Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 21, 2019, #215


Dane Wigington

How do you like your weather, natural or man-made? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Educating populations on the critical issue of climate engineering is the great imperative. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

GeoengineeringWatch wishes to thank activist Lori Bridgeford, the "Storm Trooper", raising awareness on the climate engineering issue at the Redding City Hall, California (9/20/19).

This week's outreach booth is at the Mountain America Exposition Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

73 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 21, 2019, #215

  1. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dear friends, today was farmers market day. Don't ask me which one, I quit keeping close track a few months ago. I don't have a calendar. Tonight I'd like to pose a few thoughts to those that yearn to have in depth conversations with folks that are awake and aware. I am/was that person. I live in a small town world where within live a great number of seriously unique people. "We" all have a story. I created a platform that is tangible and carries no fear. When I came here to live full time at my cabin, I knew virtually no one. I chose my new friends carefully. Rightfully so, I haven't gotten this far to be any different. I needed an outlet to the built up knowledge that I had been accumulating over the years. Some of you may remember that I lost my horse business standing up for awareness. Mainly, "Geo engineering, weather control". I made a new start on an unimproved piece of real estate with two broken ribs and 3 busted out teeth. All I had to my name was 20 acres and a small weather tight cabin. And I haven't looked back. I miss the horses(12 to 20 of them) and I miss the people. But that's about all I miss of the world I left behind. I spend 6 or 7 hours a week(on Thursdays) doing what I think the Creator would want me to do. To those religious folks, "it's my Sunday". The "parish" I have created makes me extremely proud. We are all free, we all care about what's being inflicted on us and we all are "talking about it". Here's an important point, "those folks must be lead by example of the highest kind". Think about that for a minute. Are you qualified? I'd say if you're reading these words, you're more than qualified. I had an interesting visitor today that spoke with me about quantum physics. This person was convinced that the perception of our own reality is our salvation. Made some pretty good points if I may add. I've often thought that reality is an individual thing. Makes sense when you boil things down to the embodiment of it. I guess what I'm sadly trying to say here is that "you" will never be satisfied with your own outcome if you do not take an active part in it. Community plays a big part in rationality. Don't just choose what fits. Choose what fits the good of the many 'and' support those that "live it" in their daily lives.

    I've written before, "what a long strange trip it's been". I so very much wish you ALL could feel the humble/proud feelings I feel this evening. Even more so, I wish you ALL could feel how much I want for you also to go out and forge your own tools of creating awareness.

    Love and strength to ALL… 'a' simple horseman

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Parzival, attached is part of the puzzle that Cliff Mass neglected to mention. FYI

      Yes, the climate engineers will continue to create engineered weather whiplash cool-down scenarios. FYI


  2. Daniel says:

    CNBC Anchor Ron Insana: Building 7 a ‘Controlled Implosion’

    "On the 18th anniversary of 9/11, CNBC senior analyst and former anchor Ron Insana went on Bernie and Sid In the Morning on New York’s 77 WABC Radio to share his haunting experience of that horrible day.


    Approximately eight minutes into the interview, Insana made a statement regarding the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 — which collapsed late in the afternoon of 9/11 — that is truly stunning, especially considering his access to the scene and his job as a prominent news anchor:

    “Well, remember 7 World Trade had not yet come down. And so when I went down to the [New York Stock] Exchange that Wednesday morning [September 12], I was standing with some military and police officers, and we were looking over in that direction. And if it had come down in the way in which it was tilting, it would have wiped out everything from where it stood to Trinity Church to the Exchange to, effectively, you know, the mouth of the Hudson. And so there were still fears that if that building had fallen sideways, you were going to wipe out a good part of Lower Manhattan. So they did manage for one to take that down in a controlled implosion later on. And the Exchange was up and running the following Monday.” [Emphasis added.]"


    • Dennie says:

      And how long would it take a controlled demolition team to lay all of the charges, including all the necessary wiring, to take down a building like WTC 7?  Two hours?  Wouldn't we have seen this happening?  WTC 7 housed the headquarters of the CIA and came down later in the day on 9/11/01 as far as I recall.  The Loizeaux family famous of Controlled Demolition Inc., made a career out of controlled demolition.  As far as I recall, they would not comment on what caused the destruction of the towers.

    • Dennie says:

      From, in 2012: Here's the link to the rebuttal that debunks Popular Mechanics' "debunking" of the explosives used to implode the towers:

    • BaneB says:

      Amazing is it not.  There it is yet again.  Professionally demolished, brought down into its footprint with very little damage to surrounding structures.  To set properly detonators takes far more time than this guy’s ignorance reveals.  LVI Services Inc. had the contract for removal of asbestos from the Twins.  What was their other service?  Demolition!  That company was ostensibly operating in those structures to remove asbestos. LVI and NCM Group Holdings merged later on to form NorthStar Group Holdings, LLC, the largest demolition and environmental remediation company in North America.   Another company, ACE Elevator managed to gain the largest elevator redo in the world at the Twins right up to demolition day.  They had somehow “aced” out the Otis Company.  ACE went bankrupt in 2004.  Security contract for the WTC complex was ICTS (Ezra Harel).  It’s had many name changes since 9/11.  They all do in order to confuse and cover their tracks.  Building 7 is not mentioned at all in the Omissions Report.  One has to suppose if one was rigged to fall into its footprint, ALL WERE.  And that is precisely what occurred.  All three structures fell at free fall speed.  Defying the laws of physics.  Into their own footprint.  The Twins has to be blown from the top down to prevent any part of them from flopping over onto the NY Stock Exchange, etc.  And creating a disaster that would have shut down Babylon’s economy.  The BIG LIE continues.

    • Dennie says:

      Here's Larry Silverstein, leaseholder of WTC, saying he got a call from the fire chief saying that they needed to "pull it," (meaning knock it down):  So, let's see if I understand this– the fire department gets to say that buildings need to be demolished….

      Here's BBC Talking Head reporter Jane Standley reporting that WTC 7 (the Salomon Brothers building) had collapsed, even as it can clearly be seen standing to the right in the video:  How anyone could report that WTC 7 was "tilting" but still standing as of Sept. 12th is beyond any kind of logic and reason to me. 

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Yesterday I was driving into town and a big bug hit the windshield. It surprised me at first and then it made me smile. It's been years since I've had more than just one or two bugs hit the wind shield. I used to have to clean the wind shield every trip to town. Now maybe just once or twice a month and that's just to get the dust washed off. I speculate that 80% or so of the bug population in my region is gone. And with them the huge population of birds of all varieties. I am 20 miles from anything that resembles an artificial environment(irrigation). That collapse of plant and animal life is very "noticeable".

    Don't forget to teach folks about the flash light test of our night time skies. It's mind blowing what is floating in our breathable air column.

    • penny waters says:

      wrote to rspb (royal society for the protection of birds) about the effects of the sparrowhawk and her decimation of the local song birds so i've had to fill up the garden with upside bamboo to stop her magnificent wheeling and diving through the trees and bushes to catch small morsels. 

      love the bird and its ways, but ripping small birds to bits in front of me is not to my liking

      got back a beaurocrat reply – told me i wasn't seeing what i am seeing

      cos they have studied it!


      human consciousness!!!

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      It's more than mind blowing, it's downright frightening! I don't do it anymore, but I do tell others too. I'm sure most of them almost pass out before they even realize that they are holding their breath. I know I almost did.

    • Joseph says:

      Yes you are  totally right about the bugs on your windshield. I used to see alot of bees where I live and do not see them anymore.

    • David Avers says:

      I remember Fishfly's so thick in Algonac Michigan, they would make the roads as slick as ice! That was 25 years ago,, I haven't seen ONE fishfly in the past 3 summers,

  4. Jeanette S says:

    I am starting to get a video library together as to why we should be paying attention to the climate, the target audience is people new/ in denial. The Dimming will probably be one. Also there is one called "Call for Life" on the sixth mass extinction, with 20 experts many from the bay area. This is to show folks what is going on and why we should care about nature and ecosystems. "The Economics of Happiness" this is to help folks transition from this lifestyle and toward one like back in the fifties. People had values and looked out for each other. We were wealthier than we are now, in other ways and have lost ourselves. I think this will be good to show folks that their is life "after money". This is to let them know what is coming and that we can come out the other side but it will take every one's effort. Even if they do not wake up until it is in their face, at least they have some shred of hope and they can formulate a plan vs. panic.

  5. Jeanette S says:

    Guess who else is getting internet issues. Jeffrey Smith of Institute of Responsible Technology. He is relatively calm and has been doing this for years but he suspects too.

  6. Jeanette S says:

    I do not know if you all have heard her you tube video but Greta Thunberg dropped a bomb at the UN General Assembly. The link is here:  at some points she seemed to be crying…she must have said "how dare you" several times. Dane, do not know if you ever talked to her group even if you did maybe you might want to check in again. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I saw that video the other day. She was quite dramatic. Also, I saw a picture of Greta at the beginning of a video on a you tube awareness channel that came out on the 24th. Greta was holding a sign that read, "End weather modification programs (like Geoengineering, Solar radiation management, and stratospheric aerosol injection) and climate change will stop". Maybe some of you saw that picture. To me, it looked photo shopped. I'll support her when she brings the weather modification issues into her speeches at the UN or "anywhere".

      I think that "Greta's group" should be the ones contacting Dane and company. 'Not' the other way around.

    • penny waters says:

      not sure about this 'kid' and the whole presentation!

      grown, supposed to be responsible and knowledgeable, humans listening to a child raving

      i like children but this is nuts

      this generation – mine – oaps – we didn't create this mess alone – we are the end of many thousands of years of humans becoming so destructive, uncontrollable and divorced from nature

      the ravings of a child – and not a poor one either – so odd what humans follow now – in their last gasps – are they so without their own thought and understanding as they idolise a child??

      what is that doing to a growing consciousness

    • Dennie says:

      ….attacking Greta Thunberg, going on about her, joining in the fray of stoopid "adults" calling her "crazy" because she continually rubs our noses in reality by bringing out the naked unvarnished truth of global overheating?  WTF!!!!! 


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, thank you for contributing something I did not know. However It could have been a little more informing and a lot less "shouting". I am continuously updating my data banks. I can't cover everything that any one person does. I thank you for the quote you shared. It will be taken into account.

    • Dennie says:

      "Quite dramatic–" is that supposed to be some kind of criticism of the current upcoming generation of kids who are scared nearly shitless because they actually "get" what's happening with regard to the ocean sequestration of all the incoming solar energy, all the methane releases, chopped-down trees and razed forests, dead trees from the chemical destruction of the atmosphere, already damaged, the ionizing radiation, general poisoning of our planet and everything else?  The ocean temp off of San Diego, CA is now 77 degrees Fahrenheit and I don't even know how hot is is in the Caribbean but I remember hearing Dane say on one of these Global Alert News podcasts quite a while back that it is now the temperature of bath water– Get a freakin' CLUE–  what's coming will be even more dramatic than anything "crazy" Greta could say to you, and How DARE YOU?!!!!!! is The LEAST ANGRY thing I could think of to say to a group of policy wonks– too bad there weren't more heads of industry and all the military brass on Earth assembled there also to take their much-needed, much-deserved and very-long-overdue LICKING.  I think that Thunberg's actually QUITE NICE, considering what the mthrfckrs have done and keep on continuing to do Earth, where this is headed and all the ramifications, which you will very soon be feeling, if you don't already. 

      If you're not being at least quite dramatic in trying to get your point across to stupid adults who have gotten v-e-r-r-r-r-y good at killing their emotions, then WHAT ELSE WILL IT TAKE?  "NO THING" ever got done without any kind of feeling or desire to accomplish SOME THING.  And all you Buddhists can just go to HELL for all I care, I'm talking to YOU, going on sanctimoniously about how "everything is no-thing, and no-thing is everything."  You just say it's all an illusion, anyway.  Well, I can tell you THIS:  WHAT IS HAPPENING ON PLANET EARTH RIGHT NOW IS REAL ENOUGH TO ALL THE SENTIENT, AS WELL AS THE UNSENTIENT– BEINGS… AT LEAST 8 BILLION OF US BY NOW, I'D SAY.  

      Nobody's "idolizing" Greta Thunberg.  They snicker behind her back, call her "crazy" and generally go about their business worshipping money and continuing to burn down the planet while the rest of us continue to stand by and hand them the matches so to do, never mind that her words feel like arrows striking a bull's eye every time she speaks.  

      EDWARD TELLER WARNED THE AMERICAN PETROLEUM INDUSTRY about the coming overheating of this planet, even providing a timeline that has proven correct to within 2 years of his prognostications from the calculations he did, if the burning of hydrocarbons kept going on.  This was from archived information that was discovered by a graduate student in the history of the petroleum industry at Stanford University and came out on NPR's Climate One program not all that long ago.  Reality is, they won't do one damned thing to stop their own insanity or anyone else's either.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, You have misinturpreted my use of the term "quite dramatic". If you were standing in front of me when I "said" that, you would hear that I used the term in a very complimentary way. I admire the "dramatic" appeal Greta made to those at the UN. And for the record, I admire any other young folks that feel the same way and/or act/speak the same way. Personally, I think it's a little late in the game to go picking on and bashing anyone that is actively standing up for and promoting awareness. I think concentrating on being a good teacher would be more appropriate. Thank you and good day.

  7. RandylJ says:


    UN Panel Warns of 'Sweeping and Severe' Consequences of Climate Change. 

    By Associated Press9 hours ago.

    September 25, 2019

    All the concerns that we hear Dane warning us about only greatly reduced in urgency and with a time table pushed further out. The worst part is that the main ‘Elephant in the closet’ of Climate Engineering is not mentioned once in this article nor in the video that millions will view. 

    Accessed on ‘’ September 25, 2019 by RandylJ in North Carolina where dry, brown grass resembles California more than eastern piedmont foothills to the Appalachians. Brown dry leaves are also falling everywhere as though it’s late November. Yet daytime temperatures are still like August.

    • Dennie says:

      and it will only get worse.  Too bad so many, even here, just cannot fathom how hot… no point comdemning anyone to Hell as it's coming to a place near you, and soon.

  8. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 287th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 13 months. Murmur / Fingers on buttons / No person alive today..

    When will they lob 207 nukes down volcano cones to initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic)? This has nothing to do with a nuclear war, although that could be used as a distraction.

    The ongoing intensive, toxic (and therefore extremely profitable for those companies whose business model relies on disease and ill health) geoengineering and atmospheric spraying has delayed the nuclear option by over 6 years. However, because it is a covert operation, the general public has carried on with 'business as usual' and nothing has been achieved to prevent climate catastrophe and our extinction.

    There is no sign of refreeze of the Arctic sea ice…last year it took until mid Oct before we saw genuine refreeze. 

    The underground/peat fires in the Arctic permafrost will burn/smoulder all year and easily reignite next year – or whenever methane is released.

    If we have a series of large methane releases in rapid succession (up to 50GT), then we will only have about 4 weeks until total climate chaos – warmongers have their fingers on their nuclear buttons. 

    Predictably, Greta Thunberg is receiving a lot of criticism from our political leaders, who say she is inciting panic, public unrest, dispair etc (rather like their reaction to Police Scotland's warning to be prepared and have grab bags/food storage) . They want a dumbed down, ignorant, obedient population who go to their extinction without a murmur. 

    Our so called politicians love to say we have until 2100 before anything bad will happen to the climate. The truth is we have a maximum of 10 years before most of us will be dead – or to put it another way, no person alive today will reach their parent's current age. 


    • Jeanette S. says:

      Andrew, Greta socked it to them at the UN General assembly. It is on Youtube. If my comment appears, above you, it will have the link. Maybe the kids and Extinction Rebellion, us here, should org. a ww buycott.

    • Dennie says:

      Tonight in a class about Buddhism and Christianity we had one Brilliant Fellow with long flowing white tresses, a red face and a fondness for wine and giggling pronounce to the group that "Death is like life but better…"  Crazy F*ck.  That's not what this guy has to say on the subject:  Yes, White Western "Christians," as well as meditated-away buzzed-out Buddhists have bred multiple generations of intellectually dumbed-down, spiritually hyper-inflated bags of wind who know NOTHING about how to live, really.  In fact they mostly just have death wishes.  LET 'EM GO– I'm with Greta Thunberg!!!:  "People are suffering, people are dying.  Entire ecosystems are collapsing.  We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth– HOW DARE YOU!!!!!  For more than thirty years the science has been crystal clear; how dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you are doing enough when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight?  You say you "hear" us and that you understand the urgency.  But no matter how sad and angry I am I do not want to believe that, because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil, and that I refuse to believe…" (more)

    • penny waters says:

      woops maybe i should listen to her, but the rants have been in my head for most of my life and no-one ever wanted to hear what i have had to say, apart from very few and you people

      thank you

  9. Joseph says:

    Tracking deregulation in the Trump era

    Monday, September 23, 2019

    This tracker helps you monitor a selection of delayed, repealed, and new rules, notable guidance and policy revocations, and important court battles across eight major categories, including environmental, health, labor, and more.


       This site is quite interesting –

  10. Paul Vonharnish says:

    V. Susan Ferguson continues to offer well documented information every week on Geoengineering Watch.  Many thanks Susan!

    Most persons remain completely disconnected to the world wide decimation being inflicted by wireless technology.  I was born extremely electro sensitive, so have suffered throughout life from the insanity of broadcast technology.  The communications companies spend millions of dollars a year hiding the truth, while everything on the planet is being snuffed by electromagnetic emissions.  Please spend the time to peruse the links presented on this page.  None of this is "new" information. >


    The late Dr. Roger Santini, a scientist at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, was the author of many papers on non-ionizing radiation and warned about the dangers of wireless technology until his death on June 14, 2006 from pancreatic cancer.

    • PatinSF says:

      Paul I agree a big thank you to V. Susan F. Like you I suffer from sensitivity to EMF frequencies WiiFry and even bad people energy. I have visual snow syndrome which causes a person to see numerous flickering tiny dots that fill the entire visual field in both eyes. People describe it as being similar to "snow or static" as used to be common in older television. Other symptoms may include migraines, drifting blobs of varying size and shape (floaters), or other visual effects such as glare, halos, starbursts, odd colors and shapes, or double vision (diplopia).

      My symptoms are always worse from stress and EMF fields no question about it. Heavy spraying days along with the mixture of the Bay Area fog makes it also so much worse. 


  11. Stuart says:

    More Earthquake Weather

    M6.0 quake hit Puerto Rico last night, many aftershocks.  Heavy rain and flash floods in forecast next few days.

    M3.1 quake hit NE AZ yesterday.  Heavy rain and flooding also forecast for that area.  Upper level low pressure area in conjunction with tropical moisture seems to be THEIR weapon of choice in western U.S. 

    Much Geoengineering ops here in southern CA.  Heavy spraying over the weekend.  Enhanced cloud cover.  Today forecast over 100F inland areas with big Engineered Cooldown end of week.

  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: A great book, well written, accessible. I am left with the sense that the obfuscation of the toxic insanity to health & well being of life on planet Earth was intentional. A factor in genocide.

    Altered Genes, Twisted Truth – How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public
    By Steven M. Druker
    Foreword by Jane Goodall
    Published March 2015

    … Based on the evidence presented in the book, Druker and Goodall will assert that it would be foolhardy to push forward with a technology that is unacceptably risky and should never have been allowed on the market in the first place.
    The book is the result of more than 15 years of intensive research and investigation by Druker, who came to prominence for initiating a lawsuit against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that forced it to divulge its files on GM foods. Those files revealed that GM foods first achieved commercialisation in 1992 only because the FDA:
    • Covered up the extensive warnings of its own scientists about their dangers.
    • Lied about the facts.
    • And then violated federal food safety law by permitting these foods to be marketed without having been proven safe through standard testing.
    • Many well-placed scientists have repeatedly issued misleading statements about GM foods, and so have leading scientific institutions such as the US National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the UK’s Royal Society.
    • Consequently, most people are unaware of the risks these foods entail and the manifold problems they have caused.
    • Contrary to the claims of biotech advocates, humans have indeed been harmed by consuming the output of genetic engineering. In fact, the technology’s first ingestible product (a food supplement of the essential amino acid, L-tryptophan) caused dozens of deaths and seriously sickened thousands of people (permanently disabling many of them). Moreover, the evidence points to the genetic alteration as the most likely cause of the unusual contamination that rendered the supplement toxic.
    • Laboratory animals have also suffered from eating products of genetic engineering, and well-conducted tests with GM crops have yielded many troubling results, including intestinal abnormalities, liver disturbances, and impaired immune systems.
    • Numerous scientists (including those on the FDA’s Biotechnology Task Force) have concluded that the process of creating genetically modified food radically differs from conventional breeding and entails greater risk.
    • There has never been a consensus within the scientific community that GM foods are safe, and many eminent experts have issued cautions – as have respected scientific organizations such as the Royal Society of Canada and the Public Health Association of Australia.
    Druker says: “Contrary to the assertions of its proponents, the massive enterprise to reconfigure the genetic core of the world’s food supply is not based on sound science but on the systematic subversion of science – and it would collapse if subjected to an open airing of the facts.”

  13. Gary Morrow says:

    The study that says the North American bird population has declined by thirty percent in the last fifty years no doubt greatly underestimates the severity of the problem. Here in SC we hardly ever see large flocks of  birds anymore. The people that I talk to in other parts of the continent all say the same thing.

    • Butch says:

      I can only add that here in SE PA. just a mere 12 years ago I would wait for my train at 415am. The cacophony created by birdsong was amazingly loud and pleasurable, today it is scary silent. I use to see several hundreds of birds in flock filling the dawn sky, this morning I was happy to see 5. They were playing in flight, but thats about it, 5 birds. Use to see them line-up on wires by the hundreds, if I see 10 its an amazing sight today. Whats going is so sad, but sadder still that so many could care less. 

    • Dee says:

      We live in the pacific flyby. So awesome to watch the flocks in migration, hear the honk of excited geese, watch the magnificent formations in flight, enjoy the mass landings on well known consistent waterways and grasslands. What a treasure. I've been concerned for at least 4 years that all of this is missing. I haven't seen the mass migrations either spring or fall, the gathering spots are empty, the skies show zero migration and are silent of the bird noise. The river has no beautiful geese with their young to watch and enjoy. What a treasure to behold, now but only a memory. What happened? I've watched the skies all my life, but a year ago (Carr fire) a sign caught my eye that said "Look Up!" So i did. I'm shocked that I never saw it before. The devastation,  grief, panic, that I have experienced over the past year is still with me as I angrily snap pictures here and there.  The grief of loss, well, some days are better than others. My heart is trying to settle for survivor mode, but there is so much that i don't know about taking care of myself and my family. Thank God for being with us and for the gift of prayer. There is no cure for the depression that comes from the grief of the loss of all life. My heart is broken. Praise God for his mercy and light and for the good days. Amen. May God be with us all 🐾🍃🕊

    • Felix says:

      I live in west Texas, a couple miles from a state park, and I noticed the same thing.  There seem to be way less birds around.  I also haven't seen things like skunks, toads, tortoises, and a variety of other small wildlife around like I use to just in the last several years.  Its been a few years since I have even seen a tarantula.  And these were things I use to see quit regularly around where I live.  I don't bring this up to friends anymore because they look at me like I am loosing it.  Or they don't seem to care.    

  14. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Excellent updates so we can keep preparing for abrupt climate collapse scenarios. The youth of planet are being so manipulated tp focus on fossil fuels and Fridays for Future rallies per Bill M of 350 -who REFUSES to address main and prime factor of Climate ENGINEERING. Seems 4  M  participated past Friday & looks like mass mind control efforts. Most locations have been impacted by weather manipulation-and they still blame industry and corp.  as sole reason-NEVER  addressing toxic nano ongoing illegal geo-e ! see  link on how deeply the programming in place. These vulnerable youth have so much stacked upon them (GMO, vaccines, 5G /EMF , and chem air !)  Thanks  Dane for addressing it all. Every week . Not fair to you and yours on such a sacrifice.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Lori, Bravo! I truly admire someone that's not afraid to get attention and show a cause for thought. I'm sure your efforts were well worth it. Seeds planted, seeds cultivated, plants growing. Lord I hope that those plants get to go to seed and start the whole process all over again in better soils. "Parallels in nature". We can't escape them. I don't care how good of a scientist you are.

      Would someone please send me a file for the poster board Lori is holding that states "do not be a silent witness, your silence is your consent". I really need to have that on the front of my booth. It will fit the "message" I pass on to many that stop and visit. Soooo many times I have been asked, "so, what can I/we do about it?" Always my answer is the same. "We must start talking about 'it'. 'It' must become dinner conversation, water cooler conversation, conversation at the bar after work, family get together conversation and so on". I have yet to have "anyone" do anything other than nod their head, yes. No verbiage, just a "silent" nod. I see their programming being disrupted for just a fleeting second. It's a start that I must put faith and hope into. "I am connected to the seed". By the time I get asked that infamous question, I have already stated several "fun facts for the day" that are impossible to walk around. Always with the approach of, "hey, my boat is sinking just as fast as yours only I know it. Let's save each other".  I get hugs at my booth. It's the highlight of my week sometimes. Hugs are a great way to exchange energy. I'm closing in on 3 complete years of a farmers market awareness booth in my small town USA, Truth and the belief in it is ingrained in my honor. It's what I stand for.

      A month or so ago. I was traveling up Cape LaBelle rd and came across one of the 2 herds of "wild" horses on that massive mountain side. It was my second encounter with them at the same spot. Before the yearlings and mares came up to the fence to investigate,. Only to be moved off by the stallion. (It took about 2 minutes. Mustangs don't spend more energy than they need to). The second time, the herd saw my truck, saw me, and only the stallion came up to the fence. And took his sweet time about it. He sniffed me, touched me with his whiskers, touched my hat with his lips and took a step back, looked at me and sniffed me for a few minutes.That's when I knew I had his respect and I was safe. All the while I was sideways to him and in a perfectly relaxed stance up against a fence post. Please my friends, ponder, "how did that happen?" (Mustangs usually move away from people). By the way, that stallion was big beautiful and super confident. If I needed a good what for, he could have hopped the fence and given it to me. I made it not necessary. (I will go find them before the snow falls). I promise you folks, it's no different when a new person stops by my awareness booth. "Parallels in nature". Maybe these thoughts shared will help some of you that read this. That's my intent anyway. We are at the end of "good weather" in the northern hemisphere. Let's keep the momentum of raising awareness going through the coming chemically nucleated winter we will have this year. Winter is when our seeds lay dormant. Hopefully they are healthy and will sprout when the sun calls them up. We must tend to them….

      Love and strength to ALL

  15. Joseph says:

    Dane and all activists thank you for doing what you do. I continue to hand out flyers now for many years . It is  a little depressing that most will take the info check out this site and then  go back to sleep like everything is alright.

    I have a problem like Dane mentioned w so called sites that claim to be democratic then lock people out if they mention Geoengineering or Vaccines.  I have personally now been locked out of Commondreams for quite awhile because I mentioned Geoengineering and posted  a movie about the dangers of Vaccines.  Why are all the environmental  groups afraid of  talking about Geoengineering.? The same about all these so called progressive websites that give us half truths.

      I wish that all these sites that allow posting would let these issues on there and let the public decide after researching this great site.

          Lab tests do not lie.  They all have an agenda and it not telling the whole truth. Even w medicine there are herbs, vitamins and  foods  that can be done naturally but big pharma wants you hooked on drugs for life so they can make $$$ and mask the symptoms. 

    Sorry for the rant.  More people need to get off their butt and share credible info right from this site.  How come evening news by the major networks as advertising constantly by big Pharmaceutical companies ? 

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Joseph:  I've run into the same censorship issues for years.  Google and the National Security Agency monitor and control most of the world wide web.  Data algorithms are used to locate key triggering words or phrases.  This is especially true when attempting to email or comment on mainstream NEWS sites, as all are owned by the same corporate "interests".  These corporate systems are of course mafia cartels disguised as security agencies…

  16. Robert william fissel says:

    I want to go door to door and offer a test for aluminum or barium and possible pathogen, s is there such a device!

  17. David says:


    Thank you again for your dedication. South Florida has been under weather warfare assaults for the complete summer and now we have steady overcast wind to push humidity into the gulf and up into the mid west and then NE. Plan for more rapid flooding, storms and cool downs for the false winter.

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The New Orthodoxy: Blasphemy, Heresy and the New Inquisition
    Charles Hugh Smith / Sept.19, 2019

    A corrupt Orthodoxy devoid of new ideas, an Orthodoxy devoted to maintaining the wealth, status and power of insiders regardless of cost, is a brittle, fragile, unstable system.
    When the ruling Elites sense their control of the populace is waning, they seek to regain full control via the imposition of a strict Orthodoxy, enforced by an Inquisition. We are living in just such an era. Everywhere we turn, a New Orthodoxy reigns. Dissent is blasphemy, and any narratives outside the approved Orthodoxy are heretical and subject to suppression and punishment.
    New Orthodoxies abound, and woe to those who fail to signal their virtue publicly. One New Orthodoxy is that one's sexual and ethnic characteristics are all-important signifiers of identity. This orthodoxy is critically important to the ruling Elites, as this fragments the populace into tribes warring over their relative degree of victimhood and indignation.
    This orthodoxy insures the populace can never gain class consciousness, i.e. an awareness that the ruling Elites and their apparatchiks (the Federal Reserve, Big Tech, the security agencies, et al.) are their class enemies, as the Elites rule at the expense of everyone beneath them.
    Questioning the ruling rentier "solution" to climate change —carbon credits that trade like CDOs, securities, etc.— marks one as a dangerous heretic. Anyone questioning the rentier skim of carbon credits is labeled a climate-change denier, and run through the media/social media Inquisition.
    Questioning the corrupt clergy is also taboo. Just as the Catholic Church collected wealth via selling indulgences, a paid pass into Heaven that expiated one's sins–the larger the sum paid, the greater the sins that could be atoned, modern-day sinners donate money to foundations, universities, NGOs, think-tanks and other philanthro-capitalist indulgences—and to virtue-signaling politicians, of course.
    Today's corrupt clergy can be found operating the modern-day equivalent of indulgences in government, higher education and other institutions. Corruption and incompetence are overlooked if one's obedience to Orthodoxy is unquestioned.
    … One trademark of the New Orthodoxy is that those publicly signaling their virtue deny they are kow-towing to the New Orthodoxy. This is of course the full flowering of Huxley's loving our servitude while denying our servitude to a corrupt, self-serving clergy.
    This institutional suppression of free thought, inquiry and dissent has a systemic cost. A corrupt Orthodoxy devoid of new ideas, an Orthodoxy devoted to maintaining the wealth, status and power of insiders regardless of cost, is a brittle, fragile, unstable system, and all the efforts of the corrupt clergy to impose uniform acceptance of the goodness and rightness of a debauched, corrupt, self-serving status quo will only increase the scale of its eventual collapse.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      This quote pretty much says it all: >

      "Mark my word; if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem.  Frankly, these people frighten me.  Politics and governing demand compromise.  But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise.  I know; I've tried to deal with them."


      – Senator Barry Goldwater –

      (January 2, 1909 – May 29, 1998)


  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Molecular Mechanisms of Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Repair

    Copyright © 2010 Rajesh P. Rastogi et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
    DNA is one of the prime molecules, and its stability is of utmost importance for proper functioning and existence of all living systems. Genotoxic chemicals and radiations exert adverse effects on genome stability. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) (mainly UV-B: 280–315 nm) is one of the powerful agents that can alter the normal state of life by inducing a variety of mutagenic and cytotoxic DNA lesions such as cyclobutane-pyrimidine dimers (CPDs), 6-4 photoproducts (6-4PPs), and their Dewar valence isomers as well as DNA strand breaks by interfering the genome integrity. To counteract these lesions, organisms have developed a number of highly conserved repair mechanisms such as photoreactivation, base excision repair (BER), nucleotide excision repair (NER), and mismatch repair (MMR). Additionally, double-strand break repair (by homologous recombination and nonhomologous end joining), SOS response, cell-cycle checkpoints, and programmed cell death (apoptosis) are also operative in various organisms with the expense of specific gene products. This review deals with UV-induced alterations in DNA and its maintenance by various repair mechanisms.
    1. Introduction
    The stratospheric ozone layer is continuously depleting due to the release of atmospheric pollutants such as chlo- rofluorocarbons (CFCs), chlorocarbons (CCs), and organo- bromides (OBs). Consequently there is an increase in the incidence of UV radiation (UVR) on the Earth’s surface [1] which is one of the most effective and carcinogenic exogenous agents that can interact with DNA and alter the genome integrity and may affect the normal life processes of all organisms ranging from prokaryotes to mammals [2– 10]. However, wide variations in tolerance to UV-B among species and taxonomic groups have been reported. Moreover, ozone depletion followed by increased UV exposure has been predicted to continue throughout most of this century [11]. In all the groups of UVR (i.e., UV-A: 315–400nm; UV- B: 280–315 nm; UV-C: <280 nm) UV-B radiation produces adverse effects on diverse habitats, even though most of the extraterrestrial UV-B is absorbed by the stratospheric ozone [12]. UV-A radiation has a poor efficiency in inducing DNA damage, because it is not absorbed by native DNA. UV- A and visible light energy (up to 670–700 nm) are able to generate singlet oxygen (1 O2 ) that can damage DNA via indirect photosensitizing reactions [13]. UV-C radiation is quantitatively absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere, hence does not show much harmful effects on biota. Solar UV radiation is responsible for a wide range of biological effects including alteration in the structure of protein, DNA, and many other biologically important molecules, chronic depression of key physiological processes, and acute physiological stress leading to either reduction in growth and cell division, pigment bleaching, N2 fixation, energy production, or photoinhibition of photosynthesis in several organisms [3, 9, 10]. It has been documented that UV-B severely affects survival, fecundity, and sex-ratio in several intertidal copepods [14].

    • Joseph says:

      Thank you Susan for being a constant here of great info.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Does anyone know if there is increased risk of cancers and disease if one eats the vegetables that are now developing as slightly deformed from what they should be and were normally in the past? I ask because now for several years some of the peppers we grow in our garden( mainly yellow banana  & poblano, but also some tomatos and even corn) are showing signs of radiation damage (misshapen, some twinning, generally looking strange, sometimes showing a dark purple color or streak when we all know banana peppers and green bell peppers are never supposed to be purple!, rotting before ripening etc.,etc.) Of course we do not eat the ones which look REALLY bad and we do everything as organically as we can with our own gardening. I wonder if these malformations are the result of the DNA changes in the plants from radiation and/or from the toxic poisons being deposited constantly on them from the spray programs of climate engineering? Are we harming ourselves by consuming this food?.. It can't be great for us.. What's a body to do? We have to eat something!.. Any radiation experts out there who could offer advice? Are other folks out there noticing similar results with efforts to grow your food?

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Earth Angel, I too have noticed changes in my vegetables in our garden boxes.  Our soil is organic as are our plants and fertilizer.  The green beans were drying up and dying on the plants…we got none that we could eat.  Our tomatoes were very small…the size of a large cherry tomatoe.  Our cherry tomatoes were so tiny they were not worth picking.  We got one normal zucchini and one mishapen.  Our parsley was the only thing that grew well.  All the lettuce and swisschard was eaten by a baby rabbit, but that didn't even grow into nice size leaves like it use to.  We are not going to bother with a garden next year…it is just not worth it.

    • penny waters says:

      re eating in these god forsaken days – native wild food is stronger than hybridised stuff and eaten seasonally will give the benefits of both food and medicine

      should you wash it? with water that's contaminated hmm?!!

      sometimes i do and sometimes i don't!

  20. Avery says:

    Dane, I was curious if we stopped geoengineering how long would it take for the soil to support the growth of trees? Is it the heat and intense sunlight, due to the ozone layer destruction, or is a combination of things. Tree growth and survival is critical and I wonder if it would be possible to turn things around quickly if they stopped the insanity. It would rain more without geoengineering, so that could have an immediate impact, in a positive way. 

    Another question that I had was if Russia is capable of controlling and altering the weather why don't they provide rain to their allies in the Middle East.  Syria and Iran could cause WW3 because Russia would step in to help them if attacked by the US, but they allow them to be hit by record breaking droughts. Couldn't Russia counter the US weather attacks on them? Is the US far more powerful in this area? Is there some sort of agreement between the super powers?


  21. Janeen says:

    Good day  Are there any of your members who reside in South Africa, preferably in Gauteng?  I would like to contact as many as possible so that we can formulate a plan to educate more people of what is happening to our once dark blue beautiful summer skies

    Regards Janeen

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Janeed, Your inquiry brings a smile to my face. You are half a world away from me and "you also" know what needs to be done. There are no "members" of raising awareness. We all, individually must do something "active". That doesn't mean sharing on fake book or what ever else the digital world makes folks think they are being noticed. Take it to the streets. Set aside some time every week to engage with the public face to face. It takes practice, but it's really pretty easy. Taking the first step is the hardest thing. Believe in truth. Find the strength in it.

      I too remember dark blue summer skies. It was the crayon I used up first when I was a kid. Dark blue skies and it took "hours" to even come close to getting a sun burn.

    • 's' simple horseman says:

      Janeen, sorry I misspelled your name.

  22. penny waters says:

    dear rachel robson

    yes dear lady, not politically left or right – politics based in the needs of the world around us – and of course that means people – but in their place – dependent upon the world around them locally – give up on moving stuff and flying around the world (ego)!!

    trouble for most people who could make a difference is that they live in cities and so are blinded in the concrete from knowing the death of the rest of the world – the green part that gives us everything we live from and lives from the brown part under our feet

    keep thinking i should try again with the green party here, but find them so full of self inflated egos tis difficult for me to sit in a room with them

    saw an amazing film on aljazeera about sand – needs to be watched by everyone – although made me very sad, but i have to know – so much in it – about how world wide the builders are taking sand from oceans everywhere they can to build – often building where there are thousands of properties already there, but not sold!!!

    and using sand to mix with concrete

    or the tourist place where because of the money generated by people who want to lie on the beach with radiation b making them brown, getting drunk and partying

    buildings are rising right behind the beach – they are taking the sand from just offshore – sea sand has salt in it that corrodes the concrete so the high rise apartment blocks behind the beach will collapse quite soon, helped along by the beach in front of them collapsing into the sea to replace the sand removed – how mad is that????

    or the little people – made me cry seeing the desperation from a man who owns land that he and his family have lived upon forever – the sand is being removed by the 'sand mafia' and he comes up to the camera and cries at them that they are destroying his land and shows his papers and you can see he's hoping to get some attention to his plight

    how to help people in distress!!

    felt like i felt, being terrorised by my neighbours when i was trying to care for mum

    lots of building in the middle east – huge tall monstrosities – the aggrandisement of humans with money – many, many empty

    builders can't use desert sand because it has rolled about by wind and is smooth – no use – bizarre – ocean sand is spiky

    buildings all sitting on limestone caves where the oil has come from – now filled with contaminated water that has to effect the movement of the crust and world spin – water is slightly acidic so will eventually break down the limestone

    if we don't go one way then it will be another

    each person has to make changes themselves in their own lives before any big changes will happen

    seen too many hypocrites in my lifetime to believe the words that people say – just see what they do – actions speak louder than words!!

    loved the meeting mike the horseman had with the big bird – reminded me of my meet with the big snake (10ft long?) that hissed at me until i had passed – no wonder – i am a human – had lived so long – wasn't happy with being near a human

    know how it feels!!

    and loved the comment about wishing in one hand and s……g in the other – mum used to say that – seems you have similar culture to us over the pond – how old is that saying??

    got a website off the sand programme – – please watch the programme on aljazeera if you can – it will blow your mind with things that haven't really been looked at before – well not by me and many others i think!

    young man – ex eu employed says on it that eu humans are worried about air, then water, then soil, and now sand – tis disappearing into buildings and roads so if you can please stop using sand cos there are plenty of other things to build with

    he says eu has talked about air – then they talked about water – still talking about soil – not even conscious about sand!

    saw an island where the people are trying to protect themselves from the sea with corrugated iron – right next to their small shelters – man said they used to have a beach and play football on it – now – no beach!! cos sand has been taken from offshore and the beach sand has sunk in to the sea to balance

    or in brittany where off the coast many fishermen have fished in a responsible way for far longer than the eu has been around – when fish scarce, at particular times of the year they fish off a huge sand dune – now the sand mafia want that dune – trying to get eu to protect it as a habitat!!

    that's why i love the fact that i think i come from anglo-saxons – finding archeological evidence of them is hard cos most things that they used have the become part of the earth again – wood buildings are just marks in the soil – no aggrandisement there – just trying to live from their environment

    just a note on english politics – if you get a chance to watch farage and the eu it may open your eyes to the blind autocrats of europe

    worse thing i saw was where a man said how the eu had stopped the nazis and the russian communists – what – such mad nonsense 

    farage got up and spoke about america and ww2 – but the man wouldn't take it – so farage just shook his head – he is clever at blowing up stupid people – there are many of them in the eu – but not all agree

    a telling fact is how quickly the european countries capitulated with the german authorities in ww2 – mostly in minutes – apart from the partisans of course – are people in authority always so weak and blind

    also new fact for me – not a great fan of the gun but….the american rifle association sent 1,700 guns to this country for the home guard in ww2 cos they heard we had very few (they were practising with bits of wood!!!) – so thank you very much for that

    don't know if you understand about what is happening here – we have been inundated with people from europe taking advantage of our welfare system – many women from europe come here to have their babies- nhs has been taken advantage of since the 1960's by europeans

    why can't people build up their own facilities in their own countries

    i remember in the 60's and 70's how many doctors from here left to go to america for the money – educated here out of the public purse, then off to make their fortunes, bah, humbug!!

    and don't let them fool you – most of the governments income comes from ordinary people – the rich always have accountants so they pay very little

    ah, sorry too much – but hope the info is of use

    many thanks to all of you if you read the ravings of a human amongst the crazy (or is it the other way around hahahaha)

    much love to you all


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Penny, Thank you for this contribution. As always, relevant observations of the world that surrounds us all. It seems as if you have lived most if not all of your life "outside the box". I respect that and back it with my having lived much the same way. "Always on the outside looking in". I have always enjoyed listening to and/or participating in conversations that make and help people "think" in ways that they might never have known were possible.

      Rachel Robson, It is good to know you are still alive in Californialand.

  23. jac says:

    Fukushima & 5G.

  24. Wine Country So Cal says:

    My husband and I live off the grid. We work hard to balance the temperature in our home.
    Tonight the air was very cool outside so I was   adjusting the windows. I looked up and noticed they were spraying the snot out of the skies, at night! I closed up the house immediately. I hate being a prisoner in my own home. 

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Maddening! I live in north Mississippi, and every morning the skies are milky white, so we are being sprayed at night for the most part. If the mess is allowed to clear, we occasionally see beautiful, deep blue skies that used to be the norm.

  25. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Keeping in mind the poor animals in Botswana, if it helps motivate you…

    I just emailed much of the news and weather team at WITN in Greenville North Carolina with links to today's news alert and the main webpage.


    Perhaps some of y'all can also contact them with other geoengineering links or personal messages…

    All email addresses end with,

    Names as follows:






    matt.engelbrecht (chief meteorologist)





    Of course be very courteous…


    THEN… Why don't others of you share contacts with your news stations likewise, and we'll help contact them en masse?

    For the love of all Living Things,


    Jonathan O'Quinn




    • Christina Parousis says:

      Jonathan, thank you for your efforts, this is very important and excellent idea to share here the contact info of those you've emailed.

      I am speechless about the heart wrenching video of the animals in Botswana.

  26. meetoo says:

    Lake Ngami in Botswana is drying up and hundreds cows and horses and numerous hippo are dying stranded in the mud.


  27. Rachel Robson says:

    Spot on Paul!  But no one gets it.  Too, too few.  A dear neighbor in a new job flies back and forth for that job to LA all the time now.  I read three of the climate reports to the UN when they came out saying stop all unnecessary shipping Now, stop all unnecessary flying Now, stop all unnecessary driving Now–learn to find foods near where you live.  The very next day after those papers hit, one close neighbor headed off in car for 750 round miles driving…TO a Sierra Club meeting!!!  Another close by took a plane back east to visit.  The bottom line is not politically palatable.  No one seems to really get what the bottom line really is and means.  So, how does one make Everyone, or, heck anyone, change everything over night?  Those I know who sorta get it and do know about geoengineering, they are just not willing to take it all the way to truth writ large.  Or, if they do get it, they think there is no hope and so are going to have all the fun they can Now.  My daughter learned about public works during WW2 here in Berkeley and we and others have thought of how much the whole country pulled together in WW2 and how much got done.  We need a huge pulling together like that, one that is not political and that is what I was advising a young leader the other day.  Our collective efforts could unite us in something worthy.  That's the line I'm taking now and it seems better received.  I'm aiming for being flexible.  If someone does not want to tackle geoengineering, then how about methane?  There are plenty of dire issues to go around and the spokes of that spinning wheel lead back to our military and all that birthed.  Sooner or later they will see, pealing back the layers.  Or so I hope.  

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Rachel:  "The very next day after those papers hit, one close neighbor headed off in car for 750 round miles driving…TO a Sierra Club meeting!!!"

      The cognitive disconnect of the above is not unusual.  Climate "scientists" (and UN members) go on and on about global heating, but still fly all over the world to lie to each other about the causes.  World wide famine and piles of decaying bodies will have little impact on the doomsday prophets and artfully programed… Ugh!!!

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Now I know why they built all those lavish underground bunkers…to save themselves when we all parish.  Not because of nuclear war, but because they will destroy the air we breath and they will have a place to go.  I would not worry about them controlling us…no one will be around for them to control!  Besides, they have been controling us all along.  Every device we own is tracking our every move.  You can't even buy a new appliance today without it having some tracking mechanism in it that lets them know how you are using it.  We are doomed no matter how we look at it…no where to run…no where to hide!

  28. renate says:

    This is a multi billionaire/trill program. Who's going to stop it un? military? no. This program is all about the n.w.o. Look up The Report From Iron Mountain it tells you that destroying the planet/environment is the perfect program to bring in the NWO. period. Same as the telecom they want everyone to have cell phones, to track you. No hardwired phones, out with the copper wires. Look what happened to our hydro meters, it's all to track you and control. Who makes trillions the multi trillonaires. They want to stay in power dumb us down and it worked for 100's of years.We need a plan B and if that doesn't work C.

    Ps Still can't get this video live.

  29. Dane's statement beginning at 15:25 should be broadcast to as many environmental change activists as possible.  The entire industrial and consumer paradigm must change if mankind still wishes to survive…

    THE first step would be the mandatory grounding of ALL military and commercial aircraft.  This action alone would eliminate the majority of upper atmospheric pollutions, including the rabid militarist death wish of geoengineering.  Near term extinction is option number two…

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