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Prestigious Health Magazine Covers Geoengineering


With each passing day the curtain of secrecy and controversy surrounding the climate engineering issue is being pulled back.  When prestigious and reputable publications are finally willing to publish feature articles that address the ongoing geoengineering insanity head on, we are indeed gaining ground in this battle. Health Freedom News is a hard hitting publication that is dedicated to expositing the truth for the common good. Their editors have shown exceptional courage and commitment to their readers, subscribers, and supporters by printing the article below in their current issue. The magazine article can be read by clicking the individual images to enlarge them. Again, my most sincere gratitude to Health Freedom News magazine for their courage in addressing the critical issue of climate engineering.
Dane Wigington


Engineering The Biosphere, An Unfolding Cataclysm

Source: Health Freedom News

Click on images to enlarge them for reading the article. If you wish to make the image even clearer, you can click the image a second time once it has completely enlarged from the first click.

Health Magazine

Health Magazine 1

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Those that are interested  in acquiring an original copy of this issue of Health Freedom News (Spring 2015 / Volume 33 / No.1) can get it here. Those who wish to thank the magazine personally can do so by leaving a comment of support here.

New Study Confirms Climate Engineering Is Contributing To The Planetary Meltdown


The entire premise of "solar radiation management" (SRM, a form of geoengineering) is to create artificial cloud cover by spraying reflective aerosols into the atmosphere. This incredibly insane tunnel visioned "human intervention" approach to cooling planet Earth is so packed with pitfalls that they are impossible to quantify. But what is the bottom line? Covering the planet with artificial aerosol cloud cover contributes to the overall warming of the planet. Why would this be a surprise? The same materials that deflect some of the sun's incoming thermal energy also traps heat. 

Cloud forcing

This is the tip of the known negative climate engineering effects. The ozone layer is being shredded, the hydrological cycle has been completely derailed, and the entire planet has now been heavily contaminated, this is what climate engineering has given us. The planet's energy balance has long since been completely disrupted. Earth is currently warming at the rate of 4 Hiroshima bombs PER SECOND. There are countless sources of anthropogenic activity (human caused) contributing to the rapid warming of our planet. Though climate engineers can create short term (highly toxic) cooling over large regions, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming. This is the conclusion dictated by all available data and this has always been the conclusion of my posted materials on geoengineeringwatch.org and elsewhere. Though the article below does not directly address climate engineering and the massive global aerosol cloud cover it is producing, the inference is clear enough. This new study further confirms our long standing conclusions, solar radiation management is making an already bad climate and environmental situation far worse, not better. 
Dane Wigington


Pressing Northern Californians To Look Up

Earth Day

On April 25th a major environmental event was organized in Redding, California to bring attention to Earth Day. I would like to personally thank Elle Wisner and Lori Bridgeford for all their efforts toward securing a booth at this event, setting it up, and manning it all day long. This event was the most strategic location for our "Global March Against Climate Engineering" as the vast majority of environmentally concerned people from the North State were there. We were able to pass on almost 200 free commercial DVDs, hundreds of flyers, and informational cards.  I would like to thank all the activists across the country and around the world that took the time and effort to participate in this designated day for geoengineering awareness. This being said, I hope that all will continue their efforts to wake the sleeping masses each and every day until a critical mass of awareness is reached. Of all the challenges we face, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat of all. Exposing and halting climate engineering must be our top priority. We must win this battle, there is no other option. Below are some photographs from our all day event in Northern California, let's all continue to make every single day count in the fight to stop the spraying of our skies.
Dane Wigington


Earth Day 17

Earth Day 13

Earth Day 1

Earth Day 14

Earth Day 2

Earth Day 11

Earth Day 9

Earth Day 3

Earth Day 10

Earth Day 16

Earth Day 4

Earth Day 15

Earth Day 5

Earth Day 12

Earth Day18


Formerly Frozen Siberia Is Exploding Into Flames


The vastness of Siberia is difficult to grasp. The importance of the boreal forests that exist there cannot be overstated. Such forests are the second largest source of oxygen production on the planet. The Siberian forests were once a carbon sink but have now become a massive carbon source due to the dying and burning of this expansive wilderness.This once frozen land is now burning with a fury that is completely unprecedented in any historical record. In recent years as much as 100,000,000 acres has gone up in flames annually. Regions that should be frozen solid till mid June are now smoke and ashes. Where are the mainstream media headlines on this? The global power structure will do everything it can to keep populations completely blind and oblivious to the converging catastrophes that are rapidly closing in on us all. All available data indicates climate engineering has played a major role in the die-off and incineration of Siberia. The article below and the short videos in it should be a sobering wake up call, we ignore the darkening horizon at our own peril.
Dane Wigington


"The Dry Land Burned Like Grass", Siberia's Road To A Permaburn Hell

Source: Robert Scribbler

(Residents of the Trans Baikal region of Russia flee through a raging permafrost fire on April 13 of 2015. Video Source: The Road to Hell Recorded by: Vladislav Igorevich.)

The script reads like a scene from some post-apocalyptic disaster film.

Frigid Siberia begins an epic thaw — a thaw set off by an unstoppable dumping of heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere by human fossil fuel industry. Finally, after years of warming, the thawing land itself becomes fuel for fires. A thick layer of peat-like organic material that serves as kindling to the heat-dried trees and grasses atop it.

Immense blazes ignite in April — fully 100 days before the usual fire season in late July. The fires explode to enormous size, doubling in area in less than a day, covering scores to hundreds of square miles. Residents flee or face off against walls of raging flame in bucket and hose brigades. Military units descend on the regions affected to fight blazes and prevent looting. The fires are freakish, starting from nowhere at a moment’s notice. Eyewitnesses at the scene of one fire describe the surreal situation saying: “… the dry land burned like grass.”

Truth And Lies, Obama’s Dire Warning About The Climate


Just like so many of his predecessors, president Barack Obama has no trouble at all looking into the camera and deceiving populations around the world. His recent statement in the video below is only 3 minutes, but it is important to view and consider. The unfolding global climate unraveling is not as bad as Obama states, it's far worse and geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire. US military leaders have stated on the record that climate change is the greatest national security threat of all. Given the facts (and the statements by Obama), do citizens really believe that the global power structure would ask the public's permission before deploying all out climate engineering? Climate engineering and biological warfare are inseparable. All life has long since been forced to breath what the geoengineers are spraying into our skies. Obama made the following statement.

“The world’s top climate scientists are warning us that the changing climate already affects the air our kids breathe."

Yes, the air our children breathe is indeed being affected and the greatest single source of atmospheric particulates (mathematically) is from the highly toxic heavy metal and chemical fallout from climate engineering. Autism is known to be associated with aluminum exposure and aluminum is a primary element used in geoengineering aerosol spraying operations. How much has autism gone up in the last 40 years? Over 10,000% (from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 47). How bad will autism be in the next 10 years? According to researchers at MIT, 1 in 2 children will have autism by 2025. In regard to this astounding rise in autism, the MIT researchers unfortunately blame everything but the massive heavy metal fallout from climate engineering. Numerous lab tests prove that there is a mountain of heavy metal fallout (including aluminum) raining down on us all, it's is up to each of us to connect the dots. 

Many that live in the completely engineered cool-down zone of the Eastern US may have trouble believing the planet is in total meltdown, but it is. Obama correctly pointed out that 2014 was the warmest year on record, and that 14 of the 15 hottest years measured have occurred since the start of this century. Obama also stated that the first three months of 2015 have been the hottest start to a year of any on record, this too is correct.  But what is the massive lie of omission? The ongoing criminal climate engineering programs that are tearing apart Earth's life support systems and completely contaminating the entire biosphere.  Global geoengineering programs must be exposed and halted if we are to have any chance of long term survival. 
Dane Wigington


The Great Unraveling


Source: Arctic News

The great unraveling of how climate catastrophe is unfolding on land and in the oceans, in the atmosphere and the cryosphere, is becoming more and more clear every month.

March 2015 temperatures were the highest for March in the 136-year period of record. NOAA analysis shows that the average temperature across global land and ocean surface temperatures combined for March 2015 was 0.85°C (1.53°F) higher than the 20th century average of 12.7°C (54.9°F).

Ocean temperature anomalies on the Northern Hemisphere for March 2015 were the highest on record. In many ways, the situation looks set to get worse. For the 12-month period from April to March, data from 1880 contain a trendline that points at a rise of 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2032, as illustrated by the image below.

Click on image to enlarge

The rise in Northern Hemisphere ocean temperatures was especially profound in September and October 2014, when methane started to erupt from the Arctic Ocean seafloor in huge quantities.

Eye On The Skies


Source: YourGlenRoseTX.com, article by Lori Smiskol

I am a single mom and reflexologist and health practitioner in Granbury and I have seen unprecedented cases of one respiratory illnesses with my clients. Alzheimer's has increased 10 fold in recent years, allergies has increased significantly with my clients and cancer is in epidemic proportions.

One in three women are now contracting cancer and one in two men are now getting cancer. They have documented evidence that Agent Orange, which was sprayed to eliminate foliage, has caused cancer to all of our veterans. I was just discussing this with Pastor Ray of the Triple Cross Cowboy Church in Granbury today.

He shared with me that in his own congregation that cancer has significantly increased. There is definitely something wrong with this picture. Is anyone alarmed with this?

The reason I am writing is to make more people aware of what is happening to our skies. I grew up as a state representative's daughter in Wisconsin in the 1960s. At that time, my father, Lewis T. Mittness, became a huge environmentalist.

He introduced, along with other assemblymen, the legislation to ban DDT in Wisconsin. DDT was a chemical they used to spray over the crop fields and near our towns and cities.

My dad used to have all kinds of concerned citizens calling him, and I remember this well because they were getting cancer at unprecedented rates, as well as alarmingly high birth defects. My dad fought against big business to end this and when the assembly unanimously passed the ban after much effort it was brought to the senate and they passed it as well.

Wisconsin was the first state to ban the use of this chemical pesticide DDT and then the whole United States followed. I feel now my dad would want me to speak up about what is happening every day to our skies. It is not only across Texas, but apparently the United States and even the world as many concerned citizens from all over the world have reported.

Yet no one listens that can change this and their cries go unnoticed.

This last Thursday and Friday before Easter, my son and I photographed 12 white unmarked jets spraying a chemtrail over us from one end of Granbury to the other. I even pulled a woman out of her car at Brookshires to show her the planes that were literally putting a dome over our Granbury area of this white chemical emission.

Contrails from jets dissipate within a matter of a few minutes. This does not. It only spreads into tiny tentacles that grow into rows across our whole sky but usually directed by the area of the sun.

Once these trails spread out in rows, it blocks the sun which results in cloudy white and grayish sky eliminating most of the blue sky most days lately. It may even be causing our drought as I have researched to see the two states being widely under chem trails at this time is Texas and California.

I just got back from Austin on Monday from a training and was amazed to see they were chemtrailing over our capital city and several cities on my way back home on Highway 281 in the middle of nowhere. They had these same white unmarked jets chemtrailing across the whole horizon and from the ground straight up by the sun. No flight path is vertical from the ground. They continued to loop through the same chemtrail path over and over until several rows are formed which form into the hazy clouds you see today.

Something needs to be done and this is why I can not be silenced any longer. We need to get answers as soon as possible.

Why is this happening to us? It’s up to us as citizens of our communities to start being aware. One way to do this is to look up and be informed. Then you may be inspired to take action in your own communities and with the people you know that can help bring this to media attention. Even though I was told by one of our own newspapers that I was not allowed to give my story on this highly taboo subject.

What has happened to our freedom of speech? It never used to be like this.

I am grateful to speak about this very urgent issue we are all facing. I guarantee you will see these jets and artificial clouds, which is almost every single day lately if you just look up and keep looking up.

I know my dad would not want me to be silenced any longer and to stand up for my basic rights of clean air, water and food – which is all being taken away from us right now. Don't take my word for it do your own research. If it is for our betterment then why can't we understand why this is happening to us? If it is not … and is affecting our health, I want to know why?

I hope you join with me in supporting this effort and talk to your community leaders to get answers so we can fight this just like my dad went up against impossible odds and won. We have a lot more power if we just stick together and I am open to forming a task force to see what we can do in my area of Glen Rose and Granbury. If we all start taking action then maybe we can take our sky back. There is a lot more info on this if you want to Google "Lewis Mittness" or "chemtrails."

There are now several national petitions, one has over 17,000 people that have signed it including myself addressed to our Senator Ted Cruz and other constituents in the state plus it will ultimately go to President Barack Obama against the chemtrail spraying over our communities.

I really hope you look into this in your own communities, where we all can make a difference just like my dad once did. I am so proud that he was my dad and I hope I can make him proud one day.

Lori Smiskol
Granbury, TX

The Awakening Grows, Italians Stage Impressive Anti-Geoengineering Protest

Bologna Protest3

The citizens of Italy have now set the standard for organized protests against the climate engineering nightmare in our skies. This April 18th demonstration in Bologna, Italy sets the stage for the upcoming March Against Geoengineering planned for April 25 in various locations around the world. Those who do not have organized anti-geoengineering protests in your area should try to attend one of the countless Earth Day events that have also been organized for April 25th. The human race faces countless challenges that are converging from every direction, but of all the threats currently descending on us the most dire and immediate of all is climate engineering. We have the power to expose and stop the ongoing geoengineering insanity if we work together in this all important battle, make your voice heard. We extend our most sincere gratitude to "Reclaim The Planet" for organizing this outstanding event. Our gratitude also goes to all the citizens who helped with the demonstration in Bologna that is featured in this 4 minute video.
Dane Wigington



Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why The Eastern US Is So Cold


The whole of the climate science community is completely conditioned (or threatened) into taking a position that a reality can only be a reality if it is acknowledged by a "peer reviewed" power structure ordained study. Without such a study (which in the case of admitting to the ongoing climate engineering will NEVER be allowed) even if you can see something with your own eyes (like jets spraying materials into our skies), the reality does not exist unless a peer reviewed study exists. We are living in what can only be described as an alternate reality with much of the science community helping to tow the line. In the article below, scientists openly ponder the US "warm West, cold East divide". Why can't they figure out what is behind the completely unprecedented "freeze-fry" scenario in the US lower 48 states? Because these scientists are not willing or not allowed  to admit to reality. Again, and again, and again I have documented the completely engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US. "Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought" is one such portrayal. Then there is "Climate Engineering And The Manipulated Perception Of The US Population". There is also "Engineered WInter, The Deception Of The US Population", "Engineering A World Of Climate Extremes", and "NOAA Scheduled Weather Map, Alarming Forecast".  The climate science community is helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes by their constant attempt to explain away the completely engineered as being "natural". Many that live in the eastern US have convinced themselves that the world is not warming because it happens to be cold in their location. Many more have convinced themselves of the same conclusion by referring to the eastern US as proof. When will climate scientists admit to the geoengineering elephant in the room?
Dane Wigington


The Dark Cloud Of Monsanto Continues To Expand


The Monsanto corporation has long since become synonymous with corruption and the irreparable destruction of the natural world. Monsanto is simply a disaster capitalist company that carries out the bidding of the shadow governments that currently run the world. When the western power structure contaminates the entire planet with toxic heavy metals related to the ongoing climate engineering programs, Monsanto is there with GMO aluminum resistant seeds. Now that the ongoing aerosols spraying of our atmosphere has shredded the ozone layer (exposing us all to highly dangerous levels of UV radiation), Monsanto is again ready with UV resistant GMO seeds. And what about the toppling of the former Ukrainian government (which was democratically elected) by the western power structure? Yet again Monsanto's tentacles appear on the scene. Populations around the globe must awaken and stand together if we are to have any chance of exposing and halting the cancer of insanity that is literally taking over the world. The article below is the latest chapter in the ongoing growth of this cancer.
Dane Wigington


Redefining The Map Of Planet Earth


Dane Wigington

Will rapidly rising sea levels soon radically alter coastal shorelines around the globe? There is no question of this fact, this process is already well underway and accelerating rapidly. So much inertia is behind the rising global land and sea temperatures that even if all contributing factors to this equation were to stop immediately, 69 feet of eventual sea level rise is mathematically locked in and guaranteed. There are numerous reference sites and articles which are sounding the alarm on the coming exponential sea level rise, but even the worst case predictions currently being published likely fall far short of reflecting the true gravity and immediacy of what we face. Though many have chosen to believe false headlines about expanding Arctic ice, the Arctic ice cap is in fact at record breaking low levels.  


Similar false headlines about Antarctica ice expansion have been accepted by the public, but such headlines were also extremely deceptive. Though some Antarctic sea ice has expanded, this is largely due to changing wind patterns and all the fresh water pouring off the continent from the melting of the land based ice. Antarctica's land based ice is melting rapidly, this is what contributes to sea level rise. Antarctica also recently recorded record shattering high temperatures. 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded and 2015 looks set to surpass that. So what will the world look like when all the ice melts and sea levels rise from 220 to 240 feet? The planet is in total meltdown. Though there are many factors fueling the fire, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest disrupting force of all. Global geoengineering is the most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. The 2 minute video below should be a stark wake up call on the changing geography of our planet. It's not a matter of if, but when. 

There is a tremendous and ongoing effort by the power structure to hide the reality of our imploding biosphere and the climate engineering insanity that is helping to fuel this implosion, but the unfolding cannot be hidden much longer. 



Climate Engineering’s Lethal List Of Health Consequences


How immense and catastrophic does the climate engineering "elephant in the room" need to be before the sleeping masses acknowledge what is occurring above their heads every day? When will populations begin to hold to account all those that are helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes? Mainstream media, governmental agencies, elected officials, climate scientists, meteorologists, etc. All are completely denying the climate engineering insanity occurring in our skies and are thus "towing the line" for the power structure. All that are already conscious of these crimes must pull together in the critical effort to awaken others. My thanks to Lisa Haven for covering the threats posed by climate engineering with her article and video below.
Dane Wigington


The Answer To What's Really Going On: Geoengineering Causing Mass Illness, Cancer, Respiratory Issues, And You Won't Believe What Else

Source: vineoflifenews.com, article by Lisa Haven

While skeptics continue to question the doom and gloom scenarios broadcast by anti-geoengineering activists, our skies continue to be pelted with harmful chemicals lighting up the internet world with both environmental and health concerns that are reaching epic proportions in society.

“There is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.” Neurologist Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Illnesses like cancer, parkinson’s disease, dementia, respiratory issues, asthma, and bronchitis (to name a few) are consistently on the rise here in the U.S., yet government researchers refuse to study the effects of geoengineering on our environment and our bodies. These illnesses are not skyrocketing by mere chance or based solely off of genetics, NO! They are here because of what is happening in our skies. Here is the breaking report…

For More Information See:

Russell Blaylock: http://foodintegritynow.org/2013/06/19/dr-russell-blaylock-on-excitotoxins-chemtrails-cancer-fluoride-and-vaccines/

Vegas Chemtrail Mass Sickness: http://truthalerts.com/las-vegas-tribune-links-mass-illness-to-chemtrails/

GeoEngineering Watch link to Cancer: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/chemtrails-in-the-air-causing-cancer-and-other-illness/

Pollution Leading Cause of Cancer: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/17/us-cancer-pollution-idUSBRE99G0BB20131017

Arizona Mystery Fibers: http://b4in.info/hkkL

California Illnesses: http://www.rense.com/general/mass.htm

Neurologist Russell L Blaylock: http://www.nationofchange.org/neurologist-warns-neurodegenerative-disease-surge-due-chemtrail-spraying-1378712902

California Continues to Shatter Temperature Records


Source: Climate Central

The dubious records keep piling up for California, a state wracked by four years of drought brought on by a pernicious weather pattern that has kept rains at bay and exacerbated by human-induced warming. Just one week after the state measured its lowest-ever snowpack, U.S. scientists have announced that the year so far has been the warmest on record, setting expectations for a long, hot, dry year ahead.

“2015 to date has been truly astonishingly warm in California, and we're breaking almost all the temperature records there are to break,” Daniel Swain, an atmospheric science PhD student at Stanford University, said in an email.

A time series of California annual temperatures, with an arrow pointing to the incredible heat of the past few years.

Click image to enlarge. Credit: NOAA

Arctic Sea Ice At Record Low On April 9 2015

Bilder von der Polarstern-Expidition ARK XXVII-3 in die zentrale Arktis

Source: Arctic News

On April 9, 2015, Arctic sea ice extent was only 14.051 square km, a record low for the time of the year, as illustrated by the image below.

Temperature anomalies at the top end of the scale (20°C, or 36°F) are hitting the Arctic Ocean in many places, as illustrated by the forecast below, showing an overall anomaly of +3.19°C for the Arctic for April 11, 2015, despite low temperatures over Greenland.

AlumiNazi Attack on the Planet: Chemical Fallout Over America


More and more committed and effective activists are joining the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity. The following video was put together by Robert Barrett who has also been extremely helpful with getting public access TV and public broadcasting entities to air geoengineering educational videos. My most sincere gratitude to Robert and all the other activists that are doing their best to move the ball forward in this critical fight.
Dane Wigington


At Start of 2015 Melt Season, Arctic Sea Ice is in a Terrible State


Source: Robert Scribbler

Strong Polar Amplification. With human-forced climate change, it’s normally something you’d tend to see during winter time. By spring, the increase in solar radiation in the Mid-Latitudes would tend to force a more rapid pace of warming there. The snow and ice cover, recently refreshed by winter, would be at highest annual albedo at winter’s end. That high albedo would create a warming lag from the upper Latitudes. The resulting increase in temperature differential would then tend to reinforce the Jet Stream — giving it a strengthening kick and providing the polar north with a kind of ephemeral haven. At least for a brief window during early spring time.

Not so with 2015. This Spring, the Jet has been a basketcase. A mess of meanders like a river finding its way through a wetland prior to joining the sea. Strong south to north flows have persisted over the North Atlantic and well into Western Siberia. These meridional patterns have repeatedly delivered heat into the Arctic — particularly through the oceanic gateway between Greenland and the Yamal region of Russia.

Geoengineering And The Dying Of The Trees

Tree die-off

Dane Wigington

If the trees die, we die. Whole ecosystems are collapsing all over the globe and our rapidly dying trees are the most visible harbinger of what is unfolding. Few seem to notice the die-off until it is pointed out to them, but once recognized, what can be seen is alarming. On a geological time scale the human race has decimated planet Earth in the blink of an eye. Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our planet, climate engineering stands out above all the rest combined. The list of environmentally devastating factors directly relating to the ongoing geoengineering programs is very long. Trees are succumbing to this onslaught and the human race will follow if our species does not completely alter its current trajectory. Global geoengineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, destroying the ozone layer (which is exposing all life on Earth to extreme UV radiation), and contaminating the entire surface of the planet with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals. Massive levels of radio frequency transmissions directly related to climate engineering are yet another layer of destruction which is radically affecting the trees, us, and the biosphere as a whole. It is imperative to wake the masses to our common plight. All those who are already awake are needed to assist with the ongoing critically important campaign to awaken others. Arm yourself with critical data and pass it on, make every day count in this battle. The attached 10 minute video shows first hand how rapidly our forests are dying, if the trees die, we die.


Hitting The Streets To Expose Climate Engineering


Organizers have designated April 25th "The Global March Against Geoengineering". Since many will be recognizing Earth Day on April 25th, this is a prime time to expose the climate engineering issue.


Passing out informational flyers on climate engineering at Earth Day events is well worth doing as these events are everywhere. People who attend Earth Day events care about the planet, but generally are still unaware of the geoengineering nightmare going on in our skies.


I have participated in Earth Day gatherings, protests against mainstream media denial of climate engineering, and Alzheimer's events where people were very interested in receiving information about climate engineering. It is imperative that people make their voices heard in this battle and showing up for an April 25th anti-geoengineering march in your own region is important. This being said, it is also essential to remember that every single day counts in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. We must not stand idle in the battle while waiting for a particular day to come and go. Fighting the climate engineering insanity can be compared to staying fit, you don't workout one or two days a year and then say you're in shape; it's an every day effort.


From our own home computers we can launch countless flaming arrows of credible data to groups, organizations, and individuals that would perhaps join us in this fight if they had any idea geoengineering was going on. We should all carry informational flyers with us wherever we go. We can and must make every effort to move the ball forward in this battle each and every day. How many people can one activist help to wake up by emailing out credible data to targeted groups and individuals over the course of even a single month? How many more might those newly awakened individuals and groups then help to wake up?


Again, we must make EVERY DAY count in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Below is a call to action from Christina Parousis, a very passionate and driven activist.
Dane Wigington


How Can Our Children Play


HAARP, An Invisible Killer


The extremely visible spraying in our skies is a very recognizable threat, but what about the immensely powerful radio frequency transmissions put out by ionosphere heater installations like HAARP? Though these transmissions are not visible, they pose an immense threat to our planet and all life on it. HAARP and all the rest of the ionosphere heaters located around the globe are weapons of mass destruction, period. The video below is very important to view for those that wish to better understand the dangers of HAARP (and the rest of the world's ionosphere heater installations). The more we understand what we are fighting to expose and stop, the more credible and effective we will each be in the battle. The constant spraying of the atmosphere makes our skies more electrically conductive. With all the heavy metals we are absorbing due to the fallout from the spraying, our bodies are more electrically conductive. This in turn makes the lethal and immensely powerful signals from ionosphere heaters even more impactful and dangerous. The video below is well worth the time to view.
Dane Wigington

Native American Family Sounds The Alarm On Climate Engineering


The indigenous people of North America regarded and protected the natural world. How must they feel now at seeing the total decimation that has been inflicted on Earth by modern man? The list of assaults being waged against our planet is endless, geoengineering being the most dire threat of all. The article below is a heart felt testimony and contains a petition that has been drafted by a Native American family, I hope all will lend support to their effort toward stopping climate engineering.
Dane Wigington


Courageous Educator Sends A Powerful Message To Expose Geoengineering

Geoengineering Watch

If there were more educators like Shannon Morgan, the world would be a much better place. In the article below, Shannon shares her journey of awakening in regard to the ongoing global climate engineering. As is the case with so many of us, she saw the world she once knew disintegrating around her. After doing objective research, and connecting the dots, Shannon has shown the kind of courage so desperately needed in our educational system and our society as a whole.
Dane Wigington

Antarctica May Have Just Set Its Highest Temperature On Record

In this Jan. 27, 2015 photo, penguins walk on the shore of Bahia Almirantazgo in Antarctica.

Source: Mashable, written by Andrew Freedman

Antarctica, Earth's coldest, most barren continent, may have just set a remarkably unusual weather record. An Argentinian research station on the rapidly warming Antarctic Peninsula recorded a high temperature of 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit (17.5 degrees Celsius) on March 24, according to reports from Weather Underground.

If this is investigated and verified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), it could become the highest temperature on record for the entire continent of Antarctica.

The warmth at the Esperanza research station came one day after a nearly identical high temperature was logged at another Argentinean base, known as Base Marambio, also located along the Antarctic Peninsula. Interestingly, the mild conditions occurred during the Antarctic fall, not the height of summer.

Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Thin, Threaten Significant Sea Level Rise

As Antarctica's ice sheets thin, the massive rivers of ice behind them can surge forward into the sea.

Source: Scientific American, by Andrea Thompson and Climate Central

Giant doorstops of ice are melting away

Over the past two decades, the massive platforms of floating ice that dot the coast of Antarctica have been thinning and doing so at an increasing rate, likely at least in part because of global warming. Scientists are worried about its implications for significant sea level rise.

The ice shelves—some of which are larger than California and tens to hundreds of yards thick—are the linchpins of the Antarctic ice sheet system, holding back the millions of cubic miles of ice contained in the glaciers that flow into them, like doorstops. As the ice sheets thin, the massive rivers of ice behind them can surge forward into the sea.

Antarctica holds enough ice, if it all melted, to raise sea levels more than 200 feet. That would take hundreds to thousands of years, but the recent thinning of the ice shelves means that there has already been an increase in the rate of Antarctica’s contribution to sea level rise, and it’s accelerating.

Are The Climate Engineers Attempting To Shut Down The Gulf Stream?


Dane Wigington

Remember the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"? The 5 minute video below is a prelude for the article which follows.

Is it possible that the global power structure is desperate enough and insane enough to attempt  to slow or shutdown the thermohaline circulation? Could this be an effort to slow the rapid warming of our planet by attempting to reduce the catastrophic thawing of methane on the seabed of the Arctic (which is a risk to all life on Earth) by cutting off the flow of warm ocean currents to that region? It is impossible to know the answer to this question, but if a shutdown of the thermohaline occurs (whatever the cause or causes), it will come with yet more dire consequences to the climate. If the thermohaline does drastically slow or collapse, it will only make an already bad climate scenario far worse still. 

NOAA “Scheduled Weather” Map, Alarming Forecast


Dane Wigington

If the NOAA map below does not shock you, it should. Raytheon supplies weather modeling for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the National Weather Service. Raytheon is a major player with the ongoing climate engineering. The facts just mentioned add up to this, maps like the one below represent nothing less than the "scheduled weather". Global weather systems are completely manipulated and have been for a very long time. How far can the weather makers force the Earth's climate and life support systems to achieve their own agendas? How much more can the planet take? If climate engineering is not exposed and halted very soon, the consequences of these programs will eventually be total. The "forecast" map below shows departure from normal high temperatures (2-3 degrees for each color shade either above or below normal depending on the color shade). If the "scheduled" weather on this "forecast" map comes to pass, there will be record shattering high temperatures all over the Western US and Alaska while the US East will continue with engineered storms and record cold temperatures. This map shows what geoengineering is doing to our planet with shocking clarity, it should be contemplated and considered. The map below is the most alarming NOAA map of the US I have ever seen, the engineered extremes keep getting worse. The responsibility of exposing climate engineering rests on us all, make every day count in this fight.

Each color shade generally represents about 2-3 degrees of temperature departure from "normal" (above or below depending on the shade)


Greek Activist Addresses Geoengineering And The Climate Change Movement

Picture for Dane

Wayne Hall is a veteran in the fight to expose the ongoing climate engineering atrocities. Below is a correspondence between Mr. Hall and Pablo Solon, the former Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations.



By Wayne Hall

Introductory note:  Pablo Solon is a former Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations and head of a social activist think tank based in Bangkok. He is part of a tendency in the mainstream climate change movement that recognizes how the political initiative in that movement, particularly since the 2012 Copenhagen Summit, has been taken over by forces  favouring  the diametrical opposite of the “climate justice” his own tendency advocates. At the United Nations Climate Change conference in Durban in 2011 (Conference of the Parties (COP) 17, he said: ”The current relation with nature is through the market. You have to buy it. The problem with green economy is that they are saying capitalism has failed because we have not put a price on nature. The logic is that you do not take care of what does not have a price. We must change the paradigm of how we relate with Mother Earth. It is not a problem of compensation it is of restoration. The green economy will include insurance so that if your environmental property is damaged you will be compensated. We need a citizens tribunal for the environment”.

He has not responded to these comments below. Nor do I expect a response.


InfoWars Covers Critical Threats To Our Health With Cal Jam’s Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C.

Billy DeMoss

Not all doctors have sold out to the power structure and the "system". Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. is doing his best to get the avalanche of desperately needed awakening going by putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into the organization of the Cal Jam (the fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet) in Costa Mesa on March 27th through the 29th. This major annual event is likely to have its biggest year ever as concerned people from many arenas (including the general public) join together to share urgent information that needs to be heard. Global geoengineering will be one of the major topics covered at this event. Dr. DeMoss is a solid supporter of our fight against geoengineering. I am very impressed with Billy's approach to waking the masses to the lies our medical system feeds us. The 11 minute InfoWars interview with Dr. DeMoss covers the dire threats posed by issues like vaccinations and climate engineering, and the importance of the Cal Jam event for exposing these truths to a wider audience. Billy's commitment to exposing the most dire issues we collectively face is exemplary. Those interested in attending this extremely important event can find more information here.
Dane Wigington


Scientists Say Arctic Sea Ice Just Set A Disturbing New Record

In this July 10, 2008 photo, ice floes float in Baffin Bay above the arctic circle as seen from the Canadian coast guard icebreaker Louis S. St-Laurent. (Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press via AP)

Source: Washington Post, written by Chris Mooney

Two weeks ago, we noted here that the Arctic was on the verge of a scary new record — an unprecedented “lowest winter maximum” for sea ice extent. What that would mean is that during the season of the year when there is the most ice covering the seas of the Arctic, the peak extent of that ice was nonetheless smaller than in any year – at least since satellite measurements began in the late 1970s.

And now, the Boulder-based National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), which tracks sea ice, has indeed announced that the peak winter Arctic sea ice extent “likely” occurred Feb. 25, and that this maximum “not only occurred early; it is also the lowest in the satellite record.” However, the agency does include several caveats. That includes not only the word “likely,” but also the observation that “a late season surge in ice growth is still possible.”

The loss of sea ice around the Arctic has a vast number of consequences. They range from climatic — exposing more dark ocean water, which absorbs more solar radiation than ice does, leading to further warming — to social and cultural: Undermining the subsistence hunting techniques that Alaskan native villages have pursued atop the ice for generations.

NASA: Earth Tops Hottest 12 Months On Record Again, Thanks To Warm February


There had never been as hot a 12-month period in NASA’s database as February 2014–January 2015. But that turned out to be a very short-lived record.

NASA reported this weekend that last month was the second-hottest February on record, which now makes March 2014–February 2015 the hottest 12 months on record. This is using a 12-month moving average, so we can “see the march of temperature change over time,” rather than just once every calendar year.

We are experiencing the continuation of the global warming trend that made 2014 the hottest calendar year on record. The very latest science says we should expect an acceleration in surface temperature warming to start quite soon. What is happening now is consistent with that.


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