Crushing El Niño, Engineering Winter From Warmth


Dane Wigington

"Winter storm Kayla" is the latest creation from the climate engineering cabal that now controls Earth's life support systems (following "winter storm Jonas"). There is no longer any weather that can be considered "natural", the entire climate system has long since been completely derailed. Is it just a coincidence that the engineered winter weather is timed with the Iowa Caucus?


The power structure controlled script reading weather forecasting agencies like The Weather Channel somehow know almost a week ahead of time that "winter storm Kayla" would form and take this exact track. This is not weather forecasting, it is the scheduled weather.

What were the predictions for the "Mega El Niño?


The 2015-2016 "winter weather" has so far been very different than what was predicted and from what should have been given the extreme El Niño event. 

How can "Kayla" be a "winter storm" at all with record or near record warm temperatures (and tornados) predicted a short distance from the center of the snow storm? 


The moisture for "winter storm Kayla" is being pumped right out of the record warm Gulf of Mexico.

Exactly how far above average will the temperatures be at the height of this latest engineered "winter storm"? The glaring contrast of extremes in the map below are beyond alarming.


Polar opposite temperature extremes like those reflected in the map above are historically unprecedented prior to recent years. 

Warm flows of moisture coming from the south will be chemically nucleated to create concentrated pockets of "heavy wet snow" in the more heavily populated locations. The desired "winter weather" headlines will be achieved in spite of record warm temperatures in a very close proximity.


Widespread areas of very light snowfall also helps the climate engineers create the desired climate confusion in a rapidly warming world.

Take a good look at the radar map below. Snow is falling in northern Baja and northern Mexico while it is raining in the northernmost tip of Maine, US. Chemical ice nucleation processes can create frozen precipitation/snow under a wide variety of conditions. The Chinese were open about chemically nucleating snowstorms until they inflicted major damage to Beijing. The chemical nucleation process also produces a cold dense layer of air which descends to ground level and temporarily lowers temperature readings.


Snow elevations are generally no longer referred to, due to the engineered winter weather characteristics. Power structure controlled meteorologists now refer to the "warm side of the winter storm" and the "cold side of the winter storm". How clearly wrong can this equation be?

So, what happened to the "Mega El Niño"? Massive atmospheric spraying is drying up and migrating moisture across the US West, again. 


As has been the case for so many previous years, the center of the below normal bullseye is directly over areas of California that are already immersed in epic and unprecedented engineered drought conditions

Headlines of abundant snow in selected locations of California have caused many to conclude that the parched US West was getting all the needed rain. In an overall context, this is an absolute lie. Carefully crafted headlines have hidden the fact that the primary reservoirs in California have barely raised at all. The climate engineering/solar radiation management spraying of atmospheric particulates has countless negative impacts on precipitation. These particulates not only diminish and disperse overall rainfall, but the particles greatly reduce the "orographic enhancement" effect usually caused by topography. What does this mean? Rainfall/snow amounts should double or triple as storms move over mountainous zones. This is now all too often not occurring due to the atmospheric particulate saturation.


The latest US Drought Monitor Map clearly shows the record drought conditions are still present.

The drought in the US West (and in so many other parts of the world), is a result of climate engineering. No matter what one chooses to conclude is the motive or agenda behind the geoengineering programs, the impacts cannot be rationally or scientifically denied. "Winter storm Kayla" is also a direct result of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Who gave the weather makers the right to wreak havoc on our planet? If you do not consent, than get in the battle and make your voice heard in this fight.

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  1. Gary. Down south says:

    This is just the start of world depopulation.  I wish this could just stop but the phciopaths running this only believe their own lies.  I hope and pray this does not happen but the only way I can see a quick stop is a nucular  war as I just read on Steve Quayls site was. a general wrote the war in America will be over in two three weeks. If the sheep do not want to wake up then their end  will come a quick and horibile death. The devil is gathering his flock. The up side no more spray.  Maybe   this is Gods plan?  The general also said go  south.  May God be with us all Gary

  2. Danno says:

    I think the last normal southern California winters occurred in the mid 1980s.  I remember the drought which hit around the mid 70s, but it didn't last long…..I remember thunderstorms hitting Los Angeles every winter more often than not back then.

    • DAA says:

      Greetings, hope all is well. These educated nuts should realize, that, sunlight still gets through and we get what I call the Cascade Effect: sunrays get through and reflect off the nano particles to ground level; where we are actually getting a warming effect. We are also blanketed by the aluminum particles intensifying EMR. Best Wishes

    • Jan Vanderark says:

      There's no Stockholm in Albuquerque. Many understand that there is an engineered drought over the western US even though El Nino was predicted otherwise. Actually even with a dwindling El Nino there would still be many storms predicted for this spring. However the news is hinting that they know it will be hellishly dry and hot all spring and all of summer 2016. The 2016 summer New MExico Monsoon WILL NOT HAPPEN! People know what's going on, and if there is a wild fire in the foothills areas of Albuquerque and north, there will be vengance against those engineering the weather! Your on notice

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stockholm Syndrome = Being taken Hostage. Over the years I have visited the USA and find the people there are very Patriotic. After learning about the NATO governments and what they have been doing over decades, it blows my mind how people can be so Patriotic. Your own people that are supposed to be looking after you are essentially taking you down and holding you hostage. 
    I guess another good definition of Stockholm syndrome could be defined as the Dumbing Down Effect on Society in whole.
    People go along with this just like the people that believe in the 9/11 attacks.
    The ongoing useless Middle East wars that have been intentionally put into place that keep the Government churning out the public taxpayers money in order to fund them.
    Then people that are part of the Big Scheme are real happy and proud because they have a job and think that they are protecting their Nation.
    When really they are being severely duped into thinking that this is Patriotic.
    The only outcome that will happen is that your Country will be torn to shreds in the very near Future. And it is for your good Ol' Patriotic Obsession. 
    I find it very hard to believe people stomach this Garbage.
    They may as well all be Zombies. 

  4. Nigel says:

    I saw today where in Cyprus, the heavy spray made by chemtrails made the newspapaer.

  5. Andrew from scotland says:

    MS, you quote Hunter Thompson: "…Our energy would simply prevail".

    As above, so below:  

    We live on a planet with an earth day, a lunar month and a solar year. 

    We have a low frequency physical body with an extremely high frequency spirit and a similarly high frequency soul.  

    Our soul is a combination of two harmonious (normally) frequencies – our individual soul personality and a universal soul.  This explains our trinity and our duality.

    Some say our soul cycle is 144 years (12×12). Numbers are very important in most major religions – classically in Christianity are the 12 disciples, holy trinity, etc. 

    The 144 year soul cycle is split between the earth plane and the spiritual plane, i.e. if you live for 50 years on the earth plane, you will experience 94 years in the spiritual plane, and so on. 

    What we do (or do not do) on this earth plane is part of us and carried forward and assessed in the spiritual plane. Reincarnation is based on the belief that we come back to improve ourselves judged by our previous actions.  We do not go 'down' the ladder, we come back at the same level/frequency or higher.

    Love is a high frequency that resonates harmoniously with many life forms.

    Our energy does indeed prevail.

    • Dennie says:

      After 10,000 or so years of hearing this news, I and others here DEMAND proof that our energy is prevailing.  WHERE is the "turn around?"  WHERE is our help? 

      The "scientists" who DO KNOW THE TRUTH about these programs need to grow a pair collectively and are instead behaving like a bunch of terrified, whimpering dogs running away from the Sasquatch to the safety of a warm, cozy hearth. 

      The Answer is US.  WHAT ARE WE DOING to put pressure on the A$$holes in charge?  When did we all go to public meetings, city council, county supervisors' meetings, etc.?  Instead we in Uhmerukuh ran back in the house, got out the popcorn, cozied up under warm, fuzzy pink blankets and plugged into the teevee once the Bush NAZI Crime Cabal and every sycophantic news organization assured the pyschological pistol-whipping of the already-dumbed-down Uhmerukun public that took place on September 11, 2001.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Then I suppose religion is off the table? Isn't the criminal cabal playing the card to the hilt?

    • bija says:

      What is particularly appalling about our aluminum, barium, strontium saturated brains, blood and organs is that we are the first humans to be electronically altered or ionized in order to be messed with. If we think the NSA is simply collecting all our communication data, think again. The frequency of every human nuanced emotion is being categorized and frequency identified. All they will need to do to hijack our individuality and free-will is match us to the frequency of their choice. In theory, breathing these aerosols is potentially turning us into robots and slaves. What better way to program all of us to their agenda. This is beyond evil!!!

      The only way I can think to counter this is WE MUST BE MORE PEACEFUL, MORE LOVING, MORE HARMONIOUS in order to defeat such contempt for biological life. I think this is the only way to heal ourselves and out-master the psycho cabal!  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for the beautiful and uplifting message Andrew from Scotland.. It is good to be reminded of this. : )

  6. Laura says:

    Jenny – your post resonated with me as we are experiencing the same in east Tennessee with the constant moisture covering everything and snow that was shaded a bit not melting despite sun and 50+ degree temps.  We had 2.5 inches of rain last night per our rain gauge.  Yesterday we reached 74 degrees – Feb 2nd!  Additionally, most everyone is complaining of wheezing and coughing – symptoms similar to bronchitis or pneumonia.  All of our pansies, usually beautiful this time of year, are saturated and rotten.  And today, we're still covered completely – guess it's just going to be more of the same. 

    Is there an east Tennessee action group out there?

  7. Marc says:

    Take, take, take. That's all these unevolved, lowbrow, humanoid f**ksticks understand. They take our money, take our freedoms, take our blue skies, take our clean water, take our children's futures, take my beautiful granddaughter's future away, take our health and well-being, our uplifting and life-affirming sunshine, our sense of hope and our innate sense of the sacred, our ozone layer, our glaciers, our lakes and reservoirs, our smiles and our very breath. They've taken our natural, old-time weather and raped her against her will until she coughs and bleeds and screams and surrenders every last ounce of self and will. They've taken away something deep and essential to the hearts and souls of all living beings, be they whales or honeybees. They've taken my trust in government, in military, in what's real and what's not. They've disemboweled my MOTHER and taken her entrails to build their 50 story high banks and their D.U.M.B. magneto-train rail systems so that the privileged few can scratch their shrunken balls in deep, subterranean luxury enroute to f**king nowhere. They've taken away my composure, and my friends, many of whom have been waterboarded by their lies and ceaseless subterfuge, until they go "Stockholm Syndrome" to walk hand in hand with Grim Reapers in drag. And you wanna know what else these motherfuckers have taken? They've taken 500,000 non-human, never to be seen again LIFEFORMS, precious, miraculous LIFE, infinitely reassembling itself throughout eternity only to be murdered for all time by Arrogance, heartlessness, and by those whose souls are dead.

      Now……. are we gonna let these Takers take us, too? 

    • Rosemary says:


    • Dennie says:

      You left out the 11.3 MILLION sea creatures that the United States Navy told the Dept. of Commerce (as if you can somehow BUY and SELL Earth's unique life forms) they expected to kill during the currently ongoing LIVE war games in the Pacific Northwest. 

      Now did anyone complain to Congress about that ahead of time?? DID ANYONE EVEN KNOW ABOUT The Plan??? Noooooooo!!!  Those of us who did, we may as well have stayed home eating popcorn on the couch, "cocooning" under warm, fuzzy, pink blankets, binge-watching moovies from Netflix.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      What Rosemary said!  Ditto! Marc.

  8. jennifer says:

    Dane I just noticed that ridiculous groundhog nonsense which of course means absolutely nothing.
    I only bring it up because the prediction was for an early spring. Really? THERE’S A SHOCKER! Of course I’m being sarcastic! The fact is there now exists only an eternal spring and summer season and we no longer experience any natural weather whatsoever. To date we have had only one snowstorm and that was a GEOENGINEERED atrocity!
    Do people not notice what is being done to our once beautiful planet. Our home is being destroyed by those without a conscience.I appreciate all that Dane is doing and as he has said the reasons these atrocities are being done are many.There are many complex layers to this assault being waged against mankind.These heartless evil bastards are on a mission of making the human race extinct and they will use everything at their disposal to realize their sick plans! Dane thank you for informing and enlightening all of us with the truth.Thanks also for not giving up or giving in to those who would seek to destroy us.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Jennifer you are absolutely correct, I totally agree with you. Groundhog Day at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, PA is a complete joke! The Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, predicts earlier warmer temperatures. I would have loved to have been at that event, with a bundle of GeoEngineering Informational Flyers, to hand out to all people that attended! There needs to be a GeoEngineering Awareness Day, or GeoEngineering Awareness Week/Month. I recommend everyone to take a look at a video titled "Hand Of God" cloud formation. I watched this from the video's on The Weather Channel App. Meteorologist Domenica Davis states, that this formation over the Portuguese Island of Madeira, is a phenomenon known as light scattering, this along with turbulent swirls of wind in the mid levels of the atmosphere caused the formation. I would like to ask her what the ingredients are in that light scattering and what is the objective. The video can also be viewed on Youtube.

    • SD says:

      At my jobsite in Malibu, CA we received a measly 0.3" rain.  A normal El Nino storm would have left behind 2-3".  Mostly high winds and extreme drop in barometric pressure.  Indicates HAARP Geoengineering to me.

      Many residents in SoCal complaining about high gas/heating bills. Some blaming Gas co for gouging to recover Porter Ranch methane leak costs.  All I know is we have now had over two months of Geoengineered BELOW NORMAL temps, leading to more nat gas use. Between the methane gas release and increased gas consumption, a total disaster for the atmosphere.

      I proudly side with America's groundhogs.  They're much smarter and cuter than the meteorologists.

  9. MS says:

    I finally woke up my own mother to the realities over head.  She admitted that "she sees the trails", but she doesn't comprehend what is going on.  My older brother, who has been aware, awake, and conscious of the problem told me to stop worrying about it because there is simply nothing I could do and it wasn't worth wasting my energy worrying about.  Well, I am worried about it.  I can't not be worried.  Another family friend is not just aware, but is hosting local workshops of health and the toxicity of the environment.  When I asked her if she had heard of this site, she said absolutely and that this was the best site for credible, scientific information on the subject of the geoengineering genocide taking place.  The only solace I find right now is that there seems to be fewer and fewer people who deny what they see with their own eyes.  Very few of us truly know what to do or how to begin to truly join the fight.  How does David slay Goliath?  Especially when Goliath is equipped with the most gruesome and powerful military in human history, a globally elite propaganda machine, and unlimited money.  Anything short of a mass amount of people taking to the streets and demanding change seems hopeless.  I just keep hoping that committing these atrocities all over the world, in full view of anyone paying attention will lead to the critical mass that is needed.  Th paradigm shift will have to start with each of us — personally.  We must shift our paradigms to spark a movement.  Dane has been a catalyst.  But he can't do this alone.  Somewhere, somehow we must begin to band together with a unified voice if we wish to save each other, our children, and our home.  If someone was burning your house down, would you stop them?  Would you try to save the victims burning in the house?  We are all living inside a house that is burning down.  It's time to yell fire in a crowded theater.  By peaceful means.  The only meaningful change has to come from peaceful means. 

    "There was a fantastical universal sense that whatever we were doing was right.  That we were winning.  Not in any mean or militant sense — we didn't need that.  Our energy would simply prevail." – Hunter Thompson   

    • Nicole says:

      MS your post is heartfelt by all here. This is my fav quote, its by Chris Hedges: "We don't fight fascists because we think we can win, we fight them because they are fascists".  We can't eat this elephant in one bite. Sitting and stewing about all the horrific things this spraying operations really means to the world will only result in feeling paranoid and paralyzed. You can't have the mentality that we can never win against this evil and resistance is therefore futile. Rather, take steps to get involved in speaking out. One thing you can do is print some flyers, they are available at this site, but you can also make your own. When people are in church on Sunday, put the flyers on their windshields. Put some up at your local library. You can even take a one page ad out in your newspaper. You can start a petition at You can join FB groups on geoengineering in your state. There are many ways to get involved, pick the ones that feel the most constructive to you. Don't look back – worrying about whether you are making a difference. Do this to fulfill what is ethical and moral in your character, do it because it is the right thing to do, and encourage others in this capacity. 

      When your conscience is telling you to act, and you refuse, you lose a part of yourself. Tell that to those around you who know this is going on but refuse to even talk about it. The very first step they can take is to be honest with themselves about this. You don't allow lies in any other part of your life and this should be no different.

      In honesty therefore I will tell you that personally I do believe this ship is going down. But that does not mean we shouldn't stand at the bow together, with dignity. You don't have to lose who you are. 

  10. Today I went to the meeting held in Port Angeles by a small dedicated group called ‘Save the Olympic Peninsula’ who hope to sue the Navy regarding electronic warfare. For legal reasons, there efforts appear to be focused on the horrible sounds the Growler jets make as they fly over our houses. Many said that they had been targeted with extra low and multiple flights after registering complaints directly to the Navy. One with a baby, who lived very far out on the western portion of the Peninsula, complained of Sonic booms and that the jets actually knockout their windows. The Navy has disregarded all their complaints and stonewalled every attempt to discuss the ensuing war plans. I passed out Danes’ flyers and they were very receptive. Not one seemed to know about Geoengineering Watch.

    • Dennie says:

      Find out where the goddamned ADMIRALS live, camp out on their LAWNS and play Justin Bieber 24/7/365– that's what these A$$holes deserve.  WICKED, disgusting ABUSERS!!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, hi!  I so wish you'd done your excellent research before you moved there.  They've been at this, versions of, for several years now.  I first got wind of things navy via Rosalind Peterson and tried and tried to bring it up here with no luck-did post, got no attention- for two years.  It is of course beyond horrible what they are doing to you, but they are also doing stuff everywhere!  Who the hell stole our navy?!  Why is our navy attacking the homeland?  I ask all my congress people and even the president every chance I get.  I have been beyond furious for years.  They seem accountable to no one.  As if gone rogue.  I mean depleted uranium along all our shores and up close yet?  Given permission to kill and maim as much wildlife as they want?!  Do whatever they want.  No one can say no.  They did give us chance to comment before they hit you, but then started ahead of announced schedule, and enlarged it to boot. Which is apparently normal for them.  Surely the guys on board must have some doubts about what they are doing.  First round of horrors snuck through the sequester.  Then enlarged and enlarged from here to Hawaii.  NOAA giving permission to cause harm.  Our EPA has been corrupt a very long time.  No one seems to care.  Not to mention, as Rosalind says, dumping human waste as they go.  Which by itself is very harmful not to mention in such large amounts.  Given the depleted uranium, some say enhanced, we will have radioactive shores forever and a day.  In California-I mean- there goes everything!!  Around Puget, unannounced sudden landing, rushing in armed?!!  We, the people never consented to this.  Independent studies were done on Growler jet noise found to be literally deafening.  And shattered windows?!  You'd think they'd rush to correct that, but no.  I have wondered, still remembering your weird night of hot tub coming on by itself, etc. if more like that has happened to you?  My friend on Puget, her husband and tribe fish for a living in the ocean.  Someone up there on the Peninsula in a group even did a cost analysis regarding tourism.  Why on Earth pick such a beautiful destination place for these atrocities?  But apparently our navy runs the whole show and can do whatever the hell they want.  I am very very concerned about this.  Non of this smells right.

      My good neighbor next door, they've bought some small property near Kitsap.  I tried to warn them.  Not only is it close to sea level, it is in the midst of action there.  Was it you, must have been, reporting firing rockets? into area around Kitsap?  Not the retirement paradise they'd hoped for.  I am forgetting how long the navy plans to keep this up, but think it s a long, long time.  They usually answer mail when allowed to mail and I did but nothing back.  Just a formality they could not care less about, I'm guessing.  This needs wider press.  Wonder if you could write something for a national mag, or one back east?  Documenting this from the perspective of one who lives there.  You write so well.  I believe this issue is not well known.  I mean separately from geo-engineering such that it could be published, established facts from one who is there and writes so very well.  I think if more people knew, they would be horrified and much attention would be focused.  What the navy didn't plan on was you moving there!

  11. It seems the White House is concerned about our welfare! – and warning us to be prepared for devastating earthquakes. As we have seen in New Orleans, we had better be prepared because no official help paid-for-by-our-taxes will ever show. But wait…happy day… private foundation grants are available – and the Forest Service, (which has stonewalled every complaint on the Olympic Peninsula WA), is being given our tax money to “streamline the placement of seismic monitoring stations.”  Whatever that means…
    February 2, 2016
    White House rallies public, private efforts to prepare for devastating earthquakes
    Spurred by renewed fears of the fabled “Big One” shattering the West Coast, the Obama administration on Tuesday promoted stronger earthquake-preparedness efforts as part of a first-of-its-kind White House summit.  Private foundation grants will fund new research at universities in California and Washington state, the Forest Service will streamline the placement of seismic monitoring stations and a presidential order will tighten standards for new federal buildings.
    “While no one can predict earthquakes…"

    Perhaps a related article from 2010 on HAARP:
    Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare
    HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles. Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more.
    …quotes from the History Channel documentary:
    “Electromagnetic weapons … pack an invisible wallop hundreds of times more powerful than the electrical current in a lightning bolt. One can blast enemy missiles out of the sky, another could be used to blind soldiers on the battlefield, still another to control an unruly crowd by burning the surface of their skin. If detonated over a large city, an electromagnetic weapon could destroy all electronics in seconds. They all use directed energy to create a powerful electromagnetic pulse.  Directed energy is such a powerful technology it could be used to heat the ionosphere to turn weather into a weapon of war. Imagine using a flood to destroy a city or tornadoes to decimate an approaching army in the desert. The military has spent a huge amount of time on weather modification as a concept for battle environments. If an electromagnetic pulse went off over a city, basically all the electronic things in your home would wink and go out, and they would be permanently destroyed.”
    For those who still doubt that such devastating secret weapons have been developed, here is an intriguing quote from an article in New Zealand’s leading newspaper, the New Zealand Herald:
    “Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. United States defense chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war, it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb. Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.”
    If the military secretly developed a weapon which could cause a tsunami over half a century ago, what kind of advanced deadly weapons might be available now? And why is it that the general public still doesn’t know about secret weapons developed over 50 years ago? To understand why the media isn’t covering these highly critical issues, click here. Clearly the military has the capability to cause a tsunami and likely to cause earthquakes and hurricanes, as well. It’s time for us to take action to spread the word on this vital topic.

    • Dennie says:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Susan you are just full of good news, eh?  Project Seal, hmmm, would that Seal be as in navy seals?  Actually, this 50 year old time frame makes a certain sense in that it places it around the time which would be in mid 60s, given Edward Teller, Reagan and the Star Wars idea for which HAARP was first created.  For so very very long, until recently in fact, HAARP itself was considered to be a conspiracy theory, constantly denied as fact.  And many say we created the tsunami in Japan.  If not the quake which does seem to show signs of having been created.  We've been getting a lot of talk about earthquakes too and getting ready for one.  But then none of that is news in California.  I came out here  almost that long ago from the midwest, the upper part of tornado alley and all said: Aren't you afraid of the earthquakes? Uh, as compared to tornadoes all the freakin time?  No!  The night my father died, 18 tornadoes touched down in our county.  So….  But as I said above, I did smell something not right about all this navy bullying.  What if they don't care because they intend to wreck California?  Or, California and the west coast is already wrecked owing to Fukushima and methane.  While mentioning Washington state and the Peninsula, you did not mention Oregon.  But then, the navy has a big base there.  To be fair, the west coast does have built in earthquake properties to be sure, and they happen so seldom that people get relaxed.  On the other hand, if it was not clear before with the drought being done on purpose, it is now.  Somebody hates California.  MSM is clearly eastern in orientation.  While the US as a whole has little population compared to other countries, California is now the most populated state.  Could "fix" that!  But to continue being fair, with these storms hitting our shores hard, plus sea level rise, and all the folks who  have homes by the ocean, plus the fact that our infrastructure sucks, much does need to be done.  And apparently there is no money because the navy stole it all.  Heck, I live above a "soft" structure.  In an old home built in 1909! with no foundation!

      Interesting tonight to watch local weather man jump through hoops trying to explain how nice the weather will be for the Super bowl.  Suddenly, it is going to be 70 degrees!  And I'm betting we will have blue skies.

  12. a simple horseman says:

    "sam", I hope you post here more often. I read your 'entire' posting, twice! I would wish for you to post more of what you wrote and bring ways of "practical application" along with it. The "common man", the sovern individual needs to be recognized once again, recognized by the individuals themselves and recognize by each other as the same. It's the only way "we" will survive….. globally!

    • sam says:

      In essence, we must take our sovereignty back.  The hell with Federal/state/county/municipal government.  Look up the word govern ment.  We need to go back to the simplicity of communities.  They even destroyed that concept with "communism"/"communes".  Communities who's people got together at town hall to discuss issues within that community and decide what is best for all.  Did not need laws/regulations/statutes/ordinances..back to when how much money could be squeezed out of every person to call fund absolute BS.  We do not need regulation, we need communication, dialogue and let our common sense and hearts prevail what is right for everyone.  The Universal Law is to do no harm to others or their property.  Otherwise you remain a free will sovereign.  They do not teach this.  It is now all about the "govern ment" being able to do anything they want to sovereign people, because "they" say so.  It is sheer intimidation and fear, plus a whole lot of chemicals/pharmaceuticals/flouride/vaccines/GMO's would keep us in this repressed/depressed state.  Well, it aint working.  We are fighting back, we are educating ourselves..and they fight back with more GMO's, vaccines and GMO'd patented diseases, chemtrails, HAARP/ELF, to put us all back to sleep.  Like Dane says, we must stand up and resist…We must make our intentions clear, that we do not consent and withdraw our consent from any rule/regulation/law/statute/etc, that each individual sovereign being did not specifically contract with, without full truth and disclosure of possible harm, in any capacity, to the parties involved.  No one, should be "elected/selected" to contract for any individual sovereign being.  By doing so, you give over you free will, thru implied consent, then they just go off and do what is best for them. And all this "talk" about "democracy" is again a fraud.  Research the difference between a "Republic" and a "Democracy" .  "Democracy" is mob rule, and now these geoengineered skies are a result of our so called "democracy" that led us to believe the representatives we supposedy "elected: would do the best for all that "they" so call represent, total BS..Govern ment, has only represented one thing, the free willing of the people thru implied consent

    • sam says:

      I grew up in a small town that was mostly made up of farms.  We had no supermarkets, fast foods, etc.  We had the farms to go to for fresh vegeables/fruits, that we had not enough room on our property to grow.  The half acre in back of the house was filled with apple and pear trees. My mom canned everything, and for those that question, I am not ancient, I am only 55.  We had volunteer rescue squads, volunteer firehouses, and sheriff.  We had privately/family owned businesses, florist, bakeries, butcher shops, local family owned restaurants, dairy farms that provided all the dairy products, flora filled grasslands and barefeet.  I cringe every time I have to go back there, every each has been taken over, offfice buildings galore, fast food, traffic lights everywhere, all the farms except one, having been sold off because of the high property taxes as so called "free space", which is not, because they are dedicated for the elite's soccer fields.  They mowed down all the wooded area, and made soccer fields, that is not land presevation/open space, that is rape.  The Dairy farm became a golf course and "senior housing development" I could go on and on..people have to wake up, this has nothing to do with "population" this has to do with these "entities" coming in and vampiring all within, then moving on to their next kill.  OPEN YOUR EYES

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I agree with a simple horseman.  I grew up in the midwest.  Fond memories of shucking corn with the whole family.  I am about to turn 69 and I got to watch and participate in the old small farms life, walking late at night when so very hot anywhere I wanted, knowing every single creek and river for a 20 mile radius.  Hiring myself and horse out or for free to help round up stray cows, green grass to walk on barefoot, food growing everywhere, weather that seemed dependable, swimming holes.  then the combine came and all went to hell.  Despite problems in our house, outside was wonderful.  Every summer I'd set up a lean- to in our woods out of sight and camp.  I hated air conditioning.  I loved the wind.  Heck I even loved the storms, even the tornadoes.  And gee, the stars!  The freedom.  Now they have cemented all the creeks and rivers.  Snakes I guess.  But also we had muskrats and a groundhog and a fox den by our spring fed creak.  I could ride my horses for miles and miles and miles.

      Someone awhile ago wrote about sovereignty, the rights we had at one time and how they were taken away bit by bit.  Sometimes I fool around trying to design communities like you and I remember, doubtless more crowded now, somehow blending living with nature.  I well remember Mom and Pop stores.  We had one.  And there was one that was a mortuary which my father wanted for when he died and we did that.  For me, in house was a nightmare most of the time, but outside, I was free!  And outside was fun in a make your own fun kind of way.  That whole area is unrecognizable now.  In fact most of this country is, people virtually living on freeways that all look the same.    

  13. Bill Russell says:

    I have changed the way I try to convert people to the poisoned skies. I point up and ask what those clouds are. When they say they are jet contrails, I say " Don't be such a stupid F#%King A**hole". "Get your head out of your farging azz and figure it out" "You are being poisoned, you useless rat, and you are going to die" I am not getting any more converts this way, but it's more fun than looking at the glaze over. Some get really, really mad. Then I laugh and tell them how hopelessly stupid they are. No one has tried to punch me yet, have to pick on nastier looking people.  

    • Marc says:

      Bill Russell, 10,000 standing ovations my friend!!! Too awesome for words. Yeah!!!!!!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Bill, I have only taken it to this level three or four times. They deserved it, anyone that laughs and calls me crazy gets berated with words similar to yours. I couldn't go off on all of them this way for fear of a heart attack. I admire you for your courage and believe that your way might just be the best way. Never Give Up!!!

    • Nicole says:

      LMAO I love it Bill !! Whatever works for ya! how how how… I have had so many days where I just really wanted to do exactly that.


  14. jason says:

    One thing for certain, the Central Bankers are creating Chaos all over the world, including GeoEngineering to protect their private ownership of the creation of money.

    Unconstitutionally, the Federal Reserve is privately owned.

    The Constitution actually mandates that the government create the money.

    So why are we borrowing the money the Central Bankers are printing for themselves because it all gets paid back to them???!!!

    This scam means they are stealing  UNLIMITED MONEY from us, and using it to pay for as much GeoEngineering as they desire!!!

    This means definite depopulation, because the Central Bankers have set this forth as their main proclamation on the Georgia Guidestones.

    The Central Bankers are stealing from us then using this money to fund our own depopulation!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jason, your arguments cannot be denied, but it is important to remember there is much more to the equation in regard to climate engineering. Real and irreparable damage has been done to the climate system (much of it from climate engineering), there is no going back. Now, much of the climate engineering is the attempt to mask the damage already done while inflicting even more damage in the process. The scenario we face is complex, as are the various factors involved with it.

  15. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and All, This morning was a nice "Sun rise", seriously. And then 15 minutes after the Sun rose above the distant hills a big fat tanker flew over. He left a huge trail from end of the world to the other(or so it seemed). Big deal right? Well, this one had company! There was a fighter jet flying along side of the tanker and was emitting a "real" contrail. It dissipated 4 seconds behind the jet. I sincerely apologize to all that I did not see the jets until they were a long ways away. It was 14F and clear here this morning at Sun rise. Next cold clear Sun rise I will be waiting with my video camera. Has anyone else seen tankers with fighter jets along side of them? Yesterday was "growler day" here on the North Okanogan, loud and low, right over the tree tops I look at out my front windows. 1 passing went right over my roof about 200 ft up. Of coarse they were given the proper "2 bird solute" during all 5 passes. I wonder if their cameras pick that stuff up? Hope so.

    • stephan says:

      a simple horseman – About 5 years ago I was just outside the shipping door at work having a smoke and looking up as I always do – what i saw coming towards me in the sky in the distance was a tanker spraying and as it got closer there were 3 fighter jets along side SPRAYING INTERMITTENTLY – I  ran in the shipping door and yelled to the shipper to come and see this – He and 2 other people came out  – this was now right above us – this was totally mind blowing – fortunately 2 of these people I had convinced over the years about the spraying – funny no one wanted to talk about it later – I heard somewhere that the countries doing this spray each other – this was not Canadian military – very scary.

  16. glendon says:

    i also have a question regarding the snow that doesn't melt water, but melts plastic.  

    I watched the youtube videos that showed the latest 'snow' not melting water.  When a flame is next to the 'snow' it just kind of plastic melts, and smells of plastic burning.

    My question is: does this 'snow' eventually melt? or does it stay around until shoveled up?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Glendon, the chemically nucleated material has various characteristics that can of course can be completely different from one location to another depending on the circomstances. The process that this material goes through is a degree of “sublimation”, it can tend to go from a solid to a gas and bypass much of the liqued phase (simular to dry ice). This is what we would expect from a chemically nucleated material.

    • Jenny says:

      We have only had 3 snowfalls this winter so far, and they have not been heavy (probably less than 3 inches each time).  Also, we have had highs above freezing on many days after the snowfalls.  (This is all unusual here in MA and is the exact opposite of last winter, which was very cold and very snowy.)  Most of the snow has melted but there are still some piles on the grass and  in parking lots due to plowing.  There was a small piece of snow near where I park my car that took weeks to melt even with the days above freezing!  Also, the front and back stoops where I live have been saturated-looking for about a week now even though there hasn't been precipitation recently nor anything dripping from the roof.  (I mentioned this to a couple of neighbors and they'd noticed too.)  Also, the cement around the dumpsters is wet-looking even thought the snow is gone there as well.  Is the wetness of the concrete and slow disappearance of the snow due to the air being saturated with particulates, so that it won't take up the water from the snow?  Or is it due to weird composition of the snow?  

    • Roy says:

      Here in WNC, we got about 8" from Jonas.

      Over the weekend I say to my kids "let's do an experiment' wanting to verify what has been said here about the artificial snow.

      Packed a glass bowl with snow, and brought it into the house, at 68 deg F.

      2 hours later, not one drop of water in the bowl, but the mass of snow had shrunken about 5%.

      I guess it was sublmating rather than melting.  Lo and behold… I put a lid on the bowl, and about 4 hours later I had a bowl of water.

      I am not able to afford to get it tested so I threw it out.

      Also, today's rains were incredibly strong. And the line of the storm front that bisected teh country was really strange.

      I got about 3 inches of rain in an hour this morning, after intermittent heavy rain all night. Then a flash flood as the creek behind my house turned into a river about 20 minutes after that burst.

      It's just now going down. Temp here is 64, about 15 over our average for this time of year here.

  17. glendon says:

    check this out…'s from an enewsletter called The Stream, which is from the website 'Circle of Blue" (they report on global water news).  The below first appeared on Circle of Blue WaterNews (

    'Pinched by shrinking water reserves, the United Arab Emirates is pursuing research projects to modify weather passing over the country to create as much rain as possible'…..




  18. Dennie says:

    Here are five photographs taken of the aftermath of Chernobyl:  It's a real horror story in every way imaginable and some not.  IS THIS OUR FUTURE??  IS THIS THE FUTURE THAT "THEY" WANT FOR US??? IS THIS IN FACT THE FUTURE WE ARE GOING TO GO ALONG WITH, TO "GET ALONG?"  Is "going along to get along" the same thing as real peace, or even SANITY?

  19. Helene says:

    continual horizontal east-west spraying south-north across Strait of Juan de Fuca today when we were supposed to have clear sunny skies…meanwhile in US politics HRC declares victory in Iowa before count completed gee shades of 2000? Des Moines Register initially reported Bernie had won by at least 2 votes, his campaign calling for immed release of popular vote…the fix is in? at least CNN broadcast Bernie's entire speech what he said has prob never before said in real time on US tv… 

  20. Jim W says:

    I'm in northeast Texas near the Oklahoma border, and this morning trails from the southwest blew across us headed north. As they crossed our area they were hit with microwave energy creating the classic patterns associated with atmospheric warming. No doubt about it, those north and east of us are likely to get extreme weather soon.

  21. Dylan Jones says:

    It's JackED Frost, simulating the north wind with a curtain of ice to hide what's going on behind it.

  22. Mike p says:

    Hey,At this moment,Feb 2nd we are having a thunderstorm in Muskegon  MI.Hmmmm?Of course it is natural because the MSM says so,oh it just lighting two times.I just moved back here after being on the West Coast for 25 years.Never seen a thunder storm in Feb in the 70's or 80's.But accuweather says it is 36F but "real feel is 19F.Really just went outside feels like 40F to me.Why don't more people see that something is very wrong with this picture.Thanks Dane for all your efforts to expose this madness.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Hey Mike – I live south of you in Paw Paw. Same thing. Heavy rains all day & thunder storm last night – lost power for a while!  CRAZINESS. Just HOW LOW can the controllers dumb the sheeple down to before they use their God-given senses to question something . ANYTHING!!
      What good are eyes if you won't use them…likewise ears & intellect.

  23. michael says:

    keep up the great work dane

  24. Steve Carbonaro says:


    Living in he East Bay Area and having been a weather watcher for decades, I can confirm that the media hyped "El Nino" storms are being stripped of their moisture just before they hit the west coast. I don't thing we have even surpassed rainfall for this time last year. There has been considerable snow in he Sierras, but I can't say if it is real snow, or the artificial stuff that burns.  In any case, we are in deep do-do.   

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, we are all in deep doo doo.  The satellite cloud cover images show a consistent line of demarcation.  My area, Mendocino County has been getting copious amounts of toxic rain.  Almost six weeks of it.  But the Bay Area is being by-passed.  So too is Sacramento and points south.  Good luck for the remainder of winter.  Is Hetch Hetchey filled?  When I lived in the Bay Area, for many years, the sky there was being constantly grundged over with jet trails.  These aerosols they emit keep the rain out of the your area and south.  The southern edge of the lows is turned into a canopy of dissicated cloud cover that is spread out and not enough height to rain.  I have seen this up here many times.  

  25. russ says:

    Dane——–I live upstate NY.It is 55deg. right now and more of the same for the next week. So far they are saying for the entire winter we have had 5in. of snow( complete lie–more like 2in.) now farmers are talking about a water shortage as there is no snow to melt come the spring( pretty funny as we havent had a winter). A friend of mine finally realized yesterday that we are telling the truth—-he was all questions–naturally I sent him to this web site. Thank you so much Dane!!!

  26. Earth Angel says:

    Great article Dane. If this doesn't show people how the weather makers are pulling this off, I don't know what will. Great explanations and diagrams for people to see. Doesn't anybody think it's strange to have a blob of cold blizzarding snowfall right in the middle of the country- with nothing blowing in above it from Canada or Alaska??

  27. Dave says:

    A little off topic but helps explain the corporate/military/government nexus. Please check out "Illumaniti wife speaks out" from a number of  years ago. It really shows the extisentialist/kabbalist mindset that must still be prevalent. As always Dane, greatest respect. 

  28. Rewardless Risk of Negative interest bank rates [excerpt]
    Negative rates are an intentional effort to weaken your own country's banks. Negative rates are a punitive command: go out there and make more bad loans where risk is entirely uncompensated, or we will, in effect, fine you.  …
    What I'm concerned about is the intentional destabilization of the global financial system for domestic political purposes. What I'm concerned about is the Fed's inevitable adoption of negative rates … Ben Bernanke is pushing for now.
    When the ECB instituted negative rates, that was just a point. The BOJ's [Bank of Japan] move last Thursday makes a line. Now we have a pattern. Now we have a market that expects MOAR! Now we have a Fed that will undoubtedly implement negative rates when things get squirrely again, even if there are some in the Fed who I'm sure are shaking their heads at all this.
    I've come to expect every elected politician or politician wannabe to rail against "the bankers" and the terrible mess they've made of the world with their "predatory lending" and "easy credit", even though this is exactly what every politician in the world desires. But I didn't expect central bankers to betray their own charges. I didn't expect central bankers to throw their own domestic banks into a battle they can't win.
    You know what negative rates are? They are the final stripping away of the illusion that central bankers somehow exist above and separately from domestic politics, that they are wise and able stewards of financial stability.  …

  29. Carol says:

     Spotted on RT today.  I don't know quite what to make of this.  These strange clouds are called unusual but at the same time natural. I have seen similar clouds myself here in South East Michigan, but of course  much smaller than those in the article.  My interpretation was that the metallic particles that are being sprayed in the atmosphere were being reflected by the sun.  Either I am way off base or the article is covering something up. Does anyone know for sure which it is?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, there is much more to the story, a part of it is here, FYI

    • BaneB says:

      Looks like methane laced and formed.  Likely courtesy of Porter Ranch. How anyone cannot see that these clouds are not natural is a wonder to behold.  These clouds are the signs of our time.  Signs of enormous disruption to come for all is us.

    • Natur Schutz Germany says:

      Hello Carol,

      they are blinded by RT to deliberately obscure the actual crime of geoengineering. This is primitive manipulation.
      Common sense reacted to Geoenineering only with disgust.

      Therefore we should not tolerate these crimes against nature and humanity because geoengineering destroyed all life on our planet.

      Those responsible must be held accountable and geoenineering must be stopped immediately.

    • Nnikki says:

      Thanx Carol. I posted link info. Hope it doesn't get taken down.

  30. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, New Mexico all precipitation destroyed by the Enemy (the evil one). Along with the SAG/SRM the heavy winds accompany these actions of spraying on our rain/snow clouds. Feb. 1-16 we received for a brief period rain snow mix short lived though. We have all these glob looking sorry cloud formations. The media expects the public to be believe their misinformation that we have new clouds now. Yeah-Right…..Battle On…….


  31. Marc says:

    My PC local weather icon on my home screen says it's 18 degrees F and sunny, while one of my weather apps for St. Louis says it's 46 degrees and rainy. Doublechecked and reloaded everything, still the same result. Checked my "weather rock" out back (lol) and yes, it's raining and 48 degrees. Oh, but wait, maybe it really IS 18 degrees and sunny, and I just can't see it. Hmmmmm…….Maybe some of my friends are right. I'm just a garden variety idiot and can't even figure out the simplest shit on earth.

    • tag says:

      Me too.  It's funny, when ever the weather comes up, everybody agrees the weather is nuts!  Nothing like the weather they grew up with.  But when I try to toss some reason WHY it has changed so drastically?  They all just kind of shut down and have better things to do than to listen to a nut.  Even funnier, not a one can offer their own explanation.  I honestly believe the crap they are breathing has put the brain to sleep.  I guess for the perpetrators, Mission Accomplished.

  32. Jim says:

    It's funny that the media will have you believe that groundhogs can predict weather but they sidestep the issue of geo engineering. 

    • Nicole says:

      Exactly Jim. Of course the groundhog didn't see his shadow, the whole damn sky is covered up with chemical. 

    • tag says:

      LOL!  Spring will come when they say spring will come.  No groundhog gonna change that!

  33. Marc says:

    Just talked to a friend for an hour on the phone about every conceivable aspect of geoengineering only to discover I have YET ANOTHER mutual friend whose comments clearly weigh in on the side of  DUMB-ASS, for he views MY anti-geoengineering stance as complete stupidity. So, once more we find another example of an individual who has not bothered to do their homework and research on the issue, yet magically come to the conclusion that Marc must for some inexplicable reason be FULL OF SHIT, and AN IDIOT TO BOOT. Dane spent considerable time on the current Global Alert show to address this brand of denial. As incredible as it is, somehow, otherwise intelligent people go in the direction of denial and buy deeply into the LIE. The cosmic duality of this situation is noteworthy. Regardless of facts and/or evidence, some folks drop into one camp, others drop into another. It is no particular consolation that I know with unshakeable certainty that I am in the right camp on this one. It is disturbing though, to encounter one friend after another having fallen into the false camp of thinking on this most critical issue. If there still exists, after all the available data out there, not to mention personal observations, that one STILL CANNOT SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION AND CONNECT AT LEAST SOME OF THE MORE IMPORTANT DOTS, then I will submit that these folks MUST be left behind to fend for themselves in their morass of erroneous certitude. When you argue with a fool, it's hard to tell the difference.

    • vcragain says:

      You are not alone at all – whenever I try to introduce this subject to someone new, there is an almost instant glaze that appears over their face and you know that they have just switched you off. I think the concept is just so amazing to most people that they cannot consider that their 'leaders' could ever do something like that – end of story. Well, it doesn't matter – if it is real, then eventually it will be known, no need to be sad ! You can only try to get people to consider the possibility. I never introduce this concept as fact, just as a possibility and worthy of further investigation, but it still receives the same response from most people. Plod on regardless !

    • donna ford says:

      Marc, I just have to relay a story that happened 2 weeks ago to me that has made me so happy, actually the happiest in 3 years. My very good friend who is a PHd and brilliant, who used to tell me that I was a conspiracy theorist and "reaching" when ever I brought up the man made clouds in the sky over our homes here in NM. Well we were on an antique road trip to Clovis NM and the sky was just awash with one trail after another on our 3.5 hr. drive to our destination. On the way home we had the conversation that I have been waiting for. She said that since I started to point out the trails she started to really pay attention and being an avid gardener and(we both are) being outside all the time it just became too apparent that what she was seeing was in fact not condensation. She admitted to me that she now believes we are all being geoengineered! It took me 3 years to get to this break through point with a close friend, not to mention the many "you are crazy" remarks. Even my daughter now admits that I am right, that also took 3 years.

      Never give up with people you care about, NEVER

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, As per usual, I enjoyed reading this post of yours. I'm curious, do you ever hear the comment, "so why don't ya tell us how you 'really' feel". (I do). A person with facts, passion and conviction in their statements is a rarity these days and as you know, often falls to that Stockholm stuff Dane mentioned. So anyway, hey, at least you got to talk with a person for an hour. I'm sure that is quite a bit more time than most of get to spend with "one" person. Hopefully your friend will talk with others about what he considers nonsense. There's a good chance he will find more of what you have already fed him. Keep your composure and let the credible facts you know to be true do the work for you. Seeds of thought are everywhere, water them.

      Keep up the great postings!! "They help"…..

    • Alan says:

      I can't remember who wrote the post, but I read on this site that somebody thought it is probably much easier to accept the truth about geoengineering if you have already experienced a mental summersault in your life, i.e., if something you thought you could take to the bank melted in your hand before you got there.  (I know – bad metaphor.)  So, maybe your true blue spouse turned out to be scarlet red.  That kind of thing.  Made a lot of sense to me.

    • Nicole says:

      We are out of time, and yet you have to go slow when informing. You have to feed the jackass through the back end. "Wow, sure are funny looking clouds today" – "Oh, is that jet? I didn't know they make gridmarks and circles – let's google that… "oh says here its called geoengineering" – what does it say? (then hand the ipad to your jackass and let them read it to YOU).

    • Jeff says:

      ROFL!!! Thanks for that Nicole! I needed that today!!! Oh man!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I am sorry you had to experience this yet again.  I suppose this is one reason why we all communicate here-for lack of communication elsewhere!  I really don't know anyone but my kid and her family who know and are aware  and They don't want to discus it much, some but not much, don't care for many details.  Or research.  To be fair, they lead very busy lives that are not easy.  No one to share discoveries with, debate aspects of with, use for a sounding board, etc.  Zip, nada.  And I've been at this for more than 5 years now.  And, I live in Berkeley, CA where you'd think someone would care.  And probably someone does, I've just not met them.  And probably never will!  It is a lonesome feeling at times.  I remember that these sorts of talks, not geoengineering, but various radical? thoughts were hotly discussed when we were young and anything and everything was on the table.  I miss those days!

      Now, I am sick a lot, life is difficult for me and I need to keep the few friends I have.  Long ago it seems, I had so many friends, so many.  But then certain moral and ethical issues became paramount to me and I Had to off them, most of them.  Their lack of morals and ethics finally became an issue I could no longer handle.  No longer willing to handle.  And there went a lot of friends.  I adjusted.  The friends I have now are all good people, but only semi aware, some a tad more than others.  They do know I take this seriously.  They are respectful of that and we just don't talk about it much.  A reference here and there.  For whatever reason, they don't have the time or will to look into this more on their own.  Maybe this is one reason.  The loss of friends.  Another reason is that it is all doom and gloom and most I know can't handle that.  Many for very good reasons.  Not good enough I think, but it is what it is.  So they do know that I know a lot.  They know who to ask if they have a question.  I am biding my time with some because apparently all is not going to hell today.  And I need them.  And they at least think I am knowledgeable and interesting.  And bit by bit they see what I'm talking about when I do get to toss in a thing or two.  I back them up on their issues.  So they owe me.  The day will come-too late of course but then it Is too late already.

      Again it is like the stages of grief when dying.  Denial being number one.  Sometimes a raging denial.

  34. jennifer says:

    Dane you are truly a voice
    of reason in this increasingly maddening existence. Love the way you back up what you say with the facts. The drought continues yet the weather morons er I meant meteorologists continue spewing their lies.Seriously how do these idiots sleep at night? Dane the people doing the spraying and engineering the weather must have no sense of right and wrong.What these psychos are doing to all of us and to our Earth is sick on so many levels. The degree of depravity and utter disregard for human life displayed by these sickos is beyond shocking. Trying to remain hopeful through these bleak times is not easy at all as even the strongest among us can easily become disheartened. All that keeps me going is having someone such as you on our side. T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U-D-A-N-E.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

      The World Health Organization has declared the Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, comparing Zika to the Ebola Virus, that was in multiple countries in Africa in 2014! The report also linked EL Nino, as a cause to the spread of the Zika Virus, due to warmer ocean & air temperatures, which are influencing mosquitos carrying the virus to migrate, spreading the virus. I have a distant friend who works in the pharmaceutical industry, he once to me in a phone conversation, that he felt that the Ebola Virus was a man made biological virus! I feel the same way about this Zika Virus, that causes birth defects in babies having smaller heads & brains. The power structure obviously wants less intelligent & less knowledgeable humans that they are able to manipulate and control! Beware, what is the plan for their next program?

  35. This talk of the US Navy gone rogue shows what we all have concluded – that the military is out of control with too much money from the corporations that juice them and the Global Corporate Regime they serve. They are there to protect the people, us. We are not collateral damage.
    Update on the Navy from ‘Save the Olympic Peninsula’ / Feb.1
    * "The Pentagon has transformed the National Environmental Policy Act into a sham and a shame." 1   This statement aptly describes what the Navy has made of NEPA in respect to its Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range proposal.  The more one looks at what the Navy has done, and has not done, the more alarming its actions become.
    In our past updates we have explained how the Navy's Northwest Training and Testing Final Environmental Impact Statement totally ignored the impacts of the electromagnetic radiation that would be emitted from the electronic warfare jets using the Electronic Warfare Range.  We have also explained how the Federal Interagency Commission on Aviation Noise has criticized the Navy's noise study for using computer sound simulations that have not been tested against actual sound measurements.  And we have explained how the State Historic Preservation Officer has criticized the Navy for not defining the actual flight profiles that the electronic warfare jets would be flying. …
    … The Navy's blatant disregard of the National Environmental Policy Act in respect to the Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range is a prime example of a governmental agency gone rogue.  For a project that adversely affects Olympic National Park (the sixth most visited National Park in the country, a World Heritage Site, and an International Biosphere Reserve), and which is squarely centered in the critical habitats of the threatened and endangered marbled murrelet and spotted owl, no less than the most exhaustive compliance with NEPA should be expected.
    It is time for all of our elected officials from President Obama, Senators Cantwell and Murray, Representative Kilmer, down to our local county commissions, city councils and port commissions, to demand that the Navy's disrespect for the law ends.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Susan Ferguson.

    • BaneB says:

      Good luck with the so called representatives.  They do not serve you.  They serve another master.  The Capitol is a house of ill repute.  The inhabitants are a bunch of prostitutes.  The lobbyists are the corporate pimps.  They all simply ignore the issues and basically tell those exposing the grievance to go to hell.  All one has to do to understand the travesty of democratic governance is to study the enhanced videos of the government murder of Lavoy Finicum.  MSM controls the debate.  That includes radio and television and a big portion of the World Wide Web.  The reason a growing number of people are waking up to the smorgasbord of evil is because of a personal motivation to make the effort to feed ourselves the necessary food for thought, and grounds for further research, which is not for the lazy.  In doing so we acquire the proverbial two heads.  I think two heads are better than having only one, one that is ignorant, confused, reactionary, cognitively dissonant, and looks like a potato chip stuffed couch potato. And we press onward to inform the uninformed and the curious.  One day the two headed people will force change.

  36. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Weather temperatures in the arctic are starting to break records again.

    As well as lack of ice!

    • sam says:

      What we need is for these hackers to hack into this geoengineering project, and shut down their computer systems as in "SYSTEM FAILURE"…SHUT DOWN THE SPACE BASED HAARP/ELF SYSTEM.  Our atmosphere is so saturated, as well as the ground and every living/non living structure, that even if the chemtrailing can be stopped, Space based HAARP/ELF's can still be used.  Everything is now so saturated with electrical conducive materials, they can still use HAARP for mind control/torture/physical symptoms/etc.  

      As an example, today the skies have been clear of any "cloud coverage" except for a short flurry of chemtrails at 9 AM (it is now 12:30 EST) but I am feeling so ear feels like it is going to explode from the pressure, my skin (especially my face) feels so dry and contracted it ready to crack off, gastrointestinal issues, swollen eyes.  I have never had dry skin all my life, in fact also had profusely oily skin.  I literally smear organic coconut oil on my face, but it does not eleviate the drying/shrinking sensation.  Our skin is our largest living organ.  First they attacked our immune systems without the desired effect, now they attacking our physiologic, electrical base.  These "entities" had it so much easier in previous times to manipulate us.  Aint that easy this time around, too many of us refuse to put our heads back in the sand or allow the little man behind the curtain to intimidate us any longer.  WE WILL NOT GIVE CONSENT…AND WE WITHDRAW ALL CONSENT.  NOTHING SHALL BE HIDDEN ANYMORE!!  FOR ME, I CONTRACT WITH NO ONE, I AM AN INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN PERSON, NO CONTRACT(S) THAT I PERSONALLY ENGAGED WITH, WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE AND DISCLOSURE FROM THE CONTRACTOR, IS NULL AND VOID.  THERE WIL NOT BE ANYMORE TRICKERY/DECEPTION WITH "FINE PRINT" AND "BUYER BEWARE" ATTITUDE.  ALL TERMS WILL BE DISCUSSED IN COMMON MAN LANGUAGE, AND SET FORTH IN SIMPLIFIED, NON ARBITORY FORM.  ANY "LANGUAGE" USED TO CONTRACT WILL SPECIFICALLY IN WRITING CONTAIN THE DEFINITION OF EACH TERM USED AND WILL NOT BE DEVIATED FROM.  THIS DEFINITION WILL BE CLEAR AND NOT AMBIGUOUS OR NEGOTIABLE OR ARGUABLE.  NO CHANGES IN THE MEANING OF "WORDS" BECAUSE OF "TIME"  iT WILL ALSO REFERENCE THE SPECIFIC TERM AND DEFINITION OF THEM"TIME" AS TO THE MEANING, AND CANNOT BE DEVIATED FROM, REGARDLESS OF ANY SO CALLED FUTURE SUMMATIONS/OUTCOMES OF ANY JUDICIAL/COURT PROCEEDINGS.  THE RULE OF LAW WILL NOT NULLIFY OR CHANGE ANY CONTRACT, REGARDING PRECEDENCE!  tHE CONTRACT MAY BE MITIGATED ONLY ON THE MERITS, DEFINITIONS/DISCLOSURES OF THAT INDIVIDUAL CONTRACT.  THE TERM LEGAL, SHALL BE STRICKEN, EVERY TIME.  LEGAL IS NOT LAWFUL, IT IS MERELY A LEGALITY, MUCH LIKE LEGALEEZE, ALL MANUFACTURED TO STEAL OUR CREATOR GIVEN RIGHTS.  WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER!!



    • Dennie says:

      I've thought the exact same thing for some time now– where are the hackers who can shut down the systems keeping the damned geoengineering insanity running, literally?

  37. Girlbot says:

    I am so glad the obvious weather warfare by the power structure over the rising and powerful populist campaigns of Sanders and Trump is meant to depress turnout. Everyone knows that a large turnout favors populists over establishment, so we see the Roths/Rock network with their party organs actively using weather warfare to depress turnout. This is weather warfare very obviously on display in the American election. I hope everyone is paying attention, along with Dane. And I hope people in other countries pass information on to their friends and family too.

  38. Wake Up World! says:

    I don't believe that God dwells within the heart of all. In fact, I believe this banking cartel which operates our world and particularly our global military are completely without a soul. This transcends evil, or illuminati. They are completely aware of what they are doing and they have absolutely no remorse. This ring is deliberately dismantling civilization. They want total chaos, they want to destroy everything and everyone.

    There is no United States. There is no Russia. There is no China. The whole world is their sweatshop. They don't see borders, they don't care about lives, they care about power and money. And that's it. That is the only possible explanation for these poison gas planes overhead. If they wanted our input on that, they would have friggen asked for it by now.

    We're going to have a financial collapse that is orchestrated by this banking regime. Everyone needs to be preparing, for the days ahead are not going to be good ones.



    • alan says:

      Just look at volumes of work done by Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion for the truth bout our sick civilation and the sick rulers of earth. 

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      I totally agree!  The love of God does not reside in many hearts these days.  Most do not acknowledge the assault from above and the destruction it brings nor do they believe in the coming worldwide control of the masses through environment, food and currency.  No preparation of extra food and supplies to help themselves or their neighbors.  No, it's just me, me, me all the way,  oblivious to the suffering of others.  You are right….there is no black, white, yellow, brown.  We are all in this boat called Planet Earth.  The truly enlightened of today are totally ignorant to how many millions have suffered and died from evil regimes (having already infiltrated our beautiful country) or how this will play into the elites' agenda to collapse all systems while everyone happily dances off to free college and the unaffordable healthcare act that's breaking the bank and killed my beloved sister and friend.  Give me a break!  $7K deductible. Christ Almighty save us!.  The challenge is to see beyond all of this evil and look to a future of restoration and love while maintaining our courage, strength and sanity in the present.  Whatever belief system each of us embrace, whatever personal truth, it is a worthy and noble goal to fight the good fight and not stay silent in fear of the evil cabal for eventually they will take all that we have except our faith.  Continue dragging their dark agenda out into the light and exposing them. The suffering that is to come from the environmental system collapse is not a fantasy.  Dane, who is truly brave, enlightened with vision, articulate and gifted, along with all of us in our own way, stand together and shout in one voice that evil has already lost!  We will be victorious!! Peace 

    • Dennie says:

      One of the Big Reasons "They" are still here is at least in part because stooopid people keep insisting that if they somehow just look long enough and hard enough, they'll find some redeeming qualities in these heartless, soul-less ILL-WILLED monsters, not unlike Dubya with his idiotic film joking about looking for WMD and not finding them anywhere.  Well, it's TIME TO LET GO of "them" so that they can float away from Earth, people.  LET THEM GO.  "They" NEED to go and when they finally do, we'll finally have the place to ourselves and maybe we'll have something that looks like real peace actually break out on planet Earth.

    • Nicole says:

      Watch this Fox Expose on The Clinton Foundation. It is quite an eye opener. This shows how Hillary used her position to negotiate deals for countries that Congress knew nothing about, and in return those countries paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton for speaking engagements. This is what the FBI is looking at now, how her private server emails were used to negotiate projects and deals and speaking engagements for Bill. 
      Note all the examples laid out here because the Clintons did not invent this corruption. In fact the overwhelming majority of our Congress and Senate and State Legislatures are conducting the same type of illegal activities. This is a prime example of the global corruption that had destroyed our world.
      Fox News For Once Actually Investigates:

  39. Rhonda says:

    We in Michigan are under relentless precipitation last summer many of my vegetables couldn't survive with the constant rain and clouds.  I'm fed up living under conditions like this.  Something has to change soon!

  40. Jim says:

    And now back to your regularly scheduled weather! 

  41. Paul Craig Roberts / Feb.1, 2016
    Washington Is The Greatest Threat To World Order [excerpts]:    Sergei Naryshkin, the Chairman of the Russian Parliament says that the growing tensions in international relations result from Washington’s lack of morals and violations of international law:
    “The increasing crisis in international relations is rooted in Western nations’ lack of morals and their reluctance to observe basic norms of international law,” State Duma chairman Sergey Naryshkin has said. “The tensions in the international situation have seriously increased over the past few years and this happens primarily because a group of Western nations, first of all, the United States of America, are neglecting the major principles of international law or interpret them freely,” Interfax quoted the Russian parliamentary leader as saying at a meeting with law students on Monday. “I would be more direct – it happens due to the lack of morals,” Naryshkin added. …
    … The constitutional lawyer in the White House has introduced further modifications. His Justice Department explained that “due process of law”—at least where “terrorism offences” are concerned—is satisfied by internal deliberations within the executive branch. King John would have nodded in approval. The term “guilty” has also been given a refined interpretation: it now means “targeted for assassination by the White House.” Furthermore, the burden of proof has been shifted to those already assassinated by executive whim. As the New York Times reported, “Mr. Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants . . . unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent.” The guiding principles are clear: force reigns supreme; “law” and “justice” and other frivolities can be left to sentimentalists.
    Government in America reeks of lawlessness and violence, whether it is the police shooting down citizens on their streets and in their homes or the military killing and displacing millions of Muslims in Washington’s attacks on seven countries.

    • Nnikki says:

      And the US has the audacity to accuse Putin of being "corrupt". Russia seems to be the only nation speaking sense these days.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Sergei Naryshkin tells it like it is. Thank goodness there are officials in OTHER governments around the world willing to speak some truth and call a rogue foul government out for what it has become. Kudos Mr. Naryshkin. Now we need some of our OWN so called 'leaders' to find their courage and do the same. It would be a start to begin the much needed, long awaited reforms we need to see happen here in the American governing systems gone off the rails and out of control. He hits the nail on the head when he says "lack of morals". Thanks for posting this. Always good to hear what Paul Craig Roberts has to report.

    • BaneB says:

      Here we have a foreign spokesperson saying what ought to be THE public debate here in Babylon.  The lack of morals in our domestic and foreign policies is blatently obvious.  No nation is perfect and no individual is perfect.  But to embark on a foreign policy path that is a luciferian blunder of epic proportion, is putting all of the people in this nation into the bullseye of destruction.  This insanity began with 9-11.  That was the false flag event, the greatest presentation of performance art in the history of mankind, about which the result we witness in foreign affairs was PNAC planned to create chaos.  And destroying over 3,000 lives in the plot was right away the clue to how these worms think and operate.  Basically, the monster is making war on civilian populations.  Of course war is just that, but there once was army against army.  Now the policy is to declare all males over five years old to be considered enemy combatants.  They mean to say that everyone is the enemy, everywhere.  Make no mistake about it, that includes the people of this nation too.  And if you need an example of how they think, look no further than the WACO matter.  90 men, women, and 35 children were deliberately destroyed.  And another MSM sponsored lie was mythologized as truth and justice.  So, the spraying of toxins and pursuing electronic warfare, the destruction of our ozone protection, pretzelizing the jet stream, creating tornadoes, making snow in Miami, are part of the war upon everyone, and lots of fun for these control freak psychopaths.  The man in Russia is right on about the degradation policies of the West.  Its blatently impossible not to see this truth.

    • Dennie says:


  42. Dane — You are wonderfully relentless! "There is no longer any weather that can be considered 'natural', the entire climate system has long since been completely derailed." What will shake us poor earthlings out of our short-term memory amnesia now inculcated by aluminum? Perhaps a kind of planetary shock wave is required to infuse and ignite us to Remember that we are all of us interconnected within the Woven Universe, that God dwells within the Heart of All, and that no one is greater or lesser in the eyes of the Creator. As Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, “Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” The elite 1% who consider themselves so far superior to the common man and place no value in the common good, will one day understand the crimes they have committed against God and Nature by implementing eugenics and what amounts to omnicide on this planet.

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