Geoengineering, Methane Eruptions, And Imploding Arctic Ice


Dane Wigington

The East Siberian Sea is "boiling with methane", scientists have called what they are witnessing "truly terrifying". Massive methane eruptions are pushing the planet toward Venus Syndrome. With the use of patented artificial ice nucleating elements / processes, the climate engineers are completely committed to chemically ice nucleating the polar regions. Geoengineering operations are part of an unimaginably desperate and destructive attempt to cover up the rapidly unfolding methane catastrophe. For well over 70 years global powers have been consistently ramping up covert climate engineering programs that have now all but completely derailed the planet's life support systems. Without the knowledge or consent of their populations, governments around the world colluded and collaborated on the organization and deployment of incredibly destructive climate "intervention" programs that are further fueling the catastrophic consequences of anthropogenic activity on planet Earth. Of all the forms of decimation the human race has inflicted on our formerly thriving biosphere, the ongoing geoengineering assault is mathematically the most ominous and destructive. 2213

Geoengineering/solar radiation management programs are obscuring skies and completely disrupting climate patterns all over the globe. Photo credit: Piotrek Biraga

Earth's climate during the past 10,000 years has likely been the most stable in the history of our planet. The miraculous energy balance, previously maintained by our atmosphere, has now been completely destroyed. In an unimaginably desperate and insane attempt to hide the extent of biosphere damage (due to countless forms or human activity including climate engineering) from unsuspecting populations for as long as possible, the global power structure may have sealed our fate. Climate engineering/intervention programs are NOT about the common good in any way, shape, or form. Rather, such hubris is about power and control, period. The planet is now reacting and responding to the damage done, the signs are ominous.

Scientists have discovered as many as 7,000 gas-filled "bubbles" expected to explode in Arctic regions of Siberia after an exercise involving field expeditions and satellite surveillance, TASS reported.

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Like giant blisters on Siberian landscape, countless bulges are being pushed up from the explosive force of rapidly thawing methane deposits in the permafrost. Photo credit: The Siberian Times"

When enough pressure is built up from the heating and expanding methane, an eruption of immense force occurs.

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 Recently the inhabitants in the Taimyr Peninsula reported hearing a "big bang", another methane blowout was formed. Photo credit: Sergei Lapsui, Stanislav Yaptune, Vladimir Epifanov

The methane craters are alarming harbingers of immense planetary change.

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"This giant crater formed after pingo explosion near Bovanenkovo gas deposit in 2014". Photo credit: Vasily Bogoyavlensky, Yamal governor's press-service, Vladimir Pushkarev

Trump' Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security "Challenge"

“Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” Mattis said

“It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned Tuesday that the drastic shifts seen in the global climate system that resulted in a range of alarming records last year appear to be continuing unabated.

"We are now in truly unchartered territory," David Carlson, head of the World Climate Research Programme, said in a release from the WMO.

Arctic sea ice has just set yet another record low, breaking the former record low level set last year. The power structure and the geoengineers who serve it are increasingly desperate to mask the unfolding Arctic cataclysm. Why? To avoid panicking populations in order to maintain the current paradigm (and thus their stranglehold on power) till the last possible moment. 

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Does this mean climate engineering is somehow for the greater good? Such a notion could not be further from the truth. Climate engineering programs are actually fueling the overall global meltdown while poisoning the entire planet in the process.

Security Challenge

James Mattis’ unpublished testimony before a Senate panel recognizes a threat others in the administration reject or minimize

Secretary of Defense James Mattis has asserted that climate change is real, and a threat to American interests abroad and the Pentagon's assets everywhere, a position that appears at odds with the views of the president who appointed him and many in the administration in which he serves.

In unpublished written testimony provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing in January, Mattis said it was incumbent on the U.S. military to consider how changes like open-water routes in the thawing Arctic and drought in global trouble spots can pose challenges for troops and defense planners. He also stressed this is a real-time issue, not some distant what-if.

The recent NASA satellite images shown below reveal astoundingly anomalous sea surface ice formation patterns taking place in various regions of the Arctic (in spite of record high ocean temperatures). The anomalous ice formations are the result of climate engineering and chemical ice nucleating materials

Click images to enlarge 992 332 2212

The patterns of ice formation along the perimeters of the ice resemble a chemical spill pattern of dispersion. Why? Chemical ice nucleation elements are being used. The power of these endothermic reacting materials is nearly beyond comprehension. Spherical ice balls forming on 40+ degree waters in Lake Michigan are only one example.

Given all the information already covered in this article, are the climate engineers actually helping to cool off the Arctic overall? No. When an artificially/chemically nucleated ice cap is engineered over an already overheated Arctic ocean, the ocean heat is trapped below this artificially enhanced engineered ice cap. The warmer seas then continue to thaw and thus release even more methane deposits from the sea floor. This process is further fueling feedback loops that are pushing the planet into a runaway climate shift.

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Global sea ice deposits are plummeting to record low levels in both polar regions.

Climate engineering is not mitigating the unfolding abrupt climate shift, it is exacerbating it.

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The current rate of biosphere change is so extreme and non-linear that many statistics are going "off the charts".

Climate engineering and atmospheric experimentation are greatly contributing to our rapidly disintegrating climate system. Life on Earth is now in completely uncharted territory, all life on our planet is in the balance. Are we powerless to alter the current equation? That answer remains to be seen or known. The final outcome will depend on what we collectively do, or don't do.

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130 Responses to Geoengineering, Methane Eruptions, And Imploding Arctic Ice

  1. On the shores of the Salish Sea says:

    This article is awesome, so much to digest and great pictures to help in understanding it all.  Thank you!

  2. Rutheford_County_NC says:

    I know a man, now retired, who worked outside for his entire career. He also has an interest in photography, sunsets and sunrises in particular…


    The other night we spoke. He mentioned the new red clouds and how they were making his photographs  more colorful. I said "did you ever notice that before". "No"/

    I said "what do you think it is". He said he didn't know. I said "do you notice trails from jets that persist and spread out to form clouds?". Yes he said. I said "do you remember seeing those like that in the sky, the X's and grids etc"> No again.

    Then I said "I think the red color in those clouds is from aluminum oxide and that it was being done on purpose to combat warming". I suggested he lookup geoengineering and SRM.

    The look on his face when I dared to suggest it might be geoengineering was priceless. I think he thinks I'm crazy now.

    But he was going along with it right up until I suggested manmade phenomenon.

    Interesting.  I hope that maybe he gets curious one day and starts looking. He's a good guy and a very smart guy.

    But the programming runs so deep, especially in the baby boomer generation (IMHO).

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my friends I haven't met yet, "update": I ironically my cabin was buzzed over 3 times to day and once at level while they were going down the valley floor. I have decided what I am going to write on the roof of my bunk room for those pilots and the camera observers. I won't get any warm weather until the later part of next week, so in that what I propose is subject to further input. These words will be written in red on a white roof. Red is not a natural color in my region. The words will stick out. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the camera gets put on freeze frame in some control center. As they say in the Iditerod, "miles to go before we sleep". And as the girl at the check out where I purchased my stencil letters said, "won't that make you targeted?". Still, I sure hope so!! It will make a great article for GW and beyond. These words will cover the entire bunk room roof.







  4. Dylan says:

    In addition to this anomalous cooling receiving maximum media attention and fueling the perpetual debate between anthropogenic global warming proponents and skeptics, the cooling modification serves a practical purpose.

    It reduces evaporation and heat transfer to the atmosphere. The water below the ocean surface, already having received the lion’s share of global warming, remains warmer as it circulates to other regions of the under-ice surface.


    Thus, the ice volume is worn away whilst a superficial covering of ice extent maintains the illusion of slower melting.


  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    The ice formations in the Arctic look like streams of smoke, I can tell that they are unnatural, even the color is different from the ice sheets. Those Methane bubbles and giant craters look very dangerous and harmful. This occurrence seems to be accelerating.

  6. grandmatish says:

    There is all wisdom in nature.  We humans are absolutely interdependent and interconnected. The wisdom and sacred relationships within nature have provided us with life sustaining processes and systems until now!  Now we need to cooperate as much as we possibly can to heal, protect and preserve her.  While all this geoengineering is going on we must educate ourselves asap to do everything we can to help nature help us so that we might enable life to continue.  I believe human life will be possible if we really focus on doing all we can to understand and work with NATURE.  She needs us Desperately, Right NOW!  

    We must do what she cannot do for herself since her systems have been so damaged and corrupted by humanity.

    Please start by doing the least possible damage that you can to yourself, others and the environment without becoming overwhelmed or too stressed. Keep yourself well and your immunity strong, promote the well-being of everyone, seek wisdom, ask for understanding, study and practice the best and most effective safe gardening methods which will help us adapt to current conditions.  Like using organic, hugalkulture and permaculture methods.  

    Our entire plant kingdom has been damaged because we have stripped away the supporting systems planting mono cultures, strip mining planetary resources, while poisoning or removing the nutrient and microbial base which life depends upon,  

    Mycorrhizae fungi and her networking systems which have enabled plants to communicate and work together as a massive life sustaining unit; may be an essential key to our survival.  This life sustaining plant growth will keep cleaning the air, water, and soil if we learn to replenish what has been removed or destroyed.  We depend upon so much that we are yet unaware of or have no knowledge of how and why these natural systems work.  

    None of us can afford to keep taking from these life giving systems without understanding so much more about our place in the web of life and how critical and essential we have become to reestablishing the entire living web which sustains us. We now must meet the great needs of our plant and animal kingdoms; including the unseen microorganisms in order to heal our planet. It is critical that we act now!  It is critical that we know, share and understand far more than we presently do.  We have the tools and the knowledge that things have become CRITICAL.  I ask that you not only work to stop all the destructive manipulating, geoengineering, etc. but we must stop our own destructive habits.  Ask how and become a RESOLUTIONARY Being, not a revolutionary being.  Ask.

    We must rededicate ourselves to learning, teaching, sharing, and focusing on the best practices we can possibly come up with to turn things around to heal the planet and reestablish her life sustaining systems.  So much healing can happen even though there is still destruction going on.  It is entirely up to us to help restore the power and wisdom of nature to operating order to do what she does best. Healing all in need and bringing forth majestic, healthy, abundant, thriving life.  We must learn, understand and act fast. Time and life energy are ours to use.  Chose wisely my brothers and sisters.

    We know the problems, now they are ours to solve.

  7. JR says:

    In Southwest, New Mexico being bombarded as usual with SAG/SRM. I'm in hospital still 1 month later being hit on motorcycle by dumb cage driver. Winds created by HAARP AND TRASHING OF SKIES BY PUNK OF 2 leg FORM of so called human 


  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, Today I got my banners ordered, many thanks to Dane sending me the digital files to print them. The same banners that are on the city busses. Same size too. Those banners are going to get quite a work out this year. They will be paraded through 3 sizable parades(for my region) and one small one. It's the small one that I hope gets the most recognition. Many big cattle ranch operations will see those banners. Geo Engineering is affecting their bottom line and they don't even know it, "yet!". Those banners will be on display at our local farmers market every thursday afternoon for 24 weeks straight. I am in process of building a rustic western style booth with a modern appeal. 24 set ups and take downs. I hope to gather a wave of concerned aware people that will not be afraid to speak up. I'm very careful what I wish for, so maybe I'll get it. Anyone that is close to Tonasket Washington is more than welcome at my(our) booth.

    "I should have done something"………

    • sea says:

      'a' simple horseman – I would love some advice on your "set-up" at farmers mkt. It is so difficult to secure a space at my local one, it has a bit of a snob appeal for the neighborhood- so I may move on to the next…any feedback is useful- thank you!

      Did you order the banners from Dane or from Vista Print?

      Keep "poundin the pavement"  ALL….

    • Bravo, "a simple horseman" !!!  Thanks for the boost of encouragement. You have made an honorable commitment and I am proud. I will be with you (In spirit) at your local parades and farmers markets this summer. You are a hero!

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

      The Pizza Guy  a.k.a. The Garden Guy

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      A Simple Horseman, you have brought tears to my eyes with such PRIDE for you. It is through ideas like your's that WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE TO AWAKEN MANKIND ! I send you a Very Btg Hug. I Pray a team of Helpers will be drawn to you & Help You with your efforts at your booths & during the Parades your Banners will be in.  Farmers & Ranchers are more aware of Climate Changes then others that spend their days in buildings, They rely on the weather to grow crops & to raise Healthy Stock. In Alberta many crops were destroyed last Summer due too the continuous rain that was throughout our Province. The word to describe them was,"Devastating" in the news ! Then the snow hit way earlier than the norm & they can no longer graze their Cattle or Horses in the fields, increasing feed costs. Club Root is now a Huge problem here along with Fungus & Mold issues.  They are a Very Important group to awaken.  Good On You, A Simple Horseman. That is anything but Simple !

  9. Seeing Clearly says:

    Interactive interesting wind and temperature map I saw the temperature at the poles of the earth I don't know what's considered normal but even then for being the poles it just seems too warm (,2017-03-24-15,23.966,-100.986,5,m:efOadrx)

  10. kathleen says:

    For those experiencing fevers, are you certain they're a bad sign? I've heard that they're one way our body rids itself of various toxins. is just one site that speaks of this.

    That said, being aware of how we feel is increasingly crucial as we experience the sky criminals' warpath, and one way to perk our awareness is to be conscious of everything we eat, how we feel soon after, the next day, and that meal's "transit time" as well as if it's normal, or not. That means no diarrhea, no constipation.

    There are frighteningly few actions over which we have control, but what we eat and drink are two, and our mindset makes three. 

    Please promise yourself to be kind to your body by giving it the most nutritious foods you can afford. Your brain will thank you, and those running this planet are seriously short on brains, so you might be able to step into a high-paying job…lol yeah, right. More realistically, if you grow and eat some sprouts regularly, you won't need as much money as others who depend on meds.

    Seasonal, local, colorful herbs and veggies, plus fruit if you're not used to the flavors of actual food that doesn't taste like candy. This is not rocket science, my friends. Nor is it difficult to transition from the poisonous duhmerikkkan diet to a healthy one. Here are three examples anyone can do, for nearly free

    1. Instead of packaged, sweetened fruit juice in the morning, eat an orange, or apple, or banana, or a cup of berries  (frozen is fine if they aren't fresh this time of year where you live).

    2. Add a colorful veggie to your lunch — like beets, or a spoonful of fermented cabbage, aka sauerkraut.

    3. Subtract that donut, or deep-fried whatever, and substitute a giant pan of roasted sweet potatoes. Sprinkle with maple syrup if needed.

    If you've grown up eating junk, your body/mind connection is screwed up, but it can be re-wired. BTDT. Yep, an addiction to salt, sugar, and fat CAN be overcome, and must be if you want to avoid medical intervention or dependence upon expensive pharmaceuticals which DO NOT CURE, but JUST REQUIRE DEPENDENCE.

    Food, real food, not processed junk, cures 99% of all ailments. Research "Blue Zones" and see what those people eat. No potato chips (deep-fried), but plenty of potatoes (never or rarely deep-fried). Few animal products. Massive amounts of local veggies.  Exactly the opposite of the SAD (Standard American Diet), where said diet places this country near or at the top of the highest mortality rate of all "advanced" countries. "We're Number One"

    For newcomers, and those who have long been spreading Dane's word, you MUST be healthy to fight this fight. And that means learning what foods our bodies need, and eating them! Check Dane's health link for a start.

    No step you take is too small. Any step will make a difference. All steps are vital.

    • penny waters says:

      dear kathleen

      native americans used echinaceae angustifolia for respiratory problems – they shared it with the early friendly settlers and the american eclectic doctors used it too.

      most herbalists use it – and in america it grows wild (you lucky people)

      i am not sure that all foods are suitable for all people – from much that i read when undertaking a herbal medicine degree, after trying to help my mum and dad in their dotage

      i became horrified by allopathic doctors who are not taught about nature and the healing power of the body and plants (and most medicines nowadays are synthesized from petro-chemicals)

      when i was a child (now 67) in the 50's, doctors in the nhs still used herbal medicine – private doctors still do – don't know about usa

      whilst researching herbal medicine i came to realise that food and medicine were the same – read 'eating on the wild side' ed etkin – uni of arizona – collection of research papers on present day hunter gatherers – making connections with how we lived – and how food and medicine have the same origin and are interchangable

      journal of ethnobiology and ethnobotany on the web – one of few free journals by academics – loads of info on plants and people

      has been an upsurge of interest in plant medicine

      have been eating organic food since i was taught how to spray chemicals in my early twenties as a council gardener  

      the food and health industry is full of greedy people who think they have found a new 'super food' and want to make a fortune!

      most herbalists i have met do not know about plants or nature 

      do your own research into your area where you live – find out the foods that were eaten – talk to your local native people 

      local foods give the energy that you need for that time of year – here in britain in the autumn we get lots of red and blue fruit – good for circulation – contain anthocyanins –  what do we need for winter but good circulation?!

      unless one lives in the tropics bananas and coconuts do not have the kind of energy that is needed

      if you doubt what i am offering look at james dukes research – he worked for the american government researching herbs – clever ol' geezer – but what is interesting is…….

      he writes about yarrow which grows in different areas, and each native tribe in different areas used the plant medicinally in a slightly different way – could it be that the soil content was geologically different in different areas which gave the plants different healing powers?

      also there is a tome – 2 volumes – by peter holmes (usa)- 'the energetics of western herbs' that explains not only the history of medicine in volume one but in the back of volume two has a list of diseases and the relevant plants – cure yourself

      the father of modern medicine – hippocrates – what did he say to doctors but 'heal thyself' hahahaha

      as we can, if we have the knowledge

      so eat your local plants – if it is a plant medicine and it tastes good then it is food too! we would have eaten from our surroundings before the military industrialised complex that tries to run us now

      keep healthy and mindful

      much love penny

    • penny waters says:

      sorry but one last thing – humans evolved eating anything that wouldn't kill – so most plants would have been involved in our evolution in building our bodies and minds along the way – is that why they work – cos they are part of our evolution!!!

      makes ya think does it not, how bound we are to the earth

      love to all you aware folk

  11. Gaz says:

    Heads Up Everyone!! Beware The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing!:

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gaz, not sure if this is relevant or not, but, today I had chemically nucleated snow all day long… at 38 degrees F. The snow was light enough and was melting fast enough to slide off of my sheet metal roof and it actually hung over the eves 5 to 14 inches. It was only a quarter inch think at best. The over hangs "swung in the wind". Not kidding! I've never seen anything like it in all my life. Fibrous material in the nucleation mix is the only explanation I can come up with. Gaz just like everything else the sky criminals are doing, I'm sure the article you presented is already being implemented.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @'a' simple horseman, Wow!  I've never seen nor heard of such a thing and I have had much and varied snow experience in my 70 years!  This takes the cake!  And then some.  Did you have the whatever to film this?  Talk about viral!

  12. barbzi says:

    Popular Science……

    "Yes, there are 31 species of clouds—yes, they’re called species, just like plants and animals—in the new International Cloud Atlas." …. ?

    "All of these clouds came from airplane activity. The more distinct trails—called contrails—are formed directly from flight paths, but that fluffy area in the middle formed as the contrails spread out and developed into a larger cloud"…. ?

  13. DrDignity says:

    Dear Dane & company,

    A big article in today's Guardian, 24 March 2017, entitled "US Scientists Launch World's Biggest Solar Geoengineering Study." 

  14. Kim says:

    Yesterday's low temp was 20 degrees here in Southeast Michigan. Today the high temp was 76 degrees.  Enough said.

  15. Gary Pennington says:

    This article, Coal ash 'Why in the world would we be importing it?' I saw on Rice Farmer's site. I think we all know the answer.

  16. Susan Ferguson says:

    Experts Predict 7,000 More Siberian Holes Opening Soon

  17. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Diane Friday, The Meteorologist spin our weather as they do in other places… It's Normal, It's happened before, Go back to Sleep. And the Poisoned public buy it! It is only the Seniors that seem to get that it's Wierd ! Snowing at +10C (50F) What could be odd about that !  Chance of Rain or Snow is commonly reported. Either of them usually happen & the Snow is the typical balls of crap that meld into the previous Snw that fell. As reported on this site by others.

  18. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Since I've found this site, for me this is one of the best articles ever. Great Work.

  19. Gary D says:

    The methane events in Siberia are more than likely (also) taking place in Canada's northland. There was a culling of Canadian researchers several years ago which explains the media silence. Several hundred were done in or muzzled. Australia has had a similar purge.

    The East Siberian Arctic Shelf forming about 20% of the Arctic Ocean is very shallow with an average depth of only 50 meters. The methane sediments of the ocean floor in contrast, are several kilometers in depth. Natalia Shakhova, who is a researcher and Associate Professor with the International Arctic Research Centre at Alaska University Fairbanks, has said this massive reservoir of methane might be unleashed 'at any time'. Even now, there are concentrated methane releases churning the ocean surface several klms in diameter. The consequences of a methane release of that magnitude might lead to the Venus syndrome.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      About 1350 pingos have been identified in the NW Territories and Yukon.

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Great points Gary!

      Earth has previously experienced a period of widespread and devastating mass extinction-the Permian extinction which occurred ~ 250 million years ago.

      Here, it is estimated that 95% of carbonate (shell based) marine life and over 80% of land creatures perished.

      What's particularly interesting is the oxidation (burning) of the then available fossil fuels–methane and coal which are long term and natural inhabitants of our planet.

      Both northern Canada and Siberia feature prominently as great volcanoes of coal/ basalt were propelled from underground where when contacting the atmosphere, (oxygen) combust to form soot, sulfates and basaltic dust.

      What's particularly interesting is the speed at which the extinction likely occurred. From the research:

      "Acceleration of extinction by massive coal–basalt eruption is particularly attractive because it has the virtue of changing the environment within a generation time of many of the organisms that became extinct."

      In any case, nature wastes little precious time when seeking to find an 'equilibrium'.

    • Judging by this Temperature Departure from Average Map. I'd say the East Siberian Ice Shelf is TOAST, SOON!!!

      Hang on Tight! It's Gonna be a Wild Ride!

  20. Myrna Zimmer says:

    Dane,please send information on your events in Redding. We want to attend,coming from Sacramento. I know you have one at the library 4/9, is this an event with speakers.,ect.?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Myrna, there is a documentary screening this weekend (the 25th), starting at 230 pm, I will be there for a Q and A at 3:30 pm. About 4/9/2017, I am not sure we have a screening scheduled, but will announce on this weeks radio show if so. Thank you for your willingness to help sound the alarm, Myrna.

  21. ron hall says:


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Ron Hall.

      Thank you Sr!

      zionism exposed 100%.

      One more thing; leopold the 2nd stopped the mass killing of the Congolese People when he saw that he could stay without labor force for its slave camps of the rubber business. The majority of deaths were direct consequence of one particular punishment that he used on its slaves in those times; the chopping off of the right hand to everyone ( with ages between 6 to 80 years old ) that worked producing not as much as he wanted. In present times we are talking about some that want to use microchips in the hands of "workers" that can be "switched off" if necessary.

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • penny waters says:

      dear all

      just a little something about people without compassion – don't know if i have shared this before?

      due to some strange stuff i have been going thru these last 7 yrs i have been researching the skull and how it works

      inside the limbic system (between the pituitary and pineal gland) there is a structure called the 'interthalamic adhesion' or 'connexus'

      tis a tangle of nerve cells and fibres – that ties the four sides of the limbic system together – and many believe is to do with empathy in humans

      it is said it can be enlarged with practices like meditation

      it is only in two thirds of the population and is more in women than in men – and when in women is usually 53% bigger – which kind of makes sense as women have children and would need to be empathetic – to work out what this tiny creature needs that cannot speak for itself!

      men hunt and women gather – so it would not make sense for men to be so empathetic that they cannot kill (vegetarians accepted and this is just generalisations) i am not casting aspersions onto men either!!!

      a good man who was loved as a young person would be able to be a surgeon, dentist, slaughterman and soldier – all necessary – and less so a career for women – the ability to switch off emotion to cut into a body – i couldn't do it!

      and i have little time for 'fluffy bunny' women – and also i feel that life is sacred

      so am a little mixed as humans go!! and although it all makes me a little cross-eyed sometimes, it works for me

      so it appears that there are many people who have no empathy – to do with how they were brought up but also they have no attachment in their skull

      shame there is not a test to work out who they are – but it makes sense to me because………

      the arrogance that we can make the world do what we want is so stupid and insensitive and comes from people who have very little idea of nature

      we have stripped the earth of its cover (trees) and have allowed water to sink into the earth after taking out fossil fuels

      oh dear how mad are humans – or maybe it is our time!! 

      dinasaur meet human


  22. Jeff says:

    From Popular Science there is a single new species of cloud: the volutus. Long, round, and rotating, in motion they look a bit like cloud hot dogs roasting on a spit. Only prettier.

    Popular Science now calls chemtrail clouds new and natural. LOL


  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, This mid afternoon my Cabin was buzzed by a growler fighter jet. It's not the first time. The jet was approximately 200 feet above the tree tops(extremely low). It spooked the Mustangs and my dog went nuts. (I've taught him to bark at the jets when they're to close, lol). Those jets have video recorders going full time during flights. I have a white sheet metal roof over the bunk room of my cabin. I'm going to write something really big on that roof now that winter is gone. Anyone have any ideas of what an electro magnetic warfare growler jet pilot needs to read? Or anyone monitoring those cameras? I'm open for suggestions. I'm sure the airfarce border surveillance jets will read it too. I'm getting mighty tired of those growler jets disrupting my peaceful forest lands. Seriously, I'm open for suggestions. I'm not the most insightful or creative person, but many of you that will read this "are".

    • Dennie says:




    • penny waters says:

      wow what a tempting idea

      don't know what a growler jet is!

      i did once take on a whole crowd (20 or more) of road builders over the back to where i live (i now live with a road close by – hate it!) and had a rewarding 2hrs chat with a bunch of men who were just earning a living – i had the pleasure to open up their minds – and they loved it – i got them thinking – that's what this thing on the top of our neck is for hahaha!

      be honest and straightforward

      ask them why they are doing it and invite them to your place – ask them to experience what you have to!

      see how many of them are brave enough?

      don't know if i am insightful or creative but go for it, my good man you could have a rolling conversation with them that changes – it might become interesting for them – i find most people in the system are on automatic – shake 'em out of it

      good luck with it – so tempting – wish i lived near you hahaha what a laugh

      regards penny

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Friend, write this on the roof of your cabin:

      Fkr, the END of Humanity is for YOU too!!!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      simple horseman — The Navy’s EA-18G Growlers are fitted with up to five of these AN/ALQ-184 ECM Pods which have been described to me as “baby HAARPs”, so every time they fly over us, we are being radiated with R/F & microwave emissions. The Navy does not care about us, we are simply collateral damage in their game.
      The EA-18G can be fitted with up to five ALQ-99 jamming pods and will typically add two AIM-120 AMRAAM or AGM-88 HARM missiles. The EA-18G will also use the INCANS Interference Cancellation system that will allow voice communication while jamming enemy communications, a capability not available on the EA-6B. In addition to the radar warning and jamming equipment, the Growler possesses a communications receiver and jamming system that will provide suppression and electronic attack against airborne communication threats. … Boeing is looking into other potential upgrades … adding weapons and replacing the satellite communications receiver. The Growler is the initial platform for the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) which uses Active electronically scanned array (AESA) technology to focus jamming power exactly where needed. The NGJ was to be implemented on the F-35. However, in May 2012, the U.S. Navy decided to focus NGJ integration on the EA-18G for an expected in-service date of 2020, and defer work for the F-35. … Three Growlers networked together can generate targeting tracks for hostile radio-frequency sources in real time, but this is difficult to arrange with the current minimum strength US Navy squadrons. Utilizing faster data-links, the Growler could use its EW pods to accurately locate signal sources. In a group of three planes, when one detects a signal from a source such as a cell phone, the other two can also listen for the same signal, all three measuring the amount of time taken for transmissions to travel from the source to each aircraft to triangulate the location in "a very, very small area."  By early 2015, the Navy had demonstrated this concept using EA-18s equipped with Rockwell Collins' tactical targeting network technology (TTNT) and ALQ-218 receivers to acquire emissions from a target vessel and target it from a stand-off range without using their own detectable radar emissions.  Boeing announced on 1 December 2015 that they would upgrade Navy EA-18Gs with the TTNT datalink.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      AN/ALQ-184 ECM Pod
      Counter sophisticated threats in dense signal environments
      The ALQ-184 is a self-protect electronic countermeasures (ECM) electronic warfare (EW) pod used on U.S. Air Force tactical aircraft. Its computer-controlled multibeam receivers and mini-TWT amplifiers operate in both receive and transmit modes to selectively direct high power jamming against multiple emitters. The system provides instantaneous RF signal processing that is wide open in angle and frequency.  Features such as a high sensitivity multibeam receiver, continuous wave, pulse and pulse Doppler allow a 100 percent probability of threat detection.
      The ALQ-184 increases effective radiated power, reduces countermeasure response time and improves reliability, maintainability and system availability over all previous U.S. Air Force self-protect pods and is available in two- and three-band configurations.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Susan, You bring a smile to my face. I knew you'd hit this comment. "We both live under an electro magnetic warfare practice zones". I applaud you for adding some definition to my comment. I already knew what you contributed, but I am sure many here do not. Thank you.

      Dennie, "We know what you are doing". Those words 'will' be painted on my roof. Thank you also.

      I have room for 2 more lines folks!! I'll send pictures when I finish painting the letters on the roof.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      penny waters, Thank you, you bring a ponder to my thoughts. I'm there with you in bringing the sheeple into your domain and teaching them about what you see, feel and believe collectively. Penny, you hit the nail square on the head, "make it interesting for them". Holy smokes, if what we're up against isn't "interesting", I don't know what would be.

      Penny, though my idea is not my own(I got it from someone here on this site), I too felt it a tempting idea. So much so I am "acting" on it.

    • Donna-AZ says:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @'a' simple horseman,  Cripes, what an aggravation.  My first thought was one of those banners you are getting.  As for words, how about after Dennie's We Know What You Are Doing-and that, while good probably won't make an impact as Susan just proved though few could do it like Susan!, but next, how about We Know Who You Are!  but then, that is not much of a mystery is it?  How about Get Out of My Airspace!  My Quiet Paradise!  And or, Let's Talk!  Hmm, I think there is some rule as to airspace and how much of it is yours above ground…..Oh but I would be so pissed off!  Can't wait to hear what happens next at your place!  Good luck!

  24. Randall says:

    Emailed Wisconsin Dnr again yesterday, one out door writer, the White House, told trump that the environment is the base of all problems. To save his presidency he must address the truth of climate destruction. To save face as a human change quick. Gave links and details. Told Dnr  they will be held accountable for the cover ups, lies on air quality when daily spraying is taken place, reported UVB levels and what is reported in real news. Gave links and details. Told them they are criminals. I  Will bug somebody tonight.

    Being sixty one years old soon I feel very very sad for the young, to have the years I remember cut short would piss me off, I have lived the seasons of life, in our winter now and it was fricken amazing all the way. I look back with wife of 37 yrs, and what a rush it was. Sure a lot of bull shit hits you at times, but living an outdoorsman lifestyle in north Wisconsin was a dream. To wake naked with wife in a warm bed every morning was the greatest gift experienced, simple morning wake up or talking of the day gone at night, warm and cozy, night after night after night as we share getting older, together can't really be explained to a younger person. I really feel for them now and swear at the way of things. Mortality makes me look and change  


    • izzy says:

      Randall, that last paragraph hit the motherlode. You found the secret. The key to the kingdom is right there.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "37 years"… To speak of all that time so kindly is a tribute to what we all could have had if we were taught the truths from a young age. I enjoy the persistent vigor you write with. If I may, "you are only interested in where the rubber hits the road". "Traction", "what's in your wallet"(actions).

      Cages do need to be rattled, but only when occupied.

    • penny waters says:

      randall and wife

      you touched me deeply with your connection to another human – so much so – i couldn't write anything to you

      have never felt that connection – seem like i live in a world so far away from the love of another human

      envy is not what i feel but pain at the lack of love in the world

      me too – old – sad thing is i used to feel that love when i looked at the sky in all its glory – but now no more

      as i watch my environment degrade under the foulness that is ejected from planes i shall think of you as i know that there is love between you – it gives me heart



  25. BaneB says:

    It's not my style to discuss a personal illness, BUT!  I have been sicker than the proverbial dog.  It came on yesterday morning as a slight throat scratch.  And by evening I was down for the count with a temperature of 102.2.  Not life threatening unless one is compromised.  But, this bug went to nasal, throat, and lungs.  At one point I could not breathe and thought I would choke to death.  Horrible!  VERY virulent.  I am a little better today, having survived the night:-). The bug was brought up here by a visitor.  He had a cold.  It did not impact him like this.  This is my first 'major' temperature in over 40 years.  Has anyone else had this?  I know we react differently to the same virus or bacterium.  And I am no spring chicken.  Regarding Mendocino skies this morning, the grunge is moving westward from over from the eastern Pacific.  The microwave warriors are turning their metalized clouds into Swiss cheese.  It's so obvious.  The other interesting thing is how very very quickly these zapped morphed jet trails change shape.  It's very rapid.  Anyway, another storm coming in the evening.  I have never seen so much rain and lack of a clear blue sky.  These terrorists have stolen our sunshine.

    • moderncalamity says:

      I think it is some weird flu.  I came down with it almost two weeks ago with sudden onset of 102 temperature and sore throat.  It was one very bad night of high fever and terrible congestion with a horrible cough.  I also had no appetite and some intestinal distress.  I've had the flu many years ago, but this felt very potent and lasted with a low grade fever for 10+ days.  I am now feeling a little better (no fever), but I need to drink almost constantly or have to deal with the cough and my appetite is very limited.  I rarely get ill so I was surprised to get this.  

      Hope you are feeling better!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, my current customer 2 weeks ago went through the exact same scenario you described. I'm guessing you both are about the same age. That little bug cost me 4 days work and I wasn't the one sick.

      "Lack of a clear blue sky", indeed. Here on the north Okanogan we once could boast 300 sunny days per year. It was great because when the skies were clouded they actually precipitated. Now days we get maybe 150 days of sun and almost no precipitation from the "sky cover". I shutter to think what 300 sunny days per year would do these days with UV readings off the charts. My Ponderosa are in sad enough shape as it with what sun we do get.

    • Marilyn Avila says:

      Hello BaneB – I had the exact thing last month.  I live in SoCal and they have been spraying relentlessly.   My temp went up to around 101+.  Besides my normal vitamins, supplements (including chlorella) and daily aloe vera juice & apple cider vinegar in water,   I also started taking colloidal silver and echinacea – elderberry combo.  It started to get better then was gone in latter part of the second week, but coughed up a lot of stuff during that time.  I am also not a spring chicken!  Good luck – hope you get well soon.


    • Jules says:

      Me too. I didn't have fever too bad but I had an extremely sore throat and couldn't make it up the stairs for weeks without feeling like passing out or vomiting. I attributed my sore throat to smoking as I smoke but then my friendgirl in NC (I'm in WA) got this crud too. So, now I read this article and read the comments and am pretty sure this ain't a coinky-dink.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bane, gee, but for the fever, I'd say it sounds like whatever I have and I was certain I had a fever, my eyes felt like they were melting!  Began with fire in my throat, seriously, it felt as if a hot coal in my throat and my voice did not work for one day-just squeaks!  Mine too was via exposure and I was even warned!  Had No idea it would be this horrible.  Nasal big time, coughing tons, oh and a headache preceded it-and I so seldom get headaches.  I am still sick though definitely better.  It has been more than a week though.  One upside is that when I blow my nose, stuff actually comes out.  My Eustachian tubes were blocked, especially right ear.  When blowing for the millionth time yesterday, that ear made loud crackling noises and bingo, I could hear again and move tubes as usual.  But, still blowing and blowing and feeling out of it.  However, your fever counts.  Hopefully will just go away.  Eat lightly.  I find that if I massage my sinuses that helps.  I also stretch Eustachian tubes and ears themselves.  My glands were swollen too.  Neck pain.  I'd be more concerned if I had a fever.  I have been happy to cough up a lot of crap, and so hoping this eliminates some chem affects.  Like a cleansing of sorts.  Cold wet rag on head, body kept warm, lemon and honey tea for you and maybe soups.  I lost my appetite.  I might have had a fever if I were not on meds for other stuff and did have a low grade one for a day or two.  Hope you get better way faster than I.  Sounds as if you are generally healthy, so that is in your favor.  Wishing you a speedy recovery and some comfort!

    • MAP says:

      I am familiar with 10 people in my community who have come down with something similar during past 6 weeks. Horrible coughing spells for these people.

    • Gary D says:

      I believe the symptoms indicate a certain phase of toxicity within the organism, in this case the human variety. The body reacts with flu like properties as the immune system tries to rally against the external threat, as it would for influenza or a bacteria infection. 

    • sea says:

      BaneB- in response to your flu post- I am 61 consider myself in good health, thank god (or have in the past).I am a nutritionist and health coach so go the extra mile.I came down with a bizarre flu about 2 weeks ago that took me down so far it was amazing.I had not experienced this type of flu ever!I did have the same symptoms you mentioned however most bizarre was leg cramps that made me groan from the pain, again had never felt before, I couldn't stand up. To me that represented dehydration- which would be aluminum since nothing else had changed for me.

      The flu experience didnt frighten me, just confirmed what we need to know for the very near future, the sickness and dying that is yet to come.

      I live in Santa Cruz county and it has been layer after layer here, every single day.Just like all here that are committed- I continue to talk and provide the message no matter the reply.

    • Dennie says:

      Sounds like flu.  Those with GI/intestinal problems as well as the runny nose, sore throat, body aches and fever probably have a rotavirus ("stomach flu," tho no such thing exists), which like to attach themselves to the small intestine and wreak havoc from their, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. 

    • penny waters says:

      star anise is used by the chinese for lung problems like flu

      interestingly enough when the avian flu was at its peak some years ago the harvest that year for star anise was the best one ever

      nature gives us what we need

      and stinging nettles clean the blood, and sweet violet drains the lymph system

      the original natives have the herbal answers – i am writing from england but think those plants live in america

      we used to eat the wild plants with each change of season – to keep up with the change in energy – tis needed even more so now with what the humans in charge are doing 

      hope you feel better now – but form now arm yourself with native plants!

      regards penny

    • horsegirl says:

      Sounds like the same vintage with which they're hosing down our vicinity.  Very much sympathetic about the moribund worries.  So many people report encore visits from this filth.  Might be wrong but I don't think your visitor brought it your way.  Hand in there, fight back hard and daily.  We're having to spend a good portion of daily life just responding to this menace, which evidently has also affected cats with UTIs like human ones.  Will find out from the veterinarian tomorrow.  Get vitamin C for the animals too. 

    • Dennie says:

      @ penny waters:  Yes, we have stinging nettles growing wild right here in Marin County, CA, U.S.A. (where everyone is not a snotty Denialist), as well as California poppy (good for sleeping potions), horsetail ferns (clears metals from the blood) and many other herbs that the local Ohlone (South S.F. Bay), Pomo and Coast Miwok peoples living here used to get and stay well.  BTW:  Russians looking for furs traded with the First Nations peoples along the coast of N. America and right here.   Pomos were in the news a few years back for acknowledging fair and good treatment by Russians who grew food on their lands in exchange for other goods, in a story of how the Russian gov't gave the State of CA $1.4 million to renovate Fort Ross (Rus), a Russian fortress made of wood, now a lovely state park, on the coast up in beautiful Sonoma County (wine country).  And all we hear about Russia here now is this hateful New Cold War propaganda.  The Democrats have to find someone to blame for losing the last presidential election.  UGH!

  26. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Vancouver B.C. had more snow than Edmonton Alberta this Winter ! Does everyone understand how INSANE this statement is ? (Reported by the mainstream news) It snowed once in 15 years of me living in B.C. in the 80's & 90's School children were allowed a day off of school to play in this extremely odd event of Winter Weather ! What are they doing to this most Beautiful Province ? It brings tears to my eyes. Okay, I've Cried & Cried !  They are still hitting us on a regular basis in our County of Alberta. We have 2-3 foot drifts & 6" to a foot of snow still covering the rest. Which is'nt a lot for it snowing for almost 3 weeks steady here. It started snowing here in October & I am so sick of it ! Once again forecasted for today, Which they are always under reporting temperatures. -4C(24.8F)in the AM with a high of +7C (44.6F)  They forecasted +5C (41F) & it reached +10C (50F) & it snowed!. It snowed 5" in Lloyd Minister yesterday, which is N.E. central Alberta. I was informed that the snow had just melted before this new hit of snow there.  What does a Blue Sky look like ?  With the "Chance" of Snow in the forecast, it gives excuse for the constant canopy above our heads. I find myself holding my breath while outside, A Gut reaction !!! Knowing full well that I would have to cease to exist, for it Not to Harm me. My King Shepherd wants to stay outside, I make him come in to give him breaks from the low ceiling of Toxic Crap outside, I do know it's in our home too. But not as thick with my air cleaners going 24/7!  I saw 4 Geese flying over the Lake, It is frozen solid still, with sleds still driving on it. The Geese must be heading to Edmonton.       Strength does not come from a Physical capacity, It comes from an Indomitable Will to Live !

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Sorry,…Yesterday they reported a high of +5C(41F)  & it reached +10 (50F) & it Snowed.

    • Diane Friday says:


      I'm so sorry to learn of the brand of horrible weather with which your province has been targeted. We all know it's intentional; the only question that remains is why. I have to believe at this point it's primarily for the devastating effects on body and mind, and I respect your ability to withstand it. 

      Is no one talking about the fact that it's snowing at 10c?? Asking how can it be snowing at that temperature?? Asking why are you getting so much snow when it's not the norm? But mostly asking how can it be snowing at 10c?? If you're able to tolerate the lying sacks that pass for "meteorologists" (I cannot), how are they spinning it?? 

  27. Levi says:

    Never let the unaccaptable become acceptable.It appears the majority of people rufuse to look at reality when it comes to impossible senarios such as 9/11."Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness.But rather expose them." -Ephesians,5:11.Right there is proof that it does not say in religious text it's all in "bigger hands"or to do nothing."Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge."-Kahlil Gibran.

    • Blue Sue says:


      Levi, thanks for sharing the right-on quotes.  Here's another:


      It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.

      – Ansel Adams, photographer (1902-1984)

  28. Seeing Clearly says:

    I don't know how downplayed this might be but the headline that the ice is disappearing are chronic (

  29. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Thank you so much for bringing this front and center again.  Seems to take a lot to get anyone to pay attention to all the exponential things coordinating our demise.  This dovetails well with last Friday's? Vice episode-actually the Friday prior, in which we get to watch people walking on sponge like ground seething with methane, literally melting the ground, bubbling up everywhere.  And it is not 'only' the Arctic, it is everywhere, even in Antarctica.  This is the ultimate nail in our collective coffins.  How much of our air is now methane infused?  Thanks to you and you alone for making me hip to methane a very long time ago.  I was aware of it via oil drilling, but via you and research, learned of hydrates and how it sequesters methane even along shores all over the place such that given sea level rise and angry oceans, more and more is released all the time.  I am truly surprised that it took so long to get people hip to the motherlode in the Arctic, and I suspect of course Antarctica too, just that that is so very far away, so little seen, yet it too is 'melting'.  Gee, doom and more doom and more and more.  Cripes.  Is there any point in stopping spraying now?  Like, is it Way too late?  I mean it seems as if all we can do is inform people of how they are going to die.  Are dying.  As Susan said: time is evaporating!  But, if the skies don't get people's attention, the Arctic's methane will!  Maybe…….. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, no matter how dark the horizon, no matter how much the odds seem against us, there are still countless variables in this equation. If we can expose and halt the climate engineering assault, under any scenario, that would be a massive leap in the right direction. Lets keep up our march in this battle. Its not over……

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes Dane and thanks.  But!  Of course I won't give up, I don't know how and never have.  I never give up.  But I do fail a lot and that gets old.  I just wondered if there is hope, but sure, stopping spraying would be a good thing of course.  The weather guy here is saying we'll keep getting rain!  Into the summer and maybe then some!  Stunning.  And so cold here.  It would seem as if they've lost control of their monster.  They will never admit wrong doing, never.  Like doctors are trained never to say sorry or in anyway implicate themselves.  But the methane in the Arctic is getting so much press that I think and hope that will be a foot in the door against spraying.  A good way to get some to pay attention maybe. As some want to spray the Arctic more so we must all emphasize the degree to which they Have been doing it, and this the result!  Can't hammer that one in enough!  People seem to have trouble getting how that in and of itself creates more heat.  I wish there was a way to simplify that!  Just that, minus all the rest which would then simply follow.  I think the very fact of so many variables overwhelms people, like info overload.  Maybe signs saying Stop Spraying The Poles!  Forget what they don't see in front of them for a moment and go for what they can't see but are hearing on news.  Explain the why of that, then like a light bulb, insight!?  I don't own this house so I can't put up all the signs I want.  Does occur to me I could put up one saying Stop Spraying The Poles.  Provocative, and some just might ask what the heck I mean, except many would have heard of some hopes to do just that and wonder what could go wrong?!! 

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, so here's our future:

      SOME of us "get it." 

      SOME are in the process of "getting it."

      MOST do NOT "get it."

      MORE STILL WILL NOT "get it," they REFUSE (Terminal Denial).

      If the Will is not totally killed, some of us will survive. 

      The @ssholes most responsible for causing all the destruction, along with their mental programming, MUST BE REMOVED FROM THIS TIME AND SPACE DIMENSION. 

      BUT if you think you can just continue making MORE excuses for keeping this beyond-aggressive EVIL type of "human" here with the rest of us who do NOT have their death wish, it will be like giving matches to serial arsonists and hoping you can somehow magically keep your house.

    • Michel B says:

      re Dennie – I totally agree with you, Dennie, and I know what you mean. This planet cannot survive in the presence of those that you mention.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie and @ Bane,  But, such people have always been.  Which of course leads us to Now.  But you would, uh, depopulate Them?!  While complaining of their plan to depopulate us?  What?!  WE become Them?  That makes no sense to me.  Nor to my moral and ethical core.  Education is key and I'm not talking school, per se.  Which is exactly what Dane is doing.  And, he is doing it from many, many angles.  Not everyone learns the same way.  And the true percent of sociopathic behavior is smaller than many here think.  To me it is a bit like the word race as applied to peoples.  A misnomer, yet it is still used and it is an inflammatory word in and of itself.  One aspect of that is fear of the other, culture fear.  Another is hate, hate crimes and we've learned a lot about what causes hate.  How to deal with hate, but no way to deal with a word with no real meaning.  Many of the people we are hating have no idea what is going on.  Some who do, assume they are doing something necessary.  As Trump upends our government, look at the response!  Tons of peoples protesting and the real aspects of real government kicks into gear as many learn, finally!, how and why things are set up the way they are.  If you ask me, real progress Is being made, if ever too slow, yet much much faster than before.  I would like the truly evil ones to not be in power.  I'd like full disclosure on geoengineering/weather modification and it Is coming.  Unfortunately, a matter of time, that evaporating time.  What we perceive as good and evil is only a perception.  A product of our dichotomous minds.  We must get past that to get to them.  Otherwise, just butting heads. 

  30. Seeing Clearly says:

    It is rattling essential to consider feedback loops in this equation.

    Such feedback loops are the outcome of the imbalance of the distribution of moisture ad temperature triggered by human activities such as climate engineering. 

    The polar vortex was completely man made by manipulation of climate.

    I remember the rain would sit offshore of California and it would just sit there and by the time the cold fronts slow pressure system made landfall most of the moisture would be gone such a method was used frequently before the polar vortex you have to take into consideration the fact that the oceans are so much warmer now so such a method of keeping the rain offshore until the system weakens may jot work as well in todays warm oceans so they instead let the system move in and push it off as fast as possible.

    The polar vortex gave Alaska warm wet winter California dry, hot winter and the east coast blizzard like winter such winter was not natural and we had the liters at the weather channel tell us it was

    The drought in my part of California (Sonoma county)didn't really start until late 2013 so we were pretty much doing fine on the water until we were not and I remember a few years back, I was watching a local bay area news station and I would see a woman crying stating it felt like it was never going to ever rain like it was scary.

    The polar vortex was very hard on the climate system and lets not forget the geometric shapes they used to trigger the polar vortex. 

    I was very entertained watching the weather it was so interesting to watch even before I knew about climate engineering. 

  31. Ron Marr says:

    Good robots cannot defeat evil; but resourceful humans can defeat evil. They scare the bleep out of them.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes. While pondering the situation recently I came to a realization that men and women exercising GOOD VIRTUES will hold the key to defeating the evil entitie(s) gripping our world at this time. The weapons they have created are so dangerous and powerful it is impossible to fight them on that level. We must out think, out wit, and out love in order to be victorious over them, as a humble carpenter once showed us eons ago. This is the thing that will destroy THEM.

  32. Christy H says:

    Thank you Dane. We here in southern indiana now have a group that meets at the library. I am about to attend my first meeting. Will copy this, so i appreciate knowing that is acceptable. Myself and my middle daughter have decided we must do more, as much as possible. Your resources are of great value in getting people to see that this is beyond dire. As always, you are much appreciated and admired for your leadership and sacrifice. Respectfully, cjh

  33. Tenderflower says:

    This telling article highlights why there is so much apathy about the proposition of an ending civilization.  One would think people would fight to the end to survive but it just ain't so :-/

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Tenderflower, Hi, and I did not get this outta that.  What I get is that people are afraid.  And, they don't know who to trust anymore.  And they want to get the most out of life, rather than learn about what is destroying life.  For most, life already is hard.  For most, there are children and grandchildren and like 'good' mothers everywhere, one keeps up a front, for the kids' sake.  I was surprised though that there was less violence than I'd expect.  Not surprised that many would want to comfort one another.  One pleasant thought.  And hey, people Are afraid of our government and for good reason.  It all feels way beyond anything one, or a lot of ones can do.  God knows Dane has tried.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tenderflower, I wouldn't put much stock in that article. I'm sure none of those video gamers were hungry or starving while playing their game. It's easy to say you'll do this or that in speculation, but when it comes down to where the rubber hits the road, things change dramatically.

      Rachel Robson, thank you for your comment. You bring up one of my favorite subjects. "For most, there are children and grandchildren and like 'good' mothers everywhere, one keeps up a front, for the kids' sake"… Welcome to one of the greatest downfalls of our modern times. And it's all by design. There was a time when most of the population lived in a rural or very rural or even wild environment. There was no face put on by mom or dad. Kids learned about the realities of life and their environment for survival's sake. There was a lot more wild life back then and dangers lurk

    • Dennie says:

      We're not done here.  It's not over until the (fill in the blank with your favorite icon/artist/mythical being/noun here) sings.

  34. heleen says:

    Big tears in my eyes.How is it possible that people don t care

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      It's this attitude of spirit of life that you should leach off of your pleasures while you can.

      Its denial and prideful ignorance to face the true statement 

      It's that evil spiritual mindset that you don't have to care because nobody can make you worry 

      It's these sorts of views just to list a few that all too often dominate the human mind and soul 

      The lack of care and importance to the Greater Good the deception and wishful thinking as evil views of reality that burden our survival.

  35. carrie from aus says:

    My computer crashed, Malware. There are methane deposits being destabilized around the globe. It is a very frightening scenario. It seems if the radiation from Fukushima does not kill us first or the UV b and c rays, then the Methane will finish us off. 

    There is a New Cloud Atlas from the World Meteorological Organisation to standardise cloud names by the 191 member countries. Mr Gary McArthur has photographed a "new" cloud formation in Tasmania, he was very proud his entry made it into the atlas (apparently it was some sort of competition) His new cloud is called Asperitas!  Look up   The criss-cross geo engineering formation is described as varying wavelengths in a undular pattern…official name is now Altocumulus stratiformis translucidus perlucidus undultus.  All the geo engineered clouds and skies have been given very long names in Latin, its all very official, very technical explanations.  I kid you not go have a look.  If people believe that shait, God help us! Its all being normalised, nothing to see here folks more along.

    The ABC featured a story on 4 Corners called "The Age of Consequences" all about the US concerns stating that Climate Change is a threat to National Security. The hour long programme featured how climate change impacted on every aspect of peoples lives and how the US Military has to be prepared for any new threats!  Prepping us for War perhaps?

    So the propaganda revs up a notch here in Australia.  No Autumn here yet, still hot high 80's and low 90's.  Still sprayed almost daily.

  36. Dennie says:

    I seriously wish I could be a fly on the wall to see if the Evildoers will be punished–and how.  Frankly, they, and too many of the rest of us, don't recognize their punishment– it's already here, NOW— the only home they have, they are destroying in front of their very eyes and they STILL don't understand what's happening– do you really think these "people" will ever "get" anything?  Because it should be more than clear to all by now that they don't have the tools.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Dennie, and when 'they' are down in their bunkers by themselves, because their help decided they didn't want to be food on the table when the cans run out, who will pick out their clothes, tie their shoes, cook for them, and comb their hair? 

    • JF says:


      Revelation 6:15,16

      15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders,[a] the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains,

      16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!


      This always comes to mind when I read about people retreating to bunkers

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, in reality there will always be "Yes" men who, for a paycheck and a pension, will go along to get along.  They'll just go down the rabbit hole, right along beside their Lords and Masters ;-).

  37. marc says:

    The vast numbers of humans required to make all of this global geoengineering and polar chemical ice-nucleation happen, can barely be comprehended. Really? Can there literally be millions of us willfully working to insure that the poisoning continues unabated? And all the while, the vast majority of these people will neither accept responsibility for the heinous results of their complicity nor will they relinquish their tainted paychecks, such is the depth of their cowardice.

    • Jeff Fish says:

      Marc., I do not believe it would take millions with the tech. we have today. It is obvious to me that the agenda is a last ditch attempt to prolong life as we know it on earth until the true rulers of this planet have finished with their escape plan,(Lockheed Martin has publicly stated that they have the tech. to travel interstellar). This can not be a depopulation mechanism as it is too elaborate. It would not require more than a really nasty bioengineered pathogen to do that. This is only my opinion and we all have one. These truly are dark days for those of us who are informed. Jeff Fish

  38. marc says:

      Knowing what we who visit here know re: aluminum and it's despicable role in geoengineering, I find this Rachel Maddow report intriguing to say the least. We come to find out a Russian Oligarch, Deripaska by name, multi-billionaire king of the huge Russian Aluminum Industry, and one of Putin's right hand men circa 2006, was paying Paul Manafort ten million dollars a year to "influence politics, business dealings and news coverage inside the United States to benefit the Putin government." Hello? May I speculate here? At the risk of ridicule might it be possible that Deripaska, (and Putin) through Paul Manafort's influence, were (and are) looking for a larger market share of the U.S. military's requirements for aluminum in their geoengineering programs?? Why the f**k would a Russian aluminum kingpin have been willing to pay an American this kind of obscene money to help influence our "politics and business dealings" to favor Putin's regime? This whole thing carries a stench worse than rotting potatoes. 

    • Hawkeye says:

      I think you are on to something there Marc! Definitely seems to be connected.

      I also think a connection can be made between the many who get vaccinated and or take RX drugs and their inability to either see what is going on over their heads or the lack of reaction horror to what is going on over their heads. Makes an additional good case as to why there is such a push to ingest & inject,

      Now couple that with their constant intake of the signal box and its propaganda and wah la, the zombie is born! This is why I do not think we can ever get those minds on board with we who speak out in here. Some of them literally have a tranced bug eyed look in their eyes unmistakably! Ever notice these things? Even in so many news reports I notice spelling type-o's constantly and used to wonder what is wrong with these editors to not correct before posting. People are seriously losing their minds and have no idea it is happening to them! Scary!!!!!!

    • Jeff Fish says:

      Seeing that the spraying is pretty much global and that Russia and other developed countries are all involved, it would make sense that an aluminum mogul would be salivating at the prospects.

    • Dennie says:

      Aluminum production is on the A-list of KNOWN CARCINOGENS at the American Cancer Society website that lists carcinogens:  MORE fuel for the case against Geoengineering– the Motherfvckers RESPONSIBLE need to have their noses rubbed in REALITY. 

      Here's your HOMEWORK:  E-mail a copy of this link above and a nice little note explaining that A.) WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, IT'S HIGHLY VISIBLE, AND WE HAVE PROOF, and B.) HERE'S WHAT THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY SAYS ABOUT THE CRAP YOU'RE SPRAYING US WITH to every goddamnable institution of "higher" learning (and lower thinking) and get a RESPONSE, no matter the kind–


  39. frank reps says:

    This latest disclosure ; particularly the report that Mattis is at odds with Trump in reference to the dangers of methane release; should spur all readers to assist Dane Wigington  in his efforts to alert as many people of the dangers of geoengineering activities. The president of this country must be alerted.  Dissemination of this information is costly….Lets all start doing some real talking in addition to our easily e-mailed  words of encouragement.   

    • Terry L Reps says:

      Reading these alarming reports on the Geo Engineering Watch website is quite dismaying.  One must ask: " What can I do to help ? ".  Since this very important website  is funded by Dane Wigington himself ; as well as a handfull other concerened individuals……and is NOT subsidised by any Agencies or Corporate interests; The answer is  evident.  

  40. Alan says:

    From a September 2016 report titled "Sea Level Rise and the U.S. Military's Mission" prepared by The Center For Climate and Security.

    "The U.S. military force is present in 156 countries across the globe, and includes “nearly 562,000 facilities on 4,800 sites worldwide and covering 24.9 million acres.”

    Which begs the question – Why?


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Why you ask Alan? The U.S. Military are Bullies & want to Push Everyone around. Yet as Dane has mentioned, Not a One Country has a facility in the U.S. !   No Big Surprise.    To stand against them, means you will Pay For It with your Countries Resources, Lives, Homes, Land & Children's Futures!  They "think" they are too Big to be Stopped. I Hope we become a collective "David" to Slay this "Goliath" & Behead this Out of Control Cancer that they have become !  I use to think well of the Military in Canada & in the U.S. Safe that the U.S. with all their Power was just next door. Now I want to Spit on them. I have lost all respect for them.   Now I understand the song by Bruce Cockburn : If I Had a Rocket Launcher.

    • MAP says:

      The USA underwent a "hostile takeover" in 1913 – 1914 with the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Who or what group was responsible? The FreeMason / Int'l Bankers Cabal took over USA. Yes it was a slow process but these Nut-Jobs are very patient evil people. Step by Step. Order Out of Chaos is their motto.

      It is my belief that this group created conditions of easy money and indebtedness in 1920s that would lead to Great Depression. An initial round of chaos that would need "order" as they liked. It is a long long process but "they" took complete control probably during WWII period. 

      Following WWII, the evil power brokers brought Nazis to USA  in Operation PaperClip. Our former Constitutional Republic was absolutely finished by this point. Eisenhower warned us of the insatiable lust for money and power of the military-industrial-complex in 1961. So 56 years ago the monstrosity and madness of US Military was fully evident. We were warned very explicitly by Eisenhower to be watchful and reign these madmen in. But it was not to be. Instead we experienced endless and needless wars and endless geoengineering from our own military.

      And here we stand all these years later seeing the full fruits of the madness that was designed by the power brokers. It was all by design to serve the interests of the International Bankers and their insatiable appetite to destroy Earth.

      By the way. How many Trillions of Dollars have been directed down "black holes" to fund all of the wars and geoengineering?

  41. LoriBridgeford says:

    Just watched the link you share on 7K gas bubbles (2 short vids) and stunned at man walking over the bloating jelly ground; frightening not falling into such a sink -hole potential. I admit , I have been sky aware as spray is   very easily seen.  Just now MORE aware of permafrost / methane as more shown.  Media will focus on new sesame street autistic character , Julia.  &  market what they make !  Sick humans.  Shocking to see so much adding to the harm. You have some great allies in sending you these videos/pictures. Shall refer many to this next piece of collapse equation. Thanks to all who put this together.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lori, Hello and I cannot believe you, who have been so steadfast with Dane, missed the methane issue.  Dane was bringing this up oh so many years ago, hence my searches to understand methane, how it works, what a hydrate or clathrate is, what happens when exposed, etc. And so, it has worried me ever since even as it has explained oh so much, as with an anomalous dead zone off Oregon coast oh so many years ago.  A ticking time bomb methane is.  Dane has mentioned this nearly forever and it is too true.  Even while oh so many salivated over an ice free Arctic, we knew, tick, toc.  Everyone needs to know about this, should have known-out of sight, out of mind.  And back to my vision from many years ago: mega methane explosions setting off nuclear plants around the world like popcorn.  Not only do I want sky crap stopped NOW, but all nuclear plants shut down.  Except, shut down is not enough is it, as the stuff is still there and the cooling tanks still have to cool and oh God!!!  The military knows.  And, they are to blame.  For all of it!!!!  GRRRR!!!

  42. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane! Excellent post. Time is evaporating.
    SF: For those of you who have wondered how the “land of the free” morphed into the evil empire, so that Americans are hated all over the world, including New Zealand — have a look at this very informative interview:

    Chris Hedges and Stephen Kinzer Explore the Birth of American Empire (Video)
    Mar 20, 2017
    One of the most important and least known facts of American history may be the decision of the United States to expand its power beyond North America. Chris Hedges discusses the rise of American imperialism in a new episode of “On Contact” with Stephen Kinzer, author of “The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire.”

    • Jeff Fish says:

      Susan, what really hurts is the fact that the hatred of what this country has done is deserved but the people of America were not aware or involved. The hatred ends up being targeted at us though because we are the only entity of the U.S.A. that can be targeted by such feelings.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I gotta say that you saying 'time is evaporating' is so well put!  Nothing says it better!

    • Rutheford_County_NC says:

      1913 — Federal Reserve Act.


      Start there.

  43. Grant Jones says:

    Abrupt Climate Shift is here, now, It is accelerating to the point of Climate Revolt. Revolt or War where This Earth is eradicating this hostile change of Its current equilibrium. Eradicating most life, as we know it, and forming a new epoch.  The Climatologists data an evaluation is conservative as when this "Revolt" will occur.   Most quote 2020 to 2024 as when survival is questionable an those Dates are from 2 to 4 years old.  Never has the atmosphere contained the metals and ionic compounds as this present….Climate Shift Acceleration has gone exponential an may have passed the point where humanity can,by any means, mitigate the outcome and preserve some form of life.  Our only hope is the exposure of the worlds corrupt governance causing people to wake up and demand change.  Without mass awareness and action I feel we will be lucky to reach 2020…Reach Out!!!   Awaken All you can reach…Be well, as well as this will allow.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Totally agree with ya Grant! The methane releases are so bad now that many nuclear energy plants around the globe are disintegrating from these underground gases being released by Earth. 

      Last installment Dane posted I wrote about this. Nuke plant pipes are corroding and many are leaking radioactive isotopes into the waterways and environments here and abroad and they cannot contain it. Being labeled as a small pox infection. This is dire straights now folks. Yes the skies are poison but this meltdown puts the sky menace in second place. You thought only Japan was leaking? It is like dirty bomb mines littering the entire landscape of the planet now. 


    • Jeff Fish says:

      We are toast due to the reasons you mentioned. There is no way to turn it around without help from an intelligence far ahead of ours or divine intervention, (They are one and the same to me). As the Titanic sunk the band played on. So it goes with the blind masses. 

    • Dennie says:

      I have a strong hunch that we COULD HAVE used our OWN intelligence first and AVOIDED THIS MESS, but who listens to the Voice of Reason– or even YOUR OWN MOTHER–????  Naaahhhh, that's not nearly as dramatic (or sexy) an idea as Waiting for Godot.  Who'll suddenly, at last, get tired of watching It All, then materialize and wave his Magic Wand, and suddenly, EVERYTHING will MAGICALLY be ALL BETTER– POOOOOFFFF!!!!!!

  44. Mark Mariani says:

    This is nothing short of suicide.  Here's the bottom line: Until the ORDER FOLLOWERS stop this insanity, it will continue.  Don't they realize that they are breathing this too?  My God, you Judas's are nothing short of complete traitors to humanity.  Shame on you and don't think for a minute that these deeds will go unpunished.  THE BELL WILL TOLL FOR THEE!!!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Here, Here, Mark. When you stand before God you cannot say; but, I was told by others to do this, or that Virtue was not convenient at the same time. This will not suffice. Your Soul is in your keeping alone !

  45. palmer r long says:

    If it continues at this rate, there will be mass deaths in certain regions where water and crops can not grow. The Western US is one good example, and do not forget, the new radiation coming from Japan will also destroy all of the West Coast. Which might be a good idea come to think about it. Sincerely PL

    • Jeff Fish says:

      The deaths from all this have already begun. Huge increase in pediatric thyroid cancer near the Fukashima event and soon to effect us. Also it doeS not take a rocket scientist to make the connection between atmospheric aluminum precipitation and the incredible rise in Alzhiemers and dementia type disorders.

    • marc says:

      Palmer r long, there is a mountain of credible evidence that Fukushima radiation has contaminated the entire Northern Hemisphere, and the rest of the planet as well. Rad readings are extremely high in every state in our country. So high, that if this were to be reported in the MSM, there would likely be mass panic. Thus we are seeing yet another massive cover-up in addition to all the others we all now know about. And the Fukushima radiation releases are ongoing, cumulative and unstoppable. It won't just be the "West Coast" suffering from this apocalypse.

    • BaneB says:

      Palmer r long:  At this very moment there are many people starving to death in the Sudan, Etria, Somalia, and attendant region in the part of the globe.  Unless immediate aid arrives the estimate is 20,000,000 will starve to death.  Their livestock is gone, there is no rain, they are reduced to eating grass and probably one another.  I do not see "Hello Maddow" making this story a top priority.  Maybe it's getting coverage at MSM?? The main cause for the North Africans fleeing their lands is drought.  It's not war unless one considers the drought may very well be deliberate weather warfare upon a region loaded up with natural resources.  I reside on the west coast.  And I do not think its a good idea that we die of radiation.  A huge part of the hubbub (babble, as in Babylon) is founded upon our inability to cease with the right vs. left divisiveness.  We all are here.  No one asked to be born.  If we can't rise above the petty then we shall never come together as one to stop the encroaching nightmare.  So goes California so goes everyone.

    • penny waters says:

      all the oceans are connected

      i have stopped eating fish

      i eat from my garden mostly – 'weeds', or as an woman involved with the british government during ww2 translated – small herbaceous medicinal plant – old anglo saxon word – weed

      we are watching strange times

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, and WE made 'em strange.  NO ONE knows how to STOP The Machine.  Kubrick's film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, really said it for me.  It didn't take long to get there, did it–?? UGH!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      palmer r long, Oh thanks very much!  Not!  I live in California as does my immediate family as does Dane, and Bane and Dennie and on and on.  Not to mention California is/was? the world's 8th largest economy, and a stalwart holdout against GMOs and so much else.  Uh, I am willing to let go of LA!!!!

      @Bane B.  Well put!  I'm guessing that by saying "hello Maddow" you don't approve.  Her's is not a news show.  She is a political wonk, something I never aspired to be, but given what is going on now, I want to understand more, and she does do that.  As I've said, context is everything to me.  And now I have some in that arena, not only from her.  For world news I have many sources from being a Global Citizen online, to the many Vice episodes and varieties.  I am acutely aware of Africa, and so many other places not faring well at all.  And yes! we so need to rise above the petty.  Get out of this binary, dichotomous thinking!  We all need to start thinking way outside the boxes we live in.

  46. TNGeowatch says:

    hit 90 yesterday in Cleveland tn. 

    Methane is only going to make it worse!

    • Dennie says:

      JEEEZUZ Holy Mother of God– 90 degree Fahrenheit, in MARCH???  YES we are cooking with gas, and it ain't Southern barbecue…

  47. Joseph L says:

    Wow I am always impressed w your knowledge and great expertise on this subject.  The diagrams and pictures you show are very informative.

    I just wish there was some environmental group out there that would go full steam ahead w exposing climate engineering.   Sometimes I feel that only a small group of us in here and some other websites know about this subject.   I run into people that  of heard the word chemtrails which I do not like to use but don't know the extent of the problem.    Anyway, I hope all of your efforts and the efforts of everyone in here can get us to where we need to be.   


    • Bija says:

      Joseph L…no disrespect intended. But you are the environmentalist, as am I and everyone who studies and informs here! Praise be if you can inspire a group. If not, we trudge forward on our own. Awful, lonely work! But who has anything better to do???

  48. Frank says:

    I remember your methane talk last year with the admonition that in addition to the sheer number of methane releases, methane is 100x more effective as a greenhouse gas than C02. One good thing is that recently I had a best friend see the light. A few months ago he said the lines were jet exhaust. I said we won't argue but I am sure they are intentional spraying. A couple nights ago he emailed me a nice double-x aerosol formation with the title "wtf" and he was in.

    • SueG says:

      Small gains, but we get them, I provided my financial person with one of Dane's 'business cards' the other day on geoengeneering when when she asked me how it was supposed to snow next week here in CO when it is forecasted to be 50 degrees.  Perfect opportunity.. she was confused at first but hope she will look up this site and digest what is truly happening.  Baby steps.. I wish they were bigger but we have to take what we can get.  In my mind, I know what is happening, and if this beautiful world comes to the end, at least I know when I go down that I know the truth, no surprises.  God Bless us all.

    • Frank says:

      Yes, for most people not being sure what those lines in the sky are about is better than knowing. And to see this site is more than most can handle – remember, everything is fine on the other side.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Frank!  I can just imagine your happiness!  Wish I knew it first hand!

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