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Exclusive: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dane Wigington On The Evidence Of Geoengineering


Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola

You’ve probably heard about “chemtrails,” or more accurately, geoengineering, but is it real or just some far-fetched conspiracy theory? In this interview, Dane Wigington, who is, in my view, probably the top expert on this topic, lays out the evidence for what he believes to be one of the most serious threats to humanity.

“The media will try to always use the chemtrail term, which is not a science-based term. If your listeners were to investigate this issue … it’s imperative to use the science terms “climate engineering”, “solar radiation management” [and] “aerosol geoengineering". "Those are the science terms that lead to a mountain of science data so that they understand that this issue has complete validity,” Wigington explains.

A Most Obscure Yet Well Documented Program

Wigington, who lives completely off the grid on a mountaintop in Northern California, has been interviewed on the topic of geoengineering a numberous times, and I’ve been impressed with his ability to very precisely articulate what this issue entails and the dangers it poses.

But what brought him to become an expert on such an obscure topic as geoengineering?

“I have a background in renewable energy. I was a former Bechtel Power employee. Bechtel is the largest engineering firm on the planet and they are not a reputable firm, in my opinion. I left at an early age because of things that I saw in the company.

They are comparable to, for example, Halliburton. Many of your listeners might be familiar with Halliburton, but being on the renewable energy end, this is what brought me to this issue.

I moved to the Pacific North West, built a large off-grid home. My home was the cover of the largest renewable energy magazine. Then I began to lose massive amounts of my solar photovoltaic (PV) uptake from whatever these aircrafts were emitting, which was blotting out the sun, literally. Clearly this was not condensation… I was losing 70 to 80 percent of my solar PV uptake from what these aircrafts were emitting.

When I began to research, I was astounded that I didn’t already know about this issue because there’s a mountain of data that confirm global solar radiation management programs had been deployed for many decades already.”

Toxic Rain Provides a Clue

First, he began to lab test the rain falling on his property to confirm whether the same materials listed in climate engineering patents were indeed coming down the air column. One initial precipitation test contained 7 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminum. Over the following 18 months, that level skyrocketed by nearly 50,000 percent, to 3,500 ppb of aluminum in a single rain event.

“At that point, I was faced with the fact that these programs were going on in Northern California,” Wigington says.

“The California Air Resources Board has confirmed that these materials were not coming from China. There was simply no other source for these materials, given that they were the primary element in climate engineering patents.

I was faced with the reality that these programs were going on over my head and the toxic materials were raining down on everything that I loved… being inhaled [by myself and my children] with every breath … So I simply had to face this battle.”

The Why Behind the Madness

So what’s the motivation for spraying toxic elements like aluminum into the atmosphere? Who is responsible for initiating this kind of project, seeing how it can have global implications for both human and environmental health?

Clearly, there must be a reason, but what is it? These are questions that many struggle with and that make some dismiss the notion that it’s actually taking place. To many, it just seems too incomprehensible and irresponsible to be true.

“The stated purpose behind solar radiation management is to try to deflect some of the sun’s incoming thermal radiation to slow global warming,” Wigington explains.

“What they’re attempting to do is to mimic what happens when a volcanic eruption goes off. For example, in 1992, Mt. Pinatubo put enough material in the air to reduce global temperatures about half a degree Celsius, about 1 degree Fahrenheit.

This is the state of attempt; to try to mimic that cooling effect by filling the atmosphere with light-scattering particles, again, to try to block some of the sun’s incoming thermal radiation. But just like the pharmaceutical approach on the human body, you have a massive amount of downstream negative effects from filling the atmosphere with particulates.”

Geoengineering Has Many Downstream Effects

According to scientific studies, the particulates dispersed during these geoengineering events “shred” the ozone layer. They also disrupt the hydrological (rain) cycle, which leads to another host of downstream effects, and this is in addition to spreading toxins across the entire planet surface.

“There’s a list that is so long of negative effects that it’s hard to fathom there would be any perceived benevolence in these programs,” he says.

“But also, we have to look at this: weather manipulation is a weapon, period.

We see example after example of weather being used as a weapon, not just going back to conflicts just like Vietnam where we had project Popeye, we also had project Stormfury.” These are weather warfare programs of record, but other events are also suspect. For example, certain sub-Saharan African countries have been exposed to unprecedented droughts.

Moreover, while global cooling is the stated aim of most of these geoengineering programs, as the planet warms, the laws of physics state you get MORE precipitation to cool it, not less, because the atmosphere carries more moisture as the temperature rises — 7 percent more moisture for each degree of Fahrenheit, to be exact.

To cool the planet, you need to create more rain, but these programs have resulted in less rain, and the reason for the reduction in rain fall is due to the particulates in the atmosphere. In addition to deflecting heat from the outside, these particles also TRAP heat down below, making the overall heating of the planet significantly worse. With this in mind, is combating global warming really the endgame, or is that just a convenient cover story for a far more reckless goal?

Weather Wars

A number of countries that have U.S. troops on the ground, including countries that are part of Africom 1 (the U.S. entity that controls the military occupation), Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq have all been exposed to once in a thousand-year drought.

“Is it just a coincidence that all those countries were countries that the U.S. government is actively or passively trying to destabilize?” Wigington asks. “We had the leaders of some of those countries, like the leaders of Iran, on the floor of the United Nations (UN), stating that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) weather modification programs were cutting off the precipitation to their country. So there’s a great many agendas being carried out …

If we get to the core of these programs, I think it’s inarguable that it’s about power and control, as we know all such programs are. Because to manipulate the weather is to literally be able to win a war without ever even firing a shot.”

According to Wigington, there appears to be a number of reasons for these geoengineering projects, none of which are benevolent or for the common good:

1. To try to hide the severity of global warming while simultaneously making it worse.

2. To control populations and governments, using weather as a weapon.

3. For communications enhancement purposes (as the atmosphere is being made more electrically conductive by these particles).

Weather Modification Then and Now

Weather modification actually has a rather long history, dating back to the mid 1940s. After World War II, weather modification definitely became an area of focus for the U.S. military complex. Since most technology increases exponentially, it would be reasonable to suspect we have far more sophisticated weather modification technologies at our disposal today than we did back then.

“We have historical documents … on our website, GeoengineeringWatch.org, which is a data repository … like a 750-page senate document that outlines the full scope and scale of these global programs (historically) … So we know these [programs] were fully deployed in the mid 1940s …

We have original issues of Popular Science magazine, Collier’s magazine… from the ‘50s that admitted … that this technology was fully functional. But as time has progressed and as the military and industrial complexes realized the public would not accept this type of manipulation, they’ve gone further and further underground. So we can only guess at the technology they have now.”

That said, patents dating back to 1950 offer clues to their capabilities to manipulate the weather. One NASA patent is for something called Chemical Ice Nucleation for Weather Modification. It describes a process by which rain storms can be chemically nucleated and converted into snow storms. According to Wigington, there’s also clear evidence that the U.S. and other governments are actively engaging in these kinds of weather wars.

“The Chinese government openly announced in 2009 that they were chemically nucleating snowstorms over Beijing,” he says. “They did a billion dollars’ worth of damage to Beijing, at which time they went underground … So at this point, can we really consider any weather natural when we have such massive scales of weather modification programs going on from multiple sources of power? The entire climate system is completely disrupted at this point.”

Unintended Consequences Are Par for the Course

So with what level of precision can weather actually be controlled? Like most science gone awry, are weather modification programs implemented and then end up having far more severe consequences than predicted?

“Very, very key question,” Wigington says. “The term “engineering,” in regard to what is happening to the climate system, is far too dignified a term. We need to use those terms because that’s what leads to the science, but your question is exactly on target. Now they’re trying to alter the term for addressing these programs to “climate intervention” because, ultimately, it’s simply a climate disruption, and there’s no precision to what they are doing at all.

This should be expected. It’s a form of weather whack-a-mole, if you will, where everything they do causes a host of reactions, negative effects, which they then try to react to. Again, not unlike taking [a] pharmaceutical that causes a certain set of side effects, which then need other pharmaceuticals to counteract [them].

It’s the same sort of scenario going on, but in this case, the consequences will be total [devastation] if we stay on the current trajectory. This is something I know many people don’t hear well. They don’t hear that the intervention with Earth’s life support systems will lead to consequences that are unimaginable …

Why Public Disclosure Is Not Imminent

According to Wigington, the military and industrial complex is so heavily invested in these programs that any form of disclosure will be extremely difficult to obtain. Just imagine the ramifications if everyone suddenly knew they’ve been subjected to a lethal experiment without their knowledge or consent; that their bodies have been irreparably harmed by inhaling toxic heavy metals and chemicals dispersed in the air, including: Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Manganese, Lead, Copper.

On top of that, there are severe environmental effects, such as protracted droughts and raging forest fires. In other areas, severe flooding is taking its toll. “I spoke to one of the insiders from these programs, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory … It was supposed to be confidential initially, but I have since published it. He stated on the record that they will try to hide these programs as long as possible because the liability is incomprehensible,” Wigington says.

The Climate Situation Is FAR More Severe Than You Imagine

There’s another aspect to it as well. If people really understood the totality of the situation — not just that the climate is being manipulated, but that as a result, the global climate systems have deteriorated to the point that the entire biosphere is in serious trouble; in short, that these programs may have created a (potential) runaway extinction event — the emotional impact might be too great to bear for many.

“Our situation is far more severe than most people have any understanding of,” he says. “Al Gore’s data in the film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” was not accurate, but in the opposite direction of what most people choose to believe, the climate scenario is far, far worse, and far more advanced than what people understand. Our situation is far more immediate and far more critical.

Climate engineering is making the situation worse, not better. So for all those reasons, they are trying to keep the population from panicking because of the severity and immediacy of the climate implosion, and keep the population in the dark because the climate intervention programs have helped to accelerate this process and toxified every single one of us in the process.

Every single human test subject we test is packed full of aluminum, barium — all the heavy metals we know are associated with these programs. It doesn’t matter where they live. And we know it’s coming down in the precipitation in unimaginable quantities — quantities enough to change soil pH values in the Pacific Northwest 10 to 12 times total alkaline — that’s an unimaginable amount of metal coming down in the rain.

If populations understood, truly, what’s been done to them, what’s been done to the planet … they’d be taking to the streets with pitchforks and torches all over the globe. The power structure knows that and they’ll try to hide these programs to the last possible moment, but I would argue that that moment is getting close.”

The Climate Unraveling Is a Non-Linear Equation

Part of the problem is we’ve been led to believe that climate changes are linear in nature and take centuries, if not millennia to unfold. But that’s not the case when you have an unnatural factor in the equation, such as climate engineering. “I can’t stress enough that the climate unraveling is a non-linear equation, more than what most people can imagine,” he says.

The fact of the matter is that geoengineering has been going on for some 70 years already. That’s a significant amount of human intervention into a system that, when left alone, has built-in checks and balances that ensure some level of global homeostasis. The mentality that has guided these programs has also magnified the risks. For example, during Project Starfish, the U.S. military detonated hydrogen bombs in the magnetosphere, just to see what would happen.

“This is the sort of mentality [they] have. They treat the atmosphere like a physics lab, [and] no one knows what they’re doing up there. There’s no regulation. They can do whatever they want. And they are. They have been,” Wigington says.

The particles dispersed in the air column are not just released and left alone. They’re further manipulated via radio frequency transmissions. The Alaskan installation known as HAARP 2 is but one facility involved. There are dozens of other large, ground-based facilities just like it around the globe. Smaller networks and NEXRAD radar stations located in urban areas around the world are also employed. All of these networks are used to manipulate the particles dispersed via “chemtrails” (geoengineering) in the atmosphere.

Aerosol Geoengineering Is Creating Uncontrolled Climate Havoc

These particulates can be likened to the chemical Corexit, a chemical so toxic it’s been banned by many countries. After the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Corexit was used to disperse the oil, even though the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) stated the chemical made the situation 52 times more toxic. The chemical was used because it helped HIDE the problem, even though it worsened the situation.

“It’s the same mentality with climate engineering. If we can go back to what I stated at the beginning of the show, the chemical ice nucleation — this helps to confuse the population as to the severity of the climate scenario. If we look at Boston in the winter of 2014 and 2015, you remember all of the snow that happened in Boston and how much media coverage there was?

What the media didn’t say was that, at the same time, we had 80-degree weather 14,000 feet up at the Sierras. They focused on where they’re engineering a cool-down, and create a lot of headlines that are confusing to the population, so the population doesn’t realize the severity of what’s unfolding in the world, including the Arctic.”

On Christmas Eve (2015), it was 40 degrees F. and raining at the North Pole. Meanwhile, the lower 48 states had 20 degrees below zero weather.

“The population would be astounded at that kind of contrast, but that’s what is being covered up,” he says. “Climate engineering is fueling the climate disintegration from countless fronts. That’s why I’ve focused on this issue so completely, because if the planet stops supporting life, whatever else we’re focused on won’t matter at that point.”

Geoengineering Programs Are Bound by Confidentiality With Lethal

Enforcement Clauses

Many dismiss the notion of geoengineering and weather wars based on refutations from people like pilots and military personnel. But what needs to be understood is that being part of these programs involve signing confidentiality agreements and, according to Wigington, “We have been told by one Air Force personnel, who is part of these programs, that confidentiality [agreement] contains provisions for lethal enforcement.”

He also notes that the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all of previous administrations combined. We also know that surveillance is just about everywhere, so in the case of geoengineering, there’s no lineup of people trying to blow the whistle.

Condensation Trails Versus Particulate Trails

There’s also debate on whether the lines criss-crossing the sky aren’t just regular condensation trails. A key difference between condensation trails and particulate trails is that condensation trails evaporate very quickly. They will not block 80 to 90 percent of solar uptake and create global dimming — an important scientific term used in geoengineering research. The persistent lines you see in the sky that very slowly disperse, creating a muddy, hazy “film” across the entire sky are NOT condensation trails. They are particulate trails.

Research shows 20 to 30 percent of the sun’s direct rays no longer reach the surface of the planet. They’re being deflected by the light-scattering particles in these aerosols, and that’s the specific stated purpose of solar radiation management. The stated goal by well-recognized geoengineers such as David Keith and Ken Caldeira is to put 20 million tons of aluminum nanoparticulates into the atmosphere annually — a staggering amount of toxic material.

Now, the smaller the particle, the more harmful it is for your body, as it can penetrate deeply into your system. The particulates being dispersed into the atmosphere are about 50 nanometers (nm) — so small that once you breathe them in, they cross through the lung lining into your bloodstream and through your blood-brain barrier into your brain. To learn how to identify the difference between condensation trails and particulate trails, take a look at Wigington’s tutorial above.

“It’s important to understand the mechanics and the physics of what’s going on in our skies. All commercial carriers and all military aircraft are fitted with high bypass turbo fan jet engines. It’s a jet-powered fan, by design nearly incapable of creating any condensation trail except under the most extreme circumstances because it’s designed for fuel efficiency. It’s unlike military fighter jets. It’s a completely different engine. So the animated tutorial [shows] this engine is not designed in a way that allows it to create a condensation trail, except under rare circumstances.

On top of that, we have film footage of military tankers spraying at altitude, turning on and off with nozzles visible. That’s the end of the argument. We have film of the crimes taking place up close. We have photographs of the nozzles mounted on the pylons directed into the engine exhaust stream to make this look like condensation …

A person also needs to activate their sense of reason. You can’t turn a condensation trail on and off. We see the on and off (spraying) frequently. We have film footage of it. When we add patents to what we have — we have about 160 patents that describe exactly what we’re seeing in the sky — all these dots connect. Every single one. [And we have the] same materials coming down the precipitation.”

Project Cloverleaf

Military jets are not the only ones carrying out these programs. Commercial carriers are also used, although commercial personnel, such as the pilots, are likely never informed of their role. Instead, automated and/or remote control systems appear to be used. This is called Project Cloverleaf, and Wigington has copies of letters in which Union Mechanics personnel were reprimanded or fired for asking why they were not permitted to work on the unknown aerosol systems installed on certain commercial carriers.

“It makes sense that this would be a form of plausible denial for those in the military and those behind these programs, because they can say, ‘Look, the commercial carriers are also emitting this trail on and off.’ But again, you can’t turn a condensation trail on and off. You don’t need nozzles unless you’re spraying something. We have photographs of the nozzles. We have a mountain of data to confirm that commercial carriers are in fact also being utilized …

We do have two commercial pilots and two military pilots that have spoken on the record about these programs — that these trails are absolutely not condensation. Period. We have a former Air Force industrial hygienist — their job is to check for environmental toxins — and she has spoken on the record … She’s seen the canisters being loaded, she’s tested for the materials … Her name is Kristen Meghan, and she was getting tremendous pressure from her former superiors about speaking out and she has since gone off the record.”

Dane financed and held a recent screening event for the film “Vaxxed” in Northern California, Wigington had a former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp, speak about what the government does to anyone who dares to break the confidentiality agreement. Their careers are ruined, their lives are ruined, and if they continue to speak out, the consequences are worse still. He knows this first hand, and has detailed his travails in the book, “From the Company of Shadows.” He and his family were physically harmed by government goons as a repercussion for breaking his oath of confidentiality. “So again, for those who think that people would line up to speak out about this issue, that’s just simply not a reality,” Wigington says.

Moreover: “We have top U.S. military brass stating, on the record in multiple reports, multiple articles, that the disintegrating climate is the greatest national security threat of all, by far. I would ask you to consider this: do we really think that they would ask our permission to do this if they perceive this to be the greatest national security threat of all? … Why would we think they would ask our permission to engage in these programs? That’s a very naive notion,” he says.

Thousands of Airliners Dump Particulates Into the Air Each Day

How many air carriers are dispersing nanoparticulates? Based on the stated goal, which is to disperse 20 million tons of aluminum nanoparticulates into the atmosphere each year to deflect incoming thermal energy, you’d need as many as 700 military tankers per day, dispersing 60 to 70 tons per flight. To break that down into smaller payloads suitable for a commercial airline carrier, you’re looking at thousands of flight daily. 

California Aquatic and Terrestrial Insect Life Has Declined 90 Percent in Last Decade

GeoengineeringWatch.org lists a number of lab tests that have been performed on rain water, air sample and more, and their results. You can find them under the Tests section. They now also have former government scientists, former forest service scientists and former fish and game scientists that have joined their legal efforts to put an end to geoengineering. Wigington’s group has already filed legal papers in Canada and are working on filing suit in the U.S. You can learn more about their legal action on the website.

“In regard to the effect in the environment, in Northern California alone … what we’ve seen in the last decade … is a 90 percent decline in aquatic and terrestrial insect life. Ninety percent. A virtual crash. There’s so much aluminum coming down the precipitation, affecting the soil pH … and — this is very important — the UV radiation level is off the charts, and that we can link directly to climate engineering …

We’re seeing UVB levels about 1,000 percent higher than we’re being told. It’s burning the bark off of trees. It’s killing plankton. It’s affecting insect life … [It increases UVB radiation] because it shreds the natural protection for the planet. When you put a particle in the atmosphere, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from a back of a jet or a volcano; it causes a chemical reaction in the atmosphere that destroys ozone. Period. So the more of these particles you put in the atmosphere, the more rapid the ozone destruction is,” Wigington explains.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are typically blamed for the destruction of the ozone layer, but according to Wigington’s findings, CFCs cause a fraction of the damage compared to the damage done by climate engineering programs, given the massive scale of these programs.

The Earth Is in Dire Straits

According to Wigington’s research, global plankton populations are down by 50 to 60 percent. Plankton supplies the majority of oxygen on the planet, followed by boreal forests. The rapid elimination of these critical suppliers of oxygen pose a massive danger to all life on Earth.

“Mathematically speaking, climate engineering has stopped the planet from being able to respond to the damage done (anthropogenic). It’s destroying the planet’s natural life support systems … I would argue that, short of nuclear cataclysm, the greatest and most immediate threat we face right now is climate engineering and all the effects that come with it …

We have species extinction rates today that are nearing 15,000 times the background rate. We’re nearing 300 species a day of plant, animal and insect going extinct. You can verify those statistics. That’s 1.5 million percent of background rates, there is nothing normal about that. There are countless anthropogenic causes, I’m not denying that. The human race has been very poor stewards of the planet. But mathematically speaking, we can say that the greatest assault we’ve faced at this moment in time, short of nuclear cataclysm, is climate engineering. Our situation is beyond dire right now.”

How You Can Help

GeoengineeringWatch.org is a terrific and informative website where you can independently validate the things Wigington has brought forth in this interview. It’s a large repository of research papers, government documents, articles and videos related to geoengineering. Statements in articles on the site are also backed up with hyperlinks to the original data, allowing you to dig deep.

“As far as what you can do, and that’s the most important question of all, we must reach a critical massive awareness,” he says. “I would argue this: If we can reach that critical mass [in] awareness, we’ll have academicians pouring from every corner. If they have enough public cover, [they will] come out of the shadows and admit that these programs are going on because they certainly absolutely know.

By the way, we have an illegal federal gag order right now on all national weather service and all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees, the weathermen. An illegal federal gag order. Common sense should state that if there wasn’t something very big they’re hiding; they would not put this gag order onto the weathermen — on top of the fact that the government scientists have no first amendment protection to begin with.

So if your listeners truly want to help, all they have to do from their own home computer is simply share credible data with others … I’ve spoken to a NOAA scientist myself, face to face, who told me off the record ‘We all know this is going on. We don’t know what to do. We don’t have first amendment protection’…

I’ve been in high-level Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) locked-door meetings arranged by congressional rep. I was told by five EPA officials in this meeting that the system is rigged, ‘We’re told what to test for and what not to test for.’ I mean, this is truly an issue of unimaginable magnitude and gravity. We need the population to help us bring it to the light of day.”

“Vaccine Mandates: Adults Are Next”, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Sounds The Alarm


The true dangers posed by vaccinations are finally coming to light. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a veteran in the battle to raise awareness of the threats posed to human health by the ongoing vaccination assault. At a recent major public awareness event in Northern California (organized/sponsored by GeoengineeringWatch.org), Dr. Tenpenny gave a powerful and extremely informative live presentation to directly address the vaccination threat to our health. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Dr. Tenpenny for her tireless work toward the greater good. 
Dane Wigington

“Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story Of Vaccinations”


"Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story Of Vaccinations" is a must see film for anyone that truly wants to know the true depth of the lethal vaccination assault being waged against our children and ourselves.

An Interview With VAXXED Director Polly Tommey


Connecting with the entire Vaxxed team at the recent Northern California public awareness event was truly an honor. VAXXED director Polly Tommey has completely committed herself to the critical fight against the vaccination lies and deception that has been systematically programmed into the US population. Polly's testimony of her own path of awakening is very powerful and compelling, she has given the last 19 years of her life toward the effort of waking the masses to the full truth about vaccinations. My most sincere gratitude to Polly for her tireless dedication toward the greater good, the three minute video below provides a glimpse of her courage and compassion.
Dane Wigington

VAXXED Director Dr. Andrew Wakefield, A Discussion With Dane Wigington


Andrew Wakefield is truly a stellar example of human courage and compassion. How many have truly stopped to consider the monumental sacrifices Dr. Wakefield has made in the attempt to protect our children? How many even know of (or have contemplated) the price Dr. Wakefield has paid with the sole motive of doing what was right? I first had the incredible honor of meeting Andrew at the 2015 Cal Jam event in L.A. where we were both speakers. The more I learned about the depth of Dr. Wakefield's dedication, sincerity, and humility, the more profoundly I have been impressed by him, by who he is, and what he stands for. In this 15 minute candid discussion with Dr. Wakefield, his complete dedication to the greater good is powerfully evident and inarguable.
Dane Wigington

VAXXED Producer Del Bigtree, A Discussion With Dane Wigington


The recent double screening of the profoundly important VAXXED documentary in Northern California was a big success in spite of the total media blackout of the event.  Hundreds of Northern California citizens attended this free public screening along with many more from further south in the state, and from other parts of the country. Connecting with Del Bigtree was a great pleasure and a true honor. At this most critical "time of universal deceit", when "telling the truth is a revolutionary act", Del is a shining example for us all. This 11 minute interview with Del gives a glimpse into one of the primary driving personalities behind the critically important VAXXED documentary.
Dane Wigington

Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t

geoengineeringwatch.org  57

Dane Wigington

How does one retain some semblance of health while existing in a world that has become alarmingly toxic and incompatible to life as a whole? Though there are countless sources of contamination, the climate engineering fallout is the most pervasive of all. I am not a physician, but I have made an effort to understand and pursue fitness and health since I was about 14 years of age. To some degree I have avoided previously penning this post because it is not my primary area of study. This being said, I have had many requests to outline what my personal health protocol is, so I'll do exactly that. I am not giving medical advice, I am not suggesting or directing anyone to practice the health/fitness regime that I follow, I am simply sharing it.

The Basics

Abundant Clean And Mineral Balanced Drinking Water

Acquiring this most essential element is no simple task in our now completely contaminated world. I have intentionally located in an extensive wilderness area for many reasons, one of them is the access to exceptional ground water. I, of course, realize that such a source of water is not available to many or most, so other options must be found. The quest for clean water is a complex question and not within the scope or this article, but the point is simply this, water is the most essential foundation of our health.

geoengineeringwatch.org 55

Exercise, Resistance And Aerobic Training

For me, this is first and foremost. If an individual is physically able to engage in consistent cardiovascular and resistance weight training, there is no substitute for the benefits. "Use it or lose it", how many times have we all heard this simple mantra, yet, how few put it to practice? Physical exercise triggers countless beneficial processes in the body, including the cleansing effect of perspiration. Coupled with the constant consumption of clean and mineral balanced water, great benefits can be realized. It is the consistency that matters when it comes to exercise. With few exceptions, I try to train every day.

Avoiding Further Contamination While Training

Unless the outside air is relatively clear, I do not do workout outside. Many choose to ignore the obvious negative effect of heavy outdoor exercise (and thus heavy respiration) in polluted air, this is a big mistake. The harder one breaths in particulate laden air, the more deeply those contaminants penetrate into the lungs. I grew up in unimaginably smoggy conditions in Upland, California. Only when I retreated to the mountains (which I did constantly as I lived right at the base of them) could I escape the polluted air. Even as a boy I was instinctually careful not to exercise heavily while outdoors on a smoggy day. I feel I am still reaping the benefit even today from the caution I practiced so long ago.

Adequate Rest Is Absolutely Essential

Consistently following a protocol of sleep hygiene is imperative. No regime of fitness and health can approach its full potential without the rejuvenation process of adequate rest. Many in today's reality do not take this fact into account and thus neglect this extremely important aspect of sound health. It is essential to consider that the time you choose to go to bed can have a big impact on the rejuvenation that is realized from your sleep. Rest in the earlier hours of the night are generally more beneficial for most.

Sleep Aids

Because sleep is so important, and because there are so many factors in the current paradigm that interfere with our natural sleep cycles, I choose to utilize various supplements to assist with my sleep hygiene. The amino acid "Gaba" is one supplement that I regularly take. Gaba has natural calming effects and can also help the body to produce HGH during rest. Melatonin is also a regular supplement for me. There are multiple benefits from Melatonin as well, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile and Valerian Root are two more options. I rotate supplements, this is important. Constantly taking the same supplement without any break can and does cause the body to build a tolerance and thus the effectiveness is diminished or lost.

geoengineeringwatch.org 59


This is, of course, a very complex subject with countless points of view. Again, the point of this article is to share my own protocol and practices, not to push others to follow any particular practice. What we eat matters immensely. The pros and cons of particular practices and protocols regarding foods and food groups can vary greatly from individual to individual. Blood types are medically shown to be a very significant factor that should be considered (due to different genetic makeup). I had an extensive lab blood test done for food lectin intolerance to confirm the foods that were most compatible for my blood type and genetics. Investigating and understanding what foods are most beneficial to our individual systems is imperative. So many live out their entire lives without knowing or understanding that their systems are intolerant to specific foods. Over time, this intolerance has a grinding down effect on our overall health. I try to consistently consume organic, non-GMO foods that are most compatible with my system.

When To Eat, And When Not To

Part of my family is from Lithuania, and there is a saying there, "breakfast you keep for yourself, lunch you share with a friend, dinner you give to your enemy". What I consider from this proverb is this, piling up on calories late at night before bed is very counterproductive in many ways and is especially detrimental to sound rest. If your body is struggling to digest while trying also to rejuvenate and cleanse (especially in regard to the brain), these are opposing forces. Avoiding heavy protein meals late in the day and evening is also essential to better sleep at night. Light meals or serotonin producing foods are best for late day and evening meals in order to assist with more restful sleep.


This subject is also very complex and must be tailored to the individual. I will again share my own personal regime in this arena. I have a pantry that is overflowing with supplements, so many that it takes a bit of navigation to know where to find what you are looking for. This being said, I do not take handfuls of the same vitamins and supplements every day. I am selective, and I consistently rotate supplements. I also take short breaks from supplements altogether to allow my system to settle and clean out. It is important to remember that many herbal supplements and even various vitamins are diuretics. If you load up constantly, you will soon begin to purge your system of water (and thus essential nutrients) which greatly diminishes or completely negates the benefits you are trying to gain from the supplements to begin with. Again, as previously stated, I rotate what I take in order to avoid losing the benefit from various supplements by building up a tolerance to them (I do not apply this rule to some of the most basic and essential supplements like vitamin C). Something to consider, purchasing supplements online is far less expensive than shopping at a retail store.

Which Supplements

As already stated this is a complex subject which can and should vary greatly from individual to individual. The following is a list that covers many of the supplements that I take on a rotational basis. Ginkgo Biloba,  Chamomile, Valerian root. Turmeric, Saw Palmetto, Broccoli extract, L-lysine, Amino complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin C (Ester C or comparable), Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, Magnesium Malate, Boron, Chromium Picolinate, Kelp, Vitamin K-2, Calcium (high quality), Glucosamine/Chondroitin/ MSM (joint maintenance), Green tea extract, Chlorella, essential minerals, apple pectin and Bromelain. Though there are those who claim if one eats properly, supplements are not needed. I disagree. Our bodies daily face a virtual onslaught of attacks and contamination from countless unnatural sources, extra ammunition for remaining strong and healthy is essential.

The Most Important Food Of All, Essential Fats

The body cannot function without essential fat lipids, they are the single most important food we can consume. A deficiency in essential fat lipid intake can lead to an endless list of ailments and diseases. Essential fats are critical in regard to cellular communication and hormone production within the body which is in turn are critical to our overall health. Essential fat lipids are exactly that, essential. Two primary sources I consume are organic Flax and Hemp oils. Both can be found in the refrigerated section of any health food store.

Fermented Foods

Foods containing beneficial bacteria are another basic building block of maintaining our health. There are many sources, I am not advocating any particular one, just a general statement of fact. I try to consistently keep my intestinal flora maintained. 

Avoiding Sugars And Staying Alkaline

The importance of avoiding refined sugars and maintaining an alkaline balance cannot be overstated. The reasons are many, it is not within the scope of this post to cover this subject in depth. I frequently add apple cider vinegar to my drinking water to further decrease acidity, but always in moderation. Apple cider vinegar (like most other supplements) is a diuretic and should be utilized in moderation. 

Prevention Of Respiratory Infections

Chronic respiratory infection is now epidemic all over the globe. Mathematically speaking the greatest single source of toxic atmospheric particulate contamination is the global climate engineering assault. This fact cannot be rationally denied if all available data is investigated and examined. These particulates are platforms for fungal proliferation and thus fungal infections. Not surprisingly, studies now show that as much as 90% of chronic upper and lower respiratory infections are fungal. To combat this source of infection, I consistently use a nasal spray/inhaler that is comprised of the several essential elements. I fill a 2 ounce nasal spray bottle with clean water and add 1/2 pack of "Neti Pot" salt mix (available in any drug store). I then add 2 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Shake to mix thoroughly, and put it to use. Every night before bed I spray several herbal prevention shots up each nostril while inhaling and also inhale several sprays through the throat of the same mixture. If I feel I have had unusual exposure for any reason, I will use the spray in the morning as well. With this practice, I also rotate and occasionally switch to Olive Leaf Extract nasal spray (also available in any health food store). The importance of keeping any fungal infections (also bacterial and viral) from getting started cannot be overstated. Once deeply rooted, such infections are much more difficult to eradicate. Mainstream medical "professionals" nearly always only feed the problem by prescribing antibiotics which then kill of  beneficial organisms in our system thus further fueling fungal infections. I also utilize the following internal supplements if I am battling an infection: Olive Leaf extract capsules, Grapefruit seed extract capsules, oil of organo, garlic, and Monolaurin.

What We Believe, And Our Health

Our mental state carries the most profound impact to our health. Our body is a manifestation of our state of mind. This fact in no way negates all the protocol and practices outlined above, but rather is an essential component to the whole approach of staying strong and healthy in a toxic world.

geoengineeringwatch.org 56

The Bottom Line, We Must All Work Toward Completely Altering The Current Paradigm On Our Planet

Staying healthy is, of course, important and essential for countless reasons, but the most critical of all is this, in doing so, we can be much more effective in the fight for the greater good. The posted information above is not complete, but rather a general overview of my personal practices and protocols. Staying healthy requires each individual to be pro-active, it cannot be accomplished in any other way. The human race has truly painted itself into a very dark corner, we now face countless daunting existential challenges. The list of contamination sources we face is endless. From GMO foods to Fukushima, to Monsanto chemicals, our exposure is constant. This being said, the single most important leap we could make in the right direction is to fully expose and halt the climate engineering  assault on the biosphere and the web of life. No matter how much effort we make toward maintaining or improving our health, every breath we take is now laden with the toxic geoengineering fallout. Everything we eat is now exposed to the same contamination. Exposing and halting the ongoing climate engineering insanity must be our common cause, it should logically be our primary focus. This battle is about every single breath we take, make your voice heard in this all important fight.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

KCNR Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield From Vaxxed And Dane Wigington From GeoengineeringWatch.org


Dane Wigington

We are reaching a period in which many critical issues can no longer be hidden in plain sight. From the climate engineering insanity to the vaccination assault on our children, we are at a crossroads. We are free-falling into an acceleration of converging catastrophes that are beginning to force populations to wake up, to open their eyes, and to face reality. One such unfolding cataclysm that is finally appearing on the radar of the sleeping masses is the astronomically increasing autism rates. The fact that the autism rates have doubled in the last few years should be alarming enough, but if we look back four decades, the rates have statistically increased over 10,000 percent (from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 47). An even more shocking statistic has been published from researchers at the world renowned research institution of MIT, statistical data makes clear that on the current trajectory by 2025 half of all children will have autism. Though Monsanto chemicals have been implicated in this equation, information presented in the VAXXED documentary now conclusively proves specific types of vaccinations are an undeniable factor relating to the autism explosion. How can any rational individual not be completely alarmed over such information? Yet, we live in a world where the people we have been trained to trust, to tell us the truth, are not. What will it take to wake the masses to what is being inflicted on our children? Below is an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield and myself that was done by KCNR 1460 am in Northern California. Though the host seemed to make a number of attempts to marginalize Dr. Wakefield and the data presented in VAXXED, the information given by Dr. Wakefield was inarguable, shocking, and completely verifiable. 

From climate engineering to the criminal cover-up of dangerous vaccinations, it is imperative that we continue to gain momentum in the critically important effort to fully expose the total tyranny of the individuals and corporations that currently run the world. This effort will take all of us, make your voice heard.

Weather Warfare Assault, A Physician Speaks Out


The ongoing battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity (by reaching a critical mass of awareness on the issue) is now rapidly gaining traction. By sharing credible data with others and networking credible data on every possible form of social media, very important members of society (including medical professionals) are waking up and joining the battle against the highly toxic atmospheric aerosol spraying. All of us are needed in the critical effort to keep the forward momentum going. We must wake the masses to what is going on in our skies. We must wake the masses to the all out weather/biological warfare that is being waged against populations and the entire web of life on planet Earth. My most sincere gratitude to Dr. Inez Maria Pandit for making here voice heard in this most critical fight for the greater good.
Dane Wigington

Covering Up Climate Engineering Contamination, “EPA Caught Buying It’s Independent Science Advisors”


Dane Wigington

A lawsuit has been filed to expose the EPA for awarding $190 million in taxpayer grants to "independent" scientists in order to get the air quality test and research results desired by the EPA. This being said, please consider and remember this next statement very carefully, THERE IS A MUCH MORE CRITICAL CRIME OF CONCEALMENT contained in this EPA scenario than what the authors of the report (or the legal action) alleges. The report in question is from a source that is nothing more than a lobbyist/representative for the fossil fuel industry (EELI, The Energy Environmental Legal Institute). The attorney for EELI is Steve Milloy who is a textbook example of a self-serving and completely honorless fossil fuel industry lobbyist. While Milloy is trying to expose the EPA for their fraud because of the financial damage the EPA has inflicted on the planet plundering fossil fuel industry who pays him, in reality the EPA's paid off scientists are hiding a crime of immensely greater gravity, the highly toxic fallout from the ongoing global climate engineering/weather warfare assault


Geoengineered skies in Los Angeles, California. Photo credit: James Obradovic

I have personally attended a high level closed door California EPA meeting at the State Capital in Sacramento in which it was made clear that the air quality testing is completely rigged. This meeting was arranged by a congressman and had 5 high level EPA representatives in attendance. I was informed that the State air quality technicians are TOLD what to test for, combustion particles only, the rest of the test sample is discarded (EPA technicians can't find what they are told NOT to look for). Further, at best the air particulate testing captures particles down to the 2.5 micron size. Nano-particles from the climate engineering fallout are exponentially smaller and thus go completely undetected by air quality equipment that is not in any way designed to find the unimaginably smaller nano-particles in the first place.


The smaller the inhaled airborne particle is, the more health damage it does. This holds true for any type of particles, let alone highly toxic heavy metals and other elements that are directly associated with global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs.

At the mere cost of $190 million dollars, of taxpayers funds, the Environmental Protection Agency has bought its independent advisers.  That is the amount of payoffs, in the forms of “grants” to its advisers, to assure the results are what the ideologues want from the studies.  In fact, ALL such decisions based on these advisers were bought and paid for—illegal under the law.  This is fraud, embezzlement and corruption.  

Believe a government financed “independent” study at your peril, your wallet and your job.  How bad is this corruption—when a UCLA professor, James Engstrom exposed it, UCLA—the beneficiary of the payments and corruption fired him—for the crime of exposing crime.  Think you are proud of UCLA?

“A free market legal group is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allegedly stacking a scientific advisory panel on air pollution with researchers who had received more than $190 million in grants from the agency.

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI) is suing EPA on behalf of the Western States Trucking Association and Dr. James Enstrom, a retired University of California-Los Angeles epidemiologist who was blacklisted for challenging EPA claims about particulate matter.

“The EPA has stacked the panel, which is required by law to be independent and unbiased, with researchers who have received over $190 million in discretionary grants from the EPA,” said Steve Milloy, an attorney with EELI, in a statement. “This clearly violates the law and makes a mockery of the notion of ‘independent’ scientific review,” he said.

The EPA relies on a panel of scientific advisers, called the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, to validate the science underlying key clean air regulations pushed by the agency. In this case, EELI is asking the court to prevent the EPA from convening a panel tasked with reviewing the science behind agency regulations on fine particulate matter, or PM2.5.

EELI believes the agency has stacked the panel with researchers who will rubber stamp EPA rules regulating PM2.5. EPA also relies on claimed PM2.5 reductions for the majority of health benefits in some of its largest regulations on power plants.

Some 24 of the 26 members of EPA’s PM2.5 panel have gotten or are the current recipients of EPA grants. In total, panel members have gotten more than $190 million from the agency, according to EELI. Milloy says this violates the federal laws requiring such scientific advisory panels be “independent.”

EELI isn’t alone in pointing out potential problems with using scientific advisers financially reliant on EPA. Earlier this year, Oklahoma Republican pointed out that many science panel members were often peer-reviewing regulations based on their own research, corroding the integrity of the peer-review process.

EPA began regulating PM2.5 in in the early 1990s, and today says there’s no safe level of exposure to the air pollutant. PM2.5 is a “mixture of harmful solid and liquid particles” that is 2.5 microns or less, or “1/30th the thickness of a human hair.” These small particles can get into people’s respiratory system and can harm human health and even lead to death after just short-term exposure, In 2011, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told Congress that PM2.5 “causes premature death.” “It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should,” she said. “If we could reduce particulate matter to healthy levels it would have the same impact as finding a cure for cancer in our country.”

The EPA set PM2.5 primary standards at 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air on an annual average basis. Despite the strong warnings, EPA has tested PM2.5 on humans. EPA exposed dozens of human test subjects to PM levels of 600 micrograms per cubic meter — 40 times what the EPA sets as an acceptable outdoor air standard.

EPA not only testes PM2.5 on humans, they also did not fully disclose the risks of death from PM2.5 exposure — a reversal from public warnings about exposure to the pollutant.

“The EPA process for commissioning and evaluating PM2.5 research has been so rigged and so biased for so long that many scientists don’t even try to get nominated for CASAC panels any more,”

We must all learn to look below the surface, and behind the curtain. Reports like the one above can actually serve the power structure unless we choose to see the deeper and more dire story.  By inciting anger in the population toward the EPA for infringing on their fossil fuel lifeline, the public is thus completely oblivious to the fact that every breath they take is now toxic due to the ongoing atmospheric spraying assault. A sound sense of reason would dictate the obvious priority of focusing our concern on the toxic heavy metals and chemicals building up in our bodies from the climate engineering fallout. To be distracted by anything else is irrational. We are in a fight for our life, this fact must constantly be considered. Look below the surface of all headlines and information, research, stand on solid data and conclusions. Credibility is crucial in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, make your voice heard.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

“Vaxxed” Anti-Vaccine Documentary Cut From Premiere, The Cancerous Criminal Cabal Continues To Cover Up Their All Out Assault Against The Human Race


Dane Wigington

From the climate engineering contamination of the entire planet to lethal vaccinations, we are all in the throws of a literal fight for life. It is not just the criminally insane in power that are to blame for the sea of insanity we find ourselves swimming in, much of the blame must be born by a so far completely complacent population. The ground breaking documentary "Vaxxed, From Cover-up To Conspiracy" is a desperately needed exposé of the criminal cover-up of vaccine dangers. Has actor Robert DeNiro shown a total lack of courage by pulling the film from the Tribeca Film Festival (even though he has an autistic son)? Or was he threatened by those in power? What to you think? Any who dare to stand against those in power will face repercussions, but there is no other way forward. We must all stand together as one.

Actor Robert De Niro announced Saturday he is yanking the anti-vaccination documentary “Vaxxed” from the Tribeca Film Festival, after initially defending its inclusion.

DeNiro was further played by disinformation institutions like FOX "News" who also did their best to falsely discredit this exceptional film as well as the film's director, Andrew Wakefield. 

Andrew Wakefield is a very exceptional individual with a very powerful presence. I have had the honor of conversing with him backstage the last two years at the Cal Jam awareness event in Southern California where we were both speaking. 

“To our dismay, we learned today about the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe,” said Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree (the director and producer, respectively). Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one hour conversation between De Niro and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that prove fraud at the CDC.

"We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art and truth," the statement read. "Tribeca's action will not succeed in denying the world access to the truth behind the film "Vaxxed"."

We cannot stand by and ignore the blatant and aggressive censorship of this profoundly important documentary film. GeoengineeringWatch.org is already putting the wheels in motion to organize a public screening of "Vaxxed" in Northern California. I encourage all to go to the official website for this documentary and to subscribe as a supporter. Exposing the criminal vaccination assault will also help to expose the climate engineering insanity, the same tyrants are, of course, behind both issues. Below is the 2 minute trailer to this must see documentary film.

Now is when we decide what we are made of and why we are here, please help in the effort to expose "Vaxxed" to the masses, please help us in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, make your voice heard while it can still make a difference.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

New Science Study Comes Closer To Disclosing The Catastrophic Health And Environmental Consequences Of Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

The walls of the power structure are beginning to buckle, those that have served the power brokers are beginning to respond to their own instinct of self survival. The University of Michigan Department of  Environmental Health Sciences has just published a Science study, "Assessing The Direct Occupational And Public Health Impacts Of Solar Radiation Management With Stratospheric Aerosols" (excerpts from this study later in this article).

Climate engineering is weather warfare, nothing less. The highly toxic materials being used in the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying programs all settle down through the air column, this makes geoengineering a form of biological warfare as well. Unimaginable and irreparable decimation is being inflicted on the biosphere and the entire web of life by the ongoing climate modification SRM programs. How long can the insanity in our skies continue without the consequences to the Earth and the human race becoming total? Geoengineering programs are wreaking havoc on the planet from every direction, including being the primary driver of the ever increasing record droughts and forest fires.

Click photo to enlarge


 Šiauliai, Lithuania. Photo credit: Zenonas Mockus

It must be understood that no peer reviewed science publications that openly admit to the ongoing geoengineering programs will be allowed by the power structure controlled institutions. The tentacles of this control are vast beyond true comprehension, penetrating and permeating every imaginable organization. This being said, many within these organizations (that have gone along with the insanity so far in order to safeguard their own financial interests) are beginning to realize they are also going to go down with the ship. Some are now whispering the truth in the shadows. The excerpts below are from the study in question that was just published on January 19, 2016.

Although much is being done to unravel the scientific and technical challenges around geoengineering, there have been few efforts to characterize the potential human health impacts of geoengineering, particularly with regards to SRM approaches involving stratospheric aerosols.

This paper explores this information gap. Using available evidence, we describe the potential direct occupational and public health impacts of exposures to aerosols likely to be used for SRM, including environmental sulfates, black carbon, metallic aluminum, and aluminum oxide aerosols. We speculate on possible health impacts of exposure to one promising SRM material, barium titanate, using knowledge of similar nano materials.

Our analysis suggests that adverse public health impacts may reasonably be expected from SRM via deployment of stratospheric aerosols.

This paper will focus on SRM via stratospheric aerosol injection, and will describe potential direct human health impacts. We explore three knowledge gaps: 1) human exposures, 2) human health impacts, and 3) exposure limits. SRM may be expected to result in ecosystem damage and resulting human health effects through indirect mechanisms such as damage to, or contamination of, agricultural products and wildlife.

Sulfates and nanoparticles currently favored for SRM include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, black carbon, and specially engineered discs composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and barium titanate.


Knoxville, Tennessee. Photo credit: Marla Stair-Wood

Population exposures

Due to atmospheric circulation and gravitational deposition, large-scale population exposures to atmospherically-injected SRM materials will almost certainly occur after their deployment. Population exposures could also occur through ingestion of food and water contaminated with deposited particles, as well as transdermally. Unlike occupational exposures, there has been virtually no research done to estimate ground-level personal exposures to SRM materials… 

No models appear to have estimated the potential global burden of environmental aluminum, alumina or barium titanate that might result from SRM.

… population exposures to SRM materials will be continuous and prolonged over months to years… Thus the health effects will be primarily chronic in nature.

In humans, and in particular asthmatics, increases in specific airway resistance or decreases in forced expiratory volume or forced expiratory flow are the primary response following acute exposure…

Aluminum is never found free in nature, and instead forms metal compounds, complexes, or chelates including aluminum oxide. Aluminum and aluminum oxide do not appear to differ in toxicity. Wheezing, dyspnea, and impaired lung function, as well as pulmonary fibrosis, have been noted…

Dilation and hypertrophy of the right side of the heart have been seen in workers exposed to aluminum powder, as have decreased red blood cell hemoglobin and finger clubbing. Helper T-lymphocyte alveolitis and blastic transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes in the presence of soluble aluminum compounds in vitro were found in an individual exposed to aluminum dust.

In general, exposures to barium salts are associated with respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, metabolic and neurologic effects.

For public exposures – which would likely be widespread following SRM efforts – the EPA, European Environmental Agency (EEA), and World Health Organization specify regulatory standards for ambient air quality. Importantly, tables show a very small sampling of air quality standards in use around the world that relate to potential SRM materials, of which the WHO standards may be considered most generalizable globally. Exposure limits differ substantially between these agencies, but, more importantly, there are currently no limits set by any of these agencies for most of the substances that may be used for SRM.

The inconsistencies in established exposure limits for both occupational and community settings, combined with the absence of any exposure limits for a number of potential SRM materials, highlight the issues involved in protecting workers and the public from unintended health consequences resulting from SRM deployment.

The substantial potential exposures and subsequent health impacts associated with SRM efforts based on stratospheric aerosols must be considered further before any attempts are made at SRM .

Since exposures will inherently be global in nature, exposure limits must be harmonized to ensure that individuals around the world are given equal protection from adverse health effects. Global harmonization of standards related to SRM represents an immense but necessary bureaucratic and scientific challenge, and an important step towards establishing a formal governance framework for geoengineering.

very little has been done to describe the potential human health impacts of this emerging disruptive technology.

Though this study does not openly admit to the fact that global climate engineering has been deployed for decades (with unquantifiable and catastrophic impacts), the study does address the obvious, inarguable, and horrific dangers in the most direct fashion I have yet seen from an institutional science publication. The cancer that has controlled the world for so long is losing its grip, the cracks in the dam are widening rapidly. Coming legal actions will further fuel the exposure of those behind the curtain, along with their ongoing crimes against humanity and the environment. When studies like the one above are combined with the mountain of existing data (which prove atmospheric spraying and climate engineering have been going on for some 70 years), the dangers posed by the geoengineering/SRM elephant in the room become impossible to rationally deny. From historical US Senate studies, to half-century old presidential reports, to extensive patents lists and undeniable film footage of atmospheric spraying, proof of the ongoing climate engineering reality is there for any who do objective investigation. Now, more than ever, we must all keep up our stride in the all important battle to expose and halt the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm, global climate engineering. All of us are needed to help with sounding the alarm.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to geoengineeringwatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

Health Magazine Covers Climate Engineering: “Heavy Metal Contamination And Mass Extinction – What’s The Connection?”


As the global climate system continues to unravel at an ever more rapid pace, the effort to sound the alarm is also gaining ground. Health Freedom News magazine has yet again shown the courage to face the climate engineering insanity head on. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to the personnel and management of Health Freedom News for continuing to cover the critical issue of global geoengineering. The editors of this first rate publication have shown a constant commitment to priority issues and to their readers, HFN has previously published a feature article on geoengineering. The magazine article below can be read by clicking the individual images to enlarge them or by clicking the PDF file icon of the full magazine issue at the bottom. All of us matter in the fight to wake the sleeping masses, make your voice heard.
Dane Wigington

Caught On Film, George H. W. Bush And Monsanto Collaborate On GMO Assault

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.27.08 AM

Our government is nothing more than a state sponsored crime syndicate. Those who lead the cabal of power, and those they serve, exist only to perpetuate their own agendas. The common good is never a consideration for them. From wars of aggression, to global geoengineering, to the creation and forced distribution of genetically modified "Frankenfoods", the power structure does whatever they want because they can. How has the cabal been immune to any repercussions for their actions for so long? Because the general population has so far been unwilling to prioritize the protection of their children's future above their own personal pursuit of pleasure. Now that the walls are closing in from every side, denial and delusion regarding the common threats we face are no longer a refuge from reality. Global geoengineering programs have forced us all to live and breath under toxic skies. The complete contamination of our food supply with genetically modified organisms has forced us all to consume what is not fit to eat. The article and 2 minute film clip below capture the collusion between George H. W. Bush and Monsanto that fully kicked off the ongoing GMO nightmare. This is a stellar example of "business as usual" between the criminals that currently run the world. Educate yourself and help to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington


Geoengineering Is Fueling Deadly Epidemic Of Vitamin D Deficiency


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single assault against all life ever launched by the human race. The ongoing catastrophic effects of the global atmospheric spraying and radio frequency transmissions related to geoengineering programs are so massive in scope and scale that the overall destruction and death they are inflicting is impossible to quantify. Many deadly effects of the solar radiation management operations are completely overlooked, epidemic vitamin D deficiency is in this category.


Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a very long and growing list of human degenerative disease. Immune system degeneration, neurological system disorders, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and even reproductive system disorders, the list goes on and on. The paradox is this, though our bodies manufacture vitamin D from sunlight exposure, now we have altered light from the sun due to the light scattering particles that are saturating our atmosphere from solar radiation management. There are no existing studies to address this issue since the ongoing climate engineering insanity is being officially denied. Next, since Earth's protective atmosphere is being torn apart from multiple aspects of climate engineering (sprayed ozone destroying particles and RF heating of the atmosphere), the UV radiation we are all now exposed to is at extremely dangerous levels making exposure to the sun a health threat. In addition, the extremely high UV levels may actually cause the body to shut down vitamin D production. The 12 minute video below has very important and on target data that directly addresses the vitamin D deficiency issue and the role of climate engineering in this equation. It is well worth the time to view.

What can we do? Join the fight to expose and halt climate engineer, this is the battle we must win and it will take all of us.

Physician Addresses Climate Engineering Dangers At Community Workshop


On June 24th, 2015, Dr. Steven Amato conducted an educational event to raise public awareness on the critical issue of global climate engineering and mainstream media's total lack of coverage on this dire issue. Dr. Amato has already authored an earlier article for geoengineeringwatch.org, our gratitude goes out to him for his continuing efforts to sound the alarm on the human health and environmental dangers posed by global geoengineering programs, Steven is a valuable ally in this battle. 
Dane Wigington


Veteran Health Department Official Speaks Out On Climate Engineering Dangers, Again


Only a few State and Federal agency officials have shown any courage whatsoever in regard to speaking truth to power, especially on the subject of climate engineering. One shining exception is environmental health specialist Gary Attalla. I have had the honor of communicating with Gary for several years. During this time he has tried diligently and consistently to force the critical geoengineering issue to light with his peers and within his agency, the New Jersey Department of Health. In spite of constant resistance from other agency officials and politicians, Gary has pressed on in his battle to raise awareness. The letter below is Gary's latest update report on what the ongoing geoengineering contamination is doing to our health. My most sincere gratitude to him for his ongoing efforts, if there were more in the "system" with Gary's courage, we would not be in such a dark place today.
Dane Wigington

Internationally Known Doctor Addresses Dire Climate Engineering Issue


In the following 40 minute interview Dr. Ted Broer from "The Power Hour" radio sounds the alarm on the critical threats posed by the ongoing covert global climate engineering programs with Dane Wigington, lead researcher for geoengineeringwatch.org. Dr. Broer is internationally recognized as a leading health and nutrition expert, with extensive graduate and post graduate studies in the field of nutrition, biochemistry, and naturopathy. His education includes an undergraduate degree in biological science and chemistry from Florida state university. He has also completed a second undergraduate degree from FSU in psychology and exercise physiology, a masters degree in Business Administration from FSU and received a Doctorate from Southeastern University.

Dr. Ted Broer

Ted founded his company Health Masters in 1981. He became a licensed nutritionist in the 80's. He has worked with thousands of clients on a individual basis. The author has had three decades of experience in the health care field. He has appeared as a guest on over 1000 television and radio stations and has been featured regularly on nationally syndicated shows. He is a popular seminar speaker and has regularly shared the platform with such notables as Pastor Rob Parsley, Herman Bailey, TD Jakes, Bill Cosby, Carl Lewis , former President George Bush, Barbara Bush, President Gerald Ford, Paul Harvey, Larry King, Secretary Of State Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Zig Ziglar, Elizabeth Dole, Naomi Judd, Bill Cosby, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Evander Holyfield, Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and many others. During the past three decades he has been privileged to speak to over one million people at live seminars and millions more via radio and television. My most sincere gratitude to Dr. Broer for his willingness to face the dire issue of global climate engineering.

Monsanto’s Chemical Assault Against The Web Of Life


Of all the companies and corporations that represent twisted greed, corruption, and irreparable destruction to our planet and it's life forms, Monsanto stands out. Not only is Monsanto involved with the total chemical contamination and genetic modification of our food supply at the ground level, but available evidence indicates that Monsanto is intricately connected to the toxic aerosol climate engineering operations in our skies. Why did Monsanto purchase "Climate Corp" for almost a billion dollars? Those that are part of the ongoing weather wars against global populations must control the message in regard to the weather "forecasting". All the major weather forecasting agencies are owned by the power structure complex. There are clear and growing connections between Monsanto and other power structure owned agencies like "The Weather Channel". As the ongoing geoengineering programs continue to contaminate soils with aluminum and the atmospheric spraying shreds the ozone layer, Monsanto is engineering seeds to address these issues. Coincidence? Monsanto has expanded like a cancer in spite of the EPA knowing the dangers of Monsanto's chemicals for decades. The trend of cover-up is breaking down as a growing segment of the population realizes the gravity of what is being done to them. The short article below highlights the steps now being implemented to hold companies like Monsanto accountable. As the curtain is pulled back, there will be ever more exposure on the greatest assault against life ever launched by the human race, global climate engineering.
Dane Wigington


Shasta County Update On Heavy Metal Contamination, The Legal Ramifications


Dane Wigington

On July 15th, 2014 a group of experts testified environmental heavy metal contamination (likely a direct result of climate engineering) before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in Northern California. On June 30th, 2015 a group of citizens returned to speak in front of the board in order to confront them about the Board's inaction on the verifiable contamination. In this latest update, Northern California's ABC station, KRCR, has done their best to spin the actual testimony of facts given in 2014 by experts and County representatives. The 2+ minute video below is the latest TV news update.

In 2014 Shasta County Air Quality representative Rick Simon admitted in his testimony before the board that the current air quality testing equipment is not capable of detecting any air particles in the range of those in question (nano particles).

"We measure for PM-10" , stated Mr. Simon (PM-10 means 10 microns which again are particles exponentially larger than the heavy metal nano particles in question. It is not possible to detect elements that are astronomically smaller than the currently used testing equipment is designed to detect and Simon knows this. The smaller the particle, the more dangerous it is for the environment and the human body because it is then much more bioavailable).

So why is KRCR implying that the Shasta County Board of Supervisors has followed through with their responsibilities to investigate and disclose a public health hazard? This is simply not true. Here is the unvarnished reality, Shasta County officials have not done anything to investigate or disclose an indisputable heavy metal contamination (that state certified lab testing proves) which is a public health hazard (REGARDLESS OF THE SOURCE). They claim that this issue is "not in their jurisdiction", again, not true. This governing board has been given test data to prove the presence of the dangerous heavy metal contamination as far back as 2008, they have done virtually nothing to investigate or disclose this critical health threat to Shasta County citizens. There is currently a team of 6 US attorneys and 2 Canadian attorneys (and other qualified professionals) that are focused on this contamination issue. The legal consensus of this group of legal professionals is this, that county public health and safety agencies have a mandated, legal, and moral responsibility to disclose any and all public safety threats. Again, for over 7 years, no investigation and no public disclosure has taken place from Shasta County officials. As the verifiable heavy metal contamination continues to take it's toll, and the reality of this contamination can no longer be hidden, the question of legal liability will certainly be the primary focus of a justifiably outraged population. The 2014 edited testimony of experts is below. 

Here is the full original article "Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts". 

Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity From Geoengineering, The First Science Publication Goes Live


Now we have another weapon in our arsenal to fight back against the ongoing climate engineering insanity, acknowledgment of the atmospheric spraying in a science publication. Geoengineeringwatch.org has had extensive ongoing communication with Dr. Herndon, he attended the California Jam event in Southern California with me. My gratitude to geoscientist/physicist Marvin Herndon for his courage in directly addressing the issue of geoengineering when the vast majority of climate science community is cowering in the shadows.
Dane Wigington

Wigington and Dr. Herndon

Dane Wigington and Dr. Marvin Herndon conversing before Dane's presentation on geoengineering at the "California Jam, 2015" awareness conference

Geoengineering Is Destroying Our Health, A Doctor Sounds The Alarm


The total contamination that has been inflicted on our planet by climate engineering is mathematically greater and more widespread than all other sources of environmental contamination combined. The ongoing toxic spraying of our skies continues to add to the already lethal burden of contamination from climate engineering laid down over 65 years. The environment and our bodies are reaching and surpassing the breaking point. The report below was penned by a health care professional that fully understands the gravity of the damage which has been done to us from the geoengineering fallout. The well researched conclusions of Dr. Amato should be carefully considered.
Dane Wigington


Climate Engineering, Heavy Metal Contamination, And Cover-up


Dane Wigington

From whales, to insects, to us, the entire planet has now been completely contaminated with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals directly connected to the ongoing solar radiation management (SRM) programs. Peer reviewed studies on nearly 1000 whales from around the globe showed "jaw dropping" levels of aluminum had been absorbed in their bodies. New studies now also show the same results for the collapsing bee populations around the globe. In fact, all invertebrates are in sharp decline. What about human exposure? The results are the same. Those in power have already committed the greatest and most deadly crime in the history of the human race, and that crime is ongoing. The criminal cabals that masquerade as governments are not about to stop, in fact, they are doubling down and further ramping up the deadly atmospheric spraying. There is virtually no place to hide from the lethal fallout and the deadly effects are erupting throughout the web of life. In the 4 minute video below the global heavy metal contamination and the health implications are discussed on the "Buzzsaw" TV show with Sean Stone, son of film director Oliver Stone.

Many believe that our "elected officials" would do something about the situation if they only knew, but is this reality? Sadly, our government and all those in it are completely bought and paid for by the power structure, I know this first hand after twelve years in this battle. I have been in senator Barbara Boxer's office presenting hard science data on geoneingineering, I have had high level meetings with California EPA officials, spoken in front of the entire California Air Resources Board, presented in front of the California Energy Commission, and had a private meeting with the lieutenant governor of California, Gavin Newsom and his top aid at the State Capital, etc, all were complete dead ends no matter how much credible science data they were presented with. In the next 4 minute video below, I publicly confronted US congressman Doug LaMalfa with water testing data from Cal. EPA which proved aluminum was flowing through California rivers and streams.

What did congressman LaMalfa and his staff do with the data presented from California EPA? Their final response was this, they did not recognize the EPA information as being valid. LaMalfa, along with all those already mentioned, continue to completely stonewall the critical climate engineering issue. This is what they are all paid to do. Can we be absolutely sure that aerosol spraying is occurring in our skies? We have indisputable film footage to prove it as is shown in the 2 minute video below.

The decimation and mortality already caused by over six decades of geoengineering is already so immense, it is far beyond any possible quantification, if these programs continue, the consequences to life on Earth will soon be total. The burden of exposing the climate engineering insanity lies on us, the people. Disclosure will NEVER come from those who are paid or otherwise pressured to lie. We must all prioritize the battle to expose and halt climate engineering as if our lives depend on it, because they do.

Climate Engineering Contamination And Aerotoxic Syndrome


The so far unacknowledged geoengineering elephant in the room has morphed into a cataclysm of unimaginable size. The power structure is trying desperately to hide the decades long toxic spraying of our skies, but the highly lethal effect this spraying has had on all life is becoming impossible to hide. People that fly are getting sick fast. Those that fly the most (pilots and flight crews) are of course having the most trouble. "Aerotoxic syndrome" is now epidemic. The air transportation industry is trying to convince us that cabin contamination is just some rare anomaly caused by "leaky seals" in the engines which then contaminate air intake systems (which are located just inside the jet fan intake). This is not a valid or adequate explanation. ALL combustion processes take place DOWNSTREAM from the cabin air intakes, it is not possible for any combustion seal problem that is causing a contamination to move back upwind into the cabin air intake. Clearly contaminated air is entering these intakes from the outside atmosphere. The two minute video below is essential to watch before continuing to the BBC aerotoxic contamination article posted further down, both this video and the BBC article are essential to completing the picture.

Military tankers spraying heavy particulate trails and with transponders turned off nearly collide with Fed-X jet

As the video above clearly shows, it is impossible for commercial/passenger jet traffic not to fly directly through the toxic heavy metal/chemical particulate and trails being sprayed by other jet aircraft that are participating in the ongoing climate engineering insanity. The contamination concentrations at altitude would logically be much higher than levels that have settled down to the planet's surface. You will see in the article below that the government (or those that run the government) hired a group of "scientists" who determined that breathing contaminated cabin air was not a health risk, they coined the "nocebo" effect which of course insinuates that the symptoms showing up with thousands of passengers and crew are just imagined. Are we to believe that inhaling contaminated cabin air is not a danger? Really? All life on our planet is being irreparably contaminated with the geoengineering fallout. If you fly often, or at all, you should consider what you are breathing at flight altitudes.
Dane Wigington


Blind To The Skies, The “Normalcy Bias” Dilemma

World Cup Fans Gather To Watch Matches In Rio

We are all living our lives under toxic skies that all too often look like something from another planet, yet, how many even notice? Earth is dying by the day and so few seem to care. How can this be? In the last 40 years global wildlife populations have declined over 50%, shouldn't this be cause for alarm? In fact, 200 or more species of plants, animals and insects are going extinct EVERY SINGLE DAY on our planet, where are the headlines on this? Though there are countless sources of human inflicted damage to our planet, the greatest (and most visible) assault of all is global climate engineering. Our skies are blatantly sprayed day in and day out, the sun is being blocked (the primary goal of solar radiation management) and weather patterns totally disrupted. Still the denial of these realities continues. The toxic particulate fallout from the spraying is mathematically the largest contributing factor to the asthma epidemic. All plant life is absorbing the nanoparticles from the spraying, which puts these toxins into the food chain as well. Is it any surprise that allergies are also now at epidemic levels? All a person has to do is look up and use the slightest bit of deductive reasoning to comprehend that we are all being subjected to a grand and lethal experiment. The walls are closing in on us all from countless directions and the majority of the population as of yet has no clue. Why? The "normalcy bias" is a primary factor. The article below is an excellent exposé of this psychological condition that can and does completely blind people to very real and immediate threats.
Dane Wigington


Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare

agent orange

When highly toxic materials are sprayed into skies around the globe as part of the ongoing climate engineering assault, these materials must inevitably fall to Earth and be inhaled and/or absorbed by every single living organism. The atmospheric spraying programs must  be considered biological warfare. The primary objective of any such spraying operation is irrelevant to the aforementioned scenario, the end result is still the same. 

Global climate engineering is not just shredding the ozone layer and disrupting the entire climate system, climate engineering is also an all out biological assault against the entire planet and all life. Though governments around the globe and the entire climate science community are discussing and debating the  "option" of geoengineering (never admitting to the rationally inarguable fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades), the question of fallout contamination from SRM aerosol spraying is never even mentioned by our so called scientists. The US military has for many decades routinely conducted biological testing on US citizens and our own soldiers without their knowledge or consent. In some experiments soldiers were made aware of the fact that they were being used as lab rats. Decades ago the US military waged biological warfare in Vietnam which is still destroying countless lives today. All of this and more is historical fact which cannot be denied. 

Climate engineering is nothing less than biological warfare against civilian populations around the globe. In regard to climate engineering, specific scenarios should be considered and remembered. At minimum we are all being "slow killed" with the toxic materials which lab tests from around the globe prove are raining down on us from the aerosol spraying. If those in power feel they are losing control over populations they could at any point in time could alter the elements being sprayed to something much more lethal. If you don't think this is a very real possibility, if you don't believe your own government would commit such a crime, you are not yet awake. The article below is an exceptional and compelling exposé of the US military waging biological warfare against its own citizens with total impunity. 
Dane Wigington


Whistleblower Exposes CDC Cover-up On Vaccine Dangers


All too often the primary role of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and many other agencies is to hide the truth. They exist to pacify the public and to cover up the crimes of those in power. As the power structure pushes to make vaccinations mandatory, there has been at least one in the CDC who had the courage to come clean and expose the dangers of vaccinations that government agencies have tried to cover up. The narrator of the 9 minute video below is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a courageous physician that has had his career destroyed for telling the truth about vaccinations. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wakefield and was very struck by his presence and demeanor of sincerity. The theme of this presentation of facts should be deeply considered. The government agency lies exposed in the video are not just the exception, it is the rule.
Dane Wigington

Climate Engineering Contamination And Our Food Supply


Numerous climate engineering patents call for spraying skies all over the planet with light scattering heavy metal nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are incomprehensibly small (one billionth of a meter) and are thus bioavailable in every sense. Particles of any material in this size range are very dangerous to the human respiratory system. If the materials in question are heavy metals like aluminum and barium, the equation is far worse still. What happens when the entire surface of the Earth is blanketed in an layer of extremely dangerous heavy metal nanoparticles that are settling down from the skies above? What happens when this process continues for weeks, months, years, and even decades? Once precipitation, soils and waterways are saturated with this kind of contamination, it is then taken up by all living organisms. This means that every breath we take, and everything we eat (even organic foods) have been contaminated. The majority of the human immune system begins in the gut, centering around proper digestion. What happens when our food supply is irreparably contaminated with the materials in question? This is already the case and we are all a part of the experiment so we will all soon enough find out as our health deteriorates. The article below does not directly address the subject of geoengineering fallout (which is mathematically dwarfs all other sources of nanoparticulate contamination combined), but this fact is irrelevant. No matter what the source of nanoparticles contamination, the effect is the same.
Dane Wigington


Climate Engineering, Forced Vaccinations And Synergistic Toxicity


All those who have chosen to deny very real and verifiable threats from issues like climate engineering and vaccinations will soon enough be forced to face the fact that their health has been irreparably damaged by both. The highly toxic heavy metals we are exposed to from each of these sources is lethal enough, but when all these metals are combined, "synergistic toxicity" is unleashed, which makes the overall toxicity exponentially worse. There is virtually no place on our planet to hide from the climate engineering fallout. Now it seems that the power structure (and the fanatics who support them) want to ensure there is no place to hide from vaccinations. Toxic bioaccumulation is occurring in all of us from the constant exposure to the aerosol spraying in our atmosphere. If forced vaccinations occur, the threat posed to our health would increase profoundly. We are all in a fight for life, make your voice heard while you can. The 2 minute video below is sobering.
Dane Wigington

The Dark Cloud Of Monsanto Continues To Expand


The Monsanto corporation has long since become synonymous with corruption and the irreparable destruction of the natural world. Monsanto is simply a disaster capitalist company that carries out the bidding of the shadow governments that currently run the world. When the western power structure contaminates the entire planet with toxic heavy metals related to the ongoing climate engineering programs, Monsanto is there with GMO aluminum resistant seeds. Now that the ongoing aerosols spraying of our atmosphere has shredded the ozone layer (exposing us all to highly dangerous levels of UV radiation), Monsanto is again ready with UV resistant GMO seeds. And what about the toppling of the former Ukrainian government (which was democratically elected) by the western power structure? Yet again Monsanto's tentacles appear on the scene. Populations around the globe must awaken and stand together if we are to have any chance of exposing and halting the cancer of insanity that is literally taking over the world. The article below is the latest chapter in the ongoing growth of this cancer.
Dane Wigington



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