Hurricane Patricia, Weather Warfare, Power Structure Desperation, And Climate Disintegration


Dane Wigington

Hurricane "Patricia" is only the latest glaring example of the power structure's manipulation of Earth's rapidly unraveling climate system. Hurricane manipulation has long since been "business as usual" for the massive global climate engineering infrastructure. Historical documents prove the reality of the ongoing total government involvement with climate engineering, this includes extensive congressional reports. Though early efforts to manipulate hurricanes were disclosed, such programs have long since gone under the radar. Even "gag orders" have now been placed on government weather agencies like NWS and NOAA. Weather warfare is the weapon of choice for the global power brokers, this weapon is used to keep non-submissive countries in line. Hurricane Patricia exploded with an unprecedented increase in intensity that was so rapid computer models could not even follow it, completely "stumping scientists".


The military industrial complex and the criminals that control them always have many agendas being carried out at once. In addition to impacting Mexico (perhaps for its ramped up trade and cooperation with Asia and for utilizing currencies other than the US dollar), the moisture from hurricane "Patricia" is being pumped toward the Northeast where it is being heavily aerosolized and chemically ice nucleated in order to cool down portions of the US. This process is used for engineered winter storms if the temperatures are cold enough. When it is too warm, the process simply cools down the temperatures on the ground as the colder air sinks.  Extensive atmospheric moisture is needed in order to produce the engineered cool-downs that have been repeatedly orchestrated over much of the eastern half of the US in recent years. The short term engineered cool-downs come at the cost of a far worsened overall warming. As the planetary meltdown continues to accelerate, the climate engineers are constantly "doubling down" on their climate modification assault of total insanity. 

Moisture from "Patricia" will by utilized to cool parts of the US, the consequences are irrelevant to the weather makers.


The brighter white cloud cover that shows up in the combination satellite radar image below is indicative of the most heavily aerosolized cloud cover. This bright white expands out in every direction from any core concentrations of atmospheric moisture. This is the the goal of solar radiation management, to create as much cloud canopy as possible, again, the overall consequences are not relevant for the climate engineers as they carry out a multitude of agendas for their own purposes. Flows of moisture into the western US are being completely aerosolized. This creates hazy white featureless skies over vast outlying areas and can greatly reduce or eliminate precipitation altogether in those areas, further fueling the already epic drought in the US West.


As mentioned, the moisture from "Patricia" has been and continues to be heavily sprayed (saturated) with aerosols. This creates a temporary (and highly toxic) cool-down for portions of the US.


As this moisture migrates over the eastern US in the coming days, the desired temporary cool-down sought by the climate engineers is now forecast to occur as the latest NOAA map below reflects.


The latest NOAA winter outlook map is below. In spite of record warm oceans and record warm temperatures predicted for all  regions surrounding the southern US, miraculously, below normal temperatures are predicted for the southern tear of states. Welcome to "engineered winter". Just as the moisture from "Patricia" is being used to temporarily cool regions of the US, the flow of moisture from el nino this winter will be utilized to cool some regions while the rest of the planet descends into meltdown.


The GISS "departure from normal high temperature" map below covers a two year period from 2013 to 2015, clearly, the most anomalously below normal temperature zone in the entire world has been the eastern half of the North American continent. This anomaly is a direct result of constant and extremely aggressive climate engineering.


In regard to the ongoing climate engineering nightmare, it is imperative to remember many agendas are being carried out at once. "This OR that" dichotomous thinking needs to be abandoned, with one exception, there is NO benevolence in regard to the geoengineering/weather warfare insanity, NONE. Help us to expose and halt climate engineering while we still have any part of a functioning biosphere left to salvage,  make your voice heard in this desperate battle

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  1. Lenny says:

    Infrastructure in your city. Ever question why you pay all those taxes in the city or even in Urban areas outside of the city?
    Look at all the Falling apart roads. Yet the Infrastructure of your area can't put money towards fixing them.
    Well a good reason is that You the Taxpayer are paying for the Geoengineering Infrastructure Plan. 
    They can Poison you from above and waste your Tax dollars on that, but they can't fix your roads. What a real mess.
    Oh and they can put more money into Policing, Fire Department, Patient Transfer.
    Only because we really need that. And that is true because this Aerosol spraying of the upper atmosphere is making people sick, dumber and even killing them.
    The only people that have a chance are the people that are Awakening to this Tragedy.

  2. Dane, what do you think about this article?  Actually, it would be interesting to hear what any readers think.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gretchen, Scribblers data and concerns are accurate, but he is unfortunately unwilling to admit to the massive climate engineering factor that is an immense part of the equation. I have tried to communicate with him in the past, to no avail.

  3. Jane says:

    Here in Canada we have the Billy Bishop Airport in T.O. Now that the Harper Tyrant Government has been Ousted we now have a better leader. Justin  Trudeau now is our leader and is stopping the expansion at the Billy Bishop airport. More then likely if it did go through there would be more Tanker Jets coming in and out to do their dirty work of spraying the sky. It is bad enough already.  A few years ago when visiting Cuba I never saw Chem Jets there. Well it is changed now. There are Chem Jets all over spraying toxins in the Sky. The morning sky is pink and the sunset is pink. The visibility is poor because there is so much fall out from the Toxic Clouds. What a real mess this is.

  4. Koolz says:

    Weather is owned by Raethon and that is owned by the Rothschilds the major waeather pages are a lie.
    to understand who owns what and what is going on I advise you to read
    The US doesn't invent anything they steal they stole the Patents from Tesla after he died.  HARRP is Tesla's Technology. 
    DARPA is part of Black Ops Projects.
    yes Weather Wars are happening all the time around the world.
    No Hurricane can survive mountains.

  5. Wayne says:


  6. Thanks for your report here, Dane, which was called to my attention after, this little piece: Arctic 50 Gigaton Methane Bomb 'Activated' ( September 15, 2015 ) 

  7. Robo Sapien says:

    Is it possible that Mexico has somehow purchased its own HAARP array and used interference to deflect and mitigate this hurricane. From an observer this is what it looks like. It is obvious Rothchild Inc wanted to hammer Mexico but its assault on Mexico was blunted. Does anyone know if Mexico withdrew its bid to legalize all drugs? I find this development very interesting. It would be very easy to produce interference and would probably the best purchase Mexico could make, its own HAARP array that would be interesting. I feel like all their bogus muslim coming from Mexico claims are nothing but preparation and a casus belli should the need arise. Dont you find it odd they would say foreign would be terrorist (as opposed to the plethora walking the halls of congress) are flooding? through the border. I find that very hard to believe but all we need is a false flag and there is your casus belli but I think more and more people are realizing NOTHING the MSM or the US Government says is the truth. We must end the Fed and free our country from Rothchild/Central banker tyranny.

    • Haloa says:

      I think you're on the right track but I think its more likely that China or Russia used their HAARP technology to weaken this storm as the reason given that Mexico is moving away from the dollar and toward the monetary system promoted by Russia and China is likely the reason for the attack.  

    • SortingHat says:

      The real terrorists are those who sneak in with the illegals which the very little checking we do will not be enough to stop the high powered gun smuggling.


      Instead let's just disarm citizens okay and pretend there is no problem.

  8. We are a good month ahead of schedule with the weather here in Pa. It looks more like the end of November. There were leaves changing color in August. By September it looked like October, except not all the leaves had yet changed..(of trees that are still alive, many are dead) It seems that those leaves that had changed dropped within a week. It used to be that the end of October was a wonderfully colorful time of year, and that leaves did not start browning and dropping til later in November. Currently, even trees  that were still green are dropping leaf. The Pa mountains are already partially brown and bare. Of course, the spraying is  constant, and I started feeling the nucleated cold several weeks ago. Its like being cooled down by rubbing alcohol, but it goes to the bone. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Vicki. Its the same in Northern Georgia. Some of our trees have been yellowing and losing leaves in JULY here for several years now. When we were attacked with heavy spray at low altitude in late May 2012  I was sweeping leaves off my deck all summer long- starting in June. Very Awful. The trees are dying at an alarming rate; its hard to believe some people don't notice this. Sad how disconnected many have become from nature.

  9. Las Vegan says:

    Hi, Dane and folks!!  Was up very early this morning and saw the streaks and feathering from night spraying as light began filtering in the skies before sunrise.  I believe that they may be spraying here in Las Vegas more at night than in the daytime.  Visible spraying after sunrise.

    Here's an interesting tale.  Last week, Las Vegas got the same storm it had experienced nearly (just under) two weeks ago!!!  Finally, FINALLY, the weatherman sez…"Frankly, I've never seen anything like this."  The storm drenched LV with torrential rains (flooding, etc.) and moved east as is the normal pattern.  It encountered a high pressure ridge and TURNED AROUND AND HEADED BACK TO THE PACIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not kidding you.  The "storm," then, picked up moisture and intensity and came through LV again!  No torrential rains…but nice rain.  "Normal" low pressure systems meeting a high pressure ridge simply stall out and remain in that area either until they dissipate or the high pressures moves!!!!   What a hoot!  "Frankenstorm!"  Now, if we could just get the weather people to stop identifying the aerosol spraying feathering out as "high cirrus clouds," we'll be happy!!! 

    • SD says:

      Las Vegan is right on all points.  First, these mysterious "Upper Level Low Pressure Systems " defy all laws of physics lately, especially the one to which you are referring.  It actually originated in Western Canada and visited SoCal before moving as you described.  Unbelievable.

      Second, the term "Frankenstorm" is most accurate and descriptive.  I love it but the dopes at NWS or NOAA just don't get it.

      And lastly, I'm also fed up with our local meteorologists looking at videotape of chemtrails and calling them "High cirrus clouds"  I want to slap them. I work outdoors and actually watch what's going on in the sky!

  10. Tim Reeder says:

    Hey All —

    Off topic but anyone know where/when Global Alert News for Oct 24 will be posted? 


  11. just a thought

    waking people up is one thing

    gettin them outa bed is an entirely different action

    there's obviously more than one wizard of oz

    maybe after our necks are tired from merely looking up, the curtains can be pulled back and some legal action can ensue

    first things first, I know….. but our children's and grand children's futures…. F going to Mars. This is our home.

    • BaneB says:

      I agree!  While the Frankenscientists are busy destroying earth they propose terraforming Mars.  Actually, having followed the NASA Mars exploration for the past 20 years, Mars is a far friendlier environment than NASA has publicized.  The "foreboding RED planet" is not red.  There are blue skies, and some clouds and some weather fronts are clearly in evidence in the images beamed back.  Ever wonder how the Rovers could last for years?  NASA sold them to us having a shelf life of a few weeks of months.  A reasonably benign environment is the reality. Dust devils, clouds, and seasons that ebb and flow along with the expansion and contraction of the greenery.  See the true colors of Mars. A bit dated but a good read is Mars The Living Planet by Barry DeGregorio(sp).  Nice color plates, too. Meanwhile back on earth these same curious Frankenfreaks are terror-forming our beautiful lush cornucopia of life.  There is some sick about a race of beings that destroys its living spaceship-terrarium while expending enormous amounts of polluting ozone destroying propellants to seek out and contaminate and probably destroy another world that likely also harbors life.  NASA finally came somewhat clean a couple of weeks ago about water flowing on Mars.  Yes, they presented it as a salty brew.  NASA is still not willing or able to admit there is life on Mars.  The Mars Anomaly website has many official NASA pics that suggest otherwise, some speculative, others obvious.

  12. Frank says:

    I am calling it as it is: The so-called cat 5 world record hurricane was a tropical storm that turned into a tropical depression 100 miles off the Mexican coast, and it caused zero damage on arrival. Though the Mexican news is still calling it a cat 5, there is a surprised tone to it all, because there was no damage anywhere and no deaths. This was a fake hurricane that will hit the books as real.  All the pictures are computer generated models. The Mexican press aired footage of the real deal, and it totally dissipated 50 – 100 miles off the coast with no distinguishable eye, and hit the coast as only clouds. The "hurricane" supposedly made landfall closest to Puerto Vallarta, between the cities of Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. It supposedly took a track that should have destroyed both cities and totally obliterated the Mexican coast between those two cities. The American scam press is saying that it hit a "remote area of Mexico's coastline" to explain no damage. What they are not saying is that it is only 100 miles from Manzanillo to Puerto Vallarta. No damage in either city means there was no hurricane AT ALL. And there are several significant towns between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. There is no such thing as a "remote stretch of Mexican coastline", it is 100 percent populated the entire way.

    This hoax hurricane arrived two days after the U.S. federal government threatened all people at NOAA and other weather agencies that if they went against the "official word" they would be jailed for breaking a gag order.

    We now have Hurricanes that only exist on computer animated satellite. I have seen personally the damage a major Hurricane and ef5 tornadoes make and we see nothing from Patricias landfall area. Now we have whore weather so called experts trying to explain why the most powerful Hurricane ever to hit land only caused minor damage. The insanity continues as the hoax lies of the MSM continue daily.

    • BaneB says:

      Very interesting!  I have been trying to get a grip on this "hurricane" story.  Did their computers miss a cue, drop a 1 or a 0?  Or is the entire "hurricane" a fiction?  Your connecting this to the NOAA and National Weather Service gag order is very compelling.  They have much to be gagged about, too, given the Geoengineering of the atmosphere and weather.  

    • sunnin lizard says:

      I've been looking for damage unsuccessfully for days and I agree… Where is the damage?

    • Pharmer says:

      I agree that it likely was NOT a cat. 5 hurricane. Judging from the minimal damage along the coast it was only a tropical depression.  I was watching the weather underground channel, and after showing all the (fake?) pictures of an organized hurricane with distinct eye they then showed a picture from space, but the picture from space did NOT show an organized hurricane.  I was confused at first, until I figured-out we were probably being lied to yet again.  There was a large amount of moisture though, which subsequently soaked the already saturated gulf, but I seriously doubt it was a cat.5 hurricane.

  13. Muse minus Time says:

    Received a long condescending response from Sen. Ron Wyden, OR, regarding contrails being what we are seeing and that the EPA, NOAA, NWS are sources of information to prove my allegations of Solar Radiation Mgmt. are unfounded.  WHAT A LIAR, his arrogance is deploring when he writes back on a third grade level!  Especially since I provided 2 PDF of congressional reports and a Solar Radiation Mgmt. governance report.  He claimed it's just jet traffic.

    On the Oregon Coast this past week, one could observe X's, J's, and west to east spray trails.   Have been passing out brochures where there's opportunity and had some luck in Yachats in providing these to some OSU scientists.

    Here's another interesting weather site where one can observe how systems are driven:


    • Las Vegan says:

      Muse, I am very sorry to say that politicians are almost all unbearably smug and condescending.  When we now have elected politicians violating the platforms upon which they ran and voting completely contrary to their promises (as happened in Nevada with three Republicans voting for the highest business tax ever passed by the State Legislature), we are dealing with dishonorable, unsavory characters.  What they don't know…I have driven cab in LV for almost 14 years.  I have talked to everyone from cowboys, IT CEOs, mom and pop owners…everyday normal people.  And they are SMART.  SMART.  The average American is SMART…not stupid as politicians perceive.  They know or intuit much of what's going on…unfortunately, the system is now rigged so that the normal, everyday person has virtually no power.  When your elected representative no longer honors the platform upon which he/she was elected, we no longer have a representative form of government.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Las Vegan, I would only disagree with you on this point, we do have much more power than most choose to accept. No one can take our will from us, no one. If we combine our efforts, and choose to excercise our will for the greater good, day in and day out, we will yet accomplish astounding good even in this late hour. Never give up.

    • Pharmer says:

      I live in Portland, Oregon, and agree about dishonest politicians (are their any other kind?).  We are trying to FORCE our candidates for mayor to take a position on geoengineering/weather-warfare, and it seems to be working.  Our current mayor, Hales, surprisingly just quit the race for 'some reason' – could it have been this issue?  Our state governor, Kate Brown, who used to be our local state representative in my district, is being provided information about this issue.  We hope she will order a moratorium on the toxic aerosol spraying, and use the National Guard to enforce it.  The only way to stop this insanity is to FORCE our politicians to take a position on the issue.  Wyden is a professional liar, like most politicians, and we cannot allow them to continue to avoid this issue and/or lie about it.  Thanks to the intrepid Mr. Wigington, we now have a VERY credible website to direct them to.  We owe him a huge debt of gratitude – he will be remembered in history as one of the most important people who (hopefully) helped save our planet.

  14. penny says:

    Can it be that Patricia was not weather warfare, but a weather warning to Mexico?  Giving them a chance to see the error of their ways, perhaps, and make amends?  Or perhaps a way to allow the Pacific to blow off steam without allowing any rain into CA.

    Speaking of which, if I were in CA now, I would be preparing for flash floods.  The MSM is urging people there to buy flood insurance, which means the MSM's owners are likely to carry through on their disaster-capitalist scheme of deluging the state with one or two massive downpours which will not replenish reservoirs but will cause (yet more) devastation.  They (NOAA or the weather services) announced, I mean, predicted this some time back.  Apparently they are holding off to see how many people they can suck into the insurance scam first.

    Update from central Scotland:  same as everywhere else.  The worst to report is that the gorgeous, stately, 4-story tall cedar outside my window is dying before my eyes, from the top down.  2 months ago it blocked the view entirely; now the upper half is 10 to 20% bare, and the branches hang down like they have given up entirely.  Thick, nasty-tasting haze, overcast, dismal and depressing.  I say haze, but that isn't quite right.  Visibility is very poor, but the air is dry; hence, a dry fog (drog?)  Based on my symptoms of extreme tinnitus, insomnia, shortness of breath (in a body which gets plenty of exercise), and vertigo, I'd say either the ionospheric heaters are going at all-time highs, or the oxygen level is plummeting, or both.  It doesn't help that everyone and his dog has wi-fi and an ineffably stupid "smart" phone….

    Time is of the essence, as everyone here knows.  (It's always comforting to check in here and be reminded that there are some sentient and rational humans on the planet!)

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Penny, your symptoms are classic for ILFN from industrial wind turbines.   Pulses at @3 Hz will do this to you – distance little object.

    • penny says:

      Thank you, Andrew – but, WTF? Yet another source of malaise in the modern world?  We really need to return to the caveman lifestyle.

      Incidentally, there are a few dozen windmills within view of my apartment.

  15. Ali says:

    I live in Sacramento. They Spray just about everyday. I have lived here my whole life and never remember running the air conditioner in October. It has cooled down some in the last 10 days but nothing close to normal. Trees are looking sick and the air is different. No delta breeze either. Every time I go outside nowadays, I look up and see planes and chemclouds. The other thing I have been noticing a lot of is a strange long spider web like substance. They fall from high up in the sky and cling to everything. Some even appear to fly around (for lack of a better explanation), its really a strange sight and hard to describe. They are also hard to see. The sunlight has to hit 'em at the right angle to notice. But once you do notice, you realize its not a spider web. They cling to bushes, plants and trees and seem to cause the plant stress in the area it clings to, leaves fall off or look kind of diseased. Its really weird. Some appear to be 30+ feet long. What are these??

    • Joe Marman says:

      Hi Ali,  I am also in Sacramento.  I am part of the legal team to stop the Geo-engineering spraying.   I am collecting these pieces of web material for testing and proof in court later.    Can you save these for me or I can pick them up?  

    • penny says:

      They are polymers dreamed up by one of the sick scientists who run these programs, for no rational purpose.  They have turned up all over the planet, it seems (at least all over Europe.  I've seen them in Norway and the UK, and there are videos from France and Italy showing them).  Cori Gunnells has been interviewed about them; you can see that on YouTube.

    • shorthoneys says:

      Wow, someone else to notice the spider webs (filaments)!!! We were in White Sulpher Springs, MT last week and the sky was filled with chemtrails and full of spider webs floating around the sky…it was the strangest thing I've ever seen…literally thousands of webs.

    • Ali says:

      @ Joe
      I don't collect these things. I either wash them away with the garden hose or burn them with a torch. These things freak me out and I get rid of them when I see 'em around my yard. I possibly could be developing a phobia of them. Do you have contact information for future reference?

    • Michael Howard says:

      The spider web fibers were covered in th interview last week on this site. The inside man being interviewed states that two liquid chemicals were sprayed and when mixed in the atmosphere created the fibers. They are supposed to help carry the heavy metals higher into the atmosphere. Guess they don't work to well. Incidently both chemicals are highly toxic!

  16. joe says:

    Stop the Money Vermin.
    The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned and its owners also own all the big banks, and they are literally printing money for themselves.
    Here is exactly how:
    Since the Federal Reserve Bank merely puts ink on paper and calls it money and then lends it to the US government which has to pay it all back, the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are, in reality, printing money for themselves.
    Also, these same owners, who also own all the big banks, when they make loans, they simply add a number to their electronic balance sheet without doing anything else, and again, it all has to be paid back to them, so again, in reality, they are printing money for themselves.
    Now you can see who it is that is intentionally inventing and funding all the chaos in the world so they can use it as a pretext take away Person Freedom, Human Rights, National Sovereignty, and to force a One World Government into existence, which is the ultimate protection for this scam.
    This is the ULTIMATE scam and the ULTIMATE outrage, yet the media, including all the publishers of textbooks, are totally owned by the Money Vermin and WILL NEVER SPEAK OF THIS!!!
    You are lucky, that after a lot of hard work by people to uncover this, YOU NOW KNOW!!!
    Do something with this knowledge and call your Representatives right now and tell them you want Monetary Reform!!! (See the solution below).
    To shut down this scam for good, YOU MUST STOP governments from borrowing money from the Money Vermin.  
    Governments MUST START instead start creating money for their own use, and start lending it to banks so that government will get revenue from the interest.
    Money should NOT be backed with Gold, because the Money Vermin now own the supply of all the gold and there is no way for governments to get the gold back from them.
    However, Silver has real worth and the supply of is not 100% owned by the Money Vermin like Gold is, so it can easily be used to coin money.
    Money would be backed by Silver AND by the word of Government, which is the word of the People who live and work in that country and therefore are the true Government of it.

  17. On October 23, I took a photo of the sky here over the Olympic Peninsula totally electrified with weird shapes. Profoundly scary. Looking for more information, I was going through some old papers I brought with me from New Zealand and came across this collection of observations on HAARP.


    "…Diagnostics for ELF Generation Experiments: These could include a chain of ELF receivers to record signal strengths at various distances from the heater; … A magnetometer chain, to observe CHANGES IN THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD in order to determine large volume ionospheric currents and electric fields…"
    The HAARP specification sheet continued: "The most important diagnostic equipment is a set of ELF receivers in the 30-200 hertz frequency range" (a far wider ELF range than is admitted in most of the HAARP documentation, which claims that the new system will only generate ELF waves in the 70-150 hertz frequency range) "located in the near and far fields of the heater generated ELF…"

    Demonstrating the grave danger to this planet's natural geomagnetic stability, the 1987 Eastlund patent (which is the basic design of the HAARP project) stated: "THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD COULD BE DECREASED OR DISRUPTED AT APPROPRIATE ALTITUDES TO MODIFY OR ELIMINATE THE MAGNETIC FIELD…"

    Richard Willams, a physicist at Princeton, stated that he thinks the Eastlund (HAARP) device "might become a serious threat to the earth's atmosphere" and "could cause irreversible damage. … Effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized. …The language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global scale," (3/88 OMNI MAGAZINE).

    • BaneB says:

      The madmen seek to be God.  We wring our hands in angst.  We contact our a congressional reps.  We look up and we point to the monster over our heads.  We know, we know the beast is loosed upon our earth.  "Woe be unto man when the Devil comes down to earth."  On every level these psychopaths gamble with our lives.  There is no accounting within the public arena.  Congress has become a house of ill repute.  The Supreme Court has codified the corruption.  The White House is a cesspool of puppet masters.  WE stand alone!  But, a mighty roar is beginning in these ill winds begotten by mindless pursuits.  There is a stir in the ether.  We push back.  We have no choice.  Life, all life, hangs in the balance.  This is an impetus mightier than the sword because even though LIFE in human form created the sword, the sword can never create anything but death and destruction.  They seek to use the COMMONS, our air, our rain, our clouds, our life forces, to make war against the universe.  They provoke that which is eternal.  Not able to create one single living cell from nothing, their wrath is a jealousy of the sort that says "if we can't have the key, no one will."  And so they stagger about, a horde of gremlins, wrecking havoc in plain sight, suicidal intelligence pretending to be a "good."  

    • Muse minus Time says:

      Here's a link to the ionospheric antenna facility in Paisley, OR – Christmas Valley run by Darmouth Univ.


  18. Robo Sapien says:

    The incorporation clause of the 14th amendment is what makes the Bill of Rights untouchable. You see them trying to attack "anchor babies" through the 14th amendment, this is a smokescreen. They want to repeal the 14th amendment because of incorporation. It basically says it is is the individual states duty to maintain the integrity of the Bill of Rights to each of its citizens or face armed intervention by the federal government. Now the reverse also holds and is implied by the 14th, if the federal government tries to tamper with the Bill of Rights as written into every state constitution in the 1800's it must be considered in violation of the Declaration of Independence where Jefferson declares it our duty to depose of tyrannical government.The states must also defend the Bill of Rights from the Federal Government if need arise (boy our forefathers were smart cookies, I'll tell you) The 14th amendment gives us the gauge with which to measure when a government has become despotic- it emphatically states any governmental body which tampers with the Bill of Right has become despotic and must be dissolved. This is why Donald Trump's masters want to go after the 14th amendment (on the laughable grounds of anchor babies), for its incorporation clause. I would say the federal government currently has become despotic by the guidelines laid down by the founders of this republic and it is our god given duty to revolt. I pray that Nature's God provides the conduit and direction for our righteous indignation. I pray that the bio warfare being waged upon us by that very government in collaboration with foreign entities is that spark I so wish to appear in the body politic which will engage it to necessary action.

  19. Robo Sapien says:

    The power structure forced the meme the potency of non violence down your collective throats since you were all children. Do you really believe they would promote something effective at taking them down. Think about it. The time is coming for us to take up arms against this corrupt government it IS coming. Jade Helm was not just an exercise it was pre placement of assets before execution.

    • Las Vegan says:

      Robo, I'm afraid that you may be right.  Due to my advanced age, I won't be around, but I say to the young:  Prepare.  Think clearly.  Get a philosophy/religion which makes you strong.  Keep your bodies strong.  Become emotionally mature and not emotion controlled.  Think clinically and rationally through issues.  To be on the right side of karma, always consider the human element.  You will win.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Las Vegan, trouble is not on the horizon, it is kicking the door in now. Unless you are already gone, then in fact you will be around for the gathering storm, it is already here. Hope you will continue to make your voice heard in this fight.

  20. SortingHat says:

    I think it's banksters that are doing the *cool* down because in their minds they are fighting the EPA's tax to breathe which that solution will end mankind so they are covering up Global Warming.
    Covering up Global Warming is NOT going to make thing any better nor make the EPA and it's communist agenda go away.
    What's needed is to admit it regardless of natural or manmade and then find ways to adapt rather then put our heads in the sand hoping the problem will itself disappear.

  21. Marc says:

    If anyone is familiar with Scott Mandelker's book, "From Elsewhere", I would be interested to hear. I know it sounds bizarre and maybe even stupidly impossible, but the premise of the book has to do with the idea of "walk-ins", or extraterrestrial souls who somehow jump time and space to incarnate (or subsume) into human beings here on earth. I personally don't give a rat's ass whether anyone thinks this is preposterous. But while I cannot pronounce this phenomenon to be real or not, I'll tell you this much, my own life now feels like I am living on the wrong planet. This has truly become like living in an episode of "The Twilight Zone". My phone weather app routinely fails to display accurate temperatures, says it's sunny when it is cloudy, always errs 5 degrees on the cool side of what the temps really are. NASA is actively indoctrinating our children about contrails in the sky, old movies are routinely being "remastered" with "contrails" added in to scenes showing sky, so-called network TV "meteorologists" are inexplicably upbeat in their impossible roles as weather forecasters in a Truman Show world where there is no natural weather and the end of life as we know it is just over the aerosol-saturated horizon. Internet trolls and vampires earn their paychecks spreading weather and climate lies 24/7/365. Phonies like Silas Lyons (Record Searchlight newspaper, Redding, Ca.) refuse to report real, substantive and extremely important news relevant to all citizens within his newspaper's reach. Why? Because even though he may be a vindictive asshole, he may also be a victim of the aforementioned campaign of lies raining down upon the American people. Everywhere we look we see new examples of how media is working overtime to confuse and misinform the public about "climate change" and weather anomalies. And ALL FOR WHAT???!!! Why the fuck are we doing this to ourselves? Why? Is it the dualistic mind? The mind that can't get past "us" and "them"? "Us vs. "them"? Why has DECEPTION become so deeply deeply entrenched within  human culture? I confess, I don't get it. We all write earnest and heartfelt letters to our politicians asking about what they intend to do about the toxic geoengineering fallout, and all any of us get back in reply are form letters oozing with lies and disinformation. Twilight zone? Furthermore, since when is the gravest environmental threat to the planet NOT EVEN WORTH  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (MUCH LESS ACTIVISM) BY VIRTUALLY ALL OF THE MAJOR SO-CALLED ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS??? Really? Government suppression of zero-point or free energy, valid cures for cancers that are brutally suppressed, drugs that create diseases instead of treating them, non-military government agencies buying up weaponry, government muzzling of national "weather" agencies……..and on and on and on. Is it just me or does everything seem suspiciously folded inside out? Like nothing makes any fucking sense anymore. And I really feel it actually getting gradually worse.Enough said for now. Just had to get that out.

    • PatinSF says:

      Hi Marc I am familiar with "walk ins" I never discuss it with anyone because it's a very strange phenomenon. I have always felt like I am from another world even as a child, at the same time I want to be here at this place and this time. I'm here for the fight for my family, friends, Humanity, and Earth. Thank you again Dane!!

    • Michel B says:

      As technology allows atrocities to be committed on greater and greater levels, thresholds are breached. The threshold is a psychological barrier representing what they can get away with.

      The Tokyo bombing that incinerated that city was a threshold. The bombing of civilians and Eisenhower's death camps in Germany was another and the nuclear incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki yet again.

      We are taught in the history books that these events were necessary for strategic purposes and we the public have swallowed that hook, line and sinker. If we agree to that, we might be in the predicament ourselves very soon.

      The United Nations, successor to the Failed League of Nations, and now a power centre for the NWO empire, is rubber stamping the Geoengineering programs. So, we have to presume those pulling the strings in the UN see everyone as disposable.

      Believe it or not, Germany and Japan weren't the enemy in WW2. Both countries were provoked into war by the Allies and the Soviets. Hitler made about 20 peace offerings between 1939 and 1941 to the English, only to have them all refused. Germany had to be crushed because of her economic miracle under Hitler's authority. She was seen as a threat to the British empire and they could not allow that.

      So, they will do what we let them get away with. They will only stop when threatened with something they don't like, whether that is imprisonment or death or having their wealth and privileges taken away or such like things.

  22. Michel B says:

    re BaneB,  I would prefer the Sword of Damocles to SRM. At least that sword had a horse hair suspending it. But once the particulates in SRM coagulate they are going to fall, no ifs or buts.

    I recall David Keith blithely talking about the reduced coagulation rates of nano particles of aluminium and thus why it is preferred as a SRM cocktail ingredient. Oh, how lovely!

    In light of the government papers in a recent article here (massive US Senate document) which are unequivocal in their demonstration of full knowledge, full deployment and intention to secrecy, David Keith is of course lying through his back teeth. We all knew this, but here is proof. Does this charlatan dare to stick his head up in public anymore?

  23. Peter says:

    Hi every one I travelled from Hertfordshire to Newark in the UK today which is 124 miles. The sky was full of toxic chemicals all the way. 

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      Hey Peter, The UK really stuck out on the satellite images while I was reviewing them today, almost as bad as California coast yesterday 10/24/15. 

  24. WAYNE says:

    Hi Folks,
    Just ordered a screen sign for my car rear window that says:


  25. Bernard R. Hall says:

    Think about this. How long can one live without food? How long can one live without water? How long can one live without air? There is that within the air (when it is pure air), when entering the body connects with the blood cell (which furnishes us with the material needs) necessary for a healthy balanced blood cell. There was a time when scientist did not believe that the blood cell was dual in nature. Now they know. With the poison in the air how is it going to affect new born baby's who need pure air to build healthy bodies? If I had the power, I would fire all involved in this criminal act against humanity.

  26. People have noticed this craziness for a while. It's so easy to blame G- Who would think that it is being orchestrated by man. It's so easy to blame 'G and we've been truly innocent.   WHAT CAN WE DO!!!

  27. Kirsten says:

    All of us here are extremely concerned about what is going on in our skies. And most of us also have this discouraging experience with those around us who don't seem to want to see the obvious atrocity done to every living thing on this planet. I strongly believe that this apathy demonstrated by many stands in direct correlation with the spraying. I believe there is another agenda being played out, which is that some of those nanoparticles we are breathing in are having the effect of making us apathic and uninterested in important matters. I really believe that the so-called powers are experimenting on us with mind-control techniques, through vaccines, GMO, TV, and through geoengineering. Why still some of us are awake, I don't know.

  28. Wayne says:

    Nice post and right on point, I'm in Southern California every day the sky is filled with peach colored clouds, heavy spraying all weekend. Today I am going to stay in, like you I go out and feel dizzy and sick. Keep up the fight. Last night I order a screen for my car's rear window encouraging people to look up and visit Geoengineeringwatch.

  29. JACTN says:

    Unfortunately, outside this morning you can hear jets flying in the overcast.  I thought I heard a few last night but this morning from dawn until now about 2 hours its a dull roar outside. 
    Witnessed something yesterday. Radar showed rain all over east/southeast Tennessee on the nexrad radar.  Very little of it hit the ground.  Large droplets of drizzle showed Yellow on the radar but did not get much wet.
    Sun attempted to peak out.  When it did it was very very hot to the skin.  Temperatures soared too near 80 then stayed in the lower 70's with the overcast getting worse as the day went.
    Announcers on the Tennessee and Alabama SEC game said balmy way above normal temperatures for this time of year.  Reporters said the sun was hot and surface temps at the field where way above normal. 
    It is pretty obvious the biosphere is in bad shape when they have to create a storm, hit a low risk area, funnel the moisture over the entire eastern north american continent to create clouds, and flood some area's with another 1000  year event. 
    Kinda concerning when you think when they want to allow a Patricia to hit lets say Miami, New Orleans, or Galveston/Houston. 

  30. Carol says:

    It seems now every weather event is  "Record setting", no matter where in the world it is occurring.   Two weeks ago it was South Carolina, a couple of days ago the hurricane in Mexico, now the ongoing rainfall in Texas.
    Normal Weather no longer exists.  We are truly being victimized! 

  31. Donna G says:

    thank you so much for your hard work and effort to wake up the world. Geoengineering of the planet is singlehandedly the most important topic in history. I cant even put together the words of how dastardly what is happening to us. I dont have the words anymore. I try to show my friends what is going on and direct them to your website and its so unbelievable that people just simply find it too hard to comprehend that our govt would "do" this to us. I am getting to the point where I hate this world. You are a light in this dark world. Thank you Dane.

  32. Chad says:

    They are going to flood out Texas again! Probably the whole nation here and there wherever they choose to create disasters to set up FEMA camps from man made disasters to start the martial law process along with another major catastrophe of some sort and get whole US all screwed up roads closed infrastructure ruined and start the process and blame it on El Niño! Saw insurance ads to buy for El Niño! It's Coming! Spray everyday here in Eureka, Ca! Sprinkling right now! About 6 th day of any moisture in like 6 months! Wake up people, we need to stop this insanity soon! Maybe too late already, but you have to try! Otherwise you are just as bad as them for doing nothing! Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!

    • Mike looking up says:

      I believe 1935 Nuremberg was the official end of Germany.  Once the UN blue helmets move in fully is our end. PLEASE HELP WITH A BIG IDEA TO FORM A PROTEST IN WASHINGTON DC AND ALL UN MEETINGS. WE NEED THOUSANDS TO PROTEST THE OVERHEAD AEROSOL SPRAYING…… WE NUST THINK BIG…..

    • BaneB says:

      It is misting here in central Mendocino County, Ca.  That is what we now call "rain."  Mist, full of toxic metals and assorted pathogens, all requiring  a microscope to see the laced brew's concoctions.  Just as a wonderment, mists are breathable.  Rain is not.  What is in the mist?  The forecast last week was for rain today, according to the cloud icon showing raindrops.  But the rain part was dropped two days later and showed only partly cloudy.  Well, it is a wee bit wet out.  The latest Icon shows rain for this Wednesday.  I recall forecasts in the past that were far more accurate than now.  The current predictions don't hold up.  Is there a weather forecast icon for chemtrail weather?:-). By the way, you have a Nexrad microwave tower in your immediate area.  It is in a remote location.  This device has a maximum power output of 700,000 watts, vertical and horizontal.  The radio is 250 miles from its center location and can radiate out in every direction, directed or full circle.  There is another one north of you in Oregon near the California line.  Given the strategic location of Eureka for incoming fronts, it might be of interest to pay attention to that facility whenever precipitation comes your way.  The entire nation is now blanketed by 160 of these devices.  Their radius overlap one another and can cover the entire nation in a microwave fog.

    • Las Vegan says:

      BaneB, thank you so much for the tip-off on Nexrad microwave towers.  I've researched a little this morning, and the stunning exploration into Gwen and microwave towers leaves me troubled.

      "A brain functioning at beta-level (above 13 Hz) is agitated and cannot change the perceptions if it is artificially stabilized to that frequency by technological methods."

      Susan, thanks for the HAARP info.  I've been reading on HAARP also.

      I implore people to protect themselves.  I purchased a personal EMF protector, with shungite as an added element, which is rechargeable through laying upon dirt/ground (Schumann Resonance)–via a big on-line market.  I have flooded my home with orgonites (plz see William Reich), and the difference is absolutely palatable.  It is literally tangible.  

  33. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 79th email to my contact list, titled 'Arctic 5 year Ice':
    1.  The following is extracted from a post by Malcolm Light.  The diagram in the link below shows the predicted times of Arctic ocean ice melt back.  The 5 year and older ice was only meant to go by 2022, so the Earth is running ahead of schedule with its major extinction event by at least 5 years. The Arctic methane global warming veil and firestorm train is cresting the horizon ahead and coming in to view.
    2.  So, I wonder where we are with this chart posted by ''Malcolm Light, Sam Carana, Harold Hensel and further (anonymous) contributors' which is titled 'Planetary Omnicide between 2023 and 2031' ?
    3.  Then there is this:
    4.  And a reminder of the continuing mass 'die offs'  of our fellow life forms:

  34. Linda says:

    Yes, let's all send Putin some of Dane's offerings….it just might work.  And Dane …may you be surrounded always with the Golden Christ light of protection and Archangel Raphael's healing protective light.  I know you are already very protected, but we can all help too!  Anything that has promise, let's try it.  

    I sometimes send Bernie Sanders a donation and will enclose some of Dane's articles with it.

    On really bad spray days that immediately dissipate all our rain clouds here in La Jolla, I implore the Almighty to use his power and glory to blast the geoengineering manipulations and restore our beautiful one-of-a-kind water planet to its complete health and beauty.  I will keep doing this till my last breath.

    • Girlbot says:

      I also reached out to Sanders' campaign on this issue but was not contacted to be a volunteer. Of course this is politically toxic for Sanders, but I was only suggesting education for now.

  35. Michel B says:

    Heavy and obvious SRM geoengineering over Brisbane, Australia today. Occasional mentions of the severest drought in Queensland in the MSM. "Pitch in and help the farmers." Donations for food on the table is good, but it won't bring rain. One farmer each week is committing suicide. Great news for AgriCorp who will buy up defaulted farms for pennies on the pound.
    I heard from a reliable source that Brisbane was a testing ground for drone flights over urban airspace. I've heard that Australia is a testing ground for many NWO prerogatives. It makes sense. This continent is a corporation now and is here to be dug up, chopped down and sold off.
    We've had the mantra, "She'll be right, mate" drummed into us for so long that it is a part of the national character/psychology. Australia is home to some of the most prolific white collar and corporate crime in the world. Tax cuts for corporations while cost of living and taxes continue to soar for everyone else.
    Several months ago on the nightly news of one of the cloned channels, a female reporter gave this outlook for the weather ahead in our summer to come: She bleated out "Hot and dry" in a staccato, imbecilic voice while grinning. A cheerful and lobotomised idiot reading a cue card describes the weather for the next half year for the largest continent on Earth in three words. What a great critique and education for the masses. Not that she is going to be wrong.
    But that's not the point. The point is such a clipped explanation is just accepted. No questions of analysis follow in the public's consciousness. This country's food bowls are dust bowls now. We export 60% of our food production, a lot of it to Asia. There are going to be a lot of empty stomachs in the near future.

  36. On says:

    I’m in so cal, eastern sgv. Today was absolutely the worst spray day I have ever seen. It was so relentless by late afternoon you couldn’t see the sun. It was just a haze in the sky. Tonight there was a huge ring around the moon. What in the world is going on?

    • Amyp says:

      Hey On- yes- today's onslaught was horrible in LA. Absolutely evil. And yes- I did see that weird huge ring around the moon! Anyone know what that phenomenon was??? 

      Thanks also to Michael B for that news out of Australia. So very sad…I used to think Australia would be a good escape from everything, but alas, we are all in this together. Let's stay connected. 

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, I was outside around 9 pm and observed that humongous halo around the moon. The moon light lit up the saturated aerosol sky. The entire canopy was a milky whit glow. In the mix morphed more jet trails. I don't know how anyone can accept the current situation. But it’s party time everywhere. And trite conversations about everything of no importance while overhead hangs the sword of Damocles.

    • Deb Buckler says:

      We're in Central Calif. and true enough, yesterday was the worst spray-day we have EVER seen. The sky was so murky, the sun was completely blacked out. Yes, a big ring around the moon, and even some colorful "sun dogs" during the day. We are physically sick today…our sinuses are just raw. Still very hard to share this info with others…they just can NOT accept it.

  37. jac says:

    Dane; I've been making every effort I can to educate re:GE & Fuku for yrs… Most STILL rather not hear, but some waken. We thank you for what you're doing. Horrifying how so many brainwashed, mentally dead.

    emfs/rf/smartmeters/cellphones&towers/flouride/gmo/vaccines/bomb-test-babies, or just criminally stupid? Decades ago all would be violently screaming. Everyone is programmed. They think they just carry 'androids', but they ARE androids.

    All the 'powerful' people are in their pockets, OR they die. The media is keeping ALL the dire news away from the gp. As far as world leaders, they are all complicit. We have all spent so much of our lives being 'entertained' that critical faculties are GONE. 

    How bad can it get? We're finding out. Pretty soon the only people allowed to live will be teletubbies unless some great event occurs. The environment will be so destroyed you'll all have to reincarnate with (best case scenario) down's syndrome. And women KEEP getting knocked up…and they let their newborns- NEWBORNS!- get "innoculated"… There is NO THINKING IN ANY CAPACITY.

    Those of you who are still cognizant; Persevere! Persevere!

  38. Michael Arden Yows says:


  39. dtv says:

    MASSIVE SPRAYING in San Diego County. A relentless onslaught.

    • Janet says:

      And down the coast to Tijuana. A friend took a sunset photo and said how beautiful the sky looked. I saw massive spray lines all over it. Funny how people think the sky sprayed with definite lines is NORMAL. 

  40. Dan says:

    Just a few days ago I commented on how here in south central Idaho we were 20 degrees above normal temperature even though the trees, bushes, crops, and wildlife were in normal fall like conditions just how mother nature should be. Well on last Thursday the spraying was the worst I have ever witnessed here. It was very disturbing to me. When I pointed out the pinkish bluish halo around the sun to my coworkers and explained to them what it was they all shrugged it off as being normal. Well now we are below normal temps. Last November we had record lows down to -13 degrees. December and January were about normal but no snow. February we had record highs in the 70's. 30 degrees above normal. This is insane. How can people look up in the sky and think this is normal. The honey bees are all but extinct here. Hummingbirds are less and less every year. Dane talked about not being able to grow a garden anymore, well half my crops in my garden did not produce this summer. I am so upset with these people who cannot see what is happening to them. What’s it going to take to wake them up?

    • Dan, I too live in south central Idaho, and can attest to everything you just shared.  In fact, last week, during the above normal temps, I stormed from the room in anger because I could no longer take the "bubble-headed bleached blonde" on the LOCAL news telling us how cold it was back East, with NARY A WORD about our local, hugely above normal temps.  That our TV weather people ignore this, oh so obvious situation, is criminal.
      Have you been to the Sawtooths recently?  The condition of the forest is heartbreaking.  I watch Outdoor Idaho and see forest devastation everywhere they shoot… but never a word is mentioned about the backdrops filled with burned down forests or standing dead, waiting to burn.  How can those who are charged with keeping us informed be so negligent in their output, unless it is intentional?  If you want a real wake-up call, go to Google Maps and have a close look, via the satellite view, at the forests from Fairfield to where the Salmon River dissects Idaho, above Salmon.  From a distance it doesn't look so bad but, a closer view reveals that much of the green is "painted" in… where forest appears to be, from a distance, is actually burned down or standing dead.  The Middle Fork of the Salmon is almost completely barren.  I wish I didn't know these woods so well… maybe it wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't know the magnitude of the loss.  At least it keeps me inspired to keep sounding the alarm, so that we might save some of what is left.
      I ask people how their gardens are doing.  The answer is always the same… terrible.  My own garden this year was a pitiful joke, despite the fact that I take measures to protect as much as I can from direct exposure to precipitation and UVs.  It's pretty bad when you have to grow your vegies in the shade and protect them from rainfall!  My fruit trees are all slowly dying, as are the century old maples that surround my home.  The landscape companies here in the Wood River Valley are doing a bang up business this year cutting down dead trees in people's yards… three houses adjacent to me had 10 trees removed this summer.
      Signs of the biospheric collapse, that is occurring all around us, are so in our face that it is unconceivable to me that people cannot see it… yet, they go along oblivious.  When asked about the weather, all they can do is talk about how wonderful it is… so nice and warm still, and this includes the weather reporters.  WHAT?!!!  How can they not understand the implications of what is happening?  Especially here in Idaho, where we are so gifted with nature in our back yard that we can get away to it virtually within minutes, from anywhere in the state.  We are a state of outdoor folks who hunt and hike and bike the mountains and the deserts… we fish and kayak and love our beautiful rivers and lakes.  There is little about this state that does not inspire a love of the outdoors but, ask someone if they are aware the rapid decline of the health of our ecosystems and all you get is a blank stare or, at best, a nod and a shrug.  Oh well…  OH WELL?!!!
      I wish I had an answer for you, Dan, about how to wake people up… but I am running into the same brick wall as you.  The only thing we can do is to just keep talking.  Keep sharing the information.  The seeds we plant need no water or sunlight to grow… only perseverance.  Thank you for planting those seeds… what ever you do, please don't give up.
      Thank you for being awake…
      Much Respect, My Friend!

  41. Rosalie says:

    Turn the tables on the power structure.  Force them to provide proof that they are "NOT" poisoning the public en masse.  Whatever legal mechanism that would be. 

    • Dan says:

      I agree with you Rosalie, we must turn the tables on the powers that be. But I do not believe any legal representative will help us. They are either bought off or are afraid of being named a conspiracy nut. The best way to fight this is to share your knowledge and Dane's videos with people on Facebook, Twitter, or whichever you like. But we must hurry and get out as much as we can, because like guns big brother is coming after the internet. If they get control of the internet it’s game over.

  42. smoore says:

    Skies full of lines yesterday and probably today but cloud cover was so bad that you couldn't see the lines. I read that the chemicals are aluminum and barium. I just got tested and I have a high lead count in my system but not high aluminum. Does anyone know if there could be any lead? I live in Monterey, CA. I am very upset about seeing what they are doing to our skys. There was a month – perhaps June – where it looked like they were taking a long break and the skys were beautiful and the suns heat was fine. I have noticed that when they spray, the suns heat actually feels hotter and it is much more humid. I have read that one of the reasons for the spraying is to block the suns rays. Has anyone else experienced that the spraying actually makes things hotter? 

    We need to have a HUGE march across the country/world. Can anyone tell me what happened to the legal suit that was in the plans against this those spraying? 

    • Joe Marman says:

      We (5-6 lawyers) have been having weekly conference calls and strategizing on the best way to get our lawsuit out there without having problems.  Joe

  43. Belle says:

    I live in Northern CA. It has been trying to cloud up and rain over the last couple days but to no avail due to the constant spraying. Today was without a doubt, one of the worst spray days I have witnessed. The sky was completely covered this morning but the jets did not stop and could be seen blanketing the skies over and over again. The plums coming out of the jets were wide and full force. By late morning it was impossible to look at the sun because of the blinding silvery poison. I had obvious decreased energy and chose to stay inside all day. There were long stands of stringy material like cob-webs floating outside about 6 feet off the ground getting hung up in the trees. I continue to share this atrocity with everyone I know. 

    • BaneB says:

      Belle, I also live in Northern California.  Yes, we are being sprayed like rats here.  I concur with your description of our grunge skies.  I was outside a while ago looking at the moon.  It is hazy and a jet came along and put down a huge trail.  It spread out and obscured the moonlight for a few minutes .  The milky gauzy mess is preventing the rain from forming out of what ought to be a cohesive front. In the sat. images over the pacific show a front already here.  Still no rain.  Jared Huffman is my Congressman. He is worthless.

    • Alma says:

      I also live in Northern California and witnessed the ugly murky skies of jet engine spraying.  The fact that it was like that in the morning leads me to believe that they are doing the majority of the spraying in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is sound asleep.  I noticed that I was coughing alot more than usual today and saw the hazy look of our skies. It looks like there is a huge brush fire that fills our skies with the smoke but it is really all the spraying. Out in the distance they continued to spray throughout the day as I witnessed the airplanes relentlessly leaving their trails.  Everytime I try to explain this to others, they either look at me or call me crazy.  When people tell me that El Nino is supposed to dump ALOT of much needed rain here for us, I honestly don't feel like that will be the case.  I am hoping I am wrong but it just seems like whenever there is a glimmer of hope of us getting precipitation out here in the weather forecast, the planes start spraying like crazy!  This insanity has got to stop!

    • Alma says:

      To add to my message below….I also point out to others that if the trails that the airplanes leave were really condensation trails, then we would see them everyday.  Well, we don't!  Only on heavy spray days is when we see the trails as bad as today was.

    • Jomomma says:

      Back in the 90s when this started, I was in sac cal, there were these huge cobwebs falling from the sky,hung up on fences and trees, it was the weirdest thing I have seen.

  44. Diana says:

    I'm wondering about what I've recently read about Chemtrails being used to "protect microcircuits from radiation ", creating a "web of electrically conducting sheets" or "metallic nets of ultra-fine mesh-spacing" in the stratosphere to protect our semiconductors from atmospheric radiation ( solar flares aka coronal ejections).  This year has been the record of  the most violent solar storms, producing the strongest  coronal flares from the sun.  Hughes Aircraft corp holds a patent for the chemicals to protect micocircuits from these flares.  I've also heard that it helps protect us from EMP's?  Is there anyone who can give more information about this?  I've heard that all it takes is one strong Coronal Mass Ejection to wipe out all electronics.  Anyone who has knowledge of this, please respond. 

  45. Diane ingram says:

    Are any big-name celebrities aware of this to help sound the alarm?  That would get the attention of more of the sheeples, perhaps, along with any congressmen that haven't been bought or threatened, yet.  Where does Trump stand on this?  

    • Gman says:

      You can't possibly think any politician would ever dare speaking up, especially Trump, Bernie Sanders is discussing climate change being the number one issue, I highly doubt he’ll speak of geoengineering. 
      What would really help is if famous celebrities with actual credibility spoke up. 

    • Joel W says:

      If and when any "celebrity" does say something, it will be a complete joker like their resident anti-vaxxer Jim Carrey. Some complete buffoon so as to completely Discredit it. Read about one of those Kardashian freaks re-posted something on twitter or facebook (or whatever) about it recently. Someone like that is the absolute last "celebrity" needed to speak out on this mess

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, Sanders will likely be a shill to push for signing the UN Climate treaty this December; never mentioning the ongoing climate engineering programs which are causing the majority of all the damage. The POLITICIANS are the useless eaters!

    • Janet says:

      Prince is aware. He said it on a talk show.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Kylie Jenner "tweeted" about it last May and the mainstream media had a heyday vilifying her for it, while supplying NO proof that there aren't actually chem trails, and allowing no comments that would rebut this insane ad hominem argumentation that just calls names while providing no facts.
      As environmentally conscious as Leonardo di Caprio supposedly is, we hear nothing from him on the subject. 
      George Clooney and Angelina Jolie are members of the Rockefeller-founded Council on Foreign Relations.
      John Denver was the son of a test pilot who worked in Roswell, NM.  He was also becoming very vocal about the environmental destruction.  Look what happened to HIM– "plane-crashed," like JFK Jr.
      They are doing it RIGHT IN OUR FACES and we're NOT supposed to notice–??  I'm sure there are many in Hollywood but they won't speak out.  Look what happens when they do:  Bono died the same way Michael Kennedy, the son of RFK did, less than a week later, coincidentally, while on a ski slope…

    • Elena says:

      I was just thinking about the Kylie Jenner tweet the other day, thought it was great how she said something like, "who the F*%#K thought this was a good idea?," hilarious imagining Edward Teller's face as he hears this. Yeah, a common person is more intelligent than you, you SOB! The spraying over LA was so intense yesterday I couldn't believe it! I was there for a seminar and ran into my local health store with flyers, the woman at the counter said something like, "how can I help" magic to my ears, the last couple of people have asked me that, it almost caught me off guard the first time. And it's incredible that they are flooding poor Texas again. Texas and Calif, arguably the two most powerful states in the Union, being systematically attacked in this way, it makes sense from their pov. At least we know we are under attack, THANKS TO DANE. Weather warfare is truly the weapon of choice for COWARDS! And I can't for the life of me remember it now, it will probably come to me later, but I think I read something that one of the Carolina's did that was ballsy and against the fed govt, but now I'm not sure if it was North or South. I've been learning too much good stuff lately! And although I emailed my entire Temple almost with a link to Dane's video "Engineering Drought Catastrophe" when I first saw it, it seems they didn't all see it. Today I found out they had released X amount of spiritual energy against Hurricane Patricia so I asked the Bishop if they had also done an aeergy release for the Cali fires and he said yes, so I asked him if he knew about weather warfare, and he said do you mean "HAARP" and I said, yes, partly, and then he invited me to fill him in, which I will do shortly. They do great work, but always having to ameliorate a catastrophe after the fact is playing too much defense for me, not the best strategy, maybe. Me no likey!

  46. simonhhh says:

    Thank you Dane…quite possibly the best article you have done… excellent work…in a sea of madness…they will not stop until they kill 80% of earths population…my fear ELE about 15 years out…not dissimilar to the great Permian Extinction event or about 3 minutes to midnight

  47. J. Carl says:

    Southern  California has been bombarded Friday/Saturday..Very alarming, like on overkill.  Never seen anything quite like it.  Wonder why things are speeded up to get in all this spraying…horizon to horizon?  Have many symptoms, and wonder where all this is going?

    I thought people were joking when Putin's name came up as a possible answer to get help….now we know we're desperate.  Putin is an avowed communist, was with the KGB – doubtful he is a man of empathy, esp. for Americans.

    • Jean Sexton says:

      Actually I hear that the KGB had a reputation of being honest more than any other group in Russia.  When we hear KGB we think, spy organization, but the Russians seem to think, honest policeman.  Believe it or not.  Putin is very popular.  Not the demon tyrant they try to portray him as.  

    • Nnikki says:

      Jean, I agree with you. Putin put Obama in his place. About time that some leader had guts enough to do so publicly. Russia has every reason to be proud of him for that. I wish we had a government leader to be proud of.& yeah, J.Carl, we ARE desparate! I'm thankful every day for Dane & this site. Now there is the one leader who we know we can trust. Thank you forever, Dane.. 

    • Marsha Fulkerson says:

      Actually, speaking of Putin, there has also been a tremendous amount of positive remarks. I myself believe that he loves his country, and he even said he did. Putin is a leader, something that we have not known for years. According to research he does not believe gmo  food Is good for the Russian citizens. Now about spraying, I don't know but it sounds like he's more intelligent than some other leaders to allow that to happen.

    • Bernard R. Hall says:

      Hi Carl. He may be what you say he is. It is also why he would want to let the world know what  the U.S.?. is doing and how it's impacting all the other nations.

    • JF says:

      Putin is probably not the nicest guy around, but from what I have seen and read about him, he seems to care about his people and country. Unlike the current resident in the WH.
      I read recently that Putin has been building many new fall out shelters for the people. Here in the US, the Feds and elites use our money and build shelters for themselves. So much for us common folk.

  48. Wyatt Berry says:

    Everytime I read the comments here I see accounts related by all of you saying that the spraying is "unprecedented" or has "never been this bad" … what are they planning?  What is the endgame?  Turn on your car headlights at night, high beam, and you can see all the fallout descend like snowflakes.  Many of you already know this.

    Dane, please remember that we all consider you to be a true hero and we could not have a better spokesperson to address and expose this issue to the general public.  We are so appreciative for the sacrifices that you have made to sound the alarm.  You have an exceptional sense of what is right and what is wrong.  You have put up with so many personal attacks and attempted character assassinations and the way that you continually prevail, telling others to never give up, is a true inspiration.  You are a boss.

    I am behind you more than ever before, as are the rest of us.  We are all in this together and I can say, personally, that I will never abandon ship.  Lies cannot be defended indefinitely and good will eventually prevail, sooner or later.  All of you aware folks, citizens, moms, dads, doctors, lawyers, I love all of you and in the end we will be victorious.  It will be a rough battle and the casualties will continue to mount, increasingly so, but we will prevail, we will prevail.

    • stephan says:

       Wonderful Words Wyatt

    • Joy says:

      Yes I agree Wyatt, Dane is our hero and he has the patience of Job!  I listened to an alternative radio program that had Dane on as a guest. The host of the show had a hard time getting Dane's name correct, for starters.  But far worse this host had an 'in studio guest' who was the antagonist to Geoengineering.  He had NO facts, just name calling and emotional diatribes.  Dane kept his cool and simply stated the facts!  (That is when he was allowed to speak).  For the entire program I gritted my teeth and had a sick feeling in my stomach.  I know as a fact I would not have articulated my name and home address under those circumstances, much less summarizing Climate Engineering in a concise and understandable manner, as Dane did.  He had God with him.  We love you Dane and continue to pray for your/family protection.

  49. stickershock says:

    The fact that NOTHING regarding this weather warfare is benefiting humans on this planet needs to be emphasized often .  The malevolence is outrageous with, as you say, several different agendas occurring at the same time with each maneuver of weather manipulation.  These evil government entities couldn't care less about the planet.  The endgame is strictly theirs alone. 

  50. Bernard R. Hall says:

    I think Michaels idea of Dane having a private audience with Mr. Putin is great. I'm sure if Dane could explain to him what is going on, Putin would surely bring it out for all to see.

    • Nnikki says:

      Just like Putin exposed the U.S. funding ISIS!!

    • Deb Buckler says:

      If Dane did get to hold audience with Mr. Putin, it might cost him his life. It would have to be done so secretly. Can we fund raise to get money for Dane and would he even be interested. Is Russia NOT being sprayed?  I think I remember Putin doing some vague saber-rattling about exposing the 9-11 lies. Anyone remember that? How wild if Americans started 'reaching out' to our "enemy" for help!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, unfortunately all the major powers are engaged in geoengineering. We must expose the issue to the public at large.

  51. Yogi Greg says:

    After Spraying us all summer in coastal SC the Obama Admin decided to let the mil-nasa flip on hurricane Joaquin with its man-made 6'oclock "water spout," not a natural occurrence, and then flood our state. They then gave us clear skies, but as of yesterday they started the grids and today has been heavy with cloud cover–I''m calling the WH on Monday for sure again and let them know we are not blind to their actions…pls do the same!

  52. david says:

    Very interesting Dane.  So it turns out the US was the real target and you know surprisingly as powerful as the storm was Mexico did not suffer much damage as reported in other news on Drudge and My Way.  

  53. Wayne says:

    Palm Springs and surrounding areas extreme heavy spraying…it's hard for me to go outside.

  54. Jim Morgan says:

    I live in Rhode Island and until recently haven't noticed any trails, however on Sunday afternoon, October 18, as I drove around Narragansett Bay from Bristol to Warwick, I noticed a wide but unmistakable grid pattern in a nearly clear blue sky. And my heart sank. Knowing what I know from the web site, I knew immediately what I was seeing. They’re here in New England and I knew there was no one I could call to verify what I saw.

    • bija says:

      Jim, I live in Arizona but  I am from and regularly visit family in RI. They deny the existence of atmospheric spraying and yet I have seen heavy trails every time I have visited! I have more health problems there than even here in Arizona.
      Interestingly, RI has introduced House BIll 5480 – The Geoengineering Act Of 2015. It apparently died in committee (big surprise). I know some folks at RI Public Television and am trying to convince them to  give this exposure through local programming. I remain optimistic. Perhaps you can use this information to generate awareness, as so few states will even acknowledge that this is going on.
      It's heartbreaking, I know. Hope you are able to help wake others to the truth!

    • Jim Morgan says:


      Thanks for the info.  I will definitely look into HB 5480 and find out what happened to it.

      Thanks again.



  55. Great Good Work Dane Thank YOU LOVE Always John

  56. Edward Carberry says:

    I see their Geoengineering/Weather Modification going on all of the time above  mid BC. The few that do seem to know about it are lazafair about it! Most don't seem to know about the atmosphere at all I am very surprised about it guess the generations of (TV watchers ) are blind to what is going on. Why do I have to be soo observant? I try to educate different ones on CO2 as a start to be able to work from there. I do like getting my little digs in where I can !!! 

    Take Care everyone…..

    • Ben says:

      Edward I'm in B.C. too; Surely. It's been atrocious the last week or so. I wonder if it has anything to do with the mexico hurricane? The grid patterns have been relentless and the morning fog isn't real fog and it's hard to breathe and gives headaches. I take buses and walk to work from 5 am on so it's still cold and dark and I can assure you that they are doing most of their assaults on us by nightfall. I try to tell some of my coworkers who figure it’s regular plane traffic going to and from Vancouver intl. I re-track them down while active spraying at altitude ( as we're close to the airport)/ and they have no answers. At this time it is more comfortable and highly effective to hand them one of Dane’s geoengineering brochures and begin an educated discussion. I have gone from the " Crazy conspiracy guy who tore up his yards to plant gardens and  begin farming/ raising animals." To – " The educated, knowledgeable, environmental, caring, circle of life supporting father who will do almost anything for his kids" and I'm PROUD! These "above the money" Rothschilds and Rockefellers need to be eradicated once and for all and any other malevolent figures in positions of power to allow humanity to have a renaissance once again and thrive as a species. P.s. – I was so glad that Alex Jones had Dane on within 1 month of me requesting this; I'm sure many others had too, Thanks to all of the good people here and especially Dane. – Ben the urban farmer.  I welcome like minded individuals to contact me as well.

  57. Larwence says:

    The spraying of the skies over Bakersfield California has been off the charts this week. This morning I went down to L.A. the spraying all morning is as bad as I have ever seen, all the way from L.A. as far as I can see in every direction. The planes are leaving HUGE plumes now. I sure hope we all can get this stopped soon. I will keep fighting, but it sure looks like they are winning!

    • Linda says:

      Same here in Santa Barbara. Super heavy spray and hot.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      We are being hit with massive trails and have had whole chem cloud skies here in northern CA since Wed., when the sky was bright blue, but the jets got started up and have just kept it up for days.  The sky was all greyed-out yesterday and today, and we always manage to have partly-cloudy to partly-sunny days any more.  A neighbor was recently in Portland, OR, and said its been raining, everything's green and they don't have a water shortage, like CA does. 

    • JF says:

      After a few weeks of no spraying, they started up again a couple of weeks ago here in Riverside Ca. Been spraying heavy the last few days here in SoCal.
      If these are normal contrails, then why was there none for about one month. Planes were still flying, but no milky, cloudy skies until they started again a few weeks ago. People still will not believe me when I tell them about this.
      It was great seeing a blue sky, althought for just a short time.

  58. glendon says:

    Mexico just announced they are seriously considering decriminalizing all drugs in order to bust the drug cartels.
    An agency at the UN wanted to release a report that recommends the decriminalizing of all drugs worldwide.  Just before this report's release, one (guess who) country requested the report not be released.  It wasn't released.
    We live in the path of hurricane patricia.  yesterday I went to the grocery.  Upon leaving I looked up.  The sky was full of many different clouds and I could see the chemtrails high above crossing in all different directions.  Usually the chemtrails here are in a grid pattern.
    Upon reading dane's above report, it confirms what I was thinking.  This storm is being used to broadcast this crap far and wide.
    what a mess these idiots are perpetrating.

    • David says:

      Dane, this is an outstanding post Bravo! How could Hurricane Patricia deepen (intensify) so rapidly without the help of Climate Engineers. The Minimum Central Pressure, being 879 millibars, was off the charts, then for the hurricane to move in, over Western Mexico is somewhat uncommon, as the majority of storms steering patterns move the systems westerly out over the open ocean. It was being steered to the east, like Hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm) was steered westerly, into N.Y. in late October 2012.

    • BaneB says:

      Over one trillion dollars have been blown on Nixon's war on drugs.  Most of that has been arresting and prosecuting cannabis users.  The prison-industrial complex, from cops, to judges, jails, court costs, supply systems, parole officer and lawyers, is BIG business.  Controlling drug cartels and facilitating transfers of many many billions of drug money dollars into New York banks helps to keep the banks afloat.  And the law enforcement industry is very happy with their own employment opportunities.  No matter where ones looks for relief from excessive government, there is no relief.   Clearly Hurricane Patricia was out of the ordinary.  Was it a message to Mexico?  Was it a Geoengineering experiment?  Both?  I watch the Pacific visual image satellites several times a day.  Clearly the storm systems are being manipulated.  There is no natural "elegance" within the systems, the beautiful comma shaped fronts sweeping clean the atmosphere as the turn counter clockwise moving from west to east.  There seem to be way more "Pineapple Express" systems out of the Hawaii region.  The come straight at California…. But empty of rain.  The weather warriors spray them into oblivion. The morphed grunge then floats over us here in California, ruining our blue skies, and presenting false hopes of precipitation.  This plus spraying us directly overhead makes for the drought situation we are experiencing.  I had been planting pine, fir, and cedars for the past 25 years.  25 years ago everything was healthy.  20 years ago the flora began to decline.  That decline has accelerated, less to do with drought, and more to do with a odd wasting away from the top down and from the bottom up.  I have begun to consider planting palm trees.  The temps are much warmer now, and drier.  They grow south of here towards the Bay Area.  Unnatural thoughts for unnatural times.  

  59. Marlene says:

    Thanks for this,
    Today is a heavy spray day here in Los Angeles as they try to block the sun and reduce the solar panel production. It is crazy that these psycho maniacs get away with this as sheeple just go on breathing this crap… But hey, that make lots of money of off our sicknesses don't they!

    • SD says:

      Off the Charts spraying over SoCal today, Saturday. Extreme hi temps, bright and PAINFUL sunlight on my skin.  In late October? Pretty scary.
      Today the LATimes had an article which blamed El Nino for hurricane Patricia's strength. Everything is El Nino related now. But we know the Pacific Ocean is warming right along with EVERYTHING ELSE ON EARTH..  Many thanks to Dane and his charts.
      Last week the LATimes carried an article which claimed Climate Change was not responsible for our increase in wildfires. They got some nasty letters rebutting that thesis.
      The absolute ignorance and incompetence of our mass media these days is beyond belief. I send emails to all staff writers and editors every chance I get directing them to THIS WEBSITE for some clarity on these issues.

    • Janet says:

      We drove from high desert to the beach near Laguna.  The sky was a complete mess of obvious chemicles. As I sit here on the beach the glare from the sprayed sky hurts my eyes. It appears that TPTB do not care to hide this assault anymore. My guess is that very soon, the NWO is going to admit to the masses that they have decided they have to do this for the sake of humanity. That's my 2 cents.

    • RC says:

      And here in the Inland Empire there is massive spraying today (10.25). The clear blue sky we started with is now a blanket of white chemicals. I feel lethargic and can actually taste it. I continue to get the word out there but you can forget about our "leaders". They have all been threatened and paid off. The information I have gleaned from this site have certainly put the current weather patterns in perspective.

  60. If I could address this issue in  my opinion Yes we are in Dire Danger of this Climate Engineering War zoning California alone stands with hand empty not facing the Truth they  have said many times your crazy our Military or government would not or could not manipulate the weather as you say..Leaving a very bad taste in my mouth my hands are reaching out across the crossroads in all direction from family to friends and still I get this your over thinking this is just another El Nino LOL
    Dane I have witness so much of sending rolls of pictures taken in the skies early Am to Pm especially when they think we do not know the difference well think again there up there before dawn breaks and rolling out the death of poisonous fumes across our canvass of Blue Skies..
    Before all else makes a difference to these reports in the media and videos you have been tossing our way around the globe will STOP when our Planet is going to be Hit worst time in history killing at least 600,000 people if not more due to our Solar System in conjunction to Planet earth as in Mother Nature taking control and exploding her equations making sure this never happens again..
    Most are wanting to know if they can do this to US Citizens and Globally what's going to happen to the Cabal & Military doing this surely their agenda is Null but guaranteed they have bunkers of safe housing to protect themselves without a doubt
    Doubtfully before all else is scrambled into a category 7 Horrific Earthquakes and Hurricanes all at once..Keep the faith and know that we will prevail this insanity of population genocide..

  61. Edward Palys says:

    What was hailed as the biggest hurricane in history turned out to be nothing more than a depression dumping lots of rain. NO damage reported from Mexico where there were words of doom and gloom when Patricia hit landfall. I wonder why the US government put a gag on the weather reporters in the US, threatening them with jail if they disagreed with the "official" reports. 

  62. beretta says:

    Hi, Dane, I live in south Arkansas and I believe you’re right on this winter being very cold for the south. The last two winters here have been brutal and I expect the same this year. I don’t understand why people watching MSM weather aka The Weather Channel dont see what’s going on and that the weather isn’t natural. What just happened to South Carolina with the so called fire hose effect should have got a lot of attention, and now a cat 5 hurricane in Mexico with 200 mph+ winds. Dallas and Houston have also been hit very hard. What they don’t drought they burn, what they don’t burn they flood, what they don’t flood they freeze. This corrupt cabal has to be stopped. I don’t know how to help when I can’t even get anyone to listen much less look up at the spraying going on above them.

  63. Rebecca Buckholz says:

    The spraying here, in Spokane, WA has been so bad for this past year.  Lately my 5 yr-old and 2 yr-old have been saying, "Look mom, a rocket ship!" each time they notice a jet spraying.  I don't even know what to say to them.  I hate this!  These people will be sorry on Judgement Day!

  64. horsegirl says:

    Invasion of the Brain Snatchers…
    OK, shine it up, give me the award for the most far-out post here in terms of tinfoil index…  but technology is so frightening as Paul V A keeps warning us.
    Does anyone else experience strange phenomena when using a laptop?  Specifically I'm a former spelling champ typed academic, legal and corporate papers for years and darn well know how 'should' is spelled.  Should not type 'shood' but there it was.  Spell check?  
    I confess to perhaps having less anger than others because we inhabit a unique zone where planes are almost never seen spraying (although we know heretical "clouds" and HAARP patterns plague our skies).  What freaks us out is the paranormal DARPA style stuff going on here at the Mexican border.  Whether in the sky or on this cursed laptop.  When I type I often experience the sensation of some kind of circuitry going through my fingertips and brain even though we don't have wifi or electrical lines in our off-off-grid home.  I feel like my head has been hijacked, a ringing of the ears as if my head had become a TV set.  So I got a peripheral keyboard to try to mediate it, and here is the warning text:  
    “This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed in accordance…  …may cause harmful interference to radio communications.  However there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation…”
    OK.  So it's not "all in my head."  Or is, depending on the flavor of Orwellian verbal soup one subscribes to…
    Next issue is the phony lightning.  Does anyone else see this?  On "clear" nights there are flashes that do a stilted impersonation of old-fashioned lightning.  Always in the same place like a badly animated cartoon.  Always about the same time of evening/night.  They are irregular in shape and occurrence but always in the same place. You get the perception that a police flashlight has shone into the window and rarely hear thunder.  Cloudy or not.  Finally there is the border weirdness, which is some four miles from our front door.  Over it, extending roughly 25 miles from Bisbee to Douglas, Arizona – directly above the approximate line of the international border – occurs a flash that happens so fast you could literally miss it if you blink.  Not at rigidly regular intervals, but when it happens a fine line illuminates faintly, very faintly, in the sky for the full 25 mile distance simultaneously.  Like an invisible electric fence.  We have no clue what is going on.  
    I believe posters who report that while all the NATO countries are being bombarded with chem scum, the US is getting it the worst.  And there, definitely over heavily populated areas.
    And now for the grand champion brain snatchers report:  did anyone catch the interview with Jim Marrs re depopulation and Jade Helm?    [ – note:  got too mad to finish it] Oh my how he has fallen.  For his books, particularly Rise of the Fourth Reich, have been excellent antidotes to the lies surrounding world wars and the fiends who finance and operate the false flag industry of genocide.  However in the interview Marrs speaks of geoengineering- with all the acumen and historical certitude of anybody else down at Billy Bob''s BBQ.  WHO PAID HIM OFF?  Or what happened?  Has he been threatened?  Mind controlled?  Was it even Marrs, or perhaps an imposter?  Because he fails to address the weaponization of the ionosphere, chirping stupidly that there is A – one – HAARP facility in Alaska.  Writes of geoengineering as benevolent climate modification blunder like a maladroit cousin, totally misses off climate warfare on an international level, etc.  While it is a private interview and probably doesn't qualify for the disinformation list, it's right up there.  What is happening?  Dare esteem anyone and KerPOW they take a face plant.  Jim Marrs should be utterly ashamed of his ignorance, which I think is a case of him presenting dumb like a fox.
    Sorry for such a long post.  Frequently I guess we experience radio frequency hijinx and my posts disappear.  Have learned the hard way to create documents.
    FWIW I am typing this in this website's text box.  When I type here, I tend not to have the phoneticization blunders I experience on this laptop's own document system.  Anyone else ever have this happen?

  65. ingrid says:

    Why is the entire global community not saying anything? They are all experiencing hot temperature s. Look at Russia, its land mass in the map is Red! Russia is busy in Syria. I do not believe Putin is not aware of the geo-engineering. They obviously have agreed to this geo-engineering globally.

    • Tess says:

      I dont know on Putin, but China has used it, as has Germany I think. It’s a Global thing, but what I read yrs ago, they have a agreement not to use on each other, whatever means to evil people who can’t trust each other/ I find this hurricane supposed to wipe Mexico off the map, doesn’t. Neither did the last one we were all warned about. Are they scaring people? Warning them?

    • michael says:

      I will give Mr. Putin the benefit of the doubt. While he must certainly be aware of ongoing global geoengineering programs (and perhaps participating to some extent), I really believe he is unaware of the catastrophic consequences, because he is clearly an individual with enough humanity and common sense to sound the alarm if he understood there might be NO Russia or anything else in a mere ten years. If Dane could ever get a private audience with Mr. Putin, that one meeting could potentially save the world!

    • People do not want to face reality if it bites them in the backside.
      They rather continue dropping text after text of their morning jigsaw puzzle than speak out the truths that our skies with horrific poisonous fumes circulating in Full Content around our Planet killing everything in its path.
      A lot of what's on peoples minds is absolutely brain dead scenario.

    • beretta says:

      Hi Ingrid
      You are right, it is global, they are after a one world order and wont stop until they get it.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Translated:  "Why are we hearing entirely NOTHING in the media on the subject of geoengineering, from the global community??"

  66. Kathy says:

    Thank you for explaining this, Dane. I wondered why Mexico was being targeted. I didn't take into consideration the impact of the hurricane on the weather modification of the US.

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