Dismantling The Lie Of “Contrails”


Those in power have done their absolute best to convince an all too gullible public that our constantly hazed out skies are just the result of “contrails”, this is an absolute lie. All those that are funded by the power structure in one form or another tow the line on this lie as their paychecks and pensions depend on their participation. The list of those who are lying about the issue of “contrails” is incredibly long. It includes (but is not limited to) elected officials, government agencies (including state agencies), meteorologists, journalists and media sources, etc. With very few exceptions, we should not see ANYTHING behind the jets in our skies that are fitted with high bypass turbofan jet engines. High Bypass turbofan jet engines are fitted on ALL COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT and ALL MILITARY TANKERS. High bypass jet engines are nearly incapable of producing a “condensation trail” except for the most extreme conditions and even then any visible trail should not be more than a few seconds at most. Even many actively engaged in the fight to expose and stop the ongoing climate engineering insanity do not yet understand this fact. Shorter bright trails are in most cases still SPRAYED HIGHLY TOXIC DISPERSIONS. Those who truly want to be effective in the battle to expose the geoengineering crimes should take the time to watch the video below, perhaps twice. More than any other issue, our collective futures depend on exposing and stopping the spraying. Do your part, get educated and become a more effective fighter in this most critical battle.
Dane Wigington


Engineered Winter Storm Assault, The Weather Makers Are Desperate For Headlines

Winter Storm

Dane Wigington

Winter storm “Juno” is here, and it is engineered from top to bottom. The weather event that is unfolding on the East Coast of the US is a completely manipulated monstrosity. The total desperation of the power structure and the climate engineers is so very evident as they throw everything they have at the creation of a “winter storm” which is meteorologically as unnatural as it could possibly be. Snow now generally has nothing to do with elevation, rather, the “heavy wet snow” is focused where most of the moisture is. Massive amounts of moisture are necessary for the chemical ice nucleation process which transforms what should have been rain into snow due to the endothermic reaction it induces. This also lowers the temperatures on the ground as the more dense chemically cooled air (created from the nucleation process) sinks to ground level. The layer of cold air is very shallow, but it does lower the temperatures enough to produce the desired headlines.

Winter Storm Juno is a product of intense climate engineering efforts. What is the goal? To create headlines, confusion, and distraction from what is rapidly unfolding on the bigger picture.

Winter Storm

What are the climate engineers trying to hide? How about the record warm temperatures happening at the very same time as “winter storm Juno”.

Ham map

The map above shows the “departure from normal high temperatures” for the US. This map is for Tuesday, January 27, 2015, which is exactly the same time as the hight of engineered winter storm “Juno”. Note that there will be RECORD SHATTERING HIGH TEMPERATURES in huge section of the US. Some regions will be over 30 degrees ABOVE NORMAL. You won’t hear “The Weather Channel” saying much about this, in fact, they will likely not mention it at all. For those that are not yet aware, 2014 was the warmest year every recorded on our planet.

What was the most anomalously cold place in the whole world for the entire 2014 year? The eastern half of the North American continent as the map below clearly shows. The “GISS” map also shows “departure from normal high temperatures”, but for the entire 2014 year. The constant engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US is a psychological operation in every sense of the term.

2014 map

Why are the climate engineers and their mainstream media servants so focused on the Eastern US? Because this is the most densely populated region of the US. This is the region where the geoengineers can cause the greatest amount of impact to the largest number of US citizens that are in the zone of greatest population density. Doesn’t the power structure care about the decimation they are causing with the highly destructive engineered winter storms? Absolutely not, global populations are now being constantly subjected to what can only be classified as weather warfare. What are they spraying to create the engineered weather? Highly toxic elements are raining down on us all in quantities that cannot truly be fully comprehended. The stated goal of internationally recognized geoengineers is 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nano particles annually, and that is only one component of the ongoing atmospheric spraying.

The low pressure system that is part of “winter storm Juno” is sweeping moisture up off the record warm Atlantic ocean, how can this record warm moisture just “change over” to snow? In fact, global ocean temperatures are rising so quickly the records are constantly being broken.

ocean temp map

Again, why are the climate engineers doing this? To create maximum confusion and division in regard to the true state of the climate and to distract from a long list of other unfolding global catastrophe’s which those in power do not want the US population to become aware of. In addition to Fukushima radiation, collapsing eco systems, economic collapse, and the push for WWIII being waged by those in power, engineered snow storms are wreaking havoc around the globe.


Climate Engineering And The Manipulated Perception Of The US Population


Dane Wigington

If you live in the eastern half of the North American continent you may be convinced that the planet is actually cooling instead of warming even though 2014 is officially the warmest year ever recorded on Earth. Those that have come to such a conclusion the whole planet is cooling should carefully examine the map image below. This is a GISS “departure from normal temperature” map for the entire 2014 year. What does this map reveal? The darker the colors, the further above normal the average temperatures were for the 2014 year. The light colors reflect departures from average to the below normal side. Where was the most consistent anomalous cold region on the entire planet for the 2014 year? The eastern half of the North American continent. How can this be when most of the world is far above normal temperatures? Climate engineering, is how. The engineered cooling of the Eastern US is very much a psychological operation. Most people cannot accept the possibility of a warm world if it is cold where they live. How short many people’s memories are considering 2012 was the warmest year ever recorded in the continental US by far. In fact there were 362 all time record high temperatures set in the US during 2012, there were ZERO all time record lows. Why is it so important to know the facts in regard to the true state of the climate? Because spreading the “global cooling” propaganda is exactly what the power structure and the geoengineers want us to do. To push the “global cooling” myth is in effect helping the geoengineers sell climate engineering as an effective method of climate mitigation when in reality the exact opposite is true. Climate engineering is making the climate scenario far worse overall, not better. Worse still, the ongoing climate engineering fallout is contaminating the entire planet with toxic metal and chemical particulates.


For any that are wondering how 2015 is shaping up for the Eastern US, the same scenario we saw in 2014 is being engineered all over again. The West fries with temperatures 20 degrees or more above normal with almost no rain as the Eastern US gets the toxic engineered cool-downs.

US map

Were the record overall global temperatures in 2014 the biggest climate story? No, Earth’s ocean temperatures are going off the charts, this should be of grave concern to us all. Though there are countless sources of negative impacts to the climate system of our planet, global climate engineering is likely the greatest single source of damage and disruption. Those that cannot bring themselves to believe any of this data (because Al Gore is just too easy to hate), should consider what is happening around the globe. Formerly frozen methane deposits are thawing and releasing around the globe. Forest fires are burning at rates many times higher than the historical norms. Tuna are being caught off the coast of Alaska, sea turtles off the coast of Oregon (again, due to extremely warm ocean temperatures), this cannot happen on a cooling planet. Global ocean warming is off the charts. If we are to have credibility in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering we must stand on facts, not ideology. The planet is in meltdown, geoengineering is making it far worse overall, not better.



Exposing The Weather Channel Climate Engineering Cover Up Machine

the weather channel

The power structure owned  Weather Channel is tasked with covering the tracks of the climate engineers and the completely manipulated and unnatural weather they create. Thankfully, a concerted and well organized effort has come together to expose the Weather Channel for what it is, a mechanism of mass deception to hide the climate engineering insanity. My most sincere thanks to former congressional candidate, Greg Pallen, and Marylou Harris for all they have done to sound the alarm on the critical geoengineering issue, and to InfoWars for their help getting the word out with the video below.  Exposing the Weather Channel propaganda machine for what they are is a giant leap in the right direction. I hope all that are able to will attend this very important event.
Dane Wigington


The Washington Post Covers Climate Engineering Issue

The Washington Post has now addressed the climate engineering issue, the weather warfare assault in our skies is becoming all but impossible to hide. As our collective reality continues to rapidly deteriorate, many are beginning to look around and some are finally looking up. Blue skies are now a rare site as the all out aerosol spraying bombardment continues to increase around the globe. Though The Washington Post used the usual mainstream media terms like “conspiracy theory”, all things considered this article is a giant leap forward for the cause of exposing the climate engineering insanity. The reporters at The Washington Post certainly had an uphill battle in getting this article even accepted for print, my sincere gratitude to them for their efforts. We are nearing critical mass of awareness regarding global geoengineering, those that wish to further the strides made with this article should take the time to click the “original source” link, and then comment under the article. Let’s make our voices heard more than ever before.

How a group of conspiracy theorists could derail the debate over climate policy

Source: The Washington Post

Spray3Two commercial airliners appear to fly close together as the pass over London on March 12, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As governments’ efforts to cut greenhouse-gas emissions continue to sputter, some researchers have discussed another possible tool for combating climate change: “geoengineering” the climate. One particular form of it, “solar geoengineering,” would involve reflecting sunlight away from the Earth to reduce future warming, possibly by deploying an army of mirrors or spraying the air with reflective aerosols that would function like a chemical sunscreen.

But as it turns out, some people believe that a global campaign is already underway to have aircraft spray the air with chemicals — whether to control climate change or for other, more sinister purposes.

Meet the “chemtrails” crowd, who posit that governments, scientists and other institutions are using airplanes’ “chemtrails” — basically contrails that are allegedly laced with chemicals — to alter the climate, create extreme weather, poison people, or even control our minds. The chemtrails movement has gained a small but passionate following on the Internet, with people across the ideological spectrum — from left-wingers worried about the environment to right-wingers concerned about abuses of government power. We don’t know the size of the community, but followers generally point to seeming irregularities in aircraft contrails as indisputable proof that illicit weather or climate modification is already happening, right now, and being used to control people and nations, especially poor ones. Chemtrails activist Dane Wigington, for instance, points to videos of an airplane spewing out multiple exhaust trails of different lengths, or airplanes spewing trails of different colors. “This amounts to weather warfare — period,” he charges.

As farfetched (and baseless) as these claims may be, a recent scholarly analysis of the chemtrails movement suggests we can’t write off its relevance entirely — not because its proponents are right, but because of the insights they may offer about a future debate over geoengineering. It might be many years, after all, before any geoengineering proposal seriously enters the policy realm. Still, writes science and technology policy researcher Rose Cairns of the University of Sussex in The Geographical Journal, “Ignoring or dismissing these discourses out of hand as pathological or paranoid is to ignore potentially revealing insights about the emerging politics of geoengineering.”

Solar geoengineering — more formally known as solar radiation management (SRM) — is merely an idea right now, and many scholars aren’t convinced that it’d actually be worth it. But with the National Research Council set to weigh in on various forms of geoengineering very soon, it — and the conspiracy theories involving it — stands to gain more of the public spotlight.

There’s no evidence that the alleged chemtrails are any different than normal contrails, much less that thousands of scientists, companies and bureaucrats have engaged in a global conspiracy that they’ve managed to keep secret this whole time. But the more general concerns that chemtrails believers have about technology’s potential impacts on the climate and the environment, and about government and institutional power, shouldn’t be dismissed so easily, Cairns suggests.

Environmental concerns could naturally become central to any mainstream debate over whether to actually use aerosols to undertake SRM. Some scientists have suggested that putting additional aerosols in the air could increase deadly air pollution or damage the ozone layer. It also wouldn’t address emissions of the most important greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Thus, not only would it do nothing to slow down CO2-driven ocean acidification; it also would mean that if you were ever to stop injecting aerosols into the air, global warming would resume — and quickly.

Then there are more-general political concerns; chemtrails activists may simply not trust institutions, particularly on a global scale. Cairns notes that the chemtrails discourse seems to resonate with elements of both the right and left wings, albeit for different reasons. Adherents on the left worry about the potential for corporations and other institutions to use chemtrails to harm people and the environment. On the right, meanwhile, are those who worry about individual freedoms and state power or dispute the idea that humans are changing the climate.

She argues that these issues of trust aren’t entirely irrational or paranoid and could easily manifest in mainstream debates over geoengineering. “Is it necessarily more irrational to believe that the climate is being controlled, than to believe that one can control the climate?” Cairns asks.

Nor should we ignore the chemtrails activists themselves. For the longest time, researchers were aware of the chemtrails narrative, but it hadn’t received much attention in the academic literature. Keith hopes that’s about to change. “I have been urging academic researchers to pay some attention to chemtrails and I am very glad that Rose did so,” Keith says.

Unfortunately, Cairns suggests, the potential for the geoengineering research community to publicly engage with chemtrails activists “appears limited” — they may simply not be receptive. As she argues, chemtrails believers’ longtime distrust of the alleged conspirators has reached outright disgust — to the point where unbelievers are labeled as paid liars (or even “mentally retarded,” as she quotes one chemtrails activist).

A very tiny subset of the chemtrails activists could have a more chilling effect on the field of geoengineering, Keith worries. He notes that he continually receives nasty emails and voice messages from chemtrails believers, and he has even received multiple threats of violence that have prompted him to contact the police.

In short, chemtrails itself is a conspiracy theory. But the environmental and political concerns underlying the theory can’t be ignored, as they certainly would arise in any mainstream debate over whether to proceed with geoengineering. And chemtrails believers themselves could become a thorn in geoengineering researchers’ and proponents’ sides for many years to come.

Source: The Washington Post

Well Known Scientist Sounds The Alarm On Geoengineering

Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. , is a scientist of considerable notoriety. Marvin contacted me recently to express his growing concerns about the constant toxic aerosol spraying of our planet and the obvious human health and environmental ramifications we all face from this contamination. Dr. Herndon has shown a level of courage that is so very rare in the circles of the science community, he is taking a stand on the aerosol spraying issue and making his voice heard. There are so many in academia who have sheepishly hidden themselves in the shadows while they perform whatever task is asked of them in exchange for a paycheck and a pension. Marvin is the antithesis of this. He has sacrificed much in his life and career in order to stand on his convictions. I solute Dr. Herndon’s determination and courage, his recent letter to authorities in his region is below. May his outspokenness be an example to others in the science community.
January 16, 2015
To: Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, and San Diego City Council Members
From: J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.
Subject: Pervasive Toxic Aerosol Spraying of San Diego Residents
I am a scientist (PhD in nuclear chemistry, Post-Doctoral in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry) and businessman, and have lived in Scripps Ranch for thirty seven years.
Over the past year the skies above San Diego have changed drastically in plain sight. We’ve been robbed of the beautiful blue skies we associate with our city. Almost every day jet airliners are spraying innumerable so-called “chemtrails” and they persist after release behind the jets to gradually form clouds. Chemical clouds. Toxic clouds. They eventually diffuse and form a white haze in the sky. Sometimes, the artificial clouds are laid so thickly as to make the otherwise blue San Diego sky fully overcast with toxic chemical aerosols. Sometimes, depending on chemical mix, the transition from spray to white haze is rapid. Please see a few examples, attached, that I photographed from my front yard.
Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere do not remain suspended; they fall to contaminate the air we breathe, our rainwater, and our agricultural soil. This ongoing massive spraying taking place over San Diego represents a grave threat to me and my family, my neighbors, and all my fellow San Diegans.
Rainwater collected after intensive aerosol spraying now reportedly contains elevated levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium and likely other toxins. Aluminum is implicated in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism, whose rising incidence is causing alarm to many Americans. How many additional children will be doomed to suffer a lifetime of autism? How many additional San Diegans will suffer premature brain degeneration or cancer? What horrors lie in store for our children and grandchildren who unknowingly play outdoors, or the pregnant women with their unborn offspring, or the runners and other outdoor recreationists? What about those of us who suffer asthma or who have compromised immune systems? What about the elderly?
What about your own family? Are we San Diegans no longer free to breathe uncontaminated air?
Why are San Diego’s Mayor and members of San Diego City Council silent about this imminent public health threat? Were you duped into believing that toxic chemical clouds will keep Earth from warming? Clouds might reflect sunlight back into space but those same artificial clouds also keep Earth from cooling by not letting Earth’s heat escape during the night. Clouds, artificial or natural, trap heat!
Why the silence? Are you afraid there will be demonstrations or riots in the streets if the truth were told about the ongoing activity that poisons the air San Diegans are now breathing? Deception by acquiescence and silence is fundamentally wrong, unless you are a willing participant in activities that will likely come to be characterized as crimes against humanity.
As elected officials you have the responsibility to advise and protect all San Diegans. Please speak the truth and stop this spraying over our homes.
The following links provide information you may find of benefit.
Chemtrail websites:
Interview with a neurosurgeon:
Please advise me of your intensions to make public disclosure of the chemical spraying over San Diego. Kindly respond before the close of business on January 23, 2015, or I will assume you have no intention of responding.
J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Permission to post this letter was granted to from Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.  

Northern California Protests Expose Climate Engineering Cover-Up

Why is the general public so confused and in the dark about the highly toxic ongoing climate engineering insanity in our skies? Because mainstream media is doing everything it can to either spin the subject or completely omit it from any coverage at all.  Every individual in media that is in any way involved with the cover-up of the toxic aerosol spraying (which is occurring in skies in most regions around the globe every single day) should be held legally liable for their part in facilitating these crimes (once the illegal climate engineering is fully exposed to the public). Everyone that is awake and aware of this issue is needed to help sound the alarm on the toxic all out geoengineering assault being waged against life on Earth. We need to make the following point clear to those in mainstream media, we are NOT OK with their attempts to cover-up this extremely critical issue and we will one day hold them legally liable for their part in this cover-up. All of our voices are needed in this fight, every day counts.

Nuclear Radiation and Geo-engineering: Two Threats to Life on Earth


Source: Global Research

“We have the risk of another Fukushima at any given nuclear power plant that’s past its prime, which is all of them in the United States.” —Mimi German

I believe mathematically it’s inarguable that the greatest single all-out assault on the biosphere is global climate engineering.” —Dane Wigington


Click to download the audio (MP3 format)  (Length 59:06)

Clear and Present Danger 

We’ve heard about Anthropogenic (human-generated) Climate Change, and less frequently the threat of a nuclear war between rival super powers as the biggest threats facing humanity and life on this planet.

There are however less talked about dangers which are just as pressing and demanding of attention. Seldom are these perils confronted in any serious way.

The first of these, that will be explored in this week’s Global Research News Hour radio programme, is the threat posed by nuclear radiation from the nuclear industry.

The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear facility, which became crippled by an earthquake and tsunami almost four years ago, is estimated to have released over 25 million billion becquerels of Cesium-137 radiation into the ocean in just the four months following the disaster. [1] According to a major study, in the 14 weeks following the Fukushima meltdowns, radio-active fall-out that descended on North America resulted in 14,000 excess US deaths. [2]

There are dozens of other nuclear plants in the US and around the world that could likewise melt down as infrastructure breaks down. Nuclear radiation in the air, water, and food supply represent a clear and present threat to all life on this planet.

Another critical concern is the amount of toxic material being deliberately being inserted into the atmosphere, apparently with the aim of affecting climate.

Commonly referred to as ‘chemtrails,’ the release of reflective microscopic particles by aircraft in order to affect the amount of sunlight reaching the earth is having an impact not only on weather, but on human, plant and animal health.

These and other weather modification techniques have been not only contemplated, but in effect for decades, as is well documented. (see document above.)

Yet, discussion of these artificial climate control mechanisms is virtually absent from all mainstream around climate change. In fact, like counternarratives around the 9/11 attacks, ongoing geo-engineering programs through ‘chemtrailing’, solar radiation management, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program ) and other mechanisms is commonly referred to as a ‘conspiracy theory’ in public discourse.

This week’s Global Research News Hour introduces these planetary perils with two outspoken, passionate and knowledgeable guests.

Mimi German is a self-described Earth Activist, with the grassroots group No Nukes Northwest, and is founder of which monitors radiation readings world-wide. She speaks to the nuclear question in the first half hour.

Dane Wigington has an extensive background in the field of solar energy, a licensed contractor and a former employee of Bechtel. The founder of the information site, Wigington is convinced that geo-engineering is the number one threat facing humanity at present, and expands on his research in the second half hour.

Useful Resources for this week’s programme:


1) Institut de RadioProtection et de Sûreté nucléaire (26 October 2011). “Synthèse actualisée des connaissances relatives à l’impact sur le milieu marin des rejets radioactifs du site nucléaire accidenté de Fukushima Dai-ichi” ;

2) PRNewswire-USNewswire (Dec. 19, 2011), ‘Medical Journal Article: 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout’;–14000-us-deaths-tied-to-fukushima-reactor-disaster-fallout-135859288.html

Source: Global Research

Radio Frequency Transmissions Are Killing Trees And Everything Else

There are so many sources of radio frequency transmissions bombarding us from so many directions that they could never be fully identified or quantified. Life is electrical by nature, aren’t all these signals affecting the web of life? The answer is unarguably yes. If radio frequency transmissions can sicken and kill trees, what is it doing to us? The atmosphere is now much more conductive thanks to the constant spraying of metal nano particulates by jet aircraft. The ongoing climate engineering insanity is not only contaminating the entire planet, the exposure to this metallic fallout is making our own bodies more electrically conductive. This in turn makes us all more susceptible to damage from constant radio frequency exposure. As is the case with the trees that are dying all over the planet, our own health is also waning. Whether people admit it or not, whether they actually feel any affect or not, non of us are exempt from the slow and insidious damage that is occurring in our own bodies and throughout the web of life. The fate of the trees will soon enough be our own fate if the lethal technologies of the modern military/industrial era are not fully exposed for what they are, and then halted. There is no other choice, there is no other way forward. If the current paradigm is allowed to continue for much longer, there will be nothing left to salvage of life on Earth. The “Popular Science” article below documents only one small aspect of the ongoing assault against life on Earth, and as expected from a mainstream publication, they then make light of it. All will soon come to realize that what is unfolding around us all is absolutely not a joke.


Source: Popular Science, article by Dan Nosowitz

Studies on the impact of wireless radiation on humans are endlessly inconclusive, but a recent study on the effects of Wi-Fi radiation on trees–yes, trees–indicates that our woody friends may be much more vulnerable than we are. And trees can’t even enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi. It’s all very unjust.

The study, conducted by Wageningen University, investigated findings that trees in areas with high Wi-Fi activity (urban areas, especially) were suffering from symptoms that couldn’t be tied to typical bacterial or viral causes. The symptoms included bleeding (!), fissures in the bark, the death of parts of leaves, and abnormal growth.

dying forests

To test the hypothesis that the mystery illness was caused by radiation poisoning, the researchers took 20 ash trees and exposed them to various kinds of radiation for three months. Sure enough, the ash trees exposed to Wi-Fi signals showed telltale signs of radiation sickness, including a “lead-like shine” on their leaves, indicating the oncoming death of those leaves. In the Netherlands, a whopping 70% of urban trees are suffering from radiation poisoning, up from only 10% five years ago–understandable, considering the explosion in Wi-Fi use in the past five years.

Of course, trees in rural or even simply non-urban environments are pretty much unaffected, but theoretically, all deciduous trees in the Western world could be affected.

The researchers are planning several more studies to figure out the precise effects of radiation on plant life. In the meantime, they don’t really offer any preliminary solutions, but I’m sure they’d approve of wrapping every urban tree you see in tin foil, root to leaf. (Note: Wrapping public trees in tin foil may be illegal in your city, state, arrondissement, or prefecture. PopSci cannot be held responsible if you are arrested for such activities.)

Source: Popular Science

Our Climate, It’s Not As Bad As You Think, It’s Much Worse

Voices of reality are not appealing to the masses, no one wants to hear unpleasant truths. The majority are not even willing to examine any facts that threaten their perception of reality. Soon, very soon, they will have no choice but to wake up. The planet’s energy balance has been horrifically altered. There is unimaginable inertia behind the wheels that are now turning, life on Earth is truly uncharted territory. Even at this late hour total denial in our society is epidemic, this includes many in the ranks of those who claim to be fighting against the climate engineering. Denial of verifiable facts undermines credibility and is thus detrimental to the fight against climate engineering. False conclusions built on ideology and wishful thinking will not change reality. Industrialized society is collapsing even now, it was always doomed in its current form. Perpetual expansion in a finite space is clearly and obviously impossible, but how many in our society even speak of this? If we are to save any part of our miraculous planet’s life support systems, we must all find the strength to face reality head on. We must all find the strength to stand firmly against the insanity and make our voices heard. The video below is important to review and consider carefully, the gravity of what is unfolding around us all is clearly conveyed in it. Catastrophic methane release is already occurring in the Arctic.  Many in the climate science community are actually advocating for “massive geoengineering” as if it has not been already going on for over 6 decades and doing nothing but harm. It is up to us all to educate ourselves and hold the climate science community to account. Climate engineering is NOT a cure, but rather it is nothing short of an all out assault on all life. Global geoengineering is making an already dire climate situation far worse, not better. Let us all march together in the fight to expose it and stop it.

Distraction, Denial And The Geoengineering Assault

geoengineering assault
In the short video below, the all out climate engineering assault is powerfully, alarmingly, and articulately documented. My most sincere thanks to Ron Johnson for this hard hitting video. We will not have tomorrow if we do not unite and act today. If we are to have any chance of salvaging what is left of our planet’s life support processes, populations must be awakened, they must be mobilized, and they must stand against the insanity. What threat is so catastrophic and far reaching that it could actually awaken and unite the sleeping populations? The global climate engineering insanity. Of all the challenges we face, this is the issue that is the greatest and most immediate threat to life on Earth short of a potential nuclear cataclysm.  Each of us must make every day count in the battle to expose the highly toxic spraying of our skies. We must ask ourselves what we can do each day to awaken others to this most dire issue. The video below is yet another tool that can be used in this battle. Again, my thanks to Ron Johnson for his presentation below.

Jet Stream Manipulation Is Fueling Weather Extremes

The entire climate science community pretend to be scratching their heads over the ever more erratic jet stream patterns. The “experts” continue to come up with various explanations as to why the jet stream is behaving the way it is, but all of these explanations are willfully blind to the geoengineering elephant in the room. Ionosphere heater installations located around the globe are a major component of the ongoing climate engineering. These extremely powerful and dangerous facilities are being used to manipulate the jet stream. The climate science community as a whole is turning two blind eyes to the ongoing geoengineering insanity while Earth’s climate and life support systems are being systematically torn apart. If the current trajectory of planetary destruction continues for much longer, we will have nothing left to salvage of our planet. We must ALL hold the “experts” to account. Email them, their associates, local media, groups, agencies, etc, and share these email contacts with others so that they can do the same. It’s up to all of us to take every step possible in the critical effort to raise awareness with the still uninformed public and to give notice to those that are lying for the establishment that we know they are lying. The article below sheds more light on the increasingly destructive weather on our planet, even though the researcher/author of this piece will not mention the climate engineering issue. I have passed substantial amounts of geoengineering data on to the author (Robert Scribbler) and had nothing but silence as a response. Scribbler, just like the climate science community, knows that mentioning anything about the geoengineering issue is a very bad career decision, or worse. This being said, the article does accurately outline the rapidly increasing destruction from ever worsening weather. The entire climate system is unravelling, climate engineering is a major factor in this equation.


Jet Stream Re-Mangled: Record Winds Rage Over Scotland As Polar Amplification Ramps Up Yet Again

Source: Robert Scribbler

Polar Amplification January 9

(Polar Amplification on Friday January 9, 2014 plainly visible in the GFS summary. Another warmer than average day for the Arctic in a warming world. Image source: Climate Reanalyzer.)

For the Arctic, it’s another much warmer than normal day…

Temperature anomalies for the region spiked to 3.55 degrees Celsius above the, already hotter than normal, 1979-2000 average. And a swath of the Arctic Ocean stretching from Greenland to Siberia experienced extraordinary 15-22 C above average temperatures.

It’s another day of Arctic Amplification — the fourth in an ongoing progression this week. Another day of extreme dipole temperature anomalies. And another day of record-setting weather. All symptoms, plain as day, of a world undergoing a fit of rapid, human-induced heating.

Warmth in The High Arctic Drives the Cold Out

Last night, while studying Earth Nullschool, I found a temperature of 27 F near Zemlya — an Island in the Arctic Ocean off Siberia. The night before last, I captured these two pictures — one of a region a few hundred miles south of the North Pole and well north of Svalbard at 22 F and another of the surface temperature near Richmond, Virginia at 20 F.


(Top frame temperature at 85.3 North, 39.2 East. Bottom frame temperature at 36.9 North and 77.3 West. In other words — it’s warmer up north than down south. Image source: Earth Nullschool. Data Source: NOAA, Global Forecast System Model.)

In other words, it was warmer just off Santa’s front porch than it was thousands of miles to the south in Richmond, VA.

In technical meteorological parlance there’s a term for such warm north, cold south temperature variations — dipole. In this case, it’s a cold North American Continent and a warm Atlantic Ocean pushing much higher than average temperatures far into the Arctic.

Jet Stream Re-Mangled — High Amplitude Jet Stream Waves

Such a warm airs surging north forcing cold airs south arrangement can result in some pretty extreme waviness in the Jet Stream. The kind of waviness that Dr. Jennifer Francis has warned is set off by just the kind of Arctic warming we witnessed this week.

And, as we can plainly see in the map below, we have an extraordinary meridional pattern in the Jet Stream occurring in perfect coordination with the current instance of polar heating:


(Last night’s extaordinarily high amplitude Jet Stream pattern. Note the greatly intensified storm track setting Scottland directly into its sights. Image source: Earth Nullschool. Data Source: NOAA, Global Forecast System Model and various.)

I suppose some may call this kind of instance circumstantial. But what a circumstance, especially when one considers the plainly obvious and visible mechanism of the current polar temperature spike, the subsequent southward displacement of warm air from the polar zone, and the related warm air invasion flooding up from the North Atlantic into the heat compromised polar core.

It’s as easy to see as 1,2,3.

This re-arranging of air masses has re-instated the kind of circulation pattern around Greenland we warned about during late November of 2014. A kind of off-center displacement of air masses that shoves cold toward hot and can result in some rather extreme weather.

Record-Setting Winds over Scotland Last Night

Dr. Francis has also mentioned this resulting heightened severe weather potential in her research. And she can count herself among such visionaries as Dr. James Hansen who warned of ramping storm intensity resulting from a combined polar amplification and melting and softening of the remaining great glaciers in Greenland and, later, Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the more recent polar amplification episode did set off a spate of rather extreme weather in Scotland. The North Atlantic storm track intensified as temperature differentials ramped up. On Tuesday, a 930 mb low bombed out between Greenland and Iceland. Fed by a massive meridional air-flow, this storm soon generated very strong winds raging across the North Atlantic.

By last night, these winds roared throughout Scotland, peaking at 113 miles per hour — a new all-time record for the Northern Isles since wind measures began in 1970.

In a return to the kind of extreme weather that battered the UK for much of the winter of 2013-2014, trees were torn down, power lines unmoored and roads and railways blocked. This, in turn, forced a wide-scale emergency response throughout Scotland after last night’s brutal battering by hurricane force winds. From the BBC:

The storm caused the suspension of all ScotRail trains, although some limited services are now running. More than 46,000 homes are currently without power as the Atlantic jet stream caused gusts of more 100mph (160km/h).

So the observational evidence is pretty clear. Here we have yet another instance where polar heating is driving some rather extreme Jet Stream changes coupled with related instances of record extreme weather. And as human-related warming continues to intensify, we are likely to see far worse instances than today’s minor episode.


Engineers Battle To Re-Open Scottish Rail After 110 mph Winds

Hurricane Force Gusts Cause Disruption to Travel and Power

Global Forecast System Model

NOAA’s National Climate Data Center

Climate Reanalyzer

Source: Robert Scribbler

Extreme UV Radiation Is Killing Our Trees

Trees and whole forests around the globe are in steep decline. So much of the population has completely given up any connection to the natural world and thus they do not notice how rapidly tree health has deteriorated in almost all locations. All over the world formerly healthy forests are now in very poor condition. The condition of the trees has gone from bad to worse and few take note of this, let alone show any concern. The ongoing global climate engineering programs have decimated the ozone layer. Ozone layer destruction has long since been a known and recognized consequence of introducing particulates into the atmosphere. Atmospheric spraying of nano particles is a primary aspect of solar radiation management (SRM). In short, geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer. Levels of UVB are now often up to 1000% higher than official agencies are disclosing, these are extremely dangerous levels. How do we know levels are this high? Because we can and are metering UV radiation. We are now even detecting UVC radiation at the surface, UVC is the last band of UV radiation before x-ray radiation. We are told by all “official” monitoring agencies that UVC is stopped 100,000 feet up in the atmosphere, this is also a lie. Back to the trees, what is all this radiation doing to them? The 2 minute video below illustrates one example of the harm being done.

Engineered Winter, The Deception Of The US Population

A layer of ice coats the leaf of a Japanese maple tree after an ice storm in Toronto
Where is it cold? Where is it hot? The GISS “departure from normal temperature” map below should paint a strikingly clear picture to answer this question. Where is the ONLY bright blue area of substantially below normal temperatures? The Eastern half of the North American continent, why?

This is not just an anomaly, it has become the norm. The power structure’s goal is to continue confusing and dividing the US population in regard to the true state of the climate. If Americans woke up to what is unfolding in the world, and to what is being done to them by the climate engineers, there would be a shock wave around the globe. The dominos of the power structure would begin to tumble. So, what was the temperature “departure from normal” exactly a year earlier, in November of 2013? The map below is almost a duplicate of the one above, the focused cool-downs of the Eastern US has been ongoing.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that they are the subject of what is very much a psychological operation. 2014 is now officially the warmest year ever recorded on our planet, how many Americans believe this? How could they, when they are constantly being subjected to abrupt and radical engineered cool-downs. The maps above show November 2013 and November 2014, what about some of the periods between these two maps?


Another extremely similar scenario is above, what about later in 2014?
Is the pattern clear? There has been a constant effort to keep the Eastern half of the North American continent cooled down. The Eastern US is the most populated region of the America, the constant cold has completely polarized people’s opinions about the climate, especially in this region. No matter what the facts are from around the globe, many can only believe it’s cold because that is the case outside their own door. What is the point of all this? The power brokers are digging in and preparing for total collapse. The climate confusion they are creating with geoengineering is buying them time to continue their preparations. Global geoengineering can create intense temporary ground level (a very shallow layer of cold) cool-downs, but at what cost? Total disruption of global weather systems, derailing of the hydrological cycle, complete shredding of the ozone layer, worsening of the overall planetary warming, and irreparable contamination of the entire planet. If we are to effectively fight in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, we must stand on solid facts and verifiable data, not opinions, spun headlines, and adopted ideology. The Eastern US is an off and on cold zone in a very rapidly warming world. The completely engineered cool-downs are adding to the overall warming, not mitigating it.


Chemically Nucleated “Ice Balls” On 40 Degree Lake Michigan


In the last few years a formerly unknown phenomenon has appeared on Lake Michigan, huge “ice balls”. This should be perplexing enough, but what about when the “ice balls” appear in lake water that is 40 degrees or above? Welcome to the world of chemical/biological ice nucleation. Artificial nucleating agents form the nucleus of ice around which the “balls” form. Last year on Lake Michigan volumes of ice were still floating around while people were sunbathing on beaches with 85 degree temperatures. The vast majority of the public has absolutely no idea that it’s even possible to artificially nucleate ice on any scale, let alone doing it on the colossal scale being carried out by the climate engineers. How radically can the weather makers cool things down if they choose to? How about going from a record high temperature of nearly 100 degrees to snow in one day. The spraying of chemical or biological ice nucleating agents over clouds and storm systems is a major component of the completely engineered winter storms which are very theatrically named by organizations like “The Weather Channel”.


The job assigned to organizations like “The Weather Channel”, “Weather Underground” and others, is to convince the public that the completely engineered and unnatural is just “normal weather”. The so called “meteorologists” that work for these organizations have completely abandoned any morality they may have once had in exchange for a paycheck. The article below is a case in point. It states that the massive ice balls are just a natural phenomenon in 40 degree water. The reality is this, these “ice balls” are historically unprecedented prior to the last few years. There is no natural weather at this point, none.


A BIG Winter Phenomenon Returns to Lake Michigan

Source: Weather Underground

At first glance you’ll think these are just big rocks floating in the lake — until you look closer.

You’re watching huge ice boulders bob along the shores of Lake Michigan outside Traverse City, which sits along the northwest coast of the Wolverine state’s lower peninsula.

Photographer Ken Scott captured the video above on New Year’s Day. More have washed ashore since and he’s posted other photos to his Facebook page.

Ice balls form when small chunks of ice break off into the water; as those chunks of ice tumble in the waves, the pounding of the waves shapes the ice into spheres, Park Ranger Amie Lipscomb explained to

According to senior meteorologist Nick Wiltgen, temperatures in Traverse City on New Year’s Day were between 24 and 30 degrees with blustery winds; water temperatures hovered around 40.

Northern Michigan appears to be a hot spot for this winter phenomenon. Photographers captured incredible photos of them rolling to shore at Good Harbor Bay around the same time last year.


Why Journalists Avoid Climate Engineering Issue

Why are almost all journalists either avoiding the climate engineering issue or putting out the official narrative regarding it? Because they know to do otherwise is a bad career decision, or even worse. While everyone involved in media is denying the ongoing all out geoengineering assault on our planet, the biosphere is imploding. In addition to this dire fact, every single one of us are inhaling toxic elements with each breath we take. This, of course, includes all the journalists that are helping to hide the climate engineering crimes for the sake of a paycheck. We must all stand up and make our voices heard regardless of the fact that we are being “surveilled”.  We must all do everything we can to effectively wake others up by passing on credible information regardless of resistance to the message or fear of repercussions. To do anything else, or to do nothing, will guarantee our collective demise. Each of us has a free will, it is our greatest gift. What will you do with yours?


Writers Express Surveillance Concerns On A Global Scale In New Survey

Source: CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Writers around the globe are so concerned with government surveillance they say they are now avoiding, or have considered avoiding, writing about controversial topics.

According to a survey done by the PEN American Center at least 75 percent of those surveyed consider the freedom of expression under attack. And it’s not just certain countries. According to the center’s Executive Director, Suzanne Nossel, writers everywhere have expressed their fears.

“In parts of the world where we thought of writers as perfectly secure—some of the freest counties. Places like Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia. Writers feel like somebody’s looking over their shoulder,” she said.

Nossel said while some of it may be unnecessary paranoia, there are programs that are shrouded in such secrecy that it’s hard to say who’s being monitored and for what.

The recent Sony hack has kicked things up a notch, according to Nossel.

“Everything we’re doing online and the idea that if somebody were going to intrude or snoop the scope of what they could uncover and the damage they could do is pretty boundless,” she said.

The PEN American Center is advocating for comprehensive reform of the NSA surveillance program and an oversight mechanism so when the government does want to collect information they would have to go through court proceedings.

GeoengineeringWatch Launches Free Downloadable App

Our collective reality is becoming more critical by the day as the ongoing climate engineering insanity continues to tear the Earth’s climate system apart. We must all intensify our efforts to reach critical mass of awareness. Our brand new, FREE GeoengineeringWatch app offers the ability to stay connected to the latest climate engineering/geoengineering-related articles, upcoming events list, archives of the “GeoengineeringWatch Radio” show, exclusive YouTube video content, newsletter sign-up, photo gallery, as well as a photo-share-with-us option, and of course access to our Facebook page. Download our new app today, for free from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or use the HTML-5 version in your browser. Help us spread the word about our app so people can stay up-to-date on the latest, valuable climate engineering data and other useful information.


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Climate Engineering And Dying Oceans

jelly fish
There are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the Earth’s oceans, a book would be necessary to cover this subject with any degree of accuracy. This being said, what part is the global climate engineering insanity playing in regard to our dying seas?  It is likely the most major factor of all. When the plankton are gone the oceans will die. If the oceans die, the human race will immediately follow. Global plankton populations are now down some 50% to 60%, even more than the article below indicates. As already stated, there are many causal factors, but mathematically speaking the largest single factor is likely intense UV radiation due to a completely shredded ozone layer. Excessive UV exposure decimates plankton populations. What is the greatest single factor in regard to global ozone depletion? Climate engineering. Sounding the alarm on global climate engineering should be a top priority for each and every one of us. The geoengineering insanity is determining our collective fate at blinding speed. In addition to completely derailing all natural weather and irreparably damaging the atmosphere, the constant spraying of toxic metal and chemical particulates is contaminating the entire web of life. Every breath we take is laden with highly toxic nano particulates. When only the jellyfish are left, we will all be gone. Climate engineering must be exposed and halted before there is nothing left to salvage of Earth’s life support systems. The article below should be a sobering wake up call for us all.

Why And How Jellyfish Are Taking Over The World

Source: EnergySkeptic

Move aside Steven King, jellyfish are worse than any of your demons, worse than any Grade-B monster that’s graced the silver screen.  Unlike The Blob, which can be stopped by freezing, you can’t kill them.  Not with chemical repellents or biocides or nets or electric shocks or introducing species that eat jellyfish like the striped sea slug.  If you shoot, stab, slash, or chop off part of a jellyfish, it can regenerate lost body parts within two days.  Not even the past 5 major extinction events which killed up to 90% of all life on earth, killed off the jellyfish.

Meanwhile they’re on a rampage, doing millions of dollars in damage clogging intakes of nuclear, coal, and desalination plants, killing millions of farmed fish, and destroying fishing nets with their sticky icky bodies.

The more we overfish, pollute, acidify and warm the ocean, create vast dead zones, and trawl ocean bottoms, the better the jellyfish do.

The oceans make the earth habitable for us.  They generate most of the oxygen we breathe, stabilize temperatures, drive climate and weather, and absorb a third of the CO2 we’re emitting.  Over 3 billion people depend on the oceans for their livelihoods; 2.6 billion depend on seafood as their main source of protein.

Most alarming of all, 40% of phytoplankton has died off globally since the 1950s – they’re not only at the base of the food chain, but they generate most of the oxygen we breathe, as well as absorb half of the carbon dioxide, and their increasing death rate will make the ocean get warmer even faster.

Prolific, hard to kill, breed fast, and more – no wonder they’re so successful:

  • They’ve everywhere, spread around the world in ship ballast or sea currents.
  • Ubiquitous – from top to bottom of the ocean, from pole to pole, year-round.
  • Grow faster than other species to quickly take advantage of any food, and they’ll eat almost anything — copepods, fish eggs, larvae, flagellates. They eat past when they can keep consuming, spit food out, waste a great deal other creatures could have eaten.  Even when they’re full, their tentacles keep capturing prey.
  • If there’s no food, jellyfish can consume their own body mass and get smaller and smaller until they find food again, and rapidly return to normal.  Even when they grow smaller they can still reproduce.
  • Consume many times their body weight in high-value food but are of low-value themselves because they provide little energy, ounce for ounce, compared to the food they ate.  So they have few predators.
  • When 2 weeks old they can lay 10,000 eggs a day that hatch 12-20 hours later
  • They reproduce many ways: massive orgies, fission, fusion, cloning, hermaphroditism, external fertilization, self-fertilization, copulation.
  • If they lose a body part, they can regenerate it within 2 days.
  • They are the “Last Man Standing” in eutrophication zones because they need less oxygen
  • Many species can tolerate any salinity level, from fresh water to salt water
  • They’ve survived ice ages, hothouse climates, all five mass extinctions, predators, competitors, and us.
  • Jellyfish in the oceans have been known to live over 10 years
  • Many of them avoid predators by long vertical migrations from the deep sea to the surface at night and back down again by daylight.

They can wait a long time for the right conditions to bloom

Just as plants have seeds which can endure many years waiting for optimum conditions to grow, jellyfish have a seed-like state called a polyp that waits for good conditions, and can clone themselves to create armies of ‘seeds’ waiting to burst into jellyfish blooms seemingly overnight. Polyps don’t “grow up” to become jellyfish.  They spawn what we think of as jellyfish – the medusa — which then mate sexually to produce polyps, which stick to rocks, shells, man-made structures, plastic, etc.  Both the polyps and the medusa could be considered “immortal” – when a polyp dies it’s clones live on, and there is one species of jellyfish, where after it dies, its pieces turn back into polyps (“Logically, it would seem that other species probably do it too, but we have yet to identify others,” according to Gershwin in a reply to this book review).

Jellyfish are at the top of the food chain

That seems so wrong– a primitive brainless blob?  But jellyfish eat much larger clams, crabs, starfish, snails, and fast, smarter fish and squid.

They’re also at the top because not much wants to eat them.

Worse yet, they outcompete other sea life by devouring the eggs and larvae of species that would have grown up to eat jellyfish larvae.  It’s a double whammy since these larvae never grow up, leaving a lot more food for jellyfish to consume. A jellyfish bloom can clear the water of all eggs, larvae, copepods, and small plankton in less than a day.  This makes it almost impossible for some overfished species to make a comeback.

We’re helping the jellyfish take over by overfishing

Many of the small fish that compete with jellyfish for the same food, such as anchovies and sardines, are being overfished and turned into farmed fish food, pet food, and fertilizer. We harvest a whopping 44% of these small fish at the base of the food chain, which are also what cod, snapper, tuna, and halibut feed on, which prevents the recovery of fish we’d much rather eat.

We’ve already fished out 90% of all large fish in the ocean.  And it’s only a matter of time before we find the other 10% with sonar, radar, LORAN, GPS, and spotter aircraft.

The United Nations has predicted all commercial fish species will be extinct by 2048.  In 2002 we were fishing 72% of fish stocks faster than they could reproduce.  90 fish stocks around the world have had no recovery in population even 15 years after they collapsed.

Few small fish left, few big fish left – that opens up a lot of space for jellyfish to move in and take over.  We’re creating a feedback loop that favors jellyfish.

Worse yet, overfishing can create trophic cascades when we remove keystone predators.  We’ve nearly driven 11 species of large sharks along the Atlantic coast into extinction.  They kept the ray population in check, but now that they’re gone, the ray population has exploded, and they’re devouring almost a million tons of scallops, clams, and oysters a year.  Fishermen only harvested 330 tons.  The Chesapeake used to famous for shellfish, now it’s best known for its jellyfish (p261-263).

You’ve probably heard of bycatch – all the unwanted and unintended dolphins, turtles, fish and so on that are discarded, most so mangle  they don’t survive when thrown back.  I was unaware that tropical shrimp are the worst of the worst because they’re obtained by bottom trawling and have a bycatch of 125 to 830% more than the shrimp captured.  In the Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery 12,000,000 juvenile snappers and 6,000,000 pounds of sharks are discarded every year. Since most bycatch is unreported, these figures are probably too low.  Further destroying the fish are the thousands of miles of “ghost nets” – the nets lost from boats that drift aimlessly still catching fish.

Jellyfish even eat other jellyfish, so when we’ve caught most of the fish, or otherwise destroyed them by dredging, ocean warming and acidification, pollution, dead zones, etc., jellyfish will still survive.

Trawling and Sewage favor jellyfish

Sewage provides nourishment for jellyfish since they can get 10 to 40% of what they need by absorbing nutrients through their skin.  And there’s plenty of sewage for them. In just 7 days a 3,000 passenger cruise ship generates 210,000 gallons of sewage, a million gallons of gray water, 37,000 gallons of oil bilge water, 8 tons of solid waste.  In the USA, animal feedlots produce 500 million tons of manure a year, 3 times as much as humans.

Bottom-trawls weigh thousands of tons and rake the seafloor for sole, halibut, cod, haddock, plaice, rockfish, rays, skates, prawns and son on, destroying corals and sponges as trawls rake across miles of seafloor, crushing what isn’t scooped up.  The raking creates a fog of tiny particles. Fish can’t find their food in this dense fog of raked up particles or murky sewage, but guess who can….jellyfish, who just dangle their tentacles and it capture any food that drifts or swims into them.

Trawling dredges up toxic DDT, PCBs, hydrocarbons, mercury, radioactive particles, heavy metals, and plastics that add to eutrophication, destroy clams, scallops, bryozoans, tunicates, and other creatures.  These substances, which had been buried in the sediment and removed from the food chain are released back again, and incorporated into the muscle, bone, blood, and fat of sea organisms.

Jellyfish don’t have these tissues, so they’re not much affected.  Nor do they live long enough to store a high concentration of harmful toxins, or develop mutations or cancer.

Dredging creates many more areas for jellyfish polyps to attach to as pieces of plastic and other flotsam are dredged up, increasing the size of jellyfish blooms.

Jellyfish can take the heat

As climate change raises temperatures, the metabolic rate of all creatures rise, and they have to catch more food to stay alive.

The ocean has risen 1.8 F the past century, most of that the past 30 years, and may increase another 3.6 F over the next 100 years.  In the ocean heat is even harder on organisms because warmer water has less oxygen.  This means increased respiration which uses more energy and finding more food to eat.   A creature that can’t respire fast enough will suffocate.

Warmer oceans are a dream come true for jellyfish – they can grow fast very quickly while other species are struggling.  Phytoplankton blooms make even more food available.  Jellyfish rates of reproduction increases and they can reproduce longer too.

Climate change also means far more unpredictable weather, another advantage for jellyfish, since they respond quickly to change and bloom explosively to cope.  They’re the first to arrive and the last to leave.  And jellyfish can tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

Jellyfish can even increase CO2 levels because

  • Their goo and poo are preferred by bacteria that emit high amounts of CO2.
  • Jellyfish displace fish, whose fecal pellets would have sunk to the bottom and sequestered CO2

We’re tipping the ecosystem in their favor

The more we damage and stress the ocean, the more likely the sedentary polyps will feel compelled to produce the next generation, the getaway medusa jellyfish who can escape the eutrophication, warming temperatures, changes in salinity, pollution, acidification, oil spills, or whatever else we’ve thrown at them.  The medusa disperse to safer areas, and new areas, live to see another bloom, and eat and outcompete fish.

Dead zones, eutrophication, hypoxia favor jellyfish

Jellies can survive low oxygen conditions because they store oxygen in their tissues and breathe through their skin.  They can swim in the top layer of water above and form a wall of slime that keeps fish out.

They can cause eutrophication by eating so many copepods that phytoplankton blooms erupt, die, and tilt the balance towards flagellate-based organisms, which jellyfish eat but fish don’t.  And also their goo and poo favors microbes that respire a lot which generate CO2 and increase ocean acidification.  Jellyfish can survive low oxygen levels better than most creatures.

The more jellyfish, the more jellyfish

As we create conditions that favor larger jellyfish blooms, their concentrations grow more dense, so when they release sperm and eggs the odds of contact and fertilization are greater.

And the greater the density of jellyfish, the more likely prey will be unable to escape. Nor will the small predators of jellyfish larvae be able to do so – the dense numbers of parent medusae will eat the small predators before their own larva can be consumed.

Larger jellyfish blooms makes even larger jellyfish blooms more likely, ratcheting up their ascent to dominance in the oceans.

Farmed fish won’t keep fish around – jellyfish kill them too

Jellyfish harm salmon farms through their mucous, bacteria, and stinging.  The salmon waste and uneaten food also probably change the ocean to favor jellyfish and algal blooms.

Other jellyfish facts   

  • There are 1,500 known species of jellyfish, but probably quite a few more we haven’t identified yet
  • They have no heart, brains, ears, heads, feet, gills, or bones
  • They range from the size of a pea to 8 feet in diameter with tentacles that can be 200 feet long
  • Kinds of jellies: moon, comb, pink meanies, rainbow, box, fire, sea wasps, sea nettles, sea gooseberries,Venus’s girdles, lion’s manes, purple people eaters, blubbers, snotties, agua vivas, blue bottles, the long stingy stringy thingy, etc.
  • They’ve been here at least 565 million years practically unchanged, long before predators with shells or teeth evolved
  • The Box Jellyfish is the world’s most venomous animal that can kill within 2 minutes. There are other lethal jellyfish as well.

Conclusion – We’ve turned the tide in favor of Jellyfish

This is one of the best books you can read about the myriad ways we’re destroying the ocean, which Gershwin has to explain so that she can then explain how that relates to how those factors affect jellyfish.  Gershwin’s writing is witty and funny, making this grim topic easier to take.  The natural history of jellyfish is amazing and bizarre.  And despite this long book review, I’ve left out quite a bit, the story is far too complex to summarize — I hope you’ll read this book to learn more.

Even if we stopped overfishing, polluting, and so on, once we tip the ecosystem into one controlled by jellyfish, they will become the “new normal” and that will quite likely be impossible to change.

What a dismal future — an ocean of slimy, repulsive, stinging, sticky, lethal, spooky, scary, alien jellyfish.  Bye-bye fish, oysters, shrimp, scallops, lobsters, Beluga caviar, abalone, sharks, whales, seals, sea lions, penguins, dolphins, sea otters, polar bears.  Hello jelly-O.

The time when jellyfish rule is not far away, it could be in your lifetime, or your children’s lifetime.  The climate and chemistry of the ocean is becoming like the Ediacaran ocean 565 million years ago, when jellyfish ruled the oceans for over 100 million years as the top predators.

In the last chapter, Gershwin writes that in the end, jellyfish are “also outcompeting the human race, because we depend on the oceans’ fish for our own food.”

Gershwin wrote this book assuming she’d have advice at the end of actions you could take to bring back the fisheries and keep jellyfish from dominating the oceans, but she ends the book saying it’s too late to do anything.  Hold the presses — perhaps not, Lisa replied to this book review and said “I welcome thoughts that you or your readers may have toward saving the oceans and fixing the damage… the subject of my next book!”.

I like Gershwin’s honesty, and the willingness of the University of Chicago Press to publish her book, since most publishers won’t print a book that doesn’t have a happy ending (and also why our political and economic leaders deny or don’t talk about peak oil, climate change, and other insoluble problems.)

When will the fish, whales, dolphins, etc., return?

People have asked me when the fish would come back, since after all, they’re here now, they must have defeated the jellyfish in the past.  That’s why you need to read this 344 page book.  the ocean ecosystem is complex and Gershwin spends most of the book explaining how it works in order to then say how this relates to jellyfish.  I’ve only reported on jellyfish part of what she wrote.

One important concept I didn’t cover was on low versus high-energy food chains, since that’s a big part of why the ocean is tipping in favor of the jellyfish, who do better in a low-energy system like the Ediacaran oceans hundreds of millions of years ago (read pages 288-344).

We’re returning the oceans to an Ediacaran state — warm oceans favor jellyfish, low energy food chains favor jellyfish, low oxygen favors jellyfish, ocean acidification favors jellyfish, billions of jellyfish consuming most fish eggs, larva, and juveniles favors jellyfish, ability to catch food in murky water favors jellyfish, their ability to bloom and grow faster than any other creature, humans removing most of the jellyfish predators and competitors from overfishing, the amazing adaptability of jellyfish, their being at the top of the food chain, and the synergy of all of these and the dozens of other factors above.

When this becomes a stable state, how do you get back?

“The Earth without us” gave me great hope.  Because we’re at peak fossil fuels the climate change scenarios won’t be as bad as the worst forecasts (perhaps), without oil there will be only a billion people or less, who can’t do nearly as much harm without oil-powered vehicles and combustion engines.

A day will come when the earth cools, oceanic oxygen and pH levels go up, and fish and sea mammals will return.   If they’ve survived, that is.  The problem with an extinction like this 6th one we’re causing is that the hangover can last for millions of years before evolution refills the lost niches of extinct creatures, sigh.

Alice Friedemann


Miscellaneous notes, duplicate notes, too detailed notes, and random interesting facts of interest to me

San Francisco Bay

  • Has 234 invasive species with a new species introduced every 14 weeks for the past 50 years.  The Asian clam has affected the entire food web by filtering out such a huge number of phytoplankton.
  • “Jellyfish blooms are extremely common….it is clear something big is happening.”

Jellyfish blooms and outstanding wine years between 1900 and 2005 appear to be correlated due to warming temperatures on land and in the sea (pp 28-29).  Increasing jellyfish blooms along the French Riviera, Greek Isles, and other Mediterranean coasts will no doubt also start to correlate with decreasing tourism as more and more vacationers are stung by jellyfish (pp. 229-230)

CO2 stats (

  • 83% / 8.5 billion tons from burning fossil fuels
  • 12% / 1.2 billion tons from deforestation
  •   5%  making cement
  • Where does it go?  47% atmosphere 27% plants 26% the oceans
  • China is building new coal power plants at up to 3 per week.

They’re replacing/competing with fish (anchovy, kilka, cod, sprat), shellfish, seals, and other seafood/creatures in many seas, such as: Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Mersin Bay in Turkey, Sea of Marmara, Aegean sea, Syria, Caspian, North Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean (esp Israel & Spain), Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea (pp. 62-69)

Bering Sea: one-third of global & half of USA fish come from here

  • 800,000 square miles full of Alaskan king crab, salmon, walleye Pollock, cod, halibut, sole. Also whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, walruses, polar bears, 80% of seabirds in the USA
  • By 1992 the Pollock fishery had collapsed in part of this region. At the same time and place, enormous blooms of jellyfish appeared
  • The walleye Pollock fishery is one of the biggest and most profitable, but it too is has been collapsing since 2007.
  • Overfishing and climate change led to killer whales so desperately hungry that they ate most of the sea otters in this area, which led to sea urchins devouring the kelp that millions of fish hid in, and with them the numbers of fish caught
  • Disappearing arctic ice has led to blooms of coccolithophores that blocked out the light for phytoplankton, diatoms, kelp, and other algae, reducing the zooplankton, killing off small fish and on up the food chain.  But jellyfish can eat anything, things fish don’t or can’t eat.

Jellyfish are sticky, like a thin piece of saran plastic wrap. They cause millions of dollars when they clog coal and nuclear power plants, desalination plants, and fishing nets:

  • In 1999 the equivalent of 50 trucks of jellyfish brought down a coal-fired station in the Phillipines that put 40 million people in the dark, that many initially feared was a coup.
  • The Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant was shut down in 2008 by invasions of sticky jellyfish (which the author points out even she was unable to do when she protested and was arrested in 1981 to try to shut this plant sitting on an earthquake fault down).
  • Table 1 in the appendix has 63 other incidents of jellyfish bringing down coal and nuclear power plants from Australia, Denmark, India, Germany, Gulf of Oman, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New South Wales, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, United States (Florida, Maryland, San Luis Obispo.
  • Table 2 has 6 incidents of jellyfish clogging desalination plants in the unstable and war-prone Middle East from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Gulf of Oman, and Israel.
  • Table 3 has 22 incidents of jellyfish blooms interfering with fishing and trawling from  Norway, Blak Sea, Israel, Mediterranean sea, Bering Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Oman, Persian gulf, Yangtze estuary China, japan, southern brazil, Northern Argentina, Namibian Benguela, UK & the Baltic, New South Wales Australia, Sweden Turkey, Texas & the Gulf of Maine, (USA)

Jellyfish harm salmon farms through their mucous, bacteria, and stinging.  The salmon waste and uneaten food also probably change the ocean to favor jellyfish and algal blooms.

  • New Zealand: 56,000 large salmon died when stinging jellyfish were pinned against netting and their stinging mucus was sucked into the vortex of circling salmon, blocking their ability to breathe, and the stinging further panicked the salmon, making them breathe and then suffocate even faster (p17)
  • Other  salmon killed by jellyfish: Australia: 25,000 salmon, Chile (120,000 & 45,000), Ireland (250,000), Scotland (many millions), Norway

Areas where jellyfish are taking over

  • Black sea (pp. 43-55) To give you an idea of the magnitude of the Mnemiopsis jellyfish invasion, the average biomass of the Aurelia jelly in the Black sea was 670,000 tons until 1962, then it rocketed to nearly 500 million tons by the late 1980s – jellyfish were consuming 62% of all copepods, fish eggs, fish larvae, invertebrate larvae – 62% of all available food.  Amazingly, this story has a happier ending than any other because another kind of jellyfish that preyed on the species clogging up the sea devoured virtually all of them. But it’s not likely the ecosystem will ever return to its past abundance.
  • Caspian Sea: this is the largest inland sea on the planet, 150,000 square miles, and overfishing, pollution, etc  has dramatically lowered the fisheries in Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia.  Beluga Caviar is likely to be gone within this decade. Mnemiopsis jellyfish have spread across much of this sea.
  • Namibia Benguela fishery: 30,000 square nautical miles taken over by jellyfish (pp37-39)

People assume that if we stop fishing, or cut back on fishing quotas, that the fish will come back.  But they won’t.  Why not?

  • Warming oceans reduce oxygen levels, making it hard for fish to respire and survive
  • Heavy metals and pesticides accumulate in fish tissues and kill them
  • Vast dead zones don’t have enough oxygen for fish to breathe, and it kills them
  • Oceans are acidifying from carbon dioxide, leaching calcium carbonate out of coral and other marine life skeletons
  • Krill depend on sea ice, which is melting – krill abundance has declined 40% per decade since 1976. Many creatures depend on krill (i.e. penguins, Emperor’s are down 50% and Adelie’s 70% because of declining krill).
  • Krill are also declining because we’re overharvesting them to make aquaculture feed
  • Krill are being replaced by copepods, which are mainly eaten by jellyfish since they’re too small for other sea life to survive on (120 times smaller than krill)
  • Jellyfish thrive in all of the above conditions
  • Jellyfish eat the eggs of fish drifting in the water – fish that might have grown up and eaten them

Some other good jellyfish articles:

Attack of the blob. Jellyfish are taking over the seas, and it might be too late to stop them

Source: EnergySkeptic

Geoengineering: Like GMO On Steroids For The Environment

Awareness of the climate engineering subject is growing rapidly and the issue is justifiably frightening to the newly awakened. Those that are just beginning their journey into the global geoengineering rabbit hole are not quite ready to admit it is actually going on as such a notion is clearly and understandably terrifying to them.  Those of us that have been fighting to expose climate engineering for many years would do well to remember our own initial skepticism on this issue. What matters is that people like Kenneth Eade (the article author) are sincerely investigating and speaking out. Kenneth is a very successful author of considerable notoriety. His attention toward the critical issue of geoengineering is helpful to the overall cause of exposing the ongoing climate engineering crimes occurring in skies around the globe.

Geoengineering: Like GMO On Steroids For The Environment

Source:, article by Kenneth G. Eade

It’s a new year, and everyone is talking about how it’s going to be better than the last year. They’re making their New Year “resolutions,” which they plan to start right after the hangovers stop and are not likely to be kept; like losing weight, quitting smoking, getting more exercise, or saving money. However, year after year, mankind has not made the resolutions that count, because it has not learned from the mistakes of the past. Year after year, we make ourselves comfortable, but take our environment for granted, and in the process, destroy 16 million hectares of valuable forests every year, and waste tons of fresh water while 5,000 children die every day from drinking dirty water. We unload 180 million tons of toxic chemicals into our rivers and oceans every year, and even poison the very food we eat and contaminate the groundwater we drink with pesticides so industrial agriculture can increase its yields, and toxic chemicals, so that the fossil fuel industry can produce more oil and gas and spout more carbon into the atmosphere, the dwindling forests, and our precious ocean, that we use as a huge toilet.
Yet we still rely on the irreplaceable ecosystems that we abuse and destroy to recycle the hundreds of millions of tons of trash we throw into them every year, to provide oxygen for the atmosphere, to filter water, for flood control, and for producing food and fuel. Our activities in this Garden of Eden that provides so many free services for us are causing the extinction of species at up to 10,000 times the historical rate, toward a mass extinction, the likes of which the earth has not seen for 65 million years. But in the last few days of 2014, our governments have finally allowed us to admit that our excessive carbon emissions, which are primarily caused by our dependence upon fossil fuels for energy, and exacerbated by deforestation for agriculture (which ironically also contributes to excessive carbon emissions,) are changing the climate of the earth. Now that it is almost too late, we must act before our beach vacation destinations (not to mention New York and Miami) are underwater, and we have to cope with mega-droughts, unheard of floods, and super hurricanes and tornadoes, just to mention a few of the side effects of our irresponsible behavior.
You may think that we have finally learned from this experience, where we have done almost everything wrong, and developed dirty, obsolete fossil fuel mining and exploitation technology that has quickened our path to destruction. You may think, as I do, since solar and wind power technology has improved and is cheaper than ever before, that weaning us off our dependence on fossil fuels as soon as possible is the most logical and reasonable way to deal with this crisis. However, the same way that we have played God with our food, creating genetic modifications that could have never occurred in nature, the long-term consequences of which we have no clue, there is another option being developed for dealing with climate change that is even more frightening than the genetic engineering of food.
It’s called Geoengineering, or Climate Engineering, and, according to Dr. Matthew Watson from Bristol University, the potential effects of the technologies, which Dr. Watson (his real name, no relation to Sherlock Holmes) is helping to develop, are terrifying. Dr. Watson’s “solar radiation management” project, which mimics the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions by spraying sulfur particles into the atmosphere to block sunlight, may have a cooling effect by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth, but it also causes irreversible damage to the planet’s ecosystems, starving plant life and reducing food supply. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get your St. Tropez tan, because the sulfur particles are likely to destroy the ozone layer, which protects us and all the little animals from deadly ultraviolet radiation. Other technologies focus on carbon dioxide “removal,” which include iron “fertilization” of the oceans, something that has been approved for small scale trials, which would increase the toxicity of the oceans and destroy ocean life.
Although these “experiments,” such as cloud brightening or artificial volcanoes, are mostly taking place with computer modeling, there are a growing number of conspiracy theorists who say that geo-engineering is already occurring and on a grand scale. (Holy chemtrails, Batman!) It is not likely that they are not right, but if they are, it won’t be the first time that unnatural agents were introduced into our environment and we weren’t told about it, like almost everything you eat, for example, if you happen to live in the United States.
The bottom line is that, instead of trying to manipulate our environment to get us out of this mess, which is how we got into the mess in the first place, we should find a way to live in harmony with it. With the availability of cheap solar and wind power, this is actually possible. Whether the economies of the industrialized nations and the industry that controls them and the governments that are supposed to regulate them will allow this to happen is the big question.
Kenneth Eade is a best-selling author and international lawyer based in Los Angeles, California

Ecocidal Science Destroying Our Earth in Search of Weather Related Profits



Listen to this asinine backwards thinking from a group of professional climatologists, pleading justification for a continuance, to reign its geoenineering assault upon our earth; demanding that it is a necessary evil to mitigate solar radiation impacting the surface, which, on the other hand, has such abysmal side effects that would make our planet uninhabitable.

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geoengineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained:

Solar radiation management comprises various techniques aimed at reflecting or diverting solar radiation back into space, essentially increasing the planet’s albedo (reflectivity). Many geoengineers, along with the IPCC, prefer solar radiation management methods to carbon dioxide removal as a climate fix, given the planet’s complex carbon feedback loops, and the much cheaper and quicker method of spraying our skies with albedo-enhancing particles.

Contained within these albedo-enhancing particles is a toxic blend of elements hazardous to all organic life on the surface of the earth.

“Block the sun but continue to spew billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” is how Eli Kintisch characterizes SRM in his 2010 book, Hack the Planet. [3] In a world run by sanity, we would forego fossil fuels for free and abundant solar energy, coupled with Tesla’s development of free electricity, to meet the world’s energy needs, without destroying our nest by extracting and burning fossil fuels.

As long as carbon aspirating dinosaurs populate the growing, wealthy phallic symbols that pierce the sky, where the enchantment from fat bottom-lines is more alluring than a concern for life, you can kiss our host, Gaia, Mother Earth goodbye.

Solar radiation management has “three essential characteristics,” notes the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC). “It is cheap, fast and imperfect,” [4] Citing geoengineering activist, David Keith, the IRGC explains that by injecting 13,000 tons of sulphate aerosol into the stratosphere on a daily basis, they would offset the radiative effects of a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. This compares to having to remove “225 million tons per day of CO2 from the atmosphere for 25 years.”

Were reason to prevail, we would capture solar energy, not block it; we would shun fossil fuels, not wage ecocidal wars to seize remaining supplies. In today’s world, however, policymakers have diverted billions of dollars into blocking the sun.  Efficient systems cost around $10 billion a year, “well within the budgets of most countries,” notes the IRGC.

Meanwhile, On November 21st, 2014, another, diverse group of concerned professionals assembled in Northern California to discuss the profound environmental and human health dangers posed by the ongoing global climate engineering programs. This very important panel was completely ignored by the Public Relations Firms of Mainstream News organizations.

In other posts, Dane Wigington has made it perfectly clear that “the planet is past the point of no return in regard to its former equilibrium. We will now all face a much more hostile environment on planet Earth. Climate modification has added much fuel to the fire of human decimation to our biosphere. The geoengineering insanity must be exposed and halted. Once stopped, we will face double collapse scenario”.  In other words, like a rubber band, violently stretched to its limits–the new normal–any sudden release would invite a catastrophic, re-percussive whiplash, as the envelope of Earth’s ecosystem snaps back to its own determined equilibrium.



Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe

Can Snow Storms Really Be Engineered?

There is a mountain of data including already conducted experiments, satellite imagery, lab tests of snow, observations on the ground, and multiple existing patents,  all of which point solidly to the conclusion that snow storms are being engineered on a massive scale with well established weather modification processes.  Two known patents for the process of “artificial ice nucliation for weather modification” are posted at the bottom of this article. The Chinese government has openly admitted they are creating “artificial snow storms” but later backtracked after causing a billion dollars of damage to Beijing.

china snow

If the Chinese government can routinely create snow storms out of what should have been a rain event, how much more advanced must our government and the NATO powers be at this same process? When monitoring radar images of rain during a storm, it is now common to see the rain “flash out” to snow for no apparent reason. No orographic enhancement (when rain moves over mountains), no colliding air mass, nothing. The “meteorologists” at the Bain Capital/Rothschilds/military industrial complex owned Weather Channel, and Weather Central, call this conversion “turning over to snow”. Why would rain just “turn over” to snow for no reason, at above freezing temperatures?

Engineered Ice Nucleation Cools Air Masses

Many of the snow events occurring around the US and elsewhere begin at above freezing temperatures. Some are at temperatures of 10 degrees or more above freezing. How is this possible? Have the laws of physics changed? It is done with various processes of chemical ice nucleation. This is the same as the first aid chemical ice pack. Mix the chemicals and you have ice. Whatever the existing temperatures of a storm and the surrounding air mass at the time the artificial nucleation is commenced, temperatures are lowered significantly further by the nucleation process. If the nucleation process is started at far above freezing temperatures, then the temps can fall to near freezing or well below as the process continues. If the region where an “ice nucleated” event is being carried out is already well below freezing, the temperatures will fall to still lower temperatures. If the chemical nucleation process is inflicted aggressively enough, in already cold regions, temperatures can be driven to deadly levels. There are increasingly radical short term weather swings occurring around the globe, often from record highs to record lows in a day or two time span.

Why Would Those In Power Do This?

First, because they can. Why would the global power elite detonate over 1800 nuclear bombs? Because there is no one to stop these experiments. Because there is no regulation whatsoever of the ongoing global geoengineering programs though many “outlines” for such governance exist, as if these programs are not yet a reality. There are likely other straightforward reasons. 60 years of global climate experimentation have done horrific damage to the global climate system. The planet is warming at an astounding rate. Though there are countless forms of damage to the biosphere, climate engineering mathematically appears to be the greatest single source of damage. Massive ozone holes and methane releases are occurring. Total disruption to the hydrological cycle. Complete contamination of the Earth’s surface and all life forms.  Those at the helm of the global spraying programs are trying to “cover up” the damage that has been done to our planet (much of it from the climate engineering itself)  by spraying yet more, and likely with an ever growing list of toxic elements. Isn’t this the true definition of insanity? Doing the same thing on an ever bigger scale and expecting a different result? Though all available data makes clear that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) can and does cool large regions temporarily, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall long term warming to the planet.  NASA’s own data confirms this.

What Are The Consequences?

The problems that arise when ice nucleation is imposed on the atmosphere are many. Some consequences we cannot yet know for certain, but what we do know is bad enough. First, the entire  hydrological cycle is disrupted, and in general, significantly reduced. When there are too many condensation nuclei, the moisture tends to migrate in the form of aerosolized cloud cover.

satellite spray

This means less overall precipitation in any form, rain or snow. Though less precipitation is the general rule, when heavy rain systems are aerosolized and chemically/artificially nucleated, significant “heavy wet snow” can still occur) Though the Weather Channel is doing their absolute best to sensationalize all the snow falling in various locations, the fact is there is a “snow drought” in much of the US. Yes, snow is falling, but not in significant amounts and the cold spells are very sporadic in nature. The ice nucleated snow storms create the illusion of a normal winter when in fact all available statistics paint a very different picture. As we get through “winter” and closer to spring, ice nucleated events will become much more obvious. “Above freezing” snow events will become more and more common. Still, it is important to remember that geoengineered snow storms can also be carried out under extreme cold scenarios. Whatever the initial air mass temperatures, the chemical nucleation mix can lower the surrounding temperatures much further. Snow from artificial ice nucleation at higher temperatures is almost always “heavy wet snow”. This is a newly introduced term pushed by the Weather Channel and other main stream media sources. The snow that does fall is toxic. There are numerous lab tests to confirm that the same highly toxic heavy metals named as primary elements in geoengineering patents are being found in this “artificially nucleated” snow. This poisons the air, soils and waters. The effects on the Northern boreal forests are already horrific. Trees are dying in mass and soil PH values are changing radically. The artificially nucleated snow can be incredibly dense and heavy (as already stated) , often causing major damage to trees and structures. How many fatalities have been caused due to the engineered winter catastrophes? Wind patterns and ocean currents are also being negatively affected by the ongoing spraying and manipulation of natural wind currents (the ionosphere heater installations around the globe also appear to be routinely manipulating the jet stream). This in turn is contributing to releasing methane hydrate deposits which threatens all life on Earth (search “geoengineering/methane release” on line). Photosynthesis is also being radically reduced. Extremely expansive “geoengineered” cloud cover results from the particulate dispersement. This type of cloud cover is often in the form of a largely featureless overcast sky.

What Is An Engineered Snow Storm Like, First Hand?

Two years ago I had to suffer through yet another ice nucleated snow storm in the woods of Northern California. In the days leading up to the storm, it was disturbing to watch the local TV “weathermen” trying to explain just how it was going to snow so much when only days earlier our region was almost 75 degrees. They tried to explain how the 30 to 40 mile an hour winds from the storm would mysteriously die down only over the upper Sacramento Valley and that’s when the snow would fall, even with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s (diminished wind is also a known consequence of atmospheric aerosol saturation/geoengineering spraying, though there are always exceptions where winds can be strong ). As is now the rule, the approaching storm brought skies full of jet sprayed geoengineering trails which covered the entire horizon in short order. A sickly colored light penetrated this toxic canopy from the early morning hours of. Natural clouds eventually drifted into view under the manmade over-story but they did not have the usual majestic appearance as they were “melted” into engineered clouds above due to the aerosol saturation. The leading edge of almost all storms are sprayed heavily. This is the atmospheric river of the storm. The “AR” is a stated area of preferred spraying by the geoengineers themselves. The usual effect of this is a day or so delay of the storm and this case was no different. On that day, the local weathermen did their best to explain why the storm did not come in the day before as originally predicted. It “slowed down” they said. As the evening progressed, the 500 ft snow level that was predicted  for that afternoon did not happen. It seemed in this case the temps were so warm that the big chemical “cool down” took more effort, more spraying. It seemed the geoengineers might not pull it off as by 11 pm it was still raining at the 2000+ foot level on the mountain top where I and my family live. It was still well above freezing. Waking up at 5 am, I could already see broken trees from the massively heavy concrete snow that had apparently started some hours earlier in the night though the temperatures were still above freezing. I quickly bundled up and went outside to beat the “snow” off the drooping lims of countless trees. This is easier said than done in the case of such “heavy wet snow”. It sticks like glue to everything it hits as it is in the process of melting even as it is still falling. It is not like the snow of my youth, fluffy powdery snow which easily came off the trees. There was, as predicted, no more wind. In the silence of the woods, jet after jet could be heard flying slow and low above the clouds. The snow kept falling. Into the night, though soaked to the bone from the soggy snow, I kept up my attempt to save the trees on our mountain. As the night went on, a sound that is very painful to me could be heard in increasing frequency on distant ridges and in deep canyons. Scattered throughout the darkness was the sound of trees crackling and snapping, being crushed under the weight of the “heavy wet snow”. These are native trees, trees that have adapted to the historical conditions in this region. I have been through snow events here that dropped two or three times the depth of this snow with no damage, but this snow is different. Even the Canyon Live Oak, the strongest oak in the region, buckles under the weight and adhesion of this snow. It does not sluff off the trees but only sticks and builds (frequent ice storms have also increased radically due to the chemical ice nucleation process. Later in the night, the sickening sound of collapsing trees in the distant dark was almost overwhelming.

snow fall tree

The only other sound that broke the silence was the constant parade of jets in the clouds overhead flying very low throughout the entire storm. By morning, half of the 20 inch depth of cement snow had already melted. The temperatures were still in the upper 30s and the snow had stopped. Countless broken and uprooted trees lay on the forest floor. Why? At this moment, there were virtually no jets to be heard. None. Soon enough, the snow turned back over to rain.  No jets, no ice nucleation, no more snow at the above freezing temperatures.

What Can We Do?

We are all in a literal fight for life. Our climate system and atmosphere are being systematically ripped apart. Every breath we take is tainted with the toxic metals and chemicals they are spraying. Every bite of food we eat, the same. There is no “organic” anything at this point as researchers from Europe and other parts of the planet  have recently shown. These toxic elements and other influences are being taken into all that lives. On top of this we are all being bombarded by the constant radio frequency transmissions that are also a part of the climate engineering insanity. Educate yourself on this most dire issue. Arm yourself with essential tools for educating others. It is far more productive to hand someone some credible information they can review at their leisure than to corner them with a rant that only puts up their defenses. Examples of information flyers can be found at  “”.  Stand up, make your voice heard by sharing credible data with all you know, it’s now or never.


Engineered Winter, The Toxic Deception

How long can the climate engineers confuse and divide the US population with completely manipulated “winter storms”? The latest is “winter storm Eris” as named by the power structure owned Weather Channel. Also controlling the flow of climate information to the public is the Rothschilds owned Weather CentralArtificially/chemically nucleated snow is a primary method by which the weather makers create short term toxic cool-downs. Why are they doing this? Because it creates the headlines that the power structure and its media machine need to help hide the fact that our planet is warming at a runaway pace. A “white Christmas” here and there does much to confuse the public as to what is actually unfolding on the bigger climate picture. This is one of the major purposes of global geoengineering. Extreme jet stream manipulation is a major component of the engineered cool-down of the US.
jet stream
Such contorted jet stream patterns like the one shown above were historically unprecedented, now such scenarios are increasingly the norm. How extensive is the global network of ionosphere heaters (which are used to manipulate the jet stream)? The map below gives some idea, though there are many new facilities and mobil facilities (such as SBX radar) that are not shown.
Haarp map
As the planet continues to rapidly warm overall, the geoengineers are now simply robbing cold air from one region to cool down another. When they create a cool-down in a more populated area, the weather makers get the headlines they are seeking. Again, such headlines perpetuate confusion in the population in regard to the true state of the global climate. This confusion buys time for the power structure to further prepare for the coming collapse. Where is the cold air for “winter storm Eris” coming from? It is pushed down from the North with the jet stream manipulation mentioned, and then combined with moisture which is artificially/chemically ice nucleated. The North then immediately heats up as shown below.
 From record warmth to record cold in only days, such increasing extremes should be very alarming to any that are even partially awake and paying attention. 
Since we all hate Al Gore (for good reason), the public is very willing to accept any lies that fortify their disdain for him and the rest of the criminals in power. If we can leave Gore and his carbon credit scams behind, and examine verifiable data, reality will be more easily recognized. Who would want the public to believe the planet is not warming, or even cooling? Big oil, the military industrial complex, and the geoengineers, that’s who.
How powerful are artificial ice nucleating agents? View the video below for one example of biological nucleating elements. A few drops of these can instantly freeze a container of water (chemical nucleating agents can be even more powerful than biological agents).
Winter storm “Eris” was just in time for Christmas. The Weather Channel’s job is to hide the climate engineering crimes and their theatrically named “winter storms” are part of the production. The Weather Channel’s paid actors dramatize the engineered cool-downs and avoid discussion of the fact that 2014 will be the warmest year ever recorded on our planetThere were over 2400 high temperature records set in December alone over the continental US, though mainstream media hardly said a word about this. Earth has now had 358 consecutive months of above average global temperatures (over 38 years in a row), how many have heard this from any mainstream media source? What about the record shattering ocean temperatures? Yet again hardly a word from major sources. But what about the petition of 31,000 scientists that say global warming is a fraud? The truth is, the petition of 31000 scientists denying the planetary meltdown is itself is a fraud. Just because those in power (like Al Gore) are trying to profit from disaster, does not mean the disaster is not real. The power structure does all it can to profit from war and global conflict, does that mean such events are not real? Of course not. We must all base our conclusions on facts, not ideology. The biosphere is warming at an extreme pace. Though temporary surface cool-downs are being created, climate engineering is making a bad climate scenario far worse overall and poisoning the entire planet in the process. Geoengineering is decimating what is left of Earth’s life support systems.  All those in the climate science and meteorological communities that are hiding the climate engineering crimes from the public should be considered criminal accomplices to these crimes. The responsibility of sounding the alarm rests with all of us, we must each do our part in the battle to reach critical mass of awareness with the population.

Documents Show Navy’s Electromagnetic Warfare Training Would Harm Humans and Wildlife


Source: Truthout, article by Dahr Jamail

If the US Navy gets its way, it will begin flying Growler supersonic warplanes over Olympic National Forest and wilderness areas of the Western Olympic Peninsula next September in order to conduct electromagnetic warfare training exercises.

As Truthout previously reported, this would entail flying 36 jets down to 1,200 feet above ground in some areas, in 2,900 training exercises lasting up to 16 hours per day, 260 days per year, with the war-gaming going on indefinitely into the future. The Navy’s plans also include having 15 mobile units on the ground with towers emitting electromagnetic radiation signals for the planes to locate as part of their exercises.

The Navy appeared to attempt to slide their plans by the public by choosing not to advertise public comment periods and meetings in the local media of the areas where their war games would be taking place. However, word got out and the Navy has had to extend public comment periods and hold more public meetings.

Navy personnel have been met with outrage, anger and a growing concern from the public about the negative health impacts to humans and wildlife in the areas where their war games are planned.

The Navy’s response has been to point people toward their own so-called environmental assessment (EA), and claim that “no significant impacts” will occur to wildlife or humans from their electromagnetic war games.

However, Truthout has acquired several documents from the Navy, Air Force and even NASA that directly contradict the Navy’s claims that their exercises pose no threat to wildlife and humans, and spoke with an expert on the human impact of electromagnetic radiation fields who also refutes the Navy’s claims.

Dr. Martin Pall, a professor emeritus of biochemistry and medical sciences with Washington State University, has written several peer-reviewed papers on the subject of how electromagnetic radiation of various levels impacts human beings, as well as given international lectures on the subject.

Pall told Truthout that these claims by the Navy are “untrue,” and provided reams of evidence, including his own scientific reports, that document, in detail, the extremely dangerous impacts of even very low levels of the microwave and electromagnetic radiation that the Navy would be emitting during their war games.

Pall’s paper, titled “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects,” outlines the impact of electromagnetic radiation on biological organisms, and was given the honor of being posted on the “Global Medical Discovery” site as one of the top medical papers of 2013.

Pall told Truthout that the Navy has not provided “any evidence” to support their claims that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) do not impact wildlife and humans deleteriously.

According to Pall, a NASA study, and more then 1,000 other scientific reports and studies, the health impacts of even the Navy’s lowest levels of electromagnetic radiation emissions are shocking.

The Doctor’s Opinion

Pall explained that people and agencies that advocate for the current safety standards around EMF levels claim that we only have to be concerned about their thermal/heating effects.

Pall’s aforementioned paper and the 24 studies cited within it show that the generally accepted EMF safety standards are based on a false assumption: “that all you have to worry about is heating.”

The Navy claims that there is “no conclusive evidence” that EMF radiation harms humans or wildlife due to “inconsistent data” and “conflicting reports” on the subject.

Pall vehemently disagrees with this position.

His analysis of scientific reports and data shows that a great number of them show harmful effects at non-thermal levels, when it is viewed consistently according to cell types, fields and end points of studies. Nevertheless, many of the studies claimed there were “no effects” from EMF radiation, simply because the effects were non-thermal, despite the studies themselves showing evidence of non-thermal effects.

“So in the data there is no inconsistency whatsoever. None,” according to Pall.

“This has been going on for years, and people have been assured of safety based on these things and it is absolute nonsense,” he explained. “So we have a situation now where most people in the world are exposed to microwave frequency radiation based on scientific studies that have no scientific merit.”

Pall said he sees the entire regulating system as flawed, and there is ample scientific evidence to back his perspective.

“We know the claims that you only have to worry about heating effects are false; there is no question on that,” he said. “All the assurances of safety are based on that assumption. So this whole thing is of great concern.”

According to Pall, there is ample evidence of biological effects from EMF radiation that are “extremely worrisome.” These include cellular DNA damage that causes cancer and infertility, “and both of these have been repeatedly reported to occur with low-level exposures.”

Nevertheless, Pall added, “There are studies that don’t report these, because they are done under different conditions, and that is not surprising.”

To make his point, Pall cited an infertility study conducted with rats that showed there was less fertility with each generation, “and by the fifth generation they were completely infertile.”

Pall was very clear in his assessment of the potential impact of the Navy’s EMF war-gaming plans, as well as how EMF radiation impacts our daily lives – from cell phones, to wireless networks, to the myriad other electronic devices that are so common today.

“So what we’re doing is exposing ourselves to these fields,” he said. “What the Navy is doing we have no idea because they don’t tell us . . . but from what little they have told us, they are using a lot of pulse fields in wavelengths that are damaging to us, to biological organisms. They give us not one iota of evidence of what biological effects are produced by those fields, and don’t even tell us what fields they are using. You only find empty statements of ‘don’t worry about these things.'”

Numerous studies back another of Pall’s points, which is that there is ample evidence that younger people are more susceptible than older people to the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

“This is why childhood leukemia is more common than adult leukemia,” Pall said.

Dean Millett, the district ranger for the Pacific district of the Olympic National Forest, has issued a draft notice of a decision in which he had agreed with the Navy’s finding of “no significant impact,” which has cleared the way for a US Forest Service special permit to be issued to the Navy for the war games. Millet, however, insists that the decision is his to make, but claims that he has not made a final decision yet.

Millet claims to not be concerned about the impact of the Navy’s war-gaming on amphibians, as well as other wildlife, including birds.

“Millet’s statements about the Navy’s EIS [environmental impact statement] being solid, and his not worrying about amphibians, are interesting to me,” Pall said when asked about the position of Millet and the Forest Service. “Millet has been emailed this evidence, that amphibians are particularly sensitive to these fields, and much of the amphibians’ decline around the world are being attributed to these fields. We also know that migrating birds are particularly susceptible. Yet neither Millet nor the Navy has given any evidence to the contrary, and that is not science. Science is always based on evidence.”

During a recent public information meeting, the Navy told Truthout that their Growler jets would not be emitting any EMF radiation, despite the fact that all the planes they intend to use for their war-gaming will be “fully equipped” with all of the electromagnetic warfare weapons available for radar jamming, and other operations.

If what the Navy says is true, and that the only EMF radiation signals emitted will be from their 15 mobile ground towers, which they claim to be “no worse than a cell phone tower,” this will still be extremely hazardous to biological organisms in the area, according to Pall.

“There are close to 1,000 studies on electromagnetic fields that show the production of oxidated stress,” he said. “So even just using a cell phone gives you oxidative stress in your brain by breaking down your blood brain barriers that protect you from infections and other things.”

Pall explained that, according to his and numerous other studies, there are numerous neuropsychiatric effects caused by this “low-level” EMF radiation, including depression.

Physical effects include heart arrhythmias and tachycardia, “and these can lead to sudden cardiac deaths,” Pall said. “Slow heartbeats also occur at increasing rates, and these are indirect effects and they are all life threatening. There is a lot of literature on cardiac effects on humans, and I’m writing a paper on it right now.”

Pall also cited a study that showed that when young rats are exposed to low-level EMF radiation, “you end up with middle-aged rats that have Alzheimer’s disease. Rats don’t normally develop Alzheimer’s.”

Pall cited one of the philosophers of science whose work determined the structure of modern science, Karl Popper, who believed the strongest type of scientific evidence is that evidence which falsifies a theory.

“So we have literally thousands of studies that have falsified the heating paradigm for microwave fields, each of which individually have falsified the claim that all you have to worry about is heating,” Pall explained. “Now, what Popper would say then is, obviously the statement that all you have to worry about is heating is a false claim. You only have to falsify it once. So the only way you can claim safety is to look at each of those individual studies and prove that it has been deeply flawed. The Navy hasn’t done that, nor has the ranger, and they haven’t done it because it can’t be done.”

Pall is confident in this statement because in order for the Navy and Forest Service to claim the war-gaming will be safe, they would have to test every EMF field, at every level of frequency emission, at every distance, for every human and animal, at every age.

But instead of conducting this kind of thorough research, according to Pall, “They are planning on running a huge experiment without collecting the data, so everyone out there will be exposed and be a part of their experiment.”

2013 paper published in the journal Reviews on Environmental Health, titled “Radiation from wireless technology impacts the blood, the heart and the autonomic nervous system,” lists a series of 14 different pleas from multiple scientists who state the need for much more vigorous action on the health effects from microwave EMFs.

Nevertheless, the Navy and Forest Service maintain their position that there would be “no significant impact” from the electromagnetic war-gaming, despite reams of well-documented scientific evidence to the contrary.

Thus, Pall believes the burden of proof lies with both the Navy and the Forest Service.

“So the Navy’s response is both untrue and illogical,” he said. “We know all these fields have all these effects. So the Navy has to come up with the evidence that proves their EMF fields don’t cause all these problems. The Navy and the ranger [Millet] need to answer these questions. I’ve seen no inconsistencies in the literature at this point, and what they need to do as scientists, as opposed to propagandists, is to show that each study that falsifies their point of view is deeply flawed, and they’ve not even started to do that, and there are thousands of studies in the scientific literature.”

Other Studies

In February 2014, Willie Taylor, director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance with the US Department of the Interior, sent a letter to Eli Veenendall with the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration. In it, Taylor lists several concerns about the impact of communication towers, as well as towers emitting “electromagnetic radiation.”

“The Department recommends revisions to the proposed procedures to better reflect the impacts to resources under our jurisdiction from communication towers,” Taylor writes in the letter. “The placement and operation of communication towers, including un-guyed, unlit, monopole or lattice-designed structures, impact protected migratory birds in two significant ways. The first is by injury, crippling loss, and death from collisions with towers and their supporting guy-wire infrastructure, where present. The second significant issue associated with communication towers involves impacts from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by them.”

The letter, of which Truthout acquired a copy, included an attachment that stated: “Radiation studies at cellular communication towers were begun circa 2000 in Europe and continue today on wild nesting birds. Study results have documented nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death (e.g., Balmori 2005, Balmori and Hallberg 2007, and Everaert and Bauwens 2007).”

The Navy consistently claims that their towers will only emit as much radiation as cell towers, yet this is exactly the level of radiation cited in the aforementioned letter as a problem, as well as the levels described by Pall, the electromagnetic radiation expert.

Furthermore, the letter notes that the Federal Communications Commission continues to use outdated exposure standards when it comes to radiation emitted from cell phone towers.

“The problem,” the letter continues, “appears to focus on very low levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. For example, in laboratory studies, T. Litovitz (personal communication) and DiCarlo et al. (2002) raised concerns about impacts of low-level, non-thermal electromagnetic radiation from the standard 915 MHz cell phone frequency on domestic chicken embryos – with some lethal results (Manville 2009, 2013a). Radiation at extremely low levels (0.0001 the level emitted by the average digital cellular telephone) caused heart attacks and the deaths of some chicken embryos subjected to hypoxic conditions in the laboratory while controls subjected to hypoxia were unaffected (DiCarlo et al. 2002).”

The letter concludes:

Balmori found strong negative correlations between levels of tower-emitted microwave radiation and bird breeding, nesting, and roosting in the vicinity of electromagnetic fields in Spain. He documented nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death in House Sparrows, White Storks, Rock Doves, Magpies, Collared Doves, and other species. Though these species had historically been documented to roost and nest in these areas, Balmori (2005) did not observe these symptoms prior to construction and operation of the cellular phone towers.

Furthermore, a NASA study published in April 1981, titled “Electromagnetic Field Interactions with the Human Body: Observed Effects and Theories,” was clear about the damage that EMF radiation caused to humans. Information for the NASA report was collected from over 1,000 written sources that “included journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, books, abstracts, and news items,” and “additional sources included in-person meetings, telephone interviews, and lecture tapes.”

“Both theories and observations link non-ionizing electromagnetic fields to cancer in humans,” the report notes. “Man is changing his terrestrial electromagnetic environment . . . If he knew the consequences of these changes, he might wish to compensate for or enhance them.”

The study “is concerned chiefly with those lower frequencies” of EMF radiation, just as are most of the aforementioned studies as well as Pall’s work, all of which obviously applies to the impact of the Navy’s claims that only their towers would be emitting signals, and not their Growler warplanes.

As for adverse effects from EMF radiation, the report states, “Some result in death and persistent disease,” with other impacts being “ventricular fibrillation and sudden infant death syndrome,” “cataracts,” “accelerated aging,” and that electromagnetic fields “may promote cancer” and cause a “decrease in sex function.”

The NASA study lists dozens of other human health impacts, and one of the tables in the report, titled, “Subjective effects on persons working in radio frequency electromagnetic fields,” lists symptoms that include hypotension, exhausting influence on the central nervous system, decrease in sensitivity to smell, periodic or extreme headaches, extreme irritability, increased fatigability, and intensification of the activity of the thyroid gland.

Further evidence comes from Swiss Re, a group which describes itself as “a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer,” which released their own risk assessment report, within which they listed “emerging risk topics” which could impact the insurance industry in the future.

The report lists “unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields” as having “high potential impact.”

Aircraft noise, another issue related to the Navy’s war-gaming plans, has also been noted as biologically harmful by the Navy itself.

According to the Naval Research Advisory Committee’s April 2009 “Report on Jet Engine Noise Reduction,” jet noise is described as “a problem” and the Navy was advised to take “actions to reduce noise in existing and next generation tactical jet aircraft engines.”

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
For every three decibels over 85, the permissible exposure time before hearing damage can occur is cut in half.

Decibel level Example and Permissible Exposure Time
30 Whisper
45 Refrigerator humming, rainfall
60 Normal conversation
85 Heavy city traffic; 8 hours
95 Motorcycles; 1 hour
105 MP3 player at maximum volume; 7.5 minutes
113 Older Navy jets at 1,000 feet; less than 1 minute
120 Sirens; less than 30 seconds
150 Gun muzzle blast, Growler jets at takeoff. (No noise levels exist for Growlers flying in trios at 1,200 feet.) INSTANTANEOUS HEARING LOSS

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

The report also acknowledges that the US Department of Veterans Affairs was spending more than $1 billion annually on hearing loss cases alone, as well as the fact that the Navy’s jet noise is “a serious health risk,” and that despite this, “tactical jet noise levels have increased as the velocity and airflow from these engines have increased to produce added thrust.”

The executive summary of this report states that the ongoing hearing loss issues and efforts toward increasing hearing protection of Navy personnel will “Require further development of noise abatement procedures to minimize the noise footprint around Naval and Marine Air Stations. And finally, it will require more research into the physiological effects of the full spectrum of noise – including low frequency pressure levels – on humans.”

As for impact on wildlife, Dr. Robert Beason, a professor of biology at the State University of New York at Geneseo, speaking at a workshop titled “Avian Mortality at Communications Towers” sponsored by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Ornithological Council, and the American Bird Conservancy, made several statements of concern about the impact of microwave signals and other electromagnetic radiation from communication towers similar to the towers the Navy plans to use for their warfare training.

“Peter Semm and I have found that a pulsed microwave signal results in changes in the rate of spontaneous activity of superficial neurons in the avian brain,” Beason said. “These responses are occurring in higher centers of the brain, not in the lower centers where they could be filtered out.”

He concluded his presentation urging caution, and clearly stating that more work needs to be done to safeguard migratory birds in regards to radio and electromagnetic radiation emitting towers located where they fly.

“There are numerous questions related to the features of communication towers for which we lack basic knowledge of either the neural or the behavioral responses of the birds,” Beason said. “Gaining this type of information is paramount in determining what features of these towers can be modified in such a way to decrease their attractiveness to birds to allow communication field engineers to design and construct these towers in such a way to reduce the impact on migratory birds.”

Navy Admits Harmful Biological Effects

On October 4, 1971, the Naval Medical Research Institute published a research report written by Dr. Zorach Glaser, of which Truthout acquired a copy. The title of the report is “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (‘Effects’) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation.”

Given that the Navy continues to claim that their EMR warfare training exercises will have “no significant impact” on humans, it is interesting to note that their own research paper’s abstract states:

More than 2,000 references on the biological responses to [microwave and] radio frequency and microwave radiation, published up to June 1971, are included in the bibliography. (Three supplementary listings bring the number of citation to more than 2,300.) Particular attention has been paid to the effects on man of non-ionizing radiation at these frequencies.

The Navy’s paper lists well over 100 negative biological effects caused by microwave and radio frequency radiations, of which here is a partial list from their report: corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, alteration of the diameter of blood vessels, liver enlargement, altered sex ratio of births, decreased fertility, sterility, altered fetal development, decreased lactation in nursing mothers, altered penal function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, hand tremors, chest pain, thrombosis, alteration in the rate of cellular division, anorexia, constipation, altered adrenal cortex activity, chromosome aberrations, tumors, altered orientation of animals, birds and fish, loss of hair, and sparking between dental fillings.

Pall found the report notable, and suggested that in order to prove there are no biological effects possible from their EMR warfare training, the Navy would need to provide a specific response to each of the studies cited in their own report.

“What they need to show is that none of the over 2,000 studies that should be well known to them are not relevant to their planned tests for the Olympic peninsula,” Pall said. “Those studies date, of course from before late 1971 and there have been many thousands of apparently relevant studies published since that time, but perhaps they should start with these studies which were important enough to be cited by the Naval Medical Research Institute in 1971.”

US Air Force Acknowledges Health Effects

A June 1994 US Air Force document, titled, “Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review,” authored by Scott Bolen, clearly acknowledges the non-thermal health effects.

The report, signed and vetted by the US Air Force Chief of the Wide Area Radar Surveillance Division and the US Air Force Deputy Director of the Surveillance and Photonics Department, states in its abstract, “It is known that electromagnetic radiation has a biological effect on human tissue.”

The introduction of the report states that “researchers have discovered a number of biological dysfunctions that can occur in living organisms” and that “exposure of the human body to RF/MW [radio frequency/microwave] radiation has many biological implications” that range from “innocuous sensation of warmth to serious physiological damage to the eye,” and added that “there is also evidence that RF/MW radiation can cause cancer.”

The report goes on to acknowledge that RF/MW radiation “is known to have a biological effect on animals and humans” and lists biological impacts like “damage to major organs, disruption of important biological processes, and the potential risk of cancer,” among many others which include “mutagenic effects,” “cardiovascular effects,” negative effects on chromosomes, and notes that “Soviet investigators claim that exposure to low-level radiation can induce serious CNS [central nervous system] dysfunctions.”

Ongoing Concerns

Olympic Peninsula resident Karen Sullivan worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 15 and a half years, in Delaware, Washington, DC, and from 1998 through 2006 in Alaska. She worked in the Division of Endangered Species, External Affairs, and spent the last seven years as assistant regional director for External Affairs, which covered all media and congressional interaction and correspondence, plus outreach, publications and tribal grants for the Alaska region.

She called the Navy’s so-called environmental assessment “bogus” because “it is old and not of broad enough scope.”

“It’s baffling to try to pin down what they [the Navy] are doing on paper, but it is nonetheless very obvious what they are doing,” she said. “It’s certainly not in the public interest and certainly takes away from the public trust of these lands. How can Navy jets be allowed to fly over wilderness areas and do what they do, and potentially destroy a wilderness soundscape that exists within a wilderness area? How can that be legal? I can’t understand.”

Dr. Pete Lauritzen, a professor emeritus of engineering from the University of Washington, recently attended a Navy public information scoping session in order to find out specifics about the types and intensities of radiation that will be used in the Navy’s war games, but was frustrated by the Navy’s lack of forthrightness.

Nearly 400 people attended the scoping session, most of who expressed their concerns by filing official comments to the Navy.

2014_1215ja_1The US Navy has held several “scoping sessions” where they invited the public to provide comments about the war-gaming plans. Each session became increasingly crowded, with the vast majority of those providing comment being opposed to the Navy’s plans. (Photo: Dahr Jamail)

2014_1215ja_2Former US Fish and Wildlife employee Karen Sullivan who attended a recent Navy scoping session (not pictured) told Truthout, “The Navy is behaving in a way that makes their sense of entitlement very obvious.” (Photo: Dahr Jamail)

Lauritzen was frank about what should be done.

“My general concern is that the EIS [environmental impact statement] should be done by an independent party that is reliable and has a good reputation. But the Navy is doing their own EIS, so that means they are withholding information and only giving out what they want, and being quite vague on specifics,” he said.

2014_1215ja_3Port Townsend Mayor David King, who expressed his concerns with the Navy’s plans of increasing the number of jets and ensuing noise pollution. (Photo: Dahr Jamail)

David King, the mayor of Port Townsend, a small town on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula that would be heavily impacted by increased jet noise as well as affected economically from the Navy’s plans, was also present at the Navy’s recent scoping meeting in his town to express his concerns.

“My main concern is that over the last year we’ve heard much more noise impacts than we’ve heard in prior years,” King told Truthout. “And a further expansion of the Growler fleet seems to me to indicate that that situation will only get worse.”

King plans to talk with city officials in other towns and cities that will be impacted by the Navy’s plans.

Truthout contacted the Navy and asked if the Navy had conducted studies that would disprove the more than 1,000 studies and papers that show negative impacts on biological organisms resulting from EMF radiation, and if so, where could the results be viewed.

Naval Public Affairs Officer Mike Welding provided the following response:

The Navy uses the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) “Standard for Safety Levels with Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, 3 kHz to 300 GHz,” to make its determinations. The IEEE standard serves as a consensus standard developed by representatives of industry, government agencies, the scientific community and the public. Additionally, the Navy has a long history of using these systems safely and employed them successfully to provide our aviators the training they need without incident or adverse effects.

Welding also provided the “NAS Whidbey Island’s Electronic Warfare fact sheet,” which repeatedly stated that the Navy’s war-gaming has “no adverse effects to people or the environment,” but failed to provide any evidence to support these claims.

Welding did not provide any specific response to Truthout’s aforementioned questions addressing the scientifically proven negative impacts of EMF radiation on biological organisms.

Sullivan, the Olympic Peninsula resident, is frustrated by the Navy’s ongoing lack of adequate responses to people who are concerned about the possible war-gaming, and was frank about what she thought would be required to stop the electromagnetic warfare training plans for the Western Olympic Peninsula.

“The Navy is behaving in a way that makes their sense of entitlement very obvious,” she said. “And I have been told by a congressional staffer that this is probably going to have to be settled in court.”

Copyright, Reprinted with permission

Geoengineering Dangers Discussed By Officials, Agency Scientists And Other Experts

On November 21st, 2014, a diverse panel of experts was assembled in Northern California to discuss the profound environmental and human health dangers posed by the ongoing global climate engineering programs. Northern California media completely blacklisted this important event and gave it no coverage whatsoever even though they were notified in advance. There were nearly 500 concerned citizens in attendance from locations throughout the state, and from locations as far away as Alaska. Some of those present in the audience also included city officials, county officials, and other public agency personnel. Why did mainstream media totally ignore this major gathering which presented hard science data on the dire issue of climate engineering? Because corporate media’s job is to block credible data from reaching the public. All are needed to help sound the alarm on the lethal geoenginering programs. Mainstream media will not help us in this critical battle, it’s up to us.

Setting The Record Straight For Those That Truly Care About The Battle To Stop Climate Engineering


Michael Murphy, Kim Moore, And WW101

Unfortunately I have had to waste a day that would have been devoted to the fight against geoengineering in order to address the totally fabricated baseless assault being waged against me and thus the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. The recently posted false accusations on a web page and now a 15 minute youtube video made necessary my response.  Such skirmishes are not at all helpful to the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering and I generally always avoid them, but there are times when there is no alternative left but to respond and set the record straight. I stand by everything I have ever stated. The recent and completely unjustified attacks that have been launched against me by Michael Murphy and Kim Moore with the assistance of WW101 are premised on a total fabrications of events. I will make the following attempt to put reality into the equation. Then, hopefully, I and others can refocus on our work that desperately needs to be done in the fight against climate engineering.

RADIO INTERVIEW ON THIS ISSUE (this radio interview was done by Global Sky Watch a day after this article was penned gives further clarification)

About Michael Murphy

I met Michael at the AAAS conference in San Diego, February 2010. I was completely committed to the battle against climate engineering for over six years before Michael Murphy even entered the fight to my knowledge. After the conference I did my best to help Michael pen his first articles. I tried to help him move forward with his film project by purchasing his original hard drives for the movie start up, I did this with my own funds. In the following two years I gave Michael airline tickets to Belgium that were offered to me, I paid for auditorium rentals in Northern California for Michael, organized events, paid for Michael’s rental cars on occasion, and donated funds to him when I could by purchasing his DVDs and then giving them away. Michael’s addiction to street drugs came to my attention in March of 2012 when he was incoherent for two days. During this time Michael’s now former wife called me numerous times (pleading for help) and Michael’s other close friends to inform us that the addiction was severe and ongoing. When Michael sobered up I made it clear to him that he had to seek intervention or I could no longer be associated with him. The rest of Michael’s immediate circle took the same position. Unfortunately, Michael chose the drugs. In the months that passed, Michael’s former closest friends had no choice but to move on, there was no reaching him. Michael began to tell radio announcers and others that I was an agent for Bechtel Power and the government, etc. For the record, I have had no contact with Bechtel for over 30 years, and certainly none with the government ever. I will let my actions and efforts in the anti-geoengineering battle speak for itself. Michael was soliciting funds from people without disclosing his addiction. On several occasions when asked I had no choice but to tell the truth as kindly and carefully as I could. Was this not my obligation? Would it be moral for me to lie to a person that asks me such a questions? Michael claims over and over that his private life is nobody’s business, but is this really true when he is soliciting donations from the public while hiding an extremely serious drug addiction? I hope Mr. Murphy has gotten off the drugs, but the use of these substances has apparently altered his perception of reality as many of the details regarding the chain of events Michael describes are nothing short of completely false. Again, I have done absolutely everything I could to keep from this type disclosure, I have been left with no choice. I still choose not to make public the pages of emails from Michael’s family, close friends, and former wife that would prove beyond any doubt that all I am saying is true (including a restraining order against Michael filed by his former wife due to Michael’s addiction), I simply want to go on with my work. Again, I stand by each and everything I have ever said on this matter. Those that don’t believe Michael Murphy has had a very long history of drug addiction should publicly ask him about this themselves, then see if Michael can convince you otherwise.

About Kim Moore

It is unfortunate that Michael Murphy succumbed to the pressure from Ms. Moore to make false accusations and statements that will ultimately be seen for what they are. I don’t believe Michael would have done this if not for the influence of Kim. Like Michael, Kim has made many statements of events that are totally fictitious. Statements that are not just twisted from her point of view, but simply and patently false. Ms. Moore makes all sorts of accusations that insinuate I have done horrible things to her, also an absolute lie. This is what I have done to Ms. Moore. First, at a meeting with several other women organizers, Kim went into an aggressive verbal assault against a very soft spoken and peaceful woman from the Tea Party (the Tea Party was just one of the groups represented in this meeting). I could not just sit silent so I made it clear to Kim she was out of line. The fact that I stood up to Kim’s attack against the woman seemed to infuriate Ms. Moore. The following day, at the Shasta County Presentation in Redding California, Kim again showed her lack of self control. After an extremely successful meeting (which Kim did play a part in organizing), Kim could not keep quiet but kept yelling at the officials in the meeting until the Board of Supervisors had to call a recess. This was an unfortunate big blemish on an otherwise flawless event. As the auditorium emptied out, I went to the front of the room and said the following, “Kim, you are not helping our cause, you should shut up”. This is the extent of what I have done to Kim Moore. Any that want to verify this should watch the full length video of the Shasta County presentation, the voice of disruption that can be heard from the front row of the event just before the recess was called is Kim’s. Standing up to Kim’s unhelpful and unreasonable behavior in the Shasta County meeting is apparently what has triggered Ms. Moore’s rage. I have just been sent copies of email posts put up by Ms. Moore herself that confirm her struggle with pharmaceutical drugs and psychological issues. I could repost this information, but feel it would not be ethical even though it discloses a clear factor in this equation and was found on a public post. As already stated, Kim’s accounts of events vary from completely spun to completely false. Again, I stand by every statement I have made on the subject at hand and every action I have taken in the fight against climate engineering. I believe Kim reveals herself and her intentions very clearly in the attack messages directed at me that are contained on her Facebook posts in the link below.

Blatant Attacks and False Accusations by Kim Moore

Those that want to view Kim’s disruptive and uncontrolled behavior at the Shasta County Supervisors presentation (regarding geoengineering)  can view the link below at the points indicated. After her second uncontrolled outburst, the meeting was recessed at the expense of all in attendance.

Look at 4:00:39 – 4:02:00 (Kim Moore’s first outburst)

Then, again at 4:05:25  (Kim Moore’s second outburst that led to recess)

Then hear Supervisor Moty’s reprimand at  4:17:28 – 4:18:45

And Chairman Les Baugh’s conclusion between 4:19:00 – 4:20:31

Shasta County Board Of Supervisors Meeting

About WW101

I have indeed made clear my disagreements with WW101 and I stand by everything I have stated in this regard. WW101 has put out some good and I believe accurate information about NEXRAD radar, but other videos put out by WW101 are completely unhelpful and untrue. Some of the WW101 videos blame all the weather disruptions on the sun without so much as mentioning the climate engineering issue. Other videos state that all the moisture for storms is coming from power plant cooling towers. This conclusion is so far from reality that it does not even deserve a response. Now it seems that WW101 is branching out to personal attack videos in the effort to try and extract revenge from those who don’t agree with his “its all just the sun” or his “cooling tower” theories.

Bottom  Line

Anything else I have ever said on the record about any other news site or source of information is solely for the purpose of correcting data and statements that are not supportable by available facts and thus not helpful to the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. When people mix their theories about multicolored aliens and the coming ice age into the climate engineering issue, it does not give credibility to our cause, rather such inappropriate and incorrect information moves the cause backwards. I again stand by my position on refuting these subjects when others try to blend them with the fight against climate engineering.

Though many will likely speculate that all this turmoil is somehow the work of government operatives trying to create division, in my opinion there is no truth to this in this particular case. There is so much strain on people as the walls close in on us all that some are simply snapping. The end of our former paradigm, which this period certainly qualifies as being, requires a steadfast holding to truth and facts. We need to be in this together, and not allow ill behavior or egos to divide us from making progress. We all suffer the results of geoengineering’s ill delivery, and fighting this means we don’t have time for any nonsense.

All my focus will now return to my ongoing work, I will end with the link below.
Dane Wigington

Climate Unravelling Accelerates

There are those in government agencies and media that would have us believe the threat posed by Earth’s damaged life support systems is still far off. There are even those that completely deny there is anything wrong at all with the environment and the climate. Whatever the motive, agenda, or psychological defense behind such denial, it will very soon be impossible to ignore the catastrophic changes already occurring on our planet. These changes are accelerating by the day and will impact each and every one of us to a degree that is as of yet scarcely comprehended by the public as a whole. All forms of human activity that alter the biosphere or its ecosystems are forms of “geoengineering”. Much of the public does not yet understand this. Even in the anti-geoengineering community many still do not want to accept the fact that any and all human activities that are destructive and damaging to the planet or the atmosphere are in a sense forms of “geoengineering” ? Of course, to intentionally attempt to engineer Earth’s life support systems is the epitome of human insanity, but again, all forms of human caused damage to the planet or the climate systems must and does have extremely harmful effects. Industrialized society propelled by carbon fuel combustion was never sustainable and will  soon collapse. Rather than fearing this, collapse of the current completely destructive paradigm should be seen as a positive for life on Earth. If the current model of ecocide and genocide continues much longer, there will soon be nothing left to salvage. Our highest priority should be to expose and halt all climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare programs. Nuremberg type trials should then commence for all those who were responsible for these crimes of genocide and ecocide. If we can stop the climate engineering assault on our planet, it will be a quantum leap in the right direction. There will still be immense challenges to face, but if Earth is finally allowed to respond on its own to the damage done, we may yet have a chance to sustain life on our once thriving planet.

On Track To Total Global Extinction

Very few are willing to face the fact that the human race is on a trajectory for total near term extinction. If we stay on the current course, near term extinction is guaranteed. The 10 minute video below is a glimpse into the dire issue of methane release already underway that will determine all of our futures if it continues. Once formerly frozen methane deposits begin to thaw and gas into the atmosphere, a feedback loop is triggered that perpetuates itself. As more methane is released, more atmospheric heating occurs. This in turn thaws yet more methane and thus the cycle spirals out of control. The methane release is an avalanche of greenhouse gas potential on top of all the damage already done to the planet from countless sources of human activity. The current reality is actually even more dire than this film portrays. The ongoing climate engineering programs are not mitigating this problem, but rather making it worse. In the attempt to hide the unfolding climate and environmental cataclysm from the public for as long as possible, the power structure and the geoengineers are actually fueling the fire overall and effectively poisoning the entire planet in the process. If we are to accurately understand what we face, we must do objective research. It’s up to all of us to sound the alarm, this battle cannot be won by the few, all must engage. No matter how dark the horizon is, if we could expose and halt the climate engineering, it would be a giant leap in the right direction. Our planet would then be able to respond on its own to the damage already done rather than being encased in the destructive chains of geoengineering.

Corporate Media’s Mission To Marginalize Geoengineering Discussion

Dec. 5 Rally RS

Dane Wigington

Media in Northern California is the epitome of criminal reporting and “gatekeeping” of legitimate information. The “Record Searchlight” (Northern California’s primary newspaper) is owned by the Scripps Howard institute, a part of the corporate media empire. The editor at the Searchlight has done his best to toe the line for the power structure by constantly publishing his personal views. The post directly below was published front and center in the editorial section of the Record Searchlight on December 7th, 2014. The spin and omission of the facts by Mr. Silas Lyons is typical of his “coverage” of the climate engineering/geoengineering issue in the past. If you are outraged after reading all that is contained in this post, perhaps you should let editor Silas Lyons know what your opinion is, he can be reached at the email shown in his editorial publication below.

About That Protest

By Silas Lyons

I have no doubt that most of the folks who came out in the light rain Friday to protest the Record Searchlight before heading over to KRCR Channel 7 have sincere intentions.

They truly believe that the United States government is spraying poison from the sky and, in the words of leader Dane Wigington of Bella Vista, hastening “the collapse of civilization.” Why the collapse of civilization would benefit the elites spraying the stuff — who already have the money and power in the current civilization — is beyond me, but never mind that. The protesters are truly baffled as to why legitimate media outlets won’t cover the issue as if it were real.

I love a good protest on public property, although I didn’t appreciate them packing into the lobby at one point and harassing the folks who work at the front counter and have nothing to do with news decisions. Thankfully, they returned to the sidewalk.

The fact is, I’m not at all certain that the government isn’t doing secret things that would outrage us all if we knew about them. Government officials bring such suspicion on themselves with their denials of actual programs such as the NSA’s domestic spying and their paranoid efforts to dismantle transparency and shut out the public and news media from routine federal business.

But a conspiracy that, by nature, would have to involve at least thousands of people, both government employees and civilians, poisoning themselves and their own families and loved ones, over a period of many years, and that no one has ever broken ranks and disclosed?

There are a lot of things discussed on Coast to Coast AM, but they aren’t the kinds of things a newspaper of record should spend its resources chasing down or to which it ought to lend unearned legitimacy. With all due respect.
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The letter below was submitted by me to the RS editor Silas Lyons in response to the climate engineering “hit piece” he published above.

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The Searchlight Again Tries To Hide the Climate Engineering Issue

Unfortunately, Silas Lyons and the Record Searchlight did exactly what we would expect the corporate media to do, and exactly what we have seen them do in the past, complete spin and omission in regard to the subject of climate engineering. Why did Mr. Lyons call me the “leader” of these citizens, does he believe those in attendance can’t think for themselves? Virtually every activist sign at the “protest” had a “geoengineering” or “climate engineering” statement on it, why did Silas Lyons totally omit these science terms? Mr. Lyons says “legitimate media outlets won’t cover the issue (geoengineering) as if it were real”. Mr. Lyons, perhaps you should pick up a cover of the current issue of Newsweek, “Geoengineering” is the cover article subject. In fact, we gave copies of the Newsweek article to you and your staff, but you neglected to mention that. If Mr. Lyons and the Searchlight took the time to actually investigate the issue of climate engineering, they would find that the entire climate science community and most governments around the globe are speaking about geoengineering as a top priority. But again, Silas Lyons and the Searchlight completely omitted any and all science terms from the “hit piece” they put out in order to uphold their positions as the the gatekeepers of legitimate information. Our media seems to be well aware of who pays them in the end, their completely immoral “journalism” is a testimony to this fact.

Dane Wigington
Bella Vista California

Below is the “edited” version of my submission that the paper published. The editor made changes and omissions to the original letter. Gone is any reference to the Newsweek article, and much of the statement of the letter was altered to suite Mr. Lyons’s dictates.

“Mr. Wigington, I’ll be happy to run your letter as edited below. Let me know if this works for you.” (from editor Silas Lyons)

Dane Wigington: Corporate newspaper shirks its responsibility

Dane Wigington, Bella Vista
Unfortunately, Silas Lyons and the Record Searchlight did exactly what we would expect the corporate media to do, and exactly what we have seen them do in the past: complete spin and omission in regard to the subject of climate engineering. Why did Lyons call me the “leader” of these citizens, does he believe those in attendance can’t think for themselves? Virtually every activist sign at the “protest” had a “geoengineering” or “climate engineering” statement on it. The climate science community and most governments are considering the possibility of climate engineering, although those discussions are, at this point, in the future tense. Lyons and the Searchlight completely omitted any and all science terms from the “hit piece” they put out in order to uphold their positions as the gatekeepers of legitimate information. Our media seems to be well aware of who pays them in the end, their completely immoral “journalism” is a testimony to this fact.

In addition to the papers spin on the “sit in” by citizens on December 5th 2014, the Searchlight COMPLETELY OMITTED any coverage whatsoever of a major community event on November 21st covering the climate engineering issue. The letter below was submitted to the Newspaper by one of many citizens that are increasingly outraged over the behavior of this so called “News source” (unfortunately it has not been published).

Record Searchlight, Ducks Its Responsibility To The Public
December 5, 2014
by Rose Taylor

When my partner and I called the Record Searchlight today we asked Carol Ferguson, the news desk editor, why they didn’t cover the Geoengineering Forum on Nov. 21st, where over 500 people attended?

She said, “The chemtrail issue is not a legitimate news story and we don’t believe in your vast government conspiracy theory.” When we responded with the fact that all five Shasta County Supervisors voted unanimously to investigate the aluminum/geoengineering issue, she diminished the Board of Supervisors and said in effect, “Oh that, that was crazy of them!” I then said, “So what you are telling us is you will only report what you believe in and that you are actually editorializing instead of reporting the news.”

The truth be said, they refused to cover one of the largest public events that occurred in Redding, California on November 21st, 2014. Due to the personal prejudices and beliefs of the Record Searchlight editorial staff, they felt no obligation to report the news to the citizens of Redding, California. They felt no obligation to report the fact that one of Shasta County Board of Supervisors, Bill Schappell was in attendance. He was there to give a follow up report to the public regarding efforts by the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to pass on to appropriate agencies and officials what was deemed to be “credible and compelling evidence” of a serious aluminum contamination in their county and citizen concerns over the climate geoengineering issue.

This is a legitimate news story and the Record Searchlight had no legitimate right to keep from the public what the supervisor had to say. Mr. Schappell said he had deep concerns over the lack of response by government agencies and officials who should care about this issue. He said, their silence is very disturbing and this issue goes way beyond any concerns for reelection or public approval ratings.

Shame on the Record Searchlight, they do themselves, their families and our country a huge disservice when they chose not to report the news. Your behavior certainly gives credence to John Swinton’s claim in 1883, when he said:

“There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper …. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

John Swinton (1829–1901) a Scottish-American journalist, newspaper publisher, and orator. See:

One more example of the letters submitted to the Record Searchlight from outraged citizens is below. Again, if you wish to voice your own concerns to editor Silas Lyons and the Record Searchlight about their deliberate attempts to marginalize or completely omit the climate engineering issue, his public email is here.

From: Terry Rapoza
Subject: Conspiracy Theorists?
Date: December 6, 2014 11:04:43 AM PST
To: Silas Lyons Record Searchlight–Editor <>

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Since you wouldn’t come out to meet us yourself yesterday, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the “Conspiracy Theorists” at yesterday’s Rally for Media Awareness.   Notice anything?  They are young and older and middle aged.  They are comfortable, middle class and lower income levels.  There are people with long hair, and people who have served in the military.  People who own businesses and people who work for the government.  Yet, you dismiss all of these citizens (many of them who at one time used to buy your paper!) by your blatant disregard for their concerns.

You ignored the invitation to attend the Nov. 22 forum where people came from long distances-Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Tahoe, San Luis Obispo the Bay area and many other places.  Experts in their fields of meteorology, medicine, aeronautics, and the defense industry confirmed that Climate Engineering is occurring.  Even our own Board of Supervisors in July of this year, agreed to try to get some more info on the health effects of Geoengineering.  There were several elected officials in the crowd at the Sequoia Theater as well.  Are they conspiracy theorists too?

Even NEWSWEEK magazine had an article in it this month acknowledging the existence of these programs and what Scientists are attempting to do “save us from global warming.”
Planet Reboot: Fighting Climate Change With Geoengineering
Are the writers of this article also Conspiracy Theorists?

When this many people show up on a rainy Dec. morning in an attempt to bring Awareness to an issue of importance to them,  most newspaper editors would take the opportunity to listen, not dismiss them.  Your arrogance is showing.

Sally Rapoza


Another important response to newspaper editor Silas Lyons from a concerned citizen…

Sent by Craig Trotter

Mr. Silas Lyons,

Please allow me to respond to your “About That Protest” editorial from the Dec 7th, 2014 edition of The Record Searchlight in Northern California.

First, you state that:

“They truly believe that the United States government is spraying poison from the sky and, in the words of leader Dane Wigington of Bella Vista, hastening “the collapse of civilization.” Why the collapse of civilization would benefit the elites spraying the stuff — who already have the money and power in the current civilization — is beyond me”

This characterization implies that the primary purpose of Geoengineering programs is to poison the public and collapse civilization.  However, these feared catastrophic effects of geoengineering programs are not the primary intent, but rather collateral damage resulting from a poorly thought out and non-transparent government response to a developing global climate emergency (please review recent press release from the COP20 Lima Climate Change Conference at  To understand the official stated goals of geoengineering, one needs only to research recent mainstream media coverage of “proposed” geoengineering efforts – including the story on the recent cover of Newsweek magazine.  Have you done this?

Next, allow me to respond to this quote from your editorial:

“But a conspiracy that, by nature, would have to involve at least thousands of people, both government employees and civilians, poisoning themselves and their own families and loved ones, over a period of many years, and that no one has ever broken ranks and disclosed?”

First, you imply that our government is incapable of keeping a large program of this nature a secret, due to the sheer number of potential whistleblowers involved.  How about the Manhattan Project?  Thousands worked on that effort – and yet no one spoke a word before the first bomb was dropped.  It is called “compartmentalization of information” and yes, it IS possible to keep people from speaking out about sensitive matters.  Yet, we do in fact have whistleblowers speaking out against  geoengineering, right now.  You would know this if your paper had covered the Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting in July 2014 (, in which scientists and many other experts publicly presented objective data demonstrating that our soils and water are being contaminated with the very same elements named in geoengineering patents.  There are also people like Kristen Meghan (USAF), who is speaking out as a witness to the actual procurement of these toxic materials by military bases for use in geoengineering programs (

Further, you present the idea that our government leaders would never undertake an action which could poison themselves or their families.  This too is easily disproved by history:  Atomic above-ground testing occurring over decades around the world, or the use of depleted uranium munitions in wartime, just to name a couple of obvious ones.  As you state – it doesn’t make sense that they would do this – and you are right about that.  I don’t claim to understand it either but sadly, it happens all the same.

Mr. Lyons, there are two possible explanations for the content of your editorial and your refusal to give fair coverage to this topic.  One is that you are honestly ignorant regarding this topic because you simply “don’t want to know” (like so many others) – and I can understand that viewpoint.  At the same time, because of your chosen profession you have  a critical obligation to inform the public about matters that affect their lives at the most basic level.  A fair assessment of the information that I have provided in this email (and at will go a long way toward educating yourself on this topic.  The second possibility, and the one that I am leaning toward, is that you are intentionally helping to cover up a crime that is being committed against the public by refusing to allow fair coverage of this topic in your newspaper.  In either case, the public will eventually hold people such as yourself to account if fair coverage of this critical topic is judged to have been withheld, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The Cast Of Criminals Who Purchased “The Weather Channel” For 3.5 Billion


The global power structure has countless tentacles, countless minions who carry out its insatiable need to control everything on the planet. Those in power have gone to insane, unimaginable, and unbelievably destructive lengths in their attempt to control the weather. In order to hide the crimes of ecocide and genocide that are a direct result of the climate engineering assault on our planet, the globalists also needed to control the flow of information to the public that relates to the climate. Thus the purchase of “The Weather Channel” was necessary. The Weather Channel and their cast of paid disinformation actors are tasked with covering up the completely engineered and unnatural climate anomalies that are now occurring constantly as the geoengineering programs are fully unleashed. The “experts” from the Weather Channel engage in constant theater to paint whatever picture they told to paint (all of this theater is done between the constant stream of reality shows on “Weather Channel” that encompasses 60% of their current programing). The WC “meteorologists” constantly explain away an endless list of climate engineered events and occurrences as if completely natural. Many of the Weather Channel’s background photos are actually skies filled with geoengineering aerosol clouds, this is part of their disinformation and conditioning campaign. So who are those behind the acquisition of “The Weather Channel”? The list of characters and organizations is long, interesting, and alarming. Though the purchase was completed 6 years ago, the evolution of “The Weather Channel” since then (as a tool of total deception) has been profound. The article below discloses those who were involved with the Weather Channel acquisition.
Dane Wigington

Monitoring And Muzzling Scientists, New Legislation Casts A Chill

Dane Wigington
So many people understandably ask the question “if all this was really going on (like climate engineering), why wouldn’t scientists and agencies speak out about it? This question is easily answered if one simply examines the bigger picture facts. NSA can and very likely is monitoring anyone and everyone that speaks out or has the potential to disclose important truths which could or would be damning for the government. This fact should not be a surprise. Legislation which has just been passed now appears to completely legalize the actions of our police state’s surveillance practices. If you wish to know how your congressman voted on this latest draconian legislation, you can do so at this link. The US and Canada are both actively and passively pressuring scientists and agencies to suppress data they do not want released to the public. Such pressure goes right down the line to those in the field. I know a California Fish and Game biologist that is reprimanded if she even tries to bring up the issue of climate engineering or the fact that the streams and waterways in California are flowing with aluminum. I have been in the forest with USDA scientists testing soils and coming up with results that showed horrifically higher PH values than the historical norms. These scientists will not speak out as they know it is a bad career decision or worse. I spoke to a NOAA scientist that said “we know about the climate engineering and are alarmed as hell, but we have no first amendment protection so we don’t know what to do”. This is the world we live in, this is the kind of governments we have. The public believes the appropriate experts and agencies would tell them of any environmental dangers of concern, but this is not reality. The control our government (and others) currently have over the flow of information is nearly total. Our “elected officials” are generally doing the bidding of the power structure. It is up to us, the people, to expose the insanity and criminality of those who currently rule the world. If we all pull together, their days in power will be numbered.



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