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Geoengineering And The Jade Helm Military Exercises In The US, What’s The Connection?


The unravelling of the reality we have all known is happening from countless directions and at blinding speed. Earth's life support systems are crumbling, the human assault against the planet has taken an immense toll with climate engineering being at the top of the list. Many are still living in a delusion of denial, their delusions will soon be shattered. The power structure is moving their still obedient military chess pieces into position to possibly be used against their own citizens. When reality can no longer be hidden from the masses, chaos will unfold. The article below is from a news site that has hundreds of thousands of followers, they have just woken up to the climate engineering nightmare.
Dane Wigington

Jade Helm Update: It's About Mass Extinction Event Coming 2015

Source: GunsAmerica, article by Paul Helinski

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My dear friends, we have been played, and we are actually being set up. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be writing you about this topic, but I have discovered something that I feel like must share with the many thousands of you who are longtime readers. 

This is a presentation from Dane Wigington at GeoEngineeringWatch.org. Get yourself a cup of coffee and sit through it right to the end. if you think he is full of shit, fine, but I suspect that you will not. We are on the precipice of a complete breakdown of society as people wake up to the fact that the world is in fact ending.

I finally figured it out, after years of digging. It all connects, all of the craziness that is our current world, and you aren’t going to believe how. It isn’t little green men from Mars, or Illuminati, or devil worshipers, or reptilian time travelers. One thing and one thing only brings together the nonsensical gun confiscation nuts, the police state, reckless money printing, unpayable debt, spying, and even all the fake government stories. The one thing is not what I ever thought it could be. I won’t keep it a secret. Most likely we are for real talking about is the end of all life on this planet. The efforts to stop the process, which could very well be an inevitability, aren’t working. The methods they are using are right in the skies above your head, and they are still top secret. Most likely they are making the end come sooner, and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do except wake up to what is going on, and wake our friends and family up, at the risk of looking like a fool. One thing I think I can assure you though, is that the end is coming, and I don’t think it is that far away.

This is a video of US Military training in Arizona on April 17, 2105. At 2:39 you’ll see the volunteers for the drill begging for water, then being taken down and restrained by our brothers in arms who are ignorant to just how imminent this is for real. Please share this with them. We need the military to understand that they are being used by a cabal of crazy people who will throw them under the bus when the time comes.

This is why the military is deploying Jade Helm this summer, because it may no longer be possible to cover it all up. Jade Helm is an insurance policy. If we make it to fall, JH will just be a training exercise. If not, Jade Helm will have troops in place to put down what is going to be pandemonium and revolution. For us, even if we don’t live in the inner cities where the riots are bound to begin, the worst part is that we have been set up to be the opposition. The US Military will shoot at us, because we will be seen as fools refusing to accept the sacrifices required to save our planet. As the video to the right explains, we are all a part of a grand and lethal experiment, and if those of us with the guns don’t wake up to it now, we are setting ourselves up for imprisonment and slaughter.

As my soul brother Indigo Montoya once said, “let me ‘esplain. No time for that. Let me sum up.” (um, in 7,000 words or less)

If I were to pick one “right wing” issue besides the limiting of individual firearm ownership that I can 100% say that I know is bullshit, it would be “global warming,” “climate change,” or whatever new term is in style this week that doesn’t piss people off when they hear it. Global warming is absolute bullshit that only tree hugging liberal moonbats believe. The evidence has shown this, has it not? We have those incriminating emails from the scientists right? There has been record cold the past two winters in the Eastern United States right? How can you have record cold when the planet is warming?

This is a tweet from Kylie Jenner last week. She was beaten up by the mainstream media for it, but most likely you have seen the white trails as well, and wondered what exactly it is that they are spraying.

This is a tweet from Kylie Jenner last week. She was beaten up by the mainstream media for it, but most likely you have seen the white trails as well, and wondered what exactly it is that they are spraying.

The answer most likely you won’t believe at first because it sounds like science fiction, but it is science fact. Our US Government, using the US Military, and most of the rest of the governments of the world, including China and Russia, have been “geoengineering” the planet for decades. They have the ability to control the weather. They can make it hot. They can make it cold. They can even make it snow. The science is proven and even patented, and those patents, from 1920-2013, are downloadable.

Those planes you have seen drawing white lines in the sky are part of a master plan. You have seen the results of the weather manipulation right outside your front window, but you didn’t know that the weather was created, not random. And it has been weaponized, for political power, and to control those who don’t bend a knee to the cabal running the show. Right now the Western part of the US, primarily California, is being droughted out, while the Eastern US is being kept artificially cold, so that we will deny global warming. We are being played for fools as “deniers,” because we can plainly see that it is cool outside our windows. The rest of the planet, not just California, is frying, and the arctic is nearly all melted.

This picture was taken in South Florida a couple of weeks ago.

This picture was taken in South Florida a couple of weeks ago.

Most likely if you look up into the sky today, you will not see white lines created by trails from airplanes running from horizon to horizon. You may see some lines, but they will be high and the trails will not be very long. This is part due to a bunch of recent publicity on the trails, and because the arctic is becoming a weather management priority, and there are only so many planes.

You know of course that you have seen the white trails now for years, yet at some point someone convinced all of us that these trails were “contrails,” created by condensation in the jet engines. We dismissed them, and though many of us have heard what has become a bogeyman term for the lines (chemtrails), lost in a sea of 911 truther info, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, etc., it all just seemed like a giant bundle of the bullshit, unfiguroutable as it were.

In your skies today, you may find that there is only one plane running short trails across the path of the sun. They don't have enough planes to keep the ice caps from melting, and your keep your skies filled with white clouds at the same time.

In your skies today, you may find that there is only one plane running short trails across the path of the sun. They don’t have enough planes to keep the ice caps from melting, and your keep your skies filled with white clouds at the same time.

Add to that some healthy wars, potential wars, and now even race riots, and who is going to pay attention to what those planes are spraying?

But now it is time to wake up.

We all know that those aren’t contrails. But did you know that it was 90 degrees in Alaska last week? Did you know that over 1,000 people died this week in India from record heat? The asphalt streets are melting. At this point, it is time to get some disclosure from our government as to what they have been spraying up there, how much of it, and what the worldwide data is now showing. I’m going to go through some of the answers that we know, but the hard truth is that unless we convince those pilots flying or droning those planes to come forward, and those scientists out there who know this is happening to come forward, a full understanding of what we can and can’t do at this point just isn’t going to happen.

To back up for a bit, when I say “we” have been played (like a fiddle), I mean social/fiscal conservatives, Libertarians, red blooded gun and freedom loving Americans. Tricking us until disbelieving the global warming scenario was a key in the overall plan being executed by the cabal of oligarchs who run everything. As Richard Nixon (who was in the cabal) said, conservatives are a silent majority in the US. Conservatives have very strong wills, and a good deal of money. We are the doers who own businesses and build value into the economy.

It is so hard as a actual conservative/libertarian to believe that "global warming" is real after all of the sham data and cold weather, but if you read up on the science of nucleated snow, you'll understand how this map can make sense. They have been keeping the Eastern US cold for political reasons, to keep us as the opposition when the rubber meets the road, ie. NOW.  Global temperatures are out of control.

It is so hard as a actual conservative/libertarian to believe that “global warming” is real after all of the sham data and cold weather, but if you read up on the science of nucleated snow, you’ll understand how this map can make sense. They have been keeping the Eastern US cold for political reasons, to keep us as the opposition when the rubber meets the road, ie. NOW. Global temperatures are out of control.

There was no better way to trick us than with bumbling fool Al Gore. He is an engineered entity, fueled with data that was intentionally bad, wrought with plans to publicly enrich himself and his cronies with “carbon credit” schemes that were meant to look like schemes. Those condemning emails we all heard about but didn’t read weren’t leaked by a whistleblower. They were planted. The carbon credits plan wasn’t meant to solve anything. It was meant to look like a criminal crony scam that we could all hubub with each other about, strengthening our belief that global warming doesn’t exist.

It was brilliant. Take the one thing that you don’t want anyone with a strong will to believe, and make it look like a scam. Then, as far as the hardcore truthers go, surround the real issue with a whole bunch of fake events that will keep legitimate amateur researchers busy. I am one of those, and when I now tell my friends and family that I figured it out and the world is ending, they say “what is it this week?” and completely write it off.

This is directly from the Facebook page of the Alaska National Weather service.

This is directly from the Facebook page of the Alaska National Weather service.

Now, regardless of how true and telling those “conspiracy theories” may be, none of it matters. Blah blah blah Kennedy wasn’t killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Blah blah blah an anfo truck bomb didn’t blow up that building alone in Oklahoma City. Blah blah blah those three buildings that fell on 911 could not have fallen at freefall speed through the path of greatest resistance according to the laws of physics. Blah blah blah the Boston Globe really did tweet that the bomb squad was conducting a drill across from the library right before the Boston bombing, and most likely BLAH BLAH BLAH, no kids died at Sandy Hook. I won’t even bother to link you to the evidence of any of those things, because at some point you have already encountered them through brief mentions in mainstream media channels, and you didn’t bother to investigate them then, so why would you now?

None of it matters anymore. The cabal has been stocking their bunkers for a decade or more. The Chinese built bunkers under all of their cities years ago, and the Russians have had a national bunker system for decades. You know who doesn’t have bunkers? You and me. They all have a plan for what’s next, and we aren’t a part of it.

So What’s the Scoop?

The spray is made up mostly of aluminum nanoparticles, but there is barium and several other metals in tested rain samples all over the world as well. And yes, it is all over the world. Go look in Youtube for “china chemtrails” or “russia chemtrails” and you’ll see the same thing you see in your sky caught on camera over there. That “chemtrails” term has been abandoned by the truther geoengineering movement because it has become highly politicized, and relevant content in Google and other search engines has been delisted. You’ll see this when you search Youtube, that there are very few hits, and often “debunker” videos come up first. The science of what they are doing is called “Solar Radiation Management,” and that is the term that you will see used in most of the stuff from the central location for geoengineering information, GeoEngineeringWatch.org, created by Dane Wigington.

The aluminum spray mixture is designed to reflect the rays of the sun back into space. That is the goal of the SRM technology, and if your planet is heating up too much, it sure sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? A seldom reported Edward Snowdon revelation claimed just that! The “chemtrails” are a top secret project meant to block the sun, because otherwise the planet would have already roasted.

Snowden also mentioned HAARP as being part of the top secret program. HAARP is a giant powerful antenna array located in Alaska that was built to heat the ionosphere in select locations. It basically turns the atmosphere into a giant transistor, directing energy to where they want it to go. HAARP is what they are using to crush rainy systems headed for California, and there are similar installations all over the world. I have embedded to the right here a recent example from a Youtube channel that documents a HAARP crush on a low pressure system coming East toward California from Hawaii.

Rather than me get into the details of what the Solar Radiation Management and ionosphere heaters are doing to the planet, I have embedded a presentation from Dane Wigington. He is the loudest and strongest voice on this issue, and his presentations are great. I woke up to the truth about what is going on with geoengineering only a couple weeks ago, and I feel like if I could have an open mind about “global warming,” anyone can. Generally I don’t trust anyone who uses the term “biosphere” instead of the perfectly fine word “planet,” but if you listen to his presentation I think you’ll agree that he isn’t full of shit.

If you want to cut to the chase, the bottom line is that there are huge methane deposits under the ice in Siberia that are now melting. The methane is bubbling out of the ocean and floating up into the atmosphere, where it becomes a greenhouse gas layer 100x more potent than CO2. Temps in the arctic are at record levels, and this is melting yet more ice earlier. There is now a “positive feedback loop,” where the cycle is accelerating, feeding the results of the warming back into the cycle faster. It’s time to wake up, and wake up your friends and family, even at the price of initially looking like an alarmist fool.

Kylie Jenner (one of the Kardashian show kids) actually tweeted about this last week and she got beaten up as a conspiracy theorist. Most likely they’ll suicide her next, like all those bankers who figured out where the missing money was flowing (aluminum, and yea, the bunkers again).

The Big Lie

There is a darn good chance that if you watch the evening news occasionally you have heard about the methane problem in the arctic. Go search Youtube on “arctic methane” and you’ll find hundreds of videos, ranging from doomsday calculations to movies of Russian kids popping ice bubbles and lighting the released methane on fire. There are also quite a few videos on actual footage of the methane bubbling out of the ocean, even on fire. It is pretty tough to keep a lid on such a heavily researched field, so the information is out there, spun to the official story that does not involve geoengineering. Take a look around at the mainstream explanations. They never involved climate engineering at all. Ad nauseum, burning fossil fuels generates the CO2. The CO2 causes global/arctic warming. The warming causes ice melt. The dark water creates more heat. That melts more. This melt releases methane. The cycle repeats. Never do they mention that warm water is being pumped into the arctic from HAARP depressions meant to keep the drought in California going.

This is an illustration I pulled from the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, whose website has been offline since the end of April. You will find this report in the docs section at GeoEngineeringWatch.org. The AMEG website is also archived  on the wayback machine.

This is an illustration I pulled from the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, whose website has been offline since the end of April. It shows the popular story about the arctic methane, but it leaves out GeoEngineering, which they know is going on. I added the missing points. You will find this report in the docs section at GeoEngineeringWatch.org. The AMEG website is also archived on the wayback machine.

Weather on the entire planet has been screwy for years. Dane has a number of examples in his presentations where there was 90 degree heat right near sub-freezing temps in much of the midwest. I was in Maine last year when they invented a new weather word, “microbursts,” and personally experienced one of these nasty little tornadoes that uprooted 100 year old oak trees in York Beach. Recently, two days after the event document in this HAARP Report video, we got unseasonably strong 70 mph winds in South Florida, and this past week Texas had unseasonable record floods. This is all related. Things are happening quickly now, but most of the people are still asleep, watching Fox news and patting themselves on the back for being a patriotic American.

This is one of the leading scientists studying the effects of geoengineering, Ken Caldeira. He is speaking here to a room of scientists who all know that the planes are spraying and have been spraying for a decade or more, so though most of the address avoids the admission that SRM is happening, he slips up! At 2:58 of this video: “Solar genoengineering, or albedo modification as its called in his report, or SRM as it is called in this meeting, is pretty clearly intervening in the climate system.” At 12:10 he clearly gets nervous as he tries to explain the new report position on governance of such a system: “Basically this process to discuss what sort of governance would be needed needs to be transparent, have input from a broad set of stakeholders, um, yea, so this so this, so this there is a lot of legalistic type language in this so, a, it should consider clear and quantitative guidelines. Some people think there should be some kind of mode allowed zone that you could define an amount of mass or an amount of radiated force’ing, or something, beyond which, um, or beneath which you would need to have additional regulation. And, uh, you know, let’s just say, which, a position, you know, which you don’t think this is good is also consistent with this statement because it is just saying you should consider this it doesn’t say that’s really what you should do. I myself think that you could argue that if you want to put materials in the stratosphere for any purpose there should be some governance system for that and you know if there is some tiny little amount that won’t have any effect maybe there is some kind of proforma approval but uh, it’s not obvious that you need to define this kind of thing before setting, before some sort of system. So anyway…”


You can download the newest publication show above that he discusses in the video directly from The National Academies Press website. You do first have to register, but I didn’t have to even confirm my email to get access to the publication (so you can put in a fake email). The printed book is not yet published.

It isn’t that the actual scientists out there don’t know what is going on. As you’ll see in the Dane Wigington videos, he has confronted scientists, field agents, wildlife experts, and even congressmen. Every one of them either acknowledges that they know about the SRM trails but they can’t do anything, or they bold face ignore evidence presented to them, clearly saying the same thing with actions instead of words. A paycheck and a pension is a strong motivator. The scientists won’t come forward until enough of the public is demanding answers. I have embedded a conference speech where the scientist dances around the fact that SRM is already being used by a completely unregulated cabal of psychopaths. Demand some answers.

Climate engineering has been acknowledged by the government since the late 1960s. In the Documents section of GeoEngineeringWatch.org there is a document entitled “A Recommended National Weather Program In Weather Modification.” In 2001 Dennis Kucinich submitted a bill to the US Congress banning weapons from space. Among those weapons, listed in the document, are “chemtrails” and both environmental and climate weapons. The other weapon listed, by the way, is “tectonic,” meaning nukes that cause earthquake weapons, which I’ll get to below when we talk about what might be the actual plan.

Another publication, to show you that this has been going on for some time, is from 2009. Some NASA engineers under the name “US Climate Change Science Program” released a full color booklet called Atmospheric Aerosol Properties and Climate Impacts. People in the scientific community back then were publicly studying what was and still is for us a Top Secret project. But that anyone could deny geoengineering at this point is almost laughable. Look through the docs at GeoEngineeringWatch.org if you have genuine doubts. There are only so many hours in the day for research of course, but those original source documents will save you a lot of time Googling around.

Watch the video I have embedded, from March of 2015. A bold faced admission came out from one of the world’s leading leading geoengineers, Ken Caldeira. He admits in a little slip that there are current effects of SRM trails. I have included links to his new publication on the topic that you can download as well. The scientific community is playing a game of cover your ass, and we are the sick experiment they are dancing around.

There is also, to this day, a huge disinformation campaign going on out in the trenches. The Weather Channel rarely if every shows national or global temperature drift maps these days. Stories on record heat worldwide are buried in more interesting stories about coming and current wars, sports scandals and reality show nonsense. I wrote this article long because I knew that some people will actually read it, so I might as well make it substantive, but I’m not dumb enough to think that I can do this twice. We are being bombarded by nonsense 24/7/365, and if the true message gets out it will be a miracle.

And by the way, if you ever had any doubt that Alex Jones was really a misinformation agent, who is probably the supposedly dead comedian Bill Hicks, he recently posted a video claiming that the Arctic ice caps have not receded since 1979. The satellite photos do indeed show that the width of the ice is unchanged, but every scientific study in recent years has shown that the ice is about 1/4 as thick. Think about your local ice pond. How does it melt? Does half the pond melt and gradually get smaller? No. First it gets thin, dangerously thin if you are a skater or icefisherman, then the edges start to recede. If you get a cold night, the edges refreeze, but the ice stays thin. Alex Jones is a misinformation tool put in place by the cabal to keep the truthers busy while making us look like complete idiots, and while holding us back from key information that would expose their plans.

Obama’s Army of Righteousness

Ok, hands up! (no, nobody is pointing a gun at you yet) How many people thought it was exceedingly weird that President Obama chose climate change as his national security focus to the military grads this year? Everyone knows that climate change has been disproven right? I saw it on Fox News that those scientists had their emails leaked and they got caught conspiring to falsify the global warming myth. It snowed until April this year in the Northeast, and in 2013, 100,000 cattle froze to death in a blizzard in South Dakota in early October for heavens sake.

Wait a minute. Did I just say that 100,000 cattle died from a snow storm…in October? Florida Cattle don’t vacation in South Dakota. Those were South Dakota cattle that had lived through many hard winters there, and regardless, anyone who has lived where there is winter knows that snow never happens in the bitter cold. Those are always high pressure times and there is no precipitation. Those cattle died because the snowstorm was created by government, using chemically nucleated snow. Sounds crazy right?

But it isn’t crazy, and there members of our US Military out there right now who know that it isn’t crazy, because they are the ones driving or droning the SRM trail planes, and dropping the nucleation chemicals to cause snow at unusual, headline making times, in unusual headline making amounts.

That is why Obama is out preaching climate change to the military. They need those soldiers to believe that the leadership under SRM and HAARP has made the right decisions, and that there is only one way out of the planet melting down, geoengineering. They need those soldiers to believe that the right wing critics of the administration only criticize because of prejudice and fear. We cling to G-d and guns because we can’t handle the hard choices that the planet requires. And they are going to hold back the heat in the power centers of the US until it is too late to deny, just to make us all look like fools, and to keep the military on their side should it come to blows.

It is Going to Come to Blows

I think that the Sandy Hook debacle was a last ditch attempt by the cabal to get America to agree to disarm. It obviously didn’t work, and just the opposite. No gun control measures passed nationwide, and the state politician who did manage to get some laws passed where removed from office mostly. Nationally the left lost a whole bunch of house seats, and the first thing all of the new presidential candidates did on announcing is go shooting and take a lot of pictures.

Five years ago you were a conspiracy theorist if you claimed that the military was training to fight Americans on US soil. Today you can find hundreds of Youtube videos, including the one I’m embedding here from only a few weeks ago, of exactly that. In the video the civilian actors are told to bang on the fence and yell for water. Come on now people. Does anyone believe at this point that the new enemy aren’t freedom loving Americans?

But think about it. If the planet is melting down from the overuse of fossil fuels, what would it take to stop that? Less manufacturing. Less farming. Less people consuming. Less people traveling. Let’s face it. The answer is less people. Therefore, because 2 + 2 generally still equals 4, mandatory rationing, sterilization lotteries, and end of life “death panels” are all going to become a reality, worldwide. Do you know a red blooded American who would submit to mandatory sterilization without a gunfight?

How Do We Believe This Shit?

I initially considered adding a philosophical note here about having to deal with the fact that we have been using fossil fuels for over a century, and that there had to be some fallout, but fuck philosophy. These bastards have known that there was going to be a price to pay long before Al Gore. Our forefathers were never given the opportunity to curb their consumption because the planet couldn’t take the pollution required to fuel unlimited growth.

Quite the opposite really. The Western world has for generations run on a Keynesian philosophy, which requires constant growth. When you hear “GDP numbers” from the government, they are talking about growth in money that is spent. If we run at zero, or we run at, heaven forfend a negative number, we are in “recession,” and that is bad. Our monetary system requires that new money always be created. See my article “The Biggest Scam in History of Mankind” if you have never looked into it. But it isn’t just the US. Money printing by central banks that are not part of the government is the norm in the Western world, and for some time all of the Western economies have been printing money like there is no tomorrow.

Because there isn’t a tomorrow, or at least there isn’t a tomorrow for most of us. You would think that spraying heavy metals into the atmosphere for people to breath would be considered extreme measures, but SRM was most likely the easy solution, which didn’t work. Or you’d have to believe that this was a plan to depopulate the planet from the get go, which I’m not willing to believe at this point. But you have to ask yourself, why has Rush Limbaugh, a many I used to admire, convinced us that man made global warming is impossible, when the science has been there for years?

This chart is also from that AMEG paper. Why are the mainstream media trying to convince us that the global icecaps have grown? Everyone knows that a pond gets thin before the edges melt significantly. It is easy to use nucleated snow to keep the surface of the arctic frozen, but if the water being pumped in by HAARP with a distorted Jet stream is melting it from below, what surprise catastrophe awaits us?

This chart is also from that AMEG paper. Why are the mainstream media trying to convince us that the global icecaps have grown? Everyone knows that a pond gets thin before the edges melt significantly. It is easy to use nucleated snow to keep the surface of the arctic frozen, but if the water being pumped in by HAARP with a distorted Jet stream is melting it from below, what surprise catastrophe awaits us?

Is There a Plan?

If you look around the world, you have to believe that there is a long term plan for those in power. I’ve linked several times in my articles to a video with Jesse Ventura showing clearly that semi-trucks are stocking a bunker in the Ozarks every day. China has built tunnels under their whole country that many refer to as the new Great Wall of China. You can see them in a number of Youtube videos, and I know people who have seen the entranceways to them inside of stores. It is very much 007 over there. They push a switch and a section of the floor slides away. All paid for with American dollars and prosperity.

There are also the Chinese Ghost Cities. Shill economists like Jim Rickards (a former CIA agent) claim that China is merely keeping their people employed by making huge empty cities as the world economy declines and requires less crap stamped Made in China. The Chinese have been hoarding gold since the 1980s as well. I think that the international deals have already been made. Dane has some research that shows that whenever the G8, G20 etc., meets, aluminum futures go up. The rich and powerful have created a plan for themselves in this new reality, and our part in that plan is to be imprisoned and slaughtered.

Do Nothing vs. Blacken The Sky

One of the issues that I have with Dane’s approach is that he advocates “do nothing.” He feels that if we simply stop the geoengineering, the planet will eventually kick in its natural healing mechanisms. I’m not sure he actually believes that we have a chance, but as a “Step 1,” it just isn’t going to work in the Western world regardless. They of course should stop it all right now, because it clearly isn’t working, and it is making things a lot worse very quickly (which could be the plan??). But it is not in human nature to do nothing. And it certainly isn’t in American nature to do nothing.

I am not going to make any bones about this. I think the plan is to pop the Yellowstone supervolcano and blacken the sky. As you can see in the Kucinich bill, they have tectonic weapons, and that means that they can pop that thing whenever they want. If you didn’t know that Yellowstone Park is actually the caldera of a supervolcano hardened over, click on that link to see some documentaries.

My suspicion is not unfounded. They have been taking Yellowstone seismic sensors offline for over a year now. And as the movie “San Andreas,” about the huge fault on the side of California, opens this week, earthquake activity on the West coast, including the magma chamber for Yellowstone. Dormant volcanoes have all of a sudden had record earthquake activity. The truthers out there are blaming the fracking for oil. How convenient. If I have learned anything about the cabal. They do nothing by accident. The day before 911, when a section of the Pentagon was destroyed, a story broke that Donald Rumsfeld admitted to 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon budget in cold hard cash. Guess where the records were kept? Guess what accountants died that day in the Pentagon? Aluminum isn’t cheap.

Blacken the sky would fit into the bunker scenario as well. Think about it. They blacken the sky. The poles refreeze. You can’t grow anything for ten years, so they eat the food in the bunkers, and pump water from aquifers underground. Then they rebuild the world on a sustainable model, which has already been agreed to. That is why China built the empty cities, because they have agreed to put a moratorium on building after the sky is blackened, and some of their major population centers also have supervolcanoes that are going to have to blow.

This recent tweet from a military commander is one of several recent war sabers rattling. They may just blacken the sky with nukes after all.

This recent tweet from a military commander is one of several recent war sabers rattling. They may just blacken the sky with nukes after all.

Nukes are also a possibility. My recent article “Two Minutes to Midnight” explains that the saber rattling has reached a fever pitch, and even since then several events have occurred. A former NSA guy tweeted that we would be at war by summer, and hopefully it wouldn’t be nuclear. Americans have been desensitized to the possibility of nuclear war through decades of propaganda that it would never happen. (ie. buy the meter in that article if you can afford it).

Nuclear isn’t what people think. About 48 hours after a blast goes off, there is 100 times less radiation, and every 7 hours the radiation goes down by another 10x. Background radiation would be higher than now, but not dangerously high. The human body can cure a lot of radiation damage if given enough time. And the most common killer, thyroid disease and cancer, can be avoided by taking Potassium Iodide tablets, which those of us who are serious about prepping already have. The other main radioactive elements, isotopes of cesium, boron, cobalt and a few others, have much longer half lives, like 25 years, but as long as the food you eat and the water you drink are not contaminated, they shouldn’t sicken most people.

After the electricity goes out, nuclear power plants are going to be in big trouble though. They need electricity to cool themselves, or they will melt down. If you live near a nuke plant, you might want to consider a location that is further away. Perhaps that is why America stopped building nuclear plants in 1979 after the Three Mile Island accident? There are a few nuclear expansions in the US on the books right now, but they will never happen. Things are going to get hotter quicker now. You never know though. In the East they have been building nuke plants, and maybe that is because they have already agreed to stop burning oil and coal to make electricity after the big reveal.

Blood Moons and the Shemitah

I will write about this because it is something that I have some pretty good knowledge about, even though all of these disinformation subjects are a complete waste of time. As many of my regular readers know, I am an orthodox Jew, and it bothers me that a lot of people are getting distracted by shills claiming intimate knowledge of the “Hebrew Bible” which in English you would call the “Pentateuch.”

I see it mostly mixed into even the recent financial apocalypse warnings in the alternative press. You will see a good deal of people claiming that this fall marks the “Shemitah,” and that there are Blood Moons lining up to mark the end of life as we know it. The red moon stuff I have to admit is pretty cool, though I don’t know how valid it is because the dates of major events they claim match up historically are very loosey goosey and don’t really match up. This is also true of the historical actual Shemitah years in Israel. The dates are a year off sometimes, but they move fast in the explanations so people don’t stop to question.

The actual Shemitah is a Biblical mandate that every 7 years, the fields have to be rested. It is a Sabbath for the fields. We are currently in a Shemitah year that started last October (the Jewish year starts on a floating secular date in the fall corresponding to a specific new moon). There have been some notable stock market corrections in the fall of Shemitah years for several decades, so this is being carried forward to this year, except that it would have been last fall.

The Yovel year is a whole other thing that these idiots are calling the Shemitah year. The Yovel year is the year after (according to most opinions) each 7th Shemitah year, and if you count back, again, according to some opinions, it will fall on the New Year starting this fall. Other opinions say we lost when in the calendar the Yovel year falls. The Yovel year carries a unique legal aspect, because if it was being followed, all property reverts back to original owners that year. So in Jewish law, during Biblical times, if you bought land in Israel, you actually bought it according to how many years were left until the Yovel year, when it would revert back to its tribal owners. Since most of the tribes were wiped out, and the Holy Temple was destroyed, nobody celebrates the Yovel year.

The Shemitah year is celebrated by the religious Jews in Israel, and G-d fearing Jews worldwide will check stickers on supermarket produce to carefully not buy any produce from Israel during Shemitah, which again, is going on right now. Only a tiny fraction of people who identify themselves as Jews worldwide (including in Israel), are religious, and many of them aren’t even Jewish according to historical Jewish law. Kissinger, Soros, and the bankers, some of whom are Jewish, at the heart of the New World Order, are not religious, and would not engineer anything that could be associated with the laws of the Creator, for whom they have no regard.

There may be a spiritual significance to this coming fall. But the thing about the spiritual is that by definition it can’t come from man. There is some money to be made right now in books and websites about the apocalyptic Shemitah year and “End Times.” Blood moons make for interesting fodder, but again, who knows what tomorrow brings other than G-d, or whatever name you choose to use for whatever you believe controls the world outside of yourself. From what I have seen, very little if any of the “Biblical Holocaust” material has anything to do with the Bible. It is the machinations of men that has created this mess, and if the Creator chooses to get us out of it, that would not be anything that some idiot who never learned a page of Gemara could ever figure out.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

If you live in California, or really anywhere out west, how do you escape these maps and care about which team is going to the playoffs, or how much obsidian it'll take to beat the White Walkers on GOT. This is a government map. How do you sit still?

If you live in California, or really anywhere out west, how do you escape these maps and care about which team is going to the playoffs, or how much obsidian it’ll take to beat the White Walkers on GOT. This is a government map. How could this map be possible and permanent? How do you sit still?

I wish I had an answer, or even an action item for all of us to do. Dane has some information cards you can download from his website and print for about a penny a piece. Then I guess you could go put them on cars in a supermarket. There is an phone app called SkyderAlert that you can notify your congresspeople about lines in the sky. The biggest problem I have seen with Dane’s efforts at getting out his message is that the people who get involved want to expose **everything** instead of just focusing on what everything else was meant to obscure. The warming of the planet from geoengineering and the end of all life on earth is the problem, not wether or not it was thermite or micro-nukes that took down the Twin Towers and Building 7. If you get involved, I would just ask that you focus on the forest, not the trees. Eventually it is all going to come out, but SRM operations and HAARP are the issues we need to get disclosed now, hold the perps accountable, and figure out what the best course for the world is at this point.

Definitely share Dane’s presentations on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and talk to people. If you live out west, share some of the resources I have given you here about the drought. There is no doubt that HAARP is being used to keep California in drought. Dane has a lot of weather charts that he has preserved over the years showing the absurdity of the manufactured US weather, a couple of which I included here.

Maybe the cabal has a miraculous rabbit in a hat just waiting for this story to break so they can bring it out and save the day? I hope so. As a father of several young children I am not looking forward to this story breaking nationally, because there will be end of the world pandemonium everywhere. In some ways I think that they are killing California to get back at the movie industry that has been revealing the horrid plans of the cabal in movies for decades. I’ve mentioned “Soilent Green,” with none other than gun lover Charton Heston in it from the 70s. And more recently, dozens of movies, from The Hunger Games series to the recent movie Jupiter Rising, reveal the sick thinking that those in power and comfort will go to in order to preserve what they have. In Jupiter Rising, the bad guy explains that you have to just accept in life that some human lives are worth more than others. It turned my stomach.

Telling the story is the best I can do, and now I have at least done that. I’m not going down having always been played a fool, and I took the time to write this very long article so that if you choose, you don’t have to go down a fool either. If we manage to get through this summer without the icecaps melting and massive flooding, they could bury this for yet another year, and we’ll all look like fools, which is fine with me (if they don’t suicide me). I hope some of you are in the military, and that you will share this with all of our brothers in arms. Red blooded conservative liberty loving America has been tricked, and we need to wake up right now.

Source:         GunsAmerica, article by Paul Helinski

“Time Has Come”, A Powerful Contribution From The Activist Community


Music can be very moving to get a message across to those that otherwise might not hear it. When various communities in society begin truly coming together for a common cause in the fight for the common good, it is a strong indication that the awakening is well underway. In the 4 minute music video below titled "Time Has Come", a very powerful message is sent about the rapidly deteriorating and alarming state of our planet. Humanity is engaged in an all out and ongoing assault against life on Earth, climate engineering is the epitome of this assault. Man's war against Nature is a war a war against himself. Those who are awake must unite in the effort to wake others, we must make every day count in this effort. My most sincere gratitude to the producers of "Time Has Come" who are listed below the video window on this post.
Dane Wigington

The Push For Legal Action To Expose Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

A battle cannot be successfully fought without an army of committed and qualified individuals that are working together. Such a movement is only possible when a critical mass of awareness is achieved. After many years of struggling to raise this awareness, the anti-geoengineering movement has now reached a level of awakening that has brought legal experts and other essential professionals into the fight on our side. Climate engineering is rapidly tearing apart the planet's life support systems and contaminating the entire biosphere. It is imperative that we expose and halt the climate engineering programs as fast as possible or we will soon have nothing left to salvage of our health or our once thriving planet. The conference call recorded below had nearly 300 participants and listeners at peak. Among the participants and listeners were attorneys and judges from multiple states, former government biologists, and the CEO of a major global environmental consulting firm. The primary purpose of the call was to answer questions relating to climate engineering for some of these professionals (who are the main participants in the conversation) and to arrange the connection of attorneys from different states which will take place in our follow-up private conference calls to begin in the following days. I have also recently had a 3 hour face to face meeting with an internationally recognized celebrity who has contributed his attorney to our fight. I will publish updates on our ongoing efforts as soon as it is appropriate and I am allowed to do so. It is important to remember that a primary goal of legal proceedings is to force media coverage of the geoengineering issue. My most sincere gratitude to each and every activist that has tirelessly helped raise awareness of the global climate engineering issue to the level that we have now achieved. The effort to sound the alarm needs to continue each and every day and in every possible arena. If we all march together in this battle, we may yet accomplish profound changes for the better even at this late hour.  DW

Another GeoengineeringWatch Billboard Goes Up On A Major Highway


With the continuing help of friends and allies in the battle to expose and stop climate engineering, another geoengineeringwatch.org billboard has been put up on a major US highway. This latest billboard is in New Mexico, on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Billboards have a visual impact that helps to breakdown the well programmed denial of our society. The "normalcy bias" of our population is so profound that most have no idea what is going on in the skies above their heads day after day, already for decades. When the subject of climate engineering is brought up to the uninformed, the "conspiracy theorist" term is often the conditioned response without any conscious thought or consideration. Psychological studies prove that those who question are sane, those who blindly accept whatever they are told by "official" sources have psychological deficiencies. The more a particular threat is pointed out or "advertised", the more possibility there is of breaking down the denial. Thus, the anti-geoengineering billboard campaign continues.
Dane Wigington


geoengineeringwatch.orgNew Mexico, on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Other billboards that have been placed on major highways are shown below

GeoengineeringWatch.org I-80 near Elko, Nevada

BillboardInterstate Hwy 15 heading into Provo, Utah

JW-BillboardSOD004 – 105 S 1380 W – Lindon, Utah

GeoengineeringWatch-1.org_3Visible when traveling East on I-80 from California to Reno



10653295_778937342168386_2875601747829999473_nOn a major freeway in Atlanta, Georgia

Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015

Cal Jam DW

On March 27th and 28th of 2015, a major global awareness event was held in Southern California called "Cal Jam". This gathering brought together several thousand concerned citizens from all arenas of the global community. Many that attended were from the medical and chiropractic professions, Cal Jam is the fastest growing Chiropractic event on the planet. A number of speakers presented information on critical issues that we face, one of the primary subjects addressed was the issue of geoengineering. The 25 minute presentation below is an outline of the threat posed by global climate engineering. It is also an appeal for all of us to pull together in the critical effort to expose and halt the spraying of our skies with highly toxic aerosols which is contaminating every breath we take. My deepest and most sincere gratitude to event organizers, Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. and MaryJane Mirasol, for their tireless efforts toward the common good and for producing this video. I also wish to thank all the other speakers at the Cal Jam event as well as all those who attended. Cal Jam was truly a gathering of people who are committed to making the world a better place.
Dane Wigington

The Consequences Of Humanity’s Assault On Planet Earth Are Accelerating


Societies around the globe have been trained and conditioned to believe a multitude of complete fallacies and falsehoods regarding man's interaction with the planet. Many actually feel that modern civilization can perpetually expand on a finite planet with finite resources. Many have bought into the lie that nature will always compensate for the damage humanity has done, or that technology will miraculously fix all the problems. The reality is this, on our current course near term human extinction is a mathematical certainty. The current rate of human population growth and species extinction rates make this conclusion clear. We are on track for a climate scenario called "Venus Syndrome". If there is not a complete change of direction, Earth's ability to support life will soon be compromised beyond any recovery. Of all man's assaults against the natural world, climate engineering is the greatest. The short video below is a sobering recent update on the rapidly accelerating climate chaos.
Dane Wigington

Weather Trading Derivatives, The Epitome Of Disaster Capitalism


Dane Wigington

"Weather trading derivatives" are nothing more than a disaster based gambling casino run by the same global powers that are in many ways orchestrating the disasters in the first place. Weather "forecasts" are now the scheduled weather, major "forecasting" organizations are also owned by the power elite. "Weather risk management"  is the term for the industry that is thriving from the rapidly increasing occurrences of weather disasters. A mission statement from one of the disaster capitalist companies is below.


The weather can generate substantial economic losses. It is essential to take such risk seriously.

Adverse developments in temperature, precipitation, wind, or other weather variables can result in losses for a multitude of companies and state entities. Risks derived from weather moves, independently of whether they are of a extreme or moderate nature, constitute an extended and permanent threat to a country´s productive capacity. Fortunately, these days there exist financial solutions that can provide efficient cover.

Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), through its BME Clima project, endeavours to assist those entities with economic exposures to the weather. The goal is to offer information, data, and specialized advice that can help clients gain awareness as to their exposures, analyze the historical and current behavior of the relevant variables, as well as understand the solutions available in the weather risk management markets.

The weather is possibly the most extended risk within the business community. Unlike other sources of risk, such as interest rates or currencies, weather risk can be inevitable.

"Global catastrophe reinsurance" industry is growing exponentially along with the exponential increase in "natural" (engineered) disasters.


Source: Aon Benfield Securities, Inc.

As temperatures tumble in North America, weather derivatives warm up.

The completely engineered cool-down of the eastern US in the last two years has made fortunes for weather derivatives trading. The engineered drought in the US West has done the same.

One of the more arcane financial innovations quietly continues to change and grow. Unusual atmospheric patterns don't hurt.

Many have concluded that financial profit is the primary motive behind the ongoing climate engineering insanity, the true reality is exponentially larger, more complicated, and much more dire. From the methane release planetary emergency unfolding in the Arctic, to collapsing marine ecosystems, to the dying of forests around the globe, there are many layers to the immense challenges we face and geoengineering is connected to them all. In addition to all of this,  the highly toxic climate engineering fallout is literally contaminating the entire planet and all living organisms on it. There will never be a shortage of those that are willing to profit from misery and destruction, but their "gains" will be short lived. Like pirates filling their pockets with loot while the entire ship goes down, the disaster capitalists will soon be forced to face the consequences of what they have so willingly participated in. We who are awake must combine our efforts to expose and halt the insanity while there is yet some part of the planet's life support systems left to salvage. DW

The Engineered Cooling Of The US In A Record Warm World


Dane Wigington

Record cold temperatures and a few late season snows are occurring in very isolated locations of the US, but what is the cause of this and what is the reality in the rest of the world? The climate engineers and their media servants are doing everything in their power to keep the division and confusion going with the US population in regard to the true state of the climate. Unfortunately far too many people are willing to ignore the facts and continue to base their opinions on what they would like to believe instead of what actually is. Does the map below look in any way "natural" or "balanced"? While mainstream media continues to focus only on the completely engineered cool-down of the lower 48 states, massive regions in the Arctic continue into meltdown due to far above normal temperatures.

gfs map

Temperatures in the Arctic are predicted to reach record shattering ranges of near 90 degrees in areas of northern Alaska in the coming days (May 24, 2015). Where are the headlines from mainstream media about this? Even many from the "alternative" media are towing the line for the power structure by reporting a radically inaccurate perspective on the real overall climate picture. 


GeoengineeringWatch.org has tried to consistently report credible and verifiable data on the completely engineered cool-down of the eastern US. Below are links to a few of the most important and relevant articles highlighting these engineered cool-downs.

Ionosphere heater installations like HAARP are utilized to manipulate jet stream patterns like the one shown below. Such configurations are used to contribute to the engineering the cool-downs of the eastern US at the expense of heating Alaska and the far north.
jet stream
The jet stream configuration in the map above is historically unprecedented though it has become common in recent years thanks to the constant ionosphere heater manipulation of the upper air currents. Cool air is pushed down from the Arctic and combined with moisture pumped in from the west. Where the two come together the climate engineers utilize chemical ice nucleation to complete the components of the engineered cool-down being created. The chemical nucleation process does not always produce frozen precipitation on the ground, but it does cool off the air masses below the clouds. Cool air is dense and settles down to ground level where it drops the temperatures. 
The map above represents the "departure from normal high temperatures" for a combined two year period from April 2013 to April 2015. The most anomalously below normal temperatures in the entire world for this two year period (with the single exception of the heavily geoengineerd Antarctica region) is the eastern half of the North American continent, this is the result of climate engineering (for further reference data refer back to the articles listed and linked earlier in this post).
What about the Arctic Ice cap? Even many of the "alternative" news sources have recently stated that the Arctic ice is at record highs, is that true? Sadly, many of the "alternative" news sources have consistently reported completely false news exactly as the mainstream media has done. In regard to Arctic ice, there was a record early start to the melt season and the ARCTIC ICE EXTENT IS AT ALL TIME RECORD LOW LEVELS right now. Has anyone seen any media reporting on this fact? The first four months of 2015 was the warmest start to any year on record following 2014 which was the warmest year ever recorded and also the 38th year in a row of above normal global temperatures. So far 2015 is "smashing" the trajectory of rising temperatures just set in 2014. But what about Antarctica, some headlines say all the ice is expanding there, is that true? No. In fact there is so much LAND ice melting off the continent that the loss of mass is actually having an affect on Earth's gravity field. Some sea ice is expanding in Antarctica but that expansion is due to changing wind patterns and massive amounts of fresh water flowing from the melt off of land ice (fresh water freezes at far higher temperatures than the sea water). The fact that we see virtually no headlines from the corporate media about these critical facts should be a glaring red flag. Though Obama and parts of the power structure are focusing on the unraveling climate to a degree in order to push their own agendas, they are not about to disclose how bad the situation really is. If the true gravity of what we face were made known, it would further expose the climate engineering insanity which the power structure is using to help temporarily mask the severity of the climate disintegration. Climate intervention is carried out at the cost of making the overall climate scenario we face far worse, not better. The geoengineers can and are creating large scale temporary (and highly toxic) cool-downs which intensifies the planetary warming in the long run.
Headlines are not facts, if you don't see reputable and verifiable sources of data to back up claims made by headlines, you should not take the headlines seriously and continue investigating. Again, climate engineering is fueling the overall warming of the planet, not mitigating it. 
global temp rise
Credibility is essential in the fight to expose and halt the geoengineering insanity. Those that are serious about winning this battle will make the effort to stand on solid verifiable facts. Conclusions that are built on outdated and irrelevant information, ideology, or denial, do not help us gain traction in this effort. New information must constantly be assessed and evaluated. A growing number of important allies from the science, environmental, and legal communities are now communicating with geoengineeringwatch.org about the climate engineering issue because of our constant effort to publish scientifically verifiable data which is directly related to and affected by the ongoing geoengineering programs. These kinds of bridges must be built so that we can unite with other communities if we are to have any chance whatsoever of stopping the climate engineering insanity.  

Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare

agent orange

When highly toxic materials are sprayed into skies around the globe as part of the ongoing climate engineering assault, these materials must inevitably fall to Earth and be inhaled and/or absorbed by every single living organism. The atmospheric spraying programs must  be considered biological warfare. The primary objective of any such spraying operation is irrelevant to the aforementioned scenario, the end result is still the same. 

Global climate engineering is not just shredding the ozone layer and disrupting the entire climate system, climate engineering is also an all out biological assault against the entire planet and all life. Though governments around the globe and the entire climate science community are discussing and debating the  "option" of geoengineering (never admitting to the rationally inarguable fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades), the question of fallout contamination from SRM aerosol spraying is never even mentioned by our so called scientists. The US military has for many decades routinely conducted biological testing on US citizens and our own soldiers without their knowledge or consent. In some experiments soldiers were made aware of the fact that they were being used as lab rats. Decades ago the US military waged biological warfare in Vietnam which is still destroying countless lives today. All of this and more is historical fact which cannot be denied. 

Climate engineering is nothing less than biological warfare against civilian populations around the globe. In regard to climate engineering, specific scenarios should be considered and remembered. At minimum we are all being "slow killed" with the toxic materials which lab tests from around the globe prove are raining down on us from the aerosol spraying. If those in power feel they are losing control over populations they could at any point in time could alter the elements being sprayed to something much more lethal. If you don't think this is a very real possibility, if you don't believe your own government would commit such a crime, you are not yet awake. The article below is an exceptional and compelling exposé of the US military waging biological warfare against its own citizens with total impunity. 
Dane Wigington


Climate Engineering, Danger And Deception


The ongoing climate engineering in our skies could not be more obvious, yet the denial continues. How disrupted must the weather get before people realize something is very wrong? How massive and blatant must the lies of mainstream media and the climate science community be before the sleeping population wakes up to them? One primary goal of the geoengineers is to hide the true state of climate reality as long as possible from a population that does not seem willing to face reality in the first place. The recent article below from The Guardian claims that "geoengineering is fast and cheap", on what facts do they base such claims? The Guardian is not printing facts, but only feeding the lies. The ongoing climate engineering has been decimating the planet and the entire web of life for decades, if it continues we face the mathematical certainty of near term total global extinction. What is "cheap" about that?
Dane Wigington


Engineering The Climate To Control Populations


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering is the most powerful and most utilized weapon of the western power structure to destabilize and topple the countries and governments around the globe which it wishes to control. Geoengineering is a primary tool that has been used to help force nations to allow US or NATO occupation. If you don't believe the US military is concerned with the climate, think again. The military industrial complex has always sought to "control the weather" and historical documents prove that the US has been heavily invested in climate modification for a very long time


US/NATO occupation of the Middle East

How many countries have US military boots on the ground? There are at least 156 US occupied countries around the globe with some 900 bases. Does anyone really believe that all these countries just wanted the US to occupy them? Is it a coincidence that many if not most of these countries endured some sort of climate cataclysm prior to the occupation being allowed? How many countries in Africa were subjected to record drought before being destabilized and occupied? Occupations that often began under "humanitarian" pretexts due to climate catastrophes?

What about the Middle Eastern countries that have recently been destabilized? Many of these countries were not cooperating with the US agenda before they experienced record drought, is there a connection? Record drought in Syria preceded the recent destabilization, was weather warfare used to help trigger the ongoing civil war? Yes.


 Syrian Civil War
How about Iraq, were they also a target of weather warfare to help trigger destabilization? Was the record drought in Iraq during the years prior to the invasion in 2003 a natural occurrence? Or was it also engineered? Were there plans to invade Iraq years ahead of time? If available data is examined, the answer is inarguably yes. The invasion of Iraq was planned well before the events of 911.
How many know there has been a crop destroying drought in Russia and Ukraine? Just another coincidence? Certainly the whole world understands that Iran is also a current primary target for the western power structure, is it just bad luck for Iran that there is record drought there, too? Does anyone in the US even know that the leaders from Iran have been on the floor of the UN openly stating that the western powers are causing the record drought with climate modification? Pakistan showed resistance to US policy in 2010, were the record floods that occurred there later the same year just an act of nature? Or were other forces in play? Record deluge is also a weapon used by the weathermakers. As the planet continues to warm rapidly, deluges will increase.
How are things in South America? Certainly we all know how the US power structure is constantly complaining about the BRIC countries. Brazil and Venezuela have been a source of aggravation for our government for a very long time. Brazil is experiencing devastating record drought, and yes, so is Venezuela.
Catastrophic drought in South America
I could go on and on about the countries that have been victims of the US/NATO weather warfare juggernaut of biosphere destruction, but let's now consider the catastrophic and unprecedented drought being engineered in the US West, should we ask ourselves what agendas are now being carried out on the US population? The laws of physics make clear that a warming world should bring more rain overall, the atmosphere can carry 7% more moisture for every degree of additional warming. Why is there so much drought in so many countries around the world when the laws of physics state there should be more overall rainfall on a warming planet, not less? 
Global water shortages
Now it seems that the power structure is sending us the message that they know the drought in the US West is only going to get worse. In fact NASA has recently stated on the record that the western US states can expect "megadroughts" in the coming decades, how do they know this? NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has recently stated that even with a potential record el nino event, there will be no relief for the completely parched state of California. Since when does El Niño not bring more rain to the West? How does NOAA know this? The heat and drought in California has destroyed all previous records.
It is important to remember that defense contractor Raytheon (which is involved in geoengineering programs) does the weather modeling for NOAA and the National Weather Service. Lockheed Martin (another defense contractor involved in weather modification) supplies the weather modeling for the FAA. The weather "predictions" are nothing more than the scheduled weather. 5 Western states are close to running out of water, Lake Mead is is at record low levels. The states most affected by the engineered weather catastrophes (drought and deluge as has just occurred in Texas) are also the stated location of the upcoming "Jade Helm" military exercises, another coincidence perhaps? Industrialized and militarized society has decimated the biosphere. Severe environmental degradation and resource depletion are factors that cannot be hidden from public view much longer. The global power structure is playing every card they have. They are moving their chess pieces into place rapidly as they prepare for total societal collapse and civil unrest. Though solar radiation management is being pushed as mitigation for our warming planet, climate engineering/weather warfare is making an already bad climate/environmental situation exponentially worse overall. These programs are being used as a primary method to control populations and governments around the globe with no regard to the damage being done to the biosphere. The highly toxic fallout from geoengineering is also rapidly sickening global populations thus making them easier to control. US citizens must wake up. Our brothers and sisters in the US military are bring told climate engineering is being done for the common good, they must also wake up to reality. The stakes could not be higher, we must all make our voices heard in this critical battle. DW

Toxic Spraying And Radio Frequency Bombardment, A Lethal Mix


Dane Wigington

The dangers we face from global climate engineering are not only from the atmospheric saturation of highly toxic aerosols, but also from the constant bombardment of extremely powerful radio frequency signals that are also permeating our atmosphere from the clouds to the ground all over the planet. Note the massive radio frequency signature (from ionosphere heaters like HAARP) in the aerosolized cloud cover over the bottom 1/3rd of the image below. This image was taken on May 12th and clearly shows Baja, northern Mexico, central Mexico, parts of TX, were all being subjected to powerful radio frequency transmissions (the ribbing of the aerosol laced cloud formations makes this fact undeniable). In addition to manipulating the atmosphere and the jet stream, the RF transmissions are used to further scatter the toxic particulates that have been sprayed in order to form the most expansive cloud cover possible. Welcome to solar radiation management (SRM). The RF signals are highly detrimental to our health and all life forms.
Click image to enlarge
Moving on to May 13th, 2015, the satellite image below taken over the Pacific Northwest shows vast areas of wispy aerosol canopy. On a satellite image heavily aerosolized cloud cover looks very similar to smoke from a forest fire. This is due to the fact that both forms of cloud cover are the result of massive particulate saturation in the atmosphere.
Click image to enlarge    
In the image below (also May 13th, 2015), heavy aerosol spraying is most visible over Northern California where the dispersion lines still remain on the image. Much of the "overcast" in the overall image is also aerosol in composition, but the visible dispersions are not detectable as they have already spread out. It is important to remember that the visible horizon to horizon sprayed trails are only a part of the spraying operations. Much of the spraying is far less obvious but still turns the sky white and/or silvery white.
Click image to enlarge
Click here to see animated loop of the radar image above. Heavy spraying is most visible in the flow of moisture over Northern California and off the coast
of Southern California. The aerosol spraying is much more visible in the 15 second animated loop as compared to the still image.
The final two images below are from a combination satellite/radar map which shows precipitation and cloud cover. The first image is from May 13th, 2015, the second is from May 15th. The brighter the white of the cloud cover, the more heavily aerosolized it is. There is generally heavy spraying associated with any regions of convection, precipitation, and heavy atmospheric moisture (though there are many other applications of spraying as well). Note how much rainless cloud canopy there is over the US, Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico, this is the result of the relentless climate engineering/weather warfare assault.
Click images to enlarge 
A primary purpose of the constant spraying is to create as much aerosolized cloud cover over the planet as possible. Wherever there is moisture, there is almost always heavy spraying. In addition to "solar radiation management", there are so many more layers to the climate engineering atmospheric aerosol spraying. The geoengineers decide where precipitation will fall and where it won't, where there will be record drought and where there will be record flooding. They decide how toxic our environment will be and with what elements. They decide the level of contamination in every breath we take and the amount of lethal radio frequency signals we will be exposed. More than any other issue, our immediate future depends on exposing and halting climate engineering, make your voice heard in this battle for life. DW


Geoengineering, Hurricane Manipulation, And Ocean Heat Buildup


Dane Wigington

Hurricanes (called cyclones in the western Pacific) have been actively and aggressively manipulated for a very long time. The more that the climate engineers hamper Earth's natural life support systems, the more dire our climate and environmental scenarios will become. Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin have been actively suppressed from becoming major circulations since 2006. Major landfall events to the US have been completely suppressed during this same time frame (hurricane Sandy was not a "major" hurricane, though it did do horrific damage). And what about the Gulf of Mexico? In spite of record warm waters, hurricanes have not been forming as conditions indicate they should. Any developing circulation in the Gulf is immediately knocked down and kept in check by the climate engineers. They do not want the sea of BP oil sitting on the bottom of the Gulf to get churned up. There is officially a hurricane "slump" in the Atlantic basin and the weather makers appear to have yet another mild hurricane season scheduled for the US in spite of record warm ocean temperatures. A single large cyclone in the right location of the Gulf would likely again scatter oil all over beaches yet again.


Some hurricanes are allowed to reach damaging intensity if they are going to impact Cuba, Haiti, or other parts of central America where damage can be tolerated or may even be a desired outcome. What about the hurricane season in the eastern Pacific (west of the US)? The 2014 season was the most active in 22 years. The western Pacific (east of Asia) is already off to a record year for cyclones. Massive and continuous cyclones in the western Pacific are wreaking havoc on many nations that are either adversarial to US "interests" or that the US wants to "occupy" by building military bases after it moves in damaged countries under humanitarian pretexts. Are cyclones in the Pacific actually being allowed to strengthen or even being augmented by the weather makers (with ionosphere heaters like HAARP) as a form of weather warfare? Why would we believe otherwise when available data makes clear the technology has existed for decades and has actively been used. 

Super typhoon Haiyan: survivors walk past a ship that lies on top of damaged homes

What is all this manipulation doing to the state of the oceans? The extremely rapid buildup of Co2 and methane in the atmosphere is an immense problem for life on Earth. The climate engineering insanity is an even bigger problem overall. The ongoing climate manipulation has prevented the planet from responding to the damage being done from other forms of anthropogenic activity while at the same time geoengineering programs themselves have added exponentially to the overall damage to the climate and atmosphere from countless directions. Earth's oceans are warming at the thermal energy release rate of 4 Hiroshima bombs per second, the warming is occurring so rapidly the records keep breaking the existing charts. The more man interferes with the life support systems of the planet, the less our chances of survival will be. Earth's oceans are dying along with the rest of the biosphere. Educate yourself and make your voice heard in this battle while there is yet time to make a difference. DW

Engineered Winter Theater Continues In The US


Dane Wigington

Yet again the climate engineers managed another "winter" storm to keep the confusion and division of the US population going in regard to the true state of the climate. "Winter storm Venus" is the latest installment of manipulated weather from the weather makers. Take a good look at the temperatures on the map below, the white bullseye in the center of the US is the core of "winter storm Venus". The rest of the country is experiencing far ABOVE normal temperatures to RECORD HIGH temperatures (and tornados), while this extremely anomalous (and meteorologically ridiculous) "winter storm" is occurring.


Completely engineered (also temporary and toxic) cool-downs are exactly what the military industrial complex controlled media machine needs to produce the headlines they are looking for to continue fortifying the climate confusion of US citizens. Every engineered event that is carried out furthers the total destruction of Earth's climate and life support systems. Where are the engineered cool-downs being carried out over and over and over during the course of the last two years running? The GISS  temperature anomaly map below paints a very clear picture.


The map above represents compiled temperature readings over the last two years. How can the eastern US be so anomalously cold while the whole of the Arctic is in superheating, the western US is burning up, and while all of Siberia and most of the rest of the world is in meltdown? Recent peer reviewed study proves extreme and anomalous cold events ARE NOT connected to global warming, so what is the cause? Welcome to the world of climate engineering. The constant engineered cool-downs of the eastern US are psychological operation to hide the true extent of climate disintegration from the US population for as long as possible while the power structure makes preparations for total collapse. The NOAA map below shows with shocking clarity the radical extremes of contrast between engineered heat in the US West and the engineered cold in the US East, this pattern has been very consistant for two years.


What happens when populations in the western US start to wake up to the fact that they are being subjected to record drought and heat by the climate engineers? It seems that the geoengineers have scheduled a temporary unprecidented cool-down for the west in the attempt to cover their tracts. The NOAA "forecast" map below (which amounts to the scheduled weather as all of NOAA's maps are provided by climate engineering contractor Raytheon) is no less shocking and meteorologically unprecedented as the map above. 


I have covered the completely engineered cool-downs of the eastern US again and again and again, the articles linked below are filled with essential data and source links on this scenario. Those who wish to be most effective in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering should take the time to review as much information as possible. Clear understanding and credible conclusions which are essential if we are to gain ground in this most critical battle. DW

Scientists Can't Figure Out Why The Eastern US Is So Cold
Engineering A World Of Extremes
Climate Engineering And The Manipulated Perception Of The US Population
Engineered Winter, The Deception Of The US Population
Engineering WInter Storms
Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around The Globe
Engineered Snow Storms, What Are They Spraying?
Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought

Climate Scientists Allude To Total Failure Of Climate Engineering


Climate scientists cannot (or will not) yet openly admit to the geoengineering elephant in the room, but it seems they are finally concerned enough to begin shining some light on the issue. Based on all available data, the conclusions of geoengineeringwatch.org have always been that global geoengineering programs were making an already bad climate situation far worse. This conclusion continues to be confirmed as new studies are published. Climate engineering has completely derailed and disrupted the entire life support system of planet Earth and contaminated the biosphere from the clouds to the ground in the process. The repercussions of the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying assault (combined with the constant bombardment of radio frequency transmissions), has now pushed our planet well past the breaking point. Though the scientific community is still not directly acknowledging the geoengineering reality, they are moving ever closer to coming out of the shadows. The newly released article below is a big step toward exposing the total failure of climate engineering to cool the biosphere (clearly weather warfare and other agendas are the true foundation of the geoengineering programs). Not only is geoengineering not working to cool the planet, it CAN'T work. The laws of basic physics make this fact inarguable and the facts from the front lines on planet Earth confirm this. The geoengineers can create large scale (highly toxic) regional cooling at the cost of a worsened overall warming. Climate engineering programs are not benevolent in any way. What is being done in our skies is nothing less than all out weather warfare against populations around the globe. The highly toxic fallout is equivalent to biological warfare, this is an indisputable fact. Don't stand idly by, join the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. Our lives depend on winning this battle.
Dane Wigington


The Climate Engineers Can No Longer Suppress El Niño

pic 34

Dane Wigington

From every conceivable direction the climate engineers continue to wreak total havoc on the planet and its life support systems. Their attempt to "own the weather" has now put virtually all life on Earth in the balance. The periodic "El Niño" phenomenon is the planet's process of releasing excess heat from the oceans. El Niño events are directly associated with record warm global temperatures as the seas release this excess heat. Even without an El Niño, 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded on our planet as rapidly rising ocean temperatures shattered records.


Since at least 2007 the geoengineers have done everything they could to prevent El Niño from forming in a highly destructive attempt to keep global temperatures down. In recent years the El Niño has been described as being "elusive" and "super weird". How could the geoengineers actually affect the El-Niño process? By maintaining the "ridiculously resilient ridge" of high pressure over the US west coast (which scientists just can't figure out since they are forbidden to even mention climate engineering). 

High Pressure

This constant ridge of high pressure is a phenomenon which is fueled by ionosphere heaters like "HAARP" along with the constant spraying of atmospheric aerosols. The "ridiculously resilient ridge" has in effect altered the trade winds normally associated with the development of El Niño and thus kept the rapidly building heat on our planet contained in the now record warm oceans. The warming oceans are also fueling an unfolding methane release global catastrophe. Along with the warming, the now altered wind and ocean currents (and ocean stratification), are pushing us toward a "Canfield ocean" scenario.

Ocean Temps

The image above shows clearly the radically above normal ocean temperatures around the globe.

This ridge of high pressure continues to bake California in record shattering heat and drought. Even if El Niño does form, the geoengineers  can still keep the rain cut off to the now parched US West if they choose to do so, which it seems is what they have planned. What happens when the El Niño process is actively suppressed? As should be expected, interference with Earth's life support systems can only bring about very bad consequences. Now the bottled up heat is so extreme that is contributing (along with numerous other factors) to mass marine ecosystem die-off and ocean dead zones in the Pacific


Active hurricane suppression in the Atlantic basin by the geoengineers has contributed to built up heat and dead zones there as well. Oceans around the globe are dying, marine ecosystem collapse is accelerating at an ever more rapid pace. Global climate engineering is the absolute epitome of human arrogance and insanity. Not only is geoengineering contaminating the entire web of life, these programs are making an already bad planetary warming scenario far worse overall, not better (though the climate engineers can and are creating short term toxic cooling in some regions, especially the eastern US).  The battle to expose and stop the ongoing geoengineering is nothing short of a fight for life, make your voice heard in this critical fight. DW

Upcoming Documentary Film “Overcast” Will Address The Critical Climate Engineering Issue


Dedicated people from around the globe are focusing their efforts and resources toward the dire task of exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity. The 2 minute video clip below is for the film "Overcast" which appears slated to be completed soon. The film trailer is excellent. In it are statements from internationally recognized geoengineers David Keith and Ken Caldeira, as well as the former Canadian premier for British Columbia, Bill Vanderzalm. We will look forward to the release of this documentary.
Dane Wigington

USA Watchdog News Site Sounds The Alarm On Climate Engineering


Greg Hunter is a highly respected veteran news reporter who has worked for many major news networks in the past.  Greg continues to make his voice heard as the producer and creator of USAWatchdog.com. The site's slogan is "analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what's really going on". Unlike those in the corporate media propaganda circles, Greg has the courage to thoroughly  address the most critical issues that most of his peers are afraid to even mention. In the article and video below USAWatchdog helps to shine the light on the extremely dire issue of global climate engineering and the planetary devastation it is causing.
Dane Wigington


Prestigious Health Magazine Covers Geoengineering


With each passing day the curtain of secrecy and controversy surrounding the climate engineering issue is being pulled back.  When prestigious and reputable publications are finally willing to publish feature articles that address the ongoing geoengineering insanity head on, we are indeed gaining ground in this battle. Health Freedom News is a hard hitting publication that is dedicated to expositing the truth for the common good. Their editors have shown exceptional courage and commitment to their readers, subscribers, and supporters by printing the article below in their current issue. The magazine article can be read by clicking the individual images to enlarge them. Again, my most sincere gratitude to Health Freedom News magazine for their courage in addressing the critical issue of climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

New Study Confirms Climate Engineering Is Contributing To The Planetary Meltdown


The entire premise of "solar radiation management" (SRM, a form of geoengineering) is to create artificial cloud cover by spraying reflective aerosols into the atmosphere. This incredibly insane tunnel visioned "human intervention" approach to cooling planet Earth is so packed with pitfalls that they are impossible to quantify. But what is the bottom line? Covering the planet with artificial aerosol cloud cover contributes to the overall warming of the planet. Why would this be a surprise? The same materials that deflect some of the sun's incoming thermal energy also traps heat. 

Cloud forcing

This is the tip of the known negative climate engineering effects. The ozone layer is being shredded, the hydrological cycle has been completely derailed, and the entire planet has now been heavily contaminated, this is what climate engineering has given us. The planet's energy balance has long since been completely disrupted. Earth is currently warming at the rate of 4 Hiroshima bombs PER SECOND. There are countless sources of anthropogenic activity (human caused) contributing to the rapid warming of our planet. Though climate engineers can create short term (highly toxic) cooling over large regions, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming. This is the conclusion dictated by all available data and this has always been the conclusion of my posted materials on geoengineeringwatch.org and elsewhere. Though the article below does not directly address climate engineering and the massive global aerosol cloud cover it is producing, the inference is clear enough. This new study further confirms our long standing conclusions, solar radiation management is making an already bad climate and environmental situation far worse, not better. 
Dane Wigington


Pressing Northern Californians To Look Up

Earth Day

On April 25th a major environmental event was organized in Redding, California to bring attention to Earth Day. I would like to personally thank Elle Wisner and Lori Bridgeford for all their efforts toward securing a booth at this event, setting it up, and manning it all day long. This event was the most strategic location for our "Global March Against Climate Engineering" as the vast majority of environmentally concerned people from the North State were there. We were able to pass on almost 200 free commercial DVDs, hundreds of flyers, and informational cards.  I would like to thank all the activists across the country and around the world that took the time and effort to participate in this designated day for geoengineering awareness. This being said, I hope that all will continue their efforts to wake the sleeping masses each and every day until a critical mass of awareness is reached. Of all the challenges we face, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat of all. Exposing and halting climate engineering must be our top priority. We must win this battle, there is no other option. Below are some photographs from our all day event in Northern California, let's all continue to make every single day count in the fight to stop the spraying of our skies.
Dane Wigington


Earth Day 17

Earth Day 13

Earth Day 1

Earth Day 14

Earth Day 2

Earth Day 11

Earth Day 9

Earth Day 3

Earth Day 10

Earth Day 16

Earth Day 4

Earth Day 15

Earth Day 5

Earth Day 12

Earth Day18


Imminent Collapse – Economic, Environmental And Societal


Dane Wigington

We are all immersed in a sea of deception and lies. The global power elite are using every tool they have at their disposal to hide countless converging catastrophes from public view until the last possible moment. From completely fictitious economic and unemployment figures, to Fukushima, to an all out (highly toxic) manipulation of the planet's climate system and so much more. The mainstream media propaganda machine has been given the responsibility of hiding reality from the public at all cost, every option of deception and illusion the power structure has is being exercised at this point. Why? Because the moment the delusion of the the former reality is broken (and the gravity of what is unfolding becomes clear to populations), our paradigm will completely overturn. As populations are forced to face reality and the point of panic draws near,  those who rule the world will be more dangerous than ever before. There will very likely be some major maneuvering by the power structure very soon as they are increasingly exposed for what they are to an awakening world. Should we be concerned about military operations in the continental US like the upcoming "Jade Helm"? What do you think? So what is so wrong in the world? Is it really getting that bad? Below is only the short list.

"Jade Helm" US military drills to be carried out on US soil

Civil unrest in the US

Pentagon is preparing for civil unrest around the globe

The decline of the American Empire

Global shipping of goods and materials at all time low

Peak global oil production has already passed

A collapse of the dollar is imminent

Criminal global trade agreements are being assembled behind closed doors in preparation for collapse

Global collapse into fascism

The Great Climate unravelling

Arctic ice at record low 

Climate engineering is used to cool the eastern US in order to hide the true state of global climate meltdown

14 of the 15 hottest years on our planet have occurred since 2000

Catastrophic sea level rise 

We are currently on track for a runaway global warming scenario referred to as "Venus Syndrome"

We are already free falling into Earth's sixth mass extinction

A list of mass animal and fish die-offs around the globe (constantly updated)

Fukushima meltdown

Destroyed ozone layer due to climate engineering

Global oxygen content is declining

Arable land is declining rapidly around the globe

All this is only a sample of what is unfolding around us.
Those that don't want to believe any of this is real can easily find some source of information to tell them everything is OK. They can find someone to tell them that those who are sending out the warnings are just "alarmists". Any who choose to go down the road of denial should not get too comfortable, there will be no hiding from the gathering storm. The world desperately needs individuals who are determined to take the road less travelled. It needs those who choose to take the path of deciding to be a part of the cure and who refuse to succumb to the diseases of fear, denial, apathy, and inaction. Which road will you choose? Make your voice heard in the fight for the common good while there is yet time to make a difference, tomorrow will be too late.


The Awakening Grows, Italians Stage Impressive Anti-Geoengineering Protest

Bologna Protest3

The citizens of Italy have now set the standard for organized protests against the climate engineering nightmare in our skies. This April 18th demonstration in Bologna, Italy sets the stage for the upcoming March Against Geoengineering planned for April 25 in various locations around the world. Those who do not have organized anti-geoengineering protests in your area should try to attend one of the countless Earth Day events that have also been organized for April 25th. The human race faces countless challenges that are converging from every direction, but of all the threats currently descending on us the most dire and immediate of all is climate engineering. We have the power to expose and stop the ongoing geoengineering insanity if we work together in this all important battle, make your voice heard. We extend our most sincere gratitude to "Reclaim The Planet" for organizing this outstanding event. Our gratitude also goes to all the citizens who helped with the demonstration in Bologna that is featured in this 4 minute video.
Dane Wigington



Scientists Can’t Figure Out Why The Eastern US Is So Cold


The whole of the climate science community is completely conditioned (or threatened) into taking a position that a reality can only be a reality if it is acknowledged by a "peer reviewed" power structure ordained study. Without such a study (which in the case of admitting to the ongoing climate engineering will NEVER be allowed) even if you can see something with your own eyes (like jets spraying materials into our skies), the reality does not exist unless a peer reviewed study exists. We are living in what can only be described as an alternate reality with much of the science community helping to tow the line. In the article below, scientists openly ponder the US "warm West, cold East divide". Why can't they figure out what is behind the completely unprecedented "freeze-fry" scenario in the US lower 48 states? Because these scientists are not willing or not allowed  to admit to reality. Again, and again, and again I have documented the completely engineered cool-downs of the Eastern US. "Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought" is one such portrayal. Then there is "Climate Engineering And The Manipulated Perception Of The US Population". There is also "Engineered WInter, The Deception Of The US Population", "Engineering A World Of Climate Extremes", and "NOAA Scheduled Weather Map, Alarming Forecast".  The climate science community is helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes by their constant attempt to explain away the completely engineered as being "natural". Many that live in the eastern US have convinced themselves that the world is not warming because it happens to be cold in their location. Many more have convinced themselves of the same conclusion by referring to the eastern US as proof. When will climate scientists admit to the geoengineering elephant in the room?
Dane Wigington


An Army General Discusses 911, Military Drills On US Soil, And Geoengineering


The interview below is a dialog  addressing the most critical issues we face. The discussion is between myself, former Army Major General Albert Stubblebine, and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow. General Stubblebine is the highest ranking US military official to courageously speak the truth about the 911 false flag event and the US government's role in this unimaginable crime. Dr. Laibow has long since been a pioneer in the fight to expose countless global issues, especially related to our health. This discussion begins with General Stubblebine's process of awakening to the true criminal nature of the US government, then continues on to cover operation "Jade Helm" and the global geoengineering assault. Our world and our reality is changing by the day. We are all at a crossroad, at a time of choice. Will we go silently into the night? Or will we struggle against the fading of the light? Getting informed and getting active in the fight for the common good is not just an option, it is an obligation, it is a responsibility. Stand up and make your voice heard, if we do not take action today, we will not have tomorrow.
Dane Wigington

Raising Awareness At Cal Jam

Cal Jam

An update from the Cal Jam event (the fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet) in Costa Mesa, California. The attached one minute clip was taken just after the presentation on geoengineering (March 28th, 2015. My deepest and most sincere gratitude to event organizers, Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. and MaryJane Mirasol, for their tireless efforts toward the common good. I also wish to thank all the other speakers at the Cal Jam event as well as all those who attended. Cal Jam was truly a gathering of people who are committed to making the world a better place. I will post the presentation as soon as it will be available.
Dane Wigington

Redefining The Map Of Planet Earth


Dane Wigington

Will rapidly rising sea levels soon radically alter coastal shorelines around the globe? There is no question of this fact, this process is already well underway and accelerating rapidly. So much inertia is behind the rising global land and sea temperatures that even if all contributing factors to this equation were to stop immediately, 69 feet of eventual sea level rise is mathematically locked in and guaranteed. There are numerous reference sites and articles which are sounding the alarm on the coming exponential sea level rise, but even the worst case predictions currently being published likely fall far short of reflecting the true gravity and immediacy of what we face. Though many have chosen to believe false headlines about expanding Arctic ice, the Arctic ice cap is in fact at record breaking low levels.  


Similar false headlines about Antarctica ice expansion have been accepted by the public, but such headlines were also extremely deceptive. Though some Antarctic sea ice has expanded, this is largely due to changing wind patterns and all the fresh water pouring off the continent from the melting of the land based ice. Antarctica's land based ice is melting rapidly, this is what contributes to sea level rise. Antarctica also recently recorded record shattering high temperatures. 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded and 2015 looks set to surpass that. So what will the world look like when all the ice melts and sea levels rise from 220 to 240 feet? The planet is in total meltdown. Though there are many factors fueling the fire, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest disrupting force of all. Global geoengineering is the most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. The 2 minute video below should be a stark wake up call on the changing geography of our planet. It's not a matter of if, but when. 

There is a tremendous and ongoing effort by the power structure to hide the reality of our imploding biosphere and the climate engineering insanity that is helping to fuel this implosion, but the unfolding cannot be hidden much longer. 



Shocking Video Of Climate Engineering Assault


No matter how glaringly obvious and alarming the ongoing aerosol spraying of our skies is, the majority of the population so far has just gone about their usual business as if there is nothing profound going on above their heads. Trees are dying, whole ecosystems are collapsing, species of plants and animals are going extinct at the rate of 200 to 300 a day (15,000 times higher than background rates ) and few seem to have a clue, let alone any concern. The global power structure is doing everything they can to keep the "normalcy bias" of the population going until the last possible moment. The images shown in the 2 minute video below are truly shocking. The fact that people are not completely outraged over the ongoing aerosol spraying atrocities is a glaring testimony of modern society's near total disconnection from the natural world. No matter how desperately people try to remain in denial, the unfolding global cataclysm that is being fueled by climate engineering cannot he hidden in plain site for much longer. We must all continue to sound the alarm. As the walls of what was collapse, there will be no place to hide from reality. When this point comes (and it is very near) the awakening will follow, there will be no other alternative.
Dane Wigington


Flow Of Wisdom Radio Addresses The Critical Climate Engineering Issue


The climate engineering wake up continues in ever more communities around the country and the world. Sean Anthony's Flow Of Wisdom radio show has a large listenership and is a part of this awakening. My most sincere gratitude to Sean for his willingness to help expose the ongoing geoengineering insanity. 
Dane Wigington


Part one:

Don't Say Chemtrails, Weather Control, Blocking The Sun

Part two:

Meteorologist, Morgellons And Monsanto Equals Climate Control

AlumiNazi Attack on the Planet: Chemical Fallout Over America


More and more committed and effective activists are joining the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity. The following video was put together by Robert Barrett who has also been extremely helpful with getting public access TV and public broadcasting entities to air geoengineering educational videos. My most sincere gratitude to Robert and all the other activists that are doing their best to move the ball forward in this critical fight.
Dane Wigington



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