Ken Caldeira, David Keith, And Carnegie “Science”, The Face Of The Criminal Climate Engineering Cover-up


Dane Wigington

The power structure's propaganda machine has been put into high gear in a last ditch desperate attempt to hide the ongoing geoengineering planetary omnicide till the last possible moment. Geoengineer Ken Caldeira and Carnegie "Science" have teamed up on a "peer reviewed "study/survey" to "prove" "chemtrails" are not real.


The key image in the science diagram above is the jet spraying "reflective particles" shown in the upper left. Though ocean iron fertilization is also a catastrophic form of geoengineering that is ongoing, the other images (space mirrors and artificial trees) are completely implausible and meant to distract from the reality of the actual geoengineering programs.

The science terms for what is occurring in our skies were of course completely avoided by Caldeira and Carnegie "Science" as such terms would lead people to hard science data and that was of course NOT the goal of the "study/survey". This "peer reviewed" study claims that the vast majority of scientists agreed "chemtrails" were not real (again, the scientists were not asked about the geoengineering/climate modification subject). So, in addition to the inaccurate terms in the "survey", did the vast majority of scientists surveyed really confirm that "chemtrails" were not real? NO, here are the real numbers from the "survey", 475 scientists were solicited for this survey, only 78 responded, that is only just over 16%. Why didn't the rest of the scientists excuse themselves from the survey? Keep reading and find out. When the climate engineering crimes are fully exposed to populations around the globe (once and for all), a complete overturning of our paradigm will commence and those in power know it. The ongoing weather warfare that has been carried out for over 70 years has equally and irreparably harmed every person on the planet along with the entire web of life. The 2 minute video below shows up-close from directly behind a jet aircraft what is inarguably atmospheric spraying occurring. This is only one shocking example, there are countless others.

The power structure and the criminals who serve them are completely committed to hiding the geoengineering/solar radiation management/climate intervention programs from the public for as long as possible. The effort to bring the climate engineering insanity to light is gaining ground rapidly. This has caused the global controllers to push back with a pathetic piece of total propaganda that does not in any objective way, shape, or form, address the mountain of material facts which conclusively confirm that global climate engineering has long since been deployed. The propaganda "study" in question (which attempts to dispute the geoengineering reality based on the "opinions" of selected academicians) has been republished and reposted by numerous corporate controlled "media" sources that are clearly tasked with serving the global power structure. Who is a primary face that we can place on the machine of criminal deception regarding the ongoing illegal geoengineering assault? Internationally recognized geoengineer Ken Caldeira has been playing a central role in the ongoing public propaganda and deception for a very long time (along with geoengineer David Keith). Caldeira and Keith are clearly heavily committed to the effort to hiding the ongoing climate engineering assault by any means possible. Caldeira has long since teamed up with Carnegie "Science" which has known connections to the defense industry. A look into Caldeira's past government defense department employment is shocking and revealing. In the damning 2 minute video below you can hear Caldeira describe in his own words what he worked on while employed by the US government.

Internationally known geoengineer Dr. David Keith is in the same business as Caldeira, public deception. The 5 minute video below (which features Dr. David Keith, Ken Caldeira, and Obama science advisor, John Holdren), is very revealing and especially damning for geoengineer, Dr. David Keith.

Dr. David Keith was also very effectively exposed by Stephen Colbert in this next 6 minute video.

Caldeira's "report" of the "survey" he spearheaded  is so full of omissions and completely skewed information that it is difficult to find a starting point with setting the record straight.

Click the link below to go directly to the LASG website


So what is the bottom line with the Caldeira/Carnegie "study"? The unspun truth is this, there were no relevant facts in Caldeira's purely propaganda piece, none. Only the opinions of selective individuals that have no choice but to repeat the official government narrative of climate engineering denial. To do otherwise would lead to the loss of their careers or worse. The Caldeira/Carnegie "science study" has completely omitted mountains of relevant data (some of which has already been cited), but the "study" in question has also not made any reference to the on the record testimony of numerous experts who have stated conclusively that global climate engineering is an absolute real and ongoing reality. These expert testimonies include former US government scientists, union of concerned scientist members, former pilots, former defense industry technicians, and physicians

Caldeira's final statement from the "study" is below, does anyone see a single fact cited in Caldeira's rant?

“Despite the persistence of erroneous theories about atmospheric chemical spraying programs, until now there were no peer-reviewed academic studies showing that what some people think are ‘chemtrails’ are just ordinary contrails, which are becoming more abundant as air travel expands. Also, it is possible that climate change is causing contrails to persist for longer periods than they used to.” Caldeira said. “I felt it was important to definitively show what real experts in contrails and aerosols think. We might not convince die-hard believers that their beloved secret spraying program is just a paranoid fantasy, but hopefully their friends will accept the facts.” 

Caldiera states above "it is possible that climate change is causing 'contrails' to persist for longer periods than ye used to". Lets examine this statement. For "condensation trails" to increase and last longer there MUST BE more relative humidity in the atmosphere, but is this the case? The global RH graph below could not be more clear, atmospheric RH has been going down for over 60 years.


Atmospheric RH began to drop in direct correlation with the initial deployment of climate engineering programs in the mid to late 1940's. The climate engineering materials are dessicants and create an overall drying effect on the atmosphere. The global dimming effect of SRM programs further dries out the atmosphere overall (though record deluges will continue to increase as the planet rapidly warms and/or due to climate engineering/weather warfare). Again, Mr. Caldeira, when atmospheric RH is dropping radically, why would "condensation trails" increase radically?

If you think Ken Caldeira  and David Keith should be exposed to the public at large for their part in the criminal climate engineering cover-up, tell them so yourself and share their contacts and this post with others so they can do the same (Keith's and Caldeira's contacts are hyperlinked to their names above).  Such communications should be done in a professional, articulate, and peaceful manner. Attaching credible informational links to any communications sent is also important. Anyone and everyone that is actively or passively participating in the criminal cover-up of the global climate engineering assault should be publicly exposed in the same manner.

It is rationally incomprehensible that we now live in a global society in which so many in academia are in one way or another muzzled, or outright lying in an apparent attempt to secure their paychecks and pensions. Climate engineering is obviously, undeniably, and verifiably occurring in skies all over the globe. The creation of "Weather Made To Order" has been openly discussed by scientists since the 1950s. The public is finally starting to look up and thankfully beginning to re-activate their sense of reason and logic. The climate engineering/weather warfare assault cannot be hidden in plain sight for much longer. Once fully exposed populations around the globe will unite in a shockwave of anger and outrage at what their governments have done to them (and to the planet's life support systems as a whole). This anger and outrage from global populations will certainly extend to all those in academia and the media who have made themselves accessories to the climate engineering crimes by actively or passively participating in the ongoing cover-up. Make your voice heard, we must all do our part in the most critical effort to expose the truth, our time is running out.

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  1. Researcher says:

    "free-riding on our grandkids"

    What a disgusting thing to say, and to say it so casually is even more offensive!

    What does this even mean exactly?  Is the so-called "human" who said this even understand what they are actually saying?  This is the most inhumane thing to propose!

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I noticed on the Global Humidity chart, at the 300 millibar level, which is at 30,000 feet, the relative humidity has declined the most, during that 60 year plus time period. What a coincidence, that is the height of 25,000 to 30,000 feet where SAG/SAI/SRM programs are being dispersed! I always notice, on nearly a daily basis an artificial cloud layer at that level on the NOAA/NWS weather observation chart for Jacksonville, Florida.

  3. frank says:

    "It's not really a moral hazard. It's more like free-riding on our grandkids."

  4. Margaret says:

    The Environmental Defense Fund shared a Bloomberg article in August.  The interesting aspect of the article was a video at the bottom of the article — David Keith explaining how careful planning is needed before solar engineering could be used.  He even mentions the possibility of diamond dust.  You might say the video is more like sprinkling "fairy dust" to cover up what is already happening and to get people used to the idea of what will happen.

  5. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymous, just spoke to the Canadian attorneys this morning, should have an update within the next week.

  6. Donna-AZ says:

    They are still spraying AZ. Not as much, and they gave us some rain. I'm seeing trails that start well before the plane enters clouds, and also, the fake wispy clouds all in a row that are dropping shit out the bottom.

  7. Mark says:

    I had my doubts about Chemtrails until a few days ago.

    I looked outside at about 7 AM. The skies were incredibly clear, there wasn't a cloud in sight. I heard the sound of a jet (it definitely wasn't a plane) in the distance. Ten minutes later I looked up, and there were multiple white lines across the sky. An hour later, these lines expanded into clouds that had an artificial look to them.

    Now, I find it incredible that I didn't connect the dots before, and that so many people still don't.

    • Melanie Moran says:

      Hi Mark,

      I was in your shoes just about 2 years ago. Then someone opened my eyes. It took about 3 months for me to see for myself to see the truth, and ever since I have been doing everything in my capacity to spread awareness.

      We are all here with you, stay strong, Mark. 


    • Engineer Joe says:

      Mark – welcome to our sad reality! It's almost 24/7 where I live. It's so easy to watch it happen. Wake up early, clear skies. Then the planes come, one after another. In 30 minutes to 1 hour the sky is saturated by white blinding haze. I have to wear shades every morning because it nearly blinds me while driving to work. Welcome aboard!

  8. damon says:

    Back at it Redding,Ca lots of late evening spaying over here and the coastal range lots of straight lines north and south and a few military jets flying west I wonder where there going big chemtrails Full moon tonight let's watch. Also did anyone see the article in the record searchlight about the issues about chem-trail or con-trails what a joke all are so call scientist are !!! Nothing but lies!! Keep on going Dane we are all in here and our beliefs in this very dire situation thrust upon the life on earth!!!

  9. TNGeowatch says:

    Horrible lightning in SE TN and NGA. Guys. It's escalating quickly. 

    Louisiana destroyed, hurricane in Hudson Bay, massive heat waves. Guys it's breaking. Stand up and get people aware!!!

  10. DrDignity says:

    Excellent response to Sam Carana!  He also deep-sixed my comments about on-going geoengineering on his Facebook site.  Sowing fear, uncertainty & doubt (FUD) is older than the republic.  Propagandists, deniers & trolls hate being outed but manage to mount ad hominem attacks using FUD & attacking the messengers, not blinking their eyelids once as they spew lies.  They are everywhere now: politicians, special interest think tanks, celebrities, media commentators, all up the food chain.  I don't get Sam Carana aka Paul Beckwith.  I never understood the children of the lie.

    • DrDignity — I recently noticed that Sam Carana's maps/graphs often have the words "The Naval Research Lab image on the right shows a forecast…"   The Navy is now running HAARP:
      The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program / E.J. Kennedy, P. Rodriguez, C.A. Selcher /Information Technology Division
      Introduction: Electromagnetic waves in certain frequency ranges are absorbed or refracted by the ionosphere, an electrically conductive region of the upper atmosphere beginning at an altitude of approximately 80 km. Radio waves of sufficient energy density are capable of temporarily modifying its electrical and physical properties within a small volume, enabling a new type of interactive research having application to a variety of Navy and DOD missions. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, [HAARP] jointly sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and DARPA, is constructing a new interactive ionospheric research facility in Gakona, Alaska, to conduct both basic and applied research in this scientific discipline.

    • DrDignity says:

      Susan, Arctic News pulled that page from view.  The second link is still available from the US Navy & its HAARP program.  Isn't the ionospheric program supposed to neutralise Arctic methane?  The "undersea" application is real or a red herring? 

  11. michael says:

    i made a video were i examine this new survey and tear it apart , here's the correct link.…

  12. As I have said before, one big reason I left NZ was the Chinese “invasion” as it became increasingly clear they were moving in and buying everything, including these very large family dairy farms. As much as the New Zealand people hate Americans – and they do hate us – the only real defense NZ has are the American submarines that ‘covertly’ circle the two NZ islands. NZ has no military to speak of and is proud of that, thus it would take China maybe two or three days to conquer this beautiful country. Thousands of brave Kiwi men and women would die, but frankly the only hope would be the now vilified American military.
    China’s Conquest of New Zealand: The Chinese take-over of NZ dairy /Seemorerocks: Aug. 18, 2016
    For several years, there have been whispers in New Zealand that farmers are becoming “tenants in their own land.” As Chinese companies move in more and more, carving out and buying for themselves swathes of New Zealand farmland (and Australian, too), those concerns are growing louder. … Some have criticized these voices for being “racist”—stating that China is only ranked fifth on the list of foreign countries holding the most New Zealand land. That is true; however, over the past few years it has been China showing by far the biggest increase in land purchases. … New Zealand’s biggest dairy customer by far has been China. … powdered milk. In short, Kiwis noticed hoards of powdered milk flying off shelves to China … China was merely stockpiling the product en masse (to the tune of an estimated 300,000 tons)—and now no longer needs to keep buying. This has left New Zealand farms, set up for a booming industry, hanging—with 85 percent of New Zealand farms now running at a loss. … That increase in China’s power over the last several decades has truly been astonishing—the nation becoming a veritable world superpower from a mere pauper state not so long ago. And it is well on the road to building a fully-fledged empire.

  13. U.S. Air Force Awards Contract to ENIG for Space Plasma Generator (SpacePG) for Artificial Modification of Ionosphere /July 8, 2015   
    ENIG, in collaboration with the University of Maryland’s Department of Physics, has been selected and awarded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Space Vehicles (RV), Kirtland AFB, NM to design a space plasma generator payload for low Earth orbit (LEO) insertion.  ENIG will provide an innovative and novel electrical approach, using in-house designed explosive-driven flux compression generators (FCG) to convert explosive chemical energy into electromagnetic energy with very high current output and superb energy conversion efficiency.  “We’re going to take mega-amps of energy and then Joule-heat a light metal load through multi-phase transitions to generate artificial man-made plasma cloud in the ionosphere”, said ENIG President, Eric N. Enig. The target plasma cloud, according to Enig, will be composed of 1025 ion-electron pairs of a few eV temperature propagating initially as a hemispherical shell, cylindrical shell, or plasma jet depending on the choice of load material and geometry.  Both theoretical and computational tools will be utilized in designing an integrated generator device whose form factor fits inside an air-launched vehicle or sounding rocket.  Citing a Letter of Support from DARPA’s Tactical Technologies Office (TTO), Enig noted that, once proven successful and constructed for space flight, “the space plasma generator can be used to smooth out ionosphere disturbances to assure reliable communications and navigation in-theater, or to provide novel capabilities for RF systems.”

  14. Bluv says:

    I came across an article in RT news about mysterious jets taking off and landing  daily from Area 51 in Nevada. They are described as passenger jets, Boeing 737's, white with a red stripe with windows and  the shades drawn. I read the postings of said article and people are completely unaware to what's happening above us. They were making light of the subject, like aliens and such. I made a post and encouraged all to go to GeoengineeringWatch to educate themselves about SRM but after posting, the article disappeared from their news feed. Spread the word and never give up all you good people, the truth is our weapon in this fight.

  15. Eva says:

    What a load of crap… thank goodness we can all read between the lines:

    First Accumulating Snow Can Happen Just Weeks From Now in Some U.S. Cities

    • Diane Friday says:

      Eva: Yes, I expected this when I saw the article in Yahoo! News, with "experts" predicting it will be colder than usual in 2017, and not just on the east coast this time. These psychopaths have effectively wiped out the crops in more than just California this year. Here in SE Pennsylvania, there were only a handful of days this spring that were warm enough with enough sunlight to allow things to start growing. They threw in one hot day in late April, when it seemed every flowering tree or shrub actually flowered. One day. Then came May, with overcast, rain, and below normal temps for about 23 out of 31 days. They allowed more sun — heavily aerosoled sun – in June, but again below normal temps. The scheduled weather for July was long-term heat waves, ungodly humidity, and blocking precipitation for weeks on end. Same so far for August, but now they're allowing quite a few freakish, apocalyptic thunderstorms with heavy downpours. Not the kind of rain the crops need to survive. So…finish that off with very below normal temps in September, and the already low crop yield is guaranteed to be even lower. What a plan, huh? These bastards have left no stone unturned, and it seems ensuring there will be food shortages is at the top of their list. 

  16. LS says:

    The only news on tv for 8 months is in the scrolling news at the bottom of the screen. When I was awake last night here are 2 of the "push backs" from TPTB.  From Puerto Rico. 30 people have come down with a "rare" form of Zika Virus. "They" are sure there will be more. (How?)         AND….    335,000 Twitter accounts shut down over night for national security reasons.

    I am thinking I'll ruin a lot of people's fairy tale lives, but it is time for the following article to go viral. Thanks Anonymous.                      Search,    Consumer Alert News of Canada, July 2000.   Biological weapons of War  (successfully tested by aerosols over Tahoe-Truckee High School) The MIC developed a bio agent that couldn't be seen in blood work and is  passed between people after the initial infections. It is a bacteria/virus/fungi that shows up looking like mad cow disease in brain scans. This is the insanity we are up against. Please post it on FB.  It is a rather long read but if you want to know your enemy, it has to be read and passed around. Stay safe and be well all.

  17. Marc says:

    The article in question, "Here's what scientists really think about chemtrails", appeared today, August 19th, 2016, in the Huffington Post. Allegedly posted by Carla Herreria, "senior writer, Huffpost Hawaii, if you can believe that. This article really takes it to the limit, doesn't it? Even going so dirt cheap as to include the infamous Kylie Jenner tweet with the trails photo. I sit here and just picture all the abject morons lapping up this filthy horseshit propaganda and feeling so very proud of themselves for being vindicated about chemtrails. And this is how the game is played in the information age. If you keep seeding the media with lies, the lies become truth. And the supreme tragedy of it all brings to mind the reports of how the concentration-camp Nazis would herd the Jews into the showers telling them they all needed to bathe……just harmless showers, you know. I won't sugarcoat it here: David Keith and Ken Caldeira are functionally no different than the Nazis who directed the Jews to the showers. By their heartless complicity in spreading toxic, life threatening LIES to the innocent masses, they have taken on a burden of dark karma which will haunt their souls throughout eternity.

  18. michael says:

    i made a video were i examine this new survey and tear it apart…

    • Edward Palys says:

      This video has been removed by the user, is all I can see. So much for youtube and it's censors. There are a number of alternate news sources that bring out the truth. They are slowly being closed down thw same way these youtube articles are. The more truth exposed, the more bashing by shills and scammers. Is it any wonder why many of these so called "truth sayers" are converting to support the "official" scientific world? 

  19. a simple horseman says:

    I haven't read anything from "Marc" in St Lois lately. I worry for him. He is a rock in my mind. Rocks have their hard times too. It is a deep and never ending pond of deception we are all up against. Sometimes someone needs a life preserver thrown out to them. For some, it would be just what they needed to "carry on"
    simple horseman

    • Marc says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, I love you, brother, and appreciate your kind words more than you know. I'm in the midst of a move and am kind of sidetracked with domestic chores. But I'm still here, man, and trying to hang in there with everybody else in the face of these deadly assaults on our way of life. Check out Alfred Webre and Leuren Moret on You Tube: Radiation Omnicide. It's almost game over. Love ya'll.

  20. Melanie Moran says:

    Hello Anonymous and Susan,

    There are awake and aware people who may be a decade or two behind you. Please know that. 

    There are relatively young people who aren't glued to their IPhones, and are doing great work. Here is an example, The Irish Patriot videos on geoengineering and vaccines :   

  21. Melody Meachum says:

    Anonymous…it's call Chemtrail flu. You know, the new kid in town that no one wants to have anything to do with!

    Funny that people can't recognize the insanity of getting sick over and over and over and still categorically label it as "extreme allergies or a virus". Mention toxicity of heavy metal overload in our bodies and you get a wide range of responses to absolute blank stares!!

  22. Free Energy Technologies says:

    We are loosing free speech Obama is going to take control of the internet if everything goes there stupid little way and he can shut down websites like this one for example that simply don't go along with the bullies way.

  23. Mike looking up says:

    Joni Mitchell came out in media on MOGELLONS  

  24. Worth noting is that one of the four co-authors of the study is the proprietor of "Metabunk," a website dedicated to “honest, polite, scientific investigating and debunking.” In addition to branding chemtrails a "conspiracy theory," Metabunk also asserts that World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed neatly into its own footprint due to fire, rather than controlled demolition.

  25. marcia says:

    I will NEVER give up trying. In the beginning of my advocating I became so discouraged and disheartened that for a while I stopped sharing. Not long though…it's in my blood and over time and perseverance, many have changed their views with the blatant skies above, drastic changes in health, and reliable data. Many people have chosen to leave the whole scenario in God's hands and I respect them for this. We need all the praying, meditating, and action from individuals, that we can. FACE TO THE WIND…DOWN TO THE RATZOIDS!! Thank You Dane and to you All..for hanging tough, your inspiration and sharing, and Love of saving the planet to the end…

  26. Al C says:

    I was watching the local weather today and the Barbie Doll Meteorologist called for a "day of diminished sunshine."???????

        I've also heard the term "filtered sun" used and am wondering if they're getting new words to use from the puppet masters to explain away the gun powder colored sky.

    • stephan says:

      Hello Al C – "Barbie Doll Meteorologist" – I had the exact thought in my mind after checking the Weather Network this morning (should be the Comedy Network) – She stated how future Olympic games would have to be held indoors and also said that there are less Hurricains "BECAUSE OF THE AEROSOLS'' – No explanation what kind of AEROSOLS and where they come from – un friggen real !!!

  27. Dennie says:

    Well, as we all may have guessed, the news stories on the Zeitgeist we're being served up today include "A Moral Case for Population Control," on NPR I believe, and lots of news on the Hear and Now program regarding "killer viruses" that are hopping around transmitted by mere thought, ya'd think from the tone of it all, and having to get vaccines to everybody, including the women who are dying of a cervical cancer epidemic in Nicaragua– anybody see the connection here?  Here's the equation: 

    The Minus Side: Imploding Economic Situation on Earth from Dying Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm seeks to add New Sources of Revenue (other than oil, uranium, lithium and gold– all finite resources the military suck hogs slurped up, us too) such as endlessly vaccinating Earth's population (The Plus Side– hmmm.. really??) in order to CONTINUE The Game of making gobs and gobs and gobs and MOUNTAINS of money while REDUCING THE POPULATION!!! A guaranteed money maker!!!  — especially when you've killed off the profit-making side of the equation (that would be us, you and me), the folks who will be forced to buy the poison and further enrich The One Percent and their junk yard dogs who will see to it, by force, that we do.  Or so goes the script.  But much CAN go wrong for "them–" please hold that vision!

    • marc says:

      Awesome, Dennie, good on ye!!!

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Dennie: I can't tell you how much I love reading your comments. Believe me, I do hold tight to the vision of all that can go wrong for them. When I became aware of the magnitude of the crimes being perpetrated against the planet and everything on it, I thought to myself that this, indeed, is too big to fail. I thought that for a long time. I can't say I have much hope at this stage of the game, but… Thanks to a movie I saw recently, I can at least hold tight to the vision of one big thing that can go wrong for them. 

      We watched the movie "A Walk Amongst the Tombstones". Decent movie, made better by Liam Neeson's performance. The plot centers around two psychotic killers who kidnap young women, demand ransom, then kill the women anyway, because they're psychotic and that's how they get their jollies. Long story short, they're tracked down and cornered (by Neeson's character) in the house they share. Now these two psychos have been doing this for some time, they live together, they're bonded for life, or so it seems, right up until the moment they're cornered and know the jig is up. The one who was apparently the alpha psycho immediately kills the other and attempts to get away, WITH the money from their last kidnapping. When alpha psycho kills his literal partner in crime, he does so with no emotion and clearly no remorse whatsoever. Watching that scene was a reminder that that's how it will always go with truly evil psychotic individuals. There can only be one alpha, only one who's declared himself a god. If the inbred psychopaths at the helm of this ongoing program to depopulate the planet, wipe the slate clean and head back to the drawing board, a la Wile E. Coyote, were to succeed in realizing their "vision", that's when things are going to get ugly. Because if they succeed in wiping most of us out, along with as many other life forms as possible, then who will they have left to torture and torment? Will these self-appointed gods be content ruling over and controlling the small number of droids that are left, including as many of their kapos as they've allowed to survive? How can that ever compare to torturing and tormenting and controlling billions? It can't. And that's when the alpha psycho will turn on the underlings…and his fellow psychos. Megalomania never ends well. Never. I hold tight to that vision. 

  28. Andrew from scotland says:

    And then we have:


    •PM2.5 (fine particulate matter),SO2, and NO2 co-exposure impairs spatial learning and memory.

    •Apoptosis (cell death) participates in co-exposure induced abnormal neurobehavior.

    •PM2.5, SO2, and NO2 co-exposure causes the mitochondrial dysfunction.

    •Mitochondrial fission/fusion genes are important regulators.


  29. Andrew from scotland says:

    David Keith at it again:

    'Improved aerosol radiative properties as a foundation for solar geoengineering risk assessment'

  30. Christine says:

    Caldeira' et al. paper, makes me believe, that their choice of the word SLAP has a psychop meaning, because knowing how extremely important the choice of scientific words are for the elite, their choice actually means 'slap ins face of those, who stand for the truth'!! The Caldeira's et al. paper is based on a SURVEY of 49+28 presumable experts, who agreed to participate, out of 475 originally chosen!!!  Most of the answers regarding sprayings and soil and water contamination, contain significant percentage who says "not sure, possibly, don't know, unsure"! One especially total stu.. sentence, while discussing Al content of snow: "Indeed, the sample was not just snow, but snow surface." How on earth any 1 ppb  sane scientist can think, snow has no surface!!!! With different pressures, sun shine, temperatures, etc. certain lawyers of it always melt and so all the material dissolved in it, misplaces. Snow always has surface and its analysis is equally important!!! Even more ridiculous statements like:

    " One expert explained: 'As before, these data are actually low relative to crustal composition' while another described the sample as showing 'normal dust fall'."

    Of course crustal composition means CONCENTRATED HARD MATTER, but the analysis here is about snow, FALLING FROM THE SKIES, which should have mainly water in it and NOT METALS!!! Even assuming a typical jet exhaust, which components are known, do they have any aluminum, Sr and Ba in it?? That would be so easy to find out! Some of the biggest jokes in that 'scientific proof' of 'chemtrails non-existence' is the following section: "" Among those indicating they thought trails are now lasting longer, the top reasons given were: Aircraft flying higher (17 experts, 35%), modern and larger engines that produce more water vapor (11 experts, 22%), more plane traffic leading to planes flying at higher altitudes where contrails are more likely to form (nine experts, 18%), higher water vapor content of the atmosphere due to climate change (six experts, 12%), and decreased temperature of aircraft exhaust related to improved fuel efficiency (five experts, 10%)." Just take the last sentence, if the atmosphere had higher water content, shouldn't we all see more rain??? Where is it??? Higher flights??? Sorry, every camera with its resolution limits and sizes makes easy possible to calculate the distances, but isn't it so that the higher the less pressure we have, the less water we have and the less reason to build up a contrail?? The biggest joke of all is the conclusion section.More than 75% of the original experts didn't want or couldn't (?)  take part in this survey, and even those who agreed, say  don't know, maybe, likely… If we are talking pollution, one has to have NUMBERS, diagrams, here the article offers: NONE, only the one provided by those who really measured and send out the data, namely group!!
    But at the end of article, everyone will understand why all these results, or the effort to write up that smear report about surveys, called ironically 'science', when one sees who actually participated in it!!!! NASA, NOAA, DLR, with the first one being exactly the organization who is in part RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT GENOCIDE!!! Since it is NASA, who rewrites books for children, trying to force them into believe, that chemtrails are NORMAL CLOUDS!!! This survey article is actually 100% proof of CONSPIRACY AGAINST CHEMTRAILS, BY THE MAIN 'science' media, which is not a science at all! 




  31. Marc says:

    I've absolutely HAD IT with all the BIG BABIES who cling to their ill-informed notion that climate engineering is nothing but the stuff of snot-nosed conspiracy theorists. The only CONSPIRACY THEORY GOING ON HERE IS THAT WHICH IS BEING DISSEMINATED BY KEN CALDEIRA, DAVID KEITH AND COUNTLESS OTHERS. As regards the potential use of profanity in this forum, every last one of us should be "howling, barking mad" at this unconscionable rape of our intelligence as exhibited by these whores for the M.I.C. Do we really need to remind ourselves just exactly WHAT THESE ASSHOLES ARE DOING TO OUR WORLD?

    • Dennie says:

      Well, for one REEEALLY Big Thing, they are lying, mainly to themselves. 

      Now where is that gonna get "them," long-term–??  I've noticed that people who are delusional will fall into their own traps eventually.  No matter how elaborate.

      Last week at coffee hour after church I was talking to a new guy who I've observed looks pretty gung-ho. As an aside, often these new all-out really gung-ho guys disappear, after about two years– gone, poof– like the one who was scraping homeless folks off the street and sequestering them in tender-hearted-but-clueless mostly older parishioners' homes, in spare rooms, on couches, tucked into corners on the floor etc., mistakenly believing he was "saving" them.. And all the while, he'd sleep each night, in peace, at home in his parents' house.. no homeless folks there, oh no, let that be someone else's problem!  Meanwhile so many of them really do need serious intervention and professional help.  All he was really doing was practicing social work without a license… Well, now he doesn't even attend our church.  We never see him!!! 

      Like a hurricane these people just spin out, they don't have what it takes to sustain any kind of anything for any length of time.  Just furious, misguided energy, mostly destructive, while actually believing the opposite.  Hurricanes most surely serve a more intelligent purpose.

      But getting back to my story from last Sunday, the subject of the massive tree die off came up while standing around talking to "Mr. Newbie Gung-Ho."  He asked how I was (do you really want to know?). I mentioned the environment I'd like to see people take more seriously to move to help, the massive number of dead and dying trees, and the causes of that including the uptake of the mountains of nanoparticulate aluminum sprayed all over everything everywhere on Earth, and then we were off to the races.  Long story short, this guy said he'd been a reporter for KPFK (interpreted:  "So, you see, I'm the Big Expert, because I've been a REPORTER so I KNOW!!!"), and then he repeated what he'd probably heard his Overlords tell him, saying that anyone saying that there are clouds of chemicals being dispersed by jets spraying them in the sky is mentally ill.. 

      Now, how'dya like them apples???

  32. pharmerdavid says:

    These two 'brilliant scientists', Ken Caldeira and David Keith, are too intelligent to not know about the toxic aerosol operations, so they are guilty of being accessories to genocide/ecocide. Most of the spraying-dumping I see happens in the troposphere, and I see them spray from the surface sometimes when it rises from the secret base south of Estacada when planes aren't spraying, or sometimes both happen.  Last Sunday I was riding my bike to the farmers market in Montevilla (Portland, OR), and when I got to the rise on Mt. Tabor I looked to the south.  It was a clear day after a day of heavy spraying, and rising from the secret base area were obvious coal fly ash clouds, which flowed with the wind towards Mt. Hood, obscuring it in an ugly looking coal fly ash stream.  Although I don't doubt stratospheric injection happens too, because when I can barely see the spew-plane its in the stratosphere.  Those chemtrails dissipate faster though, because there is no moisture up there except what comes out of the engines.  These two con-men are either intentionally being untruthful (lying) to peddle their for profit ideas (they profit financially), or perhaps they are mind-controlled (or both?).  If you want to read about more of their insane ideas, this Fortune article from five years ago discusses several of them.  Bill Gates is obviously  either totally insane, or diabolically evil.  He finances genocide by vaccine and GMO, and recently he's become very interested in adding death from the air to his arsenal.  These mega-rich psychopaths think the planet is theirs to play with, which is the arrogance of power.  I think people much richer than Gates (banksters) are behind the worldwide toxic aerosol assault, and he's just being used to help finance their genocide.

  33. How The Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post-Collapse /17 August 2016 / Brandon Smith
    … an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization. … that centralization is the root of tyranny. … when absolute power is granted into the hands of an elite few over the lives of the masses, very bad things happen.  No small group of people has ever shown itself trustworthy, rational, empathic or wise enough to handle such a responsibility.  They ALWAYS screw it up, or, they deliberately take advantage of their extreme position of influence to force a particular ideology on everyone else. This leads to resistance, resistance leads to sociopolitical crackdown and then great numbers of people are imprisoned, enslaved or even murdered.  This leads to even more resistance until one of two possible outcomes emerges — chaos and revolution or complete totalitarianism and micro-managed collectivism. There is no way around this eventual conflict.  As long as the centralists continue to pursue total power, men and women will gather to fight them and the situation will escalate.  …
    Unfortunately, there are people who refuse to believe that a fight is unavoidable.  They desperately want to believe there is another way, and they will engage in an amazing display of mental gymnastics in order to justify this belief. … the globalists will eventually fail in their pursuit. … there is no way to avoid the fight. … [nothing is] going to stop the globalists from trying [for world control]. This is what the cynics just don’t seem to grasp; we are dealing with a group of narcissistic psychopaths organized around a cult ideology and with nearly unlimited resources at their fingertips.  These people think they are rising man-gods, like the Egyptian pharaohs of old.  They cannot be persuaded through superior logic or emotional appeal.  They will not be deterred by mass activism or peaceful redress.  They only understand one thing — the force of arms and the usefulness of lies. Such people are notorious for taking entire civilizations down with them rather than ceding their thrones.  It is foolish to plan a response to them on the assumption that a fight can be avoided. … a certain percentage of human beings will always have an inherent capacity for resistance to tyranny.  The globalists will be defeated because there is no way to quantify every single threat to their utopian framework.  As long as people continue to fight them, physically and with information, regardless of the personal cost, their weaknesses will be found and they will fall. This will not be accomplished, however, without considerable sacrifice.

    • Dennie says:

      If you've studied history, central power always fails.  In every single case.  NO WAY AROUND THAT, either. 

    • ron hall says:

      RIGHT ON SUSAN F.!   And as Dr Robert O Hare has found in his massive research,  9 out of 10 psychopaths are male!

  34. Big T says:

     “I felt it was important to definitively show what real experts in contrails and aerosols think. We might not convince die-hard believers that their beloved secret spraying program is just a paranoid fantasy, but hopefully their friends will accept the facts.” 

    This is the bullshit that most of the people I know believe to be true. I am almost at the end of my rope trying to convince people to wake up to what is going on. The ones that I have made aware were only interested for a little while, then they slipped back into the fog. I live in the Los Padres National Forest and the tree die-off here is unbelievable. There is a small stand of ancient Sequoias in a small canyon that are unbelievably beautiful, there are only five left that are alive out of ten trees and two of those are starting to die from the top down. It is enough to make you cry, these trees are 500+ years old. When I asked a Forest Service employee about the dead and dying trees he said where? Are you kidding me! I now trust no government official period! Everything seems to be a cover-up. When I read the posts here I am enlightened but also more pissed off. But that is okay because it makes me even more determined to expose these insane bastards. Here in Kern County, CA from Bakersfield to the coast of Ventura absolutely no spraying for almost three months. No trails at all. I fear that something even more devastating is on the way. The temperatures at 6000 ft. elevation has been 90+ for the last couple of months. I don't know how long the water is going to hold out. Most of the meadows and willows in this area are also dead or dying. This is definitely engineered. My dad made me aware of the spraying in 2003. At first I thought he was nuts until one day when  I was outside and the sky looked like a checkerboard of trails. I have laid awake at night trying to figure out  some solution,but come up with nothing SO FRUSTRATING!  I believe Dane has the only viable solution ant that is to wake-up the masses and expose these sad excuse of human beings that they are. I will never give up NEVER. I will get into the same arguments and be labeled a conspiracy nut and people will shy away from me but that is okay. Because I will not fall into that group of people that are asleep that when asked to investigate they say Theres nothing to be done about it, just live your life. Wake up! Soon this planet may not be livable. I would like to thank everyone who post here, believe me it is my lifeline. Dane you are a rare one indeed, Thank You, Thank You! Good luck to us all.

    Big T

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Big T, thank you for sharing this report with us. About the lack of visible spraying, spraying has still continued at some level in almost all locations, but in many cases it can be much more covert depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelyhood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevelant  with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white, especially looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and geoengineer objectives will again reveal the more blatant sparying patterns.

      Stay strong Big T, face to the wind, 

    • a simple horseman says:

      Big T, man oh man, can I relate to your comment. I have not ridden through the high country for a while(2 years). But I use to have a favorite ride up a small river on the northwest slope of Mt Rainier. Gorgeous scenery, and a huge water fall, 300 foot fall all together. (Skookum Falls, for those that would look it up. It falls into the White River, "Foothills trail"). On this trail there are 200 to 600 year old trees. Lots of them. Not as many as there once was though. I noticed how they were dying from the top down, just as you have seen with your own old growth trees. I have always found it a sad feeling that these trees were once plentiful and useful in many more ways than cutting them down and profiting from them. Each and every day when I come home to my little piece of heaven, I drive through my own trees dying a slow and painful death.

      Watch that sky above you a little closer. You will soon come to know that there has been NO relief in spraying us all like bugs.

      Dane, Ironic in your phrase, "face to the wind". That's the only way to Nome baby! In the greatest race on earth. "Iditarod", "A discovery of self".

      "Parallels in existence"………

  35. Jenny says:

    After reading Caldeira's article and reading your article, Dane, and watching the attendant videos (most or all of which I'd seen previously on this site, but which I'm glad you included for "new" people), I am just enraged at these two men and of course at all those others involved.  I had to cool off for a bit before even writing this because at first all I wanted to say were four-letter words.  (I try to avoid that online, since it offends some people.)  I was particularly upset about Caldeira's phrase "their beloved secret spraying program".  Most of us would probably love to go back to a time decades earlier when this program was much smaller and we were unaware of it.  I never saw these lines in the sky and whited-out skies and dying trees, grass, etc. back then.  I spent a lot of time walking and staring at the sky during my life.  (Anyone who reads this and is unsure if geoengineering is really going on should make a habit of sky-watching, as well as reading more on this site.)  I dare say most of our lives took a drastic turn for the worse after noticing and finding out about ongoing geoengineering.  Some even have health problems due to it (probably all of us do, but I think all don't notice yet.) This "man" pretends we want to believe it's going on…why?  He thinks it's a fun thing to see in the sky and to contemplate?  I am a very down-to-earth person and I've never been a "new-Agey" type.  I am a very observant person and I believe in what I see, hear, smell, taste, etc.  I don't just believe in "conspiracy theories" I read online somewhere unless they make sense in explaining exactly what I've been witnessing in the world around me.  And let's remind those who may have forgotten that disinformation people purposely pair the word conspiracy with the words "theory" or "nut" to add a negative connotation to the word conspiracy (this sentence is paraphrasing a recent Tweet by Dr. Anthony Napoleon, to give credit where credit is due.)  For a conspiracy can certainly exist;  I've even seen coworkers conspire at a past job to concoct a story to give to the bosses should the SHTF.  Stuff like that happens all the time in real life.

    I think this is a particularly good article and set of videos by Dane and I hope all who can will spread it on social media.  For those not on Twitter, it is VERY easy to open an account and start tweeting.

  36. frank says:

    I just listened to the videos of these idiots. I guess it would take a monster to spray poison on the world, and say that he never checked into what it would do to life –  knowing that he had been doing it for decades. When he said we are just screwing our grandchildren, I thought, who hires these losers? I guess bigger monsters.

  37. Ron Marr says:

    I don't watch TV; though I enjoyed Stephen Colbert's clip. These sick S.O.B.s that spread their illness not only through our airways but on the airwaves as well. They are only the mind controlled puppets of the hidden force that can survey their mesmerized audiences reaction. Are they falling for it? Do they believe it? Will they accept it? Hell, NO! We are conscious. That is all we are. Together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth.

  38. SD says:

    The recent floods in Louisiana resulted from another Low Pressure System which mysteriously stalled over the area, sucking massive amounts of subtropical moisture in from GOM. Maybe 7 trillion gallons of water dumped.  A Billion dollars in property damage. Same sequence of events seen over and over lately.

    And if these Low Pressure (or High Pressure) areas ARE NOT caused by Geoengineering activities, then why the hell isn't R&D being done to PREVENT them. Of course the Geoengineers HAVE DONE the R&D work and are moving forward with their FULL SPECTRUM WX control ideology.


    • frank says:

      Maybe these extreme rain events are the remnants of destroyed hurricanes in the gulf, as Dane has reported. In their eyes there is no sense wasting all that destructive energy.

  39. Beverly Foster says:

    This is just so unbelievable.  The criminals are totally out of control.  And the audience is actually LAUGHING??  Man is insane and, apparently, suicidal.  Unspeakable for the rest of us animals, humans and non-.  

  40. Ben says:

    Please Dane and team help with publicity. Our local "news" station global in B.C. Canada just reported on "chemtrails last night to the sheeple. Please vote yes WE – the AWAKE; believe in chemtrails. I'm sorry for using the non scientific term but this is what we're given. Please go to this site and vote overwhelming in favor that we know that geoengineering IS and HAS been occurring. . I hope this is hyperlinked so readers can access it easily. Please be steadfast as I don't know how long the voting will be open. Thanks – Ben Child of Surrey B.C. Canada

    • sea says:

      Ben- I am a resident of Calif but just read the article and also voted- it is already at 72% that DO NOT BELIEVE they ("chemtrails") exist.I did send Nicole the writer a message about this site, unfortunately I doubt she will read it.I told her she needed to offer her readers a chance to make an informed vote and write a follow up article providing GEW (this one) website.Such another terrible play out of the media and lies.

    • Dennis says:

      Hey Ben,

      Thanks for the info. The results are VERY saddening. Well over 75% DO NOT believe in "chemtrails" their word not mine. WE are losing the battle. Not because we are wrong, but because it is FAR easier to distrust your own eyes and trust the system to tell on itself.

      Keep fighting, I am.



  41. Greg O says:

    Thanks Dane, as always!  I have written Keith and Caldeira.  I was blunt and to the point.  "We, the people" need to unite and stand up and defend what is left of our Country and Constitution before they are eroded by these global fascist elitists.  Thanks to you Dane and the efforts of the legal team, critical mass is approaching and we are making gains.  Life is full right now; getting my mother situated in assisted-living, closing up her house and my daughters' wedding next weekend is a bit all-consuming, but I'll be much more available in October.  Sign me up for the front lines.  I'm ready to engage!   Greg O.

  42. Donna-AZ says:

    When I see these two, all I think of is that song…. 

    "R  U, R  U, coming to the tree? 

    I hope, at some point, both are held responsible for the horrific damage done to us, our property, and all life on earth.

  43. Lorraine Kapilow says:

    Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program – IOPscience


    New York Times references this article.  All the :"scientists" listed here should be prosecuted.

  44. levi says:

    Here this Saturday i watched the forecast jump from 103 to 111 in some locations now while im talking about Saturday it derives from the word Saturn which the ancients worshiped it was known as the black sun that's why judges wear a black robe you wear a black robe when you graduate college police wear a black uniform the military wears a uniform to lose individuality and conform                                                             you are below the authority of government bank are named cause like banks on a river they hold in the flow of water like the flow of money that's why it is called currency see or liquid assets we need to exam the real way the world is set up and its on a need to know basis and we don't need to know

    • Mike looking up says:

      Levi, excellent mention on ancients or Mystery Babylon Relligion. More people should know and understand what the eliets believe in. Its more than just saying satanic much more.

    • a simple horseman says:

      levi, if you were hound dog, you'd be a good one. You're on the right track to the underlying legalese that is spoken daily in our messed up mislead society. We all need to "know". We can and will survive if we care enough individually about what is scrambled and set before us as human kind. I've always enjoyed a puzzle. Especially big ones!

  45. Adam Coleman says:

    I feel it is impossible to not see the spraying and clearing of their lines as nothing less than planetary crop dusting of WE THE PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH. While crop dusting is localized and designed for insect repellant, the toxic metals and other foreign pollutants they are spraying on EVERYONE including their own families can only bring disastrous results and as  I continue to say, the elephant in the room is now THE ELEPHANT IN THE ELEVATOR and I can only hope that catches on because it seems like the problem is becoming harder and harder not to notice. Even if one refuses to look up, their health will ravage them before much longer and the pieces may begin to fit together for them but sadly, for all too many, it already is to late and for the rest, it will be if it isn't stopped immediately. What was the quote someone said in the late 1800s about it being good that man could not fly or for certain he would lay waste to the sky as he has to the earth? Damn. Talk about hindsight being 20/20…

  46. Dawnski says:

    The opportunity arose to share this information with the career USAF dude after he shared his belief that all young people should join the military for their education and career. How any one can even think that is health and wise is beyond me knowing what has been going down for over 70 years. I hope you are here reading up Ray, and educating yourself. You've been sleeping with the enemy, loyal to their deceptive military industrialized Napoleon complex. Help sound the alarm to the fighting for our county farce. Come Lord Jesus!

  47. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, Dane.  Just yesterday as the NY Times wrote something about the chemtrail conspiracy people, insulting enough, Paul Beckwith made a video that called out GeoWatch specifically.  I'm sort of apoplectic and can't remember exactly what he said, but I certainly hope you'll have some choice words for him.  According to him, People like us (conspiracy theorists) and our conspiracies are apparently getting in the way of the "cloud brightening" he sees as absolutely essential to save the planet.  We're giving geoengineering a bad name!?!

    I was thinking about leaving a comment on that video, but I know you would do so much better.  Besides, he's close to slandering you.  I'm so angry, now would not be a good time for me to say anything.

    While it's best to ignore those who don't get it, I think this guy is worse than Keith and Caldeira. 

    You certainly have my best wishes dealing with this one.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, thanks for the heads up on the Paul Beckwith Youtube rant of total denial. I posted the comment below on Beckwith's Youtube thread. 

      Mr. Beckwith, though I have never commented on any of your dissertations before, this one could not be avoided. The apparent contradictions in your statements are profound. You claim climate engineering is not going on, and that anyone who says otherwise is simply a "conspiracy theorist". Yet, over and over you have stated we must start climate engineering/geoengineering as soon as possible. Do you think governments around the globe would never engage in massive climate engineering programs without our permission? Really? Are you aware that weather warfare has been going on for some 70 years or more and is a matter of historical fact? You also claim that it is a ridiculous notion for people to believe that aircraft trails (which all available data confirms is in fact geoengineering) could not effect the weather, how can you make such a statement as a scientist? I formerly worked for Bechtel Power Corp, my background is in renewable energy Paul. My completely off-grid home was on the cover of the worlds largest renewable energy magazine. When I built this home it became immediately apparent the aircraft trails were blocking out an unimaginable amount of my solar PV uptake. On some days as much as 80%, do you really think that is just condensation? Do you really believe that blocking out so much direct sunlight would not change convection? Alter atmospheric chemistry? And thus alter the hydrological cycle completely? Then there is the matter of the massive heavy metals like aluminum and barium that are coming down in the air column in unimaginable quantities ( you never bring this up). If you do not already know, these are primary elements named in climate engineering patents. We have countless lab tests from around the globe to prove this fact. You have repeatedly advised people to look at the science Paul, I would recommend you do the same. The public is waking up fast to the climate engineering reality, so are members of the US military. I have already been contacted by a former USAF general and a former US Army major general. They are both now working with their contacts to wake others. The truth will be impossible to hide for much longer Mr. Beckwith, perhaps you should consider that before continuing to dig in to such an incorrect, and what some would argue, a very deceptive position. As for the recent "study" you mentioned as proof "chemtrails" are not real, as an academician, I would have expected you to look at the actual data in the propaganda piece you mentioned which was grossly deceptive at best. A more accurate and fact based review of the "study" you referenced is attached. FYI

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Excellent, Dane! 

      Can he disappear a Youtube comment?  I certainly hope not.  No one will find fault with your diplomatic speech.  Your high standard in that regard is unimpeachable, and a very important lesson for all of us.

      Thank you, really : ))  He's probably fuming, deservedly so.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Bella Fantasia, (Great name, I've always admired it). Good job on posting this video. Dane, I'll say it for you, "Meow!". This guy is NOT on the up and up. I had seen his videos before and found them to be BS, not worth my time. I have no tolerance for deception through misconception derived from the power structures narrative. Geesh, to think there can be soooo much hipocracy in one mind and flowed out in such a deceptive manner. This guy takes the cake… I wonder how much CIA money he receives? (Valid question). I shake my head wondering how many folks out there actually think this guy is a smart guy. Sounds like one for sure. But his facts crumble like a dried up wasp nest thrown into the wind.

  48. Christine says:

    Caleira's paper states, that out of 475 initially chosen scientists, only 78 ended participating in that SURVEY! That is almost identical situation with that fraudulent Nobel prize winners letter, which was signed only by 107 of them, quite few with 0 knowledge about GMO's and one was dead long before the time the list was published!! I find it great, that Geonegineering becomes SCIENTIFIC, while being 'exposed' finally officially in that 'scientific' magazine. Now it is up to us to gather 100% prove to show the fraud of those paid by EXXON mobile, Rockefellers et al….

  49. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia. The weather man said that on Sunday we will have a "rain event". That language, which is deceptive and very deliberate, makes us think unconsciously about things in a differing way. By calling it a "rain event", it sounds like something unusual, which it now is of course. Rain patterns are so derailed that entire Monsoons don't happen. 

    So the new language helps to normalise what is entirely abnormal. This is miseducation and it has the force of many power groups behind it. The weather man is just like a malevolent postman now. He just feeds new insidious meanings into your ears.

    Another new and strange phrase I have heard used in the media is "the building was involved with fire", instead of "the building was on fire". This is a bizarre one and if not for the entire awkwardness of the new statement which sounds like an insurance company lawyer trying to extraneously describe a unique relationship, I am not sure why they are leaping to this level of stupid verbosity.

    When someone dies, are they "involved with death" instead of "someone died"? Every verb for every situation is going to be converted to its noun form and preceded by the stupidly obvious "involved with…" It sounds so moronic and I point it out to people with plenty of ridicule so that they might feel embarrassed to use it themselves, if ever they were tempted.

    Read 'Death Sentence – The Decay of Public Language' by Don Watson. He does an excellent job of pointing out and tearing down this new 'bureaucratic speak' and calling it out as the junk it is.

    In our current fight, silence and lies of denial are the enemy's weapons. We have to sharpen our wit, our vernacular and our ability to argue using the right terms and being succinct in summing up the enemy's position. The power of speech is at the heart of our struggle. We know the Truth and we have to be able to say it in the best way.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Michel B, Very insightful comment.

      "In our current fight, silence and lies of denial are the enemy's weapons. We have to sharpen our wit, our vernacular and our ability to argue using the right terms and being succinct in summing up the enemy's position. The power of speech is at the heart of our struggle. We know the Truth and we have to be able to say it in the best way.

      "speech", how we communicate, the meaning of words. Indeed, these are aspects that have been down played, down graded and not quite as hard hitting as they once were known to be. Thank you so very much for spelling it out in a 'simple' manner. Believe me when I write, you are right on the mark with your conceptions. Thank you again for offering them.

  50. Looking at the Sky says:

    Thank you for the great videos and articles here, Dane. Here is another question for you. I am thinking that aluminum particles can cause alzheimer's, dementias and other brain diseases as well as respiratory issues and breathing problems, maybe even cancers. Can it also be the cause of tinnitus, because, unless I am be wrong here, I believe that tinnitus has increased as well as digestive issues and I don't believe that it may be just from GMOs, although those are issues as well. What do you think or anyone you know regarding this ?  Oh, I'll be looking up Project Lucy and Project Alamo, too. Thank you for your great info and the hard work you do regarding this.  

  51. Christine says:

    Dane, THANK You for informing everyone about that monster lie published in no other than IOP science, in a way that deaf and blind would immediately recognize a propaganda, instead of a real science.
     One needs to remember Stanford is a 'special place', the ORIGIN OF THE most detrimental technology on this planet, it is also the place, from which many of the Nobel Prize winners stem, which recently signed on that letter praising GMO rice and condemning greenpeace for their opinion on GMOs, shortly before Senate voted for the most fradulent law in history S.764, nullifying all the present GMO labeling rules some states fighted so much for. Caldeira is assiociated with GCEP funded by EXXON, Bank of America, GE a nd Schlumberger. While visiting their conferences for few years since 2011, I had witnessed how a forum speaker announced 'the end of middle class' in one of their plenary lectures. It surprised me a lot to hear that, in particular since it had nothing to do with alternative energy resources, or 'carbon sequestration' for which this institution takes its proud.. Anyway, Caldeir's paper is worth studying.. , since it is the best proof of the total fraud, given all the proof we all, who noticed geoengineering for quite a long time by now, have! Stanford was one of the first places which also published a 'great' study in favor of conventional crops (including GMO's) claiming there was no difference between them and organic crops!! TIME SHOWED that not only there IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE, but also, that GMO's are an EQUAL GENOCIDE as the GEOENGINEERING IS. 

  52. Dennie says:

    "Ken Caldeira and David Keith," spoken in the same breath, has a certain ring to it– not unlike saying "Leonard Lake and Charles Ng–" look them up, if you don't remember 1983 in Calaveras County, California so well.  I particularly dislike and find beyond creepy the totally cold and heartless tone in Caldeira's voice whenever I've heard him speak.  It's like having 20 pounds of chipped ice dumped down your shirt.  It's like being forced to listen to a mass murder– someone like, oh, say, Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy– while he most coolly and calmly describes exactly in minute detail everything that he did to his victims and what he plans to do next– the guy is waaaay beyond S-I-C-K!!!!! 

    You know, it would be sooooo NIIIIIIICE if some of the "educators" we get our latest information from here would suss out some news that give reports about what we can do to encourage the boosting of  use of non polluting technologies in our daily lives where we live, how others are organizing to influence their elected representation to take positive steps about such things as what people can do/are doing to put an end to fracking, localize food supplies, etc.  It's just f()cking depressing when ALL you ever have to offer is bad news, which is so easily found wherever we look in order to find out what the latest is in terms of our victimization.  We already know about it.  Why not just give us the actual date and time of our personal demise–?  That might be more useful, actually.

  53. The Geoengineered Electronic Warfare Sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA / August 2016 / photos
    What people out here on the Olympic Peninsula don’t seem to understand is that the technology involved in geoengineering is the same technology that generates the EW electronic warfare environment used by the US Navy that has turned the once pristine Olympic Peninsula into an electronic war zone and a rf/microwave hell. The US Navy uses the same dispersion of nano-sized toxic metals, aluminum, barium, strontium, Zinc sulfides, etc. to enhance their electronic warfare operations and “juice” the atmosphere. There is no essential difference in geoengineering, climate engineering, electronic warfare technology, ‘fracking’ the Ionosphere with HAARP, rf/microwave transmitters & emitters, and fusion energy. These are all technologies developed from plasma physics and the very insane ‘estimated for their convenience’ equations that allow these arrogant lunatics to play God. They are failing and reducing our days on this once beautiful planet by the moment. My new photos here:

    • Dennie says:

      Furthermore I more than strongly suspect that the "climate engineering" gambit is the pretext, the cover-up, that is used to justify the warfare techniques.  I say that this is the main lie, the excuse, for the warfare. 

      So, um, where do we find articles about how to expose this ionized heavy metal insanity and RID ourselves of the eedjots perpetrating this crap???  Oh yeah, I forgot– right here!!!

    • Adam Coleman says:

      That's a GREAT blog you have Susan. Thank you for sharing as it is very astute. You, like DW are a great Truth Patriot Warrior and I applaud you for doing more than your fair share at helping bring light to the subject. It is no longer "the elephant in the room" who seeks to destroy US ALL but "THE ELEPHANT IN THE ELEVATOR" as I personally describe IT and can only hope people can see that description as the point of OUR DESPERATION to SAVE PLANET EARTH from her inevitable demise should this treason continue

  54. a simple horseman says:

    Susan, Now that's what I like to read from an informed mind! I often wonder what happened to the bumper sticker that said "question authority". (A bumper sticker like that these days might get you pulled over and prosecuted for some stupid miniscule stuff).  As a person younger than you and older than 50, it made sense to me. So I adapted it into my thinking processes. As you, I also live in the land of "retired hippies". It seems as though they gave up and settled for the enslavement they fought so hard to keep in check.

    Damn "ratzoids" anyway. Let's all send them questions! (I do).

  55. eric paulsen says:

    Dane, Thanks for putting these videos up and thank you for  the excellent event on Aug. 5. Much of the vaccine information was new to me, but I have been researching the subject extensively since the event. OH MY F—ING GOD.!!

     I have a beautiful, intelligent grandson, 2 1/2, facing potentially 69 shots of Aluminum with his  new California law that  mandates… if his parents want to enroll him a public school, that THEIR hardworking taxes have and do pay for. Outrageous!!!! They have been spraying us, heavily, for twenty yrs with aluminum ( an endocrine system disrupter !!!} and now our babies are getting multiple  injections, containing aluminum, that far far exceed  the FDA"s acceptable exposure… and, in just one shot.!..typically infants/toddlers get three at a time…six to eight times more toxic aluminum then recommended ,per FDA,..depending on the childs weight. Outrageous!!!

    On SAI, SRM operations I can report from Humboldt County, Redwood Coast, as many folks have observed, that visible trails have greatly diminished least over Northern Ca. [ but certainly not globally..check out some unbelievable spray action over switzerland and every where else on the planet, at the photos button above. Shocking]  The last trails Iv seen and photographed were over Eureka on The Fourth of July. I rather suspect they are seriously changing their spraying over the areas that contain the agencies that the legal effort focuses on. Recently I traveled up highway 1o1 to visit a friend in Oregon. Literally, when I passed the welcome to Oregon sign, there were the ever familiar cobweb sky.

    On Ken Cadeira..ive heard him speak many times..what a pathetic sold out putz!!! That any one could buy his load of –it!! And his partner in crime..David Kieth, my research shows this weasel to be/ or recently has been, invested canadian tar sand oil, The worst!!!

     Love To All,! Keep on fighting to stop the Geoengineering genocide,

    Eric Paulsen



    • Dennie says:

      @eric:  That's a really astute observation, that the chem trailing's stopped over the areas where "they" could get in trouble– hope so.  Still, I've noticed there is plenty of white haze metallic nanoparticulate crap hanging in the sky turning it a milky white and I'm just as affected and annoyed in absence of the spray jets zig-zagging across overhead in our friendly skies here in the S.F. Bay Area as when they're there all day long.  I have NO idea where all the white haze that I see here still is coming from, maybe they're doing their spraying early in the morning or out over the Pacific, off shore.

      Neighbors went to a community meeting place showing of Vaxxed in a predominantly Black area of Oakland, CA a few days ago and came back with the DVD.  I saw the movie last night.  It is amazing how many people do not believe that this is about a massive cover-up and that it is real.  When you slice and dice the numbers so the statistics fit your desired model, it's pretty obvious you're lying.  Having copies of the marked up notes to show that's what you intend to do is pretty damning.

  56. helot says:

    ‘Science terms were systematically avoided’

    Why doesn’t that surprise me? Well, actually, I’m kind of shocked that science is avoided by so very many people. Especially, by those who should know better. I guess it goes hand in hand with things like so-called, ‘christians’ who all mostly seem to be warmongers. Par for the course, I guess.

    ‘While most walk around in a electromagnetic prison dazed, numb to any real perception, and blind to their own slow death.’

    Say it again, sister.

    I am under 50 years old and I see what’s going on. As Michael says: Too many sellouts in powerful positions.

    And, we live in, ‘The Land of the Blind’ (that’s a relevant film title, btw).

    Can, ‘The People’ learn brail? Perhaps, one baby step at a time? Idk.

    My guess is, ‘The People’ have to learn the hard way. That might get ugly. …Er, will get ugly.

  57. Reggie Walsh says:

    I look forward to the day when these goons are stripped of all academic qualifications, degrees, for promoting Satan.

    • Silla says:

      i find it hard to believe Caldiera has any real post-grad credentials. No only is the man is a terrible speaker, but he can't make a point and never backs up his claims. If i want to learn something I go to and other sources.

      Re the 'silent spraying' going on recently – my exp is that it is even more polluted now, espec in the Bay Area w/the freak fog conditions, low fog weighted w/particulate, Seems to be harped in from the Pacific.

      Good meeting you – Dane at the Redding event!



  58. Diane Friday says:

    Imagine this showing up on Yahoo! News today. The usual b.s. about El Niño and La Niña, etc. It looks like there are plans in the works for chemical ice nucleation to be carried out on a much larger scale come 2017, if not sooner. They will never stop trying to take the truth of what's been going on for decades and relegating it to "conspiracy theory". Unbelievable.

    • Dennie says:

      MORE ice nucleation? Oh, great, just what we need.  That sh!t makes me really sick– Now WHY DON'T "KEITH & CALDEIRA" have the same reaction to the poisons, or their kids, at least, that I and others in The Three Percent experience every single second of every single day– would serve 'em damned right!!!  And then I'll flip around and have this irrational hope that at least Caldeira will come out of denial and speak out vehemently against it, in front of academia, the "military" (those sick fvcks), the gub'mint and their "money-master" handlers, against it.  Of the two, he's the one that I think I'd bet would, though Keith has spoken of the risks but as enmeshed as he is in the money-making part of the rogue projects, I wouldn't bet on him.  I know, I know– kinda like hoping a serial killer would turn themself in– HAH!!!

      As it stands, I have a hard time staying full-time and am totally terrified to sleep in my leaky house, with it's leaky 1953 add-on that would take an HVAC specialist a day or two to figure out how to stop up the leaks.  Thank God for at least one aspect of the insanity at this point, it's making the price of at least a few commodities/assets go up– might be able to float my "safe house" construction project on the sale of a few assets, my last, best hope of getting back here full-time again.  I hope to be able to live in a 12 x 12 barn-cabin that I found out can be built under my spreading Chinese elm, then hopefully be able to live there in relative comfort and peace, I hope. 

      Thank you for saying prayers for the success of my project and my safe return home to my lovely place.  I pray for everyone here and the end to the "power" position of heartless insanity and those perpetrating it, multiple times per day.  You can make prayer a habit– often we feel we can't get help but many traditions do say that you need to ask– if "the other side" is any bit like what we see here, it's a bureaucracy too so I say you will most likely need to take a number and stand in line!!

  59. serious says:

    Please do everyone in the world a favor and post the following all over the internet, it is being censored, so more people need to post it:


    Everybody knows the Central Bankers create ALL Currency out of thin air as debt to themselves, and are attacking We The People to retain the Power to create the Currency. The instant they make a loan they just created Currency out of thin air payable back to themselves, and they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank. Now you know who it is that TOTALLY controls the Government."

    • stuart ellis says:

      who is at the top of the central bankers…..what country

    • Ben Dover says:

      Term 'Full faith and credit of the USA' defined means the ability of the government to TAX everyone to cover their expenses' Nice Egh'? We see this proudly posted at the banks to give so sort of assurance that our funds are insured… We are psyoped' continuously and hard.

    • Christine says:

      The best currency creators are your hands, when YOU WORK AND CREATE, WHEN YOU SERVE AND PRODUCE. When someone takes a loan for example ~400,000.0$ to pay off the house, the bank in the moment of giving you the check to pay for the just bought house, has officially a physical cover of ~couple thousands of $'s for this check, the rest is a PRINT, FICTION. But all the years of people's hard work to then pay not the 400,000.0$ but 2-3x the amount, are REALITY, simply 'taken by the bank' as your debt to them, for the initial couple of thousands of $'s… There is an interesting article about a new idea for living at:

    • Dennie says:

      I think some of us here have known about that fact for quite a while.  Not news to many of us here.  The reason it doesn't change is because nobody knows how to "fix" an Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm– Anyone–???

  60. Barbzi says:

    Monsanto in cooperation with the government has designed genetically modified seeds which withstand the effects of chemtrails. The seeds are designed to survive extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt stress, heavy metals and chemtrails. Organic and natural crops will die from severe pollution and the chemtrails while Monsanto continues to profit. Further proof that the government and giant food cooperation’s are controlling the food supply. Geoenineering Watch 5/23/2014

  61. Dave says:

    Does the pope know about SRM/SAG? He certainly seems on the front lines regarding global warming, his help in exposing these programs with information provided by his science advisors, (hopefully the truthful ones) would be huge.

  62. frank says:

    I can't believe how far this issue has come in just the few short months since I found this website. Hooray for Dane as the only figure that can present the heart of an issue that has been hidden from the masses by so much scientific mumbo-jumbo and downright bullying.

    It looks like the explosion of revelation is close. I hope so.

  63. carol says:

    If this is what people are "allowed" to do in this world then I'll see you on the other side. Soon.

  64. Yar Swerc says:

    Those guys make me so sick to my stomach I can't offer a cohesive response. Gotta go to the bathroom now.

  65. Anon — The ratzoids can’t wait to finish off our generation. We were the last to stand up to corporate tyranny in this country and protest their evil corporate greed war in Viet Nam, which even Robert McNamara eventually admitted was a complete waste: “…he knew the war was both wrong and un-winnable.”   Imagine how that makes the victims of agent orange feel. Now we are all victims of another more insidious and pervasive agent orange. Diaphanous plasma wispy dispersions of nano-sized toxic metals are falling silently from the skies into our breaths. While most walk around in a electromagnetic prison dazed, numb to any real perception, and blind to their own slow death. I often wonder how many who post here are under 50? The young are jobless hopeless drugged and nearly one in five are now living with their parents. The children are addicted to cell phones, entertainment that programs them, and poison food – their brains perhaps already mutant. We must not give up. We must fight to the last moment. As Dane would say, face to the wind.

  66. izzy says:

    It was easier to live on the fringe back when the center still had some cohesion, but now the whole edifice of Western Industrial Civilization is coming undone, with nowhere left to run. And each new revelation and exposure is more unhinged than the last, with the excuses and disinfo campaigns ratcheting right up with the rest of it. Some sort of Great Reckoning is certainly at hand, and yet the party rolls inexorably on – until it just can’t. Having been wary of such developments for many years, I’m not personally surprised, though I used to hope we (that slippery all-purpose pronoun) would smarten up before things got so bad. Ah well, another sobering disappointment. Now closing out my 7th decade, I’ve developed some philosophical composure about it all. But that won’t stop what is rapidly unfolding in this realm. People get ready.

    • Mark says:

      Strange we have not seen or heard anything about the devastating man made storms in Louisiana, been sitting still for over a week with Stennis Space center cloud seeding it on a daily basis.

      weather weapons,

      earthquake weapon,

      doppler radar being used to alter weather.

    • Kermit says:

      Couldn't agree more. Some sort of Great Reckoning at hand? Absolutely. I am, quite personally, looking forward to it. I tire of the black cloud of lies and deception that blanket and choke the poor unsuspecting souls of this world.

      It's high time for that 'edifice' to collapse. There will, no doubt, be great suffering. That's sad. But, it seems to be in the cards. I am entering my 7th decade and am at a point where I, simply, want to get off of this planet and be left alone. But, before I go, I will continue to try to inform people to this crisis that we face. I hope that, in the end of it all, 'good' prevails. I really think and trust that it will…and, thank you, Dane, for everything you do.

    • LS says:

      The faces of pure psychopaths have been seen here. It is difficult to even speak about these evil terrorists.There are so many more.ou there. Behaviorist say that psychopaths (individuals, groups, institutions and governments) are the most dangerous in the moment of their exposure. On every level the exposure has occured/is occurring and that is why there is so much push back, right now. It shows they are squirming and afraid and they need to be. The summit of the mountain is reached one step at a time. Press on. Use yourself to bring awareness at every opportunity. Please don't give up now.

    • izzy – Great post! I agree. We all must get ready.

    • Dennie says:

      Unfortunately there is no more getting ready for the kind of mass death and polluted/irradiated insanity than there is in getting ready for the gallows/guillotine/burning at the stake.  I would prefer the firing squad.  At least it's fast.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Mark… Yup, the use of "weather bombs":(

  67. Ethan says:

    Dane, excellent response to the "scientific study" that was nothing more than a "survey."  I doubt there was even a survey as many news stories and scientific studies appear to be works fiction like the Gulf of Tonkin incident, GMO and vaccines are good for you, Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, or scary Muslim hijackers from a cave in Afghanistan executing 9/11 with the appropriate retaliation being war on Iraq.  Your work and that of the legal team is forcing this most important issue into the public domain.  It is great seeing the New York Times, that obsolete toilet paper of record, telling outrageous lies like "persistent contrails".  NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION:


    2) Turn off your TV and their programming, don't read their newspapers or literature, and carefully select what you purchase and who you buy it from.


  68. Free Energy Technologies says:

    What will the people do if they made harmful geoengineering legal?

  69. Steve Krause says:

    Excellent article Dane. These 2 henchmen, Keith and Caldeira, are trying to cover their asses with this propaganda piece and need to be fully exposed.

  70. Dennie says:

    Caldeira's gone back under that rock he calls home– the little venomous reptile won't respond, same as that heartless ghoul they call David Keith; GEO–Terrorists!!!

  71. Michael says:

    Too many sellouts in powerful positions.

  72. Janet Pickel says:

    Stephen Colbert told the truth. What a joke that David Keith is. I hope he reads this. He talked to Colbert and the audience as though everyone were 4-years-old. It is not possible to condone his filthy lies.

  73. Dane — A great article! I never tire of watching that video of you politely leaving David Keith backed into a corner – squirming! Thank you. We are being sprayed here every day, an insidious milky glassy haze. The Navy is finally allowing warm weather here on the Olympic Peninsula, but I am afraid to open my windows and let more slow-death nano-toxins into my home, into my lungs…

  74. The Odds of a Global Food Crisis Are Rising
    Charles Hugh Smith / Aug.16, 2016
    The vulnerability of global food production to extremes of weather is a profound reality that few grasp. Given the current abundance of food globally, confidence in permanent food surpluses and low grain prices is high. Few worry that the present abundance of food could be temporary. But the global food supply is more fragile than we might think, despite historically low grain/agricultural commodity prices. What few consumers grasp is that the global abundance of food depends on weather extremes remaining rare. If extremes of weather become commonplace, global food surpluses will turn into shortages. In the larger context, the global food supply chain is a real-world system that cannot be "fixed" with financial gimmicks.  No amount of money-printing will replace crops lost to weather extremes, replenish depleted fresh-water aquifers, magically rebuild top soil lost to erosion or repair the environmental ravages of industrial pollution. … The vulnerability of global food production to extremes of weather is a profound reality that few grasp.

    • Gina says:

      Susan, great article on the dire implications of this extremes of weather and food shortages, none of which is by accident – all part of the sick globalists plan. Control the weather and you control the economies, control the economies and you control the people. 

       IT'S CALLED AGENDA 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Rodster says:

      Let’s not forget that the soils have become Monsanto junkies. Without it nothing grows.

    • Christine says:

      I think those who can observe definitely notice how hard is to grow veggies these days. A simple cucumber here along pacific coast this year, simply won't grow any more (at least in my hands..). How much less varieties of veggies and even fruits are around, in stores, at markets, which usually were filled with many more varieties. How much more the prices rose due to water shortage. 8$ for 450g of figs is a crime in a high season, where heat actually should help to grow that fruit, at least. The change in crops is already visible right now, and that is scary, to me.

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