Climate Unravelling Accelerates

There are those in government agencies and media that would have us believe the threat posed by Earth’s damaged life support systems is still far off. There are even those that completely deny there is anything wrong at all with the environment and the climate. Whatever the motive, agenda, or psychological defense behind such denial, it will very soon be impossible to ignore the catastrophic changes already occurring on our planet. These changes are accelerating by the day and will impact each and every one of us to a degree that is as of yet scarcely comprehended by the public as a whole. All forms of human activity that alter the biosphere or its ecosystems are forms of “geoengineering”. Much of the public does not yet understand this. Even in the anti-geoengineering community many still do not want to accept the fact that any and all human activities that are destructive and damaging to the planet or the atmosphere are in a sense forms of “geoengineering” ? Of course, to intentionally attempt to engineer Earth’s life support systems is the epitome of human insanity, but again, all forms of human caused damage to the planet or the climate systems must and does have extremely harmful effects. Industrialized society propelled by carbon fuel combustion was never sustainable and will  soon collapse. Rather than fearing this, collapse of the current completely destructive paradigm should be seen as a positive for life on Earth. If the current model of ecocide and genocide continues much longer, there will soon be nothing left to salvage. Our highest priority should be to expose and halt all climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare programs. Nuremberg type trials should then commence for all those who were responsible for these crimes of genocide and ecocide. If we can stop the climate engineering assault on our planet, it will be a quantum leap in the right direction. There will still be immense challenges to face, but if Earth is finally allowed to respond on its own to the damage done, we may yet have a chance to sustain life on our once thriving planet.

On Track To Total Global Extinction

Very few are willing to face the fact that the human race is on a trajectory for total near term extinction. If we stay on the current course, near term extinction is guaranteed. The 10 minute video below is a glimpse into the dire issue of methane release already underway that will determine all of our futures if it continues. Once formerly frozen methane deposits begin to thaw and gas into the atmosphere, a feedback loop is triggered that perpetuates itself. As more methane is released, more atmospheric heating occurs. This in turn thaws yet more methane and thus the cycle spirals out of control. The methane release is an avalanche of greenhouse gas potential on top of all the damage already done to the planet from countless sources of human activity. The current reality is actually even more dire than this film portrays. The ongoing climate engineering programs are not mitigating this problem, but rather making it worse. In the attempt to hide the unfolding climate and environmental cataclysm from the public for as long as possible, the power structure and the geoengineers are actually fueling the fire overall and effectively poisoning the entire planet in the process. If we are to accurately understand what we face, we must do objective research. It’s up to all of us to sound the alarm, this battle cannot be won by the few, all must engage. No matter how dark the horizon is, if we could expose and halt the climate engineering, it would be a giant leap in the right direction. Our planet would then be able to respond on its own to the damage already done rather than being encased in the destructive chains of geoengineering.

Corporate Media’s Mission To Marginalize Geoengineering Discussion

Dec. 5 Rally RS

Dane Wigington

Media in Northern California is the epitome of criminal reporting and “gatekeeping” of legitimate information. The “Record Searchlight” (Northern California’s primary newspaper) is owned by the Scripps Howard institute, a part of the corporate media empire. The editor at the Searchlight has done his best to toe the line for the power structure by constantly publishing his personal views. The post directly below was published front and center in the editorial section of the Record Searchlight on December 7th, 2014. The spin and omission of the facts by Mr. Silas Lyons is typical of his “coverage” of the climate engineering/geoengineering issue in the past. If you are outraged after reading all that is contained in this post, perhaps you should let editor Silas Lyons know what your opinion is, he can be reached at the email shown in his editorial publication below.

About That Protest

By Silas Lyons

I have no doubt that most of the folks who came out in the light rain Friday to protest the Record Searchlight before heading over to KRCR Channel 7 have sincere intentions.

They truly believe that the United States government is spraying poison from the sky and, in the words of leader Dane Wigington of Bella Vista, hastening “the collapse of civilization.” Why the collapse of civilization would benefit the elites spraying the stuff — who already have the money and power in the current civilization — is beyond me, but never mind that. The protesters are truly baffled as to why legitimate media outlets won’t cover the issue as if it were real.

I love a good protest on public property, although I didn’t appreciate them packing into the lobby at one point and harassing the folks who work at the front counter and have nothing to do with news decisions. Thankfully, they returned to the sidewalk.

The fact is, I’m not at all certain that the government isn’t doing secret things that would outrage us all if we knew about them. Government officials bring such suspicion on themselves with their denials of actual programs such as the NSA’s domestic spying and their paranoid efforts to dismantle transparency and shut out the public and news media from routine federal business.

But a conspiracy that, by nature, would have to involve at least thousands of people, both government employees and civilians, poisoning themselves and their own families and loved ones, over a period of many years, and that no one has ever broken ranks and disclosed?

There are a lot of things discussed on Coast to Coast AM, but they aren’t the kinds of things a newspaper of record should spend its resources chasing down or to which it ought to lend unearned legitimacy. With all due respect.
Reach Editor Silas Lyons at 225-8210 or He’s on Facebook and Instagram, and on Twitter @silaslyons_RS.

The letter below was submitted by me to the RS editor Silas Lyons in response to the climate engineering “hit piece” he published above.

Speak your piece submission to Record Searchlight –

The Searchlight Again Tries To Hide the Climate Engineering Issue

Unfortunately, Silas Lyons and the Record Searchlight did exactly what we would expect the corporate media to do, and exactly what we have seen them do in the past, complete spin and omission in regard to the subject of climate engineering. Why did Mr. Lyons call me the “leader” of these citizens, does he believe those in attendance can’t think for themselves? Virtually every activist sign at the “protest” had a “geoengineering” or “climate engineering” statement on it, why did Silas Lyons totally omit these science terms? Mr. Lyons says “legitimate media outlets won’t cover the issue (geoengineering) as if it were real”. Mr. Lyons, perhaps you should pick up a cover of the current issue of Newsweek, “Geoengineering” is the cover article subject. In fact, we gave copies of the Newsweek article to you and your staff, but you neglected to mention that. If Mr. Lyons and the Searchlight took the time to actually investigate the issue of climate engineering, they would find that the entire climate science community and most governments around the globe are speaking about geoengineering as a top priority. But again, Silas Lyons and the Searchlight completely omitted any and all science terms from the “hit piece” they put out in order to uphold their positions as the the gatekeepers of legitimate information. Our media seems to be well aware of who pays them in the end, their completely immoral “journalism” is a testimony to this fact.

Dane Wigington
Bella Vista California

Below is the “edited” version of my submission that the paper published. The editor made changes and omissions to the original letter. Gone is any reference to the Newsweek article, and much of the statement of the letter was altered to suite Mr. Lyons’s dictates.

“Mr. Wigington, I’ll be happy to run your letter as edited below. Let me know if this works for you.” (from editor Silas Lyons)

Dane Wigington: Corporate newspaper shirks its responsibility

Dane Wigington, Bella Vista
Unfortunately, Silas Lyons and the Record Searchlight did exactly what we would expect the corporate media to do, and exactly what we have seen them do in the past: complete spin and omission in regard to the subject of climate engineering. Why did Lyons call me the “leader” of these citizens, does he believe those in attendance can’t think for themselves? Virtually every activist sign at the “protest” had a “geoengineering” or “climate engineering” statement on it. The climate science community and most governments are considering the possibility of climate engineering, although those discussions are, at this point, in the future tense. Lyons and the Searchlight completely omitted any and all science terms from the “hit piece” they put out in order to uphold their positions as the gatekeepers of legitimate information. Our media seems to be well aware of who pays them in the end, their completely immoral “journalism” is a testimony to this fact.

In addition to the papers spin on the “sit in” by citizens on December 5th 2014, the Searchlight COMPLETELY OMITTED any coverage whatsoever of a major community event on November 21st covering the climate engineering issue. The letter below was submitted to the Newspaper by one of many citizens that are increasingly outraged over the behavior of this so called “News source” (unfortunately it has not been published).

Record Searchlight, Ducks Its Responsibility To The Public
December 5, 2014
by Rose Taylor

When my partner and I called the Record Searchlight today we asked Carol Ferguson, the news desk editor, why they didn’t cover the Geoengineering Forum on Nov. 21st, where over 500 people attended?

She said, “The chemtrail issue is not a legitimate news story and we don’t believe in your vast government conspiracy theory.” When we responded with the fact that all five Shasta County Supervisors voted unanimously to investigate the aluminum/geoengineering issue, she diminished the Board of Supervisors and said in effect, “Oh that, that was crazy of them!” I then said, “So what you are telling us is you will only report what you believe in and that you are actually editorializing instead of reporting the news.”

The truth be said, they refused to cover one of the largest public events that occurred in Redding, California on November 21st, 2014. Due to the personal prejudices and beliefs of the Record Searchlight editorial staff, they felt no obligation to report the news to the citizens of Redding, California. They felt no obligation to report the fact that one of Shasta County Board of Supervisors, Bill Schappell was in attendance. He was there to give a follow up report to the public regarding efforts by the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to pass on to appropriate agencies and officials what was deemed to be “credible and compelling evidence” of a serious aluminum contamination in their county and citizen concerns over the climate geoengineering issue.

This is a legitimate news story and the Record Searchlight had no legitimate right to keep from the public what the supervisor had to say. Mr. Schappell said he had deep concerns over the lack of response by government agencies and officials who should care about this issue. He said, their silence is very disturbing and this issue goes way beyond any concerns for reelection or public approval ratings.

Shame on the Record Searchlight, they do themselves, their families and our country a huge disservice when they chose not to report the news. Your behavior certainly gives credence to John Swinton’s claim in 1883, when he said:

“There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper …. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

John Swinton (1829–1901) a Scottish-American journalist, newspaper publisher, and orator. See:

One more example of the letters submitted to the Record Searchlight from outraged citizens is below. Again, if you wish to voice your own concerns to editor Silas Lyons and the Record Searchlight about their deliberate attempts to marginalize or completely omit the climate engineering issue, his public email is here.

From: Terry Rapoza
Subject: Conspiracy Theorists?
Date: December 6, 2014 11:04:43 AM PST
To: Silas Lyons Record Searchlight–Editor <>

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Since you wouldn’t come out to meet us yourself yesterday, I wanted to share with you some pictures of the “Conspiracy Theorists” at yesterday’s Rally for Media Awareness.   Notice anything?  They are young and older and middle aged.  They are comfortable, middle class and lower income levels.  There are people with long hair, and people who have served in the military.  People who own businesses and people who work for the government.  Yet, you dismiss all of these citizens (many of them who at one time used to buy your paper!) by your blatant disregard for their concerns.

You ignored the invitation to attend the Nov. 22 forum where people came from long distances-Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Tahoe, San Luis Obispo the Bay area and many other places.  Experts in their fields of meteorology, medicine, aeronautics, and the defense industry confirmed that Climate Engineering is occurring.  Even our own Board of Supervisors in July of this year, agreed to try to get some more info on the health effects of Geoengineering.  There were several elected officials in the crowd at the Sequoia Theater as well.  Are they conspiracy theorists too?

Even NEWSWEEK magazine had an article in it this month acknowledging the existence of these programs and what Scientists are attempting to do “save us from global warming.”
Planet Reboot: Fighting Climate Change With Geoengineering
Are the writers of this article also Conspiracy Theorists?

When this many people show up on a rainy Dec. morning in an attempt to bring Awareness to an issue of importance to them,  most newspaper editors would take the opportunity to listen, not dismiss them.  Your arrogance is showing.

Sally Rapoza


Another important response to newspaper editor Silas Lyons from a concerned citizen…

Sent by Craig Trotter

Mr. Silas Lyons,

Please allow me to respond to your “About That Protest” editorial from the Dec 7th, 2014 edition of The Record Searchlight in Northern California.

First, you state that:

“They truly believe that the United States government is spraying poison from the sky and, in the words of leader Dane Wigington of Bella Vista, hastening “the collapse of civilization.” Why the collapse of civilization would benefit the elites spraying the stuff — who already have the money and power in the current civilization — is beyond me”

This characterization implies that the primary purpose of Geoengineering programs is to poison the public and collapse civilization.  However, these feared catastrophic effects of geoengineering programs are not the primary intent, but rather collateral damage resulting from a poorly thought out and non-transparent government response to a developing global climate emergency (please review recent press release from the COP20 Lima Climate Change Conference at  To understand the official stated goals of geoengineering, one needs only to research recent mainstream media coverage of “proposed” geoengineering efforts – including the story on the recent cover of Newsweek magazine.  Have you done this?

Next, allow me to respond to this quote from your editorial:

“But a conspiracy that, by nature, would have to involve at least thousands of people, both government employees and civilians, poisoning themselves and their own families and loved ones, over a period of many years, and that no one has ever broken ranks and disclosed?”

First, you imply that our government is incapable of keeping a large program of this nature a secret, due to the sheer number of potential whistleblowers involved.  How about the Manhattan Project?  Thousands worked on that effort – and yet no one spoke a word before the first bomb was dropped.  It is called “compartmentalization of information” and yes, it IS possible to keep people from speaking out about sensitive matters.  Yet, we do in fact have whistleblowers speaking out against  geoengineering, right now.  You would know this if your paper had covered the Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting in July 2014 (, in which scientists and many other experts publicly presented objective data demonstrating that our soils and water are being contaminated with the very same elements named in geoengineering patents.  There are also people like Kristen Meghan (USAF), who is speaking out as a witness to the actual procurement of these toxic materials by military bases for use in geoengineering programs (

Further, you present the idea that our government leaders would never undertake an action which could poison themselves or their families.  This too is easily disproved by history:  Atomic above-ground testing occurring over decades around the world, or the use of depleted uranium munitions in wartime, just to name a couple of obvious ones.  As you state – it doesn’t make sense that they would do this – and you are right about that.  I don’t claim to understand it either but sadly, it happens all the same.

Mr. Lyons, there are two possible explanations for the content of your editorial and your refusal to give fair coverage to this topic.  One is that you are honestly ignorant regarding this topic because you simply “don’t want to know” (like so many others) – and I can understand that viewpoint.  At the same time, because of your chosen profession you have  a critical obligation to inform the public about matters that affect their lives at the most basic level.  A fair assessment of the information that I have provided in this email (and at will go a long way toward educating yourself on this topic.  The second possibility, and the one that I am leaning toward, is that you are intentionally helping to cover up a crime that is being committed against the public by refusing to allow fair coverage of this topic in your newspaper.  In either case, the public will eventually hold people such as yourself to account if fair coverage of this critical topic is judged to have been withheld, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The Cast Of Criminals Who Purchased “The Weather Channel” For 3.5 Billion


The global power structure has countless tentacles, countless minions who carry out its insatiable need to control everything on the planet. Those in power have gone to insane, unimaginable, and unbelievably destructive lengths in their attempt to control the weather. In order to hide the crimes of ecocide and genocide that are a direct result of the climate engineering assault on our planet, the globalists also needed to control the flow of information to the public that relates to the climate. Thus the purchase of “The Weather Channel” was necessary. The Weather Channel and their cast of paid disinformation actors are tasked with covering up the completely engineered and unnatural climate anomalies that are now occurring constantly as the geoengineering programs are fully unleashed. The “experts” from the Weather Channel engage in constant theater to paint whatever picture they told to paint (all of this theater is done between the constant stream of reality shows on “Weather Channel” that encompasses 60% of their current programing). The WC “meteorologists” constantly explain away an endless list of climate engineered events and occurrences as if completely natural. Many of the Weather Channel’s background photos are actually skies filled with geoengineering aerosol clouds, this is part of their disinformation and conditioning campaign. So who are those behind the acquisition of “The Weather Channel”? The list of characters and organizations is long, interesting, and alarming. Though the purchase was completed 6 years ago, the evolution of “The Weather Channel” since then (as a tool of total deception) has been profound. The article below discloses those who were involved with the Weather Channel acquisition.
Dane Wigington

Monitoring And Muzzling Scientists, New Legislation Casts A Chill

Dane Wigington
So many people understandably ask the question “if all this was really going on (like climate engineering), why wouldn’t scientists and agencies speak out about it? This question is easily answered if one simply examines the bigger picture facts. NSA can and very likely is monitoring anyone and everyone that speaks out or has the potential to disclose important truths which could or would be damning for the government. This fact should not be a surprise. Legislation which has just been passed now appears to completely legalize the actions of our police state’s surveillance practices. If you wish to know how your congressman voted on this latest draconian legislation, you can do so at this link. The US and Canada are both actively and passively pressuring scientists and agencies to suppress data they do not want released to the public. Such pressure goes right down the line to those in the field. I know a California Fish and Game biologist that is reprimanded if she even tries to bring up the issue of climate engineering or the fact that the streams and waterways in California are flowing with aluminum. I have been in the forest with USDA scientists testing soils and coming up with results that showed horrifically higher PH values than the historical norms. These scientists will not speak out as they know it is a bad career decision or worse. I spoke to a NOAA scientist that said “we know about the climate engineering and are alarmed as hell, but we have no first amendment protection so we don’t know what to do”. This is the world we live in, this is the kind of governments we have. The public believes the appropriate experts and agencies would tell them of any environmental dangers of concern, but this is not reality. The control our government (and others) currently have over the flow of information is nearly total. Our “elected officials” are generally doing the bidding of the power structure. It is up to us, the people, to expose the insanity and criminality of those who currently rule the world. If we all pull together, their days in power will be numbered.


Climate Engineering And California Jam

California JAM
In the video below, Billy DeMoss D. C. and myself, discuss the horrific effects and impacts of global climate engineering. Billy is the organizer of the California Jam, which is the “largest event for increased human potential and life sustainability”. The level of caring and engaged people in attendance is also exceptional as Cal Jam is the “fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet”.  This major event will be held in Costa Mesa, California, from March 27th thru the 29th. Event details can be viewed on this link for those who want more information or those who wish to attendThere are many well known speakers who can be viewed directly on this linkMy most sincere gratitude for chiropractor Billy DeMoss for his tireless efforts in organizing this ground breaking gathering.


Known to his friends as Billy D, in 1996 he founded the Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS), one of the first monthly philosophy meetings, where local DCs and students could immerse themselves regularly in the philosophy, art and science of chiropractic.  Inspired by music and driven by chiropractic, seven years ago Billy D decided he needed to share his vision with a larger audience and a mega line-up of speakers, and thus, California Jam, the chiropractic rock n roll event was born.

Seven years on, Billy D continues to bring his unique vision to the world of chiropractic, which has seen Cal Jam morph into the fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet.  Between putting on Cal Jam and speaking at chiropractic events around the country and abroad, Billy D continues to run one of the most successful practices in Orange County, CA and is known for his no holds barred approach to telling it as it is, particularly when it comes to promoting an inside out approach to health and wellness.

For more information go to:



Manufacturing Winter


Dane Wigington

How much influence do the geoengineers have over our precipitation? They have much more influence than most people would believe. This sort of scenario is happening around the globe, one example follows. From about the early afternoon on December 11th, the rain northeast of Redding, California, slowed to a near stop inspite of much moisture still being visible on the radar map (the blue pin on the map is Redding). By 4pm it basically stopped even though there was still lots of moisture visible on the radar moving over Redding. The map below was taken at 7pm on December 11th. Still lots of moisture and rain visible on radar, it should have been raining significantly Northeast of Redding (especially due to the direction of the rain and the mountains that rise up in front of the approaching rain), yet, still nothing but an occasional drip in spite of what the image below shows. Why?


Because the climate engineers are ice nucleating north east of Redding in order to create a few wintery headlines. The chemical ice nucleation process causes an endothermic reaction and “dries up” much of the moisture (and keeps it migrating) though it does chemically cool things down a bit below the clouds and can begin to artificially nucleate snow even at higher than freezing temperatures which eventually drops the mercury further. Look at the patches of rain in the radar map above that stretch all the way to Montana. Now take a look at the “departure from normal temperature map” below and note the fact the temperatures north east of California were some 25 degrees above normal in places today (December 11th) and are expected to be even warmer tomorrow (December 12th). The moisture flowing in from the south of Redding was very warm subtropical moisture, snow levels in the Sierra were at 9000 feet on the 11th. So why did the rain suddenly diminish and the “heavy wet snow” appear in some regions? For the reasons outlined above. With enough moisture and enough chemical ice nucleation, the snow levels in the Sierras will also eventually drop near the tail end of this stream of moisture. The world is rapidly heating and the attempt to hide this fact from public view and comprehension with totally out of control climate engineering is only making the climate situation far worse while poisoning the entire planet in the process.

departure from normal highs



Climate Engineering, Pushing Life Past The Point Of No Return


All available data from the ground paints a very dark horizon for life on planet Earth. Mathematically speaking, on the current trajectory we have no chance. The fact that this is so hard to accept for most people does not negate the reality itself. If one is driving straight toward a cliff at high speed it is easy enough to say that if they do not alter their course they will certainly perish. So what are our options? To radically change the course of civilization as we know it or we will all face the consequences of the collective actions (and inactions) of the human race. So many are in total denial. Even within the ranks of movements that claim to be fighting for the common good, denial is epidemic. How is it possible to believe that our species can perpetually expand and consume resources on a finite planet with finite resources? How can all this activity not have an effect on the equilibrium of the planet’s life support systems? The climate balance of the last 7 to 10 millennia (which was unique in the Earth’s history) has been disrupted from countless causes. Again, mathematically speaking, the single greatest cause appears to be the global climate engineering insanity (though, as already mentioned, there are countless other causes). With this in mind, the article below is an important read for those that truly want to understand just how dire our common dilemma is. When reading the article, and viewing the videos contained in it (also important to do) one must focus primarily on the data presented from the front lines. The fact that some of these scientists are calling for climate engineering to be implemented should not taint the data that reveals the unfolding reality on the ground. We MUST separate the baby from the bathwater. It is impossible to know what the underlying motives are for the scientists calling for climate engineering to be immediately deployed (as if it has not already been going on for over 6 decades). Perhaps they have been threatened, perhaps on this point they are also in denial. Climate engineering has made an already bad situation much worse overall and has poisoned all life in the process. Reviewing the data below is critical for those that want to understand more deeply just how dire and immediate our collective situation is. It is important to understand that climate engineering has helped to bring us to this dark corner. Geoengineering is not a cure but a curse that is even worse than the disease itself.
Dane Wigington

GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update, December 10th, 2014

The all out climate engineering assault continues with major weather events occurring on the West coast and the East coast. Engineered “winter storm Damon” will bring some chemically nucleated “heavy wet snow” to the East. In the West, the moisture flow has been opened up. The HAARP (ionosphere heater) created “ridiculously resilient ridge” of blocking high pressure has been eliminated for now. Though there will likely be significant and perhaps even heavy rain in parts of the West, it is still a fraction of what would have fallen without the heavy aerosol spraying that is occurring. The climate engineers syphon off and scatter much of the initial moisture from the incoming storms. This broadcasts the moisture out in every direction and creates incredibly expansive aerosolized cloud canopy which is already covering most of the continental US. Welcome to “solar radiation management” (SRM). This short video update will elaborate further on the issues mentioned.

Are Weather Warfare Assaults Devastating Noncompliant Countries Around The Globe?

Slovenia Ice Storm

Dane Wigington

Was Slovenia the target of a completely engineered catastrophe?

Slovenia Ice Store 2The photo above was taken in Slovenia, 80% of the forests there were devastated by this completely unprecedented ice storm in February 2014. I was in regular communication with a contact in Slovenia just after the event. This individual made clear the fact that many of the citizens were absolutely convinced this destruction was the result of climate modification/weather warfare. Again, this magnitude of extreme ice storm is historically unprecedented, up to 6 inches of ice accumulation occurred. This is exactly the result that would be expected with massive chemical ice nucleation elements sprayed into a storm system. Is it just coincidence that many countries in recent years are annihilate by “natural cataclysms”? In 2010 Pakistan was resisting US policy just prior to record floods covering 20% of the country with water.

 Pakistan Flooding

Record flooding in Pakistan shortly after the country showed resistance to US/NATO policies.

In 2011 Thailand refused an air base for the US government , shortly afterword Thailand was inundated with devastating floods.


Industry in Thailand was devastated during the floods of 2011 which came shortly after Thailand refused to allow a US air base in its borders.

Just over one year ago record strength typhoon Haiyan cut a swath through the Philippines. The US military went into the country under “humanitarian” pretexts, now the US is setting up military bases there.

Cyclone Haiyan

Cyclone Haiyan underwent intense and extremely anomalous strengthening just prior to it making landfall.

Available science data on the global ionosphere heaters (HAARP and SBX rf installations) indicate that they are capable of triggering seismic activity if the energy they transmit is concentrated in a seismically sensitive zone for a long enough duration. Even MIT conformed the fact that there was extremely anomalous and unprecedented atmospheric heating directly over the epicenter of the Japanese quake of 2011. The Japanese were beginning to drift from their long alliance with the US prior to the quake, but have since completely solidified their alliance with the US. Is there a connection?


The devastation in Japan is far from over as the Fukushima meltdown still threatens the entire world.

What about Haiti? Is it just another coincidence that the US military went into the country under “humanitarian” pretexts and then occupied the country? Was the Haiti disaster just another convenient catastrophe?


Haiti has never recovered from the quake and the US military occupation continues.

Hungary has just been hit hard by a unprecedented ice storm and deadly “freezing fog”. Is it a just another coincidence that the relations between Hungary and the US/NATO powers have been steadily worsening, and just recently came to a head? Is Hungary only one of the latest victims for a global military industrial complex that is totally out of control?

Downed power lines

Downed power lines from the “freakish” ice storm that just decimated Hungary.

Militaries around the globe and throughout history have always desired weather and nature as the ultimate weapon. Are there wars now being waged around the globe without firing a shot? All available evidence says yes. Though there have always been climate related disasters, much of what we see today is unprecedented and seems to occur in correlation with geopolitical events or subsequent  occupations. The US military has boots on the ground in over 150 countries. The leaders of Iran have spoken out on the floor of the UN about NATO weather modification programs causing unprecedented drought in their country, are we to think Iran is the only country being covertly attacked with weather warfare? Many African countries have been devastated by drought for decades, most of those countries are now occupied by the US military. Is all this just coincidence? I think not.


US Military Weather Warfare Experiments
Owning the weather for military use
US occupies African countries

Climate Engineering Pilot Disclosure?

The two letters below were forwarded to “The HAARP Report”, these texts were sent to me by the administrator of that site. The message source claims to be relaying statements from a US military pilot that is part of the ongoing aerosol spraying nightmare occurring in our skies day in and day out. Are the statements authentic? Is the source credible? I have no way of confirming in either case. This being said, the dots do connect with what I believe these pilots are being told. The power structure command always conveys a very simple message to troops, it’s us or them. This is the basic theme below that is described by the alleged pilot. The fact that the climate modification aspect is not eluded to at all is not a surprise. Informing military men and women participating in these programs of this aspect would greatly complicate the equation. Such disclosure would likely cloud the “black and white”, “us against them” mindset that those in power use to manipulate our brothers and sisters in the military. I am posting these messages as a matter of public disclosure. Though we have no way of verifying the validity of the posts below, the statements and assertions contained in the messages warrant examination.

First Relayed Message

I lived thru two hurricanes in the philippines. Scary.
My cousin who was fired by our dictator, just before making brigadere general, sent me information given to him by a friend, who is still an Air Force pilot. This pilot is saying that he flies CHEMTRAIL flights!
This pilot told my cousin that this global engineering effort, goes by the name of Indigo Skyfold. At least within the circle of pilots and aviation crews, that he works with. They are told to fly specific routes, and satellite com links control the aerosol dispersal patterns. He says that they only make course corrections, from time to time, and perform landings and take-offs. Pilot, navigation and maintenance crews are rotated constantly, and only spend about 18 months at one given base. He states, that is to keep pilots and their families from making too many friends, and ending up with “Loose Lips”. Plus, they also rotate between day and night flights. One base for daytime flights, and one for night. Each base covers a 250 mile zone, and each fleet (squadron) of planes can cover Three States, or an even larger swath of ocean.

They are told to simply do their job and “Shut the F*ck Up!”
Their superiors will only tell them. “It’s a matter of National Security”
“Without these flights, our enemy’s newest technological weapons of war, could easily penetrate America’s air space, at will. We are dedicated and committed to keeping our allies safe, from the same skyward threats. So we extend the arm of protection, to those countries who support our efforts. Hostile nations are also building Atmospheric Shields, while in the same discourse. Trying to explore weaknesses in our ever developing, air and space-based technologies.”

Sounds more like a PR statement to me.
I think this pilot, either believes what he is told. Or, he is simply trying to sugar coat their Genocide Project.

I told my cousin to ask him:
Why would you spray deadly chemicals and heavy metal toxins, down upon your own children?
If you knew that chemtrails and HAARP, were killing them (your family) faster than any weapon, our enemy could possibly design? Why continue to spray? Why do you not refuse orders and allow a court martial (Of hundreds of chemtrail pilots), to stop this and draw public attention, to this Agenda?
For your children’s sake, Why?

I will let you know, what his response is.

Second Relayed Message

My firewall detected multiple intrusion attempts, when I googled the Indigo code as well. Zero info to be found on the internet, for this operation. That is unique.
I received a rather (lengthy) reply, from the chemtrail pilot. Here is that text, from his (or her) email.

First of all, I would like to say;
I do not agree with my mission assignments. But, what soldier ever truly does?
Several of us have considered bucking the ranks, and going AWOL from time to time.

We are kept in the dark, when it comes to getting honest answers about what we are really spraying.
Should they discover that we, or our families, are actively inquiring about your so called “chemtrails” term. Then, automatic and swift disciplinary actions will be taken. HAARP and Radar, are two other non-allowed research subjects.
Unless our children are learning about these in (base) schools. We cannot educate ourselves, or our children, through any public tutoring system.

I would not intentionally spray my children or family with toxic aerosols. But, you must know. 80% or better, do not have any family, or children. Indigo pilots are chosen from the top ranks, within the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. Most of the pilots are “Hardened to Humanity”, and could care less about killing off, unwanted or “Leaching” aspects of America, and the world. I swear to you. The majority of the pilots are like Machines. I call them (Tanker Terminators).

I should not be telling you this. But nearly one-third of all flights, are being orchestrated from small un-named islands. Where newly constructed bases, are being built, at a rate of eight per year. On these extremely remote islands, there are HAARP arrays of every possible design. With many arrays surrounding these islands, within the depths of the ocean itself. The Navy has developed sophisticated underwater construction technology. That allows fully autonomous robot submersibles, to travel great distances, and even manufacture parts for these massive under water arrays, as they progress across the open sea floor. Every time that you see or hear about military excercises at sea. They are basically there to give support and resupply, their army of underwater robotic minions. There is possibly, one aquatic robot per plane, and will soon be double that.

You will never be able to google Earth search any of this. Other than an occasional error, in blurring some island bases, or smudging images of underwater arrays. It is impossible to locate all these artifacts. They even paint fake clouds, over some of our island installations, to keep prying eyes away. I have been shown some of these images, by civilian friends. That is the reason I know this.

I completely understand your concern for human safety.
But, here is the Kicker.

We are shown videos in our training, of catastrophic destruction to our homeland, by very sophisticated weapons.
Then told, that these will be the consequences, if we don’t fly. Our efforts in building a defensive atmospheric weapons shield, are the only missions of it’s kind in the world. We are paid more than any other pilot, for our service. Other than Air Force One pilots. Who make as much or more, and are also kept in a dark secret world, for their protection.
They tell us that secrecy is our protection, and not to listen to any public rehtoric.

We all know about cyber program “flashpoint”, or FP-03 as it is known within the veteran community. This program is a Self Destruct sequence, that can be remotely activated, from any ground, water, underwater based, or other air mobile unit. The signal is encrypted through “Three” satellites, and cannot be jammed or blocked.
At any given moment, you could only have 15 seconds, to make peace with your God.

They tell us that FP exists, to keep planes from accidentally going down in heavily populated areas. They can remotely detonate our planes, over safe zones. But in the back of our minds. We are pretty sure, this is a fail-safe program to keep pilots from turning over assets, to any public, private or civilian authorities.

Have you ever seen any member of the crew, survive the few crashes that have occurred? Every plane that has gone down, was completely destroyed. For a good reason, I’m sure.

We risk our lives, in more ways than one, every single time that we fly. Especially night flights. They are ordering us to fly at lower and lower altitudes. We feel like massive “dark force Empire” crop dusters, and know that one night. Bubba, or Billy Joe will fire their long rifles at us. When we spray their moonshine making operation, or pass over an illegal mary jane crop.

I know for a fact that some planes have been shot at, and subsequently brought down. By mostly Russian, Chinese and Korean weaponry. But, the media will never cover these events. As they are not allowed to report on our flights either. That must be true, for I have yet to see a detailed or in-depth report of our missions. On any public venue. Other than conspiracy shows and anti-government websites.

I risk everything for disclosing so much information, and you will find very few like me. Even my own flight crew, would have me arrested and court martialed, if they knew of this dialogue. That is why I cannot email you directly.
But, from what your cousin tells me. You are also risking everything, just to get this information out to your colleagues.
I salute you sir, for standing up to the establishment, and big brother.

I would love to go home tomorrow, and not rack up one more single minute of flight time. Except for a sweet little Piper Cub, or Rat Tail Barn Racer!
I miss those beautiful Blue skies, from my youth, and I am ashamed for hazing over that dream.
Maybe, more of my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.
I only know a small fraction of the larger picture, and they compartmentalize everything.
Should I become aware of any (new) significant developments. I will email your cousin.
Blue Jay 1

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger
This video presentation was done in Northern California on November 21st, 2014, it is a wake up call. When the ship is going down, one must prioritize their time, their actions, and their energy. The planet is dying. Though there are countless forms of damage to Earth from human activities, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single source, it is the epitome of human insanity. Our society has been very well trained to turn two blind eyes to the big picture, and to simply spend their time and energies only on their own pursuit of personal pleasures. If this paradigm is not overturned, and people do not choose to stand and face the challenges closing in on us, we will have no chance. Now is when we decide why we are here. Now is when we decide what it means to show our love for our children. If life on Earth is to have any possibility of survival, if our children are to have any chance of a future, we must all stand together in the battle to preserve what life is left on our once thriving planet. If we do not act today, we will not have tomorrow.

The Liberty Beacon Speaks Out On The Climate Engineering Insanity


Roger Landry from the Liberty Beacon hits a home run on this excellent summary of geoengineering, Monsanto, heavy metals, and what all of it is doing to us. The Liberty Beacon is doing a great deal for the common good by constantly posting extremely important data on countless issues of dire concern. My most sincere gratitude to Roger for this excellent “rant” on the dire climate engineering issue, he has tied so many dots together. This show is of great value and well worth 50 minutes to listen to it, you will not nod off on this one. Hats off to you, Roger.
Dane Wigington

Source: The Liberty Beacon

Jeff Rense And Dane Wigington, The End Of Natural Weather

My thanks to Jeff Rense for his continued efforts to cover the critical issue of global climate engineering. In this 14 minute discussion, Jeff and I outline the fact that there is no weather that can be considered natural at this point. Affecting any part of the climate system disrupts the entire system. What we actually face is an all out climate engineering assault that leaves no aspect of Earth’s life support processes unscathed. Feedback loops have now been triggered on our planet that put all life at risk, massive methane releases are already occurring in the Arctic. There must be a complete course correction for the human race starting with stopping climate engineering.

Hiding The Crimes Of The Weathermakers


Dane Wigington

When the atmosphere is heavily aerosolized (sprayed with extremely small particles), it tends to migrate rain because there are too many condensation nuclei so the droplets don’t combine into a large enough drop to fall (there can be many other effects from atmospheric spraying depending on the elements used, exposure to radio frequencies, or the addition of chemical ice nucleating agents). Migrated moisture can (and often does) come down somewhere else in the form of a deluge. Are the climate engineers really spraying the skies over our storms? There can be no reasonable doubt about this if all available information is examined. Most will never see the crimes of the weathermakers on radar images as most of these images are “filtered” out. If the public were to regularly see the blatantly visible toxic particulate trails laced into their clouds and storm systems (as is clearly shown in the image on the left below) they would already be rioting in the streets to stop the lethal contamination and manipulation of the Earth’s life support systems.

Climate Engineering Unites Weather Channel And Monsanto


All the elements of our corporate fascist industrialized criminal global world order are uniting to further tighten their control over the Earth’s life support systems and thus global populations. Those who control the climate engineering must also control the flow of information. They must have paid actors like those at the Weather Channel to convince the public that the ever more unnatural and engineered weather is in fact completely natural and normal. The marriage of The Weather Channel and Monsanto further broadens the web of information control that is completely connected to the ecocidal and genocidal geoengineering insanity that is decimating our biosphere. All those involved with these criminal corporations and criminal activities must be exposed, this will take all of us to accomplish. Make your voice heard in this fight against total tyranny. The article below shines yet more light on the Weather Channel/Monsanto criminal alliance.
Dane Wigington

Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying

How do we know our skies are being sprayed? Because we have film footage of the crime, of jets spraying at altitude. This is the logical end of any argument or dispute on this issue. Climate engineering is not speculation, it is not theory, it is a verified fact confirmed by film footage. Those that deny what they can see with their own eyes are simply not ready to wake up. A film of the crime occurring (in this case atmospheric spraying of aerosols from jet aircraft) cannot be rationally disputed. This being said, there is also an enormous amount of additional proof to fully confirm the reality of global geoenginering (lab tests of atmospheric fall out, climate engineering patents, global governance documents, congressional documents, etc), and more proof is added to the existing mountain of data every day. It’s up to all of us to confidently stand our ground when attempting to wake others up to the climate engineering crimes, we absolutely have the proof to confirm the reality of global geoengineering. All of us need to join together in this critical fight. My sincere gratitude to “IT’S the 11th Hour and It is Urgent” for capturing and forwarding the film footage in this video.

Stealing Rain From California, Again

dry river

Dane Wigington

The satellite photo below was taken the morning of 12-2-14. Though there is extensive cloud cover clearly visible over the entire state of California (as shown in this photo), at the time the picture was taken in the early morning hours almost no rain had yet fallen in much of the far central north of California, why?

Chemtrails: The Conspiracy Theory That Never Was


Source: Dorset Eye, article by Sean Hunter

The geoengineering program has been going on for so long, is so well funded and was so carefully applied at the start that nobody noticed. But that was the intention. And when you have limitless amounts of money and a whole chain of command at your disposal with a ‘need to know’ clearance attached, not even the sky is the limit. Now they know they can get away with it they have become almost reckless with the trails. They know that the general population are so absorbed with the app’s on their latest iphone that they hardly have time to look up.

When I talk about this ‘out of the box’ stuff with people, I get asked questions that begin with: ‘why would they? How could they? As if we were talking about some kindly, gentle old grandma – and there is the problem. We live in an age of takeaway food, instant coffee and television ‘programs’ but what comes with that, is an armchair reality. We are so used to having people pre-prepare our lives that we have lost the ability to apply reason and go seek the truth.

During my life there have been one or two people I have trusted who have let me down badly. They were people that I loved. It hurt. It was hard to move on but I have. I bear no grudges but I have a long memory. They were people that I thought I knew inside out. But I’ve lived and learned.

So I cannot understand this unshakable trust that people have in an unknown quantity of strangers who hold the questionable and loosely described position of ‘the powers that be.’ Especially as most of the time they operate in complete secrecy and so regularly demonstrate that they do not have our best interests at heart.

Corruption is evident throughout government, police, media, banking and corporations alike. When the need arises they rally to protect each other and close ranks to hide the evidence behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy. People’s protests are ignored, promises are broken, bonuses paid, expenses claimed and life at the top continues unabated.

Meanwhile, ordinary people are losing their jobs, their homes and their privacy. Thanks to CCTV we are watched in the street, in the shop, the garage, library, car park, school, hospital etc, etc – cameras can even be found in some school changing rooms. This is not a healthy state of affairs.

At home our on-line activity is followed and our personal details and preferences are shared among people we don’t even know. Some councils are encouraging us to spy on each other (as if the state wasn’t doing that well enough already) and then tell tales, something that responsible parents have always actively discouraged.

We have endured generations of being controlled. We have accepted authority for the most part without question. We have followed the rules, often against our better judgement, while the rule makers have consistently broken the rules themselves – and all the while, the gap between the haves and have-nots grows exponentially yet still we trust that they will do the right thing - eventually.

We should be asking who is benefiting from all this control? And who is controlling the controllers? – As they are clearly unable to control themselves most of the time.

What we are in real danger of losing for good, are all the most valuable and treasured gifts we inherited as human beings when we were born: Freedom, independence and privacy. The right to make choices for ourselves and our families – especially our children. The right to own our own property, grow our own food and have access to fresh water. It seems ridiculous to have to be saying it but I will add to this list the right to a safe, unpolluted, natural environment and a clean sky.

As sentient human beings we have always had an unbreakable connection to nature. But we are now living at a time when there is more outside interference in our natural lives than there has ever been. Food, climate and living standards are all being ‘engineered’ to some degree – and in a way, we asked for it.

We are constantly involved in wars with people we don’t know in countries that are as far from us in culture as they are in distance. But news programmes have taught us to accept what we are told and to believe what we are shown. Yet we live our lives to a very great degree within mass media where fact and fiction are almost indistinguishable from each other.

The only way most people measure truth these days is by the amount of faith they have in who is telling the story. Often their truth comes from just one newspaper or one television news programme that they follow without question. Despite this narrow conduit of knowledge they will defend that truth to the bitter end against all your hard-earned research on the internet and suddenly you are being described by them to others as a conspiracy theorist.

And so to chemtrails. We all know that the weather isn’t right, the sky is white or grey blue most of the time, there are droughts or floods and the trees are dying. The sunshine is lovely when we get it – but then it’s too hot. We all complain but it gets blamed on ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ and we’ve been persuaded to believe that it’s ‘all your fault’ – it isn’t!

Geoengineering has been discussed for years as a possible solution for ‘correcting’ the world’s weather. But all the while that discussions were taking place amongst recognized establishment scientists and government advisors it was already in place and in full swing, just adding to the climate confusion. They were having their discussions ‘in the dark’ so to speak anyway, because it had already been sanctioned and financed by people at a much higher level with the necessary connections to the military.

So, if this is true, what are their objectives?

Here are my conclusions based on available evidence and the work of leading researchers at the sharp end.

A. To weaponize  the atmosphere for HAARP/Scalar technology (completed).


The particulates in aerosols which are now permanently present in our atmosphere due to continual replenishment by aircraft, have allowed the atmosphere to accept a current. The atmosphere is naturally non-conductive  this means in effect that it has now been weaponized.


B. To dominate all agriculture/seed production using weather as a weapon


By heating the ionosphere using HAARP, the jet stream can be moved. Weather systems can be manipulated denying chosen areas their natural rainfall. Storms can be propagated or snowfall created – in fact almost any kind of weather event can be manufactured for political or financial advantage.   


C. To ultimately have control of the world’s population using A and B above (Agenda 21). 

But it appears that there is also a further and more sinister objective.

Although information through normal channels is limited, it has nevertheless been clearly established by researchers such as Clifford Carnicom, Sofia Smallstorm and others, that part of the aerosol programme is to facilitate the implementation of a trans-humanist agenda without our consent. Therefore we must add:

D. The combining of the natural human system with nano technology.


This involves the changing of our blood, tissue and DNA – and to some extent the evidence to date indicates that this has already been achieved. 

Sofia Smallstorm’s presentation ‘From Chemtrails to Pseudo Life’ is well researched and should be watched by anyone that thinks this is all conspiracy theory. Sofia’s website is called: About The Sky

Morgellons disease has now been shown to be a direct consequence of a body’s intolerance to the microscopic fibres and nano technology found in aerosol chemtrails that we are all breathing. There are now many thousands of sufferers worldwide. Visit

Clifford Carnicom’s site contains a wealth of meticulous investigation into all aspects of the aerosol operations and its consequences for human health including the Morgellons catastrophe. He is making it freely available for the good of humanity. You can view and download all his scientific research to date.

Dane Wigington’s site has the best coverage you will find in one place – anywhere on the internet. I doubt there is anyone with a more comprehensive knowledge on the subject. Like Clifford Carnicom Dane has been forced to give up a ‘normal’ life in the pursuit of truth and exposure of this massive crime.

It has become clear to me over the years that there is a common thread that connects all ‘truthers’ as we might describe ourselves. That is that we are all conscience driven. You will never enlighten anyone about chemtrails, corruption or anything else if all they care about is what there might be ‘in it’ for them – or they don’t care about tomorrow. Most people I know are like this to some degree and sadly, I have lost some friends along the way because they didn’t understand and I wasn’t prepared to do all the compromising. Tragically, as ecosystems collapse and species’ become extinct, the weight of stubborn, often arrogant, deniers of geoengineering hinders its cessation.

In sumary, it is my belief that the aerosol program is a joint operation shared by several different groups who’s objectives overlap and who have been forced to work together bound by the need for absolute secrecy. It’s clear that a lot of politicians, scientists and doctors are still in the dark, because they get their information from official sources above them who’ve been told that geoengineering is still just ‘an option’ should we need it.

As for human health, the incidence of Alzheimer’s, Autism, Dementia and many other serious illnesses such as Morgellons has increased dramatically since the spraying started in earnest in the 1990’s. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the ingredients of aerosols sprayed around the clock in such huge quantities are poisonous to very many life systems including our own.

As hard as it may be to accept, the perpetrators of this agenda know this. It is logical to assume, in that case, that as they have access to such incredibly advanced technology, they must also have the means of protecting themselves. Remember, Agenda 21 is all about massively reducing the world’s population so it may be enjoyed by the surviving elite.

The truth about the geoengineering agenda, like so many other truly important issues of our time, will not be found in your TV set. If you ‘Google’ chemtrails you won’t necessarily get the truth – but you will get over 6 million results. That’s a hell of a conspiracy theory.

Sean Hunter


Waging Weather Warfare Against Global Populations


Weather warfare is being waged against the populations around the globe. From California to Gaza, the ongoing climate engineering assault occurring all over the planet continues. How can such a statement be made with any certainty? Because the entire weather/climate system is being totally disrupted by the geoengineering insanity which in itself implicates those behind these programs. More importantly, available science makes absolutely clear the fact that rainfall can be diminished or eliminated with climate engineering, or it can be radically enhanced. There are too many examples of such climate modification to cover, but as an example, does anyone remember that the Chinese said they would make sure it did not rain for the olympic games in their country? As mentioned, the antithesis of this is also hard science. Rain can be induced and augmented to devastating levels. Project “Popeye” is one such historically document example. Those in power have us all completely at their mercy. Not only do they decide where there is drought, and where there is flooding, they also decide how toxic our rain and air is. The power structure further decides what we are to breath and what we are to drink. They will continue to determine our collective fate unless or until a critical mass of the population wakes up and helps to expose the insanity. The population of Gaza is just one of the latest to be targeted by those who use weather as a weapon, we must all help to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington

Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe


By Dane Wigington

The Silencing Of Scientists As The Power Structure Takes Control

Undated handout image shows a lab technician at the Human Genome Science lab in Rockville

The human race and all life on Earth is plummeting  toward extinction on the current trajectory, where is the voice of reason and science? The cancer that is the global power elite has successfully paid off, threatened, corrupted, or otherwise silenced the scientific community that should be sounding the alarm on countless fronts. Now, special interests are the source of the “science” that determines our collective fate. From the blatantly visible climate engineering assault taking place in our skies day in and day out, to the GMO insanity and countless things in between, the unravelling of the biosphere and the web of life is accelerating rapidly. The global population must be awakened to the war that is being waged against them by those in power. So many in the science community will come out from the shadows if we the people can provide the cover to do so. All must do their part to sound the alarm. The 2 minute video and article below are shocking testimonials as to the hijacking, corrupting, and/or ignoring of the science community  at all of our peril.
Dane Wigington

Setting The Record Straight For Those That Truly Care About The Battle To Stop Climate Engineering


Michael Murphy, Kim Moore, And WW101

Unfortunately I have had to waste a day that would have been devoted to the fight against geoengineering in order to address the totally fabricated baseless assault being waged against me and thus the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. The recently posted false accusations on a web page and now a 15 minute youtube video made necessary my response.  Such skirmishes are not at all helpful to the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering and I generally always avoid them, but there are times when there is no alternative left but to respond and set the record straight. I stand by everything I have ever stated. The recent and completely unjustified attacks that have been launched against me by Michael Murphy and Kim Moore with the assistance of WW101 are premised on a total fabrications of events. I will make the following attempt to put reality into the equation. Then, hopefully, I and others can refocus on our work that desperately needs to be done in the fight against climate engineering.

RADIO INTERVIEW ON THIS ISSUE (this radio interview was done by Global Sky Watch a day after this article was penned gives further clarification)

About Michael Murphy

I met Michael at the AAAS conference in San Diego, February 2010. I was completely committed to the battle against climate engineering for over six years before Michael Murphy even entered the fight to my knowledge. After the conference I did my best to help Michael pen his first articles. I tried to help him move forward with his film project by purchasing his original hard drives for the movie start up, I did this with my own funds. In the following two years I gave Michael airline tickets to Belgium that were offered to me, I paid for auditorium rentals in Northern California for Michael, organized events, paid for Michael’s rental cars on occasion, and donated funds to him when I could by purchasing his DVDs and then giving them away. Michael’s addiction to street drugs came to my attention in March of 2012 when he was incoherent for two days. During this time Michael’s now former wife called me numerous times (pleading for help) and Michael’s other close friends to inform us that the addiction was severe and ongoing. When Michael sobered up I made it clear to him that he had to seek intervention or I could no longer be associated with him. The rest of Michael’s immediate circle took the same position. Unfortunately, Michael chose the drugs. In the months that passed, Michael’s former closest friends had no choice but to move on, there was no reaching him. Michael began to tell radio announcers and others that I was an agent for Bechtel Power and the government, etc. For the record, I have had no contact with Bechtel for over 30 years, and certainly none with the government ever. I will let my actions and efforts in the anti-geoengineering battle speak for itself. Michael was soliciting funds from people without disclosing his addiction. On several occasions when asked I had no choice but to tell the truth as kindly and carefully as I could. Was this not my obligation? Would it be moral for me to lie to a person that asks me such a questions? Michael claims over and over that his private life is nobody’s business, but is this really true when he is soliciting donations from the public while hiding an extremely serious drug addiction? I hope Mr. Murphy has gotten off the drugs, but the use of these substances has apparently altered his perception of reality as many of the details regarding the chain of events Michael describes are nothing short of completely false. Again, I have done absolutely everything I could to keep from this type disclosure, I have been left with no choice. I still choose not to make public the pages of emails from Michael’s family, close friends, and former wife that would prove beyond any doubt that all I am saying is true (including a restraining order against Michael filed by his former wife due to Michael’s addiction), I simply want to go on with my work. Again, I stand by each and everything I have ever said on this matter. Those that don’t believe Michael Murphy has had a very long history of drug addiction should publicly ask him about this themselves, then see if Michael can convince you otherwise.

About Kim Moore

It is unfortunate that Michael Murphy succumbed to the pressure from Ms. Moore to make false accusations and statements that will ultimately be seen for what they are. I don’t believe Michael would have done this if not for the influence of Kim. Like Michael, Kim has made many statements of events that are totally fictitious. Statements that are not just twisted from her point of view, but simply and patently false. Ms. Moore makes all sorts of accusations that insinuate I have done horrible things to her, also an absolute lie. This is what I have done to Ms. Moore. First, at a meeting with several other women organizers, Kim went into an aggressive verbal assault against a very soft spoken and peaceful woman from the Tea Party (the Tea Party was just one of the groups represented in this meeting). I could not just sit silent so I made it clear to Kim she was out of line. The fact that I stood up to Kim’s attack against the woman seemed to infuriate Ms. Moore. The following day, at the Shasta County Presentation in Redding California, Kim again showed her lack of self control. After an extremely successful meeting (which Kim did play a part in organizing), Kim could not keep quiet but kept yelling at the officials in the meeting until the Board of Supervisors had to call a recess. This was an unfortunate big blemish on an otherwise flawless event. As the auditorium emptied out, I went to the front of the room and said the following, “Kim, you are not helping our cause, you should shut up”. This is the extent of what I have done to Kim Moore. Any that want to verify this should watch the full length video of the Shasta County presentation, the voice of disruption that can be heard from the front row of the event just before the recess was called is Kim’s. Standing up to Kim’s unhelpful and unreasonable behavior in the Shasta County meeting is apparently what has triggered Ms. Moore’s rage. I have just been sent copies of email posts put up by Ms. Moore herself that confirm her struggle with pharmaceutical drugs and psychological issues. I could repost this information, but feel it would not be ethical even though it discloses a clear factor in this equation and was found on a public post. As already stated, Kim’s accounts of events vary from completely spun to completely false. Again, I stand by every statement I have made on the subject at hand and every action I have taken in the fight against climate engineering. I believe Kim reveals herself and her intentions very clearly in the attack messages directed at me that are contained on her Facebook posts in the link below.

Blatant Attacks and False Accusations by Kim Moore

Those that want to view Kim’s disruptive and uncontrolled behavior at the Shasta County Supervisors presentation (regarding geoengineering)  can view the link below at the points indicated. After her second uncontrolled outburst, the meeting was recessed at the expense of all in attendance.

Look at 4:00:39 – 4:02:00 (Kim Moore’s first outburst)

Then, again at 4:05:25  (Kim Moore’s second outburst that led to recess)

Then hear Supervisor Moty’s reprimand at  4:17:28 – 4:18:45

And Chairman Les Baugh’s conclusion between 4:19:00 – 4:20:31

Shasta County Board Of Supervisors Meeting

About WW101

I have indeed made clear my disagreements with WW101 and I stand by everything I have stated in this regard. WW101 has put out some good and I believe accurate information about NEXRAD radar, but other videos put out by WW101 are completely unhelpful and untrue. Some of the WW101 videos blame all the weather disruptions on the sun without so much as mentioning the climate engineering issue. Other videos state that all the moisture for storms is coming from power plant cooling towers. This conclusion is so far from reality that it does not even deserve a response. Now it seems that WW101 is branching out to personal attack videos in the effort to try and extract revenge from those who don’t agree with his “its all just the sun” or his “cooling tower” theories.

Bottom  Line

Anything else I have ever said on the record about any other news site or source of information is solely for the purpose of correcting data and statements that are not supportable by available facts and thus not helpful to the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. When people mix their theories about multicolored aliens and the coming ice age into the climate engineering issue, it does not give credibility to our cause, rather such inappropriate and incorrect information moves the cause backwards. I again stand by my position on refuting these subjects when others try to blend them with the fight against climate engineering.

Though many will likely speculate that all this turmoil is somehow the work of government operatives trying to create division, in my opinion there is no truth to this in this particular case. There is so much strain on people as the walls close in on us all that some are simply snapping. The end of our former paradigm, which this period certainly qualifies as being, requires a steadfast holding to truth and facts. We need to be in this together, and not allow ill behavior or egos to divide us from making progress. We all suffer the results of geoengineering’s ill delivery, and fighting this means we don’t have time for any nonsense.

All my focus will now return to my ongoing work, I will end with the link below.
Dane Wigington

A Shocking Dose Of Climate Reality

How bad is our climate situation? How much damage has actually been done? The 5 minute video below is an absolute MUST WATCH, my most sincere gratitude to the makers of this extremely informative and important video. This information is condensed, extremely hard hitting, and absolutely critical. Confusion and division in the population must be shattered so that all can unite in a common cause to change the direction of humanity before our once thriving planet is beyond any hope of recovery. We collectively face countless and immense challenges, but the largest single leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt global climate engineering. The ongoing geoengineering programs are literally filling our atmosphere with megatons of toxic metals and chemicals on top of all the countless other sources of atmospheric pollution. Our planet MUST be freed from the climate engineering insanity. We must all sound the alarm, every day counts.

Monsanto Has Purchased “Climate Corporation” For Nearly A Billion Dollars, Why?

Monsanto purchased “The Climate Corporation” in 2013, why? Because those who are connected to the climate engineering insanity (and the decimation it is causing) need to control the flow of information in order to better capitalize from the ever increasing engineered disasters. Controlling the message makes for better manipulation of the farmers struggling from the geoengineered destruction. The post below was sent to me from activist Melody Meachum, my gratitude to her for this. It is a summary of statements made by Monsanto and the Climate Corporation just prior to the purchase being completed, the message is sickening for those that know the truth of the matter. Monsanto and Climate Corporation state how much they will be able to help the agriculture communities when in reality their goals have long since been clear to any who investigate, to capitalize off the engineered decimation being carried out on our planet. I spoke in front of “The Climate Corporation” headquarters in San Francisco at the request of the “March Against Monsanto” group. At this event I made clear the connection between Monsanto, The Climate Corporation, and climate engineering (the photo above was taken at this event).  Below is a short comment from Melody Meachum followed by the carefully crafted public propaganda message from the Monsanto/Climate Corporation merger group.


The Monsanto/Climate Corporation Machine Of Deception

UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact

Does the sun feel hot on your face? It is. The UV radiation that we are all being exposed to is off the charts. It’s actually burning the bark off of trees on the sun exposed sides. This is happening in countless regions. Global climate engineering is shredding the ozone layer along with an endless list of other horrific consequences. If climate engineering continues, our days are numbered. How high is the UV radiation? View the actual tests in the video below. As I state in this clip, we are told by all major agencies that no more than 5% of all UV radiation should be UVB. We are getting 55% to 60% UVB. This means that we are seeing UVB levels that are 1000% or more above what is being disclosed.

Record Cold In A Record Warm World

shimmering earth

The geoengineers are going for broke with the latest all out engineered cool-down of the US. Their Rothschild owned Weather Channel theater and its cast of actors are trumpeting the “freezing planet” headlines, but what is going on with the climate in the rest of the world? The eastern half of the lower 48 states in the US is only 1/2 of a percent of the total surface area of the planet. If that’s only 1/200th of the total surface area, whatever is happening there certainly does not reveal the bigger global picture. Unfortunately, many that live in these “engineered cool-down” zones and many who only watch the corporate controlled media have completely taken the bait. So what is the larger global picture? The just released article below will shed some light on this question. Though the publication below of course does not mention the climate engineering elephant in the room, it does give clear and verifiable facts on the bigger picture.
Dane Wigington

31,487 Scientists Say There Is No Human Caused Global Warming? What Is The Real Story Behind This Headline?

ice cube earth

Some individuals in the anti-geoengineering community are unfortunately trumpeting terms and posting stories which are exactly what those in power would want them to fixate on in order to marginalize the anti-geoengineering movement. The “chemtrails” term is not helpful to the credibility of our cause as there is virtually no science basis for this term other than one very questionable document. Next, there is the climate, what is the true state of it, and who is backing up the conclusions? Those that are truly in the fight to stop climate engineering for the right reasons, will take the time to investigate headlines. Those that truly want to gain the credibility necessary for us to win the critical battle against climate engineering will throw out knee jerk biases and examine the actual facts. Are there really over 31,000 climate scientists who say there is no anthropogenic global warming? Well, not exactly. Even if we only consider the overall warming effects caused by the climate engineering insanity, isn’t that a human caused factor? Isn’t climate engineering a source of “anthropogenic” global warming ? The same activists that are posting completely fact-less and false articles are also apparently denying the effects of the climate engineering they claim to be fighting against (like the completely engineered snowstorms), why is this? If we want the credibility to win this fight, we must stand on solid ground, the article below should be an eye opener for those that swallowed the “31,000 Scientists Deny Global Warming” headline in question without investigation.
Dane Wigington

What’s Really Going On With The Weather?

not a contrail

Source: Dorset Eye

Alerting The Public To A Climate In Crisis

The signs have been written in the sky in astonishing trails. The weather has been shouting it through drought and flood – and the documented evidence has been available on the internet for a very, very long time.

Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying?

The constant reappearances of the “Polar Vortex” and the unprecedented swings in temperatures that come with this type of climate engineering insanity is finally raising some eyebrows. We have known for a long time that snow storms can and are being engineered.

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