Climate Engineering Cover-Up, Exposing The Criminal Corporate Media Is Critical


Dane Wigington

How do we expose the "journalists", "meteorologists", and "officials" that are helping the power structure to hide the climate engineering crimes? Start by locating their public emails and sending them a carefully crafted message that includes the link to a source of credible data on the issue of geoengineering. In such a message it is important to openly CC the longest possible list of credible citizens so that the intended recipient of the message knows that many others are observing the communication. 


Geoengineered skies in El Portal, California. Photo credit: Ron Kauk

My most recent action message in this regard is below. Mr. Adrian Cho has just authored an article for the AAAS Science blog that paints global climate engineering as only a "possibility" and a "proposal". In doing so, Mr. Cho is simply carrying out the ongoing deception of the population by those in power, Cho is playing the part of an "order follower".

Hello Mr. Cho, in regard to global geoengineering, the media disinformation on this subject is beginning to be exposed for what it is,  the public is waking up. I can only imagine that the population as a whole will be extremely distraught toward all those that helped to hide the ongoing lethal geoengineering reality once they are fully awakened to the issue. I can only believe that populations will seek legal action against all those that were (in one way or another) accessories to the ongoing climate engineering crimes, or accessories to hiding these crimes.  Legal action in Canada is already underway which will attempt to fully expose climate engineering, a legal filing in the US is coming. I hope you and others in the science reporting community will make the decision to address the full truth about this most dire issue. Isn't it your responsibility to the public to do so?
Dane Wigington

Each and every one of us must take this kind of action to put the paid liars on notice that we, the population, are rapidly waking up to the climate engineering insanity and to their part in helping to cover up these crimes. Those in power have used weather warfare to control and manipulate populations around the globe for decades. They have used the corporate media to help hide their crimes of omnicide. One more of my recent messages to corporate media is below. (Recipients, Mike Mangas, KRCR ABC affiliate TV news anchor, Mike Kruger, ABC Chief meteorologist, and Silas Lyons, corporate newspaper editor).

Hello Mr. Mangas, Mr. Kruger, And Mr. Lyons,
The global climate engineering/geoengineering elephant in the room is, thankfully, becoming more and more visible to populations around the globe with each passing day, the newly filed Canadian lawsuit outlined in the link below is yet more proof of this. Citizens of the North State are very aware of the extent to which KRCR and the Record Searchlight have gone to marginalize and/or completely omit any legitimate or objective coverage whatsoever on the critical climate engineering issue. How angry will  North State citizens be once they truly realize the media personnel that they depended on to tell them the truth actually did everything they could to hide it?
Dane Wigington
"Pushing Back Against Climate Engineering, Canadian Lawsuit Is Filed"
More Proof
How bad is our situation?

While the corporate media continues to deceive the population, massive and ever more radical climate engineering continues to wreak havoc on the US.


If the latest NOAA forecast map above looks unnatural, it is.  Each color tear represents a 2 or 3 degree "departure from normal high temperatures" depending on the shade. The climate engineers can temporarily and toxically cool-down large regions with enough moisture for chemical ice nucleation. The short cool-downs are a psychological operation to mask the true extent of planetary meltdown from the population for as long as possible.

 The latest NOAA precipitation forecast map below covers the same time period as the temperature map above.


 Note that the bullseye of above normal precipitation is in exactly the same location as the region of below normal temperatures in the previously shown "departure from normal high temperature" map. Engineered winter in a rapidly warming world.

Countless forms of human activity have contributed to the current climate meltdown that is shattering every imaginable record. Deadly heat waves, record droughts, and devastating deluges, all are inarguably linked to human activity with climate engineering at the top of the list (though again, there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the climate/environment). Breaking studies now verify that ALL THE PLANETARY WARMING SINCE 1950 IS ANTHROPOGENIC, but the climate engineering elephant in the room (a huge contributing factor to the overall warming) is still being completely omitted from the equation. This omission is nothing less than criminal. Though mainstream media is admitting to dangerous air pollution and the health risks of climate change, again, the criminal jet aerosol spraying of highly toxic geoengineering/solar radiation management particulates is completely omitted.

How bad is the unfolding planetary meltdown? It's not as bad as you may think, it's far worse.


Geoengineering was first fully deployed in the mid 1940s, primarily over the poles, and as a weather weapon of global warfare. By the mid 70s the initial cooling effect gave way to the cascading avalanche of catastrophic consequences. Earth is now descending into total meltdown.

Each of us needs to take consistent and constructive action in this battle each and every day. Share credible data on social media, carry credible informational flyers with you, and take the time to put the power structure paid deceivers on public notice as outlined in this article. Reading articles and posting comments is necessary to share critical information with others, but such actions are only a small part of the crucial steps that need to be taken if we are to prevail in this most critical battle. There is one way forward, we must wake the sleeping masses to the climate engineering assault. This effort will take all of us, don't sit the bench, make your voice heard.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

115 Responses to Climate Engineering Cover-Up, Exposing The Criminal Corporate Media Is Critical

  1. Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg named in massive conspiracy and racketeering lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson, a Wall Street hedge fund, and the Levaquin drug –


    Gee!!! What a surprise!!! Conspiracy and racketeering… Who'da thunk???

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    In Northeast Florida when the temperature is in the mid 60's with Sunny Skies, & I'm standing in the Sun, the actual Air Temperature feels 15 – 20 degrees warmer. When it is 65 degrees, it feels as if the Air Temperature is in the low to mid 80's, while standing in the Sun. I have informational signs for the plants & trees at the Garden Center I am employed by, made with a white board background & Sharpie permanent black marker, within only three weeks the signs facing the Sun begin to fade! I have also had a bunch of co-workers, customers & vendors make comments, on how hot it feels in the Sun. The daily onslaught with SAG/SRM is only rapidly depleting the Ozone Layer and severely damaging the Biosphere! Very Obvious.

  3. Rebecca says:

    URGENT MESSAGE, Dr. William Mount, retired high ranking military has information about the Hanford leak in Washington state that is ALARMING to say the least. Please go to his website and watch his video about this most disturbing incomprehensible violations being carried out. Just type in your search William Mount and on the right hand side of his web page about the 4th video down see the video. Lets get all of this to get viral, maybe people will wake up to the genocide being waged on all of us. We are living in a cesspool of political filthy scum lying murderers. This will make you furious what they have been lying about. May God help us all. Love and Peace to all, Becca


  4. levi says:

    On the nightly news it showed reservoirs before and after videos of them filled back up in northern Cal,southern Cal sees no drought relief though.This is not very surprising if you consider the fact Washington saw its rainiest season on record.We are NOT out of the woods the weather here in Oregon is from breaking record heat a couple days to a radical 20 degree drop with thunder storms and of course you can here the low flying planes through the canopy.It does seem they must keep ramping up the programs to keep up with the collapsing climate system,I have community service im doing,i have made a few dumb decisions and now the state has me doing 100 plus hours of community service the volunteers who guide us every shift take the pulling of weeds and other various tasks very seriously while they don't bat an eyelash at dozens of tankers making an x or doing u turns over head turning on and off spray.Human beings psychology has been completely detached from the natural world and reality for long enough.Lets say your playing monopoly and you are just crushing your opponents you own every space on the board and you bankrupt your opponents and oh boy you feel good,well now the games over and guess what it all goes back in the box it is just a game and meant absolutely nothing.The problem is the game that the power structure is playing has immense consequences on all of our lives and our life will never be the same again as we continue to reap the repercussions of a dying planet.

  5. SD says:

    A lot of falsified test data out there these days.  VW emissions cheating.  Mitsubishi mileage cheating. Flint Water Dept falsification, etc. Important for people to keep filing YOUR reports/ observations here, even without "supporting data".

    Sun feels hotter – yes. Too warm for April – yes. Windy all the time – yes.  Rain in April not normal, the list seems endless.

    Recent earthquakes in Japan about as suspicious as can be. Residents reported "felt intensity" off the scale, knocked people off their feet.  Called Shindo? " Intense felt shaking" being reported with increasing frequency recent years.  Also shallow depth, abnormal decay rate of aftershocks, many LANDSLIDES, 400 year old castle walls knocked over?

    Never been a Chemtrail Conspiracy, only The Contrail Conspiracy – the biggest lie in world history and a masterful work of psy ops and disinformation. 

    • Rebecca says:

      Prince did not die in vain, he did speak out about chemtrails. This is going to be the best wake-up ever to the CONTRAIL LIE maybe that is why they have named them CON TRAIL along, except some of have awakened to the biggest con lie ever, like so many LIES. The elite scum bags are going to be stepping up the game because Prince's death is going to backfire on these scum bags. All the people we have put on notice will be forced to answer now because I think his death will have the greatest impact on people finally believing the TRUTH. THANK GOD FINALLY, they have killed someone who did speak up, just like Merle Haggard spoke up about the CON LIE he died 2 weeks ago, Merle had written a song about the CON LIE. 

      Better be wearing our masks, we are next only we are already full of this POISON SHIT. Let us keep the pressure on these Scm bums and make them answer why they are continuing this LIE.

      Love and Peace to all, don't forget this Sabbath to spread the word. Becca 

    • Dale K says:

      8 Revelations From 2016 That Completely Vindicate “Conspiracy Theorists”
      Claire Bernish | Activist Post
      Apr 24, 2016

      It could easily be said 2016 has been the year so-called conspiracy theorists were vindicated — and we aren’t yet five months in.

  6. Irene Parousis says:

    Too bad Princes' death was in vain.  He had the opportunity to awaken millions to this since he was aware of it, but alas the ego takes precedence and he chose to feed his narcissism instead. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      I don't think his death was in vain. He had the chance to speak out on a number of issues, including the spraying, and he had a huge following of people across the board worldwide. I think he already touched millions and hopefully planted many seeds. I am sad his existence was terminated here on earth but know that his amazing energy and spirit will continue to aid us if possible. He is in a much better place now than we are.. RIP Prince, good fellow!

  7. moderncalamity says:

    Prince and Merle Haggard both dead all of a sudden.  Both publically objected to chemtrails in their interviews and songs.  Were they murdered for expressing their views/truth?

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes many celebs have been Murdered for telling the truth. The bible is probably not one hundered percent spot on, but it does tell us the WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE DECEIVED, all the lies we were taught in the public school system are comming to light just like the bible tells us, (knowledge would increase in the end times, TRUTH in another way of saying that). Lucifer is being revealed for all the LIES, DESTRUCTION AND DECEIT. Let us all pray at exactly 7 pm Central time to our creator to heal and wake the masses up for the sake of the planet he created for all his beautiful creation. Love and Peace to all.

      Dane you are so very special, I pray for you and all your loved ones a special prayer for your continued health and strength. My sincere gratitude to you and family. Becca

    • JR says:

      He must be enjoying his Rainbow Stew by now with his Mama, Amen. Yesterday in the Southwest, N.M. part of states we were attacked by Lucifer's Gremlins. All of our super awesome rain clouds were destroyed by the Destroyer, and it's workers of iniquity in full force. They all involved are just plain Evil souls and spirits in SAG/SRM-Chemtrails. The super bad winds accompanied the Spraying. They sprayed all night into 4-23-16 this morning.

  8. Pinky says:

    If you want to make a difference in your lifestyle and how it has been under control for many years then I suggest this. If you Google    "Fast Food Monsanto Images" on YouTube    Then you will find out why and how we all are in this dilemma  Big corporations control the world and not only them, but charity's also play a big part in this Every time you go to a fast food joint and eat there you are contributing to your own demise Every time you contribute to charity's you are doing the same thing They always have them at the beer store or liquor store with their hands out looking for hand outs They might as well be beggars or even better yet Wolves preying on you to get some sort of feast I'm not saying all charity's are crooked, but many of them are So next time you eat at Mc Dee's or hand out your change to the people that are in a sense robbing you, then think again Use what you have upstairs and figure it out People want to wake up, after their rest on the couch watching TV, but most don't want to do that It involves taking them away from their comfort zone Drinking Beer, Pigging Out on Fast Food and watching Sports or whatever mind control that puts them into a Trance Then they get obese, lethargic, depressed, angry and then complain They don't understand that they have done it to themselves because "Everything is all Peachy" These that do this are setting themselves up for the biggest fall in their live's They don't even know it But you know what? I don't care about people that don't care or do this Enough Said 

  9. Alan says:

    Yesterday, I was tempted to post about the spraying over San Diego which was the heaviest we have yet experienced.  But, frankly, I felt so utterly defeated and depressed that I couldn't muster the psychological energy to do it and whining about it doesn't help anybody anyway.  We've all been there.  Today, the sky is deceptively clear, but it is the white-blue haze that is now the new normal for a "clear" day.   The past four days have seen 20 to 25 degrees above normal temperatures with relative humidity in some areas approaching single digits.  

    We have an umbrella on our patio.  This morning I went out there and looked at it.  It is literally covered with the micro-thin "spider web" filaments that have been discussed here many times.  My understanding is that they are composed of nylon and aluminum, as I have seen the patents for the chaff and for the chaff cutting machines that reference its composition.

    Remember your high school biology class?  We are now all living in  somebody else's Petri dish.  I don't like it.    

    • Rebecca says:

      Alan, I feel your sadness and frustration, I have been in your shoes many, many times I have carried hundreds if not thousands of flyers doing my best to wake the masses up to feel the defeated feeling of rejection, my own family has asked me NOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS LIE we have been trying to expose, for their sake I might add, I have lost most all my friends and family over this incomprehensible TRUTH, now maybe they will wake up, I pray so.   Keep your head held high, I think we are all very special in that we have seen the truth a long time ago and these poor saps have been blinded to the truth. Alan like Dane has said many times, ("TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE") I think of this every time someone poo poo's me when trying to explain the truth of destruction happening and what these scum bags are  up to. Love and Peace to all, Becca

    • Cherise says:

      I was in San Diego on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I couldn't believe how much spraying was happening on Thursday. Just sickens me! It was happening from the coast inland as we drove up the 15 fwy. 

      Just like the white weblike substance you have on your umbrella, we have on the surface of our swimming pool. I'm afraid to swim in our pool anymore. After the two days of heavy spraying, my pool has a layer of white confetti like pieces all over it. 

      Something has to be done to stop this destruction!



    • Earth Angel says:

      I find it interesting the obama's recently having such a 'buddy buddy' visit with the 'royal' Hag and her family. She seemed to look upon them with some disdain when they first took over the White House in 2008. Wonder what's changed? Did she call them in to discuss the latest strategy and give them some marching orders from her and the pope? She must be pleased with the breakneck speed he has been working at to achieve the 'Old World Order's' wrecking ball plans for the planet and it's global economies. Perhaps she sees him now as a star pupil. I think we're in their petri dish.. I don't like it either Alan. We've got to turn the tables on these freaks somehow.

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all.  Well, it did rain last night and it looks like a good soaking.  Before it rained, the temperature dropped and the air actually smelled good!  Prior, both my daughter and I felt short of air, as if not enough.  I found myself taking big deep breaths of this good smelling air.  Rained while I was asleep and I did not even hear it but things look quite wet.  Not sure that good smelling air was for real as the approaching storm looked so ugly and unnatural.  I never know how to feel about such things.  Do know that it is Extremely unusual for us to get rain in April.  I remember one April at least 12 years ago when it was 104 degrees.  But, not complaining–saves one heck of alot of watering and gives me a chance at the ground again.  Crosses my mind to wonder if this is to somehow lessen radiation from Fukushima?  I never know what to think of things anymore.  Normal is just gone.  Was an illusion in the first place.

    Many decades ago I thought we were like lice on Earth's back and one day she'd shake us off.  But I can't see it that way now.  We've done so much harm to Earth.  I feel as if Earth is sick, running a high fever, needs help.  I'm not at all sure that killing everything is help.  That Earth will survive.

    In High Country or some other mag, maybe a science one, a few years ago now, there was some student doing an experiment with radioactive waste and he found, quite by surprise a new bacteria of sorts that seemed to eat radiation.  It was encouraging and brand new.  Whatever happened to that I wonder? 

    • Dennie says:

      Probably got suppressed, so's the nuclear biz can keep it, along with the profits, for themselves, never mind us.  Rainfall actually hastens the dropping of radiological material– it's dropping along with the water.  Was it a coincidence that the west coast of north America got hit with a big rainstorm that came out of that part of the Pacific Ocean exactly one week after the reactors blew?  Hmmm.. I suppose so.. that is, if you're a "coincidence theorist."

      U.C. Berkeley Dept. of Nuclear Engineering did tests on cilantro, milk, mushrooms, strawberries and rain water about a week after Fukushima blew.  Yes, they found the expected radionuclides, cesium 137 and strontium 89 (I think it was) and 90 in every case.  Not sure you can even see those results any longer.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Rachel I too have heard something about a type of microbe that 'eats' radiation. Wish I knew more about it. Those that do had better crank it up a notch and get that ball rolling- we sure need it now!

  11. Greg O. says:

    'They' are spraying now before dawn and after dark in southwest Colorado.  I could see the fresh lines in the moonlight.  Still trying to get the info out every day around my work schedule.  The resistance from many is still great, but a few each week get on board.  I started with State Senators now as I got nowhere with the Feds.  Most of us are aware of the disease in the corporate cabal and their political minions.  I press on until the end, however that plays out.  Much appreciation and gratitude to all of you who are awake and still have compassion in your hearts.

    • San Miguel Co., CO says:

      Greg I notice often you posting exactly what I witness in Colorado.  I am completely frazzled these days…..  We got completely hammered today.  Unbelievable and they started at night I saw the trails streaking through the moon last night too.  I don't sleep anymore…  I had a good 4 hours total today watching the skies and corresponding the planes with the Flight radar app.  Today was the worst I have seen in 2+ years and I am the only person around here that notices… 1 plane every 2 to  3 minutes in my 100 mile sky view.  Every possible airline in existence came up on the app today.  Even Alaskan Airlines!  I've never seen that one.  But every airline you can think of was spraying bigtime today.  I think a lot of the planes on the app are purposely false by whoever provides the info.  While the planes are there(most of the time) the airlines listed and proximity and just everything about it is wrong..  But again since I am the only one that noticies it doesn't matter…

      Where are you Greg?  I need someone who is awake to talk to!  I'm in Ridgway now…

    • Dennie says:

      San Miguel:  I was to stay in a neighbor's home while my landlord entertains relatives (he's supposed to pay for any lodging expenses, by law, but will flout his nose at this rule so I won't even ask him) but couldn't because the air in the guest bedroom was so thick with the metallic particulates it felt like someone was sandblasting my lungs with salt and metal filings.  I didn't sleep a wink. It was so truly horrible I went back to my contaminated house where the torture continued but with even finer particulates.  I didn't sleep a wink again.  The A$$holes sprayed up a goddamned storm on Tuesday and it was raining metal here that night.  I'm staying in a motel until my place comes open again and the landlord's cousin goes home. 

      I'm going to have to find a place to move to where the air isn't unbreathable, and where is that these days?  I'm in San Rafael, CA. The place I've been staying at night is safe for me to breathe.  The owner is turning 91 and I'm hoping I can let him know I'd be someone to consider if he's thinking of selling, I'd have to sell the (larger) house I have now that I can't live in because the air's unbreatheable in here. 

      This is happening to more people all the time.  My colleague at my teaching studio said she'd leased her house in Novato to a woman who needed to leave there because she couldn't breathe the air in there.  There are two rooms in that house where I can't breathe either.  People are starting to believe us.  The cost is unimaginable. 

  12. RT says:

    There is much more than climate engineering behind the spraying. For communications and other defense purposes, the atmosphere needs ionizing particles for many military purposes. In many arguments with idiots whom always argue with the question, Why would the government purposely poison us; all one has to realize that the military in general is solely about destroying people in the first place. Ultimately lives do not matter in the power structure of things as long as the power structure remains in place. As long as there is enough particles in certain places that can be ionized, it acts as a mirror for multiple uses in military applications. DARPA is working on their 100 G transmissions for long range communications. This would not be possible without the right atmospheric conditions in place. Every Ham Radio opperator understands that long distance communications happen better under certain conditions that happen naturally. A radio transmission is nothing more than a pulsed burst of energy at low power sent through the air and reflected and sometimes boosted or weakened depending on the conditions. For military operations, they are not restricted by the limits of power that they can pulse. It may be a so called conspiracy to say, that perhaps some of the North Korean missile failures where actually a testing ground for certain types of weapons using High Frequency Pulse weapons. It is noticeable to me that when the spraying happens most is just before a warm and cold front come together where the ionization due to the contrasting temperatures happen which cause ionization to happen naturally. The other day, there was no weather front and mysteriously, all the planes we normally see just took the week off and the sky was clear, Whatever the reason they are doing these things, it is having quite the alarming effect. People seem to be more crazy today than I can ever remember and a lot sicker also.

    • Dennie says:

      Why does the military even bother with hiring chaplains and clergy?  They should have guys in suits resembling the Grim Reaper.  Sheesh.

      I know good Catholics who go to mass every Sunday and flew fighter jets on aircraft carriers, and ones who "had to" join the Army in order to get a college education.  Can you say "cognitive dissonance?"  WTF!

    • Kevin Love says:

      Well written post!!!   I love your detailed information and I photo snapped your comments, as I do with many of these so as to pass them to others to touch a nerve and bring out clarity on this issue.  

    • Dennie says:

      MORE people need to know that the military on this planet "need" to have the atmosphere ionized in order to keep their totally sick game of total destruction going–

      Problem is, people are sooo gullible and sooo stupid and sooo convinced that their government would never dream up anything like this, they would not believe this is happening when they're looking at it with their own lyin' eyes.

    • Barbel says:

      Thank you, that makes so much sense. We are just collateral damage – unfortunately, this classification probably extends to military families, too. We should be so grateful – it's all done for  "national security", and of course, weapon manufacturers. 

  13. DrDignity says:

    Prince is interviewed on YouTube, "Prince, Dick Gregory on Chemtrails & Manganese."  It's about eight minutes.

  14. Dawnski says:

    Strong ashtray like irritation in mythroat all hazy sprayed day. Weird shallow cough as well. LKN, NC Cackalack-ack-acky spraying heavily. Considering how much I deplore the smell of CIG smoke, it has been most unpleasant. Must try remedies posted . . 

    • Dennie says:

      These are essentially metal filings scratching away at our tissues as they make their sickening way right through.  I feel like I'm breathing sand paper.  Worse thing is, my house's been invaded by the stuff and I think I'm going to have to sell and move somewhere where I can breathe at night.  It's always horrible here at night.  My house has leakage problems I don't understand.  They are too complex and too widespread.  God help me find the right home where I can breathe.

  15. frank reps says:

    When the weather reporter says it will be  " partly cloudy "  that is code for not too much particulate spray.    Accept the fact that our time here is limited….and with that in mind ;  do everything you can to challenge the Politically Correct..Relativists , who talk down to  those of us who can still  feel..see..smell..and think clearly about thes abberant activities and abberant activists who are visiting these destructive activities on our planet.  Trying to  keep a pension you will never spend..or a job that can be gone in a flash is what is allowing the psychopaths to control us.  Stand out and speak up.  We have very little to lose…since most of the good has already been stolen.

  16. Beano McReano says:

    I do know many birds and frogs and insects I use to see as a kid I don't see anymore.

    So something definitely is going on.

  17. stephan says:

    Rest in peace Prince – one of the few celebrities to speak out

  18. Pinky says:

    They say that Music Singer Prince died. He had the Flu. Could it have been the Chem Flu. He had spoken out about Geoengineering and so did Merle Haggard and he just died recently. Merle had even written a song about the Chemtrails. If they are in fact dead, I wish them a better place now. This gets messier by the day. There is probably something even more sinister about this whole thing. All this bible predictions that they say. All the End Time Stuff. Well when you look at everything that is going on around the world it sure makes one wonder what the heck is going on. And that is mildly spoken.

  19. Linda says:

    Well, things are coming to a head as evidenced by the comments in the last few days. People on the frontline across the planet are our best sources. Keep posting because it helps to know that this is everywhere and we are having common reactions and are seeing the very same things in very different places. Sorry to say I saw the writing yesterday and had to turn away. I tried to get a family member to look and then it was gone. Can you even imagine the size and scope of this insane conspiracy? I don't have to imagine it, it is right in front of my (truth telling) eyes!

     Please join me in calling the WH/POTUS and ask him to address the nation and tell us why this is being done to us.  

    202 456 1414  leave a msg with the volunteer. Be kind to the volunteers. I spoke to one about a month ago and she panicked when I said we were being continuously sprayed from the skies and then she gave me the EPA #. Of course I called them but we know they already know and nothing is changing. This is the new status quo.

  20. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. As always your ingenuity in this area of Geoengineering is above and beyond what we will hear on the Weather Channel. Forget that! Dane's intelligence after all these years of studying and former knowledge is MOST commendable.

    As Dane has admonished in the past, "BE FIRM, BUT POLITE!" You will get NO where by being rude, cursing, or writing hateful emails. They will go straight in the trash or be deleted.

    "A kind word turns away wrath." Sharing with Russ Tanner's OrbisVitae and Global Skywatch.  Yes, I know they have told lies and always will. BUT remember, nobody ever gets away with anything. Their day of retribution will come!

    For those with Nasal Irritation, allergies, etc ….I highly recommend OTC 'NeilMed SINUS RINSE'. You can purchase the Sinus Rinse plastic (reusable) bottle along with the Moisturizing & Soothing Saline packets. Drug Free, No Burning. Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture. Walmart, Krogers, and most Drug stores have this. Natural Sinus Relief. IT WORKS! Blessings be upon Dane Wigington and his family.  PRESS ON! 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.' Dane, you have come a LONG WAY.  THANK YOU!

  21. One Commodity Trader Writes: "What Is Happening Has Absolutely No "Reasonable" Explanation" / Zero Hedge / April 21, 2016
    One commodity trader writes in with some very unique observations. From trader "Peter”: The insanity has now fully spilled into the commodity markets – a market which I professionally made a transition to after the 2008 crisis from the financial markets, simply because I believed it was a market that would still function according to true fundamentals…I guess that only lasted so long…
    Subject: volume totals today
    774K of soybeans traded today and that would be a record by nearly 160K contracts as yesterday set the record at 615K. Over 88K Jly/Nov traded today and 97K May/Jly traded.  Unheard of non-roll numbers. Meal volume was 270K and we have to think that was a record as well but not 100% on that one. Lots of ideas around to try and explain the move: from commercial short hedgers blowing out, Chinese pricing, product switching from Argentina to the US. Not really sure if all or any of this is true but it was quite a wild session Subject: RE: Some staggering volume totals today
    Man… I would be VERY surprised if this was due to any of the reasons people are mentioning…Chinese pricing – I am very positive it does have something to do with it, but for the overnight session – not the daytime. Commercial hedgers blowing out – very possibly adding to the mess – but no way commercial volume takes us to these levels of ridiculousness in total volume…Product switching from ARG – yep, because we REALLY need to ration our 400+ mb bean stocks… LOL
    This is way past insane, ridiculous, etc…
    The “fundamental” reasons people are trying to ping to this are simply a nice “window dressing”… There is nothing else that can explain this other than you know what? Here comes my Very-REAL Conspiracy Theory: the stupid FED and other Central Bankers around the world acting in unison to artificially raise inflation so that they can hopefully get out of the F’ing mess they got themselves into with this low/negative rate BS.  Call me crazy, and I am not a “conspiracy theorist” – but what is happening has absolutely no “reasonable” explanation.  So I have to think outside the box…
    The FED and other Central Banks have already destroyed the equity and other macro-financial markets… it is now turn for the commodities markets… I am serious … I really am… I wish I was just being sarcastic… but pause for a moment and think about what is written above… is it so crazy to think that Central Bankers all got together in early 2016 and came up with the following equation???
    Who or what has the power to produce such volume in such short amount of time?????? Not the powerful Chinese, not the commercials, not even the “regular” hedge fund crowd… This is much bigger than that… much bigger… When you pause and think about what I just wrote – it will not sound that crazy after all… I truly wish I was joking… Don’t write this off as some crazy conspiracy… Think about it… it is almost scary how much sense it makes… At the end of the day… it is what it is…


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lord knows why I pay any attention to the stock market but I do.  I gotta say, his theory sounds correct.  It Does make sense.  What next and what does this mean for All of Us?

      It is true that inflation has a real bite to it now.  However the shelves in stores are Not empty as some have said.  In fact, hard to believe, but the past two years for California agriculture have been great.  The stores that are closing are due to going online as being priced out by incredibly rising rates for real estate here in Bay Area.  If the world Is ending, none of these people got the message.  One gigantic high rise, high price building after another.

      Some have mentioned Walmarts as did the Colonel.  I have never been to one and can't walk enough to shop anyway and none of those near me.  But, in my on line activism there was one issue after another with Walmart.  The pay and the treatment of workers for one.  Lawsuits for another.  Unions for more.  Just endless such that their name is permanently damaged.  Cosco does not seem to be going out of business.  Meanwhile, many new businesses.  REI and others do not seem to be running out of survival gear.  There are "dollar" stores everywhere, but may have to change name to Two Dollar stores!!  Sorta joking, sorta not.  I do know how much the central banks were hurting-poor them.  Property values soaring beyond reason, beyond what I thought was reality.  Home prices everywhere around here-well, they were ridiculous before, now, just plain obscene.  I suspect "they", the markets, which have been a bit in the doldrums-understatement, wanted a more level playing field-their version of one.  This would do it.  Many threats of England leaving the EU and consequences of.  Chinese monies and India and others entering the field for real.  Gotta have a ripple effect there.  I'm trying to think of how weather modification could possibly play into this but don't know how.  Any ideas?  Purely psychological?  Or/and a message to the world that all is well when it sure as heck is not?

    • Dale K says:

      Last Friday I took a phone order from a new customer in Kansas. Prior to completing the transaction, I asked her about the severity of the past winter season. She said it was extremely mild and there was very little snowfall. She added that wheat farmers are especially concerned that wheat yields may be low this year because of poor soil conditions.

    • ron says:

      Susan F:   I've been studying the Fed and "shadow banking" since 2008. Their very business model is FRAUD.  A 5 billion $ fine means nothing to the global elite banksters, since they create digital, fraudulent "money" from zero, with immunity built in.They steal, commit fraud, lie, conspire, and laugh at us.  We are suckers to them. They are straight-up serious criminals(psychopaths, of course) who will never be punished unless the sleepy masses wake up.  I'm not holding my breath.

      Humanity is right on the edge of a global financial collapse, but try telling some of your friends that. As you know, most don't want to hear you.

    • izzy says:

      Yeah, well. Been a very small player in the markets for 30+ years myself – small because I’m not wealthy, but primarily because the whole thing is ethically repulsive. And yet the need to generate some money is always with us. Of course psychology has always been a big part of the constant price swings, but fundamentals got kicked to the curb with the first Clinton administration and the roll-back of Glass-Steagall and the so-called Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which turned the wolves loose on the rest of us. It’s especially obvious in the precious metals, which swing violently around often. There was an instance in the silver complex a few years ago when things took a big hit at the last minute due to a massive short sale for more silver than was even physically available. “Conspiracy” barely touches it. 

      But it’s only money, as they say, and the climate/environmental monster is the thing that can’t be finessed away with some accounting trick and will be truly horrifying.

    • Buck Private says:

      Rachel, it means they are buying contract on food not yet produced, buying cheap driving up the price THERE ARE 2 WAY PLAY THIS, now all they have to do is drought out the midwest and we will have skyrocketing prices in food, i mean skyrocketing. Hence we have short term profit for the banks. here is what i believe they are doing Since we export so much food and can control world food supplies, they are replacing the petro dollar (since countries are already dumping it), with the food dollar, the food will be priced highly in US dollars thus countries will still have to get US dollars to get food and with our weather apparatus we can drought out the other non-monsanto food producing regions on earth, that is just my guess. We can produce more food than the entire world combined given they own the weather.

  22. Condolences to the Great Barrier Reef
    21 April 2016 / from Sydney
    Loss of estimated 80-90% of coral species on Great Barrier Reef
    Report 2. Line reef, hardy reef and hook reef 149 degrees east 20 degrees South. Northern End of Southern Barrier Reef.
    No Words! Devastating loss of an estimated 80-90% of coral species! I saw a clown fish nibbling on a bleached coral bed and had to stop diving through sheer sadness.

    • Rodster says:

      When Dane, posted his article regarding the Great Barrier Reef, it was mentioned that they were looking at 50% die off this summer.

      So is it now 80-90% die off in total? If so that is devastating, as much of that coral will never come back.

    • BaneB says:

      Let them eat soybeans:-((((

  23. Frank says:

    I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It's a depression. Everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel's worth; banks are going bust; shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter; punks are running wild in the street, and there's nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it.

    We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat. And we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that's the way it's supposed to be!

    We all know things are bad — worse than bad — they're crazy.

    It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, "Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials, and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone."

    Well, I'm not going to leave you alone.

    I want you to get mad!

    I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot. I don't want you to write to your Congressman, because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street.

    All I know is that first, you've got to get mad.

    You've gotta say, "I'm a human being, goddammit! My life has value!"

    So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell,

    "I'm as mad as hell,

    and I'm not going to take this anymore!!"


    • Dale K says:

      Prince recently became sick with the flu, and now several days later he's dead. He was outspoken about the deployment of chemtrails (geoengineering). Was he targeted for elimination because of this?

    • Dennie says:

      " I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to write to your Congressman, because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write."

      And isn't this kind of non-action the exact thing that got us into all this trouble in the first place?

      Don't you think that not protesting and not writing is exactly what
      "THEY" want and every time we comply with these orders it means "THEY" win??

      "NEVER GIVE UP."  — Dane Wigington

    • Frank says:

      Dennie, This was from the movie Network and it was made 40 years ago. We all had many problems back then and now it is worst. I don't agree with all they said in the movie but only a example of waking people up to get mad or do something. Those words I posted are in the video link, watch it if you can.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I understand.  I'm pointing out that this movie script was in fact a de facto psychological operation.  Look how many people watch the movies and then ape everything they see– pretty effective, I'd say.

      People: KILL YOUR TEE VEEs, or at the very least,


      Because it DOES matter what images you allow into your head.

  24. Tom Keith says:

    Yes Susan, but ask yourself, why in this whole interview geo-engineering is not mentioned ? What are they hiding ?

    • Tom Keith — I am aware that Chris Hedges does not talk about geoengineering, but I have long ago forgiven him. Not many 'get' the entire picture. Hedges brilliantly covers enough to leave me in reverential admiration for his unbelievable courage. Do read his new book: 'Wages of Rebellion'. It is inspiring awesome. Hedges is a man among millions in this era. I am hoping that he and Dane will collaborate soon. They have much in common.


  25. Dominic says:

    When your lungs feel bad after breathing chemtrails or you have a chem cough. The salt pipe works wonders. It deposits a a micro thin layer of salt through out the whole lungs. This kills bacteria and also allows the chemicals in the lungs to be expelled (they seem to dissolve into smaller pieces allowing the body to expel them easily). I used the Cisca ceramic salt pipe and the Himalayan salt pipe. Both work well.  

    This is very much like what Susan Fergusun is saying above about how salt is being used in Japan. 

  26. Marc says:

    How does one refrain from seeing the world anthropocentrically when one is living in a human body? It is not the countless millions of non-human species that have brought us ALL to the brink of extinction. It is MANKIND, not being so "kind" I might add. Maybe in the bigger picture it is our time to go.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, hi, and you've implied before a spiritual awareness.  If true, then you must be aware of how connected everything is.  Buddhists revere every sentient thing.  But Natives believe rocks have spirit too, as well as water, soil, all things are living, some much longer than others.  All things contain spirit.  And we are all one in reality.  School taught us that humans were the zenith of God's creation on Earth, the most intelligent, highest developed thing.  Well we now know that is not true.  Some of us have always known that.  Now we see ourselves for what we are and that's a huge lesson.  Felini said to live life spherically, in all directions at once and to never lose our childish enthusiasm.  Too true.  Great advice.  I'm hoping that rather than our time to go, it's our time to evolve as a species.  Perhaps it took all this hell to get that job done.

      As I've often said, I've been waiting for the revolution since I was 20 and I am now 69.  Way back then I kept wondering how this could happen.  How could we all evolve "over night"?  Fast enough?  It occurred to me that some kind of disease or some such perhaps could affect our brains in that direction.  As a kid and a bit older than a kid, I also used to wonder why God made mosquitoes, once a bane of my existence but not for a very long time now.  After a few decades, I realized that mosquitoes transfer DNA, and I thought wow, there is a way!  I began to view them as God's toolbox.  The Lakota respect mosquitoes because they ride on Buffalo.  Thing is, previously, we've all been taught in a linear way, linear models.  Like the charts showing apes evolving bit by bit into humans.  My Lakota man used to say that if whites want to believe they are evolved from apes, it was okay with him, but not how Indians evolved!  The Lakota believe they came from the stars.  Whatever, except this linear evolution thing is clearly wrong and they know it now.  And now, they've found ways to use diseases to fight cancer quite successfully!  Even HIV!!!!  To think that such a horrible, terrifying scourge like this has left us with such a powerful tool is just amazing.  What if most of us here have a spiritual bent?  What if all this is part of an evolution in short order?  One that in turn may yet save the world somehow?  And not in some way past, something quite brand new.  Remember Marshall McCluen?  He had a concept-among others- of rear view thinking.  Which meant that we are always basing the future on the past and thus dooming ourselves.  As in going forward, but while looking in the rear view window as we do.  So off with being the head of the line in evolution, off with thinking we are the smartest things to come down the pike, off with expressions like top shelf, top of the ladder, top anything.  Off with thinking our state of being is what counts.  So we suffer some.  Hey, childbirth is painful.  Perhaps we are being forced to evolve!  And it Is hard.  Not all will make it.  Maybe We will!  Maybe we can finally drop the chains that bind us to this ego.  Meditation makes a start.  

    • BaneB says:

      Have you no "faith?"  Must everything be laboratory proven?  Is not the 'natural' the former supernatural?  Is life not a miracle?  We are higher than the animal, but certainly out of the loop.  We don't dovetail.  Our inheritance we tossed.  We wanted the Amana refrigerator, the washer/dryer, the BMW, the image of vanity, fair to say.  To obtain this abstraction our world must be destroyed.  It's that simple…..we left the nest and struck a match.  Oops!  All fall down. Your points are well taken in 'kind.'

    • ron says:


      I'm afraid you are speaking the truth. When we "GO" the earth will breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Dennie says:

      Surely, the narcissistic, arrogant, thoughtless, heartless, power-hungry and destructive human needs to go. 

  27. Peter Burke says:

    The skies over Sacramento were filled with crisscrossed lines on 4/20.  I have been aware of this spraying for about a year.  I tell everyone I see, and 99 percent of the time people look at me like I'm crazy.  I don't understand this as all you have to do is look up.  I pointed out the crisscrossed lines  to a neighbor and he told me they were clouds.

    • reo says:

      . . .called the fluoride stare. .

    • Dennie says:

      As a teacher I notice in some of my private students that they are not really good observers.  They are being trained to be order followers, heads filled with information– the lowest form of knowledge– every day.  They are never asked to observe, actually, anything.  How can anyone grow up in this world without feeling a need to observe, a.k.a., pay attention to your surroundings?  I'm guessing it's because we all live nice safe little lives most of the time.  Well, if you've ever been homeless, even for one night, you'd bet you'd learn to observe your surroundings, all right.

  28. JR says:

    From the Southwest parts of New Mexico in the U.S. Some people in this country still don't know N.M. is in the USA, huh. Anyhow, the workers of iniquity with SAG/SRM, aka-Chemtrail spraying continue. North to South, West to East, back and forth. The heat on us is nothing new, of course for the newcomers it's wakeup call. I say this not in a mean way, but it's been there for quite some years now. Our rain clouds are shushed off up North ways or East of us, like as in floods of Texas. God with be with you…

  29. mike says:

    Hello,                                       April 21, 2016

    Cloudy morning here in southern Ontario today but looks like it might clear up. They were spraying a clear substance yesterday but off in the distance i could see MAJOR spraying and chemclouds galore and by night those chemclouds drifted our way but were thinning out which really scares me because i know the spray is falling to the ground. I sent you some pictures Dane of our once beautiful forest along the canal that has been destroyed. If you want to use them in any way by all means go right ahead. If anyone would like a copy of these pictures, give me a email address and i will send them to you. I have lots. Well i am kinda hoping for a cloudy day today so i don't have to watch them. I can't ignore it, i don't know why but i can't. Anyway have a great day everybody. 

  30. km says:

    Remember cell phones and electronics in general make you look (down), not up!!  And all this tech is making people addicted to (images), instead of really learning things and reading!  

    It was recently stated that the average university student has difficulty reading an entire book?  Wow, you think it's because of sound bites, and texting?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yup km, attention spans are shot for most and largely owing to texting.  No one writes letters anymore.  My house is overpacked with books.  I read.  My daughter and grandsons, not so much!  Gee, remember getting so into a book you never wanted it to end?  So many distractions, so many.  Attention is a discipline.  Needs to be taught these days.

    • BaneB says:

      "And they shall worship the image that speaks."  Look it up.  The concept was impossible to understand until our era.

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, can't read an entire book, and these are our college students?  Well, and then, there's also the fact of the matter what are these guys reading, and who's doing the writing?  There are plenty of books so compelling as to be regular page-turners out there.  A sign on the Flat Iron building bar that I saw last Tuesday in my home town of San Rafael, CA, U.S.A. said, "Come in for a cold one and stare at your phone with the rest at the bar."

  31. Alex D says:

    Here in Liverpool, England we have been hammered since early morning 21st April with more then 60 planes laying down criss cross grids and counting, after several blue sky days, its crazy, last years summer the sun was burning into the skin here, as well as on holiday in Brittany, France. will do my utmost to pass this info on to all i meet, take care all, thank you Dane, God bless.

    • AllyL says:

      Hi Alex D, the skies above Glasgow and the Clyde Valley have been the same today. Wide bodied 4 engined jets flying side by side covering the previously blue skies with criss crossed trails that eventually filled the sky with wispy white 'clouds'.  Most people, as usual, are completely oblivious to the resultant mess.  

  32. Eva says:

    Would it be worthwhile to contact Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch for assistance in this battle?  He and his organization have managed to uncover some damning evidence in the political arena with FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.

    From Judicial Watch website:

    We Can Help You

    Judicial Watch is the preeminent public interest group specializing in government open records research and litigation. Because of this, Judicial Watch launched the “Open Records Project” to share its expertise by providing technical, research, and litigation assistance to conservative non-profit public interest groups that may not have the experience or resources to obtain critical information about government activity.

    We can help in any step of the process:

    Determining what agencies have the information needed

    Defining requirements and composing document request strategy

    Making the request

    Reviewing information and providing analysis of document production

    Handling denials, exemptions and the appeal process

    Managing the court process

    Getting the information into the hands of the general public and raising media awareness

    For more information, please call (202) 646-5172, or send an email. Meanwhile, use the following links to learn more about open record laws and filing open record requests.


  33. SortingHat says:

    They sprayed and killed the latest system.  A week ago they were calling for a decent shot of rain and then started rolling it back more and more till all we got was a few spits of rain.

    I am convinced that the powers to be think they are trying to *stop* global warming and stop military spying at the same time because when the toxins are sprayed enemy nations can't use tracking technology which gets all screwed up.

    They don't realize or don't care that it's at the cost of our health unless it's also part of the plan for depopulating the world (Agenda 21) by making people so sick it makes government health care look good as people need their meds. 

    • Dennie says:

      I'm watching a storm try to roll in, blowing and sputtering across San Rafael today, not really raining, getting chem-trailed away.  F**kers.  We were supposed to get a pretty good rain today and tomorrow.  Sonzabtches– WHAT KIND OF MOTHER RAISES THESE KIND OF "MEN???"

  34. Phil says:

    Climate engineering has definitely taken it's toll here in western Maryland.   Half of the poplars, oaks, and maples (old and young trees) are completely dead and not even blossoming this spring and the other half appear to be in great distress.  Many of them have the bark burned completely off.   At this rate there will be nothing left in a year or two.  I honestly believe that the elites are trying to kill us all by starving out our oxygen sources.  Once the plankton and trees are gone, nothing else will survive.  Maybe the elites have some kind of back up oxygen source for themselves, but it can only be temporary.  They will only be able to survive for so long on the planet which they have destroyed. 

    • Elegra says:

      I am seeing the same die-off with the tress in Southern Ontario – dead, withering, dead branches, white rings around trunk, stunted, bark falling off, leaves curling up and dying.  Happening faster than I originally expected.  This year seems to be the year the trees will begin to simply fall over, broken off at their base.  Many already have.


    • JF says:

      I have noticed these last few years that I have seen more trees with bare branches and reduced foliage. I have this on trees on my property.

  35. SD says:

    On the subject of air shows, I recommend interested parties in the SoCal area to visit the Chino Air Show on the weekend of April 30th.

    The guys at the Planes of Fame museum restore and fly vintage aircraft.  But you can also see modern fighter jets and NO ONE MAKES CONTRAILS.  The aircraft fly to high altitudes and DISAPPEAR from sight.  NO CONTRAILS! Got it?

    And I'll go out on a limb a little and predict a suspension of chemspray activity in the area, just like they did for the March AFB show.

    • MS says:

      At the Mather Air Force base air show last fall the sky was crystal clear.  BUT . . . during the air show there was an entire portion devoted to spraying patterns in the sky.  Most disappeared after a short while.  Some after about 5-10 minutes.  They turned them on and off at will.  I personally feel this was a little mental conditioning.  Contrails would not form at such low altitudes.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, Hi.  Well, this explains maybe why all the small planes are flying around-getting ready for airshow?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, Hi and oh dear and my daughter won't quit laughing at me.  I told her about the writing in the sky.  Apparently this is done for hire a lot, for personal messages to adverts.  Rich people do it to say happy birthday. Well, of course and at the least, it lessens my experience and reaction-sort of.  It seems like similar material to the eye as some chems.  But so very perfectly placed.  Wonder if these guys work for geoengineers as well?

    • Dennie says:

      SD:  Can you go to the show, take your phone and interview one of the pilots, pointedly asking the question about water vapor condensation from the engines of all of the machines they fly, then post it on YouTube for all the world to see?

    • JF says:

      Friday morning April 22, very little spraying as of about 10 AM. Air show tomorrow in nearby Chino. There was heavy spraying last few days.

  36. Seattle TV: Alarm over “Catastrophic Leak” at US nuclear site — “Emergency response underway” — Surge in radioactive leakage after “essentially blowing a hole” in massive tank containing “deadliest substance on earth” — Former Worker: “I was very shocked to hear it breached that significantly” April 20th, 2016 KING 5 News, Apr 18, 2016 (emphasis added): Leak worsens in massive Hanford tank holding nuclear waste; An emergency response is underway at Hanford, where a tank is leaking radioactive waste — A leak in a massive nuclear waste storage tank at the Hanford Site has expanded significantly, KING 5 learned this weekend… one former tank farm worker said the leak should be considered a major problem. “This is catastrophic. This is probably the biggest event to ever happen in tank farm history…” said former Hanford worker Mike Geffre… Until now, the leak found by Geffre was very slow. The liquid would almost immediately dry up… Sources told KING the disturbance caused by the pumping must have exacerbated the leak: essentially blowing a hole in the aging tank allowing the material to leak more quickly… “The hazards to workers just went up by a factor of 10,” said Geffre… [A current worker said,] “There’s always the question, ‘Are the outer shells compromised’”? The accumulation of waste in the outer shell also means the deadliest substance on earth is that much closer to the ground…

    … “catastrophic." It’s unclear exactly how much waste spilled out, but estimates place the amount at somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 gallons, according to the Tri-City Herald.

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Hello Susan, Thank you for the info, on the Hanford leak, we here in Yakima, Wa. have not had any news that I have heard so am thankful for you sharing. This is more awful destruction of the planet and little news being shared with the public in the area. I guess they aren't concerned about us! Truly not surprising. I have been doing everything I can to wake the public up with flyers, (posting everywhere and anywhere, talking to everyone who will listen, writing to everyone I can get to. We are being completely blanketed everyday with no end. I was able to capture video of the dark trail followed by a white trail yesterday right above my house, now all the radiation in the air. This is truly an apocalypse happening right now.  I pray to see all of the family of lovers of our earth in a place where we can be at peace in nature like should have been all along. Dane, You mean the world to me, no words could ever say the thankfulness and gratitude I feel for your tireless efforts. Everywhere I go, you and so many of you are on my mind. I don't write often but trust me I am working hard to get the message out. See you on the other side, I don't think we have long, my memory and breathing is worsening by the day it seems but my spirit and soul are strong, I will do my best until my last breath.  Peace to all R.

    • Editorial: Again …. a scary leak at Hanford
      April 21, 2016
      “It’s an example of a culture at Hanford of ‘We don’t have problems here. We’re doing just fine.’ Which is a total lie,” former Hanford Nuclear Reservation worker Mike Geffre told KING 5 this week.
      Geffre was reacting to news that a supposedly supersafe double-walled underground storage tank for highly radioactive waste has a major leak in the space between its inner and outer walls. Geffre warned officials in 2011 about the potential for such an event, but a response was ridiculously slow in coming. Washington state’s Department of Ecology sought to allay public worries, saying there is no sign that sludge created during plutonium production made it past the tank’s outer shell into the environment. To its credit, the state been a more zealous watchdog than other parties involved in Hanford oversight. But its reassurances are starting to ring hollow.
      “This is catastrophic,” Geffre told KING 5. “This is probably the biggest event to ever happen in tank farm history. The double shell tanks were supposed to be the saviors of all saviors” as far as keeping waste away from people and the environment. A current Hanford worker said, “The primary tanks weren’t designed to stage waste like this for so many years. There’s always the question, ‘Are the outer shells compromised?’” Three of Hanford’s other double-shell tanks have the same design as the one now in the news. Millions live down-river from Hanford. As massively expensive as the cleanup has been — around $40 billion so far, with maybe $75 billion more in the offing — it will pale in comparison to damages from a major toxin spill into the air and groundwater. Citizens must use every political and legal tool to impose competent and responsive management on this dreadful fiasco.

    • Hello Rebecca P. — I am so sad to hear that you are not feeling well. Are you taking Silca? I have read that we need to take Silica separate from Vit. C. – so try Silica for a few days without the mega C and see if you improve. I do think eastern WA is getting it worse that the Olympic Peninsula. The Navy seems to prefer blasting us with rf/microwave emitters for their EW electronic war games. Also colloidal silver is very helpful for nose-throat-lungs – and Hemp oil seems to agree with me. I think we need to change our choices of defense now and then. Our body gets used to certain combinations and they don't work as well after a while. Kefir agrees with me, but I don't know about that with your lung issues. Good to hear from you. Thank you for posting. Your spirit and soul are strong!  God Bless!  :o)  Aluminum detox vid below:

    • Dennie says:

      Aging infrastructure + declining resources + no money going into the banks, x how many nuclear power plants across the globe?  Can anyone say realistically what this equation's amounting to ? What idiots thought nuclear energy from the "peaceful" splitting of the atom  would be "cheap" energy, when the REAL price paid is total environmental destruction, destruction and death?  What kind of accounting do these IDIOTS follow– ???

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan,  Tank farms?!!  Good grief, to think there even is such an expression.  I've been following Hanford for more than 15 years and it has been leaking all that time.  People concerned, all that time.  So, I find this a bit confusing.  I suspect this is not relating the whole truth.  I followed the Hanford situation via various articles, various sources.  I believe High Country News has had articles about Hanford in the past–it's a magazine, rather good, about issues concerning the west which they define as Colorado and westward.  I quit that very informative magazine over geoengineering.  But also newspaper articles, Native info and articles, many sources over many years yet this is the first time I hear "tank farms", the term horrifies me and implies much.  This disaster has been coming bit by bit for a long long time yet nothing was done.  Heads should roll!

  37. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane and Susan and BaneB and Dennie and all here!

    Gotta tell, just Have to.  Was driving toward home in heavy traffic a bit after 4 PM today, taking Ashby down to San Pablo in Berkeley.  In one of the many too- many- cars lines at street lights, scanning the skies-lots of chemtrail activity, but to my utter shock, one was a written message!!!!  It covered a huge chunk of the sky.  I wanted to do nothing but look at it but I was in heavy traffic with no option.  So, at each stop, I kept looking.  These were little puffs of chems, like dots in the sky, like a tattoo sort of making up each letter, block letters no less, just perfectly done.  Sharp clear letters arranged in words as if a sentence.  Unfortunately for me, in my direction, it was upside down and backwards.  The first word was sorta easy and the rest would have been if, say, I'd been on the freeway.  It was GET.  Clear as a bell.  I struggled with the rest, making out one letter here, another there and some real space between words.  I think it said: GET READY BE PREPARED.  My best guess from the letters I made out, but I could be wrong.

    I was, before this, gonna cut over on Sacramento but this kept me going to San Pablo in order to keep watching, by which time the message was getting a little blurry, harder to read, but still there.  I turned north and headed, since I was there, to the "Club" as it is 420.  Huge celebration there like a kid's birthday party and oddly I found parking right away.  There was a line outside and so I tried to tell people, no one cared.  Truthfully, there were so many people and fun distractions.  Nonetheless I told all I could but none looked.  I could make out the chemtrail of who done it heading seemingly towards Marin.  I mean I've seen real sky writing before when I was young, this was not that.  This was block letters done to perfection, and done like a tattoo.  How the heck?  Then, when leaving the club, for the second time I heard "him", whoever, and he was at it again but it was tight puffs linking to a curved criss cross line in his wake, not words.  Please, please tell me someone else saw this??!!  And no, I was not stoned and had not been.  Thanks to their Helping Hands program I get a bit a week, only smoke a bit at night.

    My remaining girls-hens-need me so off to that now in yard.  Our beloved Siouxz died last week, for no apparent reason.  I'm still bummed and feeling over protective of the other 3.  But I Had to tell this while fresh in my head.  It could have said something else, but I think I got it right or close to right.  WOW.  Not saying who what or why.  Have no idea, but that whomever did leave a chemtrail eventually.  Again, WOW.

    Oh, since I've got coffee to drink now I will add it was much hotter here today than they had predicted.  But sooo pretty!  My yard is one spectacular thing after another.  Everything blooming and looking good.  Really good, best in a long, long time-best ever?  We do have birds.  But not such a variety.  Do have bees, but have been told there is a hive on a roof nearby.  Have seen a number of butterflies.  We have bugs and aphids are back.  The Titmouse mama is bringing the babies big bugs, last year just small ones.  Asparagus doing well.  They say it is to be cooler, but then they said that about today, they also say we will get a tad of rain Thursday into Friday morning.  Here is hoping in that my plants seem to prefer this to nothing at all.

    And yes Dane, I have emailed weather people and will again, and newspaper too.  I'm afraid I have almost no one to list under CC.  Sad, but true.  But hey, I could use those I know who do not get it, this might just help them to get it.  At the least they will know how seriously I take this and not just with them!  Thank you for the examples.  And gee, I hear that plane again.  Keep hearing him, not seeing him.  Skies toward west all whited out.  What a day!  A banner day? 

    • Rachel Robson — "…little puffs of chems, like dots in the sky, like a tattoo sort of making up each letter, block letters no less, just perfectly done.  Sharp clear letters arranged in words as if a sentence. … I think it said: GET READY BE PREPARED."  Now that would have totally freaked my curiosity out! You think the pilot was trying to tell us something? It does feel like it's building into…???  But what. Their technology has changed and the spraying is nano-smaller, less noticeable, but increasing nevertheless. The sun feels worse every day…too bright…that hot-white metallic look that hurts your eyes. My friend in NZ says he can't take the Sun anymore and he is very Saxon dark, not fair Scots-Irish white like me. Something is building, that's for sure. Take care, lady.

    • beatriz says:

      Rachel, I couldn't believe your post! I had the same experience, same time, but different time zone, over the skies of Manhattan. I was looking up the skies when I saw 5 ominous looking (grey planes) writing a message with block letters leaving a message. Their flight was sort of circular, I could only read the first word Turkey, the buildings kept on blocking the full view of the message. Howeever the message was dissolving fast only leaving white puffs behind. After walking three blocks saw the end of the message that read

      Was as bewildered as you were. Leaving a message was not an obvious reason, since the message was unreadable so fast, and most people coulnt read it because of the obstructions of the buildings. The cost of such operation didnt correspond to the benefits. I have seen such messages on the skies by the beach, but made by only one plane and readable for a long time. This one was altogether different. I guess they are trying different ways to obfuscate the people that do look up and observe.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you beatriz!!!!!  So many thanks, yours the only reply.  Guess I will look up!  Did the one you saw in city look dot by dot block letters?  Almost as if tattooing the sky?  I just can't imagine how that is done!  Does seem labor intensive.  The sentence took up a good portion of the sky.  I have no idea when it began as it was finished when I saw it-I think.  It must have stayed 15-20 minutes or more.  I'm surprised cars were not crashing all over the place.  Is this showing off?  He did leave a very long chemtrail when he went north.  Just boggles my mind.  Reminds me of the time I saw white stuff, like a fine powder "raining" down, seeing it against big cement like building next door 18 feet away.  Like baby powder and just pouring.  Weirdest thing and I posted it so hoping someone else saw.  Got one reply.  From Laure in Rotterdam! who described seeing the exact same thing and within a certain time frame.  Did just what I did-stared at wall, turned and looked at street which showed no wetness, back to wall, utterly perplexed.  Her's was the only reply but it so helped.  I hate being the ONLY one!  Even if Rotterdam, even if Manhattan, it comforts me!  I so appreciate your reply beatriz, thank you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan, Hello Susan, thank you for replying and gee I wish you'd been with me-might have given me the umph to head for a news outlet and scream bloody murder!  Still, one had to wonder at the art of it.  Clearly trying to tell us something-but truthfully or not?  Just playing games?

      By the way, in last week's newsfeed, did you see article about Inky the octopus escaping captivity in Australia?  And almost exactly as Nemo did in that movie.  It was amazingly clever of him.  So, like Nemo, down the drain and back to the ocean.  The hot dead ocean and I wonder what he must be thinking.  Someone should do a movie on him like Nemo but now showing how it is now, and fish confusion, death, thoughts of their future in the seas.  Timely.  Hey Hollywood Somebody!  Do it!  Wonder if Inky regrets his escape?



    • Andrew Leigh says:

      Sounds like Sky typing: look at skytypers dot com. Was that what you saw?

    • BaneB says:

      Sounds like a banner day to me   Its rare that there is a sky that relays a positive message nowadays.  Some entity is offering up some very sound advice.  The last time I had such an epiphany was on top of Mt. Tamalpais way back in 1973.  

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      The insanity in the skies over Nikiski, Alaska reached new levels today.

      "Get Ready, Get Prepared"  This sh*t is comming to a head very soon!

      Get out of the cities! Stockpile rice, beans, etc. Secure a water supply.

      Food, Water and Shelter first!

      If you don't do these things first you won't live long enough to be around when WE stop the spraying.

      This Earth Day will be the last.

  38. linda says:

    Furious spraying today over South Tahoe. It is way too hot for April. Everything is in bloom and now we are suppose to go from 62 tomorrow to snow on Friday. Yesterday we saw a distinct chemical cloud with rainbow colors all through it over Hope Valley. It remained motionless in the sky. More and more spraying and different methods are being used.  Seems it cannot get much weirder than it's been lately.

  39. Steve Rudzinski says:

    Thank  you for all the tough work, my walk today and yesterday was a wonderland of jet trails and veils of metal falling from the sky. The jets are bolder than ever, sometimes even making huge doughnuts as if saying "in your face" humans. What kind of monsters work on this stuff and do they have a conscience and where does the ingredients originate, whistle blowers out there stand up and be heard we all hope before too late if already is.

  40. Rodster says:

    How can ANYONE look at that picture in El Portal Cali and not question if that sky looks normal? How can anyone with an ounce of honesty say that those are contrails instead of chemical trail spraying is beyond belief?

    And yet Guy McPherson goes ballistic if you mention Geoengineering, calling the a “flying spaghetti monster”.

  41. MS says:

    Just called Governor Jerry Brown's office and asked about Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering.  One of his aides answered the phone.  The conversation went like this:

    ME: "I'd like to find out information about the aerosol spraying program that is currently happening in the skies above us."

    GOV. BROWN'S OFFICE: "You mean mosquito spraying?"

    ME: "No.  The Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering that is occurring over California on a daily basis."

    GOV. BROWN'S OFFICE: "Oh, you mean chemtrails."

    ME: "No.  That is not the correct term.  The correct scientific term is Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering."

    GOV. BROWN'S OFFICE: "Oh, thank you for correcting me.  Hold on and I will get you a telephone number to call. . . . Please call 1-800-296-1996 or 202-343-9210."

    So I called the numbers and the recording said: "Thank you for calling the EPAs Stratospheric Ozone Protection information hotline.  This number is no longer in service."  The recording did however go on to leave an email address if anyone is interested in getting certified to work for the program.

    My hunch is that I would get the same run around from any elected official I ask about SAG or SRM.  We're living in a nightmare of dishonesty.

  42. A friend in Japan recommends this "burning salt" as a way to get the toxic chemicals out of your food. I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems to be helping with radiation from Fukushima. With video link.
    This method is "burning salt” from Japan. It is a method used in traditional Shinto applications, but modified to a more modern, easy way. The method was spread in some spiritual communities after the Fukushima earthquake incident on 2011. It is an example of how Japanese, normal housewives coped (is coping) with the nuclear pollution. The person who proposed it, Hideyuki Iijima, was also successful in neutralizing the nuclear pollution(using a different method than burning salt). Unfortunately, he passed away this March. (He was not killed, he accomplished his part, probably).
    Tenemos: Iijima's group
    Burning salt method
    ingredients: salt, absolute ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
    1 mix salt with ethanol
    2 put fire
    (3 option: mix while burning with  ex) metal spoons)
    How to make "burned salt" video:
    Burned salt will turn to strong alkali. You can see it as having excess electrons. You can feel the effectiveness, for example, by boiling spaghetti or pasta, using this burned salt. The texture will probably change in a tasteful way. We usually put the vegetables for a while in the salt water to neutralize the toxics such as pesticides and nuclear pollution on vegetables. Usually, low energy (low vibration) in material aspect is from less electrons. So the excess electrons from the burned salt will replenish the electrons, thus neutralizing the balance.
    In Japan, absolute ethanol is cheap (about $8 for 500ml). We don't need licenses, and could buy from drug stores, or even at Japanese I don't know the situation in US. I thought liquor Everclear could be an alternative, but that seems to be difficult to buy also.

    • Jay says:

      Hi interesting topic.

      Do you have any links regarding burning salt.


      Thank you  for the information you posted.


      hope you have a lovely day

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I would like to try this.  And thanks!  I too have friends in Japan yet never heard of this.   Just to be clear, I use Ethyl rubbing alcohol 70% from drug store to clean my tools and knives, the sharp ones I use in the yard and scissors too.  I use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol on skin if necessary, thermometers, etc. also 70%.  Is this ethyl alcohol 70% the same as the absolute ethanol?  I suspect not, but?  Also, as far as Everclear liquor goes, a big liquor store a bit north of me carries it or once did.  We used it one year when we made Limoncello for Christmas gifts for those who drink.  I don't drink but that stuff we made was so good I almost wished I did!  We have a Ponderosa lemon tree in the back yard which is long on peel, short on lemon fruit.  A friend from Italy told us these giant lemons were what they, in Italy, used to make Limoncello.  So.  We did.  Which is why I think it is probably not that hard to get.  At least in a large liquor store.  This was before Limoncello became all the rage for a little while so we were ahead of that curve and my alcohol free home had some big dark jugs marinating that lemon peel for months in the dark.  Just the smell of that Everclear was overwhelming!  So, do I go with the ethyl 70%, or Everclear?  And the mention of vegetables-soaked in? or cooked in? the burned salt?  And, when burning the salt, does the pan matter?  The kind of pan?  Like, say cast iron versus steel?  Interesting trick. Guess I should check out the video.

      To me, "God" has an incredible sense of irony!  I mean look what we did to Japan, now their "gift" to us!  I'm not at all surprised they are not quite as freaked out as they should be.  One of my best friends who is turning 97 this month is Japanese and was my neighbor for 10 years almost, next door.  She was standing with her husband in their doorway in Japan watching the carpet bombing when Nagasaki was hit with atom bomb.  They saw it happen and her pregnant self gave birth on the spot in the doorway.  Husband quickly pulled up floor boards and they went below the house.  That baby was a daughter, a very controlling mean one at that who made her mom go back to Japan last year.  I miss her so much.  She was very healthy, very happy, very active.  With her wig and her expert bit of makeup, she looked at least 20 years younger.  So, I think a lot of Japanese feel if they survived all that, they can survive what comes next.  I learned some tricks from her, but not this!

    • jp_kid says:

      Hello, this is my first post here!
      I’m that Japanese who recommended the salt to Susan.
      Living well and healthy in Japan right now.

      Hi Jay,

      no I haven’t found English sites mentioning about this.
      Even not many Japanese know about this. Only the attentive people does, although the information is out in the web pages and youtube videos (Japanese).

      There is also a supplementary method, which is very easy to do, for housewives.

      This method will be very powerful with the burning salt,
      but will work even without the salt.
      The method is washing vegetables or food in 50°C water.

      Fact or Fiction: Can Washing Wilted Produce in Hot Water Bring it Back to Life?

      Hi Rachel, 
      if you are planning to use the burned salt to food, 
      I advise using absolute alcohol, or ethyl alcohol, or liquor with high "Alcohol by volume"

      PREFERRED EXAMPLE:  sold on

      Absolute Ethanol SDA 16 oz (1 each) by Volu Sol

      Nalgene 2436-0502 Vented Unitary Right-To-Know Wash Bottle, Ethyl Alcohol, 500mL

      BAD EXAMPLE: toxic, poisonous
      Ethyl rubbing alcohol 70% : not good, might have toxic additives and 30% water might not burn well!

      Denatured alcohol: NO!! mostly have toxic additives


      You can burn salt directly without the alcohol, but can be tedious, and the salt could become a chemical compound with the material of the bowl/pan that you are burning.

      Using alcohol is quick and clean. Using earthware or ceramic dishes might be better than using metal bowls when burning the salt with alcohol. Don't be stupid to use plastic dishes LOL!!!

      Japanese Example: burning salt directly by pans without alcohol



      Hope this will help!!! Give it a try!

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello, this is my first post here!  I’m that Japanese who recommended the salt to Susan. Living well and healthy in Japan right now.

      @@@ Hi Jay, 
      No, I haven’t found English sites mentioning about this. Even not many Japanese know about this. Only the attentive people does, although the information is out in the web pages and youtube videos (Japanese).

      There is also a supplementary method, which is very easy to do, for housewives.This method will be very powerful with the burning salt,but will work even without the salt. The method is washing vegetables or food in 50°C water.

      Fact or Fiction: Can Washing Wilted Produce in Hot Water Bring it Back to Life?

      @@@ Hi Rachel, 
      if you are planning to use the burned salt to food, 
      I advise using absolute ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, or liquor with high "Alcohol by volume"
      Organic elements or additives in the ethanol liquid, will be ashes after the burning process, so using pure ethanol might get better results.

      PREFERRED EXAMPLE:  sold on

      Absolute Ethanol SDA 16 oz (1 each) by Volu Sol
      Nalgene 2436-0502 Vented Unitary Right-To-Know Wash Bottle, Ethyl Alcohol, 500mL

      BAD EXAMPLE: toxic, poisonous
      Ethyl rubbing alcohol 70% : not good, might have toxic additives and 30% water might not burn well!
      Denatured alcohol: NO!! mostly have toxic additives

      You can burn salt directly without the alcohol, but can be tedious, and the salt could become a chemical compound with the material of the bowl/pan that you are burning.

      Using alcohol is quick and clean. Using earthenware or ceramic dishes might be better than using metal bowls when burning the salt with alcohol. Beware, not to use plastic dishes!!!

      Japanese Example: burning salt directly by pans without alcohol

       @@@ Hope this will help!!! Give it a try!

  43. Rodster says: posted a great article on “Global Warming and the Planetary Boundary”, except there was no mention of Geoengineering.

    On the website forum one of the comments was made regarding global dimming and the author Gail Tverberg acknowledged that it’s not something you want to have happen. And again, no mention of Geoengineering was mentioned and when I do it’s shrugged off as either impossible or a conspiracy theory.

  44. JF says:


    I have noticed recently that when I'm out in the sunlight, that the sunlight seems hotter that years before. Even on days where the temperature is in the 70's and 80's.

    Today its currently 84 degrees in my area of southern california (Riverside), but it feels much warmer. They have been spraying all day today again.

    Does this have anything to do with the ozone layer, or with what they are spraying?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JF, the intense UV (and the ozone layer destruction) has everything to do with climate engineering, FYI link attached.

    • Thunderhead says:

      I too have noticed this phenomenon. The sun feels noticeably hotter on the skin and it's rays seem brighter than ever. No doubt this, along with the aluminum in the aerosol spraying is what is wreaking havoc on the tress and all other vegetation that cannot escape the sun's unfiltered rays as a result of the damaged ozone layer.

    • Vanessa says:

      Is it possible that as these reflective particle fall to the earth and get down to our level that they cn reflect more sun at us?  Like when you are boating on the water?  I ask because I notice I get red easier this year… and in areas like under my chin it isn't white like it usually is when I get sun from walking around.

    • The Sun is horrible here on the Olympic Peninsula WA. It is a metallic fire-white that burns into your eyes – and I cannot even look at it for a minute. Also in the 80s here, hot, very unusual for the PNW. But the trees are not dying yet. A few birds have returned. I bless their songs. No visible spraying, but that milky glassy haze is everywhere. Have they learned to disperse the stuff without spraying? Or perhaps this is coming from what they did out over the ocean, over the coastal waters and now moving across and into me.

    • Drew says:

      The Earth's geomagnetic field is weakening also.   That may play a large part in this.   Skin cancer rates are soaring of course.  Be careful, this isn't your parents/grandparents sun.


  45. "Days of Revolt" / Apr 19, 2016
    With Earth Day just three days away, it’s fitting that this week’s episode of “Days of Revolt” focuses on the environment. In the interview below, Chris Hedges talks with filmmaker Josh Fox about his emotional new documentary, “How To Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change.” Although they discuss the bare numbers and legislative failures associated with rising temperatures, Fox also explains that “the point of the film was not to tell people what they already know, which is a lot of this, but then to say, ‘What do we do now?’ and ‘How do we move through this?’ ”  At a time when many are searching for answers in the face of devastating predictions about the planet, Fox has a surprisingly uplifting message. Another goal of the film, he notes, is to consider the “civic virtues” that emerge during tough times. “If we are going to look at a world which starts to spiral out of control in terms of the climate, we simply can’t have humanity spiral out of control along with it,” he says.
    Hedges observes the similarities between his own book, “Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt,” and Fox’s film, noting that both “empower the imagination.” While Fox acknowledges that his latest documentary doesn’t pull any punches, he says he intended it to remind viewers why the human species is “worth keeping on this planet.”
    Watch the full interview below:

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