel I can live without it.      

  16. Joseph L. says:

    Dane you are a beacon of light at  the end of a dark tunnel.  This is your quote on here and I love it.— I am only trying to do my part, as you are, and as are so many other dedicated individuals and activists.
    Our numbers grow by the day, we will yet expose
    the insanity. It is all of us working together
    that matters, that can still make a difference.    You
     are  doing alot more than your part.   Anyway, the main thing is that other people keep getting the
    word out —This might sound strange– if you ever sold a product some will some won't next. 

  17. SD says:

    Southern CA weather crazy all week. Monday = Santa Ana winds (offshore)

    Tue = Transitional/ arrival engineered cloud canopy (ONSHORE)

    Wed = Rain start AM.  Felt minor earthquake approx 2:30 PM. Single sharp jolt. USGS confirmed M2.3 EQ nearby Brea.  Barometric press drop noted two hrs later/ rain intensified. High winds noted 8:00PM. Reports of trees down nearby.Rain all night.

    Thurs = Rain continues. Not forecast, but was SCHEDULED ?

    Scheduled arrival Low Pressure from NORTH/ rain/snow.

    You can't make this stuff up. 

  18. Dana MacCuish says:

    Here is a list of names that would be good to have a clear, open, on the table debate with regarding the geoengineering matters…

  19. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico and may God's (Jesus) Spirit as we celebrate this season and coming New Year. This said 12-21-16 we received some rain as somewhat today 12-22-16 because the sorry lowlifes pretending to be human are decimating our rain clouds up in Our sky with SAG/SRM-Chemtrails big time today. The punk no good dirty sorry bastards (illegitimate) as God's word says for not accepting Him, drone operators and pilots (all) included in these evil works are what He says will puke out in end of time. In the second Death many will be purged to Hell who falsely believed they got away with atrocities from hundreds and hundreds of years past as we now experience. As I've written in past I will not push of myself on the unbeliever as we all have free will. I know it's hard to stomach what we see, but the promised unseen is our prize, yet we go through much trials and tribulation. He loves us all, just not all our works. With much respect for Dane and his workers in these much trying times. We must Hold Fast and not Lose Faith and Hope, It's tough I know but what else can we do. Fight the good fight Paul said. We will all die one day and afterwards be judged for all Eternity. I too lost my Loving female Pitbull, she was my buddy and probably heard more scripture and gospel music than many people. She was almost 12 years with all symptoms as described at end. Love to All….. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello JR.

      Thank you for sharing your Faith with the World, we need this extra strength.

      2017 will be the year to exposing the criminals that run the World.

  20. Alan says:

    ……. "for unless they see the sky,

              but they can't, and that is why

              they know not if it's dark outside or light."

    Bernie Taupin

  21. Ken says:

    A question and a comment – first the question:

    Is the spraying coming totally from military aircraft in N. America? or commercial too.? If commercial, how are the planes being re-stocked with material?

    Comment: One way to verify that the trails are indeed aerosol spraying is to notice that we don't see much (or any) spraying at night. I live in Reno, NV, and you can see hundreds of trails in the sky almost every day, but never at night – and one would easily see them on clear nights if they were there.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, the link I have attached confirms that commercial aircraft are in fact equiped with aerosol dispersion nozzles. About your question on the loading, because commercial carriers would not be able to handle large  payloads of geoengineering materials (due to the passengers and cargo they already carry), the loading could easily be carried out with conventional cargo containers that would go completely unnoticed. Available evidence and photographs indicate this is likely what is occurring.

      FYI, retrofit nozzles on commercial carriers.

    • Chad says:

      Oh theres spraying at night. Believe me. I lived in Cali, and now am in idaho. They spray 24 7 365 !!! You just dont see or hear them. Late night and early mornings. Take care, God bless, and pass the message on.

    • moderncalamity says:

      They spray at night in NYC.  The sky is an universal white haze at sunrise and you can see the planes continuing to spray during the day.  No wonder we are all low in Vitamin D and the trees are dying from lack of sunlight. Amber sunglasses enhance the spraying.  We are breathing this toxic fallout and everyone is ill.  If the government lies about this (which is clear) what else do they lie about?

    • Ken says:

      It's interesting that others are seeing spraying at night. I rarely see any trail behind planes at night here in Reno. I can imagine though that the idiots would want to load the atmosphere before sunrise if the effects would persist long enough to be worth the effort. However, I don't see it here. The trails would be easily visible on a moonlit or even a starry, moonless night.

    • JR says:

      Yes, they spray 24/7 here in Southwest, New Mexico. It does not matter to these lowlife if they hide or not or who cares. People are conditioned to believe the spraying are normal Contrails?! A few years back I saw lightning at night with not one cloud in sky all day or the night it happened. There was no thunder also after this occurred. The sky of course had been saturated with Chemtrails-SAG-SRM through days leading up to this event 24/7. Another event happened over Las Cruces, New Mexico when sky was flashing in green color as when match stick lit (green) every other second all night until next morning. One may wonder if that kept on happening through out day, I'm sure it did. Why not with these sick lowlifes?

  22. MS P says:

    There is a statue soon to be revealed. Right outside the BBC in London.  It's supposed to be unveiled this month? 

    It will say:

     "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

    That statue will be of George Orwell. During his life, he had great disdain towards the BBC.

  23. MS P says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thank you for your presentations. I try my best to share, what I learn from you. How to state the obvious, & teach people how to see it for them selves. So many look out of their eyes. Yet do not SEE.

  24. horsegirl says:

    It's so dark in daylight.  Drenching the desert here at the AZ/Mexico border as they bring up a system via the Sea of Cortez.  Frightening deluge.  They want to keep people apart.  See to it we don't connect dots in person as would happen over the holidays if only "Decima": [vomiting sounds] weren't foiling travel etc.  My husband – drafted into the front lines of Viet Nam, eleven bravo, point man, honorably discharged with a rare bronze star as a PFC after a year in the jungle fighting shoulder to shoulder with mostly poor kids, just said "this is much worse than the war.  I've been there.  I know.  You get shot at, you're dead.  It's simple.  This fear is not simple.  This fear is much more complicated than being in combat."  We salute your courage, integrity and valor, Dane.  Same for all of you who battle this ultimate challenge.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, thank you for sharing your husbands history with us. The conditions and circumstances that the power structure has made our military brothers and sisters endure in countless needless wars is inexcusable. My deepest gratitude to you and your husband for your courage in fighting on for the greater good. I am only trying to do my part, as you are, and as are so many other dedicated individuals and activists. Our numbers grow by the day, we will yet expose the insanity. It is all of us working together that matters, that can still make a difference. 

  25. Donna-AZ says:

    Hi Dane, Thank you for this presentation. I watched it with one who knows about climate engineering, but gets tired of hearing about it. It was a "Great Re-Awakening" for someone who leads a busy life.

    On another note, I have magnets on my mailbox of the banner that is accross the back window of my car, and under the mailbox, attached to the poll, I put a business card holder, and the cards are disappearing, a few each week.

    Also, according to NOAA GOES-WEST, we here in Sun City, AZ should have recieved rain for 3 days from a tropical storm coming up from Mexico, but tuesday, they sprayed the holy crap out of us, and wednesday they did what ever it is they do above the cloud cover preventing lift. They finally turned on the faucet around 2AM thursday morning and we"re getting a good amount of rain.

    Thanks again Dane for all you do,  Donna


  26. Chad says:

    Today in idaho, now they have freezing fog! What a joke. Went outside last night and this morning, shined my spotlight up in sky, saw nanoparticulates and big chunks of white material falling in different sizrs at different rate of speed. Ice crysyals covering everything. Temps at 8 degrees they say, im sure much colder. CHEMICAL ICE NUCLEATION!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL.AMEN SWEET JESUS!!! 

    • BaneB says:

      Chad: I do this every night, let the dog out, and use a poweful light to study the air quality.  The EPA could do the same.  And then advise us' their employers, what is in this toxic soup.  A recent report stated our brains now contain nano metal particulates.  When do we short circuit?



    • Chad says:

      Hey Bane, they know whats going on. This thing is soooooo big and out of control the realistic, intellect that i am knows its actually toooooo big to stop!!! Its Worldwide and too many paid liars, people on the take on all fronts, and too many already mind controlled. Got out of Eureka,Ca but now being chemically ice nucleated now. Cant breathe, nose and lungs hurt, frozen fog which made all these ice crystals and i swear, was straight fiberglass coming out of sky lastnight. They are making their Big move. 3/4 of US facing same bullshit. Together we stand, divided we fall. Lets stand together and tall. God bless, and Amen.

  27. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

  28. The Matrix says:

    Hi Dane,

    Do you plan on having any events/presentations in the LA or Orange County area soon?  I would love to attend!  Please email me (:

    Thank you!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matrix, nothing scheduled for Southern California, but I will try to continue posting breaking front line data as fast as possible. Thank you for your help with raising awarness, every day counts in this most critical battle.

  29. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello Dane and To Hello to All My Fellow Watchers of Geo-Engineering of This Planet. Merry Christmas and A Happy Hanukkah and a very Prosperous New Year,  I think Donald Trump President Elect Trump is starting to find out what he always knew to be true, But to what extent that truth was, they will take / the CIA, (I KNOW THEIRS A LOT OF HONEST AND GOOD MEN & WOMAN WHO WORK & TAKE ORDERS THEY DON'T NECESSARILY BELIEVE ARE TRUE or CORRECT MORALLY) (AND RECENTLY SOME BRAVE MEN & WOMAN HAVE COME FORWARD) but the CIA will take to keep their power, they will Deceive, Manipulate, Steal, Cheat, Lie and Even Murder, to get their way – THEY THE CIA WILL DO WHAT THEY ALWAYS DO to STAY RELEVANT and trying to validate their existence, they do more harm then good sometimes? and all people are starting to realize they're intent in destroying the planet with these covert operation(s) called GEO-Engineering and H.A.A.R.P. It's like all new toys, they must be played with…Now we all know what Happen to Kennedy when he tried to stop the CORRUPT system of the Military Industrial Complex, and Even Dwight D. Eisenhower President at the time, he warned us all of the same power hungry machine called the Military Industrial Complex, but that warning came at the very end of his term as President, but still was BRAVE ENOUGH and I might Mention A Highly Decorated Military Man, who knows & Knew than that war is the Absolute Last Result, the VERY LAST, when all Diplomacy has failed and even then – you keep trying for peace, Every battle tested Marine, Hell Every Battle Tested Military Man will tell you that war is pure hell!!! & Watching the man to your left Die is no way to Live! President Elect must watch for the vengeful ways of the CIA, and I ask all that believe in our ONLY CONSTITUTION and their SWORN OATH to DEFEND THAT CONSTITUTION & SWORN OATH. TO KEEP an eye on the President Elects Safety along with the FBI and the Secret Service which also HAS TAKEN that same oath, to be vigilant in their duty's for the President Elect, they should be the ones NOW who meet with the President Elect to help weed out the money/power hungry people in their own agency. THE FBI must tell the President Elect about the ground rules and the Lies of These New Companies and Industries alike, the ones that SO CALLED SCIENTIST DAVID KEITH whom his only true goal is to get rich at the expense of the health of the entire world. Lets Tell The Truth! Lets be Americans of yesteryears when truth mattered, and secrecy was for the right reasons, when these agency's where held accountable for the good of men & trying to do right by mankind, and of all nations, we could be proud to say we are Americans, which I'm still Proud to say, but it's getting harder, & not so around the world,  are image as American is and has been tarnished by those same people that I've spoke about in recent posts, and we know who they are. So, lets not hold grudges and be spiteful nor vengeful, that helps no one, lets quietly put them out to pasture, and let them reflect on the damage they have done, and I think that would be punishment enough, enough said there, because a sociopath have No Core Belief System Anyway. Everyone, and I mean Everyone in service knows this to be true, too. Lets try and get it right for the right reasons, money can carry your internal struggles only so far. Lets do right by US/USA. Lets DO RIGHT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, LETS DO RIGHT BY THE CODE OF JUSTICE AND FOR THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN A DECENT WORLD, History can be rewritten, but it's not what a father or a mother tells their own children, and word of mouth is the real history like it has always been, After time, Then it gets corrected, Now we have been given a second chance, what side of history do you want to be on, I hope your answer is as mine is!! Again, I think you know the answer. Lets take advantage of the second chance that we've been given and do the right thing by "WE THE PEOPLE" remember that one!!!

    • virginia says:

      Hi, JoeC:  Interesting post; however, I must take exception to your glowing descriptive phrases applied to Gen. Eisenhower.    Eisenhower was a war criminal responsible for the death of millions, yes, millions, of German soldiers captured at end of war.  His death camps were nothing but outside hellholes in which he kept these helpless Germans in the most horrible of conditions.  This was after the war was over.  It is now well-documented.l  Also, Eisenhower was never involved in any actual battle, himself.   Also well-documented. Not only was he not 'brave' – but one of the most ruthless of war criminals who hated Germans, by his own admission and wanted them all dead.  The history of this 'brave' general has been largely hidden from the annals of American history until lately.  He may have warned us about the 'military-industrial complex' but he allowed it to happen under his watch.  He was a part of it from the beginning of his career.  It is painful for us to know the truth about those whom we have put on pedestals.  But true historical facts must be acknowledged…..not the misinformation and propaganda fed to us in the past, and I am afraid as it will be in the future.

      As for Trump…..we the people have just elected Netanyahu as president of the USA.  Nothing has changed.

    • Chad says:

      Hey Bane, they know whats going on. This thing is soooooo big and out of control the realistic, intellect that i am knows its actually toooooo big to stop!!! Its Worldwide and too many paid liars, people on the take on all fronts, and too many already mind controlled. Got out of Eureka,Ca but now being chemically ice nucleated now. Cant breathe, nose and lungs hurt, frozen fog which made all these ice crystals and i swear, was straight fiberglass coming out of sky lastnight. They are making their Big move. 3/4 of US facing same bullshit. Together we stand, divided we fall. Lets stand together and tall. God bless, and Amen.

  30. Mario says:

    NASA EOS Worldview 12/21/16 . . . California . . . does it need to be more obvious???  Wow!

  31. Seeing Clearly says:

    I want to say thank you for your presentation I also want to present an organization dedicated to fighting the epidemic of chronic illness that affects approximately 1 in 2 Americans maybe even more (  If we don't acknowledge that our health is failing either because we are too proud to admit it or because we are tricked into believing a lie than what good does that do to the effort to expose and stop climate engineering and to end our chronic illness epidemic.

    • virginia says:

      Good day, Seeing Clearly:  I feel your worries and pain over the toxic soup in which we live.  Looking up at the ugly, depressing white-outs every day is enough to cause anyone to feel sick, blue and thoroughly  helpless.   Geo engineering or climate destruction is almost as bad as anything could be – except for the Fukushima (and other radiation emitted from our own nuclear sites, i.e. Hanford) disaster in March of 2011.  Radiation over the world and our continent is astronomical; the seas are almost dead, especially the Pacific (and inasmuch as the world only has one ocean, by extension all seas are affected) and Japan can do nothing to stop the continuing radiation levels, which will go on for years unless they find away to containment.  One of the results of the radiation is thyroid cancer and statistics show that is on the increase.  It is beyond me why this topic is not covered much  or at all.  I urge those interested to pursue research.  ENENews is a good source, but there are many.  Bob Nichols on VeteransToday covers the radiation levels of our cities in a succinct manner.

      Well, other than that – it is still a season to be as merry as possible, especially for the children.  And there is always hope if we work together and have leaders such as Dane.

      So, Merry Christmas to all.  We all deserve a beautiful world of peace and security for our families, no matter where on this globe we may live.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I visited this website just now and I was shocked to see just how much insanity is going on ( I salute this organization for there truly valuable and honorable work  in exposing the criminal  pharmaceutical industry shame on them they want to end the stigma on mental illness what a bunch or crap the real stigma is the stigma they have created by calling energetic children mentally ill (ADHD) and then intoxicating them with pills I do believe we have a real epidemic of chronic illness but I also believe we have an epidemic of false labeling the bush administration was so corrupt they wanted to systematically evaluate healthy children for mental diseases like ADHD which is more like excess energy which causes decreased attention because having lots of energy makes you not want to give attention to a boring teacher because your body needs to get rid of its energy first before it can focus but they don't see it that way they don't see it for what it is they see it as a reason to drug kids up. I will say it on record the hyperactivity in ADHD is not a mental disorder as well as OCD that's not a mental disorder there false categories it's like saying being mad or being a conspiracy theorist is a mental disorder it's no parts of the "autism spectrum " like lining up toys are not a mental disorder it's things like this that cause the population to spiritually derail the same people who push the end of mental illness stigma are the same people who make money on diagnosis of mental illness very sick isn't it we have programs funded by the government to end mental illness stigma when in reality we should be stigmatizing mental illness not embarrassing it.

  32. Christina V says:

    I always listen to your talks online.  I live in the UK and I often see the chem trailing going on. I am concerned about the side affects of the spraying. I am also concerned that with publicity, they, the agencies invovled in the spraying may turn to spraying at nocturnal hours to avoid being noticed. I have noticed they spray early in the hours while most people are sleeping, also Sundays, regularly. Having both my parents suffering from nuerological diseases, parkinsons and dementia. This is was has made me question what is happening to our planet!  I love your work and talks, without your concerns a lot of these issues would be ignored. 

    • MS P says:

      In California USA. They do spray at night.  It's awful. I've tried to watch lunar eclipses, & meteor showers. Only to see the sky whited out. Or a big fat chem line going right through the middle of the moon. 

      It's crossed my mind, upon viewing. That this might also be done in space.? Vandenburg AFB sends some interesting stuff into space. There has been mention by an employee. Calling it Tesla Technology. Beyond that. I really do not know?

    • kathleen says:

      I'm so sorry to hear of your parents' ailments, Christina, which are surely devastating to them and you. They might be able to get some relief if their diet is optimal (fresh veggies, seasonal fruit, no processed junk, etc., and spring or filtered or distilled water). Our bodies do, for the most part, repair themselves if given adequate nutrients, early and often.

      You might find some good articles on their dis-eases and potential remediation at — he's a plant-based M.D. who's written many best-selling books, has regular free webinars (all available online), and much more free info on his site (try the Search button or Education tab). Please check it out and see if anything might help. Best wishes to you and your parents. I have more highly-respected M.D.'s to suggest, if you are interested.

  33. Jason says:

    Excellent presentation,how could anyone not feel the empathy that exudes from Dane regarding the planet! A true ambassador for the earth!

  34. Michael Leahcim says:

    Thank you Dane. Great vid. Will be posted on FB/Twitter/Emailed to friends, and who ever I can think of in the near future. It breaks my heart to see you suffer(like many of us)by been trapped under these living conditions, and especially you having to work so hard to expose these uncontrollable global termites, I'm sure this takes you and many away from normal things that life has to offer, like-family-friends and so much more, sure breaks my heart to see you and many miss out in all this, all because you and others care so much.. You're not alone on this hardship Dane, I'm sure many of us are on the same boat and share the pain together. We sure have better things to do then this toxic crap, but like you said ''it's like turning a blind eye and our backs on to incoming traffic" as if nothing is happening, wouldn't be normal if we all turned our backs on this latest world war 3… I'll continue the fight here in Australia for as long as I can and hope many more join the fight. One of you strongest points on the vid was when you said something like…… "tell friends'and they tell others and so on it gets passed on…." totally agree! and numbers will grow around the world as you say, I can't think of another and better way to expos this globally, and you're so right! soon or later this is going to grow by the day if we keep on fighting these toxic grubs. Thank you. A good time to rest you mind as Christmas is near, and I wish all the best to You and Yours for Christmas and the coming New Year. Thank God we have someone like you as our Leader to fight these climate changers.  

  35. Abigail says:

    Thank you, as always, Dane, for keeping us updated on this horrific Criminal Act being carried out daily on our planet. They will be sorry. I am sharing this with Russ Tanner, Global Skywatch. Dane, you are a very humble man, I admire you for that. Your knowledge and effort to help keep our planet ALIVE, and all life hereon is so APPRECIATED!  PRESS ON! Things are happening for the good in ways we do not even know. Blessings for a Merry Christmas to you and your family. Sincerely, you are a Godsend. –Abigail (aka FD). ~ 

  36. Rodster says:

    Dane, the way you articulate yourself in your presentations and present the data along facts is much like a trial lawyer. That said i'm still amazed how the mockingbird media, scientific community along with weather organizations refuse to question SAI or SRM. While we NOW know that they are bought, paid and controlled by the Govt, i'm still amazed more don't question what's going on around our skies.

    You would think that it's a scientist job to question and approve or disprove data and supposed theories when presented to them. Instead they just ignore it, which is even more frustrating.

  37. horsegirl says:

    At the bottom of the casualty list are machines.  Nothing compared to what living beings endure.  But our 24 year old vehicle is our lifeline.  We are in a very remote rural area, very vulnerable, and frankly poor.  So I try to take care of our interim transportation until better methods arrive.  Does anyone know/have experience with what this is doing to air filters on vehicles?  Wouldn't this nano filth blend in with the material of an air filter and be overlooked during routine oil changes?  Thanks if anyone has knowledge.  They say the oil filter's OK but it's been years, and it's idling too high.  We are sooooooo fornicated if anything happens to our only transportation.  Sure would appreciate advice.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, the particulates from the climate engineering fallout are not large enough or abrasive enough to do damage to cylinder walls on an internal combustion engine. This being said, it is a very different story for living organisms like us.

    • Blam says:

      actually aluminum greatly increases combustion efficiency, your car will actually be working better.

  38. Michel B says:

    Dane is right. All the truths must be spoken. We cannot tow the official narrative line. Geoengineering must be exposed and stopped by waking up enough people. Also, identification of the specific groups behind the programs and behind the powers must also be exposed and stopped, for they will keep trying unless they are prevented.

  39. stephan says:

    the Youngbloods c/w Weather Modification rant at Woodstock, with bonus spraying at the end.



           I watched the video Stephan posted! WOW, WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Merging a Woodstock video with one of modern geoengineering, and making it look like it was happening then, with real people’s reactions. I’ll bet lots of people who would not normally watch a geoengineering video took notice. It’s like using the technique of “conditioning” that the elite are using on the populations for mind-control, such as making geoengineering look “normal.”

          I don’t do YouTube, but I’ll bet a lot of you out there do, and could be very creative in sneaking in clips of people pointing to the skies as they are being sprayed at concerts, or whatever. Get viewers’ attention without them knowing it. Subliminal messages work for negative agendas; they can well work for positive ones, too.

          I live in Northeast Ohio, and this is the first time in a week I haven’t felt cold as death. On Saturday, we were victims of that massive “front” that ran diagonally from Texas to the northeast. I had about two, maybe three at most inches of snow on my roof from the previous week, then we got ONE INCH of rain, and hit nearly 40 degrees. When I got up the next day, THE SNOW WAS STILL ON ALL THE ROOFS. F**KING SERIOUSLY?????

      “Real” snow should have slid off in chunks after twelve hours of rain. This stuff is as hard as a rock and so cold it burns. We have been above freezing all week, AND IT IS STILL ON THE ROOFS. Even on the greenhouse, which is slippery. They must be getting extremely desperate, because they seem to have pulled out all the stops. Insanity doesn’t even begin to describe it. Never, in all my 61 years here on this farm, did I ever think I would be terrorized and targeted by our own government and military. My farm lies in ruins and mud. We are SO WET here after five years of nearly non-stop rain/snow, that I could go the next five months without a drop of precipitation, and maybe, just maybe then, the water tables here would go back below surface level! Everything is rotting and moldy. Another pine tree came down a couple weeks ago. Even the power-line poles are rotting. I have had two fall over just recently within a half-mile of my house. One had a service man on it, and down it all went, wires and all, into the middle of the road. It’s a wonder he wasn’t killed.

          So, yeah, we’re all getting sick of this, but we cannot possibly stop fighting. And we may be very close to the end, and to victory. There are energetic forces—nature’s urgency to evolve—that have been stifled for so long, and that cannot be held back forever. Perhaps THAT is what is making THEM so desperate.

  40. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Sod buster to a drifter, "you'd better know where you want to go, or you'll never get there".

    The world as we know it, "we", my friends I haven't met yet, is… gone….

    Where will you set your compass heading now?……

    Don't let some entity decide for you……………………..

  41. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "Frustrations of the human kind"

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet, Have you ever wondered how great "our" world could be if "we" had chosen to follow the flow of Our Mother? Think for a minute or two, think of all the "suppressed" technologies(that so many do not know about), that "could have" made our lives better and "our" planet/home able to keep sustaining the life "we" could have had. "Harmony", we hear the term so often, yet so seldom do we experience it. That leaves us all seeking it in one form or another. Bias has many avenues. Geesh, if you want things to be different or better, promote and contribute to such beliefs or activities that improve life and harmony. "We" as the populous of mankind can do better. We've been given better and look at what the masses have done with it all. Tyranny and trash, plain and simple. There are sooo many "other" ways to live healthy and happy and still not live like 200 years ago. "For example", there "IS" a devise that can power enough electricity with no fuel and no byproduct(except for its manufacturing) to support 1 to 10 homes or more if stepped up. This is for real. It needs to get out and folks need to start hopping up and down until they get it. I believe this will take the utter breakdown of all support systems for "the masses"(not me) for these "improvements" to come about. Lord give us that much at least. For me, the "joker card" is nuclear energy. Why the hell someone invented that "stuff" is beyond me. Every good horseman knows where the manure is going to end up "and" that it will promote further "growth". I'm 250 miles north of "Hanford", "nuclear dump site". A scar on Our Mother. What a manure pile of modern man…

    Ever wonder why there are no re-runs of "Network" on cable? (I wouldn't know, I don't have cable). Just like you folks, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!". "I" made 'my' mind up for rock solid about 7 years ago. Down the rabbit hole I went. Had no cause to look back with regret. Ignorance "was" bliss. Reality is the essence of life. Understanding it is the fullness. Like it or not, reality "will" prevail.

    A quote if I may: "I believe that the unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality", Martin Luther King

    • penn hudson says:

      Tesla, Russell, Schauberger, Rife among others all silenced and or sacrificed at the corporate altar of profit.

    • Edward Palys says:

      You are dead on about the nuclear power generation. Way back in Carter days, American scientists developed a closed loop nuclear system for power plants. The net result was ZERO radioactive fallout! Carter vetoed the whole thing and here we are some 35 years later still adding nuclear waste to those dump sites.

  42. SD says:

    Cloud cover laden with various minerals/chemicals approaching SoCal today from SW off Baja. Clear blue skies @ 0700.  Temps here topped out near 80F in PM.

    Sunset this evening most remarkable.  Bright red western sky. Pink fringed "hybrid clouds" everywhere at dusk.  KABC news anchors Mark and Michelle standing in front of frankly unbelievable live images of sunset about to say "WHAT IS THAT? when weatherdude Dallas proceeds to 'splain "yea, when the sun is real low on the horizon you can see all that dust and it makes bright colors. What a knucklehead.  30 years ago these images would have been on the dust cover of sci fi novels – Martian landscapes.

    • Dennie says:

      We got the lithium blend going here again just in time for X-mas.  Dirty smudgy brown crap sprayed all over us here on Monday.  Yesterday we all got the "Charmin" treatment, with long puffy soft-looking streaks blown through the skies.  It's always just a matter of hours before YOU are breathing it, no matter what ANYONE wants to say about THAT!!!!

      And so today I have a headache and the burning-feeling shit we got hit with started making me feel nauseous.  I wonder why nobody else gets as sick as I do.  NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT– W. T. F.!!!!!??  The Attitude on Earth, where the senseless majority get to Have It Their Way, is that if most of use aren't getting sick from whatever it is you're saying is happening, "that's perfectly Oh-KAAAY and YOU are The Problem."  Crazy F*CKS– if Karma really worked, the senseless people would ALL go FIRST!!!!

    • MS P says:

      YES what rolled over S CA yesterday. Was quite the sight to see.  The way it rolled over CA from the south. Was like fingers, with a dark gray cover behind the finger clouds. I watch a blue sky go to this. In awe. Sorry I did not get my cam out to photo it. Micro waved skies, a dark gray color covering. Then all those sunset colors! In red lines. 

      On the flip side. I sure went into a major sneeze attack 12 hours after the  cloud cover was overhead. I'm fine now. So I do not have a virus. Just a bad reaction. The worst. so far. 

    • tom liccione says:

      Dennie, you might be suffering from MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Check out the Wikipedia entry on the subject. We are not all created equal, some of us have only half the amount of GST or Glutathione S-Transferase, a group of enzymes involved in the body detox process. I hope you will find some relief soon.


  43. frank says:

    Your presentation comes at a good time. The spraying divides us, even if it is clear as day to us. It's there. People either accept it or don't want to. What jolted me when I found this site were the stories about the tons of dead sardines, the dying Great Barrier Reef, and the relentless rise in world temperature. I never saw these stories presented together to form the ugly picture that they do. And with all the modern social change that is supposed to have happened, we all still relate on the animal level of  bullying, intimidation, and clique-ness and that makes this horror all possible.

  44. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet, Hello again from the North Okanogan,

    Dane, you are a humble man for sure. Don't think we didn't notice you put yourself last in publishing the speakers at that most important event.

    In follow up to my last post from the Dec 10th broadcast. LS, MS P, Bane B, Rachel Robson, sea, "Thank you", your words and thoughts were the right thing at the right time. I too am a humble man. Small counts are large sums in my heart. I am delighted that 'anyone' would read such a long account of the events in 'my' life.

    So, the Saga of this winter continues… Cold this last week in the northern states and southern Canada, 'Eh?' It sure was cold here for sure. Between -5 and 15 F for a week straight. Then came yesterday Dec 19th. It was 15 when I got home and 25 when I went to bed, ??! Then I got up in the middle of the night(I'm old, we do that). Only 'I' have no indoor plumbing(lol). I was surprised to step onto 2" of snow on my way "out". And guess what? Just in the short time out there I could hear the tankers flying above the "cloud cover" that was not visible yet due to the phase of the moon now. At first light, I got up again and walked out onto "4 inches" of new "snow". I measured it. As the Sun was rising above the horizon, the HAARP micro waves were busy cleaning up the nights mess of what ever they blew in over our region. The snow is the most fake I have seen yet, ever! Not a flake to be found and the moisture content is well below normal. Even for north MN at 50 below(been there during the 70's). Today it warmed up to 38F then went back down to 35F and right now, an hour after dark, it is "40F". There's been high winds from the S, SW all day. Not normal for this region this time of year. OK, so most of us remember that when snow is subjected to those temps it becomes "slushy", right? Not this fake snow crap that I have to deal with. There is only 2" left of the new stuff out there. I took a wide blade shovel and scraped the snow to the dirt surface late this afternoon thinking I might see some moisture accumulating at ground level. There wasn't any moisture. So it was cold the last few weeks maybe it turned into a layer of frost? Nope, not so. I do not consider dusty dirt to be a frost layer and that's what I found. "They" stole any moisture there might have been with the winds. I've seen it time and time again, it precipitates and then comes the wind to take all the benefits away.

    "Trees"… Have you ever touched one and had a rush of energy run down your arm? How far did you let that energy flow into your "being"? Can you still feel it? It was not an imagined experience my friends. Follow that energy for it is wise…….. "Trees"…

    • Chad says:

      Chemical ice nucleation. Same stuff in idaho. Powdery chemicals that form no real snow, no real moisture. Just enough moisture when it melts to mix with powdery slippery substance. When it has melted not much water. What a joke and nightmare. And yes, after it has melted, no moisture in ground, dirt still dry and powdery. Its a dessicant. God bless and Amen. Great video as always Dane. Keep putting videos with pictures please?! People see things and remember it, just like controlled tv. We must outsmart the Evil ones. Together we stand, divided we fall! Lets rise above it ALL!!! 

  45. kathleen says:

    Great talk, Dane, thank you. Those horrific pictures of our skies reminded me that I saw an actual contrail the other day. As the plane flew away, its contrail remained a consistent length (ten times the length of the plane? I don't know). This is, despite the lies told to us, NOT the same as trails of aerosol particulates, which a) do not maintain a consistent visible length from the aircraft but increase in length the farther the plane travels, and linger for hours, b) do not disappear as pure condensation would, and c) spread out horizontally, i.e., widen as the particulates disperse. 

    There needs to be a "special place" for those being paid outrageous sums to lie to us while sporting a fancy hairdo about this weather warfare. We are being used as an experiment, but they are, too, yet apparently they value monetary gains over life itself. Try taking those gold coins with ya when you die, suckers.

    It's hard not to succumb to depths of despair, but your diligence and perseverance always helps me, and countless others, I'm certain. Many thanks to you and your supportive family for leading the way towards fact-based information on this sad topic in a "post-truth" world.

    May the celestial bodies on the solstice bring enlightenment, and may every known god and goddess, animal, vegetable and mineral totem, whatever, keep you and yours forever safe from harm. I know you didn't ask for or want this role, but you're there. Much love, always.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathleen, thank you for your help with sounding the alarm in this battle. About the shorter trails that seem to disapate, in almost all cases those are also an aerosol dispersion. Fuel additives are another method of contributing to the overall aerosol loading of the atmosphere for geoengineering purposes. Such additives would be expected to create a more consistent but much shorter dispersion behind the aircraft that appears to disapate. About “condensation trails”, we should not seem them behind high bypass turbofan jet engines except under rare circomstances with extreme and ever more rare) atmospheric conditions. FYI

    • Michel B says:

      Dane is correct. Last week I watched a plane very very high above Brisbane, Australia at dusk leave the signature two trails, one each side of the fuselage, that turned into one thick trail but it also disappeared quite quickly. It was classic geoengineering, but obviously the SRM particle recipe resulted in 'dispersion to disappearance' happening very quickly.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      kathleen, when I see those short trails here in Arizona, I am almost certain, they are going to cool us off. Pay close attention to the temperature drop. I don't live in a flight path, and the only time I see the "short trails"  (40,000 to 41,000 ft, back and forth), I know it's going to be colder.  "THEY" started hitting us with the short trails November 18, and it's been on and off since. 


    • kathleen says:

      Aha! Thank you for educating me, Dane. This plane was WAY high, quite unlike the usual suspects that are lower and spewing who knows what from horizon to beyond, and also quite unlike the planes that take off from our main airport and do NOT leave trails of any visible sort. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify 🙂

    • kathleen says:

      Also thank you Donna-AZ and Michel B. I appreciate you and your wisdom, of which there is a veritable wealth on this site. If only it were broadcast to the masses (which will never happen), we could, maybe save our planet. 

  46. Irene Bateman says:

    There is another issue which I believe to be crucial – that is raising children to be aware of what is going on.   Not telling them (unless they want to know) but allowing them to talk to each other and to find out what they want to know and are interested in;  instead of our present dumbing down school system which does not allow talking or moving or studying what is not on the curriculum.  An authoritarian system creates resentment as well as bullies, and a winners and losers attitude.

    Very rich families raise their children 24/7 in private creches called nurseries and they dont really belong to a family, seeing their mother only if she happens to be at home.   Creches have become fashionable for other people recently but many studies have shown that they are very damaging, and that children often feel abandoned and become "aggressive, destructive and defiant" – which is not the same as assertive  (see summary by Steve Biddulph in "Raising Babies".)

    Very rich families are also in the habit of then sending their children to elite boarding schools which are known for their abuse and bullying – which also happens in ordinary schools where children resent being repressed, forced and confined.   (see "Wounded Leaders" by Nic Duffell)

    Human beings are, as biologist Jacob Bronowski said in his video "The Ascent of Man" – naturally learning and creating creatures as well as each being a unique individual with his own interests – even as small children.

    Of course children need to be supervised and protected and not be allowed to roam amongst dangerous people, but not imprisoned, repressed and forced to learn what they dont want at that time.

    This system is all about obediance and control and it prevents children from becoming strong individuals and having the words and courage to speak up.   This is us now.

  47. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Yes it is Clear that the Trees in Canada are dying a slow death. Forests burning up at 600% higher than norm, Not hard to see. Fort Mac is our latest Engineered Raging Forest Fire event. We took a 30 foot Tree down close to our Home & through breaking up the branches we learned how "Correct" your discription of the Trees being unable to draw water is. They snapped like "old", dry branches you would use to start a Fire. It was Crazy to hear them snap like that. They should be pliable. Not Dry! This Tree looked alright the year before. So few Trees are coming up now. There is now wide gaps in between Trees. I live in a very forested area. There are Dead Trees everywhere. So many laying on the ground ready to be kindling for the next Forest fire started. This keeps up, & we too will be a Prairie in the West & N.W. Alberta!   We spend countless hours cleaning up the dead trees to reduce the threat. No Wonder has put up a Billboard on Hwy. #1 to Banff.  Also on Hwy. #63 to Fort Mac has a Billboard asking us to go to Geo Engineering Watch to learn about SRM. I wish there was a Billboard outside of Jasper too. I have cried looking at the Trees there. They too look like Hell.  Can we wake up in time?  I Pray we do!

  48. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You Dane for posting these video's. I would not have the Respect I have for you if you did'nt give the whole scary truth. Thank You for waking up the World that has the ears to listen. You are a Hero to many. Thank You for giving your Life to save Our Planet. God Bless You & your Family.      I would rather Die on my Feet, then to Live on my Knees!!!

  49. Christine says:

    The video lecture is impossible to listen to, on my computer… Network for >120/month just does not 'allow'(???) to transfer the data, so is my impression… If so, the 'fake media' thing, with inclusion of web page, went just extreme!!! 

  50. Jesse James says:

    Hello Dane. Thanks to you and everyone involved in the battle to bring light to the issues threatening our beautiful planet and all life on it. I wanted to bring attention to a brave fellow soldier in this war who recently published his own autobiography, and by doing so exposes the psychopaths behind the shadow government. Because of his life experience, he is able to offer unique insight to some of these issues. I personally appreciate that he exposes the "massive geoengineering" operations being unleashed upon all life on earth, and one of the reasons for doing so. His name is Kerth Barker, and I believe his first book is still available for free download online via PDF. It helps that he is a great writer. God bless you all. Take care.     Jesse



  51. david says:

    Drudge just reported that it just snowed in the Sahara Desert and in Hawaii.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, lets hope that one day Drudge reports the full truth on the climate engineering and chemical ice nucleation programs that are behind the anomolous headline creating “snowstorms”. Nothing new in regard to the climate engineers manipulating public opinion with their engineered winter events, FYI

  52. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES: ‘Fake News’: Homegrown, and Far From New
    Dec 18, 2016
    The media landscape in America is dominated by “fake news.” It has been for decades. This fake news does not emanate from the Kremlin. It is a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry that is skillfully designed and managed by public relations agencies, publicists and communications departments on behalf of individuals, government and corporations to manipulate public opinion. This propaganda industry stages pseudo-events to shape our perception of reality. The public is so awash in these lies, delivered 24 hours a day through electronic devices and print, that viewers and readers can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction.
    Donald Trump and the racist-conspiracy theorists, generals and billionaires around him inherited and exploited this condition, just as they have inherited and will exploit the destruction of civil liberties and collapse of democratic institutions. Trump did not create this political, moral and intellectual vacuum. It created him. …a world where fact is interchangeable with opinion … information must be entertaining… Journalists long ago gave up trying to describe an objective world or give a voice to ordinary men and women. They became conditioned to cater to corporate demands. News personalities, who often make millions of dollars a year, became courtiers. They peddle gossip. They promote consumerism and imperialism.  … incapable of genuine reporting. They rely on professional propagandists to frame all discussion and debate.
    There are established journalists who have spent their entire careers repackaging press releases or attending official briefings or press conferences—I knew several when I was with The New York Times. … The corporations that own media outlets, unlike the old newspaper empires, view news as simply another revenue stream. … Content is irrelevant. The courtiers in the press, beholden to their corporate overlords, cling ferociously to their privileged and well-compensated perches. Because they slavishly serve the interests of corporate power, they are hated by America’s workers, whom they have rendered invisible. They deserve the hate they get.
    … As a foreign correspondent, I was routinely given leaked, sometimes classified, information by various groups or governments seeking to damage certain targets. … Governments do not leak because they care about democracy or a free press; they leak because it is in their interest to bring down someone or something. … Fake news is now being used in an attempt to paint independent news sites, including Truthdig, and independent journalists as witting or unwitting agents of Russia.  …  Images, which are how most people now ingest information, are especially prone to being made into fake news. … Images do not have a context. They are “visible in a different way.” Images, especially when they are delivered in long, rapid-fire segments, dismember and distort reality. The condition “recreates the world in a series of idiosyncratic events.”  … A populace divorced from print and bombarded by discordant and random images is robbed of the vocabulary as well as the historical and cultural context to articulate reality. Context is obliterated. Illusion is truth. A whirlwind of emotionally driven cant feeds our historical amnesia.
    The internet has accelerated this process. It, along with cable news shows, has divided the country into antagonistic clans. Members of a clan watch the same images and listen to the same narratives, creating a collective “reality.” Fake news abounds in these virtual slums. Dialogue is shut down. Hatred of opposing clans fosters a herd mentality. Those who express empathy for “the enemy” are denounced by their fellow travelers for their supposed impurity. This is as true on the left as it is on the right. These clans and herds, fed a steady diet of emotionally driven fake news, gave rise to Trump.
    Trump is adept at communicating through image, sound bites and spectacle. Fake news, which already dominates print and television reporting, will define the media under his administration. Those who call out the mendacity of fake news will be vilified and banished. The corporate state created this monstrous propaganda machine and bequeathed it to Trump. He will use it.

    • ron hall says:

      Wise words, Susan. Wise words, indeed. I trust you have a glimmer of  your comments and links which reflect your intelligence and help all who comment. You have my respect and, I'm sure, the respect of most of us who are have to stand and bare witness to this escalating global disaster.

      I sense many come to these threads to find relief in truth, no matter how grim. It is Kafkaesque to realize that as I'm typing these words, maybe a thousand planes are aerosol spraying from here to Patagonia and beyond.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Ain't it the truth! Such a SHAME!  Heaven help us.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      ron hall — Thank you. Chris Hedges is truly a courageous man with a penetrating intellect. I feel we are fortunate to have him around to learn from. I feel the same kind of respect for Dane. We need all the help we can get.

  53. Wayne Koppa says:

    Contemplate this synopsis. Deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) are built to create a breakaway society, then the surface civilization is considered expendable.

  54. Orandy Flaherty says:

    So sad,  🙁  🙁

  55. Wayne Koppa says:

    I see this as a two step awakening for zombie America.  Infowars: "You are being enslaved by a global criminal cabal" Geoengineering: "and systematically exterminated."

    • Chad says:

      People, please investigate how many americans have top secret clearances, its astounding. Thats just the ones they admit to. Its like 1.4 percent. God bless and Amen.

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