How Do We Stop Climate Engineering? There Is Only One Way Forward


Dane Wigington

How do we stop the toxic aerosol spraying atrocities that are being carried out in skies all over the globe? What can we do to put an abrupt end to the weather/biological warfare assault? What is the "silver bullet" in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity? The simple answer is this, there is no silver bullet. 


Las Vegas, Nevada (3/15/16). Photo credit: Akos Angyal

For well over a decade I have been completely immersed in constant research and constant awareness raising efforts in the battle to expose geoengineering. During this long and arduous march countless individuals have confronted me in search of a simple cure. In search of a simple solution that will somehow suddenly put a stop to the spraying and put everything back in order, so that they can put this concern to rest and go back to their usual manner of life. No such solution exists. The sooner this fact is accepted the sooner we can move forward with the essential work that needs to be done. The point I have tried to press for so long is still the same, there is only one way forward in the fight to stop global geoengineering is this, achieving a critical mass of awareness on the issue (and the dire threat it poses)  amongst the general population. One cannot fight a battle without an army, the only way forward in the fight to halt global geoengineering is by creating and recruiting an army of the awakened.


Anti-geoengineering activists protesting in front of ABC affiliate, KRCR, due to their blackout of the climate engineering issue. 

Why is this the only way forward? Because the US government (and others around the globe) is corrupt beyond comprehension. Because power structure owned media corporations completely control the flow of information. Because the only chance we have of stopping the climate engineering insanity is from the inside out. The families of those directly participating in the climate engineering assault (military and private contractors) must be made aware of what their family members are a part of. We MUST have elements in the US military awakened and on our side or we have no chance. The families of all those that are indirectly facilitating the climate engineering assault in any capacity (which includes simply denying the reality itself) must also be made aware of what their family members are participating in. What is indirect involvement? Any professional in any position that in any way is impacted by, connected to, related to, or effected by geoengineering programs, but who is not disclosing what they know (or should know) in order to protect their paycheck and pension. The list of professionals in this latter category is unimaginably long. This list  would include (but is not be limited to) meteorologists, journalists,  academicians (in numerous categories of research), climate scientists, air and water testing agency personnel, physicians, pilots, related equipment and material suppliers, etc. Once their actions and involvement in the climate engineering assault (or in hiding it) are fully exposed to their families and friends, we have a real chance to halt the insanity. 


Anti-geoengineering activists raising awareness of this critical issue at a Global Climate Change March in Chico, California. continues to work constantly and tirelessly with a legal team that includes attorneys from the US and Canada. has also worked closely with individuals involved with the Rhode Island anti-geoengineering proposed legislation. Though we hope to have important announcements on our ongoing legal efforts very soon (perhaps even in the coming days), the primary purpose of the legal efforts must be understood by anti-geoengineering activists (and any others that are concerned about exposing and halting climate engineering), it is all about raising and reaching a critical mass of awareness. Any that decide they can now stand down from the battle because others are pushing ahead with legal and legislative actions are completely missing the point.  We MUST achieve a critical mass of awareness for all the reasons already cited and ALL OF US are needed in this effort.


Anti-geoengineering protesters in Bologna, Italy.

Though some are claiming (and others are choosing to believe) that magic legislation will make it all go away, this is not reality. Some claim that geoengineering is soon going to be legalized, again, there is no evidence to support such a claim. How can something be legalized that the power structure is making every imaginable effort to completely deny the existence of in the first place? All roads lead back to the essential goal of raising and reaching a critical mass of awareness by sharing credible information everywhere we can. Many have asked me after my presentations to just tell them how to stop geoengineering. My constant calls for the absolute necessity for all to participate in the effort to raise awareness are all too often not considered or not even heard due to the desire many understandably have for a simple and immediate solution to the problem. Without such a "silver bullet" solution, many have unfortunately made the decision to stay on the sidelines of the battle. How many desperately needed potential activists are sitting the bench and waiting until someone somewhere can give them the simple solution they are looking for? This must change if we are to have any chance of turning the tide of insanity. This message is a call to action for us all. This message is an attempt to make clear the following fact, though we do have the power (collectively) to stop the weather/biological warfare, there is not an easy or simple road forward. This message is an appeal to everyone that is truly committed to the greater good, please, help us to do what needs to be done in this most critical effort. We must all do everything we can to share credible information with every group, organization, and individual that would care if they only knew. The allies we have already gained in this fight (attorneys, former military personnel, former government scientists, an exploding number of gravely concerned activists/citizens, etc.) have all come from the ongoing effort to reach a critical mass of awareness. Again, we can't fight  this battle without an army of the awakened. Once we reach critical mass, and the geoengineering elephant of destruction in the room is fully visible to all, the rest of the wheels in the battle will turn on their own as all realize they are fighting for their lives. As those in the US military (and their families) realize they are being used against their own citizens, the paradigm can be shifted. Geoengineering Watch has provided a suggested introductory letter and links to assist activists with this effort. Of all the challenges faced by the human race and life on Earth, the global geoengineering assault is mathematically the most dire and immediate (short of nuclear cataclysm). We must win the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, or all is lost. We must win this battle or very soon nothing else will matter. Make your voice heard while there is yet time.We will sink or swim together, all are needed in the critical effort to sound the alarm. What will you do? As the coming collapse continues to accelerate, what will be your part in this all important battle to salvage what is yet left of Earth's life support systems? 

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  1. Jonas says:

    At this time of year(springtime) I used to be able to turn of my heating on sunny days(denmark/sweden). Now that is gone. You have to use your lights more often also, and nothing dries up completly due to the lack of direct sunlight. Not even in summer.

    Everything rotts more rapidly and I see new type of fungus.

    So it is not benificial to their belives of fossile fuel beeing the problem when we all have to use more energy. It is warfare, as always.




  2. Tza Australia says:

    its War on Humanity and Nature they are wiping the slate clean and they think they can start again with less of us since they have all this new technology now , robots anti graviti craft etc , they want our children too Say No to their Vax Thats the One Thing We Can All Do that will Make a Difference to their plans >>>>>>>>>>>>>——-> 

    • Kim Wilson says:

      so well put!…. a great summary of the "post-human"  madness designed in "bilking back better" amd "the geedy reset" 

    • Annette Amor says:






  3. Gertrude says:

    Geoengineering is completely legal. In the Netherlands last year the media constantly mentioned it. The firms that do the Geoengineering could be openly found on the internet some years ago. No secret, no hiding. Only the reason why they do Geoengineering is a complete lie. Said to protect us against the rays of the sun, that are ever becoming stronger, more fierce, saving us from Climate Change killing us, strange heatwaves in the Netherlands, whilst before there were cold periods in summer, that feel and smell like ionospheric heaters, or as if someone put on a cheap electrical heater, no cooling off at night, but around 4 o'clock at night heating up or possibly 5 G turned up, causing terrible headaches and shortness of oxygen witht the result of 400 plus dead in the elderlly group of over 80. A german pathologist found that 100 % of said to be Covid deaths did not die of Covid but of comorbidities and would have died within a year anyway. Covid said to be mild symptoms when there is no obesity, no Diabetes 2 and no shortness on nutrients and vitamins. In the USA a nurse claims that all patients that were put on a ventilator died. The hydroxycholoroquine research was done with mega doses that killed patients and completely fraudulent. In the Netherlands riot undercover police with caps but normal clothes come out of a policevan and start beating up people that are there to manifest against Covid measures but are doing absolutely nothing. After that real police with dogs appear.  Dutch policetrainers are trained in Israel, Krav Maga style, knee in neck method and apparently with gangs that remember me of Kristalnacht.  Worldpopulationreduction need has been advised and spoken about for decades and i always knew it would not be through natural deaths. Now that it is here i still feel shocked and horrified. When Covid started after Chemtrailing i could feel it burning in my lungs. So what were they spraying then. Is weather used to blackmail governments like the Dutch government i sometimes wonder. Or is lapboy PM Rutte who always frequented bilderberg enough or has he done something so terrible that he is liable to blackmail. It seems he is beyond shocked when some protesters touch a politician physically without being violent, but finds it normal that there is a secret police called Romeo, that is beating an elderly man's head to a pulp.

    • Robert Driscoll says:

      I live in Vancouver BC CA and its the same here. They are carpet bombing the sky and I have yet to read about what they are spraying. I know the narrative about reflecting the suns radiant energy but from what I understand their is metallic particulate that is falling to earth. Maybe its mass extermination before the system collapses and we end up canibals. I only became aware of the website after watching a YTV where these TV hosts made fun of / trivialized Dane and GeoEngineering. We have to get Extinction Rebellion active on this issue. Keep up the good work Dane and will donate when I can



  4. Gerda Hoogvorst says:

    Ook wij zien de chemtrials telkens weer het luchtruim besproeien.

    Ik wil ook dat het stopt. We worden met z'n allen van deze aardboden weggevaagd  op deze manier. Stop de waanzin !

  5. Dian Catherine says:

    Thank you Dane for your dedication and hard work daily to a massive issue facing everyone and everything!!  We all benefit from your work and sharing information and pictures so more human beings can be awakened to the dark and evil side of this ongoing atrocity!!

  6. Enrico D'Angelo says:

    There is not a day that goes by each morning and even evening cloudy or not – I seen many streaks in over our NY skies! I thank Dane and your great work! I have been getting te word out on Twitter and facebook and pushing the education- People have to knw the Truth. Keep up the Great work!

    • Marek Walcza says:

      I do the same everyday, will never stop  till Geoengineering is stopped !




    • Mary L Sprague says:

      Thank you Dane for your hard work and dedication to this issue. I live on the Connecticut shoreline. We are being sprayed heavily, every day, day & night. It is disgusting!! It has gotten to the point now where it is effecting my health,ie; eyes burning, nasal burning, consistant coughing respiratory issues, metallic smell and metallic taste in my mouth every day. Five people in my community have died from lung cancer in the last 12 months. There has to be something we can all do stop this. This has to be the worst assault on humanity ever! 

  7. Complicated horseperson says:

    Live near Ithaca, NY.  Hot, then humid rainy summer then cool, now early cold & snow – little weird. Some farmers just getting GMO? silage out of field for livestock. Again, today 1500 – 1630hrs,, had those jets(3+) go over dumping their chemical? loads -.numerous chemtrails & at least 3 "Xs"  around skies of property. Took pics, can't put on here at this time.

    Not being a "sheeple" about the cause, I have been putting Dane's word out via Craig's List / Community / General. Don't think they like me, pulling most my messages. Wonder if 2 events are related??  Like-minded people seem few and far.

    • Ty Morton, PE says:

      Please email a revised version of the the request below to your US congressional representatives websites.  They are required to provide their constituents with this information.  Your health and the health of your family may depend on it.  Planes should not be spraying over your home in secret.  Please send an email or text of this request to your friends and family.  The American people need information about these planes from their governmental officials and/or agencies.

      If there is no response from our US congressional representatives or federal agencies, we may need to make this a 2020 election issue and proceed with a massive march on Washington to meet with our elected representatives for answers to the questions below.  Our health and the health of our environment may depend it.


      From my telescope, I have noticed unmarked planes spraying from nozzles chemicals or some kind of particulants high in sky above my home.  The planes look like Air Force cargo planes with no insignias.  The particles leave a milky haze that eventually turn into clouds after about 24 – 36 hours.  I have been seeing these planes with plumes criss-crossing the sky spraying for about a year now.  Many mornings I wake up to a blue sky and then the planes come and fill the sky with vapors that completely cover the sky by late afternoon.  Questions:

      1. Why are these unmarked planes spraying high in the sky above my home?
      2. What are they spraying?
      3.  Are these particulants affecting my health and environment?
      4.  The particles coming from the plane nozzles are not condensing             vapors from their engine exhausts.  

      I am presently making inquiries to all pertinent federal agencies for information.  Concern about my health and environment as a result of the spraying by unmarked planes over my home in Metairie, LA. 

      Ty Morton, PE


    • kimmie wilson says:

      FOR ALL asking  about spraying from aircraft…there was a new release in mid to late 2022 that interviewed a South American county (I dont recall which) that was intensionally "seeding" from aircraft. It was a governments "department of agriculature" or other, to do wx modifiaction and to affect the rain/ crop growing ….It is NO secret that WX spraying happens…but how much it has been modified byuaing other chemical and methods , needs to be found in investigative news source…"Friends of Science" and "Global Research" (who just had an earthquake geo-engineering aritcle " 

  8. Milt Farrow says:

    Just sent a message to the president "thanking " him for supporting these rogue agencies that have destroyed 1/2 of  America as he is really doing his part on " Making America Great again" by seeing to it that the people wll borrow Trillions in rebuilding to Bolster a "Non- existent " military economy 

    • Frank says:

      Government is all theater to keep sheeples minds off of what’s really going on and what they are doing to us. Keeping us divided while importing totalitarians to riot and keep out attention elsewhere.  

  9. Heidi says:

    I see several problems with getting people's attention on this matter:

    The long-standing declaration of geoengineering as theoretical  at most and the  years-long, wide spread 'debunking' of the reality of 'chemtrails' makes many people insecure about even accepting the invitation to inform themselves, as they fear to be ridiculed as conspiracy folk..

    The next problem we have is the terrible economic insecurity which leaves most people in the US (and other countries) struggling to meet their needs.  They simply don't have time or the means or capabilities to inform themselves.  This economic struggle certainly makes it easier to continue 'small field tests'.  I assume that military folk is also affected by economic pressures as it is not very easy to find work, it may simply seem safest to stick to the position they have now.  The same applies to scientists and meteorologists – jobs don't come easy nowadays, even in these fields.  And if they speak out, one by one, they simply lose their job as well as any hopes to find new ones in the same field as they'll be shamed as 'coons'.

    On the other hand, I notice just how many 'normal' people (i.e., people I meet when I walk the dogs) know about the 'chemtrail issue'.  They just don't know what to do about it.  Of course, senators haven't responded once to my concerned messages.   So…. what else but talking about it can one really do?

    Dane, have you connected with Gov. Brown, CA about this?  I'd be curious to hear if he reacts if contacted or what he says about it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Heidi,I will start with your last question first, though I have not met with Gov. Brown, a close associate has. I have had a private meeting with Lt Gov Gavin Newsom (with his top aid) in Gavin’s office at the capitol. They all know about geoengineering, none have even a shred of courage or moral fortitude. In regard to those that are simply struggling to get by, I certainly understand in many cases this is true. However, there are huge segments of our society that are burdened due to their own gluttonous pursuit of material wealth (another part of the problem). Huge segments that have time and resources for every imaginable personal pursuit, but little to no time to even begin doing their part for the greater good. Not OK. In regard to the “chemtrails” issue, the term itself undermines the credibility of our critical cause. Sticking to the science terms leads people to science data (geoengineering, climate engineering, solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection, etc). In regard to how activists and individuals can help, you are correct, just talking about the issue is not enough. The attached link will provide much more input on how to help move the fight forward, this battle will require all of us, FYI

  10. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dennie, I LOVE YOUR POST !! I'm Posting it again; at least the part that tells it for what it really is !!!…. (yawwwwwn…) yet another false-flag fiasco front for the massive manipulation of masses managed by the controlled media in service of their Money-Masters of the Universe:  "War in Europe."  "Dollar melting." (really?).  Gyorgi Schwartz (George Soros to you) declaring in his column in the New York Review of Books just What Should Be Done in the "Eurozone…" as if HE alone actually KNOWS what's best for everyone over there.. and by what "power?"  His "superior" tribal genes–??? reeealllly????

  11. J. Murdoch says:

    I just got here.

    If you guys wanna reach a larger (and indeed, powerful) audience; perhaps the admins here might like to create an Avaaz petition on

    Petitions on Avaaz in the past that had been lucky enough to get big (in the millions of signers) have been presented to governments with lots of media attention; and *actual* resulting governmental change. Give it a shot?

    There are a few little petitions scattered here and there; but they're not coordinated with a larger supporting community; nor do they contain much *actual* information on the issue. This is the most concentrated area of information on the geoengineering issue I've seen – the admins here could easily get a popular petition going if you could coordinate your experience and knowledge into a single petition.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello J. Murdoch, your suggestion is valid of course, the circulation of a credibly written petition can only help. This being said, with my current work load of about 80 hours a week in this battle, I need all the help I can get. I will hope that some in the activist community will utilize the data from to formulate a petition as you have described.

  12. adam says:

    If I had ONE HUNDRED GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG BUMPER STICKERS, I could get half of them on cars, trucks and vans locally (and voluntarily) and within a week, I'm fairly sure I could get the rest passed out within two weeks.

    Does such an option exist? I know you don't SELL anything and I KNOW they cost money for good, durable stickers, but is that something I could donate towards fulfillment of at least 100? 

    Recognition is one great way to advertise and since there is no GW "commercial" advertising here in SW, Ohio, I would be honored to help with that endeavor for this area. Even if someone just sees your sticker on your car in a Walmart parking lot and just happens to look up and see the skyshit just like what's on the sticker, it would probably be a hard hitting message or if nothing else, it would plant a seed for the next time they DO see it up there

    • Hello Adam,
      I really like (and warm to) your idea (a lot!). Even though this is over two years later, did you happen to end up getting hold of stickers? If so, fantastic – and I'm keen to hear what your experience was (good, bad, useful, or whatever!) Also, if you did do the stickers thing, I'd like to learn from you (so I don't re-invent the wheel). 

      And if not, do you have an interest to do that now? If so, I'd love to join forces with you (somehow!) in getting this happening (you where you are, me where I am. And/but, if this isn't up your alley right now, no worries at all. [I understand there's a time for this, and a time for that.] 

      Rasili (South Australia)

  13. LS says:

    The Rolling Stone article from 2006 on the evil one behind geoengineering, was shocking. Where have we been? Everyone please read it.

    Susan,  thank you for your advice and for sharing about your mom. It is difficult to be psychic in such a crazy world. And yes, staying away from traditional medicine, bad food habits and drugs and alcohol has saved me so far, I am certain. 

  14. lodewijk den boer says:

    Dane, thank you so much for your relentless efforts. I live in a high flat in Holland with large windows through which I see the planes spraying almost every day, mostly starting at sunrise. Blue skies and a clear sun have become rare. I tried to speak to people and friends about it but I can see in their eyes that they consider this subject to be in the same category as aliens and ufo's. You talked about getting less and less result by your solar panels. Are there efforts to contact the solar panel industry, as they are being hurt by all this spraying. If we could mobilise this industry this could help greatly. gr Lodewijk

  15. Mike says:

    As Dane says over and over again, we MUST have the military on our side or it is hopeless to stop the spraying and destruction. Unfortunately, the pilots, ground crew and officers giving the orders are absolutely brain dead. There is massive information out there for them to know what they are doing. For them to not have any idea is beyond imagination. Those blindly following orders, from the top down, would most likely stick a gun in their mouths and pull the trigger if ordered to do so. The chances of them changing direction and disobeying orders is slim indeed!

  16. Known longtime says:

    Spraying heavily off the coast of New Jersey this morning.  can't even see the sun. I don't understand how people don't notice this. I am constantly talking to people about this horrible spraying. Where are the brave to fight to stop this ?

    • fran says:

      I see the Chem trails, in PA. They Hammer the sun rise, almost every day, it's piss me off, it is a shame, they get away with doing this! If my car, smoked liked those planes do, they put me in jail !

    • Scottie Denise Davis says:

      I can see from Boaz Alabama, they have been spraying heavily this morning!  As a school bus driver I go outside early in the morns… Today, when I walked outside at 5:30 AM the skies did not look 'right' at all, I noticed 'the clouds' were the strangest I've ever seen especially at this time of the morning – equally shaped, dense, small "clouds" literally in a perfect polka dot pattern all over the sky.  Then, 8:00 AM CST I counted at least 12 CHEMTRAILS plus saw two planes, one right after the other, making fresh trails.  God, help us!!!


  17. charles says:

    Geoengineering  article  from RollingStone 10 years ago….



  18. Hello Dane,

    Recently I joined Toastmasters International  for the express purpose  of becoming even more impactful  a speaker on subject of  "Halting Geoengineering" .  I have a history of being a public speaker( i.e.I have been a keynote speaker –for Citizens Commission on Human Rights events through out the years and also, as a professional actress , my work often entails speaking to various groups. ) I  determined last year that I cannot sit idly by and not get involved in this issue. I like you, agree that Geoengineering is the biggest threat facing our very existence, along side of Nuclear proliferation. 

     I  delivered my first talk at a local Toastmasters Club last month and chose as my topic.  "Geoengineering – Fact or Fantasy?"  I only had 5-7 minutes, but I backed up my statements with factual documents and source material.

    The results were inspiring to me—as easily 18 of the 25 plus people— in the room came up to me afterwards.  They said things like" I kinda had heard about "chemtrails " and such but I really didn't know –or "I was on the fence about it —but your talk really convinced me it IS real."  "I hope you give more talks about it ."

    I learned from YOU to be simple and factual —people respond to the truth and the facts when they are presented in a sane , rational and logical way .  It is too easy to "fly off topic " —because ( as you know —there is a lot to consider and digest re this subject ) but, I see MY mission as being one to try to keep my talks for targeted audiences who know NOTHING about Geoengineering   (i.e.  talk about the scientific factors needed to produce CONtrails vs the SRM trails. Proving these are NOT contrails in the sky we see! ).  It is the first gradient —an INTRODUCTION to the subject —and ,of course, I refer them to YOUR page to find out more!.

    I will continue on with these and see where can expand my speaking venues. And keep you posted.  The Members  were extremely  enthusiastic with their suggestions of other places to deliver this speech.  Many offered actual assistance in doing just that by posting the talk on YouTube, which I hope to do shortly. 

    There is a group here  LASKYWATCH but it is far from me—i Santa Monica. I am in Silverlake/Los Feliz district and it is on the other side of town.  I am looking to form a group here in the East side  to meet once a month , as they do.  I will contact them to see what is needed to start such a group.

    I think an additional strategy could also be to go to our district Neighborhood Councils and present them with a short talk about the subject—especially the environmental committees —and present propose to them "no fly zone" over the district.  I realize that should such motion pass, it  would be a "representational win ". To ACTUALLY have that be enforced would take a miracle ( dealing with the FAA , the Air Force, The US Gov't) but…moving forward on such a motion — might bring attention to the issue of Geoengineering.  And imagine if this "no fly zone " proposal was brought to all the hundreds of Neighborhood Councils across the City of Los Angeles coordinatedly .  How could that not make an impact?  

    In any case, thank you for all you do! Thank you for your passion, persistence and inspiration. Please know that in Los Angeles you are not alone.  Momentum IS building.  I, and more and more of my , once skeptical friends and family, regularly post pictures and discuss the subject on Facebook -where I often post your articles and videos. We are dedicated to get the word out and educate people to— Look Up. Stand Up. Speak Up.

    My best with admiration,


  19. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County  California  Spray Alert  !

    Man O Man  ,,,, the  Spraying in Jackson this morning  reminds me of  a war zone from Hell .


    2-23-2016  @ 011:30 hrs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    • Dennie says:

      "They" did cris-crosses, tic-tac-toe and loop-de-loops over the S.F. Bay Area today– Lattice-topped chem-trail pie!  As I told someone in the morning yesterday, a day of mostly clear blue skies (the chem crap never goes away, I'm always chewing the crap), just you wait, the streaks will be back by 5:00 in the afternoon.  Sure enough, that's about when the spraying got started up again yesterday.  Today we're back to the "white out" effect.  Heard we're going to get a low pressure system in here with possible rain this weekend.  Must be gearing up for this already.

  20. Nyira says:

    Sunday in Maine we had beautiful blue skies…   saw a few planes pass over with normal looking contrails that didn't linger.  I knew about the impending snowstorm coming and sure enough early afternoon they started leaving persistent lingering contrails non-stop that spread out which I assume were to intensify the storm.  It was so obvious that I cannot for the life of me understand why nobody else notices…  

    They must have been spraying all night because today I woke up to a completely aerosolized sky…  but there was a foul sulfur-like odor present everywhere.  Dane, what could that be???  Is there anyone out there testing the air?  Why can't they just leave us alone?!  

  21. Marc says:

    Current article on Huffington Post by some dufus "senior science editor" Jacqueline Howard, includes a transcription of an included video by James Hansen, leading "climate scientist". The headline reads: "World renowned climate scientist makes dire warning about sea level rise."  Subtitled: "Controversial research explains why increasing global temperatures could be more dangerous than we thought." What really gets my goat is this so-called "editor's" need to insert the word "controversial" in her headline. Really?? How f**king cheap and lame can you f**king get?? There is absolutely NOTHING controversial about warming and there is nothing controversial about the research which proves that the planet is warming. Period. End of stupid story. What I DO find most disturbing though, is in spite of all of his fancy scientific observations and conclusions, Dr. Hansen's well delivered thesis here (Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms) leaves out MASSIVE CLIMATE FORCING IN THE FORM OF GEOENGINEERING. He talks on and on about the "forcing" caused by humankind's activities and how this is bringing us to the precipice of a "point of no return" in the form of feedback loops but he skillfully, and obviously intentionally, refuses to acknowledge the influence of geoengineering upon our atmosphere that is occurring on a scale that can barely be comprehended by the average idiot on the street. Really, Dr. Hansen?? Are you really so cowardly?? You pontificate on and on, like a Guy McPherson, for example, about the dire straights we are in, yet all you can offer for a solution is a carbon tax concept to saddle oil companies with to allegedly promote the development of more green technologies? Really? What about someone of your sublime stature growing some testicles and calling for THE IMMEDIATE CESSATION OF ALL WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAMS?? What is it gonna take for someone, ANYONE, of any serious major public visibility to take a stand against this premeditated murder of Planet Earth? Shame on you Dr. Hansen for your cowardice in this matter.


  22. Michel B says:

    I waver between the guesses of "Geoengineering is a poorly managed response to keeping the business of carbon based industries going" to "Geoengineering is a deliberate tool of global warfare, genocide and ecocide to fulfill a Zionist New World Order Agenda 21 program."

    There is truth in both. What began as an attempt to control the weather and cause global cooling for only about 30 years is now not working at all, yet it is being increasingly deployed.

    Not only must they know this, but it seems it is wanted. What light is there at the end of a tunnel that comes out on a permanently ruined planet? Who would want to ruin a whole planet, a cosmic and rare miracle of existence? Could there be such a group? We would be naive to think it isn't so.

    • Marc says:

      Michel B, profound observations here. Indeed it seems totally beyond comprehension that any "conscious intelligence" would KNOWINGLY poison it's own planet or in otherwords, shit in their own messkit. Yet we find abundant evidence that this is undoubtedly happening. But we are still left with the "WHY" question, which is never answered with any finality. I'll wager that 99.99999999999999999999999% of all people on earth want to actually just live in harmony with one another and with the planet. It's the tiniest minority that has gained control of immense power and weaponry and are consequently intoxicated with what such superior capability affords them. But behind all that we find garden variety cowards, narcissistic morons and dumbed down order followers. Maybe one day we'll pull back the curtain on these wizards of Oz and kick their f**king asses all the way down Broadway.

    • Dennie says:

      While out surfing around the net looking for the Suzuki Association of the Americas in consideration of their teacher Certificate of Achievement, I found a very interesting company on the Jooglemap.  Droplet Measurement in Boulder, Colo. is SAA's next-door-neighbor: 

      Droplet Measurement won an Export-Import Bank of the U.S. a Small Business Exporter of the Year award.  With the massive ramping up of climate experimentation and weather warfare, it's very little wonder. 

      THIS is the kind of business we need to persuade or put the employees on notice that we out here do in fact know what's going on and "they" need to stop it.  Now. 

    • Michel B says:

      Dennie, we know who is privy to Droplet Measurement's findings – the Geoengineers, of course. That company will have plenty of work to do. I wonder if their findings can be made available to the public? They would be measuring everything we are concerned about. Just on the ozone, if their findings were to be made public, that might be instrumental in highlighting awareness in the destruction of the ozone layer by SRM/SAG.

      When local meteorology stations report on the strength of the UV index in the 'weather news', we are just told it is 'very high' or whatever by usually an early time in the morning and for most of the day, but we are not told that 'very high' means UVB is pouring down on us due to the deterioration of the ozone layer.

      Here in Queensland, with our beaches and outdoor lifestyle, skin cancer rates have been the highest in the world, especially with melanomas. When people remark on feeling the sun cooking them, they don't fully know they are being cooked.

      So, I would say let this company keep doing its work, but make public its findings. It can work for the public good, instead of just the geoengineers.

      re Marc, turning the tide against the decades of social engineering is our mission in order to turn the tide against the geoengineering.

  23. Belgian nuclear power plants evacuated” after terror attacks — Multiple reactor sites cleared “amid heightened fears of another attack” — Military and armed police on scene — Capitol on lockdown after dozens killed — “Dismembered bodies everywhere… It’s like the apocalypse”   / Reuters, Mar 22, 2016: Belgium’s Tihange nuclear power plant evacuated-VTM — Belgium’s Tihange nuclear power plant has been evacuated, public broadcaster VTM said without giving further details. Tihange could not immediately be reached for comment. “The police have evacuated the Tihange nuclear station,” VTM said, citing police sources.   / The Express, Mar 22, 2016: BREAKING: Belgian nuclear power plants evacuated after Brussels terror attack; TWO nuclear power plants in Belgium have been evacuated… The Tihange power plant… and the Doel power plant in Antwerp have been cleared amid heightened fears of another attack. Security has been stepped up at both Doel, which houses four reactors, and Tihange, which houses three. Armed police and the Belgian military have been on site since the weekend… Energy company Engie said all non-essential staff had been evacuated at the request of Belgian authorities… Belgian authorities are braced for a follow-up attack… French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared Europe was “at war”

    • BaneB says:

      For those with the historical memory, and to those who attended the recent Redding presentation, the road to hell on earth began with the 9-11 con job.  Given that assessment, the time line between that sad day of insider infamy, and today, all terrorist operations such as this latest in Belgium would require a modicum of suspicion as who and what is operating a global terrorist network.  The question at its most elementary has to be who and what benefits from a "Arab/ISIS" attack upon Europe.  What is the CRUX (crucifiX) of this operation? Israel has to be a beneficiary.  The NWO is a beneficiary.  The US and European, and global police/surveillance state is benefiting via expansion of police state powers, and enormous expansion of budgets.  Many corporations involved in war, prisons, surveillance, and so-called security, are raking in the looted national treasury.  The non-beneficiaries seem to be the Muslims and various Arab nations and enemies of Israel.  One need only to read the PNAC document to understand how and why this situation is in play.  What seems to have occurred, and it is astounding in its import, is Israel and her agents have transferred her terrorist issues onto the US, Europe, and global locales.  We are witness to a planned, organized, and operational terrorist assault that is, IMHO, not what is advertised by the mainstream government media.  Israel knows the demographics and without this projection her survival as a nation would be impossible in the near long term.  It can be said, IMHO, that this is a part of a number of issues, such as geoengineering, Fukashima radiation et al, environmental meltdowns, and police state ascendency, converging into a single hydra.  I see our recourse as that whereby one strivies for conscious understanding of the whys and wherefores which can provide a sound foundation for physical and psychological sustenance during this time of troubles.

    • Dennie says:

      …. (yawwwwwn…) yet another false-flag fiasco front for the massive manipulation of masses managed by the controlled media in service of their Money-Masters of the Universe:  "War in Europe."  "Dollar melting." (really?).  Gyorgi Schwartz (George Soros to you) declaring in his column in the New York Review of Books just What Should Be Done in the "Eurozone…" as if HE alone actually KNOWS what's best for everyone over there.. and by what "power?"  His "superior" tribal genes–??? reeealllly????

      Falling asleep, then waking up once again to defiled skies caused by Mad Scientist "Masters of the Universe" and their robotically-controlled humanoids, a.k.a. The Military (no, NOT MY brothers and sisters!). 

      What EVER changes???? and QUI BONO–????  NOT the kiddies flyin' their Lords and Masters' planes. 

      I'm spending most of my time praying.  Nothin' much else to do.

    • Susan says:

      Hello Dane and everyone out there, Susan from the western slope of northern California writing today. I would like to know if ANYONE can tell me the locations where the aircraft loaded with this spray originates. From where do they take off and land? Seems right that the location of these places should be revealed to all. Susan

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, the aircraft being used in the ongoing aerosol operations are flying out of countless locations all over the globe. We have too many reports of tanker fleets coming and going on a daily basis from too many locations to cover in this  comment. This being said, any individuals in a location where further observations can be contributed are needed to do so.

  24. Keep an eye out for severe climate manipulation stop weatherwarfare.Keep watch on pacific storms.

  25. a simple horseman says:

    In remembrance of…. Our "Dark" blue skies…  On a sunny day…

    I have a hard time realizing that "my" generation has long forgotten our beautiful dark blue skies. Maybe I'm bias, blue has always been a sensitive color to me. !Maybe!, I'm acutely observant to the man made filtration to the biosphere from "our" Sun. Good and bad there… "I" say, let'er Buck! I have great faith in our Mother. Our father, the Sun, will have the final word. Our "defense systems" as a habitual planet are more than compromised, they're in shreds! Be a part of the change, shop wisely, lay your money down wisely. "Remove Ego". "WE" will not survive if you do not.

    "For the good of all"…. Keep it close to your heart, share widely…..

    I speak this every day, to everyone, regardless, "we" have no choice.

  26. Fried Sky: Okanogan, WA
    These photos were taken by ‘a simple horseman’ here on Dane’s website He lives near Okanogan in north Washington State on the Canadian border… He is in a Growler electronic warfare zone, like me, but these are worse than anything I have seen here on the Olympic Peninsula.

    • BaneB says:

      YIKES!!  Anyone who would suggest these two mind-binders depict natural cloud cover would have to be lying to themselves.  Great capture!!  I have placed these into my photo collection.  And plan to disseminate them far and wide.  Thanks for both of you sharing these calamitous images.

    • a simple horserman says:

      BaneB, You are a great contributor to this comment column. I thank you for your elaboration. Please know, any and all are welcome to distribute my 2 pictures. I hope they get around and wake folks up. As always, there is a "background" story. If I get any more feed back, I will write, "the rest of the story".

      Susan, you are an enduring and kind soul, thank you!

  27. leonard says:

    The Oligarchs are trying to turn the entire world into a complete soup of chaos, poverty, and misery, so the American people won’t have a chance to stop their scam of lending money, which they merely create out of thin air, to governments around the world, thereby completely controlling those governments. Governments should not borrow the money the Oligarchs create, but should create their own money, preferably gold and silver coins.

    • Dennie says:

      Gold and Silver coins, precious metals, oil… you name it.  We've been there and done that already, REMEMBER???  I'll spell it out now:  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY RUN OUT???

  28. robert says:

    If people doubt the "government" would do such a thing…I refer them to a book called "Clouds of Secrecy" by Leonard A. Cole….information that came out in the seventies in Senate hearing….

    Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas…

  29. horsegirl says:

    We are coughing something fierce as a storm is being generated along with manipulation of the ionosphere overhead which always results in violent suction some would mistake for natural wind.

    Very depressed.  Buried our dog whose corpse was found alongside the highway after a series of gate-tamperings (by an ambulant pile of dung in human disguise) led to ultimate escape from our fenced 1/2 acre.  Had wondered where Betty Boop was – if she was dead or alive or someone's captive – since her disappearance March 17.  But it's more than her.  I'm not quite 60 and most of the people I grew up close to are dead.  A phenomenal number of friends, family and animals too have died, most far before their time.  Cancer here, heart attack there, but mostly absurd cancers in formerly healthy, active people.  When my Mom – 39 years my senior – was my age she scarcely ever attended a funeral although she had a huge social constellation.  Back then people didn't know what cancer was.  The only deaths were car crashes, mostly.  Anyway hubby and I are so depressed today.  That miserable noodling bassoon line in the symphony – the harbinger of untimely death – just throws us down.  Granted Betty Boop's death was unrelated to geoengineering as far as we know, but the plethora of friends who met early demise can't be explained otherwise.

    I want to give the clergy a swift one in the collective behind.  For Dane says they refuse to pay attention.  This would be an insanely laughable version of Saturday Night Live if it weren't utterly tragic, treacherous and seething with betrayal.  These jokers!  The supposedly Heven-entrusted class of our society are all too good, importante or ???? to look up, are they?  No sign in Heaven for us, move along, would they say?  Anyone else see the irony?  Of all the people.  You can speculate all day long about motives, but the material fact is we are having Heaven rain poison on us.  And they think this is irrelevant, do the clergy?  They all must officiate several funerals a week, and they're uninterested in why the sharp uptick of death?  They are the paid whores of somebody beside their Maker, those who can't be bothered to deal with our omnicide.  I hope some of you clergy are reading this.  I write to sting.  May this catch in your Babylon-fornicated craw and give you fits, you clergy who are silent on geoengnieering.  Quit your spook-sponsored pretense of religious posture and do something already, will you?  The church could be a bastion of support for society on this issue, but thanks to your fraudulence and whoredom we all die while you enrich yourself officiating eveyone's burial.

    end rant…  for now….

    • Marc says:

      Horsegirl, muchos gracias for your observations but I am so sorry about your dog-friend. So very sad. I'm a cat owner but have many close canine friends who are very special to me. Meanwhile, the silence from "organized religion" would be deafening if it weren't for the tinnitus induced by the matrix of our so-called modern way of life. Would churches dare threaten their beloved "tax-exempt" and "non-profit" status by rocking the boat too much? Same with all these so-called "environmental groups". While it can be argued that some are doing good work on behalf of the planet, they wouldn't dare threaten their not-for-profit status. But I reckon it really goes beyond even this. But a day will arrive when this reluctance to dive into the geoengineering "debate" will seem like a distant memory. That day can't come soon enough.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Horsegirl,  Well said.  Someone also said,  'the truth will out in the end.'  So now we have it.   Larry

    • Dennie says:

      Hello Horsegirl:  I'm deeply saddened and very sorry to hear about your poor dog– what a shock.  My elderly "retired ratter" just went through a big dental procedure last week and I spent four hours yesterday cancelling my own "Obama-care" dental part of my insurance so as to be able to afford a 100% coverage pet insurance plan, so that my only remaining family member may spend her final years in comfort, every expense paid.  I have buried every single one of my other (46-chromosomed) immediate family members, starting with my only sister in 1979, a completely avoidable senseless death-by-auto… then saw Big Pharma/doctor-induced-death-by-H.R.T. (mother; part of the Genocide of women) and congestive heart failure caused by B.P.-control meds (father).

      It's terrible here in the S.F. Bay Area all the time and gets worse around storms.  Susan Ferguson's posted pictures from our brother, Simple Horseman, are really a shock– I've never seen a HAARP ring in the sky but that one's a real dooozer!

      YES, the clergy is essentially NOT dealing with the totality of the reality of climate change.  The Vatican did come out with a commemorative coin in 1985 that clearly shows a jet laying a fat streak of a "four-laner" across the top of the world– THEY manage to be right in-your-face with it– sick Luciferian fothermuckerz!!!

  30. Dave says:

    Watched the late night local weather report for West Michigan after a day long campaign 5,6 poison planes at a time till the sick silvery canopy of crud covered the sky. His report showed the moon with the halo around it and said this was the result of cirrus ice crystals that would indicate a storm coming in later on as the native americans knew this would happen. That was it!. First delibertly deceiving the audience and then bringing in innocent Indian folklore to cover his butt. I hope his ears are still burning from my e-mail response.

  31. Phil says:

    We had three days in a row here in Maryland where they did not spray and the skies were blue with real puffy clouds.  I knew it was too good to be true.  The spraying started back up today and the entire sky turned silvery white.  The sun actually feels much hotter on the spray days (which make up about 80 to 90% of all days here) than it does on the non-spray days, so the idea that these programs can be considered "solar radiation management" is absolutely asinine.  It is obvious that geoengineering is doing the exact opposite of what their intended goal is said to be (though I think there are much more sinister agendas behind these programs than just solar radiation management and weather modification).  I am starting to wake more and more people up to this issue every day and referring them to this site.  God help us all!!!!

    • Donna says:

      Phil, I agree that it feels hotter on spray days. In AZ on March 17 & 18 no spray, weather felt normal. Last few days, lot's of spray and it does feel hotter. Yesterday, along with mass spraying, they gave us some wind to kick up the aluminum dust that has been settling. 

  32. Rob in OC says:

    Hello everyone!

    In addition to, please subscribe to the channel 1PacificRedwood.  This guy does an incredible job of breaking down and analyzing the continued weather warfare!

    Here is his latest video:

    • Rob in OC says:

      More smoking gun proof of the spraying for the deniers!

      This video shows the spray coming from the tip of just ONE of the wings!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Rob@OC….  Haha, good one!-:))). This aircraft has four engines.  It this single line was being emitted from only one, that would imply the other three are not functioning.  But the single spray trail is coming off of the wing tip area and not from the engine.  Another piece of proof for the three monkeys of the deaf, dumb and blind.  Thanks for the link.

  33. juan Sequoia says:

    I have been watching the videos in 1pacificredwood for over a month and I have noticed that it seems like they are also droughting out Hawaii. All of the storms are also sprayed away to keep Hawaii and California high and dry. If anyone who lives in Hawaii or visits there a lot. please tell ou if this is true.

    The good news that it seems like more and more people are starting to notice that things are not right about what is happening in our skies. When I point it out what these psycopath pilots are doing and they see it with their own eyes I have bben able to share this website and 1pacificredwood to them.

    Here in northwest Baja California the skies are a disgusting silvery  blue and some planes are spraying here originating from the USSA and crossing over the border.

    Thanks for all of the great work Dane and the other readers giving out great information so together we can all work to stop this assault on us and the earth.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, 1pacificredwood (UTube) is one iof my daily visitations.  And what you observe is what is on my mind, too.  Is Hawaii being assaulted by the weather warriors.  The host meteorologist used the term or phrase "to protect Hawaii."  This has me puzzled.  He has used this language several times over the past few days.  Protecting or assaulting?  If it is " protecting" then this suggests these storms if coupled up could become very powerful.  He also uses "hurricane force" frequently to describe some of the storms.  He points out where the transmitters are placing high pressure.  I am up in Northern California and we have been receiving a lot of rain up until a few hours ago.  The jet stream is going over top California, including the southern part where LA is located.  This ought to bring rain to that area but for the high pressure being held there  in conjunction with the heavy Chemtrailing noted.

  34. jim stewart says:

    State secrets are signed agreements. Those who break them have often paid dearly, while others are given immunity. But then, Aristotle says, 'for there really is, as every one to some extent divines, a natural justice and injustice that is binding on all men, even on those who have no association or covenant with each other. It is this that Sophocles' Antigone clearly means when she says that the burial of Polyneices was a just act in spite of the prohibition: she means that it was just by nature.' __Rhetoric, Bk 1, Ch. 13.

  35. Cindy says:

    I encountered a Southern Ca Gas man today who said the weird weather we are having must be all part of the natural climate change. I then said to him it's actually "unnatural" weather modification from our friendly government and encouraged him to read about it for himself and pay attention to the planes leaving those long lines in the sky. I almost feel like I'm crazy telling people about it even though I see it with my own eyes. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cindy, I would recomend keeping some credible informational flyers handy, this is a much more effective way to plant the seed than anything we can pass on with verbal communications alone. Flyers can be downloaded for free from and then printed locally, a copy shop can give the best rates of you print larger amounts.

  36. jim stewart says:

    Consider the following dilemma: the syndicate that profits by deception does so via lying by omission, since it is difficult to 'see' what is hidden. However, in cases where the wrongdoing is in the 'open,' the matter is different. For instance, Aristotle has noted that 'Public and open injuries are the easiest to do, because nobody could at all suppose them possible, and therefore no precautions are taken. The same is true of crimes so great and terrible that no man living could be suspected of them: here too no precautions are taken.' So then, how can we 'suppose' crimes of this nature to be possible? Aristotle would note once more 'that people think they can themselves most easily do wrong to others without being punished for it if they possess eloquence, or practical ability, or much legal experience, or a large body of friends, or a great deal of money. Their confidence is greatest if they personally possess the advantages mentioned: but even without them they are satisfied if they have friends or supporters or partners who do possess them: they can both commit their crimes and escape being found out and punished for committing them.' Now, suppose that a significant 'class' of persons on the 'inside' of this syndicate were to fear these crimes so great and terrible as to threaten the very breath of life on the globe? Still, the question remains: what sorts of 'qualities' must such persons on the inside of this syndicate possess to quell the threat, given the lengths to which this syndicate has gone to empower itself over time? Indeed, there is no 'magic bullet,' but there is virtue that strengthens at the wound. And there is the reckoning of that American revolutionary, Ethan Allen, who wrote: 'That law alone, which is engraven on our hearts by the hand of the creator, is unchangeable and universal and eternal obligation. The law, Cicero says, is not a human invention, oor an arbitrary political institution, it is in its nature eternal and of universal obligation.' Indeed, did not Livy and Shakespeare tell of that consummate insider, Lucius Junius Brutus, who was perceived to be a dullard, but cunningly would draw the knife from Lucretia's corpse? For is not the Rape of Lucretia as the Rape of Nature now? And who will grieve her mortal wound, if not those who are decent?

  37. Rose Jenkins says:

    How about starting a fund to purchase an independent news channel? I've mentioned this to other groups, individuals for a while, but so far, nothing except more internet awareness. I'm talking about a Must Carry cable network capable of airing many of these kinds of things, as well as some of the other alternative sources for the strange-but-true things. Without commercials. Tough, but I think it can be done.

    • Larry S. says:

      Independent real honest news would be great ! It would also be a target for a false flag terror attack .

  38. Regarding Susan Ferguson's mention early in this thread of fly ash, its production and use in making concrete and local odors of it smelled over a wide area, I believe I read some years ago, probably on this most excellent GW site, that fly ash is actually one of the contaminants being used in the spraying. As a toxic by-product of the burning of coal, isn't it lovely that our government has found a handy way to recycle it through the bodies of every living thing on Earth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Barry Eisenberg,  Yes.  Dr. Herndon proved via a double blind peer reviewed test that indeed coal fly ash is being dropped on us, as he says the fingerprint of this leachate is aluminum, barium and strontium.  Furthermore, this stuff is considered more radioactive than nuclear waste.  And there is so much of it and how to contain it?  So, dispersed all over this country and who knows where else.  His paper on this can be found in a sidebar here.  Just more proof that TPTB just do not care at all.  And, to my mind, this could be The way to win a legal dispute as the laws that allow them to experiment in the skies specify NOT if it will cause physical harm to citizens.  No way can they claim this stuff is not harmful, if deadly.

  39. Dana MacCuish says:

    Dear Divine Deities of ALL Belief Systems,

    My friend Dane has issued a sincere heartfelt plea.  This is necessary.  All who post here and many others Worldwide echo and share his compassion and love for this planet and future generations.  Please accept these words and thoughts and Create an Undeniable Event to intervene and awake those that slumber.  Necessitas vincit legem; legum vincula irridet.  Thank You.

  40. Philip Weisbecker says:

    Dane, I could not agree more with the conclusions you have been forced to come to after so many years of being awake. As a Hydrological Science Major from UCSB; I have been watching Geoengineering occuring in San Diego since 2001. The only positive I can add is at least as they increase the spraying to such a ridiculous rate, many of my friends are finally being forced to take me seriously and open a debate although massively slanted in the "conspiracy" realm. They are all smart people and they are finally beginning to believe. I tell them all, even if you do not believe you better educate your children to make up their own minds!




  41. Kathy Burns says:



    Your dvd presentation and flyer is in the hands of a life long retired pilot who has generations of pilots in his family currently "involved"


    I am letting you know so you  and others are encouraged by the  immense efforts on all accounts. Reaching the critical mass can seem impossible to us but really as we each continue to pass on this credible data we never know who has these contacts. It is the only way forward as Dane says and what keeps me going. The flyers and dvd, cards etc…the best tools we have to personally put into their hands especially as I have come across a few who are afraid to search on the internet.

    • Good for you, Kathy! Pilots have GOT to be a vital key in cracking open the heavy gates of professional silence surrounding the SAG/SRM aerosols hidden-in-plane-sight agenda. I pray the pilot will look carefully at the evidence, and then ACT. And, if he wants a short break from all the scientific evidence…..perhaps you could try this little made-to-order song on him…. Keep on keeping on, sister, God bless you!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Kathy Burns, This is great to know and I hope you'll let us know how this turns out.  And it is true that many will not search on the net.  In fact no one I know will go to this site.  That aggravates me to no end.  But it is what it is.

  42. Marc says:

    Yesterday the cowards and psychof**ks were hard at work in skies over St. Louis. Relatively short trails all day, no horizon to horizon. Several times during the day I counted up to four or five spraying all different directions, looking for all the world to be a band of idiots up there. This went on ALL day. I'm gonna guess that maybe a hundred or more sorties were flown just over the St. Louis area yesterday. If we extrapolate, how many such death-dealing flights were flown yesterday over the WHOLE country?? A thousand? Or…..thousands? This is a big country and if reports coming in to GW are any indication, the numbers of flights nationwide can barely be comprehended. Such an effort requires a gargantuan ganglia of support personnel, all mindlessly toiling away at suiciding themselves in a gleeful aerosol cloud of forgetfulness. And yet, we find NARY A SINGLE WHISTLEBLOWER??  Yeah, a very small number have emerged but usually under cover of anonymity, and rightly so, given the dangers involved. As Dane says, sooner or later the dam is gonna bust wide open on this intransigent agenda but until then I wholeheartedly agree we have no choice but to detox, EXPOSE and ultimately depose the entire network of arrogant losers who are so blindly goose-stepping to the will of the blind eye at the top of this pyramid of death.

    • marc says:

      Having said that, I must add that our absolute best case scenario is to convince military personnel, their families, and any and all support personnel and THEIR friends and families to wake the f##k up and quit participating in this vile and deadly scheme. Is this too farfetched to accomplish?

    • SortingHat says:

      That must be why I hear these *boom* noises just before rain systems come in at night.

  43. Ron Marr says:

    It is amazing how we mistaken intelligent people for the awakened. They look like us, have emotions like us, talk sincerely and seem knowledgeable about local issues (which Iam not). When I approached this popular person having somewhat of a pillar in the local community or podium… about geo-engineering, She didn't skip a beat, She said,"Oh, we don't do politics. You'll have to take it to 'Save the Bay'." This was after I explained Rhode Island being the first and only state to bring legislation against Geo-engineering, so far. That we are all responsible for the planet and humanity. I could have waved my hand in front of her face. People get trapped in a lead roll in a cage and give up their walk-on roll in the war. Great lyrics, sad truth.

    • Since when is being able to breathe properly “politics”? The instant, dismissive compartmentalization of the brainwashed bureaucratic mind towards anything outside his or her particular box is a terror to witness.
      Maybe when she is coughing her guts out on a super-spray day, she’ll redefine “politics”. In the meantime, shine on you crazy diamond, be strengthened, never surrender!

    • jefe says:

      Ron–  I call them "empty people".  My landlady is like this, there is NO reading material (other than work stuff) to be found in her house.  There have been news stories about how many people finish school and never read another book.  When I told her that Sandy Hook never happened, she looked ready to plunge a knife into me.  Chemtrails, she never heard of.  Even my recentest sweetheart never heard of them, before I told her.

  44. TrudyB1929 says:

    Contributors all please look to combining and using each of these natural detoxifying cleansers on a daily usage program. Google their invaluable life support to the human vessel  at the cellular level:  Moringa; chlorella; maca [peruvian origin 3 types, plain and gelantinized]; spirulina ; cacao [raw]; wheatgrass; camu camu ; acai [palm tree fruit]. Purchase/use only certified Organic products with unsweetened organic juices like apple, cranberry, pomegranete, RO [reverse osmosis] water or water imported from Iceland (the best  available in the world today).  Use no sodas or flavored waters ever!   Another life saving drink is the very useful and well known ACV/baking soda/Manuka honey recipie 1=2=3xday  your choice. A personal  program like 3 weeks on, one off may be implemented if desired, or longer term >>>>note your body response and act  accordingly.  Your survival is your purpose.  When geoengineering is taking place, stay inside preferably, but purchase and have on hand face mask protection masks N95 and/ or N100 [reuseables] or other protective available headgear if you must go outside.  Carry in you car!

  45. Yar Swerc says:

    Boiling frogs, focused on catching their next bug and oblivious to all else. 

    • Yar, who can resist a setup line like that?
      Don’t Let Them Boil That Frog!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yar and Steve, I decided to hit this link by way of waking up this morning.  Hysterical!  Thank you!  Kinda like Queen plus acid.  For God's sake, don't let them boil that frog!  Indeed, who could resist a set up like that; well played Yar!

      Got up before dawn.  As usual these days, dawn comes in full circle pink.  Already feels as if it might get warm.  Yesterday was unexpectedly chilly.  We did get more rain just prior than was said to be.  And, it may be our last.  And, it actually smelled good, you know, like it used to.  And the sky yesterday was the most beautiful deep blue with big white fluffy clouds that even looked real.  But when I found the sun, it was very nearly lost behind a massive cloud, and then I saw some chemtrails in the west.  Dang.  Like a bit of graffiti damaging an otherwise perfect sky.

  46. JohnC says:

    I am living in the Netherlands and also there we have chemtrails … To indicate the scale at which the cabal work.  I have forwarded your articles to various political parties in the Netherlands with the question to respond, which they did not do yet.  With more and more rumours there comes a time that politicians can not run away any more claiming they did not know …  Most important is that we keep pushing them.  We have to.  It is our childrens future …. (and theirs also … as I have told them).

    • SortingHat says:

      It seems reports from all over the world minus China and Russia have these chemtrail reports.

      I wish there was a Reedit map of *Where Are They Spraying Today?" to showcase all the reports of counties that have intense solar dimming to put it more professionally.

      Kinda like the "Here's How Much Snow It Takes To Close US Schools" map


  47. Margaret says:

    While believing that climate engineering with its toxic chemicals is real and a threat to all life forms, I also wonder what would happen if it stopped today.  Does anyone have any idea what would happen?  Does anyone have any idea what actions would be needed to return the Earth's weather patterns to what might be called normal? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Margaret, the attached link should answere some of your questions.

    • sonja says:

      Just stopping this madness is enough! Mother Earth will do what' she's been doing forever………………..

    • Margaret says:

      Dane, thank you for the link.  After reading the article, it is no wonder that virtually no one in a government position will acknowledge this.  It is like someone put a programmed robot in charge that just keeps pushing the same buttons even the buttons are not working. 


  48. Tag says:

    Hi Dane.  Could you help me understand?  I live in NW Ohio and for the last 5 days our weather has been beautiful.  A FIRST in many months.  It has been colder than normal but have had deep blue skies, fluffy normal looking clouds and not a trail in the sky.  Certainly NOT the usual here.  Today in the late PM the trails started with a vengeance.  Could the lack of spraying have something to do with the n'easter that I guess didn't happen on the east coast?  I was almost ready to believe they gave up this crap and decided to let us enjoy what should be. 

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi Tag ….I to have had zero spraying and deep blue skies and fluffy white clouds ……….but today their back …
      Southern Ontario.

    • Las Vegan says:

      Tag, what you describe is part of their pattern.  Either they need the planes elsewhere to spray, or they want to allow people a slight recovery (with the body beginning a natural cleansing process) only to dump a large quantity to sicken as many as possible.  I liken the effect to someone who quits any kind drug (legal or otherwise); the body begins to detoxify; and then when the person begins drugs again, the "high" is more pronounced.  Perhaps the same "effect" is desired here with the "high" being substituted for vastly more "sick."   Make no mistake:  these are completely selfish, razor-sharp perverted minds behind these programs. 

  49. jeff says:

    Just though I would add that I have been getting some relief from the sore throat issues,by taking Bee Propolus,and Chlorella,and Colloidal Silver. Its all natural,and for me,helpful. 

    • BaneB says:

      You might consider fracking activities near you.  Given the number of toxic chemicals pressure pumped into these injections wells, and into your ground water supplies, this could be what you experienced.  I was very surprised at how many wells are dotted about in your state.  There seems to be a cavalier attitude among regulators.  Anything goes.  Look up, look down, look all around……


    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi Jeff ….keep taking the Colloidal Silver ……it will kill all micro bugs.

  50. Sue says:

    Last week (3/17) in Englewood, CO (just south of Denver)  my Daughter called and asked me to go outside to smell what was out there.  I did and it was extremely strong, of tar and ammonia it seemed to me.  I called several friends in the area, they all smelled it.. about a 10 mile radius.  It gave me a headache and burned my nose while outside.  I called the non emergency number for police dept and asked if anyone else had reported this.. they said yes about 50 calls so far and they did not know what it was, they thought it might be related to the 'storm that was moving in'.  My thought is they were spraying above and caught a vortex or flew too low with their horrid chemicals.  Within a 1/2 hour the smell was gone outside, but I was quite clogged up the next day with sore throat and continued headache.  Either a 'mistake' or a 'test' is my best bet.

    • Hi Sue — I lived in Cherry Hills CO 1998-2000, so I became curious regarding your report of a smell "extremely strong, of tar and ammonia" with 50 calls to emergency. As I remember the air around there is generally pure, well, pre-year 2000. So I looked up "tar and ammonia smell" and found this PDF which point to FLY ASH:

      Removing Ammonia from Fly Ash
      J. Bittner, S. Gasiorowski, and F. Hrach
      Separation Technologies Incorporated, 10 Kearney Rd. Needham, Massachusetts /Tel: (781) 455-6600 Fax: (781) 455-6518 E-mail:
      Ammonia Contaminated Fly Ash
      The supply of fly ash available for use as a pozzolan in concrete may be severely impacted by the effects of air quality regulations on utility plant operations. Specifically, mandated reductions in NOx , particulate, and SO containing aerosol emission levels are expected to require the installation of control systems which may use ammonia as a reagent. Depending on the level of ammonia present in the flue gas at the unit precipitators, the collected fly ash may be heavily contaminated with ammonia primarily as ammonium sulfate salts… For NOx control, the flue gas ammonia level will be set by the amount of ammonia “slip”, i.e. unreacted ammonia present after the SCR or
      SNCR unit. For precipitator enhancement to reduce particulate or SO aerosol emissions, ammonia is injected into the flue gas prior to the precipitators and will be deposited on the fly ash. The degree to which this occurs is dependent on the SO content, fly ash sulfur content, alkalinity of the fly ash, the ammonia concentration, and ash loading in the flue gas. The use of fly ash in concrete requires that the fly ash have specific physical and chemical properties… The pozzolanic properties [a pozzolan is a siliceous or siliceous and aluminous material which, in itself, possesses little or no cementitious value but which will, in finely divided form and in the presence of water, react chemically with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form compounds possessing cementitious properties] of the ash are activated in the concrete by the generation of highly alkaline free lime from hydration of the cement. When fly ash contains ammonia, this ammonia is liberated as a gas by the action of the highly
      alkaline solution of the concrete. The alkalinity shifts the equilibrium of ammonium ion in solution to molecular ammonia according to the following equation:  … The dissolved molecular ammonia is easily released from solution as free ammonia gas.  …The finished properties of the concrete are not adversely affected when using ammonia contaminated fly ash, but the odor is unacceptable, particularly if the concrete is used in underground or enclosed spaces. Depending on the specifics of the location, including the amount of fresh air circulation, ammonia odor was found not to be objectionable when using fly ashes containing 100 to 200 mg NH3 / kg (part per million by weight, or ppm). In order to assure that no problems are encountered, the ammonia content of fly ash should be no greater than 100 ppm.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Please tell me that not all cement contains coal fly ash!  As I recall from my childhood, there was none in the cement we made.  To the best of my knowledge then.  So, I wonder, is this even necessary or just another way to dispose of coal fly ash?

  51. jeff says:

    I can relate to the comments about the sore throat and sinus problems,I have been experiencing them for the last 3 days,after a heavy dumping from the criminals. I have had a bad sinus,and congestion flue twice this year already,both right after heavy dump days. Almost every where I travel and work here in Idaho,I watch the sky,and we are under a constant attack.

    To Susan Ferguson,thank you for all the great information. I do believe that those involved in supporting and carrying out action in  the geoengineering programs are like the majority of people. We are programmed from birth,to submit and accept authority. In the case of military this  programming is looked on by society as being honorable,and respected. Most enlisted man or woman have intentions of protecting there family,and friends,but fail to look at the fact that they are being used for the opposite. The powers that are have no way or power to carry out there dark agenda's with out the compliance from order followers. Dane is dead on with the need to wake the order followers up. With the ones I no and have confronted that's going to be the hardest ones to reach. personally I tell them that they took an oath to protect the people,and they should give lots of thought to the orders,and actions they are taking,and to ask themselves,"do they really respect themselves for what they do"?

    Thank you Dane,and every one willing to take action,I the awakening spreads faster,and faster.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Jeff,  They have to feed their families. Larry

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jeff, I for one, was not born to submit.  I was a rebel from the get go.  I've never been any good at submitting to authority or honoring those who do.  I don't believe the majority of society view the military as honorable and respectable, certainly not the people I know.  But, in the case of Viet Nam, there was a draft and those guys were treated so badly by the military, the public as well as the VA that some of society felt a kind of guilt over that.  I do not believe that most who voluntarily join the service do it to protect anything but their own future.  I am not saying all are like this, but most.  It is a paycheck and an education for many who cannot find these elsewhere.  The few lifers I know have major PTSD issues and can be violent.  As much as it would help to have them see the light, I have trouble seeing that happen.  If our only hope is that, well, that would be depressing.  They would be risking their lives and going against such a huge entity to do so that it seems only a rare few would dare to turn.  We should, perhaps, aim a rung, at least, higher in the military to effect change.

    • Dennie says:

      Feeding their families now includes spraying them with toxic chemicals in an uncontrolled experiment that has gone, like those perpetrating it, completely OUT OF CONTROL.


      What "family" would you care enough about to go out and get a job that sickens and kills by the millions, in order to feed, as your "order-taker" job sickens and kills the very people you claim you "care" about, hmmm…???

  52. Alan says:

    On certain days, what I see in the sky over San Diego is so obscene that I can barely function.  This is one of those days.  

    To those who are in a position of power and are monitoring this site, I say this:  STOP IT.  Just STOP IT.  

  53. Jill R says:

    I took loads of pictures of planes spraying the skies over Molalla, OR on Saturday and sent them off to NRDC, Oregon's EPA and one of our more enlightened senators. NRDC actually replied with links to "howstuffworks" contrails and called what I was talking about "chemtrails". I sent them links to this site and gave them more information on where to learn about the weather modification programs. I just keep taking pictures and sending them off. Actually got confirmation from one state's environmental agency that they knew about the programs. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jill, thank you for your efforts. Yes, NRDC is bought and paid for by those in power. Members from our attorney team have spoken directly to NRDC attorneys, they will not help us.

  54. Rosalie says:

    I know quite a number of people who've had very bad, dry, and raw sore throats with a cough, over the past week in the GTA, Ontario.  One person I know is now on antibiotics. Today, my throat is sore. I'll be reaching in 'Mother's cupboard' for my usual remedies.  No antibiotics for me, thanks.

    • Tag says:

      I, and my daughter have had this dry hacking cough for many months.  I lose my voice many days.  My daughter has had on and off sore throat. I haven't but my voice sounds like a frog croaking.   We have tried many things (alternative, natural) and some help but just can't get rid of it. Hot Lemon water with a splash of sea salt has helped the most.  Add some raw honey also!   I honestly think it is something from the trails that has taken up residence inside of us and wonder if you CAN get rid of it.  I don't do main stream medicine because I think the big pharm is a part of this "culling of the herd," so antibiotics are not an option for me either.  I'm in Ohio.

    • Tag — Colloidal silver as nose drops or sublingual capful works well for me. Also colostrum boosts the entire immune system and keeps me going; Synertek colostrum has both a serum form and the powder. And take lots of Vit C. No sugar – including all forms of alcohol. Sugar is a poison and makes your immune system have to work overtime. Perhaps hemp oil too.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, something has been making the rounds for the past several months.  I am into the third month.  Started out as a really scratchy sore throat, then sinuses, and finally the lungs where it still clings three months later.   Many people have this malady.  Maybe this is yet another of the "emerging diseases" created by a bio-lab?  Germs Gone Wild

    • horsegirl says:

      When we lived in Mexico spraying was so intense I almost died of what seemed like cytokine storm many times.  I finally found something to bust it:  Nutribiotic's grapefruit seed extract (no supbstitutes) mixed with water @ 1 drop/ounce in a spray mister.  I attempt to inhale it as much as possible, also through the sinuses.  A lot of crud comes up, there is coughing a few minutes and after that passages clear.  GSE will take mold off of brick, it is powerful against fungus which is what our respiratory infections are.  It has brought me out of something on the order of throat-closing asthma attacks numerous times.  Also my Mexican friends began having their children spray GSE onto the backs of their throats at the first sign of any cough.  They claim their children have stopped catching colds even in upblic schools.

  55. Helene says:

    just watched an old video from CSPAN 1995 Bernie testifying before a House committee chaired by John Kasich who recently got a ticket in Ohio for not changing (to middle or left) lanes because a police car was on right side of the highway…Bernie begging the committee to not cut funds to elderly to help pay for heating fuel and not to cut programs for poor kids…21 years ago!!  My point is he kept at it so amazing and now look where he is and his message, ideas etc–so keep it up Dane!  Your info is getting thru the planet needs you and everyone who is testifying to spraying where they live and also doing something about it…

    • Hi Helene, it’s too bad Bernie (or any of the other would-be presidents) will NEVER talk about geoengineering….not unless they have an mystical experience, which suddenly causes them to look up in horror, recognizing how utterly corrupt and willfully blind they have been…

  56. Linda says:

    Loving the pictures of the protestors in Chico, CA, and in Bologna, Italy.  Gives endless courage to all.  And this whole thing brings tears at the oddest times.  May the inspiration travel quickly around the whole world and reach previously untouched hearts.

  57. SD says:

    So, the latest engineered Nor'Easter fizzled out.  Report on the news said several inches of "heavy, wet snow" fell   WE KNOW what that means these days – enhanced and nucleated precip/ snowfall.

    Meanwhile, back here in SoCal Geoengineers busy making MULTIPLE CLOUD LAYERS.  The FAKE FOG bank remains offshore mostly/ low level.  But above that layer we see an enhanced stratus deck of clouds.  Finally, if we LOOK UP we can clearly see the tanker fleet laying down the chemtrails @ 30,000 ft.

    Full tilt Geoengineering on display. Condensation nuclei and particulate aerosols saturating everything.

  58. lauren says:

    "The list of professionals in this latter category is unimaginably long. This list  would include (but is not be limited to) meteorologists, journalists,  academicians (in numerous categories of research), climate scientists, air and water testing agency personnel, physicians, pilots, related equipment and material suppliers, etc. Once their actions and involvement in the climate engineering assault (or in hiding it) are fully exposed to their families and friends, we have a real chance to halt the insanity. "   This is the single most important sentence that I have read from you Dane.  People are always asking what can they do, and how can they help. Ratting out the people who are getting paid to keep secrets is a great place to start. Every one of them has friends, family, neighbors, etc who know something.  They need to be encouraged to reveal what they know.

  59. "We must win the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, or all is lost. We must win this battle or very soon nothing else will matter."

    Dane — This post is truly heart wrenching inspiring. I reached the NOTHING ELSE MATTERS state months ago. Still the density and resistance I have met out here on the Olympic Peninsula WA where people are literally being rf/microwaved daily by the US Navy is bewildering. As they say in England – gobsmacked! Everyone seems to have built their own comfort zone based on what they can handle. Very few can handle the bigger entire Truth. I try to approach them from all angles, especially plasma physics science. At times I wonder if there is a deadly already hard-wired mind-numbing connection between blatant denial and diet & medication. I mean – are the people who don't 'see' the sky above them already assimilated, trapped in a miasma of amnesia, the Sea of Lies? Are the people who post here on GW the ones who have over the years avoided toxic foods and prescription drugs as I have. Is this pathological denial a matter of brain chemistry? The military is exposed to all kinds of involuntary inoculations and chemicals even in their training. There are reports of pilots being poisoned from exposure to various toxicities. I doubt that military food is ever organic and probably laced with chemical preservatives. The last time I ate a Burger King was in 1989 and the chemicals literally burned the inside of my mouth for days after. I don't eat 'dead' chemical food.

    Is it possible that what we are experiencing with those who are the totally CUT-OFF from in-your-face awareness has already reached a physical bio-chemical synaptic state? Truthfully because of my visions that have occurred over so many years now, I have been obsessed with this since the 1980s. Your relentless work in geoengineering put everything under one canopy. Thank you. I know that for me…NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Soon any semblance of life on this planet as we have known it will disappear.

    • Navy investigating rise of health issues among fighter jet pilots
      Rebecca Kheel – 02/04/16
      The Navy is investigating a rise in health issues among pilots of its fleet of F/A-18 and EA-18G fighter jets, the chairman of a House Armed Services Committee subpanel said Thursday.
      “We’ve been informed that the Navy has organized a Physiological Episode Team, to investigate and determine the causes of these physiological episodes in aviators,” Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio), chairman of the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, said at a hearing Thursday. “As symptoms related to depressurization, tissue hypoxia and contaminant intoxication overlap, discerning a root cause is a complex process.”

    • kathleen says:

      You may well have nailed it, Susan, in terms of people being braindead due to what they've been eating and drinking (and breathing). My friends and relatives — those not dropping like flies — are all on countless meds, have numerous ailments, and spend loads of time in hospital or at the doctor's office — to no avail except to pad the coffers of bigPharma and the cut/burn/poison AMA! But they don't change their eating habits, still drink sodas, eat junk, etc.

      My main ailment has been depression, but I think that's understandable when one grasps the gravity of our peril, the insanity of those in power, and the difficulty of "getting through" to the average person.

      As for our service personnel, they get very junky food, many are overweight, and most get loads of vaccines. Plus, keep in mind, they are "order followers," and will be severely punished if they dare question authority.

      I think the best we can do is to take care of ourselves, and try to inform others; rinse and repeat (as the chemical-laden shampoo directions tell us).

    • After I wrote the above about a possible link between 'a deadly already hard-wired mind-numbing connection between blatant denial and diet & medication' I went to make dinner and thought about my efforts over the years – beginning in the 1960s – to eat organic and avoid prescription drugs. I have been a wanderer in my life, always restless moving, and lived in so many places always looking for clean water and food. For those of you who live on the west coast, you may not know this, but the amount of fresh organic food available on the east coast is dismal by comparison. Yes there is Whole Foods, which in Virginia I began to call 'Half-Foods' because most of the produce was not organic and much of it had been trucked so far from CA that I could actually taste the diesel fuel in delicate lettuce leaves, like Butter lettuce. Fresh organic produce in NYC was very expensive, prohibitive.

      I don't usually speak about my personal life, but maybe this is relevant here. My mother was the 7th child of the 7th child, an amazing psychic who destroyed her delicate sensitivity, receptivity and extraordinary intelligence with Seconal, Tuinol, Nimbutol, Miltown, Elavil, Librium, etc. Yes, I still remember the names because I kept a book with illustrations of each pill and their side effects. She became a bed-ridden zombie for ten years, from age 80-90. You can imagine that motivated me to never ever take any prescription drugs.

      Preparing my simple dinner tonight, I kept thinking about how California does seem to have been singled out. Is it because the people there are more progressive? More health oriented – as my father back in 1950s Texas days would have said, "A bunch of health nuts!"  :o)  Recently I heard that CA banned plastic bags – that must have made some corporate chemical ratzoid angry. Only one example of fine CA forward thinking. But is it possible that the CA drought is intended to destroy the organic produce business in CA?  What happened to Diamond Organics? Maybe these monsters really want to get everyone chemicalized, narcotized into a walking somnolence one way or another, by force with no choices left. I would imagine that everyone posting here at GW are all eating organic (as best as possible) and taking natural remedies. How much longer will that allowed? In the mean time they continue spraying us from the sky under the pretense of 'saving' us from greater harm. There is obviously a long range plan. 70 years, my lifetime. One way or another… …

    • Dennie says:

      Military A$$HOLES couldn't care less about anything or anyone.  They only have a "presentation" of what they think passes for "love," once they stop playing GI Joe Action Hero long enough to feel the cognitive dissonance between what they actually do for a living and the immediate humanity around them (their families).  They don't give a damn– these Tough-Guy Big Action Heroes never get sick, feel bad, or feel much of anything, at all. 
      B-I-I-I-G!!!  TOUGH!!!!   GUYYYYYYZZZZ!!!!! 

    • Dennie says:

      The Amish have lovely organic farms.  The fields even look different that the conventional factory-farmed places or even just smaller farms that use petrochemically-powered farm implements.  I bought fresh produce right from the farmers when I visited Pennsylvania last.  The Rodale (of Organic Gardening fame) test farms in Pennsylvania and I visited that as well.  People do farm organically back east but I don't know how many farmers' markets they have or stores there that regularly sell organic produce.  Even Safeway has a decent organic produce section or they'd lose business out here in CA.  This is also an idea that needs to take root more strongly.  When given the choice most people do NOT want to eat food that's been poisoned or genetically modified with NO guarantee it wouldn't hurt you. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I've been at the "nothing else matters" state for-well, since 2011.  So this would make it year six.  I am far from being a perfect person.  Some would no doubt be horrified by my behavior and habits.  I take prescription drugs because otherwise I would die.  My daughter was aware before I was, but hesitant to speak out as supposedly I knew everything and yet had not said a word about weather modification or chemtrails.  One of her brothers's mothers has been ranting about this for more than 20 years.  I was too busy being sick.  And, as it happens, with stuff I've inherited, not acquired.  However, I have been very closely involved with the land since I was 4.  Been growing organic everything all that time.  Lived in wilderness areas and off the land, wildcrafting.  This rubbed off on daughter.  For at least ten years now I've been very careful about foods.  Daughter and family is aware of that issue but they don't follow it perfectly well, they eat sugars, some junk foods and drink alcohol some.  That I don't do ever.  Did, a long, long time ago.  My whole life has been a dedication to nature.  And people.  And critters.  Land and all nature comes first to me.  Perhaps that is the common denominator?  When Dane remarked on Jacque Cousteau, it tugged at my heartstrings as when my daughter was a child, he fascinated her and she wanted to be him, like him, when she grew up.

      I am surrounded by intelligent mindful people who live a more pure life than I do, yet remain willfully unaware.  One neighbor's whole family is vegan for ethical reasons.  She is too kind to put me down.  Another is less kind in that regard and is rather full of herself and defensive but civil.  My landlord believes but doesn't want to know more or do anything.  You are right about comfort zones of what "they" can handle.  I am endlessly stunned by so very many, and many of these profess to be nature lovers, how many just do not get what is happening and don't want to.  Refuse to.  Gobsmacked is right!  I grew up on horses.  That saying: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him/her drink" is too true!

      Why don't we find out?  What I mean is we each had our ah ha moment.  Mine was in 2011 when seeing with my own eyes hundreds of miles of dead and dying lodge pole pines.  I freaked out big time.  That did it for me.  You?  Others?

  60. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    Great Post Dane!

    Especially like the line: "Again, we can't fight  this battle without an army of the awakened."

    My experience in helping people to become awakened is to focus on the 'why' they are spraying as leaving the 'spraying' as a stand alone occurrence is just too hard for most to reconcile as its not obviously 'connected' to anything.

    By showing that the 'reason' for the spraying is to allow 'business as usual' (BAU) to continue often immediately  produces a 'get  it' moment as now, even the mainstream media are reporting on how wickedly hot the planet has become-Feb 2016 has many climate researchers in a real frenzy and the current takeaway is that we've entered a new and potentially disastrous period where action needs to be taken right now and not delayed.

    BAU means continued profitability of those who hold us hostage and dependent on their lethal 'products' and they can collectively be grouped inside coal, oil and gas–all fossil based fuels / energy sources. Even the most unaware will understand that these 'products' are finite and though they are the current world model for producing energy, they are not the only ones we could be embracing. Most people will intuitively (by now) recognize that the continued use of these fossil fuels will ultimately poison the planet and all life. By helping folks understand that the 'spraying' is being done so BAU can continue is another way to amplify the 'awareness' and increase the 'army of the awakened'.

    Note: Those industries and people who are profiting to extraordinary levels by keeping us hostage and dependent on their lethal products are fully aware of what they are doing. These 'people' have been in control for centuries via banking, insurance, shipping and now energy distribution. Their 'reach' has grown exponentially though their money based 'influence' and many who are part of their empire are unaware that they complicit.  It would be a mistake to underestimate the empire's cunning and rapacity as behind it all is the 'office' of power and control and they will not release their grip unless forced. 

    They have armies of lawyers and are embedded into governments everywhere. Revolutions  of past  history were driven by inequality and analogous power struggles where people reached a limit to what they would endure.The next revolution will be to overthrow the fossil fuel industries as unless this happens  quickly, life will be doomed forever. The evidence of impending bio collapse is everywhere for all to see yet the empire encourages us to ignore this reality.

    The shift from 'asking' the empire to desist to 'telling /demanding' the empire to desist is upon us and once that point is  reached, the strength and energy and conviction of this movement will rise to the level required to defeat the current enemy of all life on Earth.


    • DJ in WI says:

      Mark, as you say, they have armies of lawyers.  However, the solar industry and utility companies have lawyers too.  I've read that utility companies are now investing in solar on an industrial level. I find it hard to believe they are not aware of the "dimming of the sun" as this hits their bottom line.  Laws seem to favor corporations so how about our lawyers teaming up with their lawyers?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello DJ, I have long since been communicating with some that are high up in the solar industry. So far, their fear of the power structure is stronger than their own interests and sense of self survival, lets hope this changes.

  61. Dana says:

    Hi Dane; thank you for all you do. Back in 2003 I went to a town hall in Hollister Calif. Congressman Jamie Farr put it on. It was attended by farmers from the Salinas Valley. At the end there was public questions I got up and I gave congressman Farr copies of the weather modification bill and the Air Force claim to control the weather by 2025. He recieved the info and said he had not seen them before and that he would check into it. I sat back down and there was a tap on my shoulder it was a high school student wanting the info. The town hall was over. Years later checking on the congressman, come to find out he parterened with Dennis Kucinich against weather enginering. So I got to tell your readers everything helps to get the message out. I spend most of my time on a chairlift looking at the sky everyday and it aint pretty. I turn everybody on to this website. Keep up the faith the people are coming around although slowly.  Thanks again Dane

  62. Sean Slavin says:

    Oh Dane….the "Damned Human Race" 😉

    My brother I hope that you are well and that CalJam was good for you.

    We all sincerely admire and appreciate your tireless efforts and optimism.

    I wanted to ask a question of yourself and of others reading this if I may.

    Have any of you had a weird, persistent, waking and waning sore throat within the last few weeks?

    My wife, kids and myself all had what at first I thought was a cold, (sore throat, body aches, headache, hot & cold spells accompanied by night sweats) but now mine won't leave and is primarily isolated to my throat. The inflammation, dryness and pain is not what I have experienced before with a sore throat in the traditional sense. My sinuses are clear and draining but the glands around my throat as well as my throat itself has been on fire for close to a week and a half now.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? If so do you know if this is a virus, bacteria or fungal in nature?



    • Tammy Stevens says:

      Wow , I can't believe what you just said.  Yesterday morning I woke up and my throat was hurting so bad, I've had sore throats before but never liked this, got something to drink thinking that would help, it didn't I remember thinking all day yesterday that I've never had that kind of pain in my throat. Today it's not as bad. But unfortunately I can't give you an answer, I would like to know what caused it to.  My prayers are with you and your family. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Sean, The symptoms you describe are very much like what I experienced after a low level dump of some sort took place over our farm in late May 2012. Within 24-36 hrs. I suffered caustically burnt sinuses and throat which took 4 months and 2 visits to an ENT specialist to recover from. ( I had never been to an ENT specialist before in my life nor have I since) I also had aching spine and joints, tightness in my upper chest and back ( also I have no history of heart issues or high blood pressure), loose stools, burning eyes, mental confusion, & a slight twitch to my lower right eyelid for 2 or 3 days. Oddly about a week or 10 days later my lips and nose peeled slightly. I have no doubt the illness I (and also some of my animals) suffered was directly related to the incident. I had a metals test run by a doctor (unfortunately I assumed they would automatically check for aluminum & barium- but I learned this must be requested specially) and small amounts of Arsenic, Mercury, and Lead were shown. Fortunately I sought the help of a natural health expert and learned some tips from Dane, Russ Tanner and others to help cleanse my body of the toxic material. I remained healthy until this past season when I came down with a slight cough in the fall and a pretty nasty head cold last February. Fortunately I've regained good health again and am going full steam ahead with anti-geoengineering & other activism every day, every chance I get. I'm mad as HELL and NOT TAKING this anymore!!  Hope this info. helps others.

    • Phil says:

      I, along with several people I work with have experienced the same thing.  This happened to me three times over the past two weeks, each time I would wake up with a sore, aching, and swollen feeling in my throat and it lasted the entire day.    No sinus trouble, just throat pain.  The last time I had it was yesterday and each time I could barely talk it ached so bad.  Tammy….you are absolutely correct when you say it is a throat pain like you never had before!  I am convinced that it is being caused by what they are spraying as well as the barium they are putting in the aerosols which is suppressing our immune systems.  My prayers are with everyone being affected by this.  The people doing these sinister acts WILL have their judgment day, and I have a feeling that God is NOT going to have mercy on them!

    • D says:

      I would rather this not be true, but the website I linked is about spraying vaccines over the general populace there specifically in California for the west nile virus and I reckon whatever that new virus was called. Either way no bueno. Thought I would point this out to show that it's obvious they can load up whatever "they" want into those planes. I remember hearing that Travis airforce base is definitely one of the places that they're loading up these planes. Honestly I think it's time for people to not rely on words but rather actions, because ultimately that is how real results are obtained. I'm not advocating violence, although I personally feel everyone has a right to defend themselves. I think for those with a conscience and the ability, there is a duty to subvert unjust laws or actions.

    • Here in Boise, ID, there is a naturopath in town who has been after this for years. They have stated to me that they have wiped down cars on days they are spraying, and then at some point during a day of full spraying they wipe the top of the cars down again. They told me that on days they are spraying an X or cross pattern they are spraying Streptococcus virus. They have a ton of research and they have gone quiet with it. I asked them to give it to me and I will run with it – but no luck so far. 

      Anyway, I can neither confirm nor deny this information, however, pay attention to days in your area when they spray this X or cross pattern and see if you or people you know end up with strep throat a few days later. 

      The naturopath said they get slammed with sickness after X and cross pattern spray days. 

      If I get more information at some point I will share it. I am going to keep pressuring them to pass their knowledge on. I have this feeling like they have been threatened and that is why they are backing off.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Blake, the Xs may well be a signal for what is being sprayed.  
      Also, in certain wind conditions/speeds, spraying at a 45 degree to wind direction gives best dispersion – hence the X created on both passes.

    • Concerned in Cali says:

      Yes Sean my son has constant sore throats and low grade colds . He is outdoors the most out of all of us . He plays basketball and skateboards a lot . It has been very helpful to hear what others are doing to detox on this website .

    • horsegirl says:

      Great discussion.  Affirmative to all the above.

      @ Blake – YES.  Sure, thisis how the illuminati and their hordes know a location is under attack.  It is dead obvious:  if there's an x overhead, don't go there that day.

      This too makes me have fits of ironic fury at the clergy.  Crosses in the sky, hmmm?  But you're not interested, then?  Irrelevant?  We should all protest churches for Easter.  They are crucifying their own flock.


    • Dennie says:

      The crap "they" are spraying is so fine and dry and irritating it causes sore throats and nosebleeds, and it makes you feel like you're having hot flashes.  I use pei pa syrup (good stuff) and have to keep a 55 oz. "water tank" around me almost constantly.  The nights when they've sprayed a lot before and after storms I know I'll be drinking a lot of that water (I put a lemon or lime slice in it) and up and down to the w.c. all night long. 

      If this crap is actually fly ash, and even if it isn't, the MTHRFCKRS-IN-CHARGE NEED TO HAVE THE WHISTLE BLOWN LOUD AND CLEAR ON THEIR POINTED LITTLE MILITARY-"SCIENTIST" HEADS.  THERE SHOULD BE A "HALL OF SHAME" list of these arrogant IDIOTS, where ANYONE can go and read their names. 

      Then WE ALL MUST WORK TO HAVE THEM ALL very securely locked up where they can never again see the light of day, with doors welded shut and all saws, crowbars, etc. firmly DISALLOWED. 


    • Sean Slavin says:

      Thank you to all who took the time to respond to my post and share their struggle. Blessings to all.

  63. Joseph says:

    Its almost impossible to open the eyes of many here in Massachusetts',where i am from. It appears when I share information , it is almost instantly mocked or plain out calling me crazy. It is an uphill battle, but one that I will continue. Thank you Dane, and everyone that is involved.

    • Sean Slavin says:


      Thank you for your courage and willingness to risk ridicule for trying to save people from their own destruction.

      What I have found with that is that it's all based on fear. People don't want and can't handle the truth. I usually tell them that their "believing it" has no bearing on the situation. It's happening, whether they choose to believe it or not. Another thing to do is to ask them, as Dane has done, what SRM, SAG or SAI stand for? When they can't respond ask them how they can be so definitive with their opinion on a topic which they obviously have spent zero time investigating or researching? Tell them that "yes, what you are telling them is crazy" but that you are the messenger not the one performing the insane act.

      And then leave it at that. Hand them a flyer and say "let's talk again in a week". Tell them to investigate this issue on their own and you'll talk again in a week. Even if you don't change their mind you planted a seed.

      As Dane has stated these folks are going to be rudely, rudely awakened to the realities of life shortly. Hang in there and keep banging on wooden heads.

    • Al C says:

      I'm over here in Fall River and there is an old joke that goes, "If the world ever needed an enema, Fall River would be the place to stick the tube!"
      I don't know where you are located in MA, but here in Fall River it's one big Morphic Field of dumb.
      Daily, I attempt to raise awareness of this activity and am greeted with the "tin foil hat look", eye rolls, comments about ET and Bigfoot and am not given the time of day, but yet persist.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Sean Slavin, Gee, I like your approach.  Sounds better than mine.  I'm gonna give it a try.  It is true that one is more likely to get some response by asking a question.  Also love the believing it or not does not matter as it is being done.  And yes crazy, not us, but the ones doing it.  Well put Sean.  You put it better.  But I get it, thanks!

  64. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I was interviewed by CBS Fox News Local Channel 6 in Jacksonville, Florida last week, regarding the Beach Boulevard Palm Trees Installation Project. The Landscape Nursery I am employed by is, along the area of this Palm Tree Beautification Project, the News came into the Nursery to obtain information about the new Palm Trees & how they are responding to the rainfall shortage & above average temperatures. I started the interview, by stating that Climate Manipulation/Modification has been completely disrupting the natural hydrological cycle! Coincidentally, the camera man said he believes that GeoEngineering is actually occuring. The Reporter & Camera man, stated we might have to do a separate story on GeoEngineering. I was interviewed for over 5 minutes, but of course, what is actually recorded during the interview was edited, & what was actually shown was only about 10-15 seconds, I was told. It was on the 5:30 PM News, while I was still at work, so I have not seen myself yet. The two News associates, gladly accepted 1 set each of the 8 flyers. I will see what happens, I hope they do a story on it. I told them, there own Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh, has not answered my multiple E-mails with attached photos of SAG/SAI/SRM, I sent to him. 

    • Sean Slavin says:

      Hello David, who's NOT "still in the Navy and probably will be for life" as Billy Joel sang in Piano Man.

      I just finished reading your post and wanted to personally thank you for your efforts. Cheers!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Fantastic work David!! Great effort.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Dave, "our own weatherman" here on GW, GOOD JOB MAN. Thank you for taking the shot, dead on I'd say. I can't help but ponder the affect you will have in the minds of those you interviewed with. Paycheck and a pension, "or" Story of the century! I wonder where their mind will go? I hope those news guys time their confrontation with your local weatherman so it has little sting to it and exposes a guilty conscience. I hope you get to find out by being interviewed in another news feature.

  65. Nathalie says:

    We need a global organization to combat this global warfare. How can we get some leaders in each country/state/city to organize massive protests and never stop knocking on doors. 

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