The “Global Cooling” Meltdown by William Thomas

desert plains

Top Climate Researcher Urges Nuclear Power to Thwart Geoengineering


Geoengineering vs. nuclear power is like watching two grim reapers playing chess.

The Climate Engineering “Lump” No Longer Fits Under The Rug

chemtrails swirl

The “geoengineering is a reality” mountain of evidence continues to grow by the day. There is no plausible denial of this reality, only denial alone.  The short video link below is well worth the time to view it, word of the crimes in our skies is getting out. —DW

The Fight To Expose Global Climate Engineering Continues

Skyder Billboard

As the completely out of control and totally unregulated stratospheric aerosol geoengineering rages on in our skies day in and day out, most of the population remains oblivious. Now, a campaign to erect “in your face” billboards along highly traveled freeways is being initiated.

Gaia Foundation Continues to Press European Parliament for Climate Engineering Investigation.


We all owe our ongoing gratitude and support to Rodolfo Ragonesi (Founder/Chief Executive Officer of the Gaia Foundation) for his continuing courage and leadership in the fight to expose the lethal global climate engineering programs. In the latest messages I have received from Rodolfo, he has included links to media coverage of this story in two major Maltese news papers, “The Times of Malta“, and “Malta Today“. These developments are very encouraging, I will continue to post updates on my communications with Rodolfo.

Liberty Beacon Radio Covers Geoengineering

The Liberty Beacon

The walls are closing in around us all. The ongoing climate engineering is the most direct assault we face. In this episode of Liberty Beacon radio, host Roger Landry and guest Dane Wigington discuss the full ramifications of the lethal climate engineering on the wider global picture.

Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of The Great Starvation

chemtrails on Mount Rushmore

By: Source:

When I was a child, I knew that the elite preferred to use starvation to nuclear weapons because those Hydrogen bombs killed rich people. Starvation was a great weapon in their opinion because it only struck down poor people. I had estimated at that time that at least 2 to 3 million Americans had died from starvation during the Great Depression. I have since learned that between 3 and 7 million Americans actually did starve to death. Of late I have been writing of the Great Starvation which is what I have called the next Great Depression because it will starve at least 10 million Americans to death and kill a billion people overseas.

Bye Bye Blue Sky

chemtrail mess

This is an excellent video that has not yet had the attention it deserves, the link is below. There is indisputable evidence presented in this short documentary including proof that the military is purchasing huge quantities of barium and then trying to cover up this fact.

Battling Disinformation Trolls on National Radio


Dane Wigington

Debating a “doubleteam” of disinformation trolls on a major national radio station can make for some interesting conversation. After I stumped the ideologue “head in the sand” disinfo host on an earlier show, he invited me back for another go, this time with his hand picked “expert” who teamed up with the host against me. The two of them did their best to “debunk” hard geoengineering data, you can decide who had their facts straight. The interview is only the first 40 minutes of the linked recording below. Though it was scheduled for a full hour, it seemed the disinformation “tag team” decided to throw in the towel. The host even cuts off one of his own listeners who calls in at the end of the debate to agree with the facts I had presented. It is my hope that this debate might be of assistance to activists that inevitably find themselves in such exchanges.

Bill Gates, Monsanto, Chemtrails & Vaccines – The Critical Tie Points

Bill Gates, Young

Conscious Life Expo: Panel Discussion with SkyderALERT

Geoengineering Panel Conscious Life Expo

Awareness of global climate engineering is now reaching an ever increasing variety of communities and interest groups. The discussion in the link below was recorded at the annual Conscious Life Expo Conference at the LAX Hilton. The panel was comprised of film maker George Barnes (producer of award winning documentary “Look Up” and the skyderalert app), Dr. Doug Levine (author of “Answer to Cancer”) and myself, Dane Wigington ( The panel was moderated by Go Green radio show host Jill Buck. Our thanks to all those who attended the conference in order to better understand the subject of global climate engineering and the importance of waking others up to this critical issue.


Climate Assault Could End Life On Earth


A Veteran Journalist’s Perspective

“Straight From The Heart” is an exceptionally well researched article just penned for by veteran Canadian journalist Will Thomas. Will has given so much of his life’s energy to the fight against climate engineering through his extensive research, writing, and activism. It is an honor to feature his work on our site.  —DW

by Will Thomas

There’s nothing like a collapsed artery to re-arrange priorities! On returning home, I instantly dropped all wheat, sugar, junk food and processed meals. I’d been meaning to do this for years. Now it was all so easy. Remembering that morning and the one that followed, all I had to ask myself was, “Is eating this worth my life?”

60 million USD claim against government of Sweden for failure to respond to citizens request for information on chemtrails


On April 1, 2014, charges were filed against the Swedish government and three of its agencies to the nation’s Chanceller of Justice for widespread and systematic violations of the much heralded “public principle” (“offentlighetsprincipen” similar to FOI). The violations occurred when the government failed to respond to over 4,000 citizen requests for information related to the ubiquitous spraying of aerosols over the country from aircrafts (a k a “chemtrailing”) that has been going on for several years.

Towing the Line for Big Oil and the Geoengineers


by Dane Wigington

How does the power structure keep people from uniting in a common cause? Divide and conquer. This strategy has in many ways been applied against the anti-geoengineering community.

25th March 2014 – European Parliament Accepts the Skyguards Petition on Aerial Spraying/HAARP


On 25th March 2014, national day of commemoration of the outbreak of the Greek Revolution of 1821, a pleasant surprise came to us from Brussels: acceptance by the European Parliament of the petition on aerial spraying and HAARP submitted a year ago by the Skyguards group following the two-day conference “Beyond Theories of Weather Modification – Civil Society against Geoengineering” that was held there at that time.

Chattanooga Flyovers Etch White Stripes in Sky; Contrails or Earth-Cooling Chemtrails?


California’s Engineered Drought


One of the most talked about topics in the media these days is climate change, but it is also the source of much misinformation and skewed science

Geoengineering and our Disintegrating Climate


There is NO natural weather on planet Earth, NONE.  This map of 2013 weather extremes should be thoroughly examined. The climate engineers can easily make it snow in the desert, while completely cutting off the precipitation anywhere they want, even to rain forests. The entire planetary climate system is being forced well past the breaking point. Anthropogenic activity has done immense damage to Earth, geoengineering more so than any other single cause, it is the epitome of human insanity. If the all out assault on our biosphere continues, we have no chance of survival, none. All of us must engage in the fight to expose and stop climate engineering and other significant sources of damage to the planet or we will very soon have nothing left to salvage.

Dane Wigington

Time lapse video of total atmospheric assault


On the one hand we are told everything is normal, therefore there is nothing to investigate. On the other hand, evidence that by their own admission is so abnormal to the extent that it can’t even be real(!), is dismissed as fake, therefore there is nothing to investigate.

European Elections May 2014 – Open Letter To Candidates


Dear candidates for representation of European citizens from 2014 to 2019. You are seeking election to defend our interests and fundamental rights at the highest level of democratic European administration: the European Parliament.

Five facts CBC listeners didn’t hear from Canada’s geoengineering cheerleader


What’s missing from David Keith’s climate change charm offensive

by Jim Thomas

David Keith Continues His Campaign of Disinformation and Deception


The military/media/industrial complex and their PR puppets like David Keith are still pushing the blatant lie that climate engineering is only a proposal. How long will the public buy this official lie and thus deny what they see with their own eyes?

Dane Wigington

Geo-Engineering Versus Chemtrails & What is Being Done To Our Weather


By on Source: The Bull City Bulletin

Vaccinations From The Sky


By: Roger Landry (TLB)
Source: The Liberty Beacon

So you refuse to get vaccinated, and will never allow vaccines in the system of the children you love and care for so much … Hmmm, sorry but you have little choice in the matter. No I am not talking about mandatory or forced vaccinations … Look … up in the sky … it’s a bird … it’s a plane … no … it’s a delivery system for vaccines that you are not even aware of, never agreed to, and probably never would consent to, but your consent was not sought and was never considered!

Italian Senator Demands Declasification And Disclosure Of “Chemtrail / Geoengineering” Spraying


Rodolfo Ragonesi, CEO of the Gaia Foundation,  is clearly a man of truly exceptional courage and focus. While nearly all of the environmental and science communities have remained criminally silent about the blatant and highly toxic climate engineering constantly occurring in skies around the globe, Ragonesi has taken a stand and is demanding answers. Rodolfo’s efforts to expose the truth in Malta are outlined in the link below.

No Bees, No Food, No People


It has been said after the bees are gone, humans will follow. Bees are dying around the globe. Though the scientific community is grabbing at straws trying to find the reason, the “elephant in the room” that is global climate engineering continues to wreak death and destruction across the planet. Farm pesticides were one scapegoat for the bee die off. Certainly such chemicals are part of the problem, but only a part. If this was the real source of the die off, why are the bees just as dead a thousand miles into the wilderness as they are near the farms? The article below seems to put all the blame on climate change, but this is also a “half truth”. The toxic fall out from geoengineering is blanketing the entire globe with bioavailable nano particles which is radically affecting all life forms. Now lets add the constant bombardment of radio frequency transmissions from too many sources to list, the most powerful of which are directly related to the weather modification. All roads, in one way or another, lead back to the decimation caused by the climate engineering insanity.

Dane Wigington

On Climate Impasse: Appetite and Substitutes


By Subhankar Banerjee, Climate Story Tellers | Op-Ed

Oso is a small rural community along the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. It’s in the State of Washington, where I live. As of Wednesday morning, the death toll in the tragic mudslide in Oso has reached 24, and is expected to rise, with another 176 people still missing, although some may have been double–counted. It’s being called “one of the deadliest [mudslides] in recent U.S. history.” The near–record rainfall this month has been attributed as the likely cause of the mudslide. Although Washington residents are used to rain, this recent deluge seems like an extreme weather event.

Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying?


Engineered Snow Storms And E coli Bacteria What Do They Have In Common?

Dane Wigington

Even some of the former climate engineering skeptics are now taking note of the not so natural snow falling in so many locations. We have known for a long time that snow storms can be and are engineered.

California: A Geoengineered Dust Bowl


Paul Adams, J.D.
Activist Post

Since November of 2013, the beginning of the rainfall season, California residents have experienced heavy geoengineering and chemtrail activity almost every day, which has transformed the Golden State, normally an agricultural miracle, into an arid dust bowl.

The sun is out daily, temperatures are well above normal, yet the sky is grey, the horizon is silver, and you often cannot see mountains that are only a few miles away (grey-out). The local weather forecasters say that the forecast is sunny “hazy” or with “high clouds”, which is their (NASA/NOAA)
way of saying chemtrails.

Our occult rulers are now openly demonstrating their god-like power over nature. If history is any guide, this manufactured drought will likely be used to create artificial scarcity of water and food. Like oil, diamonds, and utilities, this artificial scarcity will result in increased profits for select corporations and increased government/corporate control over the populace. As Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Henry Kissinger knew, populations desperate for food do not often oppose the crimes of their government or hidden power structure behind it.

Humanity and the natural world are under geoengineering attack and our very survival may be at stake.

Geoengineering and Chemtrails Manufacture Drought

Climatologists report that the 2013-2014 rainfall season is well on its way to becoming California’s driest period in more than 400 years. In 2013, California received an average of just over 4 inches of rain. Downtown Los Angeles, which receives nearly 15 inches of rain during a normal year, only got 3.6 inches in 2013. It’s currently California’s driest period since it was granted statehood in 1850.

It is no coincidence that the extreme drought coincides with unprecedented geoengineering and chemtrail activity. In Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California, Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch says, “intentionally caused drought is weather warfare.” California’ drought works like this:

With the combination of constant aerosol spraying and ionosphere heater utilization (HAARP) the climate engineers have effectively cut off the flow of moisture to the state of California. Why? First, California is possibly a climate “sacrifice zone”. This means that California is collateral damage for the constant parade of engineered snow storms being whipped up further east in the US. The rain blocking high pressure ridge that the climate engineers have locked in place over the western US and the eastern Pacific pushes the jet stream straight north, carrying the moisture with it before rain can come anywhere near California. This moisture then travels as far as Alaska and the Arctic. The jet is then turned back south as it wraps clockwise around the HAARP/ionosphere heater created dome of high pressure. Then, it is pumped all the way down to the southern US carrying heavily sprayed and chemically ice nucleated moisture with it which enhances the artificial cool down of the eastern US.

Dane also notes that during a drought, a population that has no water and cannot grow food does not tend to be in a position to effectively protest the crimes of its government. California has historically contributed to much of the nation’s food supply so that this catastrophic drought has very far reaching ramifications. Control the food supply and you control the population. There is also the growing effort by the government to take control of water rights in California and other regions in the west.

Importantly, In 2011, Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild (the infamous Rothschilds – puppet masters), acquired a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP, the world’s leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile.

Why would the Rothschilds be interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization? Because when you are involved in climate decimating geoengineering programs, you must also control the “forecast” models to cover your tracks.

Defense contractor “Raytheon” does all the “forecast” modeling for the National Weather Service and NOAA. Lockheed Martin does the modeling for the FAA. Since both of these private defense contractors are up to their necks in weather modification patents and programs, the “forecasts” are more or less the “scheduled” weather. Now, with the Rothschild’s acquisition of the dominant private modeling organization, the control of weather “modeling” seems complete. This control of “forecasts” and “graphics” provides for the constant visual conditioning that makes the population more likely to accept the constant spraying and manipulation of our weather as “normal”. When the nightly weather “forecast animation” matches what the public sees in the sky, right down to the upper level “haze” or “overcast” from the constant spraying, all seems to correlate, so nothing more is questioned.

Food as a Weapon 

History clearly demonstrates that the occult power structure uses food as a weapon against target populations to solidify power and impose absolute tyrannical control. Food can be withheld from the masses by preventing it from being grown and harvested, which includes manufactured droughts, by contaminating it and rendering it unfit for human consumption or by simply preventing food from being distributed to a targeted population.

Josef Stalin engaged in his own Soviet-style Holocaust when, in 1932 and 1933, and estimated six to 20 million people in the Ukraine died from starvation in order to eliminate the Ukrainians’ desire for becoming their own nation-state.

Upon assuming power, the Stalinist Communist regime rapidly nationalized the food industry and forced all of the region’s farms into collectives. Thus, Stalin’s version of the Holocaust came to fruition in what history has dubbed, the “Holodomor,” in which millions perished in only a two-year period when the Soviet government began to exterminate the Ukrainian population by taking control of food and food production.

Likewise, Hitler used food to discipline the masses by issuing food rationing cards to reward accomplishment and punish failure as well as to forment preferential class distinctions. Hitler’s armed forces received the largest food ration cards. Skilled workers who were engaged in industries critical to the building of the German war machine, received food ration cards which were slightly less in value. Finally, the prisoners received the lowest valued Nazi food ration cards.

Food ration cards were also utilized as incentives to increase industrial production and were increased in value when productive Nazi workers would be promoted. Food ration cards were diminished in value for the failure to meet Nazi production goals. Hitler’s use of what psychologists refer to as classical conditioning techniques reduced the will of the German population to a pack of Pavlovian dogs who were conditioned to be totally dependent upon the government for their survival.

It is important to realize that Hitler and the rise of communism were totally dependent on U.S. bankers, politicians, and industry. Those with a true knowledge of history easily dismiss U.S. exceptionalism.

The use of food as a weapon by the U.S. government has been a matter of official U.S. governmental covert policy since 1974.

In December, 1974, National Security Council directed by Henry Kissinger completed a classified study entitled, National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. The study was based upon the false claims that population growth in Lesser Developed Countries (LDC) constituted a serious risk to America’s national security.

In November 1975 President Ford, based upon the tenets of NSSM 200, outlined a classified plan to forcibly reduce population growth in LDC countries through birth control, war and famine. Ford’s new national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, in conjunction with CIA Director, George H. W. Bush, were tasked with implementing the plan and the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture assisted in the implementation of these insane genocidal plans.

NSSM 200 formally raised the question, “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?” Kissinger has answered these questions when he stated that he was predicting a series of contrived famines, created by mandatory programs and this would make exclusive reliance on birth control programs unnecessary.

With Kissinger and his disciples at the Council on Foreign Relations still having a great influence on U.S. policy, rising food prices due the manufactured drought may only be the beginning of woes.

Geoengineered California. Photos by Paul Adams.

Water Privatization Schemes

While the occult rulers have been known to use food as a weapon, they are also prepared to use the manufactured drought as a water privatization scheme, that is, making billions in profits by charging exorbitant prices for water that would be falling naturally for free absent geoengineering. The World Bank and powerful corporations like Veolia want in on the action.

In the important Great Lakes episode of Jesse Ventura’s investigative television show, billionaire corporate raider/wall street asset stripper T. Boone Pickens brags that he has purchased most of the reservoir land surrounding major cities in Texas and that if the plebeians don’t pay him for water, “you won’t have any water” (at 13:15). Pickens will also work with crony politicians to utilize eminent domain to obtain any land that is necessary to deliver “his” water to cities in Texas.

The Bush family, well known for financing Hitler, the 9/11 false flag, and Highway of Death, bought 300,000 acres on South America’s and World’s Largest Aquifer, Acuifero Guaraní, which runs beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. If not monopolizing the water supply, what business do the Bush’s have in Paraguay?

If manufacturing a drought for the purposes of gaining profits and control out over a population sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, it is. In Quantum of Solace, the antagonist corners Bolivia’s fresh water source. This allows him to gain tremendous control over the government and citizens. Perhaps this move was predictive programing for the public/culture creation for the water wars to come thanks to geoengineering.

The globalists consider fresh water blue gold, and geoengineering with chemtrails is being used to make this Malthusian nightmare of artificial scarcity a reality.

GMO Drought Resistant Seeds for Big Profits

In December of 2011, the USDA approved Monsanto’s 87460 genetically modified, drought resistant corn. Perhaps the geoengineered drought is being used to create a market for Monsanto’s genetically modified products, the dangers of which are well documented.

Interestingly, Google co-founder Sergey Brin bankrolled the production of the world’s first lab-grown hamburger. The Internet entrepreneur has backed the project to the tune of €250,000 (£215,000), allowing scientists to grow enough meat in the lab to create a burger – as a proof of concept – that was be cooked and eaten in London last year.

Though calculations of the environmental impact of the lab-grown meat have yet to be published, early indications suggest that cultured meat could reduce the need for land and water by as much as 90% and overall energy use by up to 70%.

Is Sergey aware that the California drought is being geoengineered?

Taking Geoengineering/Chemtrails Mainstream

Because so much geoengineering and chemtrail information is available on the Internet, the globalists are now moving from covert to overt operations. The plan is to continue geoengineering extreme weather and then use “climate change” as a justification to pass tyrannical legislation like carbon taxes. Create the problem, get the desired public reaction, then impose the solution prepared by the globalists from the beginning.

Carbon tax huckster Al Gore and mad scientist David Keith have recently appeared on television shows to advocate geoengineering to combat “climate change” and “global warming”. During the interviews, they have no problem lying through their teeth by implying that massive geoengineering operations are not yet operational when in fact they have been going on since at least the 1990s. David Keith does admit that spraying particulate matter into the atmosphere could kill people but ambiguously claims that it could also prevent climate change deaths.

Al Gore continues to give talks on the danger of climate change without discussing the dangers of geoengineering climate change. Recently he warned that “the Dust Bowl is coming back, quickly, unless we act.” In fact, the dust bowl has returned because “they” acted by geongineering the drought.

David Keith has also been given a platform in the CIA-friendly Washington Post. One of his articles is entitled, “One problem with geoengineering: Once you start, you can’t really stop.”  Therefore, the globalists are suffering from delusions of grandeur and plan to play god indefinitely.


It is imperative that we inform others that California’s drought has been geoengineered to create artificial scarcity of food and water, the essentials of life. This will result in greater corporate/government control over the population and increased profits for certain select corporations. It could even result in massive democide.

There is NO NATURAL WEATHER at this point. We are all the victims of “weather warfare” and are being poisoned by the toxic metal fallout.

Paul Adams is your humble servant and a follower of Jesus Christ. He realizes that the purpose of our lives is to glorify God the creator. The most important way to glorify God is to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. And to love your neighbor as yourself. Someone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

Gaia Foundation calls for more transparency on cloud formations


Foundation’s CEO concerned by the “great number” of airline trails being witnessed in Malta’s skies of late.

“The Maltese population is owed an explanation as to how the trail formations like those seen recently in the sky, could take place” – Ragonesi, Gaia Foundation

The Gaia Foundation has called for more transparency and information from airline companies on cloud formations and their possible links to geo engineering.

“In the wake of the great number of trails observed over Malta’s skies in the last few days, we call upon airline companies flying over Malta’s airspace to declare unequivocally whether or not some of their airliners are involved in some forms of geo engineering tests or exercises over Maltese airspace, with a view to affect climatic conditions,” the Foundation’s CEO Rodolfo Ragonesi said in a press statement.
“For some time now the cloud formations being left by some aircraft have caused great consternation and worry amongst a large number of people in several countries. Many years ago the contrails left by aircraft would disappear within seconds. Today some of these trails hang in the sky for several hours, leading to cloud formation, and could even be seen covering huge areas and forming massive clouds on satellite images.”

“Many times planes have been seen actually switching these trails on and off, creating even more suspicion of some intentional acts of commission. The engineering of clouds to manipulate climate is a reality and has been recognised by the scientific community and geo engineers in particular as a possibility for many years. It also exists in the policy documents of some nations, as well as in several registered patents.”

“Yet the public is unaware of any information as to whether a form of geo engineering is taking place in and around our skies, and if so, what chemicals are being used.”

Gaia said that the airline industry was “under obligation” to act with the “utmost transparency and accountability”, whilst air traffic regulators had an obligation to investigate and provide any relevant which could affect the environment.

“The Maltese population is owed an explanation as to how the trail formations like those seen recently in the sky, could take place,” he said.

The Gaia Foundation announced that it will be lodging a formal request with the Transport and the Environment Authorities to investigate the incidents and to ask the airlines flying over and around Maltese airspace to provide “all the necessary information” to establish the nature and reason for the these cloud formations.

The Foundation has also been carrying out its own investigations to ensure that that Malta’s skies “remain free of any form of geo engineering” carried out by foreign corporations.


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