Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 14, 2018, #153


Dane Wigington

Will social media providers continue to ramp up their censorship until a totalitarian state prevails? How many in industrialized nation populations are willing to look beyond the power structure's orchestrated political theater of the absurd? How many are willing to face the wider horizon of what is unfolding around us? Will it take total unraveling of the current paradigm to wake the majority from their denial? How close might biosphere and societal collapse actually be at this point? Our seas are dying and even now marine ecosystem protections are being systematically dismantled, why? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many aspects of the power structure's activities are now becoming all but impossible to hide, including the weather warfare operations. We must expose the climate engineering programs before the power structure is ready for that to happen. Sharing credible data from a credible source is essential, make your voice heard.

An important reminder of the upcoming climate engineering awareness event / forum in Northern California, July 28th, 2018, hope all who are able will attend. For more information click HERE:

This event is FREE 

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Our thanks to Mike Torrence for continuing with his efforts to raise awareness at the Tonasket farmer's market in Washington State (7/12/18).


Our most sincere thanks to anti-geoengineering activist, Tom Keith, for helping to sound the alarm at the Davenport Freight House farmers market, Davenport, Iowa (7/14/18).


Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photo below was set up at the Historical Train Depot in Punta Gorda, Florida (7/14/18). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.


This week's outreach booth is at the Marin Center/Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


101 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 14, 2018, #153

  1. pissedoffinwnc says:

    Ron Marr – as a sidebar (and to anyone else out there who's interested) … Never tell your dr that you're depressed, sad, down, angry, whatever – whether you are or not..  Several years ago, my adult son went in for his annual physical and his dr inquired about how he was doing… to which he replied that he was fine – feeling good, things going well, no real issues.  A few months later, even though he has excellent medical insurance coverage, he received a medical bill for a 'depression screening'.  He was taken aback and challenged the charge, which was not minimal….   Can't remember how it worked out, financially, but needless to say, his dr did not inform him, at his appt, that he was being screened for depression, but, apparently, he was and it was all done via very innocent questions into his current well-being.  Now, this particular incident is probably just an example of how drs are getting compensated more for added health screening 'checkboxes', but in the LARGER picture, all of our health data is now in a master database, so our 'state of health' is being kept on file….  to what end?  to, perhaps, tag us so that we can no longer buy firearms as protected by the 2nd Amendment because we told our doctor that we were sad because our parent passed away?  to, perhaps, identify us as 'conspiracy theorists' who listen and happen to agree with (for example)?  to track a portion of society deemed 'unstable' so all those 2.4B hollow-points can be used to thin the population?  Yeah, might sound a bit paranoid, but, really…. why are all the doctors asking 'how are we' these days???   Just food for thought….  BTW, I'm always 'doing great' any time I go for annual checkups….

  2. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in central Italy the heat continues. Most days register on our thermometer (under the pergola in shade) 102F -104F. We try not to spend time out in the sun as the strength of it is burning into the skin.  We are so grateful that we have water from the irrigation channel from the river to water our garden because without it there would be very little.

    It is interesting that it is now the Italian vacation period and we have pure blue skies – no planes spraying during the day (because someone might notice, perhaps). But, during the night we here the jets pass over. They usually start coming over from 10 pm.  

    This week we discussed the climate with our Swedish friends who live nearby. They told us that in Sweden, of all places, (normally full of water), there is not enough water and they are having to kill thousands of livestock and animals because they can't get water to them. Yet, we don't see it reported on any news just the pathetic distractions as usual.  

    I found someone else this week who would listen to me with regard to climate engineering. They did not know what was going I but I passed on the colour flyers and general information about the coming collapse.  I continue to pass information on to anyone who looks receptive but still when we mention it to family members (one in Texas). They cut the conversation dead and say "I can't worry about things like that I have to get on with MY life".  

    Also noticed last week, another big mast going up in a village on the coast. Perhaps planning for the culling with radio/microwave frequency.  Even a couple of years ago I saw a huge mast disguised as a tree on a hill top! 

    It is so plain to see that all is happening now is part of the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.  But still people won't wake up! The dependence on the smart phone was also planned and you can see why because people are like Zombies staring at them and walking into traffic!

    It is up to us the awakened to prepare for what's coming but I think there is little hope for the "sheeple".


  3. To Alouette de Mer says: July 14, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    Splendid comment!!!   Keep it coming.   I'm a self taught electronics engineer – who once specialized in analog amplifier design.  Thanks to the tactical influences of the Rockefeller Institute on academic snobbery, my 36 years of research and experience have made me about as valuable as tits on a man…

    The vast majority of "academics" are so up to their ears in student loans and brain scrubbing, they seldom can find any time for reality… >>> Academic "exceptionalism" <<<     

    Feed them bat guano, till they all sing soprano. 

    – Paul Vonharnish –


  4. Melanie Moran says:

    Hello all,

    Just wanted to give a big shout out to the Gem Faire folks – Steve, James, Ramone, and all involved, have been so incredibly supportive and generous with their time and efforts in spreading awareness. There is an exceptional group on board with us at the Gem Faire, lead my Steve. If any of you can make it to an upcoming Gem Faire event in your area, I would highly recommend spending some time at the booth. You will be in good company and you will reach some people who haven't woken up yet. Also, thanks to Dale, Dennie, Brian, and Jeff who tended the booth this weekend. Much gratitude to all that are helping in this battle.

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Survival of the Richest
    The rich are planning to leave us behind … For all their wealth and power, they don’t believe they can affect the future.
    The Event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, unstoppable virus, or Mr. Robot hack that takes everything down.  This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs.  But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader?
    The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time.
    That’s when it hit me: At least as far as these gentlemen were concerned, this was a talk about the future of technology. Taking their cue from Elon Musk colonizing Mars, Peter Thiel reversing the aging process, or Sam Altman and Ray Kurzweil uploading their minds into supercomputers, they were preparing for a digital future that had a whole lot less to do with making the world a better place than it did with transcending the human condition altogether and insulating themselves from a very real and present danger of climate change, rising sea levels, mass migrations, global pandemics, nativist panic, and resource depletion. For them, the future of technology is really about just one thing: escape.
    … the mining of rare earth metals and disposal of our highly digital technologies destroys human habitats, replacing them with toxic waste dumps, which are then picked over by peasant children and their families, who sell usable materials back to the manufacturers.
    … They were amused by my optimism, but they didn’t really buy it. They were not interested in how to avoid a calamity; they’re convinced we are too far gone.  For all their wealth and power, they don’t believe they can affect the future. They are simply accepting the darkest of all scenarios and then bringing whatever money and technology they can employ to insulate themselves — especially if they can’t get a seat on the rocket to Mars.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Susan, this post and link are excellent, and they go very well with Ron's post below. Thank you both.  

  6. Ron Marr says:

    Do the Gazans have something to show us. Two million people living in a space about the length of a marathon. An open air prison, someone said. But Gaza is not a prison ,but a ghetto. A ghetto, pretty much, deems a people to be less than human, deserving of less than the rights of humans. They line up to receive humanitarian relief which Netanyahu approves on a case by case basis. For them the horizon was a concrete wall, and the sea flowed as far as gunboats. Drones hovered and buzzed overhead. The occupation was all around, as they were squeezed together in a miniature, complex world. But…in response, they made exceptional choices about how they would share their space. Their love of education, their families, their stubborn family -owned shops, their mutual assistance, and their resistance. Nothing could be taken for granted…or it might have felt like a jungle of all against all. Instead, Gazans built universities, and observed special noise by-laws on exam days. Strollers along the beach met every electricity cut with a defiant cheer, night after night. People came together, because bombs were less frightening in rooms full of family.After each military assault, parents struggled to live with their inability to protect their children…and then it normalized into their gnawing inability to provide their children with basic human entitlements like clean water, safety and the prospect of a peaceful life. Now under Netanyahu, Trump and their enablers, there are more attacks with defunding of education, less electricity, less liquidity, less economic activity, less of everything and more people. Over 130 protestors have been killed and many more wounded than Gaza has hospital beds. Netanyahu, now has ended trade. He is dismantling a community before our eyes…in broad daylight. Gaza matters disproportionately to the present disruption of geoengineering, war, vaccines, GMO's…Gaza is just one little vortex…it matters for its own sake, and it matters again as a bellweather. That which is gotten away with in Gaza, will surface again where other walls are built,( i.e. Mexico) where surplus people are warehoused… and where other protestors dig their heels in. Netanyahu is poised to throw his bombs on two million trapped humans.

    Oh, I don't know if anyone voiced their thoughts on censorship of the Rhode Island library system, but… word has come to me that they have removed the censor filters. So, anyway, Thank you.  

    • Hello Ron Marr:  Thank you for reintroducing readers to the multitudes of Israeli atrocities being hosted by our congressional leadership.  New readers arrive here every day, so I believe the Palestinian/Gaza topic deserves a constant refresh…

      Aiding and abetting flagrant genocide and transnational terrorism is a political decision. The American public is at fault for allowing this travesty to continue…

      89% of our Senators and Congress hold dual citizenship citizenship with Israel >> Four Winds 10 – Truth Winds

      See any familiar names?

    • Ron Marr says:

      Thank you , Paul and Andrew.  I left my doctors appointment yesterday, perfectly healthy…but, she kept asking me if I was depressed… no, Iam not and I was being truthful. I believe, I am just humbled. I walk around humbled by this world and I can't agree, that it is only the fault of the American people. It's a global issue. All public people around the world are responsible for their consciousness and participation or not in the human crisis, called life. The most humbling thing of all is that there is NOTHING to stop Netanyahu. The Gazans are only first. We need the order followers and everyone else to awaken. Consciousness is our only salvation. Please, don't mistaken this for idealogy.

  7. Pete says:

    All, I have been following up with some organizations and just received this reply from Fiends of the Earth:

    "Hi Peter, I passed on your comments in an email to the campaign team a couple of weeks ago. As mentioned then, it is not an issue that we actively campaign on as so far we have not seen enough concrete evidence to prove without a shadow of a doubt that geoengineering is being carried out on a mass scale. As the campaign teams are very busy at the moment and have been for the past couple of weeks with things like the campaign surrounding the Trump visit, it's unlikely that we will be able to look in to Geoengineering any time in the near future as it's not a high priority right now. If more evidence from accredited sources becomes available in the future then we will review our position on it and it will become a higher priority. Kind regards, Jack Malone (Supporter Care team)"

    Can I ask you all to keep putting pressure on them, they have at least showed more willing and stopped giving me the standard lie. Believe me I just hit him with lots of data too telling him this has to be high priority etc…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Pete, thank you for your efforts to sound the alarm. “If more evidence from accredited sources becomes available in the future then we will review our position on it and it will become a higher priority.” What an incredibly pathetic and cowardly statement from “Friends Of The Earth”. So, to summarize their statment, if power structure controlled sources (“accredited”) someday actually admit to the catastrophic (and illegal) climate engineering / weather warfare assault, then, and only then, “Friends Of The Earth” might consider the issue a bit more important, how reasuring. 

      Yes, Pete, your call to keep public pressure on such organizations is exactly on target. All who are awake and aware are needed to help with such efforts.

    • Alexander Tierney says:

      Hello Pete, trying similar tactics myself, this is FOE's response ;-

      Dear Alex

      Thanks for contacting us. We have also safely received your other recent e-mail regarding geoengineering. 

      (FYI Pete, Herndon's fly ash paper-  redacted under highly suspicious circumstances)

      We agree there are different factors affecting the health of bees and their numbers, including pesticides, habitat loss and planning issues. But we don’t agree on geoengineering  – I’ve included our position below for your information:

      There is a lot of evidence that aircraft emissions can cause contrails in the sky that then broaden out forming cirrus cloud. There is good evidence that these cirrus clouds can last for several hours and travel tens of miles from the origin. There is clear evidence that they contribute to climate change. 

      Some scientists have proposed that in order to prevent climate change, dust should be spread in the upper atmosphere to reflect some of the solar radiation that would otherwise warm the Earth. This is one of a number of different "geoengineering" solutions that have been put forward. Others include seeding the southern oceans with iron filings to encourage an algal bloom and positioning a massive screen out in space to deflect part of the sun's rays. 

      Friends of the Earth would not support any of these measures. We firmly believe that, in environmental matters, prevention is better than cure, and have therefore campaigned for policies to reduce emissions. However, we have not seen any compelling evidence that anyone is actually dusting the upper atmosphere using so-called chemtrails, so this is not an issue we campaign on. Recently, scientists have published a paper () which reviews expert opinion on the existence or otherwise of chemtrails. It comes to a similar conclusion, adding that that the data cited as evidence for chemtrails could be explained through other factors.


      While we understand that this is of concern to people, some of the photos we have seen on various web sites detailing chemtrails seem to be more easily explained as cirrus clouds that have formed around aircraft contrails.


      We base our campaigns on peer reviewed science. As you may know, our main campaigns at present are on air pollution, fracking and bees/nature. We are also working with other groups to make sure key environmental laws are protected as we leave the European Union. You can find out more on our website:


      Thanks again for getting in touch. I can see form our records that you have supported a number of our online actions – many thanks, we appreciate it.


      Best wishes,
      Stuart Croft


      Friends of the Earth
      Enquiries Team 

    • JF1962 says:

      Hey Pete, don't waste your time with these guys. They don't want to hear the truth, because they're sold out.

      They have plenty of time to harass Trump, but not deal with the obvious assault on our skies.

    • Rodster says:

      "All, I have been following up with some organizations and just received this reply from Fiends of the Earth:"

      How ironic you type fiends. I can''t speak for you but I could not with a good conscience support ANY organization that did not share my beliefs. And one of those is that geoengineering is taking place and has been going on for decades.

      They decided to blame their findings on scientific academia and yet they are the same ones who are trying to convince us that the traffic light at the intersection is not red but green. It's like we are living in the "Matrix".

  8. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great Broadcast Dane. Will others see/hear the need to do the right thing & stop participating – allowing what they do- see in their skies each day.  Could it be more clear of the need for heroes at this late hour. We sure need honorable participants at this point, unwilling to do as they are told & do what is right for all of mankind & the planet, the entire web of life. I Pray your words are heard by those that need to hear them. Global cooling, my eye!  Reality & Facts state it is heating up, big time. And Life around us is waiting for us to do the right thing & stand up against these many programs.!  Please do the right thing.  Help us.

  9. Kathy says:

    Puyallup farmers market progress update: Saturdays market was an awesome success again.Very steady and busy. I learned that this market is the largest and most desired in the state of Washington. People travel from the best side( E. Wa) to come to this market. We had a very busy day on what was yet the HOTTEST day for us here to endure. The reality of that hit us both in the last hour. It is as always the greatest & strange satisfication after each person stops by to know that we were physically there doing the right thing to get truth into their hands. Like working out,harder to get started but once you do, its hard to stop.Consistancy matters.


    #1 had an brave one stop to say how he worked for BOEING and was in charge of the BARIUM and STRONTIUM portions of his undesirable assignment.He told of many who would within weeks of contact of these elements become seriously ill all to be paid to hush. Secrecy agreements is why we are all fighting for our lives. He took info, I thanked him so very much and hope to see them again.

    #2 a lady who gave her husband material from the booth week"s" ago to read and has been telling him came today with her husband, he asked more questions, maybe further verification, Thanked Larry& shook his hand( his wife grateful)

    3# A  young and awesome VENDOR & veteran awake as ever sought us out, needed verifiable material. So much info tossed back and forth, he said he would post here at the sight some insight we should all be aware of. I look fwd to further communications.

    #4 A man who was a former vendor stopped to get material and said we should be put dead center of the market( where we were the first 6 weeks), but have been moved due to the market making money off those retail vendors, I may consider paying the booth renter price.

    We are NEVER sorry for every day that we put toward awareness efforts. Gem faire to Farmers markets to handing people info in each of our daily routine.

    Any help here at this booth through Oct per any Saturday is so welcomed.

    Thank-you Dennie, Maciej, Horseman, Tom Kieth and ALL of you for your hardcore efforts!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kathy, I'll bet lunch that your "Boeing" person is the same person that came to my booth here in Tonasket. That last lunch you made for me was pretty good. I won't mind eating another. "I'm getting pretty good at connecting dots". For that persons sake, I'll leave it at that. But in that and a significant note to all, there is indeed a measurable amount of folks in "academia" AND black opps obligations that want to speak out. It is up to us that provide the forum for them to be heard and remain anonymous. Yet effective.

      "Running a "booth" comes with a few unwritten obligations"….

  10. V. Susan Ferguson has posted an important technical study of plasmoid science below: July 14, 2018 at 1:53 pm 

    Be aware that these technologies have direct heating consequences associated with the enormous power requirements intrinsic in their application.  The simplest explanation can be found here: >     Excerpted from: Energy – Wikipedia

    In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object.[note 1] Energy is a conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed. The SI unit of energy is the joule, which is the energy transferred to an object by the work of moving it a distance of 1 meter against a force of 1 newton.

    Common forms of energy include the kinetic energy of a moving object, the potential energy stored by an object's position in a force field (gravitational, electric or magnetic), the elastic energy stored by stretching solid objects, the chemical energy released when a fuel burns, the radiant energy carried by light, and the thermal energy due to an object's temperature.  

    A complete definition can be found here: >

    What to DUE:

    18 U.S. Code Part I – CRIMES | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    • Dennie says:

      This is clearly information that NEEDS TO GO TO EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS.  Goodness– WE here know about this, now what are we supposed to do with this great body of facts, knowledge and information that our elected representation should be availed of–??  Just posting excerpts of useful information and it's source article links won't DO anything unless it gets to the RIGHT PEOPLE WHO CAN DO something with it.  Otherwise you have a situation that's exactly like getting a diagnosis for a disease for which there is no cure or treatment.  How do you think that makes people feel–??  This needs to be looked at too.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Dennie:  Your suggestion:  "Just posting excerpts of useful information and it's source article links won't DO anything unless it gets to the RIGHT PEOPLE WHO CAN DO something with it."

      Maybe this sounds a bit over the top; but if I broke into my neighbors kitchen with a case of Raid pesticide every night, and sprayed every surface down, I rather doubt that my neighbor would consider calling his congressperson for help…

      Breaking and entering into another's home is a CRIME.  Intentionally poisoning someone's domicile with lethal poisons, would also be considered a CRIME in most Tort jurisdictions.  Repeatedly terrorizing private individuals and their families, IS considered a CRIME in both domestic and international jurisdictions.  Arson, theft, and violation of Chattel property IS a CRIME.  There are prosecutable LAWS prohibiting the employment of all of the above…

      Laws are civil solutions to be utilized within an orderly civil framework.  Without Law, there is no social order.  Written Laws contain actionable penalties for those who find themselves in violation of civil order.  "ACTS" and statutes are not Laws of the Land.  They are corporate policy.  They are laws (lower case) of the Sea, or Admiralty laws. (Lower Case).

      When there is no acknowledgment that these civil frameworks exist within our social order, no amount of voting or protest will become functional or rational…

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Dennie — I disagree with what you have said here and feel your criticism of Paul’s post is very unfair and biased by your own tendencies.  Not everyone does know “about this" … and thinks "what are we supposed to do with this great body of facts, knowledge and information.”  There are many silent readers that come here everyday, and who may not be as well informed as you think you are. Paul is an amazing resource for the law, science, and many other topics that have been useful to expand my understanding — and I’m sure there are other readers here who feel the same. Personally I am grateful for Paul’s keen intelligence and knowledge base, which obviously reflects a lifetime of experience in many fields. Controlled and directed anger can be useful — but anger and belligerence without knowledge reflect immaturity and are easily dismissed, forgotten.  Paul deserves and gets my respect. Knowledge of the law does matter.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, Or, as Jimi Hendrix said, if you aren't paranoid, you haven't been experienced!!!!

  11. Ben says:

    Thank you Dane for the weekly reports. Just today the Sacramento Bee newspaper ran an article on air pollution. Sac Bee Sunday July 15 2018 3A, Study: polluted air raises risk for type 2 diabetes by Hannah Holzer. The article talks about the study:

    The 2016 global and national burden of diabetes mellitus attributable to PM2·5 air pollution

    Bowe, Benjamin et al.

    The Lancet Planetary Health , Volume 2 , Issue 7 , e301 – e312


    This study can be found on the The Lancet Planetary Health website  Volume 2, No. 7, e301–e312, July 2018 and is free to read. Sacramento and California has some of the worst air in the nation. This study has the limitation of not defining where the PM2.5 particles come from or what they are made of but point of the study is to show that PM2.5 size pollutants cause heath issues namely type 2 diabetes. Just wanted to add this study to the conversation.  Thank you.

  12. Will says:

    US imported more seafood in 2017 than any prior year

    Key takeaway from this: " The U.S. is home to major commercial fisheries for species such as Pacific salmon, New England lobster and Alaska pollock, but it imports more than 90 percent of the seafood the public consumes."

    What does that tell you?

  13. simone says:

    Human beings are so destructive. I sometimes think we're a kind of plague, that will scrub the earth clean. We destroy things so well that I sometimes think, maybe that's our function. Maybe every few eons, some animal comes along that kills off the rest of the world, clears the decks, and lets evolution proceed to its next phase.” 

    ― Michael Crichton, The Lost World

  14. izzy says:

    This week’s post opened with several questions.

    I’ll hazard some guesses.


    1. They will certainly be part of the problem.

    2. Significantly less than a critical mass.

    3. Many are called, but few are chosen.

    4. Some will remain asleep through it all.

    5. Much sooner than later.

    6. See no. 3

  15. Tom Keith says:

    I get "my tank" filled up by reading the comments and listening to Dane's weekly broadcast.  Thanks for the encouragement and I thank the other activists here for their efforts. I believe their are other helpers behind the scene who are also helping Dane, who get little attention. (Like his wife and children). Kudos to them.

    My activity increased significantly after donning the" gas mask". Maybe it takes something like this to startle people to awaken ? We have an event in Geneseo IL next week on climate awareness and I plan on being there.

    Lets keep are heads up and our phones down !

    PS. Mike, I'm glad you got over being camera shy.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tom Keith, Bravo my flat lander friend I would like share a camp fire with. Good to mention the "behind the scenes" folks that make this web site happen. I feel the same way. I often wonder what it is like to grow up as Dane Wigington and wonderful wife's son or daughter. Apples don't fall far from the tree comes to mind.

      Tom, I am happy to read that you had an uptick in people paying attention, inquiring as to what you are offering. Indeed, this so called modern society we live in is currently based on "shock value". Myself, that's why I have the only booth at the market that was 'not' made in China and it is fire engine red for a good reason. If someone wants to send me a red tarp to cover the top with, I'll put it up!

      Tom, funny that you call me out on being camera shy. Which I truly am by timid and humble nature. "But"(which is a far cry from could, may, might), if my silly picture will inspire others to go forth and blaze their own paths of making more folks aware of what is happening in our skies, so be it. I just hope they will move forward with the same fortitude and intent as folks like you and I.

      "Never yield to an opposing force if you know for certain you are in the right". I believe that is something that has been lost in our older generations trying to teach our younger generations. Coarse now, that is a double edge blade. My own kids will not speak to me because I would not give in to there false realities and self entitlements. When the shit hits the fan… and it will sooner or later, I know damn well where they will call for help. I am the only one in their life that has told them the truth regardless of how bad it hurt and or emotionally felt. My critter friends have taught me many lessons that are very applicable to human interactions. "Most" folks can't handle that notion. The reactions I have received have been dramatic as well as dialog stopping. I have no problem letting a fellow earth dweller, 2 legged or 4, have a few moments to think about what I have just presented. I'm always happy to "take it from the top" and work our way back down. The goal being, "we're both on the same page".

      Keep putting that traction down on road Tom. It matters!

    • Hey Tom Keith:  Yeah!!!  Very stylish.  😉  I have a couple friends on the western shore of Lake Superior who wear their filtration masks in public all the time.  It definitely gets people's attention, and often leads the way to discussion as to "Why"?  They did follow my advice on the quality of filtration, as they are a bit concerned about chemical spray attacks or other types of civilian control by unruly police…

      For interested readers, please refer to my suggestions by following this link:   Paul Vonharnish says:  June 29, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    • Tom Keith says:

      Thanks guys. Horseman, I get talking to your 4 legged friends.  Sometimes I think they understand it more than my 2 legged friends

      Paul, thanks for the link. Hopefully we won't need to use them. 

           The humidity here in the quad cities has been unyielding.  Some improvement today.

        As a young man I spent a lot of time in the woods.  As others say, I notice a difference between today and 50 years ago.  Eerily quiet, and the fauna is a lot less.  The good(and bad) news is there are a lot of dead trees and more mushrooms . Which I have been eating a lot more of lately. Don't worry.  I've done my homework on the poisonous ones.  

      Cheers to all.



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Tom, I so loved seeing you in the mask!  Well done!  Long ago there was a woman who walked all over Berkeley with one.  Very effective, but in her case, none of us knew why, back then.  You could spot her from a great distance by the mask, which at my age could only be an asset!  How long did you wear it and how did that feel?  Excellent idea!  And clearly it worked!

      Horseman Mike,  You look small and shaded under that big hat, but your work is large!  I appreciate the fact that you took care not to acquire made in China.  You think a lot of things ALL the way through!  Not that you need more to chew on, but did you know CA is about to kill its wild horses?  Meantime 'they' are using them for testing vaccines, foods, and even birth control.  Like rabbits in cages.  Few realize that horses are native here in America, in California.  Originated here!  They deserve better.  They are not just iconic images of the old west.  They are living relics from the time of dinosaurs even.  The Spaniards did Not give them to America, they were here!  Theirs originated here!  Does no one care?

  16. Stuart says:

    Just watched NHK report about rain and floods in Japan.  We have to wonder if the heavy rain there (several weeks now) is being induced or engineered on purpose. Cloud cover and cool breeze for respite? Temps in Tokyo 95F/ 82F. wow

    Also on NHK a report about giant iceberg which floated ashore near small Greenland village.  They are worried the berg might flip and cause tsunami and wipe out village.  Locals said they had never seen a berg that large before.

    Southern CA Heat Wave continues.  We had Intensity 10 days ago with hi temp records broken.  Now also have Duration – maybe many weeks of above normal to extreme. And yes, unusual Humidity here also. Skies overhead a milky white with striations indicative of aircraft dispersal.

    LA Times op/ed piece today about need for Journalists to take Climate Change seriously and to "start telling the whole story."  I hope that includes Weather Engineering which is a DAILY phenomenon here.

  17. marc says:

    A couple of observations: for the last several weeks Arizona has been under a vast sea of humidity, undoubtedly in coordination with the traditional monsoon season. I lived here in the 70's and "monsoon" meant huge, magnificent cumulus thunderheads building up over the desert in a dosie-doe with the accumulating summer heat, ultimately leading to very substantial downpours on an almost daily basis for maybe 6 weeks or so. This summer the pattern is vaguely "similar" yet way different: the PERSISTENT humidity, very uncharacteristic of southern AZ, the generally far greater cloud cover in contrast to distinct, discreet cumulus cells, etc. This humidity feels artificially induced for in 3-4 days (it is rainy today) the RH will drop from 80% or so to near 20–30%. It really feels like moisture is being "pumped" into the region, presumably from the Pacific. After said moisture peters out, we will default back to a very low RH. As a violin player I have violin bows laying around the house. Bow hair (horsehair) is quite an excellent gauge by which to get a bead on what's going on with the humidity. Low humidity will draw the horsehair up shorter so that the next time you go to use a bow the dang thing will be as if you had cranked the screw up almost to the max. The stick can potentially be under so much tension from hair shrinkage that it becomes a threat to the stick. Conversely, high humidity will impregnate bowhair sometimes to the point where it is so "stretchy" it can sometimes be difficult to tighten a bow up to the desired tension. The point here is that I have been seeing RADICAL swings both ways with the local RH. For the last several days Tucson has felt exactly like the Midwestern region I just returned from. And let me tell you, the Midwest was insanely humid.

       This whole monsoon season so far, in spite of local exultations from the residents, is creepy-weird. It doesn't truly resemble any patterns from the past. When and if it does rain hard, the street puddles and washes will contain white frothy foam. But here in AZ locals wait desperately for the summer rains to come because it is so dry and dusty otherwise, and sometimes for many, many consecutive months. 

      Great broadcast Dane. One cannot connect the dots on all this stuff and NOT come to the obvious conclusion that there are dark elements in this equation who actually DELIGHT in creating death and destruction and in bringing as much harm to the breadth of humanity as can be diabolically manufactured. We all seem to be descending down a vortex into ever increasing deception, physical endangerment and environmental obliteration on a scale that serves as absolute proof of my prior statement. 

    • Terri Scheinuck says:

      Mark, I understand and I remember.  I was born in Tucson and live in Cottonwood AZ.  60 years and I completely agree with every word in your comment.  Well done.

    • Dennie says:

      My little production Bausch has a left curvature in it since it got rehaired in S.F.  Took it to a new guy, had him shorten the very loose hair as the bow would not respond, then it developed the curvature and will now need to be heated up and bent straight and probably rehaired correctly.  Don't know if any of this could be from all the weather whiplash– you know, foggy and cool one day, hot and dry for several days in a row later.  I think it's because I have a new guy (bass player) who isn't as good as my old guy (violinist/multi-instrumentalist) who is so far out now with what appears to be rapid cycling hypomanic bipolar disorder that he can no longer communicate with customers in any kind of balanced way.    

  18. Star Messenger says:

    To:  'a' simple horseman

    If I may quote from the sympathies you felt for Dane as he sees the world he loves so much crumble:  "I can only imagine the shattered indescribable feelings he must hold within, given the contrast we behold 'today'."

    That being said about that part of the world Dane described so well.  Reports coming from Canada by well-known climate science educator Paul Beckwith, part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, etc. are very disturbing in the least.  He recently published a paper that described how the Jet Stream had crossed the Equator – unheard of in modern times  Well, you can imagine the "flack" he received from the mainstream scientific community that tried to discredit his report.  Below you will find Paul's full credentials.  Under that, you will find the web page that should scare the BeJesus out of most people.  The image he projects shows that we are on the verge of going beyond the "tipping point" that will lead to catastrophic, world-ending, consequences.  Paul mentions the 100 videos he has made – and is making more.  I haven't had the chance to watch any of these videos other than the one below.  Part of the Link below contains lengthy phone interviews with Paul and various talk-show hosts.  So, fasten your "seat belts" and take a ride on the scarier side of life as told by Paul Beckwith.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Star messenger, yes, Beckwith’s testimony on the urgency of the unfolding climate collapse are noteworthy. This being said, it is important to remember and consider that Paul Beckwith is completly denying the single most enviromentally destructive factor of all, climate engineering. There are only two possibilities for this ommision, Paul is either criminally ignorant of the arena of study in which we are told he is an “expert”, or he is lying. FYI

    • Rodster says:

      Paul Beckwith is the person who Guy McPherson gets his data from. McPherson and Beckwith are both frauds because McPherson admitted to Dane that he was aware of geoengineering taking place then out of nowhere he does a 180 and makes personal remarks against Dane any chance he can get.

      These guys have enough data to know what's really going on, they just choose to hide the truth.

  19. sharon s says:

    Just got back from seeing family in CA. Drove round trip of 860 miles from NV to So Cal thru mtns, desert, into high density populated areas. My windshield should have been covered with bugs. Nope! there were some gnats, but the big splatters, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies and others were NOT there.  Also lots of CA refugees moving in to our neighborhood, brought along an extra 8 horses. This time of year horses should be tormented by swarms of flies. Nope. Haven't even had to use the fly mask on mine, no big horse flies either. No bees on our flowers, very few yellow jacket wasps that swarm here.  Something indeed is happening!  

  20. Milt Farrow says:

    The Sta John's River authority has been complaining about the flooding -I sent them some basic information( I am sure that all officials know what is going on, but despite the huge damage to the biosphere they will continue wit their complicit silence – Florida now is exhibiting enormous rainfall ( daily) as well as a heat index being exacerbated by the trapped nano-aluminum particulates-My County is being pounded by both Commercial Carriers ( Jet Blue and the rest) as well as combined flights from as far west as New Mexico-

    Thank You Dr Dane for your tireless effort


  21. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 226th email, titled 'Totally Inane'.

    1. There are many discussions about a Blue Ocean Event this year, based on extent and/or area. The study of sea ice melt based on the extent and area criteria was ludicrous at best of times, but it is now totally inane. 

    An area or extent Blue Ocean could now happen overnight, like a thief in the night, rapidly leading to the collapse of "civilisation". Our politicians and senior military know this, and this is why they are currently creating so much mass distraction and division.  

    Over 90% of an iceberg's volume is under water, with most of the remaining mass being well above the water line, so an iceberg has to melt significantly before there is any significant change in area or extent. 

    Also, how much of what is left of the sea ice is actually glacial ice that found itself floating in the sea after calving? 

    2. I am at a loss as to which of the political and military distraction and division tactics to mention. I guess I will wait until the next chemical false flag event in Syria, probably in Idlib. 

    If you care about the grief and disaster that is going to happen to you and your family during the next 8 years, and how you may be able to avert it, then I urge to listen to this week's Global Alert News:  

    3.  Notes to Self (week 79 of 104).  Here is an easy experiment: Put a good handful of ice cubes into a pan and put it on your stove/cooker and time how long it takes for the ice to melt, and then time how long it takes for that water to come to the boil. For me, it took 3 mins for the ice to melt and 1 min for the water to boil.

    Now think about the melting Arctic sea ice…I realise my experiment uses a constant heat source and that the Arctic Ocean will not start to boil in the same timescale due to wave and ocean currents etc which will dissipate the warming water throughout a much larger body of water, but heat energy is heat energy is heat energy, and it is still considerably heating the ocean(s).

    Based on the above melt to boil ratio and the recent average sea ice melt of 6000 cu km per 10 days: The Arctic Ocean is 15,558,000 sq km, and the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) has an average depth of 50m. The heat energy required to melt 6000 cu km of ice in 10 days is sufficient to raise the temperature of the top 50m of the whole of the Arctic Ocean by 10C in 6 weeks. 

    The immediate worry is that the rapid increase in shallow surface temps (both sea and land) will be sufficient to cause increased methane release (particularly from the ESAS), which does have an immediate effect in heating the atmosphere – much of that heat is lost at night but will be replaced every day in probably increasing amounts. Methane from clathrates is released in a series of major burps or spikes as successive layers melt.

    What is that 6C sea surface temp anomaly north of Falkland Islands?

    I see the Northern Jet Stream is again meandering all over the place and meeting up with the Southern Jet Stream over the Pacific Ocean.

    • penny says:

      Here's an addendum to #226, item 1, from Sam Carana.

      And a bit of an expansion on item 3, the 'ice cubes in a glass' analogy.  The analogy only applies when considering a limited expanse of ocean.  The glass is a very tightly closed system, relative to the vast oceans.  Thus,the cooling (or slowing-of-heating) effect of any given iceberg only applies to a certain volume of water around it.  For every iceberg lost, the ocean begins its rapid heating in the now ice-free part, despite the fact that there may be ice elsewhere. So the more ice lost, the more rapidly other ice will go away – the exponential decline Andrew talks about.

      What I'm trying to say is that the glasses with ice cubes should be immersed in a huge pot of heating water.  Which may be obvious to everyone already, in which case, Carry on!

  22. I do have personal issues with certain “ideals” as presented in this article.  Never the less, I also believe sober public discussion and debate is the only realistic method forward.  Common properties (res communes) held in trust for future generations; is hardly a new idea.  The concept dates to back to Sumerian culture, and was established well before the days of Justinian.  Below is an excerpt from the article cited: > (Bold italics are mine)

    International law recognizes resource domains and geographical areas that lie outside of the political reach of any one nation state – specifically, the high seas, the atmosphere, Antarctica, and outer space – as “global commons” governed by the principle that they are “the common heritage of humankind.”5  But there has been no effective vehicle for asserting our right not to have our common environment destroyed.

    Recently, however, the Atmospheric Trust Litigation Project has brought suit on behalf of young people in all fifty US states to require the state and Federal governments to fulfill their obligation to protect the atmosphere as a common property.6 The suit argues that the atmosphere belongs in common to all people of current and future generations. Governments serve them as trustees, but do not themselves own the atmosphere. The suits seek declarative judgment applying the public trust doctrine to the earth’s atmosphere and asks the courts to issue injunctions ordering federal and state governments to reduce carbon emissions to fulfill their duty to protect it.

    A Legal Blueprint for Our Ecological Survival | On the Commons

    Tip o' the pen to simone for posting a link to this important parliamentary movement in the Dutch/Netherlands.  >

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: A very unnatural rectangular cut-out 'hole' off the Pacific Northwest coast and an insane unholy sprayed mess out over the Pacific Ocean – July 14, 2018.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Susan, thank you for sharing this screen shot from satellite imagery. Interesting how it is similar to what has been off the coast of California for the last decade or more. I'm sure it is a filtered image, however it does depict why my winds here have been constant and out of the north, northwest. Interesting how the winds suddenly pick up when it's fire season. Here on the north Okanogan, the other "growler jet zone", everyone is on high alert and the forests are drying out fast with all the desiccant aerosols that are obviously in the air even though we did not get to see the initial dispersion. Almost a week ago we had a rain storm come through here. It came in fast and it left fast. That wasn't normal. Those are not my words but those of an old timer I share time with. I don't know what was in that "rain", but I sure am seeing what it did to any undergrowth that was green at the time. It all now looks like it was sprayed with glyphosate. Good spring growth and then kill it so it becomes extremely flammable, sprinkle it with some magic dust so it explodes real good and there you have… "it"…

    • Linda says:

      Saw That! For some reason they are purposely baking the northwest using HAARP to push that man made mess off shore currently.  There are notable barometric burbles that change with each spaying in the Willamette Valley. I started paying attention when my bunion throbed ( that has rarely bothered me since surgery years ago) that has always traditional triggered with a barmetric change from high to low preassure but especially the rapid change or burble.  Ironically unrelenting hot weather was all that was forcasted for the last week and all of next and there were suspicious man made banks of clouds that came from the spraying that may have accounted for the temporary change. Its all so spooky.  Its become so obvious and predictable that people accept this sky as normal and the news casters call the obvious  HAARP action a "buttermilk sky"  to cover up the true reason we are seeing this and normalize they it somehow.  I will admit with no interfering with seeding now we bake fast and the heat will kill all crops and trigger tremendous fires.  I expect another disaster like the strange Santa Rosa fire of 2017.  What ever they are up to is sinister and frightening on every level! 

  24. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Iran's Water Crisis | Water | Al Jazeera     

    “We investigate the race to save Iran's water, before water scarcity dries out entire cities and displaces millions.”

    Nov 13, 2016 12:45 GMT

    Notice the date of publication.  As in many other countries, the siege begins with geoengineered drought or deluge, and is followed or accompanied by crippling economic sanctions.  The cradle of life has become a theater of disaster… "All glory is fleeting."

    • Star Messenger says:

      I just finished watching the video about Iran's water crisis on Al Jazeera.

      Has anyone noticed that both Iran and Syria have severe water shortages and both are on the U. S. Terrorist Watch List?  Could their droughts be manmade?  What I mean by "manmade" is HAARP.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Star Messenger, the short answer to your question is yes. FYI

  25. Jeanette S says:

    Hi dane, thanks for all you do. I wanted to say that the power structure always threatens the standards for organic/federal organic seal and we always tell them if you do that we will just make another and take all of the following with us. enjoy it while you have it. the same with youtube. One of the Achilles heels of the corporate society; competition is alive and well. tell youtube the same you will go elsewhere if they cannot uphold the people's interest.

    • Star Messenger says:

      Replacements for YouTube are "in the works".  But for now, YouTube has the richest format, so we are stuck with a "one trick pony".

      But we can make a start.  Instead of "Googling It", I use a new and different search engine called,  With DuckDuckGo you get fewer hits (by design) but they are more relevant hits.  The "not so relevant" hits are filtered out.  Another added feature is DuckDuckGo does NOT track you!!  Your searches are always private!

  26. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Bringing it forward… Wow!, what a week it has been. Before Thursdays market awareness booth I was in kind of a slump. It's hard watching my natural habitat die by the day. When I came home on Thursday evening and was able to reflect a bit and then contribute a write up of my afternoons activity, I started to feel a bit better. Especially knowing/learning that I will get to finish my awareness booth season with to engagements per week and I don't have to drive 50 miles each way. Then Dennie wrote in about tending the Gem Faire booth on Friday and I got an email this afternoon from Kathy stating that their booth in Puyallup went super well this Saturday morning. And then again I got to read Dennie's write up of 2 days tending the Gem Faire awareness booth. Spot on points you made Dennie, about how to reach peoples minds. And then I got to read a few nice replies to some of my contributions on last weeks article. Paul and Earth Angel, thank you, it means a lot to me and you all have filled my sails. Oh sure, the "slump" still haunts me or is still looming in the shadows. But for now and isn't that all that matters?, I am satisfied. Face to the wind. I remember several years ago when a banner in the back of a Volkswagon Jetta was all the rage(marc's Jetta). Now look at us! We got people showing up at the Gem Faire booth(s), people standing up their own booths of awareness, people walking around with a sandwich board and a filtration mask on. Holy crap, how cool is that? I'd like to think of it all like tire wear in reverse. The more it rolls, the deeper the tread gets. Kind of makes sense, doesn't it?

  27. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Hello All Awaken Souls who read and comment here,

    I as well would like to extend my gratitude to anybody and everybody who in any shape or form contributes to inching closer to exposing and halting this insanity.

    Thank you for your kind words Mike Torrence. I manned our booth today for some five hours. Last month sitting there even longer I was scribbling some notes for the new video, but then camera malfunction prevented me from recording it properly back then. Looks I had a better luck today, and felt like I was more relaxed too, so here is another video. This time discussing topic of global warming and its relation to climate engineering of course. Nothing most here haven't heard before, but I hope it can be helpful to somebody. 

    Again, my best wishes to everybody here. Looks like everything is coming to a head now. Take a look:


  28. At approximately 9:20 into this weeks presentation, Dane mentions the public release of once classified film footage of nuclear testing carried on by the United States military.  You are so correct, Dane.  This film footage is a show of "supremacy" –  a show of bravado.  And it is aimed at (once again) deteriorating nuclear negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.  It is a terroristic threat by an international bully and gangster.

    It is also a calculated shot across the bow of Iranian leadership – and a ploy to gain public support toward further intervention into middle eastern affairs.  As Walter Kirn once said: " If you're not paranoid, you're crazy."

    The American legal class remains asleep at the switch, while the train heads down the rusted tracks toward oblivion…

  29. Chirstine says:

    One more medical doctor talking about geoengineering and what to do to protect oneself, at least partially. Title of the talk: "EMF, 5G Cell Towers, Geoengineering and Retroviruses" at:

    • Hello Christine and concerned readers:  There are lengthy comments regarding 5G deployment and Active Denial Systems on Dane's July 7th Geoengineering Watch page.  >

      Unfortunately, amateurish (and also manipulative "professional") information regarding active denial technology has been skewed into a morass of disinformation and speculation.  These systems are hardly new.  The only thing “new” about these systems is the reduced weight and size for shipment and field mobility.  The newest generations also boast the ability to reset frequency, pulse modulation, and magnitude in real time.  This tractability allows tactical field application of multiple physical effects…      

      The video cited below addresses human “rights” and problematic “legal” tangles.  The first video in the series contains eye witness accounts regarding the “non-lethal” properties of the device.  I suggest you view the entire series. >      

      Illegal Active Denial System – Part 3 of 3  

      Published on Jan 3, 2010    

      Please review: Laws against criminal uses of electromagnetic energy weapons    


      The above is an essential broadsheet regarding resolves to regulate electromagnetic warfare policy. Take notice of document links to other jurisdictions.

    • I am including additional links to this specific video sequence, as YouTube has a certain proclivity toward dislocating links to sensitive eye witness information. >     

      Illegal Active Denial System – Part 2 of 3 – YouTube

      Illegal Active Denial System – Part 1 of 3 – YouTube

      The sequence actually has more impact by watching the videos from last to first.  I would submit that decapitation of human limbs and/or permanently blinding non-combatant civilians, is a rather radical form of localized geoengineering…

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul.

      The information shown in your post surpasses science fiction several times over.

      The level of cruelty of the monsters who are developing such weapons is very hard to understand.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Paul for more and for context, I so love context.

      Pedro, I suspect their level of cruelty is only matched by their level of fear, of which we can only imagine the whys, but they know what all they have done.

  30. Star Messenger says:

    Dane, I became transfixed with your description of your laying on your back floating in the waters somewhere off the coast of the Channel Islands looking up at the stars.  Few people have been blessed enough to see what you have seen and realize that Someone put all those stars "up" there.  Seeing the Universe without the intrusion of artificial light coming from civilization makes the Universe appear "up close and personal" – as though you could reach up and pluck the brighter stars out of the inky blackness of "outer" space. 

    I've experienced that feeling, but instead of being in the ocean I was in the desert southwest of North America way beyond the reach of the nearest cellphone tower.  That feeling left me limp with awe, speechless, over what I was seeing.  And that feeling returns (greatly attenuated of course) when I see the first evening "star", Venus, every night.

    But today, with the advent of the "smart" phone, people don't have time to think of, nor are interested in, what is happening above their heads.  Their entire world has been reduced to the size of a small glass screen they hold in their hands.  Getting these people to think about the "bigger picture" and make them realize that if we mess this place up we have nowhere else to go.  The "Road of Yellow Bricks" we are traveling on is not leading to the "Emerald City".

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Star Messenger(I like that pen name), I too am proud to hear what Dane has allowed himself to experience in the natural world. I can only imagine the shattered indescribable feelings he must hold within, given the contrast we behold 'today'. The same experiences of yesteryear can be found in terrestrial world also. It reminded me of a night back in February of 96. I was stopped for an hour rest stop/food break with my dog team way up in the Rocky Mountains on top of the great divide between Helena and Missoula. 2 AM, no moon and I did not need to turn on a flash light. The stars lit up the sky "and the snow" just like I had always known it to do so out in the "wilderness". Even here at my Cabin in a place where I once fondly called "the place that never gets dark", things have changed. No moon means darkness. The stars shine dimly.

      Side note: as I am writing these words, a helicopter went by. This is not good!!!! The only thing a helicopter is used for at this time of night is to put out a fire. Pray people, pray for folks like BaneB and myself. Fire season is rearing it's ugly devastation like we've never seen before.

  31. Jean Kezlan says:

    I can tell you for certain that the oceans are changing rapidly.  I have lived on the Pacific coast in Mexico for 13 years in a little fishing village.  Almost NO fish are being caught these days.  The trash the warm ocean, the nuclear spills are all to blame ….so say the fishermen here.  They are starving themselves for lack of fish to sell. 

  32. Sandra Marie Beebe says:

    HI Dane


    I just wanted to say Thank you for all you DO… I listen to you each Saturday.. You are amazing and intelligent…  I continue to sound the alarm to everyone..!  I am moving to Minnesota with my daughter.. "who is a non-believer" of anything happening…  We never spoke for a few months because of it awhile back.. now I am going to live with them.. I know I must keep my thoughts to myself, but I so many times get fumed when i think about all of this.. I hope I can hold my breath and not go off …. it's going to be challenging!!  With God by my side.. It will all be okay… I prayed to him and asked him to guide me to keep opinions to myself and respect theirs…!


    • Jeanette S says:

      I decided to have a potting shed out back to keep the peace. this way you can make friends, talkas you wish, make stores in case, do science projects such as how to use plants to get water, etc. If you have utilities show dane's movie to interested parties. etc. do homesteading and survival crafts as someday you may get a great big thank you your older grandchildren would probably love to help you do it/be your student. rocket mass heater and grill/warmed bench out of rocket mass technology and earthbag/cob. they are beautiful. Minnesota, finland area, is home of Organic consumers assoc. they are into organic and regenerating soil, bringing it back to life. I am sure the area has homesteading, alterior building, systems folk in the area. share the expenses and chores in exchange for all the free time to do these tasks. WHAT A DEAL!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Sandra Marie, what an interesting situation you have placed yourself in. I hope you will find a balance between you and your "oppressors". One thing is for sure, ultimately, "if folks don't open their eyes and wake up and smell the coffee, 'we're through'. Kaput… As you slowly die, will you regret standing down and conforming to those blinded folks around you? I am not picking on you Sandra Marie. Oh no, that would not be my way. I merely point out these thoughts because so many of us here that stand with are getting up there in age. We may be faced with similar circumstances. Personally, I've always stood my ground when I knew I was in the right. "I'm not going anywhere".

    • Hello Sandra Marie Beebe:  Welcome to Minnesota!  Jeanette S mentions the Finland, Minnesota – Organic Consumers Association,  and the folks there are very "into it"… There are also several effective anti-geoengineering activists located in Finland, Lutsen, and Grand Marias.  The Whole Foods Coop in Grand Marias is one of the highest quality suppliers of organic products I've ever encountered.

      Thank you again to Jeanette S for your many thoughtful postings.

  33. Frank says:

    A local weatherman told of an effect I had never heard before. When the sun shines down on moist ground, part of the energy goes into evaporating the moisture. When the ground dries up, like now, all the sun's energy goes into heat, adding a couple degrees to the temp.

    It reminded me of how Dane always says a warmer planet wants to be a wetter planet, if not for Geoengineering. I can only imagine that this planet would be getting more jungle-like if left alone. It would stabilize ground temps and encourage more plant growth that would eat up more carbon dioxide. But instead the Geoengineers decided for us that a dry climate would pacify us feel better, so we head toward being one, big, lifeless desert.  

    • Vj ross says:

      One big lifeless planet. By doing the right thing, by keep on informing people that they can help to change the offending input, by popular resistance and building educated and consciously motivated folks.

      Taken from Sam Carana's Artic-news blogspot

      Once the sea ice is gone, further ocean heat must go elsewhere, i.e. it will typically raise the temperature of the water. The atmosphere will also warm up faster. More evaporation will also occur once the sea ice is gone, which will cool the sea surface and warm up the atmosphere (technically know as latent heat of vaporization).

      As temperatures in the Arctic are rising faster than at the Equator, the Jet Stream will change, making it easier for warm air to enter the Arctic. More clouds will form over the Arctic, which will reflect more sunlight into space, but which will also make that less outward IR radiation can escape into space over the Arctic, with a net warming effect.

  34. Dennie says:

    My report from Gem Faire in San Rafael, July 13 & 14:  We definitely are seeing more people who are aware of Something going on in the skies.  It's amazing how people believe we're seeing "contrails," or as one attendee whose daughter reported from when she attended  first grade in the Mill Valley public schools and the kids were somehow being taught the names of the various types of clouds, "straight-line clouds," as if they had never seen clouds before (well, WE didn't need to be "taught" about the names of "clouds" in school, it is not part of a general public education but I believe that the reality of geoengineering should and must be taught).

    It would be really helpful and get more people's attention to have a back-of-the-booth area banner that is the same as the business-sized cards that say "What's going on with the weather?" and the "What are they spraying?" questions and then the rest of what that side of the card says, with the message on the other side of the card as another banner to the right of that.  People attending the show who stopped by the booth agreed that everyone's affected by the weather and most agree that it's been really weird all the time of late, so getting their attention by asking a common question rather than only a "Stop Geoengineering" admonition could probably increase traffic to the booth sites.  People ARE curious!!  Many of them do walk away with handfuls of hand-outs and a number come by at the next Gem Faire to report that they have passed along the info.

    Pointers to have at the ready on the tip of your tongue:

    Q:  Who is doing this?

    A: We have multiple agencies with multiple agendas operating with no coordination, no oversight and not public discussion.

    Q: Why would anyone want to steal the moisture from the west coast when we need it to grow crops?

    A:  Moisture can be migrated via G.W.E.N. towers and H.A.A.R.P. ionospheric heaters in order to use the moisture to cool off areas of greater population in order to keep the majority of the American population who live east of the Rockies from asking why it's getting so hot.  

    Q:  How do you know this is going on?

    A:  1. California State Dept. of Health Drinking Water division runs tests on toxins by federal mandate.  Records of those tests prove that there have been spikes of aluminum, barium, strontium and other heavy metals that don't belong in our drinking water being found in routine tests of our drinking water since the 1980s; 2. Rain water, snow and soil samples are showing the chemical fingerprints of fly ash appearing now along with the heavy metals found in the CA state drinking water tests; 3. Please avail yourself of reading Air Force 2025, a report prepared for the U.S.A.F./Air University by the Federation of American Scientists, especially the chapter titled "Owning the Weather in 2025: Weather as a Force Multiplier."  It's public information and you can find the link to this report on the website; 4. Please avail yourself of the links to the 100+ patents for weather modification that you can find on the website.  This is public information hiding in plain sight; 5. What is climate modification other than very large-scale weather modification?

    Q: What more can I do?

    A. 1. Visit the website and read everything you can, then 2. download the printable credible information and 3. start passing the materials anywhere you can, then 4. get other people to do the same. 5. Write letters to your elected representation and help to acquaint their noses with the scent of reality.  And 6. keep on writing!  Hold their feet to the fire, because many of them DO know what's going on.

    Yes, the Global Alert News today with the Venus Syndrome diagnosis is especially dire.  It's like getting a death sentence and I feel like I've just been given a terminal cancer diagnosis.  None the less, we have to face this reality, too.  

    • BlueSue says:

      Great answers Dennie for each question asked.  Thank you for supporting the Geoengineering Booth in San Rafael.  Blessings to you and all here who do the work that must be done. 

  35. Bluv says:

    Thank you again Dane for all the hard work and the sacrifices you have made to make a difference in this world, you are truly an amazing being and I rank you amongst the best this world has offered. I can only imagine how proud your familiy and friends must be having you at the their side. Peace and strength to you going forward.






  36. simone says:


    A coalition of seven Dutch political parties recently unveiled a climate policy proposal that is breathtaking in its ambition. If it becomes law, it will codify the most stringent targets for greenhouse gas reductions of any country in the world.

    There are still several steps between the proposal and passage, including debate in both houses of Parliament, and lawmakers may make changes. But given the broad political support — the parties involved control 113 of 150 seats in Parliament — it is widely expected to pass in something like its current form by late next summer.

    It would be the world’s eighth national climate law (after the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, and Sweden), but it boasts a few features that make it particularly notable.

    Here in the US, we’ve grown depressingly accustomed to climate battles breaking down along partisan lines: Democrats push (inadequate) solutions; Republicans deny that the problem exists or that anything needs to be done about it.

    In contrast, the Dutch proposal is supported by a coalition of parties ranging from the far left to the center-right, together representing a large majority of seats in the Dutch Parliament. …

    The proposal represents a degree of social and political consensus that is almost unthinkable in the US — not only that climate change is “real” (an absurd debate only the US is having), but that it’s urgent and that national policy should support the goals agreed to in Paris. Those goals obligate developed countries like the Netherlands to virtually eliminate carbon emissions by mid-century.

    Under the bill, every year, the Dutch Parliament and the Cabinet will discuss and debate the year’s progress toward decarbonization goals. With independent advice from the Council of State, they will adjust programs as necessary to stay on track, in something analogous to a yearly budgeting process.

    Then, on the fourth Thursday of October — “Climate Day” — the government will issue a public memorandum reviewing progress toward climate goals and laying out plans for the year ahead.

    If nothing else, yearly reviews will keep climate in the forefront of Dutch politics, and in the public eye.

    Meanwhile, as countries across the world plot a course toward a sustainable future, US policy falls farther and farther behind. America, increasingly alone among nations, still clings, eyes shut tight, to the dirty past.

    The Dutch are now pushing Europe forward

    Along with the newly aggressive domestic policy has come a newly aggressive posture toward European Union climate policy. Rutte recently called upon the EU to revise its collective carbon target up to 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. (Germany’s outgoing environment minister dismissed the call as “unrealistic.”)

    Alongside the UK, which also recently signaled that it might aim for a zero-carbon goal, the Netherlands is going from laggard to leader on climate at a dizzying pace.


    • Dennie says:

      You know, that could happen here, too, if lazy "learned helplessness" people stopped telling themselves there's nothing they can do and GOT OUT THE VOTE in the upcoming mid-term elections to ensure that the Blue Wave becomes a tsunami that sweeps the red bastards out of office and far out to sea, where hopefully their dinosaur mind-set will drown.  


    • penny says:

      To make 'getting out the vote' worthwhile, we need worthy candidates.  Better find those, and hit the campaign trail, fellow activists, if we want to make progress through politics.  I tried this myself, once, and learned – at the 'bipartisan' (meaning the one DemReps party), 2-day Women's Campaign School, at Yale University – that "the way to win an election is to suppress voter turnout."  Yes, that is what every speaker there had to say!  "Avoid raising issues that will bring non-voters to the polls; call only the voters you KNOW will always vote for your party; don't waste time canvassing or trying to raise awareness in any way."

      There will never be political change if we leave it to the Same Old Bastards to bring it to us.  Didn't Obama and Trump both campaign on that hopey-changey platform?  Oh, and everyone before them?

      By the way, since my time with the Greens, I've come to believe that they, too, are immersed in the swamp. Green like algae?  If I ran now, it would be as an independent.  But as the world's biggest introvert, I am not an ideal candidate.  There are many here, however, who would be excellent.  Don't go out to vote for the lesser of two evils and hope that it'll do a damned bit of good, go out and get votes for YOU!  Be the change you hope to see, and all that.

  37. Carol Freiberg says:

    Need to expose the psychopaths like Del Bigtree did recently with the Big Pharma madmen. He found out that in 1986 we passed a law to save the vaccine industry, since they were being sued out of business because of the damage they were doing to children, and they got immunity because they felt we needed to continue vaccinations regardless if they were causing harm and death. So every 2 years the vaccine companies were to report to congress of their progress in making vaccines safer etc….Through a FOIA request Bigtree found out there have been no 2 year reviews EVER, in 30 years. Talk about insanity. Geoengineers same thing except "they" will never admit what "they" have done because of the liability of harming and killing innocent people. Total insanity. No wonder people can't get this reality in their heads.

    • Dennie says:

      David Keith is actually on record in one of his videotaped conferences saying that the sprays could kill tens of thousands each year.  Well, let's hope he and his ilk are among that number–maybe then it will stop!

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Here are quotations from a Springer Science textbook that provides solid evidence by a Russian physicist that Geoengineering planet Earth is increasing Ultra Violet radiation. UV Catastrophe!

    The Atmosphere and Ionosphere: Elementary Processes, Discharges, and Plasmoids / Vladimir Bychkov, Gennady Golubkov, Anatoly Nikitin, Editors / Springer Science, 2013
    The above Springer textbook is part of a series dealing with the Physics of Earth and Space Environment. This publication is most interesting in that descriptions of the NASA Worldview screenshots I have been taking (over 13,000 currently) can be inferred from the text. For example, these geoengineering technicians are turning plasma, both in laboratory experiments and in the atmosphere, into what they term PLASMOIDS. They define ‘PLASMOID’ as a high-density plasma formation, consisting of excited and charged particles —including charged cluster ions, dusty particles, quasi-particles (holes, excitations, plasmons, etc., in special conditions…), cluster particles in the plasma stabilized by strong collective forces acting between them.
    In my understanding, what they are doing is taking plasma and blasting it with various electromagnetic frequencies of radiation, think HAARP and other transmitters that use interferometry to generate excited intensely more powerful states.  The plasmoid thus has a “large energy storage value.”  The text states that the plasmoid “has to be supplied by the external energy flux (for example by MW microwave pumping), negative entropy flux (for example, an algorithmic modulation of the external MW microwave radiation)…”  Many have suggested this use of modulating algorithms to be part of the endlessly bizarre cloud formations that can be found on NASA Worldview.  The text studies:
    * Stable vortex plasmid creation by a capacity-coupled high-frequency discharge in swirl air flow. Study of the longitudinal plasmid evolution and its structure at a pulse repetitive regime of external high-frequency power pumping. [In my words, they continually blast the plasmid with radiation, microwave, scalar, or other. Or as my friend says, “They are banging the bell.”]
    * Physical properties of this plasmoid in swirl flow at a pulse repetitive regime of external high-frequency power pumping.
    * Energy distribution inside the longitudinal vortex plasmid created by the capacity-coupled high-frequency discharge.
    A Russian physicist and Nobel prize winner P.L.Kapitsa did much of the early research in this field of Ultra Violet radiation. Regarding the phenomena he termed “the UV Catastrophe” Kapitsa measured an intensive UV radiation and soft X-ray radiation generated by a longitudinal MW microwave [generated] plasmoid in swirl flow [in other words vortexes] were recorded and analyzed in Kapitsa’s work.  This UV Catastrophe was inside the longitudinal vortex plasmoid.  The UV ultra violet spectra of the longitudinal vortex plasmoid was created by the capacity-coupled high-frequency discharge in swirl [rotation — plasmas have an innate tendency to rotate:  “For plasmas there is a neutral force region where filaments do not merge, but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry.”  — Physics of the Plasma Universe, by Anthony Peratt, Springer, 2015.
    An optical spectrometer revealed that the intensity of the optical lines [graphs shown by the spectrometer analysis] and the optical bands in wave range 250-300 nm nanometers is considerably increased in the constricted or filamented longitudinal vortex plasmoid.  This phenomena depends on a plasma formation overheating (the average high-frequency power input of the plasma) — [for example increasing the MW microwave radiation being emitted from two or more transmitters, etc.]
    UV ultra violet radiation is increased in the non equilibrium [meaning plasma that has been forced out of equilibrium] longitudinal [scalar wave] vortex [rotating] plasmoid. Therefore according to the text, “the longitudinal vortex plasmid is the source of the intensive UV radiation and may be X-ray radiation (Kapitsa 1969).
    UV ultraviolet radiation is killing trees, vegetation, plankton, and inevitably all life on Earth, animal and human.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Susan, I am actually beginning to 'get' it.  Oddly, or not, what really helped me was Paul's recent offering of experiments in '72, last of three years of this one, in specific locations.  That PDF discusses plasma clouds and they experimented with Barium.  They even explained the 'glow'.  Seems they were beginning to understand plasma. Early days. 

  39. Tom Petrie says:

    As usual, a great program Dane!  I talk to folks almost every day about GeoEngineering, sharing credible data–or at least trying to and I've noticed something strange. 

    I'm running a half-marathon next month to promote awareness of the GeoEngineering issue and receive some of the weirdest replies from "educated" folks.  Here's my top five replies and yes, they're usually followed by, laughter, indignation or some vane attempt to make me feel stupid while exhibiting rude and very closed-minded attitudes as well…  Well, I don't feel stupid, but I do feel deflated that folks are so damn close-minded!

    I know asking questions is so much more effective than looking at the sky and talking about Weather Modification, but as I show pictures of G.Eng'd skies, the "educated" will–as if trying to teach me something, "Oh, those are contrails, produced by airplane exhaust."  "Oh, you don't believe in Chemtrails, do you?"  And then as I try to explain the difference, I'm shut up and the door gets closed.

    I often carry a folder of about 24 pictures/power point materials so if I have to educated someone, I have credible materials with me, but no matter WHAT I say most folks do NOT want to be educated!  Their minds are made up and that's that.  I have the cover of a 750 page Senate document from 1978, The cover of a  360 page House of Rep. document from 2009/2010, a 24 page glossy G.Eng. Watch booklet. four pages of patents going back to 1891, …it doesn't matter.  It's like my efforts to put together materials was a total waste of time since folks don't even want to look!   Folks do NOT want to be educated on this subject…nope, they don't!

    So my top five responses were: "I'm an organic chemist, My husband's a doctor, My husband is a chemist, I'm a cancer researcher or I'm a microbiologist."  

    I talked to a billboard company yesterday and we're going to do our best to have a billboard in Albany by February, right on one of the main highways!  We can't wait!

    I've long known of the toxic effects of fluoride and aluminum on cognitive functioning, but it really is terrible how closed minded are so many folks.  To think such environmental toxins are partly to blame makes me mad!  

    By the way, I recently watched a documentary about Antarctica and much of it discussed scientist, Dr. Henry Wexsler, apparently very much into GeoEngineering back in the early 1960s!

    My advice to folks trying to reach others is to stay calm and ask folks if they'd be willing to look at information that might allow them to think differently on this issue.  We can't stop trying!




    • simone says:

      Tom, I'm so sorry that you have difficulties with so many morons… Sure, Tom, we live in a colossal mad-house and it is hard to make sense anywhere. But I have a very different experience, and happy to let you know that  Practically Everyone I speak to is listening. Yes, they do!  People are now sick with "bad allergies" and when you suggest using some important supplements those you take yourself they listen. You tell them that those "allergies" are not their fault – but these come from the deadly polluted air we cannot avoid to breathe … 

      only then Show them WHO IS SPRAYING THE SKY with megatons of heavy-metals. It is important to show them comprehensive lab tests proving that our air and water are getting consistently poisoned in the last few years.  Tell them that usual municipal water and food tests cannot show heavy-metal-tiny-particulates causing our sickness as these are penetrating our skin, lungs, and brains.  Tell them to at least keep themselves, kids and pets inside when the gets are spraying. They will listen…They want to get well.  Many will follow you especially after using some supplements which will help them feel better!  HELPING THESE SICK IDIOTS IS THE KEY!

      Cheer up!!!


    • Alouette de Mer says:

      Yes, Tom, I've had the same experience with the Intelligentsia, those dubious of all intellects, those products of a failed education system, who possess just enough higher education to know everything.  And who seem to spend so much navel-contemplating time and federal student loan money trying to prove that 1+1 equals anything but 2.  For such academically soiled doves, reality is a threat and truth is a menace.  "We don't need no stinkin' facts!" is the plaintiff wail of such idiot savants.  Societal deadweight…dummy loads.

    • Chirstine says:

      I drive around with Dane's materials displayed in the front window and parking the car in the most busy spot near shopping cards.. Everyone passing by, has to have a look at the poster about geoengineering, etc.. Talking to people seem to be difficult indeed. Just wonder, if asking them to SWITCH OF THEIR IPHONE, would make any difference?? Wi-fi radiaition is extremely powerful in terms of affecting water (70-80% of our bodies), we see it on the skies and in the microwave oven..

  40. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation to Tom Keith, Maciej Kocialkowski and the wonderful person(Dennie?) tending the Gem Faire Geo engineering awareness booth yesterday, Friday the 13th. Tom, that mask is awesome. I hope you'll write about some of the effects it had in getting folks attention. Maciej, the next time you see Mary Hollowell, she will have something especially for you, from me. I hope she remembers.

    • Dennie says:

      There are a few people who meet up to help out at the San Rafael, CA Gem Faire info booth:  Melanie Moran, Dale K., Sean Slavin and Brian.  There may be others whom I've missed.  Nothing is formally organized, it all organizes itself when we get there.  It really helps to know important facts off the top of your head and be able to quote data, and where to send folks for more information though the hand-outs do a great job of that.  Some asked did we have little bags to put the hand-out goodies in this year.  I think that's a Gem Faire thing, didn't see any this year but we can say to them to be sure to swing by the booth again at the end of their visit to the faire and pick up the GW info before they leave.

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Georgia/Floridians keep sounding the alarm!

  41. A Listener says:

    I finished reading the book "Surveillance Valley" this week.  Informative account of the history of the connections between the internet and the US military from the beginning.  Eye opening to what we are seeing today, from surveillance to censorship.

  42. Lana Lorenzen says: Global Alert, July 14, 2018

    Remarks regarding this week's Global Alert: About ten years ago, I read a remark made by a man who was a highly placed official in the federal government. He made this statement under promise of anonymity after the Great Depression. He stated that the only thing that had prevented the people of the United States from staging a revolution during the 1930s was the educational system.  

    Obama was the perfect lightning rod for all the repressed hatred, misogyny and racism that is now much more overt. That Obama was elected must have infuriated the bigots and the haters. But that works for the Elites…and now that disreputable creature in the White House  deepens the chasm. While "progressives" and the far right are clutching each others throats in rage, their attention is on each other and not on the rich and powerful. 

    I purchased the National Geographic Wild series, "The Incredible Dr. Pol" on Amazon recently. While I watch each episode I check out the sky scenes for the tell-tale signs of geoengineering (I do that automatically with all television shows and movies). The first season was shown in 2011. The location is Weidman, Michigan. In the first season, Dr. Pol notes that the wild swings of weather the area has been experiencing, has cause many of the cows (Holsteins) to develop pneumonia. Interesting. I saw signs of geoengineering. It seems just one more use for geoengineering–destroying the cattle industry.  

  43. simone says:

    I think that our mad populations will soon be buying and selling tickets to the fabulous Apocalypse Show :))))


  44. Pete says:

    Dane, thanks for such a powerful report once more and the words of your experience near the end brought tears to my eyes.

    It is so overwhelming at times trying to get through to others and knowing that many are yet to wake up, those who put you down and others that do all they can to hide this reality. I have had a difficult day today trying but I will not gve up, I can't, my conscience will not allow me to. Like you Dane and what you said, I lay here too sometimes thinking right what more can I do, what direction next although II have done little in comparison to you but I do consider it my duty.

    I've stepped up more research to the  total damage done and it breaks my heart what is happening not just with Geonengineering but all other forms of insanity. As you mentioned that lettuce report, I told someone, who replied, that's normal, they're just cost saving. I got a bit angry with this person, my brother, who has had so much chance to look at what i provide, all i ask of him is a little help so i used this quote;

    "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality" by Ayn Rand – no reaction but hopefully another seed planted and he's had many..

    I've not stopped all week and it's caught up with today to be honest.

    We've had Trump here in UK and he was not welcomed with huge protests going on, more distraction, more pantomime as I'm sure you've seen; a visit I believe to help hinder and drag out the deception of Brexit even more and who' knows whatever other agendas.

    The amount of people so easily fooled, so clueless of what this world is, what the planet is, what life is, it gets to me, it really does.

    To any reading this yet to wake up, if you haven't listened to this News Alert yet then I suggest you do so and listen carefully for Dane is a person of honor and courage that is rarely seen and his message is one we all need to grasp NOW…

  45. Matt Sarlo says:

    Dane is capable of seeing the whole picture. Unfortunately most people would rather let religion, politics and fantasy do their thinking for them.

    • simone says:

      I'm with you 200% !  In our mad human "society" we must be trained from our very early childhood to behave like other "normal people", means mimic tribes of sleepwalkers and stay blind and deaf towards our true reality. Our Reality gets replaced with "education", "entertainment" and "media".    

      And Yes, Dane is the most outstandingly wise and powerful leader we may know in short human history. He must be followed by everyone for the sake of our very life.  


    • JOHN says:


  46. David Ife says:

    I need all your info, so that I can pass it on while people still have an ear to hear. 

  47. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    "Fracking Our Future" gives voice to people in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio impacted by rapid expansion of the shale gas industry, highlighting effects on human health and everyday life. Realizing that scientific assessments take years to complete—time insufficient to avoid unfolding environmental disaster, geomicrobiologist Yuri Gorby returns to his childhood home to shine light on those struggling to survive amidst toxic gases and contaminated fluids within one mile of well pads, compressor stations, cryogenic separators, crystalline silica mines and transport stations. "Fracking Our Future" frames the vulnerability of citizens who are being sacrificed for profits by a globally destructive industry, in this eloquent call for action.

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